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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6892

Chapter 6892 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Gontarovskii, V. A., 1977: Variability of male fertility character in cyto sterile corn under differing environmental conditions

Gleed C.D., 1980: Variability of mammalian liver nuclear envelope preparations

Costanza G., 1986: Variability of maximal respiratory pressure in different geographic areas

Sapehin L.M., 1980: Variability of meadow phytocenosis plant cover in the middle pripyat area ussr as related to different seasons and years

Ziolkowski, M.; Kurlej, W., 1986: Variability of measurements' features of the neurocranium in human fetuses

Bhattacharyya F.K., 1983: Variability of media batch and stability of virulent colony morphology in neisseria gonorrhoeae

Tropin, N. N., 1977: Variability of meriones tamariscinus in the northwest area of its distribution

Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891007

Karmanova, E. P.; Makarova, V. E., 1977: Variability of milk protein content in relation to the breed of cow and stage of lactation

Schafer W.M., 1979: Variability of mine soils and natural soils in southeastern montana usa

Paulin H.V., 1983: Variability of mineral intakes from drinking water a possible explanation for the controversy over the relationship of water quality to cardio vascular disease

Kochar H., 1988: Variability of mitochondrial cytochemistry in human neuromuscular disease

Numachi K I., 1987: Variability of mitochondrial dna in japanese dace tribolodon hakonensis cyprinidae

Arnold C G., 1980: Variability of mitochondrial population in chlamydomonas reinhardii

Kovarik J., 1982: Variability of mitotic activity in chicken embryo tissues

Karpov S.A., 1980: Variability of monosiga ovata choanoflagellida monosigidae in culture

Slavney, P. R.; Breitner, J. C. S.; Rabins, P. V., 1977: Variability of mood and hysterical traits in normal women

Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891017

Horn F.P., 1983: Variability of morphological and agronomic traits in eastern gama grass tripsacum dactyloides accessions

Shemberg M.A., 1985: Variability of morphological characteristics and taxonomic position of betula kamtschatica betulaceae

Ginzburg, E. Kh ; Miroshnichenko, E. Ya, 1978: Variability of morphological characteristics of poa pratensis part 2 analysis of the causes of correlational links in indices of the generative shoot

Yurtseva, O. V., 1987: Variability of morphological characters in the section tragium of the genus pimpinella l. umbelliferae apioideae

Marot J., 1987: Variability of morphological features in early infantile polyneuropathy with defective myelination

Sukatskas V.T., 1979: Variability of morphological indices in the perch perca fluviatilis population of lake dusya lithuanian ssr ussr

Shemberg M.A., 1981: Variability of morphological indices of betula ermanii in kamchatka russian sfsr ussr

Bishara N.F., 1987: Variability of morphometric characters in four egyptian tilapiine fishes

Kuliev Z.M., 1984: Variability of morphometric characters of the caspian roach rutilus rutilus caspicus cyprinidae

Thuering D.A., 1986: Variability of motor output during flight steering in locusts locusta migratoria

Jackson R.C., 1986: Variability of mouse bioassay for determination of paralytic shellfish poisoning toxins

Shnyukova Ye I., 1982: Variability of multiple molecular forms of hormogonous blue green alga amylases in the process of culture growth

Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891030

Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891031

Nurmi K., 1987: Variability of muskrat skulls measurement error environmental modification and size allometry

Brody W.R., 1985: Variability of myocardial computed tomographic measurements in vitro

Neuberg, G. O.; Geldermann, H.; Sallmann, H. P., 1983: Variability of nadp iso citrate dehydrogenase ec in the udder tissue of the cow

Laidinen G.F., 1987: Variability of natural island populations of festuca pratensis and dactylis glomerata poaceae

Pochard E., 1985: Variability of natural strains of potato virus y infecting peppers in southeastern france characterization and classification into 3 pathotypes

Musil, I., 1977: Variability of needle characters in the pinus mugo complex and in pinus sylvestris

Bobowicz M.A., 1984: Variability of needles in polish populations in scotch pine pinus sylvestris

Ito I., 1987: Variability of negative t wave in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy possible role of beta adrenergic function

Bagrov A.A., 1981: Variability of nematode anisakis schupakovi larvae

Kostenko N.A., 1981: Variability of neuro glial relations during direct electrical stimulation of an isolated stria of the cat cerebral cortex

Ho I.K., 1985: Variability of neurotoxicity of and lack of tolerance of the anticholinesterases soman and sarin in the rat

Chernyakova A.M., 1979: Variability of nitrate fields due to the passage of eddy formations

Fredriksen R.L., 1986: Variability of nitrogen and carbon in surface soils of six forest types in the oregon usa cascades

Zdanowski B., 1982: Variability of nitrogen and phosphorus contents and lake eutrophication

Robertson D., 1983: Variability of noise induced damage in the guinea pig cochlea electro physiological and morphological correlates after strictly controlled exposures

Manzoli U., 1985: Variability of normal regional wall motion and recognition of dyssynergy by angiography and two dimensional echocardiography in myocardial infarction

Frei D.M., 1984: Variability of norway spruce needles as a function of radiation regime within the crown

Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891049

Andrie C., 1986: Variability of oceanic and atmospheric carbon dioxide partial pressures in the tropical atlantic

Levin N.A., 1980: Variability of olfactory behavior of cimex lectularius depending on feeding regime

Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891052

Campbell, J. M.; Abbott, R. J., 1976: Variability of outcrossing frequency in senecio vulgaris

Gibbons W.E., 1985: Variability of ovarian follicular growth in natural menstrual cycles

Berger R.L., 1981: Variability of oxygen affinity of blood human subjects native to high altitude

Winslow, R. M.; Morrissey, J. M.; Berger, R. L.; Smith, P. D.; Gibson, C. C., 1978: Variability of oxygen affinity of normal blood an automated method of measurement

Cunha, B. C. A.; Vitolo, M., 1980: Variability of parameters of enzyme kinetics 2. variations between and within methods

Cunha, B. C. D. A.; Vitolo, M., 1976: Variability of parameters of enzyme kinetics part 1 differences with various methods

Heubel F., 1987: Variability of parameters of the foreign compound metabolizing system of untreated mice

Kranck K., 1980: Variability of particulate matter in a small coastal inlet

Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891061

Andren A.W., 1988: Variability of particulate trace element emissions from the columbia coal fired power plant portage wisconsin usa

Li, H.; Doazan, J. P.; Clerjeau, M., 1986: Variability of pathogenicity in plasmopara viticola i. comparative aggressiveness of different monosporocystic clones influence of pathogen heterokaryosis

Maisuradze N.I., 1982: Variability of patrinia intermedia morphological characters in the 1st year of its life during cultivation in moscow oblast russian sfsr ussr

Peralta G., 1984: Variability of peak expiratory flow rate as a prognostic index in asymptomatic asthma

Patel S., 1984: Variability of peak flow in wheezy children

Wilson B.A., 1984: Variability of pedalling force inversely related to force magnitude within the movement cycle but positively correlated to the magnitude as it increases with increased power output

Chang Schneider H., 1980: Variability of pediastrum boryanum

Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891069

Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891070

Dudchenko L.H., 1979: Variability of peroxidase iso enzymic spectra for certain fungi species from the lycoperdales order

Ibrahim, A. N.; Satour, M. M.; Elakkad, E. M., 1976: Variability of pestalotia spp with special reference to the effect of media temperature and light on their growth sporulation and spore germination

Haith D.A., 1985: Variability of pesticide loads to surface waters

Lucchiari P.H., 1980: Variability of ph metric parameters in the gastro esophageal junction of the dog

Zhgareva N.N., 1981: Variability of pharyngeal teeth in the roach rutilus rutilus depending on the type of food

Chekalin, N. M.; Semerenko, M. V.; Semerenko, T. V., 1987: Variability of phenotypic correlations in the presence or the absence of competition in varieties and hybrids of pea

Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891077

Lindgren, D. T.; Gabelman, W. H.; Gerloff, G. C., 1977: Variability of phosphorus uptake and translocation in phaseolus vulgaris under phosphorus stress

O-Bryan, C.; Harrison, A. P-Jr, 1971: Variability of photodynamic killing in escherichia coli and avoidance of variability with agar

Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891080

Peresypkin V.F., 1985: Variability of phytopathogenic bacteria

De Haan J., 1988: Variability of pi calculations

Daraseliya G.Ya, 1982: Variability of pigment formation in mycobacterium brevicale under the effect of chemical mutagens

Daraseliya G.Ya, 1982: Variability of pigment formation in mycobacterium rubrum under the action of chemical mutagens

Szweykowski, J.; Bobowicz, M. A., 1977: Variability of pinus mugo in poland part 4 needles and cones in some polish populations

Krzakowa M., 1988: Variability of pinus mugo turra individuals from hala gasienicowa in the tatra mountains expressed in needle traits with reference to cone characters

Kuz'mina N.A., 1985: Variability of pinus sylvestris in the angara river basin russian sfsr ussr

Lutsishina E.G., 1981: Variability of plant morphological characters and remote aftereffects of seed endosperm radiation injury caused by deuterons

Stein Y., 1985: Variability of plasma lipids and lipoproteins the jerusalem lipid research clinic study israel

Lee H.S., 1984: Variability of plasma pheno barbitone concentration in asian children in singapore

Thygesen K., 1981: Variability of plasma proteins according to molecular size long term and short term intra individual variation

Ubysz Borucka L., 1984: Variability of pollen viability in the flowers and inflorescences of the china aster callistephus chinensis caused by gamma rays in the m 1 and m 2 generations

Pallavicini C., 1980: Variability of poly galacturonase and protein iso electric focusing patterns in botrytis cinerea isolates

Hedger, J. N.; Pickering, V.; Aragundi, J., 1987: Variability of populations of the witches' broom disease of cocoa crinipellis perniciosa

Poindexter H.B.W., 1987: Variability of positioning accuracy following a maximum isometric contraction

Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891096

Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891097

Bruzek W., 1983: Variability of postural reflexes in humans

Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891100

Wirsen C.O., 1984: Variability of pressure adaptation in deep sea bacteria

Magill, R. A.; Reeve, T. G., 1978: Variability of prior practice in learning and retention of a novel motor response

Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891104

Liniecki J., 1979: Variability of proliferation kinetics of rabbit lymphocytes

Misfeldt, M.; Johnson, W., 1976: Variability of protection in inbred mice induced by a ribosomal vaccine prepared from salmonella typhimurium

Kulik L.A., 1982: Variability of protein fractional composition in winter wheat grain

Shepard J.F., 1981: Variability of protoplast derived potato clones solanum tuberosum cultivar russet burbank

Le Page D., 1987: Variability of pseudocercosporella herpotrichoides the cause of the eyespot disease in vivo behavior of two types of isolates and a mixed population

Nastoyashchaya N.I., 1987: Variability of pseudomonas aeruginosa 1c an alkyl sulfate destructor

Rziha H J., 1987: Variability of pseudorabies virus glycoprotein i expression

Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891112

Lobacheva N.A., 1985: Variability of pullularia pullulans cultures having different ploidy levels

Lemen R.J., 1986: Variability of pulmonary responsiveness to aerosolized histamine in normal rabbits

Glavinovic M.I., 1986: Variability of quantal events in control solution and after cholinesterase blockade in frog

Zhatov A.I., 1979: Variability of quantitative characteristics in hemp under the influence of gamma rays and chemical mutagens

Ginzburg, E. Kh ; Miroshnichenko, E. Ya, 1977: Variability of quantitative characteristics in pseudogamic apomixis part 1 analysis of causes of variable characteristics of the generative shoot in poa pratensis

Ganchenkova A.P., 1979: Variability of quantitative characteristics of mesotrophic lake phyto plankton for different periods of observation

Kitaeva L.A., 1979: Variability of quantitative characters in the sweet pea lathyrus odoratus and its significance for seed production

Gladysheva N.M., 1981: Variability of quantitative characters of inbred lines and parent populations of rye

Topol E.J., 1987: Variability of quantitative digital subtraction coronary angiography before and after percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty

Sanaev, N. F.; Ob'edkina, R. N., 1976: Variability of quantitative indices in various species of lupine as a result of pre cultivation treatment of the seeds with chemical mutagens

Gupta N.K., 1982: Variability of radio nuclide clearance parameter estimates

Hervatin S., 1980: Variability of radioactive thymidine labeling in the rat brain tumor model

Andersen W.R., 1983: Variability of reaction kinetics for ribulose 1 5 bis phosphate carboxylase in a barley hordeum vulgare population

Ryman, N.; Beckman, G.; Bruun-Petersen, G.; Reuterwall, C., 1977: Variability of red cell enzymes and genetic implications of management policies in scandinavian moose alces alces

Rinaldi, A.; Filippi, G.; Siniscalco, M., 1976: Variability of red cell phenotypes between and within individuals in an unbiased sample of 77 hetero zygotes for glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency in sardinia

Rognoni G., 1988: Variability of reduced glutathione gsh levels in three different ovine populations bred in italy

Pagnacco G., 1988: Variability of reduced glutathione levels in massese ewes and its effect on daily milk production

Mochalov S.A., 1979: Variability of resin productivity of picea obovata

Kamler, E., 1976: Variability of respiration and body composition during early developmental stages of carp

Henquel J C., 1981: Variability of respiratory function tests 9 week observation

Mcsweeney, F. K., 1974: Variability of responding on a concurrent schedule as a function of body weight

Eckerman, D. A.; Lanson, R. N., 1969: Variability of response location for pigeons responding under continuous reinforcement intermittent reinforcement and extinction

Boren, J. J.; Moerschbaecher, J. M.; Whyte, A. A., 1978: Variability of response location on fixed ratio and fixed interval schedules of reinforcement

Savoini A., 1980: Variability of response of early drosophila embryos to heat shock

Pellerin M., 1983: Variability of response of the corn bunting emberiza calandra to songs of different dialects

Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891138

Kaiser F.E., 1987: Variability of response to trh in normal elderly

Sackner M.A., 1988: Variability of resting respiratory drive and timing in healthy subjects

Maseri A., 1986: Variability of results during repeat exercise stress testing in patients with stable angina pectoris role of dynamic coronary flow reserve

Roberts, N. J. Jr, 1980: Variability of results of lymphocyte transformation assays in normal human volunteers responses of mononuclear leukocytes to mitogen stimulation

Mizianty, M., 1978: Variability of rhinanthus serotinus in poland

Pronina M.I., 1984: Variability of rhodotorula rubra the producer of rodexman

Winniford M.D., 1986: Variability of right sided cardiac oxygen saturations in adults with and without left to right intracardiac shunting

Dallapiccola, B.; Brinchi, V.; Curatolo, P., 1977: Variability of ring 22 chromosome phenotypical expression

Peshkova N.V., 1982: Variability of rough bluejoint reed grass productivity in southern yamal and in the lower course of the ob russian sfsr ussr

Dierig D.A., 1988: Variability of rubber and plant growth characteristics among single plant selections from a diverse guayule breeding population

Gileva E.A., 1986: Variability of satellite dna in two groups of voles rodentia microtinae

Wosten J.H.M., 1988: Variability of saturated hydraulic conductivity in a glossaquic hapludalf with macropores

Kiss, I., 1977: Variability of scenedesmus ecornis in the dead arm of the river tisza at kortvelyes hungary

Cheever A.W., 1986: Variability of schistosoma mansoni in cercariae production

Marzano C.F., 1980: Variability of seed and plant characteristics in vicia faba

Rowe D.E., 1981: Variability of seed set in alfalfa medicago sativa and correlations with some pollen and ovule characteristics

Mistinova A., 1979: Variability of seed yield and its elements in di ploid and tetra ploid cultivars of red clover

Nelson L.A., 1982: Variability of seedling growth characteristics among oat avena sativa genotypes

Nortcliff S., 1982: Variability of selected soil micro nutrients in a single soil series in berkshire england uk

Schuepp H., 1983: Variability of selected strains of plasmopara viticola with respect to their metalaxyl sensitivity under field conditions

Rao T.V., 1985: Variability of selection opportunities with changing socio cultural environments

Wahren L.K., 1981: Variability of sensory threshold determination in clinical use

Graybill, J. R.; Alford, R. H., 1976: Variability of sequential studies of lymphocyte blastogenesis in normal adults

Ikeda M., 1984: Variability of serum high density lipoprotein cholesterol concentration in healthy subjects in a 3 year term

Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891164

Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891165

Glotov N.V., 1980: Variability of sessile oaks quercus sessiliflora in dagestan russian sfsr ussr

Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891167

Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891168

Piiper J., 1985: Variability of shell conductance and gas exchange of chicken eggs

Anderson D.T., 1985: Variability of shell growth and morphology of the wall plate junctions of the intertidal barnacle tesseropora rosea cirripedia tetraclitidae

Pavlovskaya E.M., 1987: Variability of shoot leaves in 9 ranunculus species in leningrad oblast russian sfsr ussr

Bagwell C.B., 1980: Variability of short term cultures of hela s 3 cells changes in dna distributions and rates of dna synthesis

Korovchinskii, N. M., 1978: Variability of sida crystallina and diaphanosoma brachyurum crustacea cladocera of the glubokoye lake

Pham Dinh Tuan, 1984: Variability of single visual evoked potentials evaluated by 2 new statistical tests

Lenartowicz, W.; Szczepanski, K., 1974: Variability of size and chemical composition of sour cherries

Werner M., 1985: Variability of social behavior in the guppy poecilia reticulata pisces poeciliidae

Prudic Z., 1981: Variability of soil conditions in the oak beech and spruce beech vegetation tier

Maslov V.P., 1981: Variability of soil density in an irrigated field

Obenauf S., 1987: Variability of soil fertility parameters in the ap horizon of sandy arable soils during the growing season

Hill, R. J., 1977: Variability of soluble seed proteins in populations of mentzelia loasaceae from wyoming usa and adjacent states

Konina L.V., 1980: Variability of some birch species in lipid content in buds in the european north

Raik I., 1982: Variability of some brain indices of bream in lake vorts jarv estonian ssr and yalpug lagoon ukrainian ssr ussr

Dobriyanov D., 1983: Variability of some breeding character in pure bred rabbits of a closed flock

Klimko M., 1980: Variability of some carex spp of the section acutae

Sekhedova, K., 1976: Variability of some characteristics of hordeum spontaneum from the pre kopet dag regions of the turkmen ssr

Jedlicka, L., 1978: Variability of some characters in odagmia ornata and odagmia spinosa diptera simuliidae

Pelikan E., 1980: Variability of some characters of field beans and their relationships to the weight of the plant

Yastrebtsov A.V., 1985: Variability of some characters of the mite varroa jacobsoni a parasite of honeybees

Kalabukhov, N. I.; Serdyuk, V. A.; Sheikina, N. V., 1976: Variability of some eco physiological indices in various populations of the asiatic arctic suslik citellus parryi

Tomas D., 1983: Variability of some economic characteristics of carrots during several years

Petrosov V.A., 1980: Variability of some lines of arabidopsis thaliana under different illumination conditions

Lankosz, J.; Bicz, N.; Gabryszewska-Sarnecka, M.; Tokarz, J.; Ochmanski, W.; Batycki, T., 1978: Variability of some meteorological phenomena and daily number of calls at out patient clinic

Moraitou-Apostolopoulou, M., 1969: Variability of some morpho ecological factors in 6 pelagic copepods from the aegean sea temora stylifera centropages typicus centropages violaceus calanus minor calanus helgolandicus calanus tenuicornis

Popkov, A. F., 1977: Variability of some morphological characteristics of different geographic populations of the long tailed siberian suslik citellus undulatus

Dyrenkov, S. A., 1978: Variability of some morphological characteristics of hybrid populations of the spruce picea abies x picea obovata on the vepsovskaya ussr upland region

Falkowski, M.; Kozlowski, S.; Maruszewska, J., 1976: Variability of some morphological characters of festuca pratensis alopecurus pratensis and poa trivialis

Tiunov M.P., 1979: Variability of some morphological indices of geographic populations of siberian chipmunk eutamias sibiricus

Nekrasova L.S., 1986: Variability of some quantitative and qualitative features of the bloodsucking mosquitoes aedes dorsalis from larval colonies with varying density

Klozova, E.; Turkova, V., 1978: Variability of some seed proteins of the species phaseolus vulgaris and their relationship to phyto hem agglutinating activity

Koshel'kov, S. P.; Sokolov, A. A., 1978: Variability of some soil properties under birch forests in the southern taiga ussr

Rose I.A., 1988: Variability of soybean phenology response to temperature daylength and rate of change in daylength

Hajkova H., 1987: Variability of sperm head dimensions in cockerels of highly inbred lines

Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891205

Ozolinchyus R.V., 1987: Variability of spruce needle morphometric parameters depending on its position on a shoot

Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891207

Lukoyanova M.A., 1987: Variability of staphylococcus aureus membranes in relation to the culture growth phase

Thomas D., 1982: Variability of static visual threshold responses in patients with elevated intra ocular pressures

Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891210

Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891211

Lipatkin V.A., 1986: Variability of stem insect communities

Kolarsky, A.; Madlafousek, J., 1977: Variability of stimulus effect in the course of phallometric testing

Wood R.C., 1986: Variability of strabismus surgery for acquired esotropia

Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891215

Von Schutzbar W., 1981: Variability of success and possible causes of super ovulation in cows

Lavrovskii, V. V., 1978: Variability of swollen spawn and yolk diameter in channel catfish ictalurus punctatus and the correlation of this characteristic to the spawning mass

Kux Z., 1985: Variability of teeth eruption in roe deer fawns capreolus capreolus

Serdyuk V.A., 1979: Variability of teeth structure in the arctic suslik citellus parryi and possible ways of migration of this species in the northeast of the ussr

Clark J.B., 1979: Variability of temperature ph and moisture in an aerobic composting process

Monardes H.G., 1984: Variability of test day milk production and composition and relation of somatic cell counts with yield and compositional changes of bovine milk

Bol'shakov, V. N.; Vasil'eva, I. A.; Obidina, V. A., 1975: Variability of the 3rd molar of the upper jaw structure in carruthers and pamir high mountain voles and their hybrids rodentia microtinae

Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891223

Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891224

Aref'eva L.P., 1982: Variability of the amino acid composition of seeds and protein prolamine fraction in connection with using these characters in plant systematics

Giraud, B., 1977: Variability of the anatomical features in a meliaceous wood with biometric study of rays

Fajmonova E., 1985: Variability of the association scolopendrio fraxinetum in slovakia czechoslovakia

Mikhailov, V., 1987: Variability of the austrian black pine pinus nigra arn. in the size weight and form of the seeds in pirin and slavyanka mountains bulgaria

Smirnov, A. I., 1978: Variability of the black sea sea of azov toad goby mesogobius batrachocephalus

Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891230

Trepat, I., 1978: Variability of the body musculature in salpa fusiformis tunicata thaliacea

Kaminska, D., 1975: Variability of the body size in populations of 4 species of carabidae

Abildskov J.A., 1980: Variability of the body surface distributions of qrs st t and qrst deflection areas with varied activation sequence in dogs

Ticha J., 1987: Variability of the branches of the arteria iliaca interna

Feinerman D., 1988: Variability of the breathing pattern before and after extubation

Chevallier, H., 1977: Variability of the brown garden snail helix aspersa

Kubykin R.A., 1980: Variability of the carapace horny plates in the horsfields terrapin testudo horsfieldi in the kazakh ssr ussr

Pugacheva G.T., 1980: Variability of the causative agents of black stem rust puccinia graminis f sp avenae and crown rust puccinia coronata f sp avenae and selecting oats for immunity

Sakharov V.N., 1985: Variability of the cell cycle duration in spev cells in monolayer culture and correlation of this duration in sister cells

Hakim A.A., 1981: Variability of the cell surface in human malignant melanoma

Fueller, H.; Greifelt, W., 1977: Variability of the cercal receptor fields of periplaneta americana

Dzhelepov K., 1986: Variability of the character of awn induced by mutagenic factors in awnless soft wheat

Mitranov L., 1981: Variability of the characters and correlations in some kidney bean cultivars

Yarosh N.P., 1982: Variability of the chemical composition of pistacia vera fruits growing in the southern turkmen and tadzhik ssr ussr

Lein, Z. Ya ; Ovcharenko, M. M., 1976: Variability of the chemical composition of the grain of corn hybrids under the effect of environmental conditions

Gralla G., 1986: Variability of the chest structure of girls at puberty age depending on the environmental conditions

Gaevskii N.A., 1982: Variability of the chlorophyll a chlorophyll b ratio in chlamydomonas reinhardii

Huret J.L., 1983: Variability of the chromatin de condensation ability test on human sperm

Abdulamonov K., 1985: Variability of the combining ability of spring barley cultivars according to their productivity characters in the pamirs tadzhik ssr ussr

Mead J., 1979: Variability of the configuration of maximum expiratory flow volume curves

Ecochard R., 1986: Variability of the content of nitrogenous substances and amino acids and their modification by the bean common mosaic virus in the bean phaseolus vulgaris l

Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891253

Lourenco W.R., 1981: Variability of the criterion number of teeth in the pectines of the scorpions tityus cambridgei and rhopalurus laticauda

Dokladal, M., 1977: Variability of the cross section shape of the shaft of the humerus and its practical significance

Grebenscikov I., 1985: Variability of the crude protein content in the gatersleben east germany maize collection

Hatano, S., 1976: Variability of the diagnosis of stroke by clinical judgment and by a scoring method

Esponda P., 1980: Variability of the dna content in 5 orthopteran species

Pushpa, 1986: Variability of the dna rna contents in ten species of grasshoppers from chandigarh india

Peters, K.; Sailer, U.; Peters, R., 1981: Variability of the dose effect in radiobiologic experimentation on animals 4. influence of group sized cage effect in radiobiologic experimentation on animals

Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891261

Corey J.R., 1982: Variability of the duration of an operant

Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891263

Ashall C., 1983: Variability of the electrophoretic mobility of low density lipo protein comparison of interstitial fluid from human aortic intima and serum

Grib O.M., 1985: Variability of the electrophoretic spectrum of hordeins in f 3 f 4 hybrids in different combinations of spring barley crossing as a model of genetic control of complex characters

Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891266

Lichtman M.A., 1987: Variability of the erythropoietic response in autoimmune hemolytic anemia analysis of 109 cases

Mishurova S.S., 1982: Variability of the essential oil composition of nepeta transcaucasica

Idaszak A., 1986: Variability of the etiology of generalized bacterial infections in newborns

Kaeva V.E., 1986: Variability of the fecundity and egg size in the chum oncorhynchus keta walbaum and pink salmon oncorhynchus gorbuscha walbaum in connection with the size age structure of the spawning part of the population

Lucas A., 1987: Variability of the frequency of male neoteny in ostrea puelchana mollusca bivalvia

Osvaldova M., 1984: Variability of the frontal region of the cat brain

Cardoso C.O.N., 1979: Variability of the fungus pyricularia oryzae the causal agent of rice blast

Guseinova, V. M., 1988: Variability of the genetic control of the elements of soft winter wheat cultivar productivity as a function of hybrid generation and growing conditions communication 3. productive bushiness ear length and the amount of spikelets of the main ear

Bazalii V.V., 1987: Variability of the genetic structure of hybrid populations of spring wheat under reseeding

Regnault S., 1986: Variability of the genus rhopalocystis ubaghs lower ordovician tremadocian eocrinoid anti atlas of morocco

Karpenko V.I., 1987: Variability of the growth of young oncorhynchus gorbuscha walbaum and oncorhynchus keta walbaum during their littoral period of life

Sacca D., 1985: Variability of the gryphus minor brachidium terebratulida brachiopoda

Mancia G., 1985: Variability of the hemodynamic responses to laboratory tests employed in assessment of neural cardiovascular regulation in man

Baert A.L., 1981: Variability of the hepatic arterial anatomy a sonographic demonstration

Rebillard, M.; Pujo, R.; Rebillard, G., 1981: Variability of the hereditary deafness in the white cat 2. histology

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Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891455

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Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891465

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Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891476

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Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891486

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Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891508

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Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891532

Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891533

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Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891552

Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891553

Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891554

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Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891569

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Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891616

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Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891668

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Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891673

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Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891734

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Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891783

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Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891826

Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891827

Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891828

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Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891837

Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891838

Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891839

Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891840

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Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891844

Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891845

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Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891848

Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891849

Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891850

Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891851

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Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891865

Section 7, Chapter 6892, Accession 006891866

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