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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6880

Chapter 6880 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879000

Takemoto Y., 1980: Use of iatroscan for the analysis of red cell membrane lipids

D'alessandro F., 1987: Use of ibopamine in chronic congestive cardiac decompensation in the elderly

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879003

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879004

Zubair N.A., 1980: Use of ici 35868 as an anesthetic induction agent

Maiese W.M., 1985: Use of image analysis for the evaluation of plasmodium falciparum growth in vitro

Cautela J.R., 1984: Use of imagery procedures with students labeled trainable retarded

Nifontova T.P., 1980: Use of imidazole carboxamide in eye melano blastoma

Sinopal'nikov A.I., 1980: Use of imidazoline derivatives in patients with arterial hypertension

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879010

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879011

Schram, A. W.; Brouwer-Kelder, B.; Donker-Koopman, W. E.; Loonen, C.; Hamers, M. N.; Tager, J. M., 1979: Use of immobilized antibodies in investigating acid alpha glucosidase ec in urine in relation to pompes disease

Drozd J.W., 1987: Use of immobilized bacillus subtilis for the stereospecific hydrolysis of d l menthyl acetate

Serpokrylov N.S., 1986: Use of immobilized bacterial cells during sewage purification from hexavalent chromium compounds

Haznedari S., 1985: Use of immobilized biocatalysts in some innovative technology

Dean A.C.R., 1987: Use of immobilized biofilm of citrobacter sp for the removal of uranium and lead from aqueous flows

Anantharamaiah G.M., 1980: Use of immobilized carboxy peptidase y as a catalyst for de blocking in peptide synthesis

Lilly M.D., 1981: Use of immobilized cells of rhizopus nigricans for the 11 alpha hydroxylation of progesterone

Kingston P.J., 1983: Use of immobilized cells of the yeast saccharomycopsis lipolytica for the production of citric acid

Smirnova G.F., 1986: Use of immobilized cultures of destructor microbes for the tertiary treatment of oil bearing waters

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879021

Zhukov V.N., 1987: Use of immobilized enzymes for the synthesis of nucleosides and nucleotides including those labelled with radioactive isotopes

Brovko, L. Yu ; Ugarova, N. N.; Vasil'eva, T. E.; Dombrovskii, V. A.; Berezin, I. V., 1978: Use of immobilized firefly luciferase for quantitative estimation of atp and enzymes synthesizing and degrading atp

Gelbard A.S., 1981: Use of immobilized glutamate dehydrogenase to synthesize nitrogen 13 labeled l amino acids

Sjoholm I., 1983: Use of immobilized l asparaginase in acrylic micro particles in an extracorporeal hollow fiber dialyzer

Lanks K.W., 1980: Use of immobilized lacto peroxidase to label l cell proteins involved in adhesion to poly styrene

Chin N.W., 1982: Use of immobilized lacto peroxidase to label murine fibroblast proteins involved in adhesion to poly styrene

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879028

Takahashi, M. A.; Gross, E. L., 1978: Use of immobilized light harvesting chlorophyll a chlorophyll b protein to study the stoichiometry of its self association

Willetts A., 1988: Use of immobilized microbial cells for accelerated maturation of beer

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879031

Aster R.H., 1987: Use of immobilized platelet membrane glycoproteins for the detection of platelet specific alloantibodies in solid phase elisa

Kagramanova, V. K.; Aukati, M. F.; Fedorova, G. V.; Shabarova, Z. A., 1976: Use of immobilized snake venom phospho di esterase for the analysis of the nucleotide composition of oligo deoxy ribo nucleotides

Peslyakas I G.I., 1988: Use of immobilized triazine dyes for purifying polynucleotide kinase t4

Pokrovskii, V. I.; Abalakin, V. A., 1987: Use of immune adsorption in the system of the heterologous enzyme immunoassay for the detection of specific antibodies to salmonella lipopolysaccharides groups b and d 1 in healthy donors and in subjects with a history of salmonella infections

Zhdanov, V. M.; Bykovskii, A. F.; Shumkina, O. B.; Zairov, G. K.; Paktoris, E. A.; Emel'yanov, B. A., 1977: Use of immune electron microscopy for detection of hepatitis a virus

Barsky, D.; Palmer, A. E.; London, W. T.; Kerber, W. T., 1976: Use of immune serum globulin human to reduce mortality in newly imported rhesus monkeys macaca mulatta

Atassi M.Z., 1979: Use of immuno adsorbents for the study of antibody binding to sperm whale myo globin and its synthetic antigenic sites

Underwood P.A., 1983: Use of immuno affinity chromatography for purification of iodine 125 labeled human prolactin

Anan'ev V.A., 1979: Use of immuno auto radiography for detection of hepatitis b surface antigen in the blood of patients with serum hepatitis

Mantle T.J., 1986: Use of immuno blot techniques to discriminate between the glutathione s transferase yf yk ya yn yb and yc subunits and to study their distribution in extrahepatic tissues evidence for three immunochemically distinct groups of transferase in the rat

Watkins, W. B., 1978: Use of immuno cytochemical techniques for the localization of human placental lactogen/

Seguela J.P., 1982: Use of immuno electro diffusion on cellulose acetate for the research of the precipitating antibodies in the screening of patients suspected of farmers lung disease

Francis D.H., 1983: Use of immuno fluorescence grams staining histologic examination and sero agglutination in the diagnosis of porcine colibacillosis

Zhilina, N. N.; Ketiladze, E. S.; Alekseeva, A. A.; Knyazeva, L. D.; Konstantinova, L. A.; Stakhanova, V. M., 1975: Use of immuno fluorescence in differential diagnosis of acute and latent adenovirus infection in adults

Sengupta U., 1983: Use of immuno fluorescence technique to demonstrate complement activation in vitro by microbes

Burlev, V. A.; Kulakov, V. N.; Mozhaiskii, A. M.; Korshunov, V. B.; Golosova, T. V.; Stanko, V. I., 1975: Use of immuno globulin anti hepatitis associated antigen labeled with iodine radio isotopes for determining hepatitis associated antigen

Scales, R. W.; Jacobs, N. F. Jr ; Skaggs, R., 1975: Use of immuno globulin coupled to agarose beads for examining the specificity of conjugates

Calton G.J., 1981: Use of immuno globulin e antibody determinations in cutaneous coelenterate envenomations

Royston I., 1982: Use of immuno globulin light chain analysis to detect bone marrow involvement in b cell neoplasms

Bennett V., 1980: Use of immuno globulin loaded protein a bearing staphylococci as a primary solid phase immuno adsorbent in radio immunoassay

Lehmann N.I., 1980: Use of immuno globulin m antibody to hepatitis b core antigen in diagnosis of viral hepatitis

Fawaz K.A., 1981: Use of immuno globulin m hepatitis a antibody testing investigating a common source food borne outbreak

Epstein A.L., 1984: Use of immuno gold electron microscopy and mono clonal antibodies in the identification of nuclear substructures

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879055

Benjamin, D. R., 1977: Use of immuno peroxidase for rapid diagnosis of muco cutaneous herpes simplex virus infection

Benjamin, D. R.; Ray, C. G., 1974: Use of immuno peroxidase for the rapid identification of human myxoviruses and paramyxoviruses in tissue culture

Bertrand M F., 1979: Use of immuno peroxidases to study binding of estrogens in rat uteri

Clapham D., 1982: Use of immuno precipitates to obtain mono specific immuno globulins to nuclease 1 of tradescantia paludosa

Battisto J.R., 1980: Use of immuno tolerance to dissect the mechanisms regulating appearance of hapten specific killer thymus derived cells in vivo

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879061

Ziegler K., 1985: Use of immunoblot technique for detection of human immunoglobulin e and immunoglobulin g antibodies to individual silk proteins

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879063

Urban A., 1987: Use of immunocytochemical methods in differential diagnosis of low differentiated gastric carcinomas and lymphomas in the biopsy material

Charnock M., 1986: Use of immunocytochemical staining to identify cells in peritoneal fluid and washings at laparoscopy and laparotomy

Perrot Applanat M., 1988: Use of immunocytochemistry of progesterone and estrogen receptors for endometrial dating

Sauch J.F., 1985: Use of immunofluorescence and phase contrast microscopy for detection and identification of giardia lamblia cysts in water samples

Zlobin V.I., 1985: Use of immunofluorescence micromethod for the determination of influenza virus and tick borne encephalitis virus antigens

Bernhardt B., 1988: Use of immunoglobulin gene rearrangement to stage disease severity in chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Fifield R., 1987: Use of immunoglobulin heavy and light chain measurements compared with existing techniques as a means of typing monoclonal immunoglobulins

Khalif, I. L.; Kirkin, B. V.; Glad'ko, I. A.; Korshunov, V. M.; Pinegin, B. V., 1986: Use of immunoglobulin in the treatment of nonspecific ulcerative colitis

Signore L., 1986: Use of immunoglobulin preparations in the treatment of sepsis in an intensive care unit

Ivanov A.A., 1985: Use of immunoglobulins to modify incorporated radionuclide induced lesions in rats

Gordon A., 1988: Use of immunohistochemical methods in the differential diagnosis between primary cerebellar hemangioblastoma and metastatic renal carcinoma

Krohn K., 1988: Use of immunohistochemical staining panel for characterization of ovarian neoplasms

Vassilakos P., 1987: Use of immunohistochemistry in clinical cytology

Abalakin, V. A., 1987: Use of immunological adsorption in a heterogeneous enzyme immunoassay eia in the determination of antibodies to bacillus anthracis protective determinants

Tomoshchuk I.I., 1987: Use of immunological indices to evaluate the management of chronic suppurative lung diseases

Leikina E.S., 1980: Use of immunological methods for epidemiological research and evaluation of the effectiveness of helminthiasis control

Gorbunova, L. A., 1976: Use of immunological methods for the diagnosis and study of the epidemiology of visceral leishmaniasis literature survey

Gorodilova, V. V.; Karapetyan, A. S.; Mandrik, E. V.; Radyuk, I. V., 1975: Use of immunological tests for periodic prophylactic examinations of workers engaged in benzidine production

Cech K., 1986: Use of immunological tests in therapy monitoring of the nervous system inflammatory affections

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879084

Delsol G., 1986: Use of immunoperoxidase with monoclonal antibodies on a previously routinely stained section

Siebke J.C., 1985: Use of immunosorbent electron microscopy for detection of rotavirus and hepatitis a virus in sucrose solutions

Hanna R.E.B., 1988: Use of immunosorbent purified antigens of fasciola hepatica in enzyme immunoassays

Mohr H., 1986: Use of immunotitration of demonstrate phytochrome mediated synthesis de novo of chalcone synthase and phenylalanine ammonia lyase in mustard sinapis alba seedling cotyledons

Alvarado J., 1988: Use of immunotoxin to inhibit proliferating human corneal endothelium

Perenyi G., 1987: Use of imodium in neurotic diarrheas

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879091

Ferrer H.P., 1983: Use of impedance measurements in the diagnosis of serous otitis media

Simonenko P.N., 1984: Use of impedance plethysmography for the study of the deposition function of the liver in an acute experiment

Morey E.R., 1984: Use of impedance plethysmography to continually monitor bone marrow blood flow

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879095

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879096

Wetterlow L.H., 1986: Use of implantable intraperitoneal diffusion chambers to study bordetella pertussis pathogenesis growth and toxin production in vivo

Sunderman F.W.Jr, 1979: Use of implanted mini pumps to study the effects of chelating drugs on renal nickel 63 clearance in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879099

Morgan T.W., 1983: Use of imprints for mono clonal antibody studies suitability of air dried preparations from lymphoid tissues with an immuno histochemical method

Hirschowitz B.I., 1980: Use of impromidine to define specific histamine h 2 effects on gastric secretion heart rate and blood pressure in conscious dogs

Trujillo J.M., 1984: Use of imugard ig 500 filters for preparation of leukocyte poor blood for cancer patients/

Hakansson I., 1987: Use of in growth soil cores in mesh bags for studies of relations between soil compaction and root growth

Fauron C., 1984: Use of in situ hybridization and dna sequence cloning for the study of plant chromosomes

Shafritz D.A., 1983: Use of in situ hybridization to identify collagen and albumin messenger rna in isolated mouse hepatocytes

Cornillot P., 1982: Use of in situ liver perfusion for the study of the interaction between desialylated red blood cells and kupffer cells

Corno, A. F.; Laks, H.; George, B.; Williams, R. G., 1987: Use of in situ pericardium for surgical relief of pulmonary venous obstruction following mustard's operation

Deisseroth A.B., 1980: Use of in vitro assays in selection of compatible platelet donors

Steiner D.F., 1988: Use of in vitro dna amplification to screen family members for an insulin gene mutation

Lemaistre C.F., 1986: Use of in vitro dose response effects to select antineoplastics for high dose or regional administration regimens

Mata Gilsinger M., 1982: Use of in vitro gene fusions to study the uxu r regulatory gene in escherichia coli k 12 direction of transcription and regulation of its expression

Chapekar T.N., 1984: Use of in vitro method to predict response of human ovarian carcinoma cells to chemotherapeutic agents

Branchard M., 1984: Use of in vitro methods in breeding programs for disease resistance in plants

Hill V., 1982: Use of in vivo in vitro labeling techniques to study phospho lipid fatty acid turnover and fatty acid esterification into tri glycerides in adipose tissue of aging mice

Yoosook C., 1982: Use of in vivo infected spleen cells to study fv 2r mediated resistance of mice to friend spleen focus forming virus

Thornton D.H., 1983: Use of inactivated oil emulsion infectious bursal disease vaccines in breeder chickens to prevent immuno suppression in progeny chicks

Baltrashevich A.K., 1983: Use of inbred animals in microbiological studies

Mikheenkov V.E., 1987: Use of inbred large white boars in breeding for the improvement of fattening characteristics

Malashenko A.M., 1983: Use of inbred mice in studies of chemical mutagenesis

Antipova O.V., 1979: Use of inbreeding in breeding work with herd of yaroslav cattle

Andreev, V. L., 1978: Use of inclusion measures in analyzing hydrobiological data

Kristensen K., 1984: Use of incomplete block designs in variety trials an investigation in beets

Matson J.L., 1981: Use of independence training to teach shopping skills to mildly mentally retarded adults

Dolgikh V.T., 1985: Use of inderal for preventing heart damage in mechanical asphyxia attended by clinical death

Kavtaradze, V. G.; Minovich, A. I., 1975: Use of inderal in treating various forms of arterial hypertension

Sullivan D.S., 1983: Use of index lines and damage assessments to estimate population densities of snowshoe hares

Russell W.A., 1981: Use of index selection in recurrent selection programs in maize zea mays

Chandra, S., 1977: Use of index selection method in improvement of yield of linseed linum usitatissimum

Ovander E.N., 1980: Use of indexes for the diagnosis of rotifer species from the genus lecane rotatoria lecanidae

Nechushkin A.I., 1979: Use of indicator paper discs for determination of minimum inhibitory concentrations of antibiotics

Sidorin G.I., 1980: Use of indices of behavioral responses in a toxicological experiment

Panday S.R., 1980: Use of indigenous pig peri cardial valves for mitral valve replacement

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879134

Moody L.O., 1984: Use of indigo carmine for twin amniocentesis and its effect on bilirubin analysis

Denyer, M. S.; Crowther, J. R., 1986: Use of indirect and competitive elisa to compare isolates of equine influenza a virus

Lugovic B., 1981: Use of indirect hem agglutination test in serum antibody titration of infectious bovine rhino tracheitis

Pavel' P., 1986: Use of indirect hemagglutination inhibition test in the evaluation of specific allergen activity

Esipova, M. V., 1978: Use of indirect identification methods in isolation of poly ploid forms of medicinal plants

Ochoa E.G., 1985: Use of indirect immunofluorescence in the serologic diagnosis of legionellosis

Jordan T.W., 1986: Use of indirect immunofluorescence to show changes in liver actin microfilament staining in inbred mice strains exposed to the mycotoxin sporidesmin

Berezina O.N., 1980: Use of indirect solid phase radio immunoassay for study of influenza virus antigenic properties

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879143

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879144

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879145

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879146

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879147

Wing, T. L.; Nordskog, A. W., 1982: Use of individual feed records in a selection program for egg production efficiency 1. heritability of the residual component of feed efficiency

Wing, T. L.; Nordskog, A. W., 1982: Use of individual feed records in a selection program for egg production efficiency 2. effectiveness of different selection indexes

Wing, T. L.; Singh, H.; Nordskog, A. W., 1983: Use of individual feed records in a selection program for egg production efficiency 3. relative effectiveness of 2 stage selection

Osteen K.G., 1987: Use of individual human follicles to compare oocyte in vitro fertilization to granulosa cell in vitro luteinization

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879152

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879153

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879154

Bartz C.R., 1987: Use of indonesian non human primate erythrocytes for measles hemagglutination inhibition serology

Bradshaw, A. P.; Hanson, J. R.; Siverns, M., 1977: Use of induced carbon 13 carbon 13 coupling in terpenoid biosynthesis

Danilova A.G., 1981: Use of induced mutants in selection of orchard grass lines with cytoplasmic male sterility

Khan, I. A., 1987: Use of induced mutations in the improvement of quantitative characters in mung bean vigna radiata l. wilczek

Bakulin V.T., 1986: Use of induced poplar polyploids for hybridization

Novozamsky, I.; Van-Eck, R.; Houba, V. J. G.; Van-Der-Lee, J. J., 1986: Use of inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry for determination of iron aluminum and phosphorus in tamm's soil extracts

Eaton D.L., 1988: Use of inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopy icp aes in screening for trace metal exposures in an industrial population

Schwab A.P., 1979: Use of inductively coupled plasma spectrometry for the simultaneous determination of macro and micro nutrients in ammonium bi carbonate di ethylenetriamine penta acetic acid extracts of soils

Chatterjee P., 1988: Use of industrial effluents for the cultivation of spirulina

Jurczak M., 1985: Use of industrial food waste from lublin poland for pig feed

Alexander G.R., 1984: Use of industrial hygiene and safety professionals a survey of south carolina usa manufacturing plants/

Katayama T., 1987: Use of indwelling double curved ureteral stents and problems after stenting

Cohen C.J., 1984: Use of indwelling right atrial catheter in gynecological oncology a preliminary report

Nystrom B., 1987: Use of indwelling urinary tract catheters in swedish hospitals

Bond, J. H.; Levitt, D. G.; Levitt, M. D., 1974: Use of inert gases and carbon mon oxide to study the possible influence of countercurrent exchange on passive absorption from the small bowel

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879170

Jones D.B., 1982: Use of inert markers in the measurement of the digestibility of cubed concentrates and of hay given in several proportions to the pony horse equus caballus and white rhinoceros diceros simus

Zauberman H., 1986: Use of infant and child corneas for grafting

Heyne E.G., 1985: Use of infection type data to identify genes for low reaction to puccinia recondita in several winter wheat triticum aestivum cultivars

Novick A.C., 1981: Use of inferior epigastric artery for extracorporeal micro vascular branch renal artery reconstruction

Feldman, S.; Wright, P. F.; Webster, R. G.; Roberson, P. K.; Mahoney, J.; Thompson, J.; Doolittle, M.; Lott, L.; Johnson, P.; Christoph, R. C., 1985: Use of influenza a virus vaccines in seronegative children live cold adapted vs. inactivated whole virus

Kendal A.P., 1985: Use of influenza vaccine in nursing homes

Landau M.A., 1986: Use of information structural descriptors to recognize the type of psychotropic activity

Semchenko E.A., 1980: Use of infusion urography and nephro tomography for optimizing roentgeno urological examinations in children

Kasimov R.Yu, 1986: Use of infusoria for biotesting thermally purified drilling mud

Van Alstyne K.L., 1988: Use of ingested algal diterpenoids by elysia halimedae macnae opisthobranchia ascoglossa as antipredator defenses

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879181

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879182

Ferrandiz Gosalvez J.R., 1987: Use of inhalers importance of patient training

Ol'binskaya L.I., 1982: Use of inhibition of myo cardial lipid per oxidation for the treatment and prevention of transient coronary insufficiency in an experiment

Maren, T. H., 1977: Use of inhibitors in physiological studies of carbonic anhydrase

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879186

Rathnam, C. K. M.; Edwards, G. E., 1977: Use of inhibitors to distinguish between 4 carbon acid decarboxylation mechanisms in bundle sheath cells of 4 carbon plants

Wagner G.S., 1988: Use of initial st segment deviation for prediction of final electrocardiographic size of acute myocardial infarcts

Sekiguchi H., 1986: Use of injectable antibiotics and frequencies of drug resistant strains in some bacteria in a local hospital according to year

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879190

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879191

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879192

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879193

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879194

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879195

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879196

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879197

Ueda, H.; Notsu, Y.; Miura, T., 1976: Use of insect pollinators in kaki saijo orchard pollinating ability of eristalis cerealis

Cohen M., 1987: Use of insect vectors to screen for protecting effects of mild citrus tristeza virus isolated in florida usa

Pecheur M., 1985: Use of insecticide impregnated ear tags in the control of flies on cattle

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879201

Tandon P.L., 1984: Use of insecticides for the control of planococcus pacificus a mealybug on custard apple annona squamosa

Perkins I.D., 1987: Use of insecticides to control screw worm fly strike by chrysomya bezziana in cattle

Briles D.E., 1987: Use of insertional inactivation to facilitate studies of biological properties of pneumococcal surface protein a pspa

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879207

Ludwig, J. R.; Dapson, R. W., 1977: Use of insoluble lens proteins to estimate age in white tailed deer

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879209

Gerin, J. L.; Richter, W. R.; Fenters, J. D.; Holper, J. C., 1968: Use of inst zonal ultra centrifuge systems for biophysical studies of rhinoviruses neopl wi 38 cells

Bokuchava, M. A.; Popov, V. R.; Skobeleva, N. I.; Petrova, T. A., 1976: Use of instant green tea in enriching various tea varieties

Oguachuba H.N., 1983: Use of instillation suction technique in treatment of chronic osteo myelitis

Czauderna M., 1986: Use of instrumental neutron activation analysis to study the biodistribution of platinum compounds in animals

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879215

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879216

Schwert, G. W., 1969: Use of integrated rate equations in estimating the kinetic constants of enzyme catalyzed reactions

De Lencastre H., 1984: Use of integrational plasmid vectors to demonstrate the polycistronic nature of a transcriptional unit spo iia required for sporulation of bacillus subtilis

Schake L.M., 1981: Use of inter firm comparisons by the texas usa cattle feeding industry

Imbach J L., 1983: Use of inter proton nuclear overhauser effects to assign the nmr spectra of oligo deoxy nucleotide and hybrid duplexes in aqueous solution

Manji B.T., 1982: Use of interactions of cultures to distinguish monilinia laxa from monilinia fructicola

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879222

Chalamet A., 1987: Use of interfaced ecd gas chromatography desorption concentration introduction dci for the nitrous oxide measurement in water

Letey J., 1980: Use of interfaced gas chromatography mass spectrometry for detection of concurrent mineralization and de nitrification in soil

Timkovskii A.L., 1981: Use of interferon containing donor plasma in children with acute leukemia during the critical period

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879226

Welander C.E., 1987: Use of interferon in the treatment of ovarian cancer as a single agent and in combination with cytotoxic drugs

Loo L.S., 1988: Use of interleukin 2 and macrophages to treat herpes simplex virus infection in neonatal mice

Stich H.F., 1987: Use of intermediate end points in quantitating the response of precancerous lesions to chemopreventive agents

Cleland W.W., 1985: Use of intermediate partitioning to calculate intrinsic isotope effects for the reaction catalyzed by malic enzyme

Popova L.A., 1987: Use of intermittent light regimen during raising and egg laying of hens

Dixit, J. K.; Manocha, K. L.; Leslie, C. L.; Hagaman, F. V.; Howard, A. L.; Corry, D. B., 1978: Use of intermittent positive pressure breathing in oblique chest tomography

Scranton P.E., 1985: Use of internal compression in arthrodesis of the ankle

Pfau A., 1987: Use of internal polyethylene ureteral stents in extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy of staghorn calculi

Johnson, G. B., 1975: Use of internal standards in electrophoretic surveys of enzyme polymorphism

Rickwood A.M.K., 1982: Use of internal urethrotomy to reverse upper renal tract dilatation in children with neurogenic bladder dys function

Liznev, V. N., 1976: Use of interspecific crosses for obtaining poly ploid apple trees

Tanner White M., 1988: Use of interstate highway overpasses and billboards for nesting by the common raven corvus corax

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879239

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879240

Tejuja, S.; Choudhury, S. D.; Manchanda, P. K., 1978: Use of intra amniotic and extraamniotic prostaglandins for the termination of pregnancies report of multicentric trial in india

Romanov V.A., 1982: Use of intra aortal balloon contrapulsation in the treatment of cardio surgical patients with acute cardiac insufficiency

Golding, L. R.; Loop, F. D.; Phillips, D.; Taylor, P. C., 1976: Use of intra aortic balloon pump in cardiac surgical patients the cleveland clinic experience 1975 1976

Lebedeva O.D., 1981: Use of intra gastric ph measurement in stomach cancer

Lebedeva O.D., 1981: Use of intra gastric ph metry in ulcer disease

Wheldon D.B., 1979: Use of intra lactam for the early detection of staphylococcal beta lactamase

Raithel, D., 1978: Use of intra luminal shunts in carotid surgery

Hollenberg P.F., 1983: Use of intra molecular isotope effects to distinguish between deprotonation and hydrogen atom abstraction mechanisms in cytochrome p 450 catalyzed and peroxidase catalyzed n demethylation reactions

Bolognese R.J., 1979: Use of intra muscular 15s 15 methyl prostaglandin f 2 alpha in failed abortions

Turner L.F., 1980: Use of intra muscular prostaglandin for failure of mid trimester abortion by another method

Trickovic P., 1979: Use of intra nasal antrotomy in diseases of the maxillary sinuses

Abad L., 1983: Use of intra partum fetal blood lactate measurements for the early diagnosis of fetal distress

Alderson P.O., 1984: Use of intra peritoneal xenon for early diagnosis of acute mesenteric ischemia

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879254

Scanlon J.W., 1984: Use of intra venous fluids before cesarean section effects on peri natal glucose insulin and sodium homeostasis

Et Al, 1981: Use of intra venous gamma globulin in antibody immuno deficiency results of a multicenter controlled trial

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879257

Russo A., 1981: Use of intra venous lipo soluble contrast material for the examination of the liver and spleen in lymphoma

Cody R., 1982: Use of intra venous nitro glycerin in the coronary care unit

Kase N., 1982: Use of intra venous premarin in the treatment of dys functional uterine bleeding a double blind randomized control study

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879261

Dhennin C., 1979: Use of intra visceral graft technique for the study of histologic changes in the skin after freezing

Klevets M.Yu, 1986: Use of intracellular dialysis to study the ion conductance by the plasma membrane of secretory cells at rest

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879264

Fehri M., 1984: Use of intraluminal splint to prevent stricture in the management of caustic esophageal burns

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879266

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879267

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879268

Jenkins R., 1985: Use of intraoperative blood salvage during orthotopic liver transplantation

Hager D., 1987: Use of intraoperative ultrasonography to identify a cervical foreign body a case report

Cohen J., 1986: Use of intrauterine device in france 1976 1985

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879272

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879273

Sykes P.J., 1985: Use of intravenous regional sympathetic block in upper limb angiography

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879275

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879276

Dakora F.D., 1985: Use of intrinsic antibiotic resistance for characterization and identification of rhizobia from nodules of vigna unguiculata and phaseolus vulgaris

Murray E.D., 1987: Use of intrinsic fluorescence to follow the denaturation of vicilin a storage protein from vicia faba

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879279

Moseley I.F., 1982: Use of invasive neuro radiological investigations in patients with normal computerized tomography

Feng C H., 1983: Use of inverse repeat sequence test signals and method of correlation in the prediction of electrical responses of the compound eyes of house fly

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879282

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879283

Assey M.M., 1988: Use of iodide and silver sulfide ion selective electrodes for the determination of some tertiary amines and alkaloids

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879285

Reivich M., 1981: Use of iodine 123 and carbon 14 in a double radio nuclide auto radiographic technique for simultaneous measurement of local cerebral blood flow and local cerebral metabolic rate for glucose theory and method

Lee, W. N. P.; Mpanias, P. D.; Wimmer, R. J.; Greenfield, M. A.; Kaplan, S. A., 1978: Use of iodine 123 in early radio iodide uptake and its suppression in children and adolescents with hyper thyroidism

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879288

Franco, M. F.; Morley, J., 1976: Use of iodine 125 labeled albumin for the detection and measurement of delayed hyper sensitivity reactions in the mouse

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879290

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879291

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879292

Goebelsmann U., 1981: Use of iodine 125 labeled iodo histamine labeled steroid derivatives as radio ligands for radio immunoassay of natural and synthetic steroids

Georgevich, G.; Cedel, T. E.; Roux, S. J., 1977: Use of iodine 125 labeled phytochrome to quantitate phytochrome binding to membranes of avena sativa

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879295

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879296

Smyth D.G., 1986: Use of iodine 125 tyrosine beta endorphin for the study of beta endorphin binding sites in rat cortex

Morriconi, E. R.; Calvo, J., 1976: Use of iodine 131 and thio urea to identify the adeno hypophyseal thyrotropic cells in pseudocurimata gilberti osteichthyes tetragonopteridae

Zaitseva, E. I.; Khokhlova, L. T., 1978: Use of iodine 131 bromosulfane for diagnosis of hepato biliary system diseases

Hellstrom I., 1985: Use of iodine 131 labeled murine fab against a high molecular weight antigen of human melanoma preliminary experience

Van Heerden J.A., 1985: Use of iodine 131 m iodobenzylguanidine scintigraphy in the evaluation of suspected pheochromocytoma

Normann, E.; Rootwelt, K.; Solheim, D.; Sodal, G., 1976: Use of iodine 131 toluidine blue in radio nuclide imaging of enlarged parathyroid glands

Voskoboinikov, G. V.; Khanson, K. P., 1978: Use of iodine azide and selenic acid reagents for estimation of thio amine content in urine of patients

Williams R.P., 1982: Use of iodo gen and iodine 125 to label the outer membrane proteins of whole cells of neisseria gonorrhoeae

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879305

Takase I., 1982: Use of ion cluster analysis in a metabolic study of pencycuron a phenyl urea fungicide in rabbits

Koka, I. P., 1978: Use of ion exchange chromatography for quantitative analysis of medicinal substances in mixtures

Hunt, B. J.; Manery, J. F., 1970: Use of ion exchange resin in preparing erythrocytes for magnesium determinations

Dinanath V.R., 1981: Use of ion exchange resins in the extraction of proteins from defatted groundnut and soy flours

Bursey M.M., 1988: Use of ion molecule reactions for selected reaction monitoring in gas chromatographic tandem mass spectrometric analyses in two model systems

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879311

Choban P.V., 1981: Use of ion selective electrodes for automatic control of ammonium nitrogen concentration in culture fluids of antibiotic producers

Makhlina, A. M.; Belyustin, A. A.; Grekovich, A. L.; Razumova, N. A.; Abuzina, G. N., 1977: Use of ion selective electrodes for determining ion concentration in blood of irradiated rabbits

Ryskov Ya G., 1981: Use of ion selective electrodes for stationary studies on irrigated soils

Revkova N.V., 1985: Use of ion selective electrodes for the cultivation of planktonic algae

Morie, G. P., 1977: Use of ion selective electrodes in tobacco and tobacco smoke analyses a review

Lengerken J.V., 1980: Use of ion sensitive electrodes to determine nitrate in silage

Et Al, 1981: Use of ionizing radiation for decreasing microbial contamination of solid drugs

Yakubovich V.S., 1981: Use of ionizing radiation for sterilization of alginate coatings containing various anti bacterial drugs

Trofimov V.I., 1981: Use of ionizing radiation for sterilization of injection preparations of atp

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879321

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879322

Halmagyine V.T., 1984: Use of ir 1 extracted rapeseed meal of low erucic acid content in feeds of tetra sl laying hybrids

Bekli A.F., 1983: Use of ir and uv spectra to determine the genuineness of anti helminthic drugs derived from quaternary ammonium salts

De Moor A., 1981: Use of ir carbon di oxide analysis during general anesthesia in the horse

Sindzhiashvili T.V., 1985: Use of ir laser in microsurgical operations on the larynx

Smirnov S.G., 1981: Use of ir spectrography in the study of enterobacteria

Muratova L.O., 1986: Use of ir spectrometry for the quantitative determination of nicotinic acid derivative drugs

Craciun C., 1987: Use of ir spectroscopy as a means of differentiation of normal and abnormal montmorillonites

Proshina, N. V.; Stepanov, I. S.; Orlov, D. S.; Osipova, N. N., 1976: Use of ir spectroscopy for identification of soil samples

Lyuta M.L., 1985: Use of ir spectroscopy for the identification of nicotinic acid and its derivatives

Willebrandt U., 1981: Use of ir spectroscopy for the in vivo measurement of the water content of the horny layer after application of dermatologic ointments

Mehnert E., 1987: Use of ir spectroscopy to determine lipid levels in liver biopsies of cattle

Dekker J., 1987: Use of ir thermometry in determining critical stress periods induced by quackgrass agropyron repens in soybeans glycine max

Giles, R. C. Jr ; Berman, A.; Hildebrandt, P. K.; Mccaffrey, R. P., 1977: Use of iron 59 for sheep erythrocyte kinetic studies

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879336

Barnekow, A.; Winkelmann, G., 1978: Use of iron from transferrin and microbial chelates as substrate for heme synthetase in transformed and primary erythroid cell cultures

Wekell M.M., 1982: Use of iron milk medium for enumeration of clostridium perfringens

Pfeffer, J. T.; Chang, Y., 1977: Use of iron salts for control of activated sludge bulking caused by sphaerotilus

Saakyan S.V., 1983: Use of iron sulfate for the amelioration of soda solonetz solonchaks

Catalan, F.; Deubel, V.; Siboulet, A., 1977: Use of irradiated cell cultures in group a chlamydiae isolation

Boon T., 1985: Use of irradiated mouse fibroblasts to improve the cloning and adaptation to culture of human melanoma cells

Morgan, P. B.; Smittle, B. J.; Patterson, R. S., 1986: Use of irradiated pupae to mass culture the microhymenopterous pupal parasitoid spalangia endius hymenoptera pteromalidae i. musca domestica diptera muscidae

Fuller, P. S. B.; Hafermann, D. R.; Byrd, R. B.; Jenkins, D. W., 1978: Use of irradiation in lymphomatoid granulomatosis

Patel B.H., 1981: Use of isabgul lali plantago ovata in the concentrate mixture for lactating cows

Cherepanov D.A., 1987: Use of ising model for the description of the allosteric kinetics of polymeric enzymes

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879349

Hopwood, D., 1971: Use of iso electric focusing to determine the iso electric point of bovine serum albumin after treatment with various common fixatives

Sevigny B., 1982: Use of iso grafts and homo grafts in reconstruction of the nasal pyramid

Jones R.P., 1987: Use of iso osmolality plots to characterize yeast fermentative performance

Silverman F., 1981: Use of iso volume flow curves in the detection of exercise induced broncho spasm

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879354

Tomlinson J.L., 1984: Use of isobutylcyanoacrylate adhesive in osteosynthesis a preliminary study

Lentz B.R., 1983: Use of isochronal reference standards in phase and modulation fluorescence lifetime measurements

Bailey M., 1984: Use of isoelectric focusing of bacterial proteins for characterization of strains of motile anaerobic corroding bacteria isolated from soft tissue infections in cats and dogs

Fradkin V.A., 1987: Use of isoelectric focusing to evaluate the composition of pollen allergen preparations

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879359

Orrenius S., 1979: Use of isolated kidney cells for study of drug metabolism

Hatzios K.K., 1982: Use of isolated leaf cells of abutilon theophrasti to localize the action of 2 amino triazinone herbicidal derivatives

Tager, J. M.; Soeling, H. D.; Williamson, J. R., 1976: Use of isolated liver cells and kidney tubules in metabolic studies proceedings of the federation of european biochemical societies advanced course no 38 abbaye de royaumont luzarches france july 27 28 1975 and symposium on mitochondrial cytosolic interrelationships in cell metabolism paris france july 26 1975

Stagno, S.; Reynolds, D. W.; Smith, R. J., 1978: Use of isolated nuclei in the indirect fluorescent antibody test for human cytomegalovirus infection comparison with micro neutralization anti complement and conventional indirect fluorescent antibody assays

Kourilsky, P., 1977: Use of isolators in recombinant dna research

Rengo F., 1987: Use of isometric exercise in diagnosis of critical coronary artery stenosis a two dimensional echocardiographic study

Sandomirskii B.L., 1986: Use of isonit nitrosorbide in the treatment of ischemic heart disease

Lollgen, H.; Niedling, G. V., 1978: Use of isoproterenol infusion to study intra pulmonary mixing in man

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879369

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879370

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879371

Korol' L.E., 1986: Use of isotachophoresis at a constant voltage for the determination of mobility

Karlsson R., 1982: Use of isotachophoresis for identification of pollen allergens

Ohman G., 1980: Use of isotope dilution mass spectrometry for accuracy control of different routine methods used in clinical chemistry

Cleland W.W., 1981: Use of isotope effects and ph studies to determine the chemical mechanism of bacillus subtilis l alanine dehydrogenase

Blanchard, J. S.; Cleland, W. W., 1980: Use of isotope effects to deduce the chemical mechanism of fumarase ec

Myelkazyurava A.A., 1984: Use of isotope indicators for establishing the optimal amounts and ratios of mineral fertilizers for barley

Romantsev E.F., 1980: Use of isotope tracer labeling of nonstimulated mouse thymocytes for determination of sedimentation characteristics of dna in an alkaline sucrose gradient

Grenot C., 1988: Use of isotope turnover to measure metabolism in free ranging vertebrates

Jappe J., 1982: Use of isotopic exchange kinetics for the characterization of available soil phosphorus

Muraoka T.T., 1984: Use of isotopic nitrogen to demonstrate dependence of mature almond prunus dulcis cultivar nonpareil trees on annual uptake of soil nitrogen

Sherman W.B., 1987: Use of isozyme techniques to identify peach x nonpareil almond hybrids

May B., 1982: Use of isozyme variation to identify genotypic classes of agaricus brunnescens

Shepherd K.W., 1980: Use of isozymes as chromosome markers in the isolation and characterization of wheat barley chromosome addition lines

Tang, K. S.; Hart, G. E., 1975: Use of isozymes as chromosome markers in wheat rye addition lines and in triticale

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879386

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879387

Capra J.D., 1984: Use of j h 4 joining segment gene by an antiarsonate antibody that bears the major a strain cross reactive idiotype but displays diminished antigen binding

Macvaugh H.IIi, 1982: Use of janke barron retractor for exposure of the arteries during bypass surgery

Wada, K.; Kawano, T., 1978: Use of jeffries acid oxalate treatment in particle size analyses of ando soils

Acheson E.D., 1982: Use of job exposure matrix in an occupational analysis of lung and bladder cancers on the basis of death certificates

Roy Byrne P., 1983: Use of joint consultations in in patient psychiatry

Kuznetsov, M. S.; Grigor'ev, V. Ya ; Paganyas, K. P.; Saatov, R., 1976: Use of k 4 polymer in increasing anti erosive soil stability in irrigation furrows

Cunha H.C., 1981: Use of k othrine decamethrin nrdc 161 in the control of aedes fluviatilis and of culex pipiens fatigans tests in the laboratory and in the field

Villani L., 1983: Use of kainic acid for tracing neuro anatomical connections in the septo habenulo interpeduncular system of the rat

Normansell D.E., 1987: Use of kappa and lambda chain quantitation for the detection of immunoglobulin abnormalities in serum

Samsonov G.V., 1987: Use of kappa casein glycomacropeptide as a substrate of neuraminidase

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879399

Poy J Y., 1987: Use of ketamine in severe status asthmaticus a case report

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879402

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879403

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879404

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879405

Olivier T.J., 1985: Use of keyed character string data structures and operators in models of primate groups

Qirbi A., 1987: Use of khat in lactating women a pilot study on breast milk secretion

Latif, M. A.; Morris, T. R.; Jayne-Williams, D. J., 1976: Use of khesari lathyrus sativus in chick diets

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879410

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879411

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879412

Rubin A.B., 1985: Use of kinetic analysis of delayed fluorescence for describing electron transport processes in photosystem 1

Bondareva, A. G., 1976: Use of kinetic photo spectrophotometric method in quantitative determination of alpha methyl styrene in biomedia

Bates B.T., 1988: Use of kinetic support phase parameters in the prediction of knee joint movement

Cherepanov G.G., 1979: Use of kinetic tests to study metabolism in farm animals

Aliev M.O., 1980: Use of kinetin in combination with the hybridization of mulberry trees morus of varying ploidy

Dabli P.V., 1981: Use of known coefficients of variation in the estimation of the common mean of 2 normal populations

Istamov-Kh, I., 1978: Use of kochia prostrata seeds as a preliminary test for studying environmental mutagens

Oka S., 1988: Use of koji prepared with a high citric acid producing mutant of aspergillus usamii as a raw material for sake brewing

Keshavappa G.Y., 1987: Use of koo babul leucaena leucocephala and lucerne medicago sativa as ingredients in carp feed

Perera S.A.B., 1985: Use of kova slide ii with grid and uncentrifuged segmented urine specimens in the diagnosis of nongonococcal urethritis a quantitative technique

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879424

Peppard, T. L.; Ramus, S. A., 1988: Use of kovats' gas chromatographic retention indices in beer flavor studies

Provotorov V.D., 1981: Use of kubicek formula for calculating stroke volume according to data on integral rheography of the body

Kanowski, P. J., 1987: Use of kung's method for estimating parental effects in an irregular mating design

Shirinova Sh M., 1987: Use of kura river water pipe precipitates to improve the structure of sandy soils

Matsumoto, M.; Matsuo, H.; Ohara, T.; Abe, H.; Kawashima, Y., 1977: Use of kymo 2 dimensional echo aorto cardiography for the diagnosis of aortic root dissection and mycotic aneurysm of the aortic root

Murai, T.; Andrews, J. W.; Bauernfeind, J. C., 1978: Use of l ascorbic acid ethocel coated ascorbic acid and ascorbate 2 sulfate in diets for channel catfish ictalurus punctatus

Fernbach D.J., 1979: Use of l asparaginase and cytosine arabinoside for refractory acute lymphocytic leukemia with particular reference to thymus derived cell leukemia

Shimamoto, M.; Takewaki, S.; Sakuraoka, S.; Nagasawa, T.; Kuroiwa, K.; Kodama, O.; Akatsuka, T., 1985: Use of l leucyl 3 carboxy 4 hydroxyanilide as substrate for determining the activity of microsomal aminopeptidase in serum

Bechmann G., 1980: Use of lab tek tissue culture chamber slides in virological laboratory diagnostics

Golovko T.K., 1983: Use of labeled assimilates in plant growth and respiration on wrangel island russian sfsr ussr

Hirth L., 1985: Use of labeled complementary dna as probe to study differences in messenger rna abundance in the leaves and in the pods of arabidopsis thaliana

Boucias D.G., 1984: Use of labeled lectins to investigate cell wall surfaces of the entomogenous hyphomycete nomuraea rileyi

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879438

Znojil V., 1987: Use of labelled iron for determining the intensity of erythropoiesis on the basis of ferrokinetic measurements

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879440

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879441

Davis, R. S.; Linke, C. A.; Kraemer, G. K., 1980: Use of labial tissue in repair of urethro vaginal fistula and injury

Zhabotinskii, A. M., 1978: Use of laboratory analogs of the therapeutic index for primary screening of chemo therapeutic agents theoretical analysis

Hofner, W.; Naguib, M. I.; Kobbia, I. A.; Zeinab, K. I., 1985: Use of laboratory cultures of some algae to predict heavy metal toxicity iii. the uptake of some heavy metals by chlorella fusca and spirulina maxima

Kobbia, I. A.; Hofner, W.; Naguib, M. I.; Zeinab, K. I., 1985: Use of laboratory cultures of some algae to predict heavy metal toxicity iv. effect of various concentration of cadmium chromium nickel and zinc on the composition of amino acids and soluble proteins in chlorella fusca

Pikal M.J., 1985: Use of laboratory data in freeze drying process design heat and mass transfer coefficients and the computer simulation of freeze drying

Strong Meml Hosp, 1979: Use of laboratory tests in a teaching hospital long term trends reductions in use and relative cost

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879448

Brusilow W.S.A., 1988: Use of lac fusions to measure in vivo regulation of expression of escherichia coli proton translocating atpase unc genes

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879450

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879451

Ptashne M., 1984: Use of lac z fusions to delimit regulatory elements of the inducible divergent gal 1 gal 10 promoter in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Mandelstam J., 1986: Use of lac z gene fusions to determine the dependence pattern of the sporulation gene spo iid in spo mutants of bacillus subtilis

Daugirdas J.T., 1987: Use of lactate as a base in hemodialysis

Field F.P., 1981: Use of lacto peroxidase catalyzed iodination of l tyrosine to assess anti thyroid activity of a factor present in certain tissues of mammals

Leonard E.M., 1986: Use of lacustrine sedimentary sequences as indicators of holocene glacial history banff national park alberta canada

Post L.E., 1986: Use of lambda gt 11 to isolate genes for two pseudorabies virus glycoproteins with homology to herpes simplex virus and varicella zoster virus glycoproteins

Cronan J.E.Jr, 1983: Use of lambda phasmids for deletion mapping of nonselectable markers cloned in plasmids

Howe M.M., 1980: Use of lambda pmu bacterio phages to isolate lambda specialized transducing bacterio phages carrying genes for bacterial chemo taxis

Fillingame R.H., 1983: Use of lambda unc transducing bacterio phages in genetic and biochemical characterization of proton atpase mutants of escherichia coli

Palva E.T., 1987: Use of lambda vehicles to isolate omp c lac z gene fusions in salmonella typhimurium lt2

Pellerin, P.; Lepoutre, F.; Maes, J. M., 1987: Use of lambotte's fibula forceps for the treatment of inter maxillary diastases

Villaveces, J. W.; Rosengren, H.; Evans, J., 1977: Use of laminar air flow portable filter in asthmatic children

Nelson R.W., 1987: Use of laminated high and low density polyethylene flexible packaging to store trout salmo gairdneri in a modified atmosphere

Nodler F.A., 1980: Use of landsat data for moose alces alces habitat analyses in alaska usa

Pettinger L.R., 1982: Use of landsat data to evaluate lesser prairie chicken tympanuchus pallidicinctus habitats in western oklahoma usa

Austin W.W., 1982: Use of landsat derived temporal profiles for corn soybean feature extraction and classification

Iyer H.S., 1983: Use of landsat imagery and aerial photographs for delineation and categorization of salt affected soils of part of northwest india

Nelson D.J., 1984: Use of landsat radiance parameters to distinguish soil erosion stability and deposition in arid central australia

Sykes B.D., 1983: Use of lanthanide induced nmr shifts for determination of protein structure in solution ef calcium binding site of carp parv albumin

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879472

Draper D.L., 1979: Use of laparoscopy to determine the microbiologic etiology of acute salpingitis

Jutzler G.A., 1982: Use of large bore catheters in the internal jugular vein as an access for acute hemo dialysis

Sonzogni, W. C.; Larsen, D. P.; Malueg, K. W.; Schuldt, M. D., 1977: Use of large submerged chambers to measure sediment water interactions

Taylor J.C., 1984: Use of large volume soil samples for application of the instantaneous profile method

Lorenzelli, L.; Beaumont, J. L., 1978: Use of laser nephelometer to quantitate lipo protein bound immuno globulins in human sera importance of the diluting reagent/

Wallraff P., 1980: Use of laser nephelometry for the determination and computer assisted calculation of the fibronectin concentration in various body fluids

Caplin, J. A.; Hulett, A. C.; Walters, G.; Neiburger, R.; Merriwether, S.; Straub, D. L.; Neiburger, J. B.; Deyarman, K.; Dockhorn, R. J., 1978: Use of laser nephelometry in the measurement of specific antibody to lambs quarters antigen

Goudsward, J.; Virella, G., 1978: Use of laser nephelometry to measure dog lysozyme immunological cross reactivity with human lysozyme

Trofimov V.I., 1984: Use of laser raman spectroscopy for the study of the conformational characteristics of insulin molecules in gamma irradiated injection solutions

Shur L.A., 1981: Use of laser spectro fluorometry for concentration measurements of marine phyto plankton pigments

Bonner O.F., 1987: Use of laser uv for inactivation of virus in blood products

Gerusov M.Yu, 1987: Use of lasers in lung surgery

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879487

Refsum N., 1984: Use of laxatives and cathartics in small health institutions before and after information and written directions

Jailkhani B.L., 1985: Use of laxbro microtitration plates as a solid support in solid phase enzyme immunoassays

Rogers E.M., 1986: Use of lay opinion leaders to promote diffusion of health innovations in a community program lessons learned from the north karelia project

Merry R.H., 1981: Use of lead isotopes in soils to identify the source of lead contamination near adelaide south australia

Ortiz M., 1988: Use of leader lengths and diameters to estimate production and utilization of cercocarpus breviflorus

Gendel's T.V., 1980: Use of leaf anatomical characters in the systematics of the genus aegilops poaceae

Kohler G.O., 1979: Use of leaf enriching harvesting methods to increase the yield of leaf protein concentrate from lucerne

Coates Estrada R., 1986: Use of leaf resources by howling monkeys alouatta palliata and leaf cutting ants atta cephalotes in the tropical rain forest of los tuxtlas mexico

Ambri A I., 1981: Use of leaf water potential to determine water stress in field grown tomato plants lycopersicon esculentum

Make B.J., 1982: Use of learning resource centers in the teaching of pulmonary medicine

Moreau G., 1982: Use of leaves of different species of trees poplar alder myrica by the benthic fauna in the oligotrophic waters of the canadian shield

Lloyd O.L., 1983: Use of lecanora conizaeoides as a monitor of the distribution of atmospheric pollution by metals

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879500

Karika Z., 1986: Use of lectin binding technique as a tool to assess the radiation dose measurements on blood cells of radiotherapy patients

Rhodes J.M., 1988: Use of lectin histochemistry in pancreatic cancer

Monsigny M., 1979: Use of lectin to detect the sugar components of maize root cap slime

Jacobson K., 1981: Use of lectins and poly ethylene glycol for fusion of glyco lipid containing liposomes with eukaryotic cells

Ozawa R., 1981: Use of lectins as probes for analyzing embryonic induction

Hnilica L.S., 1981: Use of lectins for detection of electrophoretically separated glyco proteins transferred onto nitro cellulose sheets

Roussel P., 1982: Use of lectins for detection of glyco conjugates in the glandular cells of the human bronchial mucosa

Mori M., 1983: Use of lectins for differential localization of secretory materials of granular convoluted tubules and ducts in the submandibular gland

Mashberg A., 1987: Use of lectins in the analysis of modifications of sugar properties of precancerous epithelial cells of the oral cavity

Churg J., 1985: Use of lectins in the study of histogenesis of renal cysts

Oishi K., 1982: Use of lectins to characterize the receptor sites for bacterio phage pl 1 of lactobacillus casei

Malkinson, M.; Orgad, U.; Becker, Y., 1986: Use of lectins to detect and differentiate subtypes of marek's disease virus and turkey herpesvirus glycoproteins in tissue culture

Kalinkovikch A.G., 1987: Use of lectins to obtain populations enriched with immunoregulatory cells

Pinchuk V.G., 1986: Use of lectins to study receptors on the surface of lymphoid cells

Bove A.A., 1984: Use of left ventricular filling and ejection patterns in assessing severity of chronic mitral and aortic regurgitation

Hobbs L.L., 1985: Use of lemna minor as a bioassay in allelopathy

Wiseman, E. F.; Koszykowski, T., 1978: Use of length width measurements and seed characteristics to distinguish cultivars of poa pratensis kentucky blue grass

Demont D.J., 1982: Use of lepomis macrochirus nests by spawning notemigonus crysoleucas pisces centrarchidae and cyprinidae

Jack, A. S.; Cunningham, D.; Soukop, M.; Liddle, C. N.; Lee, F. D., 1986: Use of leu m 1 and antiepithelial membrane antigen monoclonal antibodies for diagnosing hodgkin's disease

Blight G.W., 1983: Use of leucaena leucocephala to supplement yearling and 2 year old cattle grazing spear grass heteropogon contortus in southeast queensland australia

Gangal S.G., 1979: Use of leukocyte adherence inhibition test to study the cell mediated anti tumor immunity in cancer patients

Hituelos Rodriguez M., 1985: Use of leukocyte interferon in active chronic hepatitis clinical humoral and histologic study

Repo, H.; Kostiala, A. A. I.; Kosunen, T. U., 1978: Use of leukocyte migration under agarose to study spontaneous and directed loco motion of leukocytes

Waters A.H., 1986: Use of leukocyte poor blood components and hla matched platelet donors to prevent hla alloimmunization

Mansson J E., 1981: Use of leukocytes in diagnosis of krabbe disease and detection of carriers

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879528

Lifshits V.M., 1979: Use of leukocytic anti chalones for dna synthesis stimulation in bone marrow cells in experimental radiation sickness

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879530

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879531

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879533

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879534

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879535

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879536

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879537

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879538

Craft I., 1986: Use of lhrh analogue to obtain reversible castration in a patient with benign metastasizing leiomyoma

Hummon, W. D.; Hummon, M. R., 1975: Use of life table data in tolerance experiments

Self S.G., 1983: Use of life tables and survival analysis in testing genetic hypotheses with an application to alzheimers disease

Chauhan R.S., 1985: Use of ligands for improved separation of metal ions on thin silica layers

Wang J.C., 1984: Use of light for footprinting dna in vivo

Taylor S.P., 1979: Use of light intensifiers in improving acuity in retinitis pigmentosa

Heller M.B., 1987: Use of lighted stylet to confirm correct endotracheal tube placement

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879547

Hunt D., 1981: Use of lignocaine and atropine auto injectors for patients at high risk of sudden death and re infarction after myo cardial infarction

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879549

Hiroce R., 1980: Use of lime and of ordinary super phosphate for cotton cultivated on acid clay soil

Argo D.R., 1984: Use of lime clarification and reverse osmosis in water reclamation

Gronau G., 1987: Use of limited laboratory acquired therapeutic drug monitoring data in determining individualized drug requirements

Lewtas J., 1987: Use of limited protocols to evaluate the genotoxicity of hazardous wastes in mammalian cell assays comparison to salmonella

Dyson, D.; Cassady, G., 1976: Use of limulus lysate for detecting gram negative neo natal meningitis

Ikediobi, C. O.; Onyike, E., 1982: Use of linamarase ec in gari production

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879556

Steen W.C., 1980: Use of linear free energy relationships and an evaluative model to assess the fate and transport of phthalate esters in the aquatic environment

Govindan T.K., 1987: Use of linear low density polythene film for frozen fish packaging

Morgan S.L., 1979: Use of linear models and matrix least squares in clinical chemistry

Vazina, A. A.; Gadzhiev, A. M.; Matyushin, A. M.; Fel'dman, I. G.; Khabakhpashev, A. G.; Khlestov, V. B.; Sheromov, M. A., 1977: Use of linear position sensitive proportional counters for the small angle synchrotron radiation scattering by bio polymer solutions

Saxton A.M., 1987: Use of linear semen quality score for classification and decision making in evaluation of individual ejaculates of holstein bulls

Yoon, C. H., 1971: Use of linkage and cytological markers to identify mice doubly affected by staggerer and reeler conditions

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879563

King, J. D.; White, D. C.; Taylor, C. W., 1977: Use of lipid composition and metabolism to examine structure and activity of estuarine detrital micro flora

Dyatlovitskaya, E. V.; Sinitsyna, E. V.; Lemenovskaya, A. F.; Bergel'son, L. D., 1978: Use of lipid exchange proteins for investigating lipid dependence of rat liver cytochrome p 450/

Brezhko V.P., 1980: Use of lipid metabolism indices for differential diagnosis of acute viral and toxico allergic hepatitis in tuberculous patients

Kurozumi S., 1986: Use of lipid microspheres as a drug carrier for antitumor drugs

Wong M., 1986: Use of lipid solvents for viral inactivation in factor viii concentrates

Mann R., 1981: Use of lipid specific staining techniques for assaying condition in cultured bivalve larvae

Papahadjopoulos, D.; Poste, G.; Vail, W. J.; Biedler, J. L., 1976: Use of lipid vesicles as carriers to introduce actinomycin d into resistant tumor cells

Platt D., 1984: Use of lipids to potentiate the antibacterial activity of aminoglycosides

Sugarbaker P., 1980: Use of lipo soluble contrast material to separate left renal and splenic parenchyma on computed tomography

Imae Y., 1981: Use of lipophilic cation permeable mutants for measurement of trans membrane electrical potential in metabolizing cells of escherichia coli

Gallin J.I., 1980: Use of lipophilic probes of membrane potential to assess human neutrophil activation abnormality in chronic granulomatous disease

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879576

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879577

Sledge C.B., 1988: Use of liposomes as carriers for radiation synovectomy

Kurosaki, Y.; Kimura, T.; Muranishi, S.; Sezaki, H., 1981: Use of liposomes as enzyme carriers 1. dependence of enzyme stability on the method of preparation

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879580

New R.R.C., 1985: Use of liposomes for protective immunization in sheep against echis carinatus snake venom

King J.S., 1985: Use of liposomes for proteinase addition to cheddar cheese

Vol'fson, S. D.; Kirpotin, D. B., 1987: Use of liposomes for the indication of the function of the system of mononuclear phagocytes

Caboche M., 1983: Use of liposomes for the transfer of nucleic acids optimization of the method for tobacco mesophyll protoplasts with tobacco mosaic virus rna

Got R., 1981: Use of liposomes in aspergillus niger mannosylation in vitro studies

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879586

Pack M.Y., 1985: Use of liposomes in transforming yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae cells

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879588

Hellerstrom C., 1988: Use of liposomes to introduce substances into pancreatic islet cells

Kothari P.J., 1985: Use of liquid chromatography for separation and determination of carrier species associated with the synthesis of no carrier added carbon 11 labeled compounds determination of the specific activity of carbon 11 urea

Matsuura T., 1982: Use of liquid chromatography for studying reverse osmosis and ultra filtration

Batley G.E., 1986: Use of liquid chromatography for the measurement of adsorption isotherms for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons on coal fly ashes

Morgan W.W., 1982: Use of liquid chromatography with electrochemistry to measure effects of varying intensities of white light on dopa accumulation in rat retinas

Tukhtaeva G.M., 1981: Use of liquid fertilizer nitrogen by cotton plants during late vegetation

Fraser B.J., 1985: Use of lisrel in empirical test validation an illustration using a classroom environment instrument

Bengele, H. H.; Mcnamara, E. R.; Alexander, E. A., 1977: Use of lissamine green for micro puncture a comparison of 2 methods

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879598

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879599

Uppal T.B., 1985: Use of litchi chinensis lectins agglutinins in diagnostic microbiology

Mander A.J., 1988: Use of lithium and early relapse in manic depressive illness

Khachatryan V.G., 1986: Use of lithium carbonate and vitamin e in the combined treatment of epileptic patients

Odesskaya, T. A.; Fedorova, Z. D.; Senchilo, E. A.; Katsadze-Yu, L.; Belyaeva, Z. N., 1978: Use of lithium carbonate for the treatment of patients with functional thrombocyte incompetence

Pimenov L.T., 1982: Use of lithium carbonate in the therapy of patients with diffuse toxic goiter

Pimenov L.T., 1982: Use of lithium carbonate in the treatment of patients with diffuse toxic goiter

Khokhlov A.P., 1980: Use of lithium carbonate in treatment of patients with kugelberg welander spinal amyotrophy

Aliev M.N., 1986: Use of lithium hydroxybutyrate for the antenatal prevention of some changes in the development of the brain in rats caused by the serum of schizophrenic patients

Grachev S.A., 1985: Use of lithium perchlorate for isolation and analysis of oligonucleotides and polynucleotides

Webster, G. F.; Mcginley, K. J., 1977: Use of litmus milk agar for presumptive identification of cutaneous propionibacteria

Sourek J., 1985: Use of live cultures for serotyping campylobacter jejuni

Gadzhieva G.R., 1981: Use of live shigella flexneri 2a 516m dysentery vaccine for the immuno therapy of acute and chronic dysentery

Schoell W., 1981: Use of live vaccine in after care of swine for erysipelas

Nakagawa, H.; Katsushima, N., 1978: Use of live varicella vaccine in children with acute leukemia

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879614

Wells O.O., 1985: Use of livingston parish louisiana usa loblolly pine pinus taeda by forest products industries in the southeast

Willoughby B., 1987: Use of local anesthesia for extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy

Belyaev, V. I., 1977: Use of local electro myography for detection of conductivity along the efferent spinal cord pathways in patients with traumatic lesion of the spinal cord

Field D., 1983: Use of local electrostatic environments of cysteines to enhance formation of a desired species in a reversible di sulfide exchange reaction

Ohana J., 1986: Use of local flaps for facial reconstruction

Fronterre A., 1987: Use of locally injected anti t monoclonal antibodies in the treatment of acute corneal graft rejection

Kotova, D. G.; Razgovorova, Z. K., 1976: Use of lofenal in patients with malignant ovarian tumors

Heisey D.M., 1987: Use of log linear model with the em algorithm to correct estimates of stock composition and to convert length to age

Vukelich M.F., 1981: Use of logged habitats in winter by moose alces alces cows with calves in northeastern ontario canada

Hulburt E.M., 1985: Use of logical equivalence in modeling ecological relations of oceanic phytoplankton

Teplova A.K., 1981: Use of logical probability method for the estimation of clinical indices during fascioliasis of cattle

Whittaker J.A., 1984: Use of logistic regression analysis to improve prediction of prognosis in acute myeloid leukemia

Kobayashi, Y.; Okahata, S.; Tanabe, K.; Usui, T., 1978: Use of logit paper in determination of super oxide dis mutase activity in human blood cells

Ciminera J.L., 1979: Use of logrank scores in the analysis of litter matched data on time to tumor appearance

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879629

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879630

Simpson, T. J., 1978: Use of long range proton h carbon 13 couplings in structure determination stellatin a novel di hydro iso coumarin from aspergillus variecolor

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879632

Capostagno V., 1980: Use of long term leukapheresis in the treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Dmitrievskaya L.A., 1980: Use of long term monitoring and physical load test for detecting individuals with high risk of sudden death among patients with chronic ischemic heart disease

Bergoend, H.; Thomas, P., 1977: Use of long uv radiation in dermatology sources of longwave length uv short term and long term sides effects of the psoralen longwave length uv method

Myagkov A.P., 1980: Use of long wave x ray apparatus and electronic photo copying of roentgenograms for diagnosing soft tissue tumors

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879637

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879638

Ebright R.H., 1985: Use of loss of contact substitutions to identify residues involved in an amino acid base pair contact effect of substitution of gln 18 of lac repressor by glycine serine and leucine

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879640

Christen R., 1984: Use of loudness discomfort levels for selecting the maximum output of hearing aids

Arvaniti N.V., 1985: Use of low caloric hyposensitizing diet for the treatment of chronic obstructive bronchitis patients with concomitant obesity

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879643

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879644

Pentecost B.L., 1982: Use of low dose insulin infusions in diabetics after myo cardial infarction

Moore, H. C.; Mollison, P. L., 1976: Use of low ionic strength medium in manual tests for antibody detection

Davis R.E., 1979: Use of low ionic strength saline for cross matching and antibody screening

Bhatia H.M., 1984: Use of low ionic strength solution in blood group serology

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879650

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879651

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879652

Fedoseeva N.N., 1983: Use of low molecular weight sktn med rubber for injection of vessels/

White R.I.Jr, 1988: Use of low osmolality contrast media in a price sensitive environment

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879655

Simons J.W.I.M., 1984: Use of low temperature for growth arrest and synchronization of human diploid fibroblasts

Kaprel'yants A.S., 1986: Use of low temperatures in atypical resection of the liver

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879658

Firlit C.F., 1983: Use of lower ipsilateral uretero ureterostomy to treat vesico ureteral reflux or obstruction in children with duplex ureters

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879660

Konecna D., 1987: Use of lucerne callus cultures in studying corynebacterium michiganense pathovar insidiosum mcculloch dye et kemp

Riley C., 1982: Use of lucifer yellow vs as a label in fluorescent immunoassays illustrated by the determination of albumin in serum

Yuzhakova T.M., 1980: Use of luciferin luciferase method for assaying atp in studies on glutamine synthetase activity

Rohrer G.V., 1981: Use of lumbar spine films statistical evaluation at a university teaching hospital hershey pennsylvania usa

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879665

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879666

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879667

Pride N.B., 1981: Use of lung pressure volume curves and helium sulfur hexa fluoride washout to detect emphysema in subjects with mild air flow obstruction

Ballini N., 1985: Use of lupine flour in the production of pasta

Nomura T., 1987: Use of lymph in cell culture to model hormonal and nutritional constraints on tumor growth in vivo

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879671

Tsyb, A. F.; Nestaiko, O. V.; Bruna, I., 1986: Use of lymphography computer tomography and ultrasonography to determine the involvement of the retroperitoneal and abdominal lymph nodes in hodgkin's disease

Perez A., 1988: Use of lymphokines in treatment of experimental intra abdominal abscess caused by bacteroides fragilis

Itti R., 1987: Use of lymphoscintigraphy in traumatic chylous ascites

Valakhanovich, A. I.; Vitkovskaya, L. A.; Zaretskaya, R. V.; Bolotnikova, F. I.; Polushina, T. V.; Mitskevich, L. I., 1975: Use of lyophilization for preserving a commercial strain of leuconostoc mesenteroides sf 4

Palva, T.; Ylikoski, J.; Makinen, J., 1978: Use of lyophilized dura in aural surgery

Ohta F., 1985: Use of lyophilized homografts of dura mater and tissue glue in the repair of cerebrospinal fluid leakage

Kouno Y., 1984: Use of lyophilized porcine skin to the oral wound clinical application and experimental evaluation as a temporary dressing material

Masur H., 1985: Use of lysis centrifugation isolator and radiometric bactec blood culture systems for the detection of mycobacteremia

Klesius, P. H.; Schuhardt, V. T., 1968: Use of lysostaphin in the isolation of highly polymerized dna and in the taxonomy of aerobic micrococcaceae

Easmon, C. S. F.; Lanyon, H.; Cole, P. J., 1978: Use of lysostaphin to remove cell adherent staphylococci during in vitro assays of phagocyte function

Tylenda C.A., 1988: Use of lytic bacteriophage for actinomyces viscosus t14v as a probe for cell surface components mediating intergeneric coaggregation

Shand R., 1983: Use of m 13mp phages to study gene regulation structure and function cloning and recombinational analysis of genes of the salmonella typhimurium histidine operon

Brown J., 1986: Use of m mode echocardiography in the diagnosis of congestive cardiomyopathy in doberman pinschers

Warr W.A., 1985: Use of maccs with imperial chemical industries

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879686

Apostol P.A., 1979: Use of magnesium ammonium phosphate for growing tomatoes under conditions of low volume hydroponics

Jonas K., 1986: Use of magnesium chloride brine in drinking water for prophylaxis against grass tetany of cattle

Melnick, J. L.; Wallis, C., 1973: Use of magnesium chloride for stabilization of poliovirus application to oral polio vaccine and to recovery of virus from virus antibody complexes

Ronco, G.; Desmet, G.; Bezoc, J. F., 1977: Use of magnesium silicate before gas liquid chromatography for determination of total estrogens in urine during pregnancy

Steindler K.A., 1983: Use of magnesium to increase sensitivity of limulus amoebocyte lysate for detection of endo toxin

Marumo E., 1985: Use of magnesium wire in the treatment of hemangioma

Morimoto Y., 1983: Use of magnetic emulsion as a novel drug carrier for chemo therapeutic agents

Kamiya S., 1987: Use of magnetic particles isolated from magnetotactic bacteria for enzyme immobilization

New P.F.J., 1988: Use of magnetic resonance imaging in psychiatry

Knutzon R., 1987: Use of magnetic resonance imaging in the evaluation of metastatic spinal disease

Rowan J., 1986: Use of magnetic resonance imaging to measure intracranial cerebrospinal fluid volume

Goldstein, D.; Mead, J., 1980: Use of magnetometers to volume reference flow volume curves

Griffin K.E., 1986: Use of mahalonobis generalized distance in interpreting low resolution gas chromatographic profiles of urinary steroids

Joshi, D. C.; Khan, M. Y.; Katiyar, R. C., 1984: Use of mahua seed cake bassia latifolia in the ration of cattle and buffaloes 1. unprocessed mahua seed cake

Tujkov R., 1979: Use of maize silage high in dry matter in combination with nonprotein nitrogen supplements in calf fattening

Georgiev T., 1979: Use of maize with enhanced protein and lysine content in feeding broiler chickens

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879703

Jhooty J.S., 1984: Use of malathion and stickers for increasing the efficacy of fungicides for controlling purple blotch of onion

Stone M.L., 1985: Use of male and female professional patient teams in teaching physical examination of the genitalia

Galinat, W. C., 1975: Use of male sterile 1 gene to eliminate de tasseling in production of hybrid seed of bicolor sweet corn

Ugale, S. D.; Khuspe, S. S., 1977: Use of male sterility in cross fertilization studies in hibiscus cannabinus

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879708

Costa M., 1984: Use of mammalian dna repair deficient mutants to assess the effects of toxic metal compounds on dna

Suren E.G., 1983: Use of mammography for better radiological diagnosis in the hand

Svetlyshev, S. D.; Kodkind, G. Kh, 1975: Use of mancinis method of simple radial immuno diffusion

Bevan J.C., 1979: Use of mandatory minute volume ventilation in the peri operative management of a patient with myasthenia

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879713

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879714

Tenu J P., 1987: Use of mannosylated liposomes for in vivo targeting of a macrophage activator and control of artificial pulmonary metastases

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879716

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879717

Hoffmann R.G., 1984: Use of marihuana and other drugs among adult marihuana users a longitudinal study

Llano M., 1987: Use of marine benthic ostracods as a tool for the hydrological understanding of continental shelves and their application in geological prospecting

Stephens G., 1980: Use of marked insects to demonstrate multiple mating in efferia frewingi diptera asilidae

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879722

Boyd, W. C., 1977: Use of marlex mesh in acute loss of the abdominal wall due to infection

Schou L., 1987: Use of mass media and active involvement in a national dental health campaign in scotland uk

Essig A., 1979: Use of mass spectrometer to measure carbon di oxide and oxygen fluxes in voltage clamped epithelia

Chikishev-Yu, G.; Klyuev, N. A.; Petrovskaya, L. Yu ; Vakhtberg, G. A.; Slobodskikh, L. V.; Suboch, V. P., 1976: Use of mass spectrometry and pmr in analyzing water extracts of rubber

Poole M., 1982: Use of mass transfer theory to predict viscosity sweetness interactions of fructose and sucrose solutions containing tomato solids

Kikuc M., 1981: Use of materials of complex soil survey of east slovakian lowland czechoslovakia according to the precision of irrigation building harmonogram

Oberle M.W., 1987: Use of maternal child health services and contraception in guatemala and panama

Kiseleva G.S., 1986: Use of mathematical equations for the description of the dissolution of drugs from tablets

Klepper L.Ya, 1979: Use of mathematical methods and computers for the formation of the optimal dose fields in intra cavitary therapy of uterine cervix carcinoma

Oganyan T.G., 1981: Use of mathematical methods and computers in epidemiology and virology

Revyakina, L. I., 1975: Use of mathematical methods for analyzing electro cardiograms in the internal diseases clinic

Zickrick K., 1982: Use of mathematical methods for medium optimization of an industrial process of surface fermentation

Verigo V.V., 1980: Use of mathematical methods for predicting human health state in space flight

Manvelyan E.V., 1979: Use of mathematical methods for prognosis of morbidity of whooping cough in the armenian ssr ussr

Skripkin Yu A., 1980: Use of mathematical methods in differential diagnosis of salmonellosis and gastro entero colitic atypical dysentery

Zvereva E.S., 1988: Use of mathematical methods to develop operation time standards for drug quality control in interhospital and hospital drugstores

Kantselyaruk R.M., 1987: Use of mathematical methods to estimate the efficiency of lupine nodule bacteria

Steinhoff G., 1983: Use of mathematical models for the evaluation of 2 drug and 3 drug combination chemo therapy in murine tumor models

Troitskii N.A., 1979: Use of mathematical models of recombination for mapping the escherichia coli k 12 markers

Hopkins L.D., 1982: Use of mathematical models to generate alternative solutions to water resources planning problems

Dyrenkov S.A., 1984: Use of mathematical statistical methods in distinguishing and investigating forest types

Avtandilov, G. G., 1978: Use of mathematics in pathological anatomy

Coutelle, C.; Ioannou, P.; Williamson, R., 1978: Use of matrix immobilized recombinant plasmids to purify chain specific rabbit globin complementary dna

Andrews A.H., 1981: Use of maxillary tooth development to estimate age in a group of hereford cross friesian steers

Jones R.A., 1986: Use of maximal bicycle exercise testing with respiratory gas analysis to assess exercise performance in patients with congestive heart failure secondary to coronary artery disease or to idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy

V"lchanov D., 1987: Use of maximal evapotranspiration etm in determining the irrigation regime of maize

Stick S.L., 1979: Use of mean morphological units to assess language development

Vizyova A., 1986: Use of measures of network connectivity in the evaluation of ecological landscape stability

Sambuk S.G., 1980: Use of measures of species negative abundance to establish the degree of ecological similarity between communities

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879752

Crouse J.D., 1986: Use of mechanical tenderization to increase the tenderness of bullock beef

Randall, C. J., 1977: Use of mechanically de boned and manually de boned poultry meat in meat emulsions a review

Cross, H. R.; Stroud, J.; Carpenter, Z. L.; Kotula, A. W.; Nolan, T. W.; Smith, G. C., 1977: Use of mechanically de boned meat in ground beef patties

Bovard K.P., 1981: Use of mechanically separated spleen in frankfurters

Berlin G.S., 1980: Use of mechanotrons for measuring growth of plants within short intervals of time

Libinzon, A. E.; Bogdanova, M. I.; Gol'dberg, A. M., 1976: Use of media with antibiotics for isolation of resistant forms of cholera vibrios

Wennberg J.S., 1985: Use of medical radiographs extent of variation and associated active bone marrow doses

Gilbert L., 1981: Use of medications in infancy

D'yakov Yu T., 1981: Use of medicinal bile for limiting the growth of phytophthora infestans colonies

Servettaz O., 1979: Use of medicinal plants in val rendena italy

Shturbina L.P., 1981: Use of medicines in the practice of gastro enterological health resorts

Heird W.C., 1982: Use of medium chain tri glycerides in feeding the low birth weight infant

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879766

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879767

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879768

Schiller K., 1986: Use of megahertz ultrasonography for determination of the depth of burns

Mori S., 1985: Use of meglumine iotroxate in the detection of liver tumors by computed tomography

Smith S.E., 1984: Use of meiotic analysis to describe genomic affinities in medicago

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879772

Allain D., 1986: Use of melatonin implants to prevent reduction of summer wool production in angora rabbits

Emel'yanov, T. P.; Segal', G. M.; Torgov, I. V., 1984: Use of meldrums acid in the synthesis of low molecular weight bio regulators 1. synthesis of natural methyl alkyl ketones contact toxins for insects

Seletskii, B. M.; Segal', G. M.; Torgov, I. V., 1984: Use of meldrums acid in the synthesis of low molecular weight bio regulators 2. synthesis of hydroxy steroid acyl acetates

Elenska S., 1986: Use of membrane active substances as means affecting the sowing qualities of tobacco seeds

Collins F.M., 1987: Use of membrane filters for measurements of mycobactericidal activity of alkaline glutaraldehyde solution

Mouraret, M.; Baldensperger, J., 1977: Use of membrane filters for the enumeration of autotrophic thiobacilli

Pomeroy B.S., 1987: Use of membrane proteins from salmonella gallinarum for prevention of fowl typhoid infection in chickens

Schreier S., 1988: Use of membrane spin label spectra to monitor rates of reaction of partitioning compounds hydrolysis of a local anesthetic analog

Nakano, M., 1978: Use of membranes for drug administration

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879782

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879783

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879784

Jones P.G., 1986: Use of mercurochrome in the management of the large exomphalos

Zasloff, M.; Felsenfeld, G., 1977: Use of mercury substituted ribo nucleoside tri phosphates can lead to artifacts in the analysis of in vitro chromatin transcripts

Abylkasymova T.A., 1983: Use of meristic characters in describing populations of nemachilus stoliczkai cypriniformes cobitidae

Costa E., 1985: Use of messenger rna hybridization and radioimmunoassay to study mechanisms of drug induced accumulation of enkephalins in rat brain structures

Gadenne, C.; Peypelut, L.; Lavenseau, L.; Got, B., 1987: Use of metabolic and morphogenetic criteria for diapause characterization in ostrinia nubilalis hbn. lepidoptera pyralidae

Porter K.G., 1986: Use of metabolic inhibitors to estimate protozooplankton grazing and bacterial production in a monomictic eutrophic lake with an anaerobic hypolimnion

Rosenstein B.S., 1986: Use of metabolic inhibitors to investigate the excision repair of pyrimidine dimers and nondimer dna damages induced in human and icr 2a frog cells by solar uv radiation

Roshchina N.A., 1980: Use of metal antagonists for correcting copper metabolism in patients with hepato cerebral dystrophy

Koerner R.M., 1983: Use of metal detector to detect buried drums in sandy soil

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879795

Guirgis, F. K.; Habib, Y. A., 1971: Use of metamizol in determining phospho lipid phosphorus in serum

Lal S., 1984: Use of meteorological factors in prediction of erwinia stalk rot of maize

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879798

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879799

Wendt, C. W.; Wilke, O. C.; New, L. L., 1978: Use of methanol water solutions for freeze protection of tensiometers

Dudar' L.V., 1982: Use of methionine in the diagnosis of disturbances in exocrine pancreatic function

Cugny P., 1984: Use of methods for analyzing multidimensional data in paleoecology examples from the lower cretaceous of the iberian peninsula and north africa

Grif V.G., 1981: Use of methods for detection of chromosomal hetero chromatic segments in comparative plants karyology

Tarnopol'skaya L.G., 1983: Use of methods of mathematical theory of experiment in developing many component radioprotective preparations

Schultze-Motel, J., 1978: Use of methods of numerical taxonomy for detecting correlation breakers in common wheat triticum aestivum

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879806

Chaouat, L.; Deysson, G., 1975: Use of methyl 3 hydroxy 6 quinazolinedione 2 4 to study the influence of other compounds upon the duration of mitosis in root meristems application to phenyl urethane

Wheeler P.A., 1980: Use of methyl ammonium as an ammonium analog in nitrogen transport and assimilation studies with cyclotella cryptica bacillariophyceae

Ramsay L.E., 1981: Use of methyl dopa in the elderly

Porter A.C.G., 1981: Use of methyl green dna agarose for detecting dnase activity in poly acrylamide gels

Halasz, P.; Polgar, L., 1976: Use of methyl iodide for probing the polarity of the immediate environment of sulfhydryl groups in thiol enzymes reaction of methyl iodide with thiol subtilisin

Hahn W.E., 1979: Use of methyl mercuric hydroxide agarose gels for the electrophoresis of heterogeneous nuclear rna and messenger rna from mammalian cells

Bhargava A.K., 1981: Use of methyl methacrylate as an adjunct to intra medullary fixation in small ruminants

Bruce J., 1984: Use of methyl methacrylate cement as an instantaneous fusion mass in posterior cervical fusions a canine in vivo experimental model

Davidson M.G., 1988: Use of methyl methacrylate orbital prostheses in dogs and cats 78 cases 1980 1986

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879816

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879817

Deshmukh, A. S.; Bansal, N. K.; Kropp, K. A., 1977: Use of methylene blue in suspected colo vesical fistula

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879819

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879820

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879821

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879822

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879823

Eyakuze V.M., 1981: Use of metrifonate for selective population chemo therapy against urinary schistosomiasis in an endemic area at mwanza tanzania

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879825

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879826

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879827

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879828

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879829

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879830

Smirnova O.V., 1981: Use of mexitil in ventricular arrhythmias

Pluznik D.H., 1983: Use of mice tolerant to lipo poly saccharide to demonstrate requirement of cooperation between macrophages and lymphocytes to generate lipo poly saccharide induced colony stimulating factor in vivo

Curtis M.A., 1988: Use of micellar mobile phase and microbore column switching for the assay of drugs in physiological fluids

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879834

Semenenko V.E., 1979: Use of micro algae chlorella sp for biosynthesis of carbon 13 labeled compounds

Lester K., 1979: Use of micro analytic laboratory method to reduce blood loss in dialysis patients

Tournie T., 1984: Use of micro calorimetry for the characterization of marine metabolic activity at the water sediment interface

Wadso I., 1979: Use of micro calorimetry for the characterization of microbial activity in soil

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879839

Ryan J.W., 1982: Use of micro carriers to isolate and culture pulmonary micro vascular endothelium

Campbell D., 1982: Use of micro computers for self assessment and continuing education in anesthesia

Sousa O.E., 1979: Use of micro enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay for quantitating antibody to trypanosoma cruzi and trypanosoma rangeli

Mashaal E.S.F., 1981: Use of micro fauna as an indicator of soil biological activity with reference to accompanying micro flora

Rybock, J. D.; Long, D. M., 1977: Use of micro fibrillar collagen as a topical hemostatic agent in brain tissue

Law, H. Y.; Bodmer, W. F., 1978: Use of micro immobilization and micro agglutination assays for attempted detection of hla antigens and beta 2 micro globulin on human sperm

Lapinski, F. J.; Crowley, K. M.; Merritt, C. A.; Henry, J. B., 1978: Use of micro plate methods in paternity testing

Mckenzie, I. F. C.; Morris, P. J., 1969: Use of micro plates for mono layer tissue cultures

Jennings, R. B. Jr ; Innes, B. J.; Brickman, R. D., 1978: Use of micro porous expanded poly tetra fluoro ethylene grafts for aorta pulmonary shunts in infants with complex cyanotic heart disease a report of 7 cases

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879849

Robin, J. C., 1975: Use of micro radiographic technique instead of dissection for study of the mating status of female armyworm moths mythimna unipuncta lepidoptera noctuidae captured in light traps

Patrin I.A., 1980: Use of micro scheme devices for studies of bio potentials

Cravens J.B., 1982: Use of micro screens to polish lagoon effluents

Hirono Y., 1985: Use of micro sliced homograft cartilage plates in staged tympanoplasty

Morinaka S., 1985: Use of micro sliced homograft cartilage plates in tympanoplasty

Grove, G. L.; Lavker, R. M.; Kligman, A. M., 1978: Use of micro spectrophotometry in dermatological investigations

Machado R.D., 1981: Use of micro technique for screening of anti viral substances

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879858

Andreev, L. V.; Sapozhnikova, G. P.; Rodionova, M. A., 1974: Use of micro thin layer chromatography to analyze alpha keto acids in biological material

Kroemer, G.; Brueckler, J.; Blobel, H., 1977: Use of micro titer system for the determination of the antibiotic susceptibility of staphylococci with tetrazolium salts

Mcinnis R., 1988: Use of microbial and toxicant screening tests for priority site selection of degraded areas in water bodies

Bradley R.L.Jr, 1985: Use of microbial beta lactamase to destroy penicillin added to milk

Shevaga, L. V.; Paenok, S. M.; Gusak-Ya, S.; Artyukh, G. I., 1977: Use of microbial carotene feed preparation in feeder pig rations

Obretenova, M.; Dimitrov, D.; Obretenov, T., 1980: Use of microbial enzyme preparations in cheese production 6. study of the volatile fatty acids of white brined ripened cheeses made from cows milk by means of the bacterial preparation mesenterin 11 11

Dimitroff, D.; Obretenova, M.; Obretenov, T., 1980: Use of microbial enzyme preparations in cheese production 7. changes of the volatile fatty acids in kaschkawal cheeses made from ewes and cows milk using the bacterial preparation mesenterin 11 11

Kleine R., 1984: Use of microbial peptide inhibitors for characterization of the substrate specificity of thermitase a thermostable serine protease from thermoactinomyces vulgaris

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879867

Ilyaleidinov A.N., 1981: Use of microbiological achievements in fodder production

Nikitin, H. O.; Zalevs'kyi, V. S., 1976: Use of microbiological method for purifying wash waters

Simpson R.J., 1986: Use of microbore high performance liquid chromatography for purifying subnanomole levels of polypeptides for microsequencing structural studies on the murine plasma cell antigen pc 1

Raimbault M., 1987: Use of microcalorimetry for monitoring the solid state culture of aspergillus niger

Faldt R., 1986: Use of microcalorimetry in analyzing the kinetics of antibody dependent cellular cytotoxicity

Russell W.C., 1987: Use of microcomputer based image digitization for the measurement of wool fiber diameter

Suen, W. M.; Chick, K. W., 1988: Use of microcomputer for histopathology system using ibm pc and dbaseiii

Ford D.W., 1986: Use of microcomputer to help teach pathology

Rakitin P.A., 1986: Use of microcomputers in epidemiological analysis

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879877

Stone E.A., 1988: Use of microdialysis to measure brain noradrenergic receptor function in vivo

Balaguer F., 1985: Use of microemulsions as vehicles for nucleophilic reagents in cosmetic formulations

Zhdanov V.M., 1985: Use of microfiltration and gel filtration techniques for purification and concentration of venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis virus

Mirnyi V.P., 1968: Use of microfiltration in the manufacture of inactivated influenza vaccine

Askenase P.W., 1984: Use of micrometers and calipers to measure various components of delayed type hyper sensitivity ear swelling reactions in mice

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879883

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879884

Taniguchi K., 1986: Use of microplate cell culture and enzyme immunoassay in titration of serum neutralizing antibody against hochi strain of serotype 4 human rotavirus

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879886

Chayen J., 1984: Use of microscopic interferometry for measuring changes in water content of small samples of tissue

Loxsom F.M., 1979: Use of microspheres in measurement of regional blood flows during positive gravitational acceleration stress

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879889

Domeki I., 1987: Use of microtiter plate enzyme immunoassay kit for direct determination of progesterone in bovine blood plasma

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879891

Nelson, S. O., 1976: Use of microwave and lower frequency radio frequency energy for improving alfalfa seed germination

Douthit G.E., 1985: Use of microwave oven and nitric acid hydrogen peroxide digestion to prepare botanical materials for elemental analysis by inductively coupled argon plasma emission spectroscopy

Zack A.G., 1982: Use of microwave oven for determination of post mortem water volume of lungs

Goldman H., 1982: Use of microwave radiation energy for brain tissue fixation

Chiu K.Y., 1987: Use of microwaves for rapid immunoperoxidase staining of paraffin sections

Ryer C.H., 1986: Use of microwire tags for tagging juvenile blue crabs callinectes sapidus

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879898

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879899

Vered Y., 1979: Use of middle ear ventilation tubes in recurrent acute otitis media

Sudaka P., 1987: Use of mild detergent gel electrophoresis for isolation and characterization of the kidney brush border d glucose transporter

Takahashi, S.; Ariga, H., 1980: Use of milk and dairy products 1. research on the preference and use of cows milk skim milk and cheese

Takahashi, S.; Tsutsui, S.; Ariga, H., 1980: Use of milk and dairy products 2. effect of skim milk on the quality of sponge cake and pudding

Watanabe S., 1987: Use of milk fermented with active bifidobacteria in the pregnant woman

Schneider F., 1986: Use of milk progesterone enzyme immunoassay for milk testing

Burnside, E. B.; Freeman, M. G.; Batra, T. R.; Weaver, G. B., 1976: Use of milk records in 1 herd to predict a cows production in a 2nd herd

Wang W., 1985: Use of millet panicum miliaceum root elongation for toxicity tests of phenolic compounds

Hashimoto Y., 1985: Use of millipore diffusion chambers to assay in vivo interleukin 2 activity

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879910

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879911

Morley R.B., 1982: Use of milt from on year males in transplants to establish off year pink salmon oncorhynchus gorbuscha runs

Isaev Yu S., 1980: Use of mine pumping shaft water for soil amelioration as 1 of the pollution control methods of surface water bodies

Tudor T., 1981: Use of mineral fertilizers with the apricot

Love P.K., 1979: Use of mini columns packed with acid washed florisil for the rapid separation of a e and f series prostaglandins

White R.A., 1981: Use of mini micro aggregated albumin to study res function in corynebacterium parvum treated animals

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879917

Kielstein P., 1981: Use of mini pig immunization model for immuno prophylaxis against haemophilus pleuropneumoniae infection

Nozoe T., 1987: Use of miniplates in reconstruction of multiple fractures of the face

Goldman J., 1988: Use of minisatellite dna probes for recognition and characterization of relapse after allogeneic bone marrow transplantation

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879922

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879923

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879924

Galli M.G., 1987: Use of miocamycin in the management of chlamydia trachomatis cervicitis

Cramer, J. H.; Sinsheimer, R. L., 1972: Use of miracil d to suppress bacterial rna and protein synthesis during bacterio phage ms 2 infection

Lindholm T., 1987: Use of mires for agricultural berry and medical plant production in soviet karelia ussr

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879928

Cardenas H.L., 1985: Use of mitochondrial inhibitors to differentiate kinetic properties of the atp dependent calcium uptake system in synaptic membranes

Wilson G.B., 1987: Use of mitogen induced lymphocyte transformation to assess toxicity of aminoglycosides

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879931

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879932

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879933

Sparrow J.T., 1981: Use of mixed mode high performance liquid chromatography for the separation of peptide and protein mixtures

Samain D., 1987: Use of mixed perfluorinated ion pairing agents as solvents in ion pair high performance liquid chromatography for the preparative purification of aminoglycoside antibiotics

Vanyaev V.I., 1986: Use of mixing to study the heat capacity of bacterial preparations

Viegas R.M.F., 1985: Use of mixtures of herbicides in rubber hevea tree plantations in formation

King P.S., 1980: Use of mixtures of urea and blackstrap molasses for control of root knot nematodes in soil

Shimizu K., 1985: Use of mode locked yttrium aluminum garnet laser in the treatment of vitreous strands and membranes

Alimov, A. F.; Umnov, A. A., 1978: Use of modeling in studying productivity of molluscan populations

Jorgensen S.E., 1988: Use of models as experimental tool to show that structural changes are accompanied by increased exergy

Lachenbruch, P. A.; Suchindran, C. M.; Lingner, J. W.; Perrin, E. B., 1977: Use of models in evaluation of fertility dynamics a review

Borras Cuesta F., 1983: Use of models in understanding the mechanism of action of hemo globin

Schlegel M., 1980: Use of modified adenine nucleotides in mechanistic studies on oxidative phosphorylation structure and space at the catalytic site

Boudart, D.; Guimbretiere, J., 1977: Use of modified automated polybrene test for screening immuno globulin g sensitized red blood cell in routine laboratory

Shargorodskii, B. M., 1978: Use of modified cardioplegic solution for prevention of ventricular fibrillation in acute stages of experimental myo cardial infarction

Srivastava A.K., 1980: Use of modified double reciprocal plot for enzyme kinetic parameters a pitfall

Lebenthal, Emanuel, 1978: Use of modified food starches in infant nutrition

Saran, R.; Gupta, A. K.; Shrivastava, S. N.; Prasad, L. S. N., 1986: Use of modified grace's insect medium for the primary isolation of leishmania donovani donovani in bihar india

Madden J.L., 1982: Use of modified human umbilical vein in arterial reconstructive procedures

Poe L., 1980: Use of modified new york city medium for growth of mycoplasma pneumoniae

Pollet A., 1979: Use of modified pit fall traps in ivory coast pre forest savannas

Section 7, Chapter 6880, Accession 006879955

Wade J.F., 1980: Use of modified sub cutaneous right atrial catheter for venous access in leukemic patients

Nechushkin M.I., 1984: Use of modified trepan needle in breast cancer

Hammond, M., 1985: Use of modules to teach undergraduate medical students part i. introduction

Hammond, M., 1985: Use of modules to teach undergraduate medical students part ii. preliminary evaluation of modular teaching

Belozerskii, G. N.; Kazakov, M. I.; Gagarina, E. I.; Khantulev, A. A., 1978: Use of moessbauer spectroscopy for studying iron forms in forest soils

Gonzalez, S.; Ruiz, A.; Maribona, R. H., 1982: Use of molecular genetic markers for the characterization of varieties of sugarcane 1. peroxidase iso enzymes of commercial varieties

Tsipouras P., 1986: Use of molecular haplotypes specific for the human pro alpha 2 i collagen gene in linkage analysis of the mild autosomal dominant forms of osteogenesis imperfecta

Schlom J., 1979: Use of molecular hybridization of detect type d retrovirus markers in rhesus placentas and other tissues

Strair, R. K.; Yap, S. H.; Shafritz, D. A., 1977: Use of molecular hybridization to purify and analyze albumin messenger rna from rat liver

Thivolet J., 1986: Use of molecular in situ hybridization technique in human papillomavirus pathology

Phinney C.S., 1988: Use of molecular markers for the detection of municipal sewage sludge at sea

Hewitt J., 1988: Use of molecular markers in breeding for soluble solids content in tomato a re examination

Kier L.B., 1980: Use of molecular negentropy to encode structure governing biological activity

Rogers-Lewis, D. S., 1977: Use of molluscicides for control of slug damage in main crop potatoes on silt soils

Vinikour W.S., 1984: Use of mollusks as pupation sites by oecetis inconspicua trichoptera leptoceridae

Popova, V. I.; Kramarenko, V. P.; Medved, A. M., 1976: Use of molselekt in the assay of some barbiturates and thio barbiturates by gel chromatography

Cassingena, R.; Chany, C.; Vignal, M.; Suarez, H.; Estrade, S.; Lazar, P., 1971: Use of monkey mouse hybrid cells for the study of the cellular regulation of interferon production and action

Polozov, A. I.; Sobolevskii, V. I.; Vorob'ev, A. A.; Patrikeev, G. T.; Zelenskii, L. I., 1978: Use of monkey poxvirus for evaluation of the intensity of immunity against small pox in experiments on macaca mulatta

Mcfarlin D.E., 1982: Use of mono clonal and anti idiotypic antibody to p 3 x 63 ag 8 myeloma protein for analysis and purification of b lymphocyte hybridoma products

Bevan P.C., 1983: Use of mono clonal anti complement c 3 antibodies to characterize the fragments of complement c 3 that are found on erythrocytes

Chesebro B., 1983: Use of mono clonal anti gp 70 antibodies to mimic the effects of the rfv 3 gene in mice with friend virus induced leukemia

Williams E.D., 1981: Use of mono clonal anti hapten antibodies for immuno localization of tissue antigens

Conrad D.H., 1983: Use of mono clonal anti rat immuno globulin e in a radio immunoassay for antigen specific rat immuno globulin e

Styk B., 1983: Use of mono clonal antibodies against avian retroviral protein p 19 for competitive radio immunoassay and immuno diffusion

Dierich M.P., 1984: Use of mono clonal antibodies against factor h to investigate the role of a membrane associated protein antigenically related to h in complement c 3b receptor function

Teitsson, I.; Valdimarsson, H., 1984: Use of mono clonal antibodies and fab' 2 enzyme conjugates in elisa enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay for immuno globulin m immuno globulin a and immuno globulin g rheumatoid factors

Tjian R., 1981: Use of mono clonal antibodies as probes of sv 40 t antigen atpase activity

Oakes J.E., 1982: Use of mono clonal antibodies for analysis of antibody dependent immunity to ocular herpes simplex virus type 1 infection

Zhdanov V.M., 1980: Use of mono clonal antibodies for antigenic analysis of hem agglutinin of influenza viruses h 3n 2 isolated in the ussr 1979 1980

Hellstrom I., 1981: Use of mono clonal antibodies for quantitative analysis of antigens in normal and neoplastic tissues

Et Al, 1982: Use of mono clonal antibodies for the histo pathological diagnosis of human malignancy

De Moor P., 1984: Use of mono clonal antibodies in a radio immunoassay for human transcortin/

Vossen J.M., 1983: Use of mono clonal antibodies in a study of the development of t lymphocytes in the human fetus

Reisner H.M., 1984: Use of mono clonal antibodies in an enzyme immunoassay for factor viii related antigen

Kennett R., 1980: Use of mono clonal antibodies in an enzyme immunoassay for rapid identification of group b streptococcus types ii and iii

Kennett R., 1980: Use of mono clonal antibodies in an enzyme linked inhibition assay for rapid detection of streptococcal antigen

Koprowski H., 1982: Use of mono clonal antibodies in detection of melanoma associated antigens in intact human tumors

Koprowski H., 1980: Use of mono clonal antibodies in diagnosis of rabies virus infection and differentiation of rabies and rabies related viruses

Priestley J.V., 1980: Use of mono clonal antibodies in immuno cytochemistry with special reference to the central nervous system

Kaufman S.J., 1981: Use of mono clonal antibodies in the analysis of myo blast development

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