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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6879

Chapter 6879 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Mazurczak T., 1987: Use of dna analysis of the diagnosis of genetic diseases

Danilenko V.D., 1986: Use of dna dna hybridization in studies on epidemiology and evolutionary similarity of drug resistance determinants

Desai R., 1981: Use of dna estimation for growth assessment in normal and hypoplastic fetal lungs

Schroth M.N., 1984: Use of dna hybridization values to construct 3 dimensional models of fluorescent pseudomonad relationships

Fleuren G.J., 1987: Use of dna image cytometry in addition to flow cytometry for the study of patients with advanced ovarian cancer

Ciavarra R., 1983: Use of dna mediated gene transfer to analyze the role of h 2l d in controlling the specificity of anti vesicular stomatitis virus cyto toxic t cells

Sanger, F.; Donelson, J. E.; Coulson, A. R.; Koessel, H.; Fischer, D., 1973: Use of dna polymerase i primed by a synthetic oligo nucleotide to determine a nucleotide sequence in phage f 1 dna

Steere, K.; Sidwell, B.; Leach, R.; Ward, F. E.; Taurog, J. D.; Orr, H. T., 1986: Use of dna probes from the 5' flanking region of the hla b gene to examine polymorphism at the hla b locus

Fitts R., 1985: Use of dna probes in the diagnosis of infectious disease

Mcdonough P.G., 1987: Use of dna probes to test for yq11 deletions in males and spermatogenic arrest

Blume K.G., 1987: Use of dna restriction fragment length polymorphisms to document marrow engraftment and mixed hematopoietic chimerism following bone marrow transplantation

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878011

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878012

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878013

Bartlett, M. L.; Walker, H. W.; Ziprin, R., 1972: Use of dogs as an assay for clostridium perfringens entero toxin

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878015

Engels E., 1981: Use of dopamine in uro sepsis of septic shock

Henry W.L., 1983: Use of doppler flow velocity measurement to assess the hemodynamic response to vaso dilators in patients with heart failure

Huynh V.T., 1981: Use of doppler ultrasonic examination for per operative checking of nonsurgical upper dorsal sympathectomy in the treatment of hyper hidrosis

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878019

Tonini G., 1986: Use of doppler ultrasound in the surgical patient and early diagnosis of deep vein thrombosis

Stadler, J. C.; Karol, M. H., 1985: Use of dose response data to compare the skin sensitizing abilities of dicyclohexylmethane 4 4' diisocyanate and picryl chloride in 2 animal species

Biddle, F. G., 1978: Use of dose response relationships to discriminate between the mechanisms of cleft palate induction by different teratogens an argument for discussion

Morse S.A., 1986: Use of dot immunobinding and immunofluorescence assays to investigate clinically suspected cases of chancroid

Delia S., 1985: Use of dot immunobinding assay for the rapid diagnosis of human hydatidosis

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878025

Pereira, H. G.; Rowe, L.; Baber, D., 1976: Use of double immuno diffusion ouchterlony test for the diagnosis of swine vesicular disease

Byvoet P., 1986: Use of double spin labeled histones to monitor histone chromatin integration

Gettinger R.D., 1983: Use of doubly labeled water tritium and oxygen 18 for determination of water flux and carbon di oxide production by a mammal in a humid environment

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878030

Johnson, R. R.; Brown, C. M., 1978: Use of dpx 3778 to produce hybrid wheat seed

Shields M.A., 1986: Use of dredged material deposition sites by birds in coastal north carolina usa

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878033

Fevrier, C.; Aumaitre, A., 1978: Use of dried whey in pig feeding part 2 adaptation and consequences on growth and feed conversion

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878035

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878036

Neblett, T. R., 1976: Use of droplet plating method and cystine lactose electrolyte deficient medium in routine quantitative urine culturing procedure

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878038

Wei W Z., 1986: Use of drug resistance markers to recover clonogenic tumor cells from occult metastases in host tissues

Alyushyna M.O., 1985: Use of drug resources under the conditions of a cardiological clinic

Vandewiele M., 1984: Use of drugs among senegalese school going adolescents

Rylance M.E., 1988: Use of drugs by children

Isaacs J.B., 1981: Use of drugs by the elderly

Fredrickson, L. F.; Trautman, C. G., 1978: Use of drugs for capturing and handling pheasants

Hendrickson, R. O.; Hanna, C., 1977: Use of drugs in ointment for routine mydriasis

Kolyadenko, V. H., 1976: Use of drugs in treating eczema

Yi, C., 1976: Use of drugs in treating psychological diseases in pregnant women

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878048

Borishpolets Z.I., 1981: Use of dry casein yeast agar for cultivation and isolation of gonococci

Chandrasekharam V., 1981: Use of dry human and bovine amnion as a biological dressing

Frezil, J. L.; Carnevale, P., 1976: Use of dry ice for catching glossina fuscipes quanzensis with challier laveissiere trap epidemiological consequences

Urazbaeva F.S., 1980: Use of dry leaven prepared on saline and lactic substrates in ensilage of semi desert mixed grass of the kazakh ssr ussr

Mishina L.N., 1987: Use of dry milk whey for feeding broiler chicks

Ballantyne D.J., 1985: Use of dual column fused silica capillary gas chromatography in combination with detector response factors for analytical toxicology

O'donnell W.Jr, 1986: Use of dual control groups to estimate false positive rates in laboratory animal carcinogenicity studies

Barnum D.A., 1981: Use of ducks as a model to study the effect of antibiotics in feed on the fecal shedding of salmonella

Hansen, R. M., 1978: Use of dung ph to differentiate herbivore species

Gilbaud J., 1986: Use of duoderm dressing in the healing of graft donor sites in burned patients report of 20 cases

Amrichy J., 1986: Use of duoderm on skin graft donor sites comparative study with tulle gras

Butler L.G., 1985: Use of dye labeled protein as spectrophotometric assay for protein precipitants such as tannin

Leisola, M.; Linko, M., 1977: Use of dyed avicel cellulose to determine the solubilizing activity of a cellulase complex

Kaplina K.V., 1981: Use of dyes in x ray prints

Kinnally, K. W.; Tedeschi, H.; Maloff, B. L., 1978: Use of dyes to estimate the electrical potential of the mitochondrial membrane

Shcherbukha, A. Ya, 1978: Use of e s smirnovs taxonomic analysis to determine fish population resemblance in different parts of the donets river

Zhuravleva, T. B.; Semenov, M. E., 1986: Use of early autopsies in the 24 hour work of a pathoanatomical unit

Markowski, B.; Lawler, S. D., 1977: Use of early fetal tissues obtained from suction termination of pregnancy

Ryder E.J., 1985: Use of early flowering genes to reduce generation time in backcrossing with specific application to lettuce lactuca sativa breeding

Begum S., 1983: Use of early flowering mutants in evaluating the genetics of flowering behavior in jute corchorus capsularis

Bowers M.A., 1987: Use of early goldenrod solidago patches by a stem boring dipteran

Niederleitner J.F., 1987: Use of early successional midsuccessional and old growth forests by breeding blue grouse dendragapus obscurus fuliginosus on hardwicke island british columbia canada

Vezekenyi K., 1987: Use of ebrimycin gel in dermatology

Popp R.L., 1981: Use of echo cardiography in diagnosing culture negative endo carditis

Kipiani M.A., 1981: Use of echo cardiography in the diagnosis of cardiac insufficiency during the acute period of myo cardial infarction

Rotkov A.I., 1986: Use of echocardiography for the diagnosis of atrial septal defects and for the evaluation of the results of their surgical treatment in adult patients

Waszak C.S., 1987: Use of echosonography to monitor uterine placement of intrauterine devices after immediate postpartum insertions

Duarte C.M., 1987: Use of echosounder tracings to estimate the aboveground biomass of submerged plants in lakes

Angelini A., 1985: Use of echotomography in hepatological diagnosis in the aged

Chernyi I.I., 1987: Use of ecological factors in spring wheat selection

Bouchard A., 1984: Use of ecological groups in analysis and classification of plant communities in a section of western quebec canada

Nazarova, N. P., 1975: Use of ecological profiles in the study on the dynamics of coastal landscapes ussr

Dabholkar P.D., 1988: Use of ect in hysterical catatonia a case report and discussion

Blaine J.D., 1987: Use of ect in the usa in 1975 and 1980

Kuzmak L.I., 1981: Use of eea stapler in transection of esophagus in severe hemorrhage from esophageal varices

Proulx M., 1986: Use of egg washwater ph to prevent survival of salmonella at moderate temperatures

Van Regenmortel M.H.V., 1986: Use of egg yolk antibody for detection of respiratory syncytial virus in nasal secretions by elisa

Chang P.W., 1984: Use of egg yolk in serological tests elisa enzyme linked immunosorbent assay and hemagglutination inhibition to detect antibody to newcastle disease infectious bronchitis and mycoplasma gallisepticum

Chang P.W., 1985: Use of egg yolk to determine antibody levels in chickens inoculated with a hemagglutinating duck adenovirus adenovirus 127 like

Hafez N., 1979: Use of egyptian minerals in the treatment of low level radioactive waste

Houghtaling J.E., 1986: Use of elcar to reduce the number of corn earworms lepidoptera noctuidae developing in field corn

Plokhikh L.M., 1980: Use of electric micro coring of pores in soil investigations

Nelson, S. O., 1977: Use of electrical properties for grain moisture measurement

Tattar, T. A., 1976: Use of electrical resistance to detect verticillium albo atrum wilt in norway maple and sugar maple

Rifkin J.F., 1982: Use of electrical stimulation for discharging cnidom components of a species of cerianthus anthozoa cnidaria

Champion M.J., 1985: Use of electricity to control bolters in sugar beet beta vulgaris a comparison of the electrothermal with chemical and mechanical cutting methods

Tarnoki K., 1980: Use of electro acupuncture during operations on the heart

Madden, J. A.; Houston, A. H., 1976: Use of electro anesthesia with fresh water teleosts some physiological consequences in the rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Steingart R.M., 1984: Use of electro cardiographic thallium exercise testing in clinical practice

Averina T.K., 1981: Use of electro colonography in patients with chronic colitis

Goodwin F.K., 1981: Use of electro convulsive therapy with treatment resistant depressed patients at the national institute of mental health

Amundson C.H., 1982: Use of electro dialysis to improve the protein stability of frozen skim milks and milk concentrates

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878103

Casarella W.J., 1981: Use of electro hydraulic lithotriptor in the biliary tree in dogs

Kulkarni, D. R.; Diwan, P. V.; Tilloo, L. D.; Patil, P. A.; Bagi, M. K., 1977: Use of electro magnetic counterpoise to measure cardiac force

Lewis, G. J. R.; Poole-Wilson, P. A.; Angerpointer, T.; Coltart, D. J.; Williams, B. T., 1978: Use of electro magnetic flow probes to assess myo cardial performance in man

Hutchinson C.M.P.A., 1982: Use of electro myographic and skin conductance bio feedback relaxation training to facilitate child birth in primiparae

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878108

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878109

Kishkovskaya E.A., 1980: Use of electro roentgenography for controlling the treatment of diaphyseal fractures

Geddes L.A., 1983: Use of electro surgical dispersive electrodes for ventricular de fibrillation

Boiron H., 1979: Use of electro syneresis in the diagnosis of bacterial meningitis

Mengel K., 1981: Use of electro ultra filtration method for investigating the behavior of phosphate fertilizer in tropical soils

Fraser D.M., 1985: Use of electroacupuncture as an analgesic for laparotomies in 2 dairy cows

Lecocq R.E., 1987: Use of electroblotting to detect and analyze phosphotyrosine containing peptides separated by two dimensional gel electrophoresis

Sijuwola O.A., 1985: Use of electroconvulsive therapy in a nigerian hospital

Kramer B.A., 1985: Use of electroconvulsive therapy in california usa 1977 1983

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878118

Eeckhout T., 1985: Use of electromagnetic waves for the treatment of superficial wounds in the horse

Aue, W. A.; Kapila, S., 1978: Use of electron capture induced products for confirmation of identity in pesticide residue analysis

Leung, P. M. K.; Johns, H. E., 1977: Use of electron filters to improve the buildup characteristics of large fields from cobalt 60 beams

Reckling K F., 1987: Use of electron microscopy for observation of small round viruses in fecal samples collected from clinically intact calves and animals with diarrhea

Kilbertus, G.; Kiffer, E., 1977: Use of electron microscopy for soil microbiology capabilities and limitations

Trione E.J., 1986: Use of electron microscopy to characterize teliospores of tilletia caries and tilletia controversa

Zakaria G.A., 1985: Use of electrons above 20 mev to reduce the radiation exposure

Skoog B., 1979: Use of electrophoresis and gel filtration to characterize human pituitary somatotropin preparations after storage

Nibaruta G., 1982: Use of electrophoresis in fish taxonomy

Carlstrom, A.; Dornbusch, K.; Hagelberg, A., 1977: Use of electrophoresis in the identification and quantitation of antibiotics administered in combinations

Parrott R.H., 1983: Use of electrophoresis of rna from human rotavirus to establish the identity of strains involved in outbreaks in a tertiary care nursery

Pokrovskii, A. A.; Shcherbakova, A. I.; Kravchenko, L. V.; Tutel'yan, V. A., 1976: Use of electrophoretic fractionation of esterases to study their compartmentalization

Ritte, U.; Haim, A.; Neufeld, E., 1976: Use of electrophoretic patterns of hemo globin for identification of israeli gerbils genus gerbillus rodentia gerbillinae

Narayanan R., 1987: Use of electroporation for high molecular weight dna mediated gene transfer

Shafritz D.A., 1986: Use of electroporation to introduce biologically active foreign genes into primary rat hepatocytes

Narayanan R., 1987: Use of electroporation to study the cytotoxic effects of fluorodeoxyuridylate in intact cells

Taylor H.E., 1988: Use of electrothermal vaporization multiple wavelength absorption spectrometry to qualitatively screen for the presence of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

Pavlinov, I. Ya, 1978: Use of elements of informational statistical analysis in studying intraspecific variability

Sorokin A.M., 1986: Use of eleutherococcal extract to increase immunological reactivity in oncological patients

Murino P., 1982: Use of elevation models for landform analysis by seasat sar imagery

Van Regenmortel M.H.V., 1985: Use of elisa enzyme linked immunosorbent assay for measuring the extent of serological cross reactivity between plant viruses

Donetskii I.A., 1985: Use of elisa enzyme linked immunosorbent assay for the control of the activity of antisera to insulin

Zakharova N.A., 1985: Use of elisa enzyme linked immunosorbent assay for the diagnosis of toxoplasmosis

Zakstel'skaya L.Ya, 1985: Use of elisa enzyme linked immunosorbent assay for the indication and differentiation of influenza a b and c viruses

Chao D., 1986: Use of elisa for detection of circulating antibodies to human leishmaniasis

Verhoyen M., 1987: Use of elisa for identifying metabolites of erwinia amylovora

Hackett A.J., 1986: Use of elisa for measurement of bovine serum and milk progesterone without extraction

Brown S.A., 1988: Use of elisa for quantification of proteins on the surface of materials

Terskikh I.I., 1985: Use of elisa for the examination of antichlamydial sera

Dai B., 1985: Use of elisa in detection of antibodies against double stranded dna in sera of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

Shikhman A.R., 1985: Use of elisa to evaluate the specificity of antibody recognition of antigenic determinants of group a streptococcus ribosomes

Norcross N.L., 1987: Use of elisa to measure bovine milk and serum antibodies to alpha toxin beta toxin and capsular antigens of staphylococcus aureus

Golubev D.B., 1980: Use of elution inhibition reaction for the titration of anti neuraminidase antibodies in human blood

Edwards, A.; Marish, J.; Gupta, J. D.; Harley, J. D., 1970: Use of embryonic chick lens for screening potentially toxic chemicals

Basu R., 1982: Use of emergency room facilities in a rural area a spatial analysis

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878155

Bloch, H. I.; Ellis, R. D.; Spielman, C. R., 1977: Use of employment criteria for measuring the effectiveness of methadone maintenance programs

Taylor, R. W.; Sweeney, M. P.; Counts, C. L-Iii, 1977: Use of empty gastropod shells polygyridae by pseudoscorpions

Navarro V.B., 1981: Use of emulsions in plasma emission analysis direct determination of lead in gasoline and barium in lubricating oils

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878159

Papatheodossiou N., 1979: Use of encephabol in anesthesia and post anesthesia resuscitation

Mandel W., 1982: Use of endo myo cardial biopsy in a serious cardiac abnormality associated with poly myositis a case

Beintema J.J., 1983: Use of endo proteinase lys c from lysobacter enzymogenes in protein sequence analysis

Parrilla, R.; Ayuso-Parrilla, M. S.; Williamson, J. R., 1976: Use of endogenous tri glycerides to support gluconeogenesis in the perfused isolated rat liver

Kawai K., 1984: Use of endoscopic ultrasonography in small pancreatic cancer

Owen W.G., 1982: Use of endothelium cultured on micro carriers as a model for the micro circulation

Reister D.B., 1986: Use of energy scenarios in addressing the carbon dioxide question

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878167

Raju N.B., 1984: Use of enlarged cells and nuclei for studying mitosis in neurospora

Levett P.N., 1984: Use of enrichment cultures for the isolation of clostridium difficile from stools

Pace, V.; De-Michelis, F.; Fontanelli, G.; Malossini, F., 1980: Use of ensiled straw and bovine manure for feeding fattening young bulls 2. toxicological and microbiological aspects

Nichols, R. L.; Murray, E. S.; Nisson, P. E., 1978: Use of enteric vaccines in protection against chlamydial infections of the genital tract and the eye of guinea pigs

Orlova T.G., 1987: Use of enterotoxins adsorbed on filters to induce human immune interferon

Qiu S B., 1986: Use of entomophagous natural enemies against crop pests in china

Ivison D., 1985: Use of environmental manipulation and classroom and modified informal reality orientation with institutionalized confused elderly patients

Kavanagh D., 1987: Use of environmental manipulation and modified informal reality orientation with institutionalized confused elderly subjects a replication

Vicidomina F., 1983: Use of environmental protection agency capdet program for evaluation of waste water treatment alternatives

Kahn B., 1987: Use of environmental tld data at a nuclear power station to estimate detection limits for radiation exposure due to station operation

Grigoryan A.N., 1980: Use of enzymatic hydrolysates of microbial biomass in media for cultivating streptococcus lactis which produces nisin

Nielsen H., 1986: Use of enzymatic solubilization of tissues and direct injection on pre columns of large volumes for analyzing biological samples by high performance liquid chromatography

Mankin H.J., 1979: Use of enzymatically isolated chondrocytes for short term metabolic studies

Torrance L., 1987: Use of enzyme amplification in an elisa to increase sensitivity of detection of barley yellow dwarf virus in oats and in individual vector aphids

Graves, J. A. M., 1978: Use of enzyme deficient cell lines as feeder layers

Howell, C. R., 1976: Use of enzyme deficient mutants of verticillium dahliae to assess the importance of pectolytic enzymes in symptom expression of verticillium wilt of cotton

Joseleau J P., 1984: Use of enzyme gold complexes for the ultrastructural localization of hemicelluloses in the plant cell wall

Hyypia T., 1987: Use of enzyme immunoassay and nucleic acid hybridization for detecting sindbis virus in infected mosquitoes

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878186

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878187

Kumar M.L., 1988: Use of enzyme immunoassay for the rapid diagnosis of chlamydia trachomatis endocervical infection in female adolescents

Kharitonenkov I.G., 1987: Use of enzyme immunoassay with staphylococcus protein a peroxidase conjugate in the serodiagnosis of influenza

Anden N E., 1984: Use of enzyme inhibitors to study the synthesis and utilization of brain gamma amino butyric acid

Torchilin V.P., 1988: Use of enzyme label for quantitative evaluation of liposome adhesion on cell surface studies with j774 macrophage monolayers

Krysinski, E. P.; Heimsch, R. C., 1977: Use of enzyme labeled antibodies to detect salmonella in foods

Van Der Veen J., 1985: Use of enzyme labeled antigen for the detection of immunoglobulin m and immunoglobulin a antibody to herpes simplex virus in serum and cerebrospinal fluid

Pesce, A. J.; Mendoza, N.; Boreisha, I.; Gaizutis, M. A.; Pollak, V. E., 1974: Use of enzyme linked antibodies to measure serum anti dna antibody in systemic lupus erythematosus

Gridneva L.G., 1983: Use of enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay elisa for the diagnosis of plague

Behymer D., 1983: Use of enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay elisa in the quantitation of clostridium perfringens type a entero toxin and anti entero toxin antibodies

Aichele M.D., 1984: Use of enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay elisa results in efforts to control orchard spread of cherry rugose mosaic disease in washington usa

Mills K., 1981: Use of enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay for detecting mycobacterial antigens in tissues of mycobacterium bovis infected cattle

Matsumura T., 1982: Use of enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay for detection of immuno globulin m antibodies to japanese encephalitis virus in swine area

Hautanen, A.; Koistinen, V.; Penttinen, K.; Wager, O., 1978: Use of enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay for measuring immuno conglutinins

Reeves, J. T.; Jackson, A. O.; Paschke, J. D.; Lister, R. M., 1978: Use of enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay for sero diagnosis of 2 maize viruses

Vengerov Yu Ya, 1981: Use of enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay in the diagnosis of various forms of meningococcal infection

Biberstein E.L., 1985: Use of enzyme linked immunosorbent assay elisa for detection of antibodies to brucella ovis in sheep field trial

Mohammed K.A., 1985: Use of enzyme linked immunosorbent assay elisa for the diagnosis of equine histoplasmosis farciminosi epizootic lymphangiitis

Suzuki J., 1988: Use of enzyme linked immunosorbent assay for characterization of water soluble glucan the suppressor of hypersensitive response of potato cells caused by phytophthora infestans

Campbell G.H., 1987: Use of enzyme linked synthetic dna in diagnosis of falciparum malaria

Schultz G., 1987: Use of enzyme preparations from penicillium strains for the isolation of mesophyll protoplasts from solanum tuberosum l

Friedel K., 1982: Use of enzymes for the evaluation of treated straw under special consideration of the influence of gamma ray treatment

Tateo F., 1979: Use of enzymes in the production of vegetable food flavoring extracts

Nyuksha-Yu, P.; Kossior, L. A., 1977: Use of enzymic preparations for determining paper resistance to fungi

Missirlis, Y. F., 1977: Use of enzymolysis techniques in studying the mechanical properties of connective tissue components

Colwell R.R., 1982: Use of epi fluorescence microscopy in studies of the germination and recovery of thermoactinomycetes

Dannenberg A.L., 1985: Use of epidemiology in medical specialties an examination by citation analysis

Parris W.C.V., 1987: Use of epidural blood patch in treating chronic headache report of six cases

Kelly R.M., 1987: Use of epifluorescence microscopy for characterizing the activity of thiobacillus ferrooxidans on iron pyrite

Karaulov, A. V.; Frash, V. N., 1978: Use of epinephrine and pyrogenal tests for study of leukocyte re distribution in normal rats and those with benzene intoxication

Pawar A.D., 1984: Use of epipyrops melanoleuca lepidoptera epipyropidae for the biocontrol of sugarcane pyrilla pyrilla perpusilla hemiptera fulgoridae

Deutrich V., 1981: Use of epizootiological findings and methods for higher effectiveness of veterinary action to prevent or control epidemic animal diseases

Moudgal N.R., 1986: Use of epoxysepharose for protein immobilization

Babanin, V. F.; Verkhovtseva, N. V.; Voronin, A. D.; Malinovskii, V. I.; Fal'kov, I. G.; Yablonskii, O. P., 1978: Use of epr for studying iron extraction from clay minerals by mehra and jackson reagents

Chetverikov A.G., 1983: Use of epr spectroscopy in physiological research of photosynthesis

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878224

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878225

Kunkel H.G., 1982: Use of epstein barr virus transformed b cell lines for the generation of immuno globulin producing human b cell hybridomas

Leary, E. T.; Delaney, C. J.; Kenny, M. A., 1977: Use of equilibrated blood for internal blood gas quality control

Kozlowski J., 1981: Use of equilibrium gated radio nuclide ventriculography to quantitate left ventricular output in patients with and without left sided valvular regurgitation

Hazelwood J., 1987: Use of equine chorionic gonadotropin in female mink

Watson K.S., 1980: Use of equivalent biochemical oxygen demand as a new waste management tool

Bohov P., 1985: Use of equivalent chain lengths for the characterization of fatty acid methyl esters separated by linear temperature programmed gas chromatography

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878232

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878233

Raderecht C., 1981: Use of erythrocyte concentrates preserved at low temperatures in hematologic patients

Mcmurray C.H., 1983: Use of erythrocyte copper zinc super oxide dis mutase activity and hair of fleece copper concentrations in the diagnosis of hypo cuprosis in ruminants

Hudson R.A., 1982: Use of erythrocyte hemolysis kinetics in the purification of complex cardio toxin mixtures

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878238

Baker, P. J.; Stashak, P. W.; Prescott, B., 1969: Use of erythrocytes sensitized with purified pneumococcal poly saccharides for the assay of antibody and antibody producing cells sheep

Rzhanovich A.P., 1980: Use of erythrocytic mass transfusion in treatment of anemia patients with hepato cirrhosis

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878241

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878242

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878243

Lin E.C.C., 1980: Use of escherichia coli operon fusion strains for the study of glycerol 3 phosphate transport activity

Li Z., 1987: Use of escherichia coli plasmid for detection and isolation of promoters from vaccinia virus genome

Vanadia O., 1981: Use of esr techniques to study serum iron ii ion and copper ii ion levels in patients with brain injuries

Vary J.C., 1979: Use of esr to study bacillus megaterium spore membranes

Pitterova K., 1983: Use of esterase iso enzymes revealed by gel iso electric focusing as an aid in chemo taxonomical study of the genus allium

Aronshtam A.A., 1987: Use of esterase isoenzymes to identify bacterial strains in alfalfa nodules

Reaven G.M., 1982: Use of estrogen treated rats as a bioassay for evaluating catabolism of very low density lipo proteins

Menge A.C., 1981: Use of estrous bovine cervical mucus in the human sperm cervical mucus penetration technique

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878253

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878254

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878255

Tiossa, G. T., 1977: Use of ethaperazine in the treatment of patients with neuro circulatory dystonia of the hypertensive type

Savenkov, P. M.; Shcherbatkin, D. D.; Grudtsyn, G. V.; Katashchuk, G. I.; Tarnuev, V. A., 1978: Use of ethaphenone for treatment of patients with ischemic heart disease

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878258

Roveta, G.; Gaudiano, L., 1975: Use of ethidium bromide as a fluorochrome

Serwer, P.; Graef, P. R.; Garrison, P. N., 1978: Use of ethidium bromide fluorescence enhancement to detect duplex dna and dna bacterio phages during zone sedimentation in sucrose gradients molecular weight of dna as a function of sedimentation rate

Zelenin A.V., 1979: Use of ethidium for cytochemical study of chromatin

Luk'yanchuk D.G., 1981: Use of ethonium in the complex treatment of patients with chronic gastritis and gastro duodenitis combined with biliary tract disease

Petrik V.D., 1979: Use of ethonium in the treatment of late radiation injuries to the skin radiation cystitis and rectitis

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878264

Oliver J., 1986: Use of ethoxy homologs as internal standards for determination of urinary vanillylmandelic acid and normetanephrine in man by high performance liquid chromatography

Khatylyuva L.U., 1980: Use of ethrel during periodic selection of triticale

Tulp, M. T. M.; Hutzinger, O., 1977: Use of ethyl ethers deuterio methyl ethers and cyclic n butyl boronates of hydroxy chloro bi phenyls in identification of metabolites of poly chlorinated bi phenyls

Frei R.W., 1980: Use of ethylation for the gas and liquid chromatographic determination of linuron diuron and metoxuron and 2 of its degradation products application to soil analysis

Ivanova E.M., 1985: Use of ethyldichlorophosphite in the synthesis of alkylating phosphoroamidates on nonionizable oligonucleotide analogs

Spencer M.S., 1986: Use of ethylene and nitrate to break seed dormancy of common lambsquarters chenopodium album

Galkin V.M., 1985: Use of ethylene producing preparations on grain forage crops under conditions of the transural forest steppe ussr

Unrath C.R., 1987: Use of ethylene production for harvest date prediction of apples for immediate fresh market

Kakehi K., 1986: Use of ethylenediamine sulfate for post column derivatization of reducing carbohydrates to electrochemically oxidizable compounds in high performance liquid chromatography

Volkova V.A., 1981: Use of ethymizol in the complex therapy of viral respiratory infections in children

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878275

Azlamazov, E. G., 1976: Use of etrenol in treating schistosomiasis literature review

Borderias-Juarez, A. J., 1977: Use of eutectic ice in storage of fishes

Fleisher, M.; Schwartz, M. K., 1971: Use of evacuated collection tubes for routine determination of arterial blood gases and ph

Yahner R.H., 1987: Use of even aged stands by winter and spring bird communities

Hesse G., 1983: Use of evoked potentials for intra operative differentiation of motor and sensory fascicles

Novikova, L. A.; Zislina, N. N.; Tolstova, V. A.; Fil'chikova, L. I., 1979: Use of evoked potentials for studying visual perception 2. perception of spatially structured stimuli

Novikova, L. A.; Grigor'eva, L. P.; Tolstova, V. A.; Fursova, A. E., 1979: Use of evoked potentials for the study of visual perception 1. evoked potentials during perception of brightness and color

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878285

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878286

Quammen M.L., 1981: Use of exclosures in studies of predation by shore birds on inter tidal mud flats

Keiper R.R., 1979: Use of exclusion cages to study grazing effects on dune vegetation on assateague island maryland usa

Sehgal S., 1985: Use of excreted factors of leishmania mexicana in serodiagnosis of kala azar a preliminary communication

Techasoponmani S.S., 1980: Use of excretory and secretory products from adult female worms to immunize rats and mice against angiostrongylus cantonensis infection

Gibson, G. J.; Greenacre, J. K.; Konig, P.; Conolly, M. E.; Pride, N. B., 1978: Use of exercise challenge to investigate possible tolerance to beta adrenoceptor stimulation in asthma

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878292

Linden R.J., 1981: Use of exercise tests in assessment of the functional result of aorto coronary bypass surgery

Segal B.L., 1988: Use of exercise thallium 201 imaging for risk stratification of elderly patients with coronary artery disease

Kane S.A., 1981: Use of exercise thallium scintigraphy to assess extent of ischemic myo cardium in patients with left anterior descending artery disease

Kulei A.P., 1981: Use of exercise therapy at sochi matsesta health resort russian sfsr ussr in the complex therapy of hypertensive patients

Fomin Yu L., 1987: Use of exercises for the rehabilitation of patients with postinfarction cardiac insufficiency

Gillespie, D.; Jacobson, A.; Gillespie, S.; Patterson, D., 1973: Use of exhaustive nucleic acid hybridization for determining the amount and size distribution of newly synthesized bacterial messenger rna

Benefield L., 1979: Use of exocellular polymers for thickening and de watering activated sludge

Chulanovskaya M.V., 1979: Use of exogenous carbon 14 labeled atp in modeling energy interrelationships of respiration and photosynthesis

Lackie J.M., 1981: Use of exogenous hyaluronate to inhibit neutrophil adhesion in vitro

Khudaikulov A.B., 1983: Use of exotic corn races from latin america in breeding

Inoue T., 1983: Use of expanded poly tetra fluoro ethylene grafts for systemic pulmonary artery shunts

Mulch J., 1984: Use of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene grafts for myocardial revascularization

Coleman D.J., 1987: Use of expanded temporal flaps to resurface the skin grafted forehead

Nosikov A., 1985: Use of experiment in the evaluation of interventions in the field of social medicine

Urbakh, V. Yu ; Levina, D. S.; Demidova, S. A., 1975: Use of experimental design methods for finding optimal conditions of obtaining primary cell cultures

Mclaughlin M.R., 1984: Use of experimental designs with quantitative elisa enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

Duchene Marullaz P., 1985: Use of experimental myocardial infarct to demonstrate arrhythmogenic activity of drugs

Tentieva B., 1984: Use of experimental polyploidy and interspecific hybridization in creating lucerne parent material

Kiseleva, V. N.; Ruderman, A. I.; Novikova, L. A.; Bal'ter, S. A.; Vainberg, M. Sh ; Korf, N. N.; Lebedev, A. I.; Elisyutin, G. P.; Kheteev, M. V.; Et-Al, 1976: Use of experimental tube unit agat v for combined radiation treatment of patients with cervical cancer

Petru E., 1980: Use of explanted crops in genetics and plant selection

Tremblay J., 1987: Use of explicit criteria and implicit judgments in a drug use review program

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878315

Sundquist E., 1988: Use of exposure registration in the prevention of occupational cancer in finland

Mercio A., 1979: Use of exsanguino transfusion in the treatment of thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura

Politano V.A., 1981: Use of exteriorized stents in vaso vasostomy

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878319

Fox W.W., 1981: Use of external expiratory resistance in intubated neo nates to increase lung volume

Fibiger H.C., 1980: Use of extinction to investigate the nature of neuroleptic induced avoidance deficits

Ruberti D., 1985: Use of extraanatomical procedures in vascular surgery

Vague J., 1979: Use of extracorporeal artificial pancreas in insulin dependent diabetes

Berlyne G.M., 1982: Use of extracorporeal ascites dialysis in combined hepatic and renal failure

Salzberg A.M., 1983: Use of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation for respiratory failure in term infants

Kumar K., 1980: Use of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation membrane lung in acute respiratory failure

Di Perri T., 1988: Use of extract of ruscus aculeatus in venous disease in the lower limbs

Robrish, S. A.; Kemp, C. W.; Bowen, W. H., 1978: Use of extractable atp to estimate the viable cell mass in dental plaque samples obtained from monkeys

Neary C., 1982: Use of eye movement auditory bio feedback in the control of nystagmus

Dhonukshe B.L., 1983: Use of f 2 in combining ability studies in durum wheat triticum durum

Woodfield D.G., 1987: Use of fab anti igg in phenotyping igg sensitized red cells

Raynor, A. C.; Baird, B. D.; Winters, D. R.; Barnes, M. A.; Yoakum, S. T.; Leary, A. G.; Munster, A. M., 1976: Use of fab prime 2 fragment in experimental skin transplantation for burns

Kennedy, J. F.; Barnes, J. A., 1981: Use of fab' 2 antibody fragments in the synthesis of immuno adsorbents for preparing mono specific antigen

Belvedere, M.; Richiardi, P.; Ferrone, S.; Pellegrino, M. A., 1980: Use of fab' 2 blocking test for anti hla antibody detection in xeno anti sera

Waddell D., 1980: Use of faba beans vicia faba var minor in diets for laying hens

Veltkamp L.J., 1986: Use of fables in clinical assessment of contested child custody

Eintrop, R. V.; Sheinina, G. A.; Toikka, M. A., 1976: Use of factor analysis for a quantitative evaluation of the role of soil processes in the distribution of trace elements

Grigor'ev I.N., 1979: Use of factor analysis for the study of patterns of zonal succession of desert and steppe vegetation

Nepochatov O.N., 1980: Use of factor analysis in a multi variate evaluation of differences of features in 2 groups of biological objects

Mena I., 1986: Use of factor analysis in the evaluation of left to right cardiac shunts

Knysh I.T., 1983: Use of factor analysis of morphological indices in determining the growth rate of skin malignant melanomas

Wixson B.G., 1987: Use of factor analysis to differentiate pollutants from other trace metals in surface soils of the mineralized area of madison county missouri usa

Semenov A.G., 1987: Use of factor and cluster analyses in the study of facial expression in monkey communication

Ulisko I.N., 1987: Use of factor h sera to differentiate some serological variants of escherichia coli flagellar antigens

Zyryanova E.A., 1985: Use of fallen seeds of siberian stone pine pinus sibirica and common pine pinus sylvestris by small mammals

Zabransky F., 1981: Use of fallopian ring with laparoscopy for closure of oviduct

Caldwell J.S., 1988: Use of farming systems research extension fsr e methods to identify horticultural research priorities in the gambia west africa

Reed, A.; Chapdelaine, G.; Dupuis, P., 1977: Use of farmland in spring by migrating canada geese in the st lawrence valley quebec

Traynor J., 1981: Use of fast and accurate method for evaluating pollen production of alfalfa and almond flowers

Azhigaliev, N. A.; Mukhambetov, M. M., 1976: Use of fast electrons in treatment of cancer of the penis

Shirasawa A., 1987: Use of fast fourier transform fft in the frequency spectroanalysis of the closing sound of the prosthetic valve in the patient

Chui C S., 1987: Use of fast fourier transforms in calculating dose distributions for irregularly shaped fields for three dimensional treatment planning

Boleszczuk P., 1986: Use of fast green fcf with tryptic soy agar for aerobic plate count by the hydrophobic grid membrane filter

Strongin A.Ya, 1987: Use of fast protein liquid chromatography fplc for microbial protein isolation

Van Der Molen H.J., 1984: Use of fast protein liquid chromatography in the purification of inhibin from bovine follicular fluid

King M.V., 1980: Use of fast x ray film for low fluence biological electron microscopy at 100 kilovolt and 1000 kilovolt

Turunen, S.; Chippendale, G. M., 1976: Use of fat body and mid gut lipids by diapausing larvae of the southwestern corn borer diatraea grandiosella

Dzyublik R.F., 1980: Use of fat emulsions in conjunction with preparations for parenteral nutrition in experimental ileus

Catalucci E., 1981: Use of fazadinium bromide in anesthesia for biliary tract surgery

Vilardi V., 1981: Use of fazadinium bromide in ocular surgery 1st personal experiences

Savoia M.R., 1981: Use of fazadon in ophthalmo surgery current experience

Chenost M., 1985: Use of fecal nitrogen and of some fecal parameters for estimating herbage intake in grazing animals

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878366

Mathavan, S.; Pandian, T. J., 1974: Use of fecal weight as an indicator of food consumption in some lepidopterans

Braude, R., 1978: Use of feed additives in european association for animal production member countries a survey

Klich M.M., 1982: Use of feedback in reducing television watching

Mathavan, S.; Pandian, T. J.; Mary, M. J., 1976: Use of feeding rate as an indicator of caloric value in some lepidopterous larvae

Rossavik I.K., 1985: Use of femur length abdominal circumference ratio in detecting the macrosomic fetus

Tochilov V.A., 1980: Use of fenazepam in the treatment of psychotic patients

Roberson E.L., 1979: Use of fenbendazole suspension 10 percent against experimental infections of toxocara canis and ancylostoma caninum in beagle pups

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878376

Gaevskaya, L. S.; Sal'manov, N. S.; Chalbash, R. M.; Mavlyanov, S. M., 1977: Use of fenced pastures in the uzbek desert zone

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878378

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878379

Schroeder G.L., 1984: Use of fermented cow manure as a feed substrate for fish poly culture in stagnant water ponds

Schadereit, R.; Henk, G., 1981: Use of fermosin torula yeast grown on mineral oil distillates 4. torula yeast grown on mineral oil distillates as substitute for protein feedstuffs in fattening rations for broilers

Shreter, A. I.; Karnishina, L. M., 1975: Use of ferns of the flora of the ussr in scientific and folk medicine

Kartha, K. P. R.; Dasgupta, F.; Singh, P. P.; Srivastava, H. C., 1986: Use of ferric chloride in carbohydrate reactions iv. acetolysis of benzyl ethers of sugars

Dasgupta, F.; Singh, P. P.; Srivastava, H. C., 1988: Use of ferric chloride in carbohydrate reactions part v. acetolysis of methyl hexopyranosides using ferric chloride in acetic anhydride

Muresan, V.; Constantinescu, M., 1984: Use of ferritin hydrazide for the detection of sialoglycoconjugates 1. methodological aspects

Hernandez P., 1988: Use of ferrokinetics in the follow up of patients with polycythemia vera

Garrido Fernandez A., 1986: Use of ferrous lactate in the elaboration of ripe olives

Myler S.A., 1987: Use of fertilization and grazing exclusion in mitigating lost meadow production in the sierra nevada california usa

Albanese R., 1982: Use of fertilized mouse eggs in detecting potential clastogens

East R., 1984: Use of fertilizer nitrogen to manipulate pasture plant quality and compensate for damage by grass grub costelytra zealandica coleoptera scarabaeidae

Zhukov G.A., 1980: Use of fertilizers and the nutrient balance in siberian agriculture ussr

Church, B. M. , 1975: Use of fertilizers in england and wales 1975

Church, B. M., 1976: Use of fertilizers in england and wales 1976

Church, B. M., 1977: Use of fertilizers in england and wales uk 1977

Ballard C.A., 1988: Use of fetal cardiotocographic monitor in the evaluation of urinary incontinence

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878397

Murata Y., 1985: Use of fetal scalp hematocrit in the diagnosis of severe hemorrhage from vasa previa

Meznarich H.K., 1988: Use of fetal streptozotocin injection to determine the role of normal levels of fetal insulin in regulating uteroplacental and umbilical glucose exchange

Et Al, 1986: Use of fiberoptic bronchoscopy in emergencies analysis of 28 case times

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878401

Nadai T., 1980: Use of fibrin film as a carrier for drug delivery in vitro drug permeabilities of fibrin film

Gastpar H., 1981: Use of fibrin glue in endo laryngeal surgery

Sharma P., 1985: Use of fibrin glue in thoracic surgery

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878405

Wepierre J., 1984: Use of fibroblast cell culture for the study of wound healing drugs

Zoellner N., 1982: Use of fibroblast culture to diagnose and genotype familial hyper cholesterolemia

Guillaume, J.; Bellec, R., 1977: Use of field beans vicia faba in diets for laying hens

Kosakovskii A.L., 1984: Use of field desorption mass spectrometry for the study of drugs

Stanczykowska, A.; Lawacz, W.; Mattice, J., 1975: Use of field measurements of consumption and assimilation in evaluation of the role of dreissena polymorpha in a lake ecosystem

Shirato S., 1982: Use of fieldmaster automated perimeter for the detection of early visual field changes in glaucoma

Talwar G.P., 1988: Use of filter paper discs as substrate for collection and storage of blood samples for screening of anti tetanus toxoid antibodies

Beamish R.J., 1981: Use of fin ray sections to age walleye pollock theragra chalcogramma pacific cod gadus macrocephalus and albacore thunnus alalunga and the importance of this method

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878414

Dekernion J.B., 1987: Use of fine needle aspiration for detection of stage a prostatic carcinoma before transurethral resection of the prostate a clinical trial

Sumarokov A.B., 1988: Use of first group antiarrhythmic drug combinations in patients with refractory arrhythmias

Delphin J E., 1988: Use of first order kinetics describing the mineralization of some cultivated soils

Hornof W.J., 1987: Use of first pass nuclear angiocardiography to detect left to right cardiac shunts in the horse

Banim S.O., 1980: Use of first pass radio nuclide ventriculography in assessment of wall motion abnormalities induced by incremental atrial pacing in patients with coronary artery disease

Roman G.T., 1986: Use of fish pulp to feed hybrids of male tilapia hornorum and female tilapia mossambica in cage cultures in puntarenas costa rica

Tubb R.A., 1982: Use of fish ventilation frequency to estimate chronically safe toxicant concentrations

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878423

Fluri P., 1982: Use of fixed film and cstr reactor for anaerobic treatment of stillage of wood hydrolysate

Gryuntal' S.Yu, 1984: Use of fixed material for determination of the biomass of carabids coleoptera

Kerbel' S.M., 1979: Use of flame photometry method for determination of lithium in biomedical studies

Galvez, J. F.; Lazaro, F., 1976: Use of flavo phospholipol in the feeding of laying hens

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878428

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878429

Scott K.J., 1980: Use of flesh firmness and other objective tests to determine consumer acceptability of delicious apples

Gilmour A.M., 1983: Use of flexible plastic film isolators in performing potentially hazardous necropsies

Ross S.R., 1987: Use of flexible polymer material for packaging fresh peaches

Moller J.V., 1979: Use of flexible polymers as probes of glomerular pore size

Silva D.D.D., 1986: Use of floating materials for evaporation control in the semi arid tropic

Klyukin A.A., 1984: Use of floristic classification for the indication of mound vegetation in eroded low mountains of crimea ukrainian ssr ussr

Hartel W., 1984: Use of flow cytometry in industrial microbiology for strain improvement programs

Sarelius I.H., 1986: Use of flow cytometry to extend and improve in vivo determinations of microvessel hematocrit and cell flux

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878438

Cuartero J., 1985: Use of flowering beginning and end to study tomato lycopersicon esculentum earliness

Conway K.E., 1986: Use of fluid drilling gels to deliver biological control agents to soil

Basu S.K., 1987: Use of fluidized bed reactor for the transformation of steroids by immobilized cells

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878443

Mole J.E., 1981: Use of fluorescamine as an effective blocking reagent to reduce the background in protein sequence analyses by the beckman automated sequencer

Klein, B.; Sheehan, J. E.; Grunberg, E., 1974: Use of fluorescamine fluram to detect amphetamine in urine by thin layer chromatography

Sogawa, K.; Takahashi, K., 1978: Use of fluorescamine labeled casein as a substrate for assay of proteinases

Pearce K.N., 1979: Use of fluorescamine to determine the rate of release of the caseino macro peptide in rennet treated milk

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878448

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878449

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878450

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878451

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878452

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878453

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878454

Chasin L.A., 1985: Use of fluorescence activated cell sorter to isolate mutant mammalian cells deficient in an internal protein dihydrofolate reductase

Yianni Y.P., 1983: Use of fluorescence energy transfer to distinguish between poly ethylene glycol induced aggregation and fusion of phospho lipid vesicles

Dunstan R.A., 1985: Use of fluorescence flow cytometry to study the binding of various ligands to platelets

Funaki T., 1987: Use of fluorescence hplc for determining extrarenal creatinine clearance in rats

Tam Y.C., 1981: Use of fluorescence microscopy for monitoring periodontal disease state

Brock, T. D., 1978: Use of fluorescence microscopy for quantifying phyto plankton especially filamentous blue green algae

Smychenko L.M., 1982: Use of fluorescence microscopy in the study of the progamic phase of fertilization in apple and pear trees

Martin, C. E.; Thompson, G. A. Jr, 1978: Use of fluorescence polarization to monitor intra cellular membrane changes during temperature acclimation correlation with lipid compositional and ultrastructural changes

Troshina V.P., 1986: Use of fluorescence spectroscopy for the comparison of the thermostability of respiratory dehydrogenases in plant leaves

Kornelyuk A.I., 1986: Use of fluorescence spectroscopy for the identification of a and b chains of thrombin during their chromatographic separation

Duniway J.M., 1979: Use of fluorescent antibodies to study the survival of phytophthora megasperma and phytophthora cinnamomi zoo spores in soil

Guentzel, M. N.; Field, L. H.; Eubanks, E. R.; Berry, L. J., 1977: Use of fluorescent antibody in studies of immunity to cholera in infant mice

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878467

Garrett H.L., 1985: Use of fluorescent dye to reveal spray pattern on plant leaves

Neyfakh A.A., 1988: Use of fluorescent dyes as molecular probes for the study of multidrug resistance

Omoti, U.; Wild, A., 1979: Use of fluorescent dyes to mark the pathways of solute movement through soils under leaching conditions 1. laboratory experiments

Omoti, U.; Wild, A., 1979: Use of fluorescent dyes to mark the pathways of solute movement through soils under leaching conditions 2. field experiments

Foott, W. H., 1976: Use of fluorescent powders to monitor flight activities of adult glischrochilus quadrisignatus coleoptera nitidulidae

Green C., 1980: Use of fluorescent probes in the study of phospho lipid sterol bi layers

Weinstein S., 1981: Use of fluorescent probes that form intra molecular excimers to monitor structural changes in model and biological membranes

Omel'yanenko V.G., 1986: Use of fluorescent probes to study the interaction of cobra venom cytotoxins with liposomes

Matsuo Y., 1985: Use of fluorescent staining method for determining the viability of mycobacterium lepraemurium

Law, H.; Lingwood, C. A., 1985: Use of fluorescent standards in protein transfer and immunoblotting accurate estimation of the molecular weight of immunoreactive species

Borodina, V. M.; Meisel, M. N.; Mikhailov, G. I., 1977: Use of fluorescent substrates in microbiology

Mackenzie, C. W-Iii ; Bulbulian, G. J.; Bishop, J. S., 1980: Use of fluoride to inactivate phosphorylase a phosphatases ec from rat liver cytosol presence of fluoride insensitive glycogen synthase specific phosphatase

Rimpela A., 1984: Use of fluorides by finnish adolescents

Graves D.J., 1985: Use of fluorinated tyrosine phosphates to probe the substrate specificity of the low molecular weight phosphatase activity of calcineurin

Doolittle, C. H.; Mandel, H. G.; Hahn, G. A., 1973: Use of fluoro uracil uracil combinations to study growth accompanied by insufficient dna synthesis in bacillus cereus

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878484

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878485

Lyon J., 1985: Use of fluorodinitrobenzene to identify monoclonal antibodies which are suitable for conjugation to periodate oxidized horseradish peroxidase

Alvarez R.J., 1984: Use of fluorogenic assays for the enumeration of escherichia coli from selected seafoods

Ikawa M., 1981: Use of fluorometry for the determination of gonyaulax tamarensis var excavata toxins in new england usa shellfish

Smith R.T., 1987: Use of fluorosilicone to unfold a giant retinal tear

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878490

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878491

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878492

Britton, H. G.; Dann, L. G., 1978: Use of flux ratio measurements for the determination of the order of addition of substrates and products in enzyme reactions

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878495

Ascher K.R.S., 1979: Use of foamed poly urethane as a carrier for phago stimulant assays with spodoptera littoralis larvae

Solontsova L.V., 1988: Use of focused ultrasonic receivers for remote measurements in biological tissues

Benda J., 1980: Use of fodder catch crops particularly brassicas

Turner, J.; Lambert, M. J.; Gessel, S. P., 1977: Use of foliage sulfate concentrations to predict response to urea application by douglas fir

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878500

Coward W.A., 1986: Use of food quotients to predict respiratory quotients for the doubly labeled water method of measuring energy expenditure

Bergeron J M., 1984: Use of food resources with or without known secondary compounds by a cyclic population of meadow voles microtus pennsylvanicus

Way, M. J.; Cammell, M. E.; Alford, D. V.; Gould, H. J.; Graham, C. W.; Lane, A.; Light, W. I. S. G.; Rayner, J. M.; Heathcote, G. D.; Et-Al, 1977: Use of forecasting in chemical control of black bean aphid aphis fabae on spring sown field beans vicia faba

Drolet, C. A., 1978: Use of forest clear cuts by white tailed deer in southern new brunswick and central nova scotia canada

Papageorgiou, N. K., 1978: Use of forest openings by roe deer as shown by pellet group counts

Spellerberg I.F., 1988: Use of forest ride verges in southern england uk for the conservation of the sand lizard lacerta agilis l

Ishioka K., 1986: Use of formaldehyde induced fluorescence for cytological diagnosis of pheochromocytoma

Nordenskjold B., 1985: Use of formalin fixed paraffin embedded tumors for estimation of cellular dna content and s phase fraction by static cytofluorometry

Mikstais U.Ya, 1982: Use of formalin for quantitative analysis of oxy purines

Gupta, J. D.; Harley, J. D., 1970: Use of formalinized sheep erythrocytes in the rubella hem agglutination inhibition test

Babel W., 1986: Use of formate gradients for improving biomass yield of pichia pinus growing continuously on methanol

Champredon, C.; Verite, R.; Prugnaud, J.; Pion, R., 1978: Use of formol treated oil cakes by dairy cows part 3 effect of formol treatment of oil cakes nitrogen deposit level and dietary nitrogen characteristics on free amino acidemia

Belousov A.A., 1981: Use of forms of maize differing in protein and lysine content for creation of hybrids with an increase in content and improved amino acid composition of protein

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878515

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878516

Mamedov K.T., 1981: Use of fortral epontol initial anesthesia in oncological patients

Iqbal Z., 1984: Use of forward selection procedure to estimate the effect of different environmental factors on 1st lactation yield of sahiwal cows

Tokita K., 1986: Use of four monoclonal antibodies to detect tumor markers

Chandra G., 1986: Use of fourier transform ir spectroscopy with attenuated total reflectance for in vivo quantitation of polydimethylsiloxanes on human skin

Horst R.L., 1987: Use of fourier transform proton nmr in the identification of vitamin d 2 metabolites

Giorgione N., 1988: Use of fractional lithium clearance in clinical and epidemiological investigation a methodological assessment

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878524

Pachucki A., 1986: Use of free fascial flap of the forearm in cases of soft tissue defects of extremities

Rueda Alvarado C.R., 1987: Use of free skin flaps for the treatment of cicatricial deforming hypertrophy after burning

Gerdauskene, L. L.; Kudrova, R. V.; Radchenko, N. D.; Savel'eva, G. N.; Simakov, A. A., 1978: Use of freeze dried products in weightlessness

Imamura, S.; Matsui, H.; Kasao, M.; Ashizawa, Y., 1977: Use of freeze dried sensitized erythrocytes in indirect hem agglutination test for sero diagnosis of leptospirosis

Magnus, E.; Van-Meirvenne, N.; Vervoort, T.; Le-Ray, D.; Wery, M., 1978: Use of freeze dried trypanosomes in the indirect fluorescent antibody test for the sero diagnosis of sleeping sickness

Bass L., 1983: Use of freeze drying and acetone impregnation with natural and synthetic anti oxidants to improve storability of onion allium cepa pepper capsicum annuum and parsley petroselinum crispum seeds

Daly N.J., 1979: Use of frequency distributions of potential ozone in evaluating oxidant controls

Honda K., 1979: Use of frequency modulation combined with amplitude change to elicit frequency specific whole nerve response

Beasley, D. S.; Mosher, N. L.; Orchik, D. J., 1976: Use of frequency shifted time compressed speech with hearing impaired children

Morrow B., 1987: Use of fresh placental membranes for bladder reconstruction

Foster, R. B.; Bates, J. M., 1978: Use of fresh water mussels to monitor point source industrial discharges

Banerjee, N. C.; Ghosh, D. C.; Chatterjee, B. N.; Sikka, L. C., 1977: Use of freshly harvested hill seeds of kufri chandramukhi potato in the plains

Berg K., 1986: Use of freshly prepared rat hepatocytes to study toxicity of blooms of the blue green algae microcystis aeruginosa and oscillatoria agardhii

Lopez Benito M., 1987: Use of frozen sardines in fish conserving fabrication

Heinze A., 1982: Use of fsh human chorionic gonadotropin mixture for bio technical induction of puberty in gilts

Grunewald, R. W.; Schauseil, S.; Rick, W., 1987: Use of fully automated differential system in the hematological laboratory 2. reproducibility and reliability of the differentiation of pathological blood pictures with the hematrak 590

Brown L.R., 1979: Use of fully deuterated micelles for conformational studies of membrane proteins by high resolution proton nmr

Nekrasova, A. A., 1978: Use of functional loads in assessing humoral system status in arterial hypertension

Bailey J.J., 1982: Use of functional maps in renal scintigraphy to detect segmental arterial lesions

Tauk S.M., 1985: Use of fungal inocula and pumice for decomposing coffee pulp

Odeyemi, O.; Alexander, M., 1977: Use of fungicide resistant rhizobia for legume inoculation

Trapero Casas A., 1985: Use of fungicide treatments and host resistance to control the wilt and root rot complex of chick peas cicer arietinum

Bianchi, A.; Favali, M. A.; Barbieri, N.; Bassi, M., 1980: Use of fungicides on mold covered frescoes of the crypt of s. eusebio in pavia italy

Cayley G.R., 1985: Use of fungicides to control chocolate spot botrytis fabae on winter field beans vicia faba

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878550

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878551

Cheix F., 1979: Use of g banding technique in the cyto genetic study of metastatic breast cancer effusion a case report

Northcote T.G., 1988: Use of gabion weirs to improve spawning habitat for pink salmon in a small logged watershed

Cavanagh P., 1984: Use of gabor elementary functions to probe receptive field substructure of posterior inferotemporal neurons in the owl monkey aotus trivirgatus

Okada R.D., 1987: Use of gadolinium dtpa as a myocardial perfusion agent potential applications and limitations for magnetic resonance imaging

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878556

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878557

Abramov V.F., 1981: Use of gallium 67 citrate in the diagnosis of lung cancer

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878559

Gabuniya R.I., 1980: Use of gallium 67 labeled citrate in clinical oncology

Lopez Majano V., 1987: Use of gallium colloids and pertechnetate as carriers of drugs for selective action

Morgan W.W., 1983: Use of gamma amino butyric acid trans aminase inhibitors and a gamma amino butyric acid uptake inhibitor to investigate the influence of gamma amino butyric acid neurons on dopamine containing amacrine cells of the rat retina

Stannard P.J., 1983: Use of gamma amino iso butyric acid transport to assess the suitability of a system of human placental perfusion for drug transport studies

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878564

Malov, G. A.; Pokrovskii, A. V.; Sabirov-Sh, U., 1977: Use of gamma chamber for the diagnosis of diseases of the aorta and major arteries

Weiss M., 1983: Use of gamma distributed residence times in pharmaco kinetics

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878567

Matsuhashi, T.; Itoh, H.; Oh-Hinata, H.; Muramatsu, N.; O-Hara, T.; Saito, M., 1986: Use of gamma irradiation for microbial inactivation of buckwheat flour and buckwheat food products 1. gamma irradiation to buckwheat grains with hulls buckwheat flours and uncooked soba noodles

Oh-Hinata, H.; Matsuhashi, T.; Muramatsu, N.; O-Hara, T.; Itoh, H., 1986: Use of gamma irradiation for microbial inactivation of buckwheat flour and buckwheat food products 2. effects of gamma irradiation on viscogram water soluble protein and flavor of buckwheat flour

Speranskaya, I. D.; Tumanyan, M. A.; Mironova, L. L., 1977: Use of gamma irradiation for preparing culture media/

Hornitzky M.A.Z., 1982: Use of gamma radiation from cobalt 60 in the control of streptococcus pluton in honey

Sarafi, A.; Zali, A., 1977: Use of gamma rays in improving sesame sesamum indicum

Mccahon, C. P.; Pascoe, D., 1988: Use of gammarus pulex l. in safety evaluation tests culture and selection of a sensitive life stage

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878574

Pushkar' V.G., 1987: Use of ganglioside containing magnetic polyacrylamide adsorbents for the determination of cholera enterotoxin in the enzyme immunoassay eia

Kick H., 1981: Use of garbage in agriculture particularly in view of its heavy metal content

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878577

Marth E.H., 1985: Use of gas chromatography and mass spectroscopy to identify and determine 1 3 pentadiene in cheese or mold cultures

Lambert, M. A. S.; Moss, C. W., 1973: Use of gas chromatography for detecting ornithine decarboxylase ec and lysine decarboxylase ec activity in bacteria

Moss, C. W.; Lambert, M. A.; Cherry, W. B., 1972: Use of gas chromatography for determining catabolic products of arginine by bacteria

Sarycheva E.N., 1982: Use of gas chromatography in the control of carbidin production

Braun D.D., 1982: Use of gas chromatography in the hygienic assessment of poly olefins for use in the food industry

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878584

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878585

Corman A., 1986: Use of gas flow method to monitor oxygen in the study of denitrification by soil

Vanleuven B., 1988: Use of gas forming agents in esophageal food impactions

Schoutens E., 1983: Use of gas liquid chromatography as a screening test for toxigenic clostridium difficile in diarrheal stools

Makarenko P.N., 1986: Use of gas liquid chromatography for the analysis of androstane derivatives

Jallageas, J. C.; Arnaud, A.; Galzy, P., 1978: Use of gas liquid chromatography for the study of nitrilases and amidases

Hajslova J., 1987: Use of gas liquid chromatography mass spectrometry for triazine herbicide residues analysis in forage and milk

Cogan T.M., 1984: Use of gas liquid chromatography to determine the end products of growth of lactic acid bacteria

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878593

Siladi I., 1982: Use of gas sensitive electrodes for automatic measurement of ammonium nitrogen concentrations in antibiotic biosynthesis processes

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878595

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878596

Zinsmeister A.R. , 1986: Use of gastroscopy in a community a population based study in olmsted county minnesota usa

Sotak C.H., 1984: Use of gated perfusion to study early effects of anoxia on cardiac energy metabolism a new phosphorus 31 nmr method

Inouye, M.; Mio, T.; Sumino, K., 1987: Use of gc ms sim for rapid determination of plasma levels of o p' ddd and o p' dde and o p' dda

Moller J.V., 1980: Use of gel chromatography for determination of size and molecular weight of proteins further caution

Nozaki, Y.; Schechter, N. M.; Reynolds, J. A.; Tanford, C., 1976: Use of gel chromatography for the determination of the stokes radii of proteins in the presence and absence of detergents a reexamination

Sorkina, D. A.; Konoshenko, S. V., 1975: Use of gel filtration in a sephadex thin layer to measure molecular weight of blood serum albumins

Toffaletti, J.; Savory, J.; Gitelman, H. J., 1977: Use of gel filtration to examine the distribution of calcium among serum proteins

Strimaitis J., 1979: Use of gel permeation chromatography in the crime laboratory

Fioretti, A.; Pollini, C., 1978: Use of gel precipitin test in the diagnosis of cytomegalovirus infections

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878606

Rose, M. J., 1972: Use of gelatinase in the routine sampling of gelatin for salmonella contamination

Wu, M.; Davidson, N., 1975: Use of gene 32 protein staining of single strand poly nucleotides for gene mapping by electron microscopy application to the phage phi 80d 3 ilvsu plus 7 system

Glansdorff N., 1980: Use of gene cloning to determine polarity of an operon genes carab of escherichia coli

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878610

Vanaman T., 1983: Use of gene fusions and protein protein interaction in the isolation of a biologically active regulatory protein the replication initiator protein of plasmid r 6k

Beckwith J., 1979: Use of gene fusions to determine a partial signal sequence of alkaline phosphatase

Beckwith J., 1981: Use of gene fusions to determine the orientation of gene phoa on the escherichia coli chromosome

Beckwith J., 1979: Use of gene fusions to isolate promoter mutants in the transfer rna gene tyr t of escherichia coli

Hulanicka D., 1981: Use of gene fusions to study expression of cysb the regulatory gene of the cysteine regulon

Silhavy, T. J.; Shuman, H. A.; Beckwith, J.; Schwartz, M., 1977: Use of gene fusions to study outer membrane protein localization in escherichia coli

Agboire S.A., 1985: Use of gene modifiers for improving the physical structure of high lysine maize

Brown R., 1985: Use of gene transfer and a novel cosmid rescue strategy to isolate transforming sequences

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878619

Chadwick P.R., 1983: Use of general model to examine control procedures for a cockroach population

Keena B., 1987: Use of genetic counselling services for neural tube defects

Cervantes, S. T.; Goodman, M. M.; Casas, D. E.; Rawlings, J. O., 1978: Use of genetic effects and genotype by environmental interactions for the classification of mexican races of maize

Smith D.G., 1982: Use of genetic markers in the colony management of nonhuman primates a review

Chen W., 1981: Use of genetic markers to certify fetal origin of cultured amniotic fluid cells

Utter F.M., 1986: Use of genetic marks to assess stock dynamics and management programs for chum salmon oncorhynchus keta

Turner B.J., 1983: Use of genetic tags to evaluate stocking success for reservoir walleyes stizostedion vitreum vitreum

Tepfer D., 1987: Use of genetic transformation by the ri t dna of agrobacterium rhizogenes to stimulate biomass and tropane alkaloid production in atropa belladonna and calystegia sepium roots grown in vitro

Hagstrom A., 1986: Use of genetically marked minicells as a probe in measurement of predation on bacteria in aquatic environments

Orias, E.; Flacks, M., 1973: Use of genomic exclusion to isolate heat sensitive mutants in tetrahymena pyriformis

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878631

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878632

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878633

Khalmuratov P., 1979: Use of geobotanical data for revealing ground water bodies in sum sands kazakh ssr ussr

Gerba C.P., 1986: Use of geostatistics to predict virus decay rates for determination of septic tank setback distances

Sivers V.S., 1979: Use of geotrichum candidum for increasing fodder value of corn cobs

Petrachev D.A., 1981: Use of germ free piglets for virological purposes

Schindler C., 1981: Use of gestagens to control in vitro growth of endometrial carcinoma

Tashjian A.H.Jr, 1985: Use of gh 4c 1 cell variants to demonstrate a non spare receptor model for trh action

Ahmed, H. S., 1974: Use of gibberellic acid in the stratification of peach seeds

Louant B P., 1979: Use of giemsa c banding technique for observing chromosomes of cichorium intybus

Shepherd, R. C. H.; Williams, D., 1976: Use of gill net for the capture of wild rabbits oryctolagus cuniculus

Moreau Diettinger R., 1985: Use of gingival bleeding for reinforcement of oral home care behavior

Minckley, C. O.; Paulson, L. J., 1976: Use of gizzard weights to determine total length and weight of threadfin shad eaten by predators

Wilson F.D., 1980: Use of glandless breeding stocks to evaluate unknown heliothis virescens growth inhibitors x factors in cotton gossypium hirsutum

Rougeot, J.; Charlet-Lery, G.; Andersen, A., 1978: Use of glass beads as digestive transit indicators in the mink

Huisman T.H.J., 1981: Use of globin chain electrophoresis in poly acrylamide gels for the quantitation of the g gamma to a gamma ratio in fetal hemo globin

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878649

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878650

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878651

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878652

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878653

Kuznetsova E.S., 1982: Use of gluco corticoids in congenital dys function of the adrenal cortex

Norman J.N., 1979: Use of gluco corticoids in refractory shock

Astakhova, T. A.; Kainova, A. S.; Sigidin-Ya, A., 1976: Use of glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase and transketolase in defining pathological processes in the myo cardium in rheumatic fever

Aumaitre, A.; Melcion, J. P.; Vaissade, P.; Seve, B., 1978: Use of glucose fructose rich glucose syrup or sucrose in diets of early weaned piglets influence on feed pelleting and palatability

Korus, R. A.; Olson, A. C., 1977: Use of glucose isomerase in hollow fiber reactors

Holecek O., 1981: Use of glucose oxidase system in measuring aeration capacity of fermentors comparison of the dynamic and steady state methods of k l a measurement

Russell, R. D., 1970: Use of glucose solutions in cobalt 60 gamma ray dosimetry

Ishchenko V.V., 1980: Use of glue mk 6 in the treatment of chronic gastro duodenal ulcers with a fibroscope

Lane, A. G., 1970: Use of glutamic acid to supplement fluid medium for cultivation of bordetella pertussis

Woodroof, E. A., 1978: Use of glutaraldehyde and formaldehyde to process tissue heart valves

Mast, M. G.; Macneil, J. H., 1978: Use of glutaraldehyde as a disinfectant in immersion chilling of poultry

Mast, M. G.; Macneil, J. H., 1978: Use of glutaraldehyde as a poultry processing equipment sanitizer

Kao, W. W. Y.; Guzman, N. A.; Prockop, D. J., 1977: Use of glutaraldehyde fixed escherichia coli cells as a convenient solid support for radio immunoassays

Wolff, K. L.; Trent, D. W.; Karabatsos, N.; Hudson, B. W., 1977: Use of glutaraldehyde fixed goose erythrocytes in arbovirus serology

Suki W.N., 1985: Use of glutaraldehyde for disinfection in dialysis

Zetterstrom O., 1979: Use of glutaraldehyde modified timothy grass pollen extract in nasal hypo sensitization treatment of hay fever

Michon J., 1988: Use of glutaraldehyde stabilized mammalian pericardium in hand surgery

Ghetie V., 1988: Use of glutaraldehyde treated erythrocytes as indicator cells for the identification of the c1q component on the macrophage membrane by a rosette assay

Dutta G.P., 1981: Use of glutaraldehyde treated sheep erythrocytes in indirect hem agglutination test for amoebic copro antibody

Saleemuddin, M.; Zimmermann, U., 1978: Use of glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenase depleted human erythrocyte ghosts as specific high affinity adsorbents for the purification of glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenase from various tissues

Home D.W., 1982: Use of glycerol cryo protected lactobacillus casei for microbiological assay of folic acid

Legrain M., 1984: Use of glycerol in the solutes of continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis metabolic interest

Dziadek M.A., 1981: Use of glycine as a nonenzymic procedure for separation of mouse embryonic tissues and dissociation of cells

Ogawa K., 1988: Use of glycine buffer for the lead citrate method of non specific alkaline phosphatase cytochemistry

Miller, J. M.; Van-Der-Maaten, M. J., 1977: Use of glyco protein antigen in the immuno diffusion test for bovine leukemia virus antibodies

Henriksen E.H., 1981: Use of glyco pyrrolate in the parturient effect on the maternal and fetal heart and uterine activity

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878680

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878681

Peppler M.S., 1988: Use of glycosyltransferases to restore pertussis toxin receptor activity to asialogalactofetuin

Fatani J.A., 1985: Use of glyoxylic acid in the demonstration of autonomic nerve profiles

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878685

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878686

Kjeldsberg E., 1986: Use of gold immunoglobulin g complexes and human antisera for electron microscopic identification of hepatitis a virus and polioviruses

Poisson H., 1983: Use of golden mutants as controls between lots for testing growth performance in the rainbow trout

Jewelewicz R., 1985: Use of gonadotropins in ovulation induction analysis of treatment protocols and pregnancy outcome

Iritani Y., 1982: Use of gonococcal agar medium for preparation of antigen of haemophilus paragallinarum hem agglutinin

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878691

Armstrong A.S., 1986: Use of gonozyme on urine sediment for diagnosis of gonorrhea in males

Hammond L.C., 1979: Use of goodness of fit tests for characterizing the spatial variability of soil properties

Eminbeili A.G., 1982: Use of gossypium trilobum genetic potentialities in cotton gossypium hirsutum breeding

Bracken R.B., 1982: Use of gracilis musculo cutaneous flap in urologic cancer surgery

Raftery E.B., 1980: Use of graded exercise testing in assessing the hypertensive patient

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878697

Schake L.M., 1981: Use of grain in beef production

Prasad G., 1981: Use of granular insecticides for the control of shoot borer of sugarcane chilo infuscatellus

Gibert C., 1985: Use of granulated sugar in treatment of open mediastinitis after cardiac surgery

Monette P.L., 1985: Use of grapevine shoot tip cultures for detection of fanleaf virus by elisa

Sinitsyn M.V., 1980: Use of grass stands on peat boggy soil for multiple mowing

Friedman S.G., 1988: Use of greater saphenous venous anomalies for lower extremity revascularization

Holt G., 1979: Use of green algae as a tool in regional planning

Phillips C.R., 1981: Use of gross filter activities in a continuous working level monitor

Wolff J.O., 1988: Use of ground and arboreal microhabitats by peromyscus leucopus and peromyscus maniculatus

Ward C.H., 1987: Use of ground water in assessment of biodegradation potential in the subsurface

Kostin, I. S., 1978: Use of ground waters in irrigation farming

Rice, G. E., 1972: Use of groups councils and committees in comprehensive health planning birmingham alabama style

Woolley F.R., 1981: Use of groups in well child care

Ellem K.A.O., 1985: Use of growth attachment correlation plots to analyze human melanoma cell dependency on 2 oxocarboxylates and serum

Cincurova, E., 1976: Use of growth curves in the determination of lias belemnites

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878716

Jha M.P., 1985: Use of growth indices in yield forecast

Tandon K.K., 1985: Use of growth parameters in labeo rohita pisces cyprinidae

Radzhabov A.K., 1984: Use of growth regulators in viticulture

Dubravec K., 1981: Use of growth regulators on nonagricultural surfaces

Al-Khatib, K.; Paulsen, G. M., 1985: Use of growth regulators to control senescence of wheat triticum aestivum at different temperatures during grain development

Ross H.A., 1979: Use of growth regulators to remove the differential sensitivity to moisture stress of seed germination and seedling growth in red clover trifolium pratense

Orzolek M.D., 1986: Use of growth retardants for tomato transplant production

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878726

Smith C.H., 1987: Use of gtp to distinguish calcium transporting atpase activity from other calcium dependent nucleotide phosphatases in human placental basal plasma membrane

Makinen, K. K.; Tenovuo, J., 1982: Use of guaiacol and 2 2' azinodi 3 ethyl benzthiazoline 6 sulfonic acid as peroxidase substrates

Brouwer G.J., 1985: Use of guaiacol glycerin ether in clinical anesthesia in the horse

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878730

Hsiung G.D., 1981: Use of guinea pig embryo cell cultures for isolation and propagation of group a coxsackieviruses

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878732

Baisogolov, G. D.; Rudakova, S. F.; Rudakov, I. A.; Konoplyannikov, A. G., 1976: Use of guinea pig spleen mono layer cultures in evaluating the radioprotective effect of mexamine on the survival of colony forming cells

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878734

Gunawan M., 1981: Use of guinea pigs to assay anti helminthic resistance in ovine isolates of trichostrongylus colubriformis

Dobos, P., 1976: Use of gum tragacanth overlay applied at room temperature in the plaque assay of fish and other animal viruses

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878737

Section 7, Chapter 6879 , Accession 006878738

Bushong S.C., 1979: Use of gypsum wallboard for diagnostic x ray protective barriers

Blank K.J., 1982: Use of h 2 h 7 congenic mice to study h 2 mediated resistance to friend leukemia virus

Forman J., 1980: Use of h 2 mutations to quantitate allo reactivity allo reactivity is strongest against h 2 antigens which are closest to self

De-Jong, J. H.; De-Bock, T. S. M., 1978: Use of ha ploids of beta vulgaris for the study of orcein and giemsa stained chromosomes

Hamilton J.G., 1979: Use of habitat and diurnal activity of pacific black duck chestnut teal and gray teal at serendip victoria australia

Edwards P.J., 1986: Use of habitat by free ranging cattle and ponies in the new forest southern england uk

Et Al, 1982: Use of hair dyes and risk of bladder cancer

Holzum, B.; Kluge, W., 1985: Use of half udder technique for testing milking units

Cybulski, G. R.; Stone, J. L.; Cromwell, R. M.; Rifai, M. H. S.; Gandhi, Y.; Glick, R., 1988: Use of halifax interlaminar clamps for posterior c1 c2 arthrodesis

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878750

Ris, D. R.; Hamel, K. L., 1978: Use of hamster anti sera in the preliminary differentiation of leptospira interrogans hardjo and leptospira interrogans balcanica

Pienta R.J., 1979: Use of hamster hepatocytes to metabolize carcinogens in an in vitro bioassay

Mendel F.C., 1985: Use of hands and feet of three toed sloths bradypus variegatus during climbing and terrestrial locomotion

Staneva M., 1987: Use of haploid androgenic regenerants obtained from triticale 2n equals 56 x triticale 2n equals 42 hybridization

Patterson R., 1986: Use of haptenizing elisa to evaluate respiratory disease in a worker exposed to capacitor coating powder

Bibe, B.; Frebling, J.; Menissier, F.; Vissac, B., 1976: Use of hardy breeds for crossing with beef breeds example for the gascon breed

Johnson S.L., 1986: Use of hatchery coho salmon oncorhynchus kisutch presmolts to rebuild wild populations in oregon usa coastal streams

Macdonald V.A., 1988: Use of headings by children for text search

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878759

Schor E.L., 1986: Use of health care services by children and diagnoses received during presumably stressful life transitions

Brummel Smith K., 1984: Use of health care services by older hispanics/

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878762

Postel K., 1988: Use of health indices

Kavaler F., 1985: Use of health services by merchant seamen

Zhordaniya, T. S.; Dzhaparidze-Sh, V., 1977: Use of hearing prosthesis made of silicone rubber in patients after radical mastoidectomy/

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878766

Ellstad M.H., 1980: Use of heart rate responses to standing and hyper ventilation at rest to detect coronary artery disease correlation with the s t response to exercise

Baranov A.G., 1984: Use of heat and cold for regulating circulation and maintaining hemostasis in the viscera

Lopato S.V., 1986: Use of heat shock proteins as genetic markers in the hybridization of somatic plant cells

Gust I.D., 1985: Use of heat treated clotting factor concentrates in patients with hemophilia and a high exposure to human t cell leukemia virus iii

Bouwkamp J.C., 1986: Use of heat treatments for saccharification of sweet potato ipomoea batatas mashes

Hatch T.P., 1979: Use of hela cell guanine nucleotides by chlamydia psittaci

Filippova S.M., 1981: Use of helium neon laser radiation in the treatment of patients with acute pneumonia

Dawson T.J., 1985: Use of helium oxygen to examine the effect of cold acclimation on the summit metabolism of a marsupial dasyuroides byrnei

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878776

Asakura T., 1979: Use of heme spin labeling to probe heme environments of alpha and beta chains of hemo globin

Nemoy, N. J.; Stamey, T. A., 1976: Use of hemiacidrin in management of infection stones

Burushkina T.N., 1980: Use of hemo carbo perfusion on activated carbons in the complex treatment of acute hepatic failure

Lasker, N., 1976: Use of hemo dialysis and forced diuresis in the treatment of poisoning

Czernicki Z., 1979: Use of hemo dilution in the treatment of cranio cerebral injuries discussion of 1 case

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878782

Mannaioni P., 1981: Use of hemo perfusion with uncoated charcoal in the management of acute intoxications with barbiturate and salicylate

Al'perin, P. M.; Zherebtsov, L. A.; Zamchii, A. A.; Ivanova, A. N.; Ten, D. D., 1975: Use of hemodesis in cirrhosis of the liver

Nadal P., 1986: Use of hemodialysis in acute poisoning

Froysaker T., 1982: Use of hemonetics cell saver for auto transfusion in cardio vascular surgery

Ganapiev A.A., 1985: Use of hemoperfusion in conjunction with intensive care treatment for hemoblastosis

Khokhlov E.S., 1985: Use of hemoperfusion in the resuscitation of children

Smith A., 1988: Use of hemopexin domains and monoclonal antibodies to hemopexin to probe the molecular determinants of hemopexin mediated heme transport

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878790

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878791

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878792

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878793

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878794

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878795

Prince, A. M., 1978: Use of hepatitis b immune globulin reassessment needed

Melkonian M., 1986: Use of hepes buffer for microalgal culture media and fixation for electron microscopy

Reichling, J. A. V.; Becker, H., 1980: Use of herbicide in growing chamomile matricaria chamomilla 4. vascular experiments on the effect of mp 58 and kerb 50 w on yields and essential oil

Harbaugh B.K., 1986: Use of herbicides as harvesting aids for field grown caladiums caladium hortulanum

Campbell, M. H.; Kemp, H. W.; Murison, R. D.; Dellow, J. J.; Ridings, H., 1987: Use of herbicides for selective removal of eragrostis curvula schrad. nees from a pennisetum clandestinum pasture

Petrovic R., 1982: Use of herbicides for the weed control in the joint crop of beans and corn

Lange S., 1987: Use of herd specific moraxella bovis vaccine for control of infectious keratoconjunctivitis of cattle in a young cattle raising unit

Gozzo, J. J.; Gottschalk, R.; O'brien, P.; Cronin, W.; Monaco, A. P., 1977: Use of heterogenous and mono specific anti sera for the diagnosis of bladder cancer

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878805

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878806

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878807

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878808

Broadley K.J., 1981: Use of hexobendine to examine whether the coronary vaso dilator metabolite released from guinea pig isolated hearts is adenosine

Linton K.J., 1980: Use of hierarchical diversity indices in lotic community analysis

Larbier M., 1980: Use of high and low tannin content field beans vicia faba in laying hen diets

Argus, M. F.; Arcos, J. C., 1978: Use of high concentrations of di methyl nitrosamine in bacterial lethality mutagenesis and enzymological studies

Hama K., 1986: Use of high concentrations of glutaraldehyde for immunocytochemistry of transmitter synthesizing enzymes in the central nervous system

Wiltshaw E., 1981: Use of high dose cis di chloro di ammine platinum ii nsc 119875 following failure on previous chemo therapy for advanced carcinoma of the ovary

Lieberman, A.; Le-Brun, Y.; Glass, P.; Goodgold, A.; Lux, W.; Wise, A.; Ransohoff, J., 1977: Use of high dose cortico steroids in patients with inoperable brain tumors

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878816

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878817

Soboleva N.G., 1985: Use of high doses of glucocorticoids for the treatment of patients with rheumatic diseases

Olson M.S., 1982: Use of high energy microwave irradiation to inactivate mitochondrial enzymes

Macartney F.J., 1980: Use of high kilovoltage filtered beam radiographs for detection of bronchial situs in infants and young children

Johnson T.H., 1988: Use of high levels of dietary aluminum and zinc for inducing pauses in egg production of japanese quail

Lisovskii G.M., 1986: Use of high osmotic solutions in the estimation of cereal drought resistance

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878824

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878825

Hunt, D. C.; Bourdon, A. T.; Wild, P. J.; Crosby, N. T., 1978: Use of high performance liquid chromatography combined with fluorescence detection for the identification and estimation of afla toxins and ochra toxin in food/

Arata Y., 1986: Use of high performance liquid chromatography for quantitative determination of the native form of the third component c3 of human complement

Sorokina A.A., 1984: Use of high performance liquid chromatography for the analysis of multicomponent mixtures containing cardiac glycosides

Colagrande O., 1982: Use of high performance liquid chromatography for the determination of amino acids in sparkling wines

Hunt, D. C.; Bourdon, A. T.; Crosby, N. T., 1978: Use of high performance liquid chromatography for the identification and estimation of zearalenone patulin and penicillic acid in food

O'kennedy R., 1988: Use of high performance liquid chromatography for the purification of antibodies and antibody conjugates and the study of antibody antigen interactions

Selezenev N.G., 1988: Use of high performance liquid chromatography for the quantitative determination of celanide

Bridges C.D.B., 1984: Use of high performance liquid chromatography in the analysis of retinyl and 3 4 didehydroretinyl compounds in tissue extracts of bullfrog tadpoles and goldfish

Boardley M., 1984: Use of high performance liquid chromatography in the separation of flavonol glycosides and flavonol sulfates

Evstigneeva R.P., 1984: Use of high performance liquid chromatography of methyl benzo coumarin esters of prostaglandins for their quantitative fluorometric analysis

Grenby, T. H.; Bull, J. M., 1980: Use of high performance liquid chromatography techniques to study the protection of hydroxylapatite by fluoride and glycero phosphate against de mineralization in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878838

Cembella A.D., 1986: Use of high performance liquid chromatography to investigate the production of paralytic shellfish toxins by protogonyaulax spp in culture

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878840

Connett B.E., 1983: Use of high performance liquid chromatography to quantitate the opiate and sugar content of illicit heroin preparations

Friedberg E.C., 1982: Use of high performance liquid chromatography to quantitate thymine containing pyrimidine dimers in dna

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878844

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878845

Church F.C., 1985: Use of high performance size exclusion chromatography to measure protein molecular weight and hydrodynamic radius an investigation of the properties of the tsk 3000 sw column

Maskiewicz R., 1987: Use of high performance size exclusion ion exchange and hydrophobic interaction chromatography for the measurement of protein conformational change and stability

Meuser F.A.G., 1984: Use of high pressure homogenization for the production of starch from maize

Huster H., 1984: Use of high pressure homogenization technique for disruption of cell walls in starch potatoes

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878850

Mccollum G.K., 1979: Use of high pressure liquid chromatography for analysis of sweet potato phenolics

Henry, D.; Block, J. H.; Anderson, J. L.; Carlson, G. R., 1976: Use of high pressure liquid chromatography for quantitative structure activity relationship studies of sulfonamides and barbiturates

De-Vries, C. P.; Popp-Snijders, C.; De-Kieviet, W.; Akkerman-Faber, A. C., 1977: Use of high pressure liquid chromatography in the assay of aldo sterone in urine

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878854

Taylor, R. B.; Kendle, K. E., 1978: Use of high pressure liquid chromatography to determine the effect of 17 beta hydroxy 7 alpha methyl androst 5 en 3 one rmi 12936 on production of progesterone by rat ovarian homogenate

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878856

Baeyens W., 1982: Use of high pressure liquid chromatography with fluorometric detection for chlorophyll a determination in natural extracts of chloro pigments and their degradation products

Koffskey W.E., 1979: Use of high resolution glass capillary columns for the analysis of pesticides in river and drinking water

Doddrell D.M., 1987: Use of high resolution in vivo volume selected pmr spectroscopy to investigate leukemia in humans

Sharp J.C., 1981: Use of high resolution microscope photometry in the discrimination of chromosome bands

Doddrell D.M., 1985: Use of high resolution phosphorus 31 labeled topical magnetic resonance spectroscopy to monitor in vivo tumor metabolism in rats

Sadler P.J., 1984: Use of high resolution proton nmr spectroscopy for rapid multi component analysis of urine

Cornelis, P., 1978: Use of high salt sepharose 4b chromatography for the extraction of transfer rna from plant tissues

Shingte A.K., 1981: Use of high salt water dilution method in conjunction with farmyard manure and gypsum for reclamation of sodic soils

Roche R.S., 1984: Use of high speed size exclusion chromatography for the study of protein folding and stability

Fugedi L., 1980: Use of high speed ultrasonography for differential diagnosis of gestational hemorrhage following formation of placenta

Van Vuuren S.P., 1981: Use of high temperature to increase the rate of avocado persea americana cultivar collinson sun blotch symptom development in indicator seedlings

Stevens S.E.Jr, 1984: Use of high voltage electron microscopy and semi thick sections for examination of cyanobacterial thylakoid membrane arrangements

Patel J.N., 1985: Use of higher temperature for accelerating ripening of buffalo milk cheddar cheese

Hoeller C., 1988: Use of highly evacuated redon drains after gynecologic laparotomies

Donis Keller H., 1986: Use of highly polymorphic dna probes for genotypic analysis following bone marrow transplantation

Khavkin Yu A., 1986: Use of highly purified staphylococcal alpha toxin for immunochemical purification of antibodies

Mikhailov M.I., 1985: Use of highly sensitive methods for the detection of the markers of hepatitis b virus in investigations of the epidemic foci of this infection

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878875

Mukhamedov D.B., 1981: Use of hista globulin in the complex treatment of viral hepatitis in children

Stuart S., 1985: Use of histidine dipeptides and myoglobin to monitor adulteration of cooked beef with meat from other species

Andreu D., 1985: Use of histidine pk a changes to study peptide dna interactions

Golovina, N. B.; Platonenko, V. I., 1975: Use of histochemical methods of investigating the myo cardium in combination with electro cardiographic data in hygienic standardization

Alexander G., 1985: Use of histograms in computer aided comparison of chromatograms

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878881

Shearer J.R., 1987: Use of histological samples for assessing skeletal calcium

Van Regenmortel M.H.V., 1984: Use of histone antibodies for studying chromatin topography and the phosphorylation of chromatin subunits

Mogelesky T.C., 1987: Use of histopaque for isolating mononuclear cells from rabbit food

Conte W.J., 1985: Use of hla marker associations and hla haplotype linkage to estimate disease risks in families with gluten sensitive enteropathy

Paul J.H., 1982: Use of hoechst 33258 and hoechst 33342 for enumeration of attached and planktonic bacteria

Finocchiaro M., 1980: Use of hoechst 33258 fluorochrome for detection of mycoplasma contamination in cell cultures development of a technique based on simultaneous fixation and staining

Durand R.E., 1982: Use of hoechst 33342 bis benzamide stain for cell selection from multi cell systems

Ludeke K.L., 1986: Use of hold gro erosion control fabric in the establishment of plant species on coal mine soil

Kuchynskaya Ya A., 1984: Use of holstein friesian and dutch bulls in an industrial complex

Essenberg R.C., 1984: Use of homo cysteic acid for selecting mutants at the glt s locus of escherichia coli k 12

Buchanan, G. R.; Scher, C. S.; Button, L. N.; Nathan, D. G., 1977: Use of homologous platelet survival in the differential diagnosis of chronic thrombocytopenia in childhood

Strauch J.G.Jr, 1984: Use of homoplastic characters in compatibility analysis

Spencer H.C., 1981: Use of honey bees apis mellifera for controlled inter pollination of plant germ plasm collections

Bachman W.W., 1981: Use of honey sac load and dance characteristics of worker honey bees apis mellifera to determine their sugar preferences

La Roi G.H., 1988: Use of horizons as ecological sampling units

Sucher D.F., 1979: Use of horizontal prism to correct vertical fixation disparity

Efimov I.A., 1986: Use of hormonal status for prognosis of young cattle productivity

Mezinova N.N., 1979: Use of hormonal stress tests to assess the source of hyper estrogenism and ovarian function in menopausal patients with mammary cancer

Eberhard W.G., 1987: Use of horns in fights by the dimorphic males of ageopsis nigricollis coleoptera scarabeidae dynastinae

Ubertini, T.; Wilkie, B. N.; Noronha, F., 1971: Use of horseradish d peroxidase labeled antibody for light microscope and electron microscope localization of reovirus antigen

Osculati F., 1980: Use of horseradish peroxidase in the ultrastructural study of olivary neurons of the cat

Kristek J., 1988: Use of horseradish peroxidase labelled antibodies in elisa for plant virus detection

Minard, B. J.; Cawley, L. P., 1978: Use of horseradish peroxidase to block nonspecific enzyme uptake in immuno peroxidase microscopy

Gillis R.A., 1985: Use of horseradish peroxidase to identify hindbrain sites that influence gastric motility in the cat

Kootstra G., 1986: Use of horseshoe kidneys for transplantation

Rosenman K.D., 1988: Use of hospital discharge data in the surveillance of occupational disease

Papavizas G.C., 1983: Use of host resistance trichoderma and fungicides to control soil borne diseases and increase seed yields of peas pisum sativum

Panattoni L., 1985: Use of hot water treatment as a means of controlling alternaria spp on safflower carthamus tinctorius seeds

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878912

Plenert W., 1987: Use of human albumin as a cryoprotective additive in the low temperature preservation of hemopoietic precursor cells

Rossen R.D., 1983: Use of human antibodies to identify antigens in cultured human tumor cells detection of discrete antigen molecules using electro blotting and enzyme linked antibody probes

Fernandez, A.; Hermida, C.; Gavilondo, J.; Garcia, C.; Alvarez, I., 1986: Use of human breast cancer cells for the production of monoclonal antibodies that recognize the tumoral tissue

Karl H.J., 1980: Use of human chorionic gonadotropin and alpha feto protein radio immunoassays specificity and apparent half life determination after delivery and in patients with germ cell tumors

Holzel H., 1979: Use of human embryo lung fibroblasts to detect a heat labile toxin of escherichia coli from children

Zhao S., 1982: Use of human erythrocyte ghosts for transfer of iodine 125 labeled bovine serum albumin and iodine 125 labeled dna into animal cells through cell fusion

Kisiel W., 1983: Use of human factor viia in the treatment of 2 hemophilia a patients with high titer inhibitors

Kelami A., 1985: Use of human fibrin adhesive to close vesicovaginal fistulas

Stein R., 1980: Use of human fibroblast derived beta interferon in the treatment of epidemic adenovirus kerato conjunctivitis

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878922

Conde F.P., 1984: Use of human immunoglobulin m derived fragments to study structures responsible for protein a reactivity

Thust, R.; Warzok, R.; Grund, E.; Mendel, J., 1978: Use of human liver microsomes from kidney transplant donors for the induction of chromatid aberrations and sister chromatid exchanges by means of pre carcinogens in chinese hamster cells in vitro

Hosking L.K., 1988: Use of human neuroblastoma continuous cell lines for in vitro drug sensitivity screening

Dreiling D.A., 1982: Use of human pancreatic rnase antibodies to delineate pancreas related rnase in human serum

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878927

Gohari, P.; Hobbins, J. C.; Berkowitz, R., 1978: Use of human placental lactogen in the diagnosis of intra uterine growth retardation

Chu T.M., 1981: Use of human prostate specific antigen in monitoring prostate cancer

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878930

Revak, S. D.; Merritt, T. A.; Degryse, E.; Stefani, L.; Courtney, M.; Hallman, M.; Cochrane, C. G., 1988: Use of human surfactant low molecular weight apoproteins in the reconstitution of surfactant biologic activity

Magrini O., 1985: Use of human urinary fsh in infertile women with polycystic ovaries

Sartor F., 1984: Use of humerobates rostrolamellatus acari as an air pollution bioassay monitor incidence of sulfur dioxide nitrogen dioxide synergism and winter temperature

Fuchs V., 1980: Use of humic acids in therapy and metaphylaxis of calf enteritis

Hutzell M., 1984: Use of humidity tents and antitranspirants in the acclimatization of tissue cultured plants to the greenhouse

Fridland E.F., 1979: Use of humus group composition and some biochemical indices for the diagnosis of soils

Gyore A., 1984: Use of hungarian milk protein products in sport

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878938

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878939

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878940

Hammerling, U.; Aoki, T.; De-Harven, E.; Boyse, E. A.; Old, L. J., 1968: Use of hybrid antibody with anti gamma g and anti ferritin specificities in locating cell surface antigens by inst electron microscopy method mouse rabbit

Janecke J., 1987: Use of hybrid embryo cultures in hybridization of lolium sp and festuca sp

Naumov, G. I.; Efremov, B. D., 1978: Use of hybridization for classification of yeasts and yeast like fungi part 1 the genera hansenula pichia

Flamand, A.; Wiktor, T. J.; Koprowski, H., 1980: Use of hybridoma mono clonal antibodies in the detection of antigenic differences between rabies and rabies related virus proteins 1. the nucleo capsid protein

Flamand, A.; Wiktor, T. J.; Koprowski, H., 1980: Use of hybridoma mono clonal antibodies in the detection of antigenic differences between rabies and rabies related virus proteins 2. the glyco protein

Lilly F., 1981: Use of hybridoma resistant variant cell lines to study h 2d b friend maloney rauscher virus specific cyto toxic t cells

Coleman D.V., 1987: Use of hybridot assay to screen for bk and jc polyomaviruses in non immunosuppressed patients

Yamana K., 1986: Use of hybrids between xenopus laevis and xenopus borealis in chimera formation dorsalization of ventral cells

Litver N.N., 1982: Use of hydrel to prevent germination of potato tubers in storage and to reduce disease induced losses

Lindley K.L., 1982: Use of hydro cyclones to treat seafood processing waste waters

Srivastava, S. K., 1976: Use of hydro per oxides in the studies of glutathione metabolism in rat lens

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878952

Laine L., 1988: Use of hydrochloric acid to clear obstructed central venous catheters

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878954

Dougherty, J. H. Jr, 1976: Use of hydrogen as an inert gas during diving pulmonary function during hydrogen oxygen breathing at 7.06 atmospheres of absolute pressure

Halsey, J. H. Jr ; Capra, N. F.; Mcfarland, R. S., 1977: Use of hydrogen for measurement of regional cerebral blood flow problem of inter compartmental diffusion

Servadio C., 1983: Use of hydrogen gas clearance for measurement of renal circulation an experimental study

Zehr, D. R., 1978: Use of hydrogen per oxide egg albumin to eliminate nonspecific staining in immuno peroxidase techniques

Pfeiffer S.W., 1982: Use of hydrogen per oxide to accelerate staining of ultra thin spurr sections

Weller C.R., 1986: Use of hydrogen peroxide to clear blocked ventilation tubes

Glen D.L., 1986: Use of hydrogen peroxide to identify internal opening of anal fistula nad perianal abscess

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878964

Staniforth J.N., 1987: Use of hydrogenated vegetable oil as a tablet lubricant

Kachur T.L., 1985: Use of hydrolysates from mixed types of raw plant material by yeast cultures as a source of carbon nutrition

Perepelitsa, E. D.; Kintya, P. K., 1978: Use of hydrolytic enzymes of the fungus aspergillus niger bkmt 33 to increase diosgenin yield from tribulus terrestris

Vazzoler A.E.A.D.M., 1981: Use of hydrolyzed starch obtained from cassava on electrophoretic analysis of fish protein

Section 7, Chapter 6879, Accession 006878969

Ruysschaert J.M., 1986: Use of hydrophobicity profiles to predict receptor binding domains on apolipoprotein e and the low density lipoprotein apolipoprotein b e receptor

Czapski G., 1984: Use of hydroxyl radical scavengers in biological systems/

Sudo, S. Z.; Schotzko, N. K.; Folke, L. E. A., 1976: Use of hydroxylapatite coated glass beads for preclinical testing of potential anti plaque agents

Pobedina V.G., 1983: Use of hyper immune anti staphylococcal plasma in the combined treatment of patients with pyo septic processes

Benda R., 1981: Use of hyper immune mouse ascitic fluids for arbovirus differentiation by indirect immuno fluorescence and conventional serology

Nechaev, D. D.; Zhorova, I. I.; Levina, G. A.; Tarichko-Yu, V., 1977: Use of hyper ventilation for eliminating false positive results of physical exercise tests

Et Al, 1981: Use of hyperbaric oxygenation during parturition in women with congenital or acquired heart diseases

Kucheryavtsev A.A., 1988: Use of hyperbaric oxygenation in typhoid fever

Epifanova N.M., 1986: Use of hyperbaric oxygenation on hemodynamic and respiratory in patients with closed chest trauma disturbances

Nizovtsev V.P., 1982: Use of hyperoxic mixtures for diagnosis of latent disturbances in external respiration

Lefer A.M., 1987: Use of hypertonic saline in the treatment of hemorrhagic shock

Buniatyan D.A., 1979: Use of hypno suggestive psycho therapy before and after operation

Devoge, S., 1977: Use of hypnosis for assertive training and self concept change in women a case study

Channon L., 1983: Use of hypnosis in a systematic de sensitization paradigm for the treatment of specific phobias an outline and case study

Glazeski R.C., 1987: Use of hypnosis in spasmodic torticollis a case report

Carlson W.A., 1979: Use of hypnosis in the alleviation of reading problems

Tissler D.M., 1984: Use of hypnosis in the treatment of herpes simplex ii

Anixter W.L., 1983: Use of hypnosis in the treatment of reflux esophagitis a case

Novik B., 1980: Use of hypnosis with children

Wilensky M.S., 1988: Use of hypnotic imagery for self diagnosis

Baker E.L., 1983: Use of hypnotic techniques with psychotics

Solheim G., 1985: Use of hypnotics in small health institutions before and after information and written directions

Walker W.W.Jr, 1979: Use of hypo limnetic oxygen depletion rate as a trophic state index for lakes

Elgin J.H.Jr, 1982: Use of hypodermic inoculations of alfalfa medicago sativa for identifying host reactions and races of colletotrichum trifolii

Elozua P.A., 1984: Use of hypodermic needles for the measurement of air waste in the analysis of environmental noxious substances

Terry L.M., 1986: Use of hypothermia for general anesthesia in preweanling rodents

Mueller C.B., 1981: Use of hypothetical cases to investigate indications for surgery

Aliev, B. M.; Yarmonenko, S. P.; Gulyaev, G. V.; Paches, A. I.; Alekseeva, S. I.; Rampan-Yu, I.; Krimker, V. M.; Buzovkina, L. P.; Tkachev, S. I.; Mikhina, Z. P., 1978: Use of hypoxic radio therapy in oncological patients

Paunescu G., 1985: Use of hysterotomy produced colostrum deprived isolation raised animals piglet calf for the study of the pathogenicity and immunogenicity of the bovine rotavirus

Kappler J., 1983: Use of i region restricted antigen specific t cell hybridomas to produce idiotypically specific anti receptor antibodies

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