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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6895

Chapter 6895 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kim C.K., 1986: Variation of differential cell counts of bronchoalveolar lavage fluid

Das, B. M.; Das, P. B., 1978: Variation of digital dermatoglyphics among 4 assamese castes india

Walan A., 1986: Variation of disaccharidase activities in duodenal biopsy specimens

Mittempergher, L.; Raddi, P., 1977: Variation of diverse sources of cronartium flaccidum

Kuettel M., 1984: Variation of diversity and evenness of the tundra recorded in the pollen diagram of vuolep allakasjaure northern sweden

Yamashita H., 1981: Variation of dna content in asian rice

Nagato Y., 1984: Variation of dna content in the genus glycine

Cook J.R., 1981: Variation of dna levels in euglena gracilis related to ph of culture medium

Grochowska I., 1984: Variation of dna polymerase activities and dna synthesis in mouse mammary gland during pregnancy and early lactation

Wang, H. F.; Popenoe, E. A., 1977: Variation of dna polymerase activities during avian erythropoiesis

Chang, L. M. S.; Bollum, F. J., 1972: Variation of dna polymerase activities during rat liver regeneration

Pieau C., 1979: Variation of dna polymerase activities in chick neural retina as a function of age

Koszalka T.R., 1981: Variation of dna polymerase activities of rat giant tropho blast cells in mid gestation

Mueller, W. E. G.; Zahn, R. K.; Falke, D., 1978: Variation of dna polymerase and rna polymerase activities in cells infected with herpes simplex virus type 1

Gershey E.L., 1980: Variation of dna repair capacity in progeria cells unrelated to growth conditions

Gilbert R.N., 1987: Variation of drug responses in diabetic rats under environmental stress

Turpin, B., 1977: Variation of early social experience and environmental preference in rats

Osinski B., 1979: Variation of ecotype characteristic found among 4 species of fodder grasses orchard grass dactylis glomerata meadow fescue festuca pratensis perennial rye grass lolium perenne and timothy phleum pratense

Mcdaniel B.T., 1983: Variation of edema scores from herd year age calving month and sire

Saumon, G.; Lafosse, J. E.; Georges, R., 1976: Variation of effective compliance with respiratory frequency test of inhomogeneity of the ventilatory mechanical system

Westerhoff H.V., 1987: Variation of efficiency with free energy dissipation in models of biological energy transduction

Grisi L., 1985: Variation of eimeria parasitoses in holstein zebu cattle according to the age range of the hosts

Hornebeck W., 1982: Variation of elastase type protease activity and elastin biosynthesis in rabbit aorta induced by cholesterol diet and immunization with elastin peptides

Tappel A.L., 1983: Variation of elastin fluorescence with method of preparation determination of the major fluorophore of fibrillar elastin

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894024

Bovre K., 1984: Variation of endo peptidase activities in cultures of pseudomonas aeruginosa strains

Imhoff J.F., 1985: Variation of environmental features and microbial populations with salt concentrations in a multi pond saltern

Baulov M., 1988: Variation of enzyme activities and the content of some proteins in rabbit oryctolagus cuniculus blood plasma

Miettinen H., 1983: Variation of enzyme activities in the salivary glands of lygus rugulipennis hemiptera heteroptera miridae

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894029

Inglett G.E., 1982: Variation of enzyme digestibility and gelatinization behavior of corn starch granule fractions

Mangeat P., 1981: Variation of epidermal cyclic nucleotide dependent protein kinase activity during the molt cycle of the spider crab acanthonyx lunulatus

Jedlinska, W., 1976: Variation of eruption rates of permanent teeth a longitudinal study of dental development of wroclaw poland school children

Sandholm M., 1981: Variation of erythrocyte glutathione peroxidase activity in finn sheep

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894034

Voskresenskaya N.P., 1983: Variation of esr signals in leaves of higher plants during seedling developments

Naqvi A., 1984: Variation of essential oil constituents in cymbopogon martinii var motia at different stages of plant growth

Wu, L., 1976: Variation of esterase iso enzymes in different plant tissues of agrostis stolonifera

Matsuura S., 1987: Variation of esterase isozyme genotypes in a pedigree of japanese two rowed barley

Osone K I., 1982: Variation of esterase isozymes in tea plant camellia sinensis

Nakatsu A., 1982: Variation of esterase isozymes in the bedford red backed vole clethrionomys rufocanus bedfordiae

Alanko A., 1985: Variation of estrogen and progesterone receptor status in breast cancer

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894042

Karschon R., 1983: Variation of eucalyptus camaldulensis from north australia grown in israel

Sharada, K. S.; Bisht, J. S.; Supe, S. J., 1976: Variation of exposure rate with field size

Schmidt, W.; Leben, L.; Atfield, G.; Festenstein, H., 1981: Variation of expression of histo compatibility antigens on tumor cells absence of h 2k k gene products from a gross virus induced leukemia in balb.k mice

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894046

Tustanowski B., 1985: Variation of features conditioning the yield of green mass in persian clover trifolium resupinatum

Dinchev D., 1979: Variation of fertilizer nitrogen in the soil under production conditions

Denne, M. P.; Whitbread, V., 1978: Variation of fiber length within trees of fraxinus excelsior

Amis A.A., 1987: Variation of finger forces in maximal isometric grasp tests on a range of cylinder diameters

Ishida K., 1987: Variation of fish behaviour influenced by the construction of the set net

Hodgkin, T., 1975: Variation of flowering time in inbred brussels sprouts and cabbage brassica oleracea

Estep, D. Q.; Lanier, D. L.; Dewsbury, D. A., 1978: Variation of food hoarding with the estrous cycle of syrian golden hamsters mesocricetus auratus

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894054

Montgomery, L. D.; Williams, B. A., 1977: Variation of fore arm hand and finger blood flow indices with ambient temperature

Jongens Roberts S.M., 1984: Variation of forms of phosphorus in the sandy soils of coastal fynbos southwestern cape

Kanda S., 1984: Variation of free amino acid concentration in red blood cells of horse

Doerffling K., 1982: Variation of free and conjugated abscisic acid phaseic acid and di hydro phaseic acid levels in ripening barley grains

Sackmann E., 1984: Variation of frequency spectrum of the erythrocyte flickering caused by aging osmolarity temperature and pathological changes

Manolov P., 1985: Variation of fruit size in cultivar golden delicious after traditional manual winter pruning

Feiss P., 1986: Variation of functional circulatory value induced by anesthetic drug administration as measured by cerebral ultrasound tomosphygmography

Sun S K., 1979: Variation of fusarium moniliforme

Duxbury C.E., 1986: Variation of gamma camera photographic image density with count rate

Massey S., 1980: Variation of gamma counting efficiency for iodine 125 with sample composition

Spray D.C., 1987: Variation of gap junction sensitivity to hydrogen ions with time of day

Nicolas A., 1979: Variation of gene conversion and intra genic recombination frequencies in the genome of ascobolus immersus

Bremer H., 1982: Variation of generation times in escherichia coli populations its cause and implications

Lavrinenko Yu A., 1982: Variation of genetic parameters of quantitative characters of spring wheat under irrigation

Badr, A.; Elkington, T. T., 1977: Variation of giemsa c band and fluorochrome banded karyotypes and relationships in allium subgenus molium

Mclachlan, A. J., 1976: Variation of gill size in larvae of the african midge chironomus transvaalensis

Turki, M., 1977: Variation of glandular cell population in epidermis of nereis diversicolor cultured in vitro

Steele, M. W., 1970: Variation of glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase in the hela and detroit 98 cell lines and their clonal derivatives

Yasumoto K., 1984: Variation of glutathione level and synthesis activity in chick liver due to selenium and vitamin e deficiencies

Osterberg S., 1979: Variation of glutathione levels in finnsheep

Lawrence J.M., 1987: Variation of glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenase activity in response to reduced salinity in the red alga gracilaria verrucosa hudson papenfuss gigartinales rhodophyta

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894077

Magboul, B. I.; Khalfha, H.; El-Faki, H. A.; El-Khidir, A. W., 1978: Variation of gossypol content in some gossypium spp

Kappenman R.F., 1980: Variation of growth and latitude in 2 species of rockfish sebastes pinniger and sebastes diploproa from northeast pacific ocean

Hurka H., 1986: Variation of growth form parameters in capsella cruciferae

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894082

Hausmann S., 1982: Variation of head pattern and color in the yellow wagtail motacilla flava

Nomura, T.; Kawatsu, H., 1977: Variation of hematocrit values of rainbow trout blood samples incubated under different conditions

Nezu T., 1986: Variation of hemoglobin content in daphnia magna

Willis D.E., 1982: Variation of hepatic ethoxy coumarin o deethylase activity with body weight and other factors in brook trout salvelinus fontinalis

Cheever, A. W.; Duvall, R. H.; Hallack, T. A. Jr ; Minker, R. G.; Malley, J. D.; Malley, K. G., 1978: Variation of hepatic fibrosis and granuloma size among mouse strains infected with schistosoma mansoni

Cederberg H., 1985: Variation of high and low recombination frequencies in neurospora crassa owing to genetic and environmental conditions

Vallega, V.; Mello-Sampayo, T., 1987: Variation of high molecular weight glutenin subunits among cultivars of triticum turgidum l. from portugal

Handro W., 1985: Variation of histological patterns in tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivar wisconsin 38 callus during successive subcultures

Bitonti M.B., 1984: Variation of histone dna ratio in the embryonic areas of triticum durum aged seeds

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894092

Larsen J.L., 1979: Variation of immuno globulin g and total protein concentrations during lumbar cerebro spinal fluid collection

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894094

Chase H.A., 1986: Variation of immunosorbent performance with the amount of immobilized antibody

Dumanski J., 1980: Variation of in situ measured soil water properties within soil map units

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894097

Voroshilov, N. V., 1969: Variation of inbreds

Stenram U., 1987: Variation of incorporation of tritiated orotic acid into the nucleotide and rna fractions of different parts of the same liver lobe in the rat

Eldhamer G.A., 1984: Variation of individual electromorphs in microtus pennsylvanicus and peromyscus leucopus

Ghendon Yu, 1986: Variation of influenza a h 3n 2 viruses isolated east germany during 1969 1980 epidemics

Gresser I., 1981: Variation of interferon induction at the bone marrow level studies on interferon induction in relation to natural cell mediated cyto toxic mechanisms

Lee, S. H. S.; Rozee, K. R., 1970: Variation of interferon production during the cell cycle

Nishiyama Y., 1986: Variation of internal ethylene concentration between mature apple fruits

Horackova M., 1983: Variation of intra cellular calcium following calcium current in heart a theoretical study of ionic diffusion inside a cylindrical cell

Kobatake Y., 1984: Variation of intra cellular cyclic amp and cyclic gmp following chemical stimulation in relation to contractility in physarum polycephalum

Campos-Neto, O.; Baccari, F. Jr ; Moraes-Barros, H.; Sakate, M., 1978: Variation of intra ruminal pressure in a bovine subjected to 2 different diets

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894108

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894109

Backoula E., 1987: Variation of intratissular carbohydrates during bud formation in root explants of cichorium intybus cultivated in vitro

Gheyi H.R., 1984: Variation of irrigation water quality in microregion catole do rocha brazil

Hiroyoshi T., 1982: Variation of iso cytochromes c during metamorphosis of the house fly musca domestica

Ahokas H., 1982: Variation of kernel protein and lysine in the wild progenitor of barley hordeum vulgare ssp spontaneum

Jenness, R.; Birney, E. C.; Ayaz, K. L., 1980: Variation of l gulono lactone oxidase ec activity in placental mammals

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894119

Kim W.W., 1987: Variation of leaf characteristics in quercus acutissima plus trees from five locations

Wilson, J. R., 1976: Variation of leaf characteristics with level of insertion on a grass tiller part 1 development rate chemical composition and dry matter digestibility

Wilson, J. R., 1976: Variation of leaf characteristics with level of insertion on a grass tiller part 2 anatomy

Wilson, J. R., 1977: Variation of leaf characteristics with level of insertion on a grass tiller part 3 tissue water relations

Nakanishi, S., 1977: Variation of leaf characters in antarctic moss bryum inconnexum

Omori Y., 1986: Variation of leaflet shapes in seseli libanotis ssp japonica

Prasad N.V., 1984: Variation of left ventricular myocardial gray level on 2 dimensional echocardiograms as a results of cardiac contraction

Kolobovnikova T.M., 1983: Variation of leucine amino peptidase iso enzymes in centaurea scabiosa populations under different ecological conditions

Khilanani, P.; Chou, T. H.; Lomen, P. L.; Kessel, D., 1977: Variation of levels of plasma gdp l fucose beta d galactosyl alpha 2 l fucosyl transferase in acute adult leukemia

Viggiani, E.; Salzarulo, L., 1974: Variation of light transmission through the skull and scalp of the rat following drying of tissues

Hanya T., 1979: Variation of linear alkyl benzene sulfonates composition in aquatic environments

Matsushita K., 1983: Variation of linear alkyl benzenesulfonate amount in rivers after prohibition of detergents containing phosphorus

Thompson, A. C.; Leggett, J. E., 1978: Variation of lipid protein and carbohydrate in over wintered boll weevils anthonomus grandis

Svegliati Baroni A., 1985: Variation of lipidemia and insulin blood level after low calorie diet

Sakamoto K., 1981: Variation of lipids in rats fed a cholesterol diet

Vins L., 1979: Variation of liquid nitrogen quality in a container

Lee S., 1984: Variation of longitudinal acoustic velocity at gigahertz frequencies with water content in rat tail tendon fibers

Mann R.W., 1987: Variation of lumbar spine stiffness with load

Philbert M., 1987: Variation of lung function during the workshift among cotton and jute workers

Gillissen, G.; Spoelgen, W.; Sticker, A., 1977: Variation of lymphocyte classes and their phyto hem agglutinin p reactivity with age

Tabacchi P.L., 1980: Variation of lymphocyte population in old people

Silverin B., 1985: Variation of lymphoid activity in the spleen of a migratory bird the pied flycatcher ficedula hypoleuca aves passeriformes

Mitsuhashi M., 1985: Variation of lysosomal enzymes activity in arthus type experimental uveitis

Pine, L., 1976: Variation of m protein with sequential transfer of group a streptococci in semi synthetic media

Fisher, B.; Golinger, R. C.; Kelly, M.; Ruth, D., 1978: Variation of macrophage migration by a factor from regional lymph node cells of breast cancer patients

Jassem, B., 1985: Variation of maritime beet beta maritima l. from the breton peninsula france

Robelin J., 1979: Variation of meat production capacity in cattle due to genotype and level feeding genotype nutrition interaction

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894147

Crombie I.K., 1979: Variation of melanoma incidence with latitude in north america and europe

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894149

Fettiplace R., 1987: Variation of membrane properties in hair cells isolated from the turtle cochlea

Graf, U.; Wuergler, F. E., 1975: Variation of methyl methanesulfonate s sensitivity during larval development of drosophila melanogaster

Fontana R.S., 1980: Variation of microsomal mixed function oxidase and human lung cancer

Echague M., 1984: Variation of milk clotting activity of rennet with its enzymatic composition

Section 7, Chapter 6895 , Accession 006894155

Mcarthur E.D., 1981: Variation of mono terpenoid content among subspecies and accessions of artemisia tridentata grown in a uniform garden

Paniker C.K.J., 1982: Variation of morphologic characters in pityrosporum strains

Wigston D.L., 1979: Variation of morphological and chemical characteristics of acorns from populations of quercus petraea quercus robur and their hybrids

Kaneko M., 1982: Variation of morphological characters in natural populations of barnyard millet echinochloa crus galli var crus galli

Eisler, P.; Reich, T.; Binswanger, U., 1977: Variation of morphometric measurements in bone biopsies

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894161

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894162

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894163

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894164

Abramidze S.P., 1983: Variation of nitrogen forms in the shoots of grapevine in the autumn winter period

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894166

Goodman M.F., 1986: Variation of nonexchangeable proton resonance chemical shifts as a probe of aberrant base pair formation in dna

Tamura, Y.; Hohino, M., 1979: Variation of nonstructural carbohydrates in varieties and individual plants of italian rye grass 1. relationships between total nonstructural carbohydrate concentration and snow endurance

Tamura, Y.; Hoshino, M., 1979: Variation of nonstructural carbohydrates in varieties and individual plants of italian rye grass 2. differences between di ploid varieties

Tamura, Y.; Ishida, R.; Hoshino, M., 1981: Variation of nonstructural carbohydrates in varieties and individual plants of italian rye grass 5. temporal changes of nonstructural carbohydrate and growth in fall

Tamura, Y.; Ishida, R.; Watanabe, Y., 1982: Variation of nonstructural carbohydrates in varieties and individual plants of italian rye grass 6. comparison between di ploid and tetra ploid cultivars

Tamura, Y.; Ishida, R.; Watanabe, Y., 1983: Variation of nonstructural carbohydrates in varieties and individual plants of italian rye grass 7. the usage of some plant characters as a selection criterion for nonstructural carbohydrate concentration

Kuehner, R., 1977: Variation of nuclear behavior in the homobasidiomycetes

Air G.M., 1981: Variation of nucleotide sequences coding for the amino terminal regions of the matrix and nonstructural proteins of influenza a viruses

Chunru H., 1986: Variation of nutrient elements of winter cover crop residues in agroecosystems under no tillage and conventional tillage

Okuyama H., 1987: Variation of oleate cis vaccenate ratios and its regulation by substrates in hepatic tissues

Zawodniak R., 1979: Variation of origin of major minor and the lowest splanchnic nerves in man

Aiken D.E., 1984: Variation of osmoregulatory capacity of larvae and postlarvae of homarus americanus crustacea decapoda

Romanovskii M.G., 1986: Variation of outer bark quantitative parameters in betula pendula

Anderson, B.; Rosenberg, M. D., 1976: Variation of oviductal lumen atpase with the ovulatory cycle of the hen

Arai T., 1987: Variation of oxygen consumption and hemodynamics before and after awakening from anesthesia

Fontan J., 1982: Variation of ozone concentrations at an urban site in southwestern france toulouse

Bader N., 1987: Variation of ozone concentrations in the ambient air of baghdad iraq

Shah J.J., 1983: Variation of p protein in the sieve tube elements of secondary phloem of some angiosperms

Tauecchio E.A., 1981: Variation of passive mechanical properties of the ureter along its length

Yeates G.W., 1982: Variation of pasture nematode populations over 36 months in a summer dry silt loan

Yeates G.W., 1984: Variation of pasture nematode populations over 36 months in a summer moist silk loam

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894190

Kaminski, C., 1971: Variation of peroxidase ec and phenol oxidase ec activities during the growth of coleus blumei d cultivar automne

Mendelak M., 1981: Variation of peroxidase iso enzymes in central european taxa of the liverwort genus pellia

Asins M.J., 1986: Variation of peroxidase patterns during durum wheat kernel maturation

Lindgren A., 1985: Variation of ph of mammary tumor cytosols potential influence on steroid receptor assay

Gomez R., 1985: Variation of phenol contents in sugarcane varieties with different rates of resistance to colletotrichum falcatum

Krzakowa, M.; Zielinski, R.; Urbaniak, L.; Szweykowski, J., 1978: Variation of phenolic compounds content in polish populations of carex arenaria revealed by paper chromatography

Razungles, J., 1977: Variation of phenotypic selection differential

Sherman F., 1979: Variation of phenotypic suppression due to the psi plus and psi minus extrachromosomal determinants in yeast

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894200

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894201

Gates D.M., 1979: Variation of photosynthesis in elodea densa with ph and or high carbon di oxide concentrations

Kumar R.V., 1987: Variation of physico chemical characteristics with tide in visakhapatnam harbour waters east coast of india

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894204

Kawashima, K.; Shiono, K.; Sokabe, H., 1980: Variation of plasma and kidney renin activities among substrains of spontaneously hypertensive rats

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894206

Yamasaki S., 1980: Variation of plasma renin activity in acute and chronic phase of 2 kidney 1 clip hypertension in rabbits

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894208

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894209

Wilson K.G., 1984: Variation of plastid and mitochondrial dna in the genus daucus

Vedel F., 1985: Variation of plastid and mitochondrial dna in the genus hedysarum

Cran, D. G.; Possingham, J. V., 1972: Variation of plastid types in spinach d

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894213

Medus, J., 1978: Variation of pollen size in 2 poly ploid complexes mercurialis annua and phyllanthus odontadenius

Gwynn G.R., 1982: Variation of poly phenols in flue cured tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivars attributed to location stalk position and year

Whitney, R. D.; Bohaychuk, W. P., 1977: Variation of polyporus tomentosus in cultural characteristics and pathogenicity on conifer seedlings

Benita S., 1988: Variation of population release kinetics in polydisperse multiparticulate systems microcapsules microspheres droplets cells with heterogeneity of one two or three parameters in the population of individuals

Seigel R., 1979: Variation of position of the kidneys and diaphragm in patients undergoing repeated suspension of respiration

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894219

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894220

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894221

Pai S.R., 1988: Variation of precursor pool size during the division cycle of escherichia coli further evidence for linear cell growth

Langer, A. M.; Wolff, M. S.; Rohl, A. N.; Selikoff, I. J., 1978: Variation of properties of chrysotile asbestos subjected to milling

Tochikura T., 1983: Variation of properties of micrococcus glutamicus corynebacterium glutamicum glutamine synthetase brought about by divalent cations

Faltas S.S., 1984: Variation of prostaglandin output in response to variation in electrolyte intake

Van-Wormhoudt, A., 1973: Variation of protease amylase and of soluble proteins during the larval development of palaemon serratus

Weber W.E., 1981: Variation of protein and lysine content in populations and inbred lines of rye secale cereale

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894228

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894229

Holzgreve, H.; Schrier, R. W., 1975: Variation of proximal tubular re absorptive capacity by volume expansion and aortic constriction during constancy of peri tubular capillary protein concentration in rat kidney

Beug M.W., 1982: Variation of psilocybin and psilocin levels with repeated flushes harvests of mature sporocarps of psilocybe cubensis

Jarnea V., 1980: Variation of pulmonary work following respiratory kinesi therapy

Lambert, N. G.; Petrow, S.; Kasatiya, S. S.; Bouliane, M., 1976: Variation of pyrolysis products from salmonella typhimurium during sub culturing

Tsocheva, K.; Makaveev, T.; Zhivkov, G., 1983: Variation of quantitative sperm production criteria of bulls with various genetic markers in their blood 1. study of bulls from the brown american breed

Nishimori M., 1987: Variation of r r intervals in ecg in patients with insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

Yogo Y., 1988: Variation of r1 repeated sequence present in open reading frame 11 of varicella zoster virus strains

Chapman, I. V.; Al-Hussaini, H., 1978: Variation of radiation force values with differing gas content of propagating media

Borsa J., 1984: Variation of radiation sensitivity of friend erythro leukemia cells cultured in the presence of the differentiation inducer di methyl sulfoxide

Gromicko N., 1988: Variation of radon levels in usa homes with various factors

Parks, N. J.; Pool, R. R.; Williams, J. R., 1978: Variation of radon retention parameters for radium burdened dog skeletons as a function of exposure age and dosage level

Avanzino R.J., 1979: Variation of rain chemistry during storms at 2 sites in northern california

Dennett M.D., 1987: Variation of rainfall the background to soil and water management in dryland regions

Zelac, R. E.; Cromroy, H. L., 1970: Variation of rat radio sensitivity with increased oxygen partial pressure of inspired gas

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894244

Sellwood R.A., 1983: Variation of receptor status in cancer of the breast

Landner, L., 1970: Variation of recombination frequency in neurospora crassa following temperature changes prior to and during meiosis and evidence for a premeiotic sensitive stage

Gotoh K., 1986: Variation of regrowth after cutting in genotypes of tall fescue festuca arundinacea

Ward, J., 1976: Variation of reinforcement in performance of a motor skill

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894249

Gianfrancisco S., 1985: Variation of relative water content and cell membrane permeability in three sugarcane varieties during hardening at low temperatures

Falls J.B., 1983: Variation of repertoire use in the eastern meadowlark sturnella magna

Hannula P., 1988: Variation of reproducibility and agreement in radiographic caries diagnosis among dental teachers

Nakamori H., 1987: Variation of reproductive characters in wild and mass related melon flies dacus cucurbitae coquillett diptera tephritidae

Verheyen R.E., 1987: Variation of reproductive traits in a population of the lizard lacerta vivipara

Hellman, J. B.; Stacy, R. W., 1976: Variation of respiratory sinus arrhythmia with age

Milne, A. N.; Mak, W. W. N.; Wong, J. T. F., 1975: Variation of ribosomal proteins with bacterial growth rate

Nudds T.D., 1983: Variation of richness evenness and diversity in diving and dabbling duck guilds in prairie pothole habitats

Steen E., 1984: Variation of root growth in a grass ley studied with a mesh bag technique

Servaites J.C., 1988: Variation of rubp carboxylase activity among anther derived plants of solanum phureja

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894260

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894261

Saito, Y.; Takahashi, K., 1980: Variation of schizotetranychus celarius 1. preliminary descriptions of morphological and life type variation

Fraser, A., 1970: Variation of scutellar bristles in drosophila part 16 major and minor genes

Polignano G.B., 1984: Variation of seed characters in selected vicia species

Safa S.B., 1982: Variation of seed coat ornamentation in striga hermonthica scrophulariaceae

Popov P.P., 1980: Variation of seed scale form and structure of siberian spruce populations in the urals ussr

Kulej M., 1985: Variation of selected morphological characters of needles and branching of larches of different provenances from the entire area of poland exemplified by the comparison plantation established at the forest experiment station at krynica poland

Wolna M., 1984: Variation of selenium zinc cobalt iron and rubidium distribution in rats after injection with selenium or sulfur compounds

Kwiatkowska J., 1984: Variation of selenium zinc cobalt iron and rubidium distribution in rats on sequence of injection with selenium oxide and glutathione

Olson J.M., 1985: Variation of semen measures within normal men

Ranstam J., 1983: Variation of semen parameters in fertile men

Comendador M.A., 1984: Variation of sensitivity to acrolein during the development of drosophila melanogaster

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894273

Kou K., 1987: Variation of serum chorionic gonadotropin after evacuation of induced abortion and hydatidiform mole

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894275

Kobayashi H., 1982: Variation of serum enzyme in a case with open heart surgery under extracorporeal circulation comparison with case of nonopen heart surgery under extracorporeal circulation

Ekman R., 1979: Variation of serum ferritin in low birth weight infants with maternal ferritin birth weight and gestational age

Kasai Y., 1980: Variation of serum free amino acids in fulminant hepatitis treated with hepatic assists

Statland, B. E.; Winkel, P.; Bokelund, H., 1976: Variation of serum iron concentration in young healthy men within day and day to day changes

Walls T.J., 1983: Variation of serum myo globin levels in normal individuals with reference to the use of myo globin measurements for the detection of women carrying genes for the x linked muscular dystrophies

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894281

Bulnes J., 1982: Variation of serum zinc after iron administration to dogs under pancreatic duct ligation

Iacob M., 1980: Variation of several biochemical indices in the apple between harvesting and consumption

Ganesan, J.; Lie-Injo, L. E.; Beng, P. O., 1976: Variation of several erythrocyte enzymes in the dayaks of sarawak

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894285

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894286

Osemlak, J.; Stelmasiak, M., 1975: Variation of shape and size of the human heart in various periods of life

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894288

Franck D.H., 1979: Variation of shoot morphology and bifurcation ratio in sugar maple acer saccharum saplings

Brown, T.; Dawson, A. A.; King, D. J.; Bullock, I.; Watt, J. L., 1986: Variation of sister chromatid exchange frequency in lymphocyte culture from patients with hodgkin's disease before during and after treatment

Witzell W.N., 1985: Variation of size at maturity of female hawksbill turtles eretmochelys imbricata with speculations on life history tactics relative to proper stock management

Kobayashi, K.; Oda, N.; Ito, I., 1981: Variation of skeletons of anti tumor antibiotics 2. synthesis of naphtho 2 3 g quinolines and naphtho 2 3 g quinoxalines

Downing D.T., 1981: Variation of skin surface lipid composition among mammals

Sezgin M., 1982: Variation of sludge volume index with activated sludge characteristics

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Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894545

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894546

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Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894551

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Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894779

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Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894806

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Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894816

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Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894829

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894830

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Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894863

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894864

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Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894867

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894868

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Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894911

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894912

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894913

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894914

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Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894925

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894926

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Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894946

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894947

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Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894975

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894976

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Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894981

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894982

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Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894985

Section 7, Chapter 6895, Accession 006894986

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Villalobos, C. R., 1979: Variations in population structure in the genus tetraclita crustacea cirripedia between temperate and tropical populations 1. fecundity recruitment mortality and growth in tetraclita rubescens

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