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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6890

Chapter 6890 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Lipinski E.R., 1985: Value and uncertainty as weighting factors in impression formation

Harber P., 1985: Value based interpretation of pulmonary function tests

Karpinski, T. M.; Zorawski, C.; Skwarek, P.; Krolak, M., 1979: Value comparison of chosen reagents in diagnosis of pig brucellosis 1. making of anti globulin serum and its standardization

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889003

Marriott N.G., 1986: Value enhancement of turkey dark meat through restructuring techniques

De Soete G., 1987: Value hierarchies in flemish adolescents and parents

De Laguerenne J., 1986: Value limits and risks of cardiac catheterization in aortic stenosis of subjects aged 70 or more

Schaad, U.; Gase, H.; Hadorn, B., 1978: Value of 1 hour blood xylose test in diagnosis of childhood celiac disease

Rahimtoola S.H., 1983: Value of 2 dimensional echo cardiography in detecting tricuspid stenosis

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889009

Frangi M.J., 1985: Value of 2 dimensional echocardiographic detection of incomplete mitral leaflet closure

Dwyer E.M.Jr, 1985: Value of 2 dimensional echocardiography in evaluating coronary artery disease a randomized blinded analysis

Zanuttini D., 1985: Value of 2 dimensional echocardiography in the diagnosis of pericardial diseases new perspectives of differential diagnosis

Dura De Pinedo J.M., 1988: Value of 2d sonography in the study of the aortic valve and thoracic aorta

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889014

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889015

Schiessel R., 1987: Value of a consistent follow up programme in the management of patients with gastric cancer

Ekman, C. A.; Gustavson, J.; Henning, A., 1977: Value of a follow up study of recurrent carcinoma of the colon and rectum

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889018

Heyters C., 1987: Value of a model for the partial appreciation of energy expense in marathon races

Simon, F.; Misley, A.; Sarkozy, P., 1987: Value of a new oral iron preparation neohemogen pulvis ad us vet. in the prevention of iron deficiency anemia of suckling piglets

Pecoud A., 1988: Value of a new screening test for respiratory allergy

Morin O., 1985: Value of a new technique of indirect latex agglutination in the diagnosis of toxoplasmosis comparative study of the dye test

Breckle R., 1985: Value of a postvoid scan during adnexal sonography

Esteban Navarro J., 1987: Value of a reactive strip for the diagnosis of urine infection

Michell P., 1982: Value of a rising plate meter for estimating herbage mass of grazed perennial rye grass white clover swards

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889026

Read J.A., 1985: Value of a screening urinalysis in pregnancy

Padelt H., 1981: Value of a serologic diagnosis in taenia saginata infestation of man

Livstone, E. M.; Troncale, F. J.; Sheahan, D. G., 1977: Value of a single forceps biopsy of colonic polyps

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889030

Bryc, S.; Kowalski, K., 1977: Value of abdominal compression in the x ray diagnosis of the esophagus

Et Al, 1986: Value of abdominal ct scan in staging of malignant lymphoma

Skelton H.G., 1988: Value of acetic acid screening for flat genital condylomata in men

Gadbin C., 1979: Value of acetolysis in melisso palynology

Michna A., 1980: Value of acid base balance in the blood of dairy cows fed a simplified ration

Reddy, A. C.; Kao, M., 1978: Value of acid metabolic products in identification of certain corynebacteria

Et Al, 1987: Value of admission electrocardiogram in predicting outcome of thrombolytic therapy in acute myocardial infarction a randomized trial conducted by the netherlands interuniversity cardiology institute

Hodkinson H.M., 1981: Value of admission profile tests for prognosis in elderly patients

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889041

Dudkiewicz, J.; Sitkiewicz, M.; Kaminski, K.; Szewczyk, J.; Korzeniowska-Kumaszka, E.; Zubrowski, A., 1987: Value of alpha amylase activity determination in amniotic fluid for assessment of fetal maturity in normal pregnancy and its certain complications

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889043

El-Allaf, D.; Carlier, J., 1985: Value of an improved holter system in pacemaker monitoring

Hernandoavendano L., 1981: Value of angiography in the differential diagnosis of rejection and tubular necrosis in the post operative period of kidney transplants

Schulz R.D., 1986: Value of angle measurements in hip sonography

Bowen, T. E.; Zajtchuk, R.; Green, D. C.; Brott, W. H., 1978: Value of anterior mediastinotomy in bronchogenic carcinoma of the left upper lobe

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889048

Leriche A., 1980: Value of antibody coated bacteria in the localization and follow up of chronic urinary tract infections

Daum R., 1984: Value of antigen quantitation in haemophilus influenzae type b meningitis

Eur Work Party High Blood Pressure Elderly, 1986: Value of antihypertensive treatment in the elderly

Ruiz Del Arbol L., 1987: Value of antimitochondrial antibodies in a group of hospitalized patients

Van-De-Werf, F.; Piessens, J.; Kesteloot, H.; De-Geest, H., 1978: Value of apex cardiography for the timing of left ventricular events in man

Ryan T.J., 1985: Value of arm exercise testing in detecting coronary artery disease

Heintz, S. E.; Bone, G. E.; Slaymaker, E. E.; Hayes, A. C.; Barnes, R. W., 1978: Value of arterial pressure measurements in the proximal and distal part of the thigh in arterial occlusive disease

Paumgartner G., 1986: Value of ascitic lipids in the differentiation between cirrhotic and malignant ascites

Kapila K., 1988: Value of aspiration cytology in diagnosis and subtyping of malignant lymphomas

Degrell, I., 1980: Value of aspiration cytology in giant breast tumors

Koss L.G., 1987: Value of aspiration cytology of the thyroid in metastatic disease

Thompson J., 1988: Value of autopsy in internal medicine a 1 year prospective study of hospital deaths

Kawasaki, H.; Sakaguchi, S.; Irisa, T.; Hirayama, C., 1978: Value of b scan ultrasonography in the diagnosis of liver cancer accuracy compared to scintigraphy and angiography

Lithner F., 1987: Value of basal plasma cortisol assays in the assessment of pituitary adrenal insufficiency

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889063

Williams W.R., 1983: Value of beryllium lymphocyte transformation tests in chronic beryllium disease and in potentially exposed workers

Rocha H., 1980: Value of beta 1c 1a globulin serum levels as an early index of glomerular involvement in schistosoma mansoni infection

Kyle R.A., 1988: Value of beta 2 microglobulin level and plasma cell labeling indices as prognostic factors in patients with newly diagnosed myeloma

Section 7 , Chapter 6890, Accession 006889067

Kozlowski S., 1980: Value of bilaterally oblique x ray films in evaluating the state of the middle ear

Taylor, T. V.; Lambert, M. E.; Torrance, H. B., 1978: Value of bile acid binding agents in post vagotomy diarrhea

Sureau C., 1987: Value of biological autoimmunity exploration in gynecoobstetrical pathology

Et Al, 1982: Value of biopsy and brush cytology in the diagnosis of gastric cancer

Pasmantier, M.; Coleman, M.; Silver, R. T., 1977: Value of biopsy in diagnosis of primary lympho sarcoma of the marrow

Versluis, E.; Klinkhamer, A. C.; Veiga-Pires, J. A.; Van-Waes, P. F. G. M., 1978: Value of biplane computerized tomography in agenesis of the corpus callosum a case history

Shaw L., 1979: Value of bitewing radiographs in detection of occlusal caries

Maier U., 1983: Value of bladder washing cytology in the diagnosis and follow up of bladder tumors

Garde A., 1986: Value of blood coagulation tests in ischemic cerebral disease

Peart W.S., 1980: Value of blood pressure measurement in relatives of hypertensive patients

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889078

Sperlich D., 1981: Value of brain sonography in new borns and children

Robb T.A., 1985: Value of breath hydrogen analysis in management of diarrheal illness in childhood comparison with duodenal biopsy

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889081

Scheinmann P., 1987: Value of bronchoalveolar lavage in the management of severe acute pneumonia and interstitial pneumonitis in the immunocompromised child

Preisler B., 1980: Value of bronchography in the bronchologic diagnostics of bronchogenic carcinoma

Leblond B., 1987: Value of c reactive protein assays in severe infectious purpura of childhood

Strachan A.F., 1984: Value of c reactive protein measurement in tuberculous bacterial and viral meningitis

Namer M., 1987: Value of ca 15 3 in the follow up of breast cancer patients

Dedio I., 1983: Value of calendula officinalis inflorescences as a tannin crude drug

Riviere V., 1987: Value of cane trash in nitrogen nutrition of sugarcane

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889089

Barnett H.J.M., 1985: Value of cardiac monitoring and echocardiography in transient ischemic attack and stroke patients

Hall, P. A.; D'ardenne, A. J., 1987: Value of cd15 immunostaining in diagnosing hodgkin's disease a review of published literature

Llombart Bosch A., 1988: Value of cell culture techniques and molecular biology in differential diagnosis of round cell sarcoma in childhood and adolescence

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889093

Clanet M., 1987: Value of cerebral blood flow rate and regional oxygen consumption studies in cerebral ischemia

Balhuizen, J. C.; Bots, G. T. A. M.; Schaberg, A.; Bosman, F. T., 1978: Value of cerebro spinal fluid cytology for the diagnosis of malignancies in the central nervous system

Bruun B., 1985: Value of cerebrospinal fluid lactate in the differential diagnosis between bacterial meningitis and other diseases with meningeal involvement

Nnatu S., 1983: Value of cervical encirclage in the treatment of mid trimester abortion

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889098

Resnick M.I., 1983: Value of chest computed tomography in genito urinary malignancies

Collins J.V., 1981: Value of chest radiographs in severe acute asthma

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889101

Goldstein L.D., 1987: Value of chest radiography in excluding traumatic aortic rupture

Holli K., 1986: Value of chest radiography in follow up of treated breast carcinoma

Kohan, J. M.; Poe, R. H.; Israel, R. H.; Kennedy, J. D.; Benazzi, R. B.; Kallay, M. C.; Greenblatt, D. W., 1986: Value of chest ultrasonography vs. decubitus roentgenography for thoracentesis

Berenson G.S., 1986: Value of childhood blood pressure measurements and family history in predicting future blood pressure status results from 8 years of follow up in the bogalusa heart study

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889106

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889107

Moerl H., 1979: Value of clinical and hemodynamic methods in the diagnosis of arterial occlusive diseases

Bremmelgaard A., 1986: Value of clinical decision on antibiotic treatment of fever episodes following transurethral resection of the prostate

Taylor, R. J., 1976: Value of clumping to prey and the evolutionary response of ambush predators

Newton K.G., 1979: Value of coliform tests for assessing meat quality

Hicks D.A., 1988: Value of colposcopy in genitourinary departments

Hartel G., 1987: Value of combined cross sectional and doppler echocardiography in the detection of left ventricular pseudoaneurysm after mitral valve replacement

Mattila S., 1987: Value of combined two dimensional and doppler echocardiography in primary and recurrent ruptures of sinus of valsalva aneurysm

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889115

Tribe, G. W.; Welburn, A. E., 1976: Value of combining the erythrocyte sedimentation rate test with tuberculin testing in the control of tuberculosis in baboons

Eisenberger F., 1988: Value of commercial enzyme immunoassays for prostatic acid phosphatase

Roger F., 1985: Value of complement fixation in the diagnosis of salpingitis caused by chlamydia

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889119

Canalis R.F., 1982: Value of computed axial tomography in severe laryngeal injury

Cipolle R.J., 1984: Value of computed tomographic scan in the evaluation of adult patients after their 1st seizure

Signorini E., 1985: Value of computed tomographic scanning in outpatients preliminary report on a controlled study

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889123

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889124

Welker K., 1985: Value of computed tomography for estimation of postoperative relapses of mammary carcinoma and of mediastinal metastases as base for irradiation planning

Strickland B., 1986: Value of computed tomography for selecting patients with bullous lung disease for surgery

Novati J.P., 1987: Value of computed tomography for the diagnosis and pre and post treatment work up of aortic aneurysms comparison with angiographic findings a report of data in 112 cases

Centeno R., 1983: Value of computed tomography for the diagnosis of a ruptured eye

Ferrane J., 1980: Value of computed tomography for the investigation and diagnosis of aortic aneurysms

Hebbar H.G., 1987: Value of computed tomography in burkitt lymphoma

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889131

Moss A.A., 1983: Value of computed tomography in interstitial iodine 125 labeled brachy therapy of prostatic carcinoma

Rotte K H., 1984: Value of computed tomography in metastatic malignant kidney tumors

Warlow C., 1985: Value of computed tomography in patients with stroke oxfordshire community stroke project

Seltzer S.E., 1984: Value of computed tomography in planning medical and surgical treatment of chronic osteo myelitis

Gu X Z., 1985: Value of computed tomography in staging the primary lesion t staging of nasopharyngeal carcinoma an analysis of 54 patients with special reference to the parapharyngeal space

Margulis A.R., 1981: Value of computed tomography in the detection and staging of recurrent rectal carcinomas

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889138

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889139

Shaw, M. D. M.; Russell, J. A., 1977: Value of computed tomography in the diagnosis of intra cranial abscess

Ossola A., 1984: Value of computed tomography in the diagnosis of the prolapsed intervertebral disc

Sakashita Y., 1981: Value of computed tomography in the differential diagnosis of cerebellar hem angio blastomas

Kidd R.C., 1982: Value of computed tomography in the evaluation of cranio syn ostosis

Miller W.T., 1986: Value of computed tomography in the preoperative assessment of lung cancer a survey of thoracic surgeons

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889145

Novati J.P., 1986: Value of computed tomography of the diagnosis and pre treatment and post treatment workup of aortic aneurysms comparison with angiographic findings a report of data in 112 cases

Bories J., 1979: Value of computer assisted tomography in the exploration of the sellar and suprasellar structures

Cavanagh D., 1987: Value of computerized axial tomography in cervical cancer

Berian Polo J.M., 1986: Value of computerized axial tomography in the diagnosis of idiopathic retroperitoneal fibrosis in relation to two new cases

Valenti Nin J.R., 1982: Value of computerized axial tomography in the study of tumoral lesions of the extremities

Lloyd Still J.D., 1983: Value of computerized dietary analysis in pediatric nutrition an analysis of 147 patients

Neumaier C.E., 1987: Value of computerized tomography and ultrasonography in the preoperative diagnosis of renal cell carcinoma extending into the inferior vena cava

Hoare R.D., 1982: Value of computerized tomography in children with nonspecific mental subnormality

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889154

Gentilini M., 1979: Value of concanavalin a in immunological diagnosis of candidiasis

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889157

Karkut G., 1985: Value of continuous respiratory monitoring for early diagnosis of potentially fatal diseases in neonates

Nakazawa S., 1983: Value of continuous spinal drainage in normal pressure hydrocephalus and secondary communicating hydrocephalus

Koga T., 1987: Value of contrast enhancement with gadolinium dtpa in mri of brain tumors a comparison with x ray ct

Frey M., 1986: Value of conventional tomography and computerized tomography in therapy resistant affections of the nasal sinuses

Williams R., 1983: Value of copper associated protein in diagnostic assessment of liver biopsy

Rodriguez Mantecon A., 1987: Value of corticosteroids in the treatment of acute sciatica

Steinbach M., 1984: Value of criterion and predictor variables for the study of coronary risk factors

Hobbins J.C., 1985: Value of culdocentesis in the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy

Barriere H., 1986: Value of cutaneous immunofluorescence in the etiological diagnosis of diseases with antinuclear antibodies

Service M.W., 1983: Value of cuticular and internal hydro carbons for the identification of larvae of anopheles gambiae anopheles arabiensis and anopheles melas

Zittoun R., 1985: Value of cyclic alternating chemotherapy during remission on acute myelogenous leukemia

Sakso P., 1981: Value of cystography in the diagnosis of diverticuli of the bladder

Wood J.K., 1985: Value of cytogenetic studies in prediction of acute phase chronic myelocytic leukemia

Justus J., 1980: Value of cytological diagnosis in differential diagnosis and staging of lympho granulomatosis

Bolla M., 1986: Value of cytoprognostic classification in breast carcinomas

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889173

Lloyd O.L., 1983: Value of death certification for investigating the epidemiology of lung cancer in 2 scottish uk towns 1961 1977

Morris, D., 1977: Value of delayed hyper sensitivity index in patients with malignancy

Taplin, D.; Lansdell, L., 1973: Value of desiccated swabs for streptococcal epidemiology in the field

Amblard C., 1980: Value of determination of amp adp and atp levels in studying phyto plankton succession in lake environments

Schardijn G.H.C., 1984: Value of determination of beta 2 microglobulin in toxic nephropathy and interstitial nephritis

Trojnar R., 1984: Value of determination of oxygen saturation of mixed venous blood in myocardial infarction

Curto M., 1981: Value of determining carcino embryonic antigen in mammary carcinoma

Christ R., 1980: Value of di sodium cromoglycate intal in the treatment of obstructive pulmonary diseases

Polk H.C.Jr, 1988: Value of diagnostic laparoscopy in young women with possible appendicitis

Klaue, 1979: Value of diagnostic peritoneal irrigation in poly traumatized patients

John, V.; Ewen, K.; Kurz, E.; Teske, H. J., 1978: Value of different systems of mammography records with regard to their exposure to radiation and their information content

Chandraratna P.A.N., 1988: Value of digital image processing of two dimensional echocardiograms in differentiating active from chronic vegetations of infective endocarditis

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889186

Paradis J F., 1988: Value of direct catheter staining in the diagnosis of intravascular catheter related infection

Alonso Miguel M., 1979: Value of direct endometrial cytology studies in peri menopausal patients with metrorrhagias

Catalan F., 1987: Value of direct examination of the peritoneal smear using a specific monoclonal antibody in the detection of pelvic infections with chlamydia trachomatis a series of 148 celioscopies

Eberhard S., 1987: Value of dna flow cytometry in renal carcinoma

Tiberio G., 1984: Value of doppler multi level segmental pressure index in the diagnosis and hemodynamic characterization of totally occlusive aorto iliac femoro popliteal lesions

Calle R., 1987: Value of drill biopsy in breast carcinoma

Narain, R.; Vallishayee, R. S.; Reddy, A. V., 1978: Value of dual testing with purified protein derivative s and purified protein derivative b

Sotto A., 1988: Value of duodenal mucosal extension obtained by endoscopy in the diagnosis of giardiasis of the adult

Suciu T.N., 1981: Value of duplicate smears in cervical cytology

Naroznik K., 1986: Value of dynamic venous pressure measurements in the differentiation of venous edema from edema of other etiology

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889198

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889199

Waldo A.L., 1983: Value of early post operative epi cardial programmed ventricular stimulation studies after surgery for ventricular tachy arrhythmias

Weisfeldt M.L., 1980: Value of early thallium 201 scintigraphy for predicting mortality in patients with acute myo cardial infarction

Sanna G.P., 1986: Value of ecg holter monitoring as a predictor of the efficacy of the antiarrhythmic therapy

Jacono A., 1979: Value of echo cardiographic investigation in evaluating left ventricular hypertrophy

Davignon A., 1980: Value of echo cardiography in assessing the outcome of broncho pulmonary dysplasia of the new born

Lundstrom, N. R., 1978: Value of echo cardiography in routine diagnostic use during the 1st year of life

Laragh J.H., 1986: Value of echocardiographic measurement of left ventricular mass in predicting cardiovascular morbid events in hypertensive men

Gil R., 1985: Value of echocardiography and holter monitoring in the diagnosis of occult sources of cerebral emboli

Harnoncourt K., 1985: Value of echocardiography as a screening examination in the internal intensive care unit

Panday S.R., 1985: Value of echocardiography in detecting rheumatic tricuspid stenosis

Hernandez Nieto L., 1985: Value of echography in the diagnosis of portal hypertension in liver cirrhosis

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889211

Zdun K., 1986: Value of electric charges flowing through the animal body depending on the place of touch of the electric fence

Wellens H.J.J., 1983: Value of electro cardiogram in diagnosing right ventricular involvement in patients with an acute inferior wall myco cardial infarction

Sleight P., 1979: Value of electro cardiogram in predicting and estimating infarct size in man

Scott D.F., 1979: Value of electro encephalogram in acute confusional states

Bock W.J., 1979: Value of electro encephalography before and after surgery of intra cranial aneurysms

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889217

Sergakova A.M., 1987: Value of electrocardiography and echocardiography for diagnosing ventricular enlargement in dilated cardiomyopathy

Kaindl F., 1984: Value of electrocardiography telephone transmission in symptomatic patients

Rakhmilevich A.G., 1981: Value of electron laryngo stroboscopy in some forms of dysphonia

Padleckas R., 1983: Value of electron microscopy in cytologic diagnosis of fine needle biopsy

Swerdlow C.D., 1988: Value of electropharmacologic testing in idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy and sustained ventricular tachyarrhythmias

Feruglio G.A., 1987: Value of electrophysiologic testing in long term follow up of patients with syncope of unknown cause

Kowey P., 1987: Value of electrophysiologic testing in patients with nonsustained ventricular tachycardia

Rachid M.S.B., 1985: Value of elisa immunoglobulin g and immunoglobulin m test in the diagnosis and post therapeutic surveillance of kala azar

Whitney C.E., 1987: Value of endocervical curettage in the staging of endometrial carcinoma

Grinker J., 1982: Value of endoscopic pancreatography in the diagnosis of pancreatic pleural effusion direct demonstration of pancreatic pleural fistula

Faivre, J.; Massart, J. P.; Michalet, J. P.; Lacourt, J.; Klepping, C., 1978: Value of endoscopic retrograde cholangiography and per cutaneous trans hepatic cholangiography with a thin needle for bile duct visualization in jaundice

Walt A.J., 1979: Value of endoscopic retrograde pancreatography in pancreatic ascites

Vahlensieck W., 1985: Value of enucleation of tumor in solitary kidneys

Euler, A. R.; Ament, M. E., 1977: Value of esophageal manometric studies in the gastro esophageal reflux of infancy

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889232

Coutant P., 1979: Value of estimating pulmonary volumes after exeresis by using xenon 133

Guerrant R.L., 1979: Value of examination for fecal leukocytes in the early diagnosis of shigellosis

Critchley, M.; Herman, K. J.; Harrison, M.; Shields, R. A.; Liversedge, L. A., 1977: Value of exchangeable electrolyte measurement in the treatment of myasthenia gravis

Malonga E., 1988: Value of exclusion gastrectomy in the treatment of a relapse of an ulcer following vagotomy a case of a large inextirpable ulcer of the upper duodenum treated initially by dragstedt pyloroplasty

Zincke H., 1984: Value of excretory cystography in the diagnosis of bladder tumors

Tristani F.E., 1985: Value of exercise electrocardiography to predict additional jeopardized myocardial regions remote from site of previous myocardial infarction

Hernandez Miranda C., 1987: Value of exercise induced stress state in the diagnosis of arterial hypertension

Vogel R.A., 1987: Value of exercise radionuclide ventriculography and thallium 201 scintigraphy in evaluating successful coronary angioplasty comparison with coronary flow reserve translesional gradient and percent diameter stenosis

Kaindl F., 1981: Value of exercise testing for prediction of physical and psycho social rehabilitation potential 3 months after acute myo cardial infarction

Tristani F., 1987: Value of exercise testing in determining the risk classification and the response to coronary artery bypass grafting in three vessel coronary artery disease a report from the coronary artery surgery study cass registry

Steder I., 1986: Value of exfoliative cytology by diagnosis of malignant and precancerous lesions of oral mucosa

Kuechemann K., 1984: Value of exfoliative cytology of urinary bladder in occult bladder cancer and in the follow up of treated bladder cancer

Lutzeyer W., 1982: Value of exfoliative urinary cytology for differentiation between uric acid stone and tumor of upper urinary tract

Cantell K., 1982: Value of exogenous interferon in adenovirus kerato conjunctivitis preliminary results

Williams E.D., 1982: Value of external quality assessment of the technical aspects of histo pathology

Ylikorkala, O.; Hartikainen-Sorri, A. L., 1977: Value of external version in fetal mal presentation in combination with use of ultrasound

Lee, C. Y.; Nordskog, A. W., 1975: Value of feed consumption records to predict net income in layer type chickens

Nochimson D.J., 1986: Value of fetal ponderal index in predicting growth retardation

Gra Oramas B., 1986: Value of fibrosis in chronic active hepatitis

Bourel M., 1985: Value of fine needle aspiration biopsy with ultrasound guidance in the diagnosis of hepatic tumors associated with cirrhosis

Koenigsberg M., 1987: Value of five electrocardiographic criteria correlated with echocardiographic left ventricular hypertrophy in elderly patients

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889254

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889255

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889256

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889257

Persky L., 1980: Value of gallium 67 scintigraphy in the diagnosis of localized renal and peri renal inflammation

Shigematsu, N.; Kondo, M.; Kubo, A.; Hashimoto, S., 1986: Value of gallium scans and lymphangiography in non hodgkin's lymphoma of the waldeyer's ring

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889260

Bell L., 1987: Value of gammagraphy in gout preliminary report

Okuda S., 1988: Value of gastric juice carcinoembryonic antigen in identifying high risk patients for gastric cancer

Lowenthal A., 1987: Value of glial fibrillary acidic protein determination in amniotic fluid for prenatal diagnosis of neural tube defects

Sade M., 1981: Value of glycerylphosphoryl choline in acquired and congenital lesion of vasa deferentia

Frank S., 1981: Value of glycosylated hemo globin measurements after acute myo cardial infarction

Taljaard J.J.F., 1985: Value of glycosylated hemoglobin determination in diabetic pregnancy

Bernardini C., 1986: Value of glycosylated hemoglobin measurements after acute myocardial infarction

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889268

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889269

Powell L.W., 1986: Value of hepatic iron measurements in early hemochromatosis and determination of the critical iron level association with fibrosis

Jimenez Fernandez Blanco J.R., 1987: Value of hepatic scintigram sonography and percutaneous fine needle liver biopsy in staging microcytic lung carcinoma

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889272

Kangasniemi P., 1982: Value of high contrast medium dose in brain computed tomography

Hirakawa K., 1986: Value of high resolution computed tomography in diagnosis of petrous bone fracture

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889276

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889277

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889278

Molzahn M., 1985: Value of human chorionic gonadotropin measurements in blood as a pregnancy test in women on maintenance hemodialysis

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889280

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889281

Cowley R.A., 1981: Value of hyperbaric oxygen in suspected carbon mon oxide poisoning

Heintzen P.H., 1985: Value of image enhancement and injection of contrast medium for right ventricular volume determination by 2 dimensional echocardiography in congenital heart disease

Et Al, 1987: Value of immediate coronary angioplasty following intracoronary thrombolysis in acute myocardial infarction

Frere G., 1984: Value of immediate mobilization in proximal interphalangeal volar plate avulsions

Weir B., 1981: Value of immediate post operative angiography following aneurysm surgery 2 cases

Pussell, B. A.; Lockwood, C. M.; Scott, D. M.; Pinching, A. J.; Peters, D. K., 1978: Value of immune complex assays in diagnosis and management

Seyfarth M., 1981: Value of immune diagnostics in bone tumors

Budd C., 1983: Value of immuno globulin e in the private practice of allergy 8 years experience 1973 1981

Mayelo V., 1986: Value of immunocytochemical techniques for examining needle aspiration specimens for the cytodiagnosis of primary tumors and metastases

Riesgo I., 1987: Value of immunohistochemical detection of prostate specific antigen psa in the diagnosis of metastasis from carcinoma of prostate

Kuydowicz J., 1987: Value of immunological studies for the evaluation of health status of the aged and elderly

Baur X., 1980: Value of immunological tests in airway diseases

Ammann R.W., 1985: Value of immunoreactive lipase in pancreatic diagnosis

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889295

Khanna S.D., 1986: Value of imprint cytology in the diagnosis of common malignant tumors

Schumacher H.R., 1980: Value of imprint preparations of bone marrow biopsies in hematologic diagnosis

Atkins E.L., 1986: Value of in field honey bee watering sites in alfalfa seed pollination

Siegesmund K.A., 1984: Value of in situ elemental micro analysis in the histologic diagnosis of silicosis

Algaba F., 1987: Value of in vivo mucosa staining test with methylene blue in the diagnosis of pretumoral and tumoral lesions of the bladder

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889301

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889302

Grist E., 1982: Value of individual household water supplies in the maintenance phase of a schistosomiasis control program in st lucia west indies after chemo therapy

Stratton, F.; Smith, D. S.; Rawlinson, V. I., 1968: Value of inst gel filtration on sephadex g 200 in the analysis of human blood group antibodies

Leslie R.D.G., 1985: Value of insulin autoantibodies as serum markers for insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

Loewenberg B., 1985: Value of intensive remission induction in elderly patients with acute myelogenous leukemia

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889307

Archer L.N.J., 1987: Value of intracranial pressure monitoring of asphyxiated newborn infants

Bley K., 1988: Value of intraoperative fine needle puncture for cytological examination of the pancreas

Weiss J.L., 1985: Value of intraoperative left ventricular microbubbles detected by transesophageal two dimensional echocardiography in predicting neurologic outcome after cardiac operations

Pinget M., 1988: Value of intraperitoneal insulin infusion as treatment of brittle diabetes

Hanafi S., 1985: Value of intraprostatic injection of zinc and vitamin c and of ultrasound application in infertile men with chronic prostatitis

Robertson W.D., 1985: Value of intravenous contrast enhancement in the computed tomographic evaluation of intraspinal tumors

Uchida S., 1987: Value of intravenous digital subtraction angiography for amaurosis fugax

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889316

Vahlensieck W., 1986: Value of intravesical sonography in tumor classification of bladder carcinoma

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889318

Takkunen J.T., 1983: Value of isometric exercise testing during cardiac catheterization in mitral stenosis

Traczynska H., 1984: Value of isotope scintigraphy for assessing of malignant process recurrence in the central nervous system of children

Fernandez D., 1987: Value of isotypic characterization of antibodies to echinococcus granulosus by enzyme linked immuno filtration assay

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889322

Zalewska Kubicka L., 1980: Value of karyometric studies in diagnosis of carcinoma spinocellulare

Beltran J., 1981: Value of knee arthrography in the study of meniscal pathology

Kolman P.B.R., 1984: Value of laboratory investigations of elderly psychiatric patients

Ingelmo M., 1987: Value of laboratory parameters for the detection of clinical activity in systemic lupus erythematosus

Ladenson J.H., 1984: Value of laboratory tests in the differential diagnosis of hypercalcemia

Desouza, L. J.; Shinde, S. R., 1977: Value of laparoscopic liver examination in oncology

Cuschieri, A.; Hall, A. W.; Clark, J., 1978: Value of laparoscopy in the diagnosis and management of pancreatic carcinoma

Leao B.D.A., 1984: Value of laparotomy in hodgkins disease

Utrio P., 1985: Value of larval samples in estimating frequencies of biting mosquito species diptera culicidae

Wellens H.J.J., 1984: Value of lead v 4r for recognition of the infarct coronary artery in acute inferior myo cardial infarction

Wellens H.J.J., 1985: Value of lead v 4r in exercise testing to predict proximal stenosis of the right coronary artery

Segal B.L., 1983: Value of left ventricular ejection fraction during exercise in predicting the extent of coronary artery disease

Wellens H.J.J., 1983: Value of left ventricular ejection fraction in extensive anterior infarction to predict development of ventricular tachy cardia

Kumar A., 1984: Value of leukocyte alkaline phosphatase and other leukocyte parameters in diagnosis of neo natal infection

Veronesi, U., 1978: Value of limited surgery for breast cancer

Rodriguez Muniz J., 1985: Value of lithium carbonate in the treatment of agranulocytosis

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889339

Bethlem N.M., 1984: Value of liver biopsy in sarcoidosis

Komenda S., 1986: Value of liver scintigraphy for the diagnosis of cirrhosis of the liver

Cederquist E., 1985: Value of liver scintigraphy in pretreatment staging and in follow up of patients with malignant melanoma

Henderson E.S., 1988: Value of long core biopsy in the detection of discrete bone marrow lesions

Kusnierz G., 1979: Value of low ionic strength salt solution in indirect anti globulin test with erythrocytes

Isono K., 1987: Value of lugol staining method in diagnosing superficial esophageal cancer

Gonzalez Zepeda A., 1979: Value of lung function tests in the early diagnosis of silicosis

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889347

Krall J.M., 1982: Value of lymph angiography in the diagnosis of paraaortic lymph node metastases from carcinoma of the cervix

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889349

Gupta P.K., 1987: Value of lymphocyte marker studies in diagnostic cytopathology

Mihailescu, E.; Popescu, I. G.; Micu, D., 1977: Value of lymphocyte nucleologram for the estimation on immune reactivity in patients with hay fever and bronchial asthma

Lichtlen P.R., 1980: Value of m mode echo cardiography for noninvasive diagnosis of ebsteins anomaly

Zielinski J., 1987: Value of m mode echocardiography in assessing pulmonary arterial pressure in patients with chronic lung disease

Ortiz Berrocal J., 1988: Value of magnetic resonance imaging mri in 67 patients with syringomyelia

Pomares-Garcia, F.; Pratt, P. F., 1978: Value of manure and sewage sludge as nitrogen fertilizer

Swaminathan R., 1985: Value of measuring carboxyl terminal parathyrin in differential diagnosis of hypercalcemia

Bass C., 1988: Value of measuring end tidal partial pressure of carbon dioxide as an adjunct to treadmill exercise testing

Gurewich V., 1982: Value of measuring percent high density lipo protein in assessing risk of cardio vascular disease

Turner Warwick M., 1979: Value of measuring serum angiotensin i converting enzyme and serum lysozyme in the management of sarcoidosis

Dubrzynski, A.; Nowicki, Z., 1987: Value of medical documentation as evidence in medicolegal expertise in legal proceedings for heritage cases

Adbullah A.K., 1987: Value of medium thickness ct in the diagnosis of bronchiectasis

Hawke J.P., 1985: Value of menhaden oil in diets of florida trachinotus carolinus pompano

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889364

Montesinos M., 1988: Value of microcolpohysteroscopy in the study of cervical pathology

Fischer Brandies E., 1988: Value of microsurgically revascularized flaps compared with other methods in the treatment of radiation induced necrosis of the mandible

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889367

Kaplan H., 1983: Value of mongolian gerbils meriones unguiculatus in anti epileptic drug evaluation

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889369

Gatter K.C., 1987: Value of monoclonal anti cd22 p135 antibodies for the detection of normal and neoplastic b lymphoid cells

Kimura F., 1988: Value of mri in the detection of recurrent rectal carcinoma

Miller K., 1986: Value of mucin histochemistry in follow up surveillance of patients with long standing ulcerative colitis

Scott R.M., 1982: Value of multi planar computed tomography images in interactive dosimetry planning of intra cavitary therapy

Kennedy H.L., 1985: Value of multiple echocardiographic views in the evaluation of aortic stenosis in adults by continuous wave doppler

Bruzzi P., 1981: Value of multiple forceps biopsies in assessing the malignant potential of colonic polyps

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889376

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889377

Norden C.W., 1988: Value of needle aspiration in bacteriologic diagnosis of cellulitis in adults

Fentiman, I. S.; Millis, R. R.; Hayward, J. L., 1980: Value of needle biopsy in out patient diagnosis of breast cancer

Guezel O., 1986: Value of neuraminic acid as clinical parameter in 42 small cell bronchial carcinomas

Moossa A.R., 1979: Value of new diagnostic aids in relation to the disease process in pancreatic cancer

Lee, C. L.; Chu, T. M.; Wajsman, L. Z.; Slack, N. H.; Murphy, G. P., 1980: Value of new fluorescent immunoassay for human prostatic acid phosphatase in prostate cancer

Rolo J., 1985: Value of nocturnal monitoring of transcutaneous oxygen and carbon dioxide pressures in adults with respiratory failure

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889385

Diaz Flores L., 1987: Value of noninvasive methods in the study of renal osteodystrophy compared with bone histomorphometry

O'rourke R.A., 1983: Value of noninvasive techniques for predicting early complications in patients with clinical class ii acute myo cardial infarction

Braedel H.U., 1981: Value of nuclear medicine and ultrasonography in the management of renal trauma

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889389

Ali Shtayeh M.S., 1985: Value of oogonial and oospore dimensions in pythium spp differentiation

Spruance S.L., 1985: Value of open lung biopsy in 87 immunocompromised patients with pulmonary infiltrates

Cannell S.J., 1979: Value of operating auxiliary personnel for caries diagnosis in dental epidemiology

Lyle, T. K., 1973: Value of orthoptics in pre surgical and post surgical management of strabismus

Et Al, 1986: Value of orthotopic liver transplant in the pig as an experimental model

Pietinen P., 1985: Value of overnight urines in the follow up of people with borderline hypertension trying to reduce their salt intake

Bieri, P., 1977: Value of p amino hippurate clearance compared with the usual laboratory procedures for diagnosis of kidney diseases in cats

Hetzel, M. R.; Ginks, W. R.; Pickersgill, A. J.; Leatham, A., 1978: Value of pacing in cardiac failure associated with chronic atrio ventricular block

Poreba R., 1981: Value of palliative treatment of patients with genital neoplasms in the opinion of family members

Zander J., 1987: Value of palpation and mammography in primary breast cancer a retrospective study of the years 1973 1982

Fridhandler L., 1979: Value of pancreatic type iso amylase assay as an index of pancreatic insufficiency

Rowe L.D., 1984: Value of panendoscopy in determination of 2nd primary cancer a study of 451 cases of head and neck cancer

Stewart D.K., 1983: Value of partial ejection fraction volume increment and regional wall motion in identifying patients with clinically significant coronary artery disease

Miwatani T., 1980: Value of passive immune hemolysis for detection of heat labile entero toxin produced by entero toxigenic escherichia coli

Alieva E.B., 1980: Value of pathogenetic features in the clinical course and treatment of uterine myoma at the early stages of tumor development

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889405

Jagelman D.G., 1982: Value of pelvic suction irrigation in reducing morbidity of low anterior resection of the rectum a 10 year experience

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889407

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889408

Land W., 1987: Value of percutaneous diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in obstructive uropathy following renal transplantation

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889410

Harlaftis, N.; Gonzalez, A. C.; Waldo, W. J.; Symbas, P. N., 1977: Value of perfusion lung scans in selection of patients for vena cava interruption

Martini N., 1983: Value of peri operative brachy therapy in the management of non oat cell carcinoma of the lung

Weeling J.W., 1987: Value of perinatal necropsy examination

Bockemuehl, J.; Meinicke, D., 1976: Value of phage typing of vibrio cholerae eltor in west africa

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889415

Wright A., 1980: Value of physical signs in the diagnosis of enlarged adenoids

Engel, J. M.; Josenhans, G.; Hoeder, J.; Binzus, G., 1987: Value of physiotherapy in the patient's view results of a questionnaire survey

Fery R.L., 1979: Value of plant resistance for reducing cowpea curculio damage to the southern pea vigna unguiculata

Pokala H.P., 1982: Value of plasma alpha 1 acid glyco protein assay in the detection of human colo rectal cancer comparison with carcino embryonic antigen

Horton L.W., 1982: Value of plasma calcium phosphate and alkaline phosphatase measurements in the diagnosis of histological osteo malacia

Wills, M. R., 1971: Value of plasma chloride concentration and acid base status in the differential diagnosis of hyper parathyroidism from other causes of hyper calcemia

Et Al, 1988: Value of plasma hva level in human influence of renal function food intake and psychiatric state

Bartels P., 1984: Value of pleural lactate in the differential diagnosis between empyema and nonbacterial pleural effusions

Kudsk, K. A.; Pflug, B.; Lowery, B. D., 1978: Value of positive end expiratory pressure in aspiration pneumonitis

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889425

Hunt D., 1981: Value of post cardiac infarction exercise stress testing identification of a group at high risk

Disabella P.M., 1979: Value of post irradiation screening for thyroid nodules a controlled study of recalled patients

Hammoud F., 1988: Value of post operative radiotherapy in some pituitary tumors

Buell U., 1983: Value of post therapeutic scintigraphy for the demonstration of distant metastases of differentiated carcinoma of the thyroid gland

Madsen P.O., 1982: Value of post void residual urine determination in evaluation of prostatism

Sane, S. M.; Worsing, R. A. Jr ; Wiens, C. W.; Sharma, R. K., 1977: Value of pre operative chest x ray examinations in children

Lundh B., 1984: Value of pre operative classification according to the tumor nodes metastasis system a critical examination of category t 2 in 96 patients with grade 3 transitional cell bladder carcinoma subjected to pre operative irradiation and cystectomy

Jaffe B.M., 1980: Value of pre operative evaluation in patients with lymphoma

Cadilhac J., 1979: Value of pre operative investigations in so called cervical myelopathy

Gatta A., 1987: Value of prealbumin plasma levels as liver test

Haber J., 1985: Value of prednimustine in treating non hodgkins lymphomas of favorable histological type

Akhtar M., 1985: Value of preexisting bundle branch block in the electrocardiographic differentiation of supraventricular from ventricular origin of wide qrs tachycardia

Case R.B., 1980: Value of premature ventricular contraction morphology in the detection of myo cardial infarction

Croker J.R., 1983: Value of profiling liver function in the elderly

Nyboe J., 1985: Value of prognostic parameters in squamous cell carcinoma of the vulva

Uther J.B., 1985: Value of programmed stimulation and exercise testing in predicting 1 year mortality after acute myocardial infarction

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889442

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889443

Wiernik P.H., 1983: Value of prophylactic cranial irradiation given at complete remission in small cell lung carcinoma

Wang, M.; Yin, W.; Chen, D.; Gu, X., 1987: Value of prophylactic irradiation to supraclavicular areas in small cell lung carcinoma analysis of 104 patients

Genollar Subirats J., 1985: Value of prostatic specific antigen in urologic pathology preliminary results

Section 7, Chapter 6890 , Accession 006889448

Wellens H.J.J., 1983: Value of qrs alternation in determining the site of origin of narrow qrs supraventricular tachy cardia

Perry J.F.Jr, 1981: Value of quantitative cell count and amylase activity of peritoneal lavage fluid

Kalis L., 1987: Value of questionnaire screening for the diagnosis of tumors of the colon and rectum

Mouillot, L.; Chaniot, S.; Crajer, M. C.; Netter, R., 1978: Value of radial immuno diffusion in titration of anti tetanus immuno globulins

Cooper J.S., 1980: Value of radiation therapy in the management of patients with cerebral metastases from malignant melanoma radiation therapy oncology group brain metastases study i and ii

Algaba A., 1988: Value of radical cystectomy in bladder cancer with pelvic node involvement

Galstyan, A. M.; Sar'yan, A. V.; Adamyan, A. A.; Karapetyan, N. V., 1978: Value of radio isotopic methods of investigation in revealing metastatic lesions of the liver and lymph nodes in large intestine cancer

Silverman M.E., 1984: Value of radio telemetry in a community hospital

Hodson M.E., 1982: Value of radio therapy for tumor on the bronchial stump after resection for bronchial carcinoma

Woellgens P., 1983: Value of radio therapy in the treatment of metastases of hyper nephroma

Beck W., 1987: Value of radiographic evidence of calcification of the aortic valve in adults with basal systolic ejection murmurs

Norris K.J., 1984: Value of radiologic skeletal survey in assessment of abused children

Van Rhijn T.C.M., 1985: Value of radiology in the diagnosis of reflux esophagitis

Cobb F.R., 1985: Value of radionuclide angiography for predicting specific cardiac events after acute myocardial infarction

Velasco Lajo T., 1986: Value of radionuclide esophageal transit in studies of functional dysphagia

Delouche G., 1986: Value of radiotherapy for the management of early stage carcinomas of the prostate 111 cases

Amaral J.Jr, 1987: Value of random endoscopic biopsy in the diagnosis of bladder carcinoma in situ

Krivit W., 1985: Value of random urinary homovanillic acid and vanillylmandelic acid levels in the diagnosis and management of patients with neuroblastoma comparison with 24 hour urine collections

Buscarini L., 1988: Value of rapid staining and assessment of ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration biopsies

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889468

Madsen S., 1981: Value of regular supervised physical training after acute myo cardial infarction

Ghoniem M., 1988: Value of renal biopsy in chronic renal failure

Mignon F., 1988: Value of renal revascularization in renovascular hypertension with renal impairment

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889472

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889473

Davignon A., 1986: Value of respiratory variations of right ventricular dimension in the identification of small atrial septal defects secundum type not requiring surgery an echocardiographic study

Et Al, 1983: Value of rheo hepatogram in the diagnosis of liver malignancy

Kaddah M., 1984: Value of rice oryza sativa characteristics in selection for resistance to salinity in an arid environment

Arcusa Gavalda R., 1981: Value of roentgenograms in the diagnosis and prognosis of carcinoma of the stomach

Murray P.R., 1983: Value of routine aerobic sub culturing of unvented blood culture bottles

Alderson, P. O.; Gilday, D. L.; Mikhael, M.; Wilkie, A. L., 1976: Value of routine cerebral radio nuclide angiography in pediatric brain imaging

Friedman E.A., 1986: Value of routine dilation and curettage at the time of interval sterilization

Koskinen P., 1987: Value of routine echocardiography in new onset atrial fibrillation

Tausjo J., 1985: Value of routine follow up in patients treated for squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck

Kerr G.R., 1985: Value of routine follow up of women treated for early carcinoma of the breast

Fu K.H., 1987: Value of routine histopathological examination of appendices in hong kong

Wise L., 1986: Value of routine pathology in herniorrhaphy performed upon adults

Haynie T.P., 1985: Value of routine radionuclide bone scans in renal cell carcinoma

Wiltshire M., 1982: Value of routine surveillance of residents in old peoples homes

Enzinger F.M., 1983: Value of s 100 protein in the diagnosis of soft tissue tumors with particular reference to benign and malignant schwann cell tumors

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889489

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889490

Fourrier, P.; Papot, G.; Cayrol, M., 1986: Value of samii's method in the treatment of digital neuroma

Dietz A., 1983: Value of scanning electron microscopy in identification of members of actinomycetales

Boothman, R.; Orr, N., 1978: Value of screening for deafness in the 1st year of life

Parker T., 1983: Value of screening for markers of hepatitis in dialysis units

Lubec G., 1987: Value of sds polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis small molecular weight proteins and alpha 1 acid glycoprotein for the diagnosis of tubular damage

Stotler R.E., 1983: Value of selective spleen scintigraphy when liver spleen image shows equivocal spleen defects concise communication

Khan, A. H.; Haywood, L. J., 1976: Value of serial apex cardiograms during and after myo cardial infarction

Barnard R., 1981: Value of serial carcino embryonic antigen determinations for early detection of recurrent cancer

Koch M., 1980: Value of serial carcino embryonic determinations in a surgical adjuvant trial of colo rectal and gastric carcinoma

Piccolo E., 1984: Value of serial electropharmacological testing in survivors of cardiac arrest due to ventricular tachycardia or ventricular fibrillation

Piccolo E., 1986: Value of serial electropharmacological testing in the management of sustained ventricular tachyarrhythmias

Lindeman P., 1981: Value of serial measurement of serum angiotensin converting enzyme in the management of sarcoidosis

Collins J.V., 1986: Value of serial peak expiratory flow measurements in assessing treatment response in chronic airflow limitation

Penry M.F., 1982: Value of serial sonography in the in utero detection of duodenal atresia

Franzini A., 1981: Value of serial stereo tactic biopsies and impedance monitoring in the treatment of deep brain tumors

Childers A.B., 1988: Value of serologic reactions at 2 months following strain 19 vaccination of cattle herds with brucellosis

Palomares J.C., 1980: Value of serological diagnosis in congenital syphilis 9 cases

Et Al, 1986: Value of serological tests in the diagnosis of viral acute respiratory infections in adults

Okuda S., 1986: Value of serum alpha fetoprotein and ferritin in the diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma

Johny, M.; Johny, K. V.; Lawrence, J. R.; Derrington, D. W.; Koshi, G., 1977: Value of serum antibody studies in urinary tract infections

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889511

Pepys M.B., 1980: Value of serum c reactive protein measurement in the investigation of fever in systemic lupus erythematosus

Walker, S. A.; Rogers, T. R.; Riches, P. G.; White, S.; Hobbs, J. R., 1984: Value of serum c reactive protein measurement in the management of bone marrow transplant recipients 1. early transplant period

Walker, S. A.; Riches, P. G.; Rogers, T. R.; White, S.; Hobbs, J. R., 1984: Value of serum c reactive protein measurement in the management of bone marrow transplant recipients 2. late post transplant period

Van Der Meer C., 1981: Value of serum calcitonin estimation in clinical oncology

Wilimas, J.; Thompson, E.; Smith, K. L., 1978: Value of serum copper levels and erythrocyte sedimentation rates as indicators of disease activity in children with hodgkins disease

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889517

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889518

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889519

Ortuno Mirete J., 1981: Value of serum ferritin assessment in the diagnosis of iron deficiency in uremic patients

Hussain, M. A. M.; Davis, L. R.; Laulicht, M.; Hoffbrand, A. V., 1978: Value of serum ferritin estimation in sickle cell anemia

Wright A.D., 1982: Value of serum glucose assay as part of the biochemical profile in screening for diabetes

Nasrallah S.M., 1984: Value of serum immuno globulins in the diagnosis of liver disease

Weippl, G.; Ader, H., 1976: Value of serum iron determination in childhood anemia

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889525

Bunton R.W., 1983: Value of serum magnesium estimation in diagnosing myo cardial infarction and predicting dys rhythmias after coronary artery by bypass grafting

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889527

Sande M.A., 1983: Value of serum tests in combined drug therapy of endo carditis

Lemonnier D., 1988: Value of serum transthyretin measurements in the assessment of marginal protein energy malnutrition in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889530

Barlow N.D., 1985: Value of sheep pasture and the relationship between pasture production and stocking rate

Lozano Mancha A., 1984: Value of sialography in the diagnosis of tumors of the parotid gland

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889533

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889534

Schaanning, J., 1977: Value of simple parameters during exercise in chronic obstructive lung disease

Maki D.G., 1981: Value of simple protective isolation in patients with granulocytopenia

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889537

Kaplan G.D., 1988: Value of single photon absorptiometry in osteoporosis screening

Becker D.P., 1988: Value of skull radiography head computed tomographic scanning and admission for observation in cases of minor head injury

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889540

Thouvenot J.P., 1982: Value of so called cholestasis markers in the dog an experimental study

Proca, E.; Pop, T.; Georgescu, P.; Nicolescu, D., 1972: Value of sodium hippuran iodine 131 clearance for the diagnosis of acute rejection in experimental renal allo transplantation

Micu D., 1983: Value of some leukocyte cyto enzymochemical investigations in detecting the noxious effects of the vinyl chloride monomer or polymer

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889544

Pillegand B., 1987: Value of sonographically guided fine needle aspiration biopsy in evaluating the liver with sonographic abnormalities

Kvinnsland S., 1987: Value of sonography in obstructive jaundice limitations of bile duct caliber as an index of obstruction

Drew, W. L., 1977: Value of sputum culture in diagnosis of pneumococcal pneumonia

Gupta R.K., 1982: Value of sputum cytology in the diagnosis and typing of bronchogenic carcinomas excluding adeno carcinomas

Gupta R.K., 1981: Value of sputum cytology in the differential diagnosis of alveolar cell carcinoma from bronchogenic adeno carcinoma

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889550

Salamon G., 1985: Value of stereoangiography for the diagnosis and treatment of cerebral angiomas

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889552

Rosenberg M.L., 1980: Value of stool cultures

Older R.A., 1980: Value of subtracted bladder pressure measurement in routine urodynamics

Rosenberg G.H., 1987: Value of suburban habitats to desert riparian birds

Wikstrand, J.; Berglund, G.; Wilhelmsen, L.; Wallentin, I., 1978: Value of systolic and diastolic time intervals studies in normotensive and hypertensive 50 year old men and in patients after myo cardial infarction

Davignon A., 1984: Value of systolic time intervals in the diagnosis of large patent ductus arteriosus in fluid restricted and mechanically ventilated preterm infants

Teodorescu, P.; Gutiu, I.; Campeanu, A.; Plesea, O.; Carp, C., 1977: Value of systolic time intervals in the estimation of heart failure secondary to acute myo cardial infarction

Mendoza G., 1980: Value of tear glucose analysis in the detection of hyper glycemia

Just M., 1986: Value of teichoic acid antibody estimations in the management of staphylococcus aureus bacteremia

Fainstein V., 1981: Value of terminal sub cultures from negative bactec blood culture bottles

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889562

Loogen F., 1981: Value of thallium 201 myo cardial imaging in the noninvasive assessment of aorto coronary bypass patency

Heddle W.F., 1984: Value of the 12 lead electro cardiogram in diagnosing type and mechanism of a tachy cardia a survey among 22 cardiologists

Gilbert M.R., 1987: Value of the 12 lead electrocardiogram in discriminating atrioventricular nodal reciprocating tachycardia from circus movement atrioventricular tachycardia utilizing a retrograde accessory pathway

Bjerre P., 1984: Value of the 30 minute acth test in assessing hypothalamic pituitary adreno cortical function after pituitary surgery in cushings disease

Pernot C., 1979: Value of the abdominal plain film after angio cardiography in congenital heart disease

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889568

Lolekha S., 1983: Value of the anion gap in clinical diagnosis and laboratory evaluation

Nishiyama S., 1986: Value of the assay for immunoglobulin a containing circulating immune complexes in henoch schoenlein purpura

Maconnachie E., 1985: Value of the assessment in the scanning electron microscopy of surface structures and 3 dimensional shape of the cell for predicting malignancy

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889572

Fox K.M., 1986: Value of the bipolar lead cm 5 in electrocardiography

Baud, C. A.; Lagier, R.; Boivin, G.; Boillat, M. A., 1978: Value of the bone biopsy in the diagnosis of industrial fluorosis

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889575

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889576

Garcia Saavedra L., 1980: Value of the carcino embryonic antigen in benign digestive etiogeny tumoral chronic hepatopathies and hepatomas 190 cases

Hernandez J.L., 1979: Value of the carcino embryonic antigen in cancer of the breast

Frei P.C., 1983: Value of the case history in the diagnosis of allergic state and the detection of allergens

Adesi T.B., 1983: Value of the change in urethral profile following surgical operation for the treatment of stress incontinence

Hoekelman R.A. , 1981: Value of the chest x ray as a screening test for elective surgery in children

Richardson D.A., 1986: Value of the cough pressure profile in the evaluation of patients with stress incontinence

Spacapan E., 1987: Value of the d xylose test in elderly subjects

Murawska A., 1981: Value of the determination of serum thyro globulin concentration in thyroid function disturbances

Schreuder C.H., 1981: Value of the determination of true free thyroxine in screening the new born with possible congenital thyroxine binding globulin deficiency for congenital hypo thyroidism

Siles S., 1986: Value of the different imaging techniques in the diagnosis and follow up of thyroid carcinoma with pulmonary metastasis

Langer R., 1980: Value of the direct x ray magnification technique for the assessment of the therapeutic success in osteochondrosis dissecans in the knee joint

Bonissol, C.; Gilbert, M.; Ivanova, L. M., 1978: Value of the dna staining technique in detection of mycoplasma contamination in cell cultures

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889589

Ladurner G., 1984: Value of the echocardiogram in patients with ischemic insult

Carp, C., 1978: Value of the electro cardiographic stress test by atrial pacing in the healing stages of experimental myo cardial infarction

Lemaire B., 1984: Value of the estimation of thyro globulin levels in the surveillance of treated differentiated thyroid carcinoma

Rose F., 1981: Value of the estimation of urinary 3 methyl histidine the evaluation of post operative muscular catabolism

Mccabe C.H., 1980: Value of the exercise electro cardiogram for diagnosing coronary disease

Et Al, 1987: Value of the exercise test for assessing the efficacy of an antihypertensive treatment

Bjerregaard B., 1986: Value of the filter imprint technique in aspiration biopsy cytology

Mocsari, E.; Suveges, T., 1985: Value of the fluorescent antibody technique in the diagnosis of aujeszky's disease of swine

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889598

Seidelman W.E., 1988: Value of the gram stained urethral smear in the management of men with urethritis

Williams K., 1982: Value of the h q interval in patients with bundle branch block and the role of prophylactic permanent pacing

Costa B.A.A., 1985: Value of the head at risk concept in assessing the prognosis in legg calve perthes disease

Pandele C., 1979: Value of the histochemical changes of peri hepato cellular networks in estimating the evolutive potential of chronic persistent hepatitis

Lazar V., 1984: Value of the histologic examination in the diagnosis and prognosis of chronic hepatitis

Devitt, J. E., 1977: Value of the history in the office diagnosis of breast cancer

Ganz P., 1986: Value of the intracoronary electrocardiogram to monitor myocardial ischemia during percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889606

Braito E., 1987: Value of the isovolumic index in the diagnosis of coronary artery disease with normal left ventricular volumes and ejection fraction

Oberhofer T.R., 1986: Value of the l pyrrolidonyl beta naphthaylamide hydrolysis test for identification of select gram positive cocci

Mcnamee J., 1986: Value of the lateral radiologic view of the chest in children with acute pulmonary illness

Constantineanu I., 1979: Value of the lymphocyte nucleolar parameters for the estimation of therapy effectiveness in chronic diseases with immune lymphocyte involvement

Wipf R., 1981: Value of the maximal expiratory flow at 25 75 percent vital capacity in the detection of ventilatory disturbances of the small aerial pathways

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889612

Fonseca K., 1982: Value of the minimum bactericidal concentration of antibiotics in the management of a case of recurrent streptococcus bovis septicemia

Grassy G., 1983: Value of the molecular electrostatic potential method a new approach for the visualization of molecular electrostatic potentials

Jedrzejczak, W. W.; Siekierzynski, M.; Sulek, K., 1975: Value of the nitro blue tetrazolium test in the diagnosis of bacterial infection in untreated cancer patients and in those on radio therapy and or chemo therapy

Goran, A.; Moore, G., 1980: Value of the noninvasive cerebro vascular laboratory in diagnosis of extracranial carotid artery disease an analysis of 159 studies in 157 patients

Greschuchna D., 1981: Value of the perfusion scintigram of the lung for t and n staging in bronchogenic carcinoma

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889619

Daneman A., 1986: Value of the peroral pneumocolon in children

Franco J.S., 1986: Value of the pi system phenotype in alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889622

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889623

Lamy P., 1985: Value of the prognosis in the standard biological checkup in the course of the preliminary staging of bronchial carcinoma concerning 300 cases

Spirt B.A., 1980: Value of the prone position in detecting pulmonary nodules by computed tomography

Cai R., 1981: Value of the pulmonary valve echogram in estimating pulmonary artery pressure

Boehnert, M. T.; Lovejoy, F. H-Jr, 1985: Value of the qrs duration vs. serum drug level in predicting seizures and ventricular arrhythmias after an acute overdose of tricyclic antidepressants

Pascut M., 1985: Value of the radiologic examination in the diagnosis of pseudotumors of the colon

Hartel P., 1981: Value of the region of interest technique in the scintigraphic diagnosis of primary bone tumors

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889630

Tuazon C.U., 1987: Value of the ring enchancing sign in differentiating intracerebral hematomas and brain abscesses

Arra A., 1987: Value of the s100 protein in the study of nevus and ocular melanomas

Guardia J., 1986: Value of the serum hepatitis b virus dna measurement as a marker of viral replication

Et Al, 1983: Value of the serum immuno globulin e anti mite antibody and immuno globulin g anti mite blocking antibody estimation in monitoring the treatment of allergic asthma

El Sherif N., 1988: Value of the signal averaged electrocardiogram as a predictor of the results of programmed stimulation in nonsustained ventricular tachycardia

Guberan E., 1982: Value of the simultaneous determination of carbon di oxide partial pressure in monitoring exposure to 1 1 1 tri chloro ethane by breath analysis

Section 7, Chapter 6890, Accession 006889637

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