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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6872

Chapter 6872 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Courtney, W. A. M.; Langston, W. J., 1978: Uptake of poly chlorinated bi phenyl aroclor 1254 from sediment and from sea water in 2 inter tidal polychaetes

Wurster C.F., 1980: Uptake of poly chlorinated bi phenyls by natural phyto plankton assemblages field and laboratory determination of carbon 14 labeled poly chlorinated bi phenyl particle water index of sorption

Wildish, D. J.; Zitko, V., 1971: Uptake of poly chlorinated bi phenyls from sea water by gammarus oceanicus

Schell, P. L., 1978: Uptake of poly nucleotides by mammalian cells part 15 properties and function of a dna protein complex situated in the outer membrane of ehrlich ascites tumor cells

Ghonsikar, C. P.; Miller, R. H., 1975: Uptake of poly phosphates by soybean

Giguere, L.; Morais, R., 1978: Uptake of poly ribo nucleotides by isolated rat liver mitochondria

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Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871007

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871008

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871009

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871010

Singh, Y.; Singh, R.; Sekhon, G. S., 1977: Uptake of primary nutrients by dryland wheat as influenced by nitrogen fertilization in relation to soil type profile water storage and rainfall

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871012

Segal S., 1985: Uptake of proline by brushborder vesicles isolated from human kidney cortex

Sopanen T., 1986: Uptake of proline by the scutellum of germinating barley hordeum vulgare cultivar himalaya grain

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871016

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871017

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871018

Truppe, W.; Kresse, H., 1978: Uptake of proteo glycans and sulfated glycosamino glycans by cultured skin fibroblasts

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871020

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871021

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871023

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871024

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871025

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871026

Ashwood Smith M.J., 1986: Uptake of pyruvate by early human embryos determined by a non invasive technique

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871028

Ruifrok P.G., 1982: Uptake of quaternary ammonium compounds into rat liver plasma membrane vesicles

Zum Winkel K., 1983: Uptake of radio iodinated 11 beta hydroxylase inhibitor l skf 12 185 by the adrenal cortex as altered by acth

Ikeda A., 1981: Uptake of radio iodine in follicles of dog c cell complexes studied by auto peroxidase staining

Moffett, D.; Tellier, M., 1977: Uptake of radio isotopes by vegetation growing on uranium tailings

Clarke, J. T. R.; Stoltz, J. M., 1976: Uptake of radio labeled galactosyl alpha 1 4 galactosyl beta 1 4 glucosyl ceramide by human serum lipo proteins in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871034

Wilson S.E., 1981: Uptake of radio labeled leukocytes in prosthetic graft infection

Gushchin V.M., 1981: Uptake of radio nuclides by fresh water plants under natural conditions

Abdelmalik, W. E. Y.; El-Shinawy, R. M. K.; Ishak, M. M.; Mahmoud, K. A., 1973: Uptake of radio nuclides by some aquatic macrophytes of ismailia canal egypt

Loganathan, S.; Krishnamoorthy, K. K., 1977: Uptake of radioactive calcium by groundnut arachis hypogaea and efficiency of utilization of applied calcium

Miwa, I.; Okuda, J.; Niki, H.; Niki, A., 1975: Uptake of radioactive d glucose anomers by pancreatic islets

Chowdhury M.H., 1982: Uptake of radioactive d glucose di hydroxy acetone glycerol and l alanine by alloxan induced diabetic rat tissues

Harris, E. B.; Prabhakaran, K., 1975: Uptake of radioactive dopa by mycobacterium leprae in vitro

Tillberg E., 1982: Uptake of radioactivity by lemna gibba from carbon 14 labeled iaa applied to the medium

Hetherington, J. A.; Harvey, B. R., 1978: Uptake of radioactivity by marine sediments and implications for monitoring metal pollutants/

Failly Crepin C., 1984: Uptake of radiolabeled alpha fetoprotein by mouse mammary carcinomas and its usefulness in tumor scintigraphy

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871046

Pulsinelli W.A., 1986: Uptake of radiolabeled ions in normal and ischemia damaged brain

Sawidis T., 1988: Uptake of radionuclides by plants after the chernobyl accident

Bylinska E.A., 1985: Uptake of radium 226 and radium 228 by the lichen genus umbilicaria

Cloutier N.R., 1988: Uptake of radium 226 by established vegetation and black cutworm larvae agrotis ipsilon class insecta order lepidoptera on uranium mill tailings at elliot lake canada

Franca E.P., 1987: Uptake of radon 226 and lead 210 by food crops cultivated in a region of high natural radioactivity in brazil

Maratos Flier E., 1988: Uptake of reovirus serotype 1 by the lungs from the bloodstream is mediated by the viral hemagglutinin

Bister H., 1982: Uptake of resin acids into tissues of trout salmo gairdneri

Chen, C. C.; Heller, J., 1977: Uptake of retinol and retinoic acid from serum retinol binding protein by retinal pigment epithelial cells

Glover J., 1980: Uptake of retinol retinol binding protein and thyroxine binding prealbumin by egg yolk of japanese quail coturnix coturnix japonica

Sato Y., 1980: Uptake of riboflavine by the human red blood cells in vitro

Roth, H. E.; Bolla, R.; Cox, G. S.; Redfield, B.; Weissbach, H.; Brot, N., 1976: Uptake of ribosomal proteins by isolated hela nuclei

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871059

Madeley R.J., 1981: Uptake of rubella vaccination in 8 schools in the city of nottingham england uk

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871061

Stramentinoli, G.; Pezzoli, C.; Kienle, M. G., 1978: Uptake of s adenosyl l methionine by rabbit erythrocytes

Baum H., 1980: Uptake of safranin by cardiac mitochondria competition with calcium ions and dependence on anions

Cullis P.R., 1985: Uptake of safranine and other lipophilic cations into model membrane systems in response to a membrane potential

Rukhadze Sh M., 1986: Uptake of salicylic acid and aniline by pea pisum sativum roots

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871066

Mcintosh A.W., 1986: Uptake of sediment bound lead and zinc by the freshwater isopod asellus communis at three different ph levels

Goh K S., 1987: Uptake of selected antibacterial agents in mycobacterium avium

Singh G., 1980: Uptake of selenium 75 and its interaction with arsenic cadmium and mercury in the rat

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871071

Vrat S., 1979: Uptake of serotonin by human platelets and its relevance to central nervous system involvement in hypertension

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871073

Philippu, A.; Matthaei, H., 1975: Uptake of serotonin gamma amino butyric acid and histamine into synaptic vesicles of the pig caudate nucleus

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871075

Lemstra W., 1980: Uptake of serotonin liberated by irradiation of rabbits and mice

Van Eijk H.G., 1985: Uptake of sialo and asialo transferrins by isolated rat hepatocytes comparison of a heterologous and a homologous system

Jones, L. H. P.; Handreck, K. A., 1969: Uptake of silica by trifolium incarnatum d in relation to the concentration in the external solution and to transpiration

Suzuki, M.; Takebe, I., 1976: Uptake of single stranded bacterio phage dna by isolated tobacco protoplasts

Schierup H H., 1985: Uptake of six heavy metals by oat as influenced by soil type and additions of cadmium lead zinc and copper

Beaumier P.L., 1987: Uptake of small liposomes by non reticuloendothelial tissues

Saier M.H.Jr, 1979: Uptake of sodium 22 by cultured dog kidney cells mdck

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871084

Wong, P. Y. D., 1976: Uptake of sodium into rat isolated seminiferous tubules in vitro

Barber S.A., 1979: Uptake of soil nutrients by plant roots

Van Der Riet M., 1979: Uptake of solar radiation by the sea turtle caretta caretta during voluntary surface basking

Sanders, F. E.; Tinker, P. B.; Nye, P. H., 1971: Uptake of solutes by multiple root systems from soil part 1 an electrical analog of diffusion to root systems

Baldwin, J. P.; Tinker, P. B.; Nye, P. H., 1972: Uptake of solutes by multiple root systems from soil part 2 the theoretical effects of rooting density and pattern on uptake of nutrients from soil

Baldwin, J. P.; Nye, P. H.; Tinker, P. B., 1973: Uptake of solutes by multiple root systems from soil part 3 a model for calculating the solute uptake by a randomly dispersed root system developing in a finite volume of soil

Naheed S., 1986: Uptake of some metal contaminants by coriandrum sativum irrigated with raw sewage effluents

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871093

Kutchai, H., 1975: Uptake of sorbitol by chick embryo heart cells at various stages of development

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871095

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871096

Singh H., 1981: Uptake of strontium 85 in fractured femur in male rats

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871099

Jones, C. S.; Parker, D. S., 1978: Uptake of substrates for milk fat synthesis by lactating rabbit mammary gland/

Jacobson G.R., 1985: Uptake of succinate and malate in cultured cells and bacteroids of 2 slow growing species of rhizobium

Jacob F., 1983: Uptake of sucrose and xenobiotics into conducting tissue of cyclamen persicum

Sentandreu R., 1982: Uptake of sucrose by saccharomyces cerevisiae

Sokolova, S. V., 1977: Uptake of sugars by aged vascular tissue of sugar beet

Meyer S., 1984: Uptake of sugars into vacuoles and protoplasts isolated from storage tissue of beta vulgaris

Faucher M., 1985: Uptake of sugars sucrose glucose 3 o methyl alpha d glucose by quickly isolated cells from vicia faba mesophyll

Cypionka H., 1987: Uptake of sulfate sulfite and thiosulfate by proton anion symport in desulfovibrio desulfuricans

O'brien R.W., 1981: Uptake of sulfate taurine cysteine and methionine by symbiotic and free living dinoflagellates

Klaassen C.D., 1980: Uptake of sulfobromophthalein glutathione conjugate by isolated hepatocytes

Gray, L. E.; Gerdemann, J. W., 1973: Uptake of sulfur 35 by vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizae

Spedding D.J., 1986: Uptake of sulfur 35 from thiosulfate by isolated spinach chard spinach beet beta vulgaris chloroplasts

Segal S., 1980: Uptake of sulfur 35 labeled l cystine by isolated rat brain capillaries

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871113

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871114

Filipe M.I., 1983: Uptake of sulfur 35 labeled sulfate in human colonic mucosa associated with carcinoma an auto radiographic analysis at the ultrastructural level

Orton S.P., 1979: Uptake of sulfur by bent grass putting green turf agrostis tenuis cultivar astoria

Saggar, S.; Dev, G., 1974: Uptake of sulfur by different varieties of soybean

Granat L., 1982: Uptake of sulfur di oxide in shoots of scots pine pinus sylvestris field measurements of net flux of sulfur in relation to stomatal conductance

Beedham B., 1986: Uptake of sulfur iv anions and the induction of gaseous emissions in leaf segments of sulfur dioxide sensitive and resistant genotypes of lolium perenne

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871120

Ciferri, O.; Barlati, S.; Lederberg, J., 1970: Uptake of synthetic poly nucleotides by competent cells of bacillus subtilis

Tuovinen E., 1979: Uptake of taurine by platelets in retinitis pigmentosa

Airaksinen E.M., 1979: Uptake of taurine gamma amino butyric acid 5 hydroxy tryptamine and dopamine by blood platelets in progressive myo clonus epilepsy

Sieghart, W.; Karobath, M., 1976: Uptake of taurine into sub cellular fractions of c 6 glioma cells

Balistreri W.F., 1982: Uptake of tauro cholate by hepatocytes isolated from developing rats

Evans M.A., 1985: Uptake of taurocholate by freshly isolated hepatocytes from fetal and newborn rabbits

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871127

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871128

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871129

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871130

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871131

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871132

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871133

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871134

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871135

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871136

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871137

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871138

Nagai K., 1979: Uptake of thallium 201 in enlarged thyroid glands

Glasunov V.V., 1981: Uptake of thallous ions by mitochondria is stimulated by nonactin but not respiration alone

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871141

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871142

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871143

Burke, D. D., 1975: Uptake of the glucose analog 2 deoxy glucose by germinating mito spores of allomyces macrogynus

Jones D.P., 1985: Uptake of the glutathione conjugate s 1 2 dichlorovinylglutathione by renal basal lateral membrane vesicles and isolated kidney cells

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871146

Barts, P. W. J. A.; Hoeberichts, J. A.; Klaassen, A.; Borst-Pauwels, G. W. F. H., 1980: Uptake of the lipophilic cation di benzyldimethyl ammonium into saccharomyces cerevisiae interaction with the thiamine transport system

Law J.H., 1988: Uptake of the major hemolymph lipoprotein and its transformation in the insect egg

Burgoon, A. C.; Bottino, P. J., 1976: Uptake of the nitrogen fixing blue green algae gloeocapsa into protoplasts of tobacco and maize

Wink M., 1987: Uptake of the quinolizidine alkaloid lupanine by protoplasts and isolated vacuoles of suspension cultured lupinus polyphyllus cells diffusion or carrier mediated transport

Eisenman L.M., 1985: Uptake of the retrograde fluorescent tracer fast blue from the cerebrospinal fluid of the rat

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871152

Lee, L. S.; Weinstein, I. B., 1978: Uptake of the tumor promoting agent 12 o tetra decanoyl phorbol 13 acetate by hela cells

Quagliariello E., 1986: Uptake of thiamin by isolated rat liver mitochondria

Katzenellenbogen J.A., 1988: Uptake of three tritiated progestins by target tissues in vivo implications for the design of diagnostic imaging agents

Monti M., 1981: Uptake of thymidine in lymphoma cells obtained through fine needle aspiration biopsy relation to prognosis in non hodgkins lymphomas

Ungemach, F. R.; Hegner, D., 1978: Uptake of thymidine into isolated rat hepatocytes evidence for 2 transport systems/

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871159

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871160

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871161

Abels J., 1986: Uptake of transcobalamin ii bound cobalamin by isolated rat kidney tubule cells

Herrera, F.; Adamson, R. H.; Gallo, R. C., 1970: Uptake of transfer rna by normal and leukemic cells

Morgan E.H., 1985: Uptake of transferrin and iron by cultured rat placental cells

Philipps, J. L., 1978: Uptake of transferrin bound zinc by human lymphocytes

Aisen P., 1982: Uptake of transferrin by rat peritoneal macrophages

Thiriot Hebert M., 1987: Uptake of transferrin by the rat yolk sac and its maternal fetal transfer in vivo

Gent M.P.N., 1986: Uptake of transpiration of 1 2 dibromoethane by leaves

Michaljanicova D., 1979: Uptake of trehalose by saccharomyces cerevisiae

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871170

Rue P.A., 1980: Uptake of tri iodo thyronine by liver cell nuclei in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871172

Yamada, J.; Tatsuguchi, K.; Watanabe, T., 1978: Uptake of tri propyl tin chloride by escherichia coli

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871175

Schairer L.A., 1979: Uptake of tritiated 1 2 di bromo ethane by tradescantia floral tissues relation to induced mutation frequency in stamen hair cells

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871177

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871178

Hirano T., 1985: Uptake of tritiated 2 deoxy d glucose and tritiated dopamine in adrenal chromaffin cells of the mouse

Ungell A L., 1985: Uptake of tritiated adrenaline and carbon 14 noradrenaline into neuronal and extraneuronal tissue compartments in the perfused gas gland of the swimbladder of the atlantic cod gadus morhua

Ginsburg H., 1986: Uptake of tritiated chloroquine by drug sensitive and resistant strains of the human malaria parasite plasmodium falciparum

Thong Y.H., 1987: Uptake of tritiated deoxyglucose as a microassay of human neutrophil and monocyte activation

David H., 1986: Uptake of tritiated dopamine in megakaryocytes and blood platelets measured by quantitative electron microscope autoradiography

Cho, Y. D.; Martin, R. O.; Tunnicliff, G., 1973: Uptake of tritiated glycine and carbon 14 glutamate by cultures of chick spinal cord

Krishnamoorthy T.M., 1983: Uptake of tritiated lysine by fresh water alga scenedesmus obliquus

Tuck, J. R.; Hamberger, B.; Sjoqvist, F., 1972: Uptake of tritiated noradrenaline by adrenergic nerves of rat iris incubated in plasma from patients treated with various psychotropic drugs

Simonova L.I., 1985: Uptake of tritiated noradrenaline into tissue at radiation injuries of different degrees

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871188

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871190

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871191

Tanaka, K.; Kamiyoshi, M.; Kawashima, M., 1976: Uptake of tritiated progesterone by the anterior lobe of pituitary and some other tissues of the hen during an ovulatory cycle

Reith M.E.A., 1988: Uptake of tritiated serotonin into plasma vesicles from mouse cerebral cortex

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871194

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871195

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871196

Remsen J.F., 1986: Uptake of tritiated vitamin d 3 from low and high density lipoproteins by cultured human fibroblasts

Bole, J. B., 1977: Uptake of tritiated water and phosphorus 32 by roots of wheat and rape

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871200

Cuthbert A.W., 1979: Uptake of tritium labeled benzamil at different sodium concentrations inferences regarding the regulation of sodium permeability

Cain H., 1981: Uptake of tritium labeled biogenic amines by the prostomium of the polychaete nereis virens annelida

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871203

Remsen J.F., 1982: Uptake of tritium labeled cholesterol from low density lipo protein by cultured human fibroblasts

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871205

Veil L.B., 1980: Uptake of tritium labeled demethyl phalloin by isolated hepatocytes in the presence of various concentrations of phalloin or phalloidin

Mahdevan P.R., 1981: Uptake of tritium labeled dopa by mycobacterium leprae isolated from frozen minus 80 celsius armadillo dasypus novemcinctus tissue

Sarthy P.V., 1982: Uptake of tritium labeled gamma amino butyric acid by isolated glial mueller cells from the mouse retina

Atoji Y., 1983: Uptake of tritium labeled gamma amino butyric acid by the purkinje cells of the rat embryo

Herschkowitz N., 1984: Uptake of tritium labeled gamma aminobutyric acid by oligodendrocytes in dissociated brain cell culture a combined autoradiographic and immunocytochemical study

Iversen L.L., 1979: Uptake of tritium labeled glutamic acid in excitatory nerve endings light microscopic and electron microscopic observations in the hippocampal formation of the rat

Pourcho R.G., 1980: Uptake of tritium labeled glycine and tritium labeled delta amino butyric acid by amacrine cells in the cat retina

Yazulla S., 1984: Uptake of tritium labeled glycine in the outer plexiform layer of the retina of the toad bufo marinus

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871215

Ruth J.A., 1982: Uptake of tritium labeled l glutamic acid by crude and purified synaptic vesicles from rat brain

Barron K.D., 1981: Uptake of tritium labeled leucine by axotomized cervical moto neurons an auto radiographic study

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871218

Volpi U., 1980: Uptake of tritium labeled mono sialo ganglioside after corneal administration in the rabbit eye

Sanchez Garcia P., 1984: Uptake of tritium labeled nicotine and tritium labeled noradrenaline by cultured chromaffin cells

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871221

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871222

Roch Ramel F., 1981: Uptake of tritium labeled p amino hippurate and carbon 14 labeled urate into isolated proximal tubular segments of the pig kidney

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871224

Ternaux J P., 1982: Uptake of tritium labeled serotonin and tritium labeled noradrenaline in the raphe nuclei and the locus coeruleus of c 57bl 6 and balb c mice at 3 times of the day

Chen M.C., 1983: Uptake of tritium labeled serotonin in the abdominal ganglion of aplysia californica further studies on the morphological and biochemical basis of presynaptic facilitation

Warembourg, M., 1978: Uptake of tritium labeled synthetic progestin by rat brain and pituitary a radioautography study

Giotti A., 1981: Uptake of tritium labeled taurine into myo cardial membranes

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871229

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871230

Cheng Z., 1984: Uptake of tritium labeled tyrosine by the ovary of the mouse and effect of tyrosine on secretion of progesterone induced by human chorionic gonadotropin

Masaki J., 1981: Uptake of trypan blue in the uterine epithelium of the rat during early pseudopregnancy

Tissot, R.; Castellanos, G.; Gaillard, J. M.; Estrada, E.; Eisenring, J. J.; Boleaga, B.; Hyde, A.; Miranda, R.; Hovaguimian, T., 1978: Uptake of tryptophan and tyrosine in some cases of manic depressive psychosis and schizophrenia

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871234

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871235

Brosnan M.E., 1984: Uptake of tyrosine and leucine in vivo by brain of diabetic and control rats

Klaassen C.D., 1979: Uptake of unconjugated bilirubin by isolated rat hepatocytes

Jarymowycz M.O., 1984: Uptake of uniformly carbon 14 labeled glucose by streptococcus mutans in the presence of saccharin

Chowdhury S.A., 1982: Uptake of uniformly tritium labeled l arginine in alloxan induced diabetic rat tissues at different pulsing times

Sakaguchi T., 1979: Uptake of uranium by chlorella regularis

Sakaguchi T., 1979: Uptake of uranium from sea water by synechococcus elongatus

Morley D.R., 1983: Uptake of uranium molybdenum copper and selenium by the radish from uranium rich soils

Harrison P.J., 1988: Uptake of urea carbon and urea nitrogen by the coastal marine diatom thalassiosira pseudonana

Kippen, I.; Nakata, N.; Klinenberg, J. R., 1977: Uptake of uric acid by separated renal tubules of the rabbit part 1 characteristics of transport

Kippen, I.; Nakata, N.; Honda, S.; Klinenberg, J. R., 1977: Uptake of uric acid by separated renal tubules of the rabbit part 2 effects of drugs

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871248

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871249

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871250

Payan P., 1985: Uptake of valine and alanine by a neutral amino acid carrier in sea urchin eggs cyclic variations in the early cleavage stage

Heydeman M.T., 1983: Uptake of vapor phase carbon 14 labeled dodecane by whole mycelia of cladosporium resinae

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871253

Howard, B. V., 1977: Uptake of very low density lipo protein tri glyceride by bovine aortic endothelial cells in culture

Saeed Y.A., 1981: Uptake of vibrio cholerae eltor from contaminated water by water hyacinth eichhornia crassipes

Ochs S., 1980: Uptake of vinca alkaloids into mammalian nerve and its sub cellular components

Henderson R.F., 1988: Uptake of vinylidene fluoride in rats simulated by a physiological model

Vahlquist A., 1986: Uptake of vitamin a and retinol binding protein by human placenta in vitro

Beesley R.C., 1984: Uptake of vitamin b 12 by isolated ileal enterocytes

Hrodzins'kyi, A. M., 1978: Uptake of volatile lipophilic compounds by seeds

Eggermann, W.; Bongers, J., 1971: Uptake of water and food from green plants with regard to host specificity of oncopeltus fasciatus

Jahn, W., 1972: Uptake of water and substances of high molecular weight by the isolated perfused liver during phalloidin poisoning and during increased post hepatic pressure

Beamish F.W.H., 1981: Uptake of water borne methyl mercury by rainbow trout salmo gairdneri in relation to oxygen consumption and methyl mercury concentration

Berry, W. O.; Brammer, J. D.; Bee, D. E., 1978: Uptake of water soluble gasoline fractions and their effect on oxygen consumption in aquatic stages of the mosquito aedes aegypti

Fahey R.C., 1988: Uptake of wr 2721 derivatives by cells in culture identification of the transported form of the drug

Madnick, H. M.; Winkler, J. R.; Segal, H. L., 1978: Uptake of yeast invertase by rat liver cells in vivo and in vitro

Drifmeyer J.E., 1980: Uptake of zinc 65 by eelgrass zostera marina

Brittebo E.B., 1982: Uptake of zinc 65 in tapetum lucidum

Matsusaka, N., 1977: Uptake of zinc 65 in the mouse fetus as a function of gestational age

Jakeman K.J., 1987: Uptake of zinc and fluoride by several dentin components

Rangamannar B., 1987: Uptake of zinc as influenced by b vitamins ph and edta in cyamopsis tetragonoloba taub and brassica nigra

Romeo M., 1987: Uptake of zinc by cultured phytoplankters hymenomonas elongata

Barker A.V., 1979: Uptake of zinc by raphanus sativus from soils amended with sludge or zinc edta

Blumhagen K., 1984: Uptake of zinc cadmium and mercury by fish in the presence of competing compartments

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871278

Dashek W.V., 1982: Uptake of zinc ii and afla toxin from perlite and liquid culture by zea mays seedlings

Badsha, K. S.; Sainsbury, M., 1977: Uptake of zinc lead and cadmium by young whiting in the severn estuary

Fabczak H., 1987: Uptake pathway of lipid vesicles in tetrahymena pyriformis

Granmo, A.; Kollberg, S., 1976: Uptake pathways and elimination of a nonionic surfactant in cod gadus morrhua

Zanstra P.E., 1980: Uptake pattern of carbon di oxide and bi carbonate by leaves of potamogeton lucens

Coombes, A. J.; Phipps, D. A.; Lepp, N. W., 1977: Uptake patterns of free and complexed copper ions in excised roots of barley hordeum vulgare cultivar zephyr

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871286

O'donovan, J. T.; Prendeville, G. N., 1977: Uptake patterns of soil applied calcium 45 and phosphorus 32 in some legume species as influenced by differential trifluralin placement

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871288

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871289

Pasantes Morales H., 1982: Uptake release and binding of taurine in degenerated rat retinas

Okamoto, K.; Namima, M., 1978: Uptake release and homo exchange and hetero exchange diffusions of inhibitory amino acids in guinea pig cerebellar slices

Chang Y F., 1981: Uptake release and metabolism of d alpha amino adipate and l alpha amino adipate by rat cerebral cortex

Weber P.C., 1984: Uptake release and metabolism of docosahexaenoic acid in human platelets and neutrophils

Starke K., 1988: Uptake release and modulation of release of noradrenaline in rabbit superior colliculus

Da Prada M., 1987: Uptake release and subcellular localization of 1 methyl 4 phenylpyridinium in blood platelets

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871296

Nakahara M., 1986: Uptake retention and excretion of manganese 54 by a perry whelk volutharpa ampullacea perryi

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871299

Yu W H.A., 1980: Uptake sites of horseradish peroxidase after injection into peritoneal structures defining some pitfalls

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871301

Yu E.W T., 1983: Uptake storage and secretion of 5 hydroxy tryptamine and its amino acid precursor by dispersed rat pancreas acinar cells

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871304

Wheler, G. H. T.; Osborne, R. H.; Bradford, H. F.; Davison, A. N., 1977: Uptake studies of taurine in vivo and its effects on the course of experimental focal epilepsy in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871306

Korsgaard B., 1986: Uptake time course distribution and elimination of cadmium in embryos and tissues of the pregnant zoarces viviparus after intraovarian loading

Section 7, Chapter 6872, Accession 006871308

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