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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6888

Chapter 6888 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Section 7, Chapter 6888, Accession 006887000

Section 7, Chapter 6888, Accession 006887001

Section 7, Chapter 6888, Accession 006887002

Varma, P. N.; Kumar-Talwar, S., 1977: Uv spectrophotometry and thin layer chromatography of tincture aconitum napellus

Kompantseva E.V., 1981: Uv spectrophotometry in analysis of some benzolsulfamide derivatives

Kracmar, J.; Sotolongo, M. A.; Lastovkova, M.; Kracmarova, J., 1975: Uv spectrophotometry in the control of medicinals part 17 comparison of medicinals with sulfonamide and benzene chromophores

Starchevskaya N.K., 1981: Uv spectrophotometry of drugs derivatives of 4 hydroxy coumarin

Section 7, Chapter 6888, Accession 006887007

Tiraspol'skaya S.G., 1984: Uv spectrophotometry of salicylic acid derivatives

Gayte-Sorbier, A.; Airaudo, C. B., 1983: Uv spectrophotometry of some phenothiazine derivatives 3. derivatives halogenated in position 2

Krashutskii V.V., 1985: Uv spectrophotometry of the cerebrospinal fluid in the differential diagnosis of cerebral strokes

Section 7, Chapter 6888, Accession 006887011

Samodaeva O.I., 1980: Uv spectroscopic and electronographic study of the state of cytosine crystals on sorption of water vapors

Na G.C., 1988: Uv spectroscopic characterization of type i collagen

Parello J., 1981: Uv spectroscopic studies of the binding of malouetine to double stranded dna

Section 7, Chapter 6888, Accession 006887015

Section 7, Chapter 6888, Accession 006887016

Meallier, P.; Tissut, M.; Bastide, J., 1982: Uv spectrum inhibitor activity relation of herbicides on photosynthesis 1. case of benzamides

Masker, W. E.; Hanawalt, P. C., 1973: Uv stimulated dna synthesis in toluenized escherichia coli deficient in dna polymerase i

Section 7, Chapter 6888, Accession 006887019

Section 7, Chapter 6888, Accession 006887020

Hoeijmakers J.H.J., 1985: Uv stimulation of dna mediated transformation of human cells

Borazan H.N., 1979: Uv studies of nucleic acid base complexation with isoproterenol in different solvents

Section 7, Chapter 6888, Accession 006887023

Degreef H., 1988: Uv sunlight and patch test reactions in humans

Limbosch S., 1980: Uv survival and sensitizing effect of caffeine in mouse hybrid cells

Kimura T., 1986: Uv susceptibility of some fish pathogenic viruses

Girvitz, S. C.; Rainbow, A. J., 1978: Uv transcriptional unit mapping for the late genes in adenovirus type 2

Beauchamp R.D., 1985: Uv transmission by the ocular media of goldfish carassius auratus implications for uv photosensitivity in fishes

Robinson, I.; Adams, R. P., 1978: Uv treatment of contaminated irrigation water and its effect on the bacteriological quality of celery at harvest

Berne C., 1984: Uv treatment of uremic pruritus reduces the vitamin a content of the skin

Bullock, G. L.; Stuckey, H. M., 1977: Uv treatment of water for destruction of 5 gram negative bacteria pathogenic to fishes

Blanco F.G., 1985: Uv visible absorption spectrum for the complex phosphorylase b amp study at 25 celsius

Section 7, Chapter 6888, Accession 006887033

Section 7, Chapter 6888, Accession 006887034

Ohtsu K., 1983: Uv visible antagonism in extra ocular photo sensitive neurons of the anthomedusa spirocodon saltatrix

Glombitza F., 1986: Uv visible diffuse reflectance spectroscopy in fermentation process control

Hashimoto Y., 1983: Uv visual pigment in a vertebrate a tetra chromatic cone system in the dace tribolodon hakonensis

Von-Mayersbach, H.; Kreiner, I. H., 1978: Uv vs chemical polymerization of glycol methacrylate in enzyme histochemistry

Lowe N.J., 1986: Uv wavelength dependence for the induction of ornithine decarboxylase activity in hairless mouse epidermis

Cole, J. R.; Torrance, S. J.; Wiedhopf, R. M.; Arora, S. K.; Bates, R. B., 1976: Uvaretin a new anti tumor agent from uvaria acuminata annonaceae

Bates R.B., 1982: Uvaricin a new anti tumor agent from uvaria acuminata annonaceae

Cooper K.D., 1987: Uvb and uvc but not uva potently induce the appearance of t6 negative dr positive antigen presenting cells in human epidermis

Young A.R., 1987: Uvb induced collagen changes in the skin of the hairless albino mouse

Sharma S.C., 1987: Uvb phototherapy and photochemotherapy puva in the treatment of polymorphic light eruption and solar urticaria

Wall L.M., 1987: Uvb serum factor suppression of allergic contact dermatitis in guinea pigs

Diddie, K. R.; Ernest, J. T., 1980: Uveal blood flow after 360 degree constriction in the rabbit

Murakami F., 1982: Uveal effusion 2 cases and differentiation from idiopathic central serous chorio retinopathy with bullous retinal detachment

Section 7, Chapter 6888, Accession 006887048

Tolentino F.I., 1979: Uveal effusion following pan retinal photo coagulation

Nordlund J.J., 1983: Uveal findings in patients with cutaneous melanoma

Waldrep J.C., 1987: Uveal igg distribution regulation by electrostatic interactions

Kuming, B. S.; Kokoris, N., 1977: Uveal involvement in marburg virus disease

Specht, C. S.; Smith, T. W., 1988: Uveal malignant melanoma and von recklinghausen's neurofibromatosis

Weichselbaum R.R., 1979: Uveal malignant melanoma in 3 generations of the same family

Dallow R., 1984: Uveal melanoma extension through the optic nerve to the surgical margin in the orbital apex

Zimmerman L.E., 1981: Uveal melanoma in children and adolescents

Zimmerman L.E., 1982: Uveal melanoma location size cell type and enucleation as risk factors in metastasis

Castro J.R., 1986: Uveal melanoma necrosis after helium ion therapy

Pro J.M., 1979: Uveal melanoma occurring as a 4th primary malignancy case report

Gamel, J. W.; Mclean, I. W.; Foster, W. D.; Zimmerman, L. E., 1978: Uveal melanomas correlation of cytologic features with prognosis

Ference M.IIi, 1982: Uveal melanomas presenting during pregnancy and the investigation of estrogen receptors in melanomas

Barahona Hortelano J.M., 1986: Uveitis an etiologic study of 102 cases

Gupta S.S., 1979: Uveitis and ankylosing spondylitis

Section 7, Chapter 6888, Accession 006887064

Warot P., 1984: Uveitis and cerebral lymphoma

Buettner H., 1979: Uveitis and cerebral reticulum cell sarcoma large cell lymphoma case report

Kijlstra A., 1988: Uveitis and diabetes mellitus

Section 7, Chapter 6888, Accession 006887068

Kogure M., 1981: Uveitis associated with diabetes mellitus

Dziezyc J., 1985: Uveitis associated with poliosis and vitiligo in 6 dogs

Kimura S.J., 1980: Uveitis associated with sarcoidosis and angiotensin converting enzyme

Penny R., 1986: Uveitis etiology and disease associations in an australian population

Section 7, Chapter 6888, Accession 006887073

Folk J., 1984: Uveitis in london uk and iowa usa

Et Al, 1985: Uveitis in melanomatous swine lack of evidence for humoral immune melanocyte destruction

Orlando R.G., 1982: Uveitis in older patients

Fledelius, H.; Bruun, L.; Fennestad, K. L.; Andersen, S. R., 1978: Uveitis in rabbits with pleural effusion disease clinical and histo pathological observations

Gery I., 1986: Uveitis induced in primates by interphotoreceptor retinoid binding protein

Gery I., 1987: Uveitis induced in primates by irbp humoral and cellular immune response

Jones G.H., 1986: Uveitis induction in the rabbit by muramyl dipeptides

Sober, A. J.; Haynes, H. A., 1978: Uveitis poliosis hypo melanosis and alopecia in a patient with malignant melanoma

Avakian, H.; Abuknesha, R.; Welsh, J.; Ebringer, A., 1981: Uveitis vitreous humor and klebsiella pneumoniae 1. binding studies with rabbit anti sera

Welsh, J.; Avakian, H.; Ebringer, A., 1981: Uveitis vitreous humor and klebsiella pneumoniae 2. cross reactivity studies with radio immunoassay

Gery I., 1987: Uveitogenic potential of lymphocytes sensitized to interphotoreceptor retinoid binding protein

Bao L., 1986: Uveo encephalitis treated by combination of traditional chinese and western medicine

Section 7, Chapter 6888, Accession 006887087

Section 7, Chapter 6888, Accession 006887088

Section 7, Chapter 6888, Accession 006887089

Section 7, Chapter 6888, Accession 006887090

Martins R., 1988: Uveomeningoencephalitis in a human immunodeficiency virus type 2 seropositive patient

Chader G.J., 1986: Uveoretinitis and pinealitis induced by immunization with interphotoreceptor retinoid binding protein

Saari J.C., 1987: Uveoretinitis in rabbits following immunization with interphotoreceptor retinoid binding protein

Section 7, Chapter 6888, Accession 006887094

Section 7, Chapter 6888 , Accession 006887095

Section 7, Chapter 6888, Accession 006887096

Sprovieri R., 1983: Uvigerina costato caudata new species from the plio pleistocene boundary

Mileva M., 1980: Uvitex ov migration with respect to its hygienic characteristics

Steinborn, G., 1979: Uvm mutants of escherichia coli k 12 deficient in uv mutagenesis 2. further evidence for a novel function in error prone repair

Steinborn, G., 1978: Uvm mutants of escherichia coli k 12 deficient in uv mutagenesis part 1 isolation of uvm mutants and their phenotypical characterization dna repair and mutagenesis

Jacob F., 1983: Uvomorulin a nonintegral membrane protein of early mouse embryo

Borowy Borowski H., 1985: Uvr a and rec a mutations inhibit a site specific transition produced by a single o 6 methylguanine in gene g of bacteriophage phi x 174

Fuchs R.P.P., 1987: Uvr c gene function has no specific role in repair of n 2 aminofluorene adducts

Bridges B.A., 1985: Uvr independent repair of 8 methoxypsoralen crosslinks in escherichia coli evidence for a recombinational process

Davis A., 1982: Uvr radiometry of solar simulated radiation in experimental photo carcinogenesis studies

Moses R.E., 1979: Uvrc gene function in excision repair in toluene treated escherichia coli

Manni J.J., 1984: Uvulectomy a traditional surgical procedure in tanzania

Williams O.O., 1984: Uvulectomy and uvular sound

Ijadoula G.T.A., 1981: Uvulectomy in nigeria

Roth T., 1985: Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty 1 year follow up

Section 7, Chapter 6888, Accession 006887111

Milfay D., 1986: V 1 a 43000 molecular weight component of postsynaptic membranes is a protein kinase

Section 7, Chapter 6888, Accession 006887113

Salazar F.H., 1979: V 15 b an allele of chickens for the production of a noninfectious avian leukosis virus

Section 7, Chapter 6888, Accession 006887115

Section 7, Chapter 6888, Accession 006887116

Gould M.N., 1983: V 79 survival following simultaneous or sequential irradiation by 15 mev neutrons and cobalt 60 and photons

Deisseroth A.B., 1986: V abl activates embryonic globin gene expression in mouse erythroleukemia cells

Augustin A.A., 1985: V beta gene polymorphism and a major polyclonal t cell receptor idiotype

Graf T., 1986: V erb a cooperates with sarcoma oncogenes in leukemic cell transformation

Et Al, 1988: V erba specifically suppresses transcription of the avian erythrocyte anion transporter band 3 gene

Levesque M., 1988: V factor dependent growth of actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae biotype 2 bertschinger 2008 76

Mutters R., 1987: V factor dependent strains of pasteurella multocida ssp multocida

Beau G., 1985: V factor tumor volume and t factor international federation of obstetrics and gynecology classification in the assessment of cervix cancer prognosis the risk of lymph node spread

De Crombrugghe B., 1986: V fos stimulates expression of the alpha 1 iii collagen gene in nih 3t3 cells

Lagarde A., 1988: V fps protein tyrosine kinase coordinately enhances the malignancy and growth factor responsiveness of pre neoplastic lung fibroblasts

Makela O., 1988: V genes of the primary antibody response of c57bl 10 mice to the hapten phenyloxazone

Spalding D.M., 1988: V h gene expression by nontransformed pre b cells upon differentiation in vitro

Rajewsky K., 1985: V h gene expression in murine lipopolysaccharide blasts distributes over the nine know v h gene groups and may be random

Koopman W.J., 1986: V h gene expression is restricted in anti immunoglobulin g antibodies from mrl autoimmune mice

Paige C.J., 1986: V h gene family utilization in colonies derived from b and pre b cells detected by the rna colony blot assay

Paige C.J., 1988: V h gene family utilization is regulated by a locus outside of the v h region

Rudikoff S., 1984: V h genes encoding the immune response to beta 1 6 galactan somatic mutation in immunoglobulin m molecules

Capra J.D., 1982: V h heavy chain variable region families in the antibody response to p azo phenyl arsonate correlation between serology and amino acid sequence

Baylin S.B., 1988: V ha ras oncogene insertion a model for tumor progression of human small cell lung cancer

Alt F.W., 1986: V hdj h formation and dj h replacement during pre b differentiation non random usage of gene segments

Vogt P.K., 1988: V jun encodes a nuclear protein with enhancer binding properties of ap 1

Wasylyk B., 1988: V jun is a transcriptional activator but not in all cell lines

Abraham G.N., 1984: V k iiib expression is altered in acquired and drug induced hypogammaglobulinemia

Capra J.D., 1987: V kappa and j kappa gene segments of a j ars a antibodies somatic recombination generates the essential arginine at the junction of the variable and joining regions

Fougereau M., 1983: V kappa gene family in poly glutamic acid 60 alanine 30 tyrosine 10 gat specific antibodies that express cgat or p gat public idiotypic specificities protein and messenger rna sequencing of 8 mono clonal v kappa chains

Potter M., 1984: V l v h expression by mono clonal antibodies recognizing avian lysozyme

Wabl M.R., 1985: V lambda 2 rearranges with all functional j lambda segments in the mouse

Fry W.J., 1979: V loop bovine fistula for hemo dialysis

Maness P.F., 1987: V max activation of pp60c src tyrosine kinase from neuroblastoma neuro 2a

Moser H., 1985: V max as a measure of h lambdanf a contribution to membrane kinetics

Leutz A., 1986: V mil induces autocrine growth and enhanced tumorigenicity in v myc transformed avian macrophages

Lipsick J.S., 1987: V myb does not prevent the expression of c myb in avian erythroblasts

Graf T., 1987: V myb dominance over v myc in doubly transformed chick myelomonocytic cells

Section 7, Chapter 6888, Accession 006887150

Hann S.R., 1985: V myc and c myc encoded proteins are associated with the nuclear matrix

Balmain A., 1986: V ras genes from harvey and balb murine sarcoma viruses can act as initiators of two stage mouse skin carcinogenesis

Rees A.R., 1988: V region sequences of anti dna and anti rna autoantibodies from nzb nzw f 1 mice

Temin H.M., 1988: V rel oncoproteins in the nucleus and in the cytoplasm transform chicken spleen cells

Shalloway D., 1988: V src mutations outside the carboxyl coding region are not sufficient to fully activate transformation by pp60c s r c in nih 3t3 cells

Buckle, D. R., 1982: V triazoles 3. the nitration of 9 oxo 1h 9h benzopyrano 2 3 d v triazole

Buckle, D. R.; Rockell, C. J. M., 1982: V triazoles 4. the 4 methoxybenzyl group a versatile n protecting group for the synthesis of n unsubstituted v triazoles

Albert, A., 1980: V triazolo 4 5 d pyrimidines 8 aza purines 22. synthesis of 2 amino derivatives and 2 oxo derivatives of n alkyl 1 6 di hydro 8 aza purines from the corresponding 4 amino 5 aminomethyl 1 2 3 triazoles

Albert, A., 1976: V triazolo 4 5 d pyrimidines 8 aza purines part 17 preparation of 1 6 di hydro 8 aza purines by heating 4 amino 5 aminomethyl n alkyl 1 2 3 triazoles with ortho esters or amidines

Albert, A.; Lin, C. J., 1977: V triazolo 4 5 d pyrimidines 8 aza purines part 18 3 new reactions for synthesizing 8 aza purinethiones from 4 amino 5 cyano 1 2 3 triazoles

Trotter A.M., 1979: V triazolo 4 5 d pyrimidines 8 aza purines part 21 synthesis of 2 substituted 8 aza purin 6 ones from 4 amino 1 2 3 triazole 5 carboxamides and amidines

Albert, A., 1978: V triazolo 5 4 d pyrimidines 8 aza purines part 20 1 alkyl derivatives

Muradov, K. M.; Govorukhina, V. A., 1976: V v nikitin and his contribution to botany on his 70th birthday

Rosen L., 1986: V y advancement for anal ectropion

Lotze M.T., 1987: V y closure for abdominal wall stomal reduction

Frandsen, P. A., 1978: V y plasty as treatment of finger tip amputations

Rush, D.; Sloan, N. L.; Leighton, J.; Alvir, J. M.; Horvitz, D. G.; Seaver, W. B.; Garbowski, G. C.; Johnson, S. S.; Kulka, R. A.; Et-Al, 1988: V. longitudinal study of pregnant women

Section 7, Chapter 6888, Accession 006887168

Sodi, A.; Galassi, F.; Utari, S., 1986: V.e.p. and p.e.r.g. in ocular hypertension physiopathological and clinical aspects

Neumann H G., 1986: V79 chinese hamster cells deacetylate trans n acetoxy 4 acetylaminostilbene and trans n hydroxy 4 acetylaminostilbene to mutagenic and cytotoxic metabolites

Graninger, W.; Rameis, H.; Fischer, K.; Poschmann, A.; Bird, G. W. G.; Wingham, J.; Neumann, E., 1977: Va a new type of erythrocyte poly agglutination characterized by depressed blood group h receptors and associated with hemolytic anemia part 1 serological and hematological observations

Graninger, W.; Poschmann, A.; Fischer, K.; Schedl-Giovannoni, I.; Horandner, H.; Klaushofer, K., 1977: Va a new type of erythrocyte poly agglutination characterized by depressed blood group h receptors and associated with hemolytic anemia part 2 observations by immuno fluorescence electron microscopy cell electrophoresis and biochemistry

Colwell, J. A.; Bingham, S. F.; Coop-Study-Group-(Usa), 1986: Va cooperative study on antiplatelet agents in diabetic patients after amputation for gangrene iv. issues in design interpretation and analysis

Kapustka L.A., 1987: Va mycorrhizal colonization and spore populations in an abandoned agricultural field after five years of sludge application

Suzuki A., 1987: Vab 3 chemotherapy for endodermal sinus tumor of the ovary

Golbey R.B., 1982: Vab 3 combination chemo therapy in primary mediastinal germ cell tumors

Section 7, Chapter 6888, Accession 006887177

Golbey R.B., 1981: Vab 4 combination chemo therapy in the treatment of metastatic testis tumors

Et Al, 1986: Vab 6 an effective chemotherapy regimen for patients with germ cell tumors

Golbey R.B., 1985: Vab 6 as the initial treatment of patients with advanced seminoma

Golbey R.B., 1981: Vab 6 combination chemo therapy in disseminated cancer of the testis

Section 7, Chapter 6888, Accession 006887182

Section 7, Chapter 6888, Accession 006887183

Section 7, Chapter 6888, Accession 006887184

Diamond B., 1980: Vabra aspiration in office gynecology

Section 7, Chapter 6888, Accession 006887186

Myrberget S., 1983: Vacant habitats during a decline in a breeding population of willow grouse lagopus lagopus

Lawton J.H., 1982: Vacant niches and unsaturated communities a comparison of bracken herbivores at sites on 2 continents

Principe, A. M.; Martino, D.; Longo, W.; Luongo, G.; Grana, P.; Ferrara, C.; D'ajello, L.; Lubrano, R.; Zecca, R.; Et-Al, 1987: Vaccinal activity against virus b hepatitis at regione campania u.s.l. 40 materno infantile department

Ozeretskovskii N.A., 1980: Vaccinal neurological complications in children

Marly J., 1981: Vaccinal properties of salmonella abortus ovis mutants for streptomycin screening with a murine model

Dezsa M., 1985: Vaccinal reaction and bcg test in previously vaccinated guinea pigs with intradermal and oral route bcg and its correlation with tuberculin conversion

Ivanova E.S., 1982: Vaccinal strain of tobacco mosaic virus v 69 isolation properties and application in practice

Pedersen I.R., 1986: Vaccinated children get milder measles infection a community study from guinea bissau

Section 7, Chapter 6888, Accession 006887196

Sosunov A.V., 1987: Vaccination activity of live influenza vaccine in different seasons of the year

Roe E.A., 1984: Vaccination against 77 capsular types of klebsiella aerogenes with polyvalent klebsiella vaccines

Dragneva, N.; Terzijski, A., 1979: Vaccination against ascaris suum ascaris lumbricoides and trichinella spiralis 6. reagin in rats fed on ascaris antigen

Baalsrud K.J., 1987: Vaccination against atrophic rhinitis effect on clinical symptoms growth rate and turbinate atrophy

Jahn J., 1980: Vaccination against atrophic rhinitis in swine with a combined bordetella bronchiseptica pasteurella multocida vaccine

Vannier, P., 1986: Vaccination against aujeszky's disease by different routes using live attenuated and inactivated virus vaccines in pigs with or without passive immunity

Shalamanov D., 1980: Vaccination against aujeszkys disease on enzootic fattening farms

Cohen I.R., 1981: Vaccination against auto immune encephalo myelitis attenuated auto immune t lymphocytes confer resistance to induction of active auto immune encephalo myelitis but not to auto immune encephalo myelitis mediated by the intact t lymphocyte line

Cohen I.R., 1981: Vaccination against auto immune encephalo myelitis with t lymphocyte line cells reactive against myelin basic protein

Mccandlish, I. A. P.; Thompson, H.; Wright, N. G., 1978: Vaccination against bordetella bronchiseptica infection in dogs using a heat killed bacterial vaccine

Dias T.D.D., 1982: Vaccination against bovine brucellosis with reduced dose strain b 19 by the conjunctival route

Mccandlish, I. A. P.; Thompson, H.; Wright, N. G., 1978: Vaccination against canine bordetellosis using an aluminum hydroxide adjuvant vaccine

Scott, P.; Pearce, E.; Natovitz, P.; Sher, A., 1987: Vaccination against cutaneous leishmaniasis in a murine model i. induction of protective immunity with a soluble extract of promastigotes

Scott, P.; Pearce, E.; Natovitz, P.; Sher, A., 1987: Vaccination against cutaneous leishmaniasis in a murine model ii. immunologic properties of protective and nonprotective subfractions of a soluble promastigote extract

Spithill T.W., 1984: Vaccination against cutaneous leishmaniasis in mice using nonpathogenic cloned promastigotes of leishmania major and importance of route of injection

Epstein M.A., 1986: Vaccination against epstein barr virus current progress and future strategies

De-Rosa, F.; Dottorini, S.; Pauluzzi, S., 1977: Vaccination against experimental peritoneal hydatid disease of balb c mice with hydatid fluids and their fractions

Mascarella A., 1986: Vaccination against hepatitis b evaluation of prevaccination markers

Barin F., 1982: Vaccination against hepatitis b in a hemo dialysis unit a 4 year follow up

Lardinois R., 1985: Vaccination against hepatitis b in renal dialysis units short or normal vaccination schedule

Assateerawatts A., 1984: Vaccination against hepatitis b virus infection in neonates

Leunen, J., 1975: Vaccination against hog cholera may produce virus carriers

Winterfield, R. W.; Hoerr, F. J.; Fadly, A. M., 1978: Vaccination against infectious bronchitis and the immuno suppressive effects of infectious bursal disease

Pollard R., 1979: Vaccination against influenza a 5 year study in the post office

Jones R.J., 1984: Vaccination against klebsiella aerogenes

Oels H.C., 1984: Vaccination against legionella pneumophila serum antibody correlates with protection induced by heat killed or acetone killed cells against intraperitoneal but not aerosol infection in guinea pigs

Lacroix M., 1988: Vaccination against lethal coronavirus induced encephalitis with a synthetic decapeptide homologous to a domain in the predicted peplomer stalk

Fensterbank R., 1986: Vaccination against listeria infection in mice with a mutant strain of reduced virulence

Chang, J. D. T.; Eidson, C. S.; Dykstra, M. J.; Kleven, S. H.; Fletcher, O. J., 1983: Vaccination against mareks disease and infectious bursal disease 1. development of a bivalent live vaccine by co cultivating turkey herpesvirus and infectious bursal vaccine viruses in chicken embryo fibroblast mono layers

Kleven S.H., 1980: Vaccination against mareks disease with cell free herpesvirus of turkeys by aerosol vaccination

Bottiger M., 1985: Vaccination against measles mumps and rubella a comparison between the antibody responses at the ages of 18 months and 12 years and between different methods of antibody titration

Peltola, H.; Makela, P. H.; Elo, O.; Pettay, O.; Renkonen, O. V.; Sivonen, A., 1976: Vaccination against meningococcal group a disease in finland 1974 1975

Mouahid M., 1987: Vaccination against moroccan strains of newcastle disease virus

Mahnel H., 1985: Vaccination against mousepox ectromelia via drinking water

Dobson C., 1985: Vaccination against nematospiroides dubius in mice using adult worm extracts as antigens

Sheikh Omar A.R., 1982: Vaccination against newcastle disease

Larsson B., 1980: Vaccination against polio myelitis with inactivated vaccine beginning at 3 4 and 9 months of age a comparative study

Schramek S., 1981: Vaccination against q fever in occupationally exposed persons in the velky krtis district czechoslovakia

Willemart J.P., 1981: Vaccination against rabies in carnivores treated with corticoids

Selve M., 1985: Vaccination against rabies optimal combination of injected vaccine doses

Clegg J.A., 1985: Vaccination against schistosoma mansoni with purified surface antigens

Clarke W., 1986: Vaccination against schistosomiasis in mice with killed schistosomula without adjuvant

Lankar D., 1988: Vaccination against spontaneous abortion in mice by preimmunization with an anti idiotypic antibody

Miles H.B., 1984: Vaccination against streptococcus pneumoniae in childhood lack of demonstrable benefit in young australian children

Triest W.E., 1983: Vaccination against strontium 90 induced bone tumors

Section 7, Chapter 6888, Accession 006887247

Wrazel L.J., 1985: Vaccination against the intracellular bacterium listeria monocytogenes with a clonotypic antiserum

Rothwell, T. L. W., 1978: Vaccination against the nematode trichostrongylus colubriformis part 3 some observations on factors influencing immunity to infection in vaccinated guinea pigs

Matuska J., 1984: Vaccination against tick borne encephalitis by the soviet liquid inactivated vaccine

Hsiung G.D., 1984: Vaccination against trans placental cytomegalovirus transmission vaccine reactivation and efficacy in guinea pigs

Lacava V., 1982: Vaccination against viral hepatitis type b cost benefit prospective

Stewart, G. T., 1977: Vaccination against whooping cough efficacy vs risks

Roberts S.C., 1987: Vaccination and cot deaths in perspective

Bichel, J., 1978: Vaccination and hodgkins disease

Fontaine J., 1985: Vaccination and prophylaxis of foot and mouth disease in france and europe

Masurel, N.; Baars, A. J.; Frankena, H., 1973: Vaccination and protection experiments in mice with the human a 1957 and a 1968 strains and the equi 2 strain of influenza virus

Borgono, J. M.; Mclean, A. A.; Vella, P. P.; Woodhour, A. F.; Canepa, I.; Davidson, W. L.; Hilleman, M. R., 1978: Vaccination and re vaccination with polyvalent pneumococcal poly saccharide vaccines in adults and infants

Bathirunathan N., 1986: Vaccination as an adjuvant to chemotherapy of klebsiella pneumoniae infection in the mouse

Kelton J.G., 1981: Vaccination associated relapse of immune thrombocytopenia

Frei P.C., 1987: Vaccination campaign against hepatitis b from 1982 1984 with hevac b pasteur vaccine in 6162 swiss hospital employees

Mulliken, J. B.; Gifford, G. H-Jr ; Goldwyn, R. M., 1976: Vaccination caveat the off the shoulder look

Addo P.B., 1988: Vaccination challenge studies with variants of street rabies virus isolated in nigeria

Tiessink J.W.A., 1985: Vaccination confers protection against aujeszkys disease in cattle

Hunter, A. G.; Peek, I. S., 1977: Vaccination control of an outbreak of salmonella typhimurium infection in suckler cows and calves

Masere D., 1984: Vaccination coverage in northern province papua new guinea

Section 7, Chapter 6888, Accession 006887268

Mocsari E., 1979: Vaccination experiments against transmissible gastro enteritis of swine a study of the vaccine virus excretion

Mocsari, E.; Saghy, E.; Benyeda, J., 1976: Vaccination experiments against transmissible gastro enteritis of swine part 5 relationship between the titer and the antigenic effect of the vaccine

Varga, J.; Farid, A. F., 1975: Vaccination experiments of prevention of escherichia coli diarrhea in suckling calves part 1 use of aluminum gel adjuvant

Varga, J.; Farid, A. F., 1975: Vaccination experiments of prevention of escherichia coli enteritis in weanling pigs part 1 use of aluminum gel adjuvant

Varga, J.; Farid, A. F., 1976: Vaccination experiments on prevention of escherichia coli diarrhea in suckling calves use of vaccines containing freund adjuvant

Gudding R., 1981: Vaccination for the prevention of mastitis

Hsiung G.D., 1980: Vaccination for the prevention of maternal and fetal infection with guinea pig cytomegalovirus

Heilmann C., 1987: Vaccination induced activation of human blood t cells suppressing pneumococcal polysaccharide specific b cells

Section 7, Chapter 6888, Accession 006887278

Miller L.H., 1987: Vaccination induced variation in the 140 kd merozoite surface antigen of plasmodium knowlesi malaria

Kouwenhoven B., 1980: Vaccination of 1 day old broilers against infectious bronchitis by eye drop application or coarse droplet spray and the effect of re vaccination by spray

Bennejean, G.; Guittet, M.; Picault, J. P.; Bouquet, J. F.; Devaux, B.; Gaudry, D.; Moreau, Y., 1978: Vaccination of 1 day old chicks against newcastle disease using inactivated oil adjuvant vaccine and or live vaccine

Baughn R.E., 1988: Vaccination of 18 month old children with conjugated polyribosyl ribitol phosphate stimulates production of functional antibody to haemophilus influenzae type b

Reif A.E., 1985: Vaccination of adult and newborn mice of a resistant strain c 57bl 6j against challenge with leukemias induced by moloney murine leukemia virus

Nakazono, N.; Sawada, H.; Takebayashi, T.; Nakayama, N.; Ishii, K.; Kurosawa, K.; Miura, R., 1978: Vaccination of adult women with a japanese rubella vaccine qef passage biken vaccine

Shieh H.S., 1984: Vaccination of atlantic salmon salmo salar against furunculosis with protease of a virulent strain of aeromonas salmonicida

Shieh H.S., 1985: Vaccination of atlantic salmon salmo salar against furunculosis with protease of an avirulent strain of aeromonas salmonicida

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