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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6887

Chapter 6887 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Netke S.P., 1979: Utilization of phytin and nonphytin phosphorus by laying pullets

Mayzaud P., 1984: Utilization of phyto plankton by zoo plankton during the spring bloom in a nova scotia inlet canada

Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886003

Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886004

Pearce G.R., 1979: Utilization of piggery waste part 3 effects of sodium hydroxide treatment of pig feces on chemical composition microscopic physical characteristics and in vitro and in vivo digestibility

Khan, M. A.; Khan, T., 1981: Utilization of pine pinus roxburghii needles 1. extraction of pine fibers and their physical and chemical characteristics

Tan, T. C.; Soon, T. K.; Liew, I. L., 1974: Utilization of pineapple wastes

Pepe, G. J.; Albrecht, E. D., 1980: Utilization of placental substrates for cortisol synthesis by the baboon papio papio fetus near term

Ajayi S.S., 1984: Utilization of plant and animal protein sources by the african giant rat cricetomys gambianus and the albino rat

Hanset, R., 1975: Utilization of plant and animal resources american perspective

Gandhi, J. R., 1977: Utilization of plant food in heteropteran oxycarenus hyalinipennis and homopteran oxyrhachis tarandus

Clay D., 1981: Utilization of plant materials by juvenile african catfish clarias gariepinus and its importance in fish culture

Rapoport S.I., 1987: Utilization of plasma fatty acid in rat brain distribution of carbon 14 palmitate between oxidative and synthetic pathways

Su C Y., 1987: Utilization of plutella xylostella granulosis virus pxgv for control of plutella xylostella in the field

Hardman N., 1980: Utilization of poly adenylated messenger rna during growth and starvation in physarum polycephalum

Robert, J.; Rebel, G.; Mandel, P., 1978: Utilization of poly unsaturated fatty acid supplements by cultured neuro blastoma cells

Lynch R.D., 1980: Utilization of poly unsaturated fatty acids by human di ploid cells aging in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886018

Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886019

Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886020

Umunna N.N., 1981: Utilization of poor quality roughage the replacement value of urea for groundnut cake in sheep growing diets

Rai, S. N.; Mudgal, V. D., 1984: Utilization of poor quality roughages 2. enzymic treatment of wheat straw

Rai, S. N.; Mudgal, V. D., 1985: Utilization of poor quality roughages 3. effect of gamma irradiation on chemical composition and structural polysaccharides utilization of straws

Umunna N.N., 1982: Utilization of poor quality roughages response of sheep fed native hay supplemented with urea by different methods

Sargent J.R., 1986: Utilization of porcine pancreatic phospholipase a 2 for the preparation of a marine fish oil enriched in n 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids

Ballero, M.; Floris, G., 1985: Utilization of posidonia oceanica l. delile as substrate for the production of pleurotus ostreatus jacq. ex fr. kummer

Bennett S.H., 1981: Utilization of post hatching yolk in loggerhead sea turtles caretta caretta

Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886029

Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886030

Allain D., 1985: Utilization of potato protein in growing mink diets

Wheeler, R. M.; Steffen, K. L.; Tibbitts, T. W.; Palta, J. P., 1986: Utilization of potatoes for life support systems ii. the effects of temperature under 24 h and 12 h photoperiods

Wheeler, R. M.; Tibbitts, T. W., 1987: Utilization of potatoes for life support systems in space iii. productivity at successive harvest dates under 12 h and 24 h photoperiods

Wheeler, R. M.; Tibbitts, T. W., 1986: Utilization of potatoes solanum tuberosum for life support systems in space i. cultivar and photoperiod interactions

Steffens W., 1988: Utilization of poultry by products meal for raising carp fingerlings cyprinus carpio

Toro, V. A.; Mudgal, V. D., 1983: Utilization of poultry litter as animal feed 1. effect of processing method on bacteriological quality and nutritional value

Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886038

Maciak, F., 1984: Utilization of power plant wastes in the form of ashes in urban macroagglomeration 1. physico chemical properties of ashes from ash dumps of power plants siekierki and zeran poland

Maciak, F., 1984: Utilization of power plant wastes in the form of ashes in urban macroagglomeration 2. plants as protection against the dusting of ash dumps of power plants siekierki and zeran poland

Wertelecki W., 1981: Utilization of pre natal genetic diagnosis in women 35 years of age and older in the usa 1977 1978

Sutherland G., 1985: Utilization of prenatal cytogenetic diagnosis in women of advanced maternal age in australia 1979 1982

Finley, J. W.; Walker, C. E.; Hautala, E., 1976: Utilization of press water from brewers spent grains

Gupta R.K., 1983: Utilization of pressmud as amendment of acid soil in nagaland india

Green T.G.A., 1983: Utilization of pressure volume techniques and nonlinear least squares analysis to investigate site induced stresses in evergreen trees

Moll R.H., 1986: Utilization of previously accumulated and concurrently absorbed nitrogen during reproductive growth in maize zea mays influence of prolificacy and nitrogen source

Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886047

Perera K.S.G.P., 1984: Utilization of primary health care workers for early detection of oral cancer and pre cancer cases in sri lanka

Saeed A.A.W., 1984: Utilization of primary health services in port sudan sudan

Yarbrough L.R., 1982: Utilization of primers and primer templates by wheat germ rna polymerase ii

Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886051

Hawley T.G., 1987: Utilization of private hospital beds in auckland new zealand for long term geriatric care

Salles L.T.G.D., 1987: Utilization of prolific corn cultivars in intercropping systems with bean

Bush J.W., 1979: Utilization of promoter and terminator sites on bacterio phage t 7 dna by rna polymerases from a variety of bacterial orders

Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886056

Rauramaa, A.; Kreula, M., 1976: Utilization of propionate in the biosynthesis of milk components by a cow on protein free purified feed

Ridley, R. K.; Slonka, G. F.; Leland, S. E. Jr, 1977: Utilization of propionic acid by the l 4 and adult stages of cooperia punctata nematoda trichostrongylidae grown in vitro

Reddy M.R., 1983: Utilization of prosopis juliflora pods in the concentrate feeds of cattle and sheep

Geervani P., 1984: Utilization of protein and calcium in adult women on cereal legume diets containing varying amounts of fiber

Holdsworth M.D., 1980: Utilization of protein at sub maintenance energy intakes

Allison C., 1986: Utilization of protein by human gut bacteria

Paruelle, J. L.; Toullec, R.; Patureau-Mirand, P., 1975: Utilization of protein by pre ruminant fattening calves part 4 utilization of alkane grown yeast protein and effect of adding an iron chelating agent

De Solano N.M.P., 1982: Utilization of protein from peas barley butter milk powder and soybean meal by early weaned pigs

Taper, L. J.; Marable, N. L.; Korslund, M. K.; Ritchey, S. J., 1978: Utilization of protein from soy flour and soy isolated by adult women

Masson C., 1981: Utilization of protein rich seeds in goat diets during early lactation

Bucko A., 1981: Utilization of proteins as related to protein and fat intake

Toullec, R.; Coroller, J. Y.; Patureau-Mirand, P., 1978: Utilization of proteins by the pre ruminant fattening calf part 6 influence of the solubility of corn and fish proteins on their digestibility

Paruelle J L., 1979: Utilization of proteins by the pre ruminant veal calf part 7 influence of replacing milk protein by soybean or field bean proteins on gastric emptying

Guilloteau, P.; Toullec, R.; Culioli, J.; Le-Douaron, D., 1977: Utilization of proteins by the preruminant veal calf part 5 apparent digestibility of fish soybean and field bean proteins

Mcdonald I., 1982: Utilization of proteins from milk and raw or acid treated toprina yeast by newly born ruminant lambs and growing rats

Dibak O., 1983: Utilization of proteins in rats depending on different nutrient intake

Onda, M.; Yamaguchi, H., 1979: Utilization of protopine and related alkaloids 11. photolysis of 7 8 di methoxy 2 methyl 3 4' 5' methylenedioxy 2' vinylphenyl iso carbostyril and its application to the preparation of oxy chelerythrines

Yamaguchi, H.; Harigaya, Y.; Onda, M., 1982: Utilization of protopine and related alkaloids 13. attempts to obtain useful intermediates for the syntheses of chelidonine and homo chelidonine

Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886076

Takahashi, H.; Iguchi, M.; Konda, Y.; Onda, M., 1986: Utilization of protopine and related alkaloids xviii. some reactions of anhydroisodihydrocorycavidine and its n oxide

Folstein M., 1983: Utilization of psychiatric consultation for elderly patients

Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886079

Oldham R.K., 1983: Utilization of purified human monocytes in the agarose droplet assay for measuring migration inhibitory factors

Hertman I., 1980: Utilization of purine nucleosides by germinating bacillus cereus 569 spores

Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886082

Tsai L., 1986: Utilization of purines or pyrimidines as the sole nitrogen source by methanococcus vannielli

Nelson B.V., 1987: Utilization of purple and red sea urchins strongylocentrotus purpuratus stimpson and strongylocentrotus franciscanus agassiz as food by the white sea urchin lytechinus anamesus clark in the field and laboratory

Chu C P., 1986: Utilization of pyrimidines and pyrimidine analogues by fluorescent pseudomonads

Bellido, J.; Herrera, E., 1978: Utilization of pyruvate alanine and glutamate by isolated fat cells and their effects on glycerol metabolism

Marchok A.C., 1986: Utilization of pyruvate and pyruvate precursors by normal and carcinogen altered rat tracheal epithelial cells in culture

Oliver G., 1987: Utilization of pyruvate in lactobacillus casei ssp rhamnosus atcc 7469

Cheong S.K., 1981: Utilization of rabbit meat for sausage and pressed ham making

O'rourke, L.; Monroe, R. E., 1976: Utilization of radio labeled acetate by 3 isopods in lipid synthesis

Druilhet, A.; Fontan, J., 1974: Utilization of radon as an indicator of exchange intensity near ground level 0 to 100 meters

Jackson H., 1980: Utilization of rapeseed meal in sauce production

Lebas, F.; Colin, M., 1977: Utilization of rapeseed oil meal in growing rabbit feeding effect of de hulling

Arutyunyan L.V., 1980: Utilization of rare and disappearing species in the practice of planting of greenery as a means of their preservation

Holcomb E.J., 1983: Utilization of re cycled irrigation water on marigolds tagetes patula cultivar scarlet sophia fertilized with osmocote and constant liquid fertilization

Kono, S.; Kuratsune, M., 1978: Utilization of records of the national health insurance programs for study on cancer morbidity and survival

Averett J.E., 1983: Utilization of red oak quercus rubra acorns in non bumper crop year

Marcet M., 1979: Utilization of residues of yeast fodder as a culture medium for uni cellular algae

Christenson T.E., 1987: Utilization of resources by the male golden orb weaving spider nephila clavipes araneae

Dziadek K., 1980: Utilization of results obtained from a stationary evaluation of polish large white polish landrace and zlotnicka white sires in the poznan province during 1970 1974

Kaminski J., 1981: Utilization of results obtained from a stationary evaluation of sires in selection work conducted in the region influenced by the poznan poland regional animal breeding station during 1975 1977

Pepperberg D.R., 1982: Utilization of retinoids in the bull frog rana catesbeiana retina

Papukchieva T., 1985: Utilization of ribin as carp feed

Mabesa, R. C.; Quisumbing, E. C., 1976: Utilization of rice hull and sawdust as components of vegetable growing media

Toyokawa, K.; Takayasu, I.; Tsubomatsu, K., 1982: Utilization of rice straw 10. estimation of nutritive value by the method of artificial rumen

Savchenko, B. I.; Hubenko, T. L., 1975: Utilization of rivanol for removal of inhibitors of echovirus hem agglutination from immune sera

Mans, R. J.; Huff, N. J., 1975: Utilization of rna and deoxy oligomer primers for poly adenylic acid synthesis by atp poly nucleotidyl exo transferase from maize

Newell R.C., 1984: Utilization of saltmarsh grass detritus by 2 estuarine bivalves carbohydrase activity of crystalline style enzymes of the oyster crassostrea virginica and the mussel geukensia demissa

Poole, D. A.; Allen, D. M., 1970: Utilization of salts of volatile fatty acids by growing sheep part 5 effects of type of fermentation of the basal diet on the utilization of salts of acetic acid for body gains

Antunes C.M.D.F., 1987: Utilization of samples eluted from blood dried on filter paper for serological diagnosis of goat toxoplasmosis

Vashchenko I.M., 1982: Utilization of sandy deflated soils for orchards

Rango A., 1983: Utilization of satellite snow cover observations for seasonal stream flow estimates in the western himalayas east asia

Pandit N.N., 1982: Utilization of savanna herbage as the sole roughage ration for adult bullocks

Berrier J., 1979: Utilization of scanning electron microscopy for soil studies wet sample observations at different water holding index

Potchen E.J., 1987: Utilization of screening mammography comparison of different physician specialties

Kamel B.S., 1981: Utilization of sea water in vegetable fermentations

Wolff, T., 1976: Utilization of seagrass in the deep sea

Bennett C.G., 1984: Utilization of sealants by practicing pedodontists

Pienkowski T.P., 1987: Utilization of sediment carbon dioxide by selected north american isoetids

Rao R.R., 1987: Utilization of seed reserves for seedling growth of cashew anacardium occidentale l

Leggett J.E., 1980: Utilization of seed zinc by zea mays cultivar pioneer hybrid 3369a seedlings

Girma B., 1987: Utilization of selected health facilities in addis ababa ethiopia survey and study method

Hirshfield, I. N.; Price, M. B., 1975: Utilization of selected leucine peptide amides by escherichia coli

Belay S., 1986: Utilization of selected pharmacies and of drugs in addis ababa ethiopia a study in medical geography

Colle, D. E.; Shireman, J. V.; Gasaway, R. D.; Stetler, R. L.; Haller, W. T., 1978: Utilization of selective removal of grass carp ctenopharyngodon idella from an 80 hectare florida usa lake to obtain a population estimate

Ravasini R., 1982 : Utilization of selenium 75 labeled seleno methionine for diagnostic procedures of the mediastinum

Gutenmann W.H., 1981: Utilization of selenium in fly ash and in white sweet clover melilotus alba grown on fly ash by the chick

Shrift, A.; Bechard, D.; Harcup, C.; Fowden, L., 1976: Utilization of seleno cysteine by a cysteinyl transfer rna synthetase ec from phaseolus aureus

Tomlin A.M., 1987: Utilization of self schemas as a mechanism of interpretational bias in aggressive children

Ciamporova M., 1980: Utilization of semi thin sections for orientation in plant material processed for electron microscopy

Manokhina, M. S.; Bakhtybaev, O. E., 1978: Utilization of semi thin sections from epoxy blocks in cytological analysis of the retina

Waite, M.; Sisson, P., 1976: Utilization of serum lipo protein lipids by the mono acyl glycerol acyl transferase

Srivastava B.C., 1980: Utilization of services of community health workers by the rural population

Boguslawski, E. V.; Debruck, J., 1977: Utilization of sewage sludge in grassland

Gill I.P., 1985: Utilization of shallow water seagrass detritus by caribbean deep sea macrofauna delta carbon 13 evidence

Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886141

Luquet P., 1983: Utilization of shrimp meal for rainbow trout salmo gairdneri pigmentation influence of fat content of the diet

Quig J., 1986: Utilization of silage nitrogen in sheep and cows amino acid composition of duodenal digesta and rumen microbes

Paul Urbain Georges C., 1984: Utilization of silage of pineapple canning factory wastes for fattening of lambs and bullocks

Patterson D.C., 1980: Utilization of skim milk based diets containing ground wheat by pigs weaned at 10 days

Sarmago L.E., 1985: Utilization of skim milk powder and water extracted coconut milk in low fat filled milk processing

Ashraf M., 1986: Utilization of slaughter house blood for preparing hemoglobin syrup

Ohtaka F., 1985: Utilization of slaughter plant byproducts proximate and amino acid composition of protein isolates from porcine lung

Ohtaka F., 1985: Utilization of slaughter plant byproducts some factors influencing the production of protein isolates from porcine lung

Perera, C. O.; Anglemier, A. F., 1980: Utilization of slaughter plant waste proteins the nature and some functional properties of bovine rumen tissue proteins

Beasom, S. L.; Pattee, O. H., 1978: Utilization of snails by rio grande turkey hens

Atweh, S.; Simon, J. R.; Kuhar, M. J., 1975: Utilization of sodium dependent high affinity choline uptake in vitro as a measure of the activity of cholinergic neurons in vivo

Petrova L.I., 1983: Utilization of soil and fertilizer nitrogen in soddy podzolic soils with varying fertilization

Iyengar, B. R. V.; Deb, D. L., 1977: Utilization of soil and fertilizer zinc by maize zea mays and moong phaseolus aureus from some indian soils

Allgood, F. P.; Gray, F., 1978: Utilization of soil characteristics in computing productivity ratings of oklahoma usa soils

Fotyma, M.; Gosek, S., 1977: Utilization of soil phosphorus reserves accumulated due to fertilization during a period of many years

Khalil H.H., 1980: Utilization of solar energy in achieving favorable rural ecology in egypt by the year 2000 mass snail host eradication by solar energy

Nowakowski, W.; Konopko, E.; Lubanska, G., 1975: Utilization of solar energy in photosynthesis during 4 vegetative phases of different varieties of triticum durum

Hirota, O.; Takeda, T., 1978: Utilization of solar radiation by crop stands 3. relationships between conversion efficiency of solar radiation energy and respiration of construction and maintenance in rice and soybean plant populations

Hirota, O.; Takeda, T., 1982: Utilization of solar radiation by crop stands 4. estimated absorptivities of solar energy in each leaf layer of rice and soybean canopies

Reddy V.R., 1980: Utilization of solvent extracted mustard cake in chicks and its true metabolizable energy content

Joyce C., 1983: Utilization of somato sensory evoked cortical potentials in spinal cord injury prognostic limitations

Szulczynski M., 1981: Utilization of some analogs of glycero phosphate by the sulfate reducing bacteria desulfovibrio vulgaris

Ajayi S.S., 1979: Utilization of some common tropical foodstuffs by the african giant rat cricetomys gambianus

Mabrouk S.S., 1984: Utilization of some edible and medicinal plants to inhibit afla toxin formation

Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886168

Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886169

Koike G.G., 1985: Utilization of soy protein isolate mixed with rice protein in japanese women

Motohiro, T.; Numakura, T., 1980: Utilization of soy proteins in fish gel products 3. effect of different salting processes on the texture of boiled type fish gel products

Motohiro, T.; Numakura, T.; Mokudai, H., 1980: Utilization of soy proteins in fish gel products 4. change in the jelly strength of fish gel products by the addition of oil

Motohiro, T.; Sugiura, S., 1980: Utilization of soy proteins in fish gel products 5. emulsifying properties of a mixture of minced fish meat and isolated soy proteins

Motohiro, T.; Sugiura, S., 1980: Utilization of soy proteins in fish gel products 6. effect of sodium chloride on emulsifying properties of the mixture of minced meat of alaska pollack and isolated soy proteins

Motohiro, T.; Sugiura, S., 1982: Utilization of soy proteins in fish gel products 7. compressive stress and inner homogeneity of a heat coagulated gel consisting minced meat of alaska pollack isolated soy proteins oil and water

Motohiro, T.; Numakura, T., 1978: Utilization of soy proteins in fish gel products part 1 optimum concentration of protein isolate in boiled fried and broiled type products

Motohiro, T.; Numakura, T., 1978: Utilization of soy proteins in fish gel products part 2 effects of starch and water on jelly strength of boiled fried and broiled type fish gel products containing soy protein isolate

Fritz P., 1985: Utilization of space by adult and juvenile groups of captive chimpanzees pan troglodytes

Hedeen S.E., 1982: Utilization of space by captive groups of lowland gorillas gorilla gorilla gorilla

Reddy M.R., 1980: Utilization of spent coffee seed cake in the concentrate feeds of growing cross bred calves

Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886182

Madhavan P., 1987: Utilization of squid waste as meal

Havassy I., 1979: Utilization of stable isotopes in agriculture

Mcgurk H., 1985: Utilization of static and kinetic information for depth by young malawians

Umnov, A. A., 1976: Utilization of statistical methods for the evaluation of the parameters of empirical equations describing the relationship between energy metabolism and body mass in animals

Giuliano C., 1984: Utilization of steam and explosion decompressed aspen wood by some anaerobes

Jensen J.F., 1987: Utilization of steam pelleted wheat bran with or without sodium hydroxide treatment in broiler rations

Mashchenko N.E., 1980: Utilization of steroid glycosides for affinity chromatography of cholesterol

Cooke, J.; Sang, J. H., 1970: Utilization of sterols by larvae of drosophila melanogaster

Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886191

Byrne, H.; Setterfield, G., 1978: Utilization of stored messenger rna during early aging of jerusalem artichoke tuber slices

Wyllie A.J., 1979: Utilization of stored messenger rna in xenopus embryos and its replacement by newly synthesized transcripts histone h 1 synthesis using interspecies hybrids

Brower J.H., 1983: Utilization of stored product lepidoptera eggs as hosts by trichogramma pretiosum hymenoptera trichogrammatidae

Tolstoguzov V.B., 1981: Utilization of structurized oilseed proteins in minced meat products

Grassmann, E., 1977: Utilization of suboptimal supplements of various iron combinations in the rat

Gill C.O., 1987: Utilization of substrates during batch growth of pseudomonas fluorescens on olive oil lard and mutton tallow

Mikolajczak J., 1987: Utilization of sugar beets and sugar fodder beets of the poly past ihar type in fattening of bacon pigs

Van-Der-Klashorst, G.; Venter, J. S. M., 1987: Utilization of sugar cane bagasse hemicellulose part 1. surface sizing agent for linerboard and corrugating medium

Casado G., 1988: Utilization of sugar cane leaves as a source of carbon and energy by trichoderma viride

Bayley H.S., 1984: Utilization of sugarcane final molasses by the pig composition of ileal digesta

Perez A., 1983: Utilization of sugarcane final molasses by the pig energy metabolism

Christon, R.; Le-Dividich, J., 1978: Utilization of sugarcane molasses in pig feeding interpretation of recent data

Jadhav S.J., 1988: Utilization of sugarcane trash and other cellulosic wastes for production of oxalic acid

Gourbiere, F., 1983: Utilization of sugars and poly ols by abies alba myco flora 3. soil fungi

Gourbiere F., 1981: Utilization of sugars and polyols by abies alba myco flora

Gourbiere, F., 1982: Utilization of sugars and polyols by abies alba myco flora 2. penicillium

Auclair, J. L.; Srivastava, S. T.; Srivastava, P. N., 1973: Utilization of sugars by the large milkweed bug oncopeltus fasciatus hemiptera heteroptera lygaeidae maintained on chemically defined diets

Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886210

Trueper H.G., 1984: Utilization of sulfide and elemental sulfur by ectothiorhodospira halochloris

Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886212

Barrett, M. D. P.; Alexander, J. C.; Hill, D. C., 1978: Utilization of sulfur 35 from radioactive methionine or sulfate in the de toxification of cyanide by rats

Kelley, B. C.; Tuovinen, O. H.; Nicholas, D. J. D., 1976: Utilization of sulfur 35 thio sulfate and an appraisal of the role of atp sulfurylase in chemo lithotrophic thiobacillus ferrooxidans

Sachdev P., 1982: Utilization of sulfur by rice from gypsum and its balance sheet in soil using sulfur 35

Shinbo H., 1980: Utilization of sulfur by the silkworm bombyx mori

Jacq, V. A., 1978: Utilization of sulfur coated urea in paddy fields and sulfide toxicity

Damir A.A., 1984: Utilization of sunflower helianthus annuus seeds in tahina and halawa processing

Reddy M.R., 1987: Utilization of sunflower straw and subabul meal in complete diets for crossbred bulls

Coleman, S. W.; Barth, K. M., 1977: Utilization of supplemental nonprotein nitrogen and energy sources by beef steers consuming low protein hays

Scully, E. P., 1978: Utilization of surface foam as a food source by the hermit crab pagurus longicarpus

Marshall K.C., 1985: Utilization of surface localized substrate by non adhesive marine bacteria

Hinze W.L., 1987: Utilization of surfactant systems in chemical separations

Malamuth, N.; Wanderer, Z. W.; Sayner, R. B.; Durrell, D., 1976: Utilization of surrogate partners a survey of health professionals

Melcion J.P., 1988: Utilization of tannin containing and tannin free faba beans vicia faba by young chicks effects of pelleting feeds on energy protein and starch digestibility

Kutenkov A.P., 1979: Utilization of territory by clethrionomys glareolus under low population density

Rogovin K.A., 1981: Utilization of territory by little earth hares alactagulus acontion and structure of their groups by materials of marking

Martyushov V.V., 1981: Utilization of tertiary clays for melioration of brown desert soils in mangyshlak peninsula kazakh ssr ussr

Nicholas D.J.D., 1982: Utilization of tetrathionate and sulfur 35 labeled thio sulfate by washed cells of chlorobium vibrioforme f sp thiosulfatophilum

Chen J K., 1987: Utilization of the 1 ferrocenyl 2 methylpropyl substituent as a chiral auxiliary in the asymmetric syntheses of the benzophenanthridine alkaloids dextro and levo corynoline

Savost'yanov, V. K., 1976: Utilization of the am 11 soil moisture gauge in studies of the water condition of chernozems of the khakass autonomous oblast ussr

Ireland R.J., 1984: Utilization of the amide groups of asparagine and 2 hydroxy succinamic acid by young pea pisum sativum leaves

Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886233

Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886234

Dreesman G.R., 1983: Utilization of the biotin avidin system to amplify the sensitivity of the enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

Skinner, J. D., 1972: Utilization of the boer goat for intensive animal production

Sumner M.E., 1987: Utilization of the boundary line approach in the development of soil nutrient norms for soybean production

Egyedi, P., 1977: Utilization of the buccal fat pad for closure of oro antral and or oro nasal communications

Walker, M. H., 1978: Utilization of the bunbury and geographe bay marine resource australia by professional and amateur fishermen

Grabiec B., 1985: Utilization of the capacity for winter rape spontaneous crossing as a method of producing double improved synthetic varieties preliminary studies

Puschmann V., 1987: Utilization of the cardio selective beta receptor blocker cordanum as premedication in dental surgical interventions in the ambulatorium

Mandell J., 1980: Utilization of the chick chorio allantoic membrane for in vitro growth of the embryonic murine kidney

David, J.; Bocquet, C.; De'scheemaeker-Louis, M.; Pla, E., 1977: Utilization of the coefficient of variation for analyzing variability of different quantitative characters in drosophila melanogaster comparison of strains belonging to 3 geographic races

Blahm T.H., 1986: Utilization of the columbia river estuary oregon washington usa by subyearling chinook salmon oncorhynchus tshawytscha

Saguy I., 1982: Utilization of the complex method to optimize a fermentation process

Rollag, M. D.; Morgan, R. J.; Niswender, G. D., 1977: Utilization of the convolution integral to calculate rates of melatonin secretion into blood and cerebro spinal fluid of sheep

Haley, E., 1978: Utilization of the corning larc in a clinical laboratory

Marina T.A., 1979: Utilization of the corrector band to preserve the preparations in liquid media in an entomological collection

Narimanov A.A., 1984: Utilization of the culture of human lymphoid raji cells for toxicity tests of perfluorocarbon emulsions and their components

Antoft P., 1983: Utilization of the danish youth dental care scheme among 1655 16 22 year old males and females

Stoner G.D., 1987: Utilization of the elasmobranch as a model in chemical carcinogenesis studies

Munoz Hernandez O., 1980: Utilization of the enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay technique for the diagnosis of typhoid fever

Gueguen, L.; Durand, M., 1976: Utilization of the essential minerals of maize silage by growing sheep

Bernard L.M., 1983: Utilization of the ethanol pathway in carp carassius carassius following exposure to anoxia

Seibert G., 1985: Utilization of the european retrieval carrier eureca for life science research

Reinhold D., 1984: Utilization of the fibrillary fusion frequency and tachistoscopy with the objectification of load effects

Sugimoto N., 1987: Utilization of the fibrous feeds by growing fattening pigs

Xia W., 1985: Utilization of the food resources by plateau pika ochotona curzoniae

Heimbecker R.O., 1980: Utilization of the free wall of the left ventricle for repair of septal rupture after infarction

Martincek M., 1987: Utilization of the glutaraldehyde coagulation test in cattle

Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886262

Moss, B., 1977: Utilization of the guanylyl transferase and methyl transferases of vaccinia virus to modify and identify the 5 prime terminals of heterologous rna species

Kuniak L., 1983: Utilization of the hydrolytic activity in taxonomy of hyphal yeast ascomycetes

Dangoumau J., 1980: Utilization of the imputability method for validating publications on side effects of drugs

White, H.; Solomon, F.; Jencks, W. P., 1976: Utilization of the inactivation rate of coenzyme a transferase by thiol reagents to determine properties of the enzyme coenzyme a intermediate

Baker D.H., 1987: Utilization of the l and dl isomers of alpha keto beta methylvaleric acid by rats and comparative efficacy of the keto analogs of branched chain amino acids provided as ornithine lysine and histidine salts

Baker D.H., 1987: Utilization of the l and dl isomers of alpha ketomethylvaleric acid by chicks

Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886270

Schwammenhoeferova K., 1979: Utilization of the label from bacterial tritiated dna by isolated barley roots and embryos under different conditions

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Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886278

Section 7, Chapter 6887 , Accession 006886279

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Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886347

Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886348

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Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886355

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Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886358

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Tierney, T. J.; Goward, E., 1983: Utilization of wet heath on the coastal lowlands of southeast queensland australia with beef steers grazing at 3 stocking rates on pangola grass digitaria decumbens with 2 rates of applied nitrogen fertilizer 2. pasture chemical composition and soil changes/

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Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886464

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Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886474

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Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886500

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Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886578

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Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886767

Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886768

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Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886777

Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886778

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Abramowski Z., 1983: Uv mediated geno toxicity of furano quinoline and of certain tryptophan derived alkaloids

Gutierrez Gonzalvez M.G., 1988: Uv mediated toxic bioactivity of harmine in the meristematic cells of allium cepa

Pickett Heaps J.D., 1983: Uv micro beam irradiations of mitotic diatoms investigation of spindle elongation

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Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886843

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Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886851

De-Jong, A. P.; Van-Dam, H., 1982: Uv photo electron spectroscopy of cyclic amidines 4. electronic structure of some alpha adrenergic 2 phenylimino thiazolidines 2 phenylimino thiazines and 2 phenylimino oxazolidines

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Lebreton P.R., 1981: Uv photo electron studies of methyl substituted chrysenes

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Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886862

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Meyer Rochow V.B., 1983: Uv photography of 43 species of lepidoptera representing 10 families

Beauchamp R., 1985: Uv photosensitivity in goldfish carassius auratus an independent uv retinal mechanism

Bell R.A., 1983: Uv protectants of the gypsy moth lymantria dispar lepidoptera lymantriidae nucleopolyhedrosis virus

Glickman B.W., 1979: Uv protection and mutagenesis in uvrd uvre and recl stains of escherichia coli carrying the pkm 101 plasmid

Hartmann K.M., 1987: Uv quantum fields of photophosphorylation in halobacterium halobium

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Ohkawara A., 1985: Uv radiation augments epidermal beta adrenergic adenylate cyclase response

Gilchrest B.A., 1987: Uv radiation directly induces pigment production by cultured human melanocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886886

Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886887

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Johnson R.M., 1985: Uv radiation induced decreases in tension and phosphorylase a formation in rat aorta

Parrish J.A., 1984: Uv radiation induced defects in accessory cell function in the human proliferative response to tetanus

De Kempny R.S.G., 1983: Uv radiation induced hemolysis a simple and efficient method for determining whole blood lead content by atomic absorption

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Farmer E.R., 1986: Uv radiation induced tumors in haired mice identification as squamous cell carcinomas

Harber L.C., 1984: Uv radiation induces changes in membrane metabolism of human keratinocytes in culture

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Katz S.I., 1983: Uv radiation inhibits allo antigen presentation by epidermal cells partial reversal by the soluble epidermal cell product epidermal cell derived thymocyte activating factor

Parrish J.A., 1984: Uv radiation inhibits both accessory cell and responder t cell function in the proliferative response to haptenated self

Ellner J.J., 1983: Uv radiation inhibits human natural killer activity and lymphocyte proliferation

Meffert H., 1986: Uv radiation initiates changes of flow properties of blood and of quasi arterial venous oxygen partial pressure difference

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Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886919

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Spiro T.G., 1986: Uv raman hypochromism of the tropomyosin amide modes a new method for estimating alpha helical content in proteins

Spiro T.G., 1986: Uv raman spectroscopy indicates fast less than 7 nanoseconds r t like motion in hemoglobin

Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886926

Dasgupta, U. B.; Summers, W. C., 1978: Uv reactivation of herpes simplex virus is mutagenic and inducible in mammalian cells

Dasgupta, C. K.; Poddar, R. K., 1975: Uv reactivation of the single stranded dna phage phi x 174

Van Der Eb A.J., 1980: Uv reactivation virus production and mutagenesis of sv 40 in uv irradiated monkey kidney cells

Kunz Y.W., 1987: Uv receptors tetrachromatic color vision and retinal mosaics in the brown trout salmo trutta age dependent changes

Riley T.V., 1988: Uv red fluorescence of veillonella spp

Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886932

Atsumi S I., 1984: Uv repair activity and the effect of chemotherapy on human leukemia cells

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Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886937

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Schroeder, A. L., 1970: Uv sensitive mutants of neurospora part 2 radiation studies

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Kakar S.N., 1979: Uv sensitive mutants of saccharomyces cerevisiae part 2 uv mutagenesis

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Siegel, E. C., 1973: Uv sensitive mutator strain of escherichia coli k 12

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Bhattacharjee, S. K.; David, K. A. V., 1987: Uv sensitivity of cyanobacterium anacystis nidulans part ii. a model involving photosystem psii reaction center as lethal target and herbicide binding high turnover b protein as regulator of dark repair

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Stuy J.H., 1982: Uv sensitivity of the addition deletion and replacement of long nonhomologous dna segments by genetic transformation of haemophilus influenzae

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Taran S.G., 1981: Uv spectra and ir spectra of absorption of 2 ethoxy 6 9 diamino acridine

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Nenci G.G., 1982: Uv spectra of membrane rich human platelet particulates normal data and specular abnormalities in hypo beta lipo proteinemia and hyper beta lipo proteinemia

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Piepmeier E.H., 1987: Uv spectrometric detection for gas chromatography of polynuclear aromatic compounds with repetitive spectral scans using absorbance and concurrent fluorescence measurements

Manahan S.E., 1982: Uv spectrometric determination of phenols as phenolate anions

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Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886984

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Dambrauskene R., 1984: Uv spectrophotometric assay of flavonoids in calendula tincture

Legator M.S., 1980: Uv spectrophotometric assay of p amino benzenesulfonamides

Cross, D. G., 1972: Uv spectrophotometric characterization of a glutamate dehydrogenase reduced coenzyme alpha keto glutarate complex

Ibrahim L.F., 1988: Uv spectrophotometric determination of antimony iii antibilharzial compounds

Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886991

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Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886994

Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886995

Cripps H., 1987: Uv spectrophotometric determination of piperine in pepper preparations collaborative study

Binenfeld Z., 1984: Uv spectrophotometric determination of quinolinium oximes

Millard G.E., 1980: Uv spectrophotometric determination of sorbic acid in dry fermented sausage

Section 7, Chapter 6887, Accession 006886999

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