Variations and correlations in oil content and fatty acid composition of sesame sesamum indicum

Brar, G.S.

Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences 52(7): 434-439


ISSN/ISBN: 0019-5022
Accession: 006894538

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Large variations in seed oil (46-58%), I value (98-127), oleic (30-63%) and linoleic (23-52%) acids were found among 27 diverse introductions of sesame (S. indicum Linn.). The heritability and coefficient of variation were high for both oleic and linoleic acids. Location and genotype .times. location interactions were significant for all the fatty acids. Year of cultivation did not influence the fatty acid composition of the seed significantly. The value had significant negative correlation with oleic acid (0.72) and positive association with linoleic acid (0.85). Regression equations for calculation of oleic and linoleic acid (%) from I value of the oil were worked out. I value, rather than the fatty acid composition, could be used for screening in breeding projects. Individual seed tissues showed variations in oleic (26-74%) and linoleic (15-55%) acids, which were greater than for the whole seeds.