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Use of pyrazinamidase activity on Mycobacterium tuberculosis as a rapid method for determination of pyrazinamide susceptibility

Mcclatchy, J.K.; Tsang, A.Y.; Cernich, M.S.

Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 20(4): 556-557


ISSN/ISBN: 0066-4804
PMID: 6805419
Accession: 006881088

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Pyrazinamidase activity in clinical isolates of M. tuberculosis was previously found to correlate with susceptibility to the antituberculosis drug pyrazinamide. The Wayne method for determining pyrazinamidase activity, a technique also utilized as an aid in the identification of mycobacteria and a TLC method were useful screening methods for susceptibility testing, since resistant strains are pyrazinamidase negative. These simple methods overcome the difficulty in growing M. tuberculosis at pH 5.5, as is required in the conventional method of susceptibility testing.

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