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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6885

Chapter 6885 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Grodzinskii D.M., 1986: Using gamma irradiated pollen for gene transfer in the petunia

Kaeding H., 1986: Using gas chromatography to measure the denitrification activity of drained low bog soils of east germany

Coates, T. J.; Thoresen, C. E., 1978: Using generalizability theory in behavioral observation

Varnavskii V.S., 1983: Using genetic and biochemical markers to evaluate the successful spawning participation of male sockeyes oncorhynchus nerka salmonidae of varying hierarchical rank

Matsyuk V.M., 1979: Using genus specific leptospira antigens to prepare leptospirosis sero diagnostic reagents

Sozinov A.A., 1987: Using glutelin electrophoresis to differentiate barley cultivars

Shih S.F., 1986: Using ground penetrating radar to study changes in soil map unit composition in selected histosols

Doolittle J.A., 1987: Using ground penetrating radar to study soil microvariability

Peterson, A. J.; Clark, A. W., 1986: Using group decision to reduce adolescent girls' smoking

Jeger M.J., 1982: Using growth curve relative rates to model disease progress of apple powdery mildew

Chizhova S.I., 1982: Using growth retardants in increasing resistance to lodging in spring barley

Sheremet A.M., 1983: Using ha ploids in the intensification of the process of obtaining initial material in barley breeding

Dawson M.R.W., 1988: Using hardware interrupts for timing visual displays and reaction time key interfacing on the commodore 64

Pile R.S., 1982: Using heat from power plant condenser cooling water for greenhouse tomato lycopersicon esculentum production

Sastry, J. G.; Srikantia, S. G., 1976: Using heights and weights how close are our estimates of under nutrition in a community

St Hilaire D., 1979: Using helicopters and airplanes for counting moose alces alces in the southwestern part of quebec canada

Nikolaichik V.V., 1982: Using hemo sorption in the complex treatment of patients with heavy forms of burn disease

Dmitriev A.I., 1985: Using hemosorption in ischemic heart disease patients

Section 7, Chapter 6885, Accession 006884020

Polyanskii N.V., 1986: Using herbicides to liquidate the old sowings of heracleum sosnovskyi

Akopyan A.S., 1983: Using hereditarily defective male apple moth in decreasing apple moth population

Trubnikov V.I., 1988: Using high performance liquid chromatography for the analysis of crystalline insulin

Sibilev A.V., 1987: Using high pressure microcolumn liquid chromatography for the identification and qualitative evaluation of drugs from the cortisone group

Spesivtseva, V. G.; Pokryshkin, V. I.; Belokrinitskii, D. V.; Koroleva, T. V.; Mamaeva, G. G.; Golubyatnikova, G. A.; Berestov, L. A.; Anisimova, V. N., 1987: Using highly purified insulins to treat patients with diabetes mellitus

Ryul K.E., 1986: Using homocarnosine in rats subjected to cooling and hypothermia and in hibernating susliks

Section 7, Chapter 6885, Accession 006884028

Ul'chenko V.M., 1982: Using human embryonic antigen complex in studying immune response in cancer patients

Sosnikhina S.P., 1987: Using hybridization with self fertile forms in the breeding of rye

Moshchenko Yu B., 1983: Using hydrological resources of steppe farming in west siberia russian sfsr ussr to obtain stable yields of spring wheat

Aksenova T.N., 1982: Using hyperbaric oxygenation in the treatment of arrhythmias in patients with ischemic heart disease

Golan H.P., 1986: Using hypnotic phenomena for physiological change

Kosslyn, S. M., 1976: Using imagery to retrieve semantic information a developmental study

Vladimirov V.G., 1982: Using immobilized proteolytic enzymes and their inhibitors potentials and prospects

Tkacheva G.A., 1981: Using immunological tests to predict the course of gastric cancer

Sherman Yu I., 1983: Using impulsive mechanical loading to increase the effectiveness of alkali treatment of straw

Vorob'eva M.S., 1982: Using inbred mice for evaluating neuro virulence of viruses of the tick borne encephalitis complex viruses and immunogenicity of concentrated tick borne encephalitis vaccine

Nakayama T.O.M., 1981: Using indian meal moth for evaluating physiological and nutritional consequences of fatty acid isomers

Section 7, Chapter 6885, Accession 006884040

Marchyauskas S.P., 1984: Using intensively fertilized cultivated pastures

Irnazarov I., 1987: Using intermediate crops in the development of sierozems of the karshinskaya steppe uzbek ssr ussr

Cho D.W., 1979: Using internal inconsistency to identify unreliable ratings

Section 7, Chapter 6885, Accession 006884044

Section 7, Chapter 6885, Accession 006884045

Johnsen S.W., 1986: Using ion chambers with wedge shaped absorbers for electron energy measurements

Lyuta M.L., 1988: Using ir spectrophotometry for the identification and quantitative determination of some esters

Simberloff, D., 1978: Using island bio geographic distributions to determine if colonization is stochastic

Neacsu E., 1980: Using iso butyliden di urea as a nitrogen source in the feeding of dairy cows

Tsyplenkov V.P., 1983: Using iso electro focusing in a comparative description of humic soil compounds

Section 7, Chapter 6885, Accession 006884051

Hass J.R., 1986: Using isotope dilution mass spectrometry to determine aqueous trichloroacetic acid

Allendorf F.W., 1984: Using isozyme analysis to aid in selecting genetically superior ponderosa pine pinus ponderosa for coal mine spoil reclamation

Kulinichenko I.P., 1982: Using isozymes of sugar beet nad dependent malate dehydrogenase in genetic studies

Muradyan V.M., 1983: Using juniper seeds in growing seedlings

Mcmurray B.L., 1987: Using killed vaccines for broilers and breeders

Bornat, R.; Brady, J. M., 1976: Using knowledge in the computer interpretation of hand written fortran coding sheets

Thirup S., 1986: Using known substructures in protein model building and crystallography

Yongqing J., 1987: Using landsat multispectral scanner data to estimate suspended sediments in moon lake mississippi usa

Platkovskii E.F., 1982: Using lasers in surgery

Rindskopf D., 1987: Using latent class analysis to test developmental models

Section 7, Chapter 6885, Accession 006884062

Brakke T.W., 1980: Using leaf temperature to assess evapo transpiration and advection

Section 7, Chapter 6885, Accession 006884064

Section 7, Chapter 6885, Accession 006884065

Saila S.B., 1987: Using lifetime fecundity to compare management strategies a case history for striped bass

Nikiforov A.I., 1981: Using linear models in electro encephalography

Zherbin E.A. , 1982: Using liposome carried radiopaque substances for diagnosing splenic lesions in sjl j mice with generalized lymphoma

Kopecky W.J., 1980: Using liquid di electrics to obtain spatial thermal distributions

Molenaar P.C.M., 1986: Using lisrel to analyze genetic and environmental covariance structure

Gore A.P., 1987: Using logistic regression in ecology

Yagubov R.S., 1982: Using long term peridural anesthesia after operation on the abdominal aorta and arteries of the lower extremities

Hicks K., 1985: Using low level filters to encode spatial displacements of visual stimuli

Naumova I.P., 1982: Using luminescence to detect latent brown rust infection in spring wheat

Smychenko L.M., 1981: Using luminescent microscopy to study apple tree pollination

Bolysheva T.N., 1982: Using lysimeter technique in greenhouse experiments

Levy R.M., 1986: Using macromolecular dynamics simulations to interpret experiments

Mendelssohn R., 1980: Using markov decision models and related techniques for purposes other than simple optimization analyzing the consequences of policy alternatives on the management of salmon oncorhynchus nerka runs

Kulik G.I., 1986: Using mathematical methods in the differential diagnosis of hyperplastic processes and malignant neoplasms

Kvachadze L.L., 1981: Using mathematical methods of experimental planning in the optimization of a medium to increase the level of biosynthesis of acid stable alpha amylase

Myrzakov L.I., 1987: Using mathematical methods to study competition in some higher aquatic plant species

Agaev A.A., 1985: Using mathematical models for studies of wheat resistance to stem rust

Correll S.A., 1985: Using mathematical models to examine alternatives in upgrading treatment systems

Kirillova R.A., 1982: Using mathematical procedures in screening high risk groups for gastric cancer

Drouhard J P., 1987: Using maximum rate of rise of the action potential to estimate changes in the sodium membrane conductance in cardiac cells

Stoilova S., 1982: Using meals of pigs feces and poultry bedding for the fattening of lambs

Ling C.C., 1987: Using measured dose distribution data of the fletcher suit delclos colpostat in brachytherapy treatment planning

Orzessek D., 1987: Using medium scale agricultural mapping as a basis for elaborating yield targets in crop production

Strohbach B., 1982: Using medium scale mapping of agricultural land units for effective investigations of amelioration sites

Lokhov M.I., 1983: Using methods of destabilizing stable pathological state in the clinical treatment of stammering

Burago V.A., 1985: Using methods of image recognition in processing electrocardiograms in patients with various forms of epilepsy

Section 7, Chapter 6885, Accession 006884092

Gribanov V.Ya, 1985: Using methods of multivariate analysis for the classification of trees

Grishin A.D., 1987: Using methods of pattern recognition for the diagnosis of epilepsy in children on the basis of electroencephalographic data

Zaostrovnykh V.I., 1983: Using methods of phyto pathological evaluation for the selection of soybean

Avery J.P., 1983: Using micro computers in the laboratory

Sakai K., 1986: Using microbial reduction to synthesize carbacyclin

Brever A., 1985: Using microcomputers in the evaluation training and management of persons with developmental disabilities

Korolev V.A., 1986: Using milkographs to study udder lobe interaction during machine milking of cows

Bakenov K.Z., 1987: Using mineralized waters for irrigation in the southern kazakh ssr ussr

Gruzdev L.G., 1985: Using mixtures of growth regulators with various functions in the control of the size and quality of grain yield

Havens, R. A., 1977: Using modeling and information to modify hypnotizability

Petrova O.A., 1987: Using modified hemoglobin solutions with low and high oxygen affinity to replace blood in animals

Hutter J.M., 1987: Using molar attrition to age live prairie dogs

Sverdlov E.D., 1987: Using molecular hybridization to detect rna in hepatitis a virus

Zhdanov V.M., 1987: Using monoclonal antibodies for immunoenzyme determination of the surface antigen of hepatitis b virus

Section 7, Chapter 6885, Accession 006884107

Ihrig L.H., 1982: Using mother as a spatial landmark evidence against egocentric coding in infancy

Terekhin A.T., 1980: Using multi variate statistical methods for analysis of the intraspecific structure of the kamchatka river salmon salmo mykiss salmoniformes salmonidae

Tehan G., 1988: Using multilist designs to test for contextual reinstatement effects in recognition

Milham S.Jr, 1988: Using multiple causes of death coding in occupational mortality studies

Ray J.J., 1985: Using multiple class indicators to examine working class ideology

Baer D.M., 1984: Using multiple exemplars for teaching number numeral correspondence some structural aspects

Dobrotvorskaya T.V., 1984: Using multivariate statistics in selecting pairs for hybridization comparison of various estimates of genetic divergence

Uglov, V. A.; Shvetsov, A. N., 1980: Using n. i. vavilovs law of homologous series in investigating the form development of couch grass elytrigia repens

Section 7, Chapter 6885, Accession 006884116

Chailakhyan L.M., 1987: Using neurospora crassa mutants to analyze a correlation between the electrical reactions of plasma membranes and carotenogenesis

Chentsov Yu S., 1985: Using neutral red for recognition of the functional state of cultured cells under hypotonic conditions

Camire, C.; Bernier, B., 1981: Using nitrogen fertilizer in a forest of jack pine pinus banksiana 2. variations in the leaf mass and of the nutritive elements of the foliage of jack pine and of some species of underbrush

Kuleshova N.N., 1982: Using nitrong in ischemic heart disease patients

Bishop D.V.M., 1984: Using nonpreferred hand skill to investigate pathological left handedness in an unselected population

Section 7, Chapter 6885, Accession 006884123

Boehlert G.W., 1985: Using objective criteria and multiple regression models for age determination in fishes

Boiko A.L., 1988: Using of elisa on nitrocellulose membranes to evaluate different methods of the purification of bean yellow mosaic virus isolated from lupine

Manucharov N.K., 1984: Using optimal frequency sinusoidal current for stimulation of the healing of skin wounds

Il'enkova S.A., 1982: Using osteological characters to identify reciprocal hybrids between atlantic salmon salmo salar and sea trout salmo trutta salmonidae

Sierka R.A., 1985: Using ozone and ultrasound to reduce reverse osmosis membrane fouling

Section 7, Chapter 6885, Accession 006884129

Strong, L. L.; Fiebert, M. S., 1987: Using paired comparisons to assess maslow's hierarchy of needs

Section 7, Chapter 6885, Accession 006884131

Kadochnikova G.D., 1987: Using parameters characterizing lipid peroxidation activity in the study of human adaptation to new climatic geographic conditions

Section 7, Chapter 6885, Accession 006884133

Bairoch A., 1988: Using pc gene for protein and nucleic acid analysis

Jackson A., 1987: Using perceived exertion to prescribe and monitor exercise training heart rate

Bychenko B.D., 1987: Using peroxidase method of the enzyme immunoassay to detect clostridium perfringens cells

Vontver L.A., 1984: Using personality style preferences to enhance teaching in obstetrics and gynecology

Wallbrown F.H., 1986: Using personality variables to predict number of counseling sessions for clients

Genco R.J., 1985: Using phase contrast microscopy to change oral health beliefs and behaviors

Section 7, Chapter 6885, Accession 006884140

Yang C J., 1984: Using pheasant pepper seed oil for controlling the broad bean weevil bruchus rufimanus

Krivtsov N.I., 1984: Using phenotypic correlations of some characters in bee breeding

Lancioni G.E., 1983: Using pictorial representation as communication means with low functioning children

Vacha B., 1986: Using pike esox lucius for sport fishing in fishing grounds which do not have trout in the west bohemian region czechoslovakia

Belova S.L., 1982: Using planktonic infusoria for evaluating sanitary condition of reservoirs with drinking water yauza reservoir russian sfsr ussr as an example

Kaem R.I., 1981: Using pmr in a study of experimental burns

Madden J.M., 1984: Using policy capturing to measure prejudicial attitudes of women toward women

Section 7, Chapter 6885, Accession 006884148

Parker J.D., 1985: Using polymers with direct filtration

Section 7, Chapter 6885, Accession 006884150

Leitenberg, H.; Burchard, J. D.; Burchard, S. N.; Fuller, E. J.; Lysaght, T. V., 1977: Using positive reinforcement to suppress behavior some experimental comparisons with sibling conflict

Section 7, Chapter 6885, Accession 006884152

Rulka J., 1987: Using poultry erythrocytes in hemagglutination tests with parainfluenza pi3 virus

Wight J.R., 1983: Using precipitation to predict range herbage production in southwestern idaho usa/

Zakachurin A.F., 1986: Using premixes in malt residue feed given to young cattle

Mukazhanova G.N., 1982: Using preparative electrophoresis in the isolation of influenza virus hem agglutinin light chain

Grantham Mcgregor S., 1985: Using primary schoolchildren to improve child rearing practices in rural jamaica

Section 7, Chapter 6885, Accession 006884158

Hsu H C., 1986: Using procion dye as a marker for evaluating osteogenesis after electric stimulation

Kutscher C.L., 1980: Using profiles of saccharin and water drinking to detect and discriminate actions of drugs and toxicants

Neacsu E., 1980: Using propionic acid as a means of metabolic correction in dairy cows with clinical ketosis

Gabbasov Z.A., 1986: Using prostenon to treat severe and malignant arterial hypertension

Spencer N.R., 1988: Using protein electrophoresis to investigate the phylogeny of velvetleaf abutilon theophrasti

Krupnov V.A., 1983: Using protein markers in the evaluation of soft wheat for resistance to brown rust

Akin A., 1983: Using proteocins to type various strains of proteus isolated from various sources in ankara turkey

Bartoshevich Yu E., 1988: Using protoplasting to change the qualitative and quantitative composition of anthracycline complex in streptomyces peucetius var caesius

Tsikova, E.; Atanasov, A.; Zagorska, N.; Tsikov, D., 1985: Using protoplasts in vitro for the study of tobacco male sterility 1. cytological characteristics of protoplast regeneration

Gertsik L.G., 1985: Using psychotropic agents in a general somatic network

Lychev G.F., 1982: Using punch cards in determining the limits of a polytypical species in castoridae

Agafonova V.A., 1987: Using pyrolusite to treat sewage in antibiotic manufacture

Ryabchenko S.I., 1983: Using pyrolytic mass spectrometry in studies of changes in the structure of soil humic acids and fulvic acids due to the effect of fertilizers

Zakharova T.I., 1987: Using qualitative characteristics for long term seasonal prognosis of brown rust in winter wheat

Kutsykovich M.B., 1982: Using quantitative color characteristics for chernozem diagnosis

Shaw M.L., 1979: Using quasi f to prevent alpha inflation due to stimulus variation

Gunderson, D. R., 1980: Using r vs. k selection theory to predict natural mortality

Section 7, Chapter 6885, Accession 006884176

Elliott J.H., 1985: Using radiation damage to obtain a large quantity of matched sensitivity thermoluminescent dosimeters

Lazarev V.N., 1983: Using radio analytical methods in controlling the pollution of environmental objects with radio nuclides/

Rachinskii V.V., 1979: Using radioactive indicators to study the inoculation of pine seedlings with a pure culture of fungus the causative agent of root fungus

Nardid, O. A.; Dyubko, T. S., 1987: Using raman spectroscopy in cryobiology

Section 7, Chapter 6885, Accession 006884181

Pettitt A.N., 1982: Using ranks in parallel line assays

Van Den Berghe W., 1986: Using ratios

Vidojevic Z., 1985: Using recurrent selection method in corn breeding for new lines and high yielding hybrids

Carden Smith L., 1984: Using reinforcement and independent grading to promote and maintain task accuracy in a mainstreamed class

Ayers, S. K. B.; Potter, R. E.; Mcdearmon, J. R., 1975: Using reinforcement therapy and precision teaching techniques with adult aphasics

Votyakov V.I., 1987: Using remantadine to inhibit the influenza virus induced reduction of osmotic lysis rate in chicken erythrocytes

Krasnikov V.V., 1987: Using remote detection of local subaqueous discharge of ground water into the aral sea kazakh ssr ussr

Nikolaev V.V., 1984: Using repeated aerial photography for studying the dynamics of desert vegetation

Israilova G.I., 1987: Using respiration through additional dead space in training to increase human functional potentials

Tysland O.M., 1985: Using respirometry for setting the dosage during recycle activated sludge chlorination

Kramer S.J., 1987: Using reverse osmosis to remove agricultural chemicals from groundwater

Section 7, Chapter 6885, Accession 006884194

Bychkova M.A., 1985: Using rhythmilen in cardiac rhythm disturbances

Cowen P.J., 1982: Using ro 15 1788 ethyl 8 fluoro 5 6 dihydro 5 methyl 6 oxo 4h imidazo 1 5 a 1 4 benzodiazepine 3 carboxylate to investigate the benzodiazepine receptor in vivo studies on the anti convulsant and sedative effect of melatonin and the convulsant effect of the benzodiazepin ro 5 3663 1 3 di hydro 5 methyl 2h 1 4 benzodiazepin 2 one

Section 7, Chapter 6885, Accession 006884197

Sizova T.P., 1982: Using rolls of paper to detect fungal infection in cabbage seeds

Averina T.K., 1982: Using salazopyridazine in suppositories in patients with chronic colitis

Section 7, Chapter 6885, Accession 006884200

Shapiro J., 1988: Using scales for identification of two sarotherodon galilaeus groups from lake kinneret israel

Perevodchikova, N. I.; Denisov, L. E.; Orel, N. F.; Trofimova, N. B.; Yarygin, L. M.; Belova, L. A., 1987: Using scalp hypothermia to prevent alopecia in patients receiving combined chemotherapy including anthracyclines

Reshetnikova T.V., 1988: Using scanning photometry to monitor micromycetes cultivation

Caiozzi, M. M.; Borie, B. G.; Baherley, V. P.; Matus, R. M.; Zambrano, M. K., 1985: Using seaweed as a matric device for slow release fertilizers i. study of the behavior of the macrocystis pyrifera phosphorus system

Section 7, Chapter 6885, Accession 006884205

Birman K.P., 1983: Using seek for multi channel pattern recognition

Meusel F., 1986: Using selective identification in modeling water uptake by the root system of winter wheat on a diluvial site

Ugolkov G.Ya, 1983: Using self pollinated lines in potato selection

Hung, D. W., 1978: Using self stimulation as reinforcement for autistic children

Samel' N.E., 1983: Using semi synthetic preparations of prostaglandin f 2 in the synchronization of estrus in cattle

Levtsunov P.S., 1982: Using sets of hormonal preparations in steer fattening

Section 7, Chapter 6885, Accession 006884212

Venkataraghavan R., 1988: Using shape complementarity as an initial screen in designing ligands for a receptor binding site of known three dimensional structure

Wiltbank J.N., 1981: Using short term calf removal and flushing to improve pregnancy rate

Birger M.O., 1987: Using sib and api kits to identify and biotype enterobacteria of different origin

Hruby T., 1987: Using similarity measures in benthic impact assessments

Zholdakov I.A., 1985: Using simple plans for studying the combined effect of heavy metals on growing maize roots

Bouma J., 1985: Using simulation to define moisture availability and trafficability for heavy clay soil in the netherlands

Pawley, J. B.; Fisher, G., 1977: Using simultaneous 3 color x ray mapping and digital scan stop for rapid elemental characterization of coal combustion byproducts

Scott, D. M., 1978: Using sizes of unovulated follicles to estimate the laying rate of the brown headed cowbird

Swanson G.D., 1988: Using smoothing splines to make inferences about the shape of gas exchange curves

Neff E.L., 1980: Using sodium carbonate to seal leaky stock ponds in eastern montana usa

Murtazaev M.S., 1985: Using sodium hydroxybutyrate in the treatment of narcolepsy

Shmuilovich, L. M.; Chekan, V. A.; Lutskii, D. Ya, 1987: Using sodium hydroxybutyrate to treat cows with ketosis

Section 7, Chapter 6885, Accession 006884226

Eserkepov R.T., 1987: Using soil cadaster data for constructing regional diagrams of land management

Tyler E.J., 1984: Using soil physical properties to estimate hydraulic conductivity

Bouma J., 1986: Using soil survey information to characterize the soil water state

Khavkin Yu A., 1986: Using solid phase virioimmunoanalysis for the determination of antibodies

Kireeva T.A., 1986: Using solid phase virioimmunoanalysis for the indication of antigens and antibodies determining antigens with the use of haptenated bacteriophages

Karapetyan S.A., 1984: Using solutions of film forming biocompatible polymers for the local therapy of gastric and duodenal ulcers

Udovichenko A.I., 1988: Using soviet fiber synthetic sorbents for t lymphocyte and b lymphocyte separation in laboratory practice

Barclay L.K., 1983: Using spanish as the language of instruction with mexican american head start children a reevaluation using meta analysis

Nabors, M. W., 1976: Using spontaneously occurring and induced mutations to obtain agriculturally useful plants

Emtsev V.T., 1985: Using spore forming bacteria of the genus bacillus as indicators of forest soddy podzolic soils in the area near moscow russian sfsr ussr

Karpenko A.V., 1986: Using statistical characteristics of cardiac rhythm for assessment of mental working capacity

Ivakhnenko N.N., 1985: Using statistical methods in the analysis observations of soil regimes

Foltz J.L., 1984: Using stem char to predict mortality and insect infestation of fire damaged slash pines pinus elliottii

Hoogeveen F.R., 1984: Using stimulus shaping and fading to establish stimulus control in normal and retarded children

Maughan O.E., 1988: Using stream survey data to predict directional change in fish populations following physicochemical stream perturbations

Alimaev I.I., 1987: Using subshrubs as pastures in southern mongolia

Aboul-Naga, A. M.; El-Shobokshy, A. S.; Gabr, M. G., 1980: Using suffolk sheep for improving lamb production from subtropical egyptian sheep 3. ewe lamb performance

Aboul-Naga, A. M., 1978: Using suffolk sheep for improving lamb production from subtropical egyptian sheep part 1 reproductive performance

El-Shobokshy, A. S.; Aboul-Naga, A. M., 1978: Using suffolk sheep for improving lamb production from subtropical egyptian sheep part 2 lamb and fattening performance

Benwell D.H., 1979: Using surveys of ultrasound therapy devices to draft performance standards

Smilowitz Z., 1982: Using temperature mediated functional response models to predict the impact of coleomegilla maculata adults and 3rd instar larvae on green peach aphids myzus persicae

Section 7, Chapter 6885, Accession 006884249

Section 7, Chapter 6885, Accession 006884250

Gorina L.G., 1987: Using the aggregate hemagglutination test for the identification of enterotoxigenic strains among staphylococci isolated from milk and washings

Serez M., 1987: Using the aggregation pheromone dispenser ipslure against ips erosus woll

Moiseev R.K., 1982: Using the aldehyde forming function of sherry yeast in viticulture

Terekhov V.I., 1982: Using the area under disease development curve in determining wheat resistance to leaf rust

Rozanov B.G., 1984: Using the balance method in modeling the nitrogen cycle in agrocenosis

Biron P., 1987: Using the bayesian approach to assess causality on an adverse reaction

Briere C., 1986: Using the beverton and holt model with long lived species

Abdullaev, O. M.; Postnikov, A. A.; Prigozhina, T. A.; Likhovetskaya, Z. M.; Mokeeva, R. A.; Sokolov, S. S.; Gorbunova, N. A., 1987: Using the blood cell separator pf 0.5 to determine the efficacy of plasmapheresis in patients with paraproteinemic hemoblastoses

Brinkhurst R.O., 1988: Using the bootstrap to assess statistical significance in the cluster analysis of species abundance data

Freivalds A., 1987: Using the box jenkins approach for modeling human circadian rhythms

Zachetnova N.P., 1981: Using the brain weight of the north caspian ussr roach rutilus rutilus caspicus as a morpho physiological indicator

Glushchenko I.E., 1981: Using the caryopsis deficiency character in the breeding of highly productive genotypes of tetra ploid rye

Haug J.H., 1987: Using the ceres maize model to estimate production for the usa cornbelt

Stom D.I., 1983: Using the cessation of protoplasmic movement in a nitella sp in the toxicometry of phenols and quinones

Jones A.R., 1980: Using the ciliate protozoan vorticella in teaching

Panosian K.J., 1987: Using the coefficient of correlation in method comparison studies

Kirby N.H., 1987: Using the componential method to train mentally retarded individuals to solve analogies

Badcock P.C., 1982: Using the computed tomography scanner to explore and circumnavigate current inadequacies in radio therapy planning

Brown C.J., 1987: Using the concept of physiological age to predict the efficiency of growth in beef animals

Dergaleva Zh T., 1984: Using the condition factor in ichthyological studies

Udalova S.V., 1986: Using the constitutional approach to the evaluation of health status

Keats D.M., 1986: Using the cross cultural method to study the development of values

Konovalov S.N., 1986: Using the curves of the dominant hydrophysical characteristic of the soil in the control of the agrophysical condition of the topsoil

Livingston R.L., 1980: Using the d max method for estimating atomization of water base sprays

Gradskov S.M., 1987: Using the derivatives of the cultivar zarya as donors of resistance to head smut

Stack H.F., 1984: Using the desk top computer in cellular toxicity and mutagenesis

Anan'ev V.A., 1979: Using the dna polymerase reaction to study hepatitis b

Danilevskii M.L., 1983: Using the electrophoresis method in the identification of longhorn beetle larvae

Timonina L.F., 1984: Using the enzyme hydrolysate of fodder yeast obtained on petroleum n paraffins as a component of nutrient media in the oxidation of sorbitol into sorbose

Shvartau V.V., 1987: Using the fluorescence induction method to study herbicide phytotoxicity in changes in the mineral nutrition background

Section 7, Chapter 6885, Accession 006884281

Kotov V.M., 1984: Using the generalized mahalanobis distance for the discrimination of planktonic species of the genus anabaena

Tyrrell, D. A. J., 1978: Using the genetics of influenza virus to make live attenuated vaccines

Gifford G.F., 1988: Using the green and ampt infiltration equation on native and plowed rangeland soils

Wertheimer A.I., 1985: Using the health belief model to predict initial drug therapy defaulting

Erlikh V.D., 1984: Using the immunofluorescence test in diagnosing visceral leishmaniasis in the turkmen ssr ussr

Section 7, Chapter 6885, Accession 006884287

Zimina N.B., 1986: Using the isolated ultrafiltration method in the treatment of circulatory insufficiency in a girl with endocarditis

Gilbert R.J., 1984: Using the jolly seber model to estimate population size mortality and recruitment for a reservoir fish population

Crookston R.K., 1984: Using the kernel milk line to visually monitor grain maturity in maize zea mays

Spangler G.R., 1987: Using the lake trout as an indicator of ecosystem health application of the dichotomous key

Roush W.B., 1982: Using the matrix algebra capabilities of the ti 59 calculator for teaching ration formulation

Willan A.R., 1988: Using the maximum test statistic in the two period crossover clinical trial

Gintsburg, A. L.; Bryukhanov, A. F.; Yanishevskii, N. V.; Grizhebovskii, G. M.; Smirnov, G. B., 1987: Using the method of gene hybridization to identify epidemically dangerous strains of cholera vibrios

Romashkin M.G., 1981: Using the method of multiple factor experimental planning in the optimization of pre sowing vegetable seed treatment

Yustratova L.S., 1983: Using the method of protoplast fusion in the selection of streptomyces griseus producing grisin a streptothricin antibiotic

Yazeryan Zh G., 1987: Using the method of remote ultrahigh frequency radiometric probing for the operative control over technological processes in rice cultivation

Ryabchenko N.A., 1987: Using the method of species concentration of pests to breed resistant spring barley cultivars

Section 7, Chapter 6885, Accession 006884299

Ruder C.C., 1985: Using the miniature linguistic system in teaching syntax 2 case studies

Section 7, Chapter 6885, Accession 006884301

Section 7, Chapter 6885, Accession 006884302

Knapp, T. J.; Crosby, H. W.; O'boyle, M. W., 1978: Using the natural environment in counseling for therapeutic change a case study

Muzurov S.V., 1981: Using the near electric field around a human being to study the mechanics of the respiratory process

Abrukova V.V., 1982: Using the new automatic device rheotest 2 in soil rheological investigations

Babanin V.F., 1982: Using the nuclear gamma resonance method in studying surface phenomena in soils

Mangin P.J., 1986: Using the parker print surf to measure the compressibility of coated papers

Section 7, Chapter 6885, Accession 006884308

Zubkov A.F., 1985: Using the pest harmfulness parameter when evaluating cultivar resistance

Wasilewski M.M., 1984: Using the pig sus domesticus as a tool for studying fermentation in the human gut

Shestakov S.V., 1987: Using the plasmid r89s replicon to construct integrative vectors

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Section 7, Chapter 6885, Accession 006884905

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Section 7, Chapter 6885, Accession 006884921

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Section 7, Chapter 6885, Accession 006884946

Section 7, Chapter 6885, Accession 006884947

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