Section 7
Chapter 6,891

Variability in the hairiness of lemma and palea in european populations of poa alpina ssp alpina

Fiserova, D.

Preslia 49(2): 115-120


ISSN/ISBN: 0032-7786
Accession: 006890611

A description is given of the morphology of lemma and palea of non-viviparous plants of P. alpina L. ssp. alpina. [With regard to the length of the hairs and the character of hairiness, 9 types can be distinguished differing also in their geographc distribution. They are not given any taxonomic rank but are classified as types and subtypes and named according to their distribution areas.] The majority of the plants investigated were collected in the Carpathian Mts. Additional herbarium material came from Scandinavia, the Alps and Jeseniky Mts.

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