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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6884

Chapter 6884 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Raymond K.N., 1982: Use of tri catecholamide ligands to alter the bio distribution of gallium 67

Got R., 1981: Use of tri ethylamine in silicic acid chromatography of phosphorylated derivatives of vitamin a

Dunlap, C. E-Iii ; Gentleman, S.; Lowney, L. I., 1978: Use of tri fluoro acetic acid in the separation of opiates and opioid peptides by reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883003

Elenskii, A. V.; Mazo, V. K.; Yampol'skaya, G. P.; Zlotnikova, E. Yu, 1977: Use of tri palmitin for purification and isolation of pancreatic lipase/

Mishenina, G. F.; Samukov, V. V.; Semenova, L. N.; Shubina, T. N., 1978: Use of tri phenyl phosphine carbon tetra chloride as a condensing reagent in oligo nucleotide synthesis

Miller R.B., 1984: Use of tri phenylmethyl trityl amino protecting group in the synthesis of keto methylene analogs of peptides/

Scawen M.D., 1986: Use of triazine dyes as ligands for the large scale affinity chromatography of a thermostable glycerokinase

Bouriotis, V.; Dean, P. D. G., 1981: Use of triazine dyes in the affinity chromatographic purification of alkaline phosphatase ec from calf intestine

Greenwald A.S., 1986: Use of tricalcium phosphate or electrical stimulation to enhance the bone porous implant interface

Arora R.S., 1987: Use of trichogramma brasiliensis ashmead against cotton bollworms in srigangangar rajasthan india

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883011

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883012

Dutt M.K., 1980: Use of tris buffer fortified thionine sulfur di oxide dna aldehyde following feulgen procedure

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883014

Onishchenko, G. E.; Filichkina, N. M.; Chentsov-Yu, S., 1978: Use of tritiated and carbon 14 thymidine double labeling for identification of cells in different periods of mitotic cycle interphase

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883016

Hoyvik H., 1986: Use of tritiated raffinose as a specific probe of autophagic sequestration

Azam, F.; Holm-Hansen, O., 1973: Use of tritiated substrates in the study of heterotrophy in sea water

Abbott W.M., 1986: Use of tritiated thymidine as a marker to compare the effects of matrix proteins on adult human vascular endothelial cell attachment implications for seeding of vascular prostheses

Doeva A.N., 1984: Use of tritiated thymidine radioautography for studying the origin of mast cells

Feller D.R., 1988: Use of tritiated trimetoquinol as a radioligand in human platelets interaction with putative endoperoxide thromboxane a 2 receptor sites

Thenen S.W., 1979: Use of tritiated water for measurement of 24 hour milk intake in suckling lean and genetically obese ob ob mice

Tatar F.N., 1981: Use of triticale in rations of ducklings raised for meat

Csonka, L. N., 1977: Use of tritium and carbon 14 double labeled glucose to assess in vivo pathways of amino acid biosynthesis in escherichia coli

Green J.D., 1982: Use of tritium labeled 3 o methyl d glucose for studies of membrane transport caveat

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883026

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883027

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883028

Strange P.G., 1981: Use of tritium labeled spiperone for labeling dopaminergic and serotonergic receptors in bovine caudate nucleus

Morgan, R. G. H.; Hofmann, A. F., 1970: Use of tritium labeled tri ether a nonabsorbable oil phase marker to estimate fat absorption in rats with cholestyr amine induced steatorrhea

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883031

Semenenko M.N., 1988: Use of tritium labelled n alkanes for estimation of the activity of hydrocarbon oxidizing bacteria

Buscarlet, L. A.; Proux, J.; Gerster, R., 1978: Use of tritium oxygen 18 double labeled water in a study of metabolic balance in locusta migratoria migratorioides

Michel G., 1982: Use of triton wr 1339 in cytochemical and biochemical characterization of phyto lysosomes

Srivastava O.P., 1985: Use of triton x 100 for improving aspergillus fumigatus antigens and antigenicity

Campbell, C. B.; Powell, L. W., 1970: Use of triton x 100 scintillant in a simple method for the simultaneous assay of iron 55 and iron 59 by liquid scintillation counting

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883037

Dobias M., 1982: Use of trivalent cerium in flame emission spectrophotometric determination of calcium and strontium

Arias F., 1983: Use of tropho blast cells in tissue culture for fetal chromosomal studies

De Cianzio S.R., 1983: Use of tropical environments in breeding for oil composition of soybean glycine max genotypes adapted to temperate climates

Ridolpho P., 1980: Use of trypan blue assay to measure the dna content and radioactive labeling of viable cells

Welling L.W., 1986: Use of trypan blue for identifying early proximal convoluted tubules

Mage R., 1983: Use of trypanosoma equiperdum infected rabbits as a source of splenic messenger rna construction of complementary dna clones and identification of a rabbit mu heavy chain clone

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883044

Henriksson, C.; Bergmark, J.; Claes, G., 1977: Use of trypsin for isolation of islets of langerhans in the rat

Rucheton, M.; Blaas, D.; Jeanteur, P., 1978: Use of trypsin for rapid and efficient purification of murine sarcoma virus and leukemia virus

Quirin, E. P.; Nelson, D. B.; Inhorn, S. L., 1972: Use of trypsin modified human erythrocytes in rubella hem agglutination inhibition testing

Gatheron D.C., 1983: Use of trypsin to monitor conformational changes of mitochondrial atpase induced by nucleotides and phosphate

Prange A.J.Jr, 1983: Use of tsh response to trh as an independent variable

Namatov B., 1987: Use of tuarkyr brown coals as fertilizer turkmen ssr ussr

Mast B.A., 1987: Use of tubes and radiographs in the management of small bowel obstruction

Schumann K., 1985: Use of tubule and microcomplement fixation reaction for comparative testing of serum samples

Kasatiya, S. S.; Lambert, N. G.; Laurence, R. A., 1974: Use of tunable pulsed dye laser for quantitative fluorescence in syphilis serology fluorescent treponemal antibody absorption test

Shved, A. D.; Lylo, V. V., 1978: Use of tungsten tri oxide for shadowing nucleic acids

Snow B.W., 1986: Use of tunica vaginalis to prevent fistulas in hypospadias surgery

Vishwakarma G.K., 1987: Use of tuning fork in diagnostic auscultation of fractures

Marconi P., 1983: Use of turkey red blood cells in the passive hem agglutination test for studying tetanus immunity

Magid O.Y.A., 1984: Use of tween 80 agar for selection of moraxella bovis colonies

Gisi U., 1987: Use of two and three way mixtures to prevent buildup of resistance to phenylamide fungicides in phytophthora and plasmopara

Zhu Q., 1987: Use of two dimensional echocardiography and two dimensional contrast echocardiography in diagnosis of patent ductus arteriosus

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883061

Brown D.C., 1987: Use of two dimensional grid patterns to limit hazardous ambulation in demented patients

Campbell A.G., 1986: Use of two dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis to detect plasma protein variation between romney sheep selected for facial eczema resistance or susceptibility

Barrett N., 1987: Use of two elisa kits for the detection of antibodies against lav htlv iii

Lippman M.E., 1986: Use of two mcf 7 cell variants to evaluate the growth regulatory potential of estrogen induced products

Mackle Z.M., 1987: Use of two polysaccharide antigens in elisa for the detection of antibodies to echinococcus granulosus in sheep sera

Jones, J. E.; Hughes, B. L.; Mulliken, W. E., 1976: Use of tylosin to prevent early mortality in bobwhite quail

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883069

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883070

Batsakis J.G., 1987: Use of ulex europaeus agglutinin i in the identification of lymphatic and blood vessel invasion in previously stained microscopic slides

Prasad B.R., 1982: Use of ultra centrifuge to study preferential interaction of solvent components with proteins in mixed solvent systems

Varnavskaya, O. V.; Selezneva, A. A.; Samsonov, G. V.; Stepanenko, V. P.; Dubyaga, V. P., 1978: Use of ultra filtration for production of highly purified amylase for medical purposes

Chernyad'eva I.F., 1981: Use of ultra filtration for production of lipo protein free blood serum

Lopatin V.F., 1980: Use of ultra high frequency hyper thermia in treatment of malignant tumors

Marcus M.L., 1987: Use of ultrafast computed tomography to quantitate regional myocardial perfusion a preliminary report

Johnson R.P., 1988: Use of ultrafiltration in the processing of muscadine and hybrid wines

Pokar H., 1981: Use of ultrasonic aerosol for surface analgesia of the respiratory tract 1st experiences with a new technique of endo tracheal intubation under local anesthesia

Addonizio J.C., 1983: Use of ultrasonic surgical aspirator in renal surgery

Dohrmann G.J., 1982: Use of ultrasonically guided probes and catheters in neuro surgery

Lazzari M.A., 1985: Use of ultrasonicated plasma as diluent for the ristocetin cofactor assay

Nakayama F., 1988: Use of ultrasonographic risk score in the timing of operative intervention for acute cholecystitis

Garcia E., 1987: Use of ultrasonography in an in vitro fertilization program

Brascho, D. J.; Kim, R. Y.; Wilson, E. E., 1978: Use of ultrasonography in planning intra cavitary radio therapy of endometrial carcinoma

Punnonen R., 1981: Use of ultrasonography in the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy

Heffernan S.J., 1980: Use of ultrasonography in the diagnosis of retroperitoneal abscess caused by perforation of the appendix

Hasegawa H., 1985: Use of ultrasonography in the evaluation of acute appendicitis

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883088

Castillo M.S., 1981: Use of ultrasound bi parietal diameter in timing of repeat cesarean section

Varner L.W., 1986: Use of ultrasound for determining ovarian dimensions and the relationship of body condition score to luteal function in beef cows ba

Hendrickx A.G., 1988: Use of ultrasound for early pregnancy detection in the rhesus and cynomolgus macaque macaca mulatta and macaca fascicularis

Manuel D.W., 1987: Use of ultrasound for noninvasive study of blood vessel responsiveness

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883093

Camilli A., 1986: Use of ultrasound for study of vulvar pathology

Protsyuk R.G., 1986: Use of ultrasound generated aerosols in phthisiology and pulmonology

Yeh M N., 1985: Use of ultrasound in antenatal diagnosis of large for gestational age infants in diabetic gravid patients

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883097

Mishchenko A.I., 1982: Use of ultrasound in examination of nonionogenic surface active substances

Robinson H.P., 1982: Use of ultrasound in monitoring ovulation induction with human pituitary gonadotropins

Rubin J.M., 1981: Use of ultrasound in neuro surgical operations a preliminary report

Livingston D., 1982: Use of ultrasound in ocular diagnosis

Eichhorn K H., 1980: Use of ultrasound in pre surgical differential diagnosis of gynecological tumors

Tseders, E. E.; Tsubaka, N. Ya ; Putnin'sh, O., 1978: Use of ultrasound in the diagnosis of cardio vascular diseases

Rodrigues Lima J., 1981: Use of ultrasound in the diagnosis of fetal anomalies

Perez Candela V., 1985: Use of ultrasound in the diagnosis of gastroesophageal reflux in children

Korp S., 1983: Use of ultrasound in the expectant management of abruptio placentae

Bemmann A. , 1985: Use of ultrasound in transabdominal examination of mares in advanced pregnancy

Taylor I., 1988: Use of ultrasound localization to improve results of fine needle aspiration cytology of breast masses

Wilson E.E., 1984: Use of ultrasound scan in prostatic iodine 125 implantation

Curti T., 1981: Use of ultrasound technique in diagnosis and therapy of congenital arterio venous fistulas

Poe N.D., 1982: Use of ultrasound to determine orientation of the left ventricle preparation for tomography with the 7 pinhole collimator

Platt L.D., 1984: Use of ultrasound to predict fetal lung maturity in 247 consecutive elective cesarean deliveries

Polin R.A., 1981: Use of umbilical cord blood culture for detection of neo natal bacteremia

Mauer O., 1980: Use of uncomposted spruce bark for direct fertilizing in forest nurseries

Tooley P.W., 1988: Use of uncontrolled for liquid nitrogen storage of phytophthora spp

Kraayenhof, R.; Izawa, S.; Chance, B., 1972: Use of uncoupling acridine dyes as stoichiometric energy probes in chloroplasts

Gusar, A. G.; Kupriyanov, V. S., 1975: Use of under water television for studying fish behavior in light fields

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883119

Griffith J.S., 1984: Use of underwater observations to estimate cutthroat trout salmo clarki abundance in the yellowstone river usa

Peverill, K. I.; Douglas, L. A., 1976: Use of undisturbed cores of surface soil for investigating leaching losses of sulfur and phosphorus

Moriones R., 1983: Use of undisturbed soil cores for evaluation of rhizobium strains and methods for inoculation of tropical forage legumes in a colombian oxisol

Krailo M.D., 1987: Use of unequal allocation in survival trials

Mircheva D., 1979: Use of uni cellular bacterial protein in mixed feeds for growing pigs 2

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883126

Williams I.H., 1982: Use of unpurified nasonov pheromone components to attract clustering honey bees apis mellifera

Abdalla A.F., 1982: Use of unsaponifiable matter for detection of ghee adulteration with other fats

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883129

De Jong E., 1988: Use of unsaturated salt solutions to generate leaf tissue water release curves

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883131

Dyusembin Kh D., 1981: Use of untapped resources for increasing milk production

D'appolonia, B. L., 1978: Use of untreated and roasted navy beans in bread baking

Forster C.F., 1982: Use of upflow anaerobic sludge blanket reactor to treat acetate rich waste

Samson F.B., 1981: Use of upland forests by birds following spray irrigation with municipal waste water

Grigor'eva O.M., 1986: Use of upper extremities for communication in the old world monkeys cercopithecidae

Tkachev, V. M., 1981: Use of urea against apple and pear scab 1. suppression of primary scab infection in apple and pear trees using urea

Malzer G.L., 1984: Use of urea ammonium nitrate for corn production on irrigated sandy soils in the great plains usa

Caneque, V.; Lazaro, F.; Galvez, J. F., 1977: Use of urea and cereals in fattening friesian calves

Craig W.M., 1985: Use of urea as a source of ammonia in treating coastal bermudagrass hay

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883141

Kwan, K.; Coppock, C. E.; Lake, G. B.; Fettman, M. J.; Chase, L. E.; Mcdowell, R. E., 1977: Use of urea by early post partum holstein cows

Scalarone G.M., 1987: Use of urease antibody conjugate in an enzyme immunoassay for the detection of blastomycosis

Sommers L.E., 1987: Use of urease inhibitors and urea fertilizers on winter wheat

Murphy, D. B.; Hawkins, J. E., 1975: Use of urease test discs in the identification of mycobacteria

Jerkins G.R., 1984: Use of ureter of nonfunctioning renal unit in pediatric urinary reconstruction

Salvati E.P., 1982: Use of ureteral catheters in colonic and rectal surgery

Tairov O.P., 1979: Use of urgent identification principle in the complex motor systems control velocity control

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883149

Brodows R.G., 1985: Use of urinary c peptide to estimate insulin secretion during starvation

Wax S.H., 1983: Use of urinary hydroxy proline excretion as a tumor marker in diagnosis and follow up of prostatic carcinoma

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883152

Arnold W.C., 1982: Use of urinary indexes in renal failure in the new born

West R.J., 1986: Use of urinary nicotine concentrations to estimate exposure and mortality from passive smoking in non smokers

Delgiudice G.D., 1987: Use of urine in snow to indicate condition of wolves

Timoshenko Yu G., 1987: Use of urine nitrogen indices for the evaluation and prognosis of protein nutrition in humans

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883157

Diffey B.L., 1986: Use of uv a sunbeds for cosmetic tanning

Henderson D.M., 1988: Use of uv absorption for identifying subspecies of artemisia tridentata

Marth E.H., 1986: Use of uv energy to degrade aflatoxin m 1 in raw or heated milk with and without added peroxide

Curtiss R.IIi, 1983: Use of uv irradiated bacterio phage t 6 to kill extracellular bacteria in tissue culture infectivity assays

Jacob, V. J.; Scott-Emuakpor, M. B., 1975: Use of uv irradiated pollen in inducing pollen fertility in sterile interspecific hybrids of cola

Martiny, H.; Wlodavezyk, K.; Harms, G.; Rueden, H., 1988: Use of uv irradiation for the disinfection of water i. communication microbiological investigations in drinking water

Martiny, H.; Wlodavezyk, K.; Rueden, H., 1988: Use of uv irradiation for the disinfection of water ii. microbiological investigations in surface water

Wagner R.R., 1979: Use of uv irradiation to identify the genetic information of vesicular stomatitis virus responsible for shutting off cellular rna synthesis

Germaine, G. R.; Murrell, W. G., 1974: Use of uv radiation to locate di picolinic acid in bacillus cereus spores

Parra J.R.P., 1987: Use of uv radiation to sterilize eggs of anagasta kuehniella zeller 1879 for studies with trichogramma spp

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883168

Prokof'eva V.I., 1981: Use of uv spectroscopy and ir spectroscopy for appraisal of authenticity of phenothiazine derivatives

Salomatin E.M., 1987: Use of uv spectroscopy to detect phenothiazine derivatives in chemical and toxicological study of biological material

Mata Gilsinger M., 1983: Use of uxu lac fusion strains to study the regulation of the uxu ab operon in escherichia coli k 12

Reimann, J.; Bellan, A., 1986: Use of v beta.8 genes in splenic lyt 2 positive cytotoxic lymphocyte precursors reactive to bm1 or bm14 alloantigen in individual c57bl 6 mice

Khlebnikova, T. G.; Gadzhieva, T. A., 1980: Use of v. v. kupriyanovs method on stratified wall of varicose veins

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883174

Bendhe, A. R.; Gangal, S. G., 1978: Use of vaccinia virus as an adjuvant in inducing specific anti tumor immunity to transplantable mouse fibro sarcoma 1. adaptation of the virus to mouse tumor cells as a prerequisite for adjuvanticity

Bendre, A. R.; Gangal, S. G., 1978: Use of vaccinia virus as an adjuvant in inducing specific anti tumor immunity to transplantable mouse fibro sarcoma 2. rejection of tumor graft in vivo humoral and lymphocyto toxicity in vitro

Rutter W.J., 1988: Use of vaccinia virus vectors to study protein processing in human disease normal nerve growth factor processing and secretion in cultured fibroblasts from patients with familial dysautonomia

Moss B., 1988: Use of vaccinia virus vectors to study the synthesis intracellular localization and action of the human immunodeficiency virus trans activator protein

Lyrene P.M., 1984: Use of vaccinium octo ploids to facilitate 4x 6x gene transfers

Rust R.E., 1983: Use of vacuum during formation of meat emulsions

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883181

Richardson D.A., 1985: Use of vaginal pressure measurements in urodynamic testing

Koumjian K., 1981: Use of valium as a form of social control

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883184

Kelly, A.; Munan, L.; Petitclerc, C.; Ho, K. P.; Billon, B., 1976: Use of values for calcium and protein in serum and of a derived index obtained from a probability population sample

Moriguchi, I.; Kanada, Y., 1977: Use of van der waals volume in structure activity studies

Bichon C., 1984: Use of vanillin and its oxime as an internal standard in assays of acid phenols by liquid chromatography

Jackson R., 1981: Use of variable thickness bolus to control electron beam penetration in chest wall irradiation

Powles H., 1983: Use of variation in biological characters for the classification of anadromous rainbow smelt osmerus mordax groups

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883190

Langovaya N.A., 1979: Use of various beta adreno blockers in the complex therapy of thyro toxicosis

Rosini G., 1985: Use of various blastomycete cultures in wine making conducted according to the cell recycle batch process

Kalichava L.Kh, 1983: Use of various combinations of cryophylactics for cryo preservation of leukocytes

Pershina E.P., 1979: Use of various forms of lactic acid bacteria in ensilage of plants from the semi arid zone of the kazakh ssr ussr

Likhvar I., 1986: Use of various lysine forms for feeding piglets

Molenda M., 1988: Use of various materials and chromatographic techniques for the separation of aminoketones

Gusev M.S., 1985: Use of various methods for the inoculation of tobacco plants with nitrogen fixing cyanobacteria

Osadchaya L.M., 1984: Use of various precursors of fatty acid biosynthesis in the brain under conditions of chronic hyperphenylalaninemia

Schurg, W. A.; Pulse, R. E.; Holtan, D. W.; Oldfield, J. E., 1978: Use of various quantities and forms of rye grass straw in horse diets

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883201

Sharpan' N.I., 1983: Use of varying transfusion schemes in the treatment of patients with burns in the shock period

Palmer J.M., 1979: Use of vascular prosthesis in the anastomosis of allo graft renal artery

Cogen M.A., 1982: Use of vascularized abdominal wall pedicle flaps to grow small bowel neo mucosa

Ruda M.Ya, 1980: Use of vaso dilators in the treatment of acute cardiac insufficiency

Mckenzie I.F.C., 1987: Use of vasoactive agents to increase tumor perfusion and the antitumor efficacy of drug monoclonal antibody conjugates

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883207

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883208

Moshnikov, O. S., 1976: Use of vavilov cerenkov irradiation in radio phosphorus diagnosis of eye tumors

Laughlin, M. H.; Witt, W. M.; Mackenzie, W. F., 1978: Use of vector cardiography for the detection of positive linear acceleration related cardiac pathology in miniature swine

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883211

Yoshikura H., 1987: Use of vectors in sequence analysis

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883213

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883214

Khalique, F.; Ahmed, K.; Malik, B. A.; Afzal, M., 1987: Use of vegetable oil for protection of stored green gram vigna radiata l. wilczek from attack of callosobruchus maculatus fabr. coleoptera bruchidae

Hertsgaard D.M., 1986: Use of vegetable oils at reduced levels in cake pie crust cookies and muffins

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883217

Dillaha, T. A.; Sherrard, J. H.; Lee, D.; Shanholtz, V. O.; Mostaghimi, S.; Magette, W. L., 1986: Use of vegetative filter strips to minimize sediment and phosphorus losses from feedlots phase i. experimental plot studies

Tomlinson, P., 1985: Use of vegetative remains in the identification of dyeplants from waterlogged 9th 10th century a.d. deposits at york england uk

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883220

Read M.S., 1980: Use of venom co agglutinin and lyophilized platelets in testing for platelet aggregating von willebrand factor

Michele J.L., 1982: Use of ventriculography in assessing performance and oxygen consumption of the left ventricle response to altered afterload

Halpin M., 1981: Use of venturi entrainment mask for high flow ventilation of patients submitting to ophthalmic surgery under local anesthesia

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883224

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883225

Sebby R.A., 1987: Use of verbal and imaginal mediators in an hypothesis testing task

Egan, I.; Gersten, R.; Irvin, L. K., 1986: Use of verbal correction procedures with severely mentally retarded individuals aptitude treatment interaction

Wamwayi H.M., 1987: Use of vero cells for the isolation and propagation of malignant catarrhal fever virus

Tyagi, S.; Koerner, R. M., 1983: Use of very low frequency electro magnetic method at 9.5 kilohertz to detect buried drums in sandy soil

Moawad M., 1979: Use of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhiza in tropical agriculture

Linderman R.G., 1983: Use of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal roots intra radical vesicles and extraradical vesicles as inoculum

Ruddle F.H., 1980: Use of vesicular stomatitis virus pseudotypes to map viral receptor genes assignment of rd 114 virus receptor gene to human chromosome 19

Izawa H., 1987: Use of viable cell elisa for detection of monoclonal antibodies recognizing tumor associated antigens on bovine lymphosarcoma cells

Wolniczek B., 1981: Use of vicarious feedback methods in improving walking ability in patients after stroke

Agafonova O.V., 1985: Use of vicia picta mutant forms in breeding for lowered content of trypsin inhibitors

Tanzi R., 1984: Use of victoria blue in the detection of intra hepatocyte hepatitis b surface antigen comparison with other methods

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883237

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883238

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883239

Duchon Doris J., 1980: Use of vinclozolin on vegetable plots in france

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883241

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883242

Loyter A., 1985: Use of virus attached antibodies or insulin molecules to mediate fusion between sendai virus envelopes and neuraminidase treated cells

Ledyashova G.A., 1979: Use of visken 15 in the treatment of patients with hypertension

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883246

Mackay W.C., 1985: Use of visual census for estimating population size in northern pike esox lucius

Mountford M.D., 1983: Use of visual cover assessments as quantitative estimators of some british woodland taxa

Krastel H., 1985: Use of visual evoked potentials in diagnosing compression of the anterior visual pathways especially in the chiasmatic region

Summerfield Q., 1979: Use of visual information for phonetic perception

Prokopy R.J., 1985: Use of visual traps for monitoring insect pests in the massachusetts usa apple integrated pest management program

Alisheikhov, A. M.; Akhmedkhanova, R. R.; Magomedov, M. S.; Mustafaev, N. M., 1975: Use of vitamin b 12 feed concentrate kmb 12 in raising chicks

Recknagel R.O., 1979: Use of vitamin e deficient red cells to detect a dialyzable hemolytic factor produced by per oxidizing rat liver microsomes

Urbanetz A.A., 1984: Use of vitamin e therapy in mammary dysplasia

Kimmel U M., 1985: Use of vitamin supplements in finland

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883256

Dubey A.K., 1985: Use of vitrophage in management of accidental extra capsular extraction of senile cataract in immediate post operative period

Efimenko G.P., 1983: Use of vladipore cellulose acetate ultra filtration membranes for the isolation of small peptides

Krylova N.V., 1982: Use of voice communications to study operator activity

Ragab A.H., 1986: Use of vp 16 213 in the treatment of familial erythrophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883261

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883262

Edwards P., 1986: Use of waste grown tilapia silage as feed for clarias batrachus l

Lopez Benito M., 1985: Use of waste material from canned fish factories to obtain protein

Harsh N.S.K., 1981: Use of waste tea camellia sinensis leaves as an aid to culture of some wood rotting fungi

Barraclough A., 1979: Use of waste wool for the removal of mercury from industrial effluents particularly those from the chlor alkali industry

Poznyak A.A., 1987: Use of wastewater to produce fodder on sandy desert soils

Savage A.A., 1982: Use of water boatmen corixidae in the classification of lakes

Sinclair J., 1979: Use of water by 6 grass species part 1 dry matter yields and response to irrigation

Sinclair J., 1979: Use of water by 6 grass species part 2 root distribution and use of soil water

Linton T.L., 1987: Use of water conditioners in water recirculation systems

Temnikova L.N., 1981: Use of water from matsesta russian sfsr ussr in the comprehensive health resort therapy of children suffering from dermatoses

Teixeira A.S., 1981: Use of water hyacinth eichhornia crassipes in feeding trials with matrincha brycon sp

Hoexter, B., 1976: Use of water pik lavage in pilonidal wound care

Gershkovich A.A., 1982: Use of water soluble 2 nitro 4 sulfophenyl esters for synthesis of acid conjugates with proteins

Alekseeva N.N., 1981: Use of water soluble and lipid bound forms of cytochrome c in the treatment of experimental hemorrhage

Dellacherie E., 1980: Use of water soluble bio specific polymers for the purification of proteins

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883279

Kohler, E. M.; Kohler, L.; Lindquist, B., 1977: Use of weaning foods beikost in an industrialized society socio economic and psychological aspects

Kranz J., 1982: Use of weather satellites in monitoring cereal rust epidemics

Warcholinska A.U., 1980: Use of weed communities for evaluating land for agricultural use

Venkataraman S., 1979: Use of weekly rainfall probabilities for dryland zoning and crop planning in maharashtra india

Jarvis A.W., 1981: Use of whey derived phage resistant starter strains in new zealand cheese plants

Kaplan H.S., 1985: Use of white cell counts to select units of whole blood for granulocyte preparation

Nafus D.M., 1984: Use of white tetrahedral traps and stirofos oral larvicide for area wide control of the face fly musca autumnalis

Rothstein G., 1982: Use of whole blood exchange transfusion to supply neutrophils to septic neutropenic neo nates

Goldstone A.H., 1981: Use of whole blood in the measurement of neutrophil migration

Sivanandan V., 1984: Use of whole blood lymphocyte stimulation test for immunocompetency studies in bald eagles haliaeetus leucocephalus red tailed hawks buteo jamaicensis and great horned owls bubo virginianus

Klimas N.G., 1987: Use of whole blood methods in assessment of immune parameters in immunodeficiency states

Chalkley R., 1981: Use of whole cell fixation to visualize replicating and maturing sv 40 identification of new viral gene product

Van Der Ploeg M., 1987: Use of whole cosmid cloned genomic sequences for chromosomal localization by non radioactive in situ hybridization

Barka, N.; Tomasi, J. P.; Stadtsbaeder, S., 1985: Use of whole streptococcus pneumoniae cells as a solid phase sorbent for c reactive protein measurement by elisa

Turovtseva V.A., 1984: Use of wide hybridization in cherry breeding

Pernes J., 1985: Use of wild setaria viridis to improve triazine resistance in cultivated setaria italica by hybridization

Casoli C., 1985: Use of wild ungulates in the recovery of marginal areas experience on an umbrian italy farm

Steinberg B.A., 1986: Use of win 51711 to prevent echovirus type 9 induced paralysis in suckling mice

Krivobochek V.G., 1983: Use of winter form potential in breeding of spring wheat in the north of the kazakh ssr ussr

Mal'chewskaya-Ye, M.; Bandarenka, A. P.; Mal'chewski, V. I.; Hrakovich, L. I., 1975: Use of winter rye cultivar zarechanskaya zelenoukosnaya for green feed and silage

Baranovskii M.V., 1981: Use of winter wild cabbage as an intermediate crop for cow fodder

Dailey R.H., 1983: Use of wire guided seldinger type catheters in the emergency department

Singh V.N., 1986: Use of wollastonite for the treatment of copper ii rich effluents

De Jong R.N.Jr, 1981: Use of womens health care specialists in a womens clinic

Schmeltz, L. L.; Whitaker, J. O-Jr, 1977: Use of woodchuck burrows by woodchucks and other mammals

Fadat C., 1987: Use of woodcock scolopax rusticola bag statistics for the management of hunted populations

Rose R.K., 1987: Use of woody vegetation by beavers in southeastern virginia usa

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883308

Levinsky R.J., 1988: Use of x chromosome inactivation analysis to establish carrier status for x linked severe combined immunodeficiency

Singh, K. G.; Chinnathambi, 1975: Use of x ray analysis in plant quarantine for assessment of seed quality

Bailey M.Q., 1986: Use of x ray computed tomography as an aid in localization of adrenal masses in the dog

Ryzhova L.V., 1980: Use of x ray diffractometric and thermo gravimetric methods for the investigation of ion exchange reactions in soils

Campon, E.; Montes, E.; Moreiras, D., 1978: Use of x ray diffractometry and spectroscopy in controlling abiotic environmental pollution

Patel M., 1983: Use of x ray micro analysis to monitor diffusion of zinc from a cement into human dentin

Kamra, S. K., 1976: Use of x ray radiography for studying seed quality in tropical forestry

Ely, R. V.; Stewart, K. A.; Minchin, F. R.; Summerfield, R. J.; Ndunguru, B. J., 1976: Use of x rays as a biological micro technique an example investigating the reproductive development of cowpea vigna unguiculata

Fischer, L. P.; Gonon, G. P.; Carret, J. P.; Noyer, D.; Morin, A.; Dimnet, J., 1977: Use of x rays taken at different angles according to methods of spatial recognition application to the measure of femoral anteversion

Eadon G., 1982: Use of xad 2 macro reticular resin for the recovery of aldicarb and its metabolites in drinking water

Kool, H. J.; Van-Kranen, H. J.; De-Greef, E.; Van-Kreijl, C. F., 1981: Use of xad resins for the detection of mutagenic activity in water 1. studies with surface water

Kool, H. J.; Van-Kreijl, C. F.; Van-Kranen, H. J., 1981: Use of xad resins for the detection of mutagenic activity in water 2. studies with drinking water

Schubert T.S., 1987: Use of xanthomonas campestris pathovar vesicatoria to evaluate surface disinfectants for canker quarantine treatment of citrus fruit

Volgin E.G., 1980: Use of xavin for treating vascular diseases of the lower extremities

Houlder A.E., 1987: Use of xenon 133 gas in the detection of foreign bodies in the lower respiratory tract

Brubaker, R. F.; Coakes, R. L., 1978: Use of xenon flash tube as the excitation source in a new slit lamp fluorophotometer

Schneider J., 1987: Use of xylazine analogue ursonarkon in horse practice

Omamegbe J.O., 1985: Use of xylazine rompun for pre anesthetic medication in dogs

Miwa S., 1987: Use of y chromosome specific probe for detection of engraftment of bone marrow transplantation

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883329

Kimura T., 1981: Use of yag laser in ophthalmology

Gauze, G. F.; Laiko, A. V.; Selezneva, T. I., 1976: Use of yeast mutants with a defective cell membrane in screening anti cancer antibiotics

Sebastian, J.; Carter, B. L. A.; Halvorson, H. O., 1971: Use of yeast populations fractionated by zonal centrifugation to study the cell cycle

Genuad, L.; Guillot, J.; Damez, M.; Coulet, M., 1978: Use of yeasts in affinity chromatography

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883334

Jeffcoate S.L., 1982: Use of youden plot for internal quality control in the immunoassay laboratory

Fidler I.J., 1982: Use of young nude mice for selection of sub populations of cells with increased metastatic potential from nonsyngeneic neoplasms

Moller A.R., 1988: Use of zero phase digital filters to enhance brain stem auditory evoked potentials baeps

Thornber J.P., 1984: Use of zinc ions to study thylakoid protein phosphorylation and the state 1 state 2 transition in vitro

Bousquet D., 1982: Use of zona free hamster ova to assess sperm fertilizing ability of bull and stallion

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883340

Yakub O.I., 1985: Use of zonal rheography of the lungs for diagnosis of chronic bronchitis

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883342

Schiavone A.Jr, 1987: Use of zooplankton size to assess the community structure of fish populations in freshwater lakes

Crawford, C. R.; Mukhlis, F. A.; Jennings, R.; Oxford, J. S.; Hockley, D. J.; Potter, C. W., 1984: Use of zwitterionic detergent for the preparation of an influenza virus vaccine 1. preparation and characterization of disrupted virions

Klesov A.A., 1986: Use of zymomonas mobilis bacteria for the fermentation of cellulose containing raw materials

Saran A.S., 1986: Use or abuse of antiparkinsonian drugs by psychiatric patients

Hambleton G., 1982: Use or abuse of photo therapy for physiological jaundice of new born infants

Carlini Cotrim B., 1987: Use pattern of psychotropic drugs preceding hospitalization due to drug dependence

Mcdonald C.D., 1981: Use patterns and impacts of inner tube floating on a mountain stream

Shiraishi S., 1983: Use patterns of nests by the japanese giant flying squirrel petaurista leucogenys

Srivastava, S. K.; Awasthi, Y. C.; Beutler, E., 1974: Useful agents for the study of glutathione metabolism in erythrocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883352

Weill H., 1987: Useful and extraneous variability in longitudinal assessment of lung function

Lemordant, D.; Boukef, K.; Bensalem, M., 1977: Useful and toxic plants of tunisia

Singh P., 1983: Useful aquatic weeds of rajasthan india

Chu S.C., 1985: Useful chemistry of 3 1 methylethylidene 4 acetoxy 2 azetidinone a formal synthesis of racemic asparenomycin c

Akhtar M., 1988: Useful clinical criteria for the diagnosis of ventricular tachycardia

Luquet, G. C., 1977: Useful collections advice to beginners

Wahner H.W., 1981: Useful hepatic parenchymal imaging in hepato biliary scintigraphy

Otsuka T., 1988: Useful icp monitoring with subarachnoid catheter method in severe head injuries

Nutt, R. F.; Strachan, R. G.; Veber, D. F.; Holly, F. W., 1980: Useful intermediates for synthesis of di carba analogs of cystine peptides selectively protected alpha amino suberic acid and alpha alpha' di amino suberic acid of defined stereochemistry

Ushijima S., 1982: Useful key characters separating 3 aspergillus taxa aspergillus sojae aspergillus parasiticus and aspergillus toxicarius

Snaith M.L., 1982: Useful laboratory measurements in the management of systemic lupus erythematosus

Faupel, M.; Von-Arx, E., 1978: Useful modification of paulys reagent detection of low molecular weight histidine containing peptides by iso electric focusing

De Lafontaine Y., 1986: Useful morphometric index for the identification of northern blennioid larval fishes

Dussault J.H., 1988: Useful parameters to predict the eventual mental outcome of hypothyroid children

Howard J.E.Sr, 1980: Useful physical and biochemical indicators of under nutrition in infants below 2 years of age

Aidarbaeva D.K., 1986: Useful plant resources in the dzungarian ala tau kazakh ssr ussr

Plowman T., 1984: Useful plants of the siona and secoya indians of eastern ecuador

Vysochina G.I., 1982: Useful plants of the western portion of the baikal amur railway ussr and goals for their development and rational use

Bazilevskaya, N. A., 1977: Useful properties of poisonous plants of tropical south africa part 3 a source for arrow poison

Bazilevskaya, N. A., 1977: Useful properties of poisonous plants of tropical west africa part 2 plants as insecticides and repellents

Phillips, C.; Jacobson, R.; Abrahams, B.; William, H. J.; Smith, L. R., 1980: Useful route to 1 6 di oxa spiro 4.4 nonane and 1 6 di oxa spiro 4.5 decane derivatives

Yoneda N., 1982: Useful synthesis of alpha beta dehydro tryptophan derivatives

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883377

Brown H.P., 1979: Useful technique for long term urinary drainage by inlying ureteral stent

Kak S.N., 1985: Useful under exploited plants of future

Giuliani, L.; Pescatore, D.; Giberti, C.; Martorana, G., 1978: Usefulness and limitation of estrogen receptor protein assay in human renal cell carcinomas

Karliner, J. S.; O'rourke, R. A., 1975: Usefulness and limitations of assessment of internal shortening velocity by ultrasound in man

Migliore, A.; Paoletti, P.; Villani, R., 1968: Usefulness and limitations of brain scanning in the diagnosis of head injuries

Kreuzer H., 1984: Usefulness and limitations of invasive diagnostic procedures in assessment and quantification of valvular lesions

Toshima H., 1981: Usefulness and limitations of left ventricular end systolic indices end systolic volume and left ventricular peak systolic pressure to end systolic volume ratio

Maeda H., 1983: Usefulness and limitations of stress thallium 201 myo cardial single photon emission computed tomography in detecting multi vessel disease in the patients with previous myo cardial infarction

Rogers W.J., 1979: Usefulness and limitations of thallium 201 myo cardial scintigraphy in delineating location and size of prior myo cardial infarction

Harrison B.D., 1985: Usefulness and limitations of the species concept for plant viruses

Maguire H.C.Jr, 1982: Usefulness and limitations of various guinea pig test methods in detecting human skin sensitizers validation of guinea pig tests for skin hyper sensitivity

Di Domenico G., 1981: Usefulness and limits of a new method for biochemical screening of lysosomal storage diseases

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883391

Mastrorilli M., 1980: Usefulness and limits of mediastinoscopy

Donzelli, M.; Enia, F.; Adamo, M.; Bella, R.; Brai, G.; Geraci, E., 1976: Usefulness and limits of the echo cardiographic diagnostics in evaluating mitral valvular defects

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883394

Enomoto M., 1982: Usefulness and rapidity of screening for the toxicity and carcinogenicity of chemicals in medaka oryzias latipes

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883396

Sacchetti C., 1987: Usefulness and side effects of a high fiber diet in a group of adolescents affected by insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

Martin R.P., 1982: Usefulness of 2 dimensional echo cardiography for detection of ventricular septal aneurysm with perforation after acute inferior myo cardial infarction

Kaushik V.S., 1983: Usefulness of 2 dimensional echo cardiography in diagnosing right ventricular hypertrophy

Carlsson S.G., 1985: Usefulness of 2 psychometric scales in swedish patients with severe dental fear

Melendez, L. J.; Jones, D. T.; Salcedo, J. R., 1978: Usefulness of 3 additional electro cardiographic chest leads v 7 v 8 and v 9 in the diagnosis of acute myo cardial infarction

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883402

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883403

Et Al, 1988: Usefulness of 5fr sized preshaped balloon catheter so called interventional balloon catheter

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883405

Hanson P., 1987: Usefulness of a branching treadmill protocol for evaluation of cardiac functional capacity

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883407

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883408

Resano Perez F., 1980: Usefulness of a micro blood culture technique in neo natal septicemia

Khan A., 1982: Usefulness of a mono cytoid cell line u 937 in the macrophage migration inhibition assay

Pivirotto F., 1986: Usefulness of a new oxygen conserving delivery device in 10 patients affected by respiratory failure

Zanasi M., 1987: Usefulness of a polyvalent bacterial vaccine combined with anti influenza vaccine in subjects with chronic bronchopulmonary disease clinical findings and ventilatory function

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883413

Bigel P., 1986: Usefulness of a registry of congenital malformations for genetic counseling and prenatal diagnosis

Bode J.C., 1986: Usefulness of a simple photometric determination of chymotrypsin activity in stools results of a multicenter study

Villaneuva Clift H., 1980: Usefulness of a soy and oatmeal formula in infant feeding nitrogen balance

Hierholzer W.J.Jr, 1986: Usefulness of a test for slime production as a marker for clinically significant infections with coagulase negative staphylococci

Criss E., 1985: Usefulness of abdominal flat plate radiographs in patients with suspected ureteral calculi

Roberts R., 1983: Usefulness of abrin as a positive control for the human tumor clonogenic assay

Dimarco J.P., 1988: Usefulness of adenosine for arrhythmias in infants and children

Sonda L.P.IIi, 1979: Usefulness of adrenal venography and iodo cholesterol scan in adrenal surgery

Prokopowicz J., 1982: Usefulness of alpha amylase thermolability determination in the diagnosis of acute pancreatitis

Section 7, Chapter 6884 , Accession 006883423

Trulson, M. E.; Jacobs, B. L., 1977: Usefulness of an animal behavioral model in studying the duration of action of lsd and the onset and duration of tolerance to lsd in the cat

Jackson F., 1979: Usefulness of an elevated serum lactate dehydrogenase value as a marker of hepatic metastases in malignant melanoma

Levine M.M., 1987: Usefulness of an elisa for detection of giardia antigen in feces

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883427

Gielchinsky I., 1986: Usefulness of an implantable antitachycardia pacemaker system for supraventricular or ventricular tachycardia

Kulich J., 1981: Usefulness of analytical electro focusing in a thin layer poly acrylamide gel in the histochemistry of enzymes cleaving peptide bonds

Alonso A., 1986: Usefulness of anamnesis and skin tests in the diagnosis of drug allergy

Bleifeld W., 1987: Usefulness of anatomic parameters derived from two dimensional echocardiography for estimating magnitude of left to right shunt in patients with atrial septal defect

Aulich A., 1988: Usefulness of angioscopy in stenotic processes of the carotid a comparison with morphological findings

Lojacono L., 1986: Usefulness of anterior hemifundoplication using the dor technique in the surgical treatment of hiatal hernia

Cartier R., 1986: Usefulness of anticoagulant therapy in the prevention of embolic complications of atrial fibrillation

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883435

Peetermans M.E., 1983: Usefulness of apheresis to extract microfilariae in management of loiasis

Bernett P., 1985: Usefulness of arthrography in the diagnosis of obscure knee complaints experiences with lesions of the meniscus attachment zone

Kimura A., 1987: Usefulness of aspiration biopsy cytology in the diagnosis of breast tumors in the outpatient clinic

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883439

Foidart J M., 1985: Usefulness of basement membrane markers in tumoral pathology

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883441

Podlesny J., 1985: Usefulness of bile acid determination in differential diagnosis of bile duct atresia and neonatal hepatitis

Floyd W.N.Jr, 1985: Usefulness of bile cytology in the diagnostic management of patients with biliary tract obstruction

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883444

Zieglauer, H.; Jarosch, E.; Glatzl, J., 1977: Usefulness of blood xylose test in predicting small bowel mucosa morphology

Morita R., 1986: Usefulness of bone imaging in diagnosis of sternocostoclavicular hyperostosis

Zubizarreta A., 1987: Usefulness of bone marrow autotransplantation without cryopreservation

Baehner R.L., 1982: Usefulness of bone marrow imaging in childhood malignancies

Teno C., 1988: Usefulness of bone marrow study for the diagnosis of fever of unknown origin

Tres A., 1988: Usefulness of bone scanning in detection of osseous metastases in breast cancer

Ochi H., 1987: Usefulness of bone scintigraphic classification and quantitative evaluation of bone mineralization with x ct and spect in renal osteodystrophy

Higuchi Y., 1981: Usefulness of bone scintigraphy in vibration disease

Delaney, J. F.; Gertz, D.; Shreiner, D. P., 1976: Usefulness of brain scans in metastatic carcinoma of the lung

Di Pietro S., 1980: Usefulness of breast self examination for early detection of breast cancer results of a study of 500 breast cancer patients and 652 controls

La Terra B., 1986: Usefulness of bronchial provocation tests in the evaluation of occupational allergic bronchopneumopathies

Moya E.J., 1986: Usefulness of bronchography in patients with hemoptysis and normal thoracic radiography and tomography

Panic I., 1981: Usefulness of bronchoscopy in the verification of congenital abnormalities of the tracheo bronchial tree in infants

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883458

Gallegos G.L., 1982: Usefulness of carcino embryonic antigen before and after treatment in patients with colo rectal cancer

Cerutti R., 1981: Usefulness of cardio tocography in expulsion period

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883461

Arce L.A., 1986: Usefulness of cell cultures for the diagnosis of viral infections

Yamashita M., 1988: Usefulness of cell surface marker analysis in clinical cases the monoclonal antibody rosetting technique

Guiraud R., 1981: Usefulness of cephalad views in thallium 201 myo cardial imaging

Sugita K., 1987: Usefulness of ceramic implants in neurosurgery

Lezcano E., 1981: Usefulness of cerebral computed axial tomography in the diagnosis of basilar artery ectasia

Iwamura H., 1984: Usefulness of cerebrospinal fluid beta 2 microglobulin levels in the early diagnosis of central nervous system leukemia in children

Alcolado P.M., 1984: Usefulness of certain structural ecological indexes for the study of marine communities in cuba

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883469

Uslenghi C., 1981: Usefulness of chest and skeletal survey to assess the time of relapse in breast cancer

Ziprkowski M., 1983: Usefulness of chest radiographs in 1st asthma attacks

Leventhal J.M., 1987: Usefulness of chest radiographs in children with acute lower respiratory tract disease

Nakagawa H., 1985: Usefulness of chlorella extract for improvement of the physiological condition of cultured ayu plecoglossus altivelis pisces

Dosne, A. M.; Drouet, L.; Dassin, E., 1976: Usefulness of chromium 51 platelet labeling for the measurement of platelet deposition on subendothelium

Dewald, G.; Dines, D. E.; Weiland, L. H.; Gordon, H., 1976: Usefulness of chromosome examination in the diagnosis of malignant pleural effusions

Coovadia H.M., 1984: Usefulness of clinical features and liver biopsy in diagnosis of disseminated herpes simplex infection

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883477

Pucciani F., 1984: Usefulness of combined gastric and esophageal ph monitoring in detecting gastroesophageal alkaline and mixed reflux

Straub C.P., 1988: Usefulness of comprehensive feasibility studies in environmental epidemiology investigations a case study in minnesota usa

Sadamoto K., 1981: Usefulness of computed cerebral angio tomography for direct detection of intra cranial aneurysms

Yasuda Y., 1986: Usefulness of computed tomographic scanning in metastatic tumors of bone particularly the vertebral bodies

Et Al, 1987: Usefulness of computed tomography and ultrasonography for early detection of renal cell carcinoma

Caralps A., 1985: Usefulness of computed tomography for the study of adrenal tumors in hypertensive patients

Catanzano G., 1988: Usefulness of computed tomography in active adrenal tuberculosis

Torner J.C., 1985: Usefulness of computed tomography in predicting outcome after aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage a preliminary report of the cooperative aneurysm study

Okitsu T., 1985: Usefulness of computed tomography in preoperative examinations for middle ear surgery

Takeuchi M., 1980: Usefulness of computed tomography in recurrent nephro lithiasis

Mateos Gomez H., 1980: Usefulness of concentrated cerebro spinal fluid hem agglutination technique for the diagnosis of cerebral cysticercosis

Jomin M., 1987: Usefulness of conservative hemi transverso arthropediculotomy in the treatment of foraminal lumbar disc herniations

Navarro Lopez F., 1986: Usefulness of continuous doppler echocardiography in the assessment of aortic valve stenosis correlation with cardiac catheterization results

Rao, P. S.; Marino, B. L.; Robertson, A. F-Iii, 1978: Usefulness of continuous positive airway pressure in differential diagnosis of cardiac from pulmonary cyanosis in new born infants

Uchida Y., 1981: Usefulness of contrast medium on the diagnosis of sinusitis with reference to lipiodol ultra fluide

Sadamoto K., 1984: Usefulness of coronal computed angiotomography in diagnosis of the isodense chronic subdural hematoma

Haapakoski J., 1986: Usefulness of corrected qt interval on the discharge electrocardiogram for predicting survival after acute myocardial infarction

Lesoin, F.; Autricque, A.; Villette, L.; Franz, K.; Jomin, M., 1987: Usefulness of cotrel dubousset's universal instrumentation in dorsolumbar pathology preliminary report

Komai N., 1988: Usefulness of ct angiography for demonstrating cerebral aneurysm

Bielecka B., 1979: Usefulness of cytochemical investigations in differential diagnosis and prognosis of acute leukemias

Gonzalez M., 1988: Usefulness of cytological diagnosis fine needle puncture and aspiration in a radiotherapy department

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883499

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883500

Apel D., 1985: Usefulness of detection of antileukocyte antibodies for prediction of reactions after transfusion of granulocyte concentrates

Baxi A.J., 1979: Usefulness of di chloro phenol indophenol and fluorescent spot screening methods for glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency

Kanao K., 1983: Usefulness of diastolic phase index by gated cardiac blood pool imaging in patients with left ventricular hypertrophy

Kanao K., 1982: Usefulness of diastolic phase indexes by gated cardiac blood pool imaging in patients with coronary artery disease

Boehm K.H., 1981: Usefulness of different disinfectants for aerosol disinfection of surfaces

Hart L.A., 1987: Usefulness of different stimuli in visual evoked potentials

Sieinski, W.; Dabska, M., 1976: Usefulness of drill biopsy in the diagnosis of breast tumors

Nakagawa, M.; Masuda, A.; Yamaguchi, Y.; Shimamoto, K.; Iimura, O., 1985: Usefulness of dynamic computed tomographic scanning in the diagnosis of atrial septal defect

Doyle A.E., 1986: Usefulness of early exercise testing after non q wave myocardial infarction in predicting prognosis

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883510

Gibbons R.J., 1988: Usefulness of early radionuclide angiography for identifying low risk patients for late restenosis after percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty

Matsukubo H., 1983: Usefulness of echo cardiographic right ventricular measurements in estimating right ventricular hypertrophy and right ventricular systolic pressure

Van Der Hauwaert L.G., 1985: Usefulness of echocardiographic assessment of right ventricular and pulmonary trunk size for estimating magnitude of left to right shunt in children with atrial septal defect

Shulman S.T., 1987: Usefulness of echocardiographic evidence of pericardial effusion and mitral regurgitation during the acute stage in predicting development of coronary arterial aneurysms in the late stage of kawasaki disease

Lewis B.S., 1987: Usefulness of echocardiographically determined mitral leaflet motion for diagnosis of mitral valve prolapse in 17 and 18 year old men

Tsuchioka H., 1987: Usefulness of echocardiography in long term follow up study of surgical treatment of annulo aortic ectasia

Valls E., 1984: Usefulness of echographies in the differential diagnosis of radiological lesions in the base of the lungs

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883518

Kelly D.T., 1987: Usefulness of ejection fraction response to exercise one month after acute myocardial infarction in predicting coronary anatomy and prognosis

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883520

Hasegawa K., 1987: Usefulness of electrocardiographic negative u wave in patients with chronic right ventricular overload

Komeda M., 1987: Usefulness of electromagnetic flowmetry in intraoperative evaluation of aortic regurgitation associated with ventricular septal defect

Rivel J., 1980: Usefulness of electron microscopy in the diagnosis of certain neuro lipidoses

Marquet E., 1980: Usefulness of electron microscopy in the diagnosis of tumors

Chai T J., 1981: Usefulness of electrophoretic pattern of cell envelope protein as a taxonomic tool for fishhold slime moraxella spp

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883526

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883527

Degorski M.L., 1983: Usefulness of ellenberg bio indicators in characterizing plant communities and forest habitats on the basis of data from the grabowy range in kampinos forest poland

Puletti A., 1984: Usefulness of embolectomy in the treatment of massive pulmonary embolism

Akagi H., 1981: Usefulness of emission computed tomography in the liver

Kato Y., 1984: Usefulness of endoscopic examination in the detection of minute cancer of the stomach

Sakai Y., 1981: Usefulness of endoscopic polypectomy and hot biopsy

Desmet V.J., 1984: Usefulness of enzyme histochemistry and immuno histochemistry in the diagnosis of juvenile xantho granuloma

Valberg L.S., 1987: Usefulness of erythrocyte ferritin analysis in hereditary hemochromatosis

Ravenscroft P.J., 1987: Usefulness of estimating individual pharmacokinetic data for aminoglycoside therapy in seriously ill patients

Shiratori K., 1981: Usefulness of evaluation of left ventricular patho physiologic state by a wave pattern of the apex cardiogram

Lichtlen P.R., 1988: Usefulness of exercise and holter ecg in the diagnosis of silent myocardial ischemia in patients with coronary heart disease

Pizzuto J., 1984: Usefulness of factor viiic and factor viiir ag measurements in the detection of hemophilia carriers

Tateno Y., 1985: Usefulness of fast dynamic study in cardiac positron computed tomography

Blanc D., 1981: Usefulness of feeding protein and nonprotein calories apart in studies on energy protein interrelationships in rainbow trout

Bini, A.; Zanasi, A.; Galleri, C.; Grazia, M.; Bordini, R., 1986: Usefulness of fiberoptic bronchoscopy before and after sleeve resections in thoracic surgery

Fujita K., 1984: Usefulness of fiberoptic pyeloureteroscope in the diagnosis of the upper urinary tract lesions

Voelter W., 1986: Usefulness of ficoll in electric field mediated cell fusion

Koivunen E., 1983: Usefulness of fine needle aspiration biopsy of spleen in diagnosis of sarcoidosis

Racineux J.L., 1980: Usefulness of forced expiration slope ratios for detecting mild airway abnormalities

Kariyone S., 1985: Usefulness of gallium 67 scintiscan for splenic hematopoiesis in chronic myelocytic leukemia

Roncari D.A.K., 1986: Usefulness of gas chromatographic profiles of plasma total lipids in diagnosis of phytosterolemia

Tsuruta O., 1980: Usefulness of gel electrophoretic comparison of peroxidase for identification of fusarium spp

Yamada M., 1987: Usefulness of gift for oligozoospermia asthenzoospermia and treatment of male infertility

Tidore M., 1981: Usefulness of globin chain separation on cellulose acetate strip electrophoresis in thalassemia screening

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883551

Onda T., 1985: Usefulness of glycosylated protein assay during pregnancy

Barge J., 1985: Usefulness of guided puncture biopsy and needle biopsy for the diagnosis of localized bone lesions

Tanabe M., 1988: Usefulness of gyroscope in the radiological study of the small intestine

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883555

Yamamoto S., 1985: Usefulness of head up tilt in patients with heart disease evaluations in patient with ischemic heart disease and idiopathic cardiomyopathy

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883557

Von Der Lippe G., 1985: Usefulness of high dose anticoagulants in preventing left ventricular thrombus in acute myocardial infarction

Tsuruhara H., 1985: Usefulness of high resolution computed tomographic scanning before and after tympanoplasty

Trottet M., 1983: Usefulness of hill plots for studying wheat behavior toward septoria nodorum

Yurdakul S., 1981: Usefulness of hla determination and pathergy test in the diagnosis of uveitis in turkey

Ohbora Y., 1988: Usefulness of hla groups in paternity testing seven disputed paternity cases tested by hla groups

Maseri A., 1987: Usefulness of holter monitoring to improve the sensitivity of exercise testing in determining the degree of myocardial revascularization after coronary artery bypass grafting for stable angina pectoris

Schlork M.A., 1982: Usefulness of home blood pressure determination in treating borderline hypertension

Hosoda T., 1979: Usefulness of horse blood groups and serum protein types for identification of individuals and parentage test

Takashima E., 1985: Usefulness of hysteroscopy for detection of cancer in the endocervical canal

Tantini G., 1982: Usefulness of hysteroscopy in endometrial adeno carcinoma staging

Edsmyr, F.; Wahren, B.; Silfversward, C., 1976: Usefulness of immunology and hormonal markers in the treatment of testis tumors

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883569

Nagano M., 1983: Usefulness of intra esophageal cardiogram for monitoring of cardiac function

Miyauchi Y., 1983: Usefulness of intra operative esophageal manometry and operative results after modified hills operation for patients with sliding hiatal hernia

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883572

Calicchio G., 1980: Usefulness of intra ventricular and intra thecal antibiotic therapy in a case of pseudomonas aeruginosa induced long term meningitis

Mogami H., 1985: Usefulness of intraoperative cortical blood flow measurement by heat clearance method for monitoring cerebral ischemia during therapeutic carotid ligation

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883575

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883576

Carlomagno G., 1987: Usefulness of iron administration in pregnancy

Martins J.B., 1987: Usefulness of isoproterenol facilitation of ventricular tachycardia induction during extrastimulus testing in predicting effective chronic therapy with beta adrenergic blockade

Kienzle M.G., 1988: Usefulness of isoproterenol in facilitating atrioventricular nodal reentry tachycardia during electrophysiologic testing

Pasternak R.C., 1988: Usefulness of lactate dehydrogenase and lactate dehydrogenase isoenzymes for diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction

Arastey, J.; Gonzalez, M.; Remohi, J.; Alfaro, L., 1986: Usefulness of lactate dehydrogenase t in the evaluation of the state of the newborn

Moore, I., 1978: Usefulness of larval osmeteria in determining natural classification in aleocharinae coleoptera staphylinidae

Schwartz W., 1979: Usefulness of lateral neck roentgenograms in laryngo tracheo bronchitis

Kamiya T., 1985: Usefulness of left ventricular volume in assessing tetralogy of fallot for total correction

Iskandrian A.S., 1983: Usefulness of left ventricular wall thickness to diameter ratio in thallium 201 scintigraphy

Carpen M., 1980: Usefulness of leukotropin as an adjuvant in anti tumor radio therapy

Deminatti M.M., 1988: Usefulness of linked dna probes for prenatal diagnosis of cystic fibrosis report of a case in a 1 4 risk pregnancy

Bosworth M.E., 1984: Usefulness of liposomes carrying iosefamate for computed tomographic opacification of liver and spleen

Wright D.L., 1986: Usefulness of low dose guanfacin once a day for 24 hour control of essential hypertension

Multicent Post Infarction Res Group (Usa), 1987: Usefulness of low level exercise testing early after acute myocardial infarction in patients taking beta blocking agents

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883591

Bailey E., 1984: Usefulness of lymphocyte typing to exclude incorrectly assigned paternity in horses

Greenberg N.F., 1979: Usefulness of macroscopic urinalysis as a screening procedure a preliminary report

Manganaro A., 1986: Usefulness of magnification in the primary reparation of esophageal atresia with distal fistula

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883595

Gunella, G., 1985: Usefulness of mass spectrometers in the study of lung function part i. operating principles and bases for practical use

Fasano, L.; Del-Bufalo, C.; Strurani, C.; Gunella, G., 1986: Usefulness of mass spectrometers in the study of lung function part ii. determination of minute ventilation and metabolic gas exchange by a computer assisted mass spectrometer

Kawashima Y., 1987: Usefulness of measurement of serum ca125 levels in diagnosing and treating endometriosis

Jaeger P., 1987: Usefulness of measuring urinary electrolytes

Izawa H., 1985: Usefulness of monoclonal antibodies for detection of enzootic bovine leukemia cells

Pippard E.C., 1988: Usefulness of mortality data in determining the geography and time trends of dementia

Saigusa M., 1981: Usefulness of multi axially expanded poly tetra fluoro ethylene in cardiac surgery patches applicable to atrial septum

Hertzeanu I., 1982: Usefulness of myo globin radio immunoassay determination in cardiac care unit

Portanova, J. P.; Shrift, A., 1977: Usefulness of n ethyl maleimide in the identification of selenium 75 labeled seleno cysteine

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883606

Mckay R.G., 1988: Usefulness of noninvasive assessment of aortic stenosis before and after percutaneous aortic valvuloplasty

Ward D.E., 1986: Usefulness of noninvasive doppler measurement of ascending aortic blood velocity and acceleration in detecting impairment of the left ventricular functional response to exercise three weeks after acute myocardial infarction

Smith E.R., 1986: Usefulness of noninvasive studies for diagnosis of right ventricular dysplasia

Biesiadka E., 1979: Usefulness of numerical taxonomy in zoological systematics

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883611

Fukiyama K., 1980: Usefulness of orally active angiotensin i converting enzyme inhibitor sq 14225 in the treatment of malignant hypertension

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883613

Rozylo T.K., 1981: Usefulness of pan tomography in the diagnosis of facial skeletal diseases

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883615

Nayar, K., 1976: Usefulness of particulate matter for the growth of the peritrich ciliate telotrochidium

Baim D.S., 1987: Usefulness of percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty for unstable angina pectoris after non q wave acute myocardial infarction

Loidolt D., 1988: Usefulness of phadiatop as screening parameter for inhalation allergy

Tsukamura M., 1980: Usefulness of picric acid sauton agar medium for differentiating slowly growing mycobacteria from rapidly growing mycobacteria

Fino J., 1980: Usefulness of piezo electric earphones in recording in the brain stem auditory evoked potentials a new early deflection

Verdouw P.D., 1986: Usefulness of pimobendan in the treatment of heart failure

Witz J.P., 1986: Usefulness of planned surveillance of patients operated for bronchial cancer

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883623

Lee W.H., 1985: Usefulness of plasma renin activity in predicting hemodynamic and clinical responses and survival during long term converting enzyme inhibition in severe chronic heart failure experience in 100 consecutive patients

Boda K., 1982: Usefulness of poly ethylene for measuring the rate of feed passage through the digestive tract of ruminants

Suzuki, N.; Azuma, T.; Watanabe, K.; Nomoto, T.; Izawa, Y.; Tomioka, H., 1987: Usefulness of polyethylene glycol in synthetic reactions part 10. deamination of arylamines via dediazoniation by tin hydrochloric acid in polyethylene glycol methylene dichloride

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883627

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883628

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883629

Rubin P., 1984: Usefulness of post operative hip irradiation in the prevention of heterotopic bone formation in a high risk group of patients

Di Paola M., 1983: Usefulness of pre operative carcino embryonic antigen levels in the assessment of colo rectal cancer patient stage

Quattrini S., 1981: Usefulness of pre operative trans catheter embolization in kidney tumors

Stern S., 1986: Usefulness of predischarge echocardiographic criteria in predicting complications following acute myocardial infarction

Snow, R. B.; Patterson, R. H. Jr ; Horwith, M.; Saint-Louis, L.; Fraser, R. A. R., 1988: Usefulness of preoperative inferior petrosal vein sampling in cushing's disease

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883635

Jsephson M.E., 1986: Usefulness of programmed stimulation in idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883637

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883638

Krikler D.M., 1986: Usefulness of py 108 068 a new calcium channel blocker for angina pectoris

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883640

Mchenry P.L., 1987: Usefulness of q wave response to exercise as a predictor of coronary artery disease

Shaura K., 1986: Usefulness of quantitative computed tomography for measurement of vertebral bone mineral density in osteoporosis

Yutani C., 1986: Usefulness of quantitative radionuclide cardiography in the diagnosis of arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia

Bolodeoku J.O., 1981: Usefulness of radio isotopic dilution assay in a population with high serum vitamin b 12 concentration

Thibault P., 1985: Usefulness of radioimmunoassay of prostatic acid phosphatases?

Druck M.N., 1986: Usefulness of radionuclide angiocardiography in predicting stenotic mitral orifice area

Sitarz R., 1987: Usefulness of radionuclide ventriculography echocardiography and polycardiography in evaluation of left ventricular contractility in patients with fixed left bundle branch block

Sporn V., 1987: Usefulness of radionuclide ventriculography in assessment of coronary artery spasm

De Torres Mateu J.A., 1987: Usefulness of radiotherapy as an alternate treatment for non operable neoplasias of the bladder

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883650

Goodman, M. J.; Kirsner, J. B.; Riddell, R. H., 1977: Usefulness of rectal biopsy in inflammatory bowel disease

Gotfredsen A., 1987: Usefulness of regional bone measurements in patients with osteoporotic fractures

Christiansen C., 1987: Usefulness of regional bone measurements in patients with osteoporotic fractures of the spine and distal forearm

Koga N., 1984: Usefulness of renal ultrasonography for assessment of severity and course of acute tubular necrosis

Wackers F.J., 1987: Usefulness of residual ischemic myocardium within prior infarct zone for identifying patients at high risk late after acute myocardial infarction

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883656

Serembe M., 1985: Usefulness of respiratory physical therapy in patients undergoing thoracic surgery a controlled retrospective study

Stanczyk J., 1981: Usefulness of results of dunnill and whiteheads quantitative method compared with morphological evaluation of the lungs of fetuses and new borns in medico legal aspects

Brooks H.L., 1986: Usefulness of right ventricular diastolic collapse in diagnosing cardiac tamponade and comparison to pulsus paradoxus

Rucker L., 1987: Usefulness of routine admission complete blood cell counts on a general medical service

De Leon S.P., 1980: Usefulness of routine laboratory procedures

Mooradian A.D., 1987: Usefulness of routine preoperative chest roentgenograms in elderly patients

Rusakova G.I., 1986: Usefulness of russian surnames as a quasi genetic marker

Xiao Z D., 1988: Usefulness of s 100 protein in the histological diagnosis of soft tissue tumors

Et Al, 1985: Usefulness of same day combined use of roentgenography and endoscopy of the large intestine an experimental study

Wolanska M., 1984: Usefulness of samples stained with acridine orange for diagnosis of womens trichomonadosis

Talavera A., 1983: Usefulness of sampling by rectal swabs for the detection of entero pathogenic escherichia coli in calves

Hamamoto K., 1987: Usefulness of scc antigen for diagnosis and monitoring recurrence and effectiveness of therapies of squamous cell carcinoma of the lung

Katz A.H., 1983: Usefulness of schaefers estimation method for populations of migratory fish

Wang W., 1982: Usefulness of sediment oxygen demand as a tool for impoundment management

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883671

Hombo Z I., 1988: Usefulness of selective cerebral intra arterial digital subtraction angiography by transbrachial approach

Kelemen M.D., 1986: Usefulness of self efficacy in predicting overexertion during programmed exercise in coronary artery disease

Marier, R.; Andriole, V. T., 1978: Usefulness of serial antibody determinations in diagnosis of candidiasis as measured by discontinuous counter immuno electrophoresis using hs antigen

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883675

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883676

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883677

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883678

Bajaj R.T., 1988: Usefulness of serum levels of phenobarbitone in control of epilepsy

Song, H.; Tietz, N. W.; Tan, C., 1970: Usefulness of serum lipase esterase and amylase estimation in the diagnosis of pancreatitis a comparison

Mir M.A., 1980: Usefulness of serum lysozyme measurement in diagnosis of intra thoracic lymph adenopathy

Haugen, H. F.; Ritland, S.; Blomhoff, J. P.; Solberg, H. E.; Skrede, S., 1981: Usefulness of serum nucleotide pyro phosphatase ec and phospho di esterase i ec activities in classifying liver disease

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883684

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883685

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883686

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883687

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883688

Faccioli, F.; Bricolo, A., 1978: Usefulness of somato sensory evoked responses in evaluating spinal cord damage

Basu S.B., 1983: Usefulness of some components of the lactation curve for selection in murrah buffaloes

Schultz E.E., 1987: Usefulness of spect in evaluating osteosarcoma metastases to the lung

Kayani N., 1987: Usefulness of spect in the early detection of avascular necrosis of the knees

Henningsen P., 1987: Usefulness of st deviation induced by prolonged hyperventilation as a predictor of cardiac death in angina pectoris

Askenazi, J.; Maroko, P. R.; Lesch, M.; Braunwald, E., 1977: Usefulness of st segment elevations as predictors of electro cardiographic signs of necrosis in patients with acute myo cardial infarction

Miquel J., 1980: Usefulness of stochastic analysis of body weight as a tool in experimental aging research

Folli G., 1984: Usefulness of stress testing for the evaluation of hypertensive heart disease in young hypertensive subjects

Haller N., 1988: Usefulness of structural rorschach data in identifying inpatients with depressive symptoms a preliminary study

Rosell R., 1986: Usefulness of subjective evaluation in the measurement of chemotherapy secondary effects

Ushijima K., 1986: Usefulness of surface basophilic cells as a parameter of nasal allergy

Kaufmann L., 1984: Usefulness of synovial fluid analysis in the evaluation of joint effusions use of threshold analysis and likelihood ratios to assess a diagnostic test

Miyazaki M., 1981: Usefulness of tandem hysterography tandem hysterography a method to prevent local recurrence after radical radio therapy of uterine cervix cancer

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883702

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883703

Et Al, 1984: Usefulness of thallium 201 chloride and iodine 131 labeled sodium iodide scintigraphy in detection of metastasis from thyroid carcinoma

Crespo A., 1986: Usefulness of thallium 201 exercise scintigraphy in patients with complete left bundle branch block

Wellens H.J.J., 1988: Usefulness of the accelerated idioventricular rhythm as a marker for myocardial necrosis and reperfusion during thrombolytic therapy in acute myocardial infarction

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883707

Caralps A., 1988: Usefulness of the angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors for the therapy of diabetic nephropathy

Mencel P., 1987: Usefulness of the assessment of erythroid progenitors growth for differential diagnosis of primary and secondary polycythemias

Bossuyt R.G., 1982: Usefulness of the benzalkon crystal violet atp method for predicting the keeping quality of pasteurized milk

Jomin M., 1987: Usefulness of the bilateral anterolateral approach in operations on the cervical spine

Mizukami T., 1987: Usefulness of the bladder assist device blad

Sopinska A., 1986: Usefulness of the blast transformation test for determining cell immunity in carps

Ross J.Jr, 1984: Usefulness of the chest x ray for predicting abnormal left ventricular function after acute myocardial infarction

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883715

Nizzoli R., 1985: Usefulness of the cytological examination by needle aspiration in the diagnosis of orbital lymphomas case report

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883717

Escobar Jimenez F., 1986: Usefulness of the effective thyroxine ratio and tsh for the evaluation of the thyroid function in critical patients

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883720

Rozin R., 1979: Usefulness of the f wave conduction time in the localization of median nerve lesions in the post mastectomy patient

Slater P.E., 1987: Usefulness of the gastric aspirate examination in the diagnosis of neonatal infection

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883724

Vanhaeke D., 1986: Usefulness of the hickman catheter in pediatric nephrology

Geuze H.J., 1987: Usefulness of the immunogold technique in quantitation of a soluble protein in ultra thin sections

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883727

Matsumoto S., 1983: Usefulness of the measurement of plasma beta thrombo globulin in cerebro vascular disease

Anulewicz-Latallo, I. M.; Kossakowski, A. A., 1983: Usefulness of the mouse strains bn aw cbat 6t 6 w c 3h w and b 10.a 2r w in immunogenicity testing of bovine collagen by the macrophages migration inhibition test

Yamasaki I., 1981: Usefulness of the pancreatic function diagnostic test with 50 grams oral glucose tolerance test

Bentall H.H., 1986: Usefulness of the phenomenon of histofluorescence in the identification of early myocardial necrosis

Roszkowski W., 1982: Usefulness of the poly l lysine agglutination test in the diagnosis of lung cancer

Crawford M.H., 1984: Usefulness of the postexercise response of systolic blood pressure in the diagnosis of coronary artery disease

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883734

Brylinska J., 1985: Usefulness of the reproductive and morphometric characteristics for variance control of outbred stocks

Tsuda T., 1980: Usefulness of the right ventricular echogram recording technique and its clinical application

Freagon S., 1979: Usefulness of the slosson intelligence test with severely and profoundly retarded children

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883740

Takaku, F.; Yamanaka, T.; Hashimoto, Y., 1977: Usefulness of the structuredness of cytoplasmic matrix test in the diagnosis of gastric cancer

Pelayo T., 1986: Usefulness of the temporary pacemaker programming to the vvt mode in the treatment of recurrent ventricular tachycardia

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883743

Thiede W.H., 1980: Usefulness of the trans cutaneous oxygen partial pressure monitor during exercise testing in adults

Michel H., 1985: Usefulness of the transjugular technique for the diagnosis of cirrhosis of the liver 333 cases

Pupi A., 1986: Usefulness of the trh test in the management of patients with differentiated thyroid cancer

Poirier J.Y., 1988: Usefulness of the urinary albumin creatinine ratio in screening for microalbuminuria

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883748

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883749

Gorski S., 1980: Usefulness of thermographic investigations for the diagnosis of parotid tumors

Rodicio J.L., 1985: Usefulness of thiapamil a new calcium antagonist in the treatment of essential hypertension

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883752

Ferrigno D., 1988: Usefulness of tissue polypeptide antigen in staging monitoring and prognosis of lung cancer

Et Al, 1985: Usefulness of tomographic phase image in ventricular conduction abnormalities

Hyland R.H., 1983: Usefulness of trans bronchial biopsy in immuno suppressed patients with pulmonary infiltrates

Et Al, 1982: Usefulness of trans bronchial lung biopsy for diagnosis of miliary tuberculosis

Gallet M., 1988: Usefulness of transcutaneous oxygen and carbon dioxide monitoring during fiberoptic bronchoscopy in critically ill patients

Levin D.C., 1985: Usefulness of transstenotic coronary pressure gradient measurements during diagnostic catheterization

Roelandt J., 1986: Usefulness of transtelephonic documentation of the electrocardiogram during sporadic symptoms suggestive of cardiac arrhythmias

Satoh A., 1987: Usefulness of treadmill stress test before and after thoracotomy to predict the occurrence of cardiopulmonary complications and evaluate exercise tolerance

Okafor L.A., 1984: Usefulness of trephine bone marrow biopsies in the diagnosis of diseases in nigerians

Leon S.A., 1985: Usefulness of tumor markers in serum and bronchoalveolar lavage of patients undergoing fiberoptic bronchoscopy

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883763

Crawford M.H., 1987: Usefulness of two dimensional echocardiography during low level exercise testing early after uncomplicated acute myocardial infarction

Roos J.P., 1986: Usefulness of two dimensional exercise echocardiography shortly after myocardial infarction

Et Al, 1988: Usefulness of ultrasonic echography for metastatic cervical lymph nodes relation between lymph nodes and the carotid artery

Takada H., 1987: Usefulness of ultrasonography in the diagnosis of acute gastric mucosal lesions agml

Sakabe T., 1987: Usefulness of ultrasound in cases of acute abdomen and blunt abdominal trauma at the critical care center surugadai nihon university hospital japan

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883769

Campos Castellanos J.A., 1986: Usefulness of urography and other diagnostic procedures in recurring urinary infections in females

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883771

Naroznik K., 1979: Usefulness of vascular examinations in diagnosis and treatment of the face skull neoplasms

Taschenberg E.F., 1985: Usefulness of vineyard fungicides as antioxidants for grapevines vitis labruscana

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883774

Hori, K., 1977: Uselessness of cas amino acids for the rearing of lygus disponsi hemiptera miridae

Zumiani G., 1981: Uselessness of thermography for diagnosis and follow up of cutaneous malignant melanoma

Vossepoel A.M., 1981: User acceptance of a computer assisted anti coagulation control system

Wolffgramm, J.; Thimm, F., 1976: User controlled analysis of behavioral time series by digital computer

Davis R., 1983: User error or computer error observations on a statistics package

Van De Kraats J., 1984: User friendly system for electrodiagnosis

Rushinek A., 1985: User involvement in the development and use of computer based systems for the health and rehabilitation sciences reducing protocol test errors

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883782

Mitchell J., 1981: User requirements and hygienic equipment

Mitchell J., 1981: User requirements and the development of products which are suitable for the broad spectrum of user capacities

Ulso N., 1983: User requirements on computed tomography based computed dose planning systems in radiation therapy presentation of checklists

Menu J P., 1987: User survey of the value and use of a voice control in combat aircraft

Danilowicz C., 1984: Users and experts in the document retrieval system model

Williams H.J., 1985: Uses and abuses of analysis of covariance in clinical trials

Kirk, S. A.; Kirk, W. D., 1978: Uses and abuses of the illinois test of psycho linguistic abilities

Tamarit L.V., 1984: Uses and applications of reactive dyes in histopathologic technique a new panchromic hematoxylin ianisol red stain for histologic sections and cytologic smears

Uzman B.G., 1984: Uses and contributions of diagnostic electron microscopy in surgical pathology a study of 20 veterans administration hospitals

Braveny I., 1981: Uses and limitations of disc diffusion in antibiotic sensitivity testing of bacteria

Demaria A.N., 1987: Uses and limitations of exercise doppler echocardiography in the diagnosis of ischemic heart disease

Chaudry, K. R.; Dreifus, L. S.; Ogawa, S., 1978: Uses and limitations of his bundle electro cardiography

Ballinger S.E., 1987: Uses and limitations of hypnosis in treating a conversion overlay following somatic trauma

Smith J., 1983: Uses and selection of equipment for engineering control monitoring

Al Mishwt A.T., 1985: Uses of a nuclear technique and solid state nuclear track detectors in the studies of lead pollution in kuwait

Kirkby, S. M.; Whitton, B. A., 1976: Uses of coded data in study of calothrix and rivularia

Pedoe, H. T., 1978: Uses of coronary heart attack registers

Morgenstern H., 1982: Uses of ecologic analysis in epidemiologic research

Doucet T.W., 1982: Uses of fascia in ophthalmology and the benefits of autogenous sources

Raftery M., 1979: Uses of fluorescent cholinergic analogs to study binding sites for cholinergic ligands in torpedo californica acetyl choline receptor

Sena S.O., 1987: Uses of formal and informal knowledge in the comprehension of instructions for oral rehydration therapy in kenya

Sinha, R. N., 1977: Uses of multi variate methods in the study of stored grain ecosystems

Koval-Yu, F.; Suan-Fak, N., 1975: Uses of radioactive iron for estimation of the efficacy of radioprotectors effect of cystamine aminoethyl iso thiuronium and mexamine on erythropoiesis in mice x irradiated with lethal doses

Peters J.H., 1985: Uses of recharge wells in water supply

Vistnes, L. M.; Paris, G. L., 1977: Uses of room temperature vulcanizing silicone in orbital reconstruction

Krenn M.J., 1986: Uses of the bayley mental scale with nonambulatory profoundly mentally retarded children

Mannis, M. J.; Sweet, E.; Landers, M. B. Iii ; Lewis, R. A., 1988: Uses of thrombin in ocular surgery effect on the corneal endothelium

Stavisky N., 1983: Uses of thymelaea hirsuta mitnan with emphasis on hand papermaking

Jenkin W., 1987: Uses of urea in podiatric medicine

Barrios J.R., 1984: Uses of various root and tuber crops apart from human nutrition

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883813

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883814

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883815

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883816

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883817

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883818

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883819

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883820

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883821

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883822

Ueno S I., 1980: Ushijimaella pilosistriata new genus new species trechine beetle of the epaphiopsis complex from korea

Marino I.R., 1981: Using 2 sessions for preparing vascular access for hemo dialysis in children technical note

Kormer, Z. S.; Kozlov, I. A.; Milgrom, Y. M.; Novikova, I. Yu, 1982: Using 2' 3' o tri nitrophenyl derivatives of adenine nucleotides to study the structure and mechanism of functioning of soluble mitochondrial atpase ec

Cowan P.A., 1982: Using 3 phase aquatic microcosms to assess fates and impacts of chemicals in microbial communities

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883827

Tasman W., 1981: Using a bandage contact lens to prevent recurrent corneal erosion during photo coagulation in patients with diabetes

Smith K., 1981: Using a battery of tests to predict suicide in a long term hospital a quantitative analysis

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883830

Kronauer R.E., 1980: Using a comb filter to describe time varying biological rhythmicities

Kotova T.S., 1979: Using a combined transcription translation system for determining the role of cryptic plasmids of bacillus thuringiensis

Pustovskikh A.I., 1981: Using a complex of automatic analysis of micro images in studying the age related dynamics of hemo globin distribution in erythrocyte populations in children 1

Chebotarev I.I., 1988: Using a complex of vitamin a and trace elements for the prophylaxis of hypovitaminosis a in sheep

Kalninya I.E., 1985: Using a fluorescent probe for investigating beta adrenoreceptive function of human blood erythrocytes

Zhou L., 1985: Using a fuzzy clustering method to analyze the relationship between oscillations in the population of squirrel sciurus vulgaris and the production of pine pinus koraiensis seed and a prediction of the squirrel numbers

Taylor J.M.G., 1987: Using a generalized mean as a measure of location

Shmanenkov N.A., 1987: Using a high protein concentrate made of soybean cake and alfalfa to feed young pigs

Adamovich V.L., 1980: Using a landscape map in spatial differentiation of intra populational groups of muridae

Nikitenko A.G., 1979: Using a mathematical method to evaluate the effect of detergent and disinfectant mixtures on escherichia coli and staphylococcus

Sidorenko S.V., 1986: Using a mathematical theory of experimentation to evaluate the protective properties of antimicrobial preparations

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883843

Dusenbery D.B., 1985: Using a microcomputer and video camera to simultaneously track 25 animals

O'connor, R. W.; Urban, G. L., 1972: Using a model as a practical management tool for family planning programs

Hall, J. D.; Willis, D. W.; Evatt, B. L.; Jackson, D. W., 1987: Using a monoclonal antibody to identify patients with type i and type ii von willebrand's disease

Findlay J., 1987: Using a national register for the epidemiological study of congenital heart defects

Sharp, Wf Jr; Norback, Jp; Stuiber, Da, 1986: Using a new measure to define shelf life of fresh whitefish

Prokof'ev E.A., 1986: Using a phenomenological growth equation to describe and predict weight change curves

Albertini-Berhaut, J.; Poizat, C.; Guerin, O., 1976: Using a re circulating sea water system for the maintenance of young mullets teleostei mugilidae in a laboratory

Samotus, B.; Leja, M.; Scigalski, A.; Dulinski, J.; Siwanowicz, R., 1978: Using a refractometer for rapid starch determination in potato tubers

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883854

Veropotvelyan P.N., 1983: Using acupuncture for the treatment of infertility accompanied by extragenital disease

Litvinova I.I., 1988: Using acupuncture to treat asthenic conditions in neuroses

Cageorge S.M., 1987: Using administrative data for longitudinal research comparisons with primary data collection

Everitt J.H., 1985: Using aerial photography for detecting blackbrush acacia rigidula on south texas rangelands usa

Stern P., 1982: Using affective cues to infer causal thoughts

Selin N.I., 1979: Using age marks of shells for study of growth rates in the mussel crenomytilus grayanus

Osmond C., 1985: Using age period and cohort models to estimate future mortality rates

Eberhardt L.L., 1988: Using age structure data from changing populations

Everitt, J. H.; Escobar, D. E.; Alaniz, M. A.; Davis, M. R., 1987: Using airborne middle ir 1.45 2.0 mum video imagery for distinguishing plant species and soil conditions

Zolotareva, G. N.; Iskhakova, E. N.; Oblapenko, N. G., 1977: Using allium fistulosum seeds as a preliminary test in studying mutagenic environmental factors drugs

Unksov, M. E.; Shpichenetskii, B. Ya ; Onishchenko, N. A., 1987: Using an acoustic method to evaluate the protective efficiency of preservation solutions

Bowler D.M., 1987: Using an apple ii to control a two field projection tachistoscope

Madden J.M., 1983: Using an indirect method of attitude measurement to detect prejudicial attitudes of men toward women

Vasil'ev V.I., 1987: Using an indirect phagocytic test for the determination of circulating immune complexes in the blood serum of rheumatic patients

Kiang Y T., 1979: Using an isozyme marker to detect pollen derived plants from anther culture of wild rice oryza perennis var formosana

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883871

Loginov S.A., 1982: Using angio hystero salpingography in the diagnosis of gynecological diseases

Roca W., 1985: Using anther cultures to obtain homozygous lines of rice oryza sativa with tolerance for aluminum toxicity

Velena A.Kh, 1983: Using anti oxidants in the prevention of lesions during acute ischemia and re perfusion of the kidneys

Petzold A.S., 1987: Using antibodies against dictyostelium membranes to identify an actin binding membrane protein

Guenther R., 1986: Using applicators with absorber elements in application of afterloading technique for postoperative radiotherapy in carcinoma of the uterus

Owsley D.W., 1982: Using arikara osteological data to evaluate an assumption of fur trade archaeology

Gentle, M. J., 1976: Using arousal changes in the egg to indicate gustatory sensitivity following brain lesion in gallus domesticus

Dupouey J.L., 1987: Using artificial intelligence languages for the calculation of inbreeding coefficients new tools for an old problem

Lagakos, S. W., 1977: Using auxiliary variables for improved estimates of survival time

Annagel'dyev M., 1984: Using bacillus thuringiensis serotype 14 against blood sucking mosquito larvae

Mcparland B.J., 1987: Using background subtraction for measuring the dose distribution of an electron pencil beam

Pashin Yu V., 1981: Using bacterial test systems to identify and quantitatively evaluate mutagenic factors in an anthropogenically changing habitat

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883885

Robinson B.J., 1985: Using basal materials to integrate reading and writing instruction

Pater J.L., 1986: Using baseline measurements in the two period crossover clinical trial

Gusarova L.A., 1986: Using basidiomycetes for the biological oxidation of hydrolytic yeastrel

Loparev, V. N.; Chernos, V. I., 1987: Using beta galactosidase expression by recombinant nonintegrated plasmids to estimate the functional activity of vaccinia virus promoters

Windsor D.A., 1979: Using bibliometric analyses of patent literature for predicting the clinical fates of developing drugs

Litvin A.M., 1981: Using bio rhythms for purposes of predicting the course of an illness

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883892

Rehmer J., 1982: Using biogenic structures to interpret sharp lithologic boundaries an example from the lower devonian of new york usa

Korepanov A.K., 1987: Using biotelemetry for the evaluation of cardiac function in ischemic heart disease patients in a sanatorium

Kushnikova S.N., 1987: Using biotesting to study zooplankton

Babaitseva G.V., 1984: Using biotypical selection for increasing red clover frost resistance

Woodburn M., 1986: Using bird feathers to measure mercury in the environment relationships between mercury content and molt

Shvartsman Ya S., 1983: Using blast transformation in studies of immunological memory for influenza a virus

Ware, G. W.; Cahill, W. P.; Estesen, B. J.; Marchello, J. A., 1975: Using blood ddt residue to predict fat residue in beef animals

Wilson A.M., 1982: Using blue grama bouteloua gracilis sod for range re vegetation

Yasui S., 1987: Using body surface mapping to detect vulnerability to ventricular arrhythmias in patients with coronary artery disease

Frick R.W., 1984: Using both an auditory and a visual short term store to increase digit span

Mendelssohn R., 1980: Using box jenkins models to forecast fishery dynamics identification estimation and checking

Keller W.J., 1984: Using brine shrimp artemia salina to determine structure activity relationships among lupine alkaloids

Khatnyanskii V.I., 1983: Using broomrape resistant sunflower cultivars in the de contamination of soil from broomrape

Brown, D. E.; Cochran, C. L.; Waddell, T., 1978: Using call counts to predict hunting success for scaled quail

Petrov I.A., 1984: Using camposan m in the acceleration of tomato maturation

Mikheeva, M. N.; Brutko, L. I., 1987: Using carbocyanine dyes to analyze bacterial lipopolysaccharides endotoxins ii. lipopolysaccharide from salmonella typhi

Makarov V.V., 1987: Using carbon 14 labeled sodium acetate as a radioactively labeled precursor in the protein biosynthesis of swine bone marrow cells

Smith J.C., 1986: Using categorical variables in discriminant analysis

Baranova O.K., 1987: Using cattle blood serum as feed for newborn calves

Manukhin, B. N.; Kichikulova, T. P.; Berdyeva, A. T., 1987: Using central asiatic cobra venom to modulate adrenergic process

Rupasova T.I., 1985: Using central electroanalgesia in the complex treatment of ulcers

Donduashvili M.G., 1983: Using charolais and limousin bulls in commercial crossing

Griese M.H., 1986: Using chlorine dioxide for trihalomethane control

Klimok A.I., 1983: Using chlorophyll characteristics in the determination of fruit and seed maturity degree

Eagles H.A., 1983: Using chlorophyll fluorescence in vivo to measure the chilling tolerances of different populations of maize zea mays

Yarovaya G.A., 1982: Using chromatography in determination of kallikrein and pre kallikrein in the dog blood serum

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883919

Starosvetskaya N.A., 1987: Using chromosome analysis to identify hybridomas and to study their stability

Musket, C. H.; Roeser, R. J., 1977: Using circum aural enclosures with children

Booth D.A., 1986: Using classical psychophysics to determine ideal flavor intensity

Hsieh Y.P., 1984: Using clay mineralogy to infer sources of suspended clay and silt in a watershed quantitative approach

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883924

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883925

Curry C., 1979: Using cognitive capacity in reading text

Lysenko V.V., 1982: Using collector drainage waters in the combined rice irrigation method

Nessium Bistritsky B., 1982: Using color ir aerial photography to study cotton fields infested with meloidogyne incognita

Prudhomme De Saint Maur P., 1988: Using colposcopy during cone biopsy operations on the cervix its value for determining whether the cone has been adequate or not

Xiong H., 1984: Using combined phage typing and sero grouping of pseudomonas aeruginosa in survey of nosocomial infection

Manning, W. H.; Scheer, B. R., 1978: Using competing speech to estimate articulatory automatization in children the possible effect of masking level and subject grade

Bell J.F., 1983: Using competitive stress index to estimate diameter growth for thinned douglas fir pseudotsuga menziesii stands

Enzman D.R., 1981: Using computed tomography of the brain to correlate low white matter attenuation with early gestational age in neo nates

Melkumova G.G., 1982: Using computer audiometry in evaluating the efficiency of hearing aids in children

Dvorova E.V., 1983: Using computer ec 1010 to calculate dosimetric parameters of irradiation procedures during gamma tele therapy

Thibier M., 1986: Using computers in the control of sires

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883937

Rozenblit A.V., 1987: Using computers to achieve a logical and structural approach to the study of the correlation between the structure and biological activity of prostaglandins

Lohr K.N., 1985: Using computers to identify complications after surgery

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883940

Tambovskii S.V., 1987: Using conductometry to determine the parameters of the porous structure of acetyl cellulose membranes

Klimenko T.F., 1986: Using coniothyrium minitans as a hyperparasite for watery soft rot control in the sunflower

Gordon M.J., 1984: Using conventional infant ventilators at unconventional rates

Wang, V. L., 1974: Using cooperative extension programs for health education

Garaev V.Kh, 1987: Using copper as a pathogenetic therapeutic agent in sheep with fascioliasis

Dul'gerov A.N., 1979: Using correlation analysis to evaluate the biological activity of irrigated soils

Martynenko G.E., 1984: Using correlations in the development of plant shoots in buckwheat breeding

Finchenko P.E., 1986: Using corundum ceramics in surgery on the maxillary and frontal sinuses a clinical and experimental study

Strenge D.L., 1987: Using cost risk procedures to establish recovery criteria following a nuclear reactor accident

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883950

Young C.E., 1985: Using creams chemicals runoff and erosions from agricultural management systems and economic modeling to evaluate conservation practices an application

Kollert M., 1988: Using crossbred boars from specific breeds to sire final hybrids as practiced in czechoslovakia and in east germany

Lindner K., 1982: Using cyclo dextrin aroma complexes in foods

Zakoshchikov K.F., 1986: Using cystamine to decrease radiation injury to wistar rat embryogenesis

Mamedov T.O., 1985: Using cytogenetic data in a study of mountain sheep phylogeny and domestic sheep origin

Novy J., 1987: Using dam 390 as a carrier for aerial application of fungicides and insecticides

Maguire L.A., 1986: Using decision analysis to manage endangered species populations

Jones R.A., 1984: Using degree days to determine optimum spray timing for the oriental fruit moth grapholitha molesta lepidoptera tortricidae

Cunningham, F. E., 1976: Using dehydrated poultry waste in poultry rations a review

Fatova E.Yu, 1987: Using derivatography to identify phenothiazine drug derivatives

Nakayama T., 1981: Using dermestes maculatus hide beetle for protein quality evaluation

Sekerka, V., 1976: Using different culture media in growth models

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883964

Markert R.J., 1984: Using discriminant analysis to identify the noncognitive characteristics of high achieving medical students

Prillaman K., 1980: Using discriminant function analysis with clinical demographic and historical variables to diagnose schizophrenia

Lazarakis D.M., 1984: Using drone brood in the control of the varroa disease of bees in greece

Demidov, V. N.; Kazeev, K. N.; Avdeeva, T. F., 1987: Using echography to diagnose extraadrenal chromaffinomas

Detsky A.S., 1985: Using economic analysis to determine the resource consequences of choices made in planning clinical trials

Schroder G.D., 1981: Using edge effect to estimate animal densities

Prior K., 1986: Using eggshells to determine the year of a common loon gavia immer nesting attempt

Morev, S. N.; Yanotovskii, M. Ts ; Klyachko-Yu, A., 1987: Using elastic columns for high performance liquid chromatography iii. use of elastic columns in analytical practice

Minto J., 1980: Using electro convulsive therapy to study hemispheric specialization for sequential processes

Novacky, A.; Karr, A. L.; Van-Sambeek, J. W., 1976: Using electro physiology to study plant disease development

Enke H., 1987: Using elementary or non elementary models in contingency table analysis application to medical problems

Zitomer C., 1987: Using elevated storage and off peak pumping to control energy costs

Rogers M.E., 1985: Using end stage renal disease facility surveys to monitor end stage renal disease program trends

Gianinazzi Pearson V., 1979: Using endo mycorrhizae for the establishment and growth of axenically propagated raspberry rubus idaeus plants after transplanting

Hollander, M.; Horner, V., 1975: Using environmental assessment and operant procedures to build integrated behaviors in schizophrenics

Baughman G.L., 1981: Using enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay to detect escherichia coli k 88 pili antigens from clinical isolates

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883981

Kozlov M.A., 1988: Using epr and x ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy to determine the length of the copper nitrogen bond in the copper albumin complexes

Nicholas J.A., 1986: Using exercise respiratory measurements to compare methods of exercise prescription

Zhuravleva O.D., 1985: Using exogenous lysozyme to increase the effectiveness of antibiotic therapy in children with dysentery

Shub, T. A.; Kagramanova, K. A.; Prokhorov, B. S.; Raskin, B. M., 1987: Using experimental media from inedible raw materials to control microbial contamination in drugs ii. identification of the family enterobacteriaceae

Whitney H.S., 1980: Using explosives to destroy mountain pine beetle dendroctonus ponderosae broods in lodgepole pine trees pinus contorta latifolia

Abel'dyaev N.F., 1985: Using extrapolation methods in prognosing farm crop yield

Wilcox, A. J.; Sandler, D. P.; Everson, R. B., 1988: Using father's age to explore the role of germ cell mutation as a cause of human cancer

Khudolei V.V., 1982: Using fluctuation bacterial tests in the evaluation of mutagenic properties of carcinogenic nitrosamines and nitramines

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883991

Fisher R.F., 1984: Using foliar analysis to classify nitrogen deficient sites

Levin, I.; Leshem, Y., 1978: Using forage crops to reduce nitrate accumulation in hula peat soils

Graham C.L., 1983: Using foraging honey bees to sample an area for trace metals

Section 7, Chapter 6884, Accession 006883995

Tsukerberg L.I., 1982: Using formalinized cartilage in hearing improving operations in patients with chronic otitis media

Austin C.B., 1983: Using frequency distributions of catch per unit effort to measure fish stock abundance

Perram D., 1988: Using gac to remove vocs from air stripper off gas

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