Unusual thoracic radiographic findings in children treated for Hodgkin's disease

Jochelson, M.S.; Tarbell, N.J.; Weinstein, H.J.

Journal of Clinical Oncology Official Journal of the American Society of Clinical Oncology 4(6): 874-882


ISSN/ISBN: 0732-183X
PMID: 3754886
DOI: 10.1200/jco.1986.4.6.874
Accession: 006868656

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Mantle irradiation is often part of the treatment for Hodgkin's disease. Localized pneumonitis and fibrosis are well-known sequelae of this treatment. We report nine patients with unusual thoracic radiographic findings following treatment for Hodgkin's disease. All nine had mediastinal widening. Seven of these patients received combined modality therapy in which prednisone was given with their MOPP. In these seven patients, an increase in mediastinal width developed at the same time as the radiographic changes of radiation pneumonitis. Two patients developed bilateral infiltrates extending beyond the field of radiation to the lung periphery. In one of these patients, a spontaneous pneumomediastinum developed. One patient underwent mediastinal biopsy that revealed inflammatory changes similar to those seen in radiation pneumonitis. All patients either responded to steroids or had spontaneous regression of radiographic abnormalities supporting the presumed diagnosis of treatment related changes. Recognition of these unusual sequelae of mantle irradiation will aid in differentiating them from infection or tumor and lead to prompt, appropriate treatment.