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Use of raphano brassica for restoring fertility of cytoplasmic male sterility transferred from radish raphanus sativus to rape brassica napus

Rousselle, P.; Dosba, F.

Agronomie 5(5): 431-438


ISSN/ISBN: 0249-5627
Accession: 006881196

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Rape lacks the restorer for cytoplasmic male sterility which is present in radish and this has led us to proposed introduction of this character from radish to rape. The 1st generation from the cross between a male-sterile line of rape and a Raphano-Brassica (radish-kale amphiploid) had good male fertility. The presence of restorer genes was confirmed in the following generations. Analysis of male meiosis in the 2nd generation showed incomplete doubling of the chromosome set. This was probably linked with the reduction of female fecundity. During the 3rd and 4th generations, some families appeared with better fecundity and a marked fall in chromosome number. The production of very prolific plants in the 6th generation should allow further improvement of restoring ability.