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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6870

Chapter 6870 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Woods R.J.; Sinha A.K.; Ekins R.P., 1984: Uptake and metabolism of thyroid hormones by the rat fetus in early pregnancy

Mccaman M.W., 1986: Uptake and metabolism of tritiated adenosine by aplysia ganglia and by individual neurons

Wessler I.; Sandmann J., 1987: Uptake and metabolism of tritiated choline by the rat phrenic nerve hemidiaphragm preparation

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Nadeau, R.; Rappaport, L.; Stolp, C. F., 1972: Uptake and metabolism of tritiated gibberellin a 1 by barley aleurone layers response to abscisic acid

Tron'ko N.D.; Minchenko A.G., 1984: Uptake and metabolism of tritiated hydrocortisone in liver subcellular fractions of intact and adrenalectomized rats

Borg J.; Stenger A.; Toazara J., 1986: Uptake and metabolism of tritiated l pyroglutamic acid in neuronal and glial cells in culture

Alm P.; Owman C.; Sjoberg N O.; Thorbert G., 1979: Uptake and metabolism of tritiated norepinephrine in uterine nerves of pregnant guinea pig

Steinberg P.; Acevdo C.; Masana M.I.; Rubio M.C., 1988: Uptake and metabolism of tritiated racemic noradrenaline in the isolated perfused rat liver

Ogiso M.; Ohnishi E., 1984: Uptake and metabolism of tritium labeled ecdysone in cultured ovaries of the silkworm bombyx mori

Landau I.T.; Feder H.H., 1980: Uptake and metabolism of tritium labeled estrone in neural and peripheral tissue of gonadectomized adult and neo natal guinea pigs

Debarry J.; Vincendon G.; Gombos G., 1983: Uptake and metabolism of tritium labeled l glutamate and tritium labeled l glutamine in adult rat cerebellar slices

Tolomelli B.; Bovina C.; Formiggini G.; Marchetti M., 1983: Uptake and metabolism of tritium labeled pteroyl glutamic acid by developing chick embryo

Mepham, B.; Peters, A. R.; Davis, S. R., 1976: Uptake and metabolism of tryptophan by the isolated perfused guinea pig mammary gland

Lord K.A.; Wheeler A.W., 1981: Uptake and movement of carbon 14 labeled chlormequat chloride applied to leaves of barley hordeum vulgare cultivar proctor and wheat triticum aestivum cultivar maris dove

Clifford D.R.; Gendle P.; Holgate M.E., 1987: Uptake and movement of fungicide imazalil following trunk injection into apple and plum trees by a novel rapid technique

Olive P.L.; Durand R.E., 1981: Uptake and mutagenicity of af 2 alpha 2 furyl beta 5 nitro 2 furyl acrylamide in chinese hamster v 79 spheroids under aerobic and hypoxic conditions

Merker M.M.; Handschumacher R.E., 1984: Uptake and nature of the intra cellular binding of cyclosporin a in a murine thymoma cell line bw 5147

Yaduvanshi H.S.; Tripathi B.R.; Kanwar B.S., 1983: Uptake and nutrient recovery behavior of wheat and balance of available nitrogen phosphorus and potassium in soil under the influence of continuous manuring and cropping

Head R.J.; De La Lande I.S.; Irvine R.J.; Johnson S.M., 1980: Uptake and o methylation of isoprenaline in the rabbit ear artery

Javaid J.I.; Davis J.M.; Maiorano M., 1985: Uptake and or binding of tricyclic antidepressants in human red cells

Utevskii A.M.; Chuiko V.A.; Berkalo L.V.; Makedonskaya V.A., 1986: Uptake and organificaton of iodides after freezing the thyroid glands using dimexide

Robinson B.S.; Snoswell A.M.; Runciman W.B.; Upton R.N., 1984: Uptake and output of various forms of choline by organs of the conscious chronically catheterized sheep

Inoue K.; Fukunaga M.; Yamasawa K.; Komura S., 1983: Uptake and oxidation of acetaldehyde by intact human erythrocytes

Awad A.B., 1981: Uptake and oxidation of elaidic acid by ehrlich ascites tumor cells

Bird R.P.; Draper H.H., 1982: Uptake and oxidation of malonaldehyde by cultured mammalian cells

Kleber H P.; Haferburg D.; Asperger O.; Schmidt M.; Aurich H., 1984: Uptake and oxidation of monosaccharides by acinetobacter calcoaceticus

Hocking P.J.; Steer B.T., 1983: Uptake and partitioning of selected mineral elements in sunflower helianthus annuus cultivar hysun 21 during growth

Ghosh A.K.; Singh K.; Shrivastava A.K.; Darash R.; Saxena Y.R., 1988: Uptake and partitioning of sulfur and iron in the settlings raised from top cane buds and stubble buds in sugarcane

Meredith, S. A.; Romano, A. H., 1977: Uptake and phosphorylation of 2 deoxy d glucose by wild type and respiration deficient bakers yeast

Franzusoff A.; Cirillo V.P., 1982: Uptake and phosphorylation of 2 deoxy d glucose by wild type and single kinase strains of saccharomyces cerevisiae

Jones T.W.; Winchell L., 1984: Uptake and photosynthetic inhibition by atrazine and its degradation products on 4 species of submerged vascular plants

Jones T.W.; Estes P.S., 1984: Uptake and phyto toxicity of soil sorbed atrazine for the submerged aquatic plant potamogeton perfoliatus

Steinert, W. G.; Stritzke, J. F., 1977: Uptake and phyto toxicity of tebuthiuron

O'leary N.F.; Prendeville G.N., 1985: Uptake and phytotoxicity of chlorsulfuron in zea mays in the presence of 1 8 naphthalic anhydride

Angradi T.R.; Tzilkowski W.M., 1986: Uptake and phytotoxicity of selenium in black cherry prunus serotina and white ash fraxinus americana seedlings

Rose S.; Bopp M., 1983: Uptake and polar transport of iaa in moss rhizoids

Mchenery J.G.; Birkbeck T.H., 1985: Uptake and processing of cultured microorganisms by bivalves

Rucinski B.; Stewart G.J.; De Feo P.A.; Boden G.; Niewiarowski S., 1987: Uptake and processing of human platelet factor 4 by hepatocytes

Gietl C.; Hock B., 1984: Uptake and processing of in vitro synthesized mitochondrial malate dehydrogenase by isolated watermelon citrullus vulgaris cultivar stone mountain mitochondria

Dijkstra J.; Van Galen M.; Regts D.; Scherphof G., 1985: Uptake and processing of liposomal phospholipids by kupffer cells in vitro

Kirschfeld, K., 1971: Uptake and processing of optic data in the complex eye of the insect

Basset M.; Smith G.D.; Pease R.; Peters T.J., 1984: Uptake and processing of prolactin by alternative pathways in rat liver

Jones A.L.; Hradek G.T.; Hornick C.; Renaud G.; Windler E.E.T.; Havel R.J., 1984: Uptake and processing of remnants of chylomicrons and very low density lipoproteins by rat liver

Oda, T.; Ichiyama, A.; Miura, S.; Mori, M., 1984: Uptake and processing of serine pyruvate amino transferase ec precursor by rat liver mitochondria in vitro and in vivo

Mori, M.; Morita, T.; Miura, S.; Tatibana, M., 1981: Uptake and processing of the precursor for rat liver ornithine trans carbamylase ec by isolated mitochondria inhibition by uncouplers

Boyle S.A.; Hemmingsen S.M.; Dennis D.T., 1986: Uptake and processing of the precursor to the small subunit of ribulose 1 5 bisphosphate carboxylase by leucoplasts from the endosperm of developing castor oil ricinus communis cultivar baker 296 seeds

Hendriks H.F.J.; Elhananay E.; Brouwer A.; De Leeuw A.M.; Knook D.L., 1988: Uptake and processing of tritiated retinoids in rat liver studied by electron microscopic autoradiography

Dannevig, B. H.; Berg, T., 1978: Uptake and proteolysis of denatured human serum albumin by kidneys in chars salmo alpinus/

Pierce J.P.; Aldrich R.N.; Hanratty S.; Dwyer T.; Hill D., 1987: Uptake and quitting smoking trends in australia 1974 1984

Harrison W.G., 1983: Uptake and re cycling of soluble reactive phosphorus by marine micro plankton

Heber, U.; Kirk, M. R.; Gimmler, H.; Schaefer, G., 1974: Uptake and reduction of glycerate by isolated chloroplasts

Nicholas J.C.; Harper J.E., 1985: Uptake and reduction of nitrogen 15 nitrate by intact soybean glycine max cultivar williams plants in the dark

Bigley, R. H.; Stankova, L., 1974: Uptake and reduction of oxidized and reduced ascorbate by human leukocytes

Hattori A.; Koike I.; Ohtsu M.; Goering J.J.; Boisseau D., 1980: Uptake and regeneration of nitrogen in controlled aquatic ecosystems and the effects of copper on these processes

Johansen L.; Roberg B.; Kvamme E., 1987: Uptake and release for glutamine and glutamate in a crude synaptosomal fraction from rat brain

Cusimano, V. J.; Sakar, D. V. S., 1977: Uptake and release of 5 hydroxy tryptamine by rabbit platelets part 1 thermodynamic studies

Cusimano, V. J.; Sankar, D. V. S., 1977: Uptake and release of 5 hydroxy tryptamine by rabbit platelets part 2 kinetic analysis of inhibition by chlorpheniramine maleate

Ogawa K., 1987: Uptake and release of 5 hydroxytryptamine and taurine in the cerebral cortex of e1 mice

Ibaoui H.E.; Delrot S.; Besson J.; Bonnemain J L., 1986: Uptake and release of a phloem mobile glyphosate and of a non phloem mobile iprodione xenobiotic by broad bean vicia faba leaf tissues

Kaiser W.M.; Hartung W., 1981: Uptake and release of abscisic acid by isolated photo autotrophic mesophyll cells depending on ph gradients

Hartung W.; Dierich B., 1983: Uptake and release of abscisic acid by runner bean phaseolus coccineus cultivar weisser riese root tip segments

Belloni F.L.; Bruttig S.P.; Rubio R.; Berne R.M., 1986: Uptake and release of adenosine by cultured rat aortic smooth muscle

Fredholm B.B.; Hjemdahl P., 1979: Uptake and release of adenosine in isolated rat fat cells

Kipp D.E.; Rivers J.M., 1987: Uptake and release of adrenal ascorbic acid in the guinea pig after injection of acth

Fukuda, S.; Kopple, J. D., 1980: Uptake and release of amino acids by the kidney of dogs made chronically uremic with uranyl nitrate

Fukuda, S.; Kopple, J. D., 1980: Uptake and release of amino acids by the normal dog kidney

Moger W.H., 1987: Uptake and release of ascorbic acid by rat leydig cells in vitro

Coulomb H.; Gu Z.; Audu S.; Chouroulinkov I., 1981: Uptake and release of benzo a pyrene and benzo e pyrene in vitro by syrian hamster embryo cells as a function of serum concentration

Kapoor, C. L.; Krishna-Murti, C. R.; Bajpai, P. C., 1973: Uptake and release of bilirubin by skin

Abercrombie R.F.; Masukawa L.M.; Sjodin R.A.; Livengood D., 1981: Uptake and release of calcium 45 by myxicola infundibulum axoplasm

Sakai Y.; Grover A.K.; Fox J A.E.T.; Daniel E.E., 1983: Uptake and release of calcium by canine gastric corpus smooth muscle plasma membrane enriched fraction

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Kalix, P., 1971: Uptake and release of calcium in rabbit vagus nerve

Redburn, D. A., 1977: Uptake and release of carbon 14 gamma amino butyric acid from rabbit retina synaptosomes

Heaton J.D.; Mcanalley B.H.; Gardiner T.H.; Johnson A.R., 1982: Uptake and release of carbon 14 labeled morphine by pulmonary endothelium and cultured pulmonary endothelial cells

Nilsson, S.; Holmgren, S., 1976: Uptake and release of catecholamines in sympathetic nerve fibers in the spleen of the cod gadus morhua

Parsons G.J.; Patterson S.S.; Miller C.H.; Katz S.; Kafrawy A.H.; Newton C.W., 1980: Uptake and release of chlorhexidine by bovine pulp and dentin specimens and their subsequent acquisition of anti bacterial properties

Walum E., 1981: Uptake and release of choline in cultures of human glioma cells

Van Weerelt M.; Pfeiffer W.C.; Fiszman M., 1984: Uptake and release of chromium 51 vi and chromium 51 iii by barnacles balanus sp

Seeliger U.; Lacerda L.D., 1986: Uptake and release of copper and mercury by the alga ceramium brasiliense joly rhodophyta ceramiales

Davies, L. P.; Johnston, G. A. R., 1976: Uptake and release of d and l aspartate by rat brain slices

Potashner S.J., 1983: Uptake and release of d aspartate in the guinea pig cochlear nucleus

Levitsky L.L.; Paton J.B.; Fisher D.E.; De Lannoy C.W., 1981: Uptake and release of energy substrates oxygen and carbon di oxide by the hind limb of the fasting infant baboon

Grewaal D.S.; Quastel J.H., 1979: Uptake and release of exogenous carbon 14 acetyl choline by brain cortex slices from the rat

Hoy, T. G.; Harrison, P. M.; Shabbir, M., 1974: Uptake and release of ferritin iron surface effects and exchange within the crystalline core

Christensen B., 1987: Uptake and release of fluoride in arctic char

Saito N.; Taniyama K.; Tanaka C., 1985: Uptake and release of gamma aminobutyric acid in guinea pig gallbladder

Potashner S.J.; Lindberg N.; Morest D.K., 1985: Uptake and release of gamma aminobutyric acid in the guinea pig cochlear nucleus after axotomy of cochlear and centrifugal fibers

Okamoto, K.; Quastel, J. H., 1972: Uptake and release of glutamate in cerebral cortex slices from the rat

Staatz Benson C.; Potashner S.J., 1987: Uptake and release of glycine in the guinea pig cochlear nucleus

Staatz Benson C.; Potashner S.J., 1988: Uptake and release of glycine in the guinea pig cochlear nucleus after axotomy of afferent or centrifugal fibers

Rennie, M. J.; Park, D. M.; Sulaiman, W. R., 1976: Uptake and release of hormones and metabolites by tissues of exercising leg in man

Huebers H.; Josephson B.; Huebers E.; Csiba E.; Finch C., 1981: Uptake and release of iron from human transferrin

Ueda H.; Matsumoto S.; Yoshihara Y.; Fukushima N.; Takagi H., 1986: Uptake and release of kyotorphin in rat brain synaptosomes

Varanasi, U.; Markey, D., 1978: Uptake and release of lead and cadmium in skin and mucus of coho salmon oncorhynchus kisutch

Dyck, L. E., 1978: Uptake and release of m tyramine p tyramine and dopamine in rat striatal slices

Daniels A.J.; Gysling K.; Abarca J., 1981: Uptake and release of manganese by rat striatal slices

Dame R.F.; Dankers N., 1988: Uptake and release of materials by a wadden sea mussel bed

Hannan, P. J.; Thompson, N. P., 1977: Uptake and release of mercury 203 by selected soil and sediment samples

Skerritt J.H.; Johnston G.A.R., 1981: Uptake and release of n methyl d aspartate by rat brain slices

Varanasi, U.; Uhler, M.; Stranahan, S. I., 1978: Uptake and release of naphthalene and its metabolites in skin and epidermal mucus of salmonids

Johnston, G. A. R.; Stephanson, A. L.; Twitchin, B., 1976: Uptake and release of nipecotic acid by rat brain slices

Boon P.I., 1986: Uptake and release of nitrogen compounds in coral reef and seagrass thalassia hemprichii bed sediments at lizard island queensland australia

Walker, J. E.; Goodman, P.; Jacobs, D.; Lewin, E., 1978: Uptake and release of norepinephrine by slices of rat cerebral cortex effect of agents that increase cyclic amp levels

Davis C.B.; Van Der Valk A.G., 1983: Uptake and release of nutrients by living and decomposing typha glauca tissues at eagle lake iowa usa

Broman D.; Ganning B., 1986: Uptake and release of petroleum hydrocarbons by two brackish water bivalves mytilus edulis and macoma baltica

Ohtake H.; Takahashi K.; Tsuzuki Y.; Toda K., 1985: Uptake and release of phosphate by a pure culture of acinetobacter calcoaceticus

Taft, J. L.; Taylor, W. R.; Mccarthy, J. J., 1975: Uptake and release of phosphorus by phyto plankton in the chesapeake bay estuary usa

Obana H.; Hori S.; Nakamura A.; Kashimoto T., 1983: Uptake and release of polynuclear aromatic hydro carbons by short necked clams tapes japonica

Brammer E.S.; Wetzel R.G., 1984: Uptake and release of potassium sodium and calcium by the water soldier stratiotes aloides

Bondy S.C.; Burks J.S.; Harrington M.E., 1979: Uptake and release of putative neuro transmitters measurements in regions of the normal and newcastle disease virus infected mouse brain

Malmgren R.; Olsson P.; Tornling G., 1979: Uptake and release of serotonin in adhering platelets relationship to time and effect of acetyl salicylic acid

Spring J.H.; Hyatt A.D.; Marshall A.T., 1986: Uptake and release of sodium and potassium by the fat body of the american cockroach periplaneta americana in vitro

Aoyama, I.; Inomo, K.; Inoue, Y., 1976: Uptake and release of some radio nuclides by fresh water phyto plankton in batch culture

Wheler G.H.T.; Bradford H.F.; Davison A.N.; Thompson E.J., 1979: Uptake and release of taurine from cerebral cortex slices and their sub cellular compartments

Lesley, S. M.; Behki, R. M., 1977: Uptake and release of tetracycline by cultured carrot cells

Bomford A.; Young S.P.; Nouri Aria K.; Williams R., 1983: Uptake and release of transferrin and iron by mitogen stimulated human lymphocytes

Farb D.H.; Berg D.K.; Fischbach G.D., 1979: Uptake and release of tritiated gamma amino butyric acid by embryonic spinal cord neurons in dissociated cell culture

Gimeno M.F.; Franchi A.M.; Gonzalez E.T.; Gimeno A.L., 1987: Uptake and release of tritiated prostaglandins e 2 and f 2 alpha in uterine strips isolated from ovariectomized rats influence of in vitro progesterone

Sarkar D.K.; Gottschall P.E.; Meites J.; Horn A.; Dow R.C.; Fink G.; Cuello A.C., 1983: Uptake and release of tritium labeled dopamine by the median eminence evidence for presynaptic dopaminergic receptors and for dopaminergic feedback inhibition

Gordon Weeks P.R.; Lockerbie R.O.; Pearce B.R., 1984: Uptake and release of tritium labeled gamma aminobutyric acid by growth cones isolated from neonatal rat brain

Lariviere L.; Anctil M., 1984: Uptake and release of tritium labeled serotonin in photophores of the midshipman fish porichthys notatus

Wolf W.A.; Kuhn D.M., 1985: Uptake and release of tryptophan and serotonin a high performance liquid chromatography method to study the flux of endogenous 5 hydroxyindoles through synaptosomes

Korfsmeier, K. H., 1969: Uptake and remain of tritiated palmitic acid in human fibroblast cultures

Tarasov V.M.; Khanzhiyan I.I., 1985: Uptake and removal of nitrogen phosphorus and potassium by apple trees depending on planting schemes

Ivanov V.N.; Egorov V.N.; Shevchenko M.M., 1980: Uptake and removal of zinc 65 in black sea ussr idotea baltica

Dejonckheere W.; Melkebeke G.; Steurbaut W.; Kips R.H., 1982: Uptake and residues of aldicarb in sugar beet leaves

Terry, P. H.; Mchaffey, D. G.; Borkovec, A. B., 1977: Uptake and residues of chemo sterilants in boll weevils treated by fumigation or dipping

Berman, T.; Hadas, O.; Kaplan, B., 1977: Uptake and respiration of organic compounds and heterotrophic growth in pediastrum duplex

Inaba, M.; Johnson, R. K., 1978: Uptake and retention of adriamycin and daunorubicin by sensitive and anthracycline resistant sublines of p 388 leukemia

Ogaard, B.; Rolla, G.; Helgeland, K., 1983: Uptake and retention of alkali soluble and alkali insoluble fluoride in sound enamel in vivo after mouthrinses with 0.05 percent or 0.2 percent sodium fluoride

Doherty P.C.; Sheridan P.J., 1981: Uptake and retention of androgen in neurons of the brain of the golden hamster

Symes E.K., 1982: Uptake and retention of androgens by the rat ventral prostate and consideration of their use as site directing agents

Kollmer W.E., 1980: Uptake and retention of cadmium 109 in the pituitary the adrenals and the thyroid of the laboratory rat

Almgren, O.; Lundberg, D., 1976: Uptake and retention of carbon 14 bretylium in degenerating postganglionic sympathetic nerves of the rat

Pinkney A.E.; Poje G.V.; Sansur R.M.; Lee C.C.; O'connor J.M., 1985: Uptake and retention of carbon 14 labeled aroclor 1254 in the amphipod gammarus tigrinus fed contaminated fungus fusarium oxysporum

Robinson S.P.; Loveys B.R., 1986: Uptake and retention of external solutes from the digest medium during preparation of protoplasts

Nishioka Y., 1984: Uptake and retention of fluoride in dental enamel after acidulated phosphate fluoride gel application for different times and intervals

Fong, W. C., 1976: Uptake and retention of kuwait crude oil and its effects on oxygen uptake by the soft shell clam mya arenaria

Beveridge T.J.; Murray R.G.E.; Fyfe W.; Zajic J., 1976: Uptake and retention of metals by cell walls of bacillus subtilis

Daig, K.; Spindler, K. D., 1983: Uptake and retention of molting hormones by the integument of crayfishes astacus leptodactylus in vitro 2. influence of metabolic inhibitors and sulf hydryl group inhibitors

Daig, K.; Spindler, K. D., 1983: Uptake and retention of molting hormones by the integument of crayfishes in vitro 1. influence of temperature hormone concentration and hormone structure

Spindler, K. D.; Grossmann, D., 1987: Uptake and retention of molting hormones by the integument of crayfishes in vitro iii. the possible involvement of sodium potassium atpase

Herbert D.C.; Sheridan P.J., 1983: Uptake and retention of sex steroids by the baboon papio cynocephalus pituitary gland evidence of sexual dimorphism with respect to di hydro testosterone

Simmons J.E.; Bronsky P.T.; Woodard E.J., 1982: Uptake and retention of sex steroids by the neo natal rat adrenal gland

Attramadal A.; Svatun B., 1980: Uptake and retention of tin by streptococcus mutans

Bosler O.; Descarries L., 1983: Uptake and retention of tritium labeled adrenaline by central mono aminergic neurons a light microscope and electron microscope radioautographic study after intra ventricular administration in the rat

Olsson T.; Kristensson K., 1979: Uptake and retrograde axonal transport of horseradish peroxidase in normal and axotomized motor neurons during post natal development

Olsson, T. P.; Forsberg, I.; Kristensson, K., 1978: Uptake and retrograde axonal transport of horseradish peroxidase in regenerating facial motor neurons of the mouse

Tian W H., 1982: Uptake and retrograde axonal transport of horseradish peroxidase injected into botulinum toxin poisoned muscle in rats

Kristensson, K.; Olsson, Y., 1971: Uptake and retrograde axonal transport of peroxidase in hypoglossal neurons electron microscopical localization in the neuronal perikaryon

Kristensson, K.; Olsson, Y., 1973: Uptake and retrograde axonal transport of protein tracers in hypoglossal neurons fate of the tracer and reaction of the nerve cell bodies

Malmgren, L.; Olsson, Y.; Olsson, T.; Kristensson, K., 1978: Uptake and retrograde axonal transport of various exogenous macro molecules in normal and crushed hypoglossal nerves

Oldfield, B. J.; Mclachlan, E. M., 1977: Uptake and retrograde transport of horseradish peroxidase by axons of intact and damaged peripheral nerve trunks

Sparrow J.R.; Kiernan J.A., 1979: Uptake and retrograde transport of proteins by regenerating axons

Fox P.C.; Bodner L.; Bowers M.R.; Baum B.J., 1986: Uptake and secretion of technetium pertechnetate by the rat parotid gland

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