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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6878

Chapter 6878 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Lefebvre J., 1981:
Use of binary numeration for calculation of inbreeding

Wells T.N.C.; Fersht A.R., 1986:
Use of binding energy in catalysis analyzed by mutagenesis of the tyrosyl transfer rna synthetase

Koval'chuk A.A.; Beletskii V.S.; Sotskaya G.N.; Myakotina T.N.; Balyberdin Y.A., 1981:
Use of bio anti oxidants in the combined treatment of chronic pneumonia in patients with iron ore pneumoconiosis

Kats, M.M.; Nizhnii, S.V.; Piruzyan, L.A., 1977:
Use of bio molecular lipid membranes for screening biologically active compounds part 1 nonspecific action of medicinal substances on permeability of bio molecular lipid membranes

Kozlova, N.P.; Khazanova, S.G., 1978:
Use of bio potentials in plant descriptions as an index of change in a monitoring system

Khorma, P.; Praks-Ya ; Ryuitel, A.; Laidna, A., 1977:
Use of bio radio telemetry to study cardiac activity in cattle

Couture P.; Sylvestre A.; Visser S.A., 1981:
Use of bioassay selenastrum capricornutum in studying variations in nutrient characteristics of a river after building a dam

Grant W.S.; Milner G.B.; Krasnowski P.; Utter F.M., 1980:
Use of biochemical genetic variants for identification of sockeye salmon oncorhynchus nerka stocks in cook inlet alaska usa

Chakraborty R., 1979:
Use of biochemical markers in understanding evolutionary models of gene differentiation

Whipps J.M.; Haselwandter K.; Mcgee E.E.M.; Lewis D.H., 1982:
Use of biochemical markers to determine growth development and biomass of fungi in infected tissues with particular reference to antagonistic and mutualistic biotrophs

Bernard, M.; Autran, J.C.; Joudrier, P., 1977:
Use of biochemical markers to identify rye chromosomes

Bauer, C.; Cinci, A.; Bronzetti, G.; Loprieno, N., 1974:
Use of biochemical parameters for the individuation of genetic variants study of the relative efficiency of some parameters determined on a number of mutants of schizosaccharomyces pombe with altered acid phosphatase activity

Merendino J.; Ertl G.; Skondia V., 1984:
Use of biocompatible orthopedic polymer for fracture treatment and reconstructive orthopedic procedures

Yocum, D.E.; Hodes, R.; Sundstrom, W.R.; Cleeland, C.S., 1985:
Use of biofeedback training in treatment of Raynaud's disease and phenomenon

Kinhal G.A., 1985:
Use of biofertilizers in bamboo dendrocalamus strictus plantations

Skakun N.P.; Shman'ko V.V.; Stepanova N.Yu, 1985:
Use of bioflavonoids to prevent the adverse effect of tetracycline on the liver

Lieber, A.L.; Newbury, N., 1985:
Use of biologic markers in a general hospital affective disorders program

Isenzhulov B.A.; Chukanov N.K., 1981:
Use of biological and chemical preparations in the ensilage of wild plants in a semi desert zone

Marks-Hellman, S.; Ho, M., 1976:
Use of biological characteristics to type herpesvirus hominis type 1 and herpesvirus hominis type 2 in diagnostic laboratories

Guilmet, D.; Bachet, J.; Goudot, B.; Laurian, C.; Gigou, F.; Bical, O.; Barbagelatta, M., 1979:
Use of biological glue in acute aortic dissection. Preliminary clinical results with a new surgical technique

Preobrazhenskii N.A.; Gol'dman I.I., 1980:
Use of biological glue in tympano plasty

Devergne J C.; Cardin L.; Bontemps J., 1982:
Use of biological indexing and of the enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay test for the production of carnation mottle virus free carnations

Darbord, J.C.; Becel, D., 1981:
Use of biological indication in radio sterilization 1. bacillus pumilus e 601

Phillips, D.J.H., 1978:
Use of biological indicator organisms to quantitate organo chlorine pollutants in aquatic environments a review

Belan, A.; Bolte, J.; Fauve, A.; Gourcy, J.G.; Vaschambre, H., 1987:
Use of biological systems for the preparation of chiral molecules 3. an application in pheromone synthesis preparation of enantiomers

Stevenson, J.P., 1978:
Use of biological techniques for the management of fish

Tokarev Y.N.; Radchenko L.A.; Popovichev V.N., 1985 :
Use of bioluminescence characteristics for estimating primary production in the ocean

New P.B.; Chiou A.C.M., 1984:
Use of bioluminescence to study the inhibition of algal photosynthetic oxygen evolution using diuron as a test chemical

Humphrey L.D., 1985:
Use of biomass predicted by regression from cover estimates to compare vegetational similarity of sagebrush grass sites

Kolovskii, R.A., 1978:
Use of biophysical methods for studying plant interrelationships in forest phytocenoses

Filippov V.P.; Timasheva E.D.; Kryukov V.L.; Nurmagamebtova S.S., 1981:
Use of biopsy in sarcoidosis of the respiratory organs

Klyashchitsky B.A.; Mitina V.Kh; Morozevich G.E.; Yakubovskaya R.I., 1981:
Use of biospecific adsorbents with poly saccharide spacers in affinity chromatography

Spesivtseva V.G.; Mamaeva G.G.; Belokrinitskii D.V.; Starosel'tseva L.K.; Turova E.A.; Gukovskaya N.N.; Zolotova N.A.; Efremova N.M., 1984:
Use of biostator artificial pancreas for treatment of diabetic patients

Rayburn A.L.; Gill B.S., 1985:
Use of biotin labeled probes to map specific dna sequences on wheat chromosomes

Neumann, R.; Heiles, B.; Zippel, C.; Eggers, H.J.; Zippel, H.H.; Holzmann, L.; Schulz, K.D., 1986:
Use of biotinylated DNA probes in screening cells obtained from cervical swabs for human papillomavirus DNA sequences

Devriese L.A.; Yde M.; Godard C.; Isigidi B.K., 1985:
Use of biotyping to trace the origin of staphylococcus aureus in foods

Kis-Csitári, I., 1988:
Use of biphasic cyclic hormone therapy in functional bleeding disorders of adolescents (Anteovin)

Dornberger, W., 1977:
Use of bird population census data in the framework of landscape planning using as an example the farmland rearrangement plan niederstetten main tauber administrative district west germany

Arnold L.D.; Viswanatha T., 1983:
Use of bis mercaptoacetato s o hydroxo iron iii complex for the determination of hydroxamates

Walker D.G.; Brodfuehrer P.R.; Brundidge S.P.; Shih K.M.; Sapino C.Jr, 1988:
Use of bistrimethylsilylated intermediates in the preparation of semisynthetic 7 amino 3 substituted cephems expedient syntheses of a new 3 1 methyl 1 pyrrolidiniomethylcephalosporin

Dahling, D.R.; Phirke, P.M.; Wright, B.A.; Safferman, R.S., 1985:
Use of bituminous coal as an alternative technique for field concentration of waterborne viruses

Becker D.M., 1987:
Use of black billed magpie nests by american kestrels in southeastern montana usa

Mazzoleni V.; Testa S.; Colagrande O., 1986:
Use of bleaching charcoal in the treatment of musts and wines

Licinitser M.R.; Tyulyandin S.A., 1984:
Use of bleomycetin for the treatment of malignant tumors of the testicle and the problem of studying bleomycin analogs

Kupchan D.Z.; Khlebnov A.V., 1983:
Use of bleomycin combinations with other chemo therapeutic drugs in the treatment of patients with metastases of squamous cell carcinoma of varying localization

Starkova, N.T.; Mel'nichenko, G.A., 1978:
Use of blockers and stimulants of prolactin secretion in persisting lactorrhea amenorrhea syndrome

Koen, A.L., 1971:
Use of blood clots as enzyme source in gel electrophoresis

Thompson H.W.; Mccullough J., 1986:
Use of blood components containing red cells by donors of allogeneic bone marrow

Verhoeff J.; Wierda A., 1983:
Use of blood from arterialized capillaries in the ears of calves for the analysis of oxygen tension carbon di oxide tension ph and bi carbonate

Buchberger J., 1979:
Use of blood gas analysis for the evaluation of long term physical efficiency in lumbermen

Trela, J., 1977:
Use of blood groups for determining immuno genetic variation in cattle

Smallwood, J.A., 1983:
Use of blood in elective general surgery: an area of wasted resources

Sarma, D.P., 1980:
Use of blood in elective surgery

Seber G.A.F., 1985:
Use of blood samples in paternity testing and forensic science

Uporova T.M.; Khil'ko S.N.; Nikol'skaya I.I.; Debov S.S., 1982:
Use of blue sepharose and phenyl sepharose in purification of restriction endo nuclease eco ck

Buatois B.; Mille B.; Allary M.; Boschetti E.; Saint Blancard J., 1987:
Use of blue trisacryl m for human plasma purification

Wachtel R.E., 1988:
Use of bmdp statistical package to generate maximum likelihood estimates for single channel data

Simpson, D.E.; Reynolds, J.B., 1977:
Use of boat mounted electro fishing gear by fishery biologists in the usa

Poivey J.P.; Landais E.; Seitz J.L., 1980:
Use of body measurements to estimate live weight in local cattle breeds of the ivory coast

Chladek E.; Marano R.S., 1984:
Use of bonded phase silica sorbents for the sampling of priority pollutants in waste waters/

Sukhovskaya L.I.; Klevezal G.A.; Borisov V.I.; Lagerev S.J., 1985:
Use of bone layers to determine age in minke whales balaenoptera acutorostrata

Francis G.E.; Wing M.A.; Miller E.J.; Berney J.J.; Wonke B.; Hoffbrand A.V., 1983:
Use of bone marrow culture in prediction of acute leukemic transformation in pre leukemia

Baisogolov, G.D.; Rudakova, S.F.; Pavlov, V.V., 1976:
Use of bone marrow mono layer cultures for the study of the pathogenesis and determination of the prognosis of disease in patients with lympho granulomatosis

Singh G.R.; Bhargava A.K.; Moghaj I.V., 1987:
Use of bone plates prepared from bovine horn for the fixation of femoral fracture in goats

Smergel, E.M.; Harcke, H.T.; Pizzutillo, P.D.; Betz, R.R., 1987 :
Use of bone scintigraphy in the management of slipped capital femoral epiphysis

Castro-Beiras, J.M.; Fernandez-Puente, M.E.; Rodriguez-Torras, M.L.; Morales, A.; Ezcurra, M.J.; Crespo-Diez, A., 1987:
Use of bone scintigraphy in the topographic diagnosis of extension and therapeutic control of paget's disease

Lapaev E.V.; Kuznetsov V.S.; Tarasenko G.I.; Katalov M.I., 1979:
Use of bone sound conductivity in aviation radio communication

Frank, H.; Das-Neves, H.J.C.; Bayer, E., 1978:
Use of borane as reducing agent in sequence analysis of peptides by gas chromatography mass spectrometry/

Polyakova L.V., 1979:
Use of borate buffer for extracting phenol compounds and protein from acetone powders of plants

Krueger M.M.G.; Horsch F., 1987:
Use of bordetella adsorbate vaccine to control bordetella bronchiseptica infection of guinea pig

Roos, R.W.; Medwick, T., 1979:
Use of borohydride reduction in the separation of estrogen carbonyls

Clifford P.; Sudbury A.W., 1979:
Use of bounds in the statistical analysis of spatial processes

Eisenberg, R.A.; Theofilopoulos, A.N.; Dixon, F.J., 1977:
Use of bovine conglutinin for the assay of immune complexes

Hilpert, H.; Brüssow, H.; Mietens, C.; Sidoti, J.; Lerner, L.; Werchau, H., 1987:
Use of bovine milk concentrate containing antibody to rotavirus to treat rotavirus gastroenteritis in infants

Barling P.M.; Christie D.L., 1984:
Use of bovine parathyroid hormone labeled specifically in the amino terminal region by tritium labeled methyl exchange to compare hepatic and renal metabolism of this hormone in the rat

Khechinashvili S.N.; Kevanishvili Z.Sh; Lagidze Z.P., 1985:
Use of brainstem auditory evoked potentials for the diagnosis of retrocochlear lesions

Pereslegin I.A.; Fedorov V.D.; Pan'shin G.A.; Razin O.N.; Vorob'ev G.I.; Postnikova O.E., 1979:
Use of braking radiation with 25 mev energy in combination therapy of patients with cancer of the colon

Elias D.; Lasser P.; Eschwege F.; Wibault P.; Simon P.; Mandelbrot L., 1987:
Use of breast implant in 12 patients to prevent small bowel injury in high postoperative irradiation for pelvic cancers

Capeless, E.L.; Mann, L.I., 1984:
Use of breast stimulation for antepartum stress testing

Stewart, R.D.; Hake, C.L.; Wu, A., 1976:
Use of breath analysis to monitor methylene chloride exposure

Bond, J.H.; Levitt, M.D., 1977:
Use of breath hydrogen in the study of carbohydrate absorption

Jalazo, J.; Steer, R.A.; Fine, E.W., 1978:
Use of breathalyzer scores in the evaluation of persons arrested for driving while intoxicated

Murphy K.; Nowak R.M.; Tomlanovich M.C., 1986:
Use of bretylium tosylate as prophylaxis and treatment in hypothermic ventricular fibrillation in the canine model

Eich, W.F., 1980 :
Use of brief intelligence tests administered in pediatric practice

Shotwell O.L.; Hesseltine C.W., 1981:
Use of bright greenish yellow fluorescence as a presumptive test for afla toxin in corn

Mueller T.; Lepom P., 1985:
Use of brine shrimp larvae artemia salina to detect t 2 toxin and diacetoxyscirpenole in roughage substances

Komarov, F.I.; Kun, I.S.; Il'enko, T.I., 1977:
Use of brinerdin in arterial hypertension

Hannah, L.C.; Bassett, M.J., 1977:
Use of brittle a gene in sweet corn breeding

A.A.zawi I.I.; Alwash A.H.; Farhan S.M.A.; A.R.wi A.R., 1979:
Use of broiler excretion in fattening awassi lambs

O'Connor, B.H.; Kerrigan, G.C.; Thomas, W.W.; Pearce, A.T., 1977:
Use of bromine levels in airborne particulate samples to infer vehicular lead concentrations in the atmosphere

Naleczynska A., 1981:
Use of bromo phenol blue for quantitative estimation of protein in plant extracts

Herskovits E.; Yorio A.; Herrera E.; Melcolm M.; Scarlatti A.; Bozzola F.; Leston J., 1986:
Use of bromocriptine in de novo parkinsonian patients

Check J.H., 1985:
Use of bromocriptine in mildly hyperprolactinemic women with follicular maturation defects

Ueda, K.; Kato, H.; Fujino, T.; Nanjo, K.; Noguchi, H.; Numa, F.; Narimatsu, A.; Nakamura, Y.; Torigoe, T.; Ito, T., 1987:
Use of bromocriptine in the treatment of normoprolactinemic infertility

Raza A.; Preisler H.D., 1984:
Use of bromodeoxyuridine and tritium labeled thymidine for the double labeling of human leukemic cells

Wynford Thomas D.; Williams E.D., 1986:
Use of bromodeoxyuridine for the kinetic studies in intact animals

Makarova T.B.; Korolev N.P.; Mil'gram V.D.; Ivanov I.I., 1983:
Use of bromthymol blue for study of the thermotropic properties of egg lecithin liposomes

Ahrens R.C.; Harris J.B.; Milavetz G.; Annis L.; Ries R., 1987:
Use of bronchial provocation with histamine to compare the pharmacodynamics of inhaled albuterol and metaproterenol in patients with asthma

Akoun, G.M.; Mayaud, C.M.; Touboul, J.L.; Denis, M.F.; Milleron, B.J.; Perrot, J.Y., 1987:
Use of bronchoalveolar lavage in the evaluation of methotrexate lung disease

Springmeyer, S.C.; Hackman, R.C.; Holle, R.; Greenberg, G.M.; Weems, C.E.; Myerson, D.; Meyers, J.D.; Thomas, E.D., 1986:
Use of bronchoalveolar lavage to diagnose acute diffuse pneumonia in the immunocompromised host

Vyzhigina M.A.; Mizikov V.M.; Titov V.A.; Biryukov Y.V., 1988:
Use of bronchofibroscopy during surgery on the lungs trachea bronchi and mediastinal organs

Lebedeva R.N.; Biryukov Y.V.; Timerbaev V.Kh, 1988:
Use of bronchofibroscopy in a postoperative department for resuscitation and intensive care

Romanenkova, N.I.; Kleganov, V.K., 1982:
Use of broth cultures grown under stationary conditions for obtaining escherichia coli entero toxins 2. preparations obtained from escherichia isolated from diarrhea patients

Kleganov, V.K., 1982:
Use of broth cultures grown under stationary conditions in obtaining escherichia coli entero toxins 1. preparations obtained from standard entero toxigenic escherichia strains

Coates D.; Death J.E., 1982:
Use of buffered hypo chlorite solution for disinfecting fiber scopes

Pagay S.N., 1988:
Use of buffers in matrix capsule formulations

Giroux J F.; Bedard J., 1988:
Use of bulrush marshes by greater snow geese during staging

Frey, H.H.; Fitzek, A.; Wintzer, H.J.; Baumgärtel, E., 1976:
Use of bumetanide, a potent diuretic, to obtain urinary samples for dope testing in horses

Baghdassarian R.; Tansey L.A.; Martin D.C.; Shanberg A.M., 1986:
Use of bupivacaine as block to relieve postoperative pain in pediatric orchiopexy and hernia repair

Burke, J.; Broad, J.; Byford, S.R.; Sims, P., 1983:
Use of Burks' behavior rating scale with a referred population

D'Angelo, V.F., 1983:
Use of butorphanol tartrate in balanced anesthesia

Mel'nichuk D.A.; Stefanov A.V.; Kirilenko V.N.; Skorik L.V., 1987:
Use of butter milk as a source of phospholipids

Oates K.; Caldwell A.G., 1985 :
Use of byproduct gypsum to alleviate soil acidity

Kollarits, C.R.; Goldman, H.; Murphy, S.; Kollarits, F.J., 1976:
Use of c antipyrine for estimation of rhesus monkey eye blood flow

Garberi J.C.; Trini E.; Baranao R.I.; Rumi L.S., 1986:
Use of c3 rbc binding technique for immune complexes detection in patients with different diseases

Vaidya M.V.; Bulusu K.R., 1981:
Use of ca 14 synthetic organic poly electrolyte for operational improvement of coagulation of turbidity in water treatment

Hinkle, P.E.; Coffey, C.E.; Weiner, R.D.; Cress, M.; Christison, C., 1987:
Use of caffeine to lengthen seizures in ECT

Volk E.C., 1986:
Use of calcareous otic elements statoliths to determine age of sea lamprey ammocoetes petromyzon marinus

Kushkin V.V.; Tupikina V.G., 1981:
Use of calcareous slime for saponification of carbomethoxy norsulfazole in the production of norsulfazole

Gorozhankina M.A.; Khomullo G.V.; Chernin V.V., 1986:
Use of calcitonin for the experimental arrest gastroduodenal ulcerous process

Edwards, F.M.; Kraushaar, J.J.; Ristinen, R.A.; Rudolph, H., 1977:
Use of calcium 48 as a stable isotope tracer analyzed by proton activation

Kierstan M., 1981:
Use of calcium alginate gels for solids separation and diffusional chromatography of biological materials

Dose M.; Emrich H.M.; Cording Toemmel C.; Von Zerssen D., 1986:
Use of calcium antagonists in mania

Hercz, G.; Kraut, J.A.; Andress, D.A.; Howard, N.; Roberts, C.; Shinaberger, J.H.; Sherrard, D.J.; Coburn, J.W., 1986:
Use of calcium carbonate as a phosphate binder in dialysis patients

Barnard, R.; Waters, M.J., 1988:
Use of calcium dependence as a means to study the interaction between growth hormones and their binding proteins in rabbit liver

Leinfelder K.F.; O'neal S.J.; Mueninghoff L.A., 1986:
Use of calcium hydroxide for measuring microleakage

Fiske S.A.; Stamper D.W., 1984:
Use of calcium oragrafin granules in repeat cholecystography with supplemental ultrasonographic evaluation

Bunin K.V.; Ryabov V.I., 1981:
Use of calcium preparations in combined therapy of patients with salmonellosis and acute dysentery

L.J.Y.; Carter E.; Chung R.A., 1980:
Use of calcium salts for soybean curd preparation

Padfield C.A.S., 1979:
Use of calcium to reduce storage breakdown in spartan apples

Perevoshchikova G.F.; Raninen A.T., 1981:
Use of calculation methods for table aided differential diagnosis of obturational and nonobturational cerebral infarctions during the first 5 days of stroke

White G.; Piercy D.W.T.; Gibbs H.A., 1981:
Use of calf salmonellosis model to evaluate the therapeutic properties of trimethoprim and sulfadiazine and their mutual potentiation in vivo

Smith M.K.; Mccomb J.A., 1981:
Use of callus cultures to detect sodium chloride tolerance in cultivars of 3 species of pasture legumes

Mango, A.M.; Rubin, R.O., 1976:
Use of cambendazole for treatment of calves infected with Cysticercus bovis

Hutchinson J.H.; Money T.; Piper S.E., 1986:
Use of camphor in pseudoguaianolide synthesis

Kupletskaya M.B.; Avsyuk I.V.; Golovkina G.P.; Grigoryan A.N.; Egorov N.S., 1981:
Use of candida yeast enzymatic hydrolysate in bacterial cultivation for amino acid production

Cole R.A.; Phelps K., 1979:
Use of canonical variate analysis in the differentiation of swede cultivars by gas liquid chromatography of volatile hydrolysis products

Bonanno A.R.; Mack H.J., 1983:
Use of canopy air temperature differentials as a method for scheduling irrigations in snap beans phaseolus vulgaris

Pootrakul P.; Skikne B.S.; Cook J.D., 1983:
Use of capillary blood for measurements of circulating ferritin

L.Y.; Lynch S.R.; Cook J.D.; Madan N.; Bayer W.L., 1987:
Use of capillary blood for the evaluation of iron status

Swaminathan, N.; Apon, B.; Aladjem, F., 1976:
Use of capillary columns for the analysis of mono saccharides by gas liquid chromatography

Einarsson R.; Karlsson R.; Akerblom E., 1984:
Use of capillary isotachophoresis to measure the degree of chemical substitution of dog serum albumin

Bagdat'ev V.E.; Sidorenko L.A.; Platonov V.I.; Andreev Y.V.; Lapshina I.Yu, 1981:
Use of capnography for evaluation of lung function in lesser respiratory pathways

Chopin C.; Mangalaboyi J.; Fourrier F.; Chambrin M C.; Lestavel P., 1985:
Use of capnography in intensive care unit

Yazawa S.; Kenmi T.; Uemura N.; Adachi K.; Takashima S., 1980:
Use of capsicum hybrids as rootstock for green pepper capsicum annuum cultivar shishito culture

Beckett V.L.; Donadio J.V.Jr; Brennan L.A.Jr; Conn D.L.; Chao E.Y.S.; Holley K.E., 1985:
Use of captopril as early therapy for renal scleroderma a prospective study

McGrath, B.P.; Matthews, P.G.; Johnston, C.I., 1981:
Use of captopril in the diagnosis of renal hypertension

Cunha, R.J.P.; Ogawa, T., 1986:
Use of carbamate insecticides for the control of the pineapple mealybug dysmicoccus brevipes ckll. 1893

Lenzi, A.; Lazzerini, F.; Grossi, E.; Massimetti, G.; Placidi, G.F., 1986:
Use of carbamazepine in acute psychosis: a controlled study

Fokkema N.J.; Dik A.J.; Daamen R.A., 1987:
Use of carbendazim and carbendazim resistant yeasts to create different yeast densities on wheat leaves for field studies on biological control

Lawrence K.; Palmer G.H.; Needham J.R., 1986 :
Use of carbenicillin in two species of tortoise testudo graeca and testudo hermanni

L.N.uyen D.; Rivier J., 1986:
Use of carboethoxysulfenyl chloride for disulfide bond formation

Brandenburg R.L., 1985:
Use of carbofuran as an aid in spring establishment of alfalfa medicago sativa in missouri usa

Debarr G.L.; Barber L.R.; Maxwell A.H., 1982:
Use of carbofuran for control of eastern white pine pinus strobus cone and seed insects

Boothe T.E.; Emran A.M.; Finn R.D.; Vora M.M.; Kothari P.J., 1985:
Use of carbon 11 as a tracer for studying the synthesis of carbon 11 urea from carbon 11 cyanide

Emran, A.M.; Boothe, T.E.; Finn, R.D.; Vora, M.M.; Kothari, P.J., 1986:
Use of carbon 11 as a tracer for studying the synthesis of radiolabelled compounds ii. carbon 11 5 5 diphenylhydantoin from carbon 11 cyanide

Reivich M.; Alavi A.; Wolf A.; Greenberg J.H.; Fowler J.; Christman D.; Macgregor R.; Jones S.C.; London J.; E.A., 1982:
Use of carbon 11 labeled 2 deoxy d glucose for the determination of local cerebral glucose metabolism in humans variation within and between subjects

Fukuda H.; Syrota A.; Charbonneau P.; Vallois J.; Crouzel M.; Prenant C.; Sastre J.; Crouzel C., 1986:
Use of carbon 11 triphenylmethylphosphonium for the evaluation of membrane potential in the heart by positron emission tomography

Rau G.H.; Anderson N.H., 1981:
Use of carbon 13 carbon 12 to trace dissolved and particulate organic matter utilization by populations of an aquatic invertebrate

Canham, P.L.; Vining, L.C.; Mcinnes, A.G.; Walter, J.A.; Wright, J.L.C., 1977 :
Use of carbon 13 in biosynthetic studies incorporation of carbon 13 labeled acetate into chartreusin by streptomyces chartreusis

Wright, J.L.C.; Vining, L.C.; Mcinnes, A.G.; Smith, D.G.; Walter, J.A., 1977:
Use of carbon 13 in biosynthetic studies the labeling pattern in tenellin enriched from isotope labeled acetate methionine and phenyl alanine

Kurobane I.; Vining L.C.; Gavin A.; Walter J.A., 1980:
Use of carbon 13 labeled acetate in biosynthetic studies labeling pattern in di hydro fusarubin enriched from carbon 13 labeled acetate and carbon 13 labeled deuterium labeled acetate in cultures of fusarium solani

Robert J.J.; Koziet J.; Chauvet D.; Darmaun D.; Desjeux J.F.; Young V.R., 1987:
Use of carbon 13 labeled glucose for estimating glucose oxidation some design considerations

Gromova A.S.; Lutskii V.I.; Vereshchagin A.L.; Semenov A.A., 1987:
Use of carbon 13 nmr and fast atom bombardment mass spectroscopy to study minor triterpenoids from thalictrum minus

Cliffe S.; Austen B.; Hermon Taylor J.; Hawkes G.; Grant D., 1985:
Use of carbon 13 nmr for the characterization of linkages in acidic peptides application to the activation peptides of trypsinogen

Kupche E.L., 1980:
Use of carbon 13 nmr signal widening in nucleoside complexes with bivalent manganese for evaluation of conformational equilibrium of the ribose ring

Svergun V.I.; Smirnov M.B.; Antonov A.A.; Krysin E.P.; Panov V.P.; Nikitina T.Kh, 1981:
Use of carbon 13 nmr spectroscopy for control of peptide synthesis of fragment 20 24 of the amino acid sequence of acth

Shcherbukhin V.D.; Shashkov A.S., 1981:
Use of carbon 13 nmr spectroscopy for studying gluco mannan structure

Pass M.A.; Geoffrion Y.; Deslauriers R.; Butler K.W.; Smith I.C.P., 1984:
Use of carbon 13 nmr spectroscopy for the evaluation of hepatic drug metabolizing enzyme activity in perfused mouse livers

Wannlund, J.; Deluca, M.; Stempel, K.; Boyer, P.D., 1978:
Use of carbon 14 carboxyl luciferin in determining the mechanism of the firefly luciferase catalyzed reactions

Madelmont, J.C.; Parry, D.; Godeneche, D.; Duprat, J., 1985:
Use of carbon 14 ethanolamine as a precursor 1. labeling of n' 2 chloroethyl n methylsulfinyl 2 ethyl n' nitrosourea and n' 2 chloroethyl n methylsulfonyl 2 ethyl n' nitrosourea by means of carbon 14

Adams C.A.; Broman T.H.; Rinne R.W., 1982:
Use of carbon 14 labeled glucose to assess in vivo competition for phosphoenol pyruvate between phosphoenol pyruvate carboxylase and pyruvate kinase in developing soybean glycine max cultivar wells seeds

Glenn O.F.; Parker C.A.; Sivasithamparam K., 1988:
Use of carbon 14 labelled wheat tissue to demonstrate saprophytic growth of gaeumannomyces graminis var tritici in soil

Mafart, P.; Bourgeois, C.; Duteurtre, B.; Moll, M., 1978:
Use of carbon 14 lysine to detect microbial contamination in liquid foods

Baron, C.; Forin, M.C., 1977:
Use of carbon 14 sodium acetate or carbon 14 d glucose for cell biosynthesis in spirulina geitleri an autotrophic cyanophyceae

Lespinat, P.A.; Hetier, J.M.; Thomann, C.; Chone, T.; Dimon, A., 1976:
Use of carbon 14 uniformly labeled mature corn for studying organic compounds in 3 soils oxisol mollisol and andosol

Veefkind, A.H.; Van-Den-Camp, R.A.M.; Maas, A.H.J., 1975:
Use of carbon di oxide and tonometered and oxygen tonometered phosphate bi carbonate chloride glycero water mixtures for calibration and control of ph carbon di oxide tension and oxygen tension electrode systems

Kurosawa T.; Tamura H.; Shikata J I.; Maejima K.; Takagaki Y.; Nakagawa M.; Suzuki K., 1981:
Use of carbon di oxide euthanasia cabinet for experimental animals

Boncyk, L.H.; Millstein, C.H.; Kalter, S.S., 1976:
Use of carbon di oxide for more rapid growth of the nocardia spp species

Nikol'skii A.D.; Dmitriev B.V.; Petrova N.S., 1981:
Use of carbon di oxide laser in operations on the urinary bladder in experiments

Komisar A.; Ruben R.J., 1981:
Use of carbon di oxide laser in pediatric oto laryngologic diseases

Flynn M.B.; White M.; Tabah R.J., 1988:
Use of carbon dioxide laser for the treatment of premalignant lesions of the oral mucosa

Haaga J.R.; Beale S.M., 1986:
Use of carbon dioxide to move structures as an aid to percutaneous procedures

Dahhan, P.; Benazet, J.P.; Rey, P.; Leandri, J., 1981:
Use of carbon fibers to repair the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee

Clark, D.S.; Lentz, C.P.; Roth, L.A., 1976:
Use of carbon mon oxide for extending shelf life of pre packaged fresh beef

Levitt, M.D.; Aufderheide, T.; Fetzer, C.A.; Bond, J.H.; Levitt, D.G., 1984:
Use of carbon monoxide to measure luminal stirring in the rat gut

Wheeler, P.R.; Ratledge, C., 1988:
Use of carbon sources for lipid biosynthesis in Mycobacterium leprae: a comparison with other pathogenic mycobacteria

Martinez J.; Laur J.; Castro B., 1985:
Use of carboxamidomethyl esters in the synthesis of model peptides scope and limitations

Martin, B.; Svendsen, I.; Ottesen, M., 1977:
Use of carboxy peptidase y for carboxy terminal sequence determination in proteins

Lum G., 1985:
Use of carboxyl terminal parathyroid assays in a large metropolitan hospital

Shabel'nik N.M.; Kushnirenko A.A.; Ishchuk V.G., 1980:
Use of carboxylin in prophylaxis of subclinical ketoses in lactating cows

Thompson J.M.; Atkins K.D., 1980:
Use of carcass measurements to predict percentage carcass composition in cross bred lambs

Tupling S.J.; Pierrynowski M.R., 1987:
Use of cardan angles to locate rigid bodies in three dimensional space

Sivkov, I.I.; Kukes, V.G., 1975:
Use of cardiac glycosides in chronic circulatory insufficiency

Salazar V.C.; Soto P.L.; Brenes P.C.; Castro B.A.; Pucci C.J.J.; Fallas V.M., 1980:
Use of cardiac pacemakers in children

Perevodchikova, N.I.; Gorbunova, V.A.; Lichinitser, M.R.; Moroz, L.V., 1976:
Use of carminomicin in treatment of soft tissue sarcoma

Lanni N.; Chiumiento P.; Pannella G.; Grimaldi U.; D'auria M.; Imbimbo N., 1980:
Use of carnitine in cardiac failure a clinical study

Yakovleva T.V.; Nazarevskaya G.D.; Savrova O.B.; Erastov G.M.; Medvedev D.I.; Reznikov K.Yu, 1982:
Use of carnitine in the stimulation of brain growth and development in mice under mal nutrition in early post natal ontogeny

Wolfenden J.; Robinson D.C.; Cape J.N.; Paterson I.S.; Francis B.J.; Mehlhorn H.; Wellburn A.R., 1988:
Use of carotenoid ratios ethylene emissions and buffer capacities for the early diagnosis of forest decline

Merrick N.J.; Brook R.H.; Fink A.; Solomon D.H., 1986:
Use of carotid endarterectomy in five california usa veterans administration medical centers

Brandenburg A.M.; Ray M.S.; Lewis W.M., 1979:
Use of carp eggs as a feed for fingerling largemouth bass

Ortiz Monasterio F.; Olmedo A.; Oscoy L.O., 1981:
Use of cartilage grafts in primary aesthetic rhino plasty

Goszczynski J., 1981:
Use of cartographic method in studies of area penetration by mammals

Miterev-Yu, G.; Al'perin, P.M.; Zherebtsov, L.A.; Melekhova, O.P.; Valova, G.M.; Zamchii, A.A., 1978:
Use of casein 2 hydrolysate and aminofusin in diseases of internal organs

Wee K.L.; N.L.T., 1986:
Use of cassava as an energy source in a pelleted feed for the tilapia oreochromis niloticus

Bastos, C.N.; De-Figueiredo, J.M.; Da-Matta, E.A.F., 1976 :
Use of castellani method for preserving the fungus metarrhizium anisopliae

Ivanova V.V.; Erokhina L.N., 1983:
Use of catabolite repression in the selection of the gluco amylase producer aspergillus niger

Boyd P.; Van Heyningen V.; Seawright A.; Fekete G.; Hastie N., 1986:
Use of catalase polymorphisms in the study of sporadic aniridia

Bashura G.S.; Lyapunov N.A., 1988:
Use of catamine ab in drug formulations

Morrissy N.M.; Caputi N., 1981:
Use of catchability equations for population estimation of marron cherax tenuimanus decapoda parastacidae

Kulinskii, V.I., 1978:
Use of catechol o methyl transferase activity determination for evaluation of the state of human catecholamine metabolism

Egan, B.Z.; Holladay, D.W., 1977:
Use of catechol oxygenase for determination of catechol

Ross S.M.; Smith R.E., 1987:
Use of catechol solutions as extractants for mobilizable iron in forest soils

Bilsky L.H.; Walker N.; Jones P.; Scheyer B.; Black M., 1982:
Use of categorical knowledge to aid recall

Khristova M.L.; Sokolova M.V.; Zakomyrdin Y.A.; Kharitonenkov I.G., 1979:
Use of cation detergent cetyl tri methyl ammonium bromide for isolation of influenza virus rna

Veitser-Yu, I.; Ryabchenko, V.A.; Arbuzova, N.A., 1976 :
Use of cation poly electrolytes for water purification from viruses

Mocz G.; Balint M., 1984:
Use of cationic detergents for polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis in multiphasic buffer systems

Fabricius W.V.; Hagen J.W., 1984:
Use of causal attributions about recall performance to assess metamemory and predict strategic memory behavior in young children

Imre, G., 1985:
Use of cavinton drip infusion in ophthalmology. Effect of cavinton drip infusion on the peripheral resistance of internal carotid artery

Imre, G., 1986:
Use of Cavinton drip infusion in ophthalmology. II. Effect of Cavinton drip infusion in eye diseases caused by vascular occlusion or stenosis

Dutov, A.A.; Tolpyshev, B.A.; Petrov, A.P.; Gladun, V.N., 1986:
Use of cavinton in epilepsy

Watanabe H.; Honda M.; Hatano M., 1981:
Use of cb 154 bromocriptine in 2 cases of acromegaly

Schell, R.F.; L.F.ock, J.L.; Babu, J.P.; Chan, J.K., 1979:
Use of CB hamsters in the study of Treponema pertenue

Pajot, F.X.; Le-Pont, F.; Molez, J.F., 1977:
Use of cdc battery operated miniature light traps as a means to sample the anopheline populations in a coastal village of french guiana

LeFrock, J.L.; Paparone, P.; Kowalsky, S.F.; Schell, R.F.; Jacobs, R.L.; Wirth, C.R.; Tillotson, J.R., 1981:
Use of cefamandole in the treatment of soft tissue and skeletal infections

Okamura K.; Nakakuki M.; Yamada K.; Furukawa K.; Koga S.; Nakagawa K.; Igarashi A., 1985:
Use of cefminox for infections in obstetrics and gynecology

Laganara D.; Fontana T., 1987:
Use of cefoperazone in typhoid infection with principal localization in the bile ducts

Garcia Rodriguez J.A.; Capurro M.; Garcia Sanchez J.E.; Prieto J., 1982:
Use of cefotaxime in an intensive care unit

Krairojananan S., 1983:
Use of cefotaxime in gonorrhea

Signorelli C.; Ferdico M., 1988:
Use of cefotetan for antibiotic prophylaxis in gynecological surgery

Nair, S.R.; Cherubin, C.E., 1978:
Use of cefoxitin sodium in difficult to treat infections

Schumer, W.; Nicholas, R.L.; Acharya, A., 1978:
Use of cefoxitin sodium in moderate to severe surgical infections

Gomes D'oliveira J.J.; Araujo Pereira M.E.; Mateus L.M.; Nascimento Monteiro J.M.; Silva Parreira A.; Ducla Soares A., 1986:
Use of ceftazidime in febrile incidents in immunocompromised hematological patients A.; Dattilo C.; Giustolisi M.; Madonia G.; Costa P., 1986:
Use of ceftazidime in gram negative pulmonary infections

Chen, J.S.; Lee, K.T.; Ker, C.G.; Sheen, P.C.; Hwang, K.P., 1987:
Use of ceftazidime in hepatobiliary surgery

D.B.stiani, G.; Nogarin, L.; Molinaroli, F.; Bragantini, A.; Fostini, R., 1986:
Use of ceftazidime in the treatment of osteomyelitis and osteoarthritis

Vellucci, A.; Marcucci, L.; Greco, D.; Schinaia, N.; Caterini, A.; Benedetti, M., 1987:
Use of ceftazidime in the treatment of otorhinolaryngoiatric bacterial infections

Hirabayashi, K., 1988:
Use of ceftriaxone against parametritis after radical surgery for cancer of the uterine cervix

Giannecchini G.; Molino F.; Trivella S., 1987:
Use of ceftriaxone as single dose prophylaxis in ophthalmic surgery

Zola S.; Zola P.; Rosella P.P.; Rosella E.; Galvagna S.; Ronsisvalle M.C.; Giuffrida S.; Cappadona E.; Ternullo R., 1985:
Use of ceftriaxone once a day in complicated infectious disease clinical considerations

Hertz, C.M.; Graves, D.J.; Lauffenburger, D.A.; Serota, F.T., 1985:
Use of cell affinity chromatography for separation of lymphocyte subpopulations

Danon, S.; Chipilska, L., 1977:
Use of cell cultures as a method for determining pesticide toxicity

Strelkov R.B.; Stefanov S.B., 1987:
Use of cell cultures in a pharmacological experiment

Gerin Roze G.; Hemon D.; Berger C.; Festy B., 1979:
Use of cell cultures of the continuous line hela to demonstrate toxic potentialities in vitro

Barel M.; Charriaut C.; Frade R., 1981:
Use of cell differentiation effectors to select a human b lympho blastoid cell line enriched in complement c 3b receptors

Enzminger J.D.; Asenjo J.A., 1986:
Use of cell recycle in the aerobic fermentative production of citric acid by yeast saccharomycopsis lipolytica

Manna G.K.; Sadhukhan A., 1986:
Use of cells of gill and kidney of tilapia fish in micronucleus test mnt

Bolkan H.A.; Williamson V.M.; Waters C.M., 1987:
Use of cellulose acetate electrophoresis as an alternative to starch gel electrophoresis for detecting root knot nematode resistance in tomato

Kennedy J.F.; Keep P.A.; Catty D., 1982:
Use of cellulose carbonate based immuno adsorbents in the isolation of minor allotypic components of rabbit immuno globulin populations

Buglov E.D.; Shott A.V.; Misharev O.S.; Dovgalev S.I., 1979:
Use of cellulose phosphate stabilized blood in chest organ surgery

Giardina A.; Castelli G.P.; Ali A., 1987:
Use of centella asiatica in the topical treatment of trophic ulcers of the lower limbs

Nekhaev A.S.; Vlasov V.D.; Ivanov V.V., 1986:
Use of central electroanalgesia to restore autonomic equilibrium during motion sickness

Barbin G.; Selak I.; Manthorpe M.; Varon S., 1984:
Use of central neuronal cultures for the detection of neuronotrophic agents

Gopalakrishna, R.; Nagarajan, B., 1979:
Use of centrifuge column technique in estimation of arginase ec in human serum

Chiampo, L.; Ghirarduzzi, A., 1982:
Use of cephalosporins in surgical patients

Simonelli P.; Pontieri A., 1985:
Use of cephamandole naftate in bronchopulmonary infections of a probable bacterial origin

Catalano T.; Lynch V.D.; Bidanset J.; Barletta M., 1982:
Use of cerebellar cyclic gmp in the measurement and characterization of the diazepam ethanol interaction

Tritschler, J.L.; Delouvrier, J.J.; Masson, M.; Nahum, H.; Cambier, J., 1979:
Use of cerebral computer tomography for the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis

Body, B.A.; Oneson, R.H.; Herold, D.A., 1987:
Use of cerebrospinal fluid lactic acid concentration in the diagnosis of fungal meningitis

Asami T.; Tanaka A.; Asami K.; Sakai K., 1986:
Use of cerebrospinal fluid sialic acid to diagnose and monitor central nervous system leukemia

Poncet, C., 1976:
Use of cerium 141 as a marker of solid stomach contents in ruminants part 1 conditions of fixation on foods and behavior within the rumen in vivo

Poncet, C., 1976:
Use of cerium 141 as a marker of solid stomach contents in ruminants part 2 behavior of the marker in the duodenum and in the feces

Blesova, M.; Bezakova, Z.; Bachrata, M., 1982:
Use of certain alcoholates as volumetric agents for alkalimetry in nonaqueous medium 2. determination of sulfonamides

Szulczynski M.; Domka F., 1980:
Use of certain organic compounds by desulfovibrio vulgaris

Garagulya A.D.; Kiprianova E.A.; Nikitenko A.G.; Misrnov V.V., 1987:
Use of certain substances of microbial origin as components of detergent disinfectants

Walton, S.; Kafetzakis, E.; Shields, R.A.; Testa, H.J.; Rowlands, D.J., 1978:
Use of cesium 129 technetium 99m stannous pyro phosphate and a combination of the 2 in the assessment of myo cardial infarction

Kuz'min, V.P.; Gabuniya, R.I.; Romagin, V.K., 1976:
Use of cesium 131 in studying the state of the cardiac muscle

Kondrat'yeva T.S.; Kuz'mina L.I.; Borysova H.A., 1979:
Use of cetyl pyridinium chloride for preservation of clophelinum eye drops

Boyle G.J., 1987:
Use of change scores in redundancy analyses of multivariate psychological inventories

Buchta R.M., 1987:
Use of chaperones during pelvic examinations of female adolescents results of survey

Burgudjiev, Z.; Lyochkova, M.; Stefanova, D.; Koleva, I., 1976:
Use of characteristics of modern photographic materials in spectral determination of trace elements

Namboodiri, M.A.A.; Klein, D.C., 1979:
Use of charcoal adsorption for the micro assay of acetyl coenzyme a hydrolase ec

Cheret P.; Brossier P., 1986:
Use of charcoal mixed with dextran or solvents as separation system for immunoassays application to tricyclic antidepressants

Meola, J.M.; Vanko, M., 1974:
Use of charcoal to concentrate drugs from urine before drug analysis

Khan A.W.; Chin A.; Baird S., 1985:
Use of charcoal to minimize end product inhibition in enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulose

Ostrovskaya L.K.; Nikolenko V.G.; Chenskaya N.N., 1983:
Use of chelates in mother plantations of grapevine stocks and scions

Brauner P.; Fridlender B., 1981:
Use of chelating agents as terminators of alkaline phosphatase activity in enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay tests

Hendrickson L.L.; Turner M.A.; Corey R.B., 1982:
Use of chelex 100 to maintain constant metal activity and its application to characterization of metal complexation

Thauberger, P.C.; Ruznisky, S.A.; Cleland, J.F., 1981:
Use of chemical agents and avoidance of ontological confrontation of loneliness

Shinde D.A.; Thomas P.T.; Soni B.K., 1983:
Use of chemical composition of wheat triticum aestivum cultivar kalyansona for fertilizer side dressing

Brazzach, M.L.; Aquarone, E.; Colombo, A.J., 1976:
Use of chemical disinfectant in the alcoholic fermentation of must of sugarcane syrup

Yin, S.C.; Moyer, J.E., 1968:
Use of chemical dispersants in the enumeration of bacteria in activated sludge

Polyakov A.V., 1982:
Use of chemical mutagens for obtaining lines of garden peas similar in productivity to original heterotic f 1 hybrids

Vlasyuk, I.I.; Pomogaibo, V.M.; Pestova, T.M., 1977:
Use of chemical mutagens to obtain double cut red clover tetra ploids

Cohen F.E.; Sternberg M.J.E., 1980:
Use of chemically derived distance constraints in the prediction of protein structure with myo globin as an example

Osborn, J.A.; Ianniello, R.M.; Wieck, H.J.; Decker, T.F.; Gordan, S.L.; Yacynych, A.M., 1982:
Use of chemically modified activated carbon as a support for immobilized enzymes

Pai T.G.; Payne W.J.; Legall J., 1987:
Use of chemiluminescence detector for quantitation of nitric oxide produced in assays of denitrifying enzymes

Orlov V.S., 1981:
Use of chemo therapeutic drugs in areas of occurrence of chloroquine resistant tropical malaria

Roth M.; Neigenfind M.; Haenel F.; Bormann E J., 1987:
Use of chemostat for selection of streptomyces chrysomallus mutants altered in the induction of d glucose isomerase

Roth M.; Neigenfind M.; Bormann E.J.; Noack D., 1986:
Use of chemostat for selection of streptomyces hygroscopicus mutants altered in regulation of maltose utilization

Uyemoto, J.K.; Goheen, A.C.; Luhn, C.F.; Petersen, L.J., 1976:
Use of chenopodium quinoa in indexing for grapevine fanleaf virus

Katz D.; Lehrer S.; Kohn A., 1985:
Use of chicken and rabbit antibodies in a solid phase protein a radioimmunoassay for virus detection

Schreier P.H.; Schell J., 1986:
Use of chimeric genes harboring small subunit transit peptide sequences to study transport in chloroplasts

Pirkle W.H.; Tsipouras A.; Hyun M.H.; Hart D.J.; Lee C S., 1986:
Use of chiral stationary phases for the chromatographic determination of enantiomeric purity and absolute configuration of some beta lactams

Spiegel, Y.; Cohn, E.; Chet, I., 1986:
Use of chitin for controlling plant parasitic nematodes i. direct effects on nematode reproduction and plant performance

Spiegel, Y.; Chet, I.; Cohn, E., 1987:
Use of chitin for controlling plant parasitic nematodes ii. mode of action

Spiegel, Y.; Chet, I.; Cohn, E.; Galper, S.; Sharon, E., 1988:
Use of chitin for controlling plant parasitic nematodes iii. influence of temperature on nematicidal effect mineralization and microbial population buildup

Yu, N.; Yin, F.S.; Yao, H.S.; Kong, C.Y., 1980:
Use of chitin or its derivatives as support for the immobilization of enzymes 1. immobilization of gluco amylase

Akin, D.E., 1987:
Use of chitinase to assess ruminal fungi associated with plant residues in vitro

Sawayanagi Y.; Nambu N.; Nagai T., 1982:
Use of chitosan for sustained release preparations of water soluble drugs

Monno, R.;, D.; Vena, G.A.; Mosca, A.; Miragliotta, G., 1987:
Use of chlamydiazyme for the detection of Chlamydia trachomatis in genital infections

Anshelevich-Yu, V.; Raibart-Ya-Ya ; Panov, I.P.; Zveinietse, R.A.; Orshanskii, E.M.; Moskvin, I.G.; El'yashevich, I.M., 1978:
Use of chlopheline for arresting hypertensive crises

Westfelt E.; Nyman S.; Lindhe J.; Socransky S., 1983:
Use of chlorhexidine as a plaque control measure following surgical treatment of periodontal disease

Addy, M.; Llewelyn, J., 1978:
Use of chlorhexidine gluconate and povidone iodine mouthwashes in the treatment of acute ulcerative gingivitis

Hubbs S.A.; Amundsen D.; Olthius P., 1981:
Use of chlorine di oxide chloramines and short term free chlorination as alternative disinfectants

Kokles, R.; Brockmann, U., 1987:
Use of chlorine gas for experimental disinfection against virus of aujeszky's disease in slaughterhouse sewage

Prusakova L.D.; Gruzdev L.G., 1983:
Use of chloro choline chloride dihydrel mixtures to increase winter wheat resistance to lodging

Luzi M.; Giammaria C.; Pennella I.; Porzio G.P.; Barbati D., 1985:
Use of chlorodemethyldiazepam buprenorphine combinations in the premedication of patients subjected to a paracervical block for the voluntary interruption of pregnancy

Altissimi C.; Varagnoli B.; Lettieri M.R., 1984:
Use of chlorodimethyldiazepam in anesthesia

Young, R.W.; Beregi, J.S., 1980:
Use of chlorophyllin in the care of geriatric patients

Lee, K.T.; Tan, I.K., 1975:
Use of chlorpromazine for the determination of micro quantities of reducing substances

Islam M.R.; Sack D.A.; Holmgren J.; Bardhan P.K.; Rabbani G.H., 1982:
Use of chlorpromazine in the treatment of cholera and other severe acute watery diarrheal diseases

White J.R.; Pearce F.L., 1983:
Use of chlortetracycline to monitor calcium mobilization during histamine secretion from the mast cell a cautionary note

Hall J.M.; Frankham P.A.; Strange P.G., 1983:
Use of cholate sodium chloride for solubilization of brain d 2 dopamine receptors

De-La-Herran, J.; Cortina, C.; Salazar, J.; Fernandez-De-Monge, F., 1978:
Use of choline cytidine di phosphate on serious encephalic lesions

Bukata R.P.; Bruton J.E.; Jerome J.H., 1983:
Use of chromaticity in remote measurements of water quality

Carter C.W.Jr; Green D.C., 1982:
Use of chromato focusing in the purification of tryptophanyl transfer rna synthetase from bacillus stearothermophilus

Coufalik A.H.; Feldman M.; Platica M.; Toth L.; Dreiling D.; Hollander V.P., 1983:
Use of chromato focusing to distinguish estradiol receptor from ovarian dependent and ovarian independent rat mammary tumors

Storey, E.L.; Mack, U.; Powell, L.W.; Halliday, J.W., 1985:
Use of chromatofocusing to detect a transferrin variant in serum of alcoholic subjects

Krystev I., 1986:
Use of chromatographic fractionation of 17 hydroxycorticosteroids in the urine to determine the dose of cortisone acetate in the treatment of primary chronic adrenal cortex insufficiency

Vainshtein, V.A.; Chebotareva, S.M.; Verba, G.G.; Skvirskaya, T.Y., 1981:
Use of chromatographic methods in the analysis of levorin and its medicinal forms 1. optimization of conditions for the quantitative determination of levorin and some of its derivatives

Reid S.J.; Good T.J., 1982:
Use of chromatographic mode sequencing for sample preparation in the analysis of caffeine and theobromine from beverages

Dmitriev M.T.; Volkov S.A.; Rastyannikov E.G.; Malysheva A.G., 1981:
Use of chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry for the determination of toxic substances in water

Inbar D.; Tamir Y.; Derfler S.; Feingers J.; Wagner D., 1980:
Use of chromatography tubes in tri iodo thyronine and thyroxine radio immunoassay

Steele W.; Clapperton J.L., 1982:
Use of chromic oxide as a food marker a warning

Furuya S.; Takahashi S.; Kameoka K., 1982:
Use of chromic oxide paper as an indicator in digestibility studies with pigs

Robertson D.M.; A.C.L.; D.K.etser D.M., 1982:
Use of chromium 51 for assessing cyto toxicity in an in vitro bioassay for inhibin

Dedieu, P.; Oudea, P.; Chatal, J.F.; Miniconi, P., 1978:
Use of chromium 51 labeled albumin and iron 59 labeled iron dextran in the research of a gastro intestinal protein loss in alcoholic cirrhosis

Suslov, A.P.; Myuller, U., 1978:
Use of chromium 51 labeled macrophages for objective evaluation of macrophage migration inhibition

Zarkower A.; Scheuchenzuber W.J.; Ferguson F.G., 1981:
Use of chromium 51 labeled mononuclear cells for measuring the cellular immune response in mouse lungs

Loeffler D.A.; Schat K.A.; Norcross N.L., 1986:
Use of chromium 51 release to measure the cytotoxic effects of staphylococcal leukocidin and toxin neutralization on bovine leukocytes

Van Dieijen Visser M.P.; Van Wersch J.; Brombacher P.J.; Rosing J.; Hemker H.C.; Van Dieijen G., 1982:
Use of chromogenic peptide substrates in the determination of clotting factor ii factor vii factor ix and factor x in normal plasma and in plasma of patients treated with oral anti coagulants

Baskova I.P.; Paskhina T.S.; Polyantseva L.R.; Yakubovskaya R.I.; Tiero A., 1983:
Use of chromogenic substrates for estimation of components of the kallikrein kinin and blood coagulation systems in blood plasma of patients with nephrotic syndrome

Stukov A.N.; Bokhman Y.V.; Filov V.A.; Ivin B.A.; Vasil'ev B.V.; Remizov A.L., 1979:
Use of chromolymphotrast in color lymphography

Vulpis, N., 1970:
Use of chromosomal aberration titration in acute partial irradiation in vitro study by means of mixed cultures of human lymphocytes

Fennell S.J.; Malcolm S.; Williamson R.; Ferguson Smith M.A., 1979:
Use of chromosomal translocations with in situ dna hybridization to confirm localization of human 5s ribosomal rna genes

Ishankulieva T., 1979:
Use of chrysopa carnea larvae to control cotton pests

Martsishauskas R.P.; Baronaite Z.A.; Sudzhyuvene O.F.; Peslyakas I G.I., 1985:
Use of cibacron blue f 3ga cl sepharose 6b for purification of dna ligase and rna ligase t 4

Ewings, K.N.; Doelle, H.W., 1981:
Use of cibacron blue sepharose 6b to detect modifications of the nonallosteric 6 phospho fructo kinase ec from escherichia coli k 12

Weick J.K.; Donovan P.B.; Najean Y.; Dresch C.; Pisciotta A.V.; Cooperberg A.A.; Goldberg J.D., 1982:
Use of cimetidine for the treatment of pruritus in polycythemia vera

Pescina, J., 1981:
Use of cimetidine in the prevention of stress ulcers in intensive care units

Haayer F.M.; Van Der Werf G.T.; Wieringa N.F.; Wesseling H., 1983:
Use of cimetidine parallels and discrepancies between views of drug regulatory agencies and practicing physicians

Follath, F.; Bindschedler, M.; Wenk, M.; Frei, R.; Stalder, H.; Reber, H., 1986:
Use of ciprofloxacin in the treatment of Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections

Panin, L.E.; Nechaev-Yu, S.; Polyakov, L.M., 1977:
Use of circadian rhythms in the analysis of interrelations between the content of gluco corticoids in blood and the activity of gluconeogenesis key enzymes in rat liver and kidney tissues

Arfaoui-Aboulhab, L.; Jouy, M.; Fermandjian, S.; Belhadj, O., 1986:
Use of circular dichroism to study the interaction of carboxypeptidase A with substrates and inhibitors

Fariza, E.; Jalkh, A.E.; Thomas, J.V.; O'Day, T.; Peli, E.; Acosta, J., 1988:
Use of circularly polarized light in fundus and optic disc photography

Molina J.E.; Lawton B.R.; Avance D., 1981:
Use of circumferential stapler in reconstruction following resections for carcinoma of the cardia

Babitch, J.A.; Barcellona, W.J., 1978:
Use of cis platinum ii uracil for electron microscopic cytochemistry of rat brain nucleic acids

Hancock, K.C.; Freedman, R.S.; Edwards, C.L.; Rutledge, F.N., 1986:
Use of cisplatin, doxorubicin, and cyclophosphamide to treat advanced and recurrent adenocarcinoma of the endometrium

Wennberg J.E.; Roos N.; Sola L.; Schori A.; Jaffe R., 1987:
Use of claims data systems of evaluate health care outcomes mortality and reoperations following prostatectomy

Dickson, N.; Bhula, P.; Wilson, P.D., 1988:
Use of classification of primary obstetric factors in perinatally related mortality surveillance

Barrales H.L.; Peterson R.L.; Grenville D.J.; Gerrath J.F., 1981:
Use of clearing and fluorescence techniques in anatomical studies of the sporophyte of macrocystis phaeophyceae laminariales

Pitts R.M.; Scharninghausen J.J., 1986:
Use of cliff swallow and barn swallow nests by the cave bat myotis velifer and the free tailed bat tadarida brasiliensis

Sepp Y.V.; Tooming K.G., 1984:
Use of climatic resources for development of high potato productivity in the baltic republics ussr

Zangvil A.; Druian P., 1980:
Use of climatological data for the assessment of human discomfort at a desert site

Toan K., 1987:
Use of clindamycin dalacin c in upper limb trauma

Trofimenko, L.S.; Belyakov, N.P., 1978:
Use of clinical biochemical methods in examining obese children as a basis for the use and evaluation of the efficacy of complex therapy

Hammond H.K.; Kelly T.L.; Froelicher V.F.; Pewen W., 1985:
Use of clinical data in predicting improvement in exercise capacity after cardiac rehabilitation

Wigton, R.S.; Hoellerich, V.L.; Ornato, J.P.; Leu, V.; Mazzotta, L.A.; Cheng, I.H., 1985:
Use of clinical findings in the diagnosis of urinary tract infection in women

Stanisic, T.H.; Owens, R.; Graham, A.R., 1983:
Use of clonal assay in determination of urothelial drug sensitivity in carcinoma in situ of the bladder: clinical correlations in 5 patients

Zeyer J.; Lehrbach P.R.; Timmis K.N., 1985:
Use of cloned genes of pseudomonas putida tol plasmid to effect biotransformation by benzoates to cis dihydrodiols and catechols by escherichia coli cells

Lee, C.A.; Saier, M.H., 1983:
Use of cloned mtl genes of Escherichia coli to introduce mtl deletion mutations into the chromosome

Nabel G.; Fresno M.; Chessman A.; Cantor H., 1981:
Use of cloned populations of mouse lymphocytes to analyze cellular differentiation

Magioncalda A.; Setti S.; Cecchi A.; Tampoia V.; Bennio M.; Visani L., 1986:
Use of clonidine for the prevention of hypertensive crises during surgery a study of cardiopathic and hypertensive patients during cataract extraction under local anesthesia

Kleber H.D.; Gold M.S.; Riordan C.E., 1980:
Use of clonidine in de toxification from opiates

Boikova E.E., 1981:
Use of cloning in ecological toxicological experiments with infusorians

Summy K.R.; Davis M.R.; Hart W.G.; Gilstrap F.E., 1984:
Use of close up photography in nondestructive monitoring of citrus black fly aleurocanthus woglumi cohorts

Daniels D.H.; Warner C.R.; Birkel T.J., 1981:
Use of closed system vacuum distillation for isolation of moderately volatile compounds

Bydder G.M.; Curati W.L.; Gadian D.G.; Hall A.S.; Harman R.R.; Butsen P.R.; Gilderdale D.J.; Young I.R., 1985:
Use of closely coupled receiver coils in magnetic resonance imaging practical aspects

Ennis B.M.; Maddox I.S., 1985:
Use of clostridium acetobutylicum p 262 for production of solvents from whey permeate

Katyal J.C.; Doshi S.P.; Malhotra P.K., 1985:
Use of cluster analysis for classification of benchmark soil samples from india in different micronutrient availability groups

King, A.; Fielding, A.H.; Smith, C.A., 1983:
Use of cluster analysis in determining possible enzyme substrate interactions with reference to nucleoside di phosphatase ec activity of golgi membranes

Kratsov B.A.; Milyutin L.I., 1983:
Use of cluster analysis in studying larch hybrid populations

Anton A.; Duthie H.C., 1981:
Use of cluster analysis in the systematics of the algal genus cryptomonas

Godwin, D.R.; Bargmann, R.E.; Powers, J.J., 1978:
Use of cluster analysis to evaluate sensory objective relations of processed green beans

Ferguson M.W.; Wycoff K.L.; Ayers A.R., 1988 :
Use of cluster analysis with monoclonal antibodies for taxonomic differentiation of phytopathogenic fungi and for screening and clustering antibodies

Massart Leen A M.; Massart D.L., 1981:
Use of clustering techniques in the elucidation or confirmation of metabolic pathways application to the branched chain fatty acids present in the milk fat of lactating goats

Karetnyi Y.V.; Dzagurov S.G.; Shalunova N.V.; Elekoev K.A., 1982:
Use of co cultivation method in the detection of cytomegaloviral contamination of cell cultures of simian origin

Johnson R.A.; Gallanger S.M., 1984:
Use of coagulants to treat seafood processing wastewaters

Gupta G.S.; Prasad G.; Singh V.N., 1987:
Use of coal in the management of water pollution a case study

Kozyr A.A., 1980:
Use of coarse and juicy feed for intensively raised lambs

Cloran, J.; McMahon, K.J., 1973:
Use of coatings to protect lyophilized Bacillus popilliae from moisture

Watrud, L.S.; Ellingboe, A.H., 1973:
Use of cobalt as a mitochondrial vital stain to study cytoplasmic exchange in matings of the basidiomycete Schizophyllum commune

Pevtzova E.I.; Samonina G.E., 1981:
Use of cobalt impregnation method for identifying heart neurons on codfish gadus morhua

Hanna, J.M.; Hornick, C.A., 1977:
Use of coca leaf in southern Peru: adaptation or addiction

Am-Acad-Pediatr-Comm-Drugs, 1978:
Use of codeine containing and dextromethorphan containing cough syrups in pediatrics

Britton B.K.; Price K., 1981:
Use of cognitive capacity in reading a performance operating characteristic

Brill G.M.; Mcalpine J.B.; Hochlowski J.E., 1985:
Use of coil planet centrifuge in the isolation of antibiotics

Begacheva M.A., 1979:
Use of colchamine ointment in radiation therapy of skin carcinoma

Aliev M.O., 1980:
Use of colchicine during hybridization of mulberry trees of varying ploidy

Sander, H.M.; Randle, H.W., 1986:
Use of colchicine in behcet's syndrome

Kurusz M.; Christman E.W.; Derrick J.R.; Tyers G.F.O.; Williams E.H., 1981:
Use of cold cardioplegic solution for vein graft distension and preservation a light and scanning electron microscopic study

Boyd, S.C.; Caul, W.F.; Bowen, B.K., 1977:
Use of cold restraint to examine psychological factors in gastric ulceration

Payne, V.W.; Secter, R.A.; Noback, R.K., 1981:
Use of colestipol in a patient with digoxin intoxication

Sawusch M.R.; O'brien T.P.; Dick J.D.; Gottsch J.D., 1988:
Use of collagen corneal shields in the treatment of bacterial keratitis

Coquin J.Y.; Sebahoun G.; Fontaine M.; Debbas N.; Carcassonne Y., 1987:
Use of collagen for the control of local bleeding after jugular vein catheterization in thrombopenic patients

Fernandez Delgado R.; Momparler P.; Besalduch J.; Balaguer H.; Donat J.; Colomer J., 1985:
Use of collagen gel as support for the growth of human granulomonocytic precursors in vitro

Graifemberghi S.; Coglio G.; Pancera C., 1984:
Use of collagenase and nonspecific proteases in treatment of ulcerative necrotic ulcers of the cutis

Babikova, R.A., 1978:
Use of collalytine for preparation of primary mono layer cell cultures

Schoen, J.F., 1977:
Use of colletotrichum trifolii in verification of kenland red clover seed

Takata K.; Arii T.; Yamagishi S.; Hirano H., 1984:
Use of colloidal gold and ruthenium red in stereo high voltage electron microscopic study of concanavalin a binding sites in mouse macrophages

Seeley P.J.; Field P.M., 1988:
Use of colloidal gold complexes of wheat germ agglutinin as a labeled for neural cells

Bouchet B.; Ray L.; Gallant D.J., 1984:
Use of colloidal gold labeled concanavalin a as a marker for the starch granule

Loftus, J.C.; Albrecht, R.M., 1983:
Use of colloidal gold to examine fibrinogen binding to human platelets

Sharov, V.G., 1981:
Use of colloidal lanthanum as an electron microscopic tracer

Seleznev, S.A.; Van'kov, D.E.; Mel'nikova, V.P.; Ershova, I.N.; Tarelkina, M.N., 1976:
Use of colloidal plasma substitutes in traumatic shock

Lyttleton, J.W., 1970:
Use of colloidal silica in density gradients to separate intact chloroplasts

Douglass, K.H.; Wagner, H.N.; Shindledecker, J.G., 1979:
Use of color display for selection of left ventricular regions of interest

Stevens H.M., 1984:
Use of color reactions for benzyl alcohol when screening cocaine and other benzoyl compounds following their reduction with lithium aluminum hydride

Rao N.V.R.; Tandon S.N., 1979:
Use of color reactions of metallic acids for the qualitative analysis of some toxicologically and pharmacologically important alkaloids

Parii F.N.; Dolotii L.A., 1983:
Use of colored beet samples as testers for evaluation of combining ability

Barskii, V.E.; Ivanov, V.B.; Mikhailov, G.I.; Skylar-Yu, E., 1975:
Use of colorless active dyes in histochemistry

Homesley H.D.; Jobson V.W.; Reish R.L., 1984:
Use of colposcopically directed 4 quadrant cervical biopsy by the colposcopy trainee

Klastersky, J., 1977:
Use of combinations of antibiotics for severe infections in cancer patients

Dement'eva I.P.; Ass N.Ya; Lipovich M.M., 1981:
Use of combined chemo therapy including adriablastin for treatment of advanced breast cancer

Kuo, P.T.; Hayase, K.; Kostis, J.B.; Moreyra, A.E., 1979:
Use of combined diet and colestipol in long term 7 7.5 years treatment of patients with type ii hyper lipo proteinemia

Laskov V.B., 1984:
Use of combined electrostimulation in experimental affection of the nerve trunk

Kantorovich R.A.; Teleshevskaya E.A.; Karazhas N.V.; Beletskaya L.V.; Volodina N.I.; Farber N.A.; Papilova E.I., 1981:
Use of combined epidemiological and virological morphological analysis of rubella infection for epidemiological survey of congenital rubella

Bakanov V.N.; Aleksandrov V.A.; Podkolzina T.M.; Ivanov A.I., 1987:
Use of combined fodder containing various amounts of potato haulm meal to feed egg layers in closed bioecological systems

Gerasimov G.M.; Martynyuk A.D., 1981:
Use of combined radio immunoassays for revealing the role of some vaso pressor factors in the pathogenesis of hypertensive disease

Koopman, J.P.; van Oeveren, J.P.; Janssen, F.G., 1973:
Use of combusted natural gas to cultivate the anaerobic bacterial flora from the cecum contents of mice

Nowicki H.G.; Nowicki B., 1986:
Use of commercial acrylonitrile standard for wastewater analysis

Guiro A.T.; Vidal C.; Sall M.G., 1987:
Use of commercial weaning foods in dakar senegal results of a preliminary study

Van Der Loos C.M.; Van Den Oord J.J.; Das P.K.; Houthoff H.J., 1988:
Use of commercially available monoclonal antibodies for immunoenzyme double staining

McDonald, O.L.; Watts, M.T., 1985:
Use of commercially prepared control sera as quality control materials for spectrophotometric bilirubin determinations in amniotic fluid

Work Group Fortification Salt Iron (India), 1982:
Use of common salt fortified with iron in the control and prevention of anemia a collaborative study

Keister G.P.Jr; Anthony R.G.; O'neill E.J., 1987:
Use of communal roosts and foraging areas by bald eagles wintering in the klamath basin usa

Barabanshchikov M.N.; Mazel' Y.Y.; Shkarin B.I., 1979:
Use of compartment analysis for determination of calcium ion flow in corn root cells

Young E.; Rafter Tadgell B., 1987:
Use of competitive inhibitor in a kinetic enzymatic method for measuring ethanol in serum

Besrat, A.; Abdulkadir, J.; Gabre, P., 1979:
Use of competitive protein binding in thyroid function tests, and analysis of the results

Mamikonian, R.S.; Barsegian, B.A.; Tumanian, A.M.; Arutiunian, V.M.; Basmadzhian, N.M., 1979:
Use of complamin in nephrological practice

Torrance L., 1981:
Use of complement c 1q enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay to detect plant viruses and their serologically different strains

Clough J.D.; Mansfield L.R., 1979:
Use of complement c 6 deficient and complement c 7 deficient human sera in quantitative hemolytic assays for complement c 6 and complement c 7

Mathias L.A.; Pinto A.A.; Girio R.J.S.; Perecin D., 1988 :
Use of complement fixation test in the differentiation of brucella abortus and yersinia enterocolitica serogroup 09 experimental infection in bovine

Allen J.M.; Sasek C.A.; Martin J.B.; Heinrich G., 1987:
Use of complementary iodine 125 labeled rna for single cell resolution by in situ hybridization

Cova L.; Kopecka H.; Aymard M.; Girard M., 1988:
Use of complementary rna probes for the detection of enteroviruses by molecular hybridization

Guttman A.; Paulus A.; Cohen A.S.; Grinberg N.; Karger B.L., 1988:
Use of complexing agents for selective separation in high performance capillary electrophoresis chiral resolution via cyclodextrins incorporated within polyacrylamide gel columns

Kagan, M.A.; Simonov, M.Y., 1978:
Use of component analysis in neuro physiological research on the adaptation process

Mcgee M.G.; Szycher M.; Turner S.A.; Clay W.; Trono R.; Fuqua J.M.Jr; Norman J.C., 1980:
Use of composite biomer butyl rubber biomer material to prevent trans diaphragmatic water permeation during long term electrically actuated left ventricular assist device pumping

Blanc J.L.; Lagier J P.; Cheynet F.; Lachard A.; Lachard J., 1987:
Use of composite flaps in maxillofacial surgery

Andres, P.L.; Finison, L.J.; Conlon, T.; Thibodeau, L.M.; Munsat, T.L., 1988:
Use of composite scores (megascores) to measure deficit in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Garg, O.P.; Pande, S.K.; Shah, S.K.; Jha, B.K.; Gattani, S.K.; Chary, V.N., 1977:
Use of compressed air in a continuous flow anesthetic machine

Jones, E.T., 1981:
Use of computed axial tomography in pediatric orthopedics

Riessbeck K.H.; Achtert J.; Hegewald H., 1985:
Use of computed tomography for irradiation planning in practical radiotherapy

Fielding, J.W.; Stillwell, W.T.; Chynn, K.Y.; Spyropoulos, E.C., 1978:
Use of computed tomography for the diagnosis of atlanto axial rotatory fixation

Golimbu C.; Fibrooznia H.; Rafil M., 1983:
Use of computed tomography guided per cutaneous bone biopsy in staging of genito urinary tumors

Raval B.; Allan N.; S.V.lle E., 1987:
Use of computed tomography in appendicitis technique findings and pitfalls

Trapeznikova M.F.; Gabuniya R.I.; Matveev B.P.; Grigoryan S.M.; Kolesnikova E.K., 1981:
Use of computed tomography in complex procedures for diagnosing nodulation in the kidney

Lee J.K.T.; Mcclennan B.L.; Stanley R.J.; Levitt R.G.; Sagel S.S., 1981:
Use of computed tomography in evaluation of post cystectomy patients

Eichhorn, H.J.; Welker, K.; Koenig, W.; Huettner, J., 1980:
Use of computed tomography in irradiation planning 1. comparison of thorax cross sections

Mafee M.F.; Henrikson G.C.; Deitch R.L.; Norouzi P.; Kumar A.; Kriz R.; Valvassori G.E., 1985:
Use of computed tomography in stapedial otosclerosis

Andreou J.; Leitman B.S.; Mccauley D.I.; Gouliamos A.; Pontifex G.; Naidich D.P., 1983:
Use of computed tomography in the assessment of cardiac masses

Mafee M.F.; Valvassori G.E.; Deitch R.L.; Norouzi P.; Henrikson G.C.; Capek V.; Applebaum E.L., 1985:
Use of computed tomography in the evaluation of cochlear otosclerosis

Eftekhari F.; Bernardino M.E.; Headley D.L.; Corry P.M., 1981:
Use of computed tomography in the placement of heat monitoring thermocouples for hyper thermia therapy

Kay H.R.; Goodman L.R.; Teplick S.K.; Mundth E.D., 1983:
Use of computed tomography to assess mediastinal complications after median sternotomy

Emory T.H.; Reinke D.B.; Hill A.L.; Lange P.H., 1983:
Use of computed tomography to reduce understanding in prostatic cancer comparison with conventional staging techniques

Balkwill D.L.; Stevens S.E.Jr; Nierzwicki Bauer S.A., 1984:
Use of computer aided reconstructions and high voltage electron microscopy to examine microbial 3 dimensional architecture

Zav'yalov, A.P.; Aref'eva, Z.S.; Nazarov, V.A.; Khryashcheva, L.A., 1976:
Use of computer analysis of micro structures for estimating the effect of beta radiation on the skin

MacRae, D.; Lampe, H., 1980:
Use of computer assisted tomography in the diagnosis of lesions in and around the sphenoid sinus

Zisel'son A.D.; Krasil'shchikova E.S.; Khusenskii I.A., 1981:
Use of computer diagnosis for the early detection of bronchial asthma in children with the bronchial obstruction syndrome

Wolf H., 1986:
Use of computer for a local avifauna

Utkina L.I.; Utkin I.S.; Blagodatskaya V.M., 1980:
Use of computer for the construction of single input keys for species identification of biological specimens

Pieters E.P.; Akbay K.S.; Brown L.G.; Mcclendon R.W., 1981:
Use of computer game cotgame in teaching entomology

Laessig, R.H.; Ehrmeyer, S.S., 1988:
Use of computer modeling to predict the magnitude of intralaboratory error tolerated by proposed CDC interlaboratory proficiency testing performance criteria

Zimet D.J.; Ouart M.D.; Prichard D.L., 1988:
Use of computer simulation to determine the value of broiler litter as a cattle feed ingredient

Spacova D.; Hudecova A.; Krechacova P., 1986:
Use of computer technology in requesting drugs

Landmark K.; Aursnes I.; Lileas F.G.; Eldevik P., 1988:
Use of computered tomography for strokes

Hurwitz B.S.; Citrin C.M., 1979:
Use of computerized axial tomography scan in evaluating therapy of orbital pseudotumor

Ricotta, J.J.; Ouriel, K.; Green, R.M.; DeWeese, J.A., 1985:
Use of computerized cerebral tomography in selection of patients for elective and urgent carotid endarterectomy

Roberts D.; Bertsch W., 1987:
Use of computerized pattern recognition in the analysis of stress induced changes in coffee aroma

Berchou R.; Block R.I., 1983:
Use of computerized psycho motor testing in determining central nervous system effects of drugs

Rotheram, E.B.; Kessler, L.A., 1979:
Use of computerized tomography in nonsurgical management of brain abscess

Resnick, M.I.; Kursh, E.D.; Cohen, A.M., 1984:
Use of computerized tomography in the delineation of uric acid calculi

Greenberg, M.; Falkowski, W.S.; Sakowicz, B.A.; Neiman, H.L.; Schaeffer, A.J., 1982:
Use of computerized tomography in the evaluation of filling defects of the renal pelvis

Anderson F.M.; Segall H.D.; Caton W.L., 1979:
Use of computerized tomography scanning in supratentorial arachnoid cysts a report on 20 children and 4 adults

Sargent J.D.; Lawson R.C.; Solbach P.; Coyne L., 1979:
Use of computerized tomography scans in an out patient head ache population an evaluation

Birkhead B.M.; Banks T.E.; Short D.B., 1979:
Use of computerized tomography scans in manual radio therapy treatment planning

Rosenbaum, R.; Hoffsten, P.E.; Stanley, R.J.; Klahr, S., 1978:
Use of computerized tomography to diagnose complications of per cutaneous renal biopsy

Ginsburg, J.C.; Fransman, S.L.; Singer, M.A.; Cohanim, M.; Morrin, P.A., 1980:
Use of computerized tomography to evaluate bleeding after renal biopsy

Fisher S., 1986:
Use of computers following brain injury

Botvinov A.M.; Zonov V.M., 1981:
Use of computers for classifying the severity of esophago gastro duodenal hemorrhages

Halberg K.J.; Duncan L.E.; Mitchell N.Z.; Hendrick F.T.; Jones D.B., 1986:
Use of computers in assessment a potential solution to the documentation dilemma of the activities coordinator

Basovskii, N.Z.; Zhirnov, A.G.; Speranskii, A.T.; Popov, V.P.; Kuznetsov, V.M., 1978:
Use of computers in dairy cattle breeding

Pinardeau, M.; Lucsko, M.; Aime, B.; Guedon, J., 1976:
Use of computers in real time. Clinical supervision of hypertension. Application to research

Dyachenko-Yu, V.; Shnaidman, V.A.; Byeloklyts'ka, H.F., 1977:
Use of computers in studying biological activity of staphylococci

Newell G.J.; Skurray G.R.; Hourigan J.A., 1986:
Use of computers in the australian food industry

Rosen, M.G.; Sokol, R.J.; Chik, L., 1978:
Use of computers in the labor and delivery suite: an overview

Imagawa, A.; Takuma, Y., 1981:
Use of computers in urology 1. computer installation plan

Wells C.; Bog Hansen T.C.; Cooper E.H.; Glass M.R., 1981:
Use of concanavalin a crossed immuno affino electrophoresis to detect hormone associated variations in alpha 1 acid glyco protein

Cerven E.; Ronquist G.; Rimsten A.; Agren G., 1981:
Use of concanavalin a sepharose as an affinity adsorbent in a simple assay of serum sialyl and fucosyl transferase and its application in tumor diagnosis

Reme T X.; D'angeac A.D.; Radal M.; Serrou B., 1979:
Use of concanavalin a to analyze the mechanism of memory cell differentiation into killer cells

Kram, H.B.; Hino, S.T.; Harley, D.P.; Fleming, A.W.; Shoemaker, W.C., 1986:
Use of concentrated fibrinogen in experimental splenic trauma

Kram, H.B.; Hino, S.T.; Harley, D.P.; Fleming, A.W.; Shoemaker, W.C., 1986:
Use of concentrated fibrinogen in experimental tracheal repair

Daily, E.; Nicholas, N., 1972:
Use of conception control methods before pregnancies terminating in birth or a requested abortion in New York City municipal hospitals

Roslikova, V.I.; Sokhina, E.N., 1976:
Use of concretion analysis for elucidating relict signs in recent soils

Friedman R.H.; Frank A.D., 1983:
Use of conditional rule structure to automate clinical decision support a comparison of artificial intelligence and deterministic programming techniques

Meheut, G.; Ducher, M.; Michaux, O., 1976:
Use of conditioned cells for the study of photosynthetic microorganism 1st results obtained with acrochaetium sp

Ervin, G.N.; Cooper, B.R., 1988:
Use of conditioned taste aversion as a conflict model: effects of anxiolytic drugs

Worm A M.; Lillelund H., 1988:
Use of condoms and sexual behavior of young tourists in copenhagen denmark

Brown E.J.; Gaither T.A.; Hammer C.H.; Hosea S.W.; Frank M.M., 1982:
Use of conglutinin in a quantitative assay for the presence of cell bound complement c 3bi and evidence that a single molecule of complement c 3bi is capable of binding conglutinin

Busch, S., 1976:
Use of conjugated estrogens in eye diseases

Osberger, M.J.; Johnson, D.L.; Miller, J.D., 1987:
Use of connected discourse tracking to train functional speech skills

Kudryavtseva N.V., 1979:
Use of consideration of growth bends to define lodging resistance of different barley varieties

Pozdnyakov A.I.; Khan K.Yu, 1979:
Use of constant electric field methods in soil studies

Andre J.C.; Baudot P.; Loppinet V., 1986:
Use of constant energy synchronous luminescence spectroscopy for dl amphetamine analysis

Holmes, D.L.; Olsho, L.W.; Peper, R.; Schulte, A.; Green, P., 1978:
Use of constant target sets in visual search tasks

Coote, J.G.; Mandelstam, J., 1973:
Use of constructed double mutants for determining the temporal order of expression of sporulation genes in Bacillus subtilis

Tchabo, J.G., 1984:
Use of contact hysteroscopy in evaluating postpartum bleeding and incomplete abortion

Nilsson S.E.G.; Andersson L., 1982:
Use of contact lenses in environments with organic solvents acid or alkalis

Wall, H.M.; Karl, K.; Smigiel, J., 1986:
Use of contextual information in the formation of cognitive maps

Cook, J.W.; Altman, K.; Shaw, J.; Blaylock, M., 1978:
Use of contingent lemon juice to eliminate public masturbation by a severely retarded boy/

Barmann B.C., 1980:
Use of contingent vibration in the treatment of self stimulatory hand mouthing and ruminative vomiting behavior

Golinval A.; Van D.B.rg L., 1980:
Use of continuous doppler ultrasonography in surgery on cervical encephalic arteries

Bertrand J.C.; Esteves J.L.; Mulyono M.; Mille G., 1986:
Use of continuous flow through systems to determine petroleum hydrocarbon evolution in superficial marine sediments

White, P.F., 1983:
Use of continuous infusion vs. intermittent bolus administration of fentanyl or ketamine during out patient anesthesia

Hurst J.M.; Dehaven C.B.; Branson R.D., 1985:
Use of continuous positive airway pressure mask as the sole mode of ventilatory support in trauma patients with mild to moderate respiratory insufficiency

Niekisch R., 1985:
Use of continuous ultrasound doppler sonography in orofacial system 1. technics and use under special consideration of the plastic and reconstructive maxillofacial surgery

Wyse, R.K.; Robinson, P.J.; Deanfield, J.E.; Tunstall Pedoe, D.S.; Macartney, F.J., 1984:
Use of continuous wave Doppler ultrasound velocimetry to assess the severity of coarctation of the aorta by measurement of aortic flow velocities

Yusuf, F., 1980:
Use of contraception among married women in New South Wales, Australia

Shiono P.H.; Harlap S.; Ramcharan S.; Berendes H.; Gupta S.; Pellegrin F., 1979:
Use of contraceptives prior to and after conception and exposure to other fetal hazards

Serwer, G.A.; Armstrong, B.E.; Anderson, P.A.W.; Sherman, D.; Benson, D.W.Jr ; Edwards, S.B., 1978:
Use of contrast echo cardiography for evaluation of right ventricular hemodynamics in the presence of ventricular septal defects

Signorelli C.D.; Ammirati M.; Corriero G.; Benvenuti D.; Giamundo A., 1981:
Use of contrast medium in computerized tomography of the cranium

Salmon, J.F.; Carmichael, T.R.; Welsh, N.H., 1987:
Use of contrast sensitivity measurement in the detection of subclinical ethambutol toxic optic neuropathy

Baltaxe, C.A., 1984:
Use of contrastive stress in normal, aphasic, and autistic children

Manning, J.P.; Sasaki, D.N.; Wertlake, P.T., 1974:
Use of control sera for monitoring temperature changes during ph and carbon di oxide pressure measurements

Mizutani, T.; Mizutani, A., 1976:
Use of controlled pore glass for adsorption chromatography of proteins

Keenan, C.M., 1978:
Use of controlled release larvicide in southern maryland usa

Luebbe C.; Demain A.L.; Bergman K., 1985:
Use of controlled release polymer to feed ammonium to streptomyces clavuligerus cephalosporin fermentations in shake flasks

Lazutin V.K.; Smetnev A.S.; Zapevalov M.V.; Saprygin D.B.; Samorukova N.T.; Broun D.K., 1981 :
Use of contrykal with heparin in the acute period of myo cardial infarction

Storch G.A.; Bodicky C.; Parker M.; Blecka L.J.; Aach R.D., 1982:
Use of conventional and immuno globulin m specific radio immunoassays for anti hepatitis a antibody in an outbreak of hepatitis a

Jensen A.L.; Spigarelli S.A.; Thommes M.M., 1982:
Use of conventional fishery models to assess entrainment and impingement of 3 lake michigan usa fish species

Stover, C.K.; Vodkin, M.H.; Oaks, E.V., 1987:
Use of conversion adaptors to clone antigen genes in lambda gt11

Shipilova S.V., 1985:
Use of coomassie dye for the spectrophotometric determination of protein in plant tissues

Jeremy, R.J., 1978:
Use of coordinate sentences with the conjunction and for describing temporal and locative relations between events

Rosenstiel A.K.; Keefe F.J., 1983:
Use of coping strategies in chronic low back pain patients relationship to patient characteristics and current adjustment

Galyuk, S.V., 1978:
Use of copper and cobalt micro doses in the complex treatment of experimental rickets

Khitrynaw H.M.; Kazakow K.S.; Lohinaw H.P.; Artsyem'yew H.M., 1980:
Use of copper ethanolamine chelate complex as a growth stimulator for calves

Saueressig M.G.; Azevedo V.L.F., 1986:
Use of corn in early weaned calf feeding

Benedetti E.; Cunha D.G.; Diniz E.G.; Jacomini J.O.; Spers A.; Procopio C.B., 1984:
Use of corn meal dust in early weaned calf rations with different protein levels

Darmstadt G.L.; Balke N.E.; Schrader L.E., 1983:
Use of corn zea mays root protoplasts in herbicide absorption studies

Kukes, V.G.; Buyanov, V.V.; Semenov, V.N.; Abugov, A.M.; Borovkov, A.I.; Borisov, V.G., 1976:
Use of coronary active agents with a beta stimulating effect in ischemic heart disease patients

Samoilovich, I.M., 1976:
Use of correlative analysis in studies on the action mechanism of smooth muscle stimulants

Lorente, P.; Delabre, M., 1977:
Use of correspondence analysis in processing hemodynamic data from acute myo cardial infarction

Collins, R.C., 1978:
Use of cortical circuits during focal penicillin seizures an auto radiographic study with carbon 14 deoxy glucose

Rass, I.T., 1978:
Use of cortico steroid hormones and tyrosine metabolism

Novikov Y.I.; Stulova M.A., 1980:
Use of cortico steroids in the treatment of rheumo carditis and nonrheumatic myo carditis

Pepin J.; Tetreault L.; Gervais C., 1985:
Use of corticosteroids in the treatment of trypanosoma gambiense sleeping sickness a retrospective study in nioki zaire

Anton-Athens, V.; Ketai, D.L., 1985:
Use of Cortisporin Otic Solution in phenol nail surgery

Cash T.F.; Cash D.W., 1982:
Use of cosmetics by women psycho social correlates and consequences

Guyotat, J.; Perrin, G.; Pelissou, I.; Daher, T.; Bachour, E., 1987:
Use of cotrel dubousset's material in c1 c2 instabilities

Shkunkova Y.S.; Tkachuk V.G.; Sakul'skaya A.I., 1980:
Use of cottonseed cakes for swine fodder

Lamba, S.S.; Simpson, D.E., 1976:
Use of coulter counter in studying effects of drugs on cells in culture part 1 effects of neomycin on escherichia coli staphylococcus aureus and aerobacter aerogenes

Fomenko G.A.; Akatov A.K.; Babich I.I., 1982:
Use of counter immuno electrophoresis for detecting anti staphylococcal antibodies and staphylococcal antigen in the serum of children with staphylococcal infections

Tohtz A.; Allisat H.; Neubert A.; Krieg K.; Klingberg B.; Strey A., 1981:
Use of counter immuno electrophoresis for diagnosis of plasmacytosis in mink

Gorodkov V.G., 1981:
Use of counter pulsation for combined intensive therapy and resuscitation during transportation of patients with complicated forms of myo cardial infarction

Frederiksen J.; Ilbawi M.N.; Gorman A.J.; Opravil M.; Idriss F.S.; Moran J.M., 1986:
Use of counterpulsation balloon as a substitute for the pulmonic valve a new application

Schwartz, E.; Landrigan, P., 1987:
Use of court records for supplementing occupational disease surveillance

Ovchinnikov Y.A.; Abdulaev N.G.; Bogachuk A.S., 1985:
Use of covalent chromatography for investigation on membrane protein structure

Eggers, A.E.; Tarmin, L.; Ginsburg, S., 1984:
Use of covalently bound cord factor analog to increase tumor immunogenicity

Mong S.; Strong J.E.; Bush J.A.; Crooke S.T., 1979:
Use of covalently closed circular dna for pre screening for anti tumor compounds

Wolf N.G.; Kramer D.L., 1987:
Use of cover and the need to breathe the effects of hypoxia on vulnerability of dwarf gouramis to predatory snakeheads

Warner R.E., 1979:
Use of cover by pheasant broods in east central illinois usa

Meyers S.M.; Crawford J.A.; Haensly T.F.; Castillo W.J., 1988:
Use of cover types and survival of ring necked pheasant broods

Choudhri G.N.; Singh A.P., 1986:
Use of covercrop and edaphic microbial fungi in bioreclamation of salt affected soils

Riehm M.R.; Harrington R.E., 1988:
Use of critical point polyacrylamide sols in thermal denaturation experiments with chromatin at physiological ionic strength

Peyman G.A.; Kao G.W., 1987:
Use of cross linked hyaluronic acid in the anterior segment

Russ, G.; Polakova, K.; Thurzo, V., 1976:
Use of cross linking in studying the structure of rna tumor viruses

Ogurtsov, R.P., 1976:
Use of cross reacting microbial antigens for the removal of the tolerance produced to mouse transplantation antigens

Schirvel C.; Hanset R., 1987:
Use of crossbreeding in pig production

Valenti M.A.; Cao Q.V., 1986:
Use of crown ratio to improve loblolly pine pinus taeda taper equations

Goldman, A.; Short, J.L., 1977:
Use of crude beta lactose in high ratio cakes

Shikunova, L.G.; Nedoshivina, R.V.; Belova, T.A., 1976:
Use of crude serum in post resuscitation toxemia

V Balog K.; Shalanki Y., 1984:
Use of crustacean zooplankton crustacea for the evaluation of pollution by heavy metals in lake balaton hungary

Proshkin V.S.; Simonova L.I.; Markova O.P.; Bazarnova M.A.; Oboznaya E.I.; Morozov I.A., 1980:
Use of cryo preserved bone marrow in oncological patients with depressed hemopoiesis

Merker R.; Check I.; Hunter R.L., 1979:
Use of cryo preserved cells in quality control of human lymphocyte assays analysis of variation and limits of reproducibility in long term replicate studies

Nadkarni J.S.; Gangal S.S.; Nadkarni J.J.; Satam M.N.; Nair P.N.M.; Shinde S.R.; Jussawalla D.J., 1979:
Use of cryo preserved lymphocytes for evaluating immune responsiveness in breast cancer patients

Lott J.N.A.; Kerr P., 1986:
Use of cryogenically prepared samples in the scanning electron microscopic study of dry to wet transitions

Nasca, R.J.; Whelchel, J.D., 1987:
Use of cryopreserved bone in spinal surgery

Balachandran, R.; Thampatty, P.; Rinaldo, C.; Gupta, P., 1988:
Use of cryopreserved normal peripheral blood lymphocytes for isolation of human immunodeficiency virus from seropositive men

Park J.W.; Lanier T.C.; Keeton J.T.; Hamann D.D., 1987:
Use of cryoprotectants to stabilize functional properties of prerigor salted beef during frozen storage

Mabuchi, K.; Sreter, F.A., 1978:
Use of cryostat sections for measurement of calcium ion uptake by sarcoplasmic reticulum

Sevilla M E., 1988:
Use of cryotherapy in surgical debridement

Smith R.A., 1987:
Use of crystal serology to differentiate among varieties of bacillus thuringiensis

Hauser C.J.; Kaufman C.; Frantz R.; Shippy C.; Schwartz S.; Shoemaker W.C., 1982:
Use of crystalline hemo globin as replacement of red blood cell mass

Sordi R.A.; Tokeshi H., 1987:
Use of cuban sweet corn as indicator plant of sugarcane leaf scald caused by xanthomonas albilineans

Staub J.E.; Kupper R.S., 1985:
Use of cucumis sativus var hardwickii germ plasm in backcrosses with cucumis sativus var sativus

Young L.D.; Vogel V., 1983 :
Use of cueing and positive practice in the treatment of tongue thrust swallowing

Saliba J.; David A., 1988:
Use of cultural characters and compatibility in the study of european steccherinum

Ricordi, C.; Santiago, J.V.; Lacy, P.E., 1987:
Use of culture and temporary immunosuppression to prolong adrenal cortical allograft survival

Ziesche K.; Reissbrodt R., 1985:
Use of culture medium with bile chrysoidin and glycerol in bacterial diagnosis

Cuono C.; Langdon R.; Mcguire J., 1986:
Use of cultured epidermal autografts and dermal allografts as skin replacement after burn injury

Leigh, I.; Wojnarowska, F.; Burge, S.; Bhogal, B.; Zhu, T., 1987:
Use of cultured epithelial cells, including keratinocytes, for the detection of antinuclear antibodies

Fujii, H.; Chen, S.H.; Akatsuka, J.; Miwa, S.; Yoshida, A., 1981:
Use of cultured lympho blastoid cells for the study of abnormal enzymes molecular abnormality of a phospho glycerate kinase ec variant associated with hemolytic anemia

Wathern P.; Young S.N.; Brown I.W.; Roberts D.A., 1986:
Use of cumulative sum analysis to assess policy impacts on the river ebbw wales uk

Yarosh A.A.; Dracheva Z.N.; Il'yash T.I.; Solob'eva A.A., 1982:
Use of cuprenil in the treatment of patients with alcoholic poly neuritis

Rogov V.A.; Tareeva I.E.; Kutyrina I.M.; Nekrasova A.A.; Tatsievskii V.A.; Zubovskii G.A.; Shevelev A.A., 1988:
Use of curantyl for the treatment of nephritis

Jerva M.J., 1986:
Use of cusa in neurosurgery

Petrosyan, A.G., 1975:
Use of cyano acrylate adhesive in experimental resection of the renal pole

Gardner P.N., 1982:
Use of cycle dummy variables and race escapement in the fraser river canada sockeye salmon oncorhynchus nerka recruitment function

Snopek, J.; Jelinek, I.; Smolkova-Keulemansova, E., 1988:
Use of cyclodextrins in isotachophoresis iv. the influence of cyclodextrins on the chiral resolution of ephedrine alkaloid enantiomers

Oriente P.; Scarpa R.; Riccio A.; Farinaro C.; Pucino A.; Del Puente A., 1986:
Use of cyclophosphamide in the management of polyarteritis nodosa

D'arienzo L.; Bartolotti A.; Germogli R.; Contos S.; Schiano I.; Bozzo Costa E., 1984:
Use of cyclopiroxolamine in the treatment of vaginal candidiasis

Munson, E.S.; Hoffman, J.C.; Eger, E.I., 1984:
Use of cyclopropane to test generality of anesthetic requirement in the elderly

Hows, J.M.; Palmer, S.; Gordon-Smith, E.C., 1982:
Use of cyclosporin A in allogeneic bone marrow transplantation for severe aplastic anemia

Hourmant M.; Soulillou J.P., 1987:
Use of cyclosporin a in renal transplantation as compared with the use of antilymphocyte serum

Conley S.B.; Flechner S.M.; Rose G.; Van Buren C.T.; Brewer E.; Kahan B.D., 1985:
Use of cyclosporin in pediatric renal transplant recipients

Schroeder, T.J.; Melvin, D.B.; Clardy, C.W.; Wadhwa, N.K.; Myre, S.A.; Reising, J.M.; Wolf, R.K.; Collins, J.A.; Pesce, A.J.; First, M.R., 1987:
Use of cyclosporine and ketoconazole without nephrotoxicity in two heart transplant recipients

Olmez I.; Kowalczyk G.S.; Harrison G.H., 1985:
Use of cyclotron produced fast neutrons in activation analysis

Satapathy M.K.; Anjaneyulu A., 1984:
Use of cypermethrin a synthetic pyrethroid in the control of rice tungro virus disease and its vector

Possompes B.; Cuq J.L.; Guenoun D.; Besancon P., 1983:
Use of cysteine as a reducing agent during alkali treatment of proteins biochemical and nutritional effects

Boehm J.C.; Kingsbury W.D.; Perry D.; Gilvarg C., 1983:
Use of cysteinyl peptides to effect portage transport of sulfhydryl containing compounds in escherichia coli

Kessler M.; Baudry M.; Lynch G., 1987:
Use of cystine to distinguish glutamate binding from glutamate sequestration

Buachidze, L.N.; Fomina, L.I.; Mkheidze, D.M.; Kupin, V.I.; Agafonov, V.A., 1983:
Use of cytapheresis in oncological practice

Micalef, H., 1976:
Use of cytochemical procedures for light microscope visualization of golgi apparatus in vegetative cells of the chlorophycean alga ulva lactuca

Vyalushkina M.D.; Vyalushkin B.Ya, 1981:
Use of cytochemical studies in estimation of lympho granulomatosis activity in children

Berezin, I.V.; Pobochin, A.S.; Kupriyanov, V.V.; Luzikov, V.N., 1977:
Use of cytochrome c oxidase in a regenerative oxygen electrode

Kagan Y.S.; Kokshareva N.V.; Ovsyannikova L.M.; Samusenko I.I., 1980:
Use of cytochrome p 450 induction as a new principle of therapy for intoxication by organo phosphorus insecticides

Bell, P.B.; Rundquist, I.; Svensson, I.; Collins, V.P., 1987:
Use of cytofluorometry to evaluate binding of antibodies to the cytoskeleton of cultured cells

Burger, P.C., 1985:
Use of cytological preparations in the frozen section diagnosis of central nervous system neoplasia

Payen, B.; Segui, M.; Monsan, P.; Schneider, K.; Friedrich, C.G.; Schlegel, H.G., 1983:
Use of cytoplasmic hydrogenase ec from alcaligenes eutrophus for nadh regeneration

Shabana, R.; Kamel, M.S.; Radwan, M.S.; Ghapour, S.K., 1981:
Use of cytoplasmic male sterility in forage sorghum for increasing forage yield ii. heterosis and its relation with characters of parental types

Gostev, A.A.; Kovalenko, N.P.; Romanenko, L.G.; Zherebtsova, V.G., 1976:
Use of cytoplasmic male sterility in selection of clary salvia sclarea and true lavender lavandula officinalis

Huber P.W.; Wool I.G., 1986:
Use of cytotoxic nuclease alpha sarcin to identify the binding site on eukaryotic 5s ribosomal rna for the ribosomal protein l 5

Trifimova T.M.; Panasyuk A.F.; Avdeeva Z.I.; Tarasenkova T.A.; Astakhova T.A.; Volkova Z.I., 1980:
Use of d penicillamine for the treatment of patients with rheumatoid arthritis and some mechanisms of its action

Refojo M.L.; Bruno M.F.; Reussi C.J., 1984:
Use of dacarbazine in nonconventional doses in the adjuvant treatment of cutaneous melanoma

Miller G.Y.; Eastridge M.L.; Hueston W.D.; Hoblet K.H., 1988:
Use of dairy herd improvement somatic cell information by ohio producers and their perceptions of mastitis

Santakumari M.; Reddy C.R., 1980:
Use of dalapon to improve the nutritive value of sorghum sorghum bicolor cultivar msh 33 seeds

Heyd, J.; Hershko, C., 1985:
Use of danazol in the management of chronic idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura

Todd A.S.; Barnetson W.K., 1988:
Use of dark ground microscopy in hematology

Centeno A.M.; Dubra M.S.; Valdez R.P., 1987:
Use of data banks as a source of information our experience

Gadzhiev G.K.; Nerpin S.V.; Reshetin O.L., 1986:
Use of data obtained by aerospace methods to regulate moisture supply in sowings

Gus'kova A.K., 1980:
Use of data obtained from medical observations of workers dealing with radiation sources for the substantiation of occupational exposure risk

Kostetskii, P.V., 1977:
Use of data on primary structure of homologous proteins for sequence determination of a new representative of the same group

Zamotin B.A.; Vlasov V.I.; Kravtsov F.E.; Naumovich L.S.; Dorozhkin G.V.; Shironina V.G.; Chernitskaya E.P.; Averina G.A., 1980:
Use of data on shigella contamination and immunity indices in the study of the activity of the epidemic process in dysentery

Viateau P.; Ygout J.F.; Berlioux J.; Daguet G.L., 1986:
Use of data processing in aminoglycosides determinations

Yousif A.K.; Abdelmasseh M.; Yousif M.E.; Saeed B.T., 1987:
Use of date paste in the processing of nutritious candy bars

A.Z.baydi A.H.; A.K.issi A.A.; Shaker K.A.; Hamel S.M., 1983:
Use of date syrups in breadmaking

A.N.ori F.F.; Yousif A.K.; Abdelmaseeh M.; Yousif M.E.; Khalil E.M., 1984:
Use of dates in the formulation of some bakery products

Falk P.M.; Harrison B.C., 1985:
Use of db 1 capillary columns in the gas chromatography flame ionization detection analysis of benzylecgonine

Mehrotra K.N., 1985:
Use of ddt and its environmental effects in india

Turner, J.W.; Rigby, L.W., 1976:
Use of ddt in combination with endrin and parathion for controlling cotton pests in queensland australia

Popoff M.; Coynault C., 1980:
Use of deae cellulose filters in the s 1 nuclease method for bacterial dna hybridization

Glezer G.A.; Rachkov S.M.; Briker V.A.; Charyev M., 1981:
Use of decaris in patients with chronic pyelo nephritis

D.K.k A.; Geerdink R.B.; Frei R.W.; Brinkman U.A.T., 1981:
Use of dechlorination in the analysis of poly chlorinated bi phenyls and related classes of compounds

Krouse H.J., 1986:
Use of decision frames by elementary school children

Genadiev V.G.; Khlistovskii E.D.; Popov L.A., 1985:
Use of deep freezing for trichogramma conservation under conditions of industrial rearing

Lucisano M.; Casiraghi E.M.; Barbieri R., 1984:
Use of defatted corn germ flour in pasta products

Reddy, D.V.; Schnitzlein, W.M.; Reichmann, M.E., 1977:
Use of defective interfering particle RNA probes in the determination of the order of in vitro transcription of vesicular stomatitis virus genes

Malluche H.H.; Smith A.J.; Abreo K.; Faugere M C., 1984:
Use of deferoxamine in the management of aluminum accumulation in bone in patients with renal failure

Seawright J.A.; Benedict M.Q.; Narang S., 1984:
Use of deficiencies for mapping 4 mutant loci on the salivary gland chromosomes of anopheles albimanus

Ganesan A.T., 1984:
Use of defined homogeneous prokaryotic dna sequences to analyze genetic transformation in prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells

Agakhanyan R.R.; Ter Minasova N.N.; Melkikyan N.A.; Stepanyan T.G.; Kostina E.L.; Pandunts G.G., 1979:
Use of defrosted washed erythrocytes in complex treatment of anemia in patients with chronic renal insufficiency

Brady, M.T.; Milam, J.D.; Anderson, D.C.; Hawkins, E.P.; Speer, M.E.; Seavy, D.; Bijou, H.; Yow, M.D., 1984:
Use of deglycerolized red blood cells to prevent posttransfusion infection with cytomegalovirus in neonates

Bandzaitene Z.Yu, 1980:
Use of degree of ripeness of the red bilberry vaccinium vitis idaea for short term forecasting of the harvest

Bychkov V.P.; Markaryan M.V., 1980:
Use of dehydrated food products in prolonged space flights

Kramer, H.; Von-Baehr, R.; Unger, U., 1978:
Use of delayed cutaneous hyper sensitivity skin test and in vitro assays of lymphocyte function to tumor associated antigen in patients with lung cancer

Tieszen L.L.; Hein D.; Qvortrup S.A.; Troughton J.H.; Imbamba S.K., 1979:
Use of delta carbon 13 values to determine vegetation selectivity in east african herbivores

Karzmark, P.; Heaton, R.K.; Grant, I.; Matthews, C.G., 1985:
Use of demographic variables to predict full scale IQ: a replication and extension

Coll H.; Searles C.G., 1986:
Use of density gradients in a disk centrifuge

Klein R.G.; Wolf C.; Freeman L.G.; Allwarden K., 1981:
Use of dental crown heights for constructing age profiles of red deer cervus elaphus and similar species in archaeological samples

Lobene, R.R.; Soparkar, P.M.; Newman, M.B., 1982:
Use of dental floss. Effect on plaque and gingivitis

Kondakis X.G.; Lolis C., 1987:
Use of dental service in an urban area in greece

Pashley D.H.; Nelson R.; Williams E.C.; Kepler E.E., 1981:
Use of dentin fluid protein concentrations to measure pulp capillary reflection coefficients in dogs

Motalov A.N.; Medvedenko Y.K.; Lebedenko V.Ya; Saryan L.A.; Reshetnyak V.Yu, 1987:
Use of derivatographic analysis to standardize the quality of n chloroacetylprocainamide samples

Zaleska K.G.; Andreeva I.N.; Kalashnik A.T.; Kabakchi A.M., 1981:
Use of derivatography for sanitary and chemical examination of a styrene and methyl methacrylate co polymer

Pelosi, M.A.; Apuzzio, J.; Gowda, V.; Patel, R.C., 1980:
Use of dermal graft in the surgical repair of vaginal vault prolapse

Hefti E.; Trechsel U.; Ruefenacht H.; Fleisch H., 1980:
Use of dermestid beetles dermestes maculatus for cleaning bones

Rickard P.P.; Cox P.A., 1986:
Use of derris as a fish poison in guadalcanal solomon islands

Pe, W., 1985:
Use of descending thin layer chromatography for identification of cannabinoids

Vicente, V.; Alegre, A.; Alberca, I., 1987:
Use of desmopressin for the therapy of moderate forms of hemophilia a and von willebrand's disease

Yamamoto I.; Sato O.; Tew J.M.Jr; Tomsick T.A., 1984:
Use of detachable balloon catheters in the treatment of carotid cavernous fistula

Rufty R.C.; Wernsman E.A.; Gooding G.V.Jr, 1987:
Use of detached leaves to evaluate tobacco haploids and doubled haploids for resistance to tobacco mosaic virus meloidogyne incognita and pseudomonas syringae pathovar tabaci

Foussard Guilbert F.; Ermias A.; Laget P.; Tanguy G.; Girault M.; Jallet P., 1983:
Use of detergents sodium dodecyl sulfate and saponin for the unmasking and purification of sodium potassium atpase from sheep kidney membranes

Borst G.H.A.; Counotte G.H.M., 1984:
Use of determining the serum lysozyme activity in dogs with tumors

Shouse P.; Jury W.A.; Stolzy L.H., 1980:
Use of deterministic empirical models to predict potential evapo transpiration in an advective environment

Metzger R.J.; Shafland P.L., 1986:
Use of detonating cord for sampling fish

Leland H.V.; Carter J.L.; Fend S.V., 1986:
Use of detrended correspondence analysis to evaluate factors controlling spatial distribution of benthic insects

Mendelsohn, R.; Maisano, J., 1978:
Use of deuterated phospho lipids in raman spectroscopic studies of membrane structure part 1 multi layers of di myristoylphosphatidyl choline and its deuterated derivative with di stearoylphosphatidyl choline

Banerji, A.; Hunter, R.; Mellows, G.; Sim, K.Y.; Barton, D.H.R., 1978:
Use of deuterium as a tracer with carbon 13 nmr spectroscopy in following deuteride migration in terpenoid biosynthesis mechanism of geranylgeranyl pyro phosphate cyclization in fusicoccin biosynthesis

Patel N.J.; Britton G.; Goodwin T.W., 1983:
Use of deuterium labeling from deuterium oxide to demonstrate carotenoid transformations in photosynthetic bacteria

Britton, G.; Lockley, W.J.S.; Patel, N.J.; Goodwin, T.W.; Englert, G., 1977:
Use of deuterium labeling to elucidate the stereochemistry of the initial step of the cyclization reaction in zeaxanthin biosynthesis in a flavobacterium sp

Gierl B.; Groves L.; Lazarus L.W., 1987:
Use of dexamethasone suppression test with depressed and demented elderly

Nuller Y.L.; Ostroumova M.N.; Gordon O.I., 1986:
Use of dexamethasone test for the differential diagnosis of depressive states

Brandt F.T.; Oliveira R.R.D.; Brandt C.D.A.; Menezes T.C.D., 1987:
Use of dexamethasone to shorten the period of spontaneous micturition in women submitted to marshall marchetti krantz procedure

Zhestkov, V.A.; Prostakova, T.M.; Sadovnikova, S.F.; Polushina, T.V., 1977:
Use of dextrafer for treatment and prophylaxis of iron deficiency anemias

Pankow M.L.; Davis L.E.; Becker S.P.; Ossoff R.H.; Anderson B.E., 1984:
Use of dextran and post primary antibody fixation in immuno per oxidase staining of fresh frozen tissue detection of immuno globulin associated with squamous carcinoma of the head and neck

Paris, G.; López-Pérez, M.J.; Martínez-Honduvilla, C.J.; Giménez-Solves, A., 1980:
Use of dextran gradient for the study of the development of mitochondria and glyoxysomes during the germination of pine seeds

Reikerås, O.; Nordstrand, K., 1985:
Use of dextran to prevent intraperitoneal adhesions caused by maize starch powder

Reikerås, O.; Nordstrand, K.; Sørlie, D., 1987:
Use of dextran to prevent pericardial adhesions caused by maize starch powder

Vemer H.M.; Boeckx W.; Brosens I.A., 1982:
Use of dextrans for the prevention of post operative peri tubal adhesions after oviduct anastomosis in rabbits

Kennerly, D.A.; Parker, C.W.; Sullivan, T.J., 1979:
Use of di acyl glycerol kinase ec 2.7.1. to quantitate picomole levels of 1 2 di acyl glycerol

Wan, C.C.; Collins, E.B.; Brant, A.W., 1976:
Use of di amide in determining the shelf life of refrigerated chicken

Warlo, H.J.; Doerr, H.W., 1976:
Use of di iso butyl naphthalenesulfonate for pre treatment of clinical material before culture to diagnose tuberculosis

Spryshkova R.A.; Brattsev V.A.; Shabalkin I.P., 1980:
Use of di mercapto carborane derivates in neutron capture therapy

Einstein, A.B.Jr ; Cheever, M.A.; Fefer, A., 1976:
Use of di methyl myleran in adoptive chemo immuno therapy of 2 murine leukemias

Shlikhov, T.A.; L'vov, V.M.; Buglanov, A.A.; Aslanov-Kh, A., 1978:
Use of di methyl sulfoxide for chromatographic isolation of messenger rna with 3 prime terminal poly adenylic acid fragments of different lengths

Kur'yanov, I.Y. ; Barybin, A.S.; Mikhalchenko, V.A., 1976:
Use of di methyl sulfoxide in experimental and clinical radiology

Ford R.; Barber J., 1980:
Use of di phenyl hexatriene to monitor the fluidity of the thylakoid membrane

Vescan L.; Angel G., 1981:
Use of di polar de polarization currents for the investigation of collagen

Lien E.J.; Guo Z R.; L.R.L.; S.C.T., 1982:
Use of di pole moment as a parameter in drug receptor interaction and quantitative structure activity relationship studies

Avdeeva R.A.; Fedorova L.I.; Lavrova L.P.; Divovich G.M., 1982:
Use of di sodium edta as a blood stabilizer in automated analysis in the grupamatic system apparatus

Hansel H.C.; Duke S.D.; Lofy P.T.; Gray G.A., 1988:
Use of diagnostic bones to identify and estimate original lengths of ingested prey fishes

Boulanger, Y.; Vinay, P., 1986:
Use of dialysis fibers for the study of aerobic cells

Splendiani G.; D'alessandro V.; Acitelli S.; Valentini W.; Camma M.; Tancredi M.; Breda M., 1980:
Use of dialysis index in optimizing dialysis treatment

Friedman, S.G.; Hainline, B.; Feinberg, A.W.; Lesser, M.L.; Napolitano, B.A., 1988:
Use of diastolic velocity ratios to predict significant carotid artery stenosis

Joseph, A.; Pulimood, B.M., 1978:
Use of diazepam in tetanus a comparative study

Bastos, R.N., 1975:
Use of diazido ethidium bromide as a specific probe for mitochondrial functions

Dunchik, V.N.; Barsel, V.A.; Sumskoi, B.S.; Mardynskii-Yu, S., 1977:
Use of dibunol in radiation therapy of urinary bladder tumors

Dul'kin L.M., 1984:
Use of dibunol in the diseases of the urinary bladder

Hill B.D.; Richards K.W.; Schaalje G.B., 1984 :
Use of dichlorvos resin strips to reduce parasitism of alfalfa leafcutter bee megachile rotundata hymenoptera megachilidae cocoons during incubation

Piccione F., 1981:
Use of diclofenac voltarol in degenerative arthritis

Deeley J.; Stevens W.A.; Fox R.T.V., 1979:
Use of dienes stain to detect plant diseases induced by mycoplasma like organisms

Cave N.A., 1982:
Use of dietary ammonium sulfate in control of growth rate of broiler breeder replacement pullets from 1 day of age

Biggadike K.; Borthwick A.D.; Evans D.; Exall A.M.; Kirk B.E.; Roberts S.M.; Stephenson L.; Youds P., 1988:
Use of diethylaminosulfur trifluoride dast in the preparation of synthons of carbocyclic nucleosides

Thorne P.J.; Wiseman J.; Cole D.J.A., 1988:
Use of diets containing high levels of copra meal for growing finishing pigs and their supplementation to improve animal performance

Grumberg N.J.; Gonzalez C.O., 1984:
Use of diets treated with gamma radiation in feeding rainbow trout salmo gairdneri irideus

Zia, H.; Malaz, E.; Ma, J.K.H.; Luzzi, L.A., 1980:
Use of difference spectrophotometry to study drug protein interactions 4. binding of penicillins to human serum albumin

Zia, H.; Kamali, H., 1976:
Use of difference spectrophotometry to study drug protein interactions part 3 binding of salicylates and benzothiadiazides to bovine serum albumin

Gubernieva, L.M.; Safronova, E.E.; Annenkov, G.A.; Malakhov, V.N.; Mamaev, V.B.; Konyukhova, L.K., 1976:
Use of differences in substrate inhibition in the determination of the ratio of mole fractions of lactate dehydrogenase subunits

Pragay, D.A.; Casey, S.J.; Gotthelf, J., 1977:
Use of different chemical methods for acid phosphatase in cases of rape

Watt R.J.; Morgan M.J.; Ward R.M., 1983:
Use of different cues in vernier acuity

Ghidalia, W.; Vendrely, R.; Coirault, Y., 1970:
Use of different filtrating media for the electrophoretic analysis of crustacean sera

Beremski, C., 1986:
Use of different floor covers for rearing broilers housed on raised wire mesh floors

Szewczyk B.; Bienkowska Szewczyk K.; Kozloff L.M., 1987:
Use of different fluorochromes for monitoring protein elution and transfer

Shumnyi, V.K.; Pershina, L.A.; Numerova, O.M.; Kolosova, L.D.; Belova, L.I., 1979:
Use of different hordeum species in remote hybridization 2. production of di ha ploids and hybrids due to interspecific hybridization

Shumnyi V.K.; Pershina L.A.; Shchapova A.I., 1979:
Use of different hordeum species in remote hybridization part 1 production of intergeneric barley rye hybrids

Perel'man E.V.; Shtanchaeva S.M.; Bulk V.F.; Tarasov A.P.; Bakh N.L.; Semina I.S., 1984:
Use of different media for growing the producer of restriction enzyme xba i

Riou, C.; Chartier, R., 1985:
Use of different methods to estimate evapotranspiration from 2 plant covers grass and wheat in the semi arid zone 1. estimation of potential evapotranspiration when soil water is not a limiting factor

Vachaud, G.; Vauclin, M.; Riou, C.; Chaabouni, Z., 1985:
Use of different methods to estimate evapotranspiration from 2 plant covers grass and wheat in the semi arid zone 2. soil moisture measurement with neutron probe and tensiometers

Pavlov, A.S.; Kostromina, K.N.; Fadeeva, M.A.; Klepper, L.Y., 1978:
Use of different models for the evaluation of fractionation regimen of intra cavitary gamma therapy of cervix uteri cancer

Snitinskii V.V.; Yanovich V.G.; Goisalyuk S.V., 1984:
Use of different precursors for the synthesis of lipids in different animal organs and tissues during the neonatal period

Cenatiempo Y.; Robakis N.; Meza Basso L.; Brot N.; Weissbach H.; Reid B.R., 1982:
Use of different serine transfer rna iso acceptor species in vitro to discriminate between the expression of plasmid genes

Scopes, R.K.; Griffiths-Smith, K., 1984:
Use of differential dye ligand chromatography with affinity elution for enzyme purification 6 phospho gluconate dehydratase ec from zymomonas mobilis

Smith, M.W.; Jarvis, L.G., 1980:
Use of differential interference contrast microscopy to determine cell renewal times in mouse intestine

Pajaro M.C.; Barberis L.I.; Albesa I., 1986:
Use of differential media for production of pigment by pseudomonas

Sichko, A.I., 1978:
Use of differential photo turbidometry for analysis of aminazin

Canon, J.G.; Lippa, A.S., 1977:
Use of differential reinforcement of low rates in differentiating anxiolytic and neuroleptic properties of central nervous system drugs

Haring, T.G.; Breen, C.G.; Pitts-Conway, V.; Gaylord-Ross, R., 1986:
Use of differential reinforcement of other behavior during dyadic instruction to reduce stereotyped behavior of autistic students

Bruls W.A.G.; Van Der Leun J.C., 1982:
Use of diffusers in the measurement of transmission of human epidermal layers

Strebler G., 1979:
Use of diflubenzuron in the struggle against acridians

Short, D.H.; Puyau, M.K.; Sauls, J.L.; Kerstein, M.D., 1985:
Use of digital subtraction angiography in the diagnosis of splenic artery aneurysms

Modic M.T.; Berlin A.J.; Weinstein M.A., 1982:
Use of digital subtraction angiography in the evaluation of carotid cavernous sinus fistulas

Tarassenko, L.; Rolfe, P.; Bristow, C.J.; Weindling, A.M., 1984:
Use of digital techniques to process cerebral electrical impedance signals in the new born

Zannad F.; Kessler M.; Huriet C.; Royer R.J., 1981:
Use of digitalin agents in the patient with chronic renal insufficiency present conceptions

Gordon P.B.; Tolleshaug H.; Seglen P.O., 1985:
Use of digitonin extraction to distinguish between autophagic lysosomal sequestration and mitochondrial uptake of carbon 14 sucrose in hepatocytes

Andersson B.S.; Jones D.P., 1985:
Use of digitonin fractionation to determine mitochondrial transmembrane ion distribution in cells during anoxia

Skards, I.V.; Trusle, E.A.; Smilga-Ya, M.; Duk, A.E., 1975 :
Use of digitonin to determine the labilization of mouse spleen cells after immunization with sheep erythrocytes

Bergman, U.; Sjoqvist, F.; Soderhielm, L., 1976:
Use of digoxin in a low density population area in sweden

Kovach G., 1986:
Use of dihydroergotoxine methanesulfonate in senile cerebral circulatory disorders and hypertension

Donati G.C.; Spinazze R.; Bocca P.; Sacchetta A.; Zincone A., 1986:
Use of diltiazem in the treatment of essential arterial hypertension

Floyd T.R.; Y.L.W.; Hartwick R.A., 1986:
Use of diluted anion exchange and hydrophobic properties in separating synthetic single stranded oligodeoxyribonucleotides on mixed ligand stationary phases

Pachepskaya, L.B.; Pachepskii-Ya, A.; Morgun, E.G., 1977:
Use of dimensionality methods for analysis of changes in soil reclaiming conditions during irrigation

Ristow A.V.B.; Hastenreiter C.N., 1981:
Use of diosmin in chronic venous insufficiency

Piccinini R.S.; Jorge M.A.; Cavalcanti R.J.G.; Tobosa A.G.; Curvelo V.T., 1982:
Use of diphenadione 2 di phenylacetyl 1 3 indandione for vampire bat control in endemic rabies areas in northeastern brazil

Morukov B.V.; Zaichik V.E.; Ivanov V.M.; Orlov O.I., 1987:
Use of diphosphonates for correcting disorders of calcium metabolism and mineral composition of bone tissue in 60 day hypokinesia in rats

Jatzwauk L.; Junghardt R.; Rasch U.; Gerhardt M., 1985:
Use of dipped cultures for a semi quantitative germ count of distilled or demineralized water and other fluids

Heuer H.; Gulker H.; Hasfeld M.; Frenking B.; Behrenbeck T., 1987:
Use of diprafenone in chronic ventricular arrhythmias results of long term treatment

Wills R.B.H.; Scott K.J., 1982:
Use of dips containing di phenylamine and edible oils to reduce soft scald of apples malus domestica cultivar jonathan

Schaad, N.W., 1978:
Use of direct and indirect immuno fluorescence tests for identification of xanthomonas campestris

Hobbs H.A.; Reddy D.V.R.; Rajeshwari R.; Reddy A.S., 1987:
Use of direct antigen coating and protein a coating elisa procedures for detection of three peanut viruses

Pierzynski G.M.; Crouch S.R.; Jacobs L.W., 1986:
Use of direct current plasma spectrometry for the determination of molybdenum in plant tissue digests and soil extracts

Daskal, Y.; Mace, M.L.J. ; Wray, W.; Busch, H., 1976:
Use of direct current sputtering for improved visualization of chromosome topology by scanning electron microscopy

Ispenkova L.I., 1983:
Use of direct lympho vascular injection of labeled liposomes in the evaluation of barrier function of regional lymph nodes in rabbits with the brown pearce carcinoma

Antal T.; Faluhelyi S.; Szabo I.; Tekeres A.; Janaky T.; Toth I.; Faredin I.; Laszlo F., 1986:
Use of direct milk progesterone ria for the detection of inseminated non fertilized cows without returning to estral cycle

Obert, P.M.; Young, K.A.; Tobey, D.N., 1984:
Use of direct posterior cricoarytenoid stimulation in laryngeal paralysis

Timofeev, A.V.; El'bert, L.B.; Terletskaya, E.N.; Mal'dov, D.G.; Karavanov, A.S., 1987:
Use of direct solid phase enzyme immunoassay for the evaluation of the immunological activity of tick borne encephalitis vaccine

Gardell, S.J.; Hilvert, D.; Barnett, J.; Kaiser, E.T.; Rutter, W.J., 1987:
Use of directed mutagenesis to probe the role of tyrosine 198 in the catalytic mechanism of carboxypeptidase A

Chan A.; Chisholm I.; Royle J.P., 1983:
Use of directional doppler ultrasound in the assessment of sapheno femoral incompetence

Blue, F.R., 1979:
Use of directive therapy in the treatment of depersonalization neurosis

Reddy B.N.; Sekar B.; Neelan P.N., 1986:
Use of disability index to assess the extent and severity of disabilities in leprosy

Comerford N.B.; Fisher R.F., 1982:
Use of discriminant analysis for classification of fertilizer responsive sites

Rusanovich I.I.; Skvortsov A.K., 1981:
Use of discriminant analysis for establishing the distinguishing specific characteristics of birch leaf form

Morley, G.; Gibson, M.; Eltringham, D., 1977:
Use of discriminant analysis in relating maternal anti blood group d levels to the severity of hemolytic disease of the new born

Baldescu R.; Steinbach M., 1984:
Use of discriminant analysis of the calculation of a prognostic index for the primary prevention of cardio vascular diseases

Susanna, R.; Drance, S.M., 1978 :
Use of discriminant analysis part 1 prediction of visual field defects from features of the glaucoma disc

Drance, S.M.; Schulzer, M.; Douglas, G.R.; Sweeney, V.P., 1978:
Use of discriminant analysis part 2 identification of persons with glaucomatous visual field defects

Nagasawa, S., 1975:
Use of discriminant function for differentiating the japanese house fly from the european house fly diptera muscidae

Elder, W.H.; Hayden, C.M., 1977:
Use of discriminant function in taxonomic determination of canids from missouri usa

Richards, W.; Church, J.A., 1977:
Use of dish washing liquids for bathing a cause of generalized pruritus

Goldberg, S.; Oyen, T.; Idriss, J.M.; Halvorson, H.O., 1972:
Use of disomic strains to study the arrangement of ribosomal cistrons in saccharomyces of ribosomal cistrons in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Soetedjo, R.; Beriajaya, D.; Henderson, A.W.; Kelly, J.D., 1980:
Use of disophenol for the control of Haemonchus contortus in sheep in West Java, Indonesia

Bednyi, V.D.; Kovalev, B.G.; Chekanov, M.I., 1977:
Use of disparlure for estimation and prognosis of population density of the gypsy moth porthetria dispar

Godlevska, M.A.; Kregers, A.F.; Purinya, B.A.; Slutskii, L.I., 1978:
Use of dispersion analysis for the study of the biochemical composition of walls of main arteries of the human head and brain

Ipatov, V.S.; Kirikova, L.A., 1977:
Use of dispersion analysis in the study of the relationship between vegetation and environment

Ruth, R.A.; Mills, J.A.; Ferraro, J.A., 1988:
Use of disposable ear canal electrodes in auditory brainstem response testing

Santucci N.; Gazzeri G., 1986:
Use of disposable kit for continuous lumbar drainage during neurosurgery operations a technical note

Sabri M.A.; Javed T.; Chishti M.A.; Hur G., 1986:
Use of disposable knife for routine microtomy

Rickert D.A., 1984:
Use of dissolved oxygen modeling results in the management of river quality

Bank, N.; Lief, P.D.; Piczon, O., 1978:
Use of diuretics in treatment of hypertension secondary to renal disease

Lukashina T.V.; Mukhamedov K.A.; Stoilov L.D.; Pankova S.S., 1985:
Use of divascan for the treatment of diabetic retinopathy

Khalaf A.G.M.; Brossman G.D.; Wilcox J.R., 1984:
Use of diverse populations in soybean glycine max breeding

Hoai T.L.; Lasserre G.; Amanieu M., 1987:
Use of diversity to select of species significant of community structure in a faunistic list with a study of the zooplankton at meze etang de thau france from 1982 to 1985

Savchenko V.G.; Idel'son L.I., 1981:
Use of dixon and rosse method for the quantitative determination of immuno globulins on the surface of blood platelets in thrombocytopenic purpura

Gardner, C.R.; Richards, M.H., 1981:
Use of dl alpha mono fluoromethyl dopa to distinguish sub cellular pools of aromatic amino acid decarboxylase ec in mouse brain

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