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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6873

Chapter 6873 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Thomas R.J.; Feller U.; Erismann K.H., 1980:
Ureide metabolism in nonnodulated phaseolus vulgaris

Woo K.C.; Atkins C.A.; Pate J.S., 1981:
Ureide synthesis in a cell free system from cowpea vigna unguiculata nodules studies with oxygen ph and purine metabolism

Serres E.; Calmes J.; Viala G.; Cavalie G., 1985:
Ureides and asparagine in two field grown soybean glycine max varieties amounts in the stem and utilization

Marxer A.; Schmidt Ruppin K.H., 1981:
Ureido ethyl imidazolines active against autochthonous di ethyl nitrosamine induced epidermoid papillary and adeno carcinomatous tumors of the respiratory tract of syrian hamsters and against human bronchogenic carcinomas in nu nu mice

Turoscy, V.; Cooper, T.G., 1987:
Ureidosuccinate is transported by the allantoate transport system in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Wiener, K., 1976:
Uremia and hyper uricemia in acute myo cardial infarction

Vianna, A.L.; Duarte, V.T.; Araujo, R.da.C.; Barbosa, H., 1981:
Uremia and intestinal cicatrization: experimental study in rats

Birkeland, S.A., 1976:
Uremia as a state of immune deficiency

Truss, F.; Zimmermann, A., 1981:
Uremia caused by giant scrotal hernia and bladder herniation

Bergentz, S.E.; Bengtsson, U., 1976:
Uremia caused by stenosis of the renal arteries

D.Andrade D.R., 1980:
Uremia hydro electrolyte and acid base disturbances in renal failure with hepatic cirrhosis

Kafetz K., 1982:
Uremia in congestive cardiac failure response to diuresis and relationship to liver function

Kafetz K.; Hodkinson H.M., 1982:
Uremia in the elderly

Del Canale, S.; Fiaccadori, E.; Coffrini, E.; Vitali, P.; Ronda, N.; Antonucci, C.; Arduini, U.; Guariglia, A., 1986:
Uremic acidosis and intracellular buffering

Tvedegaard E.; Falk E.; Nielsen M., 1985:
Uremic arterial disease in rabbits with special reference to the coronary arteries

Hirszel, P.; Martin, R.H.; Mizell, M.W.; Nolph, K.D., 1976:
Uremic autonomic neuropathy evaluation of ephedrine sulfate therapy for hemo dialysis induced hypotension

Sprott, H.; Fleck, C.; Hummel, L.; Bräunlich, H., 1988:
Uremic bleeding in rats

Livio M.; Gotti E.; Marchesi D.; Mecca G.; Remuzzi G.; Gaetano G., 1982:
Uremic bleeding role of anemia and beneficial effect of red cell transfusions

Biasioli, S.; D'Andrea, G.; Feriani, M.; Chiaramonte, S.; Fabris, A.; Ronco, C.; L.G.eca, G., 1986:
Uremic encephalopathy: an updating

Mahoney, C.A.; Sarnacki, P.; Arieff, A.I., 1984:
Uremic encephalopathy: role of brain energy metabolism

Yoshiyama N.; Nakagawa S.; Takeuchi J.; Okamoto R., 1981:
Uremic galactorrhea an endocrine profile

Poveda Monge R.; Martinez Castelao A.; Grino Boira J.M.; Carrera Plans M.; Alsina Rocasalbas J., 1980:
Uremic hemolytic syndrome in the adult a study of 4 cases

Sensirivatana, R.; Watana, D.; Vatanatumrak, B.; Benjavongkulchai, S., 1980:
Uremic infant with medullary cystic disease of kidney

Chadwick D.; French A.T., 1979:
Uremic myo clonus an example of reticular reflex myo clonus

Ministeri C.M.; Mucaria A.; Bennici S.; Visconti G.; Calabrese S.; D.G.egorio A., 1986:
Uremic neuropathy clinical and neurophysiologic data in patients undergoing maintenance hemodialysis

Violante, F.; Lorenzi, S.; Fusello, M., 1985:
Uremic neuropathy: clinical and neurophysiological investigation of dialysis patients using different chemical membranes

Milutinovic, J.; Babb, A.L.; Eschbach, J.W.; Follette, W.C.; Graefe, U.; Strand, M.J.; Scribner, B.H., 1978:
Uremic neuropathy evidence of middle molecule toxicity

Otsuka H., 1981:
Uremic neuropathy with reference to uremic toxin

Rivera Hernandez F.; Alvarez Chiva V.; Sanchez Crespo M.; Casado Perez S.; Hernando Avendano L., 1980:
Uremic peri carditis 24 cases

Ianhez, L.E.; Romão Júnior, J.E.; Chocair, P.R.; Azevedo, L.S.; Sabbaga, E., 1980:
Uremic pleural effusion

Mamoli, B.; Kopsa, H.; Gerstenbrand, F.; Kotzaurek, R.; Pateisky, K., 1974:
Uremic poly neuropathy after renal transplantation

Minetti L.; Civati G.; Guastoni C.; Perego A.; Teatini U.; D'urso D.; Grassi V., 1983:
Uremic poly neuropathy can be cured by high efficiency hemo filtration

Fierro B.; Frada G.Jr; L.V.cchi M.; Raimondo D., 1981:
Uremic poly neuropathy case contribution

Caccia, M.R.; Mangili, A.; Mecca, G.; Ubiali, E.; Zanoni, P., 1977:
Uremic poly neuropathy during chronic hemo dialysis serial clinical and electro physiological study on 43 cases

Tegner R.; Lindholm B., 1985:
Uremic polyneuropathy different effects of hemodialysis and continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis

Suwaki M.; Hirohata M., 1987:
Uremic pruritus in hemodialyzed patients a statistical approach

Kutcher, R.; Amodio, J.B.; Rosenblatt, R., 1983:
Uremic renal cystic disease: value of sonographic screening

Tison P.; Cernacek P.; Silvanova E.; Dzurik R., 1981:
Uremic toxins and platelet carbohydrate metabolism

Jorstad, S.; Kyvernes, S., 1978:
Uremic toxins of high molecular weight inhibiting human mononuclear phagocytes cultured in vitro

Wiley E.O.; Stewart J.O., 1981:
Urenchelys abditus new species the 1st undoubted eel teleostei anguilliformes from the cretaceous of north america

Bergaoui, R.; Vervaeke, I., 1980:
Ureolytic activity in the intestinal tract of layers, effects of bacitracin and flavomycin

Prasad, D., 1978:
Ureolytic bacteria in waste water

Wachsmuth, I.K.; Davis, B.R.; Allen, S.D., 1979:
Ureolytic Escherichia coli of human origin: serological, epidemiological, and genetic analysis

Sagardoy M.A., 1983:
Ureolytic soil bacteria distribution in different soil aggregates and in vitro sensitivity to 10 antibiotics

Villacastin B.P.; Guembe P., 1981:
Ureter affectation in churg strauss allergic granulomatosis presentation of a new case and review of the literature

Melchior, H.; Spehr, C., 1987:
Ureter replacement operations

Maxson, W.S.; Hill, G.A.; Herbert, C.M.; Kaufman, A.J.; Pittaway, D.E.; Daniell, J.F.; Winfield, A.C.; Wentz, A.C., 1986:
Ureteral abnormalities in women with endometriosis

Denis B.R.; Pirlet F.; Wese F.X.; Hennebert P.; Van Cangh P.J., 1985:
Ureteral and pyelic metastases from a hypernephroma

Mitty H.A.; Droller M.J.; Dikman S.H., 1987:
Ureteral and renal pelvic metastases from renal cell carcinoma

Kidd, R.V.; Confer, D.J.; Ball, T.P., 1980:
Ureteral and renal vein perforation with placement into the renal vein as a complication of the pigtail ureteral stent

Larson, D.M.; Malone, J.M.; Copeland, L.J.; Gershenson, D.M.; Kline, R.C.; Stringer, C.A., 1987:
Ureteral assessment after radical hysterectomy

Palmer, J.M.; Drago, J.R., 1981:
Ureteral avulsion from non-penetrating trauma

Chung K.; Schwen R.J.; Coggeshall R.E., 1985:
Ureteral axon damage following subcutaneous administration of capsaicin in adult rats

Rutner A.B., 1984:
Ureteral balloon dilatation and stone basketing

Latour, J.G.; Léger-Gauthier, C., 1986:
Ureteral blockade sensitizes to the generalized Shwartzman reaction

Hare, W.S., 1986:
Ureteral calculi: percutaneous removal using modified basket extractors and fluoroscopy

Herr, H.W.; Whitmore, W.F., 1987:
Ureteral carcinoma in situ after successful intravesical therapy for superficial bladder tumors: incidence, possible pathogenesis and management

Harris, R.H.; Best, C.F., 1979:
Ureteral catheter system for renal function studies in conscious rabbits

Evins S.C.; Mcinnes B.K., 1979:
Ureteral colic secondary to blood clot in hemophiliac

Dauplat J.; Allard H.; Gauthier J.P.; Giraud B., 1983:
Ureteral complications of pelvic surgery 21 case histories

Marin Grez M.; Boenner G.; Gross F., 1980:
Ureteral contractions induced by rat urine in vitro probable involvement of renal kallikrein

Hellström, M.; Jodal, U.; Mårild, S.; Wettergren, B., 1987:
Ureteral dilatation in children with febrile urinary tract infection or bacteriuria

Matsuo E.; Maruta K.; Sanefuji K.; Tomita S.; Takahira R., 1980:
Ureteral diverticulosis 2 case reports

Barrett, D.M.; Malek, R.S., 1975:
Ureteral diverticulum

Terashima, K.; Fukuoka, H., 1976:
Ureteral duplication with a blind ending branch

Mandell, J.; Bauer, S.B.; Colodny, A.H.; Lebowitz, R.L.; Retik, A.B., 1981:
Ureteral ectopia in infants and children

Koyanagi T.; Hisajima S.; Sakashita S.; Goto T.; Tsuji I., 1980:
Ureteral ectopia in vestibule without urinary incontinence

Das, S.; Amar, A.D., 1980:
Ureteral ectopia into cystic seminal vesicle with ipsilateral renal dysgenesis and monorchia

Elejalde B.R.; D.E.ejalde M.M., 1983:
Ureteral ejaculation of urine visualized by ultrasound

Denes F.T.; Pompeo A.C.L.; Montelatto N.I.D.; Lopes R.N., 1980:
Ureteral endometriosis

Porena M.; Mearini E.; Vespasiani G.; Micali F.; Virgili G., 1985:
Ureteral endometriosis an endoscopic diagnosis

Wagenknecht, L.V., 1987:
Ureteral endosplints: a quiet revolution of urological treatment

Noakes J.E.; Wese F.X.; Churchill B.M., 1982:
Ureteral entrapment injury in blunt pelvic trauma a case

Muruamendiaraz V.; Martinez Gomez F.J.; Martin Benito J.L.; Regadera F.J.; Guate J.L.; Miguelez E.; Alonso Sainz F., 1986:
Ureteral fistula following renal transplant surgical treatment

Crane S.W.; Waldron D.R., 1980:
Ureteral function and healing following micro surgical trans uretero ureterostomy in the dog

Tomita Y.; Iwasaki M.; Tojo S., 1982:
Ureteral function of cases treated by radical operation for uterine cervical cancer clinical effects of preservative method of ureteral branch of uterine artery

Weinberg, S.L.; Labay, P., 1977:
Ureteral function part 4 the urometrogram at increased urine output

Santiago-Delpin, E.A.; Acosta-Otero, A.; Vazquez-Lugo, A., 1980:
Ureteral implantation in kidney transplantation: the use of a mature end ureterostomy

Wesolowski, S., 1973:
Ureteral injuries

Schapira, H.E.; Li, R.; Gribetz, M.; Wulfsohn, M.A.; Brendler, H., 1981:
Ureteral injuries during vascular surgery

Mann, W.J.; Arato, M.; Patsner, B.; Stone, M.L., 1988:
Ureteral injuries in an obstetrics and gynecology training program: etiology and management

Cass A.S.; Bubrick M.P., 1981:
Ureteral injuries in colonic surgery

Underwood, P.B.; Lutz, M.H.; Smoak, D.L., 1977:
Ureteral injury following irradiation therapy for carcinoma of the cervix

Krone A.; Heller V.; Osterhage H.R., 1985:
Ureteral injury in lumbar disc surgery

Tantiwongse A.; Weesakul M., 1983:
Ureteral injury in radical hysterectomy

Fiorelli C.; Durval A.; D.C.llo V.; Rizzo M.; Nicita G., 1981:
Ureteral intussusception by a fibro epithelial polyp

Scharifker, D.; Chalasani, A., 1978:
Ureteral involvement by malignant lymphoma 10 years experience

Ney, C.; Cruz, F.S.; Carvajal, S.; Miller, H.L.; Reyes, P.C., 1986:
Ureteral involvement secondary to diverticulitis of the colon

Donovan, M.G.; Hegarty, J.; Fitzpatrick, J.M.; Butler, M., 1987:
Ureteral meatotomy by Sachse urethrotome in the management of lower ureteral stones

Mastroberardino E.; Cirone G.; Aulenti V.; Facchetti F., 1981:
Ureteral metastasis from pancreatic carcinoma a case and a review of the literature

Martinez Gomez F.J.; Guate Ortiz J.L.; Miguelez Garcia E.; Martin Benito J.L.; Muruamendiaraz Fernandez V.; Regadera Sejas F.J.; Cayon Benaite M.J., 1987:
Ureteral metastasis from renal adenocarcinoma literature review and case report

Tabatabai, M.; Cohanim, N.; Kadivar, R., 1980:
Ureteral motility in sheep

Borrelli, M.; Prado, M.J.; Cordeiro, P.; Wroclawski, E.R.; Monteiro Júnior, J.; Kiss, M.H.; Saldanha, L.B.; Arap, S., 1988:
Ureteral necrosis in dermatomyositis

Oesterwitz H.; Bick C., 1981:
Ureteral obstruction as primary manifestation of metastasizing gastric carcinoma

Ueda, T.; Kano, M., 1978:
Ureteral obstruction by endometriosis

Michigan, S.; Catalona, W.J., 1977:
Ureteral obstruction from prostatic carcinoma: response to endocrine and radiation therapy

Recloux P.; Weiser M.; Piccart M.; Sculier J P., 1988:
Ureteral obstruction in patients with breast cancer

Lavelle, K.J.; Melman, A.W.; Cleary, R.E., 1976:
Ureteral obstruction owing to endometriosis: reversal with synthetic progestin

Lynch D.F.Jr; Richie J.P., 1979:
Ureteral obstruction secondary to abdominal aortic aneurysm a case report

Ruggiero R.; Nealon T.F.Jr, 1982:
Ureteral obstruction secondary to acute sigmoid diverticulitis

Feun L.G.; Drelichman A.; Singhakowinta A.; Vaitkevicius V.K., 1979:
Ureteral obstruction secondary to metastatic breast carcinoma

Oldford J.R.; Lim K., 1983:
Ureteral obstruction secondary to metastatic breast carcinoma a case

Richie, J.P.; Withers, G.; Ehrlich, R.M., 1979:
Ureteral obstruction secondary to metastatic tumors

Escribano Patiño, G.; Romero Maroto, J.; Berenguer Sánchez, A.; Perales Cabanas, L.; Escudero Barrilero, A., 1986:
Ureteral obstruction secondary to peri-aneurysmal fibrosis of the abdominal aorta

Morrissey, J.; Windus, D.; Schwab, S.; Tannenbaum, J.; Klahr, S., 1986:
Ureteral occlusion decreases phospholipid and cholesterol of renal tubular membranes

Henry, L.G.; Bernhard, V.M., 1978:
Ureteral pathology associated with aortic surgery a report of 3 unusual cases

Kramolowsky, E.V., 1987:
Ureteral perforation during ureterorenoscopy: treatment and management

Kenney P.J.; Wasserman N.F., 1987:
Ureteral pseudodiverticulosis associated with carcinoma of renal pelvis

Woodard J.R.; Anderson A.M.IIi; Parrott T.S., 1981:
Ureteral re implantation in myelo dysplasia children

Staehler G.; Schmeller N.; Wieland W., 1984:
Ureteral re implantation with psoas bladder hitch experience with 111 procedures in 100 patients

Smith M.W.; Bartone F.F.; Tan E.C.; Gardner P.J., 1983:
Ureteral reaction to suture material

Uhlir, K., 1973:
Ureteral reconstruction and its problems

Takara M., 1982:
Ureteral reconstruction of the uretero vaginal fistula after radical hysterectomy

Koyanagi T.; Tsuji I., 1981:
Ureteral reflux in neurogenic dys function of the bladder the concept of a neurogenic ureter and the role of the peri ureteral sheath in the genesis of reflux and super sensitive response to autonomic drugs

Charghi, A., 1979:
Ureteral replacement using a new variation of the tailored ileal segment

Tachibana, M.; Nagamatsu, G.R.; Addonizio, J.C., 1985:
Ureteral replacement using collagen sponge tube grafts

Totoro J.; Lyman D.J.; Middleton R.G.; Seifert K.B., 1981:
Ureteral replacement with a new poly urethane prosthesis

Waltzer W.C.; Frischer Z.; Gonder M., 1984:
Ureteral replacement with ileum in transverse colon conduit

Sacristan A.G.; Vela R.; Illera M., 1981:
Ureteral response by adrenergic stimulation to the action of progesterone and estradiol

Moinuddin, M.; Rockett, J.F., 1978:
Ureteral rupture and bone scintigraphy

Turner, M.D.; Witherington, R.; Carswell, J.J., 1982:
Ureteral splints: results of a survey

Vijan, S.R.; Keating, M.A.; Althausen, A.F., 1988:
Ureteral stenosis after silver nitrate instillation in the treatment of essential hematuria

Girodet, J.; Mignon, M.; Bonfils, S., 1977:
Ureteral stenosis due to retroperitoneal fibrosis in ulcerative colitis. Report of a case

Adelson, G.L.; Saypol, D.C.; Walker, A.N., 1982:
Ureteral stenosis secondary to retroperitoneal rheumatoid nodules

Taki Y.; Hayashi T.; Hiura M.; Ikai K.; Kiriyama T., 1985:
Ureteral stent is it useful

Ueno M.; Muramatsu H.; Kumagai K.; Satoh H.; Toyoshima A.; Yazaki T.; Waku M., 1986:
Ureteral stone following ureterosigmoidostomy a case report

Lingeman, J.E.; Sonda, L.P.; Kahnoski, R.J.; Coury, T.A.; Newman, D.M.; Mosbaugh, P.G.; Mertz, J.H.; Steele, R.E.; Frank, B., 1986:
Ureteral stone management: emerging concepts

Evans, R.J.; Wingfield, D.D.; Morollo, B.A.; Jenkins, A.D., 1988:
Ureteral stone manipulation before extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy

O'Brien, W.M.; Maxted, W.C.; Pahira, J.J., 1988:
Ureteral stricture: experience with 31 cases

Hatch K.D.; Parham G.; Shingleton H.M.; Orr J.W.Jr; Austin J.M.Jr, 1984:
Ureteral strictures and fistulae following radical hysterectomy

Goodman M.; Dalton J.R., 1982:
Ureteral strictures following radio therapy incidence etiology and treatment guidelines

Hanna, M.K., 1979:
Ureteral structure and ultrastructure 5. the dysplastic ureter

Hanna, M.K.; Jeffs, R.D.; Sturgess, J.M.; Barkin, M., 1976:
Ureteral structure and ultrastructure part 1 the normal human ureter

Hanna, M.K.; Jeffs, R.D.; Sturgess, J.M.; Barkin, M., 1976:
Ureteral structure and ultrastructure part 2 congenital uretero pelvic junction obstruction and primary obstructive mega ureter

Hanna, M.K.; Jeffs, R.D.; Sturgess, J.M.; Barkin, M., 1977:
Ureteral structure and ultrastructure part 4 the congenitally dilated ureter mega ureter

Hanna, M.K.; Jeffs, R.D.; Sturgess, J.M.; Barkin, M., 1977:
Ureteral structure and ultrastructure part 4 the dilated ureter clinico pathological correlation

Bissada, N.K.; Finkbeiner, A.E., 1977:
Ureteral stump metastases from renal adeno carcinoma

Noyes D.T.; Morrisseau P.M., 1982:
Ureteral transection secondary to lumbar disc surgery

Juskiewenski, S.; Soulie, M.; Baunin, C.; Moscovici, J.; Vaysse, P., 1987:
Ureteral triplication

Rodó Salas, J.; Bishara, F.; Claret, I., 1986:
Ureteral triplication with reflux and ureterocele

Wideman, R.F.; Braun, E.J., 1982:
Ureteral urine collection from anesthetized domestic fowl

Morita, T.; Wada, I.; Saeki, H.; Tsuchida, S.; Weiss, R.M., 1987:
Ureteral urine transport: changes in bolus volume, peristaltic frequency, intraluminal pressure and volume of flow resulting from autonomic drugs

Huebner W., 1988:
Ureteric calculi changes in their management at the department of urology vienna polyclinic austria 1982 1986

Chailley J.; Besancenez A., 1983:
Ureteric calculi removal by ureteroscopy

Lassen M.; Thybo E.; Rohl H.; Hansen M.K., 1988:
Ureteric calculus during pregnancy diagnosis and treatment a retrospective investigation

Baekgaard N.; Vibe Hansen H., 1981:
Ureteric colic and zone therapy

Hughes E.S.R.; Mcdermott F.T.; Polglase A.L.; Johnson W.R., 1984:
Ureteric damage in surgery for cancer of the large bowel

Gill B., 1980:
Ureteric ectopy in children

Icard P.; Benoit G.; Vieillefond A.; Jardin A., 1986:
Ureteric metastasis from prostatic cancer

Thomas, J.M.; Mortensen, N.J.; Bayliss, C.R., 1983:
Ureteric obstruction after dacron vascular replacement

Gregoir, W.; Schulman, C.C.; Chantrie, M., 1976:
Ureteric obstruction associated with uterine prolapse

Gedroyc W.M.W.; Koffman G.; Saunders A.J.S., 1988:
Ureteric obstruction in stented renal transplants

Thompson P.M.; Packham D.A.; Yates Bell A.J., 1981:
Ureteric obstruction of solitary kidneys by aneurysms of the iliac artery

Vandendris, M.; Gregoir, W., 1976:
Ureteric obstruction secondary to aortic femoral bypass graft

Koga N.; Nomura G.; Yamagata Y.; Koga T., 1982:
Ureteric pain in patients with chronic renal failure on hemo dialysis diagnostic approach with ultrasonography and computed tomography

Bishop M.C.; Lawrence W.T.; Lemberger R.J., 1987:
Ureteric stone surgery in practice

Pagano, F.; Mazza, G.; Petracco, S.; Lembo, A.; Rizzotti, A.; Passerini, G.; Tasca, A., 1976:
Ureteric substitution with a tapered ileal loop. An experimental study

Hoyes, A.D.; Bourne, R.; Martin, B.G., 1976:
Ureteric vascular and muscle coat innervation in the rat. A quantitative ultrastructural study

Takahashi, Y.; Komeda, H.; Horie, M.; Isogai, K.; Kuriyama, M.; Ban, Y.; Kawada, Y., 1988:
Ureteritis glandularis: a case report

Duckett J.W.; Pfister R.R., 1982:
Uretero calicostomy for renal salvage

Babut J.M.; Allouis M.; Bourdelat D., 1981:
Uretero calyceal anastomosis in a child 3 cases

Lotta, A.; Artibani, W.; Breda, G., 1975:
Uretero colon cysto plasty and electro lithotripsia in patient with solitary kidney affected by renal tuberculosis with complication of renal staghorn calculi

Rao, M.S.; Bhat, V.N.; Gupta, C.L.; Vaidyanathan, S.; Bapna, B.C., 1976:
Uretero diverticulostomy to provide efficient drainage of pyelo caliceal diverticulum without sacrificing functional renal parenchyma

Rossignol G.; Leandri P.; Caissel J., 1987:
Uretero ileal anastomosis results of use of a modified leduc camey surgical technique

Zhan B Y.; W.Y.G.; Wang L L.; W.R.Y.; Wan R Q.; Zhang X B., 1985:
Uretero ileo ceco sigmoidostomy clinical analysis and experimental study

Obasanya B.O.; Esho J.O., 1981:
Uretero ileo cutaneous anastomosis the lagos nigeria experience

Erdei K.; Mohacsi L., 1987:
Uretero ileo cystoplasty solution of ureter obstruction following the surgical and radiotherapy of malignant gynecological tumor

Pinck B.D.; Alexander S.; Corrigan M.J., 1980:
Uretero ileo sigmoidostomy a current appraisal

Yuasa M.; Takigawa H.; Imagawa A., 1980:
Uretero neo cystostomy using simple pull through technique free end

Koff S.A., 1982:
Uretero pelvic junction obstruction role of newer diagnostic methods

Cohen, B.; Goldman, S.M.; Kopilnick, M.; Khurana, A.V.; Salik, J.O., 1978:
Uretero pelvic junction of obstruction its occurrence in 3 members of a single family

Jacobs J.A.; Berger B.W.; Goldman S.M.; Robbins M.A.; Young J.D.Jr, 1979:
Uretero pelvic obstruction in adults with previously normal pyelograms a report of 5 cases

Skerra G., 1988:
Uretero pelvic obstruction with previously normal pyelogram

Marberger M.; Walz P.; Hohenfellner R., 1982:
Uretero sigmoidostomy and colonic conduit indications technique and results

Matsuoka M.; Koga S.; Oyama C., 1982:
Uretero sigmoidostomy with colo colostomy shafik method

Rodriguez Gomez J.; Arias Perez J.; Lorente Ruigomez L.; Martinez Escandell A.; Trobo Muniz J.I.; Aller Reyero M.A.; Jimenez Garcia Alzorriz G.; Brandau Ballnet D., 1987:
Uretero ureteral anastomosis in the rat with a horizontal u suture

Schrameck E.; Benoit G.; Martini S.; Charpentier B.; Fries D., 1981:
Uretero ureterostomy in renal transplantation

Murphy D.M.; Grace P.A.; O'flynn J.D., 1982:
Uretero vaginal fistula 12 cases and a review of the literature

Mitty, H.A.; Schapira, H.E., 1977:
Ureterocele and pseudoureterocele cobra vs cancer

Abrahamsson, L.O.; Olsen, P.R., 1980:
Ureterocele and sepsis

Urenkov S.B.; Alpatov V.P., 1985:
Ureterocele clinical picture diagnosis and treatment

Mueller Leisse C.; Troeger J.; Noetscher Kessler S., 1988:
Ureterocele in childhood clinical and radiological symptom

Rocereto, T.F.; Campbell, W.A., 1980:
Ureterocele presenting as a perineal cyst

King L.R.; Kozlowski J.M.; Schacht M.J., 1983:
Ureteroceles in children a simple and successful approach to management

Mandell, J.; Colodny, A.H.; Lebowitz, R.; Bauer, S.B.; Retik, A.B., 1980:
Ureteroceles in infants and children

Magee, M.C., 1981:
Ureteroceles in single vs. duplicated systems an embryologic hypothesis

Thornbury, J.R.; Silver, T.M.; Vinson, R.K., 1977:
Ureteroceles vs. pseudoureteroceles in adults. Urographic diagnosis

Cendron J.; Melin Y., 1987:
Ureterocystoneostomy with psoas hitch 42 cases

Pena Outeirino J.M.; Leal Lopez A.; Villodres Duarte A.; Torrubia Romero F.J., 1987:
Ureterohydronephrosis in neurogenic bladders conservative treatment

Hayashi M., 1984:
Ureteroileocystostomy follow up evaluation of 14 cases

Derzhavin V.M.; Kazanskaya I.V.; Emdin Y.A., 1985:
Ureteromanometric assessment of upper urinary urodynamics following anti reflux surgery in children

Imagawa A., 1984:
Ureteroneocystostomy by means of simple pull through technique free end method

Witherington, R.; Benson, D.C.; Humphries, A.L., 1988:
Ureteroneocystostomy in renal transplantation: a simple transvesical technique

Clark, W.R.; Malek, R.S., 1987:
Ureteropelvic junction obstruction i. observations on the classic type in adult

Yonezawa M.; Nakamura S.; Hiraishi K.; Kurokawa K., 1986:
Ureteropelvic junction stenosis after pyelolithotomy

Dodat H.; Takvorian P.; Chappuis J.P.; Philibert M.; Daudet M., 1986:
Ureteroplasty for hypospadias repair report on 286 cases

Seeger, A.R.; Rittenberg, M.H.; Bagley, D.H., 1988:
Ureteropyeloscopic removal of ureteral calculi

Streem, S.B.; Pontes, J.E.; Novick, A.C.; Montie, J.E., 1986:
Ureteropyeloscopy in the evaluation of upper tract filling defects

Sole G.M.; Randall J.; Arkell D.G., 1987:
Ureteropyelostomy a simple and effective treatment for symptomatic ureteroureteric reflux

Miller R.A.; Ramsay J.W.A.; Crocker P.R.; Carter S.; Eardley I.; Whitfield H.N.; Wickham J.E.A., 1986:
Ureterorenal endoscopy which instrument what cost?

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Ureterorenoscopy a new approach in the diagnosis and treatment of upper urinary tract disorders

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