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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6894

Chapter 6894 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Frenkel' M.A., 1985: Variation in number and dna contents in micronuclei of the resting cysts of tillina magna ciliophora colpodidae

Stevens, B. J., 1977: Variation in number and volume of the mitochondria in yeast according to growth conditions a study based on serial sectioning and computer graphics reconstitution

Balogh E., 1981: Variation in number of infant deaths by day of week in 1 county during the 10 year period 1969 1978

Nishida T., 1985: Variation in number of instars longevity and fecundity of cyrtorhinus lividipennis hemiptera homoptera miridae

Mcisaac R.J., 1982: Variation in number of small intensely fluorescent cells in rat superior cervical ganglia

Beacham T.D., 1985: Variation in number of vertebrae and gill rakers of sockeye salmon oncorhynchus nerka in north america

Reisner A.H., 1986: Variation in numbers in a house mouse population housed in a large outdoor enclosure seasonal fluctuations

Hogstad O., 1984: Variation in numbers territoriality and flock size of a goldcrest regulus regulus population in winter

Park C.S., 1983: Variation in nut characteristics of juglans sinensis selected from 11 locations in korea

Hauptli, H.; Webster, B. D.; Jain, S., 1978: Variation in nutlet morphology of limnanthes

Greenfield H., 1984: Variation in nutrient composition of australian retail potatoes solanum tuberosum over a 12 month period

Sathe B.S., 1979: Variation in nutrient content and protein quality of fish meal and groundnut cake

Downes M.T., 1980: Variation in nutrient removal from a stream by watercress nasturtium officinale

Goel, S. C.; Kumar, A.; Singh, J., 1986: Variation in nutritional behavior of hairy caterpillars diacrisia obliqua wlk. arctiidae and lymantria marginata wlk. lymantriidae

Bamber R.N., 1982: Variation in nymphon brevirostre and the status of nymphon rubrum arthropoda pycnogonida

Nielsen, R., 1978: Variation in ochlochaete hystrix chaetophorales chlorophyceae studied in culture

Henrich, S., 1988: Variation in offspring of the poeciliid fish heterandria formosa in relation to fitness

Diaz F., 1981: Variation in okra abelmoschus esculentus

Wharton R.A., 1983: Variation in opius hirtus and discussion of desmiostoma hymenoptera braconidae

Gorman B.M., 1979: Variation in orbiviruses

Section 7, Chapter 6894, Accession 006893022

De Vries J.M., 1987: Variation in orientation of a multivalent formed by a reciprocal and a robertsonian translocation in rye

Section 7, Chapter 6894, Accession 006893024

Collins D.C., 1982: Variation in ovarian steroids associated with the annual mating period in female rhesus monkeys macaca mulatta

Cleland D.T., 1988: Variation in overstory biomass among glacial landforms and ecological land units in northwestern lower michigan usa

Section 7, Chapter 6894, Accession 006893029

Tibbitts T.W., 1979: Variation in ozone sensitivity and symptom expression among cultivars of phaseolus vulgaris

Blank K.J., 1984: Variation in p 30 related proteins in gross virus induced tumor cell lines derived from h 2 congenic mice

Section 7, Chapter 6894, Accession 006893032

Genoways H.H., 1979: Variation in pappogeomys castanops geomyidae on the llano estacado of texas and new mexico usa

Barnes, R. S. K.; Head, S. M., 1977: Variation in paragnath number in some british populations of the estuarine polychaete nereis diversicolor

Barnes, R. S. K., 1978: Variation in paragnath number of nereis diversicolor in relation to sediment type and salinity regime

Andersen R.J., 1987: Variation in paralytic shellfish toxin composition within the protogonyaulax tamarensis protogonyaulax catenella species complex red tide dinoflagellates

Faulkner J.S., 1980: Variation in paraquat tolerance in seedlings of trifolium repens

Caradus J.R., 1986: Variation in partitioning and percentage nitrogen and phosphorus content of the leaf stolon and root of white clover trifolium repens genotypes

Wastie R.L., 1987: Variation in pathogenicity among field isolates of phoma exigua var foveata

Hawthorne B.T., 1983: Variation in pathogenicity among isolates of verticillium albo atrum from lucerne medicago sativa

Asher M.J.C., 1980: Variation in pathogenicity and cultural characters in gaeumannomyces graminis var tritici

Saini R.G., 1986: Variation in pathogenicity of some indian isolates of xanthomonas campestris pathovar oryzae

Yamamoto, T.; Ramlan-Hifni, H.; Machmud, M.; Nishizawa, T.; Made-Tantera, D., 1977: Variation in pathogenicity of xanthomonas oryzae and resistance of rice varieties to the pathogen

Anderson B., 1987: Variation in pathogenicity virulence and aggressiveness of colletotrichum graminicola on corn

Jackson L.F., 1981: Variation in pathogenicity virulence and aggressiveness of septoria nodorum in florida usa

Fox D.P., 1981: Variation in pattern and frequency of acrocentric association in normal and trisomy 21 individuals

Dorfl J., 1984: Variation in pattern of mystacial vibrissae in mice a quantitative study of icr stock and several inbred strains

Section 7, Chapter 6894, Accession 006893049

Lovell, D. P., 1986: Variation in pentobarbitone sleeping time in mice 2. variables affecting test results

Boardman T.J., 1984: Variation in peregrine falcon falco peregrinus eggs

Section 7, Chapter 6894, Accession 006893052

Newman, C. N.; Kubitschek, H. E., 1978: Variation in periodic replication of the chromosome in escherichia coli b r tt

Palcanis K.G., 1984: Variation in periodontal floras

Section 7, Chapter 6894, Accession 006893055

Section 7, Chapter 6894, Accession 006893056

Section 7, Chapter 6894, Accession 006893057

Martin D.M., 1984: Variation in peroxidase activity and phenol content in sugarcane callus depending on illumination

Caine N., 1985: Variation in ph during summer storms near the continental divide in central colorado usa

Krzakowa M., 1980: Variation in phenolic compound content in polish populations of the liverwort conocephalum conicum hepaticae conocephalaceae

Skinner D.Z., 1984: Variation in phenotype and chromosome number in alfalfa medicago sativa protoclones regenerated from nonmutagenized calli

De Groot B., 1986: Variation in phenotype and chromosome number of plants regenerated from protoplasts of dihaploid and tetraploid potato solanum tuberosum

Section 7, Chapter 6894, Accession 006893063

White D.C., 1987: Variation in phospholipid ester linked fatty acids and carotenoids of desiccated nostoc commune cyanobacteria from different geographic locations

Zelitch, I.; Day, P. R., 1968: Variation in photo respiration the effect of genetic differences in photo respiration on net photosynthesis in tobacco d chlamydomonas reinhardtii wheat m tomato d chlorella pyrenoidosa inst auto radiography

Hittle C.N., 1981: Variation in photoperiod sensitivity for time of flowering and maturity among soybean glycine max strains of maturity group iii

Miller E.R., 1980: Variation in photoperiodic response within and among species of milkweed bugs oncopeltus

Bingham G.E., 1982: Variation in photosynthesis and stomatal conductance in an ozone stressed ponderosa pine pinus ponderosa stand light response

Lawes, D. A.; Treharne, K. J., 1971: Variation in photosynthetic activity in cereals and its implications in a plant breeding program part 1 variation in seedling leaves and flag leaves

Terry N., 1986: Variation in photosynthetic electron transport capacity in vivo and its effects on the light modulation of ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase

Eriksson B., 1983: Variation in photosynthetic membrane and pigment content with light intensity for anacystis nidulans grown in continuous cultures

Horvath G., 1984: Variation in photosynthetic pigments and plasto quinone contents in sugar beet beta vulgaris cultivar f 58 554h 1 chloroplasts with changes in leaf copper content

El Hennawy M.A., 1980: Variation in photosynthetic pigments concentrations and relation to yield in some corn inbred lines and their hybrids

Harvey D.A., 1987: Variation in physical and biological properties of solid gold sodium thiomalate on dissolution an electron microscopic and energy dispersive spectroscopic study

Welon, Z.; Waliszko, A., 1978: Variation in physique during growth a principal component analysis of a longitudinal material

Shattock, R. C., 1976: Variation in phytophthora infestans on potatoes grown in walk in poly ethylene tunnels

Fraser D., 1986: Variation in piglet weights development of within litter variation over a 5 week lactation and effect of farrowing crate design

Thompson B.K., 1986: Variation in piglet weights relationships to suckling behavior parity number and farrowing crate design

Bhatt, G. M.; Mcmaster, G. J., 1976: Variation in pigment content of flour color in bread wheat triticum aestivum

Summerfield M., 1980: Variation in pigment production by planococcus citreus with cultural age and with sea salt concentration in the medium

Mizukami, H.; Konoshima, M.; Tabata, M., 1978: Variation in pigment production in lithospermum erythrorhizon callus cultures

Reiter R.J., 1982: Variation in pineal melatonin content during the estrous cycle of the rat

Szweykowski, J.; Bobowicz, M. A., 1982: Variation in pinus sylvestris pinus mugo and putative hybrid populations in central europe 1. the position of 1 year old conelets

Inagaki M., 1987: Variation in plant height of doubled haploid lines of wheat derived from intergeneric crosses with hordeum bulbosum l

Bingham E.T., 1984: Variation in plants regenerated from tissue culture of tetra ploid alfalfa medicago sativa hetero zygous for several traits

Section 7, Chapter 6894, Accession 006893087

Ormsby J.E., 1987: Variation in plasma concentration of insulin like growth factor 1 and its covariation with liveweight in mice

Coude F.X., 1981: Variation in plasma ketone bodies during a 24 hour fast in normal and hypo glycemic children relationship to age

Cattolico, R. A., 1978: Variation in plastid number effect on chloroplast and nuclear dna complement in the uni cellular alga olisthodiscus luteus

Lifjeld J.T., 1985: Variation in plumage color of the great tit parus major in relation to habitat season and food

Mckelvie A.D., 1983: Variation in poa annua from the north of scotland uk

Ogura H., 1979: Variation in pollen size of dianthus superbus in japan

Ockendon, D. J.; Gates, P. J., 1976: Variation in pollen viability in the onion allium cepa

Lennox F.G., 1979: Variation in poly phenolic constituents of eucalyptus nitens

Section 7, Chapter 6894, Accession 006893096

Servo, C.; Pitkanen, E., 1975: Variation in polyol levels in cerebro spinal fluid and serum in diabetic patients

Schaal B.A., 1986: Variation in population growth rate in the woodland annual impatiens pallida balsaminaceae

Brown V.K., 1986: Variation in populations of mine forming and gall forming diptera and the growth form of their host plant bracken pteridium aquilinum

Sampson F.B., 1982: Variation in position of the nascent generative cell in pollen of hedycarya monimiaceae

Section 7, Chapter 6894, Accession 006893102

Auld T.D., 1986: Variation in predisperal seed predation in several australian acacia spp

Thompson J.N., 1988: Variation in preference and specificity in monophagous and oligophagous swallowtail butterflies

Bromfield E.S.P., 1984: Variation in preference for the rhizobium meliloti within and between medicago sativa cultivars grown in soil

Walters, M. S., 1976: Variation in preleptotene chromosome contraction among 3 cultivars of lilium longiflorum

Gjermo P., 1988: Variation in prevalence of radiographic alveolar bone loss in subgroups of 14 year old schoolchildren in oslo norway

Holmberg, T., 1976: Variation in prey selection by the tawny owl strix aluco

Langan, T. A.; Rall, S. C.; Cole, D., 1971: Variation in primary structure at phosphorylation site in lysine rich histones

Dunn, R. A.; Babuska, R.; Wojick, J. M.; Pipberger, H. V., 1978: Variation in probability levels in electro cardiographic diagnosis

Company M., 1979: Variation in progenies of an arachis hypogaea di ploid wild species hybrid

Section 7, Chapter 6894, Accession 006893112

Crump M.L., 1981: Variation in propagule size as a function of environmental uncertainty for tree frogs

Rapp, F.; Pauluzzi, S.; Butel, J. S., 1969: Variation in properties of plaque progeny of para defective sv 40 adenovirus 7

Ramanujam T., 1986: Variation in properties of starch in cassava varieties in relation to age of the crop

Wollensak J., 1983: Variation in proportion and molecular weight of native crystallins from single human lenses on aging and formation of nuclear cataract

Nishide E., 1983: Variation in protease activity in the pyloric ceca of chum salmon oncorhynchus keta during migration

Bryan H.H., 1980: Variation in protein and nitrate content of vegetative growth of winged beans psophocarpus tetragonolobus

Hackenbrock C.R., 1985: Variation in protein lateral diffusion coefficients is related to variation in protein concentration found in mitochondrial inner membranes

De Vallavieille C., 1984: Variation in protein profiles of phytophthora comparison of 6 species

Erselius L.J., 1984: Variation in protein profiles of phytophthora survey of a composite population of 3 species on citrus

Bailey T.B., 1981: Variation in protein yield and its relationships to growth rate harvest index grain yield and groat protein content of oats avena sativa following selfing and outcrossing of m 1 plants

Section 7, Chapter 6894, Accession 006893123

Shishkina, T. A., 1969: Variation in proteolytic activity in the producer of streptomycin actinomyces streptomycini exposed to uv rays mutagen in selection by steps

Smith L.A., 1982: Variation in pseudechis australis serpentes elapidae in western australia and description of pseudechis butleri new species

Nayak B.K., 1980: Variation in qualitative characters and their association with quantitative traits in finger millet eleusine coracana

Adrianov V.N., 1981: Variation in quality of chrysanthemum flowers with date of plant rooting and number of pinchings

Lavidis N.A., 1982: Variation in quantal secretion at different release sites along developing and mature motor terminal branches

Singh, G. P.; Srivastava, M. K.; Singh, R. V.; Singh, R. M., 1977: Variation in quantitative and qualitative losses caused by bacterial blight in different rice cultivars

Khan I.A., 1982: Variation in quantitative characters of mung bean phaseolus aureus after seed irradiation

Macleod R.A., 1987: Variation in quantitative requirements for sodium for transport of metabolizable compounds by the marine bacteria alteromonas haloplanktis 214 and vibrio fischeri

Nayak B.K., 1980: Variation in quantitative traits in finger millet eleusine coracana

Heinegard D., 1984: Variation in quantity and extractability of the 148 kilodalton cartilage protein with age

Pearcy R.W., 1983: Variation in quantum yield for carbon di oxide uptake among 3 carbon pathway and 4 carbon pathway plants

Lacki M.J., 1985: Variation in radial growth of american beech fagus grandifolia at high elevations in the great smoky mountains usa

Van Der Weele L., 1982: Variation in radiographic caries diagnosis and treatment decisions among university teachers

Riordan P.J., 1985: Variation in radiographic interpretation and restorative treatment decisions on approximal caries among dentists in norway

Mceachran, J. D., 1977: Variation in raja garmani and the status of raja lentiginosa pisces rajidae

Serizawa S., 1982: Variation in rana brevipoda in the western tokai district japan

Rittschof D., 1985: Variation in rate of growth in the crayfish orconectes virilis

Hardas M.W., 1980: Variation in rauvolfia serpentina genetic resources in india

Lenne J.M., 1988: Variation in reaction to anthracnose within native stylosanthes capitata populations in minas gerais brazil

Wilkins, P. W.; Catherall, P. L., 1977: Variation in reaction to barley yellow dwarf virus in rye grass and its inheritance

Bowditch J.V., 1983: Variation in receptor status between primary and metastatic breast cancer

Martin E.W.Jr, 1987: Variation in recognition of recurrent colonic cancer by different cea assays

Wood R.J., 1985: Variation in recombination m m re in 3 strains of mosquito aedes aegypti

Davis A.R., 1987: Variation in recruitment of the subtidal colonial ascidian podoclavella cylindrica quoy and gaimard the role of substratum choice and early survival

Theberge J.B., 1983: Variation in red fox vulpes vulpes summer diets in northwest british columbia and southwest yukon canada

Jokela E.J., 1980: Variation in red pine pinus resinosa foliar nutrient concentrations as influenced by sampling procedure

Peumans W.J., 1987: Variation in relative amounts of isolectins in bread wheat triticum aestivum landraces from northern nigeria and chad

Ford N.B., 1986: Variation in relative clutch mass in snakes among and within species

Roberts C.J., 1987: Variation in repeat rates between 18 radiology departments

Derrickson K.C., 1988: Variation in repertoire presentation in northern mockingbirds

Bostock S.J., 1980: Variation in reproductive allocation in tussilago farfara

Patterson K.K., 1982: Variation in reproductive characteristics of aquatic turtles

Sunkel S., 1979: Variation in reproductive parameters of 3 neotropical snakes coniophanes fissidens dipsas catesbyi and imantodes cenchoa

Martin, R. F., 1977: Variation in reproductive productivity of range margin tree lizards urosaurus ornatus

Saether B E., 1985: Variation in reproductive traits in european passerines in relation to nesting site allometric scaling to body weight or adaptive variation?

Blus, L. J.; Keahey, J. A., 1978: Variation in reproductivity with age in the brown pelican

Pani A., 1983: Variation in resistance of cells from inbred strains of mice to herpes simplex virus type 1

Heins R.D., 1987: Variation in resistance of geranium to pythium ultimum in the presence or absence of silver thiosulfate

French, J. R.; Hart, J. H., 1978: Variation in resistance of trembling aspen to hypoxylon mammatum identified by inoculating naturally occurring clones

Lucas J.A., 1982: Variation in resistance to verticillium wilt within seedling populations of some lucerne medicago sativa cultivars

Morishima H., 1982: Variation in resource allocation and adaptive strategy of a wild rice oryza perennis

Herndon A., 1987: Variation in resource allocation and reproductive effort within a single population of liatris laevigata nuttall asteraceae

Ogg A.G.Jr, 1986: Variation in response of four nightshades solanum spp to herbicides

Clower D.F., 1986: Variation in response of the boll weevil anthonomus grandis to methyl parathion and azinphos methyl in the lower rio grande valley texas usa and mexico

Pierce H.D.Jr, 1982: Variation in response of trypodendron lineatum from 2 continents to semiochemicals and trap form

Nowak, K.; Peckham, M. J.; Steel, G. G., 1978: Variation in response of xeno grafts of colo rectal carcinoma to chemo therapy

Clark M.A., 1983: Variation in response to carbon di oxide in drosophila melanogaster and drosophila simulans

Jenkins R.M., 1981: Variation in response to cyto toxicity of cigarette smoke

Ying C.C., 1979: Variation in response to declining photoperiod among families and stands of white spruce picea glauca in southeastern ontario canada

Section 7, Chapter 6894, Accession 006893175

Section 7, Chapter 6894, Accession 006893176

Dourish C.T., 1982: Variation in response to stimulation of central 5 hydroxy tryptamine mechanisms in 2 strains of albino rat

Section 7, Chapter 6894, Accession 006893179

Knook D.L., 1985: Variation in restriction fragment length and methylation pattern of rat major histocompatibility complex class i genes

Acland G.M., 1988: Variation in retinal degeneration phenotype inherited at the prcd locus

Lewis K.C., 1987: Variation in retinol utilization rate with vitamin a status in the rat

Nelson L.M., 1987: Variation in rhizobium leguminosarum response to short term application of ammonium nitrate to nodulated pisum sativum l

Sastry M.N.L., 1980: Variation in rhizoctonia bataticola isolates

Henderson, A. S.; Eicher, E. M.; Yu, M. T.; Atwood, K. C., 1976: Variation in ribosomal rna gene number in mouse chromosomes

Leech R.M., 1985: Variation in ribulose 1 5 bisphosphate carboxylase content in a range of winter wheat triticum aestivum genotypes

Dipple A., 1980: Variation in route of microsomal activation of 7 12 di methyl benz a anthracene with substrate concentration

Gregg E.C., 1982: Variation in rubber concentration of native texas usa guayule parthenium argentatum

Van Der Kamp B.J., 1985: Variation in rust virulence and host resistance of melampsora on black cottonwood populus trichocarpa

Pious D.A., 1979: Variation in s phase in synchronous human cell lines

Weinberg Z.G., 1986: Variation in salt content of broiler parts from different kosher dressing plants in israel

Kim Y.J., 1986: Variation in salt tolerance of hybrid poplars through in vitro culture

Long J.N., 1986: Variation in sapwood area leaf area relations within two stands of lodgepole pine pinus contorta

Timmis, J. N.; Ingle, J., 1977: Variation in satellite dna from some higher plants

Nygren K.M., 1987: Variation in scales in dermophis mexicanus amphibia gymnophiona are scales of systematic utility

Bilton H.T., 1985: Variation in scales sampled from different body areas of adult pink salmon oncorhynchus gorbuscha

Andersen K.I., 1979: Variation in scolex morphology within and between some species of the genus proteocephalus cestoda proteocephala with references to strobilar morphology

Westoby M., 1986: Variation in seagrass height and density over a wide spatial scale effects on common fish and decapods

Shea S.R., 1987: Variation in seasonal population fluctuations of phytophthora cinnamomi within and between infected eucalyptus marginata sites of southwestern australia

Simon T.P., 1986: Variation in seasonal spatial and species composition of main channel ichthyoplankton abundance ohio river usa miles 569 to 572

Downing D.T., 1984: Variation in sebum fatty acid composition among adult humans

Engels J.M.M., 1983: Variation in sechium edule in central america

Al-Ansary, M. M.; Smith, D. C., 1976: Variation in seed and seedling characters of smooth brome grass bromus inermis in relation to environment

Roach D.A., 1987: Variation in seed and seedling size in anthoxanthum odoratum

Thompson J.N., 1987: Variation in seed and seedling size the effects of seed herbivores on lomatium grayi umbelliferae

Rumbaugh M.D., 1979: Variation in seed and seedling traits of common vetch vicia sativa

Vander Kloet S.P., 1980: Variation in seed characters in populations of vaccinium section cyanococcus the blueberries in relation to latitude

Wagner L.K., 1986: Variation in seed coat morph ratios in spergula arvensis l

Zangerl A.R., 1986: Variation in seed furanocoumarin content within the wild parsnip pastinaca sativa

Shepherd K.R., 1983: Variation in seed germinability seedling growth and biomass between provenances of casuarina cunninghamiana and casuarina glauca

Dorne A J., 1981: Variation in seed germination inhibition of chenopodium bonus henricus in relation to altitude of plant growth

Halloran G.M., 1985: Variation in seed number per burr in subterranean clover trifolium subterraneum and its influence on seed coat permeability

Truscott A.J., 1985: Variation in seed production and germination of spartina anglica within a zoned salt marsh

Khalil M.A.K., 1986: Variation in seed quality and some juvenile characters of white spruce picea glauca

Hall J.P., 1985: Variation in seed quantity and quality in two grafted clones of european larch larix decidua

Adams W.T., 1986: Variation in seed set and proportions of outcrossed progeny with clones crown position and top pruning in a douglas fir pseudotsuga menziesii seed orchard

Tsuda C., 1985: Variation in seed set in a timothy phleum pratense population in a pasture

Janzen, D. H., 1977: Variation in seed size within a crop of a costa rican mucuna andreana leguminosae

Uggenti P., 1986: Variation in seed storage protein patterns in entries of vicia faba of mediterranean origin

Below F.E., 1984: Variation in seed total phosphorus phytic acid zinc calcium magnesium and protein among lines of glycine max and glycine soja

Hendrix S.D., 1984: Variation in seed weight and its effects on germination in pastinaca sativa umbelliferae

Janzen, D. H., 1977: Variation in seed weight in costa rican cassia grandis leguminosae

Hardin E.D., 1984: Variation in seed weight number per capsule and germination in populus deltoides trees in southeastern ohio usa

Gemma T., 1987: Variation in seed yield of soybean as affected by planting patterns

Farmer R.E.Jr, 1981: Variation in seed yield of white oak quercus alba

Viviers M., 1984: Variation in seedling recruitment of cape south africa proteaceae after fire

Phelps K., 1984: Variation in seedling susceptibility to bremia lactucae lettuce downy mildew in the absence of effective major resistance genes

Mackay C., 1982: Variation in selected hematological parameters of captive red tailed hawks buteo jamaicensis

Gay A.P., 1986: Variation in selection for leaf water conductance in relation to growth and stomatal dimensions in lolium perenne

Holden H.T., 1982: Variation in selectivity of tumor cell cytolysis by murine macrophages macrophage like cell lines and natural killer cells

Terayama, K.; Kurihara, K.; Kobatake, Y., 1977: Variation in selectivity of univalent cations in the slime mold physarum polycephalum caused by reception of polyvalent cations

Jenabzadeh P., 1981: Variation in self fertility flowering time and inflorescence production in inbred lolium perenne

Waldorf, E. S., 1978: Variation in self grooming in male sinella coeca collembola entomobryidae

Gjerde B., 1984: Variation in semen production of farmed atlantic salmon salmo salar and rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Tripathi S.S., 1984: Variation in semen quality and preservation in jersey bulls due to seasons

Sell P.D., 1986: Variation in senecio jacobaea asteraceae in the british isles

Pettit R.E., 1987: Variation in sensitivity among anastomosis groups of rhizoctonia solani to the antibiotic gliotoxin

Section 7, Chapter 6894, Accession 006893242

Grahame Smith D.G., 1980: Variation in sensitivity of dna synthesis to cytosine arabinoside in acute myeloid leukemia

Section 7, Chapter 6894, Accession 006893244

Llewellyn, G. C.; Chinnici, J. P., 1978: Variation in sensitivity to afla toxin b 1 among several strains of drosophila melanogaster diptera

Henny R.J., 1986: Variation in sensitivity to chilling injury within the genus aglaonema

Section 7, Chapter 6894, Accession 006893247

Shiroya T., 1982: Variation in sensitivity to gamma ray induced chromosomal aberrations during the mitotic cycle of the sea urchin hemicentrotus pulcherrimus egg

Abdel Sattar M.M., 1979: Variation in sensitivity to insecticides of heliothis armigera fed on different host plants

Glatstein E., 1986: Variation in sensitizing efficiency for sr 2508 in human cells dependent on glutathione content

Tisak, M. S.; Turiel, E., 1988: Variation in seriousness of transgressions and children's moral and conventional concepts

Lamont B.B., 1985: Variation in serotiny of three banksia species along a climatic gradient

Tillement J P., 1988: Variation in serum binding of tertatolol mediated by disease induced modification of alpha acid glycoprotein concentration

Yano, S.; Yamamoto, M.; Harada, M., 1976: Variation in serum glucose serum free fatty acids and liver glycogen concentrations and development of gastric erosions in mice subjected to stress

Matossian, R. M.; Salti, I.; Stephan, E., 1977: Variation in serum immuno globulin levels in acute trichinosis

Wilkie B.N., 1983: Variation in serum immuno globulins in canadian holstein friesians

Youson J.H., 1980: Variation in serum levels of thyroxine in anadromous larval lampreys petromyzon marinus

Wennlund A., 1986: Variation in serum levels of triiodothyronine thyroxine free thyroxine and tsh during thyroxine replacement therapy

Wynn V., 1985: Variation in serum lipid and lipoprotein levels associated with changes in smoking behavior in non obese caucasian males

Mowat A.P., 1985: Variation in serum type iii procollagen peptide with age in healthy subjects and its comparative value in the assessment of disease activity in children and adults with chronic active hepatitis

Section 7, Chapter 6894, Accession 006893261

Section 7, Chapter 6894, Accession 006893263

Section 7, Chapter 6894, Accession 006893264

Section 7, Chapter 6894, Accession 006893265

Section 7, Chapter 6894, Accession 006893266

Section 7, Chapter 6894, Accession 006893267

Smith N.D., 1979: Variation in shade leaf thickness among urban trees growing in metropolitan lexington kentucky usa

Augustyn, M., 1978: Variation in shape of the human kidney in ontogenetic development

Gaudioso V.R., 1985: Variation in sheep milk cell types according to total cell counts in machine and hand milking

Kanip J., 1986: Variation in shell chemistry of terrestrial gastropods cerion incanum cerion uva and tudora maculata from the florida keys usa and bonaire west indies

Warburton K., 1979: Variation in shell geometry in the genus lacuna prosobranchia lacunidae

Nicolau J., 1982: Variation in sialic acid concentration in gingival tissue from rats receiving excess vitamin a

Prentice H.C., 1980: Variation in silene dioica numerical analysis of populations from scotland uk

Nicholls K.H., 1987: Variation in silica scale morphology in mallomonas pseudocoronata chrysophyceae

Debouzie D., 1984: Variation in silk gland cell number between wild and laboratory strains of galleria mellonella/

Webster P.L., 1979: Variation in sister cell durations and loss of synchrony in cell lineages in root apical meristems

Anderson D., 1986: Variation in sister chromatid exchange among 106 members of the general uk population

Reigosa M.A., 1986: Variation in sister chromatid exchange frequencies between human and pig whole blood plasma leukocyte and mononuclear leukocyte cultures

Mahmooduzzafar M.I., 1986: Variation in size and amount of wood elements across and within the growth rings in terminalia tomentosa

Dale J.E., 1984: Variation in size and development of spikelets within the ear of barley hordeum vulgare

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Section 7, Chapter 6894, Accession 006893466

Section 7, Chapter 6894, Accession 006893467

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Section 7, Chapter 6894, Accession 006893500

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Section 7, Chapter 6894, Accession 006893510

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Section 7, Chapter 6894, Accession 006893531

Section 7, Chapter 6894, Accession 006893532

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Section 7, Chapter 6894, Accession 006893801

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Dakshini, K. M. M.; Dadlani, N. P., 1976: Variation in vernonia cinerea

Templeman W., 1981: Variation in vertebral averages for year classes of atlantic cod gadus morhua on flemish cap canada

Liberta A.E., 1987: Variation in vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal relationships of two sand prairie species

Siddiqi T.O., 1980: Variation in vessel elements of some eucalyptus species

Kemp G., 1982: Variation in vicine and convicine concentration of faba bean vicia faba genotypes

Jamalian, J.; Bassiri, A., 1978: Variation in vicine concentration during pod development in broad bean vicia faba

Geiger J.P., 1987: Variation in virulence among rigidoporus lignosus and phellinus noxius isolates from west africa

Cameron D.F., 1984: Variation in virulence and pathogenic specialization of colletotrichum gloeosporioides isolates from stylosanthes scabra cultivars fitzroy and seca

Gardner J.J., 1980: Variation in virulence for mice and rhesus monkeys among st louis encephalitis virus strains of different origin

Murphy C.F., 1981: Variation in virulence in isolates of septoria nodorum

Buzzell R.I., 1985: Variation in virulence in successive single zoospore propagations of phytophthora megasperma f sp glycinea

Krupinsky J.M., 1983: Variation in virulence of botryodiplodia hypodermia to ulmus pumila

Section 7, Chapter 6894, Accession 006893847

Joondeph B.C., 1984: Variation in visual field measurements with an automated perimeter

Gabraschanska M., 1981: Variation in vitamin e levels alpha tocopherol in livers of chickens with ascariasis ascaridia galli

Martinek V., 1979: Variation in voltinism of neodiprion sertifer the european pine sawfly in the subalpine zone of the giant mountains in czechoslovakia

Ragus, L. N., 1986: Variation in water absorbing capacity and other seed characters of soybean glycine max l. merr

Briggs, S. V., 1977: Variation in water bird numbers at 4 swamps on the northern tablelands of new south wales australia

Durden W.C., 1986: Variation in water hyacinth eichhornia crassipes weevil neochetina eichhorniae interactions resulting from temporal differences in weed control efforts

Sutton R.F., 1987: Variation in water relations of black spruce stock types planted in ontario canada

Marszelewski W., 1987: Variation in water runoff in draining catchment areas in the fields of the agricultural research station in koniczynka poland depending on weather and terrain conditions

Richards G.C., 1979: Variation in water turnover by wild rabbits oryctolagus cuniculus in an arid environment due to season age group and reproductive condition

Ankney C.D., 1987: Variation in weight and composition of red winged blackbird eggs

Sampaio I.B.M., 1979: Variation in weight gains from birth to weaning at 12 and 18 months of age and body weights at 18 months of age of males and females of the nelore breed

Williams A.J., 1980: Variation in weight of eggs and its effect on the breeding biology of the great skua stercorarius skua lonnbergi

Hakala J., 1988: Variation in weight of migratory dippers cinclus cinclus in their finnish winter quarters

Section 7, Chapter 6894, Accession 006893861

Burgess G.H., 1986: Variation in western atlantic gobiid fishes of the genus evermannichthys

Page L.M., 1981: Variation in western log perches pisces percidae with description of a new subspecies from the ozarks usa

Porceddu E., 1985: Variation in wheat triticum spp and barley hordeum spp landraces from nepal and north yemen

Daniels R.A., 1981: Variation in white ash fraxinus americana

Buttler, K. P., 1977: Variation in wild populations of annual beet beta chenopodiaceae

Zuberi, M. I.; Gale, J. S., 1976: Variation in wild populations of papaver dubium part 10 genotype environment interaction associated with differences in soil

Gale, J. S.; Solomon, R.; Thomas, W. T. B.; Zuberi, M. I., 1976: Variation in wild populations of papaver dubium part 11 further studies on direction of dominance

Thomas, W. T. B.; Gale, J. S., 1977: Variation in wild populations of papaver dubium part 12 direction of dominance during development

Weichel B.J., 1986: Variation in wild rice zizania palustris stands across northern saskatchewan canada

Lubega M., 1979: Variation in wing length of the african armyworm spodoptera exempta in east africa during 1973 1974

Metcalfe N.B., 1986: Variation in winter flocking associations and dispersion patterns in the turnstone arenaria interpres

Miller R.H., 1981: Variation in wisconsin mastitis test scores of bucket milk samples and relationship to bacterial infections

Nicholls, J. W. P.; Griffin, A. R., 1978: Variation in wood characteristics in a field trial of eucalyptus obliqua eucalyptus regnans and some intermediate forms

Matheson A.C., 1980: Variation in wood characteristics in thinnings from a field trial of eucalyptus obliqua

Hans, A. S., 1976: Variation in wood density of eucalyptus grandis and eucalyptus tereticornis

Purnell R.C., 1988: Variation in wood properties of eucalyptus nitens in a provenance trial on the eastern transvaal highveld in south africa

Power A.B., 1986: Variation in wood structure of white fir abies concolor along an elevational transect

Kramer S., 1981: Variation in work up and treatment procedures among types of radiation therapy facilities the patterns of care process survey for 3 head and neck sites

Sydnor T.D., 1983: Variation in wound response among cultivars of red maple acer rubrum

Simons J.W.I.M., 1982: Variation in x ray sensitivity of human di ploid skin fibroblasts normal radio sensitivity of cells derived from patients with huntingtons disease

Clark A.G., 1987: Variation in y chromosome segregation in natural populations of drosophila melanogaster

Kyrki J., 1987: Variation in yearly abundance of tortricids in pine forests of n finland in 1976 1980 lepidoptera tortricidae

Cannell, M. G. R.; Njuguna, C. K.; Ford, E. D.; Smith, R.; Parker, H. M. R., 1977: Variation in yield among competing individuals within mixed genotype stands of tea a selection problem

Latifi M., 1984: Variation in yield and lethality of venoms from iranian snakes

Costigan, P. A.; Greenwood, D. J.; Mcburney, T., 1983: Variation in yield between 2 similar sandy loam soils 1. description of soils and measurement of yield differences

Costigan, P. A.; Mcburney, T., 1983: Variation in yield between 2 similar sandy loam soils 2. causes of yield variation in cabbage and lettuce crops

Stobbs, T. H.; Imrie, B. C., 1976: Variation in yield canopy structure chemical composition and in vitro digestibility within and between 2 desmodium spp and interspecific hybrids

Rygliszyn G., 1986: Variation in yield contributing traits of inbred lines and interlinear f 1 hybrids of winter rye secale cereale l

Winslow M.D., 1987: Variation in yield of grain and biomass in wheat barley and triticale in a salt affected field

Campbell P.G.C., 1983: Variation in zinc adsorption and transport during growth of chlamydomonas variabilis chlorophyceae in batch culture with daily addition in zinc

Feret P.P., 1982: Variation leaf morphology among disjunct and continuous populations of river birch betula nigra

Dubrova Yu E., 1985: Variation levels of structural genes in populations new facts and their interpretation

Section 7, Chapter 6894, Accession 006893896

Fleet G.H., 1983: Variation of 1 3 beta glucanases in saccharomyces cerevisiae during vegetative growth conjugation and sporulation

Ono, Y.; Enomoto, T.; Yamada, M. A., 1979: Variation of 2 forms of dna polymerase alpha ec during a hela cell cycle

Smekens-Etienne, M.; Goldstein, J.; Ooms, H. A.; Dumont, J. E., 1983: Variation of 2' 5' oligo adenylate synthetase ec 2.7.7. activity during rat liver regeneration

Matsuo T., 1983: Variation of 25 hydroxy vitamin d 3 and 25 hydroxy vitamin d 2 levels in human plasma obtained from 758 japanese healthy subjects

Krzakowa M., 1979: Variation of 4 enzyme systems in polish populations of conocephalum conicum hepaticae marchantiales

Harrison A.F., 1979: Variation of 4 phosphorus properties in woodland soils

Becker, H. C.; Geiger, H. H.; Morgenstern, K., 1977: Variation of 5 alkyl resorcinol content in hybrid rye breeding material

Casacchia M., 1981: Variation of 5 hydroxy tryptamine blood levels during anti convulsant therapy

Hattman, S., 1971: Variation of 6 methylamino purine content in bacterio phage p 22 dna as a function of host specificity

Andersen P., 1985: Variation of a 470000 dalton antigen complex and catalase antigen in clinical isolates of aspergillus fumigatus

Section 7, Chapter 6894, Accession 006893907

Cha S.S., 1988: Variation of abundances of ichthyoplankton in kwangyang bay south korea

Stepien Z., 1979: Variation of acarina density in soil of a beech forest reserve in murcki upper silesia poland

Kawabata, K.; Shiraishi, A., 1977: Variation of acceptance thresholds in the blow fly by increasing sugar concentrations in the food

Romagnoli A., 1980: Variation of acidic prealbumins in the donkey equus asinus

Taylor K.J.W., 1982: Variation of acoustic attenuation coefficient slope estimates for in vivo liver

Takahashi, S. Y., 1976: Variation of activity of cyclic nucleotide dependent kinases during development of the silkworm bombyx mori

Haggard M.E., 1980: Variation of activity of protein kinases in unstimulated and phyto hem agglutinin stimulated normal and leukemic human lymphocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6894, Accession 006893915

Tabata, M.; Hiraoka, N., 1976: Variation of alkaloid production in nicotiana rustica var brasilia callus cultures

Thies W., 1981: Variation of alkenyl glucosinolates in seeds of brassica species

Rodero A., 1985: Variation of allozyme frequencies in spanish field and cellar populations of drosophila melanogaster

Ching K.K., 1981: Variation of alnus rubra for nitrogen fixation capacity and biomass production

Roy S., 1986: Variation of amino acids during larval periods of chironomus barbatitarsis diptera chironomidae

Section 7, Chapter 6894, Accession 006893921

Heu M.H., 1984: Variation of amylose content of clear and chalky non waxy f 3 seeds in the waxy and non waxy rice hybrids

Ojala, A., 1984: Variation of angelica archangelica ssp archangelica apiaceae in northern fennoscandia 1. variation in fruit morphology

Ojala, A., 1985: Variation of angelica archangelica ssp archangelica apiaceae in northern fennoscandia 2. phenological life strategy and reproductive output

Ojala, A., 1986: Variation of angelica archangelica ssp archangelica apiaceae in northern fennoscandia 3. interpopulational variation in reproductive and life history characters

Ojala, A., 1986: Variation of angelica archangelica ssp archangelica apiaceae in northern fennoscandia 4. pattern of geographic variation

Ojala, A.; Huopalahti, R.; Nykanen, A.; Kallio, H., 1986: Variation of angelica archangelica ssp archangelica apiaceae in northern fennoscandia 5. variation in composition of essential oil

Nanda G., 1982: Variation of anti metabolite sensitivity with different carbon sources in bacillus subtilis

Vaishnav R.N., 1985: Variation of aortic geometry in various animal species

Lockwood A.P.M., 1980: Variation of apparent permeability to water and sodium transport in gammarus duebeni exposed to fluctuating salinities

Section 7, Chapter 6894, Accession 006893931

Locket N.A., 1980: Variation of architecture with size in the multiple bank retina of a deep sea teleost chauliodus sloani

Christomanou, H.; Sandhoff, K., 1978: Variation of aryl sulfatase a comparative studies of aryl sulfatase a with synthetic and natural substrates in 3 families with meta chromatic leuko dystrophy

Bantan, S.; Krapez, M.; Vardjan, M., 1977: Variation of ascorbic acid during the development and storing of potato tubers varieties vesna and bintje

Hamada T., 1982: Variation of asiasarum dimidiatum

Thibault C., 1985: Variation of astigmatism with accommodation and its relationship with dark focus

Maehara R., 1986: Variation of atp content in scenedesmus dimorphus cells grown in a chemostat culture and its comparison with chlorophyll a content

Canales M., 1981: Variation of bagasse crystallinity and cellulase activity during the fermentation of cellulomonas bacteria

Soussignan R., 1987: Variation of behavioral and physiological variables in children attending kindergarten and primary school

Benvenuti F., 1979: Variation of beta 1 sp 1 glyco protein serum levels throughout pregnancy a parameter of placental function

Higgins N.P., 1988: Variation of beta galactosidase expression from mu d lac elements during the development of escherichia coli colonies

Ochiai, M.; Ohotomi, M.; Ambe, Y.; Shinohara, H.; Hanya, T., 1976: Variation of bhc in the paper of books

Ewins P.J., 1985: Variation of black guillemot wing lengths post mortem and between measurers

Polo J., 1981: Variation of blood content during the development of boophilus microplus

Section 7, Chapter 6894, Accession 006893945

Fouillot, J. P.; Wassermann, D.; Lemaigre, D.; Rieu, M., 1975: Variation of blood lactate decrease following a submaximal exercise after a middle altitude stay

Morcos S.R., 1980: Variation of body nitrogen body water ratio of sprague dawley rats as a function of dietary protein quality and quantity

Robertson F.W., 1987: Variation of body size within and between wild populations of drosophila buzzatii

Mewaldt L.R., 1981: Variation of body weight in gambels white crowned sparrows zonotrichia leucophrys gambelii in winter and spring latitudinal and photoperiodic correlates

Section 7, Chapter 6894, Accession 006893950

Section 7, Chapter 6894, Accession 006893951

Dickson M.H., 1983: Variation of brassica oleracea resistance to diamondback moth plutella xylostella lepidoptera plutellidae

Yosida, T. H.; Sagai, T., 1975: Variation of c bands in the chromosomes of several subspecies of rattus rattus

Tsuchiya K., 1983: Variation of cadmium accumulation among japanese

Section 7, Chapter 6894, Accession 006893955

Dubin, S.; Beard, R.; Staib, J.; Hunt, P., 1977: Variation of canine and feline frontal plane qrs axes with lead choice and augmentation ratio

Kis M., 1980: Variation of carbon 14 concentration during the last 700 years in western and southwestern anatolia turkey and its influence on the radio carbon dating

Vietor D.M., 1982: Variation of carbon 14 labeled photosynthate recovery from roots and rooting media of warm season grasses

Hattori A., 1985: Variation of carbon and nitrogen uptake capacity in a regional upwelling area around hachijo island japan

Van-Stekelenburg, G. J.; Valk, C.; Donckerwolcke, R. A. M. G., 1980: Variation of carbonic acid pk' 1 g in blood and urine during sodium bi carbonate infusion and ammonium chloride loading a study of 2 renal acidotic patients

Fujikata A., 1984: Variation of carp serum constituent levels with time for storage of whole blood

Shimizu I., 1982: Variation of cation concentrations in the hemolymph of the silkworm bombyx mori with diet and larval pupal development

Section 7, Chapter 6894, Accession 006893963

Section 7, Chapter 6894, Accession 006893964

Ohtsuki A., 1986: Variation of cellular phosphorus composition of skeletonema costatum and heterosigma akashiwo grown in chemostats

Bartoshevich Yu E., 1980: Variation of cephalosporium acremonium with respect to 2 quantitative features antibiotic production and proteolytic activity

Blackstone N.W., 1986: Variation of cheliped allometry in a hermit crab pagurus longicarpus the role of introduced periwinkle shells littorina littorea

Venn, M. F., 1978: Variation of chemical composition with age in human femoral head cartilage

Prestamo G., 1980: Variation of cherimoya anona cherimolia texture during storage as determined with an instron food testing instrument

Hanson, W. D., 1977: Variation of chloroplast associated processes with divergent selections from zea mays

Darmency H., 1983: Variation of chloroplast properties between 2 triazine resistant biotypes of poa annua

Tonello V., 1983: Variation of chromosome number in wedelia glauca compositae in northwestern argentina

Kato M., 1979: Variation of chromosome numbers and essential oil components of plants derived from anther culture of the di ploid and the tetra ploid in pelargonium roseum

Pereira, J.; Cretney, C.; Aster, R. H., 1988: Variation of class i hla antigen expression among platelet density cohorts a possible index of platelet age?

Petkov, N., 1978: Variation of cocoon silk in some inbred silkworm bombyx mori lines

Dube, V. E.; Zuckerman, L.; Philipsborn, H. F. Jr, 1978: Variation of cold agglutinin levels

Sierocinski W., 1981: Variation of colic veins in man

Hoskins B., 1983: Variation of commercial dfp preparations in toxicological studies

Takahashi N., 1985: Variation of competitive ability during seedling growth in strains of festuca arundinacea

Mahlum D.D., 1985: Variation of composition with particle size in coal liquid aerosols generated for inhalation toxicology studies

Bhat G.S., 1987: Variation of conjugated polyunsaturated fatty acids content during autoxidation of milk fat fraction

Seemayer T.A., 1986: Variation of cooling rate and concentration of dmso on rabbit kidney function

Section 7, Chapter 6894, Accession 006893985

Kamimura S I., 1981: Variation of copper concentration in cultured juvenile scallops with their growth

Novakova E., 1979: Variation of corneal glycosamino glycan values of hares in relation to environmental pollution by industrial emissions

Cherry J.P., 1983: Variation of cottonseed gossypium hirsutum quality with stratified harvests

Perrier A., 1979: Variation of crop micro climate in relation to its biological characteristics

Supe, S. J.; Rao, S. M.; Sawant, S. G.; Bisht, J. S., 1976: Variation of cumulative radiation effect with exponents of time and number of fractions

Higashiyama A., 1981: Variation of curvature in bin ocular visual space estimated by the triangle method

Cherry J.P., 1983: Variation of cyclo propenoid fatty acids in cottonseed lipids

Hara I., 1985: Variation of cysteine level by chlorobenzene induced perturbation of glutathione metabolism in rat liver

Weber E., 1983: Variation of cytoplasmic rat uterine androgen receptors

Watanabe N., 1983: Variation of d genomes affecting the morphological characters of common wheat triticum aestivum cultivar canthatch

Campbell M.C.W., 1987: Variation of dark focus of accommodation with laser speckle exposure duration

Scheibner H., 1980: Variation of deuteranopic blind fundamentals and the visual cone pigment erythrolabe

Hurka H., 1986: Variation of development time until flowering in natural populations of capsella bursa pastoris cruciferae

Brevet, A.; Plateau, P.; Best-Belpomme, M.; Blanquet, S., 1985: Variation of diadenosine 5' 5''' p 1 p 4 tetraphosphate and other dinucleoside polyphosphates in stressed drosophila cells

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