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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6901

Chapter 6901 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900000

Margairaz A., 1979: Venous admixture in human septic shock comparative effects of blood volume expansion dopamine infusion and isoproterenol infusion on mismatching of ventilation and pulmonary blood flow in peritonitis

Keats A.S., 1987: Venous admixture to radial artery blood samples during cardiopulmonary bypass

Staub N.C., 1981: Venous air emboli in sheep reversible increase in lung micro vascular permeability

Mclean A.G., 1987: Venous air embolism and active lung inflation at high and low cvp a study in upright anesthetized sheep

Mackenzie C.F., 1987: Venous air embolism hypotension and end tidal nitrogen

Teitcher J., 1987: Venous air embolization as a complication of pressure injection of contrast media ct findings

Kowalik S., 1981: Venous anastomosis after bilateral radical cervical lymph adenectomy

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900008

Larochelle J., 1987: Venous and arterial endothelia different dilator abilities in dog vessels

Grexa E., 1986: Venous and arterial insufficiency in the lower limb caused by benign tumors of unusual localization

Pizzo S.V., 1982: Venous and arterial thrombo embolic disease in women using oral contraceptives

Christensen N., 1983: Venous and nerve invasion as prognostic factors in post operative survival of patients with resectable cancer of the rectum

Shekib, N.; Hakami, F., 1978: Venous aneurysm of the facial vein

Jensen, J. L.; Reingold, I. M., 1977: Venous aneurysms of the parotid gland

Fujimura, I.; Ferraz-De-Carvalho, C. A., 1977: Venous angio architecture of the tunica muscularis in the esophago gastric transition segment in man/

Anderson, C. B.; Gilula, L. A.; Harter, H. R.; Etheredge, E. E., 1978: Venous angiography and the surgical management of sub cutaneous hemo dialysis fistulas

Bories J., 1985: Venous angioma of the brain computed tomography and angiography imaging in 15 cases

Lim G.H.K., 1987: Venous angioma of the brain ct and angiographic diagnosis

Kamei T., 1984: Venous angioma of the posterior fossa 2 cases

Hammer, B.; Pohlhammer, H., 1980: Venous angiomas of the brain diagnosed by computed tomography and angiography

Wollmann R.L., 1983: Venous angiomas of the posterior fossa should by considered as anomalous venous drainage

Canos A.J., 1987: Venous anomalies encountered in aortoiliac surgery

Silverman N.H., 1979: Venous anomalies of the coronary sinus detection by m mode 2 dimensional and contrast echo cardiography

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900024

Dyubenko, K. A., 1977: Venous architectonics of the nucleus dentatus of the human cerebellum

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900026

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900027

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900028

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900029

Lorentzen J.E., 1986: Venous blood flow in the leg after ligation of the femoral vein during cardiac catheterization in young children

Ekner A., 1986: Venous blood levels of inhaled trichloroethylene in female rats and changes induced by interacting agents

Noordhoff S., 1987: Venous bridge used in free flap transfer for the lower leg in the presence of venous hypertension a case report

Moore F.A., 1987: Venous bullet embolism rationale for mandatory extraction

Grant J., 1988: Venous bypass for surgical resection of renal carcinoma invading the vena cava a new approach

Spencer, F. C., 1970: Venous bypass grafts for occlusive disease of the coronary arteries

Hou M F., 1985: Venous bypass surgery for chronic deep venous thrombosis

Adler J., 1979: Venous calcifications associated with cavernous transformation of the portal vein computed tomographic and angiographic correlations

Cope C., 1986: Venous cannula for emergency catheter pulmonary embolectomy

Strandness D.E.Jr, 1979: Venous capacitance and outflow in the post operative patient

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900040

Quintana F., 1986: Venous cerebellar angioma report of one case and review of the literature

Simon, G., 1978: Venous changes in renal hypertensive rats the role of humoral factors

Wallensten R., 1988: Venous circulation after fasciotomy of the lower leg in man

Tsvetkov A.A., 1979: Venous circulation in the crew members of the orbital station salyut 5

Eliskova M., 1979: Venous circulation of the human cardiac conduction system

Gore J.C., 1987: Venous clots evaluation with mr imaging

Reichelt H G., 1986: Venous collateralization via vasa vasorum after neoplastic thrombosis of renal vein and inferior vena cava mediated by the ovarian vein from an occult uterine carcinoma

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900048

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900049

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900050

Leitz, K. H.; Freyschmidt, J.; Borst, H. G., 1976: Venous complications of abdominal aortic aneurysms

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900052

Stewart R.I., 1985: Venous crossover oxygen partial pressure a reference point for assessing the physiological significance of alterations in oxyhemoglobin equilibrium

Furman S., 1986: Venous cutdown for pacemaker implantation

Durant D., 1979: Venous delay a major source of error in isotopic cardiac output determination

Soler Soler J., 1986: Venous digital angio radiography an accurate and useful technique for assessing coronary bypass graft patency

Voigt W., 1984: Venous digital subtraction arteriography of the pelvis leg region with step displacement

Barwin, B. N.; Roddie, I. C., 1976: Venous distensibility during pregnancy determined by graded venous congestion

Erina E.V., 1985: Venous distensibility in hypertensive patients

Poole M., 1986: Venous distribution of superficial cervical region in rhesus macaca mulatta monkey

Dhabuwala, C. B.; Pierrepoint, C. G., 1977: Venous drainage and functional control of the canine prostate gland

Dzuvic A., 1986: Venous drainage of the coria and other structures of the foot of the one humped camel camelus dromedarius

Virkkunen P., 1983: Venous drainage of the femoral neck in legg perthes disease and in hip dysplasia a clinical and experimental study in the dog and pig

Berlin S., 1988: Venous drainage of the femur permits passage of 100 mum particles

Wood B.A., 1980: Venous drainage of the hind limb in the monkey macaca fascicularis

Shehata R., 1979: Venous drainage of the urinary bladder

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900067

Mironiuc A., 1986: Venous emergencies experience and personal attitudes

Lynch J.B., 1983: Venous endothelial changes after experimental cooling of free flaps

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900070

Coffman, J. D.; Lempert, J. A., 1975: Venous flow velocity venous volume and arterial blood flow

Berndtsson L., 1985: Venous function after fracture of the lower extremity a 9 year follow up of 150 cases

Norgren, L.; Widmer, L. K., 1978: Venous function evaluated by foot volumetry in patients with a previous deep venous thrombosis treated with strepto kinase

Efsing H.O., 1985: Venous function five to eight years after clinically suspected deep venous thrombosis

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900075

Snell J.D., 1985: Venous gangrene of the upper extremity

Hayward J., 1981: Venous gas bubble production following cold stress during a no decompression dive

D'aoust, B. G.; Smith, K. H.; Swanson, H. T.; White, R.; Harvey, C. A.; Hunter, W. L.; Neuman, T. S.; Goad, R. F., 1977: Venous gas bubbles production by transient deep isobaric counter diffusion of helium against nitrogen

Balldin U.I., 1980: Venous gas bubbles while flying with cabin altitudes of airliners or general aviation aircraft 3 hours after diving

Kelly D.R., 1987: Venous hemangioma of the gallbladder

Nishiyama N., 1988: Venous hemangioma of the urethra a case report

Izumi H., 1987: Venous hemangioma with phleboliths a case study using immunohistochemistry scanning electron microscopy and x ray microdiffraction

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900083

Boies L.R.Jr, 1985: Venous hum as a cause of reversible factitious sensorineural hearing loss

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900085

Pector J.C., 1988: Venous implanted catheter

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900087

Fox, B., 1976: Venous infarction of the adrenal glands

Tonini G., 1987: Venous infarction of the small bowel our experience

Waldbaum, R. S.; Borden, D.; Cohen, D.; Naidich, J.; Oka, M., 1976: Venous infarction of the testis owing to vena caval thrombosis

Dunant J.H., 1983: Venous injuries

Mulholland S.G., 1979 : Venous injury in major urological surgery

Kerstein M.D., 1986: Venous injury to repair or ligate the dilemma

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900094

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900095

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900096

Ljungberg B., 1988: Venous invasion in renal cell carcinoma a correlative clinical and radiologic study

Gilloz, A.; Eberhard, P.; Richard, A.; Heritier, P.; El-Hajj, E., 1986: Venous invasion in the renal cell carcinoma prognosis about 238 resected kidney cancer with 64 venous extension's cases

Puglionisi, A.; Picciocchi, A.; D'ugo, D. M.; Bruni, V.; Lemmo, G. M., 1986: Venous involvement by follicular carcinoma of the thyroid gland

Forrest M.E., 1984: Venous involvement in islet cell tumors of the pancreas

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900101

Bodell L.S., 1985: Venous lakes of the hands

Hunter J.A.A., 1987: Venous lakes treatment by ir coagulation

Schulman C.C., 1985: Venous leakage surgical treatment of a curable cause of impotence

Phillips, A.; Davidson, M.; Greaves, M. W., 1977: Venous leg ulceration evaluation of zinc treatment serum zinc and rate of healing

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900106

Shapiro K., 1987: Venous malformation mimicking a posterior fossa tumor in a young child

Svendsen P., 1986: Venous malformations in the face and neck radiologic diagnosis and treatment with absolute ethanol

Rose A.G., 1979: Venous malformations of the heart

Kreulen D.L., 1986: Venous mechanoreceptor input to neurons in the inferior mesenteric ganglion of the guinea pig

Moraes M.M.F.S., 1979: Venous mesenteric thrombosis following gastric surgery

Parker R.E., 1987: Venous occlusion measurement of pulmonary capillary pressure effects of embolization

Wienert V., 1987: Venous occlusion plethysmography performed in male and female subjects of different age on different days and at different times of the day

Wolff H.B., 1980: Venous occlusion plethysmography with mercury in rubber strain gauges

Ehrhart I.C., 1988: Venous occlusion pressure and vascular permeability in the dog lung after air embolization

Hinshaw D.B.Jr, 1979: Venous occlusions of the cavernous area a complication of crushing fractures of the sphenoid bone

Ovcharenko K.I., 1985: Venous occlusive plethysmography in the diagnosis of thrombosis of deep veins of the lower extremities

Ito H., 1984: Venous occlusive radio nuclide plethysmography comparison with electrical admittance plethysmography

Berends E.R.J., 1986: Venous outflow measurement in the diagnosis of deep vein thrombosis principles and practice

Reed K., 1987: Venous oxygen pressure changes in cutaneous veins during regression of spinal anesthesia

Ward J.D., 1982: Venous oxygenation in the diabetic neuropathic foot evidence of arterio venous shunting?

Gruffaz J., 1986: Venous participation in lymphedema of the upper limb following radio surgical treatment of breast cancer

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900123

Topol M., 1986: Venous pattern of the left apical bronchopulmonary segment s6 of the human lower lobe

Conte L., 1985: Venous peritoneal shunt in the treatment of refractory ascites

Inokuchi K., 1980: Venous permeation of colo rectal carcinoma

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900127

Strect V., 1986: Venous plasma adrenaline response to orthostatic syncope during tilting in healthy men

Tominaga, S.; Murakami, M.; Kojima, S.; Suzuki, T.; Nakamura, T., 1976: Venous plasma cyclic amp in acute cerebro vascular disease

Brown M.J., 1981: Venous plasma histamine in exercise induced and hyper ventilation induced asthma in man

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900131

Enjalbert A., 1981: Venous plethysmography applied in pathologic conditions

Debry G., 1981: Venous plethysmography measuring techniques and normal values

Whelan E., 1987: Venous plethysmography values in patients with spinal cord injury

Rodbard, S.; Deliry, J. L.; Jaffe, P., 1976: Venous pressure and exercise tolerance

Landry R., 1984: Venous pressure in man during weightlessness

Doroshev V.G., 1986: Venous pressure in the jugular vein and the effectiveness of blood return to the right heart during 120 day antiorthostatic hypokinesia

Sommer E., 1983: Venous pressures in the alert rat effects of activity and single injections of catecholamines

Harris, D. W.; Swan, C. H. J.; Smith, P. R., 1978: Venous prostaglandin like activity in diarrheal states

Mcdonald J.C., 1985: Venous prosthetic valves the 1st step toward an investigation in the canine model

Jacobson, J. H. Ii ; Haimov, M., 1977: Venous re vascularization of the arm report of 3 cases

Goodlin R.C., 1986: Venous reactivity and pregnancy abnormalities

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900143

Sani G., 1984: Venous reconstruction using fresh arterial patch in experimental microsurgery

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900145

Rodeck G., 1985: Venous renal tumor extension a prospective ultrasound evaluation

Campbell G.R., 1986: Venous response to endothelial denudation

Burggren W.W., 1984: Venous return and cardiac filling in varanid lizards

Green J.F., 1984: Venous return and the pneumatic antishock garment in hypovolemic baboons

Pokorski M., 1982: Venous return as stimulus for respiration in rabbit

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900151

Belov Yu V., 1980: Venous return to dog heart in focal ischemia of the myo cardium and its effect on the degree of the ischemic lesions and the size of the ischemic area

Rindi G., 1986: Venous sac like aneurysm of the central nervous system

Gupta D.C., 1979: Venous segments in the goat capra hircus spleen

Gupta C.D., 1980: Venous segments in the human spleen

Gupta C.D., 1981: Venous segments in the spleens of buffalo and dog

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900157

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900158

Soares R., 1988: Venous skin flaps an experimental study and report of two clinical distal island flaps

Manukyan, L. A., 1976: Venous stasis and condition of the micro circulatory bed in the synovial membranes

Cuocolo R., 1987: Venous stasis and metabolic acidosis during laparoscopy

Ferraris P., 1987: Venous stasis and thrombosis research into local blood clotting in patients with venous pathologies in venous stasis conditions

Shafik, A.; Bedeir, G. A. M., 1980: Venous tension patterns in cord veins 1. in normal and varicocele individuals

Shafik, A., 1983: Venous tension patterns in cord veins 2. after varicocele correction

Soehnlein B., 1981: Venous thrombectomy technique and results

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900166

Warlow, C., 1978: Venous thrombo embolism after stroke

Roisenberg I., 1980: Venous thrombo embolism and abo blood groups in a brazilian population

Anderson R., 1981: Venous thrombo embolism and raised alpha 1 anti trypsin levels a possible causal relationship between excessive neutral protease inhibition and defective granulocyte induced fibrinolysis

Murley R., 1982: Venous thrombo embolism challenge and fulfillment?

Shigeoka J.W., 1981: Venous thrombo embolism in decompensated chronic obstructive pulmonary disease a prospective study

Printen, K. J.; Miller, E. V.; Mason, E. E.; Barnes, R. W., 1978: Venous thrombo embolism in the morbidly obese

Madden, J. L.; Hume, M., 1976: Venous thrombo embolism prevention and treatment

Daschbach M., 1982: Venous thrombo embolism prophylaxis a survey of its use in the usa

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900175

Conti S., 1980: Venous thrombo embolism prophylaxis in the surgical patient a regional survey

Vega Gomez M.E., 1987: Venous thromboembolic disease use of thermography for the diagnosis of deep venous thrombosis

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900178

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900179

Shapiro S., 1987: Venous thromboembolism in relation to oral contraceptive use

Hollmann J.P., 1988: Venous thrombolysis and venous angioplasty

Lundstrom N R., 1987: Venous thrombosis after cardiac catheterization in infants

Williams, J. W., 1975: Venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism

Peshock R.M., 1986: Venous thrombosis clinical and experimental magnetic resonance imaging

Meister W., 1979: Venous thrombosis during corticoid therapy in chronic obstructive lung diseases

Weinberg V.E., 1981: Venous thrombosis during multi modal treatment of primary breast carcinoma

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900187

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900188

De Torrente A., 1986: Venous thrombosis in central vein catheterization incidence and favoring factors

Mitchell J.R.A., 1983: Venous thrombosis in diabetes mellitus

Hamilton, H. W.; Crawford, J. S.; Gardiner, J. H.; Wiley, A. M., 1970: Venous thrombosis in patients with fracture of the upper end of the femur a phlebographic study of the effect of prophylactic anti coagulation

Barnes, R. W.; Kinkead, L. R.; Wu, K. K.; Hoak, J. C., 1976: Venous thrombosis in suspected pulmonary embolism incidence detectable by doppler ultrasound

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900193

Kessler M., 1987: Venous thrombosis upon subclavian vein catheterization for hemodialysis

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900195

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900196

Dipietro M.V., 1986: Venous ulcer in a sickle cell patient case report

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900198

Haram S., 1984: Venous ulcers of the leg

Nealeigh, R. C.; Miller, C. W.; Mcleod, F. D. Jr, 1976: Venous ultrasound catheter tip technique for evaluation of arterial hemodynamics

West R.F., 1988: Venous valve anatomy and morphometry studies on the duckling using vascular corrosion casting

Anderhuber F., 1984: Venous valves in the large branches of the superior vena cava

Ohlsson O., 1982: Venous volume and blood flow in hand at rest and during psychological stress in male relatives to hypertensive patients

Ohlsson O., 1984: Venous volume in offspring of hypertensive patients

Chang, T. S.; Han, L. Y.; Hwang, W. Y., 1985: Venous vs. lymphatic duct autotransplantation in the treatment of experimental lymphedema

Conklin D.J., 1980: Venous wall electrolytes and hexosamines in hypertensive rats

Drake K.L., 1987: Venovenous extracorporeal membrane oxygenation ecmo using a double lumen cannula

Bartlett R.H., 1985: Venovenous perfusion in extracorporeal membrane oxygenation for newborn respiratory insufficiency a clinical comparison with venoarterial perfusion

Gupta Y.C., 1981: Ventidius sushmae new species hemiptera gerridae from india

Bernstein M.H., 1987: Ventilated capsule measurements of cutaneous evaporation in mourning doves

Heise D., 1981: Ventilated lung volume in normals and patients with bronchial obstruction

Krukowski M., 1985: Ventilating operating rooms without humidifying them

Kveberg K.H., 1984: Ventilating tubes in the middle ear long term observations

Alavi A., 1988: Ventilation abnormalities associated with pulmonary embolism

Bennett A.F., 1981: Ventilation and acid base balance during graded activity in lizards

Jennings D.B., 1985: Ventilation and acid base balance in awake dogs exposed to heat and carbon dioxide

Sutherland, G. R.; Park, J.; Proudfoot, A. T., 1977: Ventilation and acid base changes in deep coma due to barbiturate or tri cyclic anti depressant poisoning

Glaser R.M., 1982: Ventilation and acid base equilibrium for upper body and lower body exercise

Samaniego F.C., 1981: Ventilation and acid base status during thermal panting in pigeons columba livia

Ruane D.J., 1986: Ventilation and air flow patterns in climate calf houses

Gilath, C., 1977: Ventilation and air pollution studies using radioactive tracers a critical review

Sullivan C.E., 1984: Ventilation and arousal responses to hypercapnia in normal sleeping humans

Sinha, N. P.; Dejours, P., 1980: Ventilation and blood acid base balance of the crayfish astacus leptodactylus as functions of water oxygenation 40 1500 torr

De Broe M.E., 1987: Ventilation and breathing patterns during hemodialysis induced carbon dioxide unloading

Guz A., 1988: Ventilation and breathlessness on maximal exercise in patients with interstitial lung disease after local anesthetic aerosol inhalation

Farhi L.E., 1985: Ventilation and carbon dioxide response during positive linear acceleration

Saunders K.B., 1986: Ventilation and cardiac output during the onset of exercise and during voluntary hyperventilation in humans

Marsh J., 1982: Ventilation and carotid chemo receptor discharge during venous carbon di oxide loading via the gut

Birchard G.F., 1983: Ventilation and cerebro spinal fluid ions during hypocapnic hydro chloric acid and nitric acid acidosis in conscious rabbits

Reeder R., 1983: Ventilation and cerebro spinal fluid ions during isocapnic hydro chloric acid and nitric acid acidosis in conscious rabbits

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900231

Wells J., 1986: Ventilation and circulation during exercise in octopus vulgaris

Mcmahon, B.; Sinclair, F.; Hassall, C. D.; Defur, P. L.; Wilkes, P. R. H. , 1978: Ventilation and control of acid base status during temperature acclimation in the crab cancer magister

Et Al, 1984: Ventilation and control of breathing during menstrual cycle in bronchial asthma

Gupta, S. P.; Pande, J. N.; Guleria, J. S., 1976: Ventilation and diffusion at rest and during exercise in normal subjects and in patients with chronic obstructive airways disease

Dolphin W.F., 1987: Ventilation and dive patterns of humpback whales megaptera novaeangliae on their alaskan usa feeding grounds

Sainsbury D.W.B., 1981: Ventilation and environment in relation to equine respiratory disease

Maloiy G.M.O., 1979: Ventilation and expired gas composition in the flamingo phoenicopterus ruber during normal respiration and panting

Hatch D.J., 1984: Ventilation and gas exchange during anesthesia and surgery in spontaneously breathing infants and children

Whipp B.J., 1979: Ventilation and gas exchange during phasic hind limb exercise in the dog

Prange H.D., 1979: Ventilation and gas exchange during rest and exercise in adult green sea turtles chelonia mydas

Mcnicholas, W. T.; Coffey, M.; Fitzgerald, M. X., 1986: Ventilation and gas exchange during sleep in patients with interstitial lung disease

Donnelly, P.; Woolcock, A. J., 1977: Ventilation and gas exchange in the carpet python morelia spilotes variegata

Gratz, R. K., 1978: Ventilation and gas exchange in the diamondback snake natrix rhombifera

Gallivan G.J., 1981: Ventilation and gas exchange in unrestrained harp seals phoca groenlandica

Hargis, J. R., 1976: Ventilation and metabolic rate of young rainbow trout salmo gairdneri exposed to sublethal environmental ph

Schlenker E.H., 1985: Ventilation and metabolism of the djungarian hamster phodopus sungorus and the albino mouse

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900249

Bucher T.L., 1985: Ventilation and oxygen consumption in amazona viridigenalis a reappraisal of resting respiratory parameters in birds

Clemens D.T., 1988: Ventilation and oxygen consumption in rosy finches and house finches at sea level and high altitude

Mcmahon B.R., 1980: Ventilation and oxygen consumption in the dungeness crab cancer magister

Banchero N., 1985: Ventilation and oxygen consumption in the guinea pig

Moller J.L., 1984: Ventilation and oxygen consumption in the hagfish myxine glutinosa

Starling L., 1982: Ventilation and oxygen consumption in the spotted stargazer genyagnus monopterygius

Wells R.M., 1982: Ventilation and oxygen extraction in an arenicolid polychaete

Van Riper H.J., 1984: Ventilation and oxygen extraction in the bat phyllostomus hastatus during rest and steady flight

Thomas S.P., 1981: Ventilation and oxygen extraction in the bat pteropus gouldii during rest and steady flight

Parkhomenko N.V., 1981: Ventilation and oxygen transport function of the blood during normobaric hyperoxia in lung diseases

Kristensen, E., 1983: Ventilation and oxygen uptake by 3 species of nereis annelida polychaeta 1. effects of hypoxia

Kristensen, E., 1983: Ventilation and oxygen uptake by 3 species of nereis annelida polychaeta 2. effects of temperature and salinity changes

Wells J., 1985: Ventilation and oxygen uptake by nautilus pompilius

Dempsey J.A., 1983: Ventilation and oxygenation changes during sleep in cystic fibrosis

Burggren W.W., 1986: Ventilation and partitioning of oxygen uptake in the frog rana pipiens effects of hypoxia and activity

Bindslev L., 1984: Ventilation and perfusion of each lung during differential ventilation with selective positive end expiratory pressure

Et Al, 1987: Ventilation and perfusion of patients with pneumoconiosis

Lipscomb, D. J.; Pride, N. B., 1977: Ventilation and perfusion scans in the pre operative assessment of bronchial carcinoma

Eriksson B.O., 1980: Ventilation and pulmonary gas exchange at rest and during exercise in boys with bronchial asthma

Bernstein, M. H., 1976: Ventilation and respiratory evaporation in the flying crow corvus ossifragus

Tchernigovtzeff C., 1984: Ventilation and respiratory gas exchanges of the lugworm arenicola marina as functions of ambient oxygen tension 20 700 torr

Szlyk P.C., 1985: Ventilation and respiratory pattern and timing in resting awake cats

Bolton, D. P. G.; Herman, S., 1974: Ventilation and sleep state in the new born

Finer, N. N.; Abroms, I. F.; Taeusch, H. W-Jr, 1976: Ventilation and sleep states in new born infants

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900275

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900276

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900277

West, J. B., 1977: Ventilation blood flow and gas exchange

Klug M.J., 1982: Ventilation by floating leaves in nuphar luteum

Chang H.K., 1983: Ventilation by high frequency chest wall compression in dogs with normal lungs

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Froese H.B., 1980: Ventilation by high frequency oscillation in humans

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900283

Chang H.K., 1984: Ventilation by high frequency oscillation of thorax or at trachea in rats

Cole, T. J.; Cotes, J. E.; Johnson, G. R.; De, V. Martin, H.; Reed, J. W.; Saunders, M. J., 1977: Ventilation cardiac frequency and pattern of breathing during exercise in men exposed to o chloro benzylidene malononitrile and ammonia gas in low concentrations

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Nenadic C.M., 1982: Ventilation design by micro computer

Mansell A.L., 1983: Ventilation distribution and density dependence of expiratory flow in asthmatic children

Scano G., 1985: Ventilation driving inequality during histamine induced bronchoconstriction in asymptomatic asthmatic patients

Nattie E.E., 1983: Ventilation during acute hydro chloric acid infusion in intact and chemo de nervated conscious rabbits

Wolff C.B., 1987: Ventilation during carbon dioxide loading in anesthetized women

Banner M.J., 1985: Ventilation during cardiopulmonary resuscitation 2 rescuer standards reappraised

Sivaneswaran N., 1985: Ventilation during cardiopulmonary resuscitation which method?

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900295

Hildebrandt J., 1981: Ventilation during prolonged hypercapnia in the rat

Wilson G.V., 1987: Ventilation during sleep onset

Lewis C.M., 1985: Ventilation during steady state exercise in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease a preliminary study

Metz, S.; Keats, A. S., 1985: Ventilation during transport of postoperative patients comparison of methods

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900300

Smolders, F. D. J.; Folgering, H. T.; Bernards, J. A., 1975: Ventilation estimated from efferent phrenic nerve activity in the paralyzed cat

Gillies D.M.M., 1982: Ventilation following induction of general anesthesia by thiopentone

Burton D.T., 1979: Ventilation frequency compensation responses of 3 eury thermal estuarine fish exposed to moderate temperature increases

Aganezov S.A., 1985: Ventilation function and x ray appearance of the lungs in progressive bronchial obstruction

Anderson R.A., 1986: Ventilation gas exchange and aerobic scope in a small monitor lizard varanus gilleni

Stinner J.N., 1982: Ventilation gas exchange and blood gases in the snake pituophis melanoleucus

Jahn J., 1986: Ventilation gas exchange and hemodynamics at rest and exercise

Prange, H. D.; Jackson, D. C., 1976: Ventilation gas exchange and metabolic scaling of a sea turtle

Brackenbury J.H., 1983: Ventilation gaseous exchange and air sac gases during moderate thermal panting in domestic fowl

Wheatly M.G., 1980: Ventilation heart rate and respiratory gas exchange in the crayfish austropotamobius pallipes submerged in normoxic water and following 3 hour exposure in air at 15 celsius

Section 7, Chapter 6901, Accession 006900311

Torizuka K., 1986: Ventilation imaging with positron emission tomography and nitrogen 13

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Pocidalo J.J., 1984: Ventilation in awake rats with permanent arterial catheters

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Smets P., 1979: Ventilation in dogs on cardio pulmonary bypass with and without lungs

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Nyholm K., 1979: Ventilation in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri with damaged gills

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Truchot J.P., 1983: Ventilation in the shore crab carcinus maenas as a function of ambient oxygen and carbon di oxide field and laboratory studies

Korhonen K., 1980: Ventilation in the subnivean tunnels of the voles microtus agrestis and microtus oeconomus

Kakitsuba N., 1987: Ventilation index of helicopter pilot suits

Yarochkin, V. S., 1976: Ventilation indices and blood gases in experimental transfusion of massive doses of homologous blood

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