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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6897

Chapter 6897 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Trondsen E., 1985: Varicose veins in the lower limbs a reexamination of operated patients

Richardson, J. B.; Dixon, M., 1977: Varicose veins in tropical africa

Perfilova, G. S., 1975: Varicose veins of the legs of female workers in some occupations involving moving heavy loads

Section 7, Chapter 6897, Accession 006896003

Schneider G.H., 1982: Varicosis of small intestine and mesentery rare porto caval shunt

Der J., 1987: Varicosities secondary to acquired nontraumatic arterio venous fistula

Zipser B., 1985: Varicosity associated antigens define neuropil subfields in the leech central nervous system

Nakagiri A., 1986: Varicosporina prolifera new species an anamorph of corollospora intermedia halosphaeriaceae

Park D., 1982: Varicosporium elodeae as a competitive soil saprophyte

Greenfield D.W., 1981: Varicus imswe new species of gobiid fish from belize

Gilmore R.G., 1979: Varicus marilynae new species a gobiid fish from florida usa

Pandolf K.B., 1984: Varied and repeated atropine dosages and exercise heat stress

Spencer R.P., 1987: Varied appearance of cardiac pseudoaneurysms on blood pool images

Joyce P., 1980: Varied appearance of trigeminal neuroma on computed tomography

Hall J.D., 1981: Varied effects of clearcut logging on predators and their habitat in small streams on the cascade mountains oregon usa

Berenson G.S., 1979: Varied effects of dietary sucrose and cholesterol on serum lipids lipo proteins and apo lipo proteins in rhesus monkeys macaca mulatta

Rossi G.L., 1986: Varied effects of experimental diabetes on the autonomic nervous system of the rat

Sela, M.; Mozes, E., 1976: Varied effects of poly adenylic acid poly uridylic acid on immune responses

Barnhart M.C., 1984: Varied egg gas conductance air cell gas tensions and development in agapornis roseicollis

Tauson, A. H., 1988: Varied energy concentration in mink diets i. apparent digestibility of the experimental diets

Mannucci P.M., 1980: Varied immunological reactivity of factor viii from animal plasmas

Pessemier E.A., 1985: Varied individual behavior some theories measurement methods and models

Groudine M., 1986: Varied interactions between proviruses and adjacent host chromatin

Bartram C.I., 1984: Varied light microscopic and scanning electron microscopic appearances of barium sulfate in smears and histological sections

Section 7, Chapter 6897, Accession 006896025

Soares, H. E. M., 1977: Varied opiliological works part 6 opiliones gonyleptidae

Section 7, Chapter 6897, Accession 006896027

Youngner J.S., 1982: Varied responses of human b lympho blastoid cell lines to infection with vesicular stomatitis virus

Noe H.N., 1986: Varied types of urinary calculi in a patient with cystinosis without renal tubular acidosis

Mustajoki, P., 1978: Variegate porphyria

Mustajoki P., 1980: Variegate porphyria 12 years experience in finland

Fitzpatrick T.B., 1982: Variegate porphyria in new england usa

Garrard W.T., 1983: Variegated chromatin structures of mouse ribosomal rna genes

Pedigo L.P., 1985: Variegated cutworm peridoma saucia lepidoptera noctuidae foliage consumption and larval development on alfalfa

Shields E.J., 1980: Variegated cutworm peridroma saucia leaf consumption and economic loss in peppermint mentha piperita

Wyman J.A., 1985: Variegated cutworm peridroma saucia lepidoptera noctuidae leaf area consumption feeding site preference and economic injury level calculation for potatoes

Azuma T., 1984: Variegated effects of prostaglandins on spontaneous activity in bovine mesenteric lymphatics

Kauffman S.A., 1986: Variegated expression of the sgs 4 locus in drosophila melanogaster

Gianantonio C.A., 1984: Variegated porphyria in a girl 4 years old

Hoehn, H.; Bryant, E. M.; Au, K.; Norwood, T. H.; Boman, H.; Martin, G. M., 1975: Variegated translocation mosaicism in human skin fibroblast cultures

Tanno, J. A.; Webster, T. R., 1982: Variegation in selaginella martensii f albovariegata 1. expression and inheritance

Tanno, J. A.; Webster, T. R., 1982: Variegation in selaginella martensii f albovariegata 2. plastid structure in mature leaves

Das, P. K., 1976: Varietal adaptation in wheat chiasma frequency and distribution

Lal R.S., 1980: Varietal adaptation on the basis of stability parameters in white jute corchorus capsularis

Nakano T., 1983: Varietal affinities in buckwheat assessed by peroxidase isozymes

Resurreccion A.P., 1984: Varietal and environmental differences in soybean glycinin and beta conglycinin content

Uppal D.S., 1987: Varietal and environmental effect on the glycoalkaloid content of potato solanum tuberosum l

Fincher G.B., 1988: Varietal and environmental variations in 1 3 1 4 beta glucan levels and 1 3 1 4 beta glucanase potential in barley relationships to malting quality

Huebner, R.; Puffe, D.; Wagner, F., 1978: Varietal and nitrogen fertilization experiments with italian rye grass

Singh R.P., 1984: Varietal and seasonal changes in relative rates of photosynthesis in 2 cultivars of lemon citrus limon

Sibashvili V.Sh, 1984: Varietal and specific features of yield formation in cereal grasses of various productivity

Vakar A.B., 1979: Varietal characteristics of barley with respect to the molecular weight of hordeins and glutelins

Bournoville R., 1980: Varietal characteristics under french conditions of some lucerne medicago sativa cultivars selected for resistance to 2 pest insects

Gemma T., 1979: Varietal comparison of soybeans based on yield its components and other agronomic characters

Tsunoda S., 1985: Varietal comparison on the responses of photosynthetic rate and leaf water balance at different soil moisture tensions in rice oryza sativa

Kaur, G.; Lal, T.; Nandpuri, K. S.; Sharma, S., 1977: Varietal cum seasonal variation in certain physicochemical constituents in muskmelon

Okafor J.C., 1983: Varietal delimitation in dacryodes edulis burseraceae

Inoue M., 1984: Varietal difference in sodium azide sensitivity in rice

Yun Y.D., 1987: Varietal difference in stomatal aperture in rice seedlings in relation to the cool temperature susceptibility in tongil group varieties

Takimoto A., 1988: Varietal difference in the ability to flower in response to poor nutrition and its correlation with chlorogenic acid accumulation in pharbitis nil

Terashima, K.; Hiraoka, H.; Nishiyama, I., 1987: Varietal difference in the root of rice plant i. varietal difference in the morphology of crown root

Saiga, S.; Hojito, S.; Araki, H., 1978: Varietal difference of orchard grass dactylis glomerata in in vitro dry matter digestibility

Section 7, Chapter 6897, Accession 006896065

Onozawa Y., 1982: Varietal difference of sensitivities to the oxidant of ambient air pollutions in pharbitis nil and allied species

Kaneko M., 1979: Varietal difference of stomatal frequency and inter veinal distance of rice leaf blades

Mckeag, R. G.; Hougen, F. W., 1977: Varietal differences in aroma essence from maize kernels zea mays

Trendel R., 1979: Varietal differences in behavior of hop leaves humulus lupulus in the case of magnesium deficiency

Kagawa K., 1987: Varietal differences in cadmium levels of rice grains of japonica indica javanica and hybrid varieties produced in the same plot of a field

Longe O.G., 1983: Varietal differences in chemical characteristics related to cooking quality of cowpea vigna unguiculata

Sethi, R. K.; Soni, G. L.; Chopra, S. L., 1977: Varietal differences in chick pea flour cicer arietinum in relation to water vapor sorption

Kawase K., 1984: Varietal differences in citrus fruits resulting from the occurrence of dry juice sacs caused by freezing

Faulkner J.S., 1981: Varietal differences in content of magnesium and other minerals in herbage of lolium perenne

Harvey, B. M. R.; Kennedy, J. T.; Wright, C. E., 1981: Varietal differences in content of magnesium and other minerals in herbage of lolium perenne 2. effects of soil type and magnesium fertilization

Section 7, Chapter 6897, Accession 006896078

Kim B.H., 1985: Varietal differences in dry matter production and agronomic characters of rice oryza sativa

Sharma R.C., 1987: Varietal differences in fertilizer use efficiency for nitrogen in potato

Russell, G. E., 1977: Varietal differences in formation of substomatal vesicles by puccinia striiformis in winter wheat

Yamada, M.; Kurihara, A.; Sumi, T., 1987: Varietal differences in fruit bearing in japanese persimmon diospyros kaki thunb. and their yearly fluctuations

Yamashita A., 1980: Varietal differences in gamma ray induced chromosome aberrations in soybean glycine max

Rao L.M., 1985: Varietal differences in growth and yield of mungbean vigna radiata during summer and kharif seasons

Bodlaender K.B.A., 1981: Varietal differences in growth development and tuber production of potatoes

Panchal Y.C., 1984: Varietal differences in leaf photosynthetic rate and its relationship with certain leaf characters and yield in groundnut arachis hypogaea

Section 7, Chapter 6897, Accession 006896088

Pressman, E.; Negbi, M.; Sachs, M.; Jacobsen, J. V., 1977: Varietal differences in light requirements for germination of celery apium graveolens seeds and the effects of thermal and solute stress

Kurihara H., 1986: Varietal differences in morphological and physiological characters of the development phases of maize

Dravid, M. S.; Goswami, N. N.; Kamath, M. B., 1986: Varietal differences in mustard brassica juncea l. in relation to phosphorus utilization from native and applied sources

Shimada S., 1983: Varietal differences in nitrogen response of soybeans associated with their nodulation

Suzuki S., 1985: Varietal differences in number of stigma hairs and effect of cold treatment on the character cold tolerance in rice plants with special reference to the floral characters 3

Sanders T.H., 1979: Varietal differences in peanut tri acyl glycerol structure

Yadav S.S., 1981: Varietal differences in photosynthesis and productivity of chick pea cicer arietinum

Agata W., 1987: Varietal differences in photosynthetic rate transpiration rate and leaf conductance for leaves of rice plants

Villareal R.M., 1987: Varietal differences in physicochemical properties of waxy rice starch

Section 7, Chapter 6897, Accession 006896099

Hizukuri S., 1987: Varietal differences in properties among high amylose rice starches

Bechtel D.B., 1986: Varietal differences in properties of extrusion cooked rice flour

Han E.D., 1984: Varietal differences in protein and oil contents of peanut grains

Takata M., 1986: Varietal differences in relation to the characteristics of dormancy of four mulberry varieties cultivated in warm areas

Kihara, T.; Ikeda, F., 1985: Varietal differences in relative cold tolerance and recovering ability of citrus after the freeze in feb. 25 27 1981

Sasaki A., 1984: Varietal differences in response to excess soil moisture at internode elongation stage in barley

Umemura Y., 1979: Varietal differences in root system and its relationship with shoot development and tuber yield

Sheldrake A.K., 1981: Varietal differences in seed size and seedling growth of pigeon pea cajanus cajan and chick pea cicer arietinum

Fetuga B.L., 1983: Varietal differences in the fatty acid composition of oils from cowpea vigna unguiculata and lima bean phaseolus lunatus

Tamura, Y.; Nishimura, S.; Hoshino, M., 1977: Varietal differences in the growth and chemical composition of italian rye grass lolium multiflorum grown under different temperatures

Perring M.A., 1984: Varietal differences in the mineral composition of bulked samples of fruit from coxs orange pippin crispin mutsu and spartan apple trees

Haunold A., 1986: Varietal differences in the proportions of cohumulone adhumulone and humulone in hops

Section 7, Chapter 6897, Accession 006896113

Hasegawa H., 1980: Varietal differences in the repair of gamma radiation induced lesions in barley

Kujira Y., 1988: Varietal differences in the response of rice plants to nitrogen dressing with special reference to patterns of change in nitrogen content of roots at successive growth stage

Murakami, N.; Ito, T., 1975: Varietal differences in the seasonal stability of tuber number tuber size and starch value of potato plants

Perrin, R. M., 1978: Varietal differences in the susceptibility of cowpea to larvae of the seed moth cydia ptychora lepidoptera tortricidae

Flowers T.J., 1983: Varietal differences in the toxicity of sodium ions in rice oryza sativa leaves

Combs G.F.Jr, 1985: Varietal differences in the vitamin e content of corn

Jensen P., 1983: Varietal differences in uptake and utilization of nitrogen and other macro elements in seedlings of barley hordeum vulgare

Collison M., 1982: Varietal differences in uptake of phosphorus 32 labeled phosphate in clover plus rye grass swards and mono cultures

Komeichi M., 1980: Varietal differences in winter survival and productivity in late autumn of perennial rye grass in tenpoku district japan

Menary R.C., 1985: Varietal differences of extracts from blackcurrant buds ribes nigrum

Motoda Y., 1983: Varietal differences of indonesian rice plants in their susceptibility to 2 4 d injury and interrelationships with ethylene

Hirano H., 1982: Varietal differences of leaf protein profiles in mulberry morus spp

Chiu F T., 1980: Varietal differences of pre harvest sprouting and its relationship with grain dormancy in rice

Taira, H.; Taira, H.; Kaizuma, N.; Fukui, J.; Matsumoto, S., 1976: Varietal differences of seed weight protein and sulfur containing amino acid content of soybean seeds

Taira, H.; Taira, H.; Kaizuma, N.; Fukui, J.; Matsumoto, S., 1976: Varietal differences of seed weight protein and sulfur containing amino acid content of soybean seeds continued

Monma, S.; Okitsu, S., 1987: Varietal differences of soluble solids acidity and the soluble solids to acid ratio and relationships between these characteristics yield components and vegetative characteristics in strawberry fragaria ananassa duch

Genjun H., 1980: Varietal differences of the growth habits and carbohydrate contents in alfalfa

Kaneko M., 1987: Varietal differences of the increasing rate of grain weight in ripening process of japonica and indica type rice

Nishikawa K I., 1981: Varietal differences of the seasonal changes of leaf size in alfalfa

Section 7, Chapter 6897, Accession 006896134

Nyamangombe, L.; Lefebvre, C., 1986: Varietal differentiation in aluminum tolerance in zea mays plantlets

Murata T., 1982: Varietal differentiation of early growth in finger millet eleusine coracana in relation to the geographical distribution

Kamada K., 1986: Varietal differentiation of malts by resazurin staining

Bayles R.A., 1980: Varietal diversification as a means of reducing the spread of cereal diseases in the uk

Rosario T.L., 1981: Varietal evaluation of anthurium andraeanum

Kus, J., 1984: Varietal evaluation of productivity of cereals on various soils using two mathematical methods i. winter cereals

Kus, J., 1984: Varietal evaluation of productivity of cereals on various soils using two mathematical methods ii. spring cereals

Ganguli D.M., 1982: Varietal evaluation of ramie boehmeria nivea over years

Rosario T.L., 1981: Varietal evaluation of roses

Edgar, E.; Connor, H. E., 1987: Varietal grass names and combinations published by hackel in cheeseman's manual of the new zealand flora 1906

Nanda J.S., 1984: Varietal identification in rice oryza sativa by physico chemical characters of the grain and electrophoretic variants of salt soluble seed proteins

Quinlivan, B. J.; Collins, W. J.; Brown, M. L., 1976: Varietal identification of seeding subterranean clover using thin layer chromatography

Shewry, P. R.; Pratt, H. M.; Miflin, B. J., 1978: Varietal identification of single seeds of barley by analysis of hordein poly peptides

Feldmann P., 1985: Varietal identification of sugarcane saccharum sp by isozyme electrophoresis

Lin T F., 1982: Varietal improvement of resistance to biotypes of brown planthopper nilaparvata lugens in indica rice

Obigbesan G.O., 1981: Varietal influence of inter cropped cowpea on the growth yield and water relations of maize

Lodha S., 1985: Varietal reaction and evaluation of fungicides in vitro and in vivo against powdery mildew of chili

De Pedro L.B., 1982: Varietal reaction of coconut to oligonychus velascoi using 5 mite based biological parameters

Ramarao P., 1983: Varietal reaction of guar cyamopsis tetragonoloba to fusarium solani root rot

Singh, D. S.; Pavgi, M. S., 1977: Varietal reaction of jowar to 2 leaf spot diseases

Babatola J.O., 1979: Varietal reaction of rice and other food crops to the rice root nematodes hirschmanniella oryzae hirschmanniella imamuri and hirschmanniella spinicaudata

Mathur K.C., 1981: Varietal reaction of some known resistant cultures to rice gall midge orseolia oryzae at cuttack india

Tyagi, P. D.; Minhas, A. S.; Anand, S. C., 1974: Varietal reaction of wheat to loose smut in punjab

Mani V.S., 1982: Varietal reaction of wheat triticum aestivum to herbicides

Prashar H.K., 1985: Varietal resistance and effect of date of last cut and insecticidal application on the control of lucerne seed chalcid bruchophagus roddi hymenoptera eurytomidae

Smith R.H., 1981: Varietal resistance and intraspecific competition in the cowpea weevils callosobruchus maculatus and callosobruchus chinensis coleoptera bruchidae

Bohn G.W., 1979: Varietal resistance in onions to thrips thrips tabaci

Ramakrishna N., 1986: Varietal resistance in peanut arachis hypogaea to aflatoxin production

Baloch U.K., 1985: Varietal resistance in rice to tryporyza species of stem borers and its association with plant moisture total ashes and silica contents

Morales-Gomez, A. Y., 1987: Varietal resistance in soybean glycine max l. merrill to the bacterial xanthomonas phaseoli var sojense pustules

Anzalone, L. Jr ; Birchfield, W., 1977: Varietal resistance in sugarcane to meloidogyne incognita

Ferraz S., 1984: Varietal resistance of beans phaseolus vulgaris to fusarium oxysporum f sp phaseoli

Krishnamurthy M.M., 1985: Varietal resistance of certain pigeon pea varieties to the pulse beetle callosobruchus maculatus fab

Rana B.S., 1986: Varietal resistance of chickpea to wilt in india africa and middle east countries

Lodha S., 1986: Varietal resistance of cowpea vigna unguiculata to macrophomina phaseolina causing dry root rot and its control

Mayea S., 1986: Varietal resistance of four in tomato lycopersicon esculentum cultivars to the buckeye rot phytophthora parasitica

Grewal, J. S.; Vir, S., 1974: Varietal resistance of gram to ascochyta blight

Section 7, Chapter 6897, Accession 006896174

Lee J.O., 1987: Varietal resistance of rice to brown planthopper nilaparvata lugens stal and whitebacked planthopper sogatella furcifera horvath in korea

Watanabe Y., 1980: Varietal resistance to angular leaf spot of cucumber and assaying method of resistance of seedlings

Section 7, Chapter 6897, Accession 006896177

Dhiman J.S., 1981: Varietal resistance to fusarium wilt in peas

Andaloro J.T., 1983: Varietal resistance to onion thrips thrips tabaci thysanoptera thripidae in processing cabbage

Platt H.W., 1986: Varietal response and crop loss due to verticillium wilt of potato caused by verticillium albo atrum

Ferreira P.E., 1986: Varietal response and estimates of heritability of resistance to meloidogyne javanica in carrots daucus carota

Section 7, Chapter 6897, Accession 006896183

Arevalo, R. A.; Cerrizuela, E. A.; Olea, I., 1977: Varietal response of sugarcane to natural weed communities

Ferris H., 1982: Varietal response of tomato lycopersicon esculentum to the interaction of salinity and meloidogyne incognita infection

Badr A.E., 1981: Varietal response of zea mays to sugarcane mosaic infection

Cerrizuela, E. A.; Chaila, S.; Lizarraga, F., 1985: Varietal response to competition of cynodon dactylon l. pers. in sugarcane

Naeem Ud Din, 1987: Varietal response to planting time in wheat under barani conditions

Section 7, Chapter 6897, Accession 006896192

Nakayama F., 1984: Varietal responses of soybeans glycine max to long days during reproductive growth

Hsu Y.M., 1982: Varietal responses of sweet potato to relay cropping

Hiremath P.C., 1985: Varietal screening and chemical control in fenugreek trigonella foenumgreacum against foot rot and damping off caused by rhizoctonia solani

Khan A.M., 1979: Varietal screening for anthracnose disease of arhar cajanus cajan

Araki H., 1984: Varietal screening of compatibility types revealed in f 1 fertility of distant crosses in rice oryza sativa

Vanova M., 1984: Varietal sensitivity of winter wheat to eyespot disease pseudocercosporella herpotrichoides and effectiveness of chemical control

Section 7, Chapter 6897, Accession 006896201

Veda, O. P.; Purohit, M. L.; Sood, N. K., 1975: Varietal susceptibility of arhar cajanus cajan to melanagromyza obtusa exclastis atomosa and heliothis armigera

Mueke, J. M., 1983: Varietal susceptibility of cowpeas to callosobruchus maculatus f. coleoptera bruchidae

Rode J C., 1981: Varietal susceptibility of melon cucumis melo to muskmelon yellow stunt virus and to its transmission by aphis gossypii inheritance of the wilting reaction

Shafique M., 1986: Varietal susceptibility studies of ten wheat cultivars flour to red flour beetle tribolium castaneum herbst coleoptera tenebrionidae

Jagirdar S.A.P., 1985: Varietal trial on banana in sind pakistan

Choi, Y. C.; Lee, S. G.; Chung, B. J.; Lee, K. H.; Cho, Y. S., 1978: Varietal trials of rice to the bacterial leaf blight xanthomonas oryzae in korea

Abidi A.B., 1986: Varietal variation in biochemical parameters and palatability characteristics in chapati making wheat triticum aestivum grown in uttar pradesh india

Griffiths D.W., 1979: Varietal variation in the anti nutritive effects of field beans vicia faba when fed to rats

Imam, S.; Nusrath, M., 1987: Varietal variation in the rhizosphere and rhizoplane mycoflora of cajanus cajan l. millsp. with special reference to wilt disease

Section 7, Chapter 6897, Accession 006896213

Bano A., 1980: Varietal variation of protein oil carbohydrate and ash content in winged bean psophocarpus tetragonolobus seeds

Hayashi K., 1985: Varietal variations in basic vegetative phase and photosensitive phase among japanese native cultivars of rice

Ramalingaswamy P.A., 1983: Varietal variations in content characteristics and composition of mango mangifera indica seeds and fat

Sasahara T., 1984: Varietal variations in leaf anatomy as related to photosynthesis in soybean glycine max

Lihnell, D.; Bang, H.; Kvist, K.; Nilsson, C., 1975: Varieties and diseases in swedish table potato crops results of inventories in 1969 1971 in cooperation with the national bureau of statistics and the national swedish central seed testing institute

Damasio, A. R., 1977: Varieties and significance of the alexias

Hattori N., 1981: Varieties in clinical and hemodynamic features of mitral regurgitation due to difference in etiology

Bear D., 1984: Varieties of aggressive behavior in temporal lobe epilepsy

Jordan, J. E.; Mikiten, T. M.; Grice, S. T., 1978: Varieties of barbiturate induced suppression burst activity in the cat

Section 7, Chapter 6897, Accession 006896223

Kanou M., 1984: Varieties of filiform hairs range fractionation by sensory afferents and cercal interneurons of a cricket gryllus bimaculatus

Kuhlman E.G., 1982: Varieties of gibberella fujikuroi with anamorphs in fusarium section liseola

Kluft R.P., 1982: Varieties of hypnotic interventions in the treatment of multiple personality

Austin, D. F., 1976: Varieties of ipomoea trichocarpa convolvulaceae

Vandermeer, J. H.; Boucher, D. H., 1978: Varieties of mutualistic interaction in population models

Albert M.L., 1984: Varieties of perseveration

Goldberg, E., 1986: Varieties of perseveration a comparison of two taxonomies

Hrivnak J., 1979: Varieties of principal grass species with dissimilar terms of ripening and their utilization in submountainous regions

Thuesen A., 1988: Varieties of raspberry for mechanical harvesting on the horizontal growing system

Tsonkovski, K.; Paneva, V., 1976: Varieties of red plum rust tranzschelia pruni spinosae found in bulgaria

Bridges C.D.B., 1985: Varieties of rhodopsin in frog rod outer segment membranes analysis by isoelectric focusing

Aksenova G.A., 1982: Varieties of the clinical picture and progress of vegeto dys hormonal dystrophy of the myo cardium

Section 7, Chapter 6897, Accession 006896236

Section 7, Chapter 6897, Accession 006896237

Stewart H., 1987: Varieties of transference interpretations an object relations view

Cobb F.W.Jr, 1986: Varieties of verticicladiella wageneri

Tucciarelli F., 1979: Variety and abundance of neritic exponents in the lake of piediluco terni umbria italy alimentation and degree of parasitism of the fauna of fishes

Bruckmayer G., 1981: Variety and ambiguity of bronchogenic carcinoma in radiology

Kasiviswanathan, K.; Krishnaswami, S.; Venkataramu, C. V., 1977: Variety cum spacing and nitrogen fertilization on the leaf yield of mulberry under irrigated conditions in karnataka state india

Karivaratharaju T.V., 1988: Variety determination in rice examination of the hulled grain

Section 7, Chapter 6897, Accession 006896245

Schalldach I., 1981: Variety differences in photosynthesis of barley hordeum vulgare carbon di oxide dependence ribulose 1 5 bis phosphate carboxylase activity and fraction i protein amount

Apel, P., 1985: Variety differences in the response to enhanced carbon dioxide concentrations in spring barley 1. early developmental stages

Deutsch J.A., 1983: Variety in the flavor of food enhances eating in the rat a controlled demonstration

Stolen O., 1987: Variety mixture of winter barley 1986

Olsen C.C., 1985: Variety mixtures of spring barley 1983 powdery mildew and yield relations

Welling B., 1986: Variety mixtures of winter barley 1983 1985

Okumura K., 1980: Variety of beta lactam super sensitive mutants of escherichia coli k 12

Gaiter, J. L.; Morgan, G. A.; Jennings, K. D.; Harmon, R. J.; Yarrow, J., 1982: Variety of cognitively oriented caregiver activities relationships to cognitive and motivational functioning at 1 and 3.5 years of age

Heinonen, E., 1976: Variety of determinants in an adrenal antigen common to man and some animals

Naroditsky B.S., 1981: Variety of endogenous pro viruses in the genomes of chickens of different breeds

Ney B., 1987: Variety of farming systems in the irrigated area of the east of grande terre guadeloupe french west indies

Section 7, Chapter 6897, Accession 006896259

Section 7, Chapter 6897, Accession 006896260

Vrubel' S.V., 1988: Variety of human transcortin related to pregnancy

Arnold C.G., 1980: Variety of mitochondrial shapes sizes and volumes in chlamydomonas reinhardii

Arai K., 1982: Variety of molecular species of the water soluble poly saccharide of phellodendron amurense

Section 7, Chapter 6897, Accession 006896264

Mandelstam J., 1983: Variety of sporulation phenotypes resulting from mutations in a single regulatory locus spo iia in bacillus subtilis

Smutny J., 1986: Variety oriented cultural practices used in sunflower growing

Hadjichristodoulou A., 1984: Variety population density and harvesting date trials with sugar beets beta vulgaris

Handke S., 1986: Variety related differences in nitrate storage in vegetables investigations into greenhouse radish and spinach with particular reference to individual plants

Dervin C., 1980: Variety site interaction spring barley yield analysis

Hadjichristodoulou A., 1985: Variety sowing date and seed rate trials of safflower carthamus tinctorius in cyprus

Gorman, M. B.; Kiang, Y. T., 1977: Variety specific electrophoretic variants of 4 soybean enzymes

Uzik, M., 1977: Variety stability of crop of meadow clover

Payne R.C., 1986: Variety testing by official association of official seed analysts seed laboratories

Boggini, G.; Cattaneo, M.; Corbellini, M.; Perenzin, M.; Borghi, B., 1986: Variety trials of winter cereals 2. results of nine years of durum wheat variety trials in north italy

Borghi, B.; Boggini, G.; Cattaneo, M.; Corbellini, M., 1986: Variety trials on winter cereals 1. bread wheat results of ten years and genotype x environment interaction analysis

Pfeiffer T.W., 1987: Variety x cropping system interactions in full season and double crop soybean cropping system

Verma S.C., 1980: Variety x environment interaction for enzymic browning in potato solanum tuberosum

Beckett J.L., 1982: Variety x environment interactions in sugar beet variety trials

Oyedokun J.B., 1979: Variety x environment interactions in western nigeria tomatoes

Abed S.M., 1981: Variety x environmental interaction in pearl millet pennisetum typhoides trials

Eunus A.M., 1987: Variety x fertilizer interaction in four hyvs of wheat triticum aestivum l

Shlomi, A.; Efron, Y., 1976: Variety x line cross a suggested breeding procedure for maize in developing countries

Wening V., 1984: Vario kopf prostheses in femoral neck and trochanteric fractures

Walter S.D., 1979: Variola minor in braganca paulista county 1956 household aggregation of the disease and the influence of household size on the attack rate

Angulo, J. J., 1976: Variola minor in braganca paulista county 1956 overall description of the epidemic and of its study

Angulo, J. J.; Haggett, P.; Megale, P.; Pederneiras, C. A. A., 1977: Variola minor in braganca paulista county brazil 1956 a trend surface analysis

Booher, R. N.; Smits, S. E.; Turner, W. W-Jr ; Pohland, A., 1977: Various 5 substituted and 2 5 di substituted 1 3 dioxanes a new class of analgesic agents

Nagasuga T., 1979: Various antigenic reactivities in delayed hyper sensitivity among crystalline proteins from mycobacterium phlei

Gilboa D., 1984: Various approaches to burn care in the lebanon war 1982

Santos-Ruiz, A., 1976: Various aspects of molecular genetics

Parfenkova G.A., 1987: Various aspects of using acid resistant human urinary proteinase inhibitor in clinical practice

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Section 7, Chapter 6897, Accession 006896348

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Section 7, Chapter 6897, Accession 006896378

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Section 7, Chapter 6897, Accession 006896383

Section 7, Chapter 6897, Accession 006896384

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Section 7, Chapter 6897, Accession 006896441

Section 7, Chapter 6897, Accession 006896442

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Section 7, Chapter 6897, Accession 006896487

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