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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6886

Chapter 6886 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Webster R.E., 1979: Utility of the wechsler adult intelligence scale in predicting vocational success of psychiatric patients

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885001

Ghosh S., 1983: Utility of tuberculin testing of children under 5 years of age

Berger, M.; Smith, E.; Holm, H. H.; Mascatello, V., 1977: Utility of ultrasound in the differential diagnosis of acute cholecystitis

Buchsbaum H.K., 1979: Utility of voluntary control of respiration and bio feedback for increasing and decreasing heart rate

Williams L.R., 1982: Utility of wide and narrow blood pressure cuffs in the hemodynamic assessment of aorto iliac occlusive disease

Bryc, S.; Zlomaniec, J., 1978: Utility of zonography in roentgeno diagnostics of the abdominal cavity in paraplegic patients

Coleman, W. R.; Berger, L. H., 1978: Utility scaling of intra cranial reinforcement duration

Grula E.A., 1984: Utilizable surface nutrients on heliothis zea available for growth of beauveria bassiana

Lumsden R.D., 1988: Utilization and absorption of carbohydrates by the plerocercus metacestode of otobothrium insigne cestoda trypanorhyncha

Strong F.C., 1980: Utilization and characterization of the peritoneal fat of the tambaqui colossoma macropomum

Knackmuss, H. J.; Hellwig, M., 1978: Utilization and co oxidation of chlorinated phenols by pseudomonas sp b 13

Morehead M.A., 1984: Utilization and cost of ambulatory care services of medicaid recipients bronx new york usa

Nycz G.R., 1981: Utilization and cost of mental health care when integrated in a health care system

Matsubara F., 1984: Utilization and distribution of nickel in the larvae and pupae of the silkworm bombyx mori

Cohen, J. S.; Hachey, G., 1977: Utilization and dominance of spatially separated cues as a function of water deprivation

Ransil B.J., 1986: Utilization and effectiveness of a hospital autologous preoperative blood donor program

Easton J.S., 1983: Utilization and effects of anaerobically digested sludge on a red sandy soil of natal south africa

Sempere A., 1979: Utilization and evolution of the home range of the male roe deer capreolus capreolus determined by radio tracking

Phua K.H., 1985: Utilization and expenditure on medical services in a local community

Le Minor L., 1981: Utilization and fermentation of 2 keto gluconate by enterobacteriaceae

Tsubomatsu K., 1983: Utilization and fermentation of apple pomace by the rumen micro flora

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885022

Gupta B.M., 1985: Utilization and growth studies in aspergillus ochraceus

Miller S., 1980: Utilization and inter conversion of purines and ribo nucleosides in the mosquito anopheles albimanus

Ljungdahl I., 1981: Utilization and metabolic effects of a conventional and single solution regimen in post operative total parenteral nutrition

Lindros, K. O.; Vihma, R.; Forsander, O. A., 1972: Utilization and metabolic effects of acetaldehyde and ethanol in the perfused rat liver

Bloch K., 1981: Utilization and metabolism of methyl sterol derivatives in the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae mutant strain gl 7

Nakaji K., 1985: Utilization and metabolism of photoassimilated carbon 13 in soybean glycine max cultivar akisengoku roots and nodules

Nazarevich L.E., 1984: Utilization and metabolism of sulfur containing compounds in hens

Gabriel A., 1985: Utilization and morbidity random or tandem

Hayashi K., 1982: Utilization and palatability of forage plants in the japanese red pine forest

Selin, J. F.; Sundman, V.; Raiha, M., 1975: Utilization and polymerization of ligno sulfonates by wood rooting fungi

Robinson W.L., 1984: Utilization and predicted trends of behavioral inventories

Joslyn A.R., 1984: Utilization and preference for the introduced gastropod littorina littorea by the hermit crab pagurus longicarpus at guilford connecticut usa

Harlowe K.L., 1983: Utilization and processing of fresh water wetland macrophytes by the detritivore asellus forbesi

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885037

Isarangkura, R.; Peaslee, D.; Lockard, R., 1978: Utilization and re distribution of zinc during vegetative growth of corn

Koike G., 1985: Utilization and requirement of egg protein in japanese women

Nguyen T., 1987: Utilization and research of commercial crossbreeding of pigs in vietnam

Krasnova, A. F.; Samodanova, G. I.; Usik, S. V.; Yakovlev, N. N., 1977: Utilization and restitution of energy sources during muscular activity under steady state metabolic conditions

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885042

Haynes G., 1982: Utilization and skeletal disturbances of north american prey carcasses

Owen R.E., 1985: Utilization and tolerance of ethanol acetic acid and acetaldehyde vapor by asobara persimilis a parasitoid of drosophila

Kitaoka S., 1982: Utilization and toxicity of exogenous amino acids in euglena gracilis

Saier, M. H. Jr ; Young, W. S. Iii ; Roseman, S., 1971: Utilization and transport of hexoses by mutant strains of salmonella typhimurium lacking enzyme i of the phosphoenol pyruvate dependent phospho transferase system

Burns R.P., 1985: Utilization and wide clinical implementation using the wick catheter for compartment pressure measurement

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885048

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885049

Vakhmistrov D.B., 1980: Utilization by barley hordeum vulgare seedlings of nutrients from endosperm and external medium

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885052

Ryan C.A., 1979: Utilization by chicks of half cystine from native and denatured proteinase inhibitor protein from potatoes

Bell R.H.V., 1985: Utilization by elephants loxodonta africana of the brachystegia woodlands of the kasungu national park malawi

Kuznetsov A.V., 1986: Utilization by plants of fertilizer nitrogen introduced at different depths

Walton M.J., 1979: Utilization by rainbow trout of diets containing partially rendered hide fleshings

Aleksandrov S., 1981: Utilization by ruminants of protein contained in rations of different physical form

Cone, M. C.; Marchitto, K.; Zehfus, B.; Ferro, A. J., 1982: Utilization by saccharomyces cerevisiae of 5' methyl thio adenosine as a source of both purine and methionine

Egan, A. R., 1970: Utilization by sheep of casein administered per duodenum at different levels of roughage intake

Hendrosoekarjo, S.; Pearce, G. R., 1978: Utilization by sheep of dried pig feces containing a high concentration of copper

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885061

Macnicoll, A. D.; Wusteman, F. S.; Powell, G. M.; Curtis, C. G., 1978: Utilization by the isolated perfused rat liver of carbon 14 n acetyl d galactosamine and tritiated n acetyl d galactosamine from the biosynthesis of glyco proteins

Amanov A.A., 1980: Utilization by the myo cardium of several substrates of lipid and carbohydrate metabolism during mitral stenosis

Sheard, R. W.; Jackman, R. H.; Butler, G. W., 1978: Utilization by white clover and rye grass of sulfur from sulfur 35 labeled gypsum

Machova E., 1985: Utilization by yeasts of saccharides in wood hydrolysate resulting after production of d xylose

Evens R.G., 1985: Utilization characteristics of a superconductive magnetic resonance system undergoing initial clinical trial

Mustafaev M.G., 1986: Utilization coefficient of ameliorated lands in northern mugan azerbaijan ssr ussr

Kubinec S., 1980: Utilization effect of some herbicides in lucerne under sowings on changes of weediness and crop

Limoni H., 1981: Utilization efficiency of nitrogen from sewage effluent and fertilizer applied to corn zea mays plants growing in a clay soil

Akabane M., 1985: Utilization efficiency of shades used with attraction lamps for squid fisheries

Mueckenhausen E., 1979: Utilization for agriculture and forestry of graulehme tertiary paleosols in central europe

Walser M., 1988: Utilization for protein synthesis of 2 ketoisocaproate relative to utilization of leucine as estimated from exhalation of labelled carbon dioxide

Krukoff S., 1981: Utilization in craniology of vectors to demonstrate the degree of inclination of the fore head and the face of the chimpanzee of contemporary and fossilized man

Todorov N.A., 1981: Utilization in dairy cows fed wheat straw nontreated and treated with sodium hydrate during its processing into briquettes

Mrowczynski D., 1985: Utilization in polish breeding of animals obtained in the fao study

Mori, B.; Nakatsuji, H., 1977: Utilization in rats of carbon 14 l lysine labeled casein browned by amino carbonyl reaction

Schieder O., 1981: Utilization in vitro of d lactose by b 6s 3 tumor cells of tobacco nicotiana tabacum

Yoshida, S.; Masaki, S., 1979: Utilization in vitro of deoxy utp in dna synthesis by dna polymerases alpha and beta ec from calf thymus

Lehr P.R., 1979: Utilization in vivo of glucose carbon in the optic lobes and the cerebellum of the chick during post natal growth

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885080

Albrecht V., 1987: Utilization of 1 carbon 14 glycine of high glycine diet fed young and old rats

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885082

Urry D.W., 1985: Utilization of 1 hydroxybenzotriazole in mixed anhydride coupling reactions

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885084

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885085

Milligan L.P., 1981: Utilization of 2 3 butanediol by sheep

Gots J.S., 1980: Utilization of 2 6 di amino purine by salmonella typhimurium

Grave J., 1985: Utilization of 2 cereals as supplement of oats and vetch silage in the feeding of beef cattle

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885089

Timmis, K.; Cabello, F.; Cohen, S. N., 1974: Utilization of 2 distinct modes of replication by a hybrid plasmid constructed in vitro from separate replicons

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885091

Boichuk L.M., 1981: Utilization of 2 phase water soluble polymer systems for concentration of measles virus and mumps virus

Yoshida, S.; Yamada, M.; Masaki, S.; Saneyoshi, M., 1979: Utilization of 2' deoxy 6 thio gtp in dna synthesis in vitro by dna polymerase alpha from calf thymus

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885094

Nehlig, A.; Lehr, P. R.; Gayet, J., 1978: Utilization of 3 hydroxy butyrate by chick cerebral hemispheres during post natal maturation

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885096

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885097

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885098

Tanaka, M.; Yoshida, S.; Saneyoshi, M.; Yamaguchi, T., 1981: Utilization of 5 fluoro 2' deoxy utp and 5 fluoro 2' deoxy ctp in dna synthesis by dna polymerase alpha and beta dna polymerase from calf thymus

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885100

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885101

Peirson W.M., 1983: Utilization of 8 algal species by the bay scallop argopecten irradians concentricus

Doi R.H., 1984: Utilization of a bacillus subtilis sigma 37 promoter by escherichia coli rna polymerase in vivo

Matthiessen G.C., 1983: Utilization of a brackish water pond for the production of seed oysters crassostrea virginica

Gorrell L.P., 1982: Utilization of a cell separation technique to evaluate patients with a positive direct anti globulin test

Winkelmann P., 1979: Utilization of a central auditory processing test battery in evaluating residual effects of decompression sickness

Anderson J.M., 1985: Utilization of a colony assay to assess the variables influencing elimination of leukemic cells from human bone marrow with monoclonal antibodies and complement

Poulet S.A., 1986: Utilization of a computerized micro impedance system for studying the activity of copepod appendages

Lorgue G., 1986: Utilization of a databank a veterinary experiment the national center for veterinary toxicological information

Toyama, M.; Takeuchi, Y.; Yamada, T.; Maeda, Y., 1987: Utilization of a dehumidifier for netted melon cucumis melo l. cultivation

Rasmussen, J. R.; Strominger, J. L., 1978: Utilization of a depsi peptide substrate for trapping acyl enzyme intermediates of penicillin sensitive d alanine carboxy peptidases

Kline, K.; Sanders, B. G., 1977: Utilization of a differential hemo globin elution procedure as a rapid assay for identification of embryonic and adult chicken red blood cells

Youngbluth M.J., 1982: Utilization of a fecal mass as food by the pelagic mysis larva of the penaeid shrimp solenocera atlantidis

Ostrander, J. G.; Nystrom, P. J.; Martinsen, C. S., 1977: Utilization of a fish protein isolate in whipped gelatin desserts

Gerson L., 1983: Utilization of a free standing emergency center by patients with and without private physicians

Fitzgerald, S. C.; Fuccillo, D. A.; Moder, F.; Sever, J. L., 1974: Utilization of a further miniaturized serological micro technique

Rose M.E., 1980: Utilization of a glycol stabilized liquid nad for the measurement of 3 enzymes on the gemsaec

Zigova T., 1985: Utilization of a hand held programmable calculator for the morphometric analysis of structures by planimetric and point counting methods

Aget, H.; Vandyk, J.; Leung, P. M. K., 1977: Utilization of a high energy photon beam for whole body irradiation

Trueworthy R.C., 1984: Utilization of a human tumor cloning system to monitor for bone marrow involvement in children with non hodgkins lymphoma

Tio F., 1981: Utilization of a human tumor cloning system to monitor for marrow involvement with small cell carcinoma of the lung

Rokos J., 1983: Utilization of a lipid substrate for submerged fermentation of streptomyces albus

Turner, S. J.; Daly, T.; Hourigan, J. A.; Rand, A. G.; Thayer, W. R. Jr, 1976: Utilization of a low lactose milk

Blanc A., 1983: Utilization of a marker invertase activity to augment understanding about correlations established before and during culture between different buds of a potato sprout

Croize J., 1979: Utilization of a micro method for the differentiation of haemophilus biotypes relations with serotypes and antibiotypes

Et Al, 1981: Utilization of a mini computer for the quality control of radio immunoassay

Petrov P., 1987: Utilization of a mixture with reduced protein and lysine level for feeding growing pigs

Pezzi R., 1986: Utilization of a new diagnostic scheme for the identification of enterobacteria

Tanaka M., 1981: Utilization of a parasite aphytis lingnanensis hymenoptera aphelinidae to control arrowhead scale insect unapsis yanonensis

Weinbaum G., 1985: Utilization of a peroxidase antiperoxidase complex in an enzyme linked immunosorbent assay elisa of elastin derived peptides in human plasma

Burden H.W., 1986: Utilization of a polyethylene enclosure for nerve tracing studies in the rat ovary

Yamamoto, T.; Fujimoto, K.; Miyoshi, H., 1976: Utilization of a portable tape recorder for complete calipering of stand part 3 research in sugi stand with comparatively large area

Tauxe W.N., 1979: Utilization of a radio iodinated bile salt for kinetic studies and hepatic scintigraphy studies in nonhuman mammals

Cohen J.S., 1980: Utilization of a redundant cue as a function of its incentive produced validity and thirst

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885136

Olszyk D.M., 1984: Utilization of a response surface technique in the study of plant responses to ozone and sulfur di oxide mixtures

Ormrod D.P., 1986: Utilization of a response surface technique to study light acclimation of indoor flowering plants

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885139

Kaneene, J. M. B.; Johnson, D. W.; Anderson, R. K.; Muscoplat, C. C., 1978: Utilization of a specific in vitro lymphocyte immuno stimulation assay as an aid in detection of brucella infected cattle not detected by serological tests

Smirnov P.K., 1982: Utilization of a territory and territorial relations in ochotona pricei sushkini

Boistard P., 1982: Utilization of a thermo sensitive episome bearing transposon tn 10 to isolate hfr donor strains of erwinia carotovora ssp chrysanthemi

Tsao G.T., 1988: Utilization of a wood based syrup as a fermentation carbon source

Trichopoulou A., 1988: Utilization of abell method for the determination of cholesterol and its oxides in human serum

Itoh H., 1981: Utilization of absorbed nitrogen in oxidized ammoniated rice straw and rice hulls by rumen microbes

Di Mola A., 1988: Utilization of acemetacin eye drops in postoperative treatment of cataract surgery

Gayet J., 1979: Utilization of acetate by chick brain during post natal maturation

Wadzinski, A. M.; Ribbons, D. W., 1975: Utilization of acetate by methanomonas methanooxidans

Lundquist, F.; Sestoft, L.; Damgaard, S. E.; Clausen, J. P.; Trap-Jensen, J., 1973: Utilization of acetate in the human fore arm during exercise after ethanol ingestion

Altmeyer, P., 1976: Utilization of acrylate embedded large tissue samples in dermato histology

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885151

Vikhert A.M., 1985: Utilization of active forms of oxygen and lipoperoxides in the blood of myocardial infarction patients

Parker, F. D.; Torchio, P. F.; Nye, W. P.; Pedersen, M., 1976: Utilization of additional species and populations of leaf cutter bees for alfalfa pollination

Lebeda A., 1979: Utilization of adhesives for increasing retention of inoculum of cladosporium cucumerinum on cucumber leaves

Carballo Carballo A., 1984: Utilization of advanced generations of maize zea mays h 133 in valsequillo puebla mexico

Garcha H.S., 1982: Utilization of agaricus bisporus cultivated spent wheat straw in the ruminant diets

Langar P.N., 1985: Utilization of agaricus bisporus harvested spent wheat straw in buffaloes

Tenore, K. R., 1977: Utilization of aged detritus derived from different sources by the polychaete capitella capitata

Gamal N.F., 1984: Utilization of agricultural residues for lactic acid production by local isolate of lactobacillus casei

Bhatawdekar S.P., 1981: Utilization of agricultural wastes as feed for ruminant

Attia, R. M.; Ali, S. A., 1977: Utilization of agricultural wastes by aspergillus awamori for the production of gluco amylase ec

Malik M.Y., 1979: Utilization of agro industrial byproducts and wastes in poultry feeds

Khirwar, S. S.; Paliwal, V. K.; Pradhan, K., 1980: Utilization of agro industrial byproducts by livestock and poultry 1. effect of malt sprout and pea waste on broiler chicks

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885164

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885165

Mader, T. L.; Pankaskie, D. E.; Klopfenstein, T. J.; Britton, R. A.; Krause, V. M., 1986: Utilization of alfalfa hay and alfalfa silage 1. protein sources in corn silage based diets

Mader, T. L.; Britton, R. A., 1986: Utilization of alfalfa hay and alfalfa silage 2. protein sources in ensiled corn stover diets

Kohler G.O., 1980: Utilization of alfalfa juice protein lipid products by lambs

Reddy, G. U.; Deshmukh, V. R.; Joshi, R. N.; Kayama, R., 1987: Utilization of alfalfa medicago sativa l. whey as a fertilizer in irrigation

Hendrickx M.E., 1987: Utilization of algae and sponges by tropical decorating crabs majidae in the southeastern gulf of california mexico

Greene, J. C.; Miller, W. E.; Shiroyama, T.; Maloney, T. E., 1975: Utilization of algal assays to assess the effects of municipal industrial and agricultural waste water effluents upon phyto plankton production in the snake river system

Anderson T.A., 1987: Utilization of algal cell fractions by the marine herbivore the luderick girella tricuspidata quoy and gaimard

Zack, R. S-Jr ; Foote, B. A., 1978: Utilization of algal mono cultures by larvae of scatella stagnalis

Nishide, E., 1976: Utilization of algin

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885175

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885176

Pal, R. N.; Negi, S. S., 1977: Utilization of alkali sprayed paddy straw supplemented with urea or sparingly soluble urea formaldehyde complex by cattle

Punj M.L., 1983: Utilization of alkali treated and neutralized wheat straw based rations for growing goat kids

Orskov, E. R.; Macdearmid, A.; Grubb, D. A.; Innes, G. M., 1981: Utilization of alkali treated grain 1. alkali treated grain in complete diets for steers and lambs

Barnes, B. J.; Orskov, E. R., 1981: Utilization of alkali treated grain 2. utilization by steers of diets based on hay or straw and mixed with either sodium hydroxide treated or rolled barley

Orskov, E. R.; Barnes, B. J.; Macdearmid, A.; Williams, P. E. V.; Innes, G. M., 1981: Utilization of alkali treated grain 3. utilization by steers of sodium hydroxide treated and rolled barley in silage based diets

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885182

Baldwin J.J., 1988: Utilization of alpha beta unsaturated acids as michael acceptors for the synthesis of thieno 2 3 b thiopyrans

Walser M., 1986: Utilization of alpha ketisocaproate for protein synthesis in uremic rats

Chawla, R. K.; Rudman, D., 1974: Utilization of alpha keto and alpha hydroxy analogues of valine by the growing rat

Mishra A.K., 1985: Utilization of alpha ketoglutarate by azospirillum brasilense

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885187

Shannon, E. E.; Verghese, K. I., 1976: Utilization of alumized red mud solids for phosphorus removal

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885189

Bos P., 1981: Utilization of amines by yeasts

Potter L.M., 1981: Utilization of amino acid analogs in diets of young turkeys

Liston, J.; Zachariah, P. K., 1976: Utilization of amino acids and carbohydrates by salmonella serotypes at 22 celsius and 12 celsius

Fitsev A.I., 1987: Utilization of amino acids and feed energy by high yield cows during summer in relation to the content of dietary protein and readily fermented carbohydrates

Madigan M.T., 1986: Utilization of amino acids and lack of diazotrophy in the thermophilic anoxygenic phototroph chloroflexus aurantiacus

Tano T., 1987: Utilization of amino acids as a sole source of nitrogen by obligate chemolithoautotroph thiobacillus ferrooxidans

Skyring G.W., 1985: Utilization of amino acids as energy substrates by 2 marine desulfovibrio strains

Sokolova T.D., 1981: Utilization of amino acids by fattening pigs fed rations with different quantities of lysine

Gangopadhyay, S.; Wyllie, T. D., 1976: Utilization of amino acids by macrophomina phaseolina

Gangopadhyay, S.; Wyllie, T. D., 1977: Utilization of amino acids by macrophomina phaseolina in vitro

Sunda W.G., 1984: Utilization of amino acids by planktonic marine bacteria importance of clean technique and low substrate additions

Dove, H.; Pearce, G. R.; Tribe, D. E., 1977: Utilization of amino acids by pre ruminant lambs part 1 the effect of alterations in total essential amino acid intake at constant nitrogen intake

Dove, H.; Pearce, G. R.; Tribe, D. E., 1977: Utilization of amino acids by pre ruminant lambs part 2 the effects of independent alterations in total nitrogen and total essential amino acid intake

Dove, H., 1978: Utilization of amino acids by pre ruminant lambs part 3 the influence of age and the dietary proportions of essential amino acid and nonessential amino acids on the levels of urea ammonia and free amino acids in the blood plasma of milk fed lambs

Allan R., 1987: Utilization of amino acids by the blue green alga synechococcus an anacystis nidulans

Hems, D. A.; Davies, M. G.; Thomas, A. J.; Whitton, P. D., 1976: Utilization of amino acids by the perfused rat liver

Mcgregor, D. A.; Loughton, B. G., 1976: Utilization of amino acids during development of the african migratory locust embryo

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885207

Mitani, K.; Tanimoto, H.; Yoshimoto, T.; Otani, I., 1975: Utilization of ammoniated rice hulls as a roughage in barley beef production

Mccarthy J.J., 1982: Utilization of ammonium and nitrate during austral summer in the scotia sea south atlantic

Raper C.D.Jr, 1986: Utilization of ammonium as a nitrogen source effects of ambient acidity on growth and nitrogen accumulation by soybean glycine max cultivar ransom

Vega J.M., 1986: Utilization of ammonium by mutant and wild types of chlamydomonas reinhardii studies of the glutamate synthase activities

Veron G. , 1986: Utilization of an ascending hierarchical classification with a view to typing military air controllers

Protin P., 1984: Utilization of an enzyme linked immunosorbent assay elisa to detect infectious bovine rhinotracheitis antibodies in sera and milk

Young, J. M.; Cheadle, C.; Foulke, J. S-Jr ; Drohan, W. N.; Sarver, N., 1988: Utilization of an epstein barr virus replicon as a eukaryotic expression vector

Williams J.R., 1982: Utilization of an established rat hepatoma cell line for mutation studies

Van Dercar C.M., 1979: Utilization of an experimenter controlled manikin in analysis of social stimuli maintaining behavior of an autistic like child

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885217

Guillory V., 1979: Utilization of an inundated floodplain by mississippi river usa fishes

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885219

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885220

Boethius G., 1982: Utilization of analgesics from 1970 1978 prescription patterns in the county of jamtland and in sweden as a whole

Lambooy J.P., 1982: Utilization of analogs of riboflavin for growth and survival of the chicken

Lambooy, J. P.; Shaffner, C. S., 1977: Utilization of analogs of riboflavine by the riboflavine deficient chick embryo

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885224

Thomas V.L., 1986: Utilization of anion exchange chromatography and monoclonal antibodies to characterize multiple pilus types on a uropathogenic escherichia coli o 6 isolate

Bergman, U., 1978: Utilization of anti diabetic drugs in the island of gotland sweden agreement between wholesale figures and prescription data

Laporte J.R., 1983: Utilization of anti hypertensive drugs in certain european countries

Hartvig P., 1981: Utilization of anti parkinson drugs in norway sweden denmark and finland 1975 1979

Hilliard, G. D.; Harris, R. E., 1977: Utilization of antibiotics for prevention of symptomatic post partum infections

Levy R.B., 1987: Utilization of antigen specific cytotoxic t cells as a sensitive approach to investigate the fate of placentally injected allogeneic lymphocytes

Kottler W.A., 1986: Utilization of apple residue in diets for lambs and milking cows

Soni B.K., 1980: Utilization of applied sulfur 35 by wheat and a values of soil sulfur as affected by nitrogen application

Draper D.C., 1982: Utilization of appropriate projective techniques in assessing preschool childrens personal space and body orientation

Mcdowell L.R., 1988: Utilization of aquatic plants elodea canadensis and hydrilla verticillata in broiler chick diets

El Farra A H.A., 1983: Utilization of aqueous byproducts from starch for improving bread quality

El Farra A H.A., 1981: Utilization of aqueous byproducts of starch industry for improving bread quality

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885237

Nakamura M., 1984: Utilization of arginine analogs by mycoplasmas

Friedrich, B.; Magasanik, B., 1978: Utilization of arginine by klebsiella aerogenes

Desmazeaud M.J., 1985: Utilization of aromatic amino acids as nitrogen sources in brevibacterium linens an inducible aromatic amino acid aminotransferase

Karasevich-Yu, N., 1978: Utilization of aromatic compounds by debaryomyces yeast

Mahadevan A., 1984: Utilization of aromatic substances by pseudomonas solanacearum

Sheehy, D. J., 1976: Utilization of artificial shelters by the american lobster homarus americanus

Lapchin, L., 1977: Utilization of artificial substrates in the study of benthic populations of invertebrates preliminary results obtained in a salmonid stream in brittany

Verjovski Almeida S., 1988: Utilization of arylazido atp by sarcoplasmic reticulum atpase in the absence of calcium

Brenneman, D. E.; Spector, A. A., 1974: Utilization of ascites plasma very low density lipo protein tri glycerides by ehrlich cells

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885247

Squires B.E., 1985: Utilization of atlantic cod gadus morhua judged to have blackberry odor

Johansen T., 1983: Utilization of atp in rat mast cells during and after secretion of histamine in response to compound 48 80 4 methoxy n methyl benzeneethanamine formaldehyde product

Neck R.W., 1988: Utilization of australian pine casuarina glauca as a larval foodplant by oncideres pustulatus coleoptera cerambycidae in deep southern texas usa

Hong S H., 1987: Utilization of australian wheat for korean style dried noodle making

Seguela J.P., 1982: Utilization of autobac 1 for the study of the sensitivity of certain strains of yeast toward anti fungal drugs preliminary results

Steele B.D., 1979: Utilization of autochthonous macro invertebrate drift by a pool fish community in a woodland stream

Newell R.C., 1984: Utilization of bacteria as nitrogen resource by kelp bed mussel choromytilus meridionalis

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885256

Zhdanova G.A., 1987: Utilization of bacterial food resources by zooplankton in kiev water reservoir ukrainian ssr ussr

Studier F.W., 1981: Utilization of bacterio phage t 7 late promoters in recombinant plasmids during infection

Prabhu K.A., 1982: Utilization of bagasse by bacteria

Waghmare B.S., 1984: Utilization of bagasse treated with steam and sodium hydroxide by cross bred calves

Oftedal O.T., 1982: Utilization of bamboo by the giant panda ailuropoda melanoleuca

Sethi, R. P.; Sood, S. M., 1977: Utilization of banana peel by fungi for protein and carboxymethyl cellulase production/

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885265

Michev M., 1985: Utilization of beef cows as sucklers

Yousef G.S., 1986: Utilization of beet molasses in the production of lactic acid

Lawton D., 1983: Utilization of benefits by families with disabled children

Ohmart R.D., 1986: Utilization of benthic feeding fish by inland breeding bald eagles haliaeetus leucocephalus

Johnsen, J., 1977: Utilization of benzyl penicillin as carbon nitrogen and energy source by a pseudomonas fluorescens strain

Ackurt, F.; Unver, B., 1978: Utilization of beta carotene from carrots and spinach in comparison to retinol from liver in humans

Kirchgessner M., 1987: Utilization of betaine as a nitrogen source by wethers on low protein supply

Martini, A.; Lorenz, M.; Rieche, A., 1968: Utilization of betaine nitrogen in microbial protein synthesis

Swan G.T., 1985: Utilization of biochemical results by pharmacists a collaborative service between clinical biochemistry and pharmacy

Parmalee P.W., 1980: Utilization of birds by the archaic and fremont cultural groups of utah usa

Lall D., 1980: Utilization of biuret as nonprotein nitrogen source for buffaloes

Ledward D.A., 1988: Utilization of black gram flour in beef sausages

Schiller C.M., 1981: Utilization of blood analyses to evaluate metabolic changes in control and 1 2 di methyl hydrazine treated adult male fischer rats

Essen, B.; Hagenfeldt, L.; Kaijser, L., 1977: Utilization of blood borne and intra muscular substrates during continuous and intermittent exercise in man

Ahmedunnisa, 1984: Utilization of blue green algae as biofertilizer for paddy cultivation

Foote, B. A., 1977: Utilization of blue green algae by larvae of shore flies

Evens, R. G.; Jost, R. G., 1979: Utilization of body computed tomography units in installations with greater than 1.5 years experience

Luczynski M., 1984: Utilization of body stores in embryonated ova and larvae of 2 coregonid species coregonus lavaretus and coregonus albula

Grigor'ev-Yu, S., 1977: Utilization of botanico geographical and systematic data in plant physiology studies

Rangelova S., 1987: Utilization of bovine and porcine pancreas meal for feeding broiler chicks and fattening pigs

Delaca T.E., 1980: Utilization of brachiopod feeding currents by epizoic foraminifera

Yang C.B., 1980: Utilization of bracken fern pteridium aquilinum as a ruminant feed feeding bracken silage to sheep

Slavik J., 1983: Utilization of brassicaceae as catch crops

Goto, I.; Okano, K., 1983: Utilization of brewers activated sludge for animal feed 3. digestibility by sows and availability as a protein source in feed for growing pigs

Betteridge, K.; Davey, A. W. F.; Holmes, C. W., 1976: Utilization of butter milk powder and tallow by young calves

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885293

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885294

Szentmihalyi S., 1984: Utilization of byproducts in feeding ruminants

Nikitin D.I., 1988: Utilization of c 1 compounds by gas oxidizing oligotrophous bacteria

Soares M.S., 1984: Utilization of cacao pod husk theobroma cacao to substitute for elephant grass pennisetum purpureum cultivar cameroon as feed to cows in lactation

Conde A.R., 1985: Utilization of cacao theobroma cacao pod husk as substrate for single cell protein production

Jain M.C., 1987: Utilization of cake of mahua bassia latifolia seed in growing calves

Bajaj S., 1987: Utilization of calcium from cereal legume potato diets supplemented with milk

Mitch, W. E.; Walser, M., 1977: Utilization of calcium l phenyl lactate as a substitute for phenyl alanine by uremic patients

Adams J.R., 1981: Utilization of calcium to reduce pectinolytic softening of cucumber pickles in low salt conditions

Sanchez, P. C.; Dixon, E. I.; Ocampo, T. A., 1976: Utilization of calumpit terminalia edulis as food

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885305

Yasay, G. D. Jr ; Sison, E. C.; Lim, E. T., 1976: Utilization of cara beef on sausage and meat loaf products

Hull R.R., 1982: Utilization of carbohydrate in short method cheddar cheese by mesophilic starters

Hirche, H.; Gruen, D.; Waller, W., 1970: Utilization of carbohydrates and free fatty acids by the gastrocnemius of the dog during long lasting rhythmical exercise

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885310

Verma, R. A. B.; Prasad, S. S., 1975: Utilization of carbohydrates by 3 fungi imperfecti causing leaf spot diseases of mahogany

Friebe B., 1981: Utilization of carbohydrates by oniscus asellus isopoda and polydesmus angustus diplopoda

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885313

Naidu B.P., 1980: Utilization of carbohydrates in the heart of the scorpion heterometrus fulvipes

Seto, H.; Sato, T.; Yonehara, H., 1975: Utilization of carbon 13 carbon 13 coupling in structural and biosynthetic studies double labeling method

Ratsch H., 1987: Utilization of carbon 14 labeled cellulose in conventional germfree and mono associated rats

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885317

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885318

Chanarin I., 1980: Utilization of carbon 14 labeled tetra hydro pteroyl glutamic acid and tritium labeled 5 methyl tetra hydro pteroyl glutamic acid as substrates for folate poly glutamate synthesis in fruit bats rousettus aegypticos leachi effect of vitamin b 12 deficiency

Hoogenraad, N. J.; Hird, F. J. R.; White, R. G.; Leng, R. A., 1970: Utilization of carbon 14 labelled bacillus subtilis and escherichia coli by sheep

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885321

Rauramaa, A.; Kreula, M., 1978: Utilization of carbon 14 urea in the biosynthesis of milk components by a cow on low protein urea rich feed

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885323

Kretovich V.L., 1984: Utilization of carbon dioxide by isolated bacteroids rhizobium lupini of lupine nodules

Faris M.A., 1987: Utilization of carbon from shoot photosynthesis and nodule carbon dioxide fixation in the fixation and assimilation of nitrogen by alfalfa root nodules

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885326

Singh V.P., 1984: Utilization of carbon sources by an obligate thermophile thermoactinomyces vulgaris

Catley, B. J., 1971: Utilization of carbon sources by pullularia pullulans for the elaboration of extra cellular poly saccharides

Lovelady J., 1981: Utilization of carboxymethyl cellulose and enzyme synthesis by trichoderma koningii

Daum B., 1981: Utilization of carudol gel in ionizations

Sacks J.J., 1985: Utilization of case definitions and laboratory reporting in the surveillance of notifiable communicable diseases in the usa

Leibholz J., 1982: Utilization of casein fish meal and soybean proteins in dry diets for pigs between 7 and 28 days of age

Farid, M. F. A., 1977: Utilization of casein nitrogen administered by cecum by sheep

Veum T.L., 1980: Utilization of casein or isolated soybean supplemented with amino acids and glucose or lactose by neo natal piglets reared artificially

Modder, W. W. D.; Singh, S. R., 1976: Utilization of cassava manihot esculenta in the laboratory by the later instars of the african grasshopper zonocerus variegatus acridoidea pyrgomorphidae

Taparia, A. L.; Talmale, T. W.; Sharma, V. V., 1978: Utilization of cassia tora seeds in growth rations of buffalo calves

Raghavan G.V., 1986: Utilization of castor bean meal in the concentrate mixture of sheep

Mahadevan A., 1988: Utilization of catechin by rhizobium sp

Hamilton W.A., 1986: Utilization of cathodic hydrogen by desulfovibrio vulgaris hildenborough

Mackay D.C., 1987: Utilization of cattle manure containing wood shavings effect on soil and crop

Chahal D.S., 1979: Utilization of cattle manure for single cell protein production with chaetomium cellulolyticum

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885342

Hoernicke H., 1981: Utilization of cecal digesta by cecotrophy soft feces ingestion in the rabbit

Cavelier C., 1982: Utilization of cell transformation tests in the detection of chemical carcinogens

Bohra H.C., 1982: Utilization of cell wall constituents and nitrogen fraction of lasiurus sindicus hay in magra and marwari sheep breeds of rajasthan desert india

De-Wit, W., 1980: Utilization of cellulose and hemi cellulose of pig feces by trichoderma viride

Kausar, T.; Mahmud, B. A.; Shah, F. H., 1976: Utilization of cellulosic wastes

Al Anni M.S., 1986: Utilization of cellulosic wastes corn cobs by chemical methods

Agadganjan S.I., 1987: Utilization of cellulosic wastes with biosynthesis of cellulase

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885350

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885351

Ismunadji, M., 1978: Utilization of cereal crop residues and its agricultural significance in indonesia

Islam M., 1983: Utilization of certain ferns and fern allies in the northeastern region india

Sugiura G., 1979: Utilization of charcoal for agriculture and forestry behavior of carbon di oxide in the soil treated with charcoal

El Adl S., 1987: Utilization of charge transfer complexation in the spectrophotometric determination of some monosaccharides through their osazone intermediates

Das A., 1984: Utilization of cheap carbohydrate sources for production of calcium gluconate by penicillium funiculosum mutant mn 238

Saylock M.J., 1982: Utilization of cheese whey permeate in canned beans phaseolus vulgaris and plums

Rao P.V., 1988: Utilization of chemically treated neem cake in broilers

Reddy C.V., 1988: Utilization of chemically treated neem oil in broiler chicks

Schoonbee H.J., 1987: Utilization of chicken offal in the production of the african sharptooth catfish clarias gariepinus in the transkei south africa

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885361

Alexander M., 1979: Utilization of chloro benzoates by microbial populations in sewage

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885363

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885365

Lipstein, B.; Bornstein, S.; Budowski, P., 1977: Utilization of choline from crude soybean lecithin by chicks part 1 growth and prevention of perosis

Budowski, P.; Kafri, I.; Sklan, D., 1977: Utilization of choline from crude soybean lecithin by chicks part 2 absorption measurements

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885368

Yvert F., 1980: Utilization of chromosome markers and hla antigens for pre natal identification of the male parent in artificial insemination for genetic reasons

Yvert F., 1981: Utilization of chromosome markers and hla antigens for pre natal identification of the male parent in artificial insemination for genetic reasons

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885371

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885372

Tucek S., 1981: Utilization of citrate acetyl carnitine acetate pyruvate and glucose for the synthesis of acetyl choline in rat brain slices

Tsuetaki H., 1979: Utilization of citrus unshiu peel wastes as the primary substrate for edible mushroom cultivations

Vollmar N., 1980: Utilization of clay fixed ammonium nitrogen by rye grass lolium multiflorum

Paliwal V.K., 1986: Utilization of clusterbean cyamopsis tetragonoloba meal in growing finishing swine rations

Mal'tsev, N. I., 1978: Utilization of coenzyme and substrate analogs in studying the lactate dehydrogenase mechanism of action

Poshtakov E., 1987: Utilization of colostral immunoglobulins in calves

Rumbaugh C., 1981: Utilization of computed tomography of the head in a tertiary care hospital

Wilson W.J., 1979: Utilization of computed tomography scanners and the health planning issue a process data summary

Sampaio A.A.M., 1986: Utilization of concentrate by beef calves proceeding from integral milk and replacer feedings

Stricklin R.W., 1979: Utilization of concomitant variables in the design of animal husbandry experiments

Carlson G.M., 1983: Utilization of conical equilibrium dialysis cells to shorten equilibration time

Corbin J.E., 1980: Utilization of corn soybean meal substituted diets by dogs

Bloom, B. S.; Jonsson, E.; Dolk, M. L., 1977: Utilization of coronary care units in sweden

Taneja A.D., 1985: Utilization of correlation and path coefficient analysis in sugarcane breeding programs

Lapchin, L.; Roux, C., 1977: Utilization of correspondence analysis for the study of benthic invertebrate distribution in 2 salmonid streams of brittany france

Davydov, V. V., 1977: Utilization of cortisol and cortico sterone by tissues in thermal burns

Richardson C.R., 1987: Utilization of cotton plant residues by ruminants

Shaikh A.J., 1987: Utilization of cotton plant stalk for production of pulp and paper

Zia Ur Rehman, 1986: Utilization of cotton seed hulls as animal feed

Poo Chow L., 1980: Utilization of cotton waste substrate with temperature treatment for the cultivation of oyster mushroom pleurotus florida in singapore

El-Refai, A. A.; Owon, M. A.; Ammar, K. A.; Harras, A. M., 1987: Utilization of cottonseed proteins in frankfurters ii. cottonseed proteins as emulsion stabilizers in frankfurters

Al Amir R.H., 1986: Utilization of cowpea vigna sinensis flour and protein isolate in bakery products

Pathak N.N., 1985: Utilization of cowpea vigna sinensis hay after the removal of green pods as a sole ration for lactating jamnapari goats

Glembotskii, Y. L.; Ernst, L. K., 1970: Utilization of cows with extremely high milk productivity in breeding dairy cattle

Charlson M.E., 1987: Utilization of critical care units a prospective study of physician triage and patient outcome

Chesler D.A., 1979: Utilization of cross plane rays for 3 dimensional reconstruction by filtered back projection

Bradford S.A., 1988: Utilization of cues signaling different test stimulus dimensions in delayed matching to sample by pigeons

Ristic M., 1981: Utilization of culture derived soluble antigen in the latex agglutination test for bovine babesiasis and anaplasmosis

Ferrone, S.; Ting, A.; Pellegrino, M. A.; Terasaki, P. I.; Reisfeld, R. A., 1975: Utilization of cultured human lymphoid cells for detection of humoral sensitization in prospective recipients of kidney transplants

Venkatasubramanian S., 1987: Utilization of curative services in madras city india related to morbidity condition and socio economic stratum

Hankin, L.; Kolattukudy, P. E., 1971: Utilization of cutin by a pseudomonad isolated from soil

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885406

Uekama, K.; Hirayama, F.; Ikeda, K.; Inaba, K., 1977: Utilization of cyclo dextrin complexation for separation of prostaglandin e prostaglandin a and prostaglandin b by ion exchange liquid chromatography

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885409

Kunert J., 1988: Utilization of cystine by dermatophytes on glucose peptone media

Conlon R.A., 1985: Utilization of cytoplasmic polyadenylated rna for protein synthesis in preimplantation mouse embryos

Robinson, A. M.; Williamson, D. H., 1978: Utilization of d 3 hydroxy 3 carbon 14 butyrate for lipogenesis in vivo in lactating rat mammary gland

Wild, J.; Filutowicz, M.; Klopotowski, T., 1978: Utilization of d amino acids by dadr mutants of salmonella typhimurium

Dunlop, P. C.; Roon, R. J.; Even, H. L., 1976: Utilization of d asparagine by saccharomyces cerevisiae

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885415

Frank, V.; Horakova, K.; Valentova, N.; Smelik, O., 1976: Utilization of d glucose modifications by nonadapted and adapted cell strains

Plapp R., 1980: Utilization of d phenylglycyl glycine in escherichia coli

Kafkewitz, D.; Delwiche, E. A., 1969: Utilization of d ribose by veillonella

Barker R.M., 1985: Utilization of d tartaric acid by salmonella paratyphi b and salmonella java comparison of anaerobic plate test lead acetate test and turbidity test

Old D.C., 1979: Utilization of d xylose by wild type strains of salmonella typhimurium

Richter G., 1981: Utilization of data access and manipulation in conceptual schema definitions

Kohonen T., 1981: Utilization of data from automatic water quality monitoring stations in finland

Krivucova M., 1985: Utilization of data obtained in pilot acute experiments for practical hygienic assessment of a chemical substance

Muhsin A.A., 1984: Utilization of date juice in some frozen desserts

Reddy, N. S.; Reddy, M. R., 1978: Utilization of de hulled ground tamarind seed tamarindus indicus in the concentrate feeds of cross bred calves

Bergonzini E., 1979: Utilization of dehydrated whole corn meal as energetic supplement in corn silage rations for fattening young bulls

Mittler, T. E.; Tsitsipis, J. A.; Kleinjan, J. E., 1970: Utilization of dehydro ascorbic acid and some related compounds by the aphid myzus persicae feeding on an improved diet

Townsley, J. D., 1976: Utilization of dehydroepi androsterone and dehydroepi androsterone sulfate for estrogen production by pregnant baboons papio papio

Ritter K.S., 1986: Utilization of delta 5 7 and delta 8 sterols by larvae of heliothis zea

Rajala, A. L.; Rajala, M.; Paunio, I., 1978: Utilization of dental care in finnish industrial population

Clarke N.G., 1983: Utilization of dental services and its relation to the periodontal status in a group of south australian employees

Murtomaa H., 1983: Utilization of dental services by finnish adults in 1971 and 1980

Schwarz, E.; Hansen, E. R., 1976: Utilization of dental services in the adult danish population 1975

Roman M.R., 1984: Utilization of detritus by the copepod acartia tonsa

Vittadini G., 1981: Utilization of deuterium labeling and carbon 13 nmr spectroscopy in the investigation of the condensation of 1 methyl 5 nitro imidazole 2 aldehyde and 2 amino 4 methyl pyrimidine

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885437

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885438

Ono T., 1984: Utilization of diacylglycerol in phospholipid bilayers by pig brain diacylglycerol kinase and rhizopus arrhizus lipase

Micco P.D., 1988: Utilization of diagnosis ability coefficient to compare three anaerobic bacteria identification systems

Cooperberg P.L., 1981: Utilization of diagnostic ultrasound in a controlled setting

Gandhi J.R., 1979: Utilization of dietary constituents in heteropteran oxycarenus hyalinipennis and homopteran oxyrhachis tarandus

Moody, D. L.; Slinger, S. J.; Leeson, S.; Summers, J. D., 1978: Utilization of dietary cultivar tower rapeseed products by growing turkeys

Patle, B. R.; Mudgal, V. D., 1976: Utilization of dietary energy for maintenance and milk production by lactating cross bred cows brown swiss x sahiwal during their early stage of lactation

Patle, B. R.; Mudgal, V. D., 1977: Utilization of dietary energy for maintenance milk production and lipogenesis by lactating cross bred cows during their mid stage of lactation

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885447

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885448

Christopher M.S.M., 1983: Utilization of dietary protein fat and carbohydrate by the paddy field fish macropodus cupanus anabantidae

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885451

Nash D., 1980: Utilization of dietary thymidine and thymine by drosophila melanogaster larvae

Simlot M.M., 1984: Utilization of dietary tryptophan in iron deficient rats

Fraga M.J., 1985: Utilization of diets with different cereals by growing fattening rabbits

Savory C.J., 1986: Utilization of different ages of heather on three scottish moors uk by red grouse lagopus lagopus scoticus mountain hares lepus timidus sheep and red deer cervus elaphus

Jamaluddin, 1979: Utilization of different carbohydrates by cylindrocladium scoparium

Voronezhskaya L.G., 1985: Utilization of different carbon containing substrates in hiss media and in a medium with limited mineral composition by cholera and nonagglutinating vibrios

Varshney J.L., 1981: Utilization of different carbon sources by aspergillus clavatus and some of its mutants

Reddy V.R., 1979: Utilization of different cereals in broiler diets

Mencucci R., 1986: Utilization of different electrophysiological techniques in optic nerve glaucomatous disease

Merrill, A. H-Jr ; Williams, R. D., 1984: Utilization of different fatty acyl coenzyme a thio esters by serine palmitoyl transferase ec from rat brain

Pal, M.; Grewal, J. S., 1975: Utilization of different nitrogen sources by phytophthora drechsleri var cajani

Mittler, T. E.; Dadd, R. H.; Daniels, S. C. Jr, 1970: Utilization of different sugars by the aphid myzus persicae

Charakhch'yan I.A., 1983: Utilization of different sulfur sources by propionic bacteria

Ledesma A., 1984: Utilization of different types of resins for the separation and purification of lysine

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885466

Rao P.V., 1988: Utilization of differently processed undecorticated neem cake in broiler chicks

Collier P.S., 1979: Utilization of digitalis glycosides the relevance of their bio transformation

Erickson K.L., 1988: Utilization of dihomo gamma linolenic acid 8 11 14 eicosatrienoic acid by murine peritoneal macrophages

Brunow G., 1984: Utilization of dimeric lignin model compounds by mixed bacterial cultures

Konings W.N., 1988: Utilization of dipeptides by lactococcus lactis ssp cremoris

Erni F., 1981: Utilization of direct liquid inlet liquid chromatography mass spectrometry in studies of pharmacological and toxicological importance

Ginzburg, E. K.; Dragavtsev, V. A., 1970: Utilization of directive characters in demarcation of a genotypical and ecological variation

Furness R.W., 1988: Utilization of discarded fish by scavenging seabirds behind whitefish trawlers in shetland uk

Taga N., 1982: Utilization of dissolved amino acids in sea water by marine bacteria

West, B., 1978: Utilization of dissolved glucose and amino acids by leptometra phalangium

Gyllenberg, G.; Lundqvist, G., 1978: Utilization of dissolved glucose by 2 copepod species

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885478

Gould W.A., 1984: Utilization of distillers spent grain in extrusion processed doughs

Hendricks, A.; Henley, D.; Wyatt, J. T.; Dickson, K. L.; Silvey, J. K. G., 1974: Utilization of diversity indices in evaluating the effect of a paper mill effluent on bottom fauna

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885481

Koch F., 1988: Utilization of dl and l tryptophan in young pigs

Panchenko K.I., 1981: Utilization of dna mononuclears by regenerating epidermis

Benada, J.; Vanova, M., 1975: Utilization of dose effect curves for testing varietal sensitivity of cereals to soil herbicides

Llopis, J.; Boza, J.; Gonzalez-Moles, A.; Luque, J. A., 1981: Utilization of dried brewers grains in mono gastric animal feeding 1. experiments in rats and chickens on the nutritive value of protein from 2 fractions fine and coarse of dried brewers grains

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885486

D'mello, J. P. F.; Peers, D. G.; Whittemore, C. T., 1976: Utilization of dried microbial cells grown on methanol in a semi purified diet for growing pigs

Ogunmodede, B. K.; Aninge, A. J., 1978: Utilization of dried poultry manure by growing chickens fed on a practical diet

Koehler F.E., 1987: Utilization of dris for diagnosis of nutrient deficiencies in winter wheat

Tognoni G., 1980: Utilization of drugs active on the hemostatic system in intensive care units a retrospective analysis

Ogundola, F. I., 1987: Utilization of dry brewer's grains in concentrates fed to white fulani calves

Weeter D.W., 1981: Utilization of dry calcium based flue gas desulfurization waste as a hazardous waste fixation agent

Tenow O., 1979: Utilization of dry matter and bio elements in larvae of neodiprion sertifer hymenoptera diprionidae feeding on scotch pine pinus sylvestris

Fogal W.H., 1985: Utilization of dry matter and elements by larvae of the sawflies neodiprion sertifer and diprion similis feeding on scotch pine pinus sylvestris needles

Aleksieva D., 1985: Utilization of dry protein hydrolysate as component of feed mixtures for broiler chickens

Schroeder G., 1983: Utilization of duck droppings in fish farming

Keshavappa G.Y., 1981: Utilization of duckweed lemna minor and waste cabbage leaves in the formulation of fish feed

Youngs V.L., 1985: Utilization of durum bran and its effect on spaghetti

Bader, J.; Schleicher, E.; Simon, H.; Pohl, S.; Mannheim, W.; Guenther, H., 1980: Utilization of e 2 butenoate crotonate by clostridium kluyveri and some other clostridium spp

Sauerbier, W.; Hercules, K.; Hall, D. H., 1976: Utilization of early promoters in mutant farp 85 of bacterio phage t 4

Potier J.C., 1985: Utilization of echocardiography in the diagnosis of arrhythmias

Christmas, R. B.; Harms, R. H., 1976: Utilization of egg shells and phosphoric acid as a source of phosphorus and calcium in the diet of white leghorn cockerels

Tomova D., 1986: Utilization of egg shells as mineral supplement to compound feeds for laying hens

El Masry H.G., 1983: Utilization of egyptian rice straw in production of cellulases and microbial protein effect of various pre treatments on yields of protein and enzyme activity

Negrobov, O. P.; Lantsov, V. I., 1977: Utilization of electrolytically sharpened micro needles for anatomical morphological studies

Chen K H., 1986: Utilization of electron acceptors for anaerobic mannitol metabolism by lactobacillus plantarum compounds which serve as electron acceptors

Mcfeeters R.F., 1986: Utilization of electron acceptors for anaerobic mannitol metabolism by lactobacillus plantarum reduction of alpha keto acids

Mcfeeters R.F., 1986: Utilization of electron acceptors for anaerobic metabolism by lactobacillus plantarum enzymes and intermediates in the utilization of citrate

Wyatt, P. R.; Cox, D. M., 1977: Utilization of electron microscopy in the pre natal diagnosis of genetic disease

Rowlands, J. R.; Gause, E. M., 1969: Utilization of electron spin resonance spectroscopy for observation of in vivo response to fungicides

Pages J., 1983: Utilization of emission spectrometry as a method of analysis for determining nitrogen 15 in aquatic ecology assimilation of nitrate by phyto plankton in the banda sea indonesia

Pullinger C.R., 1979: Utilization of endogenous and exogenous sources of substrate for cholesterol biosynthesis by isolated hepatocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885515

Chace K.V., 1982: Utilization of endogenous lipid glycogen and protein by rabbit aorta

Kaushik S.J., 1986: Utilization of endogenous reserves during embryonic development and larval life of sturgeon acipenser baeri chondrostei

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885518

Barzana E., 1988: Utilization of endopolygalacturonase from kluyveromyces fragilis in the clarification of apple juice

Navarro A., 1985: Utilization of energy charge electron transport system and carbon 14 assimilation measurements for the study of microplanktonic activity in coastal waters under the influence of urban sewage

Canolty, N. L.; Koong, L. J., 1976: Utilization of energy for maintenance and for fat and lean gains by mice selected for rapid post weaning growth rate

Ballew J.E., 1984: Utilization of energy for maintenance and gain in broilers and leghorns at 2 ages

Krebs H.A., 1980: Utilization of energy providing substrates in the isolated working rat heart

Nayar, J. K.; Pierce, P. A., 1977: Utilization of energy reserves during survival after emergence in florida usa mosquitoes

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885527

Ohshima M., 1980: Utilization of ensiled fibrous residue obtained after extraction of ladino clover leaf protein concentrate in sheep

Trigui, N.; Sandmeier, M.; Salanoubat, M.; Pernes, J., 1986: Utilization of enzymatic and morphological data for the study of population and the domestication of plants i. separation and genetic identification of isozymes of pearl millet pennisetum typhoides

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885530

Hendrix D.L., 1979: Utilization of enzyme markers to determine the location of plasma membrane from pisum sativum cultivar alaska epicotyls on sucrose gradients

Nesbakken R., 1979: Utilization of exogenous acetate during canine hemorrhagic shock

Davis, R. H., 1968: Utilization of exogenous and endogenous ornithine by neurospora crassa

Plemenkova S.F., 1984: Utilization of exogenous and endogenous substrates in cellulose synthesis in wheat triticum aestivum cultivar moskovoskaya 35 depending on their concentration

Saggerson, E. D., 1976: Utilization of exogenous fatty acids by rat epididymal fat cells in vitro

Schonfeld, G.; Pfleger, B., 1971: Utilization of exogenous free fatty acids for the production of very low density lipo protein tri glyceride by livers of carbohydrate fed rats

Struck, D. K.; Lennarz, W. J., 1976: Utilization of exogenous gdp mannose for the synthesis of mannose containing lipids and glyco proteins by oviduct cells

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885539

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885540

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885541

Laanest L.E., 1981: Utilization of exogenous phenyl alanine and tyrosine in the biosynthesis of c glycosyl flavones in barley

Lishmane, A. Ya ; Vitols, M. Ya, 1977: Utilization of exogenous purine and pyrimidine compounds by bacteria isolated from water basins

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885544

Milstein, O. A.; Bekker, M. L., 1976: Utilization of exogenous pyrimidines as a source of nitrogen by cells of the yeast rhodotorula glutinis

Alvarez R.A., 1983: Utilization of exogenous retinol by frog pigment epithelium

Morris G.K., 1986: Utilization of exogenous siderophores by campylobacter species

Tupy J., 1980: Utilization of exogenous sugars by excised maize zea mays embryos in culture

Tripathy, K.; Klahr, S.; Lotero, H., 1970: Utilization of exogenous urea nitrogen in mal nourished adults

Crain L.R., 1983: Utilization of exogenously added acetyl coenzyme a by intact isolated lysosomes

Groener, J. E. M.; Van-Golde, L. M. G., 1978: Utilization of exogenously added and endogenously synthesized fatty acids for glycero lipids synthesis in isolated rat hepatocytes/

Gardiner, D. M., 1978: Utilization of extracellular glucose by spermatozoa of 2 viviparous fishes

Ingalls J.R., 1979: Utilization of faba bean protein concentrate in milk substitute diets by pre ruminant calves

Caballero R., 1987: Utilization of faba beans vicia faba minor in the diet of laying hens

Reddy M.R., 1984: Utilization of fallen dry teak leaves tectona grandis as roughage source in complete pelleted rations of sheep

Hettiarachchi J., 1985: Utilization of family health workers in screening for hypertension in a rural community in sri lanka

Frylestam B., 1980: Utilization of farmland habitats by european hares lepus europaeus in southern sweden

Janotkova O., 1981: Utilization of fat and degradation of cholesterol by pleurotus spp

Shul'man, G. E.; Khotkevich, T. V., 1977: Utilization of fat in the black sea goatfish mullus barbatus ponticus during swimming

Schisler L.C., 1986: Utilization of fatty acids by agaricus bisporus in commercial culture

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885562

Huang, J. S.; Downes, G. L.; Belzer, F. O., 1971: Utilization of fatty acids in perfused hypo thermic dog kidney

Geay Y., 1980: Utilization of feed energy by ruminant calves effects of milk intake feeding level and age

Kurar C.K., 1984: Utilization of feed nutrients in beetal goats kept on urea based diets

Chomakov K., 1981: Utilization of fermented and ammoniated whey in the ration of young fattening calves

Diallo A., 1987: Utilization of fertilizer nitrogen and soil nitrogen by winter wheat as it depends on the degree of soil cultivation

Heuer C., 1980: Utilization of fertilizer nitrogen by oats on tilled and untilled gray brown podzolic soil derived from loss a comparison of 2 methods

Hadas A., 1980: Utilization of fertilizer nitrogen nitrogen 15 by field grown alfalfa medicago sativa

Mahajan J.P., 1985: Utilization of fertilizer phosphorus by soybean as influenced by phosphorus fertilization in deep black soils of madhya pradesh india

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Skrede, A., 1978: Utilization of fish and animal byproducts in mink nutrition part 1 effect of source and level of protein on nitrogen balance post weaning growth and characteristics of winter fur quality

Skrede, A., 1978: Utilization of fish and animal byproducts in mink nutrition part 2 effect of source and level of protein on female reproductive performance and pre weaning growth and mortality of the progeny

Skrede, A., 1978: Utilization of fish and animal byproducts in mink nutrition part 3 digestibility of diets based on different cod gadus morhua fractions in mink of different ages

Laurent, M.; Calvet, F., 1977: Utilization of fish as indicators of water quality and comparison with the biotic index method applications to the laxia river in the french basque region and the gabas river in the landes department

Khristova G., 1981: Utilization of flours from pig feces and grape marc for fattening of lambs

Bykov V.S., 1981: Utilization of flow cytometry and cell sorting methods in immunological examinations of oncological patients

Korcak R.F., 1984: Utilization of fluidized bed material as a calcium and sulfur source for apples malus domestica cultivar york imperial

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885583

Duch D.S., 1987: Utilization of fmnh 2 and superoxide anion for the decyclization of l tryptophan by murine epididymal indoleamine 2 3 dioxygenase

Irbichin A.S., 1981: Utilization of fodder nutrient substances by cows under different summer management

Misato, T.; Wakamatsu, H.; Natsume, T.; Yoshioka, A.; Kishi, K., 1975: Utilization of food additives as agricultural fungicides

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Moriya S., 1983: Utilization of food plants by plautia stali hemiptera heteroptera pentatomidae an experimental approach

Davies, H. V.; Pinfield, N. J., 1980: Utilization of food reserves by embryos of acer platanoides during afterripening

Bonner F.T., 1985: Utilization of food reserves in quercus seed during storage

Smirnov K.A., 1986: Utilization of food resources by the european moose alces alces in the southern taiga under conditions of high population density

Thambypillai V., 1986: Utilization of formal social support services by non institutionalized ill elderly

Verite, R.; Poncet, C.; Chabi, S.; Pion, R., 1977: Utilization of formaldehyde treated oil meals by dairy cows part 1 digestive aspects

Verite, R.; Journet, M., 1977: Utilization of formaldehyde treated oil meals by dairy cows part 2 milk production as affected by oil meal treatment and protein supply during early lactation

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885596

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885597

Tiwari, Y. C.; Poonia, F. S.; Bidyasar, P. P., 1976: Utilization of free amino acids in the alimentary canal of ak grasshopper poecilocerus pictus

Lissolo T., 1982: Utilization of free and immobilized desulfovibrio hydrogenase in hydrogen photoproduction coupling efficiency of cytochrome c 3 ferredoxin and flavodoxin

Spector, A. A.; Soboroff, J. M., 1971: Utilization of free fatty acids complexed to human plasma lipo proteins by mammalian cell suspensions

Hilton J.W., 1986: Utilization of free glycerol as a source of dietary energy in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Guillaume, J., 1977: Utilization of french barley in poultry feeding part 1 hulless barley in laying hen rations

Swart P.K., 1987: Utilization of freshwater and ocean water by coastal plants of southern florida usa

Prabhu P.V., 1980: Utilization of frog waste

Vrana, A.; Fabry, P.; Kazdova, L., 1975: Utilization of fructose and metabolic consequences of fructose supply

Mishra A.K., 1983: Utilization of fructose by azospirillum brasilense

Mori A., 1988: Utilization of fruiting trees by monkeys as analyzed from feeding traces under fruiting trees in the tropical rain forest of cameroon

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885608

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885609

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885610

Kubodera A., 1987: Utilization of gallium 67 citrate for the measurement of histamine induced edema in anesthetized rats

Smith, N. J. H., 1976: Utilization of game along brazils transamazon highway

Dover, S.; Halpern, Y. S., 1972: Utilization of gamma amino butyric acid as the sole carbon and nitrogen source by escherichia coli k 12 mutants

Shen M.L., 1985: Utilization of gamma ray for insect pest control of bagged mungbean vigna radiata and adzuki bean phaseolus angularis

Da-Silva, J.; Azevedo, J. L., 1978: Utilization of gamma rays in the selection of aspergillus niger for acid production

Torbicki, H.; Renk, H., 1975: Utilization of gibbs triangle in the study of the primary production dependence on phyto plankton biomass and insolation

Cartier D., 1979: Utilization of giemsa differential staining in analysis of karyotype of 4 crepis spp

Bailey M.J., 1986: Utilization of glucoisosaccharinic acid by a bacterial isolate unable to metabolize glucose

Mueller, H. M., 1985: Utilization of gluconate by aspergillus niger i. enzymes of phosphorylating and nonphosphorylating pathways

Mueller, H. M., 1986: Utilization of gluconate by aspergillus niger ii. enzymes of degradation pathways and main end products

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Kornberg, H. L.; Soutar, A. K., 1973: Utilization of gluconate by escherichia coli induction of gluconate kinase ec and 6 phospho gluconate dehydratase ec activities

Pouyssegur, J. M.; Faik, P.; Kornberg, H. L., 1974: Utilization of gluconate by escherichia coli uptake of d gluconate by a mutant impaired in gluconate kinase activity and by membrane vesicles derived therefrom

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885626

Herrera E., 1988: Utilization of glucose alanine lactate and glycerol as lipogenic substrates by periuterine adipose tissue in situ in fed and starved rats

Williams R.A.D., 1987: Utilization of glucose and amino acids by bacteroides intermedius and bacteroides gingivalis

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885630

Ailhaud G., 1984: Utilization of glucose and palmitate during adipose conversion of ob 17 cells modulation by hypo lipidemic drugs

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885632

Patni, N. J.; Alexander, J. K., 1970: Utilization of glucose by clostridium thermocellum presence of gluco kinase and other glycolytic enzymes in cell extracts

Andersag, R.; Pirson, A., 1976: Utilization of glucose by cultures of chlorella pyrenoidosa in red and blue light

Hellerstrom C., 1980: Utilization of glucose by the implanting mouse blastocyst activated by estrogen

Kwarecki K., 1985: Utilization of glucose during exercise in relation to meal timing

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885637

Matin, A.; Rittenberg, S. C., 1970: Utilization of glucose in heterotrophic media by thiobacillus intermedius

Nehlig, A.; Lehr, P. R.; Gayet, J., 1978: Utilization of glucose in slices of chick cerebral hemispheres

Rand A.G.Jr, 1986: Utilization of glucose oxidase for extending the shelf life of fish

Veum T.L., 1980: Utilization of glucose sucrose and corn starch with isolated soybean protein by 15 day old baby pigs reared artificially

Mateo, J. P.; Veum, T. L., 1980: Utilization of glucose vs. lactose in an isolated soybean protein diet by neo natal piglets reared artificially

Lewin, J.; Hellebust, J. A., 1978: Utilization of glutamate and glucose for heterotrophic growth by the marine pennate diatom nitzschia laevis

Goto, M.; Kawamura, N., 1978: Utilization of glutamate as a sole source of nitrogen by the isolates of shiitake mushroom lentinus edodes

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885645

Baessler K.H., 1988: Utilization of glutathione disulfide as cysteine source during long term parenteral nutrition in the growing rat

Dimitrova M., 1979: Utilization of gluten flour in mixtures for broiler chicks

Herrera, E.; Lamas, L., 1970: Utilization of glycerol by rat adipose tissue in vitro

Farrell P.M., 1982: Utilization of glycogen for phospho lipid synthesis in fetal rat lung

Adu, I. F., 1985: Utilization of graded levels of brewers' dried grains by growing finishing sheep

Woodams E.E., 1986: Utilization of grape pomace for citric acid production by solid state fermentation

Proulx J.G., 1985: Utilization of grass silage by cattle effect of barley and fishmeal supplements

Grenet E., 1983: Utilization of grass silage nitrogen by growing sheep

Jiao B., 1983: Utilization of green manure for raising soil fertility in china

Janssen J., 1982: Utilization of green sunfish lepomis cyanellus and bluegills lepomis macrochirus by largemouth bass micropterus salmoides influence of ingestion time

Kalra M.S., 1981: Utilization of groundnut shells for single cell protein and cellulase production

Homann P.S., 1986: Utilization of growth parameters of eelgrass zostera marina for productivity estimation under laboratory and in situ conditions

Takamura K., 1979: Utilization of habitat by young pale chub zacco platypus pisces cyprinidae

Yamamura, K. I.; Ogita, Z. I.; Miwa, S., 1978: Utilization of hair bulbs for the detection of hetero zygotes of the electrophoretic glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase variant

Slobodchikoff C.N., 1979: Utilization of harvester ant debris by tenebrionid beetles

Evens, R. G.; Jost, R. G., 1979: Utilization of head computed tomography units in installations with greater than 2.5 years experience

Regier D.A., 1984: Utilization of health and mental health services 3 epidemiologic catchment area sites

Regier D.A., 1987: Utilization of health and mental health services by los angeles california usa mexican americans and non hispanic whites

Goldberg I.D., 1980: Utilization of health and mental health services in a large insured population

Brown, L. J.; Scott, R. S.; Beaven, D. W., 1985: Utilization of health services by diabetic persons iii. audit of hospital admissions and bed occupancy

Ganguly S.S., 1984: Utilization of health services by high risk children under five in a slum area

Jones O.W., 1986: Utilization of health services by mexican immigrant women in san diego california usa

Meesook O.A., 1986: Utilization of health services in indonesia

Ezhil R., 1986: Utilization of health services in madras city india

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885670

Seifert F.H., 1979: Utilization of heliconia musaceae by the beetle xenarescus monocerus chrysomelidae hispinae in a venezuelan forest

Bhandari, H. C.; Hayashibe, M., 1977: Utilization of hexoses in a fission yeast schizosaccharomyces pombe part 4 purification and properties of hexose binding proteins

Cooperman B.S., 1985: Utilization of high performance liquid chromatography in studies of ribosomes and their antibiotic inhibitors

Lucotte G., 1986: Utilization of highly repeated dna sequences as a criterium of complete digestion on agarose gels example of human dna restricted by various endonucleases

Ely B., 1988: Utilization of histidine by caulobacter crescentus

Rusaouen M., 1983: Utilization of histochemical techniques for the detection of various radicals of proteins and 5 hydroxy tryptamine in semi thin sections

Setoguchi M., 1981: Utilization of holes and home ranges in the japanese long tailed mice apodemus argenteus

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885678

Polliack, M. R.; Shavitt, N., 1977: Utilization of hospital in patient services by the elderly

Chakrabarty A.M., 1982: Utilization of human respiratory secretions by mucoid pseudomonas aeruginosa of cystic fibrosis origin

Nishio, N.; Ueda, M.; Omae, Y.; Hayashi, M.; Kamikubo, T., 1976: Utilization of hydro carbons and vitamin b 12 production by bacillus badius

Laanbroek, H. J.; Stal, L. J.; Veldkamp, H., 1978: Utilization of hydrogen and formate by campylobacter sp under aerobic and anaerobic conditions

Borghese, A.; Di-Giacomo, A.; Gigli, S.; Bergonzini, E.; Rosi, M. A., 1983: Utilization of hydrolyzed proteins from animal and vegetal origin for fattening pigs 2. chemical and physical characteristics of the meat

Julian G.R., 1988: Utilization of hydroxyapatite by cyanobacteria as their sole source of phosphate and calcium

Fitzgerald R.J., 1981: Utilization of hydroxylapatite adsorbable salivary proteins as growth substrates for plaque forming oral streptococci

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885686

Carr R., 1988: Utilization of hypnosis to promote compliance with routine dental flossing

Thiran N., 1982: Utilization of idle paddy lands in negeri sembilan malaysia

Voss K., 1984: Utilization of image analysis for the quantification of vascular responses in the chick chorioallantoic membrane

Deloach J.R., 1980: Utilization of imaginal tissues from pupae of the stable fly stomoxys calcitrans for the study of chitin synthesis and screening of chitin synthesis inhibitors

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885691

Lerman, M. I.; Abakumova, O. Yu ; Kutcenko, N. G.; Sokolova, I. S.; Gorbacheva, L. B.; Serebryannyi, A. M., 1975: Utilization of in vivo alkylated metabolites as a possible cause of increased sensitivity of tumor cells to alkylating agents

Comtois P., 1982: Utilization of indices of similarity and association in the interpretation of pollen diagrams

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885694

Mohanty C.R., 1981: Utilization of individual tuber sprouts in potato solanum tuberosum production

Widholm J.M., 1981: Utilization of indole analogs by carrot daucus carota var sativa and tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivar xanthi cell tryptophan synthase in vivo and in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885697

Waehner M., 1980: Utilization of induced or 2nd estrus in gilts with induced puberty

Mahmoud, S. A. Z.; Abdel-Hafez, A. M.; Mashhoor, W. A.; Refaat, A. A. A., 1978: Utilization of industrial and agricultural byproducts for fungal amylase production

Huling R.E., 1982: Utilization of industrial fermentation residues for turf grass production

Johnson D.E., 1982: Utilization of information in a social trap situation

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885702

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885703

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885704

Mattsson B., 1987: Utilization of inpatient and emergency care effects of changes in primary care system

Reierson, D. A.; Rust, M. K., 1977: Utilization of insecticidal laminated tapes to control german cockroaches

Noonan P.B., 1980: Utilization of inshore newfoundland canada caught harp seal pagophilus groenlandicus sensory quality of frozen stored salted and smoked seal meat

Legg M.J., 1981: Utilization of interactive computer graphics in analyzing 3 dimensional data sets

Summers W.P., 1985: Utilization of internal aug codons for initiation of protein synthesis directed by messenger rna species from normal and mutant genes encoding herpes simplex virus specified thymidine kinase

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885711

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885712

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885713

Stegink L.D., 1982: Utilization of intra venously administered glucose oligo saccharides in growing miniature pigs

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885715

Filer L.J.Jr, 1983: Utilization of intra venously infused glucose oligo saccharides in fasted and fed pigs

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885717

Kimura T., 1985: Utilization of intramitochondrial membrane cholesterol by cytochrome p 450 dependent cholesterol side chain cleavage reaction in bovine adrenocortical mitochondria steroidogenic and non steroidogenic pools of cholesterol in the mitochondrial inner membranes

Choubert, G.; De-La-Noue, J., 1987: Utilization of invertebrate biomasses for rainbow trout salmo gairdneri rich. pigmentation apparent digestibility of carotenoids

Suhr Jessen P., 1985: Utilization of iron complexes in an animal cell

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885722

Cheshmedzhiev, B. V.; Jordanova, I. G., 1987: Utilization of irradiated aspergillus niger v. t. a waste mycelium of production of citric acid as a source of vitamin d 2 i. an experiment with broiler chicks

Jordanova, I.; Cheshmedzhiev, B., 1987: Utilization of irradiated aspergillus niger v. t. a waste mycelium of production of citric acid as a source of vitamin d 2 ii. an experiment with weaned pigs

Galun E., 1980: Utilization of irradiated carrot cell suspensions as feeder layer for cultured nicotiana tabacum cultivar xanthi cells and protoplasts

Yakovlev, S. P.; Ostapenko, V. I., 1968: Utilization of irradiated pollen in the hybridization of some fruits pear d

Bruce W.A., 1983: Utilization of irradiated sperm from successive matings by the mold mite tyrophagus putrescentiae acari acaridae

Stary P., 1984: Utilization of isozyme analysis in the research on population diversity of aphid parasitoids hymenoptera aphidiidae

Miyata Y., 1987: Utilization of its insoluble salts for identification of alkyldipyridylium herbicide paraquat and diquat by ir spectra

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885730

Veselenak, J. M.; Volz, P. A., 1977: Utilization of keratinophilic material by selected trichophyton terrestre space flight phenotypes

Hussein, M. M. D., 1977: Utilization of kerosine by a hydro carbon assimilating strain of fusarium oxysporum

Tildon J.T., 1982: Utilization of ketone bodies and glucose by established neural cell lines

Hashimoto K., 1979: Utilization of krill euphausia superba as a fish sauce material

Kuehl, J.; Nittinger, J.; Siebert, G., 1978: Utilization of krill shells in feeding experiments with rats

Williamson D.H., 1981: Utilization of l alanine and l glutamine by lactating mammary gland of the rat a role for l alanine as a lipogenic precursor

Hansen T.A., 1986: Utilization of l alanine as carbon and nitrogen source by desulfovibrio hl 21

Herbert, R. A.; Siefert, E.; Pfennig, N., 1980: Utilization of l alanine by rhodopseudomonas acidophila

D'mello J.P.F., 1987: Utilization of l and dl amino acids by broiler chicks fed diets containing pruteen

Kunert J., 1982: Utilization of l cystine and d l cystine by the fungus microsporum gypseum

Glem Hansen N., 1982: Utilization of l cystine and l methionine and d methionine by mink during the period of intensive hair growth

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885743

Webber, R. J.; Edmond, J., 1977: Utilization of l dextro 3 hydroxy butyrate d levo 3 hydroxy butyrate acetoacetate and glucose for respiration and lipid synthesis in the 18 day old rat

Ledingham J.G.G., 1982: Utilization of l dextro lactate in patients with liver disease

Syrett P.J., 1986: Utilization of l lysine and l arginine by the diatom phaeodactylum tricornutum

Anderson, G. H.; Ashley, D. V. M.; Jones, J. D., 1976: Utilization of l methionine sulfoxide l methionine sulfone and cysteic acid by the weanling rat

Yeung, S. K. F.; Kuksis, A., 1976: Utilization of l serine in the in vivo biosynthesis of glycero phospho lipids by rat liver

Bennett O.L., 1979: Utilization of labeled nitrogen fertilizer by silage corn zea mays under conventional and no till culture

Pomazkina L.V., 1980: Utilization of labeled nitrogen of fertilizers by plants and its transformation in soils of the subtaiga zone of central siberia ussr

Reddy, K. R.; Patrick, W. H. Jr, 1978: Utilization of labeled urea and ammonium sulfate by lowland rice

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885752

Crow V.L., 1986: Utilization of lactate isomers by propionibacterium freudenreichii ssp shermanii regulatory role for intracellular pyruvate

Kurz C.S., 1980: Utilization of lactic acid and cardio vascular response in the sheep fetus receiving an infusion of lactic acid

Janicka, I.; Maliszewska, M.; Pedziwilk, F., 1976: Utilization of lactose and production of corrinoids in selected strains of propionic acid bacteria in cheese whey and casein media

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885756

Hoefer M., 1986: Utilization of lactose in non respiring cells of the yeast debaryomyces polymorphus

Togatorop M.H., 1980: Utilization of layer litter as a feedstuff in lactating dairy cows

Havstad K.M., 1984: Utilization of leafy spurge euphorbia esula by sheep

Flerov B.A., 1980: Utilization of leeches for identification of pesticides in water

Cheva Isarakul B., 1985: Utilization of leucaena leaf material as an ingredient of the calf starter for pre ruminant dairy calves

Morgan H.E., 1980: Utilization of leucine by working rat heart

Rascol, A.; Guiraud-Chaumeil, B.; Laboucarie, J.; Montastruc, J. L.; El-Hage, W., 1978: Utilization of levo 5 hydroxy tryptophan in post anoxic myo clonus

Jean C., 1987: Utilization of lhrh agonist in pulmonary leiomyomatosis

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885765

Hsu-Chia-Wu-Prod-Brigade-Sci-Tech-Group-(Peking) ; Agric-Inst-Mi-Yun-Cty ; Peking-Acad-Agric-Lab-Agrometeorol-Res-Group-Photoenergy, 1977: Utilization of light and their energy in inter planting and multiple cropping

Shiba T., 1984: Utilization of light energy by the strictly aerobic bacterium erythrobacter sp och 114

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885768

Goncharik, M. N.; Kruchinina, S. S., 1976: Utilization of light in widely spaced potato plantings

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885770

Bakdash M.B., 1984: Utilization of locus of control in the prediction of patients oral hygiene performance

Barton G.M., 1982: Utilization of lodgepole pine pinus contorta muka foliage by sheep

Tuder R.M., 1986: Utilization of logistic regression to improve diagnostic of pulmonary infection

Ockner R.K., 1979: Utilization of long chain fatty acids by rat liver studies of the role of fatty acid binding protein

Burns, C. P.; Welshman, I. R.; Spector, A. A., 1977: Utilization of long chain free fatty acids and glucose by human leukemic blast cells

Spector, A. A.; Hoak, J. C.; Warner, E. D.; Fry, G. L., 1970: Utilization of long chain free fatty acids by human platelets

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885777

Hijnen W.A.M., 1981: Utilization of low concentrations of starch by a flavobacterium sp isolated from tap water

Shibata S., 1980: Utilization of low grade wheat flour possibility of textured protein

Hibberd C.A., 1987: Utilization of low quality native grass hay by beef cows fed increasing quantities of corn grain

Hunter, R. A.; Siebert, B. D., 1985: Utilization of low quality roughage by bos taurus and bos indicus cattle 1. rumen digestion

Hunter, R. A.; Siebert, B. A., 1985: Utilization of low quality roughage by bos taurus and bos indicus cattle 2. the effect of rumen degradable nitrogen and sulfur on voluntary food intake and rumen characteristics

Kellaway R.C., 1982: Utilization of low quality roughages effects of alkali treatment of wheat straw on intake by and growth rate of cattle with and without a supplement of cottonseed meal

Leibholz J., 1982: Utilization of low quality roughages effects of supplementing with casein treated or untreated with formaldehyde on digesta flows intake and growth rate of cattle eating wheat straw

Leibholz J., 1980: Utilization of low quality roughages effects of urea and protein supplements of differing solubility on digesta flows intake and growth rate of cattle eating oaten chaff

Ravin C.E., 1986: Utilization of lung scans by clinicians

Frayne R.F., 1979: Utilization of lupine stubbles by merino sheep studies of animal performance rates and time of stocking lupinosis liver copper and zinc and circulating plasma enzymes

Sapritskii A.V., 1984: Utilization of lymphocyte dna by the urothelium of urinary bladder tumors

Di Girolamo M., 1988: Utilization of lysine analogs by a lysine requiring escherichia coli mutant

Fontenot J.P., 1987: Utilization of magnesium and other macrominerals in sheep supplemented with different readily fermentable carbohydrates

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885791

Nemat, A. N.; Rawia, F. G.; Ramadan, E. M., 1986: Utilization of maize waste products for production of microbial protein 4. production of single cell protein using different cellulolytic fungi and yeast using maize residues variety giza 2

Nemat, A. N.; Ramadan, E. M.; Nofal, M. A., 1986: Utilization of maize waste products for production of microbial protein 5. production of single cell protein using some growing cellulolytic fungi and yeast grown on maize waste products variety pioneer

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885794

Noureldin, N. A.; El-Habbal, M. S., 1986: Utilization of maize waste products in production of microbial protein 1. varietal differences in some chemical composition of maize stover

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885796

Sethi R.P., 1982: Utilization of malted barley husk for the production of fungal protein

Moustafa A.M., 1982: Utilization of mango seed kernel mangifera indica as a source of oil

Rollet, B., 1975: Utilization of mangrove part 2 forest usages

Rollet, B., 1975: Utilization of mangroves part 1

Jedliczka Z.T., 1979: Utilization of manipulative behavior in a retarded asthmatic child

Prim, P.; Lawrence, J. M., 1975: Utilization of marine plants and their constituents by bacteria isolated from the gut of echinoids echinodermata

Loyal, D. S.; Kumar, K., 1977: Utilization of marsilea sporocarps as sham seeds by a weevil

Eroshin V.K., 1979: Utilization of mass energy balance regularities in the analysis of continuous culture data

Infante A.A., 1983: Utilization of maternal and embryonic histone rna in early sea urchin strongylocentrotus purpuratus development

Nedelec J., 1984: Utilization of mathematical analysis of growth for the comparison of various clam rearing techniques

Danova V., 1986: Utilization of mathematical methods for determination of drug consumption factors

Gawrilow, I., 1977: Utilization of mathematical models to characterize functional properties of selected emulsifiers in continuous mix bread

Usmani T.H., 1985: Utilization of mazri leaves for fiber production

Slinger, S. J.; Summers, J. D.; Leeson, S., 1978: Utilization of meal from a new rapeseed variety brassica campestris cultivar candle in layer diets

Lipski M.D., 1981: Utilization of meat wool ewes for reproduction depending on their age

Joseph, A. L.; Berry, B. W.; Cross, H. R.; Maga, J. A., 1978: Utilization of mechanically de boned beef in cooked salami

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885813

Heilig R.W.Jr, 1985: Utilization of medical care in orange county california usa the effect of implementation of a regional trauma system

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885815

Sogard S.M., 1984: Utilization of meio fauna as a food source by a grassbed fish the spotted dragonet callionymus pauciradiatus

Lusas E.W., 1980: Utilization of membrane produced oilseed isolates in soft serve frozen desserts

Gatt S., 1986: Utilization of membranous lipid substrates by membranous enzymes activation of the latent sphingomyelinase of hen erythrocyte membrane

Gatt S., 1980: Utilization of membranous lipid substrates by membranous enzymes hydrolysis of sphingomyelin in erythrocyte ghosts and liposomes by the membranous sphingomyelinase of chicken erythrocyte ghosts

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885820

Lavik N.J., 1983: Utilization of mental health services over a given period

Winters D.W., 1979: Utilization of metabolic activation for in vitro screening of potential anti neoplastic agents

Rattray, P. V.; Joyce, J. P., 1976: Utilization of metabolizable energy for fat and protein deposition in sheep

Rao P.V., 1987: Utilization of metabolizable energy in white leghorn layers

Erfan-Ali, M.; Huq, M. N.; Chowdhury, M., 1979: Utilization of methane natural gas in the production of single cell protein 1. the isolation and characterization of methane utilizing bacteria

Van Dijken P., 1988: Utilization of methanol by a catalase negative mutant of hansenula polymorpha

Quayle, J. R.; Pfennig, N., 1975: Utilization of methanol by rhodospirillaceae

Gottschalk G., 1986: Utilization of methanol plus hydrogen by methanosarcina barkeri for methanogenesis and growth

Langer K., 1986: Utilization of methionine and n acetyl l cysteine during long term parenteral nutrition in the growing rat

Klaassen C.D., 1987: Utilization of methionine as a sulfhydryl source for metallothionein synthesis in rat primary hepatocyte cultures

Naider, F.; Becker, J. M.; Katzir-Katchalski, E., 1974: Utilization of methionine containing peptides and their derivatives by a methionine requiring auxotroph of saccharomyces cerevisiae

Owens J.D., 1980: Utilization of methyl amines as nitrogen sources by nonmethylotrophs

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885833

Murray, D. S.; Rieck, W. L.; Lynd, J. Q., 1970: Utilization of methylthio s triazine for growth of soil fungi

Gamble W., 1988: Utilization of mevalonate by aorta for the synthesis of medium chain n fatty acids 8 carbon 10 carbon and acylglycerols

Ninova P., 1983: Utilization of micro crystal cellulose preparation micricel for biosynthesis of cellulase enzymes and for determination of the activity of the enzyme exo 1 4 beta glucanase

Jinno K., 1982: Utilization of micro high performance liquid chromatography technique for estimating hydrophobic substituent parameters in quantitative structure activity relationships works

Praeve, P., 1977: Utilization of microbes modern developments in biological technology

Washington, J. A. Ii, 1975: Utilization of microbiologic data

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885841

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885842

Prugnaud J., 1981: Utilization of milk and whey proteins by the young pre ruminant calf influence of age and of whey protein denaturation

Smirnov, V. S., 1975: Utilization of millimeter and submillimeter radio waves for mutagenetic stimulation in decorative lupines

Read D.J., 1986: Utilization of mineral and amino nitrogen sources by the ericoid mycorrhizal endophyte hymenoscyphus ericae and by mycorrhizal and non mycorrhizal seedlings of vaccinium

Joshi K.L., 1986: Utilization of minerals by larvae of the eri silkmoth philosamia ricini hutt lepidoptera saturniidae

Carr B.K., 1979: Utilization of mismatched initiator termini by avian myeloblastosis virus dna polymerase

Mehard, C. W.; Lyons, J. M.; Kumamoto, J., 1970: Utilization of model membranes in a test for the mechanism of ethylene action

Balatsouras G.D., 1988: Utilization of modified spent lye as cover brine of conservolea olives subjected to fermentation like spanish style green olives

Chernovisov G.N., 1988: Utilization of modified waste from antibiotic production to obtain building materials

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885851

Vignon B., 1982: Utilization of molasses base liquid feeds by cattle

Henning, W. P.; Compaan, J. P.; Grobler, J., 1984: Utilization of monensin in protein energy licks by lactating ewes on sour winter veld 1. preweaning

Henning, W. P.; Campaan, J. P.; Grobler, J., 1984: Utilization of monensin in protein energy licks by lactating ewes on sour winter veld 2. postweaning

Jouany, J. P.; Senaud, J., 1978: Utilization of monensin in the diets of ruminants part 2 effects on fermentation and the microbial population of the rumen

Gueguen, L.; Foret, R.; Durand, M., 1976: Utilization of mono ammonium phosphate by sheep part 1 comparative utilization of phosphorus from mono ammonium and mono sodium phosphates and effect on calcium and magnesium metabolism

Durand, M.; Foret, R.; Dumay, C.; Gueguen, L., 1976: Utilization of mono ammonium phosphate by sheep part 2 effect of nitrogen metabolism of rumen micro flora

Polliack A., 1983: Utilization of mono clonal antibodies and immuno scanning electron microscopy for the positive identification of human leukemic cells

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885859

Sprouse R.F., 1987: Utilization of monoclonal antibodies to evaluate the involvement of campylobacter jejuni in proliferative ileitis in syrian hamsters mesocricetus auratus

Pastuszak W.T., 1987: Utilization of monoclonal antibody l26 in the identification and confirmation of b cell lymphomas a sensitive and specific marker applicable to formalin fixed and b5 fixed paraffin embedded tissues

Corpe W.A., 1988: Utilization of morphometric analysis in evaluating the ultrastructure of various methylotrophic bacteria

Hatch, T. P., 1975: Utilization of mouse l cell nucleoside tri phosphates by chlamydia psittaci for rna synthesis

Ryan M., 1981: Utilization of mouse stem cell depleted marrow in the study of diffusion chamber myelopoiesis

Petkov M., 1981: Utilization of mulberry leaves by some hybrid silkworms

Petkov, M., 1980: Utilization of mulberry leaves of different cultivars under different feeding norms and seasons of silkworm feeding 3. expenditure of mulberry leaves per unit of production and its repayment by summer and fall silkworm feeding

Natour R.M., 1987: Utilization of municipal compost in kuwait

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885868

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885869

Baessler K.H., 1988: Utilization of n acetyl l glutamine during long term parenteral nutrition in growing rats significance of glutamine for weight and nitrogen balance

Inoue G., 1980: Utilization of n acetyl l tryptophan given intra venously to unrestrained adult rats

Langer K., 1985: Utilization of n acetyl l tyrosine and glycyl l tyrosine during long term parenteral nutrition in the growing rat

Baessler B., 1982: Utilization of n acetylated amino acids in solutions for intra venous nutrition cleavage of n acetyl tyrosine and n acetyl cysteine in rat tissues

Merdinger, E.; Merdinger, R. P., 1970: Utilization of n alkanes by pullularia pullulans

Rauramaa, A.; Kreula, M., 1977: Utilization of n butyric acid and iso butyric acid in the biosynthesis of milk components by a cow on protein free purified feed

Kurze T., 1981: Utilization of native glioma antigens in the assessment of cellular and humoral immune responses in malignant glioma patients

Resh V.H., 1985: Utilization of natural and man made habitats by the salt marsh song sparrow melospiza melodia samuelis

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885878

Rodriguez-Berrocal, J.; Molera-Aparicio, M., 1985: Utilization of natural food resources i. analysis of the dama dama and ovis ammon musimon diet

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885880

Gibbons R.W., 1983: Utilization of natural hybrids in the improvement of groundnuts arachis hypogaea

Hamid A., 1984: Utilization of natural lactoperoxidase system to extend keeping quality of raw milk

Iskenderov I.Sh, 1979: Utilization of natural zeolites

Spannhof L., 1987: Utilization of neomysis integer leach crustacea mysidacea by rainbow trout salmo gairdneri richardson parr in brackish water

Kumar V., 1984: Utilization of neonatal health care in a community

Truszkowski, J., 1974: Utilization of nest boxes by rodents

Manchee, R. J.; Taylor-Robinson, D., 1969: Utilization of neuraminic acid receptors by mycoplasmas mycoplasmata enz neuraminidase mycoplasma pneumoniae human fowl erythrocytes mycoplasma gallisepticum neopl hela cells mycoplasma synoviae mycoplasma wr1

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885889

Das R.R., 1983: Utilization of new attributes for evaluating a flower color spectrum

Enatsu K., 1986: Utilization of nickel titanium shape memory alloy for ossicular prosthesis and its biocompatibility with the incus of cats

Wallace W., 1988: Utilization of nitrate by bacteroids of bradyrhizobium japonicum in the soybean root nodule

Strohl W.R., 1985: Utilization of nitrate by beggiatoa alba

Jungnickel F., 1980: Utilization of nitrate in lemna minor under autotrophic and mixotrophic conditions

Vega J.M., 1983: Utilization of nitrate nitrite and ammonium by chlamydomonas reinhardii photo production of ammonium

Alekhina N.D., 1983: Utilization of nitrate nitrogen by wheat seedlings growing at different temperatures in the root zone

Mccarthy C.M., 1987: Utilization of nitrate or nitrite as single nitrogen source by mycobacterium avium

Luczak W., 1982: Utilization of nitrite and nitrate by dwarf bean phaseolus vulgaris cultivar witte krombek

Olson R.A., 1979: Utilization of nitrogen 15 fertilizer by nodulating and nonnodulating soybean glycine max isolines

Pleasure D., 1986: Utilization of nitrogen 15 glutamate by cultured astrocytes

Ionova O.N., 1980: Utilization of nitrogen 15 labeled fertilizer by plants and its transformation in the soil

Fejes, J.; Boda, K.; Varady, J.; Kosta, K., 1977: Utilization of nitrogen 15 urea administered into the sheep small intestine

Mackenzie A.F., 1988: Utilization of nitrogen 15 urea fertilizer by irrigated wheat in zambia

Koroleva L.I., 1981: Utilization of nitrogen accumulated in aboveground parts of the plant for grain formation in different spring wheat cultivars

Nevins J.L., 1986: Utilization of nitrogen and phosphorus by primary producers in warm core ring 82 b following deep convective mixing

Nakao T., 1987: Utilization of nitrogen and phosphorus from treated sewage and bay sediment by marine algae

Arora S.P., 1981: Utilization of nitrogen and sulfur by rumen microbes and their excretion in calves

Singh T.K.S., 1979: Utilization of nitrogen by 2 isolates of wilt pathogen fusarium oxysporum f sp udum

Grzywnowicz I., 1984: Utilization of nitrogen by maize from various nitrogen fractions in the soil

Adolfo Cuneo O., 1987: Utilization of nitrogen by parenteral route in injuries

Upadhyay, R. K.; Dwivedi, R. S., 1978: Utilization of nitrogen by pestalotiopsis funerea causing leaf spot of eucalyptus globulus

Hamid, A.; Sarwar, G., 1976: Utilization of nitrogen by wheat from ammonium 4 and nitrate 3 forms applied as ammonium 4 nitrate 3 selectively labeled with nitrogen 15

Bast, E., 1977: Utilization of nitrogen compounds and ammonia assimilation by chromatiaceae

Garwacki S., 1986: Utilization of nitrogen from nitrogen 15 ammonium chloride and nitrogen 15 alanine for urea synthesis in hepatocytes from fed and starved rats

Vilsmeier K., 1982: Utilization of nitrogen in cattle slurry after addition of dicyandiamide pot and lysimeter trials with straw

Vilsmeier K., 1982: Utilization of nitrogen in cattle slurry and liquid manure with dicyandiamide in field trials

Taylor S.J., 1982: Utilization of nitrogen in nitrogen 15 labeled ammonia treated corn silage fed to lactating cows

Milyaeva T.F., 1981: Utilization of nitrogen of late nonroot dressing for synthesis of proteins in wheat couch grass hybrid seed

Leal J.A., 1979: Utilization of nitrogen sources by aspergillus nidulans for extracellular poly saccharide production

Leslie J.F., 1986: Utilization of nitrogen sources by gibberella zeae

Sodek L., 1987: Utilization of nitrogen sources by immature soybean cotyledons in culture

Radford, R. L. Jr ; Chavengsaksongkram, C.; Hymowitz, T., 1977: Utilization of nitrogen to sulfur ratio for evaluating sulfur containing amino acid concentrations in seed of glycine max and glycine soja

Chabalier P.F., 1987: Utilization of nitrogenous fertilizer by annual crops in the ivory coast

Smith, R. H.; Salter, D. N.; Daneshvar, K., 1977: Utilization of nitrogenous nutrients and particularly nonprotein nitrogen by the bovine

Mitamura O., 1986: Utilization of nitrogenous nutrients by natural phytoplankton in enriched lake waters

Komaki, H.; Nakano, T.; Fuchu, M.; Toyotome, M.; Ohba, S.; Morimoto, H., 1981: Utilization of nonprotein nitrogen compound for ruminants 1. effects of enclosure of urea in poly propylene straw on the utilization of nitrogen

Goto M., 1980: Utilization of nonprotein nitrogenous compounds in the rabbit utilization of urea and 1 1 di ureido iso butane and nitrogen retention in the rabbit

Forbes M.B., 1985: Utilization of nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs

Kamikubo, T.; Hayashi, M.; Nishio, N.; Nagai, S., 1978: Utilization of nonsugar sources for vitamin b 12 production

Marcus N.N., 1985: Utilization of nonverbal expressive behavior in cognitive therapy

Buescher, R. W.; Tigchelaar, E. C., 1977: Utilization of nor tomato hybrids for extending storage life and improving processed quality

Rittenberg, S. C.; Langley, D., 1975: Utilization of nucleoside mono phosphates per se for intra periplasmic growth of bdellovibrio bacteriovorus

Prentice N., 1987: Utilization of nucleosides and nucleobases by the lager yeast saccharomyces carlsbergensis

Kulinich L.Ya, 1980: Utilization of numerical polytomous key to make the taxonomic status of species of the genus plagiostomum turbellaria prolecithophora more precise

Ryabukha, E. V., 1978: Utilization of nutrient elements by cultivated pines during application of fertilizer

Lal, M.; Makkar, G. S., 1976: Utilization of nutrient in agro industrial byproducts by swine

Kanaujia A.S., 1981: Utilization of nutrients by growing female calves of the holstein friesian brown swiss and jersey crosses with hariana

Kawalkar, V. N.; Patle, B. R., 1978: Utilization of nutrients from complete rations by cross bred holstein x tharparkar lactating cows

Kurar C.K., 1983: Utilization of nutrients in cattle buffaloes and goats

Negi S.S., 1983: Utilization of oak tree quercus incana fodder in cattle rations and fate of oak leaf tannins in the ruminant system

Wernli, K. C.; Guitart, A. I.; Hargreaves, B. A., 1986: Utilization of oat fodder avena sativa l. cultivar nehuen by grazing or soiling with lactating dairy cows

Moir R.J., 1983: Utilization of oaten hay by cattle effects of milling and urea supplementation

Rosenshein N.B., 1987: Utilization of obstetrician gynecologists and prevention of cervical cancer

Dion P., 1986: Utilization of octopine by marine bacteria isolated from mollusks

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885949

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885950

Malhotra, R. K.; Chaturvedi, C., 1977: Utilization of oligo saccharides and amino acids by colletotrichum truncatum causing pod blight disease in soybean

Nagasawa T., 1987: Utilization of oligosaccharides in soymilk by bifidobacteria and lactic acid bacteria

Battisti J.A.D., 1985: Utilization of opaque 2 maize in gestating gilts

Tuominen R., 1987: Utilization of oral health services by employed dentulous and edentulous populations

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885956

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885957

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885958

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885959

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885960

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885961

Martin J.F., 1986: Utilization of ornithine and arginine as specific precursors of clavulanic acid

Kulikova N.A., 1982: Utilization of ovipositor morphology for identification of female flies diptera sarcophagidae

Dolin, M. I.; Juni, E., 1978: Utilization of oxal acetate by acinetobacter calcoaceticus evidence for coupling between malic enzyme and malic dehydrogenase

Jarrett, I. G.; Filsell, O. H.; Ballard, F. J., 1976: Utilization of oxidizable substrates by the sheep hind limb effects of starvation and exercise

Thompson, E. A. Jr ; Siteri, P. K., 1974: Utilization of oxygen and nadp by human placental microsomes during aromatization of androstenedione

Timoshenko V.I., 1985: Utilization of parametrical hydrolocator in oceanic studies

Kaplan W.D., 1982: Utilization of parasternal lympho scintigraphy in radiation therapy of breast carcinoma

Smart R.I., 1979: Utilization of partially hydrolyzed starch in milk replacers by new born lambs

Itoh T., 1982: Utilization of partially n succinylated derivatives of chitosan and glycol chitosan as supports for the immobilization of enzymes

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885973

Berger L.L., 1985: Utilization of pelleted corncob concentrate diets by growing lambs and multiple fistulated sheep

Czarnocka-Roczniakowa, R.; Maciejska, A., 1985: Utilization of penicillinase producing micrococcus strains in the technology of fermented milk products i. decomposition of penicillin in milk by selected micrococcus strains

Maciejska, A.; Szarnocka-Roczniakowa, B., 1985: Utilization of penicillinase producing micrococcus strains in the technology of fermented milk products ii. effect of penicillinase producing micrococcus strains on the fermentative activity of lactic starter bacteria

Toma D., 1981: Utilization of per cutaneous sensitization to di nitrochloro benzene in the treatment of pelade

Sugimura T., 1979: Utilization of perceptual and conceptual attributes in childrens sorting behavior as a function of age and category similarity

Tisdale M.J., 1984: Utilization of performed and endogenously synthesized methionine by cells in tissue culture

Section 7, Chapter 6886, Accession 006885980

Abou Zeid A Z.A., 1981: Utilization of petroleum fractions for the production of single cell protein

Shimma, Y.; Kato, T.; Fukuda, Y.; Yamaguchi, M.; Arai, S.; Nose, T.; Tomukai, S.; Shimma, H.; Yokote, M.; Et-Al, 1976: Utilization of petroleum yeast in fish feed part 3 long term feeding tests on rainbow trout at 9.5 celsius and 17 celsius

Shimma, Y.; Shimma, H., 1976: Utilization of petroleum yeast in fish feed part 4 plasma cholesterol content and fatty acid composition of erythrocytes of rainbow trout

Bogh A., 1980: Utilization of pharma plast syringes for gas level determination

Belay S., 1986: Utilization of pharmacies and pharmaceutical drugs in addis ababa ethiopia

Leuchtenberger A., 1985: Utilization of phenotypical characteristics for selection of thermitase producing thermoactinomyces vulgaris strains with increased efficiency

Wong G.S.K., 1986: Utilization of phenylthio substituted amines for the synthesis of pyrrolidines

Florin Christensen J., 1985: Utilization of phosphate compounds for growth of tetrahymena thermophila

Diest A.V., 1979: Utilization of phosphate from different sources by 6 plant species

Kalous J., 1987: Utilization of phosphatide acid salts in animal nutrition

Durand M., 1983: Utilization of phosphorus and calcium and minimal maintenance requirement for phosphorus in growing sheep fed a low phosphorus diet/

Ghosh G., 1985: Utilization of phosphorus by green gram vigna radiata as influenced by soil moisture regimes and method of phosphorus application

Chernyakov N.E., 1980: Utilization of phosphorus from plant residues and mineral fertilizers in some links of crop rotation on soddy podzolic soil

Khan, K. M.; Mahmood, K., 1979: Utilization of phosphorylase ec activation for quality maintenance of stored potatoes

Weber, G., 1977: Utilization of photo chemo therapy by uv a and locally applied psoralens

Hansen, G. K., 1978: Utilization of photosynthates for growth respiration and storage in tops and roots of lolium multiflorum

Ribbons D.W., 1982: Utilization of phthalate esters by micrococci

Stern, R. S.; Johnson, M. L.; Delozier, J., 1977: Utilization of physician services for dermatologic complaints the usa 1974

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