Variation in vernonia cinerea

Dakshini, K.M.M.; Dadlani, N.P.

Phytomorphology (Delhi) 26(4): 415-421


ISSN/ISBN: 0031-9449
Accession: 006893835

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Three co-occurring color forms (pink, purple and mauve) of V. cinerea were studied with respect to morphology of vegetative characters (leaf shape, indumentum and size), and reproductive characters (type of inflorescence, shape and size of capitulum, involucral bracts, corolla, anther lobes, cypsela and pappus). Among the 3 forms, ther are a few qualitative differences in the morphological characters (degree of hairiness, leaf shape and shape of apical anther appendage). Statistical analyses of the quantitative data, however, indicate that plasticity of all characters is not to the same extent, and the degree of variation for any particular character is not the same. Multivariate discriminant analysis of the quantitative data shows that pink and purple forms are less demarcated from each other than from mauve.