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Chapter 6,900

Velvet ants hymenoptera mutillidae of australia

Leley, A.S.

Entomological Review 62(3): 152-160


ISSN/ISBN: 0013-8738
Accession: 006899834

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List of 10 spp. belonging to 5 genera is given. ODONTOMYRME gen. nov. (type-species O. tobiasi sp. nov.) related to Odontomutilla is described and a key to its species is given. For both of these genera a new tribe, ODONTOMUTILLINI is established in the subfamily Dasylabrinae. In the subfamily Sphaeropthalminae AUSTRALOTILLA gen. nov. (type-species: A. medvedevi sp. nov.) related to Bothriomutilla and Eurymutilla turneri sp. nov. (New South Wales) are described. E. argenteolineata (Andre, 1905) comb. nov. (Ephutomorpha argenteolineata) is proposed. Eurymulilla affinis comb. nov., E. exigua comb. nov. and Australotilla modesta comb. nov. are transferred from Mutilla. B. rugicollis, Ephutomorpha ferruginata and E. metallica are also discussed.

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