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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6889

Chapter 6889 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Stubblefield, P.G., 1977:
Vaginal silastic device containing 0.25 percent 15s 15 methyl prostaglandin f 2 alpha methyl ester for early 2nd trimester abortion

Gitsch E.; Czerwenka K.; Huber J.; Spona J., 1986:
Vaginal smear and hormonal state

Sadrin R.; Evrard G.; Adnet J.J.; Wahl P.; Quereux C., 1980:
Vaginal smear cytology and hormonal tests before and after treatment with veralipride results in 11 cases

Grundsell, H.; Johnsson, J.E.; Lindberg, L.G.; Ström, H.; Tekavec, E.; Tropé, C.; Bekassy, Z., 1979:
Vaginal smear history in patients with invasive cervical carcinoma

Doboszynska, T.; Zurowski, W., 1977:
Vaginal smears during a sexual cycle of the beaver

Guidetti R.; Simonazzi E.; Gori F.; Chiodi A.; Luzi G.; D.R.nzo G.C.; Cosmi E.V., 1987:
Vaginal sonography a new method for examining the pelvis

Rempen A., 1987:
Vaginal sonography of the viable gestation in the first trimester

Cameron S.M.; Waller D.P.; Zaneveld L.J.D., 1982:
Vaginal spermicidal activity of gossypol in macaca arctoides

Jick, H.; Hannan, M.T.; Stergachis, A.; Heidrich, F.; Perera, D.R.; Rothman, K.J., 1982:
Vaginal spermicides and gonorrhea

Jick H.; Shiota K.; Shepard T.H.; Hunter J.R.; Stergachis A.; Madsen S.; Porter J.B., 1982:
Vaginal spermicides and miscarriage seen in the emergency room

Strobino, B.; Kline, J.; Lai, A.; Stein, Z.; Susser, M.; Warburton, D., 1986:
Vaginal spermicides and spontaneous abortion of known karyotype

Graham Brown R.A.C.; Cochrane G.W.; Swinhoe J.R.; Sarkany I.; Epsztejn L.J., 1981:
Vaginal stenosis due to bullous erythema multiforme stevens johnson syndrome

Diamond, M., 1972:
Vaginal stimulation and progesterone in relation to pregnancy and parturition

Sehgal, S.; Diamond, M., 1977:
Vaginal stimulation and progesterone: relation to corpora lutea maintenance, pregnancy and parturition in the hamster

Hunsaker, W.G.; Reiser, B.; Wolynetz, M., 1977:
Vaginal temperature rhythms in sheep

Giraldi G.; Appierto U., 1984:
Vaginal trichomoniasis as a pregnancy disturbing factor

Gulati N.; Sandhu P.K.; Verma U.; Rathee S., 1979:
Vaginal tubal ligation a study of 184 cases

Walker, B.E., 1988:
Vaginal tumors in mice from methylcholanthrene and prenatal exposure to diethylstilbestrol

Raudrant D.; P.; Saintfort P., 1987:
Vaginal ulceration brought about by abnormal use of tampons

Jimerson, S.D.; Becker, J.D., 1980:
Vaginal ulcers associated with tampon usage

Jaureguizar, E.; López Pereira, P.; Santamaría, P.; Valdés, R., 1987:
Vaginal ureteral ectopia associated with hydrocolpos and renal dysplasia

Hurwitz, R.S.; Fitzpatrick, T.J., 1982:
Vaginal urethra, clitoral hypertrophy and accessory phallic urethra: a rare syndrome of female pseudohermaphroditism

Payne, P.R.; Moolgaoker, A.S., 1981:
Vaginal vault cancer following hysterectomy

Seigworth, G.R., 1979:
Vaginal vault prolapse with eversion

Confino, E.; Ismajovich, B.; Sherzer, A.; Peyser, R.M.; David, M.P., 1985:
Vaginal vs. cesarean section oriented approaches in the management of breech delivery

Hopsu Havu V.K.; Gronroos M.; Punnonen R., 1980:
Vaginal yeasts in parturients and infestation of the new borns

Martin, J.N.Jr ; Bygdeman, M.; Ramadan, M.; Green, K.; Leader, A.; Lundstrom, V.; Wiqvist, N., 1976:
Vaginally administered 16 16 di methyl prostaglandin e 2 for the induction of mid trimester abortion

Krige, P., 1985:
Vaginismus. A case report

Shaked A.; Lotan Y., 1984:
Vaginismus causal background and results of treatment

Palermos J.; Boutri D.; Maraki S.; Maniatis A., 1986:
Vaginitis diagnostic problems in a general hospital

Askienazy M.; Henry Suchet J., 1987:
Vaginitis due to gardnerella a study of efficacy of metronidazole in 507 cases

Laing, F.C.; Shanser, J.D.; Salmen, B.J., 1978:
Vaginitis emphysematosa. Importance of its radiologic recognition

Osborne N.G.; Grubin L.; Pratson L., 1982:
Vaginitis in sexually active women relationship to 9 sexually transmitted organisms

Cooper, R.A., 1982:
Vaginography: a presentation of new cases and subject review

Adewunmi O.A., 1984:
Vaginoplasty in university college hospital ibadan nigeria 1973 1979

Ashworth, M.F.; Morton, K.E.; Dewhurst, J.; Lilford, R.J.; Bates, R.G., 1986:
Vaginoplasty using amnion

Schein, C.J.; Gliedman, M.I., 1978:
Vagotogenic cholecystitis

McGregor, D.B.; Savage, L.E.; McVay, C.B., 1978:
Vagotomy and drainage for elective treatment of peptic ulcers

Joffe, S.N.; Ferrie, M.M., 1976:
Vagotomy and experimental duodenal ulcers

Nylamo, E.; Inberg, M.; Havia, T.; Isomäki, M.; Pekkala, E., 1987:
Vagotomy and gastroenterostomy for stenosing duodenal ulcer

Pemberton J.H.; Van Heerden J.A., 1980:
Vagotomy and pyloro plasty in the treatment of duodenal ulceration long term effects

Sclafani, A.; Aravich, P.F.; Landman, M., 1981:
Vagotomy blocks hypothalamic hyperphagia in rats on a chow diet and sucrose solution, but not on a palatable mixed diet

Powley, T.L.; Fox, E.A., 1986:
Vagotomy does not alter circannual body weight cycles in the hibernator Citellus lateralis

Pimpl W.; Wayand W.; Umlauft M., 1985:
Vagotomy in the treatment of severe gastroduodenal hemorrhage

Stone H.H.; Mullins R.J.; Scovill W.A., 1985:
Vagotomy plus billroth ii gastrectomy for the prevention of recurrent alcohol induced pancreatitis

Courtney N.D.; Woods S.C., 1984:
Vagotomy reduces body weight of genetically obese zucker female rats and their lean littermates

Moritz D., 1984:
Vagrant and invasive species of the west german bird list recorded on helgoland 1976 1982

Mougin J L.; Roux F.; Zino P.A.; Jouanin C.; Stahl J C.; Despin B., 1987:
Vagrant birds of the salvage islands portugal

Marques P.R.D.B.; Azevedo Filho H.R.C.D.; Vilela M.L.G., 1986:
Vagus glossopharyngeal neuralgia a report of two cases

Amlie J.P.; Refsum H., 1984:
Vagus induced and post acetyl choline induced changes in ventricular electro physiology of the dog heart with and without beta blockade

L.Y., 1983:
Vagus locus coeruleus hypothalamic pituitary pressor response and its anti shock effect

Koo A.; Liang I.Y.S., 1979:
Vagus mediated vaso dilator tone in the rat terminal liver micro circulation

Zhu, T.L.; Tan, J.S.; Zhang, Z.X.; Zhang, B.K.; Ma, Y.P., 1980:
Vagus nerve anatomy at the lower esophagus and stomach. A study of 100 cadavers

Lund, D.D.; Oda, R.P.; Pardini, B.J.; Schmid, P.G., 1986:
Vagus nerve stimulation alters regional acetylcholine turnover in rat heart

Gautier H.; Bonora M., 1980:
Vagus nerves and pulmonary artery pressure in conscious and anesthetized cats using different levels of oxygenation

Ganguly, A.K.; Gopinath, P., 1979:
Vagus nerves and the gastric tissue histamine concentration in pylorus ligated albino rats

Lu, Y.M.; Fang, S.T.; Weng, Y.T.; Huang, T.P.; Chen, C.C., 1978:
Vagus pituitary pressor response after adrenal extirpation

Yunming, L.; Shaoci, F.; Yongtai, W.; Changping, H.; Jiajin, C., 1977:
Vagus pituitary pressor response after extirpation of adrenals

Suresh, T.P.; Sharma, K.N., 1979:
Vagus stimulation effects during various doses of fluid infusion in dogs

Pequignot, J.; Labat, R.; Serfaty, A., 1968:
Vagus tone and resistance to changes in salinity by some fresh water teleost fishes anguilla anguilla cyprinus carpio tinca tinca

Federici A.; Rizzo A.; Spai S.; Spai C., 1980:
Vagus tone inhibition in hypotension induced tachy cardia in the conscious dog

Cangi P.; Bevilacqua A.; Bavazzano A.; Guarducci R.; Taiti P.; Monechi V.; Del Bianco C., 1984:
Vaiano project a project of gerontological culture in the area of prato italy auditory inquiry

Guarducci R.; Cangi P.; Caretta F.; Taiti P.; Bavazzano A., 1984:
Vaiano project a project of gerontological culture in the area of prato italy socialization job activities and inquiry about personal autonomy

Nalbant, T.T.; Banarescu, P.M., 1977:
Vaillantellinae a new subfamily of cobitidae pisces cypriniformes

Jouvenaz, D.P.; Ellis, E.A., 1986:
Vairimorpha invictae new species microspora microsporida a parasite of the red imported fire ant solenopsis invicta hymenoptera formicidae

Pilley, B.M., 1976:
Vairimorpha new genus protozoa microsporida for nosema necatrix pathogenicity and life cycle in spodoptera exempta lepidoptera noctuidae

Vandenberg J.D.; Hamm J.J.; Shimanuki H., 1986:
Vairimorpha sp spores do not reduce the longevity of caged adult honeybees apis mellifera hymenoptera apidae

Lin Y.C.; Washam C.J.; Vedamuthu E.R., 1982:
Vakaleris price and hull methods for determining soluble tyrosine and tryptophan in blue cheese

Kvantaliani I.V.; Sakharov A.S., 1986:
Valanginian ammonites from northern caucasus ussr

Mcintyre D.J.; Brideaux W.W., 1980:
Valanginian mio spore and micro plankton assemblages from the northern richardson mountains district of mackenzie canada

Bralower T., 1987:
Valanginian to aptian calcareous nannofossil stratigraphy and correlation with the upper m sequence magnetic anomalies

Brullo S., 1979:
Valantia calva new species from linosa sicily

Brullo S., 1980:
Valantia deltoidea new species from sicily italy

Pavletic, Z., 1976:
Valantia hispida new record in the flora of yugoslavia

Jarzembowski E.A., 1981:
Valditermes brenanae new genus new species of early cretaceous termite from southern england uk isoptera hodotermitidae

Smetana A., 1981:
Valdiviodes ashworthi new genus new species of quediini from chile coleoptera staphylinidae

Esteban, C.M., 1976:
Valdose pisolite and caliche

Yoon G.H.Y.; Richey M.H., 1981:
Valence and position of inconsistent information in impression formation

Imamura T.; Beppu M.; Terao T.; Osawa T., 1981:
Valence dependent internalization of lectins into balb c 3t3 cells

Remer, R.; Watson, J.J.; Brinly, B.L., 1978:
Valence of arousal and emotive imagery

Korteland J.; Dekker B.G.; D.L.gny C.L., 1980:
Valence state of technetium 99 in its complexes with bleomycin 1 hydroxy ethylidene 1 1 di phosphonate and human serum albumin

Chang H R.; Larsen S.K.; Boyd P.D.W.; Pierpont C.G.; Hendrickson D.N., 1988:
Valence trapping in mixed valence manganese ii manganese iii complexes of a macrocyclic binucleating ligand

Cosra M.; Peris J.B.; Figuerola R.; Stubing G., 1985:
Valencian cork oak groves spain

Donat Colomer F., 1980:
Valencian spain scientific obstetrical and gynecological practice in the 2nd part of the 19th century

Potoschi A.; Andaloro F.; Cavaliere A.; Berdar A., 1981:
Valenciennellus tripunctulatus pisces gonostomatidae

Bessler, W.; Resch, K.; Ferber, E., 1976:
Valency dependent stimulating effects of lima bean lectins on lymphocytes of different species

Levi M.I., 1980:
Valency of antigenic erythrocytic diagnostic agents and the affinity of serum antibodies

Ledbetter J.A.; June C.H.; Martin P.J.; Spooner C.E.; Hansen J.A.; Meier K.E., 1986:
Valency of cd 3 binding and internalization of the cd 3 cell surface complex control t cell responses to second signals distinction between effects on protein kinase c cytoplasmic free calcium and proliferation

Frommhold H.; Vatter J.; Thurn P., 1981:
Valency of post operative radio therapy in the treatment of mammary carcinoma

Jovet-Ast, S., 1978:
Valentine allorge 1888 1977

Schneider G.; Veith J., 1985:
Valepotriate artefacts from centranthus ruber

Becker H.; Schrall R., 1980:
Valepotriates in tissue cultures of 9 different valerianaceae species in comparison to literature data of the intact plants

Apelgren K., 1987:
Valeriana baltica and other whole leaf variants of valeriana in sweden

Meyer F.G., 1979:
Valeriana rosaliana new species valerianaceae from venezuela

Titz W.; Titz E., 1979:
Valeriana versifolia and other octo ploid valeriana sp in the swiss and adjacent alps

Patel V.C.; Skvarla J.J., 1979:
Valerianaceae pollen morphology

Stover R.H., 1982:
Valery and grand nain cultivars plant and foliage characteristics and a proposed banana musa ideotype

Krikken, J., 1978:
Valgine beetles a preliminary review of the genera with descriptions of 2 novelties

Visser, J.D.; Veldhuizen, A.G., 1982:
Valgus deformity after fracture of the proximal tibial metaphysis in childhood

Bagger, J.; Hansen, B.A., 1987:
Valgus deformity after fracture of the proximal tibial metaphysis in children

Fonseca, A.S.; Bassett, G.S., 1988:
Valgus deformity following derotation osteotomy to correct medial femoral torsion

Khanh J.P.N.; Calderon R.; Bensahel H.; Badelon O., 1986:
Valgus deformity of knee in children 2 cases

Dias, L.S., 1985:
Valgus deformity of the ankle joint: pathogenesis of fibular shortening

Brichaux J.C.; Pontallier J.R.; Diard F.; Chateil J.F.; Tortey P.; Castel J.C., 1988:
Valgus slip of the femoral epiphysis report on 2 cases

Baratelli M.; Cabitza P., 1985:
Valgus tibial osteotomy long term clinical results

Daniel D.; Rice T., 1979:
Valgus varus stability in a hinged cast used for controlled mobilization of the knee

Gerschman D.P.kelin B.S.; Schiapelli R.D., 1979:
Valid morphologic characteristics in the taxonomy of the genus sicarius araneae sicariidae

Gross, S.J.; Soares, J.R., 1978:
Validated direct blood delta 9 tetra hydro cannabinol radio immune quantitation

Harding, T.W., 1976:
Validating a method of psychiatric case identification in Jamaica

Jahanshahi M.; Philips C., 1986:
Validating a new technique for the assessment of pain behavior

White J.D., 1985:
Validating a simplified determination of benzo a pyrene in particulate matter from prescribed forestry burning

Parker G., 1986:
Validating an experimental measure of parental style the use of a twin sample

Braggio, J.T.; Braggio, S.M.; Hall, A.D.; Allman, T.W.; Peyton, L.J.; Karan, D., 1980:
Validating optimal response modes of learning disabled children

West M.J.; King A.P.; Eastzer D.H., 1981:
Validating the female bioassay of cowbird molothrus ater song relating differences in song potency to mating success

Lindstrom S.M.; Hawthorne J.D., 1986:
Validating the microbiological integrity of cosmetic products through consumer use testing

Anderson R.F.; Santschi P.H.; Nyffeler U.P.; Schiff S.L., 1987:
Validating the use of radiotracers as analogs of stable metal behavior in enclosed aquatic ecosystem experiments

Irvin, L.K.; Gersten, R.M.; Heiry, T.J., 1984:
Validating vocational assessment of severely mentally retarded persons: issues and an application

Dawe E.G.; O'dor R.K.; Odense P.H.; Hurley G.V., 1985:
Validation and application of an aging technique for short finned squid illex illecebrosus

Brackenridge, C.J., 1978:
Validation and application of an interval factor in estimating age at onset of huntingtons disease

Loeppky, J.A.; Fletcher, E.R.; Myhre, L.G.; Luft, U.C., 1986:
Validation and application of single breath cardiac output determinations in man

Clive D.; Johnson K.O.; Spector J.F.S.; Batson A.G.; Brown M.M.M., 1979:
Validation and characterization of the l 5178y thymidine kinase positive negative mouse lymphoma mutagen assay system

Cucinotta D.; Dall'asta D.; Ciotti G.; Benaglia F.; Mantovani M.; Bonati P.A., 1986:
Validation and experience of the use of 2 rating scales in the study of global clinical conditions in the elderly patient

Ziller, G.A.; Przyborowski, R., 1986:
Validation and functional control of laminar flow technology and clean room technology in the framework of aseptic preparation and testing of drugs 1. laminar flow boxes

Narici M.V.; Agradi E.; Bozzetti F., 1986:
Validation and optimization of anthropometric formulae for arm muscle circumference calculation

Rizzini, C.T., 1977:
Validation and re description of oryctina loranthaceae

Moore, J.A.; Schenk, J.A.; Hatch, C.R., 1978:
Validation and refinement of a hazard rating model for fir engraver caused mortality in grand fir stands A.; Hancock A.A.; Lefkowitz R.J., 1982:
Validation and statistical analysis of a computer modeling method for quantitative analysis of radio ligand binding data for mixtures of pharmacological receptor subtypes

Ben Yochanan A.; Katz Y., 1987:
Validation and use of a school readiness battery in an israeli elementary school integration program

Callagher K.J.; Morrison D.A.; Shine R.; Grigg G.C., 1983:
Validation and use of sodium 22 turnover to measure food intake in free ranging lizards

Tamisier A.; Tamisier M C., 1981:
Validation by bio telemetry of the functional unit concept of camargue france teals

Georges, D.; Lallemand, A.; Coustenoble, J.; Loria, Y., 1977:
Validation by factor analysis of a rating scale in cerebral insufficiency in the elderly

Doyle, K.J.; Rupp, R.R., 1977:
Validation norms for speech discrimination scores of normal hearing subjects in wide band and in speech spectrum noise at speech to noise ratio of zero decibels

Hannum J.W.; Mayer J.M., 1984:
Validation of 2 family assessment approaches

Auerbach J.S., 1984:
Validation of 2 scales for narcissistic personality disorder

Halama J.R.; Gatley S.J.; Degrado T.R.; Bernstein D.R.; N.C.K.; Holden J.E., 1984:
Validation of 3 deoxy 3 fluoro d glucose as a glucose transport analog in rat heart

Rumberger J.A.; Fastenow C.F.; Laughlin D.L.; Marcus M.L., 1984 :
Validation of a 3rd generation doppler system for studies of detailed aortic flow

Tucker, M.A.; Ogle, S.J.; Davison, J.G.; Eilenberg, M.D., 1987:
Validation of a brief screening test for depression in the elderly

Nichols, K.J.; Daniels, K.E., 1987:
Validation of a cardiac risk factor index for noncardiac surgery in a community osteopathic hospital

Hoogenboom, B.E.; Hynes, R.W.; Mann, C.M.; Ekman, M.; McJilton, C.E.; Stevens, J.B., 1987:
Validation of a colorimetric method for determination of atmospheric formaldehyde

Guthaner D.F.; Nassi M.; Bradley B., 1984:
Validation of a computed tomographic method for flow determination work in progress

Zwehl W.; Levy R.; Garcia E.; Haendchen R.V.; Childs W.; Corday S.R.; Meerbaum S.; Corday E., 1983:
Validation of a computerized edge detection algorithm for quantitative 2 dimensional echo cardiography

von Frenckell, R.; Lottin, T., 1982:
Validation of a depression threshold: the Hamilton scale

Rice, S.A.; Millan, D.P., 1986:
Validation of a developmental swimming test using Swiss Webster mice perinatally treated with methimazole

Schanbacher B.D.; D'occhio M.J., 1982:
Validation of a direct radio immunoassay for testosterone in unextracted serum from 5 species application to study of the hypothalamic pituitary gonadal axis in males

Geissler, C.A.; Dzumbira, T.M.O.; Noor, M.I., 1986:
Validation of a field technique for the measurement of energy expenditure factorial method vs. continuous respirometry

Cromack, T.R.; Stone, M.K., 1980:
Validation of a Group Embedded Figures Test for young children

Ludwig, J.D.; Avis, K.E., 1988:
Validation of a heating cell for precisely controlled studies on the thermal destruction of endotoxin in glass

Stoudenmire J.; Batman D.; Pavlov M.; Temple A., 1985:
Validation of a holistic living inventory

Johnston, A.; DeLuca, D.; Murtaugh, K.; Deiner, E., 1977:
Validation of a laboratory play measure of child aggression

Naifeh K.H.; Severinghaus J.W., 1988:
Validation of a maskless carbon dioxide response test for sleep and infant studies

Wolf T.M.; Sklov M.C.; Wenzl P.A.; Hunter S.M.; Berenson G.S., 1982:
Validation of a measure of type a behavior pattern in children bogalusa louisiana usa heart study

Gastinne H.; Bricq M.; Gay R., 1981:
Validation of a method for measurement of static total compliance siemens elema lmg 940 calculator

Peck R.C., 1982:
Validation of a method to determine a protection factor for laboratory hoods

Duncan L.W.; Ferris H., 1983:
Validation of a model for prediction of host damage by 2 nematode species

Williams, D.W.; Williams, L.E.; Barnett, W.W.; Kelley, K.M.; Mckenry, M.V., 1985:
Validation of a model for the growth and development of the thompson seedless grapevine i. vegetative growth and fruit yield

Williams, D.W.; Andris, H.L.; Beede, R.H.; Luvisi, D.A.; Norton, M.V.K.; Williams, L.E., 1985:
Validation of a model for the growth and development of the thompson seedless grapevine ii. phenology

Marmor, M.F.; Porteus, M.; Negi, A.; Immel, J., 1984:
Validation of a model of non-rhegmatogenous retinal detachment

Slap, G.B.; Connor, J.L.; Wigton, R.S.; Schwartz, J.S., 1986:
Validation of a model to identify young patients for lymph node biopsy

Russell J.W.; Coleman G.J.; Hart W.G., 1988:
Validation of a modified version of the menstrual distress questionnaire a case for false attribution

Prahm, L.P.; Christensen, M., 1977:
Validation of a multiple source gaussian air quality model

Yeh, T.S.; Pollack, M.M.; Ruttimann, U.E.; Holbrook, P.R.; Fields, A.I., 1984:
Validation of a physiologic stability index for use in critically ill infants and children

Reynolds J.F.; Cunningham G.L., 1981:
Validation of a primary production model of the desert shrub larrea tridentata using soil moisture augmentation experiments

Bion, J.F.; Edlin, S.A.; Ramsay, G.; McCabe, S.; Ledingham, I.M., 1985:
Validation of a prognostic score in critically ill patients undergoing transport

Pengelly W.L.; Bandurski R.S.; Schulze A., 1981:
Validation of a radio immunoassay for iaa using gas chromatography selected ion monitoring mass spectrometry

Delattre E.; Boschero A.C., 1984:
Validation of a radio immunoassay for rat insulin

Garcia, M.D.; Cacicedo, L.; De-Escobar, G.M., 1977:
Validation of a radio immunoassay for rat thyrotrophic hormone part 2 comparison with results obtained by bioassay

Rosher P.H.; Jones H.G.; Hedden P., 1985:
Validation of a radioimmunoassay for dextro abscisic acid in extracts of apple malus pumila and sweet pepper capsicum annuum tissue using high pressure liquid chromatography and combined gas chromatography mass spectrometry

Crevat-Pisano, P.; Drouet, C.; Lacarelle, B.; Alazia, M.; Francois, G.; Cano, J.P., 1987:
Validation of a radioreceptor assay technique for monitoring pharmacological active material during intensive diazepam tetanus therapy

Garfinkle B.; Cochran J.; Snyder J.; Thrasher G.; Thompson B.; Orlowski S.; Harwood R.J.; Cohen E.M., 1985:
Validation of a radiosterilization procedure for sterilization of a solid state ophthalmic insert system

McKirnan, M.D.; White, F.C.; Guth, B.D.; Longhurst, J.C.; Bloor, C.M., 1986:
Validation of a respiratory mask for measuring gas exchange in exercising swine

Peduzzi P.N.; Detre K.M.; Chan Y.K.; Oberman A.; Cutter G.R., 1982:
Validation of a risk function to predict mortality in a usa veterans administration population with coronary artery disease

Beiman, I.; O'neil, P.; Wachtel, D.; Fruge, E.; Johnson, S.; Feuerstein, M., 1978:
Validation of a self report behavioral subject selection procedure for analog fear research

Webley, G.E.; Mehl, H.; Willey, K.P., 1985:
Validation of a sensitive direct assay for melatonin for investigation of circadian rhythms in different species

Larkin, K.T.; Kasprowicz, A.L., 1986:
Validation of a simple method of assessing cardiac preejection period: a potential index of sympathetic nervous system activity

Johnson K.B.; Conlon R.L.; Adams S.S.; Nelson D.C.; Rouse D.I.; Teng P.S., 1988:
Validation of a simple potato growth model in the north central usa

Cater, B.R.; Trivedi, P.; Hallinan, T., 1976:
Validation of a simple radiochemical assay measuring hydrolysis of choline labeled microsomal phosphatidyl choline by phospho lipase c ph dependence

Hoogenboom, B.E.; Hynes, R.W.; McJilton, C.E.; Stevens, J.B., 1986:
Validation of a simpler method for determination of atmospheric sulfur dioxide

Zhu, W.X.; Myers, M.L.; Hartley, C.J.; Roberts, R.; Bolli, R., 1986:
Validation of a single crystal for measurement of transmural and epicardial thickening

Geri G.A.; Neri D.F., 1988:
Validation of a solid state anomaloscope used to assess red green color vision defects

Odlaug, T.; Chalumeau, H.; Couquelet, M.; German, A., 1983:
Validation of a steam sterilization cycle

Coolidge F.L.; Peters B.M.; Brown R.E.; Harsch T.L.; Crookes T.G., 1985:
Validation of a wechsler adult intelligence scale algorithm for the early onset of dementia

Samimi B.; Falbo L., 1983:
Validation of abcor nms organic vapor dosimeter under various concentrations and air velocity conditions

Bowen W.D.; Sergeant D.E.; Oritsland T. , 1983:
Validation of age estimation in the harp seal phoca groenlandica using dentinal annuli

Davies P.E.; Sloane R.D., 1986:
Validation of aging and length back calculation in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri from dee lagoon tasmania australia

Wood J.T.; Poole W.E.; Carpenter S.M., 1983:
Validation of aging keys for eastern gray kangaroos macropus giganteus

Parsch L.D., 1987:
Validation of alsim1 level 2 under michigan usa conditions

Okamoto, S.; Shiozawa, K., 1978:
Validation of an air pollution model for the keihin area

Allen, M.L.; Orr, W.C.; Woodruff, D.M.; Robinson, M.G., 1988:
Validation of an ambulatory esophageal pH monitoring system

Cowell J.E.; Kunstman J.L.; Nord P.J.; Steinmetz J.R.; Wilson G.R., 1986:
Validation of an analytical residue method for analysis of glyphosate and metabolite an interlaboratory study

Harrell T.H.; Lombardo T.A., 1984:
Validation of an automated 16 personality factor questionnaire administration procedure

Pennypacker S.P.; Madden L.V.; Macnab A.A., 1983:
Validation of an early blight forecasting system for tomatoes lycopersicon esculentum

Newmark, C.S.; Falk, R.; Boren, R.; Finch, A.J.Jr, 1976:
Validation of an empirically derived set on symptom clusters to diagnose schizophrenia

Blake, C.A.; Norman, R.L.; Sawyer, C.H., 1973:
Validation of an ovine ovine luteinizing hormone radio immunoassay for use in the hamster

West, J.G., 1982:
Validation of autopsy method for evaluating trauma care

Innes, J.A.; Mills, C.J.; Noble, M.I.; Murphy, K.; Pugh, S.; Shore, A.C.; Guz, A., 1987:
Validation of beat by beat pulsed Doppler measurements of ascending aortic blood velocity in man

Williford, H.N.; Smith, J.F.; Mansfield, E.R.; Conerly, M.D.; Bishop, P.A., 1986:
Validation of body composition models for high school wrestlers

Ramirez C., 1984:
Validation of candida citrica new species

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Validation of carbon 13 carbon di oxide breath analysis as a measurement of demethylation of stable isotope labeled aminopyrine in man

Liu, P.; Burns, R.J.; Houle, S.; Warbick-Cerone, A.; Johnston, L.; Gilday, D.; el-Maraghi, N.; McLaughlin, P.R., 1986:
Validation of cardiac single photon emission tomography of labeled intracoronary microspheres as a method to measure changes in distribution of coronary blood flow

Gilley W.F.; Uhlig G.E., 1985:
Validation of cassel type a personality assessment profile

Elsik, W.C., 1976:
Validation of chlonovaia sibiricus

Kwong M.S.; Egan E.A., 1985:
Validation of cobalt 57 cyanocobalamin as an extracellular fluid marker and measurement of albumin exclusion from the interstitium in the rabbit

Merritt C.Jr; Vajdi M.; Kayser S.G.; Halliday J.W.; Bazinet M.L., 1982:
Validation of computer methods for tri glyceride composition of fats and oils by liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry

Thompson, L.H.; Fong, S.; Brookman, K., 1980:
Validation of conditions for efficient detection of hypo xanthine phospho ribosyl transferase ec and adenine phospho ribosyl transferase ec mutations in suspension cultured chinese hamster ovary cells

Beaglehole, R.; Stewart, A.W.; Walker, P., 1987:
Validation of coronary heart disease hospital discharge data

Gibbons, N.E.; Murray, R.G.E., 1978:
Validation of cyanobacteriales in gibbons and murray 1978 as a new order of the kingdom procaryotae and of the use of neuter plural endings for photobacteria and scotobacteria new classes request for an opinion

Isely J.J.; Noble R.L., 1987:
Validation of daily ring deposition in otoliths of wild young of the year largemouth bass

Salman, M.D.; Frank, G.R.; MacVean, D.W.; Reif, J.S.; Collins, J.K.; Jones, R., 1988:
Validation of disease diagnoses reported to the National Animal Health Monitoring System from a large Colorado beef feedlot

Rushton J.P.; Wheelwright M., 1980:
Validation of donating to charity as a measure of children altruism

Townsley M.I.; Korthuis R.J.; Rippe B.; Parker J.C.; Taylor A.E., 1986:
Validation of double vascular occlusion method for isogravimetric capillary pressure in lung and skeletal muscle

Miller, D.R.; Butler, G.; Bramall, L., 1976:
Validation of ecological system models

Baydur, A.; Cha, E.J.; Sassoon, C.S., 1987:
Validation of esophageal balloon technique at different lung volumes and postures

Bruce R.A.; Fisher L.D.; Hossack K.F., 1985:
Validation of exercise enhanced risk assessment of coronary heart disease events longitudinal changes in incidence in seattle washington community practice

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Validation of gossym 2. mississippi usa conditions

Mazumdar, S.; Colbus, D.S.; Townsend, M.C., 1986:
Validation of hospital discharge diagnosis data for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and other allied conditions

Baker S.J.; Chrzan G.J.; Park C.N.; Saunders J.H., 1985:
Validation of human behavioral tests using ethanol as a central nervous system depressant model

Borkowski K.R.; Quinn P., 1983:
Validation of indirect systolic blood pressure measurement in ether anesthetized rats

Roth A.V.; Lubin B.; Hornstra R.K., 1981:
Validation of individual items of the depression adjective check list form e across 3 populations

Moir K.W.; Ebersohn J.P.; Evans J., 1982:
Validation of intake estimates in grazing beef cattle

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Validation of intra venous small dose insulin infusion therapy in diabetic keto acidosis of de pancreatized dogs

Rege R.V.; Webster C.C.; Ostrow J.D.; Carr S.H.; Ohkubo H., 1984 :
Validation of ir spectroscopy for assessment of vinyl polymers of bile pigment gallstones

Frankenburg W.K.; Ker C.Y.; Engelke S.; Schaefer E.S.; Thornton S.M., 1988:
Validation of key denver colorado usa developmental screening test items a preliminary study

Verani, M.S.; Gaeta, J.; LeBlanc, A.D.; Poliner, L.R.; Phillips, L.; Lacy, J.L.; Thornby, J.I.; Roberts, R., 1985:
Validation of left ventricular volume measurements by radionuclide angiography

Fauli C.; Margalet A.; Jane J., 1986:
Validation of limulus amoebocyte lysate assay for pyrogen control in parenteral solutions

Fatmi A.A.; Williams G.V.Sr, 1987:
Validation of liquid chromatographic method as assay for acetaminophen butalbital and caffeine in solid dosage forms

Vinten-Johansen, J.; Johnston, W.E.; Crystal, G.J.; Mills, S.A.; Santamore, W.P.; Cordell, A.R., 1987:
Validation of local venous sampling within the at risk left anterior descending artery vascular bed in the canine left ventricle

Cobelli C.; Mari A., 1983:
Validation of mathematical models of complex endocrine metabolic system a case study on a model of glucose regulation

Travis C.C.; Etnier E.L.; Hetrick D.M., 1984:
Validation of metabolic model for tritium

Diekman, M.A.; O'callaghan, P.; Nett, T.M.; Niswender, G.D., 1978:
Validation of methods and quantification of luteal receptors for luteinizing hormone throughout the estrous cycle and early pregnancy in ewes

Tormey, J.M., 1978:
Validation of methods for quantitative x ray analysis of electrolytes using frozen sections of erythrocytes

Girgis A.N.; Khayyal S.E.; Rofael N., 1983:
Validation of methoxsalen national reference standard

Bellia, V.; Visconti, A.; Insalaco, G.; Cuttitta, G.; Ferrara, G.; Bonsignore, G., 1988:
Validation of morning dip of peak expiratory flow as an indicator of the severity of nocturnal asthma

Ruzicka, J., 1976:
Validation of names of algae invalid according to article 37 of the international code

Bilai, V.I., 1987:
Validation of new taxa and taxonomic combinations in fusarium lk. fr

Mantovani M.; Bonati P.A.; Butturini L.; Palummeri E.; Ciotti G.; Cucinotta D., 1986:
Validation of new visual recency test in elderly subjects

Smyth, R.J.; Gledhill, N.; Froese, A.B.; Jamnik, V.K., 1984:
Validation of noninvasive maximal cardiac output measurement

Griffiths K.; Mcdevitt D.G.; Andrew M.; Baksaas I.; Lunde P.K.M.; Bergman U.; Wessling A.; Sjoqvist F., 1985:
Validation of observed differences in the utilization of antihypertensive and antidiabetic drugs in northern ireland uk norway and sweden

Preisig H.R.; Hibberd D.J., 1987:
Validation of paraphysomonas diademifera new combination and polylepidomonas vacuolata new combination chrysophyceae

Mactaggart D.L.; Kagel R.A.; Farwell S.O., 1987:
Validation of ppb ppt sulfur gas standards by independent analytical methods

Lewinsky, J., 1975 :
Validation of pseudoleskeella tectorum ssp cyrtophylla new combination

Wilson R.A.; Shea M.J.; D.L.ndsheere C.M.; Turton D.; Brady F.; Deanfield J.E.; Selwyn A.P., 1984:
Validation of quantitation of regional myocardial blood flow in vivo with carbon 11 labeled human albumin microspheres and positron emission tomography

Konstadt, S.N.; Thys, D.; Mindich, B.P.; Kaplan, J.A.; Goldman, M., 1986:
Validation of quantitative intraoperative transesophageal echocardiography

Colditz, G.A.; Martin, P.; Stampfer, M.J.; Willett, W.C.; Sampson, L.; Rosner, B.; Hennekens, C.H.; Speizer, F.E., 1986:
Validation of questionnaire information on risk factors and disease outcomes in a prospective cohort study of women

Axelsson, G.; Rylander, R., 1984:
Validation of questionnaire reported miscarriage, malformation and birth weight

Reimers T.J.; Cowan R.G.; Davidson H.P.; Colby E.D., 1981:
Validation of radio immunoassays for tri iodo thyronine thyroxine and hydrocortisone cortisol in canine feline and equine sera

Prat F.; Carrillo M.; D.M.nes A., 1986:
Validation of radioimmunoassay for the measurement of plasma testosterone 11 ketotestosterone and 17 beta estradiol in the sea bass dicentrarchus labrax

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Validation of radionuclide cardiac output measurements during exercise

Scharschmidt B.F.; Keeffe E.B.; Blankenship N.M.; Ockner R.K., 1979:
Validation of recording spectrophotometric method for measurement of membrane associated magnesium atpase and sodium potassium atpase activity

Tobin, M.J.; Jenouri, G.; Lind, B.; Watson, H.; Schneider, A.; Sackner, M.A., 1983:
Validation of respiratory inductive plethysmography in patients with pulmonary disease

Chadha, T.S.; Watson, H.; Birch, S.; Jenouri, G.A.; Schneider, A.W.; Cohn, M.A.; Sackner, M.A., 1982:
Validation of respiratory inductive plethysmography using different calibration procedures

Schoeller D.A.; Dietz W.; Van Santen E.; Klein P.D., 1982:
Validation of saliva sampling for total body water determination by oxygen 18 labeled water dilution

Raine, A., 1987:
Validation of schizoid personality scales using indices of schizotypal and borderline personality disorder in a criminal population

Kawamori R.; Yamasaki Y.; Murata T.; Morishima T.; Yagi T.; Goriya Y.; Shichiri M.; Abe H., 1980:
Validation of self adaptive control algorithm for blood glucose concentration in artificial beta cell

Jackson, J.D.; Smith, M.C.; Liao, W.C., 1978:
Validation of sick role rights for mental illness

Williams W.O.; Dajda R., 1980:
Validation of sources of pertussis immunization data

Farr, M.L.; Alexopoulos, C.J., 1977:
Validation of subclass ceratiomyxomycetidae and order ceratiomyxales class myxomycetes

Olson H.G.; Lyons K.P.; Butman S.; Piters K.M., 1983:
Validation of technetium 99m labeled tin ii pyro phosphate myo cardial scintigraphy for diagnosing acute myo cardial infarction more than 48 hours old when serum creatine kinase mb has returned to normal

Lunn, G.; Sansone, E.B., 1985:
Validation of techniques for the destruction of dimethyl sulfate

Howe M.G.; Helmes E., 1980:
Validation of the 16 personality factor questionnaire in a psychiatric setting

Bridson D.; Robbrecht E., 1985:
Validation of the african genus hyperacanthus rubiaceae tribe gardenieae

Yackovich F.; Poulsen N.K.; Heinze J.E., 1986:
Validation of the agar patch test using soap bars which deposit different amounts of triclocarban

Fields D.E.; Miller C.W.; Cotter S.J., 1984:
Validation of the airdos epa computer code by simulating intermediate range transport of krypton 85 from the savannah river plant usa

Franciosa, J.A.; Ragan, D.O.; Rubenstone, S.J., 1976:
Validation of the carbon di oxide re breathing method for measuring cardiac output in patients with hypertension or heart failure

Staquet, M.; Brown, B.W.; Rozencweig, M.; Van Muylder, E.; Dodion, P.; Sanders, C., 1987:
Validation of the clinical predictive values of the in vitro phase II clonogenic assay in cancer of the breast and ovary

Sallam E., 1988:
Validation of the content uniformity testing of usp xxi 1985 for tablets containing potent drugs

Hilakivi I.; Peder M.; Elomaa E.; Johansson G., 1984:
Validation of the cuff pedestal technique for rapid eye movement sleep deprivation by electrophysiological recordings

Ealey, P.A.; Smyth, P.P., 1980:
Validation of the cytochemical section bioassay for thyroid stimulating antibodies

DuBose, T.D.; Caflisch, C.R., 1985:
Validation of the difference in urine and blood carbon dioxide tension during bicarbonate loading as an index of distal nephron acidification in experimental models of distal renal tubular acidosis

Cooper P.D., 1983:
Validation of the doubly labeled water method for measuring water flux and energy metabolism in tenebrionid beetles

Williams J.B.; Nagy K.A., 1984:
Validation of the doubly labeled water technique for measuring energy metabolism in savannah sparrows passerculus sandwichensis

Williams J.B., 1985:
Validation of the doubly labeled water technique for measuring energy metabolism in starlings sturnus vulgaris and sparrows

Powers W.J.; Hopkins K.T.; Welch M.J., 1984:
Validation of the dual radio tracer method for quantitative indium 111 platelet scintigraphy

Recknagel F.; Benndorf J., 1982:
Validation of the ecological simulation model salmo simulation by means of an analytical lake model

Smith K.A.; Hill S.A.; Begg A.C.; Denekamp J., 1988:
Validation of the fluorescent dye hoechst 33342 as a vascular space marker in tumors

Bourgue, P.; Ladouceur, R., 1978:
Validation of the gay hollandsworth and galassi adult self expression scale

Breger, F.G.; Bicalho, H.D., 1978:
Validation of the genus physinga orchidaceae with addition of physinga acreensis new species

Lichtwardt, R.W.; Manier, J.F., 1978 :
Validation of the harpellales new order and asellariales new order

Mittenberg, W.; Petersen, J.D., 1984:
Validation of the Holtzman anxiety scale by vasomotor biofeedback

Heron T.M.; Kelly J.F.; Haataja P.G., 1984:
Validation of the industrial source complex dispersion model in a rural setting

Bemis T.; Daniel M., 1987:
Validation of the long sitting test on subjects with iliosacral dysfunction

Benussi G.; Gallimberti L.; Zorzut G.; D.V.nna M.; Gasparini V., 1982:
Validation of the michigan alcoholism screening test in an italian urban population

Torki M.A., 1980:
Validation of the minnesota multiphasic personality inventory masculinity femininity scale in kuwait

Gauthier M.J., 1982:
Validation of the name alteromonas luteoviolacea

Hermann, F.J., 1977:
Validation of the name drepanocladus exannulatus f pseudotrichophyllus

Jones C.; Brothers E.B., 1987:
Validation of the otolith increment aging technique for striped bass morone saxatilis larvae reared under suboptimal feeding conditions

Jerger, S., 1987:
Validation of the pediatric speech intelligibility test in children with central nervous system lesions

Spilker, B.; Segreti, A., 1984:
Validation of the phenomenon of regression of seizure frequency in epilepsy

Edouard L., 1982:
Validation of the registered underlying causes of still birth

Smart, Y.C.; Roberts, T.K.; Fraser, I.S.; Cripps, A.W.; Clancy, R.L., 1982:
Validation of the rosette inhibition test for the detection of early pregnancy in women

Equi, P.J.; Jabara, R.F., 1976:
Validation of the self rating depression scale in an alcoholic population

Cheatham T.; Rosentswieg J., 1982:
Validation of the sport competition anxiety test

Kovary S.J.; Agalloco J.P.; Gordon B.M., 1983:
Validation of the steam in place sterilization of disc filter housings and membranes

Gales R.P., 1987:
Validation of the stomach flushing technique for obtaining stomach contents of penguins

Deutsch M.; Weinreb A., 1983:
Validation of the structuredness of cytoplasmic matrix test for the diagnosis of cancer

Bassil, B.; Dosoretz, D.E.; Prout, G.R., 1985:
Validation of the tumor, nodes and metastasis classification of renal cell carcinoma

Levenkron, J.C.; Greenland, P., 1987:
Validation of the University of Rochester Risk Factor Interview Scale

Dierickx, P.J.; Martens, M., 1986:
Validation of the uridine uptake inhibition assay in cultured human hepatoma cells

Magruder-Habib, K.; Harris, K.E.; Fraker, G.G., 1982:
Validation of the Veterans Alcoholism Screening Test

Millis, R.M.; Young, R.C.; Kulczycki, L.L., 1977:
Validation of therapeutic bronchoscopic bronchial washing in cystic fibrosis

Phelps M.E.; Huang S.C.; Hoffman E.J.; Kuhl D.E., 1979:
Validation of tomographic measurement of cerebral blood volume with carbon 11 labeled carboxy hemo globin

Wilkinson, S.P.; Bernardi, M.; Pearce, P.C.; Britton, K.E.; Brown, N.J.G.; Poston, L.; Clarke, M.; Jenner, R.; Williams, R., 1978:
Validation of transit renography for the determination of the intra renal distribution of plasma flow comparison with the microsphere method in the anesthetized rabbit and pig

Price D.D.; Mcgrath P.A.; Rafii A.; Buckingham B., 1983:
Validation of visual analog scales as ratio scale measures for chronic and experimental pain

Bond, G.G.; Bodner, K.M.; Sobel, W.; Shellenberger, R.J.; Flores, G.H., 1988:
Validation of work histories obtained from interviews

Fabre H.; Meynier D.S.linelles V.; Cassanas G.; Mandrou B., 1985:
Validation procedure of a high performance liquid chromatographic analytical method

Rezai, K.; Kirchner, P.T.; Armstrong, C.; Ehrhardt, J.C.; Heistad, D., 1988:
Validation studies for brain blood flow assessment by radioxenon tomography

Fuerst R.G.; Logan T.J.; Midgett M.R.; Prohaska J., 1987:
Validation studies of the protocol for the volatile organic sampling train

Korfmacher W.A.; Moler G.F.; Delongchamp R.R.; Harless R.L.; Mitchum R.K., 1984:
Validation study for the gas chromatographic atmospheric pressure ionization mass spectrometric method for the isomer specific determination of 2 3 7 8 tetra chloro di benzo p dioxin

Weitzman, S.; Bar-Ziv, G.; Pilpel, D.; Sachs, E.; Naggan, L., 1981:
Validation study on medical recording practices in primary care clinics

Bon, M., 1986:
Validations and typifications of blum's russulae

Carnovali M.; Crespi E.; Panozzo M.; Missaglia A.; Ponti G., 1986:
Validity and efficacy of a single daily dose of a fixed captopril hydrochlorothiazide combination

Oratore A.; D.G.ulio A.; Bologna M.; Strom R.; D'andrea G., 1980:
Validity and limitations of a bi modal parametric approach for the evaluation of antibody affinity distributions

Caputo G.; Micali B.; Luciano G.; Fabiano V.; Venuti A., 1983:
Validity and limitations of the amylase creatinine clearance ratio in the diagnosis of acute post operative pancreatitis

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Validity and limitations of ultrasonography in monitoring therapeutic response in ovarian carcinoma

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Validity and reliability of a high school drug use questionnaire among Mexican students

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Validity and reliability of liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection for measuring plasma levels of norepinephrine and epinephrine in man

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Validity and reliability of the Chinese Hamilton Depression Rating Scale

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Validity and reliability of the neuro psychological impairment scale

Chylack L.T.Jr; Rosner B.; Garner W.; Giblin F.; Waldron W.; Wolfe J.; Leske M.C.; White O., 1985:
Validity and reproducibility of the cooperative cataract research group cataract classification system

Reid, D.W.; Ziegler, M., 1980:
Validity and stability of a new desired control measure pertaining to psychological adjustment of the elderly

Whitaker, L.C., 1978:
Validity and usefulness in 4 whitaker index of schizophrenic thinking studies recently reported in the journal

Johnson D.L.M.; Danley W., 1981:
Validity comparison of the wechsler intelligence scale for children revised and system of multi cultural and pleuralistic assessment estimated learning potential scores

Huynh H.; Mandeville G.K., 1979:
Validity conditions in repeated measures designs

Furr J.D.; Chissom B.S.; Haznedar B., 1982:
Validity indices of the d 48 domino test and the d 70 domino test

Kotagal U.R.; Kleinman L.I., 1982:
Validity of 15 micron microspheres in studying intra renal blood flow distribution in the new born dog

Haynes J.P.; Atkinson D., 1983:
Validity of 2 wechsler preschool and primary scale of intelligence short forms in out patient clinic settings

Holmes C.B.; Dungan D.S.; Mclaughlin T.P., 1982:
Validity of 5 minnesota multiphasic personality inventory alcoholism scales

Hays R.; Stacy A., 1983:
Validity of 5 minnesota multiphasic personality inventory alcoholism scales a critique and reanalysis

Leavitt F.; Garron D.C., 1980:
Validity of a back pain classification scale for detecting psychological disturbance as measured by the minnesota multiphasic personality inventory

Terzi R.; Marcaletti G.; Catenacci G., 1984:
Validity of a biophysical model for predicting cardiac frequency values associated with activities that entail considerable risk of thermal stress

Blay, S.L.; Ramos, L.R.; Mari,, 1988:
Validity of a Brazilian version of the Older Americans Resources and Services (OARS) mental health screening questionnaire

Lumpkin J.R., 1985:
Validity of a brief locus of control scale for survey research

Labeck L.J.; Johnson J.H.; Harris W.G., 1983:
Validity of a computerized on line minnesota multiphasic personality inventory interpretive system

Simons P.; Watts T., 1987:
Validity of a hinged constant force probe and a similar immobilized probe in untreated periodontal disease

Lee, S.H., 1984:
Validity of a histochemical estrogen receptor assay. Supported by the observation of a cellular response to steroid manipulation

Kanluan T.; Masironi B.; Cekan S.Z., 1981:
Validity of a levo norgestrel radio immunoassay

Thompson B.; Melancon J.G., 1987:
Validity of a measure of critical thinking skills

Hollembeak, N.; Johnsen, E.P.; Tracy, D.B., 1977:
Validity of a nonprojective anxiety scale for preschool children

Andre M.; Grizard G.; Boucher D., 1981:
Validity of a radio immunoassay for serum and pituitary prolactin in adult male rats effects of bromocriptine and trh

Viney W.; Mcintyre R.; Viney D.W., 1984:
Validity of a scale designed to measure beliefs in free will and determinism

Cornish Bowden A., 1979:
Validity of a steady state treatment of inactivation kinetics

Hafner J.L.; Nelson D.A.; Corotto L.V.; Curnutt R.H., 1979:
Validity of a wechsler adult intelligence scale short form with a nonclinical population

Haynes J.P., 1982:
Validity of a wechsler intelligence scale for children revised short form with male delinquents

Schwartz, D.M.; Schwartz, R.H., 1987:
Validity of acoustic reflectometry in detecting middle ear effusion

Kannarkat J.P.; Bayton J.A., 1979:
Validity of adlers active constructive active destructive passive constructive and passive destructive typology

Watts, T.L., 1979:
Validity of an assumption underlying the confirmed bleeding day measurement in an experimental clinical trial

Urasawa S.; Urasawa T.; Taniguchi K.; Morita Y.; Sakurada N.; Saeki Y.; Morita O.; Hasegawa S., 1988:
Validity of an elisa with serotype specific monoclonal antibodies for serotyping human rotavirus in stool specimens

Papasian, C.J.; Bartholomew, W.R.; Amsterdam, D., 1984:
Validity of an enzyme immunoassay for detection of Neisseria gonorrhoeae antigens

Gojon A.; Soussana J F.; Passama L.; Robin P., 1983:
Validity of an in situ assay for the determination of corn zea mays seedling nitrate reduction

Snowden L.R.; Campbell D., 1986:
Validity of an minnesota multiphasic personality inventory classification of problem drinker drivers

Yoshida T.; Nagata A.; Muro M.; Takeuchi N.; Suda Y., 1981:
Validity of anaerobic threshold determination by a douglas bag method compared with arterial blood lactate concentration

Venning, G.R., 1982:
Validity of anecdotal reports of suspected adverse drug reactions: the problem of false alarms

Thorland, W.G.; Johnson, G.O.; Tharp, G.D.; Fagot, T.G.; Hammer, R.W., 1984:
Validity of anthropometric equations for the estimation of body density in adolescent athletes

Stine, M.J.; Harris, H., 1988:
Validity of arterial hematocrits in newborns

Breuer H W.M.; Heinen E.; Goeckenjan G.; Loogen F., 1984 :
Validity of calculation of oxygen saturation

Beekman R.H.; Katch V.; Marks C.; Rocchini A.P., 1984:
Validity of carbon di oxide re breathing cardiac output during rest and exercise in young adults

Rutqvist, L.E., 1985:
Validity of certified causes of death in breast carcinoma patients

Hug H.U.; Van't Hof M.A.; Spanauf A.J.; Renggli H.H., 1983:
Validity of clinical assessments related to cemento enamel junction

Mölsä, P.K.; Paljärvi, L.; Rinne, J.O.; Rinne, U.K.; Säkö, E., 1985:
Validity of clinical diagnosis in dementia: a prospective clinicopathological study

Okuyama, S.; Mishina, H.; Shishido, F.; Fukuda, H.; Sera, K.; Sato, T.; Matsuzawa, T., 1979:
Validity of Compton radiography in soft tissue imaging

Engel R.R., 1980:
Validity of computer generated minnesota multiphasic personality inventory reports in psychiatric patients

Doi, K.; Loo, L.N.; Rossmann, K., 1977:
Validity of computer simulation of blood vessel imaging in angiography

Shinagawa Y., 1979:
Validity of constant field assumption in relation to the exact solution of nernst planck equations

Dean T.J.; Long J.N., 1986:
Validity of constant stress and elastic instability principles of stem formation in pinus contorta and trifolium pratense

Landry M.; Mckelvie S.J., 1985:
Validity of conventional and unbiased intelligence test items for groups differing in age and education

Aderjan, R.; Mattern, R., 1980:
Validity of digoxin concentrations in blood determined post mortem

Barres D.R., 1985:
Validity of dna measurements on tissue sections theoretical and experimental study

Hansen, N.B.; Stonestreet, B.S.; Rosenkrantz, T.S.; Oh, W., 1983:
Validity of Doppler measurements of anterior cerebral artery blood flow velocity: correlation with brain blood flow in piglets

Hansen, J.E.; Casaburi, R., 1987:
Validity of ear oximetry in clinical exercise testing

Hess O.M.; Turina J.; Krayenbuehl H.P., 1979:
Validity of echo cardiographic assessment of septal motion

Krueger, H.; Zumpe, V.; Veltin, A., 1968:
Validity of echo encephalography of inner fluid spaces an investigation concerning the question of correspondence of echo encephalographic and pneumo encephalographic measured values of the 3rd cerebral ventricle

Tarwid, M., 1976:
Validity of egg cocoons of the spider tetragnatha montana under various ecological conditions

Flint, M.M.; Drinkwater, B.L.; Wells, C.L.; Horvath, S.M., 1977:
Validity of estimating body fat of females: effect of age and fitness

Roe, C.R., 1977:
Validity of estimating myo cardial infarct size from serial measurements of enzyme activity in the serum

Taylor G.T.; Pace M.L., 1987:
Validity of eukaryote inhibitors for assessing production and grazing mortality of marine bacterioplankton

Hozawa, J.; Usami, S.; Mori, I., 1986:
Validity of ewald's law in the horizontal semicircular canals and the vestibular nuclei electron microscopic observation and quantitative carbon 14 2 deoxy d glucose study

D.C.l P.G.; Fisciaro M.; Cattin L.; Fonda M.; Vazzaz C.; Cappello G.; Feruglio F.S., 1982:
Validity of familial screening in primary hyper lipo proteinemia

Zimmerman, M.; Coryell, W.; Pfohl, B., 1986:
Validity of familial subtypes of primary unipolar depression. Clinical, demographic, and psychosocial correlates

Berg, G.; Dahling, D.R.; Brown, G.A.; Berman, D., 1978:
Validity of fecal coliforms, total coliforms, and fecal streptococci as indicators of viruses in chlorinated primary sewage effluents

Geiseler D.; Ritter M., 1983:
Validity of free hormone measurements

Sinning W.E.; Dolny D.G.; Little K.D.; Cunningham L.N.; Racaniello A.; Siconolfi S.F.; Sholes J.L., 1985:
Validity of generalized equations for body composition analysis in male athletes

Kaplow, L.S.; Schauble, M.K.; Becktel, J.M., 1979:
Validity of hematologic data in Veterans Administration Hospital laboratories. A Veterans Administration cooperative study

Cervén, E., 1987:
Validity of Hill's equation in an artificial actomyosin streaming system

Hartge K.H.; Horn R., 1984:
Validity of hookes law for compressibility of soils under repeated loading

Carlsson, G.S., 1983:
Validity of injury data collected by interview: a study of men born in 1913 and 1923

Katz, M.A., 1978:
Validity of interstitial fluid hydrostatic pressure measurement in hollow porous poly ethylene capsules

Orlando, R.; Lirussi, F.; Okolicsanyi, L., 1987:
Validity of laparoscopy after abdominal surgery

Nakajima K.; Yamada M.; Bunko H.; Tada A.; Tonami N.; Hisada K., 1981:
Validity of left ventricular edge detection methods in ventricular phantom and clinical cases

Howard G.S.; Wright K.M.; Snyder K.S., 1983:
Validity of linked raters judgments

Maret A.; Salvayre R.; Radon J.; Hardy M.; Vuillaume M.; Lenoir G.; Douste Blazy L., 1985:
Validity of lymphoid cell line for enzymatic studies of gm 2 gangliosidosis variant o sandhoff disease

Fixler, D.E.; Laird, W.P., 1983:
Validity of mass blood pressure screening in children

Andrews, W.H.; Diggs, C.D.; Miescier, J.J.; Wilson, C.R.; Adams, W.N.; Furfari, S.A.; Musselman, J.F., 1976:
Validity of members of the total coliform and fecal coliform groups for indicating the presence of salmonella in the quahog mercenaria mercenaria

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Validity of microsphere depositions for regional myocardial flows

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Validity of Minnesota Child Development Inventory in screening young children's developmental status

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Validity of mono amine oxidase ec in serum for diagnosis of liver cirrhosis estimation of predictive values sensitivities and specificities

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Validity of montaneia anthropomorpha primates cebidae

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Validity of muelleromyces variisporus and kamatella longipedicellata

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Validity of nereis virens nereis grandis and nereis brandti annelida polychaeta and variations in the number of their paragnaths

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Validity of nomograms relating the tensions of respiratory gases and pH in fetal blood

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Validity of oral bio availability estimates of phenolsulfophthalein based on total urinary excretion from rats/

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Validity of passive bond between rifampicin and vascular prosthesis an experimental study

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Validity of plastic skin fold caliper measurements

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Validity of plethysmography and the digital temperature recovery time test in the diagnosis of primary and occupational raynaud's phenomenon

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Validity of principal component analysis as a method of analysis of variations in human physique 2. establishment of the validity of measurement selection

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Validity of psychological judgments considering aspects of drunken drivers

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Validity of questionnaire criteria in mass screening for the diagnosis of peptic ulcer

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Validity of questionnaires in population studies on drug use

Silverstein A.B., 1982:
Validity of random short forms

Silverstein, A.B., 1983:
Validity of random short forms 2. the marlowe crowne social desirability scale

Silverstein, A.B., 1983:
Validity of random short forms 3. wechslers intelligence scales

Sarwar G.; Peace R.W.; Botting H.G., 1983:
Validity of rat plasma amino acids in predicting 1st limiting amino acids in protein mixtures

Dutil, J.D.; Power, G., 1977:
Validity of reading otoliths in comparison with reading of scales for the determination of the age of brook trout salvelinus fontinalis

Mccarthy T.A., 1982:
Validity of rectal pressure measurements as indication of intra abdominal pressure changes during urodynamic evaluation

Thomsen, H.S.; Hvid-Jacobsen, K.; Nielsen, S.L., 1988:
Validity of renal split function by single probe renography in hypertensive patients. A comparison with gamma camera scintigraphy

Thermann M.; Troidl H.; Schliebs G.; Hamelmann H., 1980:
Validity of retrospective and prospective data analysis

Rakos R.F.; Mayo M.; Schroeder H.E., 1982:
Validity of role playing tests and self predictions of assertive behavior

Tsukasa S.; E.A., 1985:
Validity of routine examination methods for the diagnosis of gastric cancer a study based on combined use of roentgenographic and endoscopic methods

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Validity of sampling method for the prediction of cases exceeding specific limits of lead in the blood of exposed groups

Meier S.; Mccarthy P.R.; Schmeck R.R., 1984:
Validity of self efficacy as a predictor of writing performance

Biersner R.J.; Dembert M.L.; Browning M.D., 1981:
Validity of self reported work experience among usa navy divers

Bourbonnais, R.; Meyer, F.; Theriault, G., 1988:
Validity of self reported work history

Bauman K.E.; Koch G.G.; Bryan E.S., 1982:
Validity of self reports of adolescent cigarette smoking

Gresham F.M., 1981:
Validity of social skills measures for assessing social competence in low status children a multi variate investigation

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Validity of subjective reports of sleep latency in normal subjects

Breslau, N.; Meltzer, H.Y., 1988:
Validity of subtyping psychotic depression: examination of phenomenology and demographic characteristics

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Validity of surgical information from the danish national patient register with particular attention to the analysis of regional variations in hysterectomy rates

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Validity of teachers evaluations of students social behavior

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Validity of technetium 99m di mercapto succinic acid renal uptake for an assessment of individual kidney function

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Validity of the 2 species onchocerca lienalis and onchocerca gutturosa from bovines

Horst C.H.; Obermann G.L.; Kromhout D., 1988:
Validity of the 24 hour recall method in infancy the leiden netherlands pre school children study

Derouane A.; Verduyn G.; Goedertier R.; Hallez S., 1982:
Validity of the acidimetric method for sulfur di oxide survey networks

Hesthagen T., 1985 :
Validity of the age determination from scales of brown trout salmo trutta l

Ringqvist, I.; Sixt, R.; Bake, B.; Oxhoj, H., 1977:
Validity of the air flowmeter a simple device for assessment of forced expiration

Kostarz, T., 1977:
Validity of the analysis of amino acid composition of lymphocytes and plasma in chronic lymphatic leukemia in cattle

Kudryashev V.E.; Veletskii Y.B.; Ivanov S.V.; Labutskii A.K., 1987:
Validity of the anginal syndrome in response to the treadmill test as a measure of myocardial ischemia

Montini G.; Grementieri G.; Ramacciotti P.G., 1979:
Validity of the anti microbial susceptibility tests with a semi automatic determination

Hoenig M.; Lima C.; Dupire S., 1982:
Validity of the atomic absorption spectrometry determinations of cadmium cobalt chromium nickel and lead in animal tissues and particularly in fishes and in their organs

Scogin, F.; Hamblin, D.; Beutler, L., 1986:
Validity of the Cognitive Error Questionnaire with depressed and nondepressed older adults

Mohan, R.; Chui, C.S., 1985:
Validity of the concept of separating primary and scatter dose

Georges, R.J., 1985:
Validity of the consensus mean as the target value for a small External Quality Assessment Scheme

Dore F.Y., 1982:
Validity of the control group in studies on latent inhibition

Kim J.H., 1981:
Validity of the critical items scale

Olivier, G.; Plenot, H.R., 1976:
Validity of the descriptive characters in the sexual differentiation of the skull

Brocks, D.G.; Siess, E.A.; Wieland, O.H., 1980:
Validity of the digitonin method for metabolite compartmentation in isolated hepatocytes

Guignard P.A.; Salehi N., 1983:
Validity of the gaussian assumption in the analysis of receiver operating characteristics data obtained from scintigraphic like images

Lindesay J., 1986:
Validity of the general health questionnaire in detecting psychiatric disturbance in amputees with phantom pain

Kok P.D.F.; Van Der Schijff E.H.P., 1979:
Validity of the generic name digitaria poaceae

Ferrara F.; Taiti S., 1986:
Validity of the genus anchiphiloscia stebbing 1908 crustacea isopoda oniscidea

Hornbach D.J.; Mcleod M.J.; Guttman S.I., 1980:
Validity of the genus musculium bivalvia sphaeriidae electrophoretic evidence

Murakami Y., 1979:
Validity of the greenish gall as an indicator for evaluating the effectiveness of parasitoids hymenoptera chalcidoidea of dryocosmus kuriphilus hymenoptera cynipidae

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Validity of the hand test for diagnosing organicity in a clinical setting

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Validity of the head ache diary for children

Russo L.; Aloisi B.; Maltese B.; Vinci E.; Grasso V.; Negro R., 1981:
Validity of the heart listening diagnosis of mitral valve prolapse in 299 high school girls

Ungvari G., 1983:
Validity of the internal classification of diseases 9 schizophrenia classification a blind family history study

Ishihara K.; Saitoh T.; Inoue Y.; Miyata Y., 1984:
Validity of the japanese version of the morningness eveningness questionnaire

Pavlik, G., 1977:
Validity of the law of initial value for blood pressure responses of swim trained and control rats under chloralose or urethane anesthesia

Karnes F.A.; Chauvin J.C.; Trant T.J., 1985:
Validity of the leadership potential score of the high school personality questionnaire with talented students

Davis, L.J.; Colligan, R.C.; Morse, R.M.; Offord, K.P., 1987:
Validity of the MacAndrew scale in a general medical population

Gonzalez C.A.; Agudo Trigueros A.; Costa Roma J.; Mir Devant L.; Romagosa Massana J.; Sicras Mainar A., 1987:
Validity of the main diagnosis at hospital discharge

Hondeghem, L.M., 1978:
Validity of the maximum upstroke velocity of the action potential as a measure of the sodium current in cardiac and nervous tissues

Davis, E.E.; Walker, C., 1976:
Validity of the mccarthy scales for southwestern rural children

L.D.oitte P.; Lamboeuf Y.; Blanquat G., 1982:
Validity of the method of alcoholization by a pulmonary route in studies of the alcoholic syndrome in the rat

Smith J.C.; Gerace T.A., 1987:
Validity of the miami structured interview 1 for assessing type a behavior competitiveness and aggression in children

Choca, J.; Bresolin, L.; Okonek, A.; Ostrow, D., 1988:
Validity of the Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory in the assessment of affective disorders

Vincent, K.R., 1978:
Validity of the minnesota multiphasic personality inventory 168 on private clinic sub populations

Solomon R.S., 1982:
Validity of the minnesota multiphasic personality inventory narcissistic personality disorder scale

White R.B., 1981:
Validity of the minnesota multiphasic personality inventory prison mal adjustment scale in identifying disciplinary transfers among federally incarcerated male offenders

Pollack D.; Shore J.H., 1980:
Validity of the minnesota multiphasic personality inventory with native americans

Ryan J.J., 1984:
Validity of the narcissistic personality inventory in a psychiatric sample

Costello E.J.; Edelbrock C.S.; Costello A.J., 1985:
Validity of the national institute of mental health diagnostic interview schedule for children a comparison between psychiatric and pediatric referrals

During R.; Schwarzlos G.; Rueting M., 1986:
Validity of the oral glucose tolerance test for the diagnosis of intrauterine growth retardation

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Validity of the Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test as a measure of hearing vocabulary in mentally retarded and normal children

Tillinghast B.S.Jr; Morrow J.E.; Uhlig G.E., 1984:
Validity of the peabody picture vocabulary test revised using elementary school academic grades as criteria

Thompson B.; Gipe J.P.; Pitts M.M., 1985:
Validity of the pearson johnson taxonomy of comprehension questions

Demoor Peal R.; Handal P.J., 1983:
Validity of the personality inventory for children with 4 year old males and females a caution

Strempel I., 1982:
Validity of the phosphorus 32 test mitotic activity

Lowe, M.R., 1982:
Validity of the Positive Behavior Subscale of the Social Performance Survey Schedule in a psychiatric population

Antonello, O.; Disperati, A., 1977:
Validity of the pre natal serum tests for the diagnosis of neo natal hemolytic disease due to abo

Cohen, R.; Engel, D.; Kelter, S.; List, G.; Strohner, H., 1977:
Validity of the Sklar Aphasia Scale

Jeffrey, T.B.; Jeffrey, L.K., 1984:
Validity of the Slosson Intelligence Test with young learning disabled children

Selby, M.L.; Lee, E.S.; Tuttle, D.M.; Loe, H.D., 1984:
Validity of the Spanish surname infant mortality rate as a health status indicator for the Mexican American population

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Validity of the subspecies designation for the dwarf white sucker catostomus commersoni utawana

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Validity of the trans cutaneous oxygen partial pressure measurement during pharmacologically induced changes of skin perfusion

Pollard, P.C.; Moriarty, D.J., 1984:
Validity of the tritiated thymidine method for estimating bacterial growth rates: measurement of isotope dilution during DNA synthesis

Baraggino E.; Dalla Pria S.; Pezzetta A.; Laureti E., 1980:
Validity of the urocytogram compared to colpo cytology in hormonal cyto diagnosis

Richmond V.P.; Dickson Markman F., 1985:
Validity of the writing apprehension test 2 studies

Hirzel, H.O.; Krayenbuehl, H.P., 1974:
Validity of the xenon 133 method for measuring coronary blood flow comparison with coronary sinus outflow determined by an electro magnetic flow probe

Beyer, J.; Lamberti, J.J.; Replogle, R.L., 1976:
Validity of thermo dilution cardiac output determination experimental studies with and without pulmonary insufficiency

Miura S.; Yasui K., 1985:
Validity of tooth eruption wear patterns as age criteria in the japanese serow capricornis crispus

Richard P.; Mossard J.M.; Constantinesco A.; Lallot C.; Demangeat J.L.; Germain P.; Wahl P.; Favier J.P.; Bareiss P.; Sacrez A., 1986:
Validity of total ejection fractions according to the presence or the absence of left ventricular dyskinesias comparison between contrast angiography and angioscintigraphy

Pino, J.; Teculescu, D.B., 1980:
Validity of total lung capacity determination by the single breath nitrogen technique

Haughton, P.M., 1977:
Validity of tympanometry for middle ear effusions

Watanabe M.; Nomura G.; Hirata M.; Imai K.; Koizumi H., 1980:
Validity of urinary enzyme assay in the diagnosis of drug induced renal lesions in rats

Faulkender P.J., 1987:
Validity of using bem sex role inventory norms on other samples analysis of a southern usa sample

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Validity of WHO criteria for classification of newly diagnosed diabetics

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Validity of work histories obtained by interview for epidemiologic purposes

O'Malley, S.S.; Carey, K.B.; Maisto, S.A., 1986:
Validity of young adults' reports of parental drinking practices

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Validity of zooplankton biomass estimates and energy equivalent in the indian ocean

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Validity studies of three measures of achievement motivation

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Validity study of the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale among a group of Saudi patients

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Validity study of the short portable mental status questionnaire for the elderly

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Validopteris integra gothan 1906 bertrand 1932 from the westphalian b of the intrasudetic basin czechoslovakia

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Valine and leucine as possible precursors of iso butyric acid and iso valeric acid respectively in turimycin

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Valine induced inhibition of growth of ha ploid tobacco protoplasts and its reversal by iso leucine

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Valine resistance a potential marker in plant cell genetics 1. distinction between 2 types of valine resistant tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivar xanthi mutants isolated from protoplast derived cells

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Valine resistant a potential marker in plant cell genetics 2. optimization of uv mutagenesis and selection of valine resistant colonies derived from tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivar xanthi mesophyll protoplasts

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Valine resistant plants derived from mutated ha ploid and di ploid protoplasts of nicotiana sylvestris and nicotiana tabacum

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Valine resistant plants from in vitro selected tobacco cells

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Valine specific transfer rna from barley hordeum vulgare

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Valine specific transfer rna like structure in turnip yellow mosaic virus rna

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Valine substitution in the products of oncogenes and is sickle cell anemia

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Valine transfer rna from crithidia oncopelti mitochondria

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Valinomycin and enniatin b functional derivatives as complexones and ionophores

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Valinomycin based potassium selective microelectrodes with low electrical membrane resistance

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Valinomycin biosynthesis and dynamics of the content of macroergic phosphorus compounds in streptomyces cyaneofuscatus

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Valinomycin blockade of myo cardial slow channels is reversed by high glucose

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Valinomycin induced cation transport in vesicles does not reflect the activity of potassium transport systems in escherichia coli

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Valinomycin induced mechanisms of changes in erythrocyte osmotic stability in spontaneously hypertensive rats

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Valinomycin induces sodium hydrogen exchange in rat erythrocytes the effect of protein kinase a and c activators

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Valinomycin inhibition of insulin release and alteration of the electrical properties of pancreatic beta cells

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Valinomycin inhibition of synaptosome fraction protein synthesis

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Valinomycin interaction with alkali metal cations in heptane studied by the extraction method

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Valinomycin ionic selectivity on the surface and within the matrix of hydrophobic non ion exchanging polymers

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Valinomycin mediated ion transport through neutral lipid membranes influence of hydro carbon chain length and temperature

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Valinomycin pulse induced phosphorylation of adp in dark anaerobic cells of the cyanobacterium anacystis nidulans

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Valle in nests of talpa europaea in bergamo district italy with description of chthonius parvulus new species

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Vallesian and turolian rodents from biotia attica and rhodes greece part 1

De-Bruijn, H., 1976:
Vallesian and turolian rodents from biotia attica and rhodes greece part 2

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Valley deposits at juniper hall dorking england uk a physical and ecological analysis with emphasis on the sub fossil land snail fauna

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Vallitheca valentia new genus new species of per mineralized synangia from the middle pennsylvanian of oklahoma usa

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Valorization of rapeseed meal. 3. Effects of glucosinolate content on food intake, weight gain, liver weight and plasma thyroid hormone levels in growing rats

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Valorization of rapeseed meal. 4. Effects of iodine, copper and ferrous salt supplementation in growing rats

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Valosin stimulates gastric and exocrine pancreatic secretion and inhibits fasting small intestinal myoelectric activity in the dog

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Valproate and clonazepam comedication in patients with intractable epilepsy

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Valproate as psychotropic agent. Interactions and adverse cerebral reactions

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Valproate causes metabolic disturbance in normal man

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Valproate increases diazepam impregnation selectively in central nervous system of the rat after subchronic administration

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Valproate reduces excitability by blockage of sodium and potassium conductance

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Valproate tremors

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Valproic acid and active unsaturated metabolite 2 propyl 2 pentenoic acid transfer to mouse liver following human therapeutic doses

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Valproic acid and plasma levels of phenytoin

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Valproic acid binding to human serum albumin and human plasma effect of ph variation and buffer composition in equilibrium dialysis

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Valproic acid brain and plasma levels of the drug and its metabolites anti convulsant effects and gamma amino butyric acid metabolism in the mouse

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Valproic acid -- clinical efficiency and serum concentration in the treatment of petit mal epilepsy in childhood

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Valproic acid disposition in rabbits during chronic treatment with Escherichia coli endotoxin

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Valproic acid efficacy, toxicity, and pharmacokinetics in neonates with intractable seizures

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Valproic acid estimation by enzyme immunoassay

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Valproic acid in breast milk: how much is really there?

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Valproic acid in the treatment of epilepsy during the pediatric age

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Valproic acid in the treatment of epilepsy with special emphasis on serum level determination

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Valproic acid in the treatment of intractable absence seizures in children a single blind clinical and quantitative electro encephalographic study

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Valproic acid in the treatment of intractable childhood seizures a long term study of sixty patients

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Valproic acid: in vitro plasma protein binding and interaction with phenytoin

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Valproic acid loading during intensive monitoring

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Valproic acid metabolite concentrations in plasma and brain anti convulsant activity and effects on gamma amino butyric acid metabolism during subacute treatment in mice

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Valproic acid: reversibly acting drug?

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Valproic acid serum levels and protection against kindled amygdaloid seizures in the rat

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Valproic acid therapy for complex partial seizures. Its efficacy and toxic effects

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Valproic acid therapy in childhood epilepsy

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Valproic acid vs. ethosuximide in the treatment of absence seizures

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Valsalva maneuver biomechanics. Effects on lumbar trunk loads of elevated intraabdominal pressures

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Valsalva sinus aneurysm a report of 7 cases

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Valseuptypella multicollis new species

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Valsiekte (falling disease): a nervous disorder in lambs suspected of being caused by the plant Chrysocoma tenuifolia

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Valuable apricot varieties and hybrids for the romanian plain

Vitkus, A.A.; Varnaite, R.N.; Tamulis, T.P., 1977:
Valuable feed characteristics of annual medick species

Auerswald K., 1985:
Valuating the erosion potential of differently grown corn

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Valuation of black locust wood from coppices as a raw material

Ostrowski, M., 1976:
Valuation of characteristics of water purity part 1 estimation of the usefulness of some microbiological and hydrobiological characteristics

Ostrowski, M.; Szulga, T., 1976:
Valuation of characteristics of water purity part 2 the use of numerical methods for the taxonomic appreciation of selected characteristics of water purity

Ostrowski, M.; Szulga, T.; Gnot, S., 1976:
Valuation of characteristics of water purity part 3 the use of numerical methods for qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the degree of pollution

Ostrowski, M., 1976:
Valuation of characteristics of water purity part 4 classification of pollution of waters based on norms of microbiological hydrobiological and chemical characteristics determined by numerical methods

Scialdone D.; Chisci C.; Volpe C., 1986:
Valuation of efficacy of beta interferon in the treatment of herpes simplex virus hsv keratoconjunctivitis

Kersting H.; Wuenscher G., 1987:
Valuation of exposure to benzene by biological tests of exposure

Arevalo J.M.; Arranz J.F.; Barrio R.J.; Gomez L.A., 1985:
Valuation of fluoride in public water supplies in the spanish basque country

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Value and role of percutaneous regional node aspiration cytology in the management of penile carcinoma

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