Vesicular arbuscular mycorrhiza and soil fertility influence mineral concentrations in seedlings of 8 hardwood species

Schultz, R.C.; Kormanik, P.P.

Canadian Journal of Forest Research 12(4): 829-834


ISSN/ISBN: 0045-5067
Accession: 006903039

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Eight hardwood species [Acer negundo, A. rubrum, A. saccharum, Fraxinus pennsylvanica, Juglans nigra, Liquidambar styraciflua, Platanus occidentalis and Prunus serotina] were grown under 2 sets of fertilizer and vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhize (VAM) treatments. In the 1st study 3 treatments of 140, 560 and 1120 kg/ha of 10-10-10 (% N, P2O5 and K2O, respectively) fertilizer were added to fumigated soil with or without a mixture of Glomus mosseae Nicol. and Gerd. and G. etunicatus Becker and Gerd. (GM). In the 2nd study, seedlings were grown with VAM treatments of the same Glomus (GM) mixture as in study 1, G. fasiculatus (Thaxter) Gerd. and Trappe (GF), or mixed cultures of several Glomus and Gigaspora spp. (GG). A fertilizer treatment of 280 kg/ha of 10-10-10 was added to all seedlings. All treatments, in both studies, also received 10 equal applications of NH4NO3, totaling 1680 kg/ha, during the growing season. No single nutrient was consistently higher in nonmycorrhizal or VAM seedlings in either study and no symbiont produced consistently high concentrations of all nutrients in all species. Uninoculated seedlings frequently had higher N, K, Ca and Mg concentrations than VAM seedlings. Inoculated seedlings generally had higher total P concentrations than uninoculated seedlings. For uninoculated seedlings of 5 of the species, P concentrations increased with higher fertility levels. Seedlings inoculated with GM and GG had higher P concentrations than those inoculated with GF. In numerous instances, uninoculated seedlings had higher mineral concentrations than VAM seedlings even though the uninoculated seedlings were always the smallest. VAM apparently provides stimulation other than or in addition to the enhanced nutrient uptake.