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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6883

Chapter 6883 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Andreev L.V.; Sklifas A.N., 1979:
Use of tetra methyl ammonium hydroxide for the determination of total fatty acid composition of microorganisms

Arinchin V.N.; Vasil'tseva A.P., 1980:
Use of tetra polar differential rheo plethysmography in studies of cardiac output in children

Tikhomirov, I.B.; Turchaninova, V.F.; Selivanenko, V.T.; Staferov, V.A., 1977:
Use of tetra polar rheography in circulation assessment

Smirnova N.I.; Ilsina T.S.; Goncharova N.S.; Smirnov G.B., 1980:
Use of tetracycline resistance transposon tn 10 in genetic studies of vibrio cholerae

Lorson R.D.; Mudrak V.A., 1987:
Use of tetracycline to mark otoliths of american shad fry

Santos R.D.O.; Guaraldo A.M.A.; Passos L.A.C.; Gilioli R.; Rangel H.D.A., 1988:
Use of tetraethylthiuram in the treatment of ectoparasites in mice

Smith, E.B.; Pena, P.M., 1977:
Use of tetrahymena pyriformis to evaluate protein quality of leaf protein concentrates

Wognum, A.W.; Thomas, T.E.; Lansdorp, P.M., 1987:
Use of tetrameric antibody complexes to stain cells for flow cytometry

Dubovets N.I.; Badaeva E.D.; Badaev N.S.; Shcherbakova A.M.; Bormotov V.E.; Zelenin A.V., 1987:
Use of tetraploid triticale for the identification of the a genome chromosomes in wheat

Tanenbaum R.R.; Harvey P.D., 1988:
Use of text stimuli normalizes reality monitoring in schizophrenics

Broughan T.A.; O'donnell J.K.; Kropilak M.D.; Esselstyn C.B.Jr, 1987:
Use of thallium technetium parathyroid scans

Christie, D.L., 1978:
Use of the 1 hour blood xylose test as an indicator of small bowel mucosal disease

Cressie N.A.C.; Sheffield L.J.; Whittford H.J., 1984:
Use of the 1 sample t test in the real world

Baars H G.; Weiss M.; Schabel J., 1981:
Use of the 2 compartment model in the pharmaco kinetics of nephrotropic contrast media

Eggens J.L., 1980:
Use of the 3rd youngest leaf to estimate leaf area in kentucky blue grass poa pratensis

Wakimasu M.; Kitada C.; Fujino M., 1981:
Use of the 4 methoxy 2 6 dimethyl benzenesulfonyl group to synthesize dynorphin 1 13 and related peptides

Marigo G.; Ball E.; Luettge U.; Smith J.A.C., 1982:
Use of the 5 5 di methyl 2 carbon 14 labeled oxazolidine 2 4 dione technique for the study of relative changes of cytoplasmic ph in leaf cells in relation to crassulacean acid metabolism

Natarajan, A.T.; Kihlman, B.A.; Obe, G., 1980:
Use of the 5 bromodeoxy uridine labeling technique for exploring mechanisms involved in the formation of chromosomal aberrations 2. g 1 experiments with chinese hamster ovary cells

Kihlman, B.A.; Natarajan, A.T.; Andersson, H.C., 1978:
Use of the 5 bromodeoxy uridine labeling technique for exploring mechanisms involved in the formation of chromosomal aberrations part 1 g 2 experiments with root tips of vicia faba

Chumakov K.M.; Tartakovskii I.S.; Ogarkova O.A.; Prozorovskii S.V., 1986:
Use of the 5s ribosomal rna nucleotide sequence analysis for the study of phylogeny of the genus legionella

Jørgensen, K., 1981:
Use of the abbreviated injury scale in a hospital emergency room. Potential for research in accident epidemiology

Horn, W.F.; Conners, C.K.; Wells, K.C.; Shaw, D., 1986:
Use of the abikoff classroom observation coding system on a children's inpatient psychiatric unit

S.P.erre J.; Zikovsky L., 1982:
Use of the absolute method in neutron activation analysis application to national bureau of standards coal and spinach

Korvatovskii B.N.; Pikulenko A.Ya; Gorokhov V.V.; Logunov S.L.; Pashchenko V.Z.; Rubin A.B., 1987:
Use of the absorption spectroscopy method for the study of the primary electron transfer processes in photosynthetic reaction centers

Dick W., 1986:
Use of the acetabular reamer to harvest autogeneic bone graft material a simple method for producing bone paste

Heys J.R., 1981:
Use of the acetonide derivative in the preparation of tritium labeled d threo chloramphenicol and its nitroso derivative

Van Raalte C.D.; Patriquin D.G., 1979:
Use of the acetylene blockage technique for assaying denitrification in a salt marsh

Diopoh J.; Olomucki M., 1982:
Use of the acetylenic function for direct chemical modification of proteins

Kasden S.D., 1981:
Use of the acoustic reflex threshold at 3 kilocycles per second for setting optimal click presentation level in auditory brain stem response testing

Scott, J.A.; Berenstein, A.; Blumenthal, D., 1986:
Use of the activated coagulation time as a measure of anticoagulation during interventional procedures

Ilyaletdinov A.N.; Gavrilova N.N.; Saubenova M.G.; Nugmatzhanov K.G., 1985:
Use of the activity of microorganisms in fodder production

Hertz B.G., 1988:
Use of the acuity card method to test retarded children in special schools

Brebion P.; Hoang C.T.; Weisrock A., 1984:
Use of the agadir port sections for the study of the marine upper pleistocene from morocco

Selby P.J.; Steel G.G., 1982:
Use of the agar diffusion chamber for exposure of human tumor cells to drugs

Cassidy P.G.; Triplett D.A.; Laduca F.M., 1985:
Use of the agarose gel method to identify and quantitate factor viic inhibitors

Gorina L.G.; Zheverzheeva I.V.; Goncharova S.A., 1981:
Use of the aggregate hem agglutination reaction for revealing antigens of l form hemolytic streptococcus group a and mycoplasma

Gorina, L.G.; Fluer, F.S.; Olovnikov, A.M.; Ezepcuk, Y.V., 1975:
Use of the aggregate hem agglutination technique for determining exo toxin entero toxin of bacillus cereus

Exton Smith A.N.; Overstall P.W.; Wedgwood J.; Wallace G., 1982:
Use of the air wave system to prevent pressure sores in hospital

Sidorenko B.A.; Kudisov Y.M.; Rossel's A.N.; Razumova E.T., 1979:
Use of the aldo sterone antagonist canrenoate potassium in the treatment of patients with chronic circulatory insufficiency

Picard, G.A.; De-La-Noue, J.; Piette, J.P.; Kirouac, C., 1979:
Use of the alga oocystis sp for the tertiary treatment of waste water 1. in bulk culture of cells previously conditioned in a cyclostat

De-La-Noue, J.; Picard, G.A.; Piette, J.P.; Kirouac, C., 1980:
Use of the alga oocystis sp for the tertiary treatment of waste water 2. effect of preliminary conditioning of the cells in a cyclostat on the rapidity with which they remove nitrogen nutrients during prolonged incubations

Boullanger P.; Chatelard P.; Descotes G.; Kloosterman M.; Van Boom J.H., 1986:
Use of the allyloxycarbonyl protective group in carbohydrate chemistry

Barrett R.P.; Sisson L.A., 1987:
Use of the alternating treatments design as a strategy for empirically determining language training approaches with mentally retarded children

Kunkes S.H.; Pichard A.; Meller J.; Gorlin R.; Herman M.V.; Kupersmith J., 1980:
Use of the ambulatory electro cardiogram to diagnose coronary artery disease

Colvin, G.; Gibson, G.L.; Neill, D.W., 1971:
Use of the 'Analmatic clinical system' in the microbiological assay of vitamin B 12 and folic acid in serum

Artemenko V.D.; Ivanova L.G.; Nenashev V.P.; Kuznetsova G.I.; Ochkina N.I., 1985:
Use of the analytical experimental method of balancing liquid culture media for the growth and toxin formation of clostridium perfringens type a

Verdon, T.A.; McCowen, K.D.; Hofeldt, F.D., 1976:
Use of the Anger scintillation camera for determining thyroid uptake

Yakovleva T.A.; Dolgikh V.T.; Poluektov L.V., 1983:
Use of the anti oxidant ionol in the prevention of heart injuries caused by prolonged administration of anti tuberculosis drugs

Nosikov, V.V.; Braga, E.A.; Polyanovskii, O.L., 1977:
Use of the antibiotics actinomycin d and distamycin a for limiting restriction endo nuclease action and dna mapping

Levi M.I.; Kulieva G.N., 1982:
Use of the antibody neutralization test after short time cultivation in the diagnosis of intestinal escherichia coli infection

Vorontsova T.A.; Pchelkina A.A.; Seledtsov I.I.; Malyshev V.I., 1980:
Use of the antibody neutralization test for investigation of rickettsia sibirica circulation in natural foci

Ringertz S.; Eriksson B.; Malmborg A.S.; Nystrom S.; Wretlind B., 1985:
Use of the antimicrobial removal device prior to blood culture in patients on antibiotic therapy

Oberhofer T.R., 1983:
Use of the api 20e oxi ferm and minitek systems to identify nonfermentative and oxidase positive fermentative bacteria 7 years of experience

Pinon G.; Loulergue J.; Quentin R.; Darchis J.P.; Prieur D.; Vargues R., 1979:
Use of the api 20e system for rapid identification of enterobacteriaceae 6 hours

Swanson, E.C.; Collins, M.T., 1980:
Use of the API 20E system to identify veterinary Enterobacteriaceae

Janda, W.M.; Morello, J.A.; Bohnhoff, M., 1984:
Use of the API NeIdent system for identification of pathogenic Neisseria spp. and Branhamella catarrhalis

Waitkins S.A.; Ball L.C.; Fraser C.A.M., 1980:
Use of the api zym system in rapid identification of alpha streptococci and nonhemolytic streptococci

Shilova, S.V.; Braginskaya, P.S.; Chaikovskaya, S.M.; Massot, A.; Lemonie, J.; Pettell, J.P., 1978:
Use of the apparatus steritest in testing antibiotic sterility

Weatherhead, R.G., 1980:
Use of the Arden grating test for screening

Apfelberg D.B.; Maser M.R.; Lash H.; White D.N.; Flores J.T., 1984:
Use of the argon and carbon dioxide lasers for treatment of superficial venous varicosities of the lower extremity

Keye W.R.Jr; Matson G.A.; Dixon J., 1983:
Use of the argon laser in the treatment of experimental endometriosis

Romiti, N., 1978:
Use of the aromatic retinoid ro 11 1430 for acne therapy

Tregub A.V.; Pokrovskii V.V., 1986:
Use of the artificial antigen imitating salmonella o determinant 4 for the determination of antibodies to group b salmonella o antigen in the enzyme immunoassay

Elias A.N.; Grossman M.K.; Valenta L.J., 1984:
Use of the artificial beta cell in the assessment of peripheral insulin sensitivity effect of chromium supplementation in diabetic patients

Light, J.K.; Scott, F.B., 1983:
Use of the artificial urinary sphincter in spinal cord injury patients

Donovan, M.G.; Barrett, D.M.; Furlow, W.L., 1985:
Use of the artificial urinary sphincter in the management of severe incontinence in females

Burress, R.M.; Chandler, J.H.J. ; Marking, L.L., 1976:
Use of the asiatic clam corbicula leana in toxicity tests

Porsolt, R.D.; Chermat, R.; Lenègre, A.; Avril, I.; Janvier, S.; Stéru, L., 1987:
Use of the automated tail suspension test for the primary screening of psychotropic agents

Belyanova, L.P.; Baratova, L.A.; Pugacheva, I.B.; Revina, L.P.; Surova, I.A.; Stepanov, V.M., 1975:
Use of the automatic edman procedure for establishing the primary structure of swine pepsinogen and pepsin and its fragments

Delgado G., 1980:
Use of the automatic stapler in urinary conduit diversions and pelvic exenterations

Wheeless C.R.Jr; Dorsey J.H., 1981:
Use of the automatic surgical stapler for intestinal anastomosis associated with gynecologic malignancy review of 283 procedures

Froemmel C., 1988:
Use of the averaged mutation rate in pieces of protein sequences to predict the location of antigenic determinants

Graf F.M.; Straeuli P., 1983:
Use of the avidin biotin peroxidase complex method for the localization of rabbit cathepsin b in cells and tissues

Vinogradov V.M.; Grechko A.T., 1982:
Use of the avoidance conditioned reflex for revealing potential stimulants of the higher nervous activity and their comparative characteristics

Wong S L.; Kawamura F.; Doi R.H., 1986:
Use of the bacillus subtilis subtilisin signal peptide for efficient secretion of triethylenemelamine beta lactamase during growth

Steadham J.E.; Stall S.K.; Simmank J.L., 1984:
Use of the bactec system for drug susceptibility testing of mycobacterium tuberculosis mycobacterium kansasii and mycobacterium avium complex

Semenov V.A.; Popov D.M., 1982:
Use of the balieu reaction for the analysis of cardiac glycosides

Hirose H.; Kawashima Y.; Shirakura R.; Matsuda H.; Nakano S.; Adachi S., 1985:
Use of the balloon catheter for distal occlusion of the aorta in prosthetic replacement of aortic arch aneurysms

Uken P.; Smith W.; Franken E.A.; Frey E.; Sato Y.; Ellerbroek C., 1988:
Use of the barium enema in the diagnosis of necrotizing enterocolitis

Sardyko N.V., 1980:
Use of the basophil de granulation test and the leukocyte migration inhibition test for the characterization of fungal sensitization

Meisels S.J.; Cross D.R.; Plunkett J.W., 1987:
Use of the bayley infant behavior record with preterm and full term infants

Ross G., 1985:
Use of the bayley scales of infant development to characterize abilities of premature infants

Lips H.M.; N.M., 1986 :
Use of the beck depression inventory with three non clinical populations

Hegyi, T.; Hiatt, I.M.; Vogl, T.P.; Indyk, L., 1976:
Use of the beckman film badge for monitoring during photo therapy

Kamf G.G.; Sherstov Y.A., 1979:
Use of the beta adrenergic receptor stimulant isoprenaline novodrine in the differential diagnosis of ischemic heart disease

Aeschbacher, H.U.; Vuataz, L.; Sotek, J.; Stalder, R., 1977:
Use of the beta binomial distribution in dominant lethal testing for weak mutagenic activity

Nadezhdina, E.A.; Vul'fson, I.N.; Ivanitskaya, I.N.; Kurgbatov, V.S.; Kupriyanova, O.O.; Suleimanov, A.S., 1976:
Use of the beta blocker visken in children with primary arterial hypertension

Hamilton Miller J.M.T.; Brumfitt W., 1981:
Use of the bio photometer in the evaluation of anti bacterial compounds

Yanushkevichus Z.I.; Goshtautas A.A.; Daknis R.L., 1980:
Use of the biographical questionnaire in investigating social and psychological peculiarities of patients with myo cardial infarction

Gero, A.; Tallarida, R.J., 1977:
Use of the biological stimulus in determining parameters of drug action and its relationship to the drug effect a contribution to the theory of drug action

Gould E.A.; Buckley A.; Cammack N., 1985:
Use of the biotin streptavidin interaction to improve flavivirus detection by immunofluorescence and elisa enzyme linked immunosorbent assay tests

Pyl'neva, P.N.; Leus, N.F., 1977:
Use of the biuret method of protein determination for the evaluation of breeding material

Alawi B.J.; Awadalla S.Y.; Azzoz R.H., 1984:
Use of the blaney criddle equation in computing the irrigation schedule for some main economic crops corn and cotton

Stanley, T.H.; English, J.B.; Lunn, J.K.; Olsen, D.B.; Kolff, W.J., 1978:
Use of the bovine with an artificial heart as an experimental pharmacologic model peripheral vascular and direct cardiac effects of a large dose of dopamine

Oosten B.J., 1980:
Use of the brabender amylograph to determine the gelatinization temperature of corn starch

Nesbitt, J.; Sauer, D.; Culpepper, R., 1978:
Use of the bradford dye binding method for cerebro spinal fluid and urine total protein determinations

Ballard, R., 1979:
Use of the bray soil test in forestry 2. determination of cation status

Ballard, R., 1978:
Use of the bray soil test in forestry part 1 predicting phosphate retention capacity

Kritzman, G.; Chet, I.; Henis, Y.; Huettermann, A., 1978:
Use of the brightener calcofluor white m2r new in the study of fungal growth

Pang D.K.; Day A.T.; Baird R.A., 1985:
Use of the broviac central venous catheter for intravenous antibiotic therapy in the orthopedic patient

Cascarini D.T.rre L.E.; Sivori E.M.; Filgueira R.R., 1984:
Use of the brunauer emmett teller method to measure area of internal exposed surface of leaves

Aprahamian, M.W., 1987 :
Use of the burning technique for age determination in eels anguilla anguilla l. derived from the stockings of elvers

Fujii M.; Horinouchi Y.; Takaku H., 1987:
Use of the butylthiocarbonyl group to protect uracil and guanine residues in oligoribonucleotide synthesis

Colan S.D.; Borow K.M.; Neumann A., 1985:
Use of the calibrated carotid pulse tracing for calculation of left ventricular pressure and wall stress throughout ejection

Edgerton, B.J.; Danhauer, J.L.; Simmons, F.J., 1986:
Use of the California Consonant Test in evaluating hearing aids

Andersen L.J.; Madsen B., 1983:
Use of the capillary barrier as a shield against ground water pollution from fly ash deposits

Daniell J.F.; Pittaway D.E., 1982:
Use of the carbon di oxide laser in laparoscopic surgery initial experience with the 2nd puncture technique

Williams D.J.; Hunter Duvar I.M.; Mitchell D.P., 1981:
Use of the carbon di oxide laser in otology

Duncavage J.A.; Ossoff R.H., 1986:
Use of the carbon dioxide laser for malignant disease of the oral cavity

Pick R.M.; Pecaro B.C., 1987:
Use of the carbon dioxide laser in soft tissue dental surgery

Kubasik, N.P.; Volosin, M.T., 1974:
Use of the carbon rod atomizer for direct analysis of lead in blood

Gelfand, S.A., 1975:
Use of the carrier phrase in live voice speech discrimination testing

Pashko S.; Deturck K.H.; Vogel W.H., 1980:
Use of the catheterized rat in studies on social interactions and plasma catecholamines

Vasileva L.; Mateva V., 1981:
Use of the cell agglutination test with concanavalin a for the detection of cattle infected with the leukosis virus

Wahler G.M.; Sperelakis N., 1988:
Use of the cell attached patch clamp technique to examine regulation of single cardiac potassium channels by cyclic gmp

Felix H.R.; Chollet R.; Harr J., 1988:
Use of the cell wall less alga dunaliella bioculata in herbicide screening tests

Zamola B.; Valles P.; Meli G.; Miccoli P.; Kajfez F., 1981:
Use of the centrifugal separation technique in manufacturing a bio insecticide based on bacillus thuringiensis

Kausch A.P.; Wagner B.L.; Horner H.T., 1983:
Use of the cerium chloride technique and energy dispersive x ray micro analysis in plant peroxisome identification

Epshtein, N.A.; Nizhnii, S.V., 1977:
Use of the characteristics of the adsorption state of substances in correlational correspondences of chemical structure to biological activity

Ibrahim E S.A.; Salam M.A.A.; Issa A.S.; Mahrous M.S., 1986:
Use of the charge transfer complex formation for the spectrophotometric determination of some tranquilizers and antidepressants

De-La-Torre, G.S.; Montero, V.M.; Bello, M.G.; Castillo, B.E.; Duran, B.R.; Sancho, B.E.; Martinez, A.M.; De-La-Torre, F.J.M., 1985:
Use of the chiba's needle in analgesic treatment of pancreatic cancer

Wack, R.F.; Hamlin, R.L., 1986:
Use of the chicken heart in a Langendorff preparation

Apter, A.; Offer, R.; Blumenson, R.; Tyano, S., 1988:
Use of the Child Behavior Checklist in an Israeli adolescent psychiatric unit

Hart, H.; Bax, M.; Jenkins, S., 1981:
Use of the child health clinic

Claassen H.C.; Reddy M.M.; Halm D.R., 1986:
Use of the chloride ion in determining hydrologic basin water budgets a 3 year case study in the san juan mountains colorado usa

Aksenova, E.I.; Idrisova, N.K., 1978:
Use of the chlorophyll method for studying fish nutrition

Popova O.N.; Shershunova V.I.; Nidiforov V.S., 1980:
Use of the chlorophyll mutation of barley test for an evaluation of the genetic effect of low level radiation on plants

Launay, B.; Bure, J.; Praden, J., 1977:
Use of the chopin alveograph as a rheological tool part 1 dough deformation measurements

Launay, B.; Bure, J., 1977:
Use of the chopin alveograph as a rheological tool part 2 dough properties in bi axial extension

Efremova T.T.; Melent'eva N.V., 1984:
Use of the chromatograph gasochrom 3101 for oxygen determination in the soil air and evaluation of aeration conditions

Balachandran N.; Seth P.; Mohapatra L.N., 1979:
Use of the chromium 51 release test to demonstrate antigenic differences between extracellular and intra cellular forms of vaccinia virus

Reynolds G.D.; Harding D.R.K.; Hancock W.S., 1981:
Use of the chromogenic p p di methylaminophenyl azo benzyl ester in the synthesis of leucine enkephalin

Dive, D.; Leclerc, H., 1977:
Use of the ciliate protozoan colpidium campylum for the measurement of the toxicity and accumulation of micro pollutants critical analysis and applications

Mcpherson F.M.; Gamsu C.V.; Cockram L.L.; Cooke D., 1986:
Use of the clifton assessment procedures for the elderly psychomotor test maze with disabled patients

Zelenetskaya, V.S.; Dobracheva, A.D.; Pishchulin, A.A.; Zheldak, L.V.; Razmadze, T.G., 1978:
Use of the clomiphene test to characterize the functional condition of the hypothalamus hypophysis ovarian system in ovarian hyper androgenism

Fiks L.I.; Larina L.I.; Silich V.A.; Bochkov I.A.; Shevchuk M.S., 1986:
Use of the coagglutination test for the serogrouping of streptococci group b and meningococci on the basis of a staphylococcal reagent manufactured in the ussr

Kulinich L.I.; Bershadskaya E.D.; Fish N.G.; Ogarkov V.I., 1988:
Use of the coagglutination test with the yeast like fungi candida maltosa for detecting fimbriae in intestinal bacteria

Yang, Q.Y., 1987:
Use of the coefficient of analysis in the quality control of food chemical analysis

Rossi A.G., 1981:
Use of the combination labetalol plus chlorthalidone in essential arterial hypertension therapy

Alekseeva, E.S.; Roik, N.V., 1977:
Use of the combined effect of chemical mutagens and radiation for breeding buckwheat for larger seeds

Saran Kumar K.V., 1981:
Use of the combustion technique of tissue processing for the study of the distribution of carbon 14 labeled salicylate in rats after oral administration

Babayan G.A.; Oganesyan S.B., 1984:
Use of the common golden eye against aphids in greenhouses

Romanov G.A.; Romanova N.A., 1979:
Use of the competitive method for analysis of protein nucleic acid interrelationships

Polonetskii L.Z.; Tsapaeva N.L.; Sidorenko E.R., 1983:
Use of the complamine test for the diagnosis of stenosing athero sclerosis in coronary arteries

Birtchnell J., 1981:
Use of the computer in life history research

Kato, M.; Kubo, K.; Kawahara, S.; Miyazaki, T.; Nangoya, O.; Okuda, M.; Hieda, T., 1986:
Use of the computer in pedodontics 1. moyers analysis using the digital vernier caliper

Raaflaub J., 1981:
Use of the concepts of half life and clearance of drugs in practice and pharmaco kinetics

Rybina V.V., 1979:
Use of the conductometric method for soil texture determination

Dixon B.D.; Parekh J.V., 1980:
Use of the cone penetrometer for testing the firmness of butter

Berde, C.B.; Kerner, J.A.; Johnson, J.D., 1980:
Use of the conjugated polyene fatty acid, parinaric acid, in assaying fatty acids in serum or plasma

Nicholas, G.A.; Lobley, G.E.; Harris, C.I., 1977:
Use of the constant infusion technique for measuring rates of protein synthesis in the New Zealand White rabbit

Phillips T.; Sclafani S.J.A.; Goldstein A.; Scalea T.; Panetta T.; Shaftan G., 1986:
Use of the contrast enhanced computed tomographic enema in the management of penetrating trauma to the flank and back

Suyazov A.A., 1984:
Use of the control elements logika in the manufacture of ready made drugs

Grichar, W.J., 1988:
Use of the controlled droplet applicator for weed control in peanuts

Rosenthal, T.; Kissin, E.; Adar, R.; Jacob, E.T.; Stern, N.; Rubinstein, Z., 1978:
Use of the converting enzyme inhibitor sq 20881 for lateralizing renal venous renin activity

Zheludkov M.M., 1980:
Use of the coombs test and the immuno fluorescent method for the detection of incomplete antibodies in cases of brucellosis in humans

Alexopoulos, G.S.; Abrams, R.C.; Young, R.C.; Shamoian, C.A., 1988:
Use of the Cornell scale in nondemented patients

Babaeva T.A., 1982:
Use of the cosmic photographs meteor for studying desertification processes in the turkmen ssr ussr

Tew, W.P., 1977:
Use of the coulombic interactions of the lanthanide series to identify 2 classes of calcium ion binding sites in mitochondria

Gallardo Valdez M.; Turrent Fernandez A., 1986:
Use of the cp method for designing fertilization practices and population density in the cultivation of maize in the mesata tarasca mexico

Bass, E.L., 1986:
Use of the cricket acheta domestica l. as a bioassay organism for the toxic extract from gonyaulax monilata dinophyceae

Kuhn A.L.; Pretorius W.A., 1988:
Use of the crossflow microscreen technique for scp production from dilute substrates

Norris, P.; Griffiths, D.W., 1983:
Use of the cryostat section in electron microscopy

Makhorina O.K., 1986:
Use of the culture of protoplasts and somatic hybridization for obtaining new plant forms in the genus lycopersicon mill

Schumann, G.B.; Berring, S.; Hill, R.B., 1977:
Use of the cyto centrifuge for the detection of cytomegalovirus inclusions in the urine of renal allo graft patients a case report

Lorenzetti, E.; Malchiodi Albedi, F.; Nardi, F., 1986:
Use of the cytocentrifuge for electron microscopy investigations

Bronzetti, G.; Corsi, C.; Nieri, R., 1980:
Use of the d 7 strain of saccharomyces cerevisiae in the determination of the environmental genetic risk 2. genetic effects of procarbazine

Bronzetti, G.; Corsi, C.; Nieri, R., 1980:
Use of the d 7 strain of saccharomyces cerevisiae in the determination of the environmental risk 1. genetic effects of tri chloro ethylene

Lupo S.; P.; Seriacopi D.; Menchinelli C., 1985 :
Use of the dal monte test for determining the maximal anaerobic potency in the absence of lactic acid in the evaluation of highly qualified athletes

El'darov M.A.; Feneva I.Yu; Levich A.P., 1979:
Use of the data analysis model for study of the white sea ecosystem

Isakov V.N.; Grosberga I.Kh, 1985:
Use of the data file system for studying the effect of anthropogenic factors on the shape of woody plant leaves

Simakova M.S., 1986:
Use of the data of aerial and space photography for compiling regional and district soil maps

Scott, K.G.; Masi, W.S., 1977:
Use of the datamyte in analyzing duration of infant visual behaviors

Bong C.F.J.; Sikorowski P.P., 1983:
Use of the dd 136 strain of neoaplectana carpocapsae rhabditida steinernematidae for control of corn earworm heliothis zea lepidoptera noctuidae

Juni S., 1982:
Use of the defensive orientation construct as a predictor of acceptance of feedback

Rodier F.; Gabarro Arpa J.; Ehrlich R.; Reiss C., 1980:
Use of the degeneracy of the genetic code by selection pressure to show up genes in prokaryote genomes

Melent'eva G.A.; Tyzhigirova V.V., 1982:
Use of the delta e method of differential spectrophotometry for analysis of mixtures of sulfanilamide preparations

Miura N.; Ohtsuka E.; Yamaberi N.; Ikehara M.; Uchida T.; Okada Y., 1985:
Use of the deoxyinosine containing probe to isolate and sequence complementary dna encoding the fusion glycoprotein of sendai virus

Bartlett, R.E., 1977:
Use of the Desmarres clamp in major eyelid surgery

Loos, H.; Widmoser, P., 1986:
Use of the dew point method to determine matrix and osmotic soil water potentials in pot cultures under different salt stress

Pirodsky, D.M.; Gibbs, J.W.; Hesse, R.A.; Hsieh, M.C.; Krause, R.B.; Rodriguez, W.H., 1985:
Use of the dexamethasone suppression test to detect depressive disorders of mentally retarded individuals

Beyer H.S.; Bantle J.P.; Mariash G.N.; Steffes M.W.; Seljeskog E.L.; Oppenheimer J.H., 1985:
Use of the dexmathasone acth test to assess the requirement for continued glucocorticoid replacement therapy after pituitary surgery

Sumner, M.E., 1977:
Use of the diagnosis and recommendation integrated system in foliar diagnosis of crops at high yield levels

Russelle M.P.; Sheaffer C.C., 1986:
Use of the diagnosis and recommendation integrated system with alfalfa medicago sativa

Lustman, P.J.; Harper, G.W.; Griffith, L.S.; Clouse, R.E., 1986:
Use of the Diagnostic Interview Schedule in patients with diabetes mellitus

Sentsova O.Yu; Gusev M.V., 1982:
Use of the diffusion cultivation method for studying micro algae under natural conditions and bio indication of the state of an environment

Volina E.G.; Ivanov A.P.; Kiktenko V.S.; Tkachenko E.A.; Arutyunova G.A., 1986:
Use of the direct enzyme immunoassay eia with genus specific peroxidase conjugate in leptospirosis

Einarsottir B.; Bjarnadottir K., 1983:
Use of the direct hemolysis in gel test for rubella antibodies in the icelandic prevention program for congenital rubella

Woosley, J.T.; Muldoon, T.G., 1976:
Use of the direct linear plot to estimate binding constants for protein ligand interactions

Partidge C.S.; Britton D.W.; Bagshawe K.D., 1985:
Use of the direct linear plot to estimate in an immunoglobulin solution the proportion which is specific monoclonal antibody against an unknown cell surface antigen

Sippel, J.E.; Hider, P.A.; Controni, G.; Eisenach, K.D.; Hill, H.R.; Rytel, M.W.; Wasilauskas, B.L., 1984:
Use of the directigen latex agglutination test for detection of Haemophilus influenzae, Streptococcus pneumoniae, and Neisseria meningitidis antigens in cerebrospinal fluid from meningitis patients

Anderson J.G.; Blain J.A.; Todd J.R., 1980:
Use of the disc fermentor to examine production of citric acid by aspergillus niger

Perlberg S.; Azoury R.; Garti N.; Sarig S., 1985:
Use of the discriminant index in dynamic treatment to reduce recurrence of calcium oxalate kidney stones

Mikhov I.; Bogdanov K.; Marinkov V., 1980:
Use of the distance method for evaluation of high standing plantings

Taylor G.J.; Crowder A.A., 1983:
Use of the dithionite citrate bi carbonate technique for extraction of hydrous iron oxides from roots of wetland plants

Popov, L.A.; Godukhin, O.V.; Petukhov, V.V.; Avramenko, A.E.; Akhapkin-Yu, K.; Kuznetsov, E.N., 1975:
Use of the dnepr 2 computer control system in a controlled physiological experiment

Lichti E.L.; Watts C.; Pulliam M., 1982 :
Use of the doppler ultrasonic flowmeter in extracranial intra cranial arterial bypass surgery

Pozzoli L.; Cottica D.; Ghittori S., 1982:
Use of the double elution technique to estimate desorption efficiencies

Westerterp, K.R.; Saris, W.H.; van Es, M.; ten Hoor, F., 1986:
Use of the doubly labeled water technique in humans during heavy sustained exercise

Lennox R., 1986:
Use of the dramaturgical metaphor in the measurement of self monitoring

Aberg A.; Gislen L., 1986:
Use of the drop volume of amniotic fluid in estimating the risk for respiratory distress syndrome in the newborn infant

Liedtke, R.J.; Busby, B.; Batjer, J.D., 1978:
Use of the dupont aca automatic clinical analyzer to measure cholesterol in high density lipo protein fractions prepared by the heparin manganese ion precipitation method

Cherepanov, G.G.; Shchegolev, S.Y. ; Kurilov, N.V., 1977:
Use of the dynamic test for determination of the rate of production and utilization of glucose in ruminants

Phillips, J.B., 1977:
Use of the earths magnetic field by orienting cave salamanders eurycea lucifuga

Molin, A.R.; Chamard, J., 1983:
Use of the ecto mycorrhizal fungus laccaria laccata in forestry 2. effects of fertilizer forms and levels on ecto mycorrhizal development and growth of container grown douglas fir pseudotsuga menziesii and ponderosa pine pinus ponderosa seedlings

Hung, L.L.L.; Molina, R., 1986:
Use of the ectomycorrhizal fungus laccaria laccata in forestry iii. effects of commercially produced inoculum on container grown douglas fir pseudotsuga menziesii and ponderosa pine pinus ponderosa seedlings

Berdnikova, T.F.; Yurina, M.S.; Lomakina, N.N., 1976:
Use of the edman method for splitting actinoidine peptides and aglycone

Makler A., 1980:
Use of the elaborated multiple exposure photography method in routine sperm motility analysis and research purposes

Sapuntsov L.E.; Mitrofanova S.I.; Savchenko T.V., 1979:
Use of the elastographic method for the evaluation of rheological properties of the soft tissue of human extremities under normal conditions and during disturbance of peripheral lymph circulation

Russman B.S.; Fredericks E.J., 1979:
Use of the electro cardiogram in the diagnosis of childhood spinal muscular atrophy

Larson R.J.; Perry R.L., 1981:
Use of the electrolyte respirometer to measure bio degradation in natural waters

Delbeke F.T.; Debackere M.; Desmet N., 1983:
Use of the electron capture detector in human and equine doping analysis by gas chromatography

Viner A.B., 1984:
Use of the electronic particle counter to investigate phosphorus on particles in streams

Ackland D.J.; Pinhey J.T., 1987:
Use of the electrophilic arylation reaction of aryl lead triacetates in a synthesis of racemic lycoramine

Ferreira A.; Revilla Y.; Bootello A.; Gonzalez Porque P., 1983:
Use of the elisa enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay to detect and quantify histo compatibility antigens and their subunits

Judit E.; Endre M.; Bela L., 1985:
Use of the elisa enzyme linked immunosorbent assay test for serological screening of aujeszkys virus infection in large scale swine stocks

Buehler J.; Galili U.; Macher B.A., 1987:
Use of the elisa to monitor the purification of glycosphingolipid antigens by high performance liquid chromatography

Usmanov, P.D.; Myuller, A., 1970:
Use of the embryo test for the analysis of abnormalities induced by irradiation of arabidopsis thaliana d pollen grains

Chernow S.M.; Iserson K.V.; Criss E., 1987:
Use of the emergency department for hypertension screening a prospective study

Gladkova G.I.; Mishchenko G.L.; Avidon V.V.; Arolovich V.S., 1980:
Use of the empirical formulas of bonds of the compounds as filters in the logical information system for biologically active compounds

Turankow M.I.; Dzyem'yanovich A.M.; Bartoshyk M.I.; Svirydovich L.I.; Byalyanka L.P., 1984:
Use of the enriched slime of the production conglomerate beloruskalii belorussian ssr ussr as a source of potassium nutrients for plants

Volina E.G.; Bychenko V.D.; Bocharova N.G., 1981:
Use of the enzyme labeled antibody test for the diagnosis of leptospirosis

Jennings R.; Smith T.; Potter C.W., 1981:
Use of the enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay for the estimation of serum antibodies in an influenza virus vaccine study

Bossennec, J.M.; Maury, Y., 1978:
Use of the enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay technique for the detection of soybean mosaic virus in soybean seeds

Hernandez-Velarde, R.; Sanchez-Castillo, J.; Diaz-Godinez, M.C.; Munoz-Hernandez, O., 1980:
Use of the enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay technique for the diagnosis of typhoid fever 1. standardization of technique

Caren L.D.; Mandel A.D.; Jones K.A., 1981:
Use of the enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay to measure influenza antibodies in human serum

Bahr G.M.; Rook G.A.W.; Moreno E.; Lydyard P.M.; Modabber F.Z.; Stanford J.L., 1980:
Use of the enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay to screen for anti thymocyte and anti beta 2 micro globulin antibodies in leprosy and systemic lupus erythematosus

Urbanek R.; Kemeny D.M.; Samuel D., 1985:
Use of the enzyme linked immunosorbent assay elisa for measurement of allergen specific antibodies

Zhuravleva G.V.; Demina A.A.; Il'ina T.V.; Larina L.I., 1984:
Use of the enzyme linked immunosorbent assay elisa for the diagnosis of meningococcal infection

Asanuma S.; Thottappilly G.; Ayanaba A.; Rao V.R., 1985:
Use of the enzyme linked immunosorbent assay elisa in the detection of rhizobium both in culture and from root nodules of soybeans and cowpeas

Ferrara N.; Leosco D.; Longobardi G.; Abete P.; Papa M.; Vigorito C.; Rengo F., 1986:
Use of the epinephrine test in diagnosis of coronary artery disease

Tinetti, M.E.; Schmidt, A.; Baum, J., 1986:
Use of the erythrocyte sedimentation rate in chronically ill, elderly patients with a decline in health status

Cartier, M.; Chang, M.W.; Stanners, C.P., 1987:
Use of the Escherichia coli gene for asparagine synthetase as a selective marker in a shuttle vector capable of dominant transfection and amplification in animal cells

Fargette, M., 1987:
Use of the esterase phenotype in the taxonomy of the genus meloidogyne 1. stability of the esterase phenotype

Fargette, M., 1987:
Use of the esterase phenotype in the taxonomy of the genus meloidogyne 2. esterase phenotypes observed in west african populations and their characterization

Utkhede R.S.; Quamme H.A., 1988:
Use of the excised shoot assay to evaluate resistance to phytophthora cactorum of apple rootstock cultivars

Lifshitz Guinzberg A.; Reveles Delijorge J.; Adabache Ortiz M.; Lopez Barcena J., 1980:
Use of the excreted fraction of filtered sodium in early diagnosis of acute renal failure

Nurusheva S.M.; Shcherbakova N.I.; Lebedeva M.V., 1986:
Use of the experimental in ovo model of mixed chlamydial and gonococcal infection for the evaluation of the etiotropic action of chemopreparations

Moreno J.; Estan M.T.; Martinez Lopez V.; Bolarin M.C., 1986:
Use of the factor analysis to evaluate soil fertility

Nicosia J.F.; Bass N.M., 1987:
Use of the fascial stapler in proctopexy for rectal prolapse

Yoganathan, A.P.; Gupta, R.; Corcoran, W.H.; Udwadia, F.E.; Sarma, R.; Bing, R.J., 1976:
Use of the fast fourier transform in the frequency analysis of the 2nd heart sound in normal man

Gupta B.L.; Kini U.R.; Bhat R.M.; Madhvanath U., 1982:
Use of the fbx dosimeter for the calibration of cobalt 60 and high energy tele therapy machines

Beardsley, A.; Vagg, M.J.; Beckett, P.H.T.; Sansom, B.F., 1978:
Use of the field vole microtus agrestis for monitoring potentially harmful elements in the environment

Willcox P.A.; Benatar S.R.; Potgieter P.D., 1982:
Use of the flexible fiber optic bronchoscope in diagnosis of sputum negative pulmonary tuberculosis

Winter, R.J.; Keast, C.G.; Butler, P.R.; Rudd, R.M., 1985:
Use of the flexible film isolator as a single circuit hypoxic chamber for small animals

Young, R.D.; Thorn, B.E.; Levitt, R.A.; Weyant, M.J., 1978:
Use of the flinch jump technique to study narcotic analgesia in the rat

Nahas N.; Fibach E.; Giloh H.; Gatt S., 1987:
Use of the fluorescence activated cell sorter for studying uptake of fluorescent fatty acids into cultured cells

Smirnova Z.S.; Arkhipova V.R., 1981:
Use of the fluorescent antibody method for control over the species composition of mixed cultures of methanotrophic bacteria during continuous cultivation

Ibbotson, R.; Pugh, G.J.F., 1975:
Use of the fluorescent antibody technique for the evaluation of arthroderma uncinatum in soil

Crozat Y.; Cleyet Marel J.C.; Corman A., 1987:
Use of the fluorescent antibody technique to characterize equilibrium survival concentrations of bradyrhizobium japonicum strains in soil

Khorkavtsiv Y.D.; Kardash O.R.; Demkiv O.T., 1984:
Use of the fluorescent dye calcofluor white m 2r new for the analysis of moss protonema cell walls

Hill C.E.; Hendry I.A.; Sheppard A., 1987:
Use of the fluorescent dye fast blue to label sympathetic postganglionic neurons supplying mesenteric arteries and enteric neurons of the rat

Mills, J.D.; Hind, G., 1978:
Use of the fluorescent lanthanide terbium ion as a probe for cation binding sites associated with isolated chloroplast thylakoid membranes

Bramhall J., 1986:
Use of the fluorescent weak acid dansylglycine to measure transmembrane proton concentration gradients

Semenyuk E.P.; Vidershain G.Ya, 1984:
Use of the fluorescently labeled cerebroside as a substrate for galactosylceramidase from human skin fibroblasts

Smith R.C.; Neff A.W., 1985:
Use of the fluorochrome propidium iodide for the identification of xenopus laevis germ plasm during immunofluorescence studies

D.W.ll N.; Endres P.; Menzel K.; Mazac J., 1986:
Use of the fogarty catheter for bronchoscopic removal of foreign bodies

Jones, G.M.; Heald, C.W.; Patterson, W.N.; Robinson, D.E., 1977:
Use of the fossomatic somatic cell counts in a mastitis control program

Metkalova S.E., 1981:
Use of the free choice method for assessment of addiction to morphine

Woodruff R.K.; Bunce I.H.; Johnson S.; Paxton A.M.; Malpas J.S., 1981:
Use of the french american british criteria for the diagnosis of acute erythro leukemia

Abd E.R.hman A.; E.M.ghraby A.I., 1984:
Use of the frontal bone in age determination of labeo horie pisces cyprinidae in jebel aulia reservoir sudan

Quillman, R.D.; Mehr, E.B.; Goodrich, G.L., 1981:
Use of the Frostig Figure Ground in evaluation of adults with low vision

Wagner R.; Loewenstein I.; Gieshoff B.; Graben N.; Olbricht T.; Windeck R.; Benker G.; Reinwein D., 1987:
Use of the fructosamine test to appraise the metabolic situation of diabetics with renal insufficiency

Popkova K.V.; Fedlova T.Yu, 1983:
Use of the fungus coniothyrium minitans in the biological method of plant protection

Wilson R.E.; Dolphin A.; Simanton J.R., 1986:
Use of the fw 1 water level recorder for control of electrical equipment

Maestri, N.E.; Beaty, T.H.; Folstein, S.E.; Meyers, D.A., 1987:
Use of the G8 probe in predicting risk of Huntington disease

Sevov A.; Mitev S., 1979:
Use of the ga s gene as a genetic barrier of noncrossability between normal and high lysine maize

Mikerova T.M.; Timann G.; Gerasimova N.P., 1980:
Use of the gamma chamber for evaluation of myo cardial contractility

Zakruta, M.P.; Zlupko, V.N., 1978:
Use of the gas laser lg 55 to determine optical density of biological objects

Moncure A.C.; Brewster D.C.; Darling R.C.; Abbott W.M.; Cambria R.P., 1988:
Use of the gastroduodenal artery in right renal artery revascularization

Kritsotakis K.; Laskowski N.; Tobschall H.J., 1979:
Use of the glassy carbon electrode for determination of mercury in river water by differential pulse inverse voltammetry

Gin H.; Brottier E.; Dupuy B.; Guillaume D.; Ponzo J.; Aubertin J., 1987:
Use of the glucose clamp technique for confirmation of insulinoma autonomous hyperinsulinism

Moiseev, O.N., 1977:
Use of the glue epo for making corrosion preparations

Devlaming V.; Grossman G.; Chapman F., 1982:
Use of the gono somatic index

Pellicer A.; Intraphuvasak J.; Remohi J.; Bonilla Musoles F., 1985:
Use of the gore tex vascular prosthesis in the rabbit oviduct

Ibsen K.H.; Ngo J L.T.; Sanders D.A.; Vaziri N.D.; Hung E.K., 1983:
Use of the gradient plate immuno diffusion technique

Petrov A.A., 1979:
Use of the graph method to study the migration of micro impurities in marine ecosystems

Ahuja, L.R.; Tsuji, G.Y., 1976:
Use of the green ampt equation with variable conductivity

Thompson, B.; Pitts, M.M.; Gipe, J.P., 1983:
Use of the Group Embedded Figures Test with children

Efremova I.I.; Gegenava B.O.; Kozlova O.V.; Vasil'eva V.I., 1980:
Use of the growth inhibition test the complement fixation test and the diffuse precipitation test in agar gel for the identification of mycoplasma isolated from monkeys

Troni W.; Cantello R.; Rainero E., 1983:
Use of the h reflex in serial evaluation of nerve conduction velocity

Nikitchanka I.M.; Horyn U.V.; Yakushyk V.M., 1984:
Use of the halothane test for selection in pig breeding

Pawlyenya U.P., 1982:
Use of the hampshire breed in industrial crossing with planned swine breeds

Hyer, L.; Harkey, B.; Harrison, W.R., 1987:
Use of the Harris and Lingoes Depression MMPI. Subscales in assessing later life

Ferrario V.F.; Tredici G.; Arcelli E.; Sassi A., 1985:
Use of the heart rate velocity test in bicycling experience with francesco moser in the preparation for the time record

Schweitzer, E.J.; Hauer, J.M.; Swan, K.G.; Bresch, J.R.; Harmon, J.W.; Graeber, G.M., 1987:
Use of the Heimlich valve in a compact autotransfusion device

Milev N., 1981:
Use of the hem adsorption method for the demonstration of african swine fever virus in angola

Tribouley, J.; Tribouly-Duret, J.; Appriou, M.; Bernard, D.; Pautrizel, R., 1976:
Use of the hem agglutination reaction in the serological diagnosis of schistosomiasis

Hinchliffe R.F.; Lilleyman J.S.; Burrows N.F.; Swan H.T., 1981:
Use of the hemalog d automated leukocyte differential counter in the diagnosis and therapy of leukemia

Starlinger M.; Sporn P.; Schemper M.; Schiessel R., 1983 :
Use of the hemoccult test for detection of blood in gastric aspirates

Apoyan, V.T.; Shaginyan, G.G., 1987:
Use of the hemostatic collagenous sponge in surgery

Kirton, A.H.; Feist, C.L.; Duganzich, D.M.; Jordan, R.B.; O'Donnell, K.P.; Woods, E.G., 1987:
Use of the Hennessy Grading Probe (GP) for predicting the meat, fat and bone yields of beef carcasses

Peutherer J.F.; Ross R.; Stahl S.; Murray K.; Mackay P., 1981:
Use of the hepatitis b core antigen produced in escherichia coli in an assay for anti hepatitis b core antibody

Ceh, S.E., 1985:
Use of the Herbert scaphoid bone screw system in podiatric surgery

Evans P.R., 1986:
Use of the herbicide dalapon for control of spartina encroaching on intertidal mudflats beneficial effects on shorebirds

Kozlovskii, V.G.; Ernst, L.K.; Aleksandrov, B.V.; Zhiryakov, A.M., 1969:
Use of the heritability coefficient for determining the accuracy of pedigree evaluation of animals

Cichowicz, S.M., 1978:
Use of the high speed overhead mixer in howard mold count preparations

Wacksman, J., 1986:
Use of the Hodgson XX (modified Asopa) procedure to correct hypospadias with chordee: surgical technique and results

Lawyer, R.B.; Lubbers, L.M., 1980:
Use of the Hoffmann apparatus in the treatment of unstable tibial fractures

Yoshimura, H., 1981:
Use of the hollow fiber artificial kidney to conserve blood during cardiac surgery

Daly D.A., 1987:
Use of the home vcr to facilitate transfer of fluency

Smedema L.K.; Poelman A.; W., 1985:
Use of the hooghoudt formula for drain spacing calculations in homogeneous anisotropic soils

Bencini A.; Agoston S.; Ket J., 1980:
Use of the human isolated arm preparation to indicate qualitative aspects of a new neuro muscular blocking agent org nc 45 1 2 beta 3 alpha 16 beta 17 beta 3 17 bis acetyloxy 2 1 piperidinylandrostan 16 yl 1 methyl piperidinium bromide

Zhuo Z.; Casciano D.A.; Heflich R.H., 1986:
Use of the human liver cell line hep g 2 in a modified salmonella typhimurium reversion assay

Nikolaeva I.S.; Gailonskaya I.N.; Ferapontov G.K.; Astashkin E.I., 1981:
Use of the human lymphocyte blast transformation test to detect biologically active cholera toxin in cultural filtrates of vibrio cholerae

Parker, R.L.; Welander, C.E.; Homesley, H.D.; Jobson, V.W.; Kawamoto, E.H., 1984:
Use of the human tumor stem cell assay to study chemotherapy sensitivity in cancer of the cervix

Thompson, L.A.; Gates, D.M.; Ingledew, W.M.; Jones, G.A., 1976:
Use of the hungate anaerobic technique in the isolation of phloroglucinol negative mutants of coprococcus sp

Simovan'yan E.M.; Alimova E.K.; Shovkun A.G., 1981:
Use of the hydrolase inhibitor contrykal in the management of meningococcal infection in children

Litvin A.A.; Popov D.M.; Chernova S.V., 1982:
Use of the hydroxamic reaction for quantitative analysis of anesthesin

Rhodes, D.W.; Scott, M.B.; Morrow, J.W., 1978:
Use of the iced cystogram to differentiate bladder neck and external sphincter obstruction

Nagayoshi S.; Imai M.; Tsutsui Y.; Saga S.; Takahashi M.; Hoshino M., 1981:
Use of the immune adherence hem agglutination test for titration of breast cancer patients sera cross reacting with purified mouse mammary tumor virus

Berezin V.E.; Vorkunova G.K.; Matsevich G.R.; Zaides V.M.; Marennikova S.S.; Bukrinskaya A.G., 1987:
Use of the immune western blotting method to study virus antigens and to detect antibodies to virus proteins

Gromyko L.G.; Terskikh I.I., 1981:
Use of the immuno enzyme method enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay in chlamydia infections

Bikbulatov, R.M.; Lyarskaya, T.Y. ; Demidova, S.A., 1978:
Use of the immuno fluorescence test for diagnosing cytomegalovirus infection

Yoshida, H.; Sakata, H.; Hiyama, N.; Kondo, H.; Iwamoto, T., 1982:
Use of the immuno peroxidase technique for estimation of susceptibility of herpes simplex virus to 5 iodo 2' deoxy uridine

Lugovic, B.; Cvetnic, S.; Rapic, D.; Lojkic, M.; Madic, J., 1985:
Use of the immunoenzyme test elisa in the diagnosis of aujeszky's disease

Rydkina E.B.; Shirokova E.M.; Balaeva N.M.; Kokorin I.N.; Nikol'skaya V.N.; Imamaliev O.G., 1985:
Use of the immunofluorescence test for the evaluation of immunological transformation in persons immunized with chemical typhus vaccine

Gorovits E.S.; Timasheva O.A., 1985:
Use of the immunofluorescent microagglutination test for the intrageneric differentiation of immune response in some chlamydia infections

Mikheeva T.V.; Sekirina T.P.; Abramova L.I.; Kolyaskina G.I.; Tsutsul'kovskaya M.Ya, 1987:
Use of the immunostimulant levamisole in the multi modality treatment of patients with juvenile malignant schizophrenia

Debowy J.; Obminska Domoradzka B., 1987:
Use of the immunostimulating properties of levamisole in veterinary practice

Zheludkov M.M.; Chernysheva M.I., 1985:
Use of the in vitro allergy test for the differential diagnosis of brucellosis and yersiniosis in humans

Ternak G.; Wolff M.; Britt D.P., 1981:
Use of the india ink immuno reaction for the rapid detection of enteric pathogens in 2 areas of nigeria

Hamann H.J.; Iwannek K.H., 1981:
Use of the indicator activation method for the labeling of tsetse flies glossina spp

Colan S.D.; Borow K.M.; Macpherson D.; Sanders S.P., 1984:
Use of the indirect axillary pulse tracing for noninvasive determination of ejection time upstroke time and left ventricular wall stress throughout ejection in infants and young children

Konovalova, L.M.; Krasovskaya, N.N.; Zheleznikova, V.V., 1977:
Use of the indirect hem agglutination test for diagnosis of human trichinosis

Korneeva, E.P.; Shvartsman-Ya, S.; Gorenskaya, R.L.; Shefer, L.F.; Potapenko, L.B.; Zibina, E.A.; Ralitnaya, T.V., 1977:
Use of the indirect hem agglutination test for rapid diagnoses of influenza outbreaks

Bol'shakova, G.M.; Krasovskaya, N.N.; Ballad, N.E.; Moskvin, S.N.; Sitov, K.E., 1975:
Use of the indirect hem agglutination test with erythrocytic diagnostic preparations for intra vital diagnosis of cysticercosis of cattle

Kough J.; Malajczuk N.; Linderman R.G., 1983:
Use of the indirect immuno fluorescent technique to study the vesicular arbuscular fungus glomus epigaeum and other glomus species

Smetanin M.M.; Strel'nikov A.S.; Tereshchenko V.G., 1983:
Use of the information theory in analyzing the dynamics of fish catches in forming ecosystems

Bartholomew D.T.; Osuala C.I., 1988:
Use of the infraalyzer in proximate analysis of mutton

Kobulej, T.; Udvarhelyi, J., 1976:
Use of the injection preparation dertil in fascioliasis control

Marion D.; Garbay Jaureguiberry C.; Roques B.P., 1982:
Use of the insensitive nuclei enhanced by polarization transfer method for nitrogen 15 nmr relaxation study of linear peptides

Sinski, J.T., 1968:
Use of the inst microscope in a gastight safety cabinet system microorganism

Kofman G.B.; Kuz'michev V.V.; Khlebopros R.G., 1979:
Use of the intensive growth period of woody plants for the construction of phylogenetic series

Khulordava, K.G.; Kosaganov-Yu, N.; Zarudnaya, M.I.; Lazurkin-Yu, S.; Semin-Yu, A.; Poverennyi, A.M., 1977:
Use of the interaction product of beta alanine and formaldehyde for kinetic determination of the defects in dna secondary structure

Vécsei, V.; Scharf, W.; Hertz, H., 1980:
Use of the interlocking nail for the treatment of distal diaphyseal fractures of the lower leg

Tereshchenko V.P.; Dittse F.; Shul'ts G.I., 1981:
Use of the intestinal hormones secretin and pancreozymin for examining exocrine function of the pancreas in elderly people

Hodgson A.N., 1984:
Use of the intrinsic musculature for siphonal autotomy in the solenacea mollusca bivalvia

Besarab, A.; Jarrell, B.E.; Hirsch, S.; Carabasi, R.A.; Cressman, M.D.; Green, P., 1987:
Use of the isolated perfused kidney model to assess the acute pharmacologic effects of cyclosporine and its vehicle, cremophor EL

Godinez, R.I.; Longmore, W.J., 1973:
Use of the isolated perfused rat lung in studies on lung lipid metabolism

Kirst E.; Jahn D., 1987:
Use of the isotope indicator method for the investigation of cleaning systems in dairy practice

Whitten C.J., 1980:
Use of the isozyme technique to assess the quality of mass reared sterile screwworm flies cochliomyia hominivorax

Bunc V.; Leso J., 1980:
Use of the jaeger device for spiro ergometric examination of physical fitness

Callahan W.S.; Koroma K., 1979:
Use of the juni janik genetic homology technique in the identification of yersinia enterocolitica

Schuda P.F.; Potlock S.J.; Ziffer H., 1987:
Use of the ketal claisen rearrangement for the synthesis of cyclic sesquiterpenes containing quaternary centers a formal synthesis of cuparene

Lange, R.; Friebe, R.; Linow, F., 1979:
Use of the kjeldahl wet digestion berthelot reaction combined method for determining nitrogen in biological materials 1. state of knowledge

Lange, R.; Friebe, R.; Linow, F., 1979:
Use of the kjeldahl wet digestion berthelot reaction combined method for determining nitrogen in biological materials 2. design and testing of a partially automated analyzer system for the routine determination of nitrogen

Lange, R.; Schliemann, J.; Friebe, R.; Linow, F., 1980:
Use of the kjeldahl wet digestion berthelot reaction combined method for determining nitrogen in biological materials 3. consecutive and secondary reactions of the indophenol reaction 1. the formation of chloro phenols

Zhurova T.E.; Tsyukhno Z.I.; Yurchenko M.Z., 1981:
Use of the l leucine and aminophylline tests in studying the function of the pancreatic insular apparatus in patients with thyro toxicosis

Hall, B.K., 1978:
Use of the l proline analog l azetidine 2 carboxylic acid to analyze embryonic growth and determination and expression of the chondrogenic phenotype in vivo and in vitro

Viranuvati V.; Chupanya K.; Dumavibhat B., 1981:
Use of the laboratory in a medical school

Bischko J.J., 1980:
Use of the laser beam in acupuncture

Lacheretz M.; Herbaux B., 1988:
Use of the laser knife in the excision graft of deep burns in infancy

Polak J., 1982:
Use of the latex drop agglutination test in the diagnosis of potato virus x potato virus m and potato virus s

Bricout N.; L.D.nvic M.; Real J.P.; Servant J.M.; Banzet P., 1988:
Use of the latissimus dorsi musculocutaneous flap in repair of cheek defects

Labbe D.; Compere J.F.; Harbon S.; Peron J.M., 1987:
Use of the latissimus dorsi myocutaneous flap in head and neck reconstruction study about 32 cases

Harboe S.; Mikkelsen H.; Tysvaer A., 1986:
Use of the leeds bolt for intracranial pressure measurements

Horst, T.J., 1977:
Use of the leslie matrix for assessing environmental impact with an example for a fish population

Marsik F.J.; Owens D.; Lewandowksi J., 1986:
Use of the leukocyte esterase and nitrite tests to determine the need for culturing urine specimens from a pediatric and adolescent population

Cannon, B.; McCoy, J.L.; Connor, R.J.; Jerome, L.; Keys, L.; Dean, H.H.; Herberman, R.B., 1978:
Use of the leukocyte migration inhibition assay to evaluate antigenic differences in human breast cancers and melanomas

Hutzell, R.R.; Peterson, T.J., 1986:
Use of the Life Purpose Questionnaire with an alcoholic population

Silberfeld, M.; Glaser, F.B., 1978:
Use of the life table method in determining attrition from treatment

Ferreira J.; Bernardi C.; Gerbase A.C.; Souza A.M.P.V.D.; Magajewski H.O., 1984:
Use of the life table to eliminate from the active record hansens disease patients out of control and of unknown whereabouts a 6 year experience using this method in the state of rio grande do sul brazil

Gwynn, B.R.; Williams, C.R., 1985:
Use of the Limberg flap to close breast wounds after partial mastectomy

Saubolle M.A.; Jorgensen J.H., 1987:
Use of the limulus amoebocyte lysate test as a cost effective screen for gram negative agents of meningitis

Bonsdorff E.; Koivisto V., 1982:
Use of the log normal distribution of individuals among species in monitoring zoo benthos in the northern baltic archipelago

Prentice, R., 1976:
Use of the logistic model in retrospective studies

Butler, W.J.; Park, R.M., 1987:
Use of the logistic regression model for the analysis of proportionate mortality data

Gachava P.O.; Kipiani R.Ya, 1987:
Use of the low temperature fluorescence method in the study of the effect of gamma radiation on the rate formation of the aggregated form of chlorophyll in etiolated wheat sprouts

Kahru A.; Vilu R., 1988:
Use of the luciferin luciferase assay of atp for measuring the bacterial growth application to escherichia coli

Nuzem R.A.; Van Dyke K.; Flink E.B., 1979:
Use of the luciferin luciferase system to measure serum magnesium inhibition of light production by heparin and fatty acids

Pilinskaya M.A., 1985:
Use of the lymphocyte culture of human peripheral blood to determine the mutagenic activity of urine

Trenina, G.A.; Konyakhin, A.N.; Lavrova, L.N.; Bortnik, V.N.; Demchenko, B.I.; Kapitonova, O.N.; Navtsenya, L.G., 1978 :
Use of the lyophilization method for preservation of productive strains of curvularia lunata and beauveria spp

Thorel, M.F.; Pekàrek, J.; Svejcar, J.; Kubin, M.; Prochàzka, B., 1982:
Use of the macrophage migration inhibition test in the study of relationships between mycobacterial antigens

Kozlowska K.; Zurawska Czupa B.; Mierzewski P.; Kostulak A., 1980:
Use of the macrophage migration inhibition test to evaluate antigenic differences in golden hamster transplantable melanomas

Pycock D.; Taylor C.J., 1980:
Use of the magiscan image analyzer in automated uterine cancer cytology

Pokhodzei, B.B.; Karpenkova, N.I., 1978:
Use of the main components method for classification of observations in clinical physiological research

Borovikov, P.A., 1975:
Use of the manned under water laboratories for oceanographic studies

Verigo V.V.; Smirnova T.M., 1979:
Use of the mathematical model of erythropoiesis in the evaluation of space flight effects

Bishop N.; Hart G.; Boyle R.M.; Stoker J.B.; Smith D.R.; Mary D.A.S.G., 1987:
Use of the maximal st hr slope to estimate myocardial ischemia after recent myocardial infarction

Tikuisis, P.; Nishi, R.Y.; Weathersby, P.K., 1988:
Use of the maximum likelihood method in the analysis of chamber air dives

Graham, C.; Bond, S.S.; Gerkovich, M.M.; Cook, M.R., 1980:
Use of the McGill pain questionnaire in the assessment of cancer pain: replicability and consistency

Presnell, M.W.; Andrews, W.H., 1976:
Use of the membrane filter and a filter aid for concentrating and enumerating indicator bacteria and salmonella from estuarine waters

Gariepy Y.; Raghavan G.S.V.; Theriault R., 1984:
Use of the membrane system for long term controlled atmosphere storage of cabbage brassica oleracea var capitata

Pfeffer, R.I.; Kurosaki, T.T.; Chance, J.M.; Filos, S.; Bates, D., 1984:
Use of the mental function index in older adults. Reliability, validity, and measurement of change over time

Attias A.; Carreno R.; Goldwasser A.; Rodriguez F., 1987:
Use of the metallic content as an indication of orange juice purity

Rocha C.L.D.M.S.C.D.; Azevedo J.L.D., 1986:
Use of the meth g 1 reversion system of aspergillus nidulans for the detection of mutagenicity of the pyrrolizidine alkaloid integerrimine

Tkachuk, V.V., 1978:
Use of the method of atomic absorption spectrophotometry in pharmacological and pharmaceutical research

Bacherikov N.E.; Genes V.S.; Zgonnikov P.T., 1981:
Use of the method of characteristic intervals for differential diagnosis of the depressive phase of manic depressive psychosis and reactive depression

Petrushenko V.V.; Grigoryan E.M.; Azarova L.V., 1981:
Use of the method of correlated pleiads for evaluating the condition of woody plants under different ecological conditions

Maksimov V.N.; Goridchenko T.P., 1985:
Use of the method of desirability function for evaluating the quality of water on the basis of periphyton content

Tikhoirov V.N.; Gromov V.V.; Krylov O.T., 1982:
Use of the method of desorption from bottom sediments to ocean water for studies of the forms of manganese occurrence

Pyatkin E.K.; Nugis V.Yu, 1980:
Use of the method of differential staining of sister chromatids for the study of proliferative activity of human peripheral blood lymphocyte cultures under normal conditions and following gamma irradiation in vitro

Zhuchenko A.A.; Korol' M.M.; Medvedev V.V.; Andryushchenko V.K., 1980:
Use of the method of direct estimation for selection of high productive forms of tomatoes under low illumination

Pratusevich Y.M.; Solov'ev A.V.; Kvasov G.I., 1980:
Use of the method of factor analysis of electro encephalography for evaluation of the state of the central nervous system of school children over the course of the school year

Trius N.V., 1979:
Use of the method of ir spectroscopy for identification of sulfanilamide preparations 2

Popov-Yu, G.; Popova, I.V.; Mishina, A.P., 1978:
Use of the method of meristematic top cultures in strawberry breeding

Rashkes Y.V.; Yunusov M.S., 1984:
Use of the method of metastable defocusing for analysis of the processes of fragmentation of lycoctonine bases

Podgorskaya M.E.; Tulina G.G.; Zabirova T.N.; Matselyukh B.P.; Bartoshevich Y.E., 1988:
Use of the method of protoplasting in the breeding of streptomyces kanamyceticus

Dvoryankin E.A., 1983:
Use of the method of spontaneous chemi luminescence for estimation of plant resistance to soil herbicides

Kuz'mina, V.V., 1976:
Use of the method of step by step alpha amylase desorption from intestinal sections in studying membrane digestion in fish

Shmidt, V.M.; Baranova, E.V., 1975:
Use of the method of taxonomic analysis in the comparison of floras by their historical and geographical connections

Volynskii-Yu, D.; Berdikyan, S.Y. ; Pastushenko, V.P.; Nikitaev, N.S.; Nagiev, A.A., 1976:
Use of the method of thermo dilution to study and assess rapid changes of the central hemodynamics under clinical conditions

Casacchia M.; Rossi A.; Stratta P.; D.L.cia R.; Natali G.F., 1984:
Use of the michigan alcoholism screening test in a department of general medicine

Swett, C., 1984:
Use of the Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test in a prison hospital

Bettelheim K.A.; Maskill W.J.; Metcalfe R.V.; Pearce J.L., 1984:
Use of the micro agglutination technique to determine the antibody status of healthy new zealanders to brucella abortus

Thielmann K.; Ruehling K.; Schauer I.; Leonhardt I.; Herzberg V., 1981:
Use of the micro analytical system kapa for serial determinations of tri glycerides total cholesterol and high density lipo protein cholesterol in capillary plasma

Fung, D.Y.C.; Reichert, C.A.; Medwid, R.D., 1976:
Use of the micro slide technique to measure staphylococcal entero toxin b

Lyubimova, T.I.; Maksimovskii, L.F.; Kuzin, B.A.; Onishchenko, A.M.; Karasik, G.I.; Kerkis, T.I., 1978:
Use of the micro spectrophotometer muf 5 for enzymatic and chromatographic analyses on a micro scale

Mayfield, J.K., 1981:
Use of the Milwaukee brace in the surgical treatment of Sprengel's deformity

Troshin V.M.; Likhterman L.B.; Neimark Y.I.; Teklina L.G., 1981:
Use of the minimax algorithm in differential diagnosis of traumatic intra cranial brain hematomas and contusions

Back, A.E.; Oberhofer, T.R., 1978:
Use of the minitek system for biotyping haemophilus spp

Gilliland, S.E.; Speck, M.L., 1977:
Use of the Minitek system for characterizing lactobacilli

Lueger R.J., 1983:
Use of the minnesota multiphasic personality inventory 168 with delinquent adolescents

Ol'shanskii D.V., 1980:
Use of the minnesota multiphasic personality inventory in a psychological analysis of personality disturbances

Walters G.D.; Solomon G.S.; Walden V.R., 1982:
Use of the minnesota multiphasic personality inventory in predicting psycho therapeutic persistence in groups of male and female out patients

Lueger R.J.; Hoover L., 1984:
Use of the minnesota multiphasic personality inventory to identify subtypes of delinquent adolescents

Solomon R., 1983:
Use of the minnesota multiphasic personality inventory with multiple personality patients

Gloss, D.S.; Wardle, M.G., 1982:
Use of the Minnesota Rate of Manipulation Test for disability evaluation

Kvasha V.V.; Mikhailova N.P.; Sorokoletova E.F.; Khromov Borisov N.N., 1986:
Use of the model of polyene resistant mutations in saccharomyces as a test system to determine genetically active substances

Voitsitskii V.M.; Dyl' K.A.; Preobrazhenskaya T.D.; Kucherenko N.E., 1986:
Use of the model water lipid system for studying electrical function of calcium magnesium atpase

Adams, J.A., 1986:
Use of the model's knowledge of results to increase the observer's performance

Collet A.S., 1982:
Use of the morphology of the pelvic for the study of reproduction in delphinus delphis

Coz, J.; Valade, M.; Cornet, M.; Lemoine, M.O.; Lorand, A., 1977:
Use of the mosquito for arboviruses multiplication

Lopatnev, S.V.; Elizarovskaya, L.M.; Belyakova, G.N.; Kleiner, G.I., 1978:
Use of the mother solution after isolation of 6 amino penicillanic acid as a phenyl acetic acid substitute

Meyers, C.A.; Kastin, A.J.; Schally, A.V.; Coy, D.H., 1981:
Use of the mouse vas deferens assay to evaluate the action of somatostatin peptides on gastric acid secretion

Sergievskii V.S.; Branovich S.I.; Mandel' I.D., 1980:
Use of the multi dimensional classification method in the analysis of remote results of electric impulse therapy in heart patients

Jiang, C.J.; Cockerham, C.C., 1987:
Use of the multinomial Dirichlet model for analysis of subdivided genetic populations

Tsui, P.T.P.; Breedlove, B.W., 1978:
Use of the multiple plate sampler in biological monitoring of the aquatic environment

Lazor, L.; Russell, J.C.; DaSilva, J.; Radford, M., 1988:
Use of the multiple uptake gated acquisition scan for the preoperative assessment of cardiac risk

Ritz D.A.; Swain R.; Elliott N.G., 1982:
Use of the mussel mytilus edulis planulatus in monitoring heavy metal levels in sea water

Izecksohn E.; Peixoto O.L., 1980:
Use of the name stombus precrenulatus and the validity of the species amphibia anura leptodactylidae

Gurnack A., 1984:
Use of the national council on alcoholism modified assessment with a population of intoxicated drivers

Bunyatyan A.A.; Mikheev V.I., 1981:
Use of the new steroid myo relaxant arduan in anesthesia

Grossman, S.J.; Jollow, D.J., 1986:
Use of the NIH shift to determine the relative contribution of competing pathways of aniline metabolism in the rat

Roberts S.; Weaver W.H.; Phelps J.P., 1980:
Use of the nitrate soil test to predict sweet corn zea mays response to nitrogen fertilization

Bunyatyan A.A.; Sablin I.N.; Flerov E.V.; Rostunova N.V.; Friman M.Yu; Shmyrin M.M., 1981:
Use of the noninvasive computerized method of assessment of myo cardial contractility in the operating theater

Romesburg, H.C., 1976:
Use of the normal generated distribution for estimating population survival

Ebrahim, S.; Barer, D.; Nouri, F., 1986:
Use of the Nottingham Health Profile with patients after a stroke

Babanin V.F.; Verkhovtseva N.V.; Glebova I.N.; Karpachevskii L.O.; Morozov V.V., 1983:
Use of the nuclear gamma resonance spectroscopy for the study of microorganisms

Karpeiskii, M.Y. ; Yakovlev, G.I., 1976:
Use of the nuclear overhauser effect in investigations of the structure of rnase nucleotide complexes

Barbush M.; Dixon D.W., 1985:
Use of the nuclear overhauser effect to assign proton nmr resonances in a low spin paramagnetic hemin

Kundrot C.E.; Richards F.M., 1987:
Use of the occupancy factor in the refinement of solvent molecules in protein crystal structures

Steinherz P.G.; Galicich J.H., 1985:
Use of the ommaya reservoir in the prevention and treatment of central nervous system leukemia an update

Hankinson, H.L.; Wilson, C.B., 1975:
Use of the operating microscope in anterior cervical discectomy without fusion

Sovocool, G.W.; Mitchum, R.K.; Donnelly, J.R., 1987:
Use of the 'ortho effect' for chlorinated biphenyl and brominated biphenyl isomer identification

L.Y.P.; Lasne C.; Lowy R.; Chouroulinkov I., 1988:
Use of the orthogonal design method to study the synergistic effects of asbestos fibers and 12 o tetradecanoylphorbol 13 acetate tpa in the balb 3t3 cell transformation system

Combrisson, S.; Roques, B.P., 1976:
Use of the overhauser effect nmr proton relaxation measures and chemical nmr carbon 13 displacements in the study of amide conformation part 1 theoretical considerations on the overhauser effect in equilibrium systems application to the conformational study of aromatic amides acetyl pyrroles and alpha beta unsaturated amides n acyl indolines and n acyl tetra hydro quinolines

Roques, B.P.; Combrisson, S.; Wasylishen, R., 1976:
Use of the overhauser effect nmr proton relaxation measures and chemical nmr carbon 13 displacements in the study of amide conformation part 2 application to the conformational study of ali cyclic amides acyl prolines

Clark M.J., 1980:
Use of the oxytocin challenge test in the management of post date pregnancy

Bowen, I.D.; Ryder, T.A., 1976:
Use of the p nitrophenyl phosphate method for the demonstration of acid phosphatase during starvation and cell autolysis in the planarian polycelis tenuis

Treiger, N.D.; Eremeev, N.E.; Khovanov, N.V.; Kozhin, S.A., 1976:
Use of the paired correlation method for evaluation of the influence of essential oil components of georgian black tea on its aroma

Bryan J.H., 1980:
Use of the palpal ratio and the number of pale bands on the palps in separating anopheles gambiae and anopheles melas diptera culicidae

Robel E.J., 1980:
Use of the parallel line assay for estimating amino acids in soybean meal for chicks

Orlov S.N.; Boitsov V.M.; Postnov Y.V., 1985:
Use of the parameters of inhomogeneous broadening of fluorescence spectra of probes for studying the conformational changes in calcium binding proteins

Emets V.M., 1986:
Use of the parameters of predatory insect populations for the background monitoring of ecosystems

Burns J.T.; Schlafly B., 1986:
Use of the parascapular flap in hand reconstruction

Anliker R.; Clarke E.A.; Moser P., 1981:
Use of the partition coefficient as an indicator of bio accumulation tendency of dyestuffs in fish

Savranskaya S.Ya; Moshiashvili I.Ya, 1981:
Use of the passive hem agglutination inhibition test in the determination of diphtheria toxin potency

Khristova V.; Tatarov G., 1981:
Use of the passive hem agglutination test in the study of aujeszkys disease

Forda S.R.; Jessell T.M.; Kelly J.S.; Rand R.P., 1982:
Use of the patch electrode for sensitive high resolution extracellular recording

Filipe, G.; Carlioz, H., 1982:
Use of the Pavlik harness in treating congenital dislocation of the hip

Aksenova E.V., 1980:
Use of the paw edema test in white mice for the study of proteus purulent infection

Altepeter T., 1985:
Use of the peabody picture vocabulary test revised for intellectual screening with a preschool pediatric sample

Clunies Ross G.; Thomas M., 1986:
Use of the peer attitudes toward the handicapped scale in australia grade differences in the scores of primary school students

Attali J.R.; Darnis D.; Valensi P.; Weisselberg C.; Sebaoun J., 1984 :
Use of the perifusion technique on rat thyroid fragments in the study of thyroid hormone secretion short term effects of thyrotropin theophylline and glucagon

Brodan, V.; Hájek, M., 1979:
Use of the periodogram in the analysis of high frequency basal blood sugar oscillations in healthy subjects

Harrison, P.J.; Davis, C.O., 1977:
Use of the perturbation technique to measure nutrient uptake rates of natural phyto plankton populations

Hill B.S.; Synder H.E.; Wiese K.L., 1982:
Use of the ph stat to evaluate trypsin inhibitor and tryptic proteolysis of soy flours

Petrova, L.Y. ; Kazanina, G.A.; Selezneva, A.A., 1977:
Use of the ph static method to study the enzymic action of lipase from penicillium sp

Sgaramella, V.; Ehrlich, S.D., 1978:
Use of the phage t 4 poly nucleotide ligase ec in the joining of flush ended dna segments generated by restriction endo nucleases

Gaevskii A.V.; Sheichenko V.I.; Kabanov V.S.; Boriskova E.I., 1980:
Use of the pharmacopeial method for determination of cineole in eucalyptus oil

Lukoyanova, M.A.; Petukhova, N.M., 1976:
Use of the phase partition method in polymers for the fractionation of hydrophobic membrane proteins

Rosca I.; Popov C.; Enica D.; Luca M.; Vonica I., 1987:
Use of the pheromone atrapas in ecological studies of the species cnephasia pasiuana hb

Perry, J.; Mitchison, D.A.; Darrell, J.H., 1983:
Use of the Phoenix system for bacteriology

Wilson, F.B.; Starr, C.D., 1985:
Use of the phonation analyzer as a clinical tool

Mejia Vallejo L.E.; Ortiz Solorio C.A., 1986:
Use of the physiographic survey for proposals of land evaluation in the texcoco river basin mexico

Korol, B.; Bergfeld, G.R.; Goldman, H.; Mclaughlin, L.J., 1977:
Use of the pigmentometer a new device for measuring skin albedo relating skin color with a series of physiological measures

Schoonbee H.J.; Prinsloo J.F., 1986:
Use of the pituitary glands of the sharptooth catfish clarias gariepinus in the induced spawning of the european common carp cyprinus carpio and the chinese grass carp ctenopharyngodon idella

Semenova, N.P.; Kantorovich-Prokudina, E.N.; Myasnikova, I.A.; Berezina, O.N., 1978:
Use of the plaque method for the detection of auto interference in influenza virus

Chalew S.A.; Mclaughlin J.V.; Mersey J.H.; Adams A.J.; Cornblath M.; Kowarski A.A., 1984:
Use of the plasma epinephrine response in the diagnosis of idiopathic post prandial syndrome

Idel'son L.I.; Pivnik A.V.; Gorodetskii V.M.; Ter Grigorov V.S., 1980:
Use of the plasma of a female patient with partial red cellular aplasia containing antibodies to the specific erythro karyocyte antigen for treating patients suffering from erythro myelosis

Ovchinnikova N.L.; Kuchenkova M.A.; Yuldashev P.Kh, 1986:
Use of the plastein reaction for modifying cotton proteins

Snyder F.W.; Bunce J.A., 1983:
Use of the plastochron index to evaluate effects of light temperature and nitrogen on growth of soybean glycine max

Harris E.K.; Shakarki G., 1979:
Use of the population distribution to improve estimation of individual means in epidemiological studies

Palmer S.E., 1981:
Use of the portable ir thermometer as a means of measuring limb surface temperature in the horse

Lemkin P.; Lipkin L., 1979:
Use of the positive difference transform for red blood cell elimination in bone marrow smear images

Buchler E.R.; Childs S.B., 1982:
Use of the post sunset glow as an orientation cue by big brown bats eptesicus fuscus

Galindo G.; Barros E.; Escudey M., 1985:
Use of the potassium hydroxide field procedure to determine extractable aluminum in chilean soils of volcanic origin

D.Carvalho J.R.P., 1981:
Use of the probability of type ii error for determining the number of replications in the experimental designs

Gambrell, R.D.; Massey, F.M.; Castaneda, T.A.; Ugenas, A.J.; Ricci, C.A.; Wright, J.M., 1980:
Use of the progestogen challenge test to reduce the risk of endometrial cancer

Seguin, B.E.; Gustafsson, B.K.; Hurtgen, J.P.; Mather, E.C.; Refsal, K.R.; Wescott, R.A.; Whitmore, H.L., 1978:
Use of the prostaglandin f 2 alpha analog cloprostenol ici 80996 in dairy cattle with unobserved estrus

Baughman, R.P.; Thorpe, J.E.; Staneck, J.; Rashkin, M.; Frame, P.T., 1987:
Use of the protected specimen brush in patients with endotracheal or tracheostomy tubes

Dzhasybaeva T.S.; Dranovskaya E.A.; Sukhodoeva G.S., 1982:
Use of the protein poly saccharide complex in diagnosing brucellosis in the allergic skin test

Little, A.G.; Lin, C.Y.; Wernly, J.A.; Langmuir, V.K.; Bilfinger, T.V.; Levett, J.M.; Anagnostopoulos, C.E., 1984:
Use of the pulmonary artery for left ventricular venting during cardiac operations

Genin D.; Andriamialisoa R.Z.; Langlois N.; Langlois Y., 1987:
Use of the pummerer reaction in the synthesis of eburna and aspidosperma derivatives

Pesti G.M.; Arraes R.A.; Miller B.R., 1986:
Use of the quadratic growth response to dietary protein and energy concentrations in least cost feed formulation

Ivanishchuk P.P., 1985:
Use of the quantitative index of homologous arms of chromosomes for species kindred ties analysis

Morris W.E.; Kwan S.C., 1983:
Use of the rabbit ear model in evaluating the comedogenic potential of cosmetic ingredients

Whittle B.J.R.; Mugridge K.G.; Moncada S., 1979:
Use of the rabbit transverse stomach strip to identify and assay prostacyclin prostaglandin a 2 prostaglandin d 2 and other prostaglandins

Yoshida J I.; Sasaki R.; Hattori K.; Matsunaga T.; Maeda M., 1987:
Use of the radial forearm flap in oral and pharyngeal reconstruction

Mccann D.J.; Rabin R.A.; Winter J.C., 1987:
Use of the radial maze in studies of phencyclidine and other drugs of abuse

Avila V.P.; Muegues B.J.; Ararat J.E., 1984:
Use of the ramie boehmeria nivea in the production of guinea pig cavia porcellus meat in the warm zone

Dellinger C.A.; Moore L.V.H., 1986:
Use of the rapid ana system to screen to enzyme activities that differ among species of bile inhibited bacteroides

Hollis, D.G.; Sottnek, F.O.; Brown, W.J.; Weaver, R.E., 1980:
Use of the rapid fermentation test in determining carbohydrate reactions of fastidious bacteria in clinical laboratories

Ruoff, K.L.; Kunz, L.J., 1983:
Use of the Rapid STREP system for identification of viridans streptococcal species

Doggrell S.A.; Vincent L., 1981:
Use of the rat right ventricle strip in studies on noradrenergic transmission

Joshi, U.M.; Sankolli, G.M.; Rajani, U.; Punjabi, J., 1978:
Use of the ratio of estrogens to creatinine in a single morning urine sample in the management of high risk pregnancy

Carlson D.R.; Burnside O.C., 1981:
Use of the re circulating sprayer to control tall weed escapes in crops

Korobkin, V.N.; Korchagin, V.B., 1978:
Use of the reaction of penicillenic acid formation for penicillin assay quantitative determination of oxacillin

Galioto F.M.Jr; Brudno D.S.; Rivera O.; Howard R.P., 1984:
Use of the rebreathing method in the differential diagnosis of congenital heart disease and persistent fetal circulation

Kurdiyan S.A., 1985:
Use of the rectal method of injecting antibacterial preparations in the combined treatment of gynecological diseases

Robertson, C.N.; Riefkohl, R.; Webster, G.D., 1986 :
Use of the rectus abdominis muscle flap in urological reconstructive procedures

Umlas J.; O'neill T.P., 1980:
Use of the refractive index to measure the adequacy of glycerol removal from previously frozen erythrocytes

Ketkin, A.T.; Evdokimov, V.G., 1977:
Use of the relationship of the measured work output level to the rate of cardial contractions watt pulse for evaluation of working capacity

Camprodon, R.; Ramon, J.M.; Rams, X.; Courtier, R.; Juncá, V.; Alepuz, M.; Ponsi, E., 1986:
Use of the renal pelvis as exocrine drainage in segmental pancreatic transplantation. A preliminary report

Mandl M.; Docekalova H., 1985:
Use of the respiration activity of thiobacillus ferrooxidans for the specific determination of iron ii and iron iii

Afanas'ev B.V., 1980:
Use of the results of cloning blood and bone marrow cells in a 2 layer agar system for differential diagnosis of various diseases of the blood system

Marozzi, E.; Gambaro, V.; Saligari, E.; Mariani, R.; Lodi, F., 1982:
Use of the retention index in gas chromatographic studies of drugs

Childs G.V.; Burke J.A., 1987:
Use of the reverse hemolytic plaque assay to study the regulation of anterior lobe acth acth secretion by acth releasing factor arginine vasopressin angiotensin ii and glucocorticoids

Lucas A.E.; Snow N.; Tobin G.R.; Flint L.M.Jr, 1982:
Use of the rhomboid major muscle flap for esophageal repair

Moore F.D.IIi; Joliffe P.A.; Stanwood P.C.; Roos R.E., 1988:
Use of the richards function to interpret single seed conductivity data

Dixon A.K.; Stringer D.A.; Hallett M.G.; Fry I.K., 1981:
Use of the right decubitus position in computed tomography of the liver and pancreas

Singh R.N.; Taylor P.C., 1987:
Use of the right mammary artery for coronary bypass

Yudina S.M., 1982:
Use of the rosette formation test in studying the properties of red blood cells in hepatic diseases

Nahman, B.J.; Van Aman, M.E.; McLemore, W.E.; O'Toole, R.V., 1985:
Use of the Rotex needle in percutaneous biopsy of pulmonary malignancy

Buttleman C.G.; Grigal D.F., 1985:
Use of the rubidium potassium ratio to evaluate potassium nutrition of peatlands

Arteaga E.; Klein R.; Biglieri E.G., 1985:
Use of the saline infusion test to diagnose the cause of primary aldosteronism

Morgan, R.F.; Friedman, H.I.; Johns, M.E., 1984:
Use of the Satinsky clamp for excision of anterior tongue lesions

Burns, J.E.; Elias, M.F.; Hitchcock, A.G.; St-Germain, R., 1978:
Use of the satz mogel abbreviated wechsler adult intelligence scale with hospitalized geriatric patients

Vignaud J.; Hamdouch N.; Hasso A.; D.S.edt E., 1982:
Use of the scanner for examination of the sinuses and cavum nasi

Injac M., 1980:
Use of the scanning electron microscope in the determination of the mussel scale mytilococcus equal to lepidosaphes ulmi

Andri E., 1980:
Use of the scanning electron microscopy in micro paleontology and in the study of micrites

Vernon S.W.; Roberts R.E., 1982:
Use of the schedule for affective disorders and schizophrenia and the research diagnostic criteria

Rogers R.; Thatcher A.; Cavanaugh J.L.Jr, 1984:
Use of the schedule of affective disorders and schizophrenia diagnostic interview in evaluating legal insanity

Rayner J.C.W.; Mcintyre R.I., 1985:
Use of the score statistic for testing goodness of fit of some generalized distributions

Koch, R.L.; Wade, D., 1977:
Use of the Seldinger technique in sialography

Yezuita J.P.; Mccabe R.T.; Barnett A.; Iorio L.C.; Wamsley J.K., 1988:
Use of the selective benzodiazepine 1 bz 1 ligand tritiated 2 oxoquazepam sch 15725 to localize bz 1 receptors in the rat brain

Oshevnev V.P.; Cherepukhin E.I.; Balkov I.Ya, 1986:
Use of the self compatibility character in breeding of sugar beet hybrids on the basis of cytoplasmic male sterility

Piotrowski, C., 1985:
Use of the semantic differential technique in research on disaster: a methodological note

Rozendal F.G.; Wells J.M., 1983:
Use of the semantic differential to evaluate long term effects of loss of parent on concepts of family

Kuypers H.C., 1984:
Use of the seton in the treatment of extrasphincteric anal fistula

Milovidova N.Yu; Kiryukhina L.N., 1979:
Use of the shannon formula in sanitary assessment of marine waters

Krause, R.D.; Lott, J.A., 1974:
Use of the simplex method to optimize analytical conditions in clinical chemistry

Wachtel R.E.; Wilson W.A.Jr, 1981:
Use of the single electrode voltage clamp to perform noise and relaxation studies of acetyl choline activated channels in aplysia californica neurons

Fernandez Martinez J.; Dominguez Gimenez J.; Jimenez A.; Hernandez L., 1986:
Use of the single seed descent method in breeding safflower carthamus tinctorius l

Mazur R.; Betlejewski S.; Debicki P.; Grochola T.; Ksiazkiewicz B., 1980:
Use of the sinn 700 apparatus on the central nervous system in intensive care

Meincke, K.F.; Schaller, K.H., 1974:
Use of the snail helix pomatia on cultivated land as indicator of environmental pollution with iron zinc and lead

Moonen J.H.E.; Scheepstra A.; Graveland A., 1982:
Use of the sodium dodecyl sulfate sedimentation test and sodium dodecyl sulfate poly acrylamide gel electrophoresis for screening breeders samples of wheat for breadmaking quality

Gervazieva V.B.; Osvyannikova I.G.; Voronkin N.I.; Sorochinskaya N.N.; Raikis B.N., 1987:
Use of the solid phase elisa for the detection of allergen specific immunoglobulin e antibodies

Sboichakov V.B.; Korolyuk A.M.; Verbov V.N.; Dzantiev B.B.; Egorov A.M.; Paskhina M.N., 1986:
Use of the solid phase enzyme immunoassay for the serodiagnosis of pseudotuberculosis

Kobyakova T.N., 1985:
Use of the solid phase radioimmunoassay for the serological diagnosis of influenza

Mishenina, G.F.; Samukov, V.V.; Semenova, L.N.; Shubina, T.N., 1978:
Use of the solvent extraction method for isolation of deoxy di nucleotides bearing bis substituted 5 prime phosphate groups

D.F.gueroa L.I.; D.R.chard M.F.; D.V.n Broock M.R., 1984:
Use of the somatic fusion method to introduce the flocculation property into saccharomyces diastaticus

Brizova, E.; Popl, M.; Coupek, J., 1977:
Use of the sorbent spheron se in the analysis of trace amounts of impurities in water

Kaurichev I.S.; Yashin I.M.; Kashanskii A.D.; Kashchenko V.S., 1986:
Use of the sorption lysimeter method in studies of water migration of substances in north european podzolic soils

Nicholls N., 1986:
Use of the southern oscillation to predict australian sorghum yield

Settle, M.; Taranik, J.V., 1982:
Use of the space shuttle for remote sensing research: recent results and future prospects

Gabler, K.; Riedel, D., 1984:
Use of the special nurse for dental and oral hygiene in the care of adult patients

Laricheva, K.A.; Yalovaya, N.I.; Shubin, V.I.; Smirnov, P.V.; Belyaev, V.S., 1977:
Use of the specialized protein product sp 11 in nutrition of highly trained athletes

Cumin R.; Bonetti E.P.; Scherschlicht R.; Haefely W.E., 1982:
Use of the specific benzodiazepine antagonist ro 15 1788 8 fluoro 5 6 dihydro 5 methyl 6 oxo 4h imidazo 1 5 a 1 4 benzodiazepine 3 carboxylic acid ethyl ester in studies of physiological dependence on benzodiazepines

Rusconi, E.; Duca, S.; Gillio, S.; Liboni, W.; Rivadossi, G.A., 1977:
Use of the spectrograph in vascular studies by the doppler method

Morse, P.D.Ii, 1977:
Use of the spin label tempamine for measuring the internal viscosity of red blood cells

Ferro G.; Coniglione P.; Signorelli M.G.; Zottig D.; Vacircat T., 1982:
Use of the spinco ultracentrifuge and methyl methacrylate resin in the centrifugation of hyphae of aspergillus niger

Yano, S.; Takamura, S.; Kobayashi, I.; Kashiwagi, D., 1981:
Use of the spiral pin for fracture of the humeral neck

Woodhead J.C.; Drulis J.M.; Rogers R.R.; Ziegler E.E.; Stumbo P.J.; Janghorbani M.; Ting B.T.G.; Fomon S.J., 1988:
Use of the stable isotope iron 58 for determining availability of nonheme iron in meals

Clingeleffer, P.R.; Trayford, R.S.; May, P.; Brien, C.J., 1977:
Use of the starwheel sprayer for applying drying emulsion to sultana grapes to be dried on the trellis

Erkinjuntti M.; Vaahtoranta K.; Alihanka J.; Kero P., 1984:
Use of the static charge sensitive bed method for monitoring of respiration body movements and ballisto cardiogram in infants

Okuda M.; E.A., 1981:
Use of the sternomastoid myo cutaneous flaps for the immediate repair of surgical defects of tongue cancer

Okuda M.; E.A., 1985:
Use of the sternomastoid myocutaneous flaps for reconstructive surgery of the head and neck

Akiyama, H.; Miyazono, H.; Tsurumaru, M.; Hashimoto, C.; Kawamura, T., 1978:
Use of the stomach as an esophageal substitute

Leong, C.H., 1978:
Use of the stomach for bladder replacement and urinary diversion

Vavilov, P.P.; Solov'ev, A.M.; Firsov, I.P., 1977:
Use of the stomatal apparatus for determination of ploidy in beets

Fortun C.; Hernando V., 1981:
Use of the straw as organic manure in a sorghum cultivation

Ross P.W.; Nicoll A.; Cumming C.G., 1980:
Use of the streptosec test for grouping beta hemolytic streptococci

Hill H.Z.; Ohanian M.; Hill G.J.; Winne R., 1987:
Use of the strontium 90 applicator for intraoperative radiation therapy in a mouse tumor model

Gracheva, N.A.; Uzhinova, L.D.; Kurtz, A.L.; Plate, N.A., 1981:
Use of the structural analogs of thrombin ec inhibitors for affinity adsorbents on the basis of synthetic hydrophilic polymers

Zaprometova K.M.; Shemshur T.V.; Mirchink T.G., 1987:
Use of the structure of the complex of typical soil micromycete species to solve problems of soil identification

Barss, V.A.; Schwartz, P.A.; Greene, M.F.; Phillippe, M.; Saltzman, D.; Frigoletto, F.D., 1985:
Use of the subcutaneous heparin pump during pregnancy

Bruera E.; Brenneis C.; Michaud M.; Bacovsky R.; Chadwick S.; Emeno A.; Macdonald N., 1988:
Use of the subcutaneous route for the administration of narcotics in patients with cancer pain

Parker, D.M.; Lodola, A.; Holbrook, J.J., 1978:
Use of the sulfite adduct of nad to study ionizations and the kinetics of lactate dehydrogenase ec and malate dehydrogenase ec

Vatassery G.T.; Sheridan M.A.; Krezowski A.M.; Divine A.S.; Bach H.L., 1981:
Use of the sulfo phospho vanillin reaction in a routine method for determining total lipids in human cerebro spinal fluid

Witkowski Z., 1984:
Use of the sum of rank test as a measure of two reciprocal tendencies

Bell J.B.G.; Chu F.W.; Tait J.F.; Tait S.A.S.; Khosla M., 1984:
Use of the superfusion approach with rat adrenal capsular cells to compare the steroidogenic potencies of angiotensin analogs without the effects of peptide degradation

Laurent C.; Chandley A.C.; Dutrillaux B.; Speed R.M., 1982:
Use of the surface spreading in the pachytene analysis of a human t y 17 reciprocal translocation

Gottesman J.E., 1981:
Use of the surgical staple for bowel anastomoses in urology

Stanislaw K.; Janusz P., 1987:
Use of the syncytial test in the detection of natural with bovine enzootic leukemia virus infections

Hughes, R.J., 1985:
Use of the synthetic oxycarotenoids beta apo 8' carotenoic acid ethyl ester and citranaxanthin in diets low in natural pigments to enhance egg yolk color

Ceianu, I.; Mihalciuc, V.; Simionescu, A., 1978:
Use of the synthetic sexual pheromone of lymantria dispar in tracking down the defoliating plant pest lymantria monacha

Lesoin F.; Petit H.; Thomas C.E.IIi; Viaud C.; Baleriaux D.; Jomin M., 1986:
Use of the syringoperitoneal shunt in the treatment of syringomyelia

Mchedlishvili, G.I.; Babunashvili, M.K., 1978:
Use of the system analysis approach to the organization and coordination of complex biomedical research

Zaretskaya E.F.; Acherkan N.N., 1981:
Use of the tartaric acid reaction for revealing presence of sperm in forensic examination of material evidence

Gazenko, O.G.; Shumakov, V.I.; Volynkin-Yu, M.; Shal'nev, B.I.; Kakurin, L.I.; Mikhailov, V.M.; Katkov, V.E.; Chestukhin, V.V., 1977:
Use of the technique of selective catheterization of the heart and major vessels in biomedical experiments with healthy humans

Valentin Maganto V.; Albert Solis J.; Melchor Iniguez M.; Perez Casas A.; Dominguez M.A., 1982:
Use of the technique of super fractionation in the treatment of malignant astro cytoma with radio therapy

Eizenberga V.T.; Kavatss G.E., 1980:
Use of the television analyzer of image structures for quantitative determination of degree of plant infectivity by leaf diseases

Tomlinson J.; Presnell K.R., 1981:
Use of the temporalis muscle flap in the dog

Guehl J M., 1984:
Use of the tensio neutronic methods for studying the soil water movements in the ferralitic zone of french guiana

Bruckler L.; Gaudu J C., 1984:
Use of the tensiometry in non isothermal conditions

Martynov A.P.; Martynova L.P.; Smirnov B.N., 1988:
Use of the test of macrophage disappearance from peritoneal exudate for the characterization of cell mediated immunity after immunization with salmonella cultures

Konradi, M.G., 1977:
Use of the test with di sodium salt of edta for the diagnosis of latent forms of hypo parathyroidism

Belanger, P.C.; Rooney, C.S.; Robinson, F.M.; Sarett, L.H., 1978:
Use of the thallium tri nitrate catalyzed rearrangement of ketones in the synthesis of an acidic morphinan derivative

Pasteels J.L.; Kiss R.; Paridaens R., 1987:
Use of the tli thymidine labeling index technique in cancer study

Caldwell R.S.; Trauth S.E., 1979:
Use of the toe pad and tooth morphology in differentiating 3 species of desmognathus amphibia urodela plethodontidae

DiSimoni, F.G.; Mucha, R., 1982:
Use of the Token Test for Children to identify language deficits in preschool age children

Trudeau M.D.; Fox R.A.; Fornataro L.M., 1988:
Use of the tracheostoma valve in the marking of contrastive stress and sentence intonation

Walterbusch G.; Dragojevic D.; Hetzer R.; Stuetz D.; Borst H.G., 1982:
Use of the tri iododecylmethyl ammonium chloride heparin shunt for operations on the descending thoracic aorta

Akesson B.; Floren C H., 1984 :
Use of the tri olein breath test for the demonstration of fat mal absorption in celiac disease

Kotel'nikov A.I.; Fogel' V.R.; Likhtenshtein G.I.; Postnikova G.B.; Shlyapnikova E.A., 1981:
Use of the triplet excitation state exchange deactivation phenomenon for the study of structure and electron conductivity of proteins

Seigneurin D.; Hollard D., 1981:
Use of the tritiated thymidine labeling index of the myelo blast pro myelocyte pool for identification of the leukemic population in oligo blastic leukemia

Nagano S.; Kawano M.; Yamamoto E., 1987:
Use of the tsumori and inage developmental questionnaire test for screening hearing impaired infants

Rebechi M.; Taparelli F.; Carbognani R.; Fornaciari A.; Rebecchi C.; Squadrini F., 1985:
Use of the tuberculin test to study the diffusion of tuberculosis and antituberculous vaccination of the subjects working in a hospital of the national health service

Niell H.B.; Soloway M.S., 1983:
Use of the tumor colony assay in the evaluation of patients with bladder cancer

Marini, M.A.; Evans, W.J.; Berger, R.L., 1985:
Use of the twin cell differential titration calorimeter for binding studies 1. edta and its calcium complex

Zaslavskaya R.M.; Zolotaya R.D.; Lil'in E.T., 1981:
Use of the twin partner control method in the evaluation of nonachlazine hemodynamics

Luton P.; Ridgway G.L., 1979:
Use of the ultra centrifuge vertical rotor in the detection of rubella specific immuno globulin m on a sucrose density gradient

Harford F.J.Jr, 1987:
Use of the ultrasonic aspirator to strip the mesentery in construction of the continent ileostomy

Braren V.; Workman C.H.; Johns O.T.; Brooks A.L.; Rhamy R.K., 1979:
Use of the umbilical area for placement of an urinary stoma

Demontoy A.; Boller M.; Mailhac J.M., 1985:
Use of the umbilicus as a point for acupuncture

Raevskii O.A.; Avidon V.V.; Novikov V.P., 1982:
Use of the unified scale of donor acceptor interactions for the analysis of the similarities of the structures of biologically active compounds

Lettinga G.; Van Velsen A.F.M.; Hobma S.W.; D.Z.euw W.; Klapwijk A., 1980:
Use of the upflow sludge blanket reactor concept for biological waste water treatment especially for anaerobic treatment

Pupele, O.Y. ; Grom, N.P.; Kremer-Yu, N., 1976:
Use of the urea increment as an indicator of effective parenteral nutrition

Meagher, M.J., 1984:
Use of the ureteroscope in ureteral calculus manipulation

Llika K.L.; Duff P., 1987:
Use of the urinary director appliance for management of voiding problems after radical vulvectomy

Seligmann, E.B.J. ; Farber, J.F., 1976:
Use of the usa opacity standard

Fogarty, J.A., 1988:
Use of the vacuum extractor in the community hospital

Mal'tseva, N.M.; Kihel, N.F.; Dyul'din, O.A., 1976 :
Use of the vant hoff temperature coefficient to estimate nitrogen fixation intensity in soil

Arkhipchuk V.V.; Androshchuk A.F.; Berdyshev G.D., 1986:
Use of the variation indices of chromosome numbers and chromosome morphology in karyosystematics using same taxa of the subclass teleostei as an example

Hofman, L.F.; Moline, C.; McGrath, G.; Barron, E.J., 1978:
Use of the vertical rotor to facilitate estrogen and progesterone receptor analysis

Skvortsov V.T.; Vertiev T.V., 1981:
Use of the virus immunity test for determination of the diphtheria toxin

Filippoc-Yu, M., 1978:
Use of the vitamin c test in evaluating the level of anabolic reactions of albino rats kept on a radiation preserved diet

Quaranta H.O.; Curzio O.A., 1983:
Use of the volatile basic nitrogen test in the determination of freshness and shelf life of irradiated hake merluccius merluccius hubbsi

Undrovinas A.I.; Yushmanova A.V.; Khering Sh; Rozenshtraukh L.V., 1980:
Use of the voltage clamp method in single mammalian cardiac cells for trans membrane ionic current measurement

Stephens M.A., 1982:
Use of the von mises distribution to analyze continuous proportions

Mizuno, K.; Hirohata, K., 1984:
Use of the Wagner apparatus in the treatment of compound fractures with segmental bone loss

Reshetov, V.D., 1974:
Use of the wash water method for evaluating the cytological reaction of tissues to implantation of various suture materials

Lozanovskaya I.N.; Luganskaya I.A.; Orlov D.S., 1985:
Use of the waste of titanium dioxide production for reclaiming solonetz soils

Naglieri J.A., 1982:
Use of the wechsler intelligence scale for children revised and revised peabody picture vocabulary test with mentally retarded children

Bashmakov, R.A.; Roginskaya, V.A., 1975:
Use of the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae in the quantitative determination of activity of helminthosporium sativum

Makaronak U.U., 1984:
Use of the yeast serum product promix for pig fattening

Plotnikov V.A., 1983:
Use of the young embryological culture method for accelerated creation of cytoplasmic male sterility analogs of the sunflower

Spinapolice R.X.; L.M.gra R.J.; Belsky D.H., 1982:
Use of the zatuchni andros breech score in the management of breech presentation at term

Frigieri P.; Trucco R., 1980:
Use of the zeeman effect for the background correction in atomic absorption analysis of biological fluids

Hammond R.; Johnson A., 1987:
Use of the zenoderm porcine dermis sling in the treatment of stress incontinence

Brovtsyna N.B.; Khromov Borisov N.V.; Losev N.A.; Zhorov B.S.; Govyrin V.A., 1980:
Use of theoretical conformational analysis in solution of the problem of the relationship between structure and action of cholino blockers difacil and amisyl

Marchuk A.I.; Golovteev V.V.; Sapin S.M.; Shagal D.I., 1986 :
Use of therapeutic plasmapheresis in patients with generalized myasthenia during late exacerbation after thymectomy

Yablonski M.; Masonson H.N.; E.S.yyad F.; Dennis P.H.; Hargrave S.; Coleman D.J., 1987:
Use of therapeutic ultrasound to restore failed trabeculectomies

Haushalter, J.P.; Morris, M.D., 1980:
Use of thermal blooming spectroscopy for enzymatic analyses

Tateo F.; Rounbehler D.P., 1983:
Use of thermal energy analyzer in the analysis of nitrosamines volatile nitrosamines in samples of italian beers

Seguin, B.; Baelz, S.; Monget, J.M.; Petit, V., 1982:
Use of thermal ir for estimating regional evaporation 1. pilot trials on the crau plain france

Seguin, B.; Baelz, S.; Monget, J.M.; Petit, V., 1982:
Use of thermal ir for estimating regional evaporation 2. results obtained from satellite data

Astakhova I.V.; Balode G.Yu; Gubatova D.Ya; Karyakina N.F.; Fromlova A.V., 1981:
Use of thermo luminescent dosimeters in the calibration of medical dosimeters in absorbed dose units

Sakharov V.M.; Kirov E.I.; Kutsenogii K.P.; Larionov G.V.; Zhimerikin V.N.; Litvina L.A.; Bakhvalov S.A., 1979:
Use of thermo mechanical aerosols to disperse virus preparations in protection of plants from harmful insects

Kaiser W.J., 1980:
Use of thermo therapy to free potato solanum tuberosum tubers of alfalfa mosaic virus potato leaf roll virus and tomato black ring virus

Goryainova L.K.; Ermolenko V.N.; Kulish B.D., 1981:
Use of thermo vision for the diagnosis of vascular diseases of the lower extremities

Kumosinski T.F., 1988:
Use of thermodynamic linkage to study the salt induced solubility change of soybean isolate

Muromtsev, N.A., 1976:
Use of thermodynamic potential of soil moisture for studying soil and plant hydrophysics

Kelso A.F.; Grant R.G.; Johnston W.L., 1982:
Use of thermograms to support assessment of somatic dys function or effects of osteopathic manipulative treatment preliminary report

Khalfen E.Sh; Gridnev V.I., 1981:
Use of thermography for diagnosing pneumonias

Zhigalkin V.N.; Zenovko G.I., 1981:
Use of thermography in combined instrumental studies for diagnosis of angiopathy in diabetes mellitus

Lomakin M.S.; Larin A.S.; Levitina V.L.; Mamaeva T.N.; Maiskii I.N., 1979:
Use of thermostable antigens of rat malignant tumors in serological and cellular tests

Kamyshov Y.M.; Sukharskii I.S.; Piterskii N.I., 1979:
Use of thiamine as a component of general anesthesia in out patient wards

Okano T., 1981:
Use of thin and long roll film in rapid serial fluorescein angiography

Spoon, D.M., 1976:
Use of thin flexible plastic coverslips for microscopy micro compression and counting of aerobic microorganisms

Hara, S., 1977:
Use of thin layer chromatographic systems in high performance liquid chromatographic separations procedure for systematization and design of the separation process in synthetic chemistry

Chistyakov V.V.; Anisimova O.S.; Sheinker Y.N.; Safonova T.S., 1985:
Use of thin layer chromatography and mass spectrometry to study the transformation products of dipin in hydrochloric acid and alkaline media

Wasserman, L.; Ber, A.; Allalouf, D., 1977:
Use of thin layer chromatography in the separation of di saccharides resulting from digestion of chondroitin sulfates with chondroitinases/

Belov A.B.; Arzamastsev A.P.; Sadchikova N.P.; Umnyashov A.M., 1987:
Use of thin layer chromatography to identify and assess drug qualities of the cortisone group

Chupin V.V.; Vasilenko I.A.; Serebrennikova G.A.; Evstigneeva R.P., 1981:
Use of thio analogs of phospho lipids in phosphorus 31 nmr studies of model membranes

Ojeniyi S.O.; Bartholomew W.V., 1979:
Use of thio cyanate to evaluate nitrate movement in soil

Marjanovic, D.; Tesic, Z., 1975:
Use of thiobacteria in the process of extracting copper from its minerals

Yamashiro D.; Blake J., 1981:
Use of thiol acids in peptide segment coupling in nonaqueous solvents

Hatch, R.C.; Clark, J.D.; Jain, A.V., 1978:
Use of thiols and thio sulfate for treatment of experimentally induced acute arsenite toxicosis in cattle

Inaba H.; Yonezawa T., 1984:
Use of thiopental plus hypothermia plus hemodilution for anesthesia for cerebrovascular surgeries

Boireau, A.; Blanchard, J.C.; Garret, C.; Julou, L., 1980:
Use of thioproperazine a phenothiazine derivative as a ligand for neuroleptic receptors 2. in vivo studies

Blanchard, J.C.; Boireau, A.; Garret, C.; Julou, L., 1980:
Use of thioproperazine a phenothiazine derivative as a ligand for neuroleptic receptors a. in vitro studies

Silenzi S.; Mancini S., 1986:
Use of third generation immunoglobulins in an intensive care surgical department

Haas, K.L.; Moulder, P.V.; Kerstein, M.D., 1985:
Use of thoracic aortobifemoral artery bypass grafting as an alternative procedure for occlusive aortoiliac disease

Bachmann, K.A.; Schwartz, J.; Jauregui, L.; Sullivan, T.J.; Martin, M., 1987:
Use of three probes to assess the influence of sex on hepatic drug metabolism

Malinovskii N.N.; Gigauri V.S.; Maksimovich I.V., 1981:
Use of thrombolytic mixtures by superselective catheterization of an affected coronary artery in the lysis of thrombi in acute myo cardial infarction

Zaritskii A.M.; Fil'chakov I.V.; Kruglov Y.V.; Nikol'skii I.S.; Viter S.S., 1984:
Use of thymostimulin to prevent chronic persistence of typhoid bacilli in rabbits

Nikitenko A.M.; Malyzhev V.A.; Zaika L.A., 1984:
Use of thymus homogenate to increase natural resistance of calves and piglets

Shapiro, S.; Slone, D.; Kaufman, D.W.; Rosenberg, L.; Miettinen, O.S.; Stolley, P.D.; Knapp, R.C.; Leavitt, T.; Watring, W.G.; Rosenshein, N.B.; Schottenfeld, D., 1980:
Use of thyroid supplements in relation to the risk of breast cancer

Pronin, V.S., 1981:
Use of thyroliberin and parlodel in acromegaly

Eales, J.G., 1977:
Use of thyroxine specific and tri iodo thyronine specific antibodies to study thyroxine kinetics in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Stipkovits L.; Szilagyi M.; Varga Z.; Laber G.; Fodor L.; Belak S.; Vetesi F., 1985:
Use of tiamulin for treatment of respiratory diseases of lambs

Burch, D.G.; Goodwin, R.F., 1984:
Use of tiamulin in a herd of pigs seriously affected with Mycoplasma hyosynoviae arthritis

Stipkovits L.; Czifra G.; Varga Z.; Dobos Kovacs M., 1987:
Use of tiamulin in the treatment of infectious phallus inflammation

Saunders, P.P.; Tan, M.T.; Spindler, C.D.; Robins, R.K., 1987:
Use of tiazofurin to enhance the metabolism and cytotoxic activities of analogues of guanine, guanosine, and deoxyguanosine

Yin, F.C.; Spurgeon, H.A.; Rakusan, K.; Weisfeldt, M.L.; Lakatta, E.G., 1982:
Use of tibial length to quantify cardiac hypertrophy: application in the aging rat

Cucca S.; Olivari G.; Benvenuti E., 1984:
Use of ticlopidine in obliterating arteriopathies of the lower extremities clinical and instrumental study in a series of case histories of aged patients

Rozas L.P.; Odum W.E., 1987:
Use of tidal freshwater marshes by fishes and macrofaunal crustaceans along a marsh stream order gradient

Richardson C.A.; Crisp D.J.; Runham N.W.; Gruffydd L.D., 1980 :
Use of tidal growth bands in the shell of cerastoderma edule to measure seasonal growth rates under cool temperate and subarctic conditions

Bright F.V.; Vickers G.H.; Hieftje G.M., 1986:
Use of time resolution to eliminate bilirubin interference in the determination of fluorescein

Trimbee A.M.; Harris G.P., 1983:
Use of time series analysis to demonstrate advection rates of different variables in a small lake

Mistry V.V.; Kosikowski F.V., 1983:
Use of time temperature indicators as quality control devices for market milk

Baird, D.D.; Wilcox, A.J.; Weinberg, C.R., 1986:
Use of time to pregnancy to study environmental exposures

Vinogradov A.V.; Novikov F.E.; Gracheva L.I., 1982:
Use of tindurine for the treatment of toxoplasmosis myo carditis in adults

Seguin P.; Beziat J.L.; Cros P.; Bouillot A.; Freidel M., 1985:
Use of tissucol in stomatology and maxillofacial surgery

D.M.zza A.; Acampora L.; D.M.zza A.; Scala S.; D'oriano G.; Guida L.; Costa R., 1985:
Use of tissucol in the redressment of hypospadias

Kaiser W.J.; Teemba L.R., 1979:
Use of tissue culture and thermo therapy to free east african cassava manihot esculenta cultivars of african cassava mosaic and cassava brown streak diseases

Tropé, C.; Sigurdsson, K., 1982:
Use of tissue culture in predictive testing of drug sensitivity in human ovarian cancer. Correlation between in vitro results and the response in vivo

Wyllie F.J.; Gowar J.P.; Levick P.L., 1986:
Use of tissue expanders after burns and other injuries

Lambrou, F.H.; Snyder, R.W.; Williams, G.A., 1987:
Use of tissue plasminogen activator in experimental hyphema

Walsh, D.G.; Kaplan, L.R.; Burney, R.E.; Topol, E.J.; O'Neill, W.W., 1987:
Use of tissue plasminogen activator in the emergency department for acute myocardial infarction

Eastham, W.N.; Essex, W.B., 1969:
Use of tissues embedded in epoxy resin for routine histological examination of renal biopsies

Saxe, A.W.; Doppman, J.L.; Brennan, M.F., 1982:
Use of titanium surgical clips to avoid artifacts seen on computed tomography

Pasteels J.L.; Kiss R.; Paridaens R., 1987:
Use of tli thymidine labeling index in cancerology

Hall P.K.; Parrott W.L.; Jenkins J.N.; Mccarty J.C.Jr, 1980:
Use of tobacco budworm heliothis virescens eggs and larvae for establishing field infestations on cotton gossypium hirsutum

Schimmel M.S.; Eidelman A.I., 1980:
Use of tolazoline in infants with persistent fetal circulation

Giler, S.; Kadish, U.; Urca, I., 1978:
Use of tolonium chloride in the diagnosis of malignant gastric ulcers

Thomas A.P.; Denton R.M., 1986:
Use of toluene permeabilized mitochondria to study the regulation of adipose tissue pyruvate dehydrogenase in situ further evidence that insulin acts through stimulation of pyruvate dehydrogenase phosphate phosphatase

Lauber, A.A.; Souma, M.L., 1982:
Use of toluidine blue for documentation of traumatic intercourse

Markova I.; Phillips J.S.; Forbes C.D., 1984:
Use of tools by children with hemophilia

Dowell T.B., 1981:
Use of toothpaste in infancy

Bentivoglio, G.; Diani, F., 1981:
Use of topical benzydamine in gynecology

Eby G.A.; Halcomb W.W., 1985:
Use of topical zinc to prevent recurrent herpes simplex infection review of literature and suggested protocols

Reichman O.J.; Brown J.H., 1979:
Use of torpor by perognathus amplus in relation to resource distribution

Meek A.H.; Barnum D.A.; Newbould F.H.S., 1980:
Use of total and differential somatic cell counts to differentiate potentially infected from potentially noninfected quarters and cows and between herds of various levels of infection

Beletskaya L.V., 1981:
Use of total loose connective tissue preparations in immuno fluorescence studies

Santucci V.J.Jr; Heidinger R.C., 1986:
Use of total myomere numbers to differentiate larvae of threadfin and gizzard shad

Sohn, N.; Weinstein, M.A., 1977 :
Use of total parenteral nutrition as a medical colostomy in management of severe lacerations of the sphincter report of a case

Kanakova N.I.; Ugodchikov G.A.; Nelyubin A.S., 1981:
Use of total systems analysis for the mathematical modeling of bacterial biomass growth with regard to the effect of lipid per oxidation

Kiiskinen T., 1983:
Use of tower rapeseed meal separately and together with pea meal to replace fish and soybean meal in layers diet at varying protein concentrations

Hampl V.; Shulman S., 1985:
Use of tracer gas techniques for industrial exhaust hood efficiency evaluation application of sulfur hexafluoride for hood controlling particulate emissions

Morris M.A.; Kelly P.J., 1980:
Use of tracer microspheres to measure bone blood flow in conscious dogs

Wing E.J.; Schafer F.J.; Pasculle A.W., 1982:
Use of tracheal and pulmonary aspiration to diagnose legionella micdadei pneumonia

Jelen, I.; Anderson, B.; Jones, N.C.; Edinger, D.D.; Watring, W.G., 1986:
Use of tracheloscopy and directed biopsy for evaluating cervical involvement in endometrial carcinoma

Descolas Gros C., 1980:
Use of track auto radiography in oceanography evaluation of phyto plankton species productivity

Saraceno, C.A.; Gray, W.C.; Blanchard, C.L., 1978:
Use of tragal cartilage with the total ossicular replacement prosthesis

Stillman, P.L.; Sabers, D.L.; Redfield, D.L., 1977:
Use of trained mothers to teach interviewing skills to 1st year medical students a follow up study

Guenther W., 1982:
Use of tramadol hydro chloride tramal as an adjuvant in regional anesthesia clinical report

Vanchakova N.P., 1987:
Use of tranquilizers for managing essential hypertension in an outpatient hospital

Damir E.A.; Domanskii V.L.; Evdokimov E.A.; Korobkov A.I.; Molchanov I.V.; Nisimov E.B.; Ogurtsov Y.N.; Fedorova E.S.; Topchiashvili Z.A.; Shakhov E.P., 1980:
Use of trans cutaneous electro stimulation for surgical and post operative analgesia

Tremper K.K.; Waxman K.; Shoemaker W.C., 1981:
Use of trans cutaneous oxygen sensors to titrate positive end expiratory pressure

Byrne P.; Provan J.L.; Ameli F.M.; Jones D.P., 1984:
Use of trans cutaneous oxygen tension measurements in the diagnosis of peripheral vascular insufficiency

Weisemann J.M.; Weinstock G.M., 1985:
Use of transcription and translation signals from the colicin e 1 gene to express dna sequences in escherichia coli

Flores J.; Greenberg H.B.; Myslinski J.; Kalica A.R.; Wyatt R.G.; Kapikian A.Z.; Chanock R.M., 1982:
Use of transcription probes for genotyping rotavirus reassortants

Garaventa G.; Accomando E.; Canessa A., 1987:
Use of transcutaneous electrical stimulation tens in the management of idiopathic chronic craniofacial pain

Kaada B.; Romslo I., 1985:
Use of transcutaneous nerve stimulation in the attacks of acute intermittent porphyria

Katsamouris A.N.; Megerman J.; Stassen L.; Brewster D.C.; Abbott W.M., 1987:
Use of transcutaneous oxygen tension before during and after arterial reconstructive surgery

Wright A.; Hecker J.F.; Lewis G.B.H., 1985:
Use of transdermal glyceryl trinitrate to reduce failure of intravenous infusion due to phlebitis and extravasation

Koniarek, J.P.; Lee, H.B.; Rosskothen, H.D.; Liebovitch, L.S.; Fischbarg, J., 1988:
Use of transendothelial electrical potential difference to assess the chondroitin sulfate effect in corneal preservation media

Gambaryan A.S.; Venkstern T.V.; Nedospasov A.A.; Khomutov R.M., 1980:
Use of transfer rna species immobilized on amino hydroxy butyl cellulose for studying the complex formation between methylase and transfer rna

Feeney, J.; Birdsall, B.; Roberts, G.C.K.; Burgen, A.S.V., 1983:
Use of transferred nuclear overhauser effect measurements to compare binding of coenzyme analogs to di hydro folate reductase ec

Albrand J.P.; Birdsall B.; Feeney J.; Roberts G.C.K.; Burgen A.S.V., 1979:
Use of transferred nuclear overhauser effects in the study of the conformations of small molecules bound to proteins

Stavridis J.C.; Psallidopoulos M., 1982:
Use of transferrin as a gene carrier to the erythroid cells of the marrow

Stein, D.C.; Petricoin, E.F.; Griffiss, J.M.; Schneider, H., 1988:
Use of transformation to construct Neisseria gonorrhoeae strains with altered lipooligosaccharides

Powell, R.N.; Highfield, J.E.; Murrell, J.F., 1978:
Use of transformed data in clinical trials

Stakovetskaya Z.S.; Belaya T.I.; Maslennikova T.Yu; Kravchenko N.P.; Ritter N.K., 1981 :
Use of transfusion de toxication treatment in patients with acute leukemia

Ikura, K.; Goto, M.; Yoshikawa, M.; Sasaki, R.; Chiba, H., 1984:
Use of transglutaminase ec reversible blocking of amino groups in substrate proteins for a high yield of specific products

Patlak C.S.; Pettigrew K.D.; Rapoport S.I., 1980:
Use of transient and steady state measurements of the uni directional flux ratio for the determination of the free energy change of chemical reactions and active transport systems

Boulton C.A.; Ratledge C., 1983:
Use of transition studies in continuous cultures of lipomyces starkeyi and oleaginous yeast to investigate the physiology of lipid accumulation

Fransham I.; Walters C.L., 1981:
Use of transmission spectrophotometry for the evaluation of heme pigments in situ in muscle slices

Quisenberry J.E.; Roark B.; Mcmichael B.L., 1982:
Use of transpiration decline curves to identify drought tolerant cotton gossypium hirsutum germ plasm

Melik Andrasyan G.G.; Barinskii I.F.; Gushchin B.V.; Skorikova A.S.; Labzo S.S.; Ugryumov E.P.; Tsareva A.A.; Gushchina E.A.; Novokhatskii A.S.; Klimenko S.M., 1981:
Use of transplanted lympho blastoid lines of human t cells and b cells for production of persistent infection by tick borne encephalitis and venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis viruses

Brandsma, J.A.; van Sluis, C.A.; van de Putte, P., 1981:
Use of transposons in cloning poorly selectable genes of Escherichia coli: cloning of uvrA and adjacent genes

Rangel Abundis A.; Rendon Aguilar P.; Urrutia Zamudio R.A.; Helmke F.; Verduzco M.C., 1987:
Use of transseptal catheterization

D'antona, N.; Carretti, N., 1978:
Use of transverse incision of the abdominal wall for removal of uterine benign diseases

Maier C.T., 1983:
Use of trap boards for detecting adults of the black vine weevil otiorhynchus sulcatus coleoptera curculionidae

Gigon F., 1980:
Use of traps baited with synthetic sex pheromone in the faunistic study of leaf roller moths tortricidae of neuchatel switzerland orchards

Toledo J.; Cisneros J.A.; Ortiz E.R., 1987:
Use of trash fish meal in place of fish meal in the diet of young tilapia oreochromis aureus

Cohn, K.; Kamm, B.; Feteih, N.; Brand, R.; Goldschlager, N., 1979:
Use of treadmill score to quantify ischemic response and predict extent of coronary disease

Pinkowski, B.C., 1976:
Use of tree cavities by nesting eastern bluebirds

Vins B., 1981:
Use of tree ring analyses for the evaluation of the increment effect in fertilized forest

Morrison M.L.; Timossi I.C.; With K.A.; Manley P.N., 1985:
Use of tree species by forest birds during winter and summer

Soboleva E.R.; Samsonova N.N., 1986:
Use of trental in artificial circulation

Yudaev N.A.; Fedotov V.P.; Shvachkin Y.P.; Starkova N.T.; Aleksandrova G.F.; Pronin V.S., 1980:
Use of trf in the diagnosis of hypophyseal tumors

Rivier, J.E., 1978:
Use of tri alkyl ammonium phosphate buffers in reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography for high resolution and high recovery of peptides and proteins

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