Uptake and translocation of gibberellic acid in cucumber cucumis sativus

Singh, R.K.; Choudhury, B.; Mehta, S.L.; Sivakami, N.

Journal of Nuclear Agriculture and Biology 13(1): 1-4


ISSN/ISBN: 0379-5489
Accession: 006870046

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Information on the mobilization or the extent of translocation of sprayed GA3 to different parts of the cucumber plant was obtaining using 14C-GA3. The translocation of GA3 from the lower to the upper leaves was very limited at 10 ppm as most of the GA3 was localized in lower leaves at 10 and 20 days after spray. The distribution of GA3 was uniform in the lower, middle and upper leaves at 1500 ppm. Loss of GA3 from within the plant was observed after 40 days of spray at both the concentrations but the loss was more marked with the lower concentration. Some quantity of exogenously applied GA3 was translocated to the roots of the seedlings. [Plants treated with] the higher concentration (1500 ppm) accumulated substantially more GA3 as compared to the lower concentration (10 ppm). The differential effect of GA3 at low and high concentrations on sex expression appears to be due to difference in GA3 mobilization within the plant at these levels.