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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6891

Chapter 6891 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Mckinney J.F., 1980: Vanderhorstia praealta new species teleostei gobiidae from the amirante islands indian ocean

Ryder E.J., 1979: Vanguard 75 lettuce

Hedqvist, K. J., 1976: Vanhornia leileri new species from central sweden hymenoptera proctotrupidae vanhorniinae

Section 7, Chapter 6891, Accession 006890046

Mardh G., 1984: Vanillic acid a metabolite of 4 hydroxy 3 methoxyphenyl glycol and 4 hydroxy 3 methoxy mandelic acid in man

Nordh I., 1982: Vanillic acid metabolism by selected soft rot brown rot and white rot fungi

Yu H S., 1983: Vanillic acid metabolism by sporotrichum pulverulentum evidence for demethoxylation before ring cleavage

Brotherton J.E., 1982: Vanillin assay for pro antho cyanidins condensed tannins modification of the solvent for estimation of the degree of polymerization

Morin N., 1981: Vanillin major component of the aphrodisiac secretion emitted by the hair pencils of the male african sugarcane borer eldona saccharina lepidoptera pyralidae galleriinae

Hanai J., 1986: Vanillylmandelic acid homovanillic acid and catecholamines in urine of infants with neuroblastoma 6 to 11 month old

Sullivan R.E., 1987: Vanilmandelic acid an alternative for measuring dental stress in children

Vaisanen R., 1982: Vanishing and vulnerable diptera of finland

Hashimoto N., 1981: Vanishing cerebral aneurysm in serial angiography

Brick J.F., 1988: Vanishing cerebrovascular disease of pregnancy

Jackson R.H., 1986: Vanishing earrings

Frisen L., 1986: Vanishing optotypes new type of acuity test letters

Section 7, Chapter 6891, Accession 006890060

Takahashi M., 1986: Vanishing tumor of the stomach a case report

Brownell, C. L., 1978: Vanneaugobius dollfusi new genus new species small gobiid with divided ventrals from morocco pisces gobioidei

Tajika, K. I., 1977: Vannuccia tripapillosa new species proseriata coelogynoporidae from hokkaido japan/

Kardell, L., 1976: Vanoise a french national park

Kanai, F.; Isshiki, K.; Umezawa, Y.; Morishima, H.; Naganawa, H.; Takita, T.; Takeuchi, T.; Umezawa, H., 1985: Vanoxonin a new inhibitor of thymidylate synthetase 2. structure determination and total synthesis

Kanai, F.; Kaneko, T.; Morishima, H.; Isshiki, K.; Takita, T.; Takeuchi, T.; Umezawa, H., 1985: Vanoxonin a new inhibitor of thymidylate synthetase 3. inhibition of thymidylate synthetase by vanoxonin vanadium complex

Kanai, F.; Sawa, T.; Hamada, M.; Naganawa, H.; Takeuchi, T.; Umezawa, H., 1983: Vanoxonin a new inhibitor of thymidylate synthetase ec

Vinberg G.G., 1983: Vant hoff temperature coefficient and arrhenius equation in biology

Funk A., 1982: Vanterpoolia new genus of sporodochial hyphomycetes

Frey R.C., 1980: Vanuxemia waynesvillensis new species of cyrtodontid pelecypod from the upper ordovician of southwestern ohio usa

Harvey R.G., 1979: Vapor absorption and translocation of di nitro aniline herbicides in oats avena sativa and peas pisum sativum

Schlueter, K., 1977: Vapor action of the systemic fungicide triadimefon

Reijnhart, R.; Piepers, J.; Toneman, L. H., 1980: Vapor cloud dispersion and the evaporation of volatile liquids in atmospheric wind fields 1. theoretical model

Reijnhart, R.; Rose, R., 1980: Vapor cloud dispersion and the evaporation of volatile liquids in atmospheric wind fields 2. wind tunnel experiments

Preston W.B., 1981: Vapor de greasing a new technique for de greasing and cleaning entomological specimens

Magnante P.C., 1979: Vapor detection using adsorptive solids probed by x rays

Hax W.M.A., 1984: Vapor fixation for immuno cytochemistry and x ray micro analysis on cryo ultra microtome sections

Chotani G.K., 1986: Vapor liquid equilibrium behavior of aqueous ethanol solution during vacuum coupled simultaneous saccharification and fermentation

L'vov S.V., 1982: Vapor liquid equilibrium in 3 component systems of solvents

L'vov S.V., 1982: Vapor liquid equilibrium in systems used in production of tri methylcyclo hexenone

Section 7, Chapter 6891, Accession 006890082

Simonson R., 1986: Vapor phase acetylation of southern pine douglas fir and aspen wood flakes

Thienpont D., 1981: Vapor phase activity of imazalil

Petsikos Panayotarou N., 1980: Vapor phase activity of some systemic fungicides on pumpkin oidium sphaerotheca fuliginea

Smith R.E., 1988: Vapor phase adsorption of alkylbenzenes and water on soils and clays

Zoller W.H., 1988: Vapor phase concentrations of arsenic selenium bromine iodine and mercury in the stack of a coal fired power plant

Cliath M.M., 1987: Vapor phase diffusion of benzene in soil

Chernyaga B.S., 1984: Vapor phase gas chromatographic analysis of the volatile components of wine materials

Tsibul'skaya I.A., 1985: Vapor phase gas chromatography in the diagnosis of surgical infections

Schoon N H., 1983: Vapor phase hydrogenation of methyl linoleate in the presence of a supported copper catalyst

Schoon N H., 1983: Vapor phase hydrogenation of methyl oleate in the presence of a supported nickel catalyst

Forni, L.; Casalone, G., 1987: Vapor phase oxidation of 2 6 lutidine to 2 6 pyridinedicarboxaldehyde iii. kinetic study

Moilanen, K. W.; Crosby, D. G.; Humphrey, J. R.; Giles, J. W., 1978: Vapor phase photo decomposition of chloropicrin tri chloronitro methane

Fenimore, D. C.; Davis, C. M.; Whitford, J. H.; Harrington, C. A., 1976: Vapor phase silylation of laboratory glassware

Levine S.P., 1987: Vapor phase spiking and thermal desorption of a passive sampler

Gavaudan, P.; Marchand, C.; Poussel, H.; Hermelin, B., 1977: Vapor phase study of the reversible study of volatile narcotics and toxic compounds by bacterial luminescence inhibition

Milanova E., 1979: Vapor pressure and calorimetric data for the solution of sulfur di oxide in aprotic solvents

Schoen I., 1984: Vapor pressure and freezing point osmolality measurements applied to a volatile screen

Popendorf W., 1984: Vapor pressure and solvent vapor hazards

Shiu W.Y., 1982: Vapor pressure correlations for low volatility environmental chemicals

Harrison R.M., 1987: Vapor pressure of ammonium chloride aerosol effect of temperature and humidity

Cattell F.C.R., 1979: Vapor pressure of ammonium sulfates

Section 7, Chapter 6891, Accession 006890104

Tai D.Y., 1987: Vapor pressures and gas film coefficients for ketones

Haque R., 1979: Vapor pressures and relative volatility of ethyl parathion and methyl parathion

Eapen M., 1986: Vapor toxicity and repellency of some essential oils to insect pests

Section 7, Chapter 6891, Accession 006890108

Section 7, Chapter 6891, Accession 006890109

Section 7, Chapter 6891, Accession 006890110

Section 7, Chapter 6891, Accession 006890111

Butow R.A., 1985: Var 1 gene on the mitochondrial genome of torulopsis glabrata

Raven, P. R.; Horvath, S. M., 1970: Varability of physiological parameters of unacclimatized males during a 2 hour cold stress of 5 degrees celsius

Kulincevic J., 1985: Varamit very successfully controls varroasis in yugoslavia

De A.B., 1988: Vararia trinidadensis new record welden a new record from india

Arratia F.G., 1981: Varasichthys ariasi new genus new species from the upper jurassic of chile pisces teleostei varasichthyidae new family

Koziol J.A., 1984: Varcov a computer program for the distribution free analysis of growth and response curves

Koziol J.A., 1988: Varcov ii a computer program for the multivariate analysis of growth and response curves

Hiltunen J.K., 1985: Varechaetadrilus fulleri new record oligochaeta tubificidae new record and amendment of morphological description

Pybus M.J., 1985: Varestrongylus alpenae nematoda metastrongyloidea in white tailed deer odocoileus virginianus of saskatchewan canada

Toth S., 1979: Vargamyces aquaticus new genus new species of hyphomycetes on submerged plant debris

Hiruta S., 1984: Vargula sekiguchii new species from the pacific coast of central japan ostracoda myodocopina

Kornicker, L. S.; Baker, J. H., 1977: Vargula tsujii new species of luminescent ostracoda from lower and southern california usa myodocopa cypridininae

Kurosawa, K.; Ollis, W. D.; Sutherland, I. O.; Gottlieb, O. R., 1978: Variabilin a 6a hydroxy pterocarpan from dalbergia variabilis

Perry N.B., 1988: Variabilin and related compounds from a sponge of the genus sarcotragus

Serruys P.W., 1988: Variabilities in measurement of coronary arterial dimensions resulting from variations in cineframe selection

Kobayashi H., 1985: Variabilities of blood pressure respiration and heart rate during sleep in patients with ischemic heart disease and arrhythmia observation by continuous recording of direct arterial pressure and others using telemetric method

Gacek, E., 1985: Variabilities of the pathogenicity of the fungus pyrenophora teres died. drechsl

Rowe, D. E., 1985: Variability among alfalfa medicago sativa clones in seed production 1. effective population size

Section 7, Chapter 6891, Accession 006890130

Dunn R.A., 1987: Variability among desmodium spp for response to root knot nematodes

Ercolani G.L., 1983: Variability among isolates of pseudomonas syringae pathovar savastanoi from the phylloplane of the olive olea europaea

Abawi G.S., 1982: Variability among isolates of rhizoctonia solani associated with snap bean phaseolus vulgaris hypocotyls and soils in new york usa

Scowcroft W.R., 1983: Variability among plants and their progeny regenerated from protoplasts of su su hetero zygotes of nicotiana tabacum

Sinclair T.R., 1985: Variability among plants in dinitrogen fixation acetylene reduction rates by field grown soybean glycine max

Perrin J.M., 1985: Variability among state crippled childrens service programs pluralism thrives

Kulkarni H.D., 1987: Variability analysis among half sib seedlings of santalum album l

Filippetti, A., 1987: Variability analysis for tolerance to orobanche crenata f. in a collection of autofertile pure lines of broad bean vicia faba major

Section 7, Chapter 6891, Accession 006890139

Dani R.G., 1979: Variability and association between yield and yield components in pigeon pea cajanus cajan

Chauhan B.P.S., 1982: Variability and associations of coleoptile length and other traits in triticale

Dhari R., 1982: Variability and associations of flag leaf area and other traits in wheat triticum aestivum

Bondarenko, O. B., 1978: Variability and asto phylogenetic changes in some late silurian heliolithoids from the podolian region of the dniester basin ukrainian ssr ussr

Saltzman B.E., 1985: Variability and bias in the analyses of industrial hygiene samples

Section 7, Chapter 6891, Accession 006890146

Chauhan B.P.S., 1982: Variability and combining ability in the f 2 population of a diallel set in linseed linum usitatissimum

Kachur O.T., 1983: Variability and combining ability of soft spring wheat initial root system under siberia conditions ussr

Smyalovskaya Ya E., 1983: Variability and combining ability of the leaf area size in common spring wheat

Lopez De Castro J.A., 1984: Variability and conformation of hla class i antigens a predictive approach to the spatial arrangement of polymorphic regions

Gill, K. S.; Brar, G. S., 1977: Variability and correlation coefficients for grain protein and other economic traits in durum wheat triticum durum

Section 7, Chapter 6891, Accession 006890153

Benenson I.E., 1981: Variability and correlation of morpho physiological characters in goldfish carassius auratus gibelio fingerlings

Shaikh M.A.Q., 1987: Variability and correlation studies in summer mungbean vigna radiata

Patil G.D., 1983: Variability and correlation studies in sunflower helianthus annuus

Abdullaev, B., 1975: Variability and correlation studies of quantitative characteristics of cotton

Petkov N., 1981: Variability and correlations between some characteristic features of silkworms bombyx mori

Khadr, F. H., 1971: Variability and covariability for plant height heading date and seed weight in wheat m crosses

Ostrovskaya N.A., 1984: Variability and daily course of chlorophyll a in large and small fraction of phytoplankton in various districts of the black sea ussr later in summer

Troost B.T., 1981: Variability and development of a normative data base for saccadic eye movements

Section 7, Chapter 6891, Accession 006890163

Husova M., 1982: Variability and distribution of aceri carpinetum in czechoslovakia

Grabherr G., 1980: Variability and ecology of the alpine dwarf shrub community loiseleurio cetrarietum

Korica, B., 1975: Variability and ecology of the asperula staliana complex

Johnson, M. S.; Mickevich, M. F., 1977: Variability and evolutionary rates of characters

Yinyun Z., 1982: Variability and evolutionary trends in tooth size of gigantopithecus blacki

Balicek, P.; Zizka, J.; Skalska, H., 1978: Variability and familial transmission of constitutive hetero chromatin of human chromosomes evaluated by the method of linear measurement

Section 7, Chapter 6891, Accession 006890170

Bowsher P., 1982: Variability and frequent failure of lucifer yellow to pass between 2 electrically coupled neurons in lymnaea stagnalis

Kokemoor R.H., 1986: Variability and functional recovery in the n methyl 4 phenyl 1 2 3 6 tetrahydropyridine model of parkinsonism in monkeys

Sosna, T.; Sosna, A., 1977: Variability and functional significance of the external ligament of the ankle for stability and of the talocrural joint

Sreeramulu C., 1983: Variability and genetic advance in early generations of a diallel cross in green gram vigna radiata

Appels R., 1987: Variability and genetics of spacer dna sequences between the ribosomal rna genes of hexaploid wheat triticum aestivum

Bona F.V., 1983: Variability and growth of cestodes premises to a biometric analysis dendrouterina pilherodiae meridionalis new subspecies parasite of egretta alba ciconiiformes in argentina and re description of the type of dendrouterina pilherodiae cestoda dilepididae 1

Shenoi P.M., 1982: Variability and habituation of nystagmic responses to hot caloric stimulation of normal subjects evidence that this test may be inapplicable to monitoring drug induced vestibular toxicity

Arbez, M.; Baradat, P.; Birot, Y.; Azoeuf, P.; Hoslin, R., 1978: Variability and heredity of the angle of wood fiber measured with the aid of a radioactive tracer in maritime pine and calabrian black pine

Tyagi A.P., 1986: Variability and heritability for yield and its components in upland cotton gossypium hirsutum

Bebyakin, V. M.; Krupnov, V. A.; Marushev, A. I.; Matveeva, N. F., 1976: Variability and heritability of essential amino acids in spring common wheat hybrids

Shimada T., 1988: Variability and heritability of excised leaf water retention capability in orchardgrass

Bebyakin, V. M.; Bespyatova, L. P.; Marushev, A. I., 1978: Variability and heritability of grain quality properties in spring wheat in intraspecific hybridization

Chevassus, B., 1976: Variability and heritability of growth performances in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Rogucka E., 1980: Variability and heritability of main line a of the dermal palmar ridges terminations

Stepanov, G. S., 1977: Variability and heritability of principal elements of productivity in inter cultivar hemp hybrids

Es'kova L.I., 1985: Variability and heritability of protein content in seed of hybrids between spring and winter common wheat hybrids

Piskunova G.V., 1982: Variability and heritability of quality characters of triticum durum wheat grain on hybridization

Singh K.K., 1983: Variability and heritability of some metric traits of solanum khasianum

Hortynski J.A., 1980: Variability and heritability of some quantitative characters in strawberry seedlings fragaria ananassa

Stakan, G. A.; Martynova, V. N.; Soskin, A. A.; Chernov, L. L., 1976: Variability and inheritance of behavior in fine wooled sheep part 2 a study of the inheritance pattern of domestic behavior and correlations between the behavior and productivity characteristics in fine wooled sheep

Krylova V.D., 1980: Variability and inheritance of characters by hybrids of beluga sturgeon and sterlet huso huso x acipenser ruthenus of the 1st and 2nd generations in relation to selection work

Kreslavskii A.G., 1984: Variability and inheritance of color pattern in the rock pigeon

Frandsen, K. J.; Fritsen, H., 1982: Variability and inheritance of digestibility in perennial rye grass lolium perenne meadow fescue festuca pratensis and cocksfoot dactylis glomerata 1. parent clones

Frandsen K.J., 1986: Variability and inheritance of digestibility in perennial ryegrass lolium perenne meadow fescue festuca pratensis and cocksfoot dactylis glomerata

Ashurova M.A., 1986: Variability and inheritance of grain quantity per plant in wheat hybrids

Antonov I., 1984: Variability and inheritance of leaf number and weight in sugar beets

Sychev I.E., 1984: Variability and inheritance of plant interaction criterion in sunflower stands of varying density

Ashurova M.A., 1986: Variability and inheritance of productive bushiness in wheat hybrids

Mustafaev, I. D.; Figarova, V. V.; Ali-Zade, A. V.; Dzhafarova, R. G., 1978: Variability and inheritance of quantitative characteristics in wheat

Cacco, G.; Ferrari, G.; Saccomani, M., 1978: Variability and inheritance of sulfate uptake efficiency and atp sulfurylase activity in maize

Dzhafarova R.G., 1985: Variability and inheritance of the stem length in wheat hybrids in connection with selection goals

The, T. T., 1976: Variability and inheritance studies in triticum monococcum for reaction to puccinia graminis f sp tritici and puccinia recondita

Faris M.A., 1985: Variability and interaction between alfalfa cultivars and isolates of phytophthora megasperma

Mahon J.D., 1983: Variability and interaction in the pisum sativum and rhizobium leguminosarum symbiosis

Dyuryagina G.P., 1984: Variability and interaction of morphological characters of seeds of aconitum spp

Zapletalova I., 1983: Variability and interaction of traits conditioning fodder yields of white clover trifolium repens varieties

Frakes R.V., 1984: Variability and interrelations of seed yield components in tall fescue festuca arundinacea

Gill A.S., 1979: Variability and interrelationships among grain protein yield and yield components in mung bean vigna radiata var radiata

Zhuravleva N.A., 1984: Variability and interrelationships between certain biomorphological and physiological characteristics in a populational group

Platt, T.; Conover, R. J., 1971: Variability and its effect on the 24 hour chlorophyll budget of a small marine basin

Ohba T., 1987: Variability and its factors in ratio of seed weight to pod shell weight in soybean

Bondarenko O.B., 1985: Variability and morphogenesis of late silurian paraheliolites and pachyhelioplasma heliolitoids from the podolian dniester river basin ukrainian ssr ussr

Minzhin Ch, 1981: Variability and morphogenesis of the late ordovician corals propora speciosa

Kolybina N.F., 1987: Variability and morphological criteria for the isolation of some sorbus spp rosaceae from the crimea ukrainian ssr ussr

Schein M.W., 1980: Variability and periodicity of dust bathing behavior in japanese quail coturnix coturnix japonica

Macgillavry H.J., 1985: Variability and population dynamics of sorites orbiculus foraminifera soritidae

Groening E., 1985: Variability and postlarval ontogeny of archegonus antecedens trilobita lower carboniferous

Cooper W.E.Jr, 1979: Variability and predictability of courtship in anolis carolinensis reptilia lacertilia iguanidae

Section 7, Chapter 6891, Accession 006890220

Kot M.M., 1979: Variability and recurrence of blood indices in large horned cattle

Khoroshikh V.T., 1979: Variability and recurrence of protein indices in blood serum of yaroslavl cattle

Amin O.M., 1984: Variability and redescription of acanthocephalus dirus acanthocephala echinorhynchidae from freshwater fishes in north america

Sramek P., 1987: Variability and relations of selected characteristics of varieties of lolium perenne l

Mosse J., 1986: Variability and relationships among amino acids and nitrogen in maize zea mays grains

Katz S.H., 1981: Variability and reliability of diastolic blood pressure during adolescence the philadelphia pennsylvania usa blood pressure project

Baird R.N., 1984: Variability and reproducibility of arterial doppler waveforms

Degirolami U., 1981: Variability and reversibility of focal cerebral ischemia in unanesthetized monkeys macaca mulatta

Shyu C C., 1980: Variability and sampling technique for chemical constituent analysis of leaf tobacco

Crosbie, T. M.; Mock, J. J.; Pearce, R. B., 1977: Variability and selection advance for photosynthesis in iowa stiff stalk synthetic maize population

El Marzouky H., 1982: Variability and selection criteria in safflower carthamus tinctorius varieties

Green D.E., 1982: Variability and selection for leaf photosynthesis in advanced generations of soybeans glycine max

Stepan'yan, L. I.; Shvemberger, I. N.; Vakhtin-Yu, B., 1980: Variability and selection in clonal populations of murine rhabdo myo sarcoma in vivo 4. selection in the course of tumor progression

Vakhtin-Yu, B.; Dmitrevskaya, T. V.; Stepan'yan, L. I.; Shvemberger, I. N., 1977: Variability and selection in clonal populations of somatic cells in vivo

Ala, A. Ya, 1976: Variability and selection in soybean populations

Shangold G.A., 1986: Variability and selectivity of anterior pituitary response to dopamine agonists throughout the normal menstrual cycle

Green, D. M.; Luce, R. D.; Duncan, J. E., 1977: Variability and sequential effects in magnitude production and estimation of auditory intensity

Section 7, Chapter 6891, Accession 006890238

Levin R.N., 1987: Variability and stability in the rank relations of nonhuman primate females analysis by computer simulation

Diehl S.A., 1979: Variability and stability of selected components in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri serum and the precision of automated analysis in measuring these components

Mazur N.A., 1986: Variability and stability of ventricular extrasystole in postmyocardial infarction patients

Sterba O., 1983: Variability and synonymy of taxa related to acanthocyclops venustus copepoda cyclopoida

Cooper P.D., 1981: Variability and temperature dependence of the velocity of retrograde particle transport in myelinated axons

Small L.F., 1980: Variability and tidal exchange of ecological properties in a coastal lagoon

Silva A.C.D., 1983: Variability and tissue distribution of lactate dehydrogenase in 4 species of the genus cavia

Major, D. J.; Gage, S. H.; Shaykewich, C. F.; Pelton, W. L., 1978: Variability and trends of corn heat units on the canadian prairies

Parsons L., 1979: Variability associated with leaf water potential in red osier dogwood cornus sericea in field and growth chamber environments

Rai R.N., 1987: Variability association among quantitative characters and path analysis in large cardamom

Narkhede B.N., 1987: Variability association and path analysis in black gram

Karataglis S.S., 1980: Variability between and within agrostis tenuis populations regarding heavy metal tolerance

Et Al, 1979: Variability between and within laboratories in the analysis of structural chromosomal abnormalities

Section 7, Chapter 6891, Accession 006890252

Section 7, Chapter 6891, Accession 006890253

Atashi-Rang, G.; Lucken, K. A., 1978: Variability combining ability and interrelationships of anther length anther extrusion glume tenacity and shattering in spring wheat

Dulieu, H.; Dalebroux, M. A., 1976: Variability components and functional interactions at the a 1 plus a 1 and a 2 plus a 2 loci of nicotiana tabacum

Skorik V.V., 1979: Variability correlation and heritability of quantitative characters in dwarf winter rye em 1

Section 7, Chapter 6891, Accession 006890257

Haque M.M., 1986: Variability correlation and path coefficient analysis in bottle gourd lagenaria vulgaris l

Patnaik M.C., 1981: Variability correlation and path coefficient analysis in niger guizotia abyssinica

Chaudhary, B. D., 1977: Variability correlations and path analysis in barley

Haber E., 1987: Variability distribution and systematics of pyrola picta sensu lato ericaceae in western north america

Marshall, L. G.; Corruccini, R. S., 1978: Variability evolutionary rates and allometry in dwarfing lineages

Sasikumar B., 1986: Variability for cellulose content in bidi tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivar anana 119

Singh P., 1987: Variability for fiber properties in germplasm of egyptian cotton

Lodhi G.P., 1979: Variability for fodder yield and its components in cowpea vigna unguiculata ssp cylindrica

Tsil'ke, R. A.; Kachur, O. T.; Sadykova, S. A., 1979: Variability for genetic parameters in a diallel analysis of quantitative characters in soft spring wheat 6. the mass of grains per spike

Bhat M.G., 1987: Variability for harvest index in upland cotton

Smith, C. S.; Mock, J. J.; Crosbie, T. M., 1982: Variability for morphological and physiological traits associated with barrenness and grain yield in the maize zea mays population iowa upright leaf synthetic no. 1

Leal N.R., 1984: Variability for oil and fatty acid composition in castor bean ricinus communis varieties

Oram R.N., 1983: Variability for protein and oil quality in lupinus albus

Section 7, Chapter 6891, Accession 006890273

Chandrashekar R.S., 1984: Variability for quantitative characters in periwinkle catharanthus roseus

Kapoor W.R., 1981: Variability for resistance to leaf blight caused by helminthosporium maydis race o in a composite variety of maize zea mays

Naylor J.M., 1985: Variability for response to herbicides in wild oat avena fatua populations

Sajjad M.S., 1987: Variability for salt stress among rice genotypes from nigeria

Taneja G.C., 1981: Variability for salt tolerance in pure bred and cross bred sheep of rajasthan desert india

Section 7, Chapter 6891, Accession 006890279

Singh A.K., 1985: Variability for seed yield seed index and oil content in the germ plasm of upland cotton gossypium hirsutum

Ojo D.K., 1981: Variability for seedling vigor in maize zea mays

Chaudhary S.K., 1985: Variability for some quantitative characters in potato solanum tuberosum

Section 7, Chapter 6891, Accession 006890284

Begum K., 1982: Variability for various agronomic characters and neuro toxin content in some cultivars of khesari lathyrus sativus in bangladesh

Berg K., 1988: Variability gene effect on cholesterol at the kidd blood group locus

Balasundaram, N.; Bhagyalakshmi, K. V., 1978: Variability heritability and association among yield and yield components in sugarcane

Peter K.V., 1980: Variability heritability and correlation among some poly genic characters in pumpkin cucurbita moschata

Eunus A.M., 1979: Variability heritability and correlation studies in soybean glycine max

Chaturvedi S.N., 1982: Variability heritability and correlation studies on yield and its components in moong bean vigna radiata after mutagenic treatments

Singh, K. N.; Ahmad, Z.; Gupta, M. P.; Singh, A. K., 1978: Variability heritability and genetic advance for some metric traits in macaroni wheat triticum durum

Shukla P.T., 1985: Variability heritability and genetic advance in bunch and spreading types of groundnut arachis hypogaea

Raj A.D., 1986: Variability heritability and genetic advance in virginia cultivars of groundnut arachis hypogaea l

Ehiwe A.O.F., 1987: Variability heritability and physiochemical studies of seed coat durability in field pea

Sapra R.L., 1983: Variability in 2 natural populations of palmarosa cymbopogon martini

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Section 7, Chapter 6891, Accession 006890414

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Section 7, Chapter 6891, Accession 006890528

Section 7, Chapter 6891, Accession 006890529

Section 7, Chapter 6891, Accession 006890530

Section 7, Chapter 6891, Accession 006890531

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Section 7, Chapter 6891, Accession 006890971

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