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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6881

Chapter 6881 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880000

Schlom J., 1981: Use of mono clonal antibodies to define the diversity of mammary tumor viral gene products in virions and mammary tumors of the genus mus

Remington J.S., 1980: Use of mono clonal antibodies to detect antigens of toxoplasma gondii in serum and other body fluids

De-Groote, G.; De-Waele, P.; Van-De-Voorde, A.; De-Broe, M.; Fiers, W., 1983: Use of mono clonal antibodies to detect human placental alkaline phosphatase ec

Linsenmayer T.F., 1983: Use of mono clonal antibodies to fragments of chicken type iv collagen in structural and localization studies

Schmidt N.J., 1983: Use of mono clonal antibodies to human immuno globulin m in capture assays for measles and rubella immuno globulin m

Diamond B., 1983: Use of mono clonal antibodies to identify shared idiotypes on human antibodies to native dna from patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

Wall J.R., 1984: Use of mono clonal antibodies to investigate a possible role of thyro globulin in the pathogenesis of graves ophthalmopathy

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880008

Kohen F., 1981: Use of mono clonal antibodies to pregnanediol 3 alpha glucuronide for the development of a solid phase chemi luminescence immunoassay

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880010

Russell P.S., 1981: Use of mono clonal antibodies to t cell subsets for immunologic monitoring and treatment in recipients of renal allo grafts

Baringer J.R., 1981: Use of mono clonal antibody directed against herpes simplex virus glyco proteins to protect mice against acute virus induced neurological disease

Burny A., 1983: Use of mono clonal antibody in an enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay test for the detection of antibodies to bovine leukemia virus

Falcon L.A., 1982: Use of mono clonal antibody in an enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay to detect the presence of trichoplusia ni lepidoptera noctuidae s nuclear polyhedrosis virus polyhedrin in trichoplusia ni larvae

Kemshead J.T., 1984: Use of mono clonal antibody panel to identify malignant cells in cerebro spinal fluid

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880016

Olenick J.G., 1981: Use of mono clonal antibody to immunochemically characterize variant specific surface coat glyco protein from trypanosoma rhodesiense

Link D.B., 1982: Use of mono clonal antibody to increase sensitivity and specificity in quantitative immuno diffusion assays

Sun T T., 1983: Use of mono clonal antibody to keratin in human epidermal disease alterations in immuno histochemical staining pattern

Grujic, M., 1976: Use of mono component insulin in treatment of diabetic patients

Cote J., 1986: Use of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies to detect prostatic acid phosphatase by immunoblotting

Brown M.S., 1984: Use of monoclonal anti receptor antibodies to probe the expression of the low density lipoprotein receptor in tissues of normal and watanabe heritable hyperlipidemic rabbits

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880023

Cooper D.W., 1986: Use of monoclonal antibodies as a taxonomic tool in macropodoidea marsupialia

Le J., 1984: Use of monoclonal antibodies as sensitive and specific probes for biologically active human gamma interferon

Sciotto C.G., 1985: Use of monoclonal antibodies for analyzing the distribution of the intermediate filament protein vimentin in human non hodgkins lymphomas

Shirman G.A., 1987: Use of monoclonal antibodies for intratypic differentiation of poliomyelitis virus type i strains

Svyatukhina N.V., 1985: Use of monoclonal antibodies for purification of elongation factor g from thermus thermophilus

Freymuth F., 1986: Use of monoclonal antibodies for rapid detection of influenza a virus in nasopharyngeal secretions

Reeves W.H., 1985: Use of monoclonal antibodies for the characterization of novel dna binding proteins recognized by human autoimmune sera

Griffiths P.D., 1987: Use of monoclonal antibodies for the diagnosis of cytomegalovirus infection by the detection of early antigen fluorescent foci deaff in cell culture

Rodriguez J., 1987: Use of monoclonal antibodies for the differential detection of trypanosoma cruzi and trypanosoma rangeli in epidemiological studies and xenodiagnosis

Saarma M.Yu, 1985: Use of monoclonal antibodies for the differential diagnosis of mushroom viruses by elisa

Severin S.E., 1985: Use of monoclonal antibodies for the immuno enzymatic determination of legumin in legumes

Trofimets L.N., 1984: Use of monoclonal antibodies for the immunoenzymatic diagnosis of the aucuba potato mosaic virus

Sultanova K.M., 1985: Use of monoclonal antibodies for the production of plague antibody erythrocyte diagnosticum

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880038

Goodall M., 1987: Use of monoclonal antibodies in an elisa to detect igm class antibodies specific for toxoplasma gondii

Kaupp W.J., 1988: Use of monoclonal antibodies in an elisa to detect the choristoneura fumiferana nuclear polyhedrosis virus

Mckinney R.M., 1985: Use of monoclonal antibodies in an epidemiological marker system a retrospective study of lung specimens from the 1976 outbreak of legionnaires disease in philadelphia pennsylvania usa by indirect fluorescent antibody and enzyme linked immunosorbent assay elisa methods

Lehner T., 1987: Use of monoclonal antibodies in local passive immunization to prevent colonization of human teeth by streptococcus mutans

Badowska M., 1984: Use of monoclonal antibodies in parasitology

Yoshihara N., 1984: Use of monoclonal antibodies in the assay of hepatitis b core antigen and antibody

Lister S.A., 1987: Use of monoclonal antibodies in the characterization of avian paramyxovirus type 1 newcastle disease virus isolates submitted to an international reference laboratory

Sveshnikov P.G., 1984: Use of monoclonal antibodies in the elisa enzyme linked immunosorbent assay to prove the monovalence of the antigen

Kende H., 1986: Use of monoclonal antibodies in the purification and characterization of 1 aminocyclopropane 1 carboxylate synthase an enzyme in ethylene biosynthesis

Hardy, B.; Hoffman, Y.; Chazan, S., 1987: Use of monoclonal antibodies in the study of gaucher's disease

Dumontet C., 1987: Use of monoclonal antibodies in the treatment of cancer

Porpiglia F., 1987: Use of monoclonal antibodies ki 67 for assessment of proliferative activity of urologic tumors preliminary results

Hardie D.L., 1986: Use of monoclonal antibodies reactive with secretory epithelial cells for the immunocytochemical identification of plasma cells

Wallach D., 1985: Use of monoclonal antibodies to a human cytotoxin for its isolation and for examining the self induction of resistance to this protein

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880054

Mukhtar H., 1987: Use of monoclonal antibodies to characterize the induction response of the cytochrome p 450 dependent mixed function oxidase system to nitrofluoranthenes

Seifter J.L., 1986: Use of monoclonal antibodies to culture rat proximal tubule cells

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880057

Joly J.R., 1985: Use of monoclonal antibodies to detect a phytotoxic glycopeptide produced by ophiostoma ulmi the dutch elm disease pathogen

Katchalski Katzir E., 1986: Use of monoclonal antibodies to detect conformational alterations in lactate dehydrogenase isoenzyme 5 on heat denaturation and on adsorption to polystyrene plates

Peterson D.L. , 1986: Use of monoclonal antibodies to determine if hepatitis b surface antigen of mixed subtype is one particle or two

Boue A., 1987: Use of monoclonal antibodies to follow the phylogenic distribution of human renal antigens

Natali P.G., 1986: Use of monoclonal antibodies to human breast tumor associated antigens in fine needle aspirate cytology

Wightman K.A., 1986: Use of monoclonal antibodies to human lymphocytes to identify lymphocyte subsets in lymph nodes of the rhesus monkey and the dog

Barker B.E., 1985: Use of monoclonal antibodies to identify cerebrospinal fluid lymphoblasts in children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Stamm W.E., 1987: Use of monoclonal antibodies to identify characterize and purify a 96000 dalton surface antigen of pathogenic entamoeba histolytica

Rueckert R.R., 1985: Use of monoclonal antibodies to identify four neutralization immunogens on a common cold picornavirus human rhinovirus 14

Johnston A.V., 1986: Use of monoclonal antibodies to identify outer membrane antigens of actinobacillus species

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880068

Palmer D.A., 1988: Use of monoclonal antibodies to identify the distribution of a and m epitopes on smooth brucella species

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880070

Trotter K.J., 1987: Use of monoclonal antibodies to monitor the dissemination of xanthomonas campestris pathovar campestris

Beachey E.H., 1987: Use of monoclonal antibodies to probe subunit and polymer specific epitopes of 987p fimbriae of escherichia coli

Hancock R.E.W., 1987: Use of monoclonal antibodies to protein f of pseudomonas aeruginosa as opsonins for phagocytosis by macrophages

Svyatukhina N.V., 1988: Use of monoclonal antibodies to purify escherichia coli rnase

Hussain, R.; Poindexter, R. W.; Wistar, R.; Reimer, C. B., 1986: Use of monoclonal antibodies to quantify subclasses of human immunoglobulin g i. development of two site immunoenzymometric assays for total immunoglobulin g subclass determinations

Hussain, R.; Poindexter, R. W.; Ottesen, E. A.; Reimer, C. B., 1986: Use of monoclonal antibodies to quantify subclasses of human immunoglobulin g ii. enzyme immunoassay to define antigen specific anti filarial immunoglobulin g subclass antibodies

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880077

Galfre G., 1986: Use of monoclonal antibodies to separate the enantiomers of abscisic acid

Katz D., 1985: Use of monoclonal antibodies to sialylated lewis x and sialylated lewis a for serological tests of cancer

Mason D.Y., 1988: Use of monoclonal antibody against human neutrophil elastase in normal and leukemic myeloid cells

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880082

Brooks T.E., 1988: Use of monoclonal antibody hmb 45 in the cytologic diagnosis of melanoma

Anderson J., 1984: Use of monoclonal antibody in a blocking elisa enzyme linked immunosorbent assay to detect group specific antibodies to bluetongue virus

Levin W., 1984: Use of monoclonal antibody probes against rat hepatic cytochromes p 450 c and p 450 d to detect immunochemically related isozymes in liver microsomes from different species

Williams K.L., 1985: Use of monoclonal antibody recognizing a cell surface determinant to distinguish prestalk and prespore cells of dictyostelium discoideum slugs

Massalski P.R., 1987: Use of monoclonal antibody to potato leafroll virus for detecting groundnut rosette assistor virus by elisa

Stux, S.; Hammond, P.; Fitzpatrick, D.; Dubey, D.; Yunis, E., 1980: Use of monocytes in hla a hla b hla c and hla dr typings

Hafner F., 1985: Use of monod kinetics on multi stage bioreactors

Fallon R.D., 1987: Use of monodispersed fluorescently labeled bacteria to estimate in situ protozoan bacterivory

Grossmann W., 1980: Use of monomeric traits in diagnosis of twins

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880092

Starosel'tseva L.K., 1984: Use of monopeak insulin drugs in patients with type i diabetes mellitus

Emanuel R., 1986: Use of monophasic action potential recordings during routine coronary artery bypass surgery as an index of localized myocardial ischemia

Voronko L.N., 1980: Use of monosomic lines of soft wheat in crosses with triticale

Wright S., 1986: Use of monosomics to map cloned dna fragments in maize zea mays

Kosyakov P.N., 1986: Use of monospecific antibodies for the identification of the composition of antigenic determinants in influenza h 3n 2 virus hemagglutinins isolated in 1979 1983

Fuchs E., 1988: Use of monospecific antisera and complementary rna probes to localize the major changes in keratin expression during normal and abnormal epidermal differentiation

Thomasset N., 1986: Use of monotetrazolium colorimetric assay to measure cell activation

Hill T.L., 1983: Use of monte carlo calculations in the study of micro tubule subunit kinetics

Bitton, G.; Henis, Y., 1971: Use of montmorillonite for the demonstration of capsules of klebsiella aerogenes and corynebacterium sp

Wells J.G., 1980: Use of moore swabs for isolating vibrio cholerae from sewage

Et Al, 1984: Use of moore swabs for isolation of salmonella typhi from irrigation water in santiago chile

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880104

Mcgee, M. G.; Woods, D. J., 1978: Use of moos ward atmosphere scale in a residential setting for mentally retarded adolescents

Abouzamzam M.A., 1983: Use of more than 1 chelating agent simultaneously for different micro nutrients in hydroponic nutrient cultures

Fischman O., 1979: Use of morpho physiological characteristics for differentiation of the species of prototheca

Garms, R., 1978: Use of morphological characters in the study of simulium damnosum populations in west africa

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880109

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880110

Stevens, M. W.; Crowley, K. S.; Fazzalari, N. L.; Woods, A. E., 1988: Use of morphometry in cytological preparations for diagnosing follicular non hodgkin's lymphomas

Stefanov S.B., 1979: Use of morphometry in the study of botanical objects

Galimova L.M., 1983: Use of morphometry to evaluate the taxonomic position of the genera amanita and amanitopsis in the family amanitaceae

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880114

Davies P.D.O., 1988: Use of mortality rates and hospital activity analysis as performance indicators of consultant staffing in thoracic medicine in wales uk

Whitton B.A., 1987: Use of moss bags for monitoring heavy metals in rivers

Elliott N.C., 1985: Use of moths caught in light traps for predicting outbreaks of the spruce budworm choristoneura fumiferana lepidoptera tortricidae in maine usa

Fister T., 1988: Use of motilium in the perioperative period from the aspect of the anesthesiologist

Natelson B.H., 1986: Use of motor performance tests to differentiate aging effects from disease effects

Callahan C.J., 1986: Use of mount detectors plus chalk as an estrus detection aid for dairy cattle

Collins M.J.Jr, 1981: Use of mouse hepatitis virus antigen in an enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay for rat coronaviruses

Leont'eva G.F., 1987: Use of mouse splenocytes as targets in the analysis of cell cytotoxicity in experimental influenza infection

Robins J.M., 1987: Use of mr imaging in an outpatient mr center

Haller D., 1987: Use of mri in neuroradiology

Roques B.P., 1987: Use of mu and delta opioid peptides of various selectivity gives further evidence of specific involvement of mu opioid receptors in supraspinal analgesia tail flick test

Robert Baudouy J., 1987: Use of mu lac insertions to study the secretion of pectate lyases by erwinia chrysanthemi

Maclaren D.M., 1986: Use of mucin and hemoglobin in experimental murine gram negative bacteremia enhances the immunoprotective action of antibodies reactive with the lipopolysaccharide core region

Desaga J.F., 1987: Use of mucolytic agents and guaran hepart hp 7000 for the detection of mucosal villi in double contrast barium studies of the small intestine

Lee, W. S., 1976: Use of mueller hinton agar as amylase testing medium

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880131

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880132

Chavance, M.; Samson-Dollfus, D., 1977: Use of multi dimensional statistical methods for automatic recognition of anomalies in baseline electro encephalogram recording

Meshcheryakov A.B., 1979: Use of multi element silicon detectors for dosimetry with biomedical purposes

Sorokina M.V., 1980: Use of multi factor mathematical modeling for studies of geographical pathology of malignant tumors in humans

Gamliel H., 1981: Use of multi parameter studies and scanning electron microscopy in the interpretation and attempted correlation of surface morphology with cell type in 135 cases of human leukemias

Sterkowicz S., 1981: Use of multi point chest leads electro cardiographic mapping in the diagnosis of myo cardial infarction

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880138

Zimmerman J.R., 1980: Use of multi variant procedures in studies of species problems in the colymbetes sculptilis group of north american colymbetes coleoptera dytiscidae

Peach H., 1983: Use of multi variate measures of disability in health surveys

Gorbadei Yu I., 1979: Use of multi variate spectral analysis for estimation of electro encephalogram changes

Andronikov V.L., 1979: Use of multi zonal satellite photographs for studying soil cover

Fulton J., 1988: Use of multiattribute utility theory for designing invertebrate fisheries sampling programs

Sulima Yu G., 1986: Use of multimarking of the whole chromosome set in breeding and genetic studies of barley

Hand R.E.Jr, 1986: Use of multiparameter analysis to quantitate hematological damage from exposure to a chemical ethylene oxide

Tay J.S.H., 1981: Use of multiple choice questions in medical examination an evaluation of scoring and analysis of results

Rebach S., 1981: Use of multiple cues in short range migrations of crustacea

Petersen, C. R.; Hart, D. H., 1978: Use of multiple discriminant function analysis in evaluation of a statewide system for identification of educationally handicapped children

Hupp S.C., 1986: Use of multiple exemplars in object concept training how many are sufficient?

Cleland W.W., 1982: Use of multiple isotope effects to determine enzyme mechanisms and intrinsic isotope effects malic enzyme and glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase

Rendina, A. R.; Hermes, J. D.; Cleland, W. W., 1984: Use of multiple isotope effects to study the mechanism of 6 phosphogluconate dehydrogenase ec

Kaprio J., 1980: Use of multiple logistic analysis in twin zygosity diagnosis

Prabhakar R., 1987: Use of multiple media for the cultivation of mycobacteria from specimens other than sputum

Vallee R.B., 1985: Use of multiple monoclonal antibodies to characterize the major microtubule associated protein in sea urchin eggs

Schneider M.N., 1986: Use of multiple radioligands to characterize adenosine receptors in human placenta

Olson G.W., 1986: Use of multiple regression analysis to estimate average corn yields using selected soils and climatic data

Trommer, R., 1977: Use of multiple stage sampling procedures with unit samples of unequal size for guarding against plant pests in the agricultural plant production of east germany

Vallera D.A., 1985: Use of multiple t cell directed intact ricin immunotoxins for autologous bone marrow transplantation

Walsh P.C., 1984: Use of multiple variables to predict response to endocrine therapy in carcinoma of the prostate a preliminary report

Gryaznova T.P., 1987: Use of multipurpose air laboratories for the development of long term physico geographical forecasts and for the assessment of their reliability

Yandell B.S., 1988: Use of multivariate discriminant analysis of male wing morphometrics to delineate a hybrid zone for papilio glaucus glaucus and papilio glaucus canadensis in wisconsin usa

Martynova S.P., 1986: Use of multivariate statistics to select parent couples an experimental verification in spring wheat

Hagvar E.B., 1980: Use of mummies of ephedrus cerasicola to control myzus persicae in small glasshouses

Reidy, J. J.; Hutson, R. L.; Daniel, H.; Springer, K., 1978: Use of muonic x rays for nondestructive analysis of bulk samples for low atomic number constituents

Meyers J.D., 1988: Use of murine monoclonal antibodies for laboratory diagnosis of varicella zoster virus infection

Jones C., 1983: Use of murine myeloma protein m 467 for detecting salmonella spp in milk

Kalyanaraman V.R., 1988: Use of murine neuroblastoma culture in rapid diagnosis of rabies

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880169

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880170

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880171

Krishchyunaite R.I., 1983: Use of muscular relaxation in a system of primary prevention of ischemic heart disease

Reading C.J., 1982: Use of mussel mytilus edulis beds by oystercatchers haematopus ostralegus according to age and population size

Mishra N.P., 1980: Use of mussoorie rock phosphate mixed with super phosphate or low grade pyrites as alternative phosphorus source for wheat triticum aestivum on neutral soils

Cornu A., 1985: Use of mutagenesis for improvement of early silking maize zea mays

Dryagina, I. V.; Fomenko, N. N., 1978: Use of mutagenic factors in obtaining vegetatively reproduced plants

Legchilina, S. P., 1969: Use of mutagenic factors in the selection of micrococcus glutamicus the producer of l lysine di ethyl sulfate mutagen n nitrosoethyl urea mutagen uv rays mutagen gamma rays mutagen

Bell, A. A.; Puhalla, J. E.; Tolmsoff, W. J.; Stipanovic, R. D., 1976: Use of mutants to establish dextro scytalone as an intermediate in melanin biosynthesis by verticillium dahliae

Shishiyama J., 1988: Use of mutants to indicate factors prerequisite for penetration of colletotrichum lagenarium by appressoria

Namestnikova V.P., 1981: Use of mycelial hydrolysates of a citric acid producer in cultivating the fungus entomophthora thaxteriana

Logan A.F., 1986: Use of myrtle beech nothofagus cunninghamii as a pulpwood resource

Jain J.C., 1985: Use of n 2 bromoacetyl l ornithine to study l ornithine and l arginine biosynthesis in soybean glycine max cultivar mandarin cell cultures

Klasen E.C., 1982: Use of n 7 di methylamino 4 methylcoumarinyl maleinimide for the detection of cysteine containing peptides in peptide maps

Treloar F.E., 1979: Use of n 9 anthroyloxy fatty acids to determine fluidity and polarity gradients in phospho lipid bi layers

Madiyalakan, R.; Yazawa, S.; Abbas, S. A.; Barlow, J. J.; Matta, K. L., 1986: Use of n acetyl 2' o methyllactosamine as a specific acceptor for the determination of alpha l 1 3 fucosyltransferase in human serum

Webb H.E., 1986: Use of n acetylethylenimine for the inactivation of semliki forest virus in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880187

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880188

Reay P., 1982: Use of n bromo succinimide for the iodination of proteins for radio immunoassay

Astashkina L.N., 1983: Use of n carboalkoxy 2 alkoxy 1 2 di hydro quinolines as condensing agents in the synthesis of intermediate fragments 1 4 of the acth sequence

Kashirin I.A., 1983: Use of n carboethoxy 2 ethoxy 1 2 di hydro quinoline as a condensing agent during synthesis of fragment 20 24 of the acth sequence

Lischwe, M. A.; Sung, M. T., 1977: Use of n chloro succinimide urea for the selective cleavage of tryptophanyl peptide bonds in proteins cytochrome c

Ruggieri M.R., 1981: Use of n ethyl maleimide to prevent interference by sulfhydryl reagents with the glucose oxidase assay for glucose

Rasmussen J.R., 1987: Use of n glycanase to release asparagine linked oligosaccharides for structural analysis

Djerassi C., 1979: Use of n lithio ethylenediamine in the double bond isomerization and degradation of sterol side chains

Chromy, V.; Zahradnicek, L.; Voznicek, J., 1981: Use of n methyl d glucamine as buffer in the determination of serum alkaline phosphatase ec activity

Chakhmakhcheva O.G., 1983: Use of n methyl imidazolide phospho tri ester method for the synthesis of oligo nucleotides useful in recombinant dna studies/

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880198

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880199

Laletina, Z. P.; Purygin, P. P.; Danilov, L. L.; Shibaev, V. N., 1985: Use of n n' carbonyl bis benzotriazole and n methylimidazole in the synthesis of nucleoside and polyprenyl pyrophosphate sugars

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880201

Saito S., 1984: Use of n octyl beta d thioglucoside a new nonionic detergent for solubilization and reconstitution of membrane proteins

Hahn G.M., 1985: Use of n sigma dansyl l lysine and flow cytometry to identify heat killed mammalian cells

Murphy R.W., 1980: Use of nad dependent glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase in enzyme staining procedures

Suryadnova, B. A.; Gol'dberg, G. A.; Naras, V. P.; Ol'shanskii, G. S., 1976: Use of nad in eliminating and preventing arrhythmias caused by digitalis drugs

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880207

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880208

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880209

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880210

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880212

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880213

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880214

Staninets V.I., 1980: Use of naphthyl imido acetic acid in rats with experimental diabetes

Moe, D.; Kirkeby, S., 1983: Use of naphthyl sulfate and naphthol sulfate for aryl sulfatase ec assays

Bernshtein M.I., 1979: Use of narcotic analgesics for post operative analgesia in oncological patients

Dixon R., 1988: Use of narcotic antagonists to modify stereotypic self licking self chewing and scratching behavior in dogs

Lai P H., 1986: Use of narrow bore high performance liquid chromatography for microanalysis of protein structure

Speidel, B. D.; Dunn, P. M., 1976: Use of nasal continuous positive airway pressure to treat severe recurrent apnea in very preterm infants

Stergachis A., 1988: Use of nasal preparations and the incidence of sinonasal cancer

Crowe D.T.Jr, 1986: Use of nasogastric tube for gastric and esophageal decompression in the dog and cat

Forsythe G.B., 1983: Use of national board test questions to evaluate student performance in obstetrics and gynecology

Powell A.M., 1979: Use of native fluorescence measurements and stopped flow scanning technique in the high performance liquid chromatographic analysis of catecholamines and related compounds

Vinokurova N.A., 1979: Use of natulan in different histological variants of lympho granulomatosis

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880226

Protsko, R. F.; Varshavs'ka, V. B., 1977: Use of natural and synthetic growth inhibitors for retardation of growth activity in sugar beet buds

Koyama T., 1987: Use of natural carbon 13 abundances as a tracer in domestic animals the effects of natural carbon 13 abundances of the diet on natural carbon 13 abundances of feces blood and milk in dairy cattle

Fuller, G.; Kuhnle, J. A.; Corse, J. W.; Mackey, B. E., 1977: Use of natural cyto kinins to extend the storage life of broccoli brassica oleracea italica group

Vol'vach, P. V., 1975: Use of natural infection in breeding and cultivar studies of fruit crops

Fetter, C. W-Jr ; Sloey, W. E.; Spangler, F. L., 1978: Use of natural marsh for waste water polishing

Stakhanova V.M., 1986: Use of natural sorbents for the isolation of enteroviruses and hepatitis a virus from water bodies

Bricout, J.; Le-Bourhis, B.; Koziet, J., 1975: Use of naturally carbon 13 enriched ethanol for metabolic studies

Rick C.M., 1982: Use of naturally occurring enzyme variation to detect and map genes controlling quantitative traits in an interspecific backcross of tomato lycopersicon esculentum

Clamot G., 1982: Use of near ir reflectance spectroscopy and dye binding techniques for estimating protein in oat groats

Ranck E.M., 1987: Use of near ir reflectance spectroscopy in forage testing

Schaalje G.B., 1988: Use of near ir reflectance spectroscopy to screen soybean lines for plant nitrogen

Wells H.D., 1981: Use of near isogenic host populations to estimate the effect of 3 foliage diseases on pearl millet pennisetum americanum forage yield

Hall J.D., 1983: Use of nearshore and estuarine areas of the southeastern bering sea by gray whales eschrichtius robustus

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880241

Reddy S., 1980: Use of needle crimping to seal limbal punctures technical note

Wasnik H.M., 1980: Use of neem cake coated urea on the economy of nitrogen in wheat variety kalyansona

Wilcox, J. C.; Sly, W. K., 1976: Use of negative values of potential evapo transpiration in estimation of annual irrigation requirements

Wilson S., 1988: Use of neo b16f1 murine melanoma cells to assess clonality of experimental metastases in the immune deficient chick embryo

Devdariani Ts G., 1979: Use of neoaplectana carpocapsae agriotos to control flies

Keith R.W., 1986: Use of neodymium yag laser in middle ear surgery a preliminary report

Freyler H., 1985: Use of neodymium yag laser in ophthalmology

Joffe S.N., 1985: Use of neodymium yag laser in pancreatic resections with duodenal preservation in the dog

Modena G., 1987: Use of neodymium yag laser in the treatment of pupil block in pseudophakic eyes

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880251

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880252

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880253

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880254

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880255

Wilhm J., 1984: Use of nephelometric turbidity to calculate carlsons trophic state index in keystone lake oklahoma usa

Dubowitz V., 1983: Use of nerve conduction velocity to determine gestational age in infants at risk and in very low birth weight infants

Berger R.E., 1984: Use of nerve stimulator for simple and accurate obturator nerve block before trans urethral resection

Hahn, H.; Bockemuehl, J.; Doell, W., 1976: Use of nesslers reagent for recognition of lysine ornithine and arginine decomposition by gram negative fermentative bacteria

Menkhorst P.W., 1984: Use of nest boxes by forest vertebrates in gippsland victoria australia acceptance preference and demand

Wardell Johnson G., 1986: Use of nest boxes by mardos antechinus flavipes leucogaster in regenerating karri forest in southwestern australia

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880263

Vladimtseva I.V., 1985: Use of neuraminidase for improving the properties of erythrocyte ganglioside diagnostics

Grandjean, H.; Bertrand, J. C.; Grandjean, B.; Reme, J. M.; Degoy, J.; Pontonnier, G., 1977: Use of neuroleptic analgesia during labor

Richman A.M., 1986: Use of neurospora spore killer strains to obtain centromere linkage data without dissecting asci

Klykov V.N., 1981: Use of neutral lipids as stimulators of natural nonspecific immunity

El Kholi A.F., 1981: Use of neutron moisture meter for measuring the soil moisture characteristics in sandy soils in egypt

Lefebvre, B.; Audebert, R.; Quivoron, C., 1978: Use of new chiral hydrophilic gels for the direct resolution of alpha amino acids by high pressure liquid chromatography

Kazhlaev O.M., 1985: Use of new diagnostic tests in phoniatric practice

Tararina V.V., 1987: Use of new indices for the morphophysiological characterization of spring wheat cultivars bred in various years

Kench R., 1985: Use of new information technology by food and chemical companies

Fuks B.B., 1983: Use of new interferonogen and leukocyte interferon in essential potentiation of leukemia immunocyto therapy efficacy in mice

Winckler C., 1981: Use of new method of internal jugular vein catheterization modified by use of catheter around the needle

Klebenow D.A., 1987: Use of new rangeland seedings by black tailed jackrabbits

Miyazaki, H.; Ishibashi, M.; Yamashita, K.; Katori, M., 1978: Use of new silyating agents for separation and identification of prostaglandins by gas chromatography and gas chromatography mass spectrometry

Miyazaki, H.; Ishibashi, M.; Itoh, M.; Nambara, T., 1975: Use of new silylating agents for identification of hydroxylated steroids by gas chromatography electron impact mass spectrometry

Katunuma, N.; Towatari, T.; Tamai, M.; Hanada, K., 1983: Use of new synthetic substrates for assays of cathepsin l ec and cathepsin b ec

Gipp, E. K.; Tabunshchikov, V. V.; Vakhrushev, V. I.; Nachinkin, O. I.; Rubak, I. G., 1976: Use of new type of membrane filters in isolating salmonella from water of surface reservoirs

Weiner L.B., 1981: Use of new york city medium for improved recovery of neisseria gonorrhoeae from clinical specimens

Kempson R., 1984: Use of newly established human cell line su ccs 1 to demonstrate the relationship of clear cell sarcoma to malignant melanoma

Arshad M., 1988: Use of nickel phosphate membrane as an ion sensor with special reference to phosphate ion

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880284

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880285

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880286

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880287

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880288

Greenspan P., 1987: Use of nile red for the rapid in situ quantitation of lipids on thin layer chromatograms

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880290

Nemes J.M., 1984: Use of nipple stimulation to obtain contraction stress test

Cassoly, R., 1978: Use of nitric oxide as a probe for assessing the formation of asymmetrical hemo globin hybrids an attempted comparison between 3 different hybrids

Ashworth J., 1982: Use of nitrification inhibitors to improve recovery of mineralized nitrogen by winter wheat

Kapusta G., 1984: Use of nitrification inhibitors with urea and urea ammonium nitrate solution in wheat triticum aestivum production

Torssell K.B.G., 1988: Use of nitrile oxides in synthesis a novel synthesis of chalcones flavanones flavones and isoflavones

Sugimura T., 1985: Use of nitrite and hypochlorite treatments in determination of the contributions of imidazoquinoline type and non imidazoquinoline type heterocyclic amines to the mutagenicities in crude pyrolyzed materials

Bogachuk, G. P.; Palii, M. A., 1978: Use of nitro cellulose lacquers during preparation of wet macroscopic preparations

Broun D.K., 1981: Use of nitro glycerin during the acute period of myo cardial infarction

Chandraratna, P. A. N.; Langevin, E.; O'dell, R.; Rubenstein, C.; Pedro, S. S., 1978: Use of nitro glycerin ointment in congestive heart failure results of acute and chronic therapy

Puncochar P., 1987: Use of nitrocellulose synpor filters for counting soil bacteria by epifluorescence microscopy

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880302

Hermes, J. D.; Weiss, P. M.; Cleland, W. W., 1985: Use of nitrogen 15 and deuterium isotope effects to determine the chemical mechanism of phenylalanine ammonia lyase ec

Fissekis J.D., 1979: Use of nitrogen 15 carbon 13 coupling constants for the measurement of uracil mono anion tautomerism

Gadal P., 1980: Use of nitrogen 15 in the study of nitrogen metabolism of higher plants updated bibliographic review

Sinha, M. N.; Rai, R. K., 1975: Use of nitrogen 15 in wheat fertilization studies under field conditions

Azam F., 1987: Use of nitrogen 15 isotope dilution for quantification of nitrogen fixation associated with roots of kallar grass leptochloa fusca l

Corman A., 1985: Use of nitrogen 15 natural abundance method for the study of symbiotic fixation of field grown soybeans influence of fixation and assimilation and effect of water conditions on these two functions

Bardin R., 1981: Use of nitrogen 15 to estimate di nitrogen fixation and distribution in legumes

Malofeeva, I. V.; Laush, D., 1976: Use of nitrogen compounds by phototrophic bacteria

O'farrell D.D., 1987: Use of nitrogen dioxide after steeping to inhibit formation of nitrosamines in malt

Petrov Spiridonov A.A., 1987: Use of nitrogen fertilizers to accelerate spruce regrowth in felling areas

Grenet, E.; Demarquilly, C., 1978: Use of nitrogen from fresh fodder by growing sheep influence of plant growth stage fodder species nitrogenous fertilization and barley supplementation

Muraoka T.T., 1987: Use of nitrogen isotopes and a light textured soil to assess annual contributions of nitrogen from soil and storage pools in mature almond trees

Fujita, H.; Komatsu, M.; Nakajima, T., 1978: Use of nitrogen mustard n oxide for the fixation of electron microscopic tissues

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880317

Jeffers D.L., 1984: Use of nitrogen stress to demonstrate the effect of yield limiting factors on the yield response of soybean glycine max to narrow row systems

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880319

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880320

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880321

Koroleva L.A., 1984: Use of nitrosomethylurea in the treatment of patients with disseminated skin melanoma

Reilly C.A.Jr, 1981: Use of nitrous acid dependent decrease in mutagenicity as an indication of the presence of mutagenic primary aromatic amines nonspecific reactions with phenols and benzo a pyrene

Turbitt M.L., 1984: Use of nk 1 c 3 mono clonal antibody in the assessment of benign and malignant melanocytic lesions

Masoro E.J., 1986: Use of nmr for measurement of total body water and estimation of body fat

Kwakye J.K., 1985: Use of nmr for quantitative analysis of pharmaceuticals

Hardy, P. M.; Samworth, D. J., 1977: Use of nn iso propylidene di peptides in peptide synthesis

Mattheus A., 1981: Use of no protein blood extract for infertility and sterility

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880329

Andosov V.V., 1981: Use of nomograms in spectrophotometric analysis of 2 component mixtures

Morgan J.B., 1986: Use of non absorbable markers in studies of human nutrient absorption

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880332

Robinson J., 1985: Use of non carbonated soft drinks to provide safe drinking water

Hussey M.A., 1987: Use of non destructive techniques to estimate herbage mass in bermudagrass cynodon spp

Desjardins R.E., 1985: Use of non human plasma for in vitro cultivation and antimalarial drug susceptibility testing of plasmodium falciparum

Schumann E., 1982: Use of non therapy specific computer systems for irradiation planning

Keszthelyi L., 1982: Use of nonabsorbable fascial sutures in urological surgery

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880338

Fernandez M.N., 1984: Use of nonabsorbable oral antibiotics in simple reverse isolation for prophylaxis of infections in bone marrow transplantation

Shmar'yan M.I., 1979: Use of nonachlazine solution to curb angina pectoris attacks

Litwak R.S., 1982: Use of nonblood priming for open heart surgery in dogs

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880342

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880343

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880344

Erlich H.A., 1986: Use of nonisotopic m13 probes for genetic analysis application to hla class ii loci

Frank J., 1985: Use of nonlinear mapping in multivariate image analysis of molecule projections

Ezhov V.V., 1981: Use of nonlinear projection of an n dimensional space to a 2 dimensional one for classification of biologically active substances

Savilov, E. D.; Astaf'ev, V. A., 1987: Use of nonparametric statistical criteria in epidemiological investigations

Synder P., 1983: Use of nonprescribed treatments by hemo dialysis patients

Moermans R.J., 1980: Use of nonprotein nitrogen and nitrogen requirements of the hen

Liberman, M. Y.; Streeter, L. A., 1978: Use of nonsense syllable mimicry in the study of prosodic phenomena

Potkin-Posadskii, V. A., 1975: Use of nonsolidifying solutions of gelatin as a diluent for hem agglutinating sera containing incomplete antibodies

Corrigan E., 1983: Use of nonsustained ventricular tachy cardia as a guide to anti arrhythmic drug therapy in patients with malignant ventricular arrhythmia

Whittaker Bleuler S.A., 1982: Use of nonverbal behavior in detecting winning and losing in tennis

Bliss L.S., 1983: Use of nonverbal pragmatic behaviors by language impaired and normal speaking children

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880356

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880357

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880358

Gray J.J., 1983: Use of normal immuno globulin in an echovirus 11 outbreak in a special care baby unit

Hashida, S.; Ishikawa, E., 1985: Use of normal immunoglobulin g and its fragments to lower the non specific binding of fab' enzyme conjugates in sandwich enzyme immunoassay

Shidakov R.S., 1985: Use of north american red apple cultivars in breeding for winter hardiness

Larson, G. W.; Petersen, B.; Jacquot, W. S., 1976: Use of northwestern university test no 6 for speech discrimination testing with children

Hecht B.K., 1985: Use of novel chemical supplements in the establishment of 3 human malignant lymphoma cell lines nu dhl 1 nu dul 1 and nu amb 1 with chromosome 14 translocations

Prescott J., 1988: Use of novel objects to enhance environments of captive chimpanzees

Lefer A.M., 1988: Use of novel peptide leukotriene receptor antagonist ly 163443 in splanchnic artery occlusion shock

Schur P.H., 1983: Use of nuclear antigen coated red cells in hemolytic plaque assays

Radford I.R., 1987: Use of nuclear monolayers to identify factors influencing dna double strand breakage by x rays

Martienssen R.A., 1987: Use of nuclear mutants in the analysis of chloroplast development

Karpeiskii, M. Ya ; Mamaeva, O. K.; Mikhailov, S. N.; Padyukova, N. Sh ; Yakovlev, G. I.; Smrt, I., 1983: Use of nucleases for synthesis of 2' 5' oligo adenylates and related compounds

Steinman, C. R., 1975: Use of nucleic acid hybridization for specific detection of submicrogram quantities of dna and its application to human plasma

Baronio, P.; Faccioli, G.; Antropoli, A., 1987: Use of nucleopolyhedrosis virus in the control of neodiprion sertifer geoffr. hymenoptera diprionidae a comparison of two formulations

Namir-Kh-Sh ; Aseeva, I. V., 1976: Use of nucleotides as the only phosphorus source by soil mycobacteria

Hobbie, J. E.; Daley, R. J.; Jasper, S., 1977: Use of nuclepore filters for counting bacteria by fluorescence microscopy

Shoemaker R., 1986: Use of nude mouse xenografts as preclinical drug screens further studies on in vitro growth of xenograft tumor colony forming cells

Howell S., 1987: Use of nude mouse xenografts as preclinical drug screens in vivo activity of established chemotherapeutic agents against melanoma and ovarian carcinoma xenografts

Reid S., 1987: Use of nude mouse xenografts as preclinical screens characterization of xenograft derived melanoma cell lines

Kravchenko, M. L., 1975: Use of nullisomes in selection of soft winter wheat

Smirnova, S. A.; Kaden, N. N., 1977: Use of numerical polytomic key for determination of genera of ussr weed boraginaceae by fruit

Lovitt R., 1980: Use of numerical profiles for studying bacterial diversity

Bagiryan S.Sh, 1981: Use of numerical taxonomy methods for division of 2 sympatric groups of char from lake azabachye russian sfsr ussr

Erofeeva Zh I., 1980: Use of nursery pond cladoceran cultures for additional purification of fishery sewage

Panferova N.E., 1981: Use of nutrients from unused plant parts in food products

Brink E.W., 1987: Use of nutrition surveys for family planning program evaluation the case of the arab republic of egypt nutrition status

Kamio T., 1986: Use of nystagmus observation in the localization of lesions causing vertigo and or dysequilibrium

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880385

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880386

Martin R.A.Jr, 1980: Use of o phthalaldehyde derivatives and high pressure liquid chromatography in determining the free amino acids in cocoa beans

Lindeberg, E. G. G., 1976: Use of o phthalaldehyde for detection of amino acids and peptides on thin layer chromatograms

Margolies M.N., 1984: Use of o phthalaldehyde to reduce background during automated edman degradation

Mulholland, J. G.; Coombe, J. B.; Dann, P. R., 1976: Use of oat lupine and field pea stubbles by grazing sheep

Dale D.C., 1986: Use of objective examinations in medicine clerkships ten year experience

Reid D.J., 1982: Use of objective measurement in the validation of self reported smoking in children aged 10 and 11 years saliva thio cyanate

Rosenstock L., 1988: Use of oblique chest roentgenograms in detecting pleural disease in asbestos exposed workers

Yanovskii A.D., 1980: Use of obsidan in the acute period of myo cardial infarction

Mainini L., 1982: Use of obstetric chairs in the department of obstetrics and gynecology of parma italy

Miles B., 1986: Use of occlusion balloon catheter in percutaneous renal stone extraction

Ward J.V., 1988: Use of occupied glossosoma verdona trichoptera glossosomatidae cases by early instars of baetis spp ephemeroptera baetidae in a rocky mountain stream

Strandberg, M. W. P., 1977: Use of octave filters in the measurement of random noise spectral density

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880399

Ryman N., 1981: Use of odds of paternity computations in determining the reliability of single exclusions in paternity testing

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880401

Politowski, K., 1978: Use of oil and liquid nitrogen for quantitative work with helminthosporium maydis race t

Hartnett, D. I.; Thalheimer, W. G., 1979: Use of oil in baked products 1. background and bread

Hartnett, D. I.; Thalheimer, W. G., 1979: Use of oil in baked products 2. sweet goods and cakes

Konno T., 1984: Use of oily contrast medium for selective drug targeting to tumor enhanced therapeutic effect and x ray image

Baffico M., 1985: Use of okt 3 and anti tac monoclonal antibodies for the quantitative assay of interleukin 2

Kabelitz, D.; Janssen, O.; Brucker, C., 1988: Use of okt3 hybridoma cells to clonally activate cd3 positive human t lymphocytes

O'connell J.B., 1988: Use of okt3 monoclonal antibody in heart transplantation review of the initial experience

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880409

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880410

Singer R.H., 1987: Use of oligodeoxynucleotide probes for quantitative in situ hybridization to actin messenger rna

Pegg A.E., 1988: Use of oligodeoxynucleotides containing o 6 alkylguanine for the assay of o 6 alkylguanine dna alkyltransferase activity

Hackney C.T., 1984: Use of oligohaline marshes by fishes and macrofaunal crustaceans in north carolina usa

Kazazian H.H.Jr, 1986: Use of oligonucleotide hybridization in the characterization of a beta o thalassemia gene beta 37 tgg tga in a saudi arabian family

Brousseau R., 1987: Use of oligonucleotide probes to study the relatedness of delta endotoxin genes among bacillus thuringiensis subspecies and strains

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880416

Jakubowski, H., 1977: Use of omega aminohexyl sepharose in the fractionation of escherichia coli b aminoacyl transfer rna synthetases

Mason R.A., 1979: Use of omental pedicle graft to protect low anterior colonic anastomosis

Kellenberger E., 1987: Use of on section immunolabeling and cryosubstitution for studies of bacterial dna distribution

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880420

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880421

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880422

Bekrenev I.P., 1981: Use of operational microscope in dermatology

Samuilo, O. I.; Deeva, E. M.; Karpova, Z. F.; Kozlova, N. A., 1977: Use of operative information on sanitary violations of the environment

Bergan J.J., 1983: Use of operative pre bypass arteriography and doppler ultrasound recordings to select patients for extended femoro distal bypass

Newsome, G. E., 1977: Use of opercular bones to identify and estimate lengths of prey consumed by piscivores

Aguilar J., 1983: Use of operon fusions to examine the regulation of the l 1 2 propanediol oxido reductase gene of the fucose system in escherichia coli k 12

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880428

Chuang, C. K.; Wang, W. S. Y.; Chuang, C. K.; Wang, W. S. Y., 1978: Use of optical distance sensing to track tongue motion

Aref'ev, I. M.; Es'kov, A. P.; Korn, M. Ya ; Chibisova, V. A., 1978: Use of optical mixing spectroscopy technique for detection of the precipitation reaction

Avioli L.V., 1983: Use of oral calcium loading to characterize the hyper calciuria of young insulin dependent diabetics

Schindler C., 1987: Use of oral contraceptives and risk of invasive cervical cancer in previously screened women

Naftolin F., 1986: Use of oral contraceptives by women with epilepsy

Petitti, D. B.; Wingerd, J., 1978: Use of oral contraceptives cigarette smoking and risk of subarachnoid hemorrhage

Lund E., 1984: Use of oral contraceptives in norway in relation to incidence of breast cancer

Hubbard V.S., 1984: Use of oral contraceptives in women with cystic fibrosis

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880438

Edwards K.D., 1988: Use of oral dmso in the treatment of secondary amyloidosis

Raeber K., 1981: Use of oral irrigators as vehicle for the application of anti microbial agents in chemical plaque control

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880441

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880442

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880443

De Bruin A.J.J., 1979: Use of oral prostaglandin e 2 in the management of intra uterine fetal death

Bolin T.D., 1980: Use of oral sodium cromoglycate in persistent diarrhea

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880446

Dewey D.W., 1986: Use of orally administered oxidized copper wire particles for copper therapy in cattle

Kirkpatrick P., 1982: Use of orcein in detecting hepatitis b antigen in paraffin sections of liver

Bezdrobnyi-Yu, V.; Hermanyuk-Ya, L., 1976: Use of orcinol reaction for simultaneous determination of rna and dna content in tissues

Krishchyan, E. M.; Asatryan, D. G., 1978: Use of ordinal properties of electro cardiogram wave amplitudes in the diagnosis of hypertrophy of the ventricular myo cardium

Austin, M. P., 1977: Use of ordination and other multi variate descriptive methods to study succession

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880452

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880453

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880454

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880456

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880457

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880458

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880459

Klement, A. A.; Fedorova, Z. D.; Volkova, S. D.; Egorova, L. V.; Shul'kina, N. M.; Shitikova, A. S.; Khrolova, P. V.; Papayan, L. P., 1978: Use of origanum infusion in dental extractions in hemophilia patients

Nikonov G.K., 1988: Use of origanum tytthanthum gontsch in medicine

Egehan I., 1986: Use of ornidazole in fractionated radiotherapy dose tolerance serum and tumor tissue concentration

Young Loveridge J.M., 1985: Use of orthographic structure and reading ability what relationship?

Hanson V.L., 1982: Use of orthographic structure by deaf adults recognition of finger spelled words

Nicolle F.V., 1986: Use of orthoplast as nasal splint

Hurzhii T.V., 1981: Use of oscillographic polarography on hard electrodes in pharmaceutical practice

Torchio, P. F., 1976: Use of osmia lignaria hymenoptera apoidea megachilidae as a pollinator in an apple and prune orchard

Nissila M., 1979: Use of osmic acid in the topical treatment of exudative synovitis of the knee joint

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880469

King T.M., 1984: Use of osmotic dilators to facilitate induced midtrimester abortion clinical evaluations

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880471

Kulesko L.I., 1981: Use of osseo equivalent mixtures to measure absorbed doses

Walter C., 1987: Use of osseointegrated implants in combination with plastic reconstructive head and neck surgery

Tommassen J., 1987: Use of outer membrane protein pho e as a carrier for the transport of a foreign antigenic determinant to the cell surface of escherichia coli k 12

Swanson D.A., 1985: Use of outpatient treatment during civil commitment law and practice in nebraska usa

Klepikov P.V., 1980: Use of over doses of cortico steroids in the nephrological clinic

Loman J., 1986: Use of overlap indices as competition coefficients tests with field data

Dennis, N. R.; Carter, C. O., 1978: Use of overlapping normal distributions in genetic counseling

Cornet, M.; Dieng, P. L.; Valade, M., 1978: Use of ovi traps for surveys on yellow fever sylvatic vectors

Oakley, J. N.; Uncles, J. J., 1977: Use of oviposition trays to estimate numbers of wheat bulb fly leptohylemyia coarctata eggs

Mihaly J., 1987: Use of ovurelin injection in the treatment of reproductive failures of ovarian origin in cattle

Green J., 1984: Use of oxamyl for the control of the nematodes in yam dioscorea rotundata

Kovacs E., 1987: Use of oxatomide tinset in allergic diseases

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880485

Arzyayeva O.A., 1986: Use of oxidation reactions for the development of a method of quantitative determination of some aminophenol derivatives

Lanks K.W., 1987: Use of oxidizing dyes in combination with 2 cyanocinnamic acid to enhance hyperthermic cytotoxicity in l929 cells

Chang, S. H.; Gooding, K. M.; Regnier, F. E., 1976: Use of oxiranes in the preparation of bonded phase supports

Kaminskaya N.A., 1988: Use of oxodolin in the treatment of patients with arterial hypertension

Khamitova, N. S., 1978: Use of oxy urea in studies of the genesis of bone marrow derived lymphocytes from the bone marrow nonproliferating cells sensitive to the anti stem cell serum

Andreev Yu V., 1981: Use of oxygen as a test gas for determining respiratory duct obturation volume

Mccracken T.M., 1979: Use of oxygen for optimizing decompression

Chakhmakhcheva O.G., 1985: Use of oxygen nucleophilic catalysts for rapid synthesis of oligodeoxyribonucleotides by the phosphotriester method

Yount, D. E.; Lally, D. A., 1980: Use of oxygen to facilitate decompression

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880495

Kuehn, W.; Sontheimer, H.; Steiglitz, L.; Maier, D.; Kurz, R., 1978: Use of ozone and chlorine in water utilities in west germany

Zayas M., 1986: Use of ozone as a disinfectant agent in water contaminated by salmonella

Zischek C., 1981: Use of p 1 incompatibility group plasmids to introduce transposons into pseudomonas solanacearum

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880499

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880500

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880501

Goel B.B.P.S., 1979: Use of p auxiliary variates in probability proportional to size sampling

Mulvaney, R. L.; Bremner, J. M., 1978: Use of p benzo quinone and hydro quinone for retardation of urea hydrolysis in soils

Abdel Hamid M., 1986: Use of p chloranilic acid for the colorimetric determination of some antimalarials

Busev, A. I.; Teternikov, L. I.; Buzlanova, M. M.; Kashparova, E. D.; Rozdestvensky, L. M.; Nenning, P., 1976: Use of p di ethylaminophenyl mercuric acetate for the determination of thiol groups in biological samples

Stam L.F., 1987: Use of p element mediated transformation to identify the molecular basis of naturally occurring variants affecting adh expression in drosophila melanogaster

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880507

Lynn Johnson M.H., 1981: Use of p wave morphology for inferring pacemaker localization along the sulcus terminalis in the dog

Pelargonio, S.; Siccardi, M.; Paone, F. M.; Intonti, F., 1977: Use of pacemaker in children report of 2 cases

Park, E. Y.; Brekke, C. J.; Branen, A. L., 1978: Use of pacific hake merluccius productus in a frankfurter formulation

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880512

Schoo, W. H.; Coppes, L., 1976: Use of palatal mucosa and lyophilized dura mater to create attached gingiva

Williamson R.E., 1979: Use of pale yellow tobacco to reduce smoke poly nuclear aromatic hydro carbons

Aramendia, A.; Borau, V.; Jimenez, C.; Marinas, J. M.; Sempere, M. E., 1987: Use of palladium sepiolite systems as hydrogenation catalysts ii. hydrogenolysis of n blocked amino acids and dipeptides by hydrogen transfer

Chvets A.I., 1979: Use of palm oil on the treatment of wounds

Craighead J.E., 1983: Use of pancreatic beta cells in culture to identify diabetogenic n nitroso compounds

Geiko, N. S.; Doronina, O. D.; Nechaev, A. P.; Baikov, V. G., 1976: Use of pancreatic lipase to assay the glyceride composition of rice lipids

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880519

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880520

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880521

Ohkawa K., 1985: Use of panendomicroscopy in the detection and evaluation of cervical premalignant and malignant conditions a preliminary report

Davies R.M., 1986: Use of panoramic radiographs in general dental practice in england uk

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880524

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880525

Fradkova, T. A.; Vasil'eva, N. G., 1976: Use of paper discs in determining biological activity of mycoheptin by the agar diffusion method

Holovchenko S.V., 1987: Use of paper electrophoresis for the determination of quinine and pachycarpine in mixture and biological material

Kobakhidze M.Sh, 1981: Use of paper indicator systems in the bacteriological diagnosis of vibrio and enterobacteria

Poplavskaya E.A., 1980: Use of paper strips impregnated with antibiotics in bacteriological diagnosis of dysentery method of 2 strips

Reichenbach, A.; Reichelt, W.; Schuemann, R., 1987: Use of pappenheim's panoptic staining method on enzymatically isolated cells for demonstration of postnatal development of the rabbit retina

Moizhess, T. G., 1978: Use of parabiotic mice for studying histogenesis of polymer induced sarcomas

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880532

Evers, G. W., 1977: Use of paraquat in establishing dallis grass and bahia grass

Sinclair J.B., 1980: Use of paraquat to aid detection of fungi in soybean glycine max tissues

Malatesta P.F., 1986: Use of parasite antigen detection to monitor the success of drug therapy in dirofilaria immitis infected dogs

Kuhn R.E., 1987: Use of parasite antigens and interleukin 2 to enhance suppressed immune responses during trypanosoma cruzi infection in mice

Singh T.H., 1986: Use of parental performance for the prediction of heterosis on cotton gossypium hirsutum

Et Al, 1979: Use of partial cardio pulmonary bypass during the anhepatic phase of orthotopic liver grafting

Morrison, J. C.; Whybrew, W. D.; Bucovaz, E. T., 1978: Use of partial exchange transfusion pre operatively in patients with sickle cell hemo globinopathies

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880541

Galler, J. R.; Turkewitz, G., 1977: Use of partial mammectomy to produce mal nutrition in the rat

Panda, N.; Misra, U. K., 1970: Use of partially acidulated rock phosphate as a possible means of minimizing phosphate fixation in acid soils

Ahloowalia B.S., 1981: Use of partially male sterile perennial rye grass lolium perenne for hybrid cultivar production

Oliveira S.S.D., 1988: Use of partially purified enterotoxin to obtain antiserum for diagnosis of clostridium perfringens food poisoning

Orskov E.R., 1987: Use of particle bound microbial enzyme activity to predict the rate and extent of fiber degradation in the rumen

Field J.G., 1985: Use of particle size data to predict potential pelagic fish yields of some southern african areas

Gowe R.S., 1985: Use of particulate limestone or oyster shell in the dietary regimen of white leghorn hens

Miller N.W., 1986: Use of particulated antigen to enhance primary in vitro antibody responses to trinitrophenyl keyhole limpet hemocyanin

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880550

Shevchenko L.F., 1986: Use of passive hemagglutination to control the surface antigen of hepatitis b virus and antibodies against it

Capodaglio E., 1983: Use of passive personal sampler in industrial hygiene

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880553

Williams J., 1983: Use of pastures by brown hares lepus europaeus

Marris, G.; Hubbard, S.; Hughes, J., 1986: Use of patchy resources by nemeritis canescens hymenoptera ichneumonidae i. optimal solutions

Goncalves P.D.S., 1982: Use of path coefficient in hevea brasiliensis breeding

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880557

Reed, A. H., 1970: Use of patient data for quality control of clinical laboratory tests

White, J. D., 1978: Use of patient data in the control of urea creatinine and electrolyte estimations

Harrison W., 1987: Use of pattern analysis to identify true drug response a replication

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880561

Webb, J.; Kirk, K. A.; Niedermeier, W.; Griggs, J. H.; Turner, M. E.; James, T. N., 1976: Use of pattern recognition to classify beef cardio vascular tissues on the basis of their trace metal compositions

Rivet D., 1986: Use of pavlik harness before three months in congenital dislocation of the hip

Monet R., 1984: Use of peach embryos with cotyledons removed to test the effects of mineral nutrient media on the development of stems or roots in in vitro culture

Shinde V.P., 1979: Use of peanut arachis hypogaea protein for the growth of vibrio cholerae 3

Farnham R.S., 1987: Use of peat as a bedding material and dietary component for tom turkeys

Rock, C. A.; Brooks, J. L.; Bradeen, S. A.; Struchtemeyer, R. A., 1984: Use of peat for on site waste water treatment 1. laboratory evaluation

Brooks, J. L.; Rock, C. A.; Struchtemeyer, R. A., 1984: Use of peat for on site waste water treatment 2. field studies

Hundemann P.T., 1979: Use of peat moss columns to remove cadmium from waste waters

Thomson A.J., 1982: Use of pectinase to dissociate plant nuclei for squash preparations effect of hydration procedures

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880571

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880572

Zwierstra R.P., 1981: Use of pediatric cadaver kidneys for transplantation in adult recipients

Berg W.K., 1984: Use of peer instruction to train a complex photocopying task to moderately and severely retarded adolescents

Steffens W., 1985: Use of pelleted diets in east germany fish farming

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880576

Hill J.C., 1986: Use of penetrating keratoplasty in acute bacterial keratitis

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880578

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880579

Modi V.V., 1981: Use of penicillin and sulfa in combination and development of resistance in gram positive pathogens

Acar J.F., 1986: Use of penicillin binding proteins for the identification of enterococci

Anthony B.F., 1983: Use of penicillin gradient and replicate plates for the demonstration of tolerance to penicillin in streptococci

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880583

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880584

Culp C.E., 1984: Use of penrose drains to treat certain anal fistulas a primary operative seton

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880586

Rostovskaya G.E., 1982: Use of penta fluorophenyl esters in the synthesis of intermediate acth fragments

Wingate D., 1980: Use of penta gastrin test as a combined teaching and research project for medical students

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880589

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880590

Lippke H., 1987: Use of pepsin cellulase for estimating forage nutritive value

Seits I.F., 1981: Use of pepsinogen pepsin test in screening subjects at high risk for stomach carcinoma

Barteling S.J., 1984: Use of peptide synthesis to probe viral antigens for epitopes to a resolution of a single amino acid

Pelham H.R.B., 1984: Use of peptide tagging to detect proteins expressed from cloned genes deletion mapping functional domains of drosophila hsp 70

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880595

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880596

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880597

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880598

Hoch, H. C., 1977: Use of per manganate to increase electron opacity of fungal walls

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880600

Cheong C.L., 1979: Use of per oxide value and carbonyl value to determine the onset of rancidity in mayonnaise

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880602

Williams J.G., 1987: Use of perceived effort ratings to control exercise intensity in young healthy adults

Greig Smith P.W., 1983: Use of perches as vantage points during foraging by male and female stonechats saxicola torquata

Debey P., 1982: Use of percoll density gradient centrifugation for preparing isolated rat hepatocytes having long term viability

Gibbons R.J., 1988: Use of percoll density gradients for studying the attachment of bacteria to oral epithelial cells

Balerna M., 1983: Use of percoll gradients for the preparation of sub populations of human spermatozoa

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880608

Flower C.D.R., 1987: Use of percutaneous needle biopsy in the investigation of solitary pulmonary nodules

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880610

Samain D., 1985: Use of perfluorinated counter ions for the combination of ion pair high performance liquid chromatography and field desorption mass spectrometry application to the early characterization of aminoglycoside antibiotics

Redlinger L.M., 1986: Use of perforated tubing to distribute phosphine during the in transit fumigation of wheat

Dirks, D. D.; Kamm, C.; Bower, D.; Betsworth, A., 1977: Use of performance intensity functions for diagnosis

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880614

Emery R.W., 1986: Use of pericardial fat pad flap to prevent bronchopleural fistula

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880616

Jalan K.N., 1985: Use of periodate activated sepharose 4b immunoadsorbent in purification of anti entamoeba histolytica antibody

Jannetta P.J., 1988: Use of perioperative steroids with microvascular decompression operations

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880619

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880620

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880621

Richards F.W., 1985: Use of peritoneal dialysis in the treatment of patients with renal failure and paraproteinemia

Barrett J.A., 1985: Use of peritoneal lavage to evaluate abdominal penetration

Drizlikh, G. I.; Andreev, A. V.; Kotomina, I. F.; Brondz, B. D., 1976: Use of peritoneal macrophages labeled with chromium 51 and cultivated in vitro as target cells for quantitative estimation of the cyto toxic activity of immune thymus derived lymphocytes

Peto R., 1979: Use of permanent hair dyes and cancer among registered nurses

Speizer F.E., 1987: Use of permanent hair dyes and risk of breast cancer

Lubashevskii V.K., 1984: Use of permanent magnets for surgery of the alimentary tract in children

Herrera L., 1981: Use of permeabilized yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae cells as a system of enzyme immobilization its use for the preparation of mannose 6 phosphate

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880629

Burg, W. R.; Birch, S. R.; Cuddeback, J. E.; Saltzman, B. E., 1976: Use of permeation tubes for calibration of vinyl chloride analyses

Yamashita S., 1981: Use of peroxidase avidin conjugate for the demonstration of intra cellular antigen

Riggs J.D., 1985: Use of personal computer and spreadsheet software for treatment machine time calculations

De Carvalho C.R.R., 1985: Use of personal computer in antimicrobial schedule standardization

Schenk, H.; Hellmann, G., 1987: Use of personnel computer pc 1715 in a worker's polyclinic

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880635

Fernandez M., 1985: Use of pesticides and the protection of the environment

Linscott D.L., 1983: Use of pesticides to determine relative importance of pest and disease factors limiting establishment of sod seeded lucerne medicago sativa

Ough C.S., 1987: Use of pet bottles for wine

Mccarthy M.G., 1985: Use of petiole analysis for assessment of vineyard nutrient status in the barossa district of south australia

Amaru A., 1987: Use of pgf 2 alpha in the induction of labor in the third trimester of pregnancy

Huhtanen, C. N., 1975: Use of ph gradient plates for increasing the acid tolerance of salmonellae

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880642

Viola, R. E.; Cleland, W. W., 1978: Use of ph studies to elucidate the chemical mechanism of yeast hexo kinase ec

Jones, W. D. Jr ; Greenberg, J., 1976: Use of phage f phi wj 1 of mycobacterium fortuitum to discern more phage types of mycobacterium tuberculosis

Thomas E.L., 1985: Use of phage for the identification of brucella canis and brucella ovis cultures

Backman, K.; Hawley, D.; Ross, M. J., 1977: Use of phage immunity in molecular cloning experiments

Telegin N.L., 1984: Use of phage in the study of cyanobacteria

Kordyum V.A., 1986: Use of phage lambda cl 857ap rtc rn derivative for isolation of prophage free cells

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880649

Meyhack, B.; Pace, B.; Uhlenbeck, O. C.; Pace, N. R., 1978: Use of phage t 4 rna ligase to construct model substrates for a ribosomal rna maturation endo nuclease

Kralikova Z., 1987: Use of phage typing of salmonellae when coping with epidemics in the south moravian region czechoslovakia

Tanguy A., 1984: Use of pharmaco kinetics and micro computers in the formulation of drug dosage form

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880653

Simpson L.L., 1988: Use of pharmacologic antagonists to deduce commonalities of biologic activity among clostridial neurotoxins

Kramer, P. A., 1977: Use of pharmacological data for bio availability and pharmaco kinetic analyses

Larionov N.P., 1987: Use of pharmacological drugs to study calmodulin interaction with enzymes

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880657

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880658

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880659

Kuz'ko N.V., 1982: Use of phenothiazine derivatives in patients with ischemic heart disease

Hector M.L., 1984: Use of phenotypic suppression for direct selection of loss of aminoglycoside antibiotic resistance determinants

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880663

Houston A.H., 1988: Use of phenylhydrazine in the detection of responsive changes in hemoglobin isomorph abundances

Maksimovic M., 1981: Use of pheromone in controlling gypsy moth by preventing copulation

Kovaljev B., 1987: Use of pheromone traps for monitoring harmful lepidoptera species in cabbage

Cross W.H., 1984: Use of pheromone traps to estimate probability of zero populations of boll weevils anthonomus grandis grandis

Miller J.C., 1984: Use of pheromone traps to suppress populations of scolytus multistriatus coleoptera scolytidae in 3 isolated communities of elms

Sato, R.; Yaginuma, K.; Sugie, H., 1987: Use of pheromones for monitoring of the asiatic leafroller archippus breviplicanus lepidoptera tortricidae i. effect of trap height flight activity and population density on male catches

Sato, R.; Yaginuma, K.; Sugie, H., 1987: Use of pheromones for monitoring of the asiatic leafroller archippus breviplicanus lepidoptera tortricidae ii. comparison between performance of pheromone trap and light trap

Rybakov, V. K., 1977: Use of phetanol in chronic vascular hypotonias

Lin E.C.C., 1984: Use of phi glp lac in studies of respiratory regulation of the escherichia coli anaerobic sn glycerol 3 phosphate dehydrogenase genes glp ab

Joy K.W., 1981: Use of phloem exudate technique in the study of amino acid transport in pea pisum sativum cultivar little marvel plants

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880675

Mekalanos J.J., 1987: Use of pho a gene fusions to identify a pilus colonization factor coordinately regulated with cholera toxin

Coltheart M., 1980: Use of phonological encoding by children when reading for meaning

Kurapov A.P., 1979: Use of phosphaden in the treatment of patients with chronic ischemic heart disease

Safonova E.P., 1980: Use of phospho gypsum for chemical reclamation of irrigated soils in the crimea ukrainian ssr ussr

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880680

Glaser M., 1981: Use of phospho lipase d to alter the surface charge of membranes and its effect on the enzymatic activity of d beta hydroxy butyrate dehydrogenase

Spiker, R. C. Jr ; Pinnavaia, T. J.; Levin, I. W., 1976: Use of phospho lipid clay complexes for determining vibrational spectra of membrane related systems

Kanisawa M., 1987: Use of phosphoglycerate kinase isozyme to establish the monoclonality of experimentally induced pulmonary tumors

Kotel'nikov A.I., 1984: Use of phosphorescence quenching for determination of steric factor of heme proteins

Thompson, J.; Torchia, D. A., 1984: Use of phosphorus 31 nmr spectroscopy and carbon 14 fluorography in studies of glycolysis and regulation of pyruvate kinase ec in streptococcus lactis

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880686

Gerasimowicz W.V., 1986: Use of phosphorus 31 nmr to assess effects of 2 4 dinitrophenol on atp levels in vivo in barley hordeum vulgare cultivar compana roots

Tsai M D., 1979: Use of phosphorus 31 nmr to distinguish bridge and nonbridge oxygens of oxygen 17 enriched nucleoside tri phosphates stereochemistry of acetate activation by acetyl coenzyme a synthetase

Ivanov, S. N.; Stolyarova, T. F., 1977: Use of phosphorus 32 for the measurement of the available phosphate supply in soddy podzolic soils of the belorussian ssr ussr

Parkhomenko A.V., 1984: Use of phosphorus 32 in estimation of the membrane filter retentivity in experiments with microplankton

Leung W.C., 1986: Use of phosphorus 32 rna probes for the dot hybridization detection of potato spindle tuber viroid

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880692

Yoshii, Y.; Maki, Y.; Egashira, T.; Nakagawa, K., 1983: Use of photo activation by argon laser in treatment of brain tumors 1. basic study

Girshovich, A. S.; Bochkareva, E. S.; Ovchinnikov-Yu, A., 1976: Use of photo affinity chemical modification for the identification of components of the streptomycin binding site on ribosomes of escherichia coli mre 600

Owens, J. R.; Haley, B. E., 1978: Use of photo affinity nucleotide analogs to determine the mechanism of atp regulation of a membrane bound cyclic amp activated protein kinase

Lishchuk, A. I.; Il'nitskii, O. A., 1976: Use of photo induced chemo luminescence in studying heat resistance of fruit crops

Findlay J.B.C., 1979: Use of photo sensitive hydrophobic probes to label the membrane of the human erythrocyte

Goryaev L.P., 1981: Use of photo stimulation in treatment of vaso motor head aches

Taylor H.R., 1988: Use of photographic techniques to grade nuclear cataracts

Mah R.A., 1983: Use of photosynthetic bacteria for hydrogen sulfide removal from anaerobic waste treatment effluent

Lachica M., 1985: Use of photosynthetic parameters for the diagnosis of copper deficiency in pinus radiata seedlings

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880703

Gross R.T., 1987: Use of physical and neurologic observations in assessment of gestational age in low birth weight infants

Kokareva M.A., 1981: Use of physical factors in the combined therapy of acute pulmonary abscesses

Perel'son M.E., 1984: Use of physical methods for the standardization of drugs

Takala, J.; Kopteff, P.; Takala, A.; Sievers, K., 1978: Use of physician services by a middle aged population in a rural health center district in southwest finland

Garina T.N., 1982: Use of physicochemical characteristics of serum albumin in the diagnosis of ovarian and uterine cancer

Crippen G.M., 1985: Use of physicochemical parameters in distance geometry and related 3 dimensional quantitative structure activity relationships a demonstration using escherichia coli dihydrofolate reductase inhibitors

Esina O.A., 1983: Use of physiologically active compounds under mechanized contour cutting of bush type cherry cultivars

Prokof'ev, A. A.; Rasulov, S., 1976: Use of physiologically active substances for the regulation of fruit bearing in cotton

Takahashi M., 1980: Use of phyto hem agglutinin in the treatment of maxillary cancer

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880713

Busygina E.A., 1982: Use of phytocenological methods in studying the formation of algae groupings under the influence of mineral fertilizers

Capizzi R.L., 1985: Use of phytohemagglutinin response to determine the extent that somatic cell mutation accounts for 6 thioguanine resistance of human blood mononuclear cells

Williams D.J., 1985: Use of pi allyltricarbonyliron lactam complexes in the preparation of nocardicin derivatives synthesis of levo 3 oxo 1 p benzyloxyphenyl benzyloxycarbonylmethylazetidin 2 one

Roscoe, A. H., 1976: Use of pilot heart rate measurement in flight evaluation

Kharin V.V., 1985: Use of pilot trainers to identify functional capabilities of pilots

Parr P.D., 1982: Use of pine foliage as an indicator of fluoride accumulation from uranium hexa fluoride technologies

Kanazirska V., 1987: Use of pine tree bark in container growing of glasshouse tomatoes

Vartanyan L.S., 1986: Use of piperidine and imidazoline hydroxylamines for the quantitative determination of superoxide radicals in biochemical systems by epr

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880722

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880723

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880724

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880725

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880726

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880727

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880728

Ogata H., 1984: Use of pkm multi program for fitting discontinuous absorption profiles using a microcomputer

Bettany J.R., 1983: Use of plant analysis to predict sulfur deficiency in rapeseed brassica napus and brassica campestris

Partanen T., 1988: Use of plant and period specific job exposure matrices in studies on occupational cancer

Demchenko, S. I.; Shpin'kova, T. B.; Avetisov, V. A., 1978: Use of plant cell culture for solving certain problems in chemical mutagenesis

Hasegawa P.M., 1982: Use of plant cell cultures to study production and phyto toxicity of alternaria solani toxins

Stark M.A., 1986: Use of plant communities and spatial overlap of the more common large herbivores benoue national park cameroon

Barrentine W.L., 1981: Use of plant desiccants to control cucumber cucumis sativus cultivar calypso fruit rot

Borroto C.G., 1987: Use of plant growth regulators to control flowering in citrus

Ling, K. C., 1979: Use of plant growth regulators to improve yield and quality of tobacco nicotiana tabacum 6. effects of 2 4 5 t and ethephon applied to flue cured tobacco seedlings

Lyasovskaya L.M., 1985: Use of plant indicators in engineering geological studies in the karakalpak ustyurt uzbek ssr ussr

Ai N., 1986: Use of plant leaf as carbon dioxide gas sensing probe

Lebedev E.A., 1983: Use of plant peroxidase for the study of structure and function of micro vessels

Gaur A.S., 1986: Use of plant residues as fertilizers recent trends in india

Ogunbodede B.A., 1983: Use of planting date in the preliminary evaluation of new cowpea vigna unguiculata cultivars

Section 7, Chapter 6881 , Accession 006880743

Kratzer F.H., 1984: Use of plasma and egg yolk biotin on white leghorn hens to assess biotin availability from feedstuffs

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880745

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880746

Davidson, R. J. L.; Main, S. R., 1971: Use of plasma instead of serum in laboratory tests for infectious mononucleosis

Sauvant D., 1982: Use of plasma nonesterified fatty acids to predict energy balances and requirements in lactating goats

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880749

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880750

Chawla A.S., 1979: Use of plasma polymerization for preparing silicone coated membranes for possible use in blood oxygenators

Ellis F.R., 1979: Use of plasma products with whole blood and packed red blood cells

Steffensen K., 1982: Use of plasma proteins as indicators of the metabolic effects of combined oral contraceptives

Patel K.L., 1979: Use of plasma receptor test for human chorionic gonadotropin in fertility regulation

Wah P., 1987: Use of plasma segments for estimating factor viii activity in pools of fresh frozen plasma

Heidel H J., 1988: Use of plasma substitutes in blood loss due to operation and their influence on hemostasis

Rozanova, L. M.; Pesterova, V. V.; Mets, V. N.; Gefen, N. G.; Rogacheva, S. P., 1976: Use of plasma substitutes in patients with blood system diseases

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880758

Berkman, E. M.; Orlin, J. B., 1980: Use of plasmapheresis and partial plasma exchange in the management of patients with cryo globulinemia

Saitsev S.V., 1987: Use of plasmapheresis for treating renal failure

Ermans A.M., 1981: Use of plasmapheresis in a case of graves disease with malignant ophthalmopathy

Friedberg E.C., 1984: Use of plasmid mediated resistance to the antibiotic g 418 for the rapid screening of a yeast mutant library

Pemberton J.M., 1986: Use of plasmid p ulb 113 rp 4 mini mu to construct a genomic map of aeromonas hydrophila

Waites W.M., 1987: Use of plasmid profiles to detect changes in strains of staphylococcus aureus during poultry processing

Paddon C.J., 1986: Use of plasmid ptv 1 in transposon mutagenesis and gene cloning in bacillus amyloliquefaciens

Megias, M.; Caviedes, M. A.; Palomares, A. J.; Perez-Silva, J., 1982: Use of plasmid r 68.45 for constructing a circular linkage map of the rhizobium trifolii chromosome

Vogt, P. K.; Harris, P., 1974: Use of plastic bags to maintain a humidified atmosphere for animal cell cultures

Saleh M.S., 1988: Use of plastic formulations of chlorpyrifos and sumithion as mosquito larvicides and their delayed effects on the basal follicle numbers developed by female survivors

Koshi G., 1986: Use of plastic kits for rapid recovery of streptococci in epidemiological studies

Kinsella J.E., 1986: Use of platelet aggregometer to monitor the chymosin initiated coagulation of casein micelles

Giles A.R., 1987: Use of platelet concentrate in eastern ontario canada

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880773

Gardner, F. H., 1974: Use of platelet transfusions

Newman R.A., 1988: Use of platinum as a modifier in the sensitive detection of tellurium in biological samples

Wilkins, J. R., 1978: Use of platinum electrodes for the electrochemical detection of bacteria

Tatum J., 1983: Use of play for assessing childrens death concepts a reexamination

Engler R., 1981: Use of pliable bags in liquid scintillation counting

Marchal M., 1980: Use of plutella maculipennis larvae as insect tests for entomo pathogenic hyphomycetes fungi imperfecti

Kraemer, G. W.; Kemnitz, J. W.; Mckinney, W. T.; Howard, J. L., 1978: Use of pneumo encephalography to increase stereotaxic accuracy in rhesus monkeys/

Hill J.C., 1984: Use of pneumococcal poly saccharide vaccine in preventing otitis media in infants different results between racial groups

Klein, J. O.; Mortimer, E. A. Jr, 1978: Use of pneumococcal vaccine in children

De Cianzio S.R., 1980: Use of pod width for indirect selection of seed weight in soybeans glycine max

Nealson K.H., 1984: Use of poisons in determination of microbial manganese binding rates in sea water

Hatch C.R., 1981: Use of polar coordinates in random sampling

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880786

Ortmann, R., 1975: Use of polarized light for quantitative determination of the adjustment of the tangential fibers in articular cartilage

Kruglyak, E. B.; Bilushi, S. G.; Zaitsev, P. M.; Korshunova, L. G., 1977: Use of polarography for assaying trichothecin

Davletchina, R. F.; Vorob'eva, L. A.; Belova, T. Ya ; Volkova, L. P.; Pats, R. G., 1978: Use of polarography of alternating current in a soil study part 2 determination of overall content of molybdenum in soils

Mashimo S., 1980: Use of polaroid film in intra operative renal radiography a new technique

Cour P., 1981: Use of pollen grains in deep bed filtration

Hayter A.M., 1983: Use of pollen irradiation in barley hordeum vulgare breeding

Kenton A., 1984: Use of pollen tetrads for routine dna densitometry

Dreyer C., 1981: Use of poly acrylamide as an embedding medium for immuno histochemical studies of embryonic tissues

Kawamoto S.O., 1980: Use of poly acrylamide gel electrophoresis for detection of chrysanthemum stunt viroid in infected tissues

Troitskii G.V., 1980: Use of poly acrylamide gel for iso electro focusing in borate polyol systems

Alekseeva N.V., 1982: Use of poly acrylamide gel immuno sorbents in electrophoretic experiments

Meakin B.J., 1980: Use of poly amide coatings for selective adsorption control on activated charcoal

Bories, G., 1977: Use of poly amide for the separation of different poly cyclic aromatic hydro carbons by thin layer chromatography

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880800

Metra A.Ya, 1980: Use of poly complex based on technical ligno sulfonates for soil improvement

Chaudhary, R. K.; Westwood, J. C. N., 1972: Use of poly electrolytes and electron microscopy for detection of viruses from stool

Terent'ev, 1981: Use of poly electrolytes for regulating evaporation and heat mass transfer in peat soils

Prokudina E.N., 1983: Use of poly ethylene film for solid phase radio immunological analysis of influenza virus

Matsumoto, M.; Murphy, M. L., 1977: Use of poly ethylene glycol and fluoro carbon for the purification of avian encephalomyelitis virus

Lyashko V.N., 1981: Use of poly ethylene glycol for micro injection of exogenous proteins into cultivated mouse cells

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880807

Rijven A.H.G.C., 1984: Use of poly ethylene glycol in isolation and assay of stable enzymically active starch granules from developing wheat triticum aestivum cultivar sun 9e endosperms

Ermshar, C. L.; Gusseck, D. J., 1978: Use of poly ethylene glycol in radio immunoassay of human placental lactogen

Cheung, M. C.; Slaunwhite, W. R. Jr, 1976: Use of poly ethylene glycol in separating bound from unbound ligand in radio immunoassay of thyroxine

Fleury, H.; Adam, C.; Cornet, M.; Valade, M., 1978: Use of poly ethylene glycol to obtain a concentrate suspension of wild yellow fever virus for study of mosquitoes vector ability

Johnson R.H., 1982: Use of poly ethylene glycol treated sera for virus production in cell culture

Amchenkova, A. M.; Khesin-Ya, E.; Voronina, F. V.; Gulevich, N. E., 1978: Use of poly ethylene glycols 1000 and 6000 for production of hetero karyons

Azoyan S.A., 1982: Use of poly ethylene imine for flotation and improvement of blue green algae suspension filtration

Husain, O. A. N.; Millett, J. A.; Grainger, J. M., 1980: Use of poly lysine coated slides in preparation of cell samples for diagnostic cytology with special reference to urine sample

Williams, R. C., 1977: Use of poly lysine for adsorption of nucleic acids and enzymes to electron microscope specimen films

Levy C.C., 1980: Use of poly nucleotide poly acrylamide gel electrophoresis as a sensitive technique for the detection and comparison of rnase activities

Sidorskii, A. G., 1978: Use of poly ploidization as 1 of the methods for establishing intraspecific divergence in cucumbers

Paul D.R., 1980: Use of poly propylene film for capping tissue culture containers

Austin D.F., 1980: Use of poly tomography in menieres disease

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880821

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880822

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880823

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880824

Petrov, D. G.; Loginskii, V. E.; Mindyuk, M. V.; Siniichuk-Kh, V.; Chuma, V. B., 1976: Use of polybiolin a protein preparation with an immunobiological action in the treatment of patients with auto allergic diseases

Righetti P.G., 1988: Use of polybuffer as carrier ampholytes in mixed bed immobiline gels for isoelectric focusing

Gotlieb Stematsky T., 1988: Use of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies and analysis of viral rna in the detection of unusual group a human rotaviruses

Nakamura I., 1988: Use of polyelectrolyte complex stabilized calcium alginate gel for entrapment of beta amylase

Napychank P., 1988: Use of polyester filters for the preparation of leukocyte poor platelet concentrates

Pande S.P., 1983: Use of polyethylene bags for packing and storage of curd dahi

Skeraitite A.Yu, 1984: Use of polyethylene glycol for the determination of circulating immune complexes in blood serum

Perrin P., 1987: Use of polyethylene glycol in prostate puncture cytology

Hershfield M.S., 1988: Use of polyethylene glycol modified uricase peg uricase to treat hyperuricemia in a patient with non hodgkin lymphoma

Manzoli F.A., 1987: Use of polygonal windows for physical discrimination among mononuclear subpopulations in flow cytometry

Albrecht R.M., 1985: Use of polymer casts or metal particle infusion of ducts to study antigen uptake in the guinea pig mammary gland

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880837

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880838

Steele R.J., 1987: Use of polyols to measure equilibrium relative humidity

Hosaka M., 1988: Use of polypropylene mesh for abdominal wall defect in surgery of advanced urachus carcinoma

Erbertova, B.; Heller, J., 1975: Use of polysan in local treatment of acne vulgaris

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880843

Charrat J.M., 1987: Use of polytetrafluoroethylene grafts for renal bypass

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880845

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880846

Lommatzsch P.K., 1985: Use of polyurethane sponge in retinal detachment surgery

Erlich H., 1985: Use of pooled dna samples to detect linkage disequilibrium of polymorphic restriction fragments and human disease studies of the hla class ii loci

Clark S.J., 1983: Use of population models to estimate the proportion of cyst nematode eggs killed by fumigation

Mannucci P.M., 1984: Use of porcine factor viii in the management of 17 patients with factor viii antibodies

Glenn S.D., 1986: Use of porcine fsh after chromatographic purification in superovulation of cattle

Shataeva, L. K.; Samsonova, G. V., 1977: Use of porous carboxyl cationites for separation of proteins

Tsao G.T., 1986: Use of porous glass fiber as a support for biocatalyst immobilization

Seamer J.H., 1982: Use of portable filter units to control the animal house environment

Specht J.E., 1986: Use of portable rainout shelters to induce water stress

Cooper G.R., 1982: Use of portable video taping for aerial ir detection of potato diseases

Erickson D., 1982: Use of portable vitrectomy instrumentation visc x in the rural guatemalan highlands

Ursulenko V.I., 1981: Use of positive end expiratory pressure during artificial ventilation of the lungs after aorto coronary shunting for prophylaxis and treatment of pulmonary insufficiency

Stutman O., 1982: Use of positively selected lyt 2 plus mouse splenocytes to examine interleukin 2 secretion in responses to allo antigens and to tri nitro phenyl modified syngeneic cells

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880861

West C., 1984: Use of post exposure intra dermal rabies vaccination in a rural mission hospital

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880863

Roy, A. J.; Brivkalns, A.; Yankee, R. A., 1975: Use of post pheresis plasma to improve granulocyte yields for transfusion

Rimsha E.D., 1983: Use of post stimulation potentiation during contrast ventriculography in coronary patients

Schubert A.M., 1987: Use of postemergence grass herbicides for coastal bermudagrass burndown and clover establishment

Schubert A.M., 1987: Use of postemergence herbicides for weed control on clovers

Kamyshanov E.V., 1981: Use of posterior mediastinum venography in lung cancer and nontumoral pulmonary diseases

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880870

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880871

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880872

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880873

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880874

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880875

Elias, A. N.; Morad, M. M.; El-Samahy, S. K., 1976: Use of potato flour for balady bread making in egypt

Elias, A. N.; Morad, M. M.; El-Samahy, S. K., 1977: Use of potato flour for the production of balady bread in egypt

Laptev-Yu, P.; Makarov, P. P., 1975: Use of potato ha ploids in breeding and genetic studies

Burgstaller G., 1982: Use of potato protein in pig rearing

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880880

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880881

Yakovlev, V. A.; Levchuk, T. P.; Malakhova, E. A., 1976: Use of potentiometric titration at a constant ph for estimation of lipo protein lipase activity

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880883

Pantani F., 1983: Use of potentiometry with imposed current for the determination of chlorine in break point chlorination

Steffens W., 1987: Use of poultry by products meal for complete replacement of fish meal in feed for trout fry and fingerlings

Caneque, V.; Galvez, J. F., 1984: Use of poultry excreta in ruminants feeding 4. nutritive value of laying hens excreta in dairy cattle

Caneque, V.; Galvez, J. F., 1984: Use of poultry excreta in ruminants feeding 5. use of laying hens excreta in practical rations for dairy cattle

Caneque, V.; Galvez, J. F., 1984: Use of poultry excreta in ruminants feeding 6. use of broilers excreta in fattening rations

Maceri D., 1981: Use of povidone iodine to prevent post operative wound infection

Moss A.A., 1986: Use of power injector during dynamic computed tomography

Porges S.W., 1988: Use of power spectral analysis of respiratory sinus arrhythmia to detect graft rejection

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880893

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880894

Donaldson A.I., 1988: Use of pre coated immunoplates and freeze dried reagents for the diagnosis of foot and mouth disease and swine vesicular disease by enzyme linked immunosorbent assay elisa

Picart R., 1986: Use of pre embedding ultrastructural immunocytochemistry in the localization of a secretory product and membrane proteins in cultured prolactin cells

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880897

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880898

Parrish R.A., 1981: Use of pre operative chemo therapy and radiation therapy in patients with wilms tumors

Chaglassian T.A., 1980: Use of pre operative pattern in chest wall reconstruction with the latissimus dorsi musculo cutaneous flap

Jacobs, D. K.; Sebranek, J. G., 1980: Use of pre rigor beef for frozen ground beef patties

Geng, S.; Carter, M. B.; Johnson, J. O.; Perng, S. K., 1980: Use of pre treatment information in design of experiments 1. nearly optimum designs for covariance models

Geng, S.; Carter, M. B., 1980: Use of pre treatment information in design of experiments 2. nearly optimum designs for homogeneous groups

Madias, J. E., 1978: Use of precordial st segment mapping

Sullivan, T. P.; Nordstrom, L. O.; Sullivan, D. S., 1985: Use of predator odors as repellents to reduce feeding damage by herbivores 1. snowshoe hares lepus americanus

Sullivan, T. P.; Nordstrom, L. O.; Sullivan, D. S., 1985: Use of predator odors as repellents to reduce feeding damage by herbivores 2. black tailed deer odocoileus hemionus columbianus

Sullivan, T. P.; Crump, D. R.; Sullivan, D. S., 1988: Use of predator odors as repellents to reduce feeding damage by herbivores iii. montane and meadow voles microtus montanus and microtus pennsylvanicus

Sullivan, T. P.; Crump, D. R.; Sullivan, D. S., 1988: Use of predator odors as repellents to reduce feeding damage by herbivores iv. northern pocket gophers thomomys talpoides

Green M.S., 1982: Use of predictive value to adjust relative risk estimates biased by mis classification of outcome status

Schubert A.M., 1987: Use of preemergence herbicides for establishment of clovers

Hardy M.A., 1979: Use of preexisting uretero cutaneous anastomosis as conduit in renal allo transplantation

Sveen, K.; Hofstad, T., 1976: Use of preformed cavities in rabbits for the quantitation of leukocyte chemo taxis caused by bacterial lipo poly saccharides

Fain D.W., 1986: Use of preformed hydroxylapatite blocks for grafting in genioplasty procedures

Elze K., 1984: Use of pregnant mare serum gonadotropin and human chorionic gonadotropin in mink breeding

Carlo R.J.D., 1985: Use of pregnant mare serum gonadotropin and human chorionic gonadotropin in the induction of estrus in bitches

Bloedow G., 1986: Use of pregnant mare serum gonadotropin antiserum in superovulation treatment of cattle

Leman A.D., 1979: Use of pregnant mares serum gonadotropin in the prevention of seasonal post weaning anestrus in sows

Taccheo Barbina M., 1985: Use of prepacked cartridges in the clean up of plant material in residual pesticide analysis

Seits I.F., 1985: Use of preparative nucleic acid electrophoresis in molecular cancer research

Chernov B.K., 1985: Use of preparative reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography in oligodeoxyribonucleotide synthesis

Shannon F.T., 1982: Use of preschool dental services in a new zealand birth cohort

Stritzke J.F., 1981: Use of prescribed fire and hexazinone velpar to thin understory shortleaf pine pinus echinata in an oklahoma usa pine hardwood stand

Chole R.A., 1987: Use of presculpted banked cartilage transplants in ossicular reconstruction

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880924

Toy P.T.C.Y., 1984: Use of preserved autologous red blood cells to absorb warm auto antibodies from the serum of patients receiving blood transfusion therapy

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880926

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880927

Sanowski R.A. , 1980: Use of pressure release valve to prevent colonic injury during colonoscopy

Lamb K.A., 1984: Use of pretreated lignocellulose for the production of cellulases

Henderson B.E., 1987: Use of preventive care by the elderly

Pitot H.C., 1980: Use of primary cultures of adult rat hepatocytes on collagen gel nylon mesh to evaluate carcinogen induced unscheduled dna synthesis

Staubli W., 1984: Use of primary cultures of adult rat hepatocytes to investigate mechanisms of action of nafenopin a hepatocarcinogenic peroxisome proliferator

Cook P.F., 1988: Use of primary deuterium and nitrogen 15 isotope effects to deduce the relative rates of steps in the mechanisms of alanine and glutamate dehydrogenases

Erlitz F.L., 1985: Use of primer restriction end adapters in a novel complementary dna cloning strategy

Nakai S., 1986: Use of principal component analysis to study the relationship between physical chemical properties and the milk clotting to proteolytic activity ratio of some aspartyl proteinases

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880936

Kuris, A. M.; Brody, M. S., 1976: Use of principal components analysis to describe the snail shell resource for hermit crabs

Shibles R.M., 1984: Use of principal factor analysis in the study of 3 stem termination types of soybean glycine max

Pratt R., 1984: Use of private offices in education of residents in internal medicine

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880940

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880941

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880942

Njogu A.R., 1986: Use of procyclic trypanosomes for detection of antibodies in sera from vervet monkeys infected with trypanosoma rhodesiense an immunodiagnostic test for african sleeping sickness

Makinskii A.I., 1981: Use of prodectin in pulmonary tuberculosis

Kanorskii, I. D.; Smolina, Z. V.; Osenina, G. S.; Vasil'kova, Z. F., 1975: Use of prodigiosan in complex therapy of chronic osteo myelitis

Zhuravleva O.D., 1984: Use of prodigiozan for increasing the efficacy of antibiotic therapy in children with dysentery

Turgunbaev, O. T.; Martynova, L. G., 1978: Use of prodigiozan for prophylaxis of acute respiratory viral infections in childrens collectives

Fortinskaya E.S., 1980: Use of prodigiozan in complex therapy of patients with endogenic infections

Perel'man, A. E.; Vishnevskii, B. I.; Vavilin, G. I., 1974: Use of prodigiozan in treating experimental tuberculosis

Shchupak B.I., 1979: Use of production functions for forecasting and planned calculation of main factors of economic activity

Wilton J.W., 1979: Use of production systems analysis in developing mating plans and selection goals

Halsall D.M., 1986: Use of products of straw decomposition by nitrogen fixing acetylene reducing populations of bacteria in three soils from wheat growing areas

Fateeva, E. M.; Balashova, V. A.; Kodryan, N. Yu ; Zelichenok, M. I.; Rabinovich, L. A.; Korobkina, G. S.; Brents, M. Ya ; Danilova, E. N.; Levyant, P. P.; Et-Al, 1977: Use of products with an increased biological value for nutrition of school age children

Nelson, L. H., 1978: Use of professional patients in teaching pelvic examinations

Golimbu M.N., 1986: Use of profile view of kidney for spatial localization of intrarenal stones

Nealon T.F.Jr, 1987: Use of profound hypothermia and circulatory arrest in complex intra cardiac repair in adults

Wernsman, E. A.; Matzinger, D. F.; Mann, T. J., 1976: Use of progenitor species germ plasm for the improvement of a cultivated allo tetra ploid

Morris B.A., 1986: Use of progesterone 11 glucuronide alkaline phosphatase conjugate in a sensitive microtiter plate enzyme immunoassay of progesterone in milk and its application to pregnancy testing in dairy cattle

Ross, D. G.; Manson, H. J., 1976: Use of programmable calculator to solve physiological equations

Timoshenko A.N., 1981: Use of programmed micro calculators for radio immunoassays

Johnson E.R., 1988: Use of progress curves to estimate the co substrate to substrate flow ratio of a symport mechanism application to the isoleucine sodium symport of mouse ascites tumor cells and to the lactose proton symport

Philo, R. D.; Selwyn, M. J., 1973: Use of progress curves to investigate product inhibition in enzyme catalyzed reactions application to the soluble mitochondrial atpase

Engs R., 1986: Use of progressive relaxation and hypnosis to increase tennis skill learning

Golding E.R., 1985: Use of projective testing on a consultation liaison service

Wake T., 1986: Use of projector with zoom lens in testing the effect of luminance level on visual acuity

Troy F.A., 1984: Use of prokaryotic derived probes to identify poly sialic acid in neo natal neuronal membranes

Haeffner-Gormley, L.; Parente, L.; Wetlaufer, D. B., 1985: Use of proline specific endopeptidase ec in the isolation of all 4 native disulfides of hen egg white lysozyme

Waters M.D., 1982: Use of prolonged treatment and the fluctuation test to detect mutations in human fibroblasts treated with methyl methanesulfonate

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880970

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880971

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880972

Backman L., 1982: Use of prophylactic antibiotics in orthopedic surgery

Yonekura M.L., 1983: Use of prophylactic antibiotics in patients undergoing emergency primary cesarean section

Stewart J.M., 1980: Use of prophylactic antibiotics in surgery

Korbel, E. I.; Maher, P. O., 1976: Use of prophylactic antibiotics in urethral instrumentation

Holmberg D.L., 1985: Use of prophylactic penicillin in orthopedic surgery a clinical trial

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880978

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880979

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880980

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880981

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880982

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880983

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880984

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880985

Section 7, Chapter 6881, Accession 006880986

Milletti M., 1985: Use of proprionyl carnitine in subjects with artificial pacemakers

Bowes G.G., 1984: Use of propyzamide to control foxtail barley hordeum jubatum in russian wild ryegrass elymus junceus

Ballmann M., 1986: Use of prostacyclin and the stable prostacyclin analogue cg 4203 during hemodialysis in man

Gaertner H., 1986: Use of prostacyclin in patients with peptic ulcer in a double blind test

Aster R.H., 1984: Use of prostacyclin to inhibit activation of platelets during preparation of platelet concentrates

Graham, T. P.; Atwood, G. F.; Boucek, R. J., 1978: Use of prostaglandin e 1 for emergency palliation of symptomatic coarctation of the aorta

Aster R.H., 1986: Use of prostaglandin e 1 for preparation of platelet concentrates

Suppan C.H., 1983: Use of prostaglandin e 2 in management of transposition of great arteries before balloon atrial septostomy

Knuppel R.A., 1985: Use of prostaglandin e 2 topical cervical gel in high risk patients a critical analysis

Valon F., 1981: Use of prostaglandin f 2 alpha and its synthetic analogs in mares

Verma S.K., 1981: Use of prostaglandin f 2 alpha for induction of estrus in sub estrous buffaloes bubalus bubalis

Lober R., 1981: Use of prostaglandin f 2 alpha gel prior to termination of pregnancy of primigravidae for cervix maturation

Foroohar, H.; Behjatnia, Y., 1976: Use of prostaglandin f 2 alpha in the management of missed abortion

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