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Use of biospecific adsorbents with poly saccharide spacers in affinity chromatography

Klyashchitsky, B.A.; Mitina, V.Kh; Morozevich, G.E.; Yakubovskaya, R.I.

Journal of Chromatography 210(1): 67-76


ISSN/ISBN: 0021-9673
Accession: 006877038

The isolation of mouse liver poly(A)-mRNA and purification of trypsin and [human serum] kallikrein using new biospecific adsorbents having dextran, glycogen or amylopectin spacers are described as the first examples of affinity chromatography on such adsorbents. A comparative study of these adsorbents and similar adsorbents without spacers was carried out. The optimum conditions for affinity chromatography of poly(A)-mRNA were considered.

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