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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6906

Chapter 6906 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Launiala K., 1986: Viral findings in children under the age of two years with expiratory difficulties

Section 7, Chapter 6906, Accession 006905001

Dina, D.; Penhoet, E. E., 1978: Viral gene expression in murine sarcoma virus murine leukemia virus infected cells

Basilico C., 1981: Viral gene expression in polyoma virus transformed rat cells and their cured revertants

Lewis A.M.Jr, 1988: Viral gene inhibition of class i major histocompatibility antigen expression not a general mechanism governing the tumorigenicity of adenovirus type 2 adenovirus type 12 and sv 40 transformed syrian hamster cells

Esche H., 1982: Viral gene products in adenovirus type 2 transformed hamster cells

Aaronson, S. A.; Barbacid, M., 1980: Viral genes involved in leukemogenesis 1. generation of recombinants between oncogenic and nononcogenic mouse type c viruses in tissue culture

Agorreta, M. A., 1978: Viral genesis and milk secretion in the mammary gland of c 3h he rats with and without tumor implants

Salzberg S., 1979: Viral genome rna serves as messenger early in the infectious cycle of murine leukemia virus

Holland J.J., 1980: Viral genome synthesis in bhk 21 cells persistently infected with sendai virus

Warren G., 1983: Viral glyco proteins at different stages of intra cellular transport can be distinguished using mono clonal antibodies

Sabatini D.D., 1984: Viral glyco proteins destined for apical or basolateral plasma membrane domains traverse the same golgi apparatus during their intra cellular transport in doubly infected madin darby canine kidney cells

Larsen C.J., 1980: Viral glyco proteins synthesis of friend cell lines producing polycythemic fv p and anemic fv a friend viruses

Namiki, M.; Takayama, H.; Fujiwara, K., 1977: Viral growth in splenic megakaryocytes of mice experimentally infected with mouse hepatitis virus type 2

Fassolitis A.C., 1979: Viral heat resistance and infectious rna

Mccormick J.B., 1988: Viral hemorrhagic fever antibodies in nigerian populations

Bowen, E. T. W.; Platt, G. S.; Lloyd, G.; Baskerville, A.; Harris, W. J.; Vella, E. E., 1977: Viral hemorrhagic fever in southern sudan and northern zaire preliminary studies on the etiological agent

Et Al, 1983: Viral hemorrhagic fever surveillance in kenya 1980 1981

Ivanidze E.A., 1981: Viral hemorrhagic fevers

Simpson, D. I. H., 1978: Viral hemorrhagic fevers of man

Ord, W. M.; Le-Berre, M.; De-Kinkelin, P., 1976: Viral hemorrhagic septicemia comparative susceptibility of rainbow trout salmo gairdneri and hybrids salmo gairdneri x oncorhynchus kisutch to experimental infection

De Kinkelin P., 1985: Viral hemorrhagic septicemia in rainbow trout attempt to relate interferon production antibody synthesis and structure of the virus with the mechanism of virulence

Bearzotti Le Berre M., 1983: Viral hemorrhagic septicemia of rainbow trout relation between the g poly peptide and antibody production in protection of the fish after infection with the f 25 attenuated variant

Bernard J., 1980: Viral hemorrhagic septicemia of rainbow trout salmo gairdneri selection of a thermo resistant virus variant and comparison of poly peptide synthesis with the wild type virus strain

Meier W., 1985: Viral hemorrhagic septicemia susceptibility of pike esox lucius and its epizootiological role

Ichinoe A., 1981: Viral hepatic diseases and microsomal aryl amidase activity in liver tissue

Conrad, M. E.; Knodell, R. G., 1975: Viral hepatitis 1975

Boughton, C. R.; Hawkes, R. A.; Schroeter, D. R.; Ferguson, V.; Lehmann, N. I.; Harlor, J.; Watson, V.; Cumpston, M., 1982: Viral hepatitis a 4 year hospital and general practice study in sydney australia 1. epidemiological features natural history and laboratory findings

Boughton, C. R.; Hawkes, R. A.; Ferguson, V., 1980: Viral hepatitis a and b a sero epidemiological study of a nonhepatic sydney australia population

Et Al, 1984: Viral hepatitis a and viral hepatitis b in anthropoid apes of the moscow zoo russian sfsr ussr

Korzaya L.I., 1988: Viral hepatitis a in lower old world monkeys possibility to use a model for vaccine testing

Ilstrup D.M., 1987: Viral hepatitis a population based study in rochester minnesota usa 1971 1980

Bradley, S. E., 1978: Viral hepatitis a triumphant triennial

Anan'ev, V. A.; Stakhanova, V. M.; Zhdanov, V. M., 1977: Viral hepatitis advances prospects doubts and problems

Scheutz F., 1985: Viral hepatitis among danish oral surgeons

Stanova V., 1985: Viral hepatitis among health workers in slovakia czechoslovakia

Mark I., 1983: Viral hepatitis among parenteral drug addicts attending a danish addiction clinic

Section 7, Chapter 6906, Accession 006905037

Speed B.R., 1979: Viral hepatitis and intra hepatic cholestasis of pregnancy

Mel'nik G.V., 1985: Viral hepatitis and lambliasis

Fuks B.B., 1984: Viral hepatitis and normal killers

Merger, C.; Chadeyron, P. A.; Levy, J., 1977: Viral hepatitis and pregnancy

Boughton, C. R.; Hawkes, R. A., 1980: Viral hepatitis and the drug cult a brief socio epidemiological study in sydney australia

Stevens J.A., 1987: Viral hepatitis as a major cause of maternal mortality in addis ababa ethiopia

Sedlacek V., 1981: Viral hepatitis as a nosocomial infection

Stradtmann H., 1986: Viral hepatitis as a nosocomial infection at the dialysis center a current 5 year study

Wiese M., 1985: Viral hepatitis as an occupational disease a current 2 year analysis

Maestre Sanchez A., 1985: Viral hepatitis as professional disease in the hospital health personnel health and economic importance

Caraway C.T., 1979: Viral hepatitis associated with day care centers

Tanzi P., 1984: Viral hepatitis b and breast feeding

Section 7, Chapter 6906, Accession 006905050

Bassan H.M., 1982: Viral hepatitis during pregnancy in israel

Rakela, J.; Nugent, E.; Mosley, J. W., 1977: Viral hepatitis enzyme assays and serologic procedures in the study of an epidemic

Stolle D., 1982: Viral hepatitis in a clinical department for mentally retarded children and adolescents

Faber V., 1980: Viral hepatitis in a venereal clinic population relation to certain risk factors

Christie A.B., 1983: Viral hepatitis in children a study in libya

Gerin J.L., 1985: Viral hepatitis in colombia a study of the hepatitis of the sierra nevada de santa marta

Kryger P., 1982: Viral hepatitis in danish children disappearance of an infection from its previous reservoir

Skinhoj P., 1980: Viral hepatitis in danish clinical chemical laboratories 1968 1978 incidence rates etiology and risk factors

Soeby M., 1981: Viral hepatitis in danish health care personnel 1974 1978

Dutta M., 1984: Viral hepatitis in delhi india during 1980 and 1981 an epidemiological evaluation

Aas E., 1980: Viral hepatitis in dentists in norway

Tosi P., 1984: Viral hepatitis in drug addicts anatomo clinical correlations

Goudemand M., 1981: Viral hepatitis in hemophilia study of serological and biological markers in 157 patients

Leal Y.M., 1985: Viral hepatitis in hemophiliac patients treated with commercial concentrates of factor viii and factor ix

Section 7, Chapter 6906, Accession 006905065

Iversen S.B., 1979: Viral hepatitis in oral surgery and periodontics in norway

Et Al, 1979: Viral hepatitis in patients on maintenance hemo dialysis clinical features problems of epidemiology and nosology

Mathiesen L., 1981: Viral hepatitis in southeast asian refugees

Milne A., 1980: Viral hepatitis in the eastern bay of plenty new zealand

Witkowski M., 1980: Viral hepatitis in the personnel of a teaching hospital department of maxillo facial surgery

Papaevangelou, G.; Mosley, J. W.; Kyriakidou, A.; Edwards, V. M., 1978: Viral hepatitis lack of transmission in an athenian school

Mitchell R., 1980: Viral hepatitis markers in blood donors and patients with a history of jaundice

Parande C.M., 1986: Viral hepatitis markers in patients on hemodialysis in a hyperendemic area

Et Al, 1980: Viral hepatitis markers in soviet and american blood donors

Chandanayingyong D., 1984: Viral hepatitis markers in thai blood donors

Dienstag J.L., 1980: Viral hepatitis occupational hazard for anesthetists

Capra-Marzani, P.; Montalenti, P. F.; Bargero, G., 1978: Viral hepatitis on the plains and in the hills

Heiberg D., 1986: Viral hepatitis risk in urban emergency medical services personnel

Gerety, R. J.; Schweitzer, I. L., 1977: Viral hepatitis type b during pregnancy the neo natal period and infancy

Brooks, B. R., 1977: Viral hepatitis type b presenting with seizure

Deinhardt F., 1979: Viral hepatitis type b studies on natural history and prevention reexamined

Sidi, Y.; Aderka, D.; Brok-Simoni, F.; Benjamin, D.; Ramot, B.; Pinkhas, J., 1980: Viral hepatitis with extreme hyper bilirubinemia massive hemolysis and encephalopathy in a patient with a new glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase variant

Section 7, Chapter 6906, Accession 006905083

Section 7, Chapter 6906, Accession 006905084

Section 7, Chapter 6906, Accession 006905085

Ordonez, N. G.; Panem, S.; Aronson, A.; Dalton, H.; Katz, A. I.; Spargo, B. H.; Kirsten, W. H., 1977: Viral immune complexes in systemic lupus erythematosus c type viral complex deposition at extrarenal sites

Panem, S.; Ordonez, N. G.; Dalton, H.; Soltani, K., 1978: Viral immune complexes in systemic lupus erythematosus c type viral complex deposition in skin

Panem, S.; Ordonez, N. G.; Katz, A. I.; Spargo, B. H.; Kirsten, W. H., 1978: Viral immune complexes in systemic lupus erythematosus specificity of c type viral complexes

Thompson E.J., 1984: Viral immunoblotting a sensitive method for detecting viral specific oligoclonal bands in unconcentrated cerebrospinal fluid

Orvell C., 1986: Viral immunoglobulin m and immunoglobulin g antibody synthesis within the central nervous system in mumps meningitis

Goudemand M., 1987: Viral inactivation in plasma fractions for therapeutic use

Katz, J. S.; Chalon, J.; Turndorf, H., 1976: Viral inclusion bodies in tracheo bronchial epithelium of asymptomatic subjects

Costa J.A., 1981: Viral inclusions in focal epithelial hyperplasia synonymy hecks disease soneira fonseca heck disease

Sanger, V. L.; Bicknell, E. J.; Trapp, A. L.; Roege, E.; Roberts, W.; Langham, R. F., 1978: Viral inclusions in raccoon liver cells

Wyde, P. R.; Olson, G. B., 1975: Viral induced alteration of the anti t 4d bacterio phage responses in mice

Ram, G. C.; Jain, N. C.; Sharma, V. K., 1978: Viral induced cytopathic effect and release of lysosomal enzyme

Green J.A., 1981: Viral induced leukocyte interferon in vesicle fluid from lesions of recurrent herpes labialis

Section 7, Chapter 6906, Accession 006905098

Vasil'eva V.I., 1981: Viral infection and anti viral immunity in patients suffering from mucoviscidosis

Hara M., 1988: Viral infection and the inner ear

Matushkin Yu G., 1987: Viral infection as a factor in the progressive divergence of the immune system in the course of evolution

Hamilton, J. D.; Shelburne, J.; Lang, D. J.; Amos, D. B.; Cheung, K. S.; Fitzwilliam, J. F., 1978: Viral infection homo graft interactions in a murine model

Dolder H., 1980: Viral infection in blood sucking hemipterans

Corbitt G., 1985: Viral infection in childhood leukemia

Kawai, A.; Kimoto, T.; Oishi, I.; Yamada, T.; Kunita, N., 1968: Viral infection of cynomolgus macaque macaca irus survey of anti viral antibodies in 178 sera

Wainberg M.A., 1988: Viral infection of human fetal islets of langerhans replications of human cytomegalovirus in cultured human fetal pancreatic islets

Oldstone M.B.A., 1988: Viral infection of neurons can depress neurotransmitter messenger rna levels without histologic injury

Hryshanovich A.K., 1980: Viral infection of potato plants depending on their location within a potato field

Ang B., 1981: Viral infection of the symbiotic chlorella like alga present in hydra viridis

Voiculescu C., 1985: Viral infection of the vagina

Cines D.B., 1985: Viral infection of vascular endothelial cells alters production of colony stimulating activity

Carrasco L., 1980: Viral infection permeabilizes mammalian cells to protein toxins

Meyer, F. P.; Walther, H.; Doehner, L., 1975: Viral infections and agents with anti viral properties

Section 7, Chapter 6906, Accession 006905114

Perelmutter, L.; Phipps, P.; Potvin, L., 1978: Viral infections and immuno globulin e levels

Small J.V., 1979: Viral infections and immuno globulin m auto antibodies to cytoplasmic intermediate filaments

Goverdhan M.K., 1979: Viral infections in laboratory personnel

Plotkin S.A., 1988: Viral infections in pediatric bone marrow transplant patients

Macmillan B.G., 1981: Viral infections in pediatric burn patients

Balfour, H. H-Jr ; Slade, M. S.; Kalis, J. M.; Howard, R. J.; Simmons, R. L.; Najarian, J. S., 1977: Viral infections in renal transplant donors and their recipients a prospective study

Armstrong, J. A.; Evans, A. S.; Rao, N.; Ho, M., 1976: Viral infections in renal transplant recipients

Section 7, Chapter 6906, Accession 006905123

Rodriguez, A. R.; Kalter, S. S.; Heberling, R. L.; Helmke, R. J.; Guajardo, J. E., 1977: Viral infections of the captive kenya baboon papio cynocephalus a 5 year epidemiologic study of an outdoor colony

Valentin A., 1986: Viral infections of the cervix and vagina at our early cancer diagnosis center

Halvorsen K., 1983: Viral infections of the respiratory tract in hospitalized children a study from oslo norway during a 90 month period

Esser K., 1986: Viral influences on aflatoxin formation by aspergillus flavus

Berebbi, M.; Meyer, G.; Loche, M.; Cramer, R., 1977: Viral inhibiting factor in polyoma transformed cells part 1 evidence from cell fusion

Wainberg, M. A.; Israel, E., 1980: Viral inhibition of lymphocyte mitogenesis 1. evidence for the nonspecificity of the effect

Margolese R.G., 1983: Viral inhibition of lymphocyte mitogenesis interference with the synthesis of functionally active t cell growth factor activity and reversal of inhibition by the addition of same

Wainberg M.A., 1981: Viral inhibition of lymphocyte mitogenesis the role of macrophages as primary targets of virus cell interaction

Mendelson J., 1985: Viral inhibition of lymphocyte proliferative responsiveness in patients suffering from recurrent lesions caused by herpes simplex virus

Landy, A.; Ross, W., 1977: Viral integration and excision structure of the phage lambda att sites

Hopkins N., 1984: Viral integration near c myc in 10 20 percent of mink cell focus forming virus 247 induced akr lymphomas

Dianzani, F., 1975: Viral interference and interferon

Sekellick, M. J.; Marcus, P. I., 1980: Viral interference by defective particles of vesicular stomatitis virus measured in individual cells

Kaerner H.C., 1982: Viral interference of herpes simplex virus 1 properties of the intra cellular viral progeny dna

Richmond J.Y., 1979: Viral interference phenomena induced by foot and mouth disease temperature sensitive mutants in bovine kidney cells

Fritsches H.G., 1987: Viral involvement in cervical pathology

Pisareva T.N., 1982: Viral involvements of the appendix

Feorino, P. M.; Hierholzer, J. C.; Norton, W. L., 1970: Viral isolation studies of inclusion positive biopsy from human connective tissue diseases

Hughes, J. H.; Mann, D. R.; Hamparian, V. V., 1986: Viral isolation vs. immune staining of infected cell cultures for the laboratory diagnosis of herpes simplex virus infections

Liao Y Z., 1983: Viral isolations and serological survey on common cold and chronic bronchitis in kunming china 1972 1975

Pampana C., 1987: Viral isolations from surface waters and the effluent of a purification plant a one year study

Bleeker, J. D.; Edens, E. T., 1977: Viral lesions of the respiratory tract compared to iatrogenic trauma

Delahunta A., 1980: Viral leuko encephalo myelitis and swayback in goats

Adeyanju J.B., 1985: Viral like particles associated with naturally occurring transmissible venereal tumor in two dogs preliminary report

Spencer J.L., 1985: Viral matrix inclusion bodies in myocardium of lymphoid leukosis virus infected chickens

Ghosh H.P., 1983: Viral membrane glyco proteins comparison of the amino terminal amino acid sequences of the precursor and mature glyco proteins of 3 serotypes of vesicular stomatitis virus

Section 7, Chapter 6906, Accession 006905151

Fritzsche S., 1986: Viral meningitis and encephalitis

Peters, A. C. B.; Versteeg, J.; Lindeman, J.; Bots, G. T. A. M., 1978: Viral meningo encephalitis and head injury

Candelario Gonzalez J., 1987: Viral meningoencephalitis in 3 municipalities of the city of havana province cuba during 1983

Mathews M.B., 1981: Viral messenger rna in 6 lines of adenovirus transformed cells

De-Ferra, F.; Baglioni, C., 1981: Viral messenger rna unmethylated in the 5' terminal guanosine in interferon treated hela cells infected with vesicular stomatitis virus

Marchin, G. L.; Comer, M. M.; Neidhardt, F. C., 1972: Viral modification of the valyl transfer rna synthetase ec of escherichia coli

Rettenmier, C. W.; Hemphill, H. E., 1975: Viral mutation affecting bacterio phage phi 1 development in bacillus subtilis strain 168

Lowenberg, A.; Orie, N. G. M., 1976: Viral mycoplasma and bacterial infections in nurses with symptoms of respiratory diseases

Sovrea D., 1981: Viral myo carditis clinical electro cardiographic and evolutional diversity

Farber, P. A.; Glasgow, L. A., 1970: Viral myo carditis during pregnancy encephalomyocarditis virus infection in mice

Gueron M., 1986: Viral myocarditis simulating dilated cardiomyopathy in early childhood evaluation by serial echocardiography

Coldea A., 1987: Viral myocarditis with an immunologic mechanism in children

Appy, R. G.; Burt, M. D. B.; Morris, T. J., 1976: Viral nature of piscine erythrocytic necrosis in the blood of atlantic cod gadus morhua

Kunz C., 1988: Viral nucleic acid in the serum of hepatitis b patients

Flint, S. J.; Sambrook, J.; Williams, J. F.; Sharp, P. A., 1976: Viral nucleic acid sequences in transformed cells part 4 a study of the sequences of adenovirus 5 dna and rna in 4 lines of adenovirus 5 transformed rodent cells using specific fragments of the viral genome

Molnar Kimber K.L., 1983: Viral nucleic acid synthesis and antigen accumulation in pancreas and kidney of pekin ducks infected with duck hepatitis b virus

Wagner E.K., 1979: Viral nucleic acid synthesis in herpes simplex virus infected neural cells

Karamucheva L., 1984: Viral nucleic acids in cells of turkey poults infected with virus strain mc 29

Zlateva M., 1984: Viral nucleic acids in cells of turkey poults infected with virus strain mc 31

Johnson T.C., 1980: Viral nucleo capsid melting to measure protein rna interactions

Hines D.L., 1988: Viral oncogene expression during differentiation of abelson virus infected murine promonocytic leukemia cells

Zhdanov, V. M.; Al'tshtein, A. D., 1978: Viral oncogenes and carcinogenesis

Valladares, Y., 1976: Viral oncogenesis and reverse transcription

Cassel, W. A.; Murray, D. R.; Torbin, A. H.; Olkowski, Z. L.; Moore, M. E., 1977: Viral oncolysate in the management of malignant melanoma part 1 preparation of the oncolysate and measurement of immunologic responses

Murray, D. R.; Cassel, W. A.; Torbin, A. H.; Olkowski, Z. L.; Moore, M. E., 1977: Viral oncolysate in the management of malignant melanoma part 2 clinical studies

Carsetti R., 1988: Viral oncolysates in patients with advanced ovarian cancer

Klein P.A., 1987: Viral oncolysis in the a2g mouse revisited monoclonal antibody mediated tumor rejection

Durkin J.P., 1987: Viral p21 ki ras protein a potent intracellular mitogen that stimulates adenylate cyclase activity in early g 1 phase of cultured rat cells

Della-Torre, G.; Pilotti, S.; De-Palo, G.; Rilke, F., 1978: Viral particles in cervical condylomatous lesions

Pacini, E.; Cresti, M., 1977: Viral particles in developing pollen grains of olea europaea

Mihaescu G., 1981: Viral particles in the hepatocytes of rana esculenta

Section 7, Chapter 6906, Accession 006905183

Parker R.H., 1979: Viral peri carditis in patients receiving hemo dialysis

Liess B., 1988: Viral persistence a key phenomenon of the bvd virus infection

Umanskii, K. G., 1977: Viral persistence as an immunity factor and the pathology of persistence

Saito, K.; Koizumi, F.; Sumiyoshi, Y., 1977: Viral placentitis a case report

Bobyr', A. D., 1978: Viral plant diseases and the search for effective measures for their control

Bazin C., 1984: Viral pneumonia in adults 43 cases

Zaga V., 1981: Viral pneumonitis observations on 91 young soldiers

Section 7, Chapter 6906, Accession 006905191

Section 7, Chapter 6906, Accession 006905192

Ionescu N., 1983: Viral pollution of some artificial reservoirs in romania

Sattar, S. A.; Westwood, J. C. N., 1978: Viral pollution of surface waters due to chlorinated primary effluents

Ionescu N., 1983: Viral pollution of the arges as compared with that of other rivers in romania

Uetake H., 1984: Viral pollution of the rivers in toyama city japan

Kos, K. A.; Shapiro, D.; Vaituzis, Z.; Russell, P. K., 1975: Viral poly peptide composition of japanese encephalitis virus infected cell membranes

Ehrenfeld E., 1980: Viral poly peptides associated with rna replication complex in poliovirus infected cells

Hayman, M. J., 1978: Viral poly proteins in chick embryo fibroblasts infected with avian sarcoma leukosis viruses

Merigan T.C., 1985: Viral polypeptides detected by a complement dependent neutralizing murine monoclonal antibody to human cytomegalovirus

Biquard J.M., 1988: Viral products in cells infected with vesicular stomatitis virus and superinfected with rous sarcoma virus

Singh, K. V.; El-Zein, A., 1978: Viral proliferation patterns of a velogenic vlt a mesogenic komarov and a lentogenic f strain of newcastle disease virus

Shchipanova M.V., 1984: Viral protein conjugates with synthetic polymers as vaccine complexes for protection from influenza infection

Ruscetti S., 1981: Viral protein expression in producer and nonproducer clones of friend erythro leukemia cell lines

Welt, S.; Purchase, H. G.; Thorbecke, G. J., 1977: Viral protein synthesis by tissues from avian leukosis virus infected chickens part 1 susceptible chickens infected after hatching

Thorbecke G.J., 1979: Viral protein synthesis by tissues from avian leukosis virus infected chickens part 2 effect of passive neutralizing antibody in normal and agamma globulinemic chickens

Toni, M.; Conti, G.; Schito, G. C., 1976: Viral protein synthesis during replication of bacterio phage t 1

Hawley, L. A.; Reilly, B. E.; Hagen, E. W.; Anderson, D. L., 1973: Viral protein synthesis in bacterio phage phi 29 infected bacillus subtilis

Hall T.C., 1981: Viral protein synthesis in barley protoplasts inoculated with native and fractionated brome mosaic virus rna

Racevskis, J.; Koch, G., 1977: Viral protein synthesis in friend erythro leukemia cell lines

Section 7, Chapter 6906, Accession 006905212

Gelderblom H., 1982: Viral proteins and atp phospho hydrolase activity of fish lymphocystis disease virus

Stark G.R., 1983: Viral proteins and rna in bhk cells persistently infected by lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus

Ledbetter, J.; Nowinski, R. C.; Emery, S., 1977: Viral proteins expressed on the surface of murine leukemia cells

Cancedda, R.; Swanson, R.; Schlesinger, M. J., 1974: Viral proteins formed in a cell free rabbit reticulocyte system programmed with rna from a temperature sensitive mutant of sindbis virus

Moyer S.A., 1988: Viral proteins required for the in vitro replication of vesicular stomatitis virus defective interfering particle genome rna

Zavada, J., 1976: Viral pseudotypes and phenotypic mixing short review

Tucker, W. T.; Pemberton, J. M., 1978: Viral r plasmid r phi 6p properties of the penicillinase plasmid pro phage and the super coiled circular encapsidated genome

Weiner H.L., 1982: Viral receptors on isolated murine and human ependymal cells

Askonas B.A., 1986: Viral recognition by influenza a virus cross reactive cytotoxic t cells the proportion of cytotoxic t cells that recognize nucleoprotein varies between individual mice

Mak, T. W.; Kurtz, S.; Manaster, J.; Housman, D., 1975: Viral related information in oncornavirus like particles isolated from cultures of marrow cells from leukemic patients in relapse and remission

Hehlmann, R.; Kufe, D.; Spiegelman, S., 1972: Viral related rna in hodgkins disease and other human lymphomas

Takahashi M., 1985: Viral replication and immunologic responses in children naturally infected with varicella zoster virus and in varicella vaccine recipients

Furukawa T., 1987: Viral replication in hela fibroblast hybrid cells infected with human cytomegalovirus

Lennette E.H., 1981: Viral respiratory diseases vaccines and anti virals

Masural N., 1982: Viral respiratory infections in asthmatic children staying in a mountain resort

Reiss C.S., 1986: Viral restricted cytolytic t lymphocyte recognition of hybrid human murine class i histocompatibility antigens

Ebert, P. S.; Buell, D. N., 1977: Viral reverse transcriptase suppression associated with erythroid differentiation of friend leukemia cells

Nicoli J., 1983: Viral ribo nucleo proteins identification of proteins following photochemical bridging in sindbis virus

Rosemond, H.; Sreevalsan, T., 1973: Viral rna associated with ribosomes in sindbis virus infected hela cells

Burny A., 1981: Viral rna content of bovine leukemia virus infected cells

Song G., 1987: Viral rna extraction from epidemic hemorrhagic fever viruses

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Hamelin, R.; Mauchauffe, M.; Mathieu-Mahul, D.; Tavitian, A.; Larsen, C. J., 1979: Viral rna of murine retrovirus infected cells 2. influence of toyocamycin on viral rna metabolism

Szilagyi J.F., 1987: Viral rna species synthesized in cells infected with germiston bunyavirus

Symons R.H., 1985: Viral rna synthesis by a particulate fraction from cucumber seedlings infected with cucumber mosaic virus

Thacore, H. R.; Youngner, J. S., 1972: Viral rna synthesis by newcastle disease virus mutants isolated from persistently infected mouse l cells effect of interferon

Miller G., 1979: Viral serology hepatitis b virus cytomegalovirus epstein barr virus and abnormal liver function tests in transfused patients with hereditary hemorrhagic diseases

Fields B.N., 1986: Viral shedding and transmission between hosts determined by reovirus l 2 gene

Meagher M.P., 1979: Viral shedding patterns of children with influenza b infection

Yamamoto, H.; Walz, M. A.; Notkins, A. L., 1977: Viral specific thymidine kinase in sensory ganglia of mice infected with herpes simplex virus

Lilly F., 1979: Viral specificity of h 2 restricted thymus derived killer cells directed against syngeneic tumors induced by gross friend or rauscher leukemia virus

Section 7, Chapter 6906, Accession 006905244

Hooks, J. J.; Burns, W.; Hayashi, K.; Geis, S.; Notkins, A. L., 1976: Viral spread in the presence of neutralizing antibody mechanisms of persistence in foamy virus infection

Barker, W. C.; Dayhoff, M. O., 1982: Viral src gene products are related to the catalytic chain of mammalian cyclic amp dependent protein kinase ec

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Mel'nichenko E.M., 1981: Viral stomatitis

Peters C.J., 1988: Viral strain dependent differences in experimental argentine hemorrhagic fever junin virus infection of guinea pigs

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Ngyen-Hong-Diet ; Libikova, H., 1978: Viral super infection in cells carrying an arenavirus and or a togavirus

Rasheed S., 1981: Viral susceptibility of skin fibroblasts from patients with huntington disease

Solis, J.; Mora, E. C., 1970: Viral susceptibility range of the fathead minnow pimephales promelas poikilothermic cell line

Turk V., 1986: Viral therapy prospects for protease inhibitors

Kleven S.H., 1983: Viral tissue tropisms and interferon production in white leghorn chickens infected with 2 avian reovirus strains

Weaver R.F., 1983: Viral transcription during autographa californica nuclear polyhedrosis virus infection a novel rna polymerase induced in infected spodoptera frugiperda cells

Ostertag W., 1986: Viral transfer transcription and rescue of a selectable myeloproliferative sarcoma virus in embryonal cell lines expression of the mos oncogene

Martin G.S., 1979: Viral transformation of chick myogenic cells the relationship between differentiation and the expression of src gene

Herschkowitz N., 1982: Viral tropisms in mouse brain cell cultures

Weil, R., 1978: Viral tumor antigens a novel type of mammalian regulator protein

Swischuk, L. E.; Hayden, C. K-Jr, 1986: Viral vs. bacterial pulmonary infections in children is roentgenographic differentiation possible

Dolowy J., 1981: Virally induced periosteal osteogenesis in mice

Pasternak, C. A.; Micklem, K. J., 1974: Virally mediated membrane changes inverse effects on transport and diffusion

Omura S., 1981: Virantmycin a new anti viral antibiotic produced by a strain of streptomyces

Mueller, W. E. G.; Maidhof, A.; Taschner, H.; Zahn, R. K., 1977: Virazole 1 beta d ribofuranosyl 1 2 4 triazole 3 carboxamide a cytostatic agent

Vicente M., 1984: Virazole antiviral agent with hormonal activity in tobacco plants

Vicente M., 1980: Virazole pre treatments for the prevention of tomato spotted wilt virus systemic infection in tobacco plants nicotiana tabacum cultivar white burley

Sarver, N.; Stollar, V., 1978: Virazole prevents production of sindbis virus and virus induced cytopathic effect in aedes albopictus cells

Weedn V.W., 1986: Virchow robin space a path of spread in neurosarcoidosis

Chung, Y. S., 1970: Viremia and antibody response in chickens infected with arboviruses

Van Tongeren H.A.E., 1983: Viremia and antibody response of the mallard anas platyrhynchos to infection with tick borne encephalitis virus

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Section 7, Chapter 6906, Accession 006905816

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Section 7, Chapter 6906, Accession 006905823

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Section 7, Chapter 6906, Accession 006905866

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Pacumbaba R.P., 1985: Virus free shoots from cassava manihot esculenta stem cuttings infected with cassava latent virus

Lee D.R., 1985: Virus free sweet potato ipomoea batatas storage roots derived from meristem tips and leaf cuttings

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Macura T., 1986: Virus hepatitis in drug addicts

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Section 7, Chapter 6906, Accession 006905884

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Foliguet J.M., 1986: Virus inactivation during water treatment by a progressive ozonation unit

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Mcevoy R.C., 1981: Virus induced alterations in insulin release in hamster islets of langerhans

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Barinskii I.F., 1980: Virus induced antigen in herpes simplex virus infected cells

Pavlyuchenkova R.P., 1986: Virus induced antigens in human tumors

Section 7, Chapter 6906, Accession 006905902

Section 7, Chapter 6906, Accession 006905903

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Ogra P.L., 1984: Virus induced complement activation and neutrophil mediated cyto toxicity against respiratory syncytial virus

Blalock J.E., 1982: Virus induced cortico sterone in hypophysectomized mice a possible lymphoid adrenal axis

Il'inskikh I.N., 1981: Virus induced cyto genetic aberrations in lymphoid cells and immune reactions in humans and macaques

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Lycke E., 1982: Virus induced de myelination in herpes simplex virus infected mice

Johnson T.C., 1979: Virus induced de myelination production by a viral temperature sensitive mutant

Khozinsky, V. V.; Semenov, B. F., 1985: Virus induced decrease in the activity of serum blocking factors a mechanism of activation of the autoreactive t effectors in graft vs. host reaction and controlling t suppressors

Notkins A.L., 1980: Virus induced decrease of insulin receptors in cultured human cells

Rodriguez M., 1985: Virus induced demyelination in mice dying back of oligodendrocytes

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Mladenov Z.M., 1987: Virus induced duodenal adenomas in guinea fowl

Perlmann P., 1984: Virus induced enhancement of lymphocyte mediated antibody dependent cyto toxicity in vitro

Martinova I., 1984: Virus induced epithelial pancreatic tumors in guinea fowl an autoradiographic study

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Tishon A., 1980: Virus induced immune complex disease specific anti viral antibody and complement c 1q binding material in the circulation during persistent lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus infection

Bendinelli M., 1984: Virus induced immunodeficiency antibody responsiveness of murine leukemia virus infected spleen cells following transfer into irradiated mice

Doyle, M.; Holland, J. J., 1971: Virus induced interference in heterologously infected hela cells

Diamond M.E., 1979: Virus induced interferon production by human macrophages

Robinson W.A., 1985: Virus induced leukopenia colorado tick fever as a human model

Coutts R.H.A., 1980: Virus induced local lesions on cowpea vigna sinensis cultivar blackeye leaves the role of the epidermis and the effects of kinetin

Schultz, W. W.; Bang, F. B., 1977: Virus induced lysosomal enzyme dissolution of nasal turbinate cartilage

Section 7, Chapter 6906, Accession 006905950

Lukash L.L., 1980: Virus induced mutagenesis in mammalian cells in vitro

Peterson P.A., 1985: Virus induced mutations in maize on the nature of stress induction of unstable loci

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Stevely, W. S., 1975: Virus induced proteins in pseudorabies infected cells proteins of the virion and nucleo capsid

Inada, T.; Uetake, H., 1977: Virus induced specific cell surface antigen s on mouse adenovirus infected cells

Feng Y K., 1986: Virus induced subacute spongiform encephalopathy creutzfeldt jakob disease a report of two chinese cases with clinico pathologic studies

Bol J.F., 1985: Virus induced synthesis of messenger rna species for precursors of pathogenesis related proteins in tobacco nicotiana tabacum

Grill S.P., 1982: Virus induced thymidine kinases as markers for typing herpes simplex viruses and drug sensitivity assays

Notkins A.L., 1988: Virus induced thyroiditis

Langlois, A. J.; Ishizaki, R.; Beaudreau, G. S.; Kummer, J. F.; Beard, J. W.; Bolognesi, D. P., 1976: Virus infected avian cell lines established in vitro

Loo L.S., 1982: Virus infected colostral cell cytokine stimulation of human leukocyte natural killer cyto toxicity

Bandlow, G.; Kieling, F.; Thomssen, R., 1972: Virus infected lympho blasts acting as antigen for the production of heterologous anti lymphocyte sera

Honma T., 1981: Virus infected macrophages in intra epithelial vesicles in herpes zoster an electron microscopic study of herpes zoster

Sunderland N., 1983: Virus infected pollen grains in paeonia emodi

Ghosh S.K., 1985: Virus infection a host dependent reaction reversible phenomenon

Yamaguchi, T., 1982: Virus infection and otitis media with effusion 1. cytological study of middle ear fluids

Yamaguchi, T., 1982: Virus infection and otitis media with effusion 2. virological study of middle ear fluids by the enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay with special reference to the detection of secretory immuno globulin a antibodies against viruses

Senananyake S., 1984: Virus infection and reproductive losses in faba bean vicia faba

Smrz, J.; Musil, M.; Vacek, V., 1977: Virus infection in white clover trifolium repens varieties

Meints R.H., 1983: Virus infection of culturable chlorella like algae and development of a plaque assay

Kefalides N.A., 1981: Virus infection of endothelial cells

Kefalides N.A., 1980: Virus infection of endothelial cells increases granulocyte adherence

Plese N., 1985: Virus infection of freesias in croatia yugoslavia

Tanaka H., 1988: Virus infection of grapevines rootstock varieties in japan

Teich, N. M.; Weiss, R. A.; Martin, G. R.; Lowy, D. R., 1977: Virus infection of murine terato carcinoma stem cell lines

Okonkwo V.N., 1979: Virus infection of spinach spinacia oleracea in britain

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Section 7, Chapter 6906, Accession 006905986

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Overall, J. C. Jr ; Glasgow, L. A., 1970: Virus infections of the fetus and new born infant

Frable, W. J.; Frable, M. A.; Seney, F. D. Jr, 1977: Virus infections of the respiratory tract cyto pathologic and clinical analysis

Mu L., 1987: Virus infections of vanilla and other orchids in french polynesia

Huddleston L.H., 1979: Virus infections reduce yield of yuchi arrowleaf clover

Schmelzer, K., 1976: Virus infestation of garden radish raphanus sativus var sativus

Bogus L., 1984: Virus influenza virus b in moldavia romania in the spring of 1984

Nagano, Y.; Maehara, N., 1975: Virus inhibiting factor or interferon activity on heterologous animal cells

Misra, A., 1977: Virus inhibiting proteins in mosses

Section 7, Chapter 6906, Accession 006905998

Wacker, A.; Hilbig, W., 1978: Virus inhibition by echinacea purpurea

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