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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6896

Chapter 6896 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Villalobos, C. R., 1979: Variations in population structure in the genus tetraclita crustacea cirripedia between temperate and tropical populations 2. the age structure of tetraclita rubescens

Villalobos, C. R., 1980: Variations in population structure in the genus tetraclita crustacea cirripedia between temperate and tropical populations 3. tetraclita stalactifera in costa rica

Pietri C.; Stromboni P., 1983: Variations in populations of coli phages and fecal bacteria in sea water

Clucas R.D.; Ladiges P.Y., 1979: Variations in populations of eucalyptus ovata and the effects of waterlogging on seedling growth

Elmes G.W.; Wardlaw J.C., 1982: Variations in populations of myrmica sabuleti and myrmica scabrinoidis formicidae hymenoptera living in southern england uk

Bykov G.A., 1980: Variations in portal hemodynamics due to burn shock

Fessler, R. G.; Beatty, W. W., 1976: Variations in post weaning environment and sensitivity to electric shock in male and female rats

Van-Der-Want, J. J. L.; Cardozo, J. J. N.; Vrensen, G., 1984: Variations in presynaptic grid size in the granular and molecular layer of the cerebellar cortex of the cat 1. a quantitative ultrastructural study on semi thin ethanolic phospho tungstic acid sections

Cheung F.M.; Lee S Y.; Chan Y.L., 1983: Variations in problem conceptualizations and intended solutions among hong kong students

Haug, E.; Tjernshaugen, H.; Gautvik, K. M., 1977: Variations in prolactin and growth hormone production during cellular growth in clonal strains of rat pituitary cells

Beaman B.L.; Bourgeois A.L., 1981: Variations in properties of nocardia asteroides resulting from growth in the cell wall deficient state

Parry M.A.J.; Schmidt C.N.G.; Cornelius M.J.; Millard B.N.; Burton S.; Gutteridge S.; Dyer T.A.; Keys A.J., 1987: Variations in properties of ribulose 1 5 bisphosphate carboxylase from various species related to differences in amino acid sequences

Tsuei D.; Pogo B.G T.; Friend C., 1980: Variations in properties of virus released from morphologically different cell lines transformed in vitro by friend leukemia virus

Gabrielyan E.S.; Amroyan E.A.; Aivazyan A.G., 1979: Variations in prostaglandin e content in the arterial blood and cerebro spinal fluid under conditions of hypocapnia and hypercapnia

Sivkov, I. I.; Kukes, V. G.; Chistova, V. S.; Zakharova, L. N.; Lebedeva, N. A.; Fedorov, E. A., 1975: Variations in protein and energy metabolism and their correction in patients with chronic circulatory insufficiency

Hassanien M.R.; Yousef A.A.; Nasr El Din R.A., 1988: Variations in protein in the sera of crossbred chickens experimentally infected with newcastle disease or fowl pox virus field strain

Cutler, R. W. P.; Murray, J. E.; Cornick, L. R., 1970: Variations in protein permeability in different regions of the cerebro spinal fluid

Dasgupta J.; Bewley J.D., 1984: Variations in protein synthesis in different regions of greening leaves of barley hordeum vulgare cultivar betzes seedlings and effects of imposed water stress

Lopez Gines C.; Barbera Guillem E., 1979: Variations in protein weight and glycogen reserve in hepatoma n 13a cells a cyto photometric study

Breton M.; Deudon E.; Berrou E.; Picard J., 1979: Variations in proteo glycan composition of pig arterial wall

Baca S.; Moore L.W., 1987: Variations in pseudomonas syringae isolated from grass species occurring in woody plant nurseries in the pacific northwest usa

Sharma, V. M.; Malhotra, M. S.; Baskaran, A. S., 1975: Variations in psycho motor efficiency during prolonged stay at high altitude

Roberts, S. M.; Mitchell, D. T., 1977: Variations in pustule density dry mass and total nitrogen in leaves of populus canescens infected by melampsora aecidioides

Markle, R. A.; Hollis, T. M., 1977: Variations in rabbit aortic endothelial and medial histamine synthesis in pre experimental and early experimental athero sclerosis

Verco C.J.; Gannon B.J.; Jones W.R., 1984: Variations in rabbit oviduct microvascular architecture after ovulation induced by human chorionic gonadotropin

Dale R.H.I.; Roberts W.A., 1986: Variations in radial maze performance under different levels of food and water deprivation

Chernov, I. P., 1978: Variations in radio sensitivity of rats during hypo kinetic stress

Il'enko A.I.; Krapivko T.P., 1980: Variations in radio sensitivity of the common field mouse apodemus sylvaticus related to dwelling conditions of the population

Panter H.C., 1986: Variations in radiosensitivity during development of the frog limnodynastes tasmaniensis

Naso, R. B.; Baker, F. T.; Kaczmarczyk, W.; Ulrich, V., 1976: Variations in rat liver chromatin composition during growth and the heterotic response

Barber B.J.; Oppenheimer J.; Zawieja D.C.; Zimmermann H.A., 1987: Variations in rat mesenteric tissue thickness due to microvasculature

Aho N.; Daudet F.A.; Vartanian N., 1980: Variations in readily available soil water range as a function of different ecological factors

Rosenthal J.S.; Strauss A.; Minkoff L.A.; Winston A., 1985: Variations in red blood cell proton t 1 relaxation times that correspond to menstrual cycle changes

Bruno, C.; Cuppini, R.; Valora, N., 1979: Variations in red cell osmotic resistance in human blood through the action of vipera berus venom under different experimental conditions 1. hemolytic effect

Bruno, C.; Cuppini, R.; Valora, N., 1979: Variations in red cell osmotic resistance in human blood through the action of vipera berus venom under different experimental conditions 2. anti hemolytic effect

Colville T.P.; Richards R.H.; Dobbie J.W., 1983: Variations in renal corpuscular morphology with adaptation to sea water in the rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Johansen K.; Svendsen P.A.; Lorup B., 1984: Variations in renal threshold for glucose in type 1 insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

Olmo E.; Stingo V.; Odierna G.; Cobror O., 1981: Variations in repetitive dna and evolution in reptiles

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Tang, P. H., 1979: Variations in reproductive and vegetative cell nuclei in the developing male gametophyte of clivia nobilis cultured in vitro 2. cytochemical observations on atpase distribution

Deprez R.D.; Oliver C.; Halteman W., 1986: Variations in respiratory disease morbidity among pulp and paper mill town residents

Pouvreau A., 1979: Variations in respiratory exchanges in relation with the nutrition state of bumble bee queens hymenoptera apoidea

Franks I.M.; Canil J., 1987: Variations in responding during a double stimulation task

Miyahara A., 1979: Variations in response of hamster organs to cadmium exposure with special reference to associated changes in their zinc content as a function of aging

Kornblith, P. L.; Szypko, P. E., 1978: Variations in response of human brain tumors to 1 3 bis 2 chloroethyl 1 nitroso urea in vitro

Scott D.L.; Roden S.; Marshall T.; Kendall M.J., 1982: Variations in responses to nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs

Duncan R., 1988: Variations in resting metabolic rates of men in antarctica

Innis W.S.A.; Mccormick D.B.; Merrill A.H.Jr, 1985: Variations in riboflavin binding by human plasma identification of immunoglobulins as the major proteins responsible

Lanaras T.; Codd G.A., 1982: Variations in ribulose 1 5 bis phosphate carboxylase protein levels activities and sub cellular distribution during photo autotrophic batch culture of chlorogloeopsis fritschii

Paul E.; Wen D R.; Cochran A.J., 1987: Variations in s 100 protein expression in nevocellular nevi may be related to metabolic activity

Buhr R.D., 1983: Variations in same different judgments in patients with unilateral cortical lesions

Williams C.K.; Turnbull H.L., 1983: Variations in seasonal nutrition thermo regulation and water balance in 2 new zealand populations of the common brush tailed possum trichosurus vulpecula phalangeridae

Rogoz S.; Voiculescu C.; Rosu L.; Tatulescu M.; Dragota M., 1987: Variations in secretory immunoglobulin a concentrations in chronic respiratory diseases with an infectious component

Gill G.S.; Blacklow W.M., 1985: Variations in seed dormancy and rates of development of great brome bromus diandrus as adaptations to the climates of southern australia and implications for weed control

Crowley R.H.; Buchanan G.A., 1982: Variations in seed production and the response to pests of morning glory ipomoea species and smallflower morning glory jacquemontia tamnifolia

Jin I D.; Inouye J.; Matsumoto S., 1982: Variations in seed size ecotype and growth habit in korean soybean varieties

Thompson P.A., 1981: Variations in seed size within populations of silene dioica in relation to habitat

Perris C.; Eisemann M.; Eriksson U.; Jacobsson L.; Von Knorring L.; Peris H., 1979: Variations in self assessment of personality characteristics in depressed patients with special reference to aspects of aggression

Siracka, E.; Littbrand, B.; Clifton, K. H.; Revesz, L., 1975: Variations in sensitivity of synchronized chinese hamsters cells to oxic and anoxic x ray exposures

Hornok L.; Molnar A.; Oros G., 1988: Variations in sensitivity to benzimidazole and non benzimidazole fungicides of genetically different benomyl resistant fusarium oxysporum strains

Faber, J.; Kirkegaard, C.; Lumholtz, I. B.; Siersbaek-Nielsen, K.; Friis, T., 1980: Variations in serum 3 5 3' tri iodo thyronine 3 3' 5' tri iodo thyronine 3 3' di iodo thyronine and 3' 5' di iodo thyronine induced by acute myo cardial infarction and propranolol

Economidou Karaoglou A.; Lans M.; Taper H.S.; Michaux J.L.; Roberfroid M., 1988: Variations in serum alkaline dnase activity a new means for therapeutic monitoring of malignant lymphomas

Taper H.; Lans M.; Economidou Karaoglou A.; De Gerlache J.; Roberfroid M., 1986: Variations in serum alkaline dnase activity a possible clinical test for therapeutic prognosis of human tumors

Saksena S.K.; Lau I.F., 1979: Variations in serum androgens estrogens progestins gonadotropins and prolactin levels in male rats from pre pubertal to advanced age

Nissenson A.R.; Rice L.E.; Potter E.V.; Quintanilla A.; Shaughnessy M.A.; Levin M.L., 1979: Variations in serum complement following inulin infusion in man

Kamyab S.; Baghdiantz A.; Jenati S., 1980: Variations in serum copper and ceruloplasmin activity following a long term intake of combined oral contraceptives in iranian women

Scanni A.; Tomirotti M.; Licciardello L.; Annibali E.; Biraghi M.; Trovato M.; Fittipaldi M.; Adamoli P.; Curtarelli G., 1979: Variations in serum copper and ceruloplasmin levels in advanced gastro intestinal cancer treated with poly chemo therapy

Sellers, E. M.; Cooper, S. D.; Roy, M. L., 1978: Variations in serum dopamine beta hydroxylase ec in normal subjects and chronic alcoholics

Laborit, H.; Baron, C., 1977: Variations in serum lactate concentration in the rabbit after stimulation of the lateral or dorsomedian amygdaloid nucleus

Ferard G.; Goester C.; Grosse A.; Metais P., 1981: Variations in serum levels of c reactive protein in severe head injury patients

Hemer H.A.; De Bourges V.V.; Ayala J.J.; Brito G.; Diaz Sanchez V.; Garza Flores J., 1985: Variations in serum lipids and lipoproteins throughout the menstrual cycle

Roxin L E.; Venge P.; Friman G., 1984: Variations in serum myoglobin after a 2 minute isokinetic exercise test and the effects of training

Kamyab, S.; Baghdiantz, A.; Motamedi, H., 1978: Variations in serum protein fractions following a continuous long term intake of eugynon and lyndiol by iranian women

Maxon H.R.; Volle C.; Hertzberg V.; Chen I W.; Fernanez Ulloa M., 1987: Variations in serum thyroxine concentrations with time after an oral replacement dose

Dahinten S.L.; Pucciarelli H.M., 1986: Variations in sexual dimorphism in the skulls of rats subjected to malnutrition castration and treatment with gonadal hormones

Jonas W.; Stankiewicz M., 1984: Variations in sheep serum conglutinating and hemolytic activity for sheep erythrocytes sensitized by rabbit antibody

Stankiewicz M.; Jonas W., 1985: Variations in sheep serum conglutinating complement activity and pathway involved in reactivity with sheep erythrocytes sensitized by rabbit antibody

Weathers, P. J.; Allen, M. M., 1978: Variations in short term products of inorganic carbon fixation in exponential and stationary phase cultures of aphanocapsa 6308

Wellman-Bednawska, M.; Artur, Y.; Siest, G., 1985: Variations in sialic acid content of gamma glutamyltransferase ec a consequence of immunochemical determinations?

Bhartiya J.; Bhartiya H.C., 1987: Variations in sialic acid content of the testis in an irradiated mouse preinjected with a thiophosphate

Dawson, P. A.; Patel, J.; Filipe, M. I., 1978: Variations in sialo mucins in the mucosa of the large intestine in malignancy a quantimet and statistical analysis

Halkjaer Kristensen J.; Ingemann Hensen T., 1981: Variations in single fiber areas and fiber composition in needle biopsies from the human quadriceps muscle

Jueco N.L., 1981: Variations in size and shape of schistosoma japonicum eggs

Bertmar G., 1981: Variations in size and structure of vomero nasal organs in rein deer rangifer tarandus tarandus

Okusanya O.T.; Ola Adams B.A.; Bamidele J.F., 1981: Variations in size leaf morphology and fruit characters among 25 populations of luffa aegyptiaca

Laberge D.; Brown V., 1986: Variations in size of the visual field in which targets are presented an attentional range effect

Jansen C.T.; Wilen G.; Paul R., 1983: Variations in skin photo sensitization during repeated oral 8 methoxy psoralen medication

Zachariah T.; Rawal S.B.; Pramanik S.N.; Singh M.V.; Kishnani S.; Bharadwaj H.; Rai R.M., 1987: Variations in skinfold thickness during de acclimatization and reacclimatization to high altitude relation to body fat content

Lundstrom A., 1979: Variations in skull base flexure among twins

Rosenberg, R. S.; Bergmann, B. M.; Rechtschaffen, A., 1976: Variations in slow wave activity during sleep in the rat

Guerrier G., 1983: Variations in sodium and calcium content of embryos and young plants during germination in a saline medium

Charnock, J. S.; Simonson, L. P., 1978: Variations in sodium potassium atpase and magnesium atpase activity of the ground squirrel brain during hibernation

Eshel, A.; Waisel, Y., 1972: Variations in sodium uptake along primary roots of corn m seedlings

Witkowski E.T.; Mitchell D.T., 1987: Variations in soil phosphorus in the fynbos biome south africa

Stoop W.A., 1987: Variations in soil properties along three toposequences in burkina faso and implications for the development of improved cropping systems

Havelka B., 1979: Variations in soil reaction due to application of nitrogen fertilization to apple trees

Rao C.V.N.; Chakraborthy M.K., 1986: Variations in solanesol levels among tobacco stalk positions growth stages and air curing

Campo S.; Cigorraga S.; Belgorosky A.; Chaler E.; Rivarola M.A., 1987: Variations in soluble and particulate abp of rat testis during sexual development

Wilson C.M., 1981: Variations in soluble endosperm proteins of corn zea mays inbreds as detected by disc gel electrophoresis

Tarzia, R.; Ferrara, P.; Graziadei, L.; Lombardi, S., 1975: Variations in some biological parameters in 2 groups of animals submitted to experimental hypoxia one of which is simultaneously perfused with perhydrol

Cavaletti G.; Ferrario V.F.; Somenzini L.; Tredici G., 1987: Variations in some blood chemical and enzyme parameters in professional bicyclists taking part in multiple leg races

Lombardi, S.; Ettari, G.; Giustardi, A.; Acqua, G.; Bianco, C., 1977: Variations in some electro cardiographic parameters after a test of effort in a group of athletes practicing various specialties of light athletics part 1 electro cardiograph variations due to effort in long distance runners

Brizzi, G.; Acunzo, S., 1975: Variations in some enzyme activities in rat organs after administration of serotonin and hyperbaric oxygen treatment at 4 atmospheres pressure part 1

Brizzi, G.; Acunzo, S., 1975: Variations in some enzyme activities in rat organs after administration of serotonin and hyperbaric oxygen treatment at 5 atmospheres pressure part 2

Sudo S., 1980: Variations in some important anatomical properties and density in the stem of coconut palm cocos nucifera

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Kendall M.A., 1980: Variations in some morphological characteristics of polydora ciliata

Pedretti E.; Capitanio G.L.; Casadio M.; Lamera P.; Conte N., 1981: Variations in some of the body fluid hormone levels currently used for endocrine monitoring during the 3rd trimester of pregnancy

Mihaescu A.; Stancioiu N.; Adler N.A., 1983: Variations in some physiological and biochemical parameters of silkworms with and without diapause

Ortolani O.; De Martino G.; Conti A.; Fonzi V.; Salvati V., 1981: Variations in some protein fractions of the serum in different age classes

Jewett S.C., 1981: Variations in some reproductive aspects of female snow crabs chionoecetes opilio

Chan P.J.; Dukelow W.R., 1984: Variations in squirrel monkey in vitro fertilization responses with seasonal and environmental conditions

Ogborne A.C.; Wiggins T.R.I.; Shain M., 1980: Variations in staff characteristics programs and recruitment practices among halfway houses for problem drinkers

Palmer, M. A.; Bowden, B. N., 1977: Variations in sterol and tri terpene contents of developing sorghum bicolor grains

Chow, C. S.; Tan, H., 1978: Variations in stimulation response in yield of a hevea brasiliensis clone 1 component variance model

Jacob P.G.; Rajagopal M.D., 1980: Variations in stomach contents and biochemical composition of tissues in some marine fishes

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Case J.W.; Krouse H.R., 1980: Variations in sulfur content and stable sulfur isotope composition of vegetation near a sulfur di oxide source at fox creek alberta canada

Myers J.P.; Pitelka F.A., 1979: Variations in summer temperature patterns near barrow alaska usa analysis and ecological interpretation

Resnitzky P.; Bustan A.; Peled A.; Marikovsky Y., 1988: Variations in surface charge distribution of leukemic and non leukemic transformed cells

Lambden P.R.; Heckels J.E.; James L.T.; Watt P.J., 1979: Variations in surface protein composition associated with virulence properties in opacity types of neisseria gonorrhoeae

Seip H.M.; Rustad S., 1984: Variations in surface water ph with changes in sulfur deposition

Friberg U.; Jansson B.; Rask Andersen H.; Bagger Sjoback D., 1988: Variations in surgical anatomy of the endolymphatic sac

Eley A.; Greenwood D., 1984: Variations in susceptibility to latamoxef moxalactam and cefoxitin within the bacteroides fragilis group

Bajaj, J. S.; Vallance-Owen, J., 1971: Variations in synalbumin insulin antagonism during tolbutamide tolerance test

Tuncer A.M.; Ozsoylu S., 1985: Variations in t lymphocyte subpopulations in the presence of idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura

Yaichnikov I.K.; Poltavchenko E.Yu, 1985: Variations in temperature gradients of some subcortical structures of rabbit brain as an indicator of excitability changes during memory trace formation

Cai H.; Luse D.S., 1987: Variations in template protection by the rna polymerase ii transcription complex during the initiation process

Raza S.H.; Chapla J., 1979: Variations in tephrosia purpurea

Phillips M.S.; Trudgill D.L., 1983: Variations in the ability of globodera pallida to produce females on potato clones bred from solanum vernei or solanum tuberosum ssp andigena cpc 2802

Nguyen Ban J., 1984: Variations in the abundance of pseudococcines vectors of the swollen shoot disease in togo

Kumar V.K.; Reddy T.R.; Narayana G.; Chari N., 1985: Variations in the activity levels of dehydrogenases of the freshwater mussel parreysia rugosa in relation to seasons

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Thomas, K. C.; Dawson, P. S. S., 1977: Variations in the adenylate energy charge during phased growth cell cycle of candida utilis under energy excess and energy limiting growth conditions

Miginiac Maslow M.; Hoarau A., 1982: Variations in the adenylate levels during phosphate depletion in isolated soybean glycine max cultivar amsoy cells and wheat triticum aestivum cultivar capitole leaf fragments

Satwanti R.B.; Kapoor A.K.; Singh I.P., 1983: Variations in the age at menarche due to physical exercise and altitude

Potapova I.V.; Potapov V.V., 1980: Variations in the aggregation mechanism of platelets and red cells in renal failure

Mosse J.; Huet J C.; Baudet J., 1987: Variations in the amino acid composition of pea seeds in relation to their nitrogen content

Srivastava A.K.; Prasad M., 1986: Variations in the amino acids constituents of the cell extract and culture filtrate of xanthomonas campestris pathovar phaseoli

Filipovic Panincic M.; Varadin M.; Lokvancic H.; Podzo M., 1987: Variations in the amount of gestational fluid during pregnancy in ewes

Warner C.M.; Meyer T.E.; Balinsky D.; Briggs C.J., 1985: Variations in the amount of glucose phosphate isomerase in lymphocytes and erythrocytes from a j and c 57bl 6j mice

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Girre, L.; Cillard, P.; Cillard, J.; Amoros, M.; Durand, D., 1978: Variations in the amount of vincamine in leaves of lesser periwinkle during vegetation

Meijer Severs G.J.; Van Santen E., 1986: Variations in the anaerobic fecal flora of ten healthy human volunteers with special reference to the bacteroides fragilis group and clostridium difficile

Scirocchi A.; Bertolini M.; Realmuto A.; Pannone V.; Battarra I., 1982: Variations in the anopheles fauna in the province of latina italy prior to drainage and today in relation to the environmental transformation of the territory

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Bowden D.M.; Kozub G.C., 1979: Variations in the blood composition of nonpregnant hereford and angus heifers fed individually in confinement of 2 levels of energy intake

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Friedrich M.; Wilamski J., 1985: Variations in the chemical composition of surface waters transported to the baltic sea with the rega river in the years 1964 1975

Joyal R.; Bourque C., 1986: Variations in the choice of habitat and diet as a function of the progression of winter in three groups of moose alces alces in an agroforestry environment

Gehrken, U.; Zachariassen, K. E., 1977: Variations in the cold hardiness of hibernating ips acuminatus coleoptera scolytidae related to the sun exposure of the habitat

Brancucci, M., 1977: Variations in the coloration of hygrotus inaequalis coleoptera dytiscidae

Milera J.F.; Berovides Alvarez V., 1985: Variations in the coloration of zachrysia guanensis castanea mollusca pulmonata camaenidae in vinales cuba

Milera J.F.; Berovides Alvarez V., 1985: Variations in the coloring of zachrysia guanensis castanea mollusca pulmonata camaenidae in vinales cuba

Efimov, E. A., 1977: Variations in the completeness of skin restoration during post traumatic regeneration

Anderson D.M.W.; Pinto G., 1980: Variations in the composition and properties of the gum exuded by acacia karroo in different african locations

Franzen A.; Inerot S.; Hejderup S O.; Heinegard D., 1981: Variations in the composition of bovine hip articular cartilage with distance from the articular surface

Mainard F.; Madec Y.; Robinet N., 1988: Variations in the composition of low and high density lipoproteins during the acute phase of myocardial infarction

Cica O., 1982: Variations in the composition of milk produced in collecting area of a dairy at zupanja yugoslavia

Lee C.; Wakeham S.G.; Farrington J.W., 1983: Variations in the composition of particulate organic matter in a time series sediment trap

Chavez, E. R.; Bayley, H. S., 1977: Variations in the concentrations of blood plasma free amino acids in suckled and fasted neo natal pigs

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