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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6903

Chapter 6903 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Siegal T., 1985: Vertebral body resection for epidural compression by malignant tumors

Smith D., 1980: Vertebral body size in lumbar spinal canal stenosis

Cann C.C., 1988: Vertebral bone density in children effect of puberty

Camanni F., 1988: Vertebral bone density in non amenorrheic hyperprolactinemic women

Toft B., 1983: Vertebral bone loss an unheeded side effect of therapeutic bed rest

Suess C., 1987: Vertebral bone mineral analysis an integrated approach with ct

Shapiro J., 1985: Vertebral bone mineral content in osteogenesis imperfecta

Lindgren U., 1988: Vertebral bone mineral measurement using dual photon absorptiometry and computed tomography

Section 7, Chapter 6903, Accession 006902008

Resnick D., 1984: Vertebral burst fractures computed tomographic analysis of the retropulsed fragment

Bailey C.S., 1987: Vertebral canal and spinal cord mensuration a comparative study of its effect on lumbosacral myelography in the dachshund and german shepherd dog

Section 7, Chapter 6903, Accession 006902011

Mutz I., 1987: Vertebral changes as early feature of leukemia

Section 7, Chapter 6903, Accession 006902013

Abe M., 1983: Vertebral column and thorax of raccoon dog nyctereutes procyonoides viverrinus and red fox vulpes vulpes japonica

Muramoto S., 1981: Vertebral column damage and decrease of calcium concentration in fish exposed experimentally to cadmium

Schell M.J., 1988: Vertebral compression fracture as a presenting feature of acute lymphoblastic leukemia in children

Hirohata K., 1988: Vertebral compression fracture following segmental spinal instrumentation

Anton M.A., 1987: Vertebral compression fractures and mineral metabolism in chronic obstructive lung disease

Mccleneghan, K., 1976: Vertebral counts of some pacific morays family muraenidae

Section 7, Chapter 6903, Accession 006902020

Banks L.M., 1986: Vertebral ct scanning

Wells M.C., 1988: Vertebral cysticercosis a case report

Section 7, Chapter 6903, Accession 006902023

Larsson A., 1986: Vertebral deformities and physiological effects in fourhorn sculpin myoxocephalus quadricornis after long term exposure to a simulated heavy metal containing effluent

Cailliet R., 1982: Vertebral end plate changes with aging of human vertebrae

Pohl D., 1987: Vertebral erosions in patients undergoing maintenance hemodialysis for chronic renal failure

Stelzer L.Jr, 1979: Vertebral excision for kyphosis in children with myelo meningocele

Bohlke E.B., 1982: Vertebral formulae for type specimens of eels pisces anguilliformes

Lindholm T.C., 1987: Vertebral fusion dynamics in the thoracic and lumbar spine induced by allogenic demineralized bone matrix combined with autogenous bone marrow an experimental study in rabbits

Marsault C., 1985: Vertebral hemangioma computed tomographic and arteriographic features in 3 cases

Lins E., 1987: Vertebral hemangioma retrograde embolization stabilization with methyl methacrylate

Kelman I.E., 1987: Vertebral hemangiomas a report of 2 cases

Dengel F.H., 1987: Vertebral hemangiomas mr imaging

Poirier J., 1987: Vertebral hemangiomas presenting with neurologic symptoms

Merland J J., 1986: Vertebral hemangiomas radiologic evaluation

Gandolfi A., 1983: Vertebral histiocytosis x causing spinal cord compression

Simone F.J., 1984: Vertebral hyperemia associated with bone marrow insult and recovery

Pineda C., 1984: Vertebral involvement in calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate crystal deposition disease radiographic pathological correlation

Eldridge L., 1984: Vertebral location of cord segments innervating cat hind limb musculature

Takashima, F., 1978: Vertebral malformation in hatchery reared red sea bream chrysophrys major

Stanciu M., 1981: Vertebral metastases in mammary neoplasms

Genant H.K., 1988: Vertebral mineral determination by quantitative computed tomography qct accuracy of single and dual energy measurements

Resnick D., 1987: Vertebral mineral status assessment with single versus multi section ct

Bassano D.A., 1988: Vertebral mineralization after parathyroidectomy measurement by quantitative ct

Meeger C., 1988: Vertebral morphometry normative data

Houghton G.R., 1986: Vertebral motion measured using biplanar radiography before and after harrington rod removal for unstable thoracolumbar fractures of the spine

Ismagilov M.F., 1979: Vertebral nerve effect on some parameters of cerebral blood flow

Mcallister, D. E.; Aniskowicz, J., 1976: Vertebral number of north american sculpins of the myoxocephalus quadricornis complex

Templeman W., 1981: Vertebral numbers in atlantic cod gadus morhua of the newfoundland canada and adjacent areas 1947 1971 and their use for delineating cod stocks

Conrad, S. E.; Breivis, J.; Fried, M. A., 1978: Vertebral osteo myelitis caused by arachnia propionica and resembling actinomycosis

Vasile N., 1982: Vertebral osteo myelitis disc hypo density on computed tomography

Warren R.E., 1983: Vertebral osteo myelitis due to coccobacilli of the hb group

Bolivar, R.; Kohl, S.; Pickering, L. K., 1978: Vertebral osteo myelitis in children report of 4 cases

Allen, B. L-Jr ; Jinkins, W. J. Iii, 1978: Vertebral osteo necrosis associated with pancreatitis in a child

Achary D.M., 1988: Vertebral osteomyelitis after a closed fracture of the spine a case report

Modic, M. T.; Feiglin, D. H.; Piraino, D. W.; Boumphrey, F.; Weinstein, M. A.; Duchesneau, P. M.; Rehm, S., 1985: Vertebral osteomyelitis assessment using magnetic resonance

Strike D.G., 1987: Vertebral osteomyelitis due to staphylococcus warneri attributed to a hickman catheter

Boumphrey F.R.S., 1988: Vertebral osteomyelitis presenting as spinal compression fracture six patients with underlying osteoporosis

Yablon J.S., 1986: Vertebral osteomyelitis the surgical management of neurologic complications

Laffont J., 1988: Vertebral osteomyelitis value of percutaneous biopsy 30 cases

Muir H., 1980: Vertebral osteophyte formation in experimental disc degeneration morphological and proteo glycan changes over time

Johanson C., 1983: Vertebral pathology in the afar ethiopia australopithecines

King A.I., 1979: Vertebral response to laminectomy

Ball J., 1984: Vertebral rim lesions in the dorso lumbar spine

Stump, D.; Spock, A.; Grossman, H., 1976: Vertebral sarcoidosis in adolescents

Perlman, S. G.; Damergis, J.; Witorsch, P.; Cooney, F. D.; Gunther, S. F.; Barth, W. F., 1978: Vertebral sarcoidosis with paravertebral ossification

Mandell G.A., 1979: Vertebral scalloping in neuro fibromatosis

Zoffmann E., 1987: Vertebral trabecular bone comparison of single and dual energy ct measurements with chemical analysis

Resh, V. H.; White, D. S.; Elbert, S. A.; Jennings, D. E.; Krumholz, L. A., 1976: Vertebral variation in the emerald shiner notropis atherinoides from the ohio river usa an apparent contradiction to jordans rule

Dentry, W.; Lindsey, C. C., 1978: Vertebral variation in zebrafish brachydanio rerio related to the pre fertilization temperature history of their parents

Guerra J.Jr, 1985: Vertebral venous channels computed tomographic appearance and differential considerations

Graham, J. B.; Rosenblatt, R. H.; Gans, C., 1978: Vertebrate air breathing arose in fresh waters and not in the oceans

Wahli W., 1987: Vertebrate and nematode genes coding for yolk proteins are derived from a common ancestor

Obrtel R., 1986: Vertebrate casualties on a moravian road

Korn, H.; Faber, D. S., 1976: Vertebrate central nervous system same neurons mediate both electrical and chemical inhibitions

Cabot, M. C.; Faulkner, L. A.; Lackey, R. J.; Snyder, F., 1984: Vertebrate class distribution of 1 alkyl 2 acetyl sn glycero 3 phospho choline acetyl hydrolase ec in serum

Section 7, Chapter 6903, Accession 006902079

Section 7, Chapter 6903, Accession 006902080

Baluda M.A., 1981: Vertebrate dna species contain nucleotide sequences related to the transforming gene of avian myeloblastosis virus

Eakin, R. M., 1978: Vertebrate embryology a laboratory manual

Rice G.E., 1985: Vertebrate fauna along the marchagee track western australia

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Parker B.S., 1984: Vertebrate fauna of a 144 hectare water catchment within eucalypt forest being harvested for woodpulp at eden southeastern new south wales australia

Halford, D. K.; Millard, J. B., 1978: Vertebrate fauna of a radioactive leaching pond complex in southeastern idaho usa

Pynn B.R., 1982: Vertebrate fauna of late pennsylvanian rock lake shale near garnett kansas usa pelycosauria

Menkhorst P.W., 1979: Vertebrate fauna of south gippsland victoria australia

Wheeler J.R., 1979: Vertebrate fauna of the ballarat area victoria australia

Arthur W.J., 1986: Vertebrate fauna of the idaho national environmental research park usa

Carpenter K., 1979: Vertebrate fauna of the laramie formation maastrichtian weld county colorado usa

Turner S., 1986: Vertebrate fauna of the silverband formation grampians western victoria australia

Rawn Schatzinger V., 1982: Vertebrate faunas from the awash group middle awash valley afar ethiopia

Kraus M.J., 1981: Vertebrate fossil bearing paleosol units willwood formation lower eocene northwest wyoming usa implications for taphonomy bio stratigraphy and assemblage analysis

Pevear D.R., 1983: Vertebrate fossils from the chucknaut formation of northwest washington usa

Defeudis, F. V., 1978: Vertebrate gamma amino butyric acid receptors

Locke, M.; Huie, P., 1976: Vertebrate golgi complexes have beads in a similar position to those found in arthropods

Berdnikov V.A., 1983: Vertebrate histone h 1 and h 5 interrelations in evolution

Magnarelli L.A., 1980: Vertebrate host relationships and distribution of ixodid ticks acari ixodidae in connecticut usa

Rowley W.A., 1983: Vertebrate host specificity and experimental vectors of plasmodium kempi new species from the eastern wild turkey meleagris gallopavo silvestris in iowa usa

Cedillos R.A., 1983: Vertebrate hosts and vectors of trypanosoma rangeli in the amazon basin of brazil

Arpagaus M., 1987: Vertebrate insulin induces diapause termination in pieris brassicae pupae

Section 7, Chapter 6903, Accession 006902103

Kornfeld S., 1979: Vertebrate lectins comparison of properties of beta galactoside binding lectins from tissues of calf and chicken

Lane N.J., 1981: Vertebrate like tight junctions in the insect eye

Markov G.G., 1987: Vertebrate liver cytokeratins a comparative study

Stasiak R.H., 1979: Vertebrate mortality during the burning of a reestablished prairie in nebraska

Dubois M.P., 1979: Vertebrate neuro peptide like substances in the subesophageal ganglion of 2 insects locusta migratoria orthoptera and bombyx mori lepidoptera immuno cytological investigation

Gerstner, P. A., 1970: Vertebrate paleontology and early 19th century transatlantic science

Emslie S.D., 1988 : Vertebrate paleontology and taphonomy of caves in grand canyon arizona usa

Curtis G.H., 1986: Vertebrate paleontology geology and geochronology of the tapera de lopez and scarritt pocket chubut province argentina

Cox P.A., 1982: Vertebrate pollination and the maintenance of dioecism in freycinetia

Enoch, J. M., 1980: Vertebrate receptor optics and orientation

Porter J.K., 1979: Vertebrate remains from a stratified holocene deposit in skull cave western australia and a review of their significance

Montenat C., 1982: Vertebrate remains from the upper devonian of afghanistan

Valente A., 1981: Vertebrate remains in pellets of the barn owl tyto alba from planet downs station southwestern queensland australia

Kimura S., 1983: Vertebrate skin type i collagen comparison of bony fishes with lamprey and calf

Leitz F., 1982: Vertebrate tracks from the roethian of kronach trias northeastern bavaria west germany

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Kiviat, E., 1978: Vertebrate use of muskrat lodges and burrows

Mueller A.J., 1985: Vertebrate use of nontidal wetlands on galveston island texas usa

Klimstra W.D., 1986: Vertebrates and vegetation on a surface mined area in southern illinois usa

Pregill G.K., 1984: Vertebrates from archaeological sites on barbuda west indies

Moeller H., 1986: Vertebrates from the middle muschelkalk triassic of goettingen west germany

Lehman J P., 1981: Vertebrates from the tiguentourine formation permo carboniferous drainage basin of illizi algeria

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Knysh N.P., 1982: Vertebrates in the diet of the brown shrike

Fjeldsa J., 1983: Vertebrates of the junin area central peru

Section 7, Chapter 6903, Accession 006902134

Gold L.H.A., 1980: Vertebro basilar injuries following cervical manipulation

Laurian C., 1982: Vertebro basilar ischemia its relation to stenosis and occlusion of the vertebral artery

Laurian C., 1982: Vertebro basilar ischemia with thrombosis of the vertebral artery report of 2 cases with embolism

Marshall, L. F.; Bruce, D. A.; Bruno, L.; Langfitt, T. W., 1978: Vertebro basilar spasm a significant cause of neurological deficit in head injury

Gerosa M., 1981: Vertebro basilar transient ischemic attacks an unusual clinical manifestation of a cervical aneurysmal bone cyst

Bettaieb, A.; Khaldi, M.; Rhouma, T. B.; Touibi, S., 1978: Vertebro medullary echinococcosis clinical study of 32 cases

Istaith, A. R., 1975: Vertebro medullary topography and its post natal changes in the rat

Fasanaro A.M., 1984: Vertebrobasilar insufficiency report of 3 rare cases

Berry, M.; Sadler, M.; Flinn, R., 1986: Vertex analysis of neural tree structures containing trichotomous nodes

Flinn R., 1984: Vertex analysis of purkinje cell dendritic trees in the cerebellum of the rat

Broenkow W.W., 1987: Vertex carbon cycling in the northeast pacific

Bain R.P., 1987: Vertex corrected blood pressure in black girls relation to obesity glucose and cations

Scher A.T., 1981: Vertex impact and cervical dislocation in rugby players

Lolas, F.; Araya, A.; De-Andraca, I.; Pinto-Hamuy, T., 1976: Vertex slow potentials and classical reaction time task specificity and directional anticipatory factors

Leprun, J. C.; Blot, A., 1978: Vertic calcareous brown soils in eastern senegal

Sofronie C., 1979: Vertic salinized solonetz soil in the floodplain of the prut river romania

Chung C.C., 1985: Vertical abdominal fasciocutaneous flaps in the reconstruction of chest wall defects

Section 7, Chapter 6903, Accession 006902152

Shcherbak N.N., 1985: Vertical and biotopic distribution of eirenis spp serpentes colubridae in soviet kopet dag

Yang M S., 1987: Vertical and cohort life tables for needles of norway spruce from northern sweden

Johnson W.R., 1979: Vertical and cross shelf flow in the coastal upwelling region off oregon usa

Gonzalez Oliver R., 1984: Vertical and dynamic distribution of the abundance and biomass of diplopoda in soils of forest ecosystems of the sierra del rosario cuba

Handa N., 1982: Vertical and horizontal changes in fatty acid composition of particulate matter in the pacific sector of the southern ocean

Johnston H.W., 1984: Vertical and horizontal distribution of conidia of pyrenophora teres in barley hordeum vulgare fields

Leis J.M., 1986: Vertical and horizontal distribution of fish larvae near coral reefs at lizard island great barrier reef australia

Platt, H. M., 1977: Vertical and horizontal distribution of free living marine nematodes from strangford lough northern ireland

Dye A.H., 1983: Vertical and horizontal distribution of meio fauna in mangrove sediments in transkei southern africa

Hure J., 1982: Vertical and horizontal distribution of oceanic copepods in the adriatic sea

Bhatti D.S., 1982: Vertical and horizontal distribution of phyto nematodes associated with citrus

Mclachlan, A.; Winter, P. E. D.; Botha, L., 1977: Vertical and horizontal distribution of sublittoral meio fauna in algoa bay south africa

Foda M.E., 1982: Vertical and horizontal distribution of the egyptian cotton leafworm spodoptera littoralis egg masses in cotton fields in egypt

Longhurst A.R., 1981: Vertical and horizontal distribution patterns of copepods near the shelf break south of nova scotia canada

Engel, S.; Magnuson, J. J., 1976: Vertical and horizontal distributions of coho salmon oncorhynchus kisutch yellow perch perca flavescens and cisco coregonus artedii in pallette lake wisconsin usa

Treguer P., 1987: Vertical and horizontal distributions of copper manganese and cadmium in the indian sector of the antarctic ocean

Kishida T., 1988: Vertical and horizontal distributions of eggs and larvae of japanese spanish mackerel in the central waters of the seto inland sea japan

Okulova, N. M., 1978: Vertical and horizontal movement of ixodid ticks in forest conditions in relation to air temperature and humidity

Singh Z., 1984: Vertical and horizontal movement of phorate and its metabolites in field soil under cropped and uncropped conditions

Stebbins W., 1982: Vertical and horizontal sound localization in primates

Corazza R., 1987: Vertical and horizontal visual whole field motion differently affect the metabolic activity of the rat medial terminal nucleus

Fox R.C., 1981: Vertical and lateral distribution of cinara spp and essigella pini on loblolly pine pinus taeda

Williams, D. F.; Rogers, A. J., 1976: Vertical and lateral distribution of stable flies in northwestern florida usa

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Chung C.S., 1988: Vertical and radial motions of the body during the take off phase of high jumping

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Edman J.D., 1981: Vertical and temporal flight activity of the mosquito culiseta melanura diptera culicidae in southeastern massachusetts usa

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Regidor J., 1987: Vertical ascending connections in the isocortex

Snyder R.S., 1983: Vertical ascending electrophoresis of cells with a minimal stabilizing medium

Demski L.S., 1980: Vertical banding evoked by electrical stimulation of the brain in anesthetized green sunfish lepomis cyanellus and bluegills lepomis macrochirus

Khasanov F.O., 1987: Vertical belts in the vegetative cover of the kugitang mountain range south west pamiro alai tadzhik ssr ussr

Rogers, G. E., 1976: Vertical burrowing and survival of sphaeriid clams under added substrates in pool 19 mississippi river iowa usa

Oonishi Y., 1986: Vertical circulation and formation of anoxic layer case study at dredged area in southern basin of lake biwa japan

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Ganslosser U., 1980: Vertical climbing in some species of tree kangaroos dendrolagus marsupialia

Ganslosser, U., 1981: Vertical climbing in some tree kangaroos dendrolagus spp 2. temporal and spatial sequence during vertical climbing

Bell W.J., 1986: Vertical community structure and resource utilization in neotropical forest cockroaches

Cardea J.A., 1981: Vertical deceleration injuries

Section 7, Chapter 6903, Accession 006902202

Robarts, R. D.; Ward, P. R. B., 1978: Vertical diffusion and nutrient transport in a tropical lake lake mcilwaine rhodesia

Field S.D., 1983: Vertical diffusivity in the stratified layers of the mixolimnion of green lake jamesville new york usa

Section 7, Chapter 6903, Accession 006902205

Westheimer, G., 1978: Vertical disparity detection is there an induced size effect

Parzdny K., 1987: Vertical disparity nulling in random dot stereograms

Prazdny K., 1985: Vertical disparity tolerance in random dot stereograms

Arbogast R.T., 1979: Vertical dispersion and control efficacy of the predator xylocoris flavipes hemiptera heteroptera anthocoridae in farmers stock peanuts

Cone W.W., 1985: Vertical dispersion of two spotted spider mites tetranychus urticae on hops humulus lupulus throughout the growing season

Borochov, H.; Shinitzky, M., 1976: Vertical displacement of membrane proteins mediated by changes in micro viscosity

Kiefel S.M., 1988: Vertical displacement threshold sensitivity along the horizontal meridian as a function of stimulus rate duration and length

Kishimoto T., 1985: Vertical displacements of soil compacted under wheels

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Section 7, Chapter 6903, Accession 006902222

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Suzuki S., 1982: Vertical distribution and feeding of a flounder paralichthys olivaceus larva

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Section 7, Chapter 6903, Accession 006902241

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Section 7, Chapter 6903, Accession 006902243

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Section 7, Chapter 6903, Accession 006902246

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Vardavakis E., 1986: Vertical distribution and seasonal fluctuations of cellulolytic fungi in a typic calcixeroll soil in greece

Section 7, Chapter 6903, Accession 006902251

Yates M.M., 1988: Vertical distribution and species coexistence of tree hole mosquitoes in louisiana usa

Fukuichi M., 1987: Vertical distribution and standing stocks of chlorophyll a in the coastal waters of the antarctic ocean

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Elmgren R., 1987: Vertical distribution in the sediment in the co occurring benthic amphipods pontoporeia affinis and pontoporeia femorata

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Rohrer W., 1981: Vertical distribution of adult mosquitoes diptera culicidae in a northern deciduous forest in indiana usa

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Roger P.A., 1981: Vertical distribution of algae and of acetylene reducing activity in an algal mat

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Morrison, D. J., 1976: Vertical distribution of armillaria mellea rhizomorphs in soil

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Torii T., 1987: Vertical distribution of bacterial cell size and biomass in lake vanda an antarctic lake

Section 7, Chapter 6903, Accession 006902277

Clavier J., 1984: Vertical distribution of benthic macrofauna in an irretrievable fine sediment

Section 7, Chapter 6903, Accession 006902279

Section 7, Chapter 6903, Accession 006902280

Murano, M.; Marumo, R.; Nemoto, T.; Aizawa, Y., 1976: Vertical distribution of biomass of plankton and micro nekton in the kuroshio water off central japan

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Section 7, Chapter 6903, Accession 006902289

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Section 7, Chapter 6903, Accession 006902657

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Section 7, Chapter 6903, Accession 006902761

Section 7, Chapter 6903, Accession 006902762

Section 7, Chapter 6903, Accession 006902763

Section 7, Chapter 6903, Accession 006902764

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Section 7, Chapter 6903, Accession 006902818

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Section 7, Chapter 6903, Accession 006902856

Section 7, Chapter 6903, Accession 006902857

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Section 7, Chapter 6903, Accession 006902884

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