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Use of sorption desorption relationships in describing potassium behavior in soil

Nikolova, M.; Milcheva, M.

Pochvoznanie Agrokhimiya i Rastitelna Zashtita 21(3): 42-47


Accession: 006881691

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The possibility was studied to characterize K mobility using sorption-desorption relationships in soils differing in mineralogical composition, texture, sorption capacity, pH and other physicochemical and agrochemical properties: calcareous chernozem, leached chernozem, grey forest soil and cinnamonic pseudopodzolic forest soil. The use of sorption-desorption relationships was shown to provide possibilities for determining key parameters characterizing the interaction of K with the soil, such as equilibrium K concentration, soil sorption capacity, range of K concentrations in solution at which desorption had the highest values and K concentrations at which fixation appeared and increased in degree. Using sorption curves, it was possible to estimate K quantities needed to reach a given concentration in the soil solution. The identification of these parameters will be of interest for building up optimal K levels in soils having different physicochemical and chemical properties.

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