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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6877

Chapter 6877 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Buchanan T.M., 1985: Use of a polysulfone membrane support for immunochemical analysis of glycolipid from mycobacterium leprae

Cook R.R., 1988: Use of a population based tumor registry to estimated cancer incidence among a cohort of chemical workers

Vaidyanathan S., 1980: Use of a portable battery operated apparatus for occlusive intra luminal vas fulguration in dogs

Williams A.G., 1985: Use of a portable quadrupole mass spectrometer for the measurement of dissolved gas concentrations in ovine rumen liquor in situ

Katz D.H., 1986: Use of a portable ribosome binding site for maximizing expression of a eukaryotic gene in escherichia coli

Ruprecht M., 1981: Use of a portable time out room to reduce disruptive behaviors of a profoundly retarded adult

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Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876009

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876010

Greer M.H., 1983: Use of a pressure sensitive radio telemetering capsule to study the canine gastric inter digestive complex

Wein A.J., 1988: Use of a previously undescribed elastic lamina of the serosa to characterize connective tissue hypertrophy of the rabbit bladder wall following partial outlet obstruction

Fonteyne E., 1980: Use of a procedure for vesical mobilization in conditions affecting the lower urethra

Cosby B.J., 1987: Use of a process oriented model to predict acidification at manipulated catchments in norway

Taylor M.A., 1981: Use of a profile board in sand shinnery oak quercus havardii communities

Mandic L., 1985: Use of a progesterone test in early pregnancy diagnosis analysis of the incidence of false positive results

Williams R., 1986: Use of a prognostic index in evaluation of liver transplantation for primary biliary cirrhosis

Cooper M.W., 1984: Use of a programmable calculator for rapid low cost processing of echocardiographic records

Brown, P.; Mcqueen, M. J.; Patterson, M. C., 1978: Use of a programmable calculator in processing and interpreting serum cholin esterase phenotypes

Cernosek, S. F. Jr ; Gutierrez-Cernosek, R. M., 1978: Use of a programmable desktop calculator for the statistical quality control of radio immunoassays/

Marks A., 1985: Use of a programmable physiological cardiac pacemaker in a dog with total atrioventricular block with some comments on complications associated with cardiac pacemakers

Scherer E., 1981: Use of a programmable pocket calculator for the quantitation of pre cancerous foci

Buchanan, J. H., 1977: Use of a programmable pocket calculator in processing amino acid analysis data/

Tallarida R.J., 1981: Use of a programmable protocol timer and data logger in the monitoring of animal behavior

Einarsson S., 1981: Use of a prostaglandin analog cloprostenol for induction of parturition in pigs with prolonged gestation

Frydman G., 1982: Use of a prostaglandin f 2 alpha prostaglandin gel for ripening of the cervix before induction of labor

Et Al, 1983: Use of a prosthesis for repair of complete common atrio ventricular canal

Polotskaya I.V., 1986: Use of a protective solution in bacterial cultivation

Luttor C., 1982: Use of a proteolytic enzyme ointment as adjunctive therapy in the treatment of cervicitis and vaginitis

Koerner R.M., 1983: Use of a proton precession magnetometer to detect buried drums in sandy soil

Mooney J.E., 1986: Use of a protoplast fusion test to establish the status of mycotoxin genes in a edible fusarium

Lawson R.K., 1988: Use of a prototype 3f electrohydraulic electrode with ureteroscopy for treatment of ureteral calculous disease

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876035

Hirsh D., 1985: Use of a psoralen induced phenocopy to study genes controlling spermatogenesis in caenorhabditis elegans

Bedford R.F., 1980: Use of a pulmonary artery catheter for detection and treatment of venous air embolism a prospective study in man

Berg R.D., 1984: Use of a purified outer membrane protein f porin preparation of pseudomonas aeruginosa as a protective vaccine in mice

Anderson N.L., 1985: Use of a pyrethrin larvicide to control culicoides variipennis diptera ceratopogonidae in an alkaline lake

Kottke B.A., 1986: Use of a quality control plasma sample to decrease interassay variation in radioimmunoassays of apolipoprotein a i

Kirk, J. T. O., 1977: Use of a quanta meter to measure attenuation and under water reflectance of photosynthetically active radiation in some inland and coastal southeastern australian waters

Jurtshuk, P. Jr ; Mcquitty, D. N., 1976: Use of a quantitative oxidase test for characterizing oxidative metabolism in bacteria

Heller, K. S.; Slattery, L. R.; Harris, M. N., 1976: Use of a questionably viable flap as a full thickness skin graft after mastectomy

Opavsky J., 1983: Use of a questionnaire in evaluation of head aches

Moreno F., 1987: Use of a questionnaire on symptoms attitudes and emotional disturbances in an obstetrical gynecological clinic

Smith A.J., 1983: Use of a radial hemolysis test for neuraminidase antibodies in the diagnosis of influenza a infection

Slayter H.S., 1982: Use of a radio immunoassay to quantify thrombospondin

Haycraft D.L., 1979: Use of a radio immunoassay to study thrombin induced release of prostaglandin i 2 from cultured endothelium

Shahani, S. M.; Kulkarni, P. P.; Patel, K. L., 1978: Use of a radio receptor test for human chorionic gonadotropin in women practicing contraception

Sorg, C., 1978: Use of a radioactive double labeling technique in the chemical analysis of the mediators of cellular immunity

Antonevich O.V., 1981: Use of a radiobiological model to choose field alternation in tumor irradiation

Warfel L.E., 1985: Use of a radiometric system to screen for antineoplastic agents correlation with a human cloning system

Marmarelis V.Z., 1987: Use of a random forcing for high frequency ventilation

Brown P.K., 1986: Use of a rapid and highly sensitive fluorescamine based procedure for the assay of plasma lipoproteins

Chard T., 1980: Use of a rapid chorionic gonadotropin beta subunit radio immunoassay in acute gynecological emergencies

Lindquist, B. L.; Kjellander, J., 1978: Use of a rapid fermentation test for identification of anaerobic bacteria

Volkolupova O.P., 1981: Use of a rapid method in studies on the cytostatic effect of some anti tumor antibiotics

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876058

Todd J., 1988: Use of a rapid progesterone assay in a beef cattle estrus synchronization program

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876060

Ahumada A.J.Jr, 1986: Use of a raster frame buffer in vision research

Kazmer S., 1981: Use of a rat hamster s 9 mixture in the ames mutagenicity assay

Nicolas J F., 1986: Use of a recombinant retrovirus to study post implantation cell lineage in mouse embryos

Slightom J.L., 1984: Use of a recombination deficient phage lambda system to construct wheat genomic libraries

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876065

Glushko V., 1986: Use of a reconstituted basement membrane to measure cell invasiveness and select for highly invasive tumor cells

Ho N.K., 1982: Use of a reflectance colorimeter calibrated with low range standards in the diagnosis of hypo glycemia in neo nates

Zetlin, A. G.; Blackman, L. S., 1978: Use of a relational focus strategy in oddity performance of educable mentally retarded adolescents

Austin M.P., 1982: Use of a relative physiological performance value in the prediction of performance in multi species mixtures from mono culture performance

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876070

Hart P.E., 1985: Use of a residual calcium carbonate test to control burnt lime quality

Kanda P., 1987: Use of a resin bound synthetic peptide for identifying a neutralizing antigenic determinant associated with the human immunodeficiency virus envelope

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876073

Gangemi, J. D.; Sharp, D. G., 1976: Use of a restriction endo nuclease in analyzing the genomes from 2 different strains of vaccinia virus

Hotte, C. E.; Ice, R. D., 1977: Use of a revised medical internal radiation dose equation for dosimetric calculations in physical systems

Ablaza, S. G. G.; Ghosh, S. C.; Grana, V. P., 1978: Use of a ringed intra luminal graft in the surgical treatment of dissecting aneurysms of the thoracic aorta a new technique

Sivasithamparam K., 1988: Use of a root assessment tray for the detection of take all on lateral roots of wheat seedlings

Kirchhoefer, R. D., 1976: Use of a round bottom resin kettle for in vitro dissolution testing

Hyatt K.D., 1987: Use of a run timing model to provide in season estimates of sockeye salmon oncorhynchus nerka returns to barkley sound vancouver british columbia canada 1985

Marusich, W. L.; Ogrinz, E. F.; Camerlengo, N.; Mitrovic, M., 1978: Use of a rye soybean ration to evaluate growth promotants in chickens

Yesou P., 1986: Use of a salt marsh by the avocet recurvirostra avosetta l

Hayes C.J., 1988: Use of a sandwich technique to control image geometry in clinical studies comparing intraoral xeroradiographs and e speed films

Henry R.J., 1985: Use of a scanning near ir reflectance spectrophotometer for assessment of the malting potential of barley

Carter B.D., 1981: Use of a science fiction based imagery technique in child hypnosis

Tsunogai S., 1980: Use of a sealed teflon vessel for decomposition followed by the determination of chemical constituents of various marine samplers

Walker T.A., 1982: Use of a secchi disc to measure attenuation of under water light for photosynthesis

Voronin A.D., 1981: Use of a sedigraph for granulometric soil analysis

Munro R., 1985: Use of a selective enrichment broth for isolation of campylobacter spp from human feces

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876090

Zammit V.A., 1988: Use of a selectively permeabilized isolated rat hepatocyte preparation to study changes in the properties of overt carnitine palmitoyltransferase activity in situ

Wilcock G.K., 1979: Use of a self administered postal questionnaire when screening for health problems in the elderly

Bonavida B., 1985: Use of a self generating percoll gradient and single cell cytotoxicity assay to identify tumor lytic properties of inflammatory neutrophils

Lefcoe N.M., 1983: Use of a self help smoking cessation manual as an adjunct to advice from a respiratory specialist

Lattimore J., 1979: Use of a self recording and supervision program to change institutional staff behavior

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876096

Kenney R.M., 1987: Use of a semen extender containing antibiotic to improve the fertility of a stallion with seminal vesiculitis due to pseudomonas aeruginosa

Ford, J. O.; Gray, L. D.; Zinkgraf, S. A.; Dodson, R. F., 1988: Use of a semi automatic image analyzer in directly determining mean linear intercepts

Skipper B., 1980: Use of a semi quantitative microscopic method for detecting bacteriuria

Finegold S.M., 1979: Use of a semi selective medium to culture legionella pneumophila from contaminated lung specimens

Schulz D., 1982: Use of a semi simultaneous fixation technique to demonstrate the fine structure of specialized liverwort cells

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876102

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876103

Zak B., 1983: Use of a sensitive indicator reaction for the automated glucose oxidase peroxidase coupled reaction

Pearson T.H., 1986: Use of a sensitive indicator species in the assessment of biological effects of sewage disposal in fjords near bergen norway

Dasch G.A., 1980: Use of a sensitive micro plate enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay in a retrospective serological analysis of a laboratory population at risk to infection with typhus group rickettsiae

Creasey A.A., 1987: Use of a sensitive receptor binding assay to discriminate between full length and truncated human recombinant tumor necrosis factor proteins

Gogolev, M. N.; Egorov, I. A.; Zvyagil'skaya, R. A.; Mantskhava, E. S.; Saltykov-Yu, F., 1977: Use of a sensor recording electric discharges of endomyces magnusii during their cultivation

Kania, J.; Fanning, T. G., 1976: Use of a sequence specific dna binding ligand to probe the environments of eco r i restriction endo nuclease cleavage sites

Wills A.B., 1982: Use of a sequential probability ratio test to assess sib content in brassica oleracea

Mizushima S., 1987: Use of a series of omp f omp c chimeric proteins for locating antigenic determinants recognized by monoclonal antibodies against the omp c and omp f proteins of the escherichia coli outer membrane

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876112

Zborovskaya V.I., 1979: Use of a short arm centrifuge for prevention of de conditioning during water immersion as shown by h reflex

Armstrong P.F., 1985: Use of a short wavelength filter in an operating microscope

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876116

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876118

Asher, C. J.; Prescott, R. J., 1975: Use of a simple gamma flow cell to monitor chromatography column effluents containing selenium 75

Swingle K.F., 1984: Use of a simple in vivo technique to investigate components of the immediate hyper sensitivity reaction in conscious guinea pigs

Oriol R., 1988: Use of a simple method for the epstein barr virus transformation of lymphocytes from members of large families of reunion island

Shaw P.E., 1986: Use of a simple solvent optimization program to improve separation of limonin in citric juices

Reisner, H. M.; Katz, H. J.; Goldin, L. R.; Barrow, E. S.; Graham, J. B., 1978: Use of a simple visual assay of willebrand factor for diagnosis and carrier identification

Green, M. H. L.; Rogers, A. M.; Muriel, W. J.; Ward, A. C.; Mccalla, D. R., 1977: Use of a simplified fluctuation test to detect and characterize mutagenesis by nitro furans

Green, M. H. L.; Muriel, W. J.; Bridges, B. A., 1976: Use of a simplified fluctuation test to detect low levels of mutagens

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876127

Brubakk, A. O., 1978: Use of a simulation model for estimating cardiac output from aortic pressure curves

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876129

Lane J.D., 1982: Use of a single compartment high pressure liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection cell in the determinations of biogenic amine content and turnover

Thevonen D., 1981: Use of a single fronto zygomatic osteosynthesis plate and a sinus balloon in the repair of fractures of the lateral middle 3rd of the face

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876132

Milligan S.R., 1988: Use of a single injection tissue sampling technique to study steroid uptake by the decidualized endometrium of the mouse

Clark T.J.H., 1980: Use of a single pair of magnetometer coils to monitor breathing patterns in an intensive care unit

Crosa, J. H.; Brenner, D. J.; Falkow, S., 1973: Use of a single strand specific nuclease for analysis of bacterial and plasmid dna homo duplexes and hetero duplexes

Lowther J.R., 1980: Use of a single sulfuric acid hydrogen per oxide digest for the analysis of pinus radiata needles

Mushlin A.I., 1987: Use of a single thyroxine test to evaluate ambulatory medical patients for suspected hypothyroidism

Buergi H., 1982: Use of a single tsh measurement after oral trh an economical and highly sensitive thyroid screening test

Filippenko, V. N., 1976: Use of a sliding microtome for sectioning of material embedded in epoxy resins

Frigoletto F.F., 1986: Use of a small gauge needle for intrauterine fetal transfusions

Berry D.R., 1986: Use of a small scale insulated fermentation to simulate the scotch malt whiskey fermentation

Shivamoggi, B. K., 1978: Use of a small scale model to predict steam hammer noise

Andersen J.P., 1988: Use of a small tsk gsw high performance liquid chromatographic column for large zone chromatographic studies of monomer oligomer equilibria of membrane protein

Changeux, J. P.; Kasai, M.; Lee, C. Y., 1970: Use of a snake venom toxin to characterize the cholinergic receptor protein

Kopecky, K.; Hejny, S., 1978: Use of a so called deductive method in syn taxonomic classification of roadside plant communities in northeast bohemia czechoslovakia

Drinker, P. A.; Noonan, D. C.; Ramanaiah, N.; Tole, J. R., 1973: Use of a sodium chloride phosphate buffer for ph standardization in a new blood gas analyzer with an isotonic sodium chloride bridge

Reller L.B., 1985: Use of a sodium polyanetholesulfonate disc for the identification of gardnerella vaginalis

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876148

Strauss J., 1986: Use of a soft catheter for acute peritoneal dialysis in infants and children

Dowling, P. M.; Smith, R. C. G., 1976: Use of a soil moisture model and risk analysis to predict the optimum time for the aerial sowing of pastures on the northern tablelands of new south wales

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876151

Stamey T.A., 1981: Use of a solid phase radio immunoassay and formalin fixed whole bacterial antigen in the detection of antigen specific immuno globulin in prostatic fluid

Plapp F.V., 1988: Use of a solid phase red blood cell adherence method for pretransfusion platelet compatibility testing

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876154

Korsunskaya I.M., 1984: Use of a soviet antiviral preparation methisazone in herpes zoster

Dubrovin, S. A.; Klyuch, V. E.; Shishkanov, N. G.; Matveenko, E. G.; Efimov, O. N.; Romagin, V. K., 1975: Use of a spark chamber in radio isotope diagnosis

Hidinger K.C., 1980: Use of a special inhaler attachment in asthmatic children

Ando, F., 1980: Use of a special macular explant in surgery for retinal detachment with macular hole

Lagenaur C.F., 1985: Use of a species specific antibody for demonstrating mouse neurons transplanted to rat brains

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876160

Menard J., 1980: Use of a specific anti serum for renin detection in human kidney

Nickelson R.II, 1979: Use of a specific ion electrode ammonia in determining the quality of shrimp

Groves G., 1980: Use of a specific mesenteric vaso dilator peptide urotensin i to reduce afterload in the dog

Margen S., 1979: Use of a spectrophotometer for radiographic photo densitometry of bone

Mitrani Rosenbaum S., 1988: Use of a stable bovine papillomavirus vector to study inducible genes

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876166

Gnezdilova, S. M.; Kuz'min, V. I.; Lenskaya, G. S., 1976: Use of a stable growth model to predict volumes of eggs and their nuclei during the oogenesis of the sea urchin strongylocentrotus nudus

Phillips D.J., 1985: Use of a standard addition bromide selective electrode technique to determine bromide and trace its migration in peaches prunus persica

Trincher I.M., 1981: Use of a standard who questionnaire for recognition of angina pectoris caused by exertion in mass community examinations

Saling E., 1988: Use of a stapling device in cesarean section

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876171

Grizard, J.; Patureau-Mirand, P.; Pion, R., 1976: Use of a starch rich diet for pre ruminant heavy weight calves part 2 effect on post prandial insulinemia

Larpent J.P., 1980: Use of a starter for the manufacture of french dried sausage

Fenton L.R., 1986: Use of a stated waiting list contingency and reward opportunity to increase appointment keeping in an outpatient pediatric psychology clinic

Simon W., 1983: Use of a stationary phase with a silica bonded electrically neutral nonmacrocyclic ligand for high performance liquid chromatography separations of steroids

Arap R.Ya, 1985: Use of a statistical method to study present time spore and pollen spectra in the ukrainian ssr ussr

Okamura T., 1984: Use of a stent in ureteral surgery

Jensen K.W., 1979: Use of a stochastic model for simulating yields from a trout lake

Hashimoto K., 1982: Use of a strong cation exchange resin column for the study of paralytic shellfish poisons

Helzer J.E., 1981: Use of a structured diagnostic interview for routine psychiatric evaluations

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876181

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876182

Falconetti, C.; Seguin, G., 1977: Use of a submarine laboratory to collect zoo plankton close to the bottom of the sea

Macartney F.J., 1983: Use of a subpulmonary ventricular chamber in the fontan circulation

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876185

Metcalf, M. G., 1978: Use of a sulfate hydrogen sulfate buffer to preserve urine for steroid analysis

Ostrogorskii Yu M., 1981: Use of a summation device on resistance in pre cardiac cartography

Fraser H.M., 1984: Use of a superactive lhrh agonist in the treatment of menorrhagia

Naso S., 1988: Use of a support group for dermatologic patients

Naney J.W., 1985: Use of a surface gamma neutron gauge to measure effects of tillage cropping and erosion on soil properties

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876191

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876192

Osetrova A.Ya, 1982: Use of a synchronous population of chlorella in the study of the effect of stimulation by low doses of n nitroso n methyl urea

Niblack J.F., 1981: Use of a synthetic adjuvant in an effective vaccination of monkeys aotus trivirgatus griseimembra against malaria

Trainin Z., 1984: Use of a synthetic antigen to predetermine the responsiveness of cattle to vaccine induced immunity

Mcpherson T.A., 1981: Use of a synthetic hapten in the demonstration of the thomsen friedenreich t antigen on neuraminidase treated human red blood cells and lymphocytes

Orci L., 1987: Use of a synthetic peptide antigen to generate antisera reactive with a proteolytic processing site in native human proinsulin demonstration of cleavage within clathrin coated pro secretory vesicles

Rhodes G., 1987: Use of a synthetic peptide based elisa for the diagnosis of infectious mononucleosis and other diseases

Rasin B.V., 1985: Use of a system of correlations in studies of spatial distribution of the great gerbil in the bakanas plain kazakh ssr ussr

Mchedlishvili, G. I., 1978: Use of a systematic approach in planning complex analyses of cerebral ischemia results of the 2nd soviet polish work symposium of participants in joint analyses

Huxley, P. A.; Maingu, Z., 1978: Use of a systematic spacing design as an aid to the study of inter cropping some general considerations

Goldsbrough P.B., 1985: Use of a t r t dna promoter to express genes in plants and bacteria

Shulman I.A., 1988: Use of a table top analyzer for predonation screening for alanine aminotransferase a cost effective approach

Adams, A. P-Jr ; Benner, E. J., 1972: Use of a tabletop computer for antibiotic assays

Scott, C. D.; Hancher, C. W., 1976: Use of a tapered fluidized bed as a continuous bio reactor

Nelson L.A., 1986: Use of a technical soil classification system in evaluation of corn zea mays and soybean glycine max response to deep tillage

Grif V.G., 1981: Use of a temperature coefficient for studying the mitotic cycle of plants

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876209

Lesser, A. S., 1978: Use of a tendon transfer for the treatment of a traumatic sciatic nerve paralysis in the dog

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876211

Wardle M.G., 1981: Use of a test of psycho motor ability in an expanded role

Hladik C.M., 1980: Use of a tethered balloon for a study of the rain forest canopy

Mchale L., 1988: Use of a tetrazolium based colorimetric assay in assessing photoradiation therapy in vitro

Berti Riboli E., 1985: Use of a thymic factor in the prevention of postoperative infections

Rein M.F., 1985: Use of a time kill technique for susceptibility testing of trichomonas vaginalis

Kopylovskaya G.Ya, 1985: Use of a tissue culture in poultry breeding for early estimation of productivity

Brown, M. F.; Brotzman, H. G.; Kinden, D. A., 1976: Use of a tissue sectioner to expose internal structures of biological samples for scanning electron microscopy

Shelef, L. A.; Jay, J. M., 1970: Use of a titrimetric method to assess the bacterial spoilage of fresh beef

Wright, V. C.; Lanning, N. M.; Natale, R., 1978: Use of a topical antibiotic spray in vaginal surgery

Thomas, J. S., 1977: Use of a torque motor as a tachometer

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876222

Morse S.M., 1986: Use of a toxoid vaccine to protect goats against intradermal challenge exposure to corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis

Della Valle G., 1988: Use of a tracer to estimate the severity of processing as a function of residence time inside a twin screw extruder

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876225

Al-Moslih, M. I.; White, R. J.; Dubes, G. R., 1976: Use of a transfection method to demonstrate a mono layer cell transforming agent from the eb 3 line of burkitts lymphoma cells

Tedesco, L. F.; Errico, F.; Del-Baglivi, L. P., 1976: Use of a transport medium for the diagnosis of the genital vibriosis in the bull

Sulzbacher F., 1980: Use of a transport medium in the search for salmonella carriers is it worthwhile

Reznikoff W.S., 1988: Use of a transposon tn5 derivative that creates lacz translational fusions to obtain a transposition mutant

Paniagua, F. A.; Braverman, C.; Capriotti, R. M., 1986: Use of a treatment package in the management of a profoundly mentally retarded girl's pica and self stimulation

Costabile P., 1986: Use of a trickling filter with plastic medium in the treatment of wastewaters from a tomato processing factory

Twentyman P.R., 1987: Use of a tritiated thymidine suicide technique in the study of the cytotoxic drug response of cells located at different depths within multicellular spheroids

Englard S., 1981: Use of a tritium release assay to measure 6 n tri methyl l lysine hydroxylase activity synthesis of tritium labeled 6 n tri methyl dl lysine

Schmid F.X., 1986: Use of a trypsin pulse method to study the refolding pathway of rnase

Sundstol F., 1980: Use of a tt shaped cannula for collection of duodenal digesta in sheep

Mickey M.R., 1986: Use of a tube spacer to improve the efficacy of a metered dose inhaler in asthmatic children

Orgel M.G., 1986: Use of a tubed pectoralis major myocutaneous flap for salvage of a failed colonic bypass of the esophagus

Aley S.B., 1986: Use of a two sited monoclonal antibody assay to detect a heat stable malarial antigen in the sera of mice infected with plasmodium yoelii

Beart, R. W-Jr ; Putnam, C. W.; Starzl, T. E., 1976: Use of a u tube in the treatment of biliary disease

Andersen, B. R.; Brendzel, A. M., 1978: Use of a unique chemi luminescence spectrometer in a study of factors influencing granulocyte light emission

Brooker J.D., 1988: Use of a unique gene sequence as a probe to enumerate a strain of bacteroides ruminicola introduced into the rumen

Tulp A., 1982: Use of a unit gravity sedimentation chamber for the purification of mycobacterium leprae

Johnson T.C., 1985: Use of a urea and guanidine hydrochloride propanol solvent system to purify a growth inhibitory glycopeptide by high performance liquid chromatography

Godke R.A., 1985: Use of a uterine cell monolayer culture system for micromanipulated bovine embryos

Brashear D.A., 1987: Use of a vacuum filtration technique to study leaching of indigenous viruses from raw wastewater sludge

Wesolowski, D. P.; Meaney, T. F., 1977: Use of a vaginal tampon in the diagnosis of vesico vaginal fistulae

Tornheim P.A., 1980: Use of a vapor pressure osmometer to measure brain osmolality

Bensussan A., 1988: Use of a variable alpha region to create a functional t cell receptor delta chain

Rizza R.A., 1987: Use of a variable insulin infusion to assess insulin action in obesity defects in both kinetics and amplitude of response

Damez M., 1980: Use of a variety of fluorescent lectins in a study of avian migrating germ cells

George B., 1986: Use of a venous assist device after repair of complex lesions of the right heart

Swartz, M. T.; Pennington, D. G., 1985: Use of a ventricular assist device in postcardiotomy shock

Grasselly, C., 1978: Use of a very late blooming mutant of almond in a breeding program

Goldman S.G., 1981: Use of a video game stripe presentation for amblyopia therapy

Mudge K.W., 1988: Use of a video imaging system for estimating leaf surface area of pinus sylvestris seedlings

Cookson R.F., 1984: Use of a viewdata system to collect data from a multicenter clinical trial in anesthesia

Kappler, F.; Hai, T. T.; Hampton, A., 1985: Use of a vinyl phosphonate analog of atp as a rotationally constrained probe of the c 5' o 5' torsion angle in atp complexed to methionine adenosyltransferase

Jeevaratnam K., 1982: Use of a virus against the root and stem borer plocaederus ferrugineus coleoptera cerambycidae of the cashew anacardium occidentale

Luiselli, J. K.; Donellon, S., 1980: Use of a visual stimulus fading procedure to teach color naming to an autistic child

Bhargava D.S., 1983: Use of a water quality index for river classification and zoning of ganga river india

Yamamoto, N.; Yasuda, K., 1977: Use of a water soluble carbodiimide as a fixing reagent

Spaan, J. A. E.; Garred, L. J.; Van-De-Borne, P., 1977: Use of a wedge cuvette in thin layer photometry and its application to oximetry

Vartha, E. W.; Matches, A. G., 1977: Use of a weighted disc measure as an aid in sampling the herbage yield on tall fescue pastures grazed by cattle

Gustafson G.L., 1988: Use of a western blotting technique in the purification of a cysteine proteinase inhibitor

Cahoon L.B., 1988: Use of a whirling cup rotor to stir benthic chambers

Lorch R.F.Jr, 1986: Use of a word reading task for studying word recognition

Reyes G.A., 1985: Use of a yeast broth in the feeding of pigs during fattening

Lyapun Yu S., 1981: Use of a yeast extract in sausage production

Mclaughlin J.S., 1987: Use of a zipper in cardiac surgical operations

Mukhlis, F. A.; Crawford, C. R.; Jennings, R.; Potter, C. W., 1984: Use of a zwitterionic detergent for the preparation of an influenza virus vaccine 2. immunogenicity of empigen treated virus in animals

Zollinger W.D., 1984: Use of a zwitterionic detergent for the restoration of the antibody binding capacity of electro blotted meningococcal outer membrane proteins

Cohen A.S., 1983: Use of abdominal fat tissue aspirate in the diagnosis of systemic amyloidosis

Shtarker V.V., 1982: Use of abies sibirica seeds by vertebrates

Litwin M.S., 1986: Use of absorbable collagen for hemostasis in general surgical patients

Furka, I.; Bornemissza, G.; Miko, I., 1976: Use of absorbable material for the closure of experimental longitudinal nephrotomy

Wheeless C.R.Jr, 1986: Use of absorbable staples for closure of proximal end of ileal loops

Bibb W.F., 1984: Use of absorbed anti sera for demonstration of antigenic variation among strains of legionella pneumophila serogroup 1

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876279

Rechav Y., 1987: Use of acaricide impregnated ear tags for controlling the brown ear tick acari ixodidae in south africa

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876281

Rivara A., 1988: Use of acemetacin eye drops to maintain mydriasis in the extracapsular extraction of cataracts

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876283

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876284

Green, J. H.; Pigott, N. E.; Bolin, R. C.; Harrell, W. K., 1970: Use of acetone dried vaccines for preparing capsular anti sera against the klebsiella group and the lyophilization of klebsiella cultures

Kahan F.M., 1980: Use of acetyl acetone to prepare a pro drug of cyclo serine

Aleksevich-Ya, I., 1978: Use of acetyl cholin esterase reactivators and central cholinolytics in the treatment of experimental tetanus intoxication

Turnham, E.; Northcote, D. H., 1982: Use of acetyl coenzyme a carboxylase ec activity and changes in wall composition as measures of embryogenesis in tissue cultures of oil palm elaeis guineensis

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876289

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876290

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876291

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876292

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876293

Ibrahim, S. M.; Kadry, H. A.; El-Olemy, M. M., 1979: Use of acid dye technique in the analysis of natural products 3. spectrophotometric micro determination of khellin and bergapten

Smith D.B., 1983: Use of acid gel electrophoresis in the characterization of b hordein protein in relation to malting quality and mildew resistance of barley

Perekopskaya T.I., 1980: Use of acidic rose bengal antigen for the plate agglutination test for brucellosis in humans

Mamarov, P. T.; Ivanchev, V., 1978: Use of acido glucometric parameters for the determination of grapevine rootstock scion interrelations

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876298

Am-Acad-Pediatr-Task-Force-Symp-Impedance-Screening-Child, 1978: Use of acoustic impedance measurement in screening for middle ear disease in children

Velazquez Galan P., 1987: Use of acridine orange dye for early screening of positive blood cultures

Tefett H B., 1984: Use of acridine orange for histologic analysis of the central nervous system

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876302

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876303

Blomlof, L.; Soder, P. O.; Otteskog, P., 1978: Use of acrylate root reproductions in replantation and transplantation of teeth

Cecil, S. G.; Just, J. J., 1978: Use of acrylic polymers for marking of tadpoles amphibia anura

Jomin M., 1982: Use of acrylic prosthesis for a giant cell tumor of the cervical spine

Jomin M., 1984: Use of acrylic prosthesis in cervical spine pathology 45 cases

Amoss M.S.Jr, 1986: Use of acth challenges to indicate chronic stress responses of laying hens in several housing alternatives

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876310

Eggins H.O.W., 1981: Use of actinomycetes in textile biocide testing

Zelenin, A. V.; Kirianova, E. A.; Kolesnikov, V. A.; Stepanova, N. G., 1976: Use of actinomycin d for the specific quenching of fluorescence of dna in cells stained with acridine amino derivatives

Lindquist R.K., 1984: Use of action thresholds for management of lepidopterous larval pests of fresh market cabbage

Goncharova N.A., 1984: Use of activated carbon for determining iron aluminum and silicon combined with humus in solonetz soils

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876316

Liu C.T., 1981: Use of activated charcoal for hemo perfusion in dutch rabbits

Hayden, J. W.; Comstock, E. G., 1975: Use of activated charcoal in acute poisoning

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876320

Inberg M.V., 1984: Use of activated clotting time to monitor anti coagulation during cardiac surgery

Kuz'ko N.V., 1981: Use of activators of anaerobic glycolysis in patients with chronic ischemic heart disease

Davis L.L., 1987: Use of active head movements for computerized vestibular testing

Aronson N.N.Jr, 1985: Use of active site directed inhibitors to study in situ degradation of glycoproteins by the perfused rat liver

Burger, A. L.; Blackman, L. S.; Holmes, M.; Zetlin, A., 1978: Use of active sorting and retrieval strategies as a facilitator of recall clustering and sorting by educable mentally retarded and nonretarded children

Stamboltsyan, R. P.; Tovmasyan, R. A.; Azatyan-Yu, A., 1976: Use of actographic studies in an intensive care ward

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876328

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876329

Mikheev A.V., 1981: Use of acute hemo dilution with reserving large volumes of auto blood in major surgery

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876331

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876332

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876333

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876334

Jolley R.G., 1988: Use of adaptive digital signal processing to improve speech communication for normally hearing and hearing impaired subjects

Hampton, A.; Patel, A. D.; Maeda, M.; Hai, T. T.; Chang, C. D.; Kang, J. B.; Kappler, F.; Abo, M.; Preston, R. K., 1982: Use of adenine nucleotide derivatives to assess the potential of exo active site directed reagents as species specific or isozyme specific enzyme inactivators 3. synthesis of atp derivatives with n 6 substituents or 8 substituents bearing iodoacetyl groups

Hampton, A.; Picker, D.; Nealy, K. A.; Maeda, M., 1982: Use of adenine nucleotide derivatives to assess the potential of exo active site directed reagents as species specific or isozyme specific enzyme inactivators 4. interactions of atp derivatives with adenylate kinases from escherichia coli and rat tissues

Hampton, A.; Patel, A. D.; Chawla, R. R.; Kappler, F.; Hai, T. T., 1982: Use of adenine nucleotide derivatives to assess the potential of exo active site directed reagents as species specific or isozyme specific enzyme inactivators 5. interactions of atp derivatives with rat pyruvate kinases escherichia coli thymidine kinase and yeast and rat hexo kinases

Hampton, A.; Kappler, F.; Maeda, M.; Patel, A. D., 1978: Use of adenine nucleotide derivatives to assess the potential of exoactive site directed reagents as species or isozyme specific enzyme inactivators part 2 isozyme specific inactivation of a mammalian enzyme and its significance in the possible design of fetal isozyme targeted anti neoplastic agents

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876340

Savchenko Yu N., 1981: Use of adenyl for treating patients with neural amyotrophy

Hodson R.E., 1982: Use of adenylate concentrations and adenylate energy charge as indicators of hypoxic stress in estuarine fish

Antipova R.I., 1980: Use of adenylate cyclase inhibitors in the treatment of myopathies

Winter, R.; Pulhorn, G., 1978: Use of adhesive histoacryl in corneal perforation in the rabbit histological and histochemical examinations

Brenner C.M., 1981: Use of adhesive sealants over occlusal carious lesions radiographic evaluation

Musierowicz, A., 1978: Use of adhesive tissue for repair in experimental vesico vaginal fistulas in dogs

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876347

Smith A.G., 1986: Use of adjustable sutures a helpful modification

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876349

Pogoril'ko, N. A.; Shelud'ko-Yu, M., 1975: Use of adjuvants for the mass production of diagnostic sera to some potato viruses

Ayres, P., 1987: Use of adjuvants to improve control of black grass alopecurus myosuroides huds. by diclofop methyl

Collins J.J., 1984: Use of adoptive transfer and winn assay procedures in the further analysis of anti viral acquired immunity in mice protected against friend leukemia virus induced disease by passive serum therapy

Edis A.J., 1980: Use of adrenal biopsy in diagnosing adreno leuko myelo neuropathy

Yukhlova, N. A., 1978: Use of adreno blockers in treatment of diabetes mellitus patients

Dobroskok L.B., 1980: Use of adriablastin in the combined chemo therapy of patients with bone metastases of breast cancer

Buchholz D.H., 1984: Use of adsol preservation solution for prolonged storage of low viscosity as 1 red blood cells

Egorov N.S., 1984: Use of adsorbents for optimization of the process of nisin isolation from cultural liquid

Eggers A.E., 1988: Use of adult fibroblasts coupled to muramyl dipeptide to induce antitumor immunity

Jones, C. M.; Miles, T. R., 1978: Use of advance cues in predicting the flight of a lawn tennis ball

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876361

Pankova, E. I.; Mazikov, V. M.; Isaev, V. A.; Yamnova, I. A., 1978: Use of aerial photographs for characterizing nonirrigated area salinization in the sierozem zone

Kuznetsova I.S., 1983: Use of aerial photographs in forest vegetational regioning of the kola peninsula russian sfsr ussr

Belenkova Z.S., 1986: Use of aerial photometric data to construct assessment and prediction diagrams for the productivity of forage lands in the kazakh ssr ussr

Isoard P., 1986: Use of aerial surface disinfection procedures for the treatment of legionella

Ivakhov B.M., 1983: Use of aero space photographs for mapping of forest vegetation conditions of sands

Vandysheva T.N., 1988: Use of aerodynamic foam breaker in the submerged cultivation of mycelial fungi

Pogorelaya N.F., 1979: Use of aerosols in activation of pre kallikrein from blood plasma

Smaldone G.C., 1988: Use of aerosols to estimate mean air space size in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Stahlhofen W., 1981: Use of aerosols to estimate pulmonary air space dimensions

Trofimov I.A., 1984: Use of aerospace methods in the geobotanical study of natural forage lands of an arid zone

Chernov A.S., 1984: Use of aerospace methods to evaluate the conditions for stopping surface runoff using ustyurt and lowland mangyshlak kazakh ssr ussr as an example

Popov B.B., 1987: Use of aerospace photographs in mapping soil land and vegetation resources in the surkhandarya river basin ussr

Kudryashov B.A., 1981: Use of affinity chromatography for isolation of prethrombin i

Erikson M.S., 1982: Use of affinity chromatography for the isolation of 2 sets of anti carbohydrate antibodies with specificity for a streptococcal glycan

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876377

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876378

Sinha, A. K.; Colman, R. W., 1977: Use of affinity elution chromatography for the micro assay of cyclic amp

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876380

Bok E., 1982: Use of affinity immuno electrophoresis in the presence of concanavalin a for characterization of neurospecific protein d 2

Ownby C.L., 1988: Use of affinity purified antibodies to measure the in vivo disappearance of antibodies to myotoxin a

Gibadulin R.A., 1987: Use of affinity sorbents prepared from monoclonal antibodies to purify surface antigen of hepatitis b virus

Adams G.L., 1981: Use of afla toxin producing ability medium to distinguish afla toxin producing strains of aspergillus flavus

White W.J., 1984: Use of agar based diet to fulfill the food and water requirements of mice

Dolzhanskii A.M., 1986: Use of agar gel diffusion precipitation test for the detection of rotavirus antigen

Otto P., 1981: Use of agar gel electrophoresis for detection of rotavirus infection

Collier J.P., 1985: Use of agarose culture to measure the effect of transforming growth factor beta and epidermal growth factor on rabbit articular chondrocytes

Falkow S., 1981: Use of agarose gel electrophoresis of plasmid dna to fingerprint gram negative bacilli

Lyubovtseva O.V., 1983: Use of agarose in the isolation of influenza virus proteins retaining high immunogenicity

Schreiber E.A., 1983: Use of age classes in monitoring population stability of brown pelicans pelecanus occidentalis

Resnick M.D., 1983: Use of age cutoff policies for adolescents in pediatric practice report from the upper midwest usa regional physician survey

Krafsur E.S., 1984: Use of age structure to assess insecticidal treatments of face fly populations musca autumnalis diptera muscidae

Baringer J.R., 1984: Use of aggregating brain cultures to study the replication of herpes simplex virus types 1 and 2 in central nervous system tissue

Sanz-Sampelayo, R.; Escandon, V.; Fonolla, J., 1985: Use of agricultural and industrial by products in the feeding of herbivorous animals iii. almond husk exocarp and mesocarp of amygdalus prunus

Easthope C.A., 1981: Use of agricultural lands by waterfowl in southwestern british columbia canada

Bogus S.B. , 1982: Use of agro climatic resources of primorski krai russian sfsr ussr for fodder crop production

El Sabban F., 1979: Use of ahr 5850 and ahr 6293 to distinguish the effect of anti platelet aggregating drug properties from the effect of anti inflammatory properties on an in vivo model of platelet aggregation

O'fallon W.M., 1979: Use of air to decrease endothelial cell loss during intra ocular lens implantation

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876401

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876402

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876403

Lurquin P.F., 1987: Use of alcaligenes eutrophus as a source of genes for 2 4 d resistance in plants

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876405

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876406

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876407

Grover V.K., 1984: Use of alcuronium in patients undergoing renal transplantation

Lewis M.J., 1984: Use of alfalfa residual juice as a substrate for propagation of the red yeast phaffia rhodozyma

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876410

Hosetti, B. B.; Patil, H. S.; Dandawatimath, P. G., 1987: Use of algae chlorella vulgaris beij and scenedesmus quadricauda turp bre'b and bacterium escherichia coli in the treatment of pulp and polyfiber wastewater

Bruinsma B.L., 1984: Use of algae dunaliella as a protein supplement in bread

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876413

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876414

Couture P., 1981: Use of algal bioassay for the study of the repercussions connected with the release of water into a reservoir

Utemisheva, N. V.; Polyak, L. F.; Dragavtsev, V. A., 1978: Use of algorithms of dynamic pattern recognition in genetic analyses

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876417

Guillou B., 1982: Use of alizarin red s for histochemical staining of calcium in the mouse some parameters of the chemical reaction in vitro

Gould J.M., 1987: Use of alkaline hydrogen peroxide treated wheat straw as an energy source for the growing ruminant

Beuchat, L. R.; Bough, W. A.; Young, C. T., 1978: Use of alkaline peeling effluents from vegetable and fruit processing operations by neurospora sitophila

Zak B., 1984: Use of alkaline phosphatase iso enzyme analysis in the evaluation of cholestatic liver disease

Tate K.R., 1984: Use of alkaline soil extracts for carbon 13 nmr characterization of humic substances

Wang Z Y., 1988: Use of all trans retinoic acid in the treatment of acute promyelocytic leukemia

Trelford-Sauder, M.; Dawe, E. J.; Trelford, J. D., 1978: Use of allo graft amniotic membrane for control of intra abdominal adhesions

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876425

Goodman M.M., 1986: Use of allozymes as genetics markers for predicting performance in maize zea mays single cross hybrids

Bonanno, A.; Tonini, G. M.; De-Marinis, S., 1978: Use of aloglutamol in uremic patients on dialysis

Snover D.C., 1988: Use of alpha 1 antitrypsin staining in the diagnosis of nodular regenerative hyperplasia of the liver

Robertson R.M., 1986: Use of alpha 2 adrenoreceptor agonists and antagonists in the functional assessment of the sympathetic nervous system

Jendrisak J., 1980: Use of alpha amanitin to inhibit in vivo rna synthesis and germination in wheat triticum aestivum cultivar wared embryos

Gualandi G., 1987: Use of alpha and beta tubulin mutants for the study of spontaneous and induced chromosomal mis distribution in aspergillus nidulans

Chang, C. C., 1978: Use of alpha bungaro toxin and beta bungaro toxin for the study of neuro muscular transmission

Sanders, E. B.; Secor, H. V.; Seeman, J. I., 1978: Use of alpha cyano amines for the regiospecific synthesis of multi substituted pyridines preparation of nicotine analogs

Feld R.D., 1981: Use of alpha cyclo dextrin to eliminate interference by nonesterified fatty acids in calcium measurements

Malakhov V.N., 1979: Use of alpha keto butyrate for differential determination of activity of lactate dehydrogenase isozyme subunits

Moudgal N.R., 1983: Use of alpha subunit and beta subunit specific antibodies in studying interaction of human chorionic gonadotropin with leydig cell receptors

Shachar J., 1980: Use of alpha system set for arterial catheterization

Barsegyan L.A., 1987: Use of alpha tocopherol in the treatment of vomiting of pregnancy

Bennet J.D., 1986: Use of alpha tocopherylquinone in the treatment of ulcerative colitis

Villafranca J.J., 1986: Use of alternate substrates to probe the order of substrate addition to dopamine beta hydroxylase

Mirowski M., 1983: Use of alternating current during diagnostic electro physiologic studies

Diamond J.M., 1983: Use of alternating current impedance analysis to study membrane changes related to acid secretion in amphibian gastric mucosa

Vorob'eva, L. A.; Davletchina, R. F., 1978: Use of alternating current polarography in soil studies part 1 lead determination in soil

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876444

Simpson A.M., 1985: Use of alternative aluminum based chemicals in coagulation with particular reference to phosphorus removal

Schell K., 1988: Use of alternative rules other than the 12s for evaluating interlaboratory performance data

Fieni, F.; Tainturier, D.; Menotti, C., 1986: Use of althesin in cat's anesthesia

Kenney R.M., 1986: Use of altrenogest to prepare ovariectomized mares as embryo transfer recipients

Witherow R.O., 1984: Use of alum to control intractable vesical hemorrhage

Frayn K.N., 1987: Use of alumina columns to prepare plasma samples for liquid chromatographic determination of catecholamines

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876451

Ragsdale D.W., 1987: Use of aluminum foil and oat straw mulches for controlling aster leafhopper macrosteles fascifrons homoptera cicadellidae and aster yellows in carrots

Traore S., 1984: Use of aluminum plaques for appraising results of a voluntary interruption of larvicide treatments in dry season within an area of the onchocerciasis control program

Slavin, A. A.; Etingov, E. D.; Bezborodko, I. G.; Pyshnyi, S. P., 1977: Use of aluminum salts in purification of oleandomycin culture fluid

Paviot J., 1980: Use of aluminum tris ethyl phosphonate aliette for combating phytophthora fragariae and phytophthora cactorum of strawberry plants

Aerts C., 1988: Use of alveolar macrophages in antianoxic drug studies

Hamada A., 1979: Use of amberlite xad 2 for isolation and detection of water soluble acid dyes

Stimson D.H., 1987: Use of ambulatory care resources by medicare age patients in a primary care group practice

Riedel D.C., 1984: Use of ambulatory care services in 3 provider plans interactions between patient characteristics and plans

Levy A.M., 1987: Use of ambulatory electrocardiographic monitoring to identify high risk patients with congenital complete heart block

Wuethrich K., 1979: Use of amide proton nmr titration shifts for studies of poly peptide conformation

Filip A., 1984: Use of amidinoylisothiocyanates in the synthesis of condensed heterocycles preparation of 2 3 dihydroimidazo 1 2 c quinazolines and 2 3 4 trihydropyrimido 1 2 c quinazolines

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876463

Vasil I.K., 1979: Use of amino acid analog resistant cell lines for selection of nicotiana sylvestris somatic cell hybrids

Ball, G. H.; Chao, J., 1976: Use of amino acids by plasmodium relictum oocysts in vitro

Eng J., 1982: Use of amino glycosides and control of therapy

Terekhov A.V., 1979: Use of amino propylaminoethyl thio phosphoric acid against endogenous infection of irradiated rats

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876468

Biondi R., 1985: Use of aminoglycosides in a resuscitation center clinical experience

Sybrecht G.W., 1988: Use of aminoglycosides in critically ill patients individualization of dosage using bayesian statistics and pharmacokinetics principles

Smith P.K., 1985: Use of aminophenylboronic acid affinity chromatography to measure glycosylated albumin levels

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876472

Turpin M., 1986: Use of aminosides in treatment of respiratory diseases of young cattle trying out of aminosidine

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876474

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876475

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876476

Alamar M.E., 1986: Use of ammonia as fish toxicant for management of freshwater ponds

Workman S.M., 1980: Use of ammonium bi carbonate di ethylenetriamine penta acetic acid soil test to assess availability and toxicity of selenium to alfalfa medicago sativa plants

Soltanpour P.N., 1985: Use of ammonium bicarbonate diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid soil test to evaluate elemental availability and toxicity

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876480

Ledger W.J., 1984: Use of amnio centesis in preterm gestation with ruptured membranes

Barden T.P., 1982: Use of amniotic fluid 3 methyl histidine to creatinine molar ratio for the diagnosis of intra uterine growth retardation

Porreco R.P., 1986: Use of amniotic fluid analysis in the management of preterm rupture of the membranes

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876484

Hohman, R. J.; Stadtman, E. R., 1978: Use of amp specific antibodies to differentiate between adenylylated and unadenylylated escherichia coli glutamine synthetase

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876486

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876487

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876488

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876489

Ralchev K., 1987: Use of ampoxen for covering of large peritoneal and fascial defects after extensive and combined resections of the large intestine for cancer

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876491

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876492

Evans D.M., 1987: Use of an abdominal rotation flap for inguinal lymph node dissection

Cross, R. K.; Fields, B. N., 1976: Use of an aberrant poly peptide as a marker in 3 factor crosses further evidence for independent reassortment as the mechanism of recombination between temperature sensitive mutants of reovirus type 3

Pechar L., 1987: Use of an acetone methanol mixture for the extraction and spectrophotometric determination of chlorophyll alpha in phytoplankton

Cribbs D., 1981: Use of an acoustic helium analyzer for measuring lung volumes

Fujimoto H., 1987: Use of an activated carbon column for the synthesis of disaccharides by use of a reversed hydrolysis activity of beta galactosidase

Nikulina G.N., 1986: Use of an active dye to reveal cells damaged by high temperatures using pisum sativum root as an example

Turkin, S. I.; Potapov, V. K.; Shabarova, Z. A.; Zarytova, V. F.; Knorre, D. G., 1975: Use of an active mono nucleotide derivative separated from poly styrene condensing reagent in di nucleoside phosphate synthesis

Agman G., 1984: Use of an adolescent reception group as a system of intensive care

Kidd A.W., 1981: Use of an agar culture technique for establishing lymphoid cell lines from mareks disease lymphomas

Mann R.H.K., 1983: Use of an age dependent mark re capture model in fisheries research

Innes J.L., 1983: Use of an aggregated rhizocarpon species in lichenometry an evaluation

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876504

Nieuwolt S., 1982: Use of an agricultural rainfall index in malaysia

Iwahori K., 1983: Use of an air bubbling device in the measurement of dissolved oxygen

Johnson T.L., 1981: Use of an albedo neutron personnel dosimeter for x ray and gamma ray monitoring

Mcdermott F.T., 1981: Use of an alcometer in a casualty department

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876509

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876510

Niijima T., 1987: Use of an alpha 1 blocker ym 12617 in micturition difficulty

Mcgoodwin M.C., 1982: Use of an alphanumeric programmable calculator for obstetrical ultrasound

Starr R.T., 1980: Use of an alumina column in estimating total iron binding capacity

Aukaty, M. F.; Bubenschikova, S. N.; Kagrammanova, V. K.; Baratova, L. A., 1977: Use of an amino silica column for the high performance liquid chromatographic analysis of synthetic oligo deoxy nucleotides

Wood M.M., 1984: Use of an ammonia electrode to study bacterial deamination of amino acids with special reference to d asparagine breakdown by campylobacters

Phillips I., 1982: Use of an anaerobic incubator for the isolation of anaerobes from clinical samples

Lange O.L., 1986: Use of an analytical model to study limitations on net photosynthesis in arbutus unedo under field conditions

Shargool P.D., 1987: Use of an aneuploid soybean cell culture to examine the relative importance of the gs gogat system and gdh in ammonia assimilation

Cinotti A.A., 1988: Use of an angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor in ocular hypertension and primary open angle glaucoma

Lehmann, H. P.; Kaplan, A., 1971: Use of an anion exchange column to determine serum iron binding capacity

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876521

Geay, Y.; Beranger, C., 1977: Use of an anti coccidial drug monensin in the diet of ruminants part 1 effect on fattening performances of young bulls

Rozitis I., 1981: Use of an anti convulsant plasma level monitoring service

Desmonts G., 1985: Use of an anti human immunoglobulin m monoclonal antibody for the detection of specific immunoglobulin m in toxoplasmosis

Dray F., 1982: Use of an anti human leukocyte interferon mono clonal antibody for the purification and radio immunoassay of human alpha interferon

Frankland J.C., 1985: Use of an anti mycena galopus serum as an immunofluorescence reagent

Zola, H.; Valdimarsson, H., 1978: Use of an anti serum specific for human thymus derived lymphocytes as a diagnostic reagent comparison with erythrocyte rosette formation and mitogenic response to phyto hem agglutinin

Graves D.J., 1979: Use of an antibody probe to study regulation of glycogen phosphorylase by its amino terminal region

Vitetta E.S., 1983: Use of an antibody ricin a chain conjugate to delete neoplastic b cells from human bone marrow

Rosen J., 1986: Use of an antibody to characterize and determine the role of the major methionyl transfer rna f deacylase from rabbit reticulocyte ribosomes

Guarnieri, M.; Stechmiller, B.; Lehninger, A. L., 1971: Use of an antibody to study the location of cardio lipin in mitochondrial membranes

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876532

Paul L.D., 1982: Use of an antihistamine decongestant in conjunction with an anti infective drug in the treatment of acute otitis media

Heldin C H., 1984: Use of an antiserum against phosphotyrosine for the identification of phosphorylated components in human fibroblasts stimulated by platelet derived growth factor

Upper C.D., 1984: Use of an apparent infection threshold population of pseudomonas syringae pathovar syringae to predict incidence and severity of brown spot of bean phaseolus vulgaris

Dutt M.K., 1979: Use of an aqueous solution of cresyl violet in the staining of dna following feulgen procedure

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876537

Myasoedov A.P., 1980: Use of an artificial endocrine pancreas apparatus in the treatment of patients with diabetes mellitus

Reid, C.; French, R.; Shultz, B., 1977: Use of an auditory cue to improve bowling performance of visually handicapped persons

Scarpelli P.T., 1981: Use of an auto rhythmometric experimental design to achieve individual adjustment of anti hypertensive treatment

Eastin, E. F., 1978: Use of an autoanalyzer for total nitrogen determination in plants

Aronson A.L., 1982: Use of an automated external de fibrillation pacemaker by ambulance staff

Stinson, S. F.; Sporn, M. B., 1977: Use of an automated image analyzer to quantitate cellular hyperplasia in urinary bladder epithelium

Volz J.H., 1983: Use of an automated micro film system in the surgical pathology laboratory

Mel'nikova G.I., 1986: Use of an automated system in prophylactic population examinations when studying ear nose and throat diseases in workers engaged in cotton manufacture

Flandrin, G.; Bouffette, P.; Daniel, M. T.; Valensi, F., 1978: Use of an automatic apparatus for blood count in a laboratory specializing in hematology

Avice T., 1984: Use of an automatic cell harvester in a cellular radioimmunoassay

Gait C., 1984: Use of an automatic hand piece for debonding of composite resin

Henderson C.R., 1988: Use of an average numerator relationship matrix for multiple sire joining

Spadbrow, P. B.; Ibrahim, A. L.; Mustaffa-Babjee, A.; Kim, S. J., 1978: Use of an avirulent australian strain of newcastle disease virus as a vaccine

De-Jonckheere, J., 1977: Use of an axenic medium for differentiation between pathogenic and nonpathogenic naegleria fowleri isolates

Fuchs P.L., 1986: Use of an axial alpha face control element in intramolecular conjugate additions synthesis of an abcd tetracyclic bruceantin precursor

Fuchs P.L., 1987: Use of an axial beta face thiomethyl control element in intramolecular conjugate additions synthesis of a tricyclic bruceantin precursor

Gennis R.B., 1986: Use of an azido ubiquinone derivative to identify subunit i as the ubiquinol binding site of the cytochrome d terminal oxidase complex of escherichia coli

Ilyaletdinov A.N., 1986: Use of an ecological approach to microbiological industrial waste water treatment

Kamper, Sl; Fennema, O., 1985: Use of an edible film to maintain water vapor gradients in foods

Grossmann H., 1981: Use of an electro immuno diffusion method on cellulose acetate films for the detection of antigenicity in human breast cancers that is related to the major core antigen of mouse mammary tumor virus

Ezekowitz M.D., 1984: Use of an electromechanical infusion pump for transfusion of platelet concentrates

Razdaibeda V.G., 1980: Use of an electrometric method of determining nitrate nitrogen in soils during agrochemical research

Flint, M. V.; Timonin, A. G.; Geptner, M. V.; Polyakov, M. S., 1978: Use of an electronic closing device for planktonic nets with a depth recorder murena

Bounous, G.; Maestracci, D., 1976: Use of an elemental diet in animals during treatment with 5 fluoro uracil nsc 19893

Nelson, L. M.; Carmichael, H. A.; Russell, R. I.; Atherton, S. T., 1977: Use of an elemental diet vivonex in the management of bile acid induced diarrhea

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876564

Burny A., 1984: Use of an elisa enzyme linked immunosorbent assay involving monoclonal antibody for the detection of antibodies against bovine leukemia virus in a herd with a high incidence of enzootic bovine leukosis

Edwards G.B., 1987: Use of an elisa in the differential diagnosis of cauda equina neuritis and other equine neuropathies

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876567

Itkin G.P., 1987: Use of an ellipsoid artificial heart

Sheremet A.M., 1981: Use of an embryo culture in distant crosses of wheat and barley with rye

Hasegawa C.S., 1984: Use of an empathy algorithm with a role played client

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876571

Benson D.M., 1981: Use of an encapsulated fluorescent probe to measure intra cellular oxygen partial pressure

Levinson, S. S., 1977: Use of an enzymatic kit method for cholesterol designed for continuous flow instrumentation with discrete bi chromatic and centrifugal analyzers

Hensley P., 1987: Use of an enzyme assay to detect glycolate in aquatic systems

Johnson I.E., 1987: Use of an enzyme immunoassay eia for quantitation of cytosolic and nuclear estrogen receptor and correlation with progesterone receptor in human breast cancer

Peetoom, F.; Curry, B.; Dodd, R.; Fang, C. T.; Goldstein, L.; Perkins, H.; Schneider, G.; Wandell, M., 1986: Use of an enzyme immunoassay for detection of antibody to human immunodeficiency virus in low risk populations

Brown G.M., 1979: Use of an enzyme immunoassay test for characterizing the a and m antigens of brucella

Jones D.R.E., 1986: Use of an enzyme indirect antiglobulin test for the diagnosis of autoimmune hemolytic anemia in the dog

Matteja R., 1981: Use of an enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay for screening hybridoma antibodies against hepatitis b surface antigen

Sorg C., 1980: Use of an enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay for screening of hybridoma antibodies against cell surface antigens

Taylor W.P., 1983: Use of an enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay for the detection of immuno globulin g antibodies to rinderpest virus in epidemiological surveys

Metzger E., 1983: Use of an enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay technique in the differential diagnosis of active pulmonary tuberculosis in humans

Jensen M.M., 1981: Use of an enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay to measure antibody responses in turkeys against pasteurella multocida

Yolken R.H., 1984: Use of an enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay to measure antigenemia during acute plague

Clarke I., 1985: Use of an enzyme linked immunosorbent assay elisa in a bovine brucellosis eradication program

Levin M.J., 1985: Use of an enzyme linked immunosorbent assay elisa performed directly on fixed infected cell monolayers for evaluating drugs against varicella zoster virus

Pulford F.G., 1982: Use of an enzyme standard in the measurement of enzymes in a clinicon reaction rate analyzer

Tykocinski M.L., 1988: Use of an epstein barr virus episomal replicon for anti sense rna mediated gene inhibition in a human cytotoxic t cell clone cd8

Williams J.R., 1988: Use of an established human hepatoma cell line with endogenous bioactivation for gene mutation studies

Mourey T.H., 1984: Use of an evaporative light scattering mass detector in sedimentation field flow fractionation

Berry D.R., 1979: Use of an exchange filtration technique to obtain synchronous sporulation in an extended batch fermentation

Sowton E., 1987: Use of an exercise qrs score and radionuclide left ventricular ejection fraction in assessing prognosis after myocardial infarction

Nikov N., 1979: Use of an exponential function for elastic recoil

Artzer D., 1983: Use of an extracorporeal arterio venous shunt and capillary tubes for frequent micro blood sampling in rats

Robinson, D. L.; Wurtz, R. H., 1976: Use of an extraretinal signal by monkey superior colliculus neurons to distinguish real from self induced stimulus movement

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876596

Yoneda M., 1981: Use of an hfr strain of escherichia coli for pre screening of anti tumor antibiotics

Rousseau S.A., 1987: Use of an image analyzer for rubella radial hemolysis plates

Caldwell L.A., 1988: Use of an immediate qualitative progesterone assay for determination of day of ovulation in an equine embryo transfer program

Gorovits, E. S.; Timasheva, O. A., 1981: Use of an immuno fluorescent micro agglutination test for the study of ornithosis infection 2. diagnostic value of the test

Lennard E.S., 1979: Use of an immuno peroxidase method for identification of bacteroides fragilis

Hanson L.A., 1986: Use of an immunoglobulin a depleted intravenous immunoglobulin in a patient with an anti immunoglobulin a antibody

Lamb E.J., 1985: Use of an immunoradiometric assay and a radioimmunoassay for the detection of free beta human chorionic gonadotropin

Sneddon J., 1985: Use of an impaction electrothermal atomization atomic absorption spectrometric system for the direct determination of cadmium copper and manganese in the laboratory atmosphere

Sourial N.A., 1981: Use of an improved escherichia coli method for the measurement of cobalamin in serum comparison with the euglena gracilis assay results

Gornik E., 1984: Use of an improved simultaneous tomography cassette in linear tomography

Treacher T.T., 1981: Use of an improved technique to analyze repeated measurements of live weight from an experiment involving sequential weaning treatments

Koerner H., 1981: Use of an in situ artificial substrate for biological accumulation and monitoring of aqueous trace metals a preliminary field investigation

Paul E.A., 1988: Use of an in situ labeling technique for the determination of seasonal carbon 14 distribution in ponderosa pine

Archer, D. L.; Smith, B. G.; Bukovic-Wess, J. A., 1978: Use of an in vitro antibody producing system for recognizing potentially immuno suppressive compounds

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876612

Goldstein G.W., 1988: Use of an in vitro system to study the effects of lead on astrocyte endothelial cell interactions a model for studying toxic injury to the blood brain barrier

Goldstein L.S., 1984: Use of an in vitro technique to detect mutations induced by anti neoplastic drugs in mouse germ cells

Ashby J., 1985: Use of an in vivo in vitro rat liver dna repair assay to predict the relative rodent hepatocarcinogenic potency of 3 new azo mutagens

Robison O.W., 1987: Use of an inactivated vaccine for prevention of parvovirus induced reproductive failure in gilts

Haseltine W.A., 1980: Use of an indicator sequence of human dna to study dna damage by methyl bis 2 chloroethylamine

Morrison, G.; Jackim, E.; Bonatti, K., 1977: Use of an inert radioactive particle for measuring particle accumulation by filter feeding bivalve mollusks

Maciver J.E., 1980: Use of an inexpensive programmable calculator for computation of platelet counts from particle counts

Thomas J.C., 1983: Use of an information processing based test battery in an applied setting prediction of monitoring performance

Maruyama Y., 1986: Use of an innovative intra arterial injection material for cadaver dissection

Haber E., 1980: Use of an internal reference amino acid for the evaluation of reactions in solid phase peptide synthesis

Thorell J.I., 1981: Use of an internal sample attenuator in radio immunoassay assay of tri iodo thyronine using starch particles containing entrapped charcoal and bismuth oxide in combination with free antibodies

Ohad I., 1980: Use of an internal standard for semi quantitative analysis of low temperature 77 kelvin fluorescence of photosynthetic cells

Mrsny, R. J.; Barles, R. W.; Chin, D.; Enevold, K. C.; Thomas, B. R.; Wheelis, M. L., 1978: Use of an internal standard in monitoring the bacterial degradation of crude oil

Desager J P., 1984: Use of an internal standard to assay 6 beta hydroxycortisol in urine

Franzmeier D.P., 1983: Use of an internal standard with differential x ray diffraction analysis for iron oxides

Williams E.G., 1986: Use of an interspecific hybrid in identifying a new allelic specificity generated at the self incompatibility locus after inbreeding in lycopersicon peruvianum

Chang S., 1983: Use of an intra ocular gas tamponade to find retinal breaks

Mennie B.A., 1984: Use of an intra venous sodium load in screening for primary hyper aldo steronism

Blackburn G.L., 1985: Use of an intravenous branched chain amino acid enriched diet in the tumor bearing rat

Fisher G., 1982: Use of an inversion to test for induced x linked lethals in mice

Jones P.K., 1979: Use of an iodide specific electrode to study lacto peroxidase catalyzed iodination of levo tyrosine

Alberts J.J., 1983: Use of an ion exchange technique to measure copper complexing capacity on the continental shelf of the southeastern usa and in the sargasso sea

Pierrat, G.; Prost, M.; Lavoue, G.; Lumbroso, C., 1976: Use of an ion exchanger as a rapid means of extraction applied to the estimation of estrogen and urinary pregnanediol during pregnancy by colorimetry or by gas chromatography

Baiulescu G.E., 1987: Use of an ion selective membrane electrode for the determination of the active components in intestopan

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876637

Papeschi, G.; Bordi, S.; Beni, C.; Ventura, L., 1976: Use of an iridium electrode for direct measurement of iso electric point of proteins after iso electric focusing in poly acrylamide gel

Thellier M., 1980: Use of an n alpha nuclear reaction to study the long distance transport of boron in trifolium repens after foliar application

Shannon, D. W. F.; Mcnab, J. M.; Anderson, G. B., 1976: Use of an n paraffin grown yeast in diets for replacement pullets and laying hens

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876641

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876642

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876643

Rozental' Kh, 1983: Use of an oil mixture of poly sterol latex to obtain anti sera against bacterio phages of varying immunogenicity

Jackai L.E.N., 1981: Use of an oil soluble dye to determine the oviposition sites of the legume pod borer maruca testulalis lepidoptera pyralidae

Joyner, D. E., 1978: Use of an old field habitat by bobolinks and red winged blackbirds

Smith M.M., 1985: Use of an oligonucleotide probe to detect transplacement of an amber mutation into a yeast histone h 3 gene

Boiron M., 1984: Use of an ommaya reservoir in the treatment of meningeal relapse in acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Umbrasas R., 1984: Use of an on site integrated pump sampler for estimation of total daily intake of some metals from tap water

Reid T.W., 1984: Use of an optimum wavelength to detect glutamic acid and its metabolites in human serum by reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876651

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876652

Chouroulinkov I., 1986: Use of an orthogonal design method to study two stage chemical carcinogenesis in balb 3t3 cells

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876654

Biaglow J.E., 1981: Use of an oxidase electrode to determine factors affecting the in vitro production of hydrogen per oxide by ehrlich cells and 1 chloro 2 4 dinitro benzene

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876656

Neely W.C., 1982: Use of an oxygen electrode in assaying bio degradability

Corradini P., 1987: Use of an oxygen probe in the evaluation of the viability of wine making starters

Braunwald E., 1985: Use of an ultrashort acting beta blocker in patients with acute myocardial ischemia

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876660

Mahoney, C. J.; Eisele, S., 1976: Use of an ultrasonic blood flow monitor for determining fetal viability in the rhesus monkey macaca mulatta a preliminary study

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876662

Jomin M., 1985: Use of an universal plate to osteosynthesis of cervical spine

Van Ardenne J., 1986: Use of an unpredicted feeding area by pipits anthus spp and white wagtails motacilla alba

Gallin J.I., 1985: Use of an x linked human neutrophil marker to estimate timing of lyonization and size of the dividing stem cell pool

Vinogradova M.A., 1985: Use of anabolic agents and an amino acid complex in patients with chronic enteritis

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876667

Borba E.R., 1986: Use of anabolic substances in culled cows

Tamimi A.Sh, 1984: Use of anabolin for the fattening of calves

Andrews R.M., 1985: Use of anaerobic metabolism by free ranging lizards

Clinch D., 1984: Use of analgesics by the elderly outside hospital

Karesen R., 1985: Use of analgesics in surgical emergency patients

Leicht, K. L.; Miller, R.; Ramseyer, G. C., 1978: Use of analysis of variance to assess individual differences in learning

Brisson L.D., 1987: Use of ancymidol bulb dips to control stem elongation of easter lilies grown in a pine bark medium

Matsen J.M., 1984: Use of and cost savings with morphologic criteria and the spot indole test as a routine means of identification of escherichia coli

Gerety R.J., 1983: Use of and interpretation of results using inocula of hepatitis b virus with known infectivity titers

Fernandez A., 1980: Use of androgens in acquired aplastic anemia relation of response to etiology and severity

Folomeev M.Yu, 1986: Use of androgens in multi modality treatment of men with systemic lupus erythematosus

Intoccia, A. P.; Walkenstein, S. S.; Wittendorf, R. W.; Hoppe, R. C.; Free, S. M., 1977: Use of anemic piglet to assess bio availability of iron from oral iron preparations

Melling, J., 1977: Use of anesthesia with ketamine hydro chloride in assessing the emetic activity of staphylococcal entero toxin b in the rhesus monkey macaca mulatta

Berger P., 1985: Use of angelchik anti reflux prosthesis for repair of total rectal prolapse in elderly patients

Belgun, M.; Tanaseanu, S.; Matei, I.; Besliu, T.; Purice, S., 1978: Use of angio scintigraphy in the diagnosis of malignant tumors of the liver

Litzke L F., 1986: Use of angiography for lameness diagnosis

Nakhjavan F.K., 1988: Use of angioplasty guidewire for technically difficult angiography

Fonarev, A. B.; Shugalii, A. V., 1977: Use of angular rotors for analysis and fractionation of calf thymus dna

Borisova L.A., 1984: Use of anhydrous glucose in medical practice

Seepersad, B.; Crippen, R. W., 1978: Use of aniline blue for distinguishing between live and dead fresh water zoo plankton

Salt P., 1981: Use of animal and opposite drawings in assessment of gender identity of young adults

Hunter G.F., 1986: Use of animals in the rehabilitation of psychiatric inpatients

Pilet P E., 1982: Use of anion exchange resin beads to supply abscisic acid

Kurtycz D.F.I., 1983: Use of anion gap for the quality control of electrolyte analyzers

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876692

Morozova E.N., 1979: Use of anisotropic membranes for concentration and purification of a thrombolytic enzyme from flammulina velutipes

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876694

Ghouse A.K.M., 1985: Use of annona squamosa and piper nigrum against diabetes

Yang R., 1982: Use of annular artificial pupil in the determination of modulation transfer function of the eye

Johnson A.G., 1983: Use of ano rectal manometry during rectal infusion of saline to investigate sphincter function in incontinent patients

Coles G.C., 1986: Use of anthelmintics by new england usa sheep producers

Hosie B.D., 1985: Use of anthelmintics to control fascioliasis in sheep in the north yeman

Bailur Y.V., 1981: Use of anthrone reagent in colorimetric determination of soluble phospho molybdic salts of some drugs

Gordeeva N.P., 1982: Use of anti aggregating and hemostatic drugs in the treatment of diabetic retinopathy

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876703

Sears M.R., 1987: Use of anti asthma drugs in new zealand

Mabeck, C. E., 1981: Use of anti bacterial preparations in general practice 1. distribution into diagnostic groups

Mabeck, C. E., 1981: Use of anti bacterial preparations in general practice 2. treatment of patients with respiratory infections and otitis media

Mabeck, C. E., 1981: Use of anti bacterial preparations in general practice 3. treatment of patients with urinary infections

Liotta L.A., 1983: Use of anti basement membrane antibodies to distinguish blood vessel capillaries from lymphatic capillaries

Sopotsinskaya, E. B., 1976: Use of anti coagulant therapy in oncological patients

Dreifuss F.E., 1979: Use of anti convulsant drugs

Sokolova V.A., 1981: Use of anti escherichia coli donor plasma in the treatment of diseases in premature children

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876712

Leech P.K., 1981: Use of anti helminthics for cattle in england and wales uk during 1978

Gershon R.K., 1983: Use of anti idiotype immuno sorbents to isolate circulating antigen specific t cell derived molecules from hyper immune sera

Sege, K.; Peterson, P. A., 1978: Use of anti idiotypic antibodies as cell surface receptor probes

Farid N.R., 1987: Use of anti idiotypic antibodies as probes for the interaction of tsh subunits with its receptor

Strickland D.K., 1988: Use of anti idiotypic antibodies to establish that monoclonal antibody 7h11d6 binds to the alpha 2 macroglobulin receptor recognition site

Diamond B., 1985: Use of anti idiotypic antibodies to identify a receptor for the t cell i j determinant

Worrall A., 1985: Use of anti inflammatory drugs by patients admitted with small or large bowel perforations and hemorrhage

Fathman C.G., 1988: Use of anti l3t4 and anti ia treatments for prolongation of xenogeneic islet transplants

Radzikowski, C.; Szkudlarek, J.; Czarnomska, A.; Steuden, J.; Krajewski, L., 1976: Use of anti lymphocyte globulin for leukemia induction in mice

Perlberg K.W., 1979: Use of anti lymphocyte globulin in auto immune neurogenic diseases

Zinkovskaya L.N., 1980: Use of anti lymphocytic globulin in therapy of diseases associated with allo immune and auto immune conflict

Shabalin, V. N.; Serova, L. D.; Abdulkadyrov, K. M.; Alekseev, N. A., 1978: Use of anti lymphocytic immuno globulin in bone marrow transplants

Townsend, T. R.; Shapiro, M.; Rosner, B.; Kass, E. H., 1979: Use of anti microbial drugs in general hospitals 1. description of population and definition of methods

Shapiro, M.; Townsend, T. R.; Rosner, B.; Kass, E. H., 1979: Use of anti microbial drugs in general hospitals 2. analysis of patterns of use

Townsend, T. R.; Shapiro, M.; Rosner, B.; Kass, E. H., 1979: Use of anti microbial drugs in general hospitals 4. infants and children

Kass&ast E.H., 1979: Use of anti microbial drugs in general hospitals patterns of prophylaxis

Levy, M.; Shapiro, S.; Slone, D., 1976: Use of anti microbial drugs in medical wards

Gustilo R.B., 1979: Use of anti microbials in the management of open fractures

Omaye S.T., 1983: Use of anti oxidants in the analysis of vitamin a and vitamin e in mammalian plasma by high performance liquid chromatography

Narizhnyi A.G., 1983: Use of anti oxidants in the deep cooling of boar semen

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876733

Marks A., 1988: Use of anti seminoma monoclonal antibody to confirm the diagnosis of mediastinal seminoma

Eusof A., 1980: Use of anti sera for identification of entero toxigenic escherichia coli

Neville A.M., 1981: Use of anti sera to epithelial membrane antigen for the cyto diagnosis of malignancy in serous effusions

Sivonen, A.; Renkonen, O. V.; Robbins, J. B., 1977: Use of anti serum agar plates for serogrouping of meningococci

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876738

Krotova, T. A.; Gerasimova, M. V.; Koloshtivina, O. V.; Kozlova, V. B.; Kuz'min, V. A., 1975: Use of anti staphylococcus poly globulin and anti staphylococcus plasma in children with various staphylococcal diseases

Prentice, H. G.; Blacklock, H. A.; Janossy, G.; Bradstock, K. F.; Skeggs, D.; Goldstein, G.; Hoffbrand, A. V., 1982: Use of anti t cell mono clonal antibody okt 3 to prevent acute graft vs. host disease in allogeneic bone marrow transplantation for acute leukemia

Briet E., 1982: Use of anti thrombin concentrate in stable diffuse intra vascular coagulation a case

Fine R.N., 1979: Use of anti thymocyte globulin dose by rosette protocol in pediatric renal allo graft recipients

Mcdaniel, G. L.; Bresenham, G. L., 1978: Use of anti transpirants to improve water relations of cineraria

Takahashi K., 1987: Use of anti ulex europaeus for abo typing on blood stains

Wagner, R. R.; Heine, J. W.; Goldstein, G.; Schnaitman, C. A., 1971: Use of anti viral anti ferritin hybrid antibody for localization of viral antigen in plasma membrane

Martin R.A., 1980: Use of antibiotics and sulfonamides in small animal practice

Schito G.C., 1981: Use of antibiotics in a regional hospital comparison between 1975 and 1978

Siegenthaler W., 1981: Use of antibiotics in an out patient population in general practice results and reflections on an inquiry with general practitioners in the canton of zurich switzerland

Buenemann G., 1986: Use of antibiotics in micropropagation

Gomez Ortiz S., 1986: Use of antibiotics in primary care analysis of 6877 pediatric prescriptions

Cohen, P. S.; Lynch, K. R.; Walsh, M. L.; Hill, J. M.; Ennis, H. L., 1977: Use of antibiotics to determine ribosome messenger rna interactions necessary for in vivo stability of specific messengers

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876753

Smith D.S., 1979: Use of antibodies against the label in nonseparation nonisotopic immunoassay indirect quenching fluoro immunoassay of proteins

Bellini W.J., 1985: Use of antibodies directed against synthetic peptides for identifying complementary dna clones establishing reading frames and deducing the gene order of measles virus

Lukomskaya I.S., 1988: Use of antibodies for the differential estimation of neutral and acid alpha glucosidases in human urine under normal and pathological conditions

Rochat H., 1986: Use of antibodies specific to defined regions of scorpion alpha toxin to study its interaction with its receptor site on the sodium channel

Jones D.B., 1984: Use of antibodies to carcinoembryonic antigen and human milk fat globule to distinguish carcinoma mesothelioma and reactive mesothelium

Rojkind M., 1987: Use of antibodies to characterize a 220 kilodalton surface protein from entamoeba histolytica

Moskalenko I.P., 1981: Use of antibodies to dna for detection of x ray impairments of dna in nuclei of brain stem cells of irradiated rats

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876761

Zeheb, R.; Beittenmiller, H. F.; Horwitz, S. B., 1987: Use of antibodies to probe membrane glycoproteins associated with drug resistant j774.2 cells

Niven J., 1979: Use of antibodies to purified newcastle disease virus glyco proteins for strain comparisons and characterizations

Protsenko, V. A.; Karpitskii, V. V.; Bogodel'nikov, I. V., 1976: Use of antibodies to trypsin and kallikrein as specific inhibitors of their kininogenase action

Schweitzer, E. S.; Blaustein, M. P., 1980: Use of antibody and complement to gain access to the interior of presynaptic nerve terminals

Gabrilovac J., 1983: Use of antibody coated poly acrylic plastic beads for semi quantitative determination of cell surface antigens

Ling, N. R.; Bishop, S.; Jefferis, R., 1977: Use of antibody coated red cells for the sensitive detection of antigen and in rosette tests for cells bearing surface immuno globulins

Schonfeld, G.; Chen, J. S.; Roy, R. G., 1977: Use of antibody specificity to study the surface disposition of apo protein a i on human high density lipo proteins

Whiteside, T. L.; De-Siervo, A. J.; Salton, M. R. J., 1971: Use of antibody to membrane atpase in the study of bacterial relationships

Acevedo X., 1986: Use of antidepressant drugs in the study of the role of biogenic amines in ethanol narcosis

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876771

Hosobuchi Y., 1986: Use of antidromic evoked potentials in placement of dorsal cord disc electrodes

Watson A.R., 1987: Use of antigen detection assay to determine mortality of dirofilaria immitis after thiacetarsamide therapy

Guptill D., 1984: Use of antigen preparations of the amastigote stage of trypanosoma cruzi in the serology of chagas disease

Robutti F., 1987: Use of antimesothelial cell antibody and computer assisted quantitative analysis for distinguishing between reactive and neoplastic serosal tissues

Kimelblatt B., 1988: Use of antimicrobial agents in a university teaching hospital evolution of a comprehensive control program

Boza Cordero R., 1985: Use of antimicrobial agents in infections by anaerobic bacteria

Newcombe R., 1988: Use of antimicrobial containing acrylic strips in the treatment of chronic periodontal disease a three month follow up study

Lloyd S.W., 1987: Use of antimycin a in live haul tanks to remove scaled fish from fingerling channel catfish populations

Price J.F., 1986: Use of antioxidant coated salts as n nitrosamine inhibitors in dry cured and brine cured bacon

Klimatskaya L.G., 1984: Use of antioxidants for the prevention of the hepatotoxic effect of acrylonitrile

Grassi B., 1985: Use of antisecretory drugs for gastroprotection during antiblastic chemotherapy

Moyle W.R., 1985: Use of antisera to fsh to detect non fsh factors in human serum which modulate rat granulosa cell steroidogenesis

Nilsson U., 1988: Use of antisera to the isolated alpha and beta subunits of c3 as probes to study functional sites present on particle bound c3b but absent on native soluble forms of c3

Sopotsinskaya E.B., 1986: Use of antistressor action to intensify the antimetastatic effect of chemotherapy

Lee B., 1986: Use of apache ii severity of disease classification to identify intensive care unit patients who would not benefit from total parenteral nutrition

Rutishauser W., 1979: Use of apex cardiography in the assessment of myo cardial function in aortic stenosis

Dubitskii, A. M.; Abdil'daev, M. A., 1975: Use of aplocheilus latipes for controlling pre imaginal phases of blood sucking mosquitoes in southeastern kazakh ssr ussr

De Long M., 1984: Use of apparel as cues to perception of personality

Ottenbacher K., 1986: Use of applied behavioral techniques and an adaptive device to teach lip closure to severely handicapped children

Tanneberger, S.; Weiss, H.; Nissen, E.; Projan, A., 1977: Use of applied tumor biology for diagnosis and therapy of human tumors

Subbaiah K.V., 1985: Use of appropriate absorption coefficients in gamma ray dosimetry

Zullo M.A.T., 1985: Use of approximations in quality control of routine analytical laboratories

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876795

Patrick J.M.Jr, 1982: Use of aquatic toxicology and quantitative chemistry to estimate environmental deactivation of marine grade creosote in sea water

Watts D.J., 1985: Use of aqueous 2 phase partition to detect cell surface changes during growth of dictyostelium discoideum

Campos L.G., 1982: Use of aqueous hydro chloric acid methanol as esterification reagent for analysis of fatty acids derived from soybean lipids

Dutt M.K., 1982: Use of aqueous solutions of 2 basic dyes for the demonstration of dna

Levin J., 1988: Use of arabinogalactan to obtain washed murine platelets free of contaminating plasma proteins and appropriate for studies of function morphology and thrombopoiesis

Eckhardt, T., 1977: Use of arga lac fusions to generate lambda arga lac bacterio phages and to determine the direction of arga transcription in escherichia coli

Reid L.R., 1982: Use of arginine amino peptidase activity in characterization of arginine utilizing mycoplasmas

Graves D.J., 1981: Use of arginine compounds to examine the role of an essential arginine in the mechanism of glycogen phosphorylase

Brown J.C., 1988: Use of argon ion plasma etching to localize structural proteins in viruses studies with adenovirus 2

Li A.P., 1984: Use of aroclor 1254 induced rat liver homogenate in the assaying of promutagens in chinese hamster ovary cells

Mccrone W.C., 1984: Use of aroclors in microscopy

Unz, R. F.; Farrah, S. R., 1972: Use of aromatic compounds for growth and isolation of zoogloea

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876808

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876809

Hase M., 1983: Use of arthrography in management of temporo mandibular joint problems

Schmid F., 1988: Use of arthrosonography in diagnosis of tossy iii lesions of acromioclavicular joints

Hafner, H.; Dugan, P. J.; Boy, V., 1986: Use of artificial and natural wetlands as feeding sites by little egrets egretta garzetta l. in the camargue southern france

Adlercreutz P., 1987: Use of artificial electron acceptors in oxidation reactions catalyzed by acetic acid bacteria

Chua T E., 1979: Use of artificial hides to increase the stocking density and production of estuary grouper epinephelus salmoides reared in floating net cages

Matson A., 1983: Use of artificial holes in studying community development in cryptic marine habitats in a tropical rocky inter tidal region

Contreras R., 1985: Use of artificial intelligence in structure activity correlations of anticonvulsant drugs

Giroux J F., 1981: Use of artificial islands by nesting waterfowl in southeastern alberta canada

Pilbeam T.E., 1980: Use of artificial light and day length to alter the life cycles of mink mustela vison

Hughes R., 1985: Use of artificial liver support

M'closkey, R. T., 1976: Use of artificial micro habitats by white footed mice peromyscus leucopus

Fujimoto, M.; Yamagata, H., 1982: Use of artificial mutations in plant breeding 13. mutagenicity of several alkylating agents in rice oryza sativa

Abgrall J.F., 1986: Use of artificial pheromones against ips typographus

Fontoura A.P., 1986: Use of artificial substrates for standardized sampling of macroinvertebrates in the assessment of water quality by the belgian biotic index

Goldman C.R., 1984: Use of artificial wetlands to remove nitrogen from waste water

Zagrebel'nyi, S. N.; Zarytova, V. F.; Levina, A. S.; Semenova, L. N.; Yarmolinskaya, E. V.; Yasnetskaya, S. M., 1978: Use of aryl sulfo chloride for preparing nucleoside 5 phosphamides

Zaviacic M., 1980: Use of aryl sulfonic acids for histochemical demonstration of cholesterol and its esters

Udovenko L.V., 1986: Use of asbestos cellulose plates for the purification and sterile filtration of enzyme solutions

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876830

Rolstad J., 1988: Use of aspen populus tremula by capercaillie tetrao urogallus in southeastern norway

Mohyuddin, M.; Lewis, A. J.; Bowland, J. P., 1978: Use of aspergillus flavus to evaluate relative nutritive value of barley cultivars intended for incorporation in animal diets

Mohyuddin, M.; Sharma, T. R.; Kaul, A. K.; Niemann, E. G., 1976: Use of aspergillus flavus to evaluate the relative nutritive value in cultivars of rye wheat and triticale

Hearn V.M., 1983: Use of aspergillus fumigatus mycelial antigens in enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay and counter immuno electrophoresis

Levit I.D., 1982: Use of aspiration puncture of the thyroid and determination of thyroid antibodies circulating in the blood for diagnosis of auto immune thyroiditis

Luepker R.V., 1988: Use of aspirin for prevention of cardiovascular disease 1981 82 to 1985 86 the minnesota heart survey

Delanoe G., 1980: Use of aspirin in cerebro vascular insufficiency

Shafer B., 1982: Use of asplenic rabbits to demonstrate that platelet age and density are related

Merendino K.A., 1979: Use of athrombogenic tubing for perfusion re warming following surface induced deep hypo thermia

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876840

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876841

Roff J.C., 1984: Use of atp and carbon to nitrogen ratio as indicators of food quality of stream detritus

Gray P.P., 1979: Use of atp as an indicator of biomass concentration in the trichoderma viride fermentation

Steyn P.L., 1980: Use of atp as an indicator of the microbial counts in milk

Forsberg, C. W.; Lam, K., 1977: Use of atp as an indicator of the microbiota biomass in rumen contents

Tifft, E. C. Jr ; Spiegel, S. J., 1976: Use of atp assay in disinfection control

Chicheportiche R., 1988: Use of atp bioluminescence measurements for the estimation of biomass during biological humification

Martin, G.; Vitrac, O.; Reinbold, M.; Nam, S. H., 1980: Use of atp in biologic purification systems variation in atp content of activated sludges in continuous and transitory systems

Goral J., 1987: Use of atp in the diagnosis of the patients with short pq interval

Berg P.A., 1983: Use of atpase associated antigen m 2 for detection of anti mitochondrial antibodies in primary biliary cirrhosis by fluorometric immunoassay

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876851

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876852

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876853

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876854

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876855

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876856

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876857

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876858

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876859

Bansal, R. P.; Chawla, S. K.; Joshi, R. C.; Shukla, D. C., 1974: Use of attenuated rinderpest tissue culture vaccine in cattle

Renuka B.S.H., 1986: Use of audio visual aids for educating farmers during kisan divas a study of their preferential choices

Tillis, C. H.; Wall, L., 1974: Use of audiocup in a routine school audiometric screening program

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876863

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876864

Bredikis-Yu, I.; Geguzhis, V. A., 1976: Use of auto hemo transfusion in heart surgery

Bull A.T., 1982: Use of auto radiography to quantify aspects of fungal growth and starvation in submerged liquid culture

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876867

Cavadore D., 1980: Use of autobac system in the study of the bacteriostatic effect of combinations of antibiotics

Wolfe R., 1985: Use of autogenous split thickness dermal graft for reconstruction of the lining of the exenterated orbit

Betow C., 1985: Use of autograft and homograft torp total ossicular replacement prosthesis and partial ossicular replacement prosthesis in the reconstruction of the conductive system in the middle ear

Kohanna, F. H.; Adams, P. X.; Cunningham, J. N-Jr ; Spencer, F. C., 1977: Use of autologous fascia lata as a peri cardial substitute following open heart surgery

Isaac S., 1985: Use of autolytic enzyme for isolation of protoplasts from fusarium tricinctum hyphae

Cooney D.A., 1979: Use of automated chromatography on the amino acid analyzer with lithium citrate buffers to separate nucleic acid bases nucleosides nucleotides and their precursors

Larsson L., 1982: Use of automated headspace gas chromatography for determination of 1 1 1 tri chloro ethane in rat blood and brain tissue

Huckman, M. S.; Ackerman, L. V., 1977: Use of automated measurements of mean density as an adjunct to computed tomography

Bala-Yu, M.; Markin, I. I.; Minakov, E. V.; Rog, A. I., 1976: Use of automated method of assessing myo cardial bio potentials in determining cardiac ischemia

Terry J.S., 1980: Use of automated record linkage to measure patient fertility after family planning service

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876878

Dijkman J.H., 1982: Use of automatic counting of basophil leukocytes correlation of basophil de granulation with histamine release

Von Loeper E.G., 1981: Use of automatic recall devices for feeding concentrates to dairy cows on grassland farms

Bartoshevich-Yu, E.; Egorov, A. A.; Gol'dshtein, V. L.; Jones, I. J.; Luni, P. A., 1976: Use of automatic systems in determination of antibiotic biological activity by agar diffusion method

Pagliero K.M., 1985: Use of autosuture during esophageal and pharyngeal diverticulectomy

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876883

Van-Balen ; Mercenier, P., 1976: Use of auxiliary personnel in rural health services an experiment in zaire

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876885

Plorde J.J., 1985: Use of auxotyping for epidemiological studies of campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli infections

Ziegler H., 1980: Use of avena sativa cultivar arnold protoplasts to study chloroplast development

Winkelman J.W., 1988: Use of average of normals quality control procedure in the detection and resolution of assay discrepancies

Vangundy S.D., 1983: Use of avermectins for the control of meloidogyne incognita on tomatoes

Swift, L. H.; Magaro, P. A.; Antonitis, J. J., 1977: Use of aversion stimulation to elicit vocalization in mute schizophrenics

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876891

Lambros C., 1988: Use of avidin biotin glucose oxidase complex to detect antimalarial antibody in serum by light microscopy

Takemori, N.; Saito, N.; Tachibana, N.; Hayashishita, N.; Miyazaki, T., 1988: Use of avidin biotin peroxidase complex abc in postembedding immunoelectron microscopy detection of immunoglobulins in myeloma cells

Remy W., 1984: Use of avidin biotin peroxidase complex for measurement of uv lesions in human dna by micro elisa enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

Fanger H., 1981: Use of avidin biotin peroxidase complex in immuno peroxidase techniques a comparison between avidin biotin peroxidase and unlabeled antibody peroxidase anti peroxidase procedures

Swack, J. A.; Zander, G. L.; Utter, M. F., 1978: Use of avidin sepharose to isolate and identify biotin poly peptides from crude extracts

Ulmer D.C., 1984: Use of avidin to prepare biotin free culture media

Cobb J.S., 1987: Use of avoidance responses to keep spider crabs out of traps for american lobsters

Bates R.H.T., 1984: Use of axial pattersons in assessment of compatibility of alternative b dna structures with fiber x ray data

Lazcano Villareal O., 1987: Use of azide and hydrogen peroxide as an inhibitor for endogenous peroxidase in the immunoperoxidase method

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876901

Moody K., 1984: Use of azolla azolla pinnata to suppress weeds in transplanted rice oryza sativa

Vlassak K., 1982: Use of azospirillum brasilense as bio fertilizer in intensive wheat triticum aestivum cropping

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876904

Robson A.M., 1986: Use of b 2 microglobulin to diagnose tubulo interstitial renal lesions in children

Cappaert, W. E.; Purnell, E. W.; Frank, K. E., 1977: Use of b sector scan ultrasound in the diagnosis of benign choroidal folds

Pack M.Y., 1987: Use of bacilli for overproduction of exocellular endo beta 1 4 glucanase encoded by cloned gene

Kutovoi, A. I.; Syadro, T. A.; Petrenko, V. S.; Solodushchenko, G. F.; Telyuk, V. G., 1978: Use of bacillus megaterium h when studying anti tumor properties of new ethylenimine derivatives of tri chlorophosphaso poly haloid alkanes and chloro anhydrides of n di chlorophosphonyliminotrichloro acetic acid

Tiberi R., 1985: Use of bacillus thuringiensis berliner preparations in pest control in field and forest environments

V"lkova Achkova Z., 1982: Use of backcross 1 and backcross 2 hybrids in overcoming the uncrossability of some species of the genus lycopersicon

Kacprzak J.L., 1979: Use of background correction to improve the accuracy of the selective reduction method for determining methyl mercury in fish

Davis G.S., 1980: Use of backscattered electron imaging to quantify the distribution of inhaled crystalline silica

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876913

Smith A.L., 1986: Use of bacterial antigen detection in the diagnosis of pediatric lower respiratory tract infections

Krahn M.M., 1985: Use of bacterial bioluminescence assay to assess toxicity of contaminated marine sediments

Collett M.S., 1986: Use of bacterial expression cloning to define the amino acid sequences of antigenic determinants on the g 2 glycoprotein of rift valley fever virus

Yamazaki H., 1985: Use of bacterial films as resident inocula for repeated batch fermentation

Kuhn J., 1987: Use of bacterial luciferase to establish a promoter probe vehicle capable of nondestructive real time analysis of gene expression in bacillus spp

Twentyman, P. R.; Yuhas, J. M., 1980: Use of bacterial neutral protease for dis aggregation of mouse tumors and multi cellular tumor spheroids

Dzholiya L.G., 1980: Use of bacterial preparations from bacillus thuringiensis var caucasicus for control of orchard leaf pests

Bennett G.N., 1986: Use of bacterial type ii dihydrofolate reductase fusion proteins to elicit specific antibodies

Bachhuber, M.; Brill, W. J.; Howe, M. M., 1976: Use of bacterio phage mu to isolate deletions in the his to nif region of klebsiella pneumoniae

Truffaut, N.; Sinsheimer, R. L., 1974: Use of bacterio phage phi x 174 replicative form progeny dna as templates for transcription

Chatterjee, A. N., 1969: Use of bacterio phage resistant mutants to study the nature of the bacterio phage receptor site of staphylococcus aureus

Mcsharry R., 1981: Use of bacterio phage transposon mu d 1 to determine the orientation for 3 proc linked phosphate starvation inducible psi genes in escherichia coli k 12

Webster, G. F.; Cummins, C. S., 1978: Use of bacterio phage typing to distinguish propionibacterium acnes type i and type ii

Gadberry, J. L.; Miller, N. G., 1977: Use of bacterio phages as an adjunct in the identification of pasteurella multocida

Begum Y.A., 1985: Use of bacteriophage as a marker for identification of freshly isolated individual escherichia coli strains

Moffatt B.A., 1986: Use of bacteriophage t 7 rna polymerase to direct selective high level expression of cloned genes

Ng L K., 1981: Use of baird parkers medium to enumerate staphylococcus aureus in meats

Wood, W. W.; Ehrlich, G. G., 1978: Use of bakers yeast to trace microbial movement in ground water

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876932

Bins M.C., 1983: Use of balloon catheters in the treatment of high flow broncho pleural fistulae complicating mechanical ventilation

Bailey, L. L.; Mustard, W. T., 1976: Use of balloon tipped vena caval cannulas during open cardiac surgery

Friedrich, U.; Lyngbye, T.; Oster, J., 1977: Use of banding techniques for zygosity diagnosis in twins

Borcard D., 1981: Use of barber traps in the study of forest carabidae on a transect between grand marais and chasseral switzerland

Bancalari E., 1986: Use of barbiturate therapy in severe perinatal asphyxia a randomized controlled trial

Haas H., 1979: Use of barley in the egyptian late paleolithic

Caneque, V.; Ubilla, E., 1978: Use of barley or corn in intensive fattening of friesian bull calves

Wada K., 1987: Use of barricades as foraging sites by ilyoplax pusillus crustacea brachyura ocypodidae

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876941

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876942

Spotts R.A., 1979: Use of bay meb 6447 for eradication of grape black rot caused by guignardia bidwellii

Edwards F.R., 1979: Use of bcg as an immuno stimulant after resection of carcinoma of the lung a 2 year assessment of a trial of 500 patients

Edwards, F. R.; Whitwell, F., 1978: Use of bcg as an immuno stimulant in the surgical treatment of carcinoma of lung a 5 year follow up report

Meli G., 1984: Use of bcg as loco regional aspecific immunostimulator in cervical carcinoma

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876947

Caila, M. L.; De-Gordo, R. D., 1978: Use of bcg vaccine and administration and reading of the results of the tuberculin test

Yustinov S.A., 1981: Use of beams from braking and electron radiation in pre operative figure field irradiation of patients with breast cancer

Soper R.S., 1988: Use of beauveria bassiana for suppression of colorado potato beetle populations in new york state usa coleoptera chrysomelidae

Begin Heick N., 1979: Use of beckman blood urea nitrogen analyzers to determine urine urea

Adilov M.M., 1982: Use of becotide in the treatment of allergic rhinitis patients

Acuna, G. J., 1976: Use of bees apis mellifera in covered cultures

Hanneman R.E.Jr, 1981: Use of bees for the purpose of inter mating in potato solanum tuberosum

Hudson A.M., 1982: Use of behavioral consistency in selection of graduate students in applied child psychology

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876957

Weir C.G., 1985: Use of behavioral tests in early diagnosis of hearing loss

Donagi A., 1979: Use of bel w 3 tobacco as indicator plant for atmospheric ozone during different seasons in the coastal zone of israel

Boyer D.G., 1988: Use of bellani plate evaporimeters for estimation of pet

Dietrich C.C., 1980: Use of bench scale pilot digesters to evaluate full scale digester performance

Pikhlak E.G., 1981: Use of benetazon in the treatment of gout

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876963

Luepschen, N. S., 1976: Use of benomyl sprays for suppressing cytospora leucostoma canker on artificially inoculated peach trees

Wiederholm T., 1980: Use of benthos in lake monitoring

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876966

Alerany Pardo C., 1988: Use of benzodiazepine hypnotics in primary health care

Suljaga Petchel K., 1984: Use of benzodiazepines in primary care geriatric patients

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876969

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876970

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876971

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876972

Cross P.K., 1980: Use of bernoulli census and log linear methods for estimating the prevalence of spina bifida in live births and the completeness of vital record reports in new york state usa

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876974

Schmidt G., 1981: Use of beta adrenergic blocking agents in acute myo cardial infarction

Erina, E. V.; Basishvili, N. Z., 1978: Use of beta adrenergic blocking agents in the treatment of arterial hypertension

Kotova G.A., 1981: Use of beta adreno blockers in diffuse toxic goiter patients with anti thyroid treatment intolerance

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876978

Minin N.B., 1987: Use of beta adrenomimetic alupent to treat lack of coordination in delivery

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876980

Hynes M.D., 1987: Use of beta funaltrexamine to determine mu opioid receptor involvement in the analgesic activity of various opioid ligands

Donahoe M., 1985: Use of beta human chorionic gonadotropin in gestational aging

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876983

Navashin S.M., 1985: Use of beta lactamase from bacillus licheniformis 749 c for elisa

Harbert G.M.Jr, 1985: Use of beta methasone in management of preterm gestation with premature rupture of membranes

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876986

Schroeder, F.; Holland, J. F.; Vagelos, P. R., 1976: Use of beta parinaric acid a novel fluorometric probe to determine characteristic temperatures of membranes and membrane lipids from cultured animal cells

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876988

Elliot L.H., 1982: Use of beta propiono lactone inactivated ebola marburg and lassa intra cellular antigens in immuno fluorescent antibody assay

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876990

Kukes, V. G.; Tsoi, A. N.; Alkhazov, A. I.; Sivkov, S. I., 1976: Use of beta stimulators in patients with chronic ischemic heart disease and full atrio ventricular blockage complicated by congestive circulatory insufficiency

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876992

Section 7, Chapter 6877, Accession 006876993

Michaud C., 1979: Use of bg 15 autoanalyzer for the determination of abo rhesus and kell blood groups

Mehrotra K.N., 1985: Use of bhc and its environmental effects in india

Rai, A.; Rao, B. U., 1977: Use of bhk 21 cell culture and micro complement fixation test for the isolation and typing of foot and mouth disease virus

Pospelov, V. A.; Sokolenko, A. A., 1976: Use of bi functional reagents in the study of the arrangement of histones with respect to one another in chromatin

Kats, M. M.; Nizhnii, S. V., 1977: Use of bi molecular lipid membranes for selection of biologically active compounds part 3 the effect of steroid compounds on the structure and permeability of bi molecular lipid membranes

Kats, M. M.; Nizhnii, S. V.; Piruzyan, L. A., 1977: Use of bi molecular lipid membranes in screening biologically active compounds part 2 specific action of a series of medicinal preparations on permeability of modified bi molecular lipid membranes

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