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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6882

Chapter 6882 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Arnaiz, F. M.; Sanchez-Algaba-Gil, P., 1977: Use of prostaglandin f 2 alpha in the transfer of spermatozoa in the genital tract of the ewe

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881001

Frahm R., 1980: Use of prostaglandin f 2 alpha to induce abortion in patients with risk factors in 1st and 2nd 3rds of gravidity

Henricks, D. M.; Rawlings, N. C.; Ellicott, A. R.; Dickey, J. F.; Hill, J. R., 1977: Use of prostaglandin f 2 alpha to induce parturition in beef heifers

Slucka R., 1980: Use of prostaglandin f 2 alpha to synchronize heat in heifer

Kinra, G.; Agarwal, N.; Hingorani, V., 1977: Use of prostaglandin for induction of 2nd trimester abortions in high risk pregnancy

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881006

Popova S., 1986: Use of protected oil meals for feeding lactating cows

Natali P.G., 1980: Use of protein a bearing staphylococcus aureus in enzyme immunoassay

Hopkins C.R., 1979: Use of protein a coated colloidal gold particles for immuno electron microscopic localization of acth on ultra thin sections

Goldman J.N., 1979: Use of protein a containing staphylococcus aureus as an immuno adsorbent in radio immunoassays to separate antibody bound antigen from free antigen

Louro, D.; Lesemann, D. E., 1984: Use of protein a gold complex for specific labeling of antibodies bound to plant viruses 1. viral antigens in suspensions

Tsekhanovskaya N.A., 1985: Use of protein a in the immunosorbent assay for antibodies to tick borne encephalitis virus

Furui S., 1986: Use of protein a in the serum in agar diffusion method in immune electron microscopy for detection of virus particles in cell culture

Wiik A., 1983: Use of protein a positive staphylococci as adsorbent in a radio immunoassay for cyclic amp and cyclic gmp

Torrance L., 1980: Use of protein a to improve sensitization of latex particles with antibodies to plant viruses

Macmillan H.M., 1983: Use of protein a to remove immuno globulins from serum in hybridoma culture media

Smith K.O., 1979: Use of protein a treated sera in unmasking herpes simplex virus type 1 immuno globulin a and identifying herpes simplex virus type 1 immuno globulin g as the predominant neutralizing antibody

Bernard C.C.A., 1987: Use of protein bearing nitrocellulose as immunogen for in vitro production of monoclonal antibodies application to myelin basic protein electrophoretically separated from a complex brain protein mixture

Lawrence L.M., 1979: Use of protein blocks containing urea for minimally managed brood mares

Ruddle F.H., 1985: Use of protein blotting procedure and a specific dna probe to identify nuclear proteins that recognize the promoter region of the transferrin receptor gene

Dixon G.H., 1987: Use of protein blotting to study the dna binding properties of histone h1 and h1 variants

Ithakissios, D. S.; Kubiatowicz, D. O., 1977: Use of protein containing magnetic micro particles in radioassays

Weaver J.C., 1979: Use of protein dye binding values as indicators of the chemical age of conventionally made cheddar cheese and hydrolyzed lactose cheddar cheese

Heath G.L., 1979: Use of protein formol titration relationships for estimating ratios of skim milk and whey solids in frozen dairy desserts

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881025

Schrader, L. E.; Cataldo, D. A.; Peterson, D. M., 1974: Use of protein in extraction and stabilization of nitrate reductase ec

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881027

Dyatlovitskaya, E. V.; Lemenovskaya, A. F.; Bergelson, L. D., 1979: Use of protein mediated lipid exchange in the study of membrane bound enzymes the lipid dependence of glucose 6 phosphatase ec

Kasymov Kh A., 1985: Use of protein polysaccharide brucella antigen for the allergodiagnosis of brucellosis

Kahan L., 1987: Use of protein stained immunoblots for unequivocal identification of antibody specificities

Oliver R.L., 1986: Use of protein to carbohydrate ratios to analyze for nutrient deficiency in phytoplankton

Johnson C., 1984: Use of protein to creatinine ratio in a single urine specimen for quantitative estimation of canine proteinuria

Kashkin, A. P.; Levi, E. V., 1977: Use of proteinases of medical importance in active cutaneous anaphylaxis

Rabin B.R., 1981: Use of proteinases to determine the topological location of cytochrome p 450 in vesicles derived from smooth endoplasmic reticulum of rat liver

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881035

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881036

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881037

Saleh N.S., 1982: Use of proton induced x ray emission analysis to determine trace metals in drinking water in jordan

Hill R.H.Jr, 1988: Use of proton nmr longitudinal relaxation times in structure elucidation of chlorinated polyaromatic compounds

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881040

Leach, S. J.; Nemethy, G.; Scheraga, H. A., 1977: Use of proton nuclear overhauser effects for the determination of the conformations of amino acid residues in oligo peptides

Colebrook L.D., 1986: Use of proton spin lattice relaxation and nuclear overhauser effect data in structure analysis of alkaloids

Katsuragi T., 1986: Use of protoplast fusion for the development of rapid starch fermenting strains of saccharomyces diastaticus

Fava F., 1988: Use of protoplast fusion in introduce methionine overproduction into saccharomyces cerevisiae

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881045

Homolka, L.; Vyskocil, P.; Pilat, P., 1988: Use of protoplasts in the improvement of filamentous fungi i. mutagenization of protoplasts of oudemansiella mucida

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881047

Cairns J.Jr, 1986: Use of protozoan communities to predict environmental effects of pollutants

Byrd, G. R.; Osborn, S. M.; Gillis, J. S., 1978: Use of pseudodesensitization in treatment of an experimentally produced fear

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881050

Reynolds H.Y., 1980: Use of pseudomonas aeruginosa lipo poly saccharide immuno adsorbents to prepare high potency mono specific antibodies

Angelo R.M., 1988: Use of pseudorandom noise in studies of auditory evoked potentials

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881053

Odintsova S.P., 1984: Use of psoralen for detection of conjugated lesions in 2 dna chains in x irradiated dna of pm 2 phage

Cantor C.R., 1983: Use of psoralen mono adducts to compare the structure of 16s ribosomal rna in active and inactive 30s ribosomal subunits

Meller, I.; Fichter, M. M.; Weyerer, S., 1986: Use of psychiatric facilities in the upper bavarian follow up field study

Teghtsoonian R., 1982: Use of psycho physical scaling procedures in the assessment of phobias a case example

Krishchyunaite R.I., 1981: Use of psychological methods for altering behavior which increases the risk of ischemic heart disease

Mathew R.J., 1982: Use of psychological testing in symptom detection in a normal population

Gardelli G., 1986: Use of psychopharmaceuticals in a department of geriatric medicine

Horner H.T.Jr, 1979: Use of psychotria punctata callus in study of calcium oxalate crystal idio blast formation

Klaukka T., 1984: Use of psychotropic drugs in finland

De Dominicis M.G., 1986: Use of psychotropic drugs in general medical geriatric inpatients relationship with various parameters of psychological distress evaluated in blind

Itil, T. M.; Reisberg, B.; Simeon, S., 1978: Use of psychotropics in the world

Rajala M., 1983: Use of public and private dental services by adults in finland

Juel K., 1987: Use of public pension scheme and industrial statistics data for supplement of company records in denmark and influence on cohort mortality pattern

Dorfman G.S., 1982: Use of pulmonary angiography for suspected pulmonary embolism influence of scintigraphic diagnosis

Lindsay J.Jr, 1986: Use of pulmonary artery pressure and pacing catheter during percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty

Bond, J. H. Jr ; Levitt, M. D., 1972: Use of pulmonary hydrogen measurements to quantitate carbohydrate absorption study of partially gastrectomized patients

Martynenko N.A., 1980: Use of pulsating hypobaria for stimulation of pig embryo development and survival

Bassett C.A.L., 1984: Use of pulsed electromagnetic fields in perthes disease a pilot study

Salem D., 1986: Use of pulsed energy delivery to minimize tissue injury resulting from carbon dioxide laser irradiation of cardiovascular tissues

Gerardot C.J., 1988: Use of pulsed field gradient gel electrophoresis to construct a physical map of the caulobacter crescentus genome

Hill, M. J.; Lamp, C. A., 1980: Use of pulverized fuel ash from victorian australia brown coal as a source of nutrients for a pasture species lolium perenne cultivar grasslands ruanui n.z

Soeder, M. L.; Soeder, R. W., 1976: Use of punch cards in data retrieval of flavonoids

Kowal S.H., 1986: Use of punctuation for pausing oral readings by german radio homilists

Demaster D.P., 1985: Use of pup counts in indexing population changes in pinnipeds

Liljesvan, B.; Roomans, G. M., 1976: Use of pure carbon specimen holders for analytical electron microscopy of thin sections

Fusaro R.M., 1979: Use of purified amylo glucosidase for the specific determination of total carbohydrate content of rat liver homogenate in a single step

Dietrich J.B., 1985: Use of purified antipeptide sera of selected specificity for the detection of the sv 40 large t antigen by western blotting

Andersen, H. K.; Haahr, S.; Sarov, I., 1977: Use of purified cytomegalovirus as antigen in the complement fixation test

Vian B., 1981: Use of purified endo poly galacturonase for a topochemical study of elongating cell walls at the ultrastructural level

Henderson A.R., 1986: Use of purified lyophilized human lactate dehydrogenase isoenzymes in a study of the measurement of lactate dehydrogenase activity

Lubsen, N. H.; Davis, B. D., 1974: Use of purified polysomes from rabbit reticulocytes in a specific test for initiation factors

Fedorov V.S., 1987: Use of pyracetam in the treatment of myocardial infarction patients

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881088

Rotrekl J., 1987: Use of pyrethroids in perennial legumes

Lee, K. T.; Chang, Y. F.; Tan, S. F., 1976: Use of pyridine 2 aldehyde 2 pyridyl hydrazone for trace analysis of copper in foodstuffs

Slosarek, M.; Sula, L.; Theophilus, S.; Hruby, L., 1978: Use of pyridine for differentiating mycobacterium leprae from other mycobacteria in direct microscopy

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881092

Glezer, G. A.; Megrelishvili, R. I.; Moskalenko, N. P.; Zil'bert, N. L., 1976: Use of pyridoxylate in treating patients with chronic coronary insufficiency

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881094

Guiochon G., 1983: Use of pyro carbon sorbents for trace enrichment of polar compounds from aqueous samples with on line high performance liquid chromatographic analysis

Klyshev L.I., 1986: Use of pyrocatechol to evaluate redox reactions in pea roots under salinization

Dudchik G.Kh, 1982: Use of pyrogenal in the complex treatment of patients with torpid destructive forms of pulmonary tuberculosis

Bhide A.D., 1981: Use of pyrolytic char as an adsorbent

Waitkins, S. A., 1978: Use of pyruvate fermentation compared with tetrazolium reduction in the differentiation of group d streptococci

Harkema S., 1987: Use of pyrylium synthons in the synthesis of hemispherands with modified cavities x ray structures of the 21 hemispherand and a pyrido hemispherand

Kottler J., 1979: Use of q factor analysis for initial instrument validation

Segal B.L., 1982: Use of qrs scoring and thallium 201 scintigraphy to assess left ventricular function after myo cardial infarction

Kaiker P.S., 1986: Use of quadruped models in thoraco abdominal biomechanics research

Skipper B.E., 1987: Use of quantified and frequency indices of vitamin a intake in a case control study of lung cancer

Winkelstein A., 1979: Use of quantitative bacteriologic techniques to diagnose catheter related sepsis

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881107

Michaelis J., 1985: Use of quantitative electrocardiographic analysis for early detection and prediction of coronary heart disease

Havranek, P., 1978: Use of quantitative immuno electrophoresis in cucumber mosaic virus assay part 1 identification of antigenic patterns

Havranek, P., 1978: Use of quantitative immuno electrophoresis in cucumber mosaic virus assay part 2 strain and isolate specific modifications of the antigenic complex

Havranek, P., 1978: Use of quantitative immuno electrophoresis in cucumber mosaic virus assay part 3 evaluation of dilution curves

Toropova, N. A., 1975: Use of quantitative indices in isolating age states in rhizomatous plants

Gareeva L.M., 1979: Use of quantitative methods for the study of floristic composition of plant syntaxa at the level of family

Lebedev, V. V.; Krutova, V. A., 1976: Use of quantitative parameters in assessing the work quality of operators

Smith, R. L.; Frey, K. J., 1970: Use of quantitative serology in predicting the genotypic relationships of oat m cultivars

Duttweiler, M. W., 1976: Use of questionnaire surveys in forming fishery management policy

Mackenzie, C. L-Jr, 1977: Use of quicklime to increase oyster seed production

Ramirez F., 1986: Use of r loop mapping for the assessment of human collagen mutations

Cross H.Z., 1981: Use of r nj aleurone color to improve grain yields of early maize zea mays

Muntz, R. H.; Castaldi, P. A., 1977: Use of rabbit anti sera in the preparation of factor xii free platelet rich and platelet poor plasma

Bieber, C. P.; Griepp, R. B.; Oyer, P. E.; Wong, J.; Stinson, E. B., 1976: Use of rabbit anti thymocyte globulin in cardiac transplantation relationship of serum clearance rates to clinical outcome

Kato, K.; Hamaguchi, Y.; Okawa, S.; Ishikawa, E.; Kobayashi, K.; Katunuma, N., 1977: Use of rabbit antibody immuno globulin g bound onto plain and aminoalkyl silyl glass surface for the enzyme linked sandwich immunoassay

Kato, K.; Hamaguchi, Y.; Okawa, S.; Ishikawa, E.; Kobayashi, K.; Katunuma, N., 1977: Use of rabbit antibody immuno globulin g loaded silicone pieces for the sandwich enzymo immunoassay of macro molecular antigens

Gekhman, B. I.; Zakharzhevskaya, N. P., 1978: Use of rabbit auricle floor temperature as an indicator of cutaneous blood flow

Gadbois T., 1983: Use of rabbit mesentery in the evaluation of adherence of prototrophic and auxotrophic gonococcal strains

Edwards J.M., 1983: Use of rabbit red cells for adsorption of cold auto agglutinins

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881129

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881130

Arita K., 1984: Use of rabbits oryctolagus cuniculus as subjects for model experiments concerning tooth exchange in particular observation of tooth exchange over a period of days

Dewit P.J.G.M., 1985: Use of race specific and cultivar specific elicitors from intercellular fluids for characterizing races of cladosporium fulvum and resistant tomato cultivars

Hibbard E.A., 1984: Use of radar with a stationary antenna to estimate birds in a low level flight corridor

Demidova S.A., 1980: Use of radial hemolysis for measurement of antibody to influenza viruses in human sera

Vasyaev, A. I.; Isupov, F. G., 1975: Use of radial immuno diffusion for quantitative determination of antibody to ribo nucleo protein antigen of influenza virus

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881136

Sharma, D., 1969: Use of radiation for breaking hybrid necrosis in wheat m

Sokolov V.G., 1984: Use of radiation in combined therapy of malignant eye socket tumors in children

Sandberg A.A., 1986: Use of radiation induced chromosomal damage in human lymphocytes as a biological dosimeter is questionable

Isaev I.G., 1980: Use of radiation therapy for consolidation of remission in lympho granulomatosis of the stages iiib iv

Mueller, U.; Yman, L.; Patrizzi, R.; Roth, A., 1978: Use of radio allergo sorbent test technique in wasp sting hyper sensitivity cross reactions between various insect antigens are specially considered

Priimak V.P., 1980: Use of radio cardiography in evaluation of function of the right and left sections of the heart

Baltuskonis, D. A.; Tang, Y. N.; Newton, R. J., 1978: Use of radio gas chromatography in the study of plant metabolism

Baczyk K., 1981: Use of radio immunoassay for the detection of circulating anti streptococcal antibody in patients with glomerulo nephritis

Bogaert, M. G.; Belpaire, F. M.; Mussche, M. M.; Van-Durme, J. P., 1976: Use of radio immunoassay of digitalis glycosides in man

Richardson D.W., 1982: Use of radio immunoassay technique to measure the titer of anti cow zona antibodies in marmoset monkeys callithrix jacchus

Ackerman S.J., 1983: Use of radio immunoassay to determine the nature quantity and source of allergenic contamination of sunflower butter

Wang Y., 1983: Use of radio immunoautography for detection of cytomegalovirus immuno globulin m antibodies in cord blood sera of new born infants

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881151

Shtefanaru L.K., 1981: Use of radio isotope methods for detection and evaluation of hepatitis b antigen carriage by tuberculosis patients

Riley, T. W.; Mosbaugh, P. G.; Coles, J. L.; Newman, D. M.; Van-Hove, E. D.; Heck, L. L., 1976: Use of radio isotope scan in evaluation of intra scrotal lesions

Pandey, R. M.; Singh, R. N.; Bojappa, K. M.; Rao, M. M., 1976: Use of radio isotopes in horticultural problems

Goldenberg, D. M.; Deland, F.; Kim, E.; Bennett, S.; Primus, F. J.; Van-Nagell, J. R-Jr ; Estes, N.; Desimone, P.; Rayburn, P., 1978: Use of radio labeled antibodies to carcino embryonic antigen for the detection and localization of diverse cancers by external photo scanning

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881156

Tyaminov A.R., 1982: Use of radio mutagenesis in the breeding of intensive fine fibrous cotton cultivars

Jones R.H., 1983: Use of radio nuclide angiography in the diagnosis of coronary artery disease a logistic regression analysis

Tynan M.J., 1984: Use of radio nuclide labeled microspheres to show the distribution of the pulmonary perfusion with multi focal pulmonary blood supply

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881160

Zubovskii, G. A.; Likhtarev, I. A.; Arkhangel'skaya, G. V.; Dobroskok, A. I.; Krasnoshchekova, G. P.; Ogneva, T. V.; Levina, G. A., 1977: Use of radio pharmaceutic preparations for diagnosis

Fadeeva M.A., 1982: Use of radio photo luminescent glass for dosimetry of neutron and gamma radiation of californium 252

Kynard B., 1986: Use of radio telemetry to determine the mortality of atlantic salmon smolts passed through a 17 mw kaplan turbine at a low head hydroelectric dam

Ashmore L., 1982: Use of radio telemetry to obtain expressive language samples

Delibes M., 1987: Use of radio tracking to improve the estimation by track counts of the relative abundance of red fox

Leamaster B.R., 1985: Use of radio transmitter implants in wild canids

Mast, M. G.; Mccarthy, R. D.; Phillippy, B. Q., 1977: Use of radioactive chlorine 36 to determine distribution of chloride in poultry meat exposed to chlorinated chill water

Aronson N.N.Jr, 1982: Use of radioactive glucosamine in the perfused rat liver to prepare alpha 1 acid glyco protein oroso mucoid with tritium labeled sialic acid or carbon 14 labeled sialic acid and n acetyl glucosamine residues

Beller F.K., 1979: Use of radioactive gold in the treatment of pleural effusions caused by metastatic cancer

Lur'e, A. A., 1976: Use of radioactive isotopes in medical parasitology literature review

Lur'e, A. A., 1975: Use of radioactive isotopes in medical parasitology survey

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881172

Kiselev, B. N.; Medvedev, P. M.; Rakov, A. A.; Andreeva, N. E., 1977: Use of radiochemical methods for evaluating the vitality of bone marrow cells

Moskona D., 1986: Use of radiograms of hand bones in predicting age and stature of bedouin child populations past and present

Zincke H., 1985: Use of radiographically abnormal kidneys in living related donor renal transplantation

Kallieris D., 1982: Use of radiographs in the forensic autopsy

Kul'berg A.Ya, 1987: Use of radioisotope labelled c1q for the assay of its deposition in the tissues of new zealand mice with pronounced autoimmune process

Atkins H.L., 1987: Use of radiolabeled monoclonal anti b1 antibody for b lymphocyte imaging in rhesus monkeys

Talwar G.P., 1988: Use of radiolabelling and fluorescent staining methods in the evaluation of viability and drug susceptibility testing of mycobacterial cultures

Pelevina I.I., 1986: Use of radiomodifiers in radiation therapy of cancer patients

Et Al, 1986: Use of radionuclide angiography and an electrocardiographic stress test to diagnose multivessel disease after a first episode of uncomplicated myocardial infarction

Gibson G.J., 1987: Use of radionuclide scanning in the preoperative estimation of pulmonary function after pneumonectomy

Lewis S.M., 1987: Use of radionuclide scanning to estimate size of spleen in vivo

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881187

Thomson M A., 1981: Use of rainbow trout salmo gairdneri olfactory bulb bio electric activity for pesticide detection

Rangnekar D.V., 1983: Use of rale seeds setaria italica for dairy cattle along with sugarcane

Owen B.A.A., 1985: Use of ramie as a partial substitute for concentrated feed in the feeding of pigs during gestation and lactation in confinement

Gardner J.F., 1983: Use of randomly cloned dna fragments for identification of bacteroides thetaiotaomicron

Van Epps G., 1982: Use of range shrubs to meet nutrient requirements of sheep grazing on crested wheat grass agropyron cristatum during fall and early winter

Bennett B.M., 1984: Use of ranks in combined estimated in quantal bioassays

Lebas, F.; Seroux, M.; Franck, Y., 1981: Use of rapeseed hulls in growing rabbit feeding 1. fattening performance

Ouhayoun, J.; Demarne, Y.; Delmas, D.; Lebas, F., 1981: Use of rapeseed hulls in growing rabbit feeding 2. effect on carcass quality

Dosba F., 1985: Use of raphano brassica for restoring fertility of cytoplasmic male sterility transferred from radish raphanus sativus to rape brassica napus

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881197

Denton R.M., 1987: Use of rapid gel permeation chromatography to explore the inter relationships between polymerization phosphorylation and activity of acetyl coenzyme a carboxylase effects of insulin and phosphorylation by cyclic amp dependent protein kinase

Fraerman A.P., 1980: Use of rapid performance thermovision set tv 03 for rapid diagnosis of focal pathology of the nervous system

Koontz F.P., 1985: Use of rapid screening tests in processing urine specimens by conventional culture and the automicrobic system

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881201

Tar Tar K., 1988: Use of rapid survey methodology to determine immunization coverage in rural burma

Kreiner I., 1987: Use of rare earth tracers for the study of diesel emissions in the atmosphere

De-Almeida, D. B.; Anselmo, M. A. D. C.; Habermann, F., 1976: Use of rat glomerular basement membrane as antigen in indirect immuno fluorescence test for detection of human anti glomerular basement membrane antibodies

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881205

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881206

Edwards, R. H.; De-Fremery, D.; Kohler, G. O., 1978: Use of re cycled dilute alfalfa solubles to increase the yield of leaf protein concentrate from alfalfa

Amsterdam, D.; Wolfe, M. W., 1968: Use of reagent impregnated paper strips for distinguishing escherichia from aerobacter

Schafer, W. F.; Anderson, R. E.; Morck, R. A.; Cassidy, W. E., 1968: Use of reagent tablets for rapid biochemical identification of salmonellae and other enteric bacteria

Vogel G.E., 1982: Use of real time ultrasonography in intensive care medicine

Togashi O., 1984: Use of real time ultrasonography in neuro surgical operations

Donovan D., 1983: Use of real time ultrasound to enhance fetoscopic visualization

Grumet F.C., 1988: Use of rec a protein to enrich for homologous genes in a genomic library

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881215

Zweig M.H., 1981: Use of receiver operating characteristic curves to evaluate the clinical performance of analytical systems

Varnagy L., 1980: Use of recent fetal bone staining techniques in the evaluation of pesticide teratogenicity

Moreno-Gonzalez, E.; Landa-Garcia, J. I.; Calleja-Kempin, J.; Gomez-Gutierrez, M.; Jover-Navalon, J. M.; Arias-Diaz, J.; Riano, D.; Perez-Cerda, F.; Del-Moral, P., 1988: Use of receptor's right hepatic artery in the arterial reconstruction of clinical liver transplant

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881220

Haymond M.W., 1985: Use of reciprocal pool specific activities to model leucine metabolism in humans

Kil'chevskii A.V., 1985: Use of reciprocal recurrent selection in hybrid tomato breeding

Van Embden J.D.A., 1988: Use of recombinant antigens expressed in escherichia coli k 12 to map b cell and t cell epitopes on the immunodominant 65 kilodalton protein of mycobacterium bovis bcg

Gifford G.A., 1987: Use of recombinant bovine alpha 1 interferon in reducing respiratory disease induced by bovine herpesvirus type 1

Bucy J., 1988: Use of recombinant chymosin in the manufacture of cheddar and colby cheese

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881226

Lomedico P.T., 1982: Use of recombinant dna technology to program eukaryotic cells to synthesize rat pro insulin a rapid expression assay for cloned genes

Et Al, 1988: Use of recombinant granulocyte macrophage colony stimulating factor in the brazil radiation accident

Appelbaum F.R., 1988: Use of recombinant human granulocyte macrophage colony stimulating factor in autologous marrow transplantation for lymphoid malignancies

Farber E.M., 1987: Use of recombinant interferon gamma administered intramuscularly for the treatment of psoriasis

Samy M., 1984: Use of recombinant interferon to prevent recurrent herpesvirus shedding

Pastan I., 1979: Use of recombinant plasmids to characterize collagen rna in normal and transformed chick embryo fibroblasts

Greenaway P.J., 1982: Use of recombinant plasmids to investigate the structure of the human cytomegalovirus genome

Roberts B.E., 1988: Use of recombinant retroviruses to study the regulation of integrated adenovirus early promoters

Podchernyaeva R.Ya, 1986: Use of recombinant strains in the radial hemolysis test for the diagnosis of influenza

Asher S.J., 1988: Use of recombination techniques to examine the structure of the csg locus of myxococcus xanthus

Rasheed, A. A.; Jan-Hwa, W., 1977: Use of reconstituted milk for soft salted cheese manufacture

Loyter A., 1986: Use of reconstituted sendai virus envelopes for fusion mediated microinjection of double stranded rna inhibition of protein synthesis in interferon treated cells

Matorin, D. N.; Venediktov, P. S.; Makevnina, M. G., 1975: Use of recording method of afterglow of green algae in determining soil and water pollution by phyto toxic substances

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881240

Habibi B., 1986: Use of red cells of patients with paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria in detecting hemolysins

Couillard D., 1982: Use of red mud a residue of alumina production by the bayer process in water treatment

Kovacs E., 1986: Use of redergam latergal in vascular diseases

Vol'f L.A., 1980: Use of redox fibrae for cultivation of clostridium perfringens

Copel A., 1986: Use of reduced atmospheric pressure for control of the green peach aphid myzus persicae on harvested head lettuce lactuca sativa

Naranjo, N.; Greene, E., 1977: Use of reduced silver staining to show loss of connections in aged rat brain

Castenholz R.W., 1981: Use of reduced sulfur compounds by beggiatoa sp

Rao A.V., 1983: Use of reducing compounds in the cultivation of azospirillum sp

Kurneev L.A., 1988: Use of reducing diets during the health screening of obese patients with essential hypertension

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881250

Haemmerli G., 1981: Use of reflection contrast microscopy in the analysis of cellular motility

Tomana T., 1983: Use of refractometer to determine soluble solids of astringent fruits of japanese persimmon diospyros kaki

Thomas C., 1987: Use of refuse tips by adult british herring gulls larus argentatus during the week

Thulin A K., 1988: Use of regional cbf in diagnosis and follow up of cerebral vitamin b12 deficiency

Mclean E.O., 1982: Use of regression analysis for converting quick test measured lime and fertilizer recommendations into actual values based on longer equilibration times

Minear R.A., 1987: Use of regression models to link raw water characteristics to trihalomethane concentrations in drinking water

Usol'tsev, V. A., 1976: Use of regressive analysis in the study of age dynamics of birch and aspen phytomass

Valeur B., 1982: Use of regularization operators together with lagrange multipliers in numerical de convolution of fluorescence decay curves

Gorchakov V.N., 1984: Use of reis d apparatus for phlebography and lymphography

Galin, L. S., 1976: Use of relative scattering factor in calculating doses in field formation by means of cobalt 60 blocks

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881262

Davis M.R., 1982: Use of remote sensing to characterize defoliation of pecans by the walnut caterpillar datana integerrima

Aronoff S., 1984: Use of remotely sensed data in environmental planning a case study of environmental analysis for gas field facilities development planning

Maas S.J., 1988: Use of remotely sensed information in agricultural crop growth models

Hwang S., 1982: Use of renal enzymes to evaluate nephro toxicity in lithium treated patients

Pelevina I.I., 1984: Use of repair inhibitors for the radiosensitization of tumors in experimental animals

Alarie Y., 1985: Use of repeated carbon dioxide challenges to evaluate the pulmonary performance of guinea pigs exposed to toluene diisocyanate

Emsley J.A.B., 1983: Use of repeated matings to estimate environmental and genetic trends and effects of relaxing selection in a selected strain of leghorn chickens

Roehrs T.A., 1981: Use of repeated measures designs in psycho pharmacology

Corrigan R., 1980: Use of repetition to facilitate spontaneous language acquisition

Smith K.D., 1983: Use of repetitive dna for diagnosis of chromosomal rearrangements

Rossant J., 1983: Use of repetitive dna sequences to distinguish mus musculus and mus caroli cells by in situ hybridization

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881274

Deodhar S., 1987: Use of resealed erythrocytes as delivery system for c reactive protein crp to generate macrophage mediated tumoricidal activity

Gerald K.B., 1985: Use of residence time moments in compartmental analysis

Harris W., 1982: Use of residual leaf area index and light interception as criteria for spring grazing management of a rye grass dominant pasture

Maiss, E., 1987: Use of resistance induction through culture filtrates of stachybotrys chartarum ehrenb. ex link hughes and bacillus subtilis ehrenberg cohn against virus diseases under commercial conditions of crop production

Minina S.A., 1985: Use of resistance strain gauges to determine the rate and pressure for the compression of material to be tableted

Gbelska, Y.; Smigan, P., 1975: Use of resistant mutants for studying the system of energy transformation in mitochondria

Chatterjee A.N., 1985: Use of resistant mutants to study the interaction of triton x 100 with staphylococcus aureus

Rovera, G.; Surrey, S., 1978: Use of resistant or hyper sensitive variant clones of friend cells in analysis of mode of action of inducers

Pagano R.E., 1981: Use of resonance energy transfer to monitor membrane fusion

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881284

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881285

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881286

Chokroverty S., 1980: Use of respiratory magnetometer in diagnosis and classification of sleep apnea

Baldensperger, J., 1976: Use of respirometry to evaluate sulfur oxidation in soils

Maddox, I. S.; Richert, S. H., 1977: Use of response surface methodology for the rapid optimization of microbiological media

Kimber G., 1984: Use of restitution nuclei to introduce alien genetic variation into hexa ploid wheat

Appleton I.C., 1982: Use of restraint systems by preschool children in cars

Wilson L.B., 1982: Use of restriction endo nucleases for mapping the allele for beta s globin

Plavidal F.J., 1982: Use of restriction enzymes to investigate the source of a primary cytomegalovirus infection in a pediatric nurse

Bird, A. P.; Southern, E. M., 1978: Use of restriction enzymes to study eukaryotic dna methylation part 1 the methylation pattern in ribosomal dna from xenopus laevis

Bird, A. P., 1978: Use of restriction enzymes to study eukaryotic dna methylation part 2 the symmetry of methylated sites supports semi conservative copying of the methylation pattern

Clegg M.T., 1982: Use of restriction fragment length polymorphisms for genetic counseling population genetic considerations

Rajan T.V., 1988: Use of restriction fragment length polymorphisms rflps to distinguish between nematodes of pathogenic significance

Feinberg A.P., 1985: Use of restriction fragment length polymorphisms to determine the clonal origin of human tumors

Sengel P., 1983: Use of retinoic acid for the analysis of dermal epidermal interactions in the tarso metatarsal skin of the chick embryo

Dunkerley, R. C.; Dunn, G. D., 1976: Use of retrograde cholangiography in guiding radio therapy of obstructive jaundice due to tumor

Povlishock J.T., 1980: Use of retrograde peroxidase flooding as an effective tool for morphogenic analysis

Kaul R.K., 1986: Use of reverse phase chromatography in the maxam gilbert method of dna sequencing a step toward automation

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881303

Chaiken I.M., 1982: Use of reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography in structural studies of neurophysins photo labeled derivatives and biosynthetic precursors

Chattopadhyaya J., 1984: Use of reverse phase ion pair chromatography to fractionate and purify dna fragments and monomeric components of rna

Piker E.G., 1980: Use of reverse transcriptase test and radio immunoassay for titration of some avian retroviruses isolated in bulgaria

Nieh P.T., 1987: Use of reversed nephroureteral stent as suprapubic cystoureteral catheter

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881308

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881309

Krstulovic A., 1979: Use of reversed phase high performance liquid chromatographic analysis for the determination of pro vitamin a carotenes in tomatoes

Reid T.W., 1981: Use of reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography for simultaneous determination of glutamine synthetase and glutamic acid decarboxylase in crude extracts

Hearn M.T.W., 1980: Use of reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography for the structural mapping of poly peptides and proteins

Sparrow J.T., 1981: Use of reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography with radial compression for the analysis of peptide and protein mixtures

Gasparic J., 1980: Use of reversed phase thin layer chromatography to assess hydrophobicity in studies of quantitative structure activity relationships for drugs

Samia C.T., 1988: Use of rh positive blood in emergency situations

Kochetygov, N. I.; Bulavin, O. N., 1977: Use of rheo polyglucin and cytochrome c in burn shock

Antropova M.I., 1986: Use of rheography to determine changes in the regional blood flow in patients with the impairment of the facial nerve

Michel F.B., 1987: Use of rhinothermometry with children suffering from allergic rhinitis

Sneh B., 1981: Use of rhizosphere chitinolytic bacteria for biological control of fusarium oxysporum f sp dianthi in carnation dianthus caryophyllus

O'connor, J. E.; Vargas, J. L.; Kimler, B. F.; Hernandez-Yago, J.; Grisolia, S., 1988: Use of rhodamine 123 to investigate alterations in mitochondrial activity in isolated mouse liver mitochondria

Cho, B. H. S.; Kummerow, F. A., 1976: Use of rhodamine as a means of detecting lipid deposition in the aorta

Svinchuk, V. S.; Kramarenko, V. P.; Turkevych, B. M., 1975: Use of rhodanines for identification and quantitative determination of folic acid part 1

Massey V., 1984: Use of riboflavin binding protein to investigate steric and electronic relationships in flavin analogs and models

Weith H.L., 1984: Use of ribonucleosides as protecting groups in synthesis of polynucleotides with phosphorylated terminals

Monastyrskii Yu I., 1982: Use of riboxin in the complex treatment of patients with ischemic heart disease

Carroll R.B., 1985: Use of ridge regression to predict yield reduction by fusarium sp in selected soybean glycine max cultivars

Wald E.R., 1986: Use of rifampin in haemophilus influenzae type b infections

Beutler E., 1980: Use of right atrial catheter for prolonged intra venous support in cancer patients

Fournier R., 1984: Use of rights of way for electrical energy transmission lines by moose alces alces in winter

Katner H.P., 1988: Use of rigid and flexible sigmoidoscopy by family physicians in the usa

Ochs M.W., 1988: Use of rigid internal fixation for management of intraoperative complications of mandibular sagittal split osteotomy

Dipersio J.R., 1986: Use of rim escherichia coli kit for rapid identification of escherichia coli

Muir B.B., 1988: Use of risk factors to allocate schedules for breast cancer screening

Mel'nik N.S., 1981: Use of ristomycin by diffusion into culture medium for isolation of meningococci from naso pharyngeal mucus

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881335

Timashev I.E., 1983: Use of river discharge for irrigation in some areas of california usa

Gorbacheva L.B., 1979: Use of rna matrix synthesis models for study of the mechanism of anti tumor activity of n nitroso ureas in vivo

Hetzel E.W., 1985: Use of rna to dna ratios as an indicator of nutritional stress in the american oyster crassostrea virginica

Helfman D.M., 1988: Use of rnase h and primer extension to analyze rna splicing

Shaw H.G., 1986: Use of road track counts as indices of mountain lion felis concolor presence

Charoy J., 1980: Use of rock phosphates in niger

Inshakova V.A., 1986: Use of rodamine based fluorochromes in the immunofluorescent method when studying arboviruses

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881343

Mitra, S. N.; Mukherjee, D. P.; Bera, P. K., 1975: Use of root promoting chemicals on cuttings of some ornamental plants

Section 7, Chapter 6882 , Accession 006881345

Fomina A.A., 1982: Use of rosanol in patients with chronic cholecysto angio colitis

Garcia, H.; Alba, L. O., 1985: Use of rose bengal for differentiation of live and dead spermatozoa in pure and frozen bull semen

Udvardy, L., 1976: Use of rose bengal iodine 131 tagged isotope for testing liver function in 4000 patients

Mah M., 1981: Use of rotating gratings for the treatment of amblyopia a clinical trial

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881350

Arvin A.M., 1988: Use of routine viral cultures at delivery to identify neonates exposed to herpes simplex virus

Krueck F., 1981: Use of routinely performed spirometry in the general medical examination

Boistard P., 1979: Use of rp 4 prime plasmids constructed in vitro to promote a polarized transfer of the chromosome in escherichia coli and rhizobium meliloti

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881354

Berenson G.S., 1988: Use of rubidium 86 and sodium 22 in assaying active and cotransport activities in human erythrocytes in a biracial population

Harumoto, T.; Kato, M., 1978: Use of ruminating time as an index of the herbage intake by grazing animals

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881359

Gopinathan K.P., 1984: Use of s 1 nuclease and formamide in combination for the reassociation studies on guanine cytosine rich dna

Tuma D.J., 1982: Use of s adenosyl methionine as an index of methionine re cycling in rat liver slices

Ley S.V., 1987: Use of s tert butyl acetothioacetate in the preparation of milbemycin seco analogues

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881363

Anderson, M. G.; Low, J. B., 1976: Use of sago pondweed by waterfowl on the delta marsh manitoba canada

Golan, J.; Bercovici, B.; Dover, N.; Ben-Hur, N., 1976: Use of salazopyrin for prevention of peritoneal adhesions in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881366

Janke D., 1987: Use of salicylate to estimate the threshold inducer level for de novo synthesis of the phenol degrading enzymes in pseudomonas putida strain h

Wong P.K., 1986: Use of salicylate with high pressure liquid chromatography and electrochemical detection as a sensitive measure of hydroxyl free radicals in adriamycin treated rats

Garcia-Sancho, J.; Sanchez, A., 1978: Use of salicylic acid to measure the apparent intra cellular ph in the ehrlich ascites tumor cell and escherichia coli

Dhir, R. P.; Kolarkar, A. S.; Bhola, S. N., 1975: Use of saline water in agriculture part 2 crop growth and response to fertilizer application under saline water use in cultivators fields

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881371

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881372

Sato T., 1981: Use of saliva for monitoring unbound free cortisol levels in serum

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881374

Peixoto Z.M.P., 1979: Use of saliva in natural canine rabies diagnosis

Horning, M. G.; Brown, L.; Nowlin, J.; Lertratanangkoon, K.; Kellaway, P.; Zion, T. E., 1977: Use of saliva in therapeutic drug monitoring

Preskorn, S. H.; Abernethy, D. R.; Mcknelly, W. V. Jr, 1978: Use of saliva lithium determinations for monitoring lithium therapy

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881378

Howell P.T., 1984: Use of salt marshes by meadow voles microtus pennsylvanicus

Brackett B.G., 1987: Use of salt stored zonae pellucidae for assessing rabbit sperm capacitation for in vitro fertilization

Hoseney, R. C.; Seib, P. A.; Deyoe, C. W., 1977: Use of salts of 6 acyl esters of l ascorbic acid and d iso ascorbic acid in breadmaking

Guiraud R., 1981: Use of sample adsorption enrichment for trace pollutant automatic chromatographic analysis water air system application

Gancharuk, E. I.; Sokolov, M. S.; Spasov, A. S.; Shostak, L. B., 1976: Use of sand cultures in standardizing chemical substances in soil

Chen K., 1981: Use of sandwich enzyme immunoassay with glass beads to detect lung cancer carcino embryonic antigen and alpha feto protein

Greco M.A., 1984: Use of saphenous vein allo grafts for aorto pulmonary artery anastomoses in neo nates with complex cyanotic congenital heart disease

Podesta R.B., 1981: Use of saponin in the preparation of brush border from a parasitic flatworm hymenolepis diminuta

Kaufman J.J., 1980: Use of saralasin to detect reno vascular hypertension in childhood

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881391

Brody, A. R.; Vallyathan, N. V.; Craighead, J. E., 1978: Use of scanning electron microscopy and x ray energy spectrometry to determine the elemental content of inclusions in human tissue lesions

Drzewiecki, K. T.; Kjaergaard, J., 1977: Use of scanning electron microscopy for the study of human epidermal melanocytes

Denisov-Nikol'skii-Yu, I.; Mikhalev, A. P.; Nesterova, G. A., 1976: Use of scanning electron microscopy for the study of the architectonics of the fibrous framework of large vessel walls

Miegeville, M.; Morin, O.; Hadibi, E.; Bastide, M., 1977: Use of scanning electron microscopy in the morphological study of yeasts of the genus cryptococcus and of their protoplasts

Miegeville, M.; Morin, O.; Lafon-Lafourcade, S., 1977: Use of scanning electron microscopy in the study of various yeast protoplasts

Zottola E.A., 1982: Use of scanning electron microscopy to demonstrate microbial attachment to beef and beef contact surfaces

Tinanoff, N., 1978: Use of scanning electron microscopy to screen fluorides for anti plaque properties

Martin, J. P.; Fleck, J., 1975: Use of scanning microscopy for the study of some morphologic changes in a gram negative bacterium

Fumiiri M., 1986: Use of scarred flaps and secondary flaps for reconstructive surgery of extensive burns

Dry, J.; Pradalier, A.; Leynadier, F.; Herman, D., 1977: Use of sch 1000 n iso propyl atropine for the prevention of the broncho constriction induced by stress testing in asthmatic patients

Volkova V.I., 1980: Use of schungite dolomites as a meliorant in podzolic soils

Hsia M.T.S., 1987: Use of scintillometric quantitation of unscheduled dna synthesis in isolated rat hepatocytes for the screening of genotoxic agents

Stoichev, S.; Bitolski, B.; Khaidutova, R.; K'osovska, R.; Dimitrova, S.; Strezov, S.; K'rdzhiev, V., 1976: Use of screening tests in detecting pre tumoral gastric diseases

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881406

Smith R.J., 1985: Use of sds as a clearing agent for chironomid larvae prior to slide mounting

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881408

Abaza, M.; Ghoneim, M. F.; Zwaik, A., 1974: Use of sea water dilutions for irrigation in sand dunes in the northern coasts in libya

Haidinger J., 1988: Use of seawater in flue gas desulfurization a new low cost fgd system for special applications

Mortel R., 1987: Use of second look laparotomy in the management of patients with ovarian epithelial malignancies

Laschi R., 1985: Use of secondary electron detectors for compositional studies on embedded biological material

Rossiter M., 1987: Use of secondary host non outbreak populations of the gypsy moth

Wolfenden R., 1985: Use of secondary isotope effects and varying ph to investigate the mode of binding of inhibitory amino aldehydes by leucine aminopeptidase

Myers S.E., 1979: Use of sedative analgesic and anesthetic drugs during labor and delivery bane or boon

Chumakov, I. M., 1977: Use of sedimentation under conditions of acidic denaturation for the determination of rna molecular weight

Werner F.W., 1983: Use of segmental spinal instrumentation to preserve longitudinal spinal growth an experimental study

Turc J.M., 1985: Use of segments for the quality control of the factor viii coagulant activity of fresh frozen plasma

Martin, Y. P.; Mengus, B. M., 1977: Use of selected bacterial strains for feeding larvae of mytilus galloprovincialis in experimental rearing

Natali P.G., 1988: Use of selected combinations of monoclonal antibodies to tumor associated antigens in the diagnosis of neoplastic effusions of unknown origin

Gordon S.R., 1988: Use of selected excitation filters for enhancement of diaminobenzidine photomicroscopy

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881422

Cole, D. L.; Cavill, M. E., 1977: Use of selected fungicides as seed dressings for the control of rhizoctonia solani in cotton

Westerdahl G., 1981: Use of selected ion monitoring for detection of tuberculo stearic and 32 carbon mycocerosic acid in mycobacteria and in 5 day old cultures of sputum specimens from patients with pulmonary tuberculosis

Rosberg S O., 1980: Use of selection index theory to select breeding females in mink a preliminary study

Barber L.E., 1979: Use of selective agents for recovery of rhizobium meliloti from soil

Furchgott R.F., 1983: Use of selective antagonists for determining the types of receptors mediating the actions of 5 hydroxy tryptamine and tryptamine in the isolated rabbit aorta

Rothman S.L.G., 1980: Use of selective arteriography in the treatment of epistaxis

Mashanskii, V. F.; Li, S. E.; Preobrazhenskii, B. V.; Savkova, G. A., 1978: Use of selective decalcification methods for analyses of ultrastructure and topographic interrelationships of soft tissue and skeleton of corals

Kolar Ya, 1981: Use of selective intra arterial embolization for therapeutic purposes in maxillo facial tumors

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881431

Newton C.A., 1985: Use of selective mesenteric dilator peptides to examine the role of the intestine in experimental hemorrhagic shock

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881433

Heller H., 1979: Use of selectively acting cation exchange resins for the fixation of phyto toxic heavy metals in cultivated soils

Bartels C.L., 1988: Use of selenastrum capricornutum to assess the toxicity potential of surface and ground water contamination caused by chromium waste

Dassin, E.; Bourebia, J.; Najean, Y., 1979: Use of selenium 75 labeled methionine as a tracer of thrombocytopoiesis 3. evidence for 2 different in vivo thrombocytopoiesis stimulating factors

Aminoff D., 1985: Use of selenium 75 labeled methionine to study the sequestration of senescent red blood cells

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881438

Gutman, G. A.; Warner, N. L.; Harris, A. W.; Bowles, A., 1978: Use of selenium 75 seleno methionine in immuno globulin biosynthetic studies

Sinay P., 1985: Use of selenium in carbohydrate chemistry preparation of c glycoside congeners

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881441

Mcconathy L.C., 1983: Use of self delivered reinforcement and group contingency management to increase productivity of severely retarded workers

Sewell W.R., 1983: Use of self efficacy scaling in training student clinicians implications for working with stutterers

Wall, H. M.; Routowicz, A., 1987: Use of self generated and others' cues in immediate and delayed recall

Newstrom L., 1983: Use of self generated and supplied visuals as mnemonics in gifted childrens learning

Hattersley J., 1984: Use of self recording to maintain staff resident interaction

Herland P.J., 1983: Use of self tethering feeding gates for controlled feeding of dairy cows in a loose housing system

Swartz B.L., 1981: Use of semi permeable poly urethane membrane for skin graft dressings

Walker, C. B.; Wilkins, T. D., 1976: Use of semi solid agar for initiation of pure bacteroides fragilis infection in mice

Afanas'eva, N. P.; Bogomazov, D. P.; Gisarina, G. D.; Eremin, V. K.; Kristafovich, A. A.; Ryvkin, S. M.; Strokan, N. B.; Tarkhin, D. V., 1976: Use of semiconductor detectors in broncho radiometry for diagnosing lung cancer

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881451

Chaudhari, H. K., 1978: Use of semigamy in the production of cotton ha ploids

Welsh, J. K.; Skurrie, I. J.; May, J. T., 1978: Use of semliki forest virus to identify lipid mediated anti viral activity and anti alphavirus immuno globulin a in human milk

Flowers, D. J., 1978: Use of sensitivity discs as primary antibiotic standards in minimum inhibitory concentration determination

Nagarkatti, P. S.; D'souza, M. B.; Rao, K. M., 1978: Use of sensitized spleen cells in capillary tube migration inhibition test to demonstrate cellular sensitization to dengue virus in mouse

Mclellan M.R., 1986: Use of sensory analysis for the observation of single gene effects on the quality of canned peas pisum sativum

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881457

Whitney J.O., 1980: Use of sep pak cartridges for urinary steroid extraction evaluation of the method for use prior to gas chromatographic analysis

Braff T., 1983: Use of separate hand locations to calculate ground reaction force exerted on a vaulting pole

Wunderlich V., 1982: Use of sepharose bead immuno fluorescence assay for comparison of the type d retroviruses mason pfizer monkey virus and pmfv

Laguerre, M.; Turcotte, R., 1977: Use of sepharose conjugated bcg antibodies for the purification of tuberculin active components

Stocchi, V.; Magnani, M.; Ninfali, P.; Dacha, M., 1980: Use of sepharose n amino hexanoyl glucosamine for purification of rabbit red blood cell hexo kinase ec

Et Al, 1981: Use of septal cartilage homo grafts in tympano plasty

Ludva J., 1983: Use of septonex as anti microbial ingredient in drugs

Schrem S., 1988: Use of sequential cardiac enzyme analysis in stratification of risk for myocardial infarction in patients with unstable angina

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881467

Sofroniew M.V., 1982: Use of serial 1 2 micrometer paraffin sections in neuro peptide immuno cytochemistry for sequential analysis of different substances contained within the same neurons

Le Mevel B.P., 1981: Use of serial carcino embryonic antigen assays in detecting relapses in breast cancer involving high risk of metastasis

Kulikov B.N., 1980: Use of sericin during cultivation and drying of soil bacteria

Kwiatek E., 1985: Use of serological immunological and biochemical methods in foot and mouth disease diagnosis

Shuikina, E. E.; Rykova, M. P., 1977: Use of serological methods in malariology literature survey

Brennan P.J., 1983: Use of serology and thin layer chromatography for the assembly of an authenticated collection of serovars within the mycobacterium avium mycobacterium intracellulare mycobacterium scrofulaceum complex

Basbaum A.I., 1988: Use of serotonin immunocytochemistry as a marker of injury severity after experimental spinal trauma in rats

Gust I.D., 1988: Use of serotype specific monoclonal antibodies to study the epidemiology of rotavirus infection

Tamburro C.H., 1985: Use of serum bile acids in the identification of vinyl chloride hepatotoxicity

Mann W.J., 1988: Use of serum ca 125 in monitoring patients with uterine sarcoma a preliminary report

Barnard R., 1982: Use of serum copper zinc ratio in patients with large bowel cancer

Meguid M.M., 1987: Use of serum cpk mm to monitor response to nutritional intervention in catabolic surgical patients

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881480

Bjornsson T.D., 1979: Use of serum creatinine concentrations to determine renal function

Majde J.A., 1988: Use of serum free compositionally defined medium for analysis of macrophage differentiation in vitro

Olvido Diaz E., 1981: Use of serum impregnated paper discs in the identification of enteroviruses in tissue cultures

Laszlo F., 1988: Use of serum progesterone direct ria for surveying the inseminated non conceived sows without returning to estrus

Gardner P., 1986: Use of serum prolactin in rats as a determinant in detecting endophyte acremonium coenophialium infected tall fescue seed

Edwards, E. A., 1977: Use of serum stored on filter paper discs in complement fixation tests for adenovirus antibody

Uusi Heikkila Y., 1984: Use of services care seeking behavior and satisfaction among university dental clinic patients in finland

De Arambarri P., 1984: Use of sewage polluted water for the irrigation of olive olea europaea trees

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881489

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881492

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881493

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881494

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881495

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881496

Spigelman M., 1986: Use of shading to control the time of harvest of red ripe pepper fruits during the winter season in a high radiation desert climate

Chiang H.C., 1981: Use of shadows for studying the 3 dimensional structure of insect swarms

Evans, J. B.; Kloos, W. E., 1972: Use of shake cultures in a semi solid thio glycolate medium for differentiating staphylococci from micrococci

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881500

Opdan, P.; Muskens, G., 1976: Use of shed feathers in population studies of accipiter hawks aves accipitriformes accipitridae

Wood A.K., 1988: Use of shelter by mule deer during winter

Filippyuk V.V., 1984: Use of shield blocks for field formation in gamma beam teletherapy

Baert A.L., 1988: Use of shielding to prevent folding in mr imaging

Gilbert F.F., 1983: Use of shoreline timber reserves by moose alces alces

Selwyn A.P., 1987: Use of short and long lived rubidium tracers for the study of transient ischemia

Grama D.P., 1982: Use of short chromatographic preparative agarose columns for purification of bacilliform and filamentous plant viruses

Weiss S.B., 1984: Use of short dna oligonucleotides for determination of dna sequence modifications induced by benzo a pyrene diol epoxide

Yamamoto L.Y., 1984: Use of short lived fluorine 18 and long lived carbon 14 in double tracer autoradiography for simultaneous measurement of local cerebral blood flow and local cerebral glucose utilization

Rajbhandary U.L., 1979: Use of short synthetic dna duplexes as substrates for the restriction endo nucleases hpa ii and mno i

Waaler H.M., 1988: Use of short term residential accommodation in sanitoria

Klys M., 1986: Use of short wide bore capillary columns in gas chromatography toxicological screening

Jimenez Lozano M., 1987: Use of shrimp shell as fermentation substrate

Merritt T.A., 1980: Use of side hole endo tracheal tube adapter for tracheal aspiration a controlled study

Hughey A.W., 1982: Use of sidman avoidance to increase door locking behavior among college students living in residence halls

Novikov E.I., 1981: Use of sigetin and seduxen for inducing biological readiness for labor in pregnant women

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881518

Mcneil, B. J.; Weber, E.; Harrison, D.; Hellman, S., 1977: Use of signal detection theory in examining the results of a contrast examination a case study using the lymph angiogram

Simson M.B., 1981: Use of signals in the terminal qrs complex to identify patients with ventricular tachy cardia after myo cardial infarction

Hanley I.G., 1981: Use of signposts and active training to modify ward dis orientation in elderly patients

Mosbach K., 1985: Use of silane monomers for molecular imprinting and enzyme entrapment in polysiloxane coated porous silica

Murphy G.P., 1981: Use of silastic implants to raise plasma androgen levels in the immature baboon papio cynocephalus

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881524

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881525

Walbot, V., 1977: Use of silica sol step gradients to prepare bundle sheath and mesophyll chloroplasts from panicum maximum

Wirth, J. J.; Levy, M. H.; Wheelock, E. F., 1976: Use of silica to identify host mechanisms involved in suppression of established friend virus leukemia

Maddox I.S., 1982: Use of silicalite for the adsorption of n butanol from fermentation liquors

Marku Szewski R., 1987: Use of silicalite molecular sieve for the gas chromatographic determination of permanent gases and volatile hydrocarbons emitted during coal processing

Wallace K.M., 1986: Use of silicone fluids in studies of cellular amino acids

Geha A.S., 1981: Use of silicone rubber as a peri cardial substitute to facilitate re operation in cardiac surgery

Flaatten H., 1984: Use of silicone rubber central venous catheters for parenteral nutrition

Laks H., 1981: Use of silicone rubber to facilitate shunt takedown

Matsunaga T., 1987: Use of silk fibroin for enzyme membrane

Korbi, S.; Toccanier, M. F.; Leyvraz, G.; Stalder, J.; Kapanci, Y., 1986: Use of silver staining dieterle's stain in the diagnosis of cat scratch disease

Reid M.S., 1983: Use of silver thio sulfate to prevent flower abscission from potted plants

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881537

Pan Y G., 1981: Use of silyloxy dienes in synthesis total syntheses of the sesqui terpene racemic seychellene

Amor R.L., 1985: Use of simazine and trifluralin for weed control in lupines in the victoria mallee australia

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881540

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881541

Pal B., 1987: Use of simple analgesics in the treatment of ankylosing spondylitis

Obanu Z.A., 1987: Use of simple fat analysis for evaluating quality changes in intermediate moisture fish stored at tropical temperature

Schmutterer H., 1982: Use of simple methods for extraction of neem seeds formulation of extracts and their effect of various insect pests

Papaleo, G.; Grano, S.; Gallo, A. B.; Zito, G. A., 1978: Use of simple radial immuno diffusion for the determination of minimal quantities of immuno globulin a and immuno globulin m

Molter D.W., 1981: Use of simple tasks to test for impairment of complex skills by a sedative

Salonen M., 1987: Use of simple tests to determine the residual effects of the analgesic component of balanced anesthesia

Holt J.K., 1983: Use of simple water column sampler to monitor chemical and biological conditions in shallow waters

Tewarson R.P., 1981: Use of simpsons rule in renal models

Kiprovski T., 1986: Use of simulated rainfalls for determining the resistance to erosion of cinnamonic forest soils

Kochemasov V.V., 1985: Use of simulation modeling methods in control of blood reserves

Mcnamara P.J., 1986: Use of simultaneous computer fitting to estimate the apparent absorption rate constant

Benevenga N.J., 1987: Use of simultaneous curve fitting and a four parameter logistic model to evaluate the nutritional quality of protein sources at growth rates of rats from maintenance to maximum gain

Mcdonough P.G., 1987: Use of single 4b 2 and repetitive copy p s4 dna probes to characterize translocated y dna in a pedigree with recurrent abortion

Aldridge K.E., 1982: Use of single agent anti microbial therapy in the treatment of poly microbial female pelvic infections

Mushanova Z., 1979: Use of single cell bacterial protein in mixed feeds for growing pigs 1

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881557

Sperelakis N., 1988: Use of single heart cells from chick embryos for the sodium current measurements

Porter, E. M.; Bartels, P. G., 1977: Use of single leaf cells to study mode of action of san 6706 on soybean and cotton

Sakhibov-Ya, D.; Demidova, A. V.; Morozov, A. I., 1976: Use of single moment double labeling of erythrocytes with iron 59 and chromium 51 in studies on erythremia

Smith, T.; Shawe, D. J.; Crawley, J. C. W.; Gumpel, J. M., 1988: Use of single photon emission computed tomography spect to study the distribution of yttrium 90 in patients with baker's cysts and persistent synovitis of the knee

Cerbini C., 1985: Use of single radial hemolysis and hemagglutination inhibition for a seroepidemiological survey against influenza viruses in umbria italy in the 1982 1983 winter season

Potter C.W., 1987: Use of single radial hemolysis for assessing antibody response to influenza virus vaccines in animals

Hall D.W., 1988: Use of single session hypnosis for smoking cessation

Spitz M., 1985: Use of single shot intrasplenic immunization for production of monoclonal antibodies specific for human immunoglobulin m

Summers J.D., 1982: Use of single stage low protein diets for growing leghorn pullets

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881567

Garella S., 1983: Use of single voided urine samples to estimate quantitative proteinuria

Jacobsen, J. P.; Reffstrup, T.; Boll, P. M., 1977: Use of singly and doubly labeled carbon 13 acetate in the elucidation of the structure of carolic acid

De Groot K., 1981: Use of sintered hydroxylapatite in middle ear surgery

Snellen J.W., 1982: Use of sinusoidally changing workloads as an aid to identify dynamic properties of physiological systems

Kaiser E.T., 1988: Use of site directed mutagenesis to elucidate the role of arginine 166 in the catalytic mechanism of alkaline phosphatase

Stone S.R., 1988: Use of site directed mutagenesis to investigate the basis for the specificity of hirudin

Matthews B.W., 1987: Use of site directed mutagenesis to obtain isomorphous heavy atom derivatives for protein crystallography cysteine containing mutants of phage t4 lysozyme

Branlant G., 1988: Use of site directed mutagenesis to probe the role of cysteine 149 in the formation of charge transfer transition in glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenase

Lynch K.D., 1987: Use of site index as a forestry management tool

Arlinghaus R.B., 1985: Use of site specific antipeptide antibodies to perturb the serine kinase catalytic activity of p 37mos

Cozzarelli N.R., 1987: Use of site specific recombination as a probe of dna structure and metabolism in vivo

Logan D.T., 1986: Use of size dependent mortality models to estimate reductions in fish populations resulting from toxicant exposure

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881580

Pilorge T., 1980: Use of skeleto chronology in demographic studies of amphibian and lizard populations

Moutier R., 1986: Use of skin grafting and electrophoretic survey of biochemical markers in genetic monitoring of inbred strains

Stegmaier O.C., 1982: Use of skin stapler in dermatologic surgery

Mikhael N.Z., 1987: Use of skin surface sampling and ion mobility spectrometry as a preliminary screening method for drug detection in an emergency room

Pelletier G., 1988: Use of slide mounted frozen sections to study the autoradiographic localization characterization and quantification of lhrh receptors in the rat pituitary

Westcott D., 1986: Use of slow calcium channel blockers to enhance inhibition by taxol of growth of drug sensitive and drug resistant chinese hamster ovary cells

Dufault R.J., 1987: Use of slow release nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers in celery transplant production

Power J.F., 1979: Use of slow release nitrogen fertilizers on native mixed prairie

Vandoni, M. V.; Genevini, P. L., 1981: Use of sludges on field crops 2. effects on soil chemical and biological properties

Federico L.G., 1980: Use of sludges on field crops effects on maize zea mays

Bernal S.B., 1985: Use of sm 1 monoclonal antibody and human complement in selective killing of small cell carcinoma of the lung

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881592

Romer T.R., 1986: Use of small charcoal alumina cleanup columns in determination of trichothecene mycotoxins in foods and feeds

Yasargil M.G., 1981: Use of small diameter synthetic grafts in carotid bypasses in rats

Livesey J.H., 1979: Use of small samples of urine to monitor gonadotropins in menopausal women

Brown T.G., 1987: Use of small temporary floodplain tributaries by juvenile salmonids in a west coast rain forest drainage basin carnation creek british columbia canada

Et Al, 1987: Use of smokeless tobacco among children and adolescents in the usa

Wight H.M., 1980: Use of snags by birds in douglas fir pseudotsuga menziesii forests western oregon usa

White M., 1984: Use of snags by cavity nesting birds in the sierra nevada california usa

Takada K., 1985: Use of soap in the management of atopic dermatitis

Stromgard E., 1987: Use of social and health services by elderly people during the terminal 18 months of life

Mitsuda, H.; Nakajima, K.; Mizuno, H.; Kawai, F., 1980: Use of sodium chloride solution and carbon di oxide for extending shelf life of fish fillets

Richard G., 1988: Use of sodium chloride solution to replace water specimens of heavy clay prior to resin impregnation

Mayer K., 1984: Use of sodium chromate chromium 51 in diagnosing childhood idiopathic pulmonary hemo siderosis

Thoen C.O., 1986: Use of sodium deoxycholate to extract cell wall components of virulent mycobacterium bovis

Kessler R.M., 1987: Use of sodium diethyldithiocarbamate to extract native proteins and enzymes from sunflower tissues

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881608

Kramer, J. L.; Merrell, P. W.; Burren, B. J., 1987: Use of sodium fluoroacetate compound 1080 in the control of dingoes i. meat bait preparation techniques

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881610

Miller D., 1986: Use of sodium hyaluronate in severe penetrating ocular trauma

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881612

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881613

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881614

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881615

Amiryan N.B., 1984: Use of sodium nucleinate and its combinations with bacterial polysaccharides for preventing the nephrotoxic effect of aminoglycoside antibiotics

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881617

Wasilauskas, B. L.; Floyd, J.; Roberts, T. R., 1974: Use of sodium poly anethole sulfonate in the preparation of 5 percent sheep blood agar plates

Ellins, M. L.; Campbell, J. B., 1977: Use of sodium poly anetholesulfonate calcium chloride for removal of serum nonspecific inhibitors of rubella hem agglutination comparison with other poly anion divalent cation combinations

Beutling D., 1987: Use of sodium pyrosulfite for preservation of slaughter waste

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881621

Kane J.W., 1979: Use of sodium salicylate as a blocking agent for cortisol binding globulin in a radio immunoassay for cortisol on unextracted plasma

Davidson P.M., 1986: Use of sodium substitutes in cottage cheese and buttermilk

Fekety F.R., 1982: Use of sodium tauro cholate to enhance spore recovery on a medium selective for clostridium difficile

Murray M.G., 1986: Use of sodium trichloroacetate and mung bean nuclease to increase sensitivity and precision during transcript mapping

Spalton D.J., 1987: Use of soft contact lenses in an eye casualty department for the primary treatment of traumatic corneal abrasions

Gardiner M.J., 1986: Use of soil and climatic data to predict hydraulic loading behavior of irish soils

Kariev A., 1980: Use of soil and fertilizer nitrogen by cotton plants depending on fertilization

Heilman, M. D.; Nixon, P. R.; Cantu, R. V.; Smithey, R. E., 1978: Use of soil applied liquid fumigant for phymatotrichum root rot control in cotton

Cope J.T.Jr, 1987: Use of soil profile sulfate data for predicting crop response to sulfur

Hartz T.K., 1986: Use of soil solarization to control fusarium wilt of watermelon citrullus lanatus

Todd A.D., 1979: Use of soil survey of england and wales uk data bank 1950 1973 to summarize and establish relations between soil analyses observed gley status and lithological contribution

Zhdanov, V. F.; Korotkova, A. N.; Batagov, S. Ya, 1976: Use of sokolons and lyons electro cardiographic data in determining chronic cor pulmonale

Kishimoto K., 1986: Use of solar energy for heating and cooling of greenhouse and cultural solution and growth of honeworts cryptotaenia japonica in rotary planter

Arutyunov A.V., 1985: Use of solar heat energy for the control of gall nematodes of the genus meloidogyne

Mishanina Z.G., 1988: Use of solcoseryl in the local treatment of persistent gastroduodenal ulcers

Agrawal S.C., 1982: Use of solid media for detection of enzymes by keratinophilic fungi and dermatophytes

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881639

Bing D.H., 1981: Use of solid phase complement c 1q and horseradish peroxidase conjugated goat anti immuno globulin g for the detection of immune complexes in human serum

Broski F.H., 1987: Use of solid phase extraction systems to improve the sensitivity of artemia bioassays for trichothecene mycotoxins

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881642

Flowers F.P., 1986: Use of solubility parameters of drug and vehicle to predict flux through skin

Hansen J.N., 1981: Use of solubilizable acrylamide di sulfide gels for isolation of dna fragments suitable for sequence analysis

Woodcock M., 1981: Use of solubilizing agents to study radio sensitization in vitro by compounds of low water solubility

Knight G.J., 1980: Use of soluble and staphylococcus aureus immobilized 2nd antibody compared in a radio immunoassay for human alpha feto protein

Franzblau C., 1980: Use of soluble collagenous peptides from medium of chick calvaria cultures as substrate for prolyl hydroxylase

Zervas G.P., 1988: Use of soluble glass boluses containing copper cobalt and selenium in the prevention of trace element deficiencies in goats

Trott, P. A.; Williams, G.; Attridge, P. W., 1969: Use of soluble swabs in the diagnosis of bladder neoplasia

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881651

Stauffer R.E., 1985: Use of solute tracers released by weathering to estimate groundwater inflow to seepage lakes

Enriquez B., 1985: Use of solutes in surgery of pet animals

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881654

Martinez C.A., 1984: Use of solvent extracted sunflower seed meal in complete diets for fingerling rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881656

Semenluk P., 1987: Use of somaclonal variation in the improvement of eustoma grandiflorum

Kappler J., 1983: Use of somatic cell genetics to study chromosomes contributing to antigen plus i recognition by t cell hybridomas

Cram S., 1984: Use of somatic cell hybrids for quantitation of mutagenesis reduction in background mutants by fluorescence activated cell sorting

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881660

Nystrom, S., 1980: Use of somatic hospital care among divorced persons a. diagnostic groups

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881662

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881663

Dubinskii A.A., 1982: Use of somatotropin in the treatment of chronic circulatory insufficiency

Semychayevs'kyi V.D., 1982: Use of some algorithms of automatic classification for estimating taxonomic affinity of cyanophyta species by biochemical indices

Leshchinskii, L. A.; Karbasnikova, G. V.; Zabel'yan, O. M.; Vasil'kova, A. A., 1978: Use of some cardiac glycosides with strophanthin like action in the pharmaco therapy of chronic circulatory insufficiency

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881667

Semenova, L. I.; Kuznetsov, D. I., 1975: Use of some color reactions to identify lipid classes including tocopherols by thin layer chromatography

Barada Espinosa Z., 1986: Use of some epidemiologic markers in the characterization of pseudomonas aeruginosa as the cause of hospital infection

Ivanov, V. L.; Gizatullin-Kh, G.; Shcherbatenko, S. I., 1975: Use of some immunological methods to detect the specific antigen in leukocytes of leukemic patients

Meshchishen I.F., 1986: Use of some infant formulas in combined treatment of gastroduodenitis and peptic ulcer

Lekht M., 1981: Use of some mathematical methods in the systematics of the genus medicago subgenus falcago

Condurache A., 1981: Use of some medicinal plants in the post extractional treatment of the alveolar wound histological aspects

Vassileva-Alexandrova, P. S.; Shishmanov, P. S., 1977: Use of some mono tetrazolium salts and di tetrazolium salts as spectrophotometric reagents for determination of gardona

Kennedy J.F., 1979: Use of some new poly phenolic resins for fractionation of carbohydrates and immobilization of carbohydrate hydrolases and isomerases

Kabaivanov S., 1981: Use of some nutrient media to isolate mastitis streptococci

Yakovlev A.A., 1979: Use of some pharmacological preparations for improvement of adrenal gland visualization with iodine 131 labeled 19 iodo cholesterol

Pandey, N. D.; Singh, S. R.; Tewari, G. C., 1976: Use of some plant powders oils and extracts as protectants against pulse beetle callosobruchus chinensis

Frid, I. A.; Evtyukhin, A. I., 1978: Use of some plasma substitute solutions in surgical treatment of patients with lung cancer

Morin, P.; Badin, J.; Abbou, S.; Yver, A. M.; Ozil, D., 1977: Use of some procedures of selective chemical precipitation of serum proteins in the study of normal and pathological pregnancy

Dyr J.E., 1985: Use of some snake venoms in the diagnostics of paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria

Lunin N.D., 1980: Use of some soybean characters of hypocotyl coloration and downiness for separating hybrid plants

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881684

Fries N., 1982: Use of some volatile compounds in the preservation of wheat grains from fungal deterioration in storage under indian conditions

Verner J., 1987: Use of song repertoires among marsh wren populations

Schwaighofer B., 1985: Use of sonography in diagnosing pathological changes in the area of the tongue and floor of the mouth

Mascio G., 1981: Use of sorbinicate in the treatment of hyper lipo proteinemia type iia and type iib

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881690

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881691

Agboola A.A., 1984: Use of sorption isotherms to evaluate phosphorus requirements of some savannah soils of western nigeria

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881693

Zheldak L.A., 1980: Use of soviet menopausal gonadotropin for the treatment of hypo gonadotropic hypo gonadism in women

Ruffo G., 1985: Use of soy base media for the isolation and culture of thermophilic campylobacter spp from various animal species

Reisner, Y.; Ravid, A.; Sharon, N., 1976: Use of soybean agglutinin for the separation of mouse bone marrow derived and thymus derived lymphocytes

Tumbay, E.; Demir, O.; Akalin, T., 1985: Use of soybean waste hydrolysate medium in mycology part iii. use of soybean waste hydrolysate agar as a selective medium from cryptococcus neoformans

Tumbay, E.; Demir, O.; Onder, M.; Akcaglar, S., 1985: Use of soybean waste hydrolysate medium in mycology part iv. its use in routine cultures

Kim Z U., 1988: Use of soymilk residue in noodles

Slover H.T., 1981: Use of sp 2340 glass capillary columns for the estimation of the trans fatty acid content of foods

Gravem F.R., 1985: Use of space and food by resident and migrant brown trout salmo trutta

Maclean S.F., 1980: Use of space by lapland longspurs calcarius lapponicus breeding in arctic alaska usa

Terrier G., 1986: Use of space by lynx introduced into the massif vosgien france preliminary results

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881705

Maublanc M.L., 1986: Use of space by roe deer capreolus capreolus in open environment

Ferron J., 1986: Use of space by woodchucks marmota monax

Baker R.L., 1981: Use of space in relation to areas of food concentration by nymphs of lestes disjunctus lestidae odonata in captivity

Baker R.L., 1980: Use of space in relation to feeding areas by zygopteran nymphs in captivity

Viljoen S., 1986: Use of space in southern african tree squirrels

Dolgopolov A.Ya, 1982: Use of space photographs for mapping the soil covering based on the example of western tien shan ussr

Johansson S A., 1984: Use of spacers to facilitate inhaled cortico steroid treatment of asthma

Tewarson, R. P.; Kydes, A.; Stephenson, J. L.; Mejia, R., 1976: Use of sparse matrix techniques in numerical solution of differential equations for renal counterflow systems

Meerov, G. I.; Tros'ko, U. I.; Mikhal'skaya, K. G.; Norkina, S. N., 1976: Use of specially defatted castor oil plant seeds as a lipase preparation for fat hydrolysis

Kotlyarov P.M., 1985: Use of specially profiled catheter for the transcutaneous transfemoral catheterization of the coronary sinus of the heart

Ryapolov V.Ya, 1987: Use of species diversity indices to analyze the structure of insect phyllophage complexes

Salyers A.A., 1985: Use of species specific dna hybridization probe for enumerating bacteroides vulgatus in human feces

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881719

Thierfelder S., 1979: Use of specific anti sera against leukemia associated antigens in the diagnosis of childhood acute lympho blastic leukemia

Titova, E. I.; Gladkova, T. A.; Vaneeva, L. I., 1987: Use of specific antibodies to bordetella pertussis in the enzyme immunoassay eia for the detection of bordetella pertussis antigen

Acres S.D., 1983: Use of specific antibodies to demonstrate the glycocalyx and spatial relationships of a k 99 negative f 41 negative entero toxigenic strain of escherichia coli colonizing the ileum of colostrum deprived calves

Spiegel A., 1986: Use of specific antibodies to quantitate the guanine nucleotide binding protein g o in brain

Martin B., 1984: Use of specific antibody for rapid clearance of circulating blood background from radio labeled tumor imaging proteins

Costerton J.W., 1982: Use of specific antibody to demonstrate glycocalyx k 99 pili and the spatial relationships of k 99 plus entero toxigenic escherichia coli in the ileum of colostrum fed calves

Vojtekova H., 1987: Use of specific bacteria for the determination of mutagenic and carcinogenic compounds

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881727

Papayannopoulou, T.; Lim, G.; Mcguire, T. C.; Ahern, V.; Nute, P. E.; Stamatoyannopoulos, G., 1977: Use of specific fluorescent antibodies for the identification of hemo globin c in erythrocytes

Doellgast, G. J.; Meis, P. J., 1979: Use of specific inhibitors to discriminate alkaline phosphatase ec iso enzymes originating from human liver placenta and intestine absence of meconial alkaline phosphatase in maternal serum

Meade T.L., 1980: Use of specific ion electrode for the determination of unionized ammonia in fish blood

Millett F., 1981: Use of specific lysine modifications to identify the site of reaction between cytochrome c and ferri cyanide

Smith, H. T.; Staudenmayer, N.; Millett, F., 1977: Use of specific lysine modifications to locate the reaction site of cytochrome c with cytochrome oxidase ec

Millett F., 1980: Use of specific lysine modifications to locate the reaction site of cytochrome c with sulfite oxidase

Dyer K., 1981: Use of specific orienting cues for teaching discrimination tasks

Taylor, J. M.; Illmensee, R.; Litwin, S.; Herring, L.; Broni, B.; Krug, R. M., 1977: Use of specific radioactive probes to study transcription and replication of the influenza virus genome

Millett F., 1980: Use of specific tri fluoro acetylation of lysine residues in cytochrome c to study the reaction with cytochrome b 5 cytochrome c 1 and cytochrome oxidase

Burgerjon, A., 1977: Use of specificity difference indices for the identification of nuclear polyhedrosis viruses baculovirus of insects

Arkhipova N.A., 1981: Use of spectral analysis and digital filtration for evaluation of frequency structure of brain evoked potentials

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881741

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881742

Kiprianova E.A., 1984: Use of spectrophotometry for evaluating dna dna molecular hybridization in pseudomonas bacteria

Gorshkova G.I., 1982: Use of spectrophotometry in the near ir region for determining qualitative indices of fodder grasses cereal grains and seeds of oil yielding plants

Rennie R.J., 1986: Use of spermosphere model for the screening of wheat cultivars and nitrogen fixing bacteria for nitrogen fixation

Kon H., 1981: Use of spin label and the flow induced esr spectral difference for studying erythrocyte deformation

Petrov, A. I.; Sukhorukov, B. I., 1977: Use of spin labels for investigation of association of adenosine amp adp and atp in aqueous solutions

Hammerstedt, R. H.; Keith, A. D.; Snipes, W.; Amann, R. P.; Arruda, D.; Griel, L. C. Jr, 1978: Use of spin labels to evaluate effects of cold shock and osmolality on sperm

Chikhladze N.M., 1981: Use of spirono lactones in the treatment of arterial hypertension of varied etiology combined with hyper aldo steronism

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881750

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881752

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881753

Patnaik A.K., 1987: Use of splenectomy in the management of lymphoma in dogs 16 cases 1976 1985

Pearson T.C., 1988: Use of splenic volume estimation to distinguish primary thrombocythemia from reactive thrombocytosis

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881756

Popova, I. A.; Inge-Vechtomov, S. G.; Raipulis, E. P., 1968: Use of spontaneous mitotic recombination for the analysis of the fine structure of locus ad 1 in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Gavazzi M., 1985: Use of spontaneous vegetation for the bioclimatic evaluation of the viticultural area of central valtellina sondrio italy

Henderson R., 1987: Use of spot scan procedure for recording low dose micrographs of beam sensitive specimens

Wu, M. T.; Salunkhe, D. K., 1977: Use of spray lecithin for control of greening and glyco alkaloid formation of potato tubers

Walker S.M., 1981: Use of sputo lysin for liquefaction of viscid human semen

Zucchelli P., 1981: Use of sq 14225 in the management of essential arterial hypertension

Sirotkin A.N., 1980: Use of stable and radioactive nuclide ratios in radio ecological studies

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881764

Kammerer, R. C.; Jonsson, J.; Gal, J.; Cho, A. K., 1978: Use of stable isotopes in studies on the metabolism of amphetamine

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881767

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881768

Young V.R., 1981: Use of stable isotopes of selenium in human metabolic studies development of analytical methodology

Young V.R., 1980: Use of stable isotopes to determine bio availability of minerals in human diets using the method of fecal monitoring

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881771

Filina V.V., 1982: Use of stable paper indicator systems for the rapid differentiation of bacteria belonging to the family vibrionaceae in laboratory practice

Hambie, E. A.; Larsen, S. A.; Felker, M.; Jones, W. L.; Feeley, J. C., 1977: Use of stable sensitized cells in an indirect micro hem agglutination test for melioidosis

Farshy, D. C.; Healy, G. R., 1974: Use of stable sensitized cells in indirect micro hem agglutination test for amoebiasis

Davis S.K., 1987: Use of staff pharmacists to reduce the inappropriate use of parenteral histamine 2 antagonist therapy

Serov, R. A.; Chekareva, G. A.; Raguzin, K. K.; Shmyreva, T. A., 1977: Use of staining with hematoxylin basic fuchsin picric acid for revealing myo cardial lesions of different genesis

Dannels W., 1987: Use of standard gradients with compound oblique angulation for optimal quantitative mr flow imaging in oblique vessels

Balla, L., 1986: Use of standardized hemagglutination inhibition test for checking immunity against newcastle disease ii. antibody responses after different immunization schedules

Balla, L., 1986: Use of standardized hemagglutination inhibition test for checking the immunity against newcastle disease i. experiments to standardize the hemagglutination inhibition test

Ellis B., 1984: Use of standardized neo natal mortality ratios to assess the quality of peri natal care in colorado usa

Repina G.V., 1980: Use of staphylococcal co agglutination test for serogrouping of escherichia

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881782

Goding, J. W., 1978: Use of staphylococcal protein a as an immunological reagent

Tassi G.C., 1979: Use of staphylococcal protein a for the detection of rubella virus immuno globulin antibodies

Barinskii I.F., 1986: Use of staphylococcal protein a peroxidase conjugate in the immunoenzyme test system for the detection of antibodies to herpes simplex virus

Sourek J., 1979: Use of staphylococcus aureus for rapid immunoassay of influenza a virus hem agglutinin

Dishon T., 1981: Use of staphylococcus aureus rich in protein a in the detection of herpes simplex virus antigens

Gordon B., 1988: Use of stapling instruments to aid in the removal of ovarian tumors in mares

Meyer C.J.L.M., 1988: Use of statistical evaluation of antigen profiles in differential diagnosis between colonic and ovarian adenocarcinomas

Cox N.R., 1984: Use of statistical evidence in some recent issues of new zealand department of scientific and industrial research agricultural journals

Rottstock, F.; Noack, C.; Thiele, B., 1983: Use of statistical methods as illustrated by an example from odontology 2. discriminant analysis correlation studies

Fursa, T. B.; Korneichuk, V. A., 1976: Use of statistical methods for eco geographic differentiation of watermelons

Glynn A.A., 1982: Use of statistical methods in the rapid determination of anti microbial susceptibilities of escherichia coli

Williams G.Z., 1980: Use of statistical models of within person variation in long term studies of healthy individuals

Alvarez Dardet C., 1986: Use of statistics in medical articles an international comparison

Salsburg, D. S., 1977: Use of statistics when examining lifetime studies in rodents to detect carcinogenicity

Lindsay, C. R.; Jordan, D. C., 1976: Use of stem cuttings to reduce plant variation in rhizobium leguminous plant investigations

Shcherbatkin, D. D., 1975: Use of stepwise rehabilitation in myo cardial infarction patients

Kline O.R.Jr, 1981: Use of stereo headphones for patient relaxation during cataract surgery under local anesthesia

Adams J.C., 1986: Use of sterile gloves in the management of sutured hand wounds in the accident and emergency department

Stewart, R. H.; Kimbrough, R. L.; Smith, J. P.; Defaller, J. M., 1983: Use of steroid antibiotic prophylaxis in intra ocular lens implantation a double masked study vs. placebo

Klimenko M.T., 1981: Use of steroid drugs in combined treatment of patients with destructive pulmonary tuberculosis

Brange C., 1986: Use of steroidal antiinflammatory drug provides further evidence for a potential role of paf acether platelet activating factor in bronchial anaphylaxis

Pillsbury H.C., 1987: Use of steroids and a long acting vasoconstrictor in the treatment of postintubation croup a ferret model

Rasey J.S., 1987: Use of steroids to suppress vascular response to radiation

Krafsur E.S., 1985: Use of sticky traps to investigate seasonal trends in the spatial distribution of house flies and stable flies diptera muscidae

Han, T.; Minowada, J., 1978: Use of stimulating capacity of mixed lymphocyte reaction as a possible marker for the cell origin of null cell acute lympho blastic leukemia

Bouma J., 1987: Use of stimulation to assess the effects of different tillage practices on land qualities of a sandy loam soil

Sel'men V.N., 1980: Use of stimulatory effect of gamma radiation for growing spring onions cultivars spasskii in greenhouses

Sprokov I.A., 1980: Use of stimulatory electro myography when studying the functional state of neuro muscular transmission and contractile muscular substrate

Joyner M.A., 1980: Use of stimulus control over littering in a natural setting

Smith, C., 1977: Use of stored frozen semen and embryos to measure genetic trends in farm livestock

Leath K.T., 1983: Use of strain crosses in the development of multiple pest resistant alfalfa medicago sativa with improved field performance

Sacchini P., 1984: Use of strain gauge plethysmography in the study of varicocele

Atkinson J.P., 1987: Use of strand separated complementary dna for rna quantitation

Kail R., 1979: Use of strategies and individual differences in childrens memory

Thelen M.H., 1983: Use of strategies and messages to alter aggressive interactions

Sidorenko, O. D.; Vagias, K. F.; Vagias, O. P.; Bagreeva, N. I., 1976: Use of straw as fertilizer in soils near the azov sea

Stumpf P.K., 1985: Use of streptavidin to detect biotin containing proteins in plants

Grieve, P. A.; Lockie, B. A.; Dulley, J. R., 1983: Use of streptococcus lactis lac minus mutants for accelerating cheddar cheese ripening 1. isolation growth and properties of a c 2 lac minus variant

Grieve, P. A.; Dulley, J. R., 1983: Use of streptococcus lactis lac minus mutants for accelerating cheddar cheese ripening 2. their effect on the rate of proteolysis and flavor development

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881825

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881826

Alexander M., 1980: Use of streptomycin for suppressing blue green algal nitrogenase activity during the assessment of nitrogenase activity in the rice rhizosphere

Singh R.M., 1980: Use of streptomycin resistance and phage sensitivity as markers in competition studies with rhizobium leguminosarum

Derridj, S.; Lefer, H.; Augendre, M.; Durand, Y., 1988: Use of strips of zea mays l. to trap european corn borer ostrinia nubilalis hbn. oviposition in maize fields

Kritzsche L., 1980: Use of stroma free hemo globin solution as blood substitute

Mitchell Tapping H.J., 1980: Use of stromatoporoids as an indicator of a coral reef paleo environment

Palmer, H. E.; Karagianes, M. T., 1976: Use of strontium 85 as an indicator of bone mineral replacement in dogs after disuse de mineralization

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881833

De La Noue J., 1987: Use of strontium as a nutritional marker for farm reared brook trout

Gilchrest B.A., 1987: Use of strontium to separate calcium dependent pathways for proliferation and differentiation in human keratinocytes

Tolstopyatov S.M., 1980: Use of strophanthin in the acute period of myo cardial infarction

Royer J., 1979: Use of structure activity relationships to estimate anti allergic activity of 4 hydroxy 3 nitro coumarins

Wolfe, N. L.; Zepp, R. G.; Paris, D. F., 1978: Use of structure reactivity relationships to estimate hydrolytic persistence of carbamate pesticides

Mishustin E.N., 1986: Use of stubble to increase the rice yield on alkaline soils under amelioration

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881840

Torii S., 1982: Use of sub cutaneous pedicle flap for oculo plastic surgery

Mcneill, G. P.; Taylor, N. C., 1978: Use of subclavian vein for permanent cardiac pacing

Karlsen K.O., 1986: Use of subcutaneous injection ports for continuous venous access

Beall C.W., 1986: Use of subcutaneously implanted chambers in calves for in vivo study of isolates of moraxella bovis

Villarreal L.P., 1984: Use of subgenomic poliovirus dna hybridization probes to detect the major subgroups of enteroviruses

Bauserman, J.; Rule, W. R., 1988: Use of subjective information in scientific psychology ii. contextual influences on production of early recollections

Nagineni C.N., 1988: Use of submarine gel electrophoresis for running multiple two dimensional protein gels

Masiques N., 1982: Use of substance p fragments to differentiate substance p receptors of different tissues

Ochodnicky, D., 1981: Use of substitute feeds in the lamb feedlot i. growth and feed intake

Ochodnicky, D.; Pilko, P., 1981: Use of substitute feeds in the lamb feedlot ii. the basic hematological indicators

Ochodnicky, D.; Pilko, P., 1981: Use of substitute feeds in the lamb feedlot iii. serum transaminase and biochemical indicators

Prestidge, R. L.; Harding, D. R. K.; Hancock, W. S., 1976: Use of substituted benzyl esters as carboxyl protecting groups in solid phase peptide synthesis

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881853

Cadahia E., 1985: Use of substituted urea herbicides for weed control in euphorbia lathyris a potential fuel producing crop

Joppa L.R., 1981: Use of substitution monosomics to determine the chromosomal location of genes conditioning stem rust resistance in durum wheat triticum turgidum cultivar langdon

Kalifa, L. G.; Koehler, R. E.; Margulis, A. R.; Goldberg, H. I.; Stoughton, J. A.; Gibson, R. D., 1976: Use of substrate coated barium sulfate tablets in the evaluation of digestive enzyme deficiency

Tyser R.W., 1980: Use of substrate for surveillance behaviors in a community of talus slope mammals

Wolfe R.S., 1987: Use of subunits of the methylreductase protein for taxonomy of methanogenic bacteria

Seidel G.E.Jr, 1987: Use of sucrose during removal of cryoprotectants after thawing eight cell mouse embryos

Skoog B., 1981: Use of sucrose gap for recording postsynaptic population potentials evoked by single inter neurons in spinal moto neurons

Baranov, V. G.; Knyazevskaya, E. G., 1976: Use of sulfanil carbamide preparations in the treatment of children with diabetes mellitus

Martin E.H., 1982: Use of sulfite or bentonite to eliminate afla toxin m 1 from naturally contaminated raw whole milk

Mori T., 1987: Use of sulfonated probes for in situ detection of amylase messenger rna in formalin fixed paraffin sections of human pancreas and submaxillary gland

Murav'ev I.A., 1984: Use of sulfostyrene cationic exchanger ku 2 8 for increasing accuracy of spectrophotometric determination of glycyrrhizic acid in glycyrrhiza roots and dry extract

Lamy F., 1982: Use of sulfur 35 labeled l methionine and selenium 75 labeled l seleno methionine for double label auto radiography of complex protein patterns on 2 dimensional poly acrylamide gels a drastic shortening of the exposure time

Mitchell M.J., 1985: Use of sulfur 35 to determine the influence of hexagenia on sulfur cycling in lake sediments

Crowell E.A., 1987: Use of sulfur dioxide in winemaking

Shimada Y., 1983: Use of sulfur hexa fluoride in the management of the post pneumonectomy pleural space

Inoue K., 1984: Use of sulfur hexafluoride in the management of the postpneumonectomy pleural space

Kumar V., 1988: Use of sulfydryl group sh in the foliage of tree seedling as an indicator of air pollution

Grassano P., 1987: Use of sulprostone in abortion within the first three months

Murthy V.S., 1981: Use of sun light to partially de toxify groundnut peanut cake flour and casein contaminated with afla toxin b 1

Kanyo, L.; Szabo, P.; Herold, I., 1985: Use of sunflower lecithin for supplement of sows' feed and pig starters

Sukharevich, V. M.; Shvetsova, N. N.; Prodan, S. I.; Malkov, M. A., 1977: Use of sunflower oil cake meal in the biosynthesis of anti fungal antibiotics

Zalyubovskaya, I. P.; Kiselev, R. I.; Devyatkov, N. D., 1977: Use of super high frequency energy for thawing blood erythrocytes preserved by deep freezing

Mahan, L. C.; Insel, P. A., 1984: Use of super oxide dis mutase ec and catalase ec to protect catecholamines from oxidation in tissue culture studies

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881877

Zazzaro B., 1985: Use of superoxide dismutase in inflammatory joint pathology

Gilpin R.W., 1986: Use of superparamagnetic particles for isolation of cells

Chevnenko A.A., 1985: Use of supersonic hemolysis to study the effect of some chemical compounds on the stability of erythrocytes

Thompson, D. S.; Mueller-Heubach, E., 1978: Use of supine pressor test to prevent gestational hypertension in primi gravid women

Waldroup P.W., 1983: Use of supplemental enzymes in the diet of broiler chickens

Merlo M., 1986: Use of support soles in the treatment and prevention of injuries in the long distance runner

Shemerovskaya T.G., 1981: Use of suppositories for rectal immunization

Eldridge R., 1987: Use of surface currents measured by hf radar in planning coastal discharges

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881886

Duff S.J.B., 1988: Use of surface immobilized trichoderma in batch and fed batch fermentations

Bloomfield C.D., 1986: Use of surface marker analysis to predict outcome of adult acute myeloblastic leukemia

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881889

Lane N.G., 1983: Use of surfactants in dis aggregation of argillaceous rocks

Spotts, R. A.; Peters, B. B., 1982: Use of surfactants with chlorine to improve pear pyrus communis cultivar d'anjou decay control

Long F.X., 1981: Use of surgical laser in oto rhino laryngology

Pineda L., 1985: Use of surnames in the study of population structure

Grannis, G. F., 1978: Use of survey validated reference materials survey serum to establish target values of quality control pools

Et Al, 1983: Use of survival analysis to determine the clinical significance of new q waves after coronary bypass surgery

Agapova V.N., 1981: Use of surviving hippocampal slices for testing drugs related to the gamma amino butyric acid system

Kokorev, V. S.; Gaidamovich, S. Ya, 1977: Use of suspension adsorption methods for arbovirus studies

Lane D.P., 1985: Use of sv 40 large t beta galactosidase fusion proteins in an immunochemical analysis of sv 40 large t antigen

Dubridge R.B., 1988: Use of sv 40 replication to amplify epstein barr virus shuttle vectors in human cells

Lai S.H., 1979: Use of sweet potato ipomoea batatas leaf tip as vegetables part 1 evaluation of morphological traits

Chiu S.C., 1979: Use of sweet potato ipomoea batatas leaf tips as vegetables part 2 evaluation of yield and nutritive quality

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881902

Jenkins W.T., 1985: Use of swinbourne plots to study potential suicide substrates effects by atp and adp on yeast mitochondrial f 1 atpase

Yu, T. C.; Sinnhuber, R. O.; Putnam, G. B., 1977: Use of swine fat as an energy source in trout rations

Takemoto J., 1988: Use of swiss cheese whey permeate by kluyveromyces fragilis and mixed culture of rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides and bacillus megaterium

Maki D.P., 1988: Use of syllable scale timing to discriminate words

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881907

Bulsara M.K., 1986: Use of symptoms and signs for diagnosis of trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense trypanosomiasis by rural health personnel

De Both N.J., 1988: Use of syngeneic monoclonal antibodies in the therapy of disseminated myeloid leukemic cells

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881910

Granier, C.; Pedroso-Muller, E.; Van-Rietschoten, J., 1978: Use of synthetic analogs for a study on the structure activity relationship of apamin

Brade H., 1987: Use of synthetic antigens to determine the epitope specificities of monoclonal antibodies against the 3 deoxy d manno octulosonate region of bacterial lipopolysaccharide

Paulsen H., 1985: Use of synthetic antigens with the carbohydrate structure of asialoglycophorin a for the specification of thomsen friedenreich antibodies

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881914

Jaehne H., 1980: Use of synthetic boar odorant to stimulate reproduction performance of sows

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881917

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881918

Boulter D., 1984: Use of synthetic oligo deoxy ribo nucleotides and primed complementary dna as probes for pea pisum sativum rna and genomic dna sequences

Das, H. K.; Biro, P. A.; Cohen, S. N.; Erlich, H. A.; Von-Gabain, A.; Lawrance, S. K.; Lemaux, P. G.; Mcdevitt, H. O.; Peterlin, B. M.; Et-Al, 1983: Use of synthetic oligo nucleotide probes complementary to genes for human hla dr alpha and beta as extension primers for the isolation of 5' specific genomic clones

Itakura K., 1981: Use of synthetic oligo nucleotides as hybridization probes isolation of cloned complementary dna sequences for human beta 2 micro globulin

Chakhmakhcheva O.G., 1982: Use of synthetic oligo nucleotides for screening bacterial colonies carrying hybrid plasmids

Soreq H., 1986: Use of synthetic oligodeoxynucleotide probes for the isolation of a human cholinesterase complementary dna clone

Cohen D., 1988: Use of synthetic oligonucleotides for genomic dna dot hybridization of split the dq w3 haplotype

Jian Y., 1988: Use of synthetic oligonucleotides in the detection of beta thalassemia mutation in chinese

Stanworth D.R., 1986: Use of synthetic peptides in the production and characterization of antibodies directed against predetermined specificities in rat immunoglobulin e

Townsend A., 1987: Use of synthetic peptides of influenza nucleoprotein to define epitopes recognized by class i restricted cytotoxic t lymphocytes

Magazine, H. I.; Carter, J. M.; Russell, J. K.; Torres, B. A.; Dunn, B. M.; Johnson, H. M., 1988: Use of synthetic peptides to identify an amino terminal epitope on mouse gamma interferon that may be involved in function

Hodges R.S., 1988: Use of synthetic peptides to map the antigenic determinants of glycoprotein d of herpes simplex virus

Utkina N.S., 1982: Use of synthetic poly prenyl pyro phosphate sugars for confirmation of structures of lipid intermediates of salmonella o antigen biosynthesis

White D.J., 1987: Use of synthetic polymer gels for artificial carious lesion preparation

Clarkson J.M., 1984: Use of synthetic polynucleotides to characterize an antiserum made against uv irradiated dna

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881935

Chodak, G. W.; Plaut, M. E., 1977: Use of systemic antibiotics for prophylaxis in surgery a critical review

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881937

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881938

Shchupak, B. I., 1976: Use of systems analysis for planning increases in karakul sheep numbers

Cartwright T.C., 1979: Use of systems analysis in animal science with emphasis on animal breeding

Berninger M., 1983: Use of t 4 dna polymerase replacement synthesis for specific labeling of plasmid cloned inserts

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881942

Albertini R.J., 1986: Use of t cell receptor gene probes to quantify the in vivo hprt mutations in human t lymphocytes

Dmitriev V.P., 1981: Use of t criterion for differentiated study of potato frost resistance

Mcmahon W.M., 1987: Use of t scores on the revised child behavior profile with inpatients

Pichot J., 1985: Use of tahoua rock phosphate initial basal dressing and maintenance applications in the sandy soils of niger

Ramia S., 1979: Use of talc celite layers in the concentration of enteroviruses from large volumes of potable waters

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881948

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881949

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881950

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881951

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881952

Ramaswamy P., 1987: Use of tannic acid for the ultrastructural visualization of periplasm in gram negative bacteria

Baker N., 1984: Use of tannic acid to study cytoplasmic vesicles and membrane invaginations in epididymal fat pads of aging mice

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881955

Charoenpan P., 1987: Use of tartaric acid resistance of beta glucuronidase for the characterization of cancer cells in pleural effusions

Erdos S., 1987: Use of tavegyl syrup in respiratory tract diseases of infancy and young childhood

Zimmerman, R. H.; Garris, G. I., 1987: Use of taylor's power law in examining the spatial distribution of free living boophilus microplus acari ixodidae larvae in pastures in puerto rico usa

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881959

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881960

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881961

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881962

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881963

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881964

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881965

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881966

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881967

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881968

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881969

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881970

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881971

Tetrokalashvili M.G., 1979: Use of techniques assisting artificial circulation in experimental acute cardiac insufficiency and arrest of contraction

Cusano V., 1982: Use of teflon caval clip in surgical prevention of pulmonary thrombo embolic disease

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881974

Dejoux C., 1983: Use of temephos from campaigns against simulium damnosum in west africa impact of the 1st treatment cycles upon the aquatic biota

Hulstein W., 1984: Use of tempe cell modified to restrain swelling for determination of hydraulic conductivity and soil water content

Poncin, P.; Melard, C.; Philippart, J. C., 1987: Use of temperature and photoperiod in the control of the reproduction of three european cyprinids barbus barbus l. leuciscus cephalus l. and tinca tinca l. reared in captivity preliminary results

Cussler E.L., 1987: Use of temperature sensitive gel for concentration of influenza virus from infected allantoic fluids

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881979

Burns W.H., 1988: Use of temperature sensitive mutants of mouse cytomegalovirus as vaccines

Young, M., 1976: Use of temperature sensitive mutants to study gene expression during sporulation in bacillus subtilis

Mandelstam J., 1984: Use of temperature sensitive mutants to study gene expression of 2 closely linked sporulation loci in bacillus subtilis

Phillips B.A., 1983: Use of temperature sensitive mutants to study the morphogenesis of poliovirus

Selitrennikoff C.P., 1983: Use of temperature sensitive protoplast forming neurospora crassa strain for the detection of anti fungal antibiotics

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881985

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881986

Waldo, A. L.; Maclean, W. A. H.; Cooper, T. B.; Kouchoukos, N. T.; Karp, R. B., 1978: Use of temporarily placed epi cardial atrial wire electrodes for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac arrhythmias following open heart surgery

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881988

Pyagai E.T., 1979: Use of tensiometers in diagnosis of irrigation dates

Kizer D.E., 1980: Use of terbium fluorescence enhancement as a new probe for assessing the single strand content of dna

Ringer, D. P.; Burchett, S.; Kizer, D. E., 1978: Use of terbium iii fluorescence enhancement to selectively monitor dna and rna guanine residues and their alteration by chemical modification

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881993

Goldschneider I., 1983: Use of terminal deoxy nucleotidyl transferase in the diagnosis of leukemia

Korotkova V.D., 1980: Use of teronac in the treatment of obese patients with and without diabetes mellitus

Haymond M.W., 1984: Use of tert butyldimethylsilylation in the gas chromatographic mass spectrometric analysis of physiologic compounds found in plasma using electron impact ionization

Carlson, J. S.; Wiedl, K. H., 1978: Use of testing the limits procedures in the assessment of intellectual capabilities in children with learning difficulties

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881998

Section 7, Chapter 6882, Accession 006881999

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