Section 7
Chapter 6,906

Virus induced cellular immunity to sv 40 tumor specific surface antigens in adult lvg lak hamsters

Weppner, W.A.; Coggin, J.H.J.

Journal of the National Cancer Institute 64(4): 757-764


ISSN/ISBN: 1460-2105
Accession: 006905907

Cell-mediated immunity directed against SV40 tumor-specific surface antigen(s) (TSSA) was detected in SV40-immunized non-inbred LVG:LAK hamsters with the use of a lymphocyte transformation assay. Sensitized spleen cells underwent a proliferative response in the presence of cells of an SV40-induced hamster sarcoma cell line (WF5-1) or the plasma membranes from these cells. KCl (3M) extracts of the plasma membranes of WF5-1 cells elicited such a lymphocyte proliferative response.

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