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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6907

Chapter 6907 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Mukundan P., 1979: Virus inhibition by tea caffeine and tannic acid

Casals J., 1982: Virus inoculation in mice bearing ehrlich ascitic tumors antigen production and tumor regression

Kimball, P. C.; Duesberg, P. H., 1971: Virus interference by cellular double stranded rna

Angeloff, L. G., 1977: Virus is the cause of cancer part 1 effect of ph factors on nucleic acid and protein synthesis of cancer slices

Liu H Y., 1982: Virus isolation and identification in cervical cancer patients

Pirtle, E. C.; Gutekunst, D. E., 1978: Virus isolation and immune responses in susceptible swine exposed with pseudorabies virus shope strain

Section 7, Chapter 6907, Accession 006906006

Section 7, Chapter 6907, Accession 006906007

Fuchs, N.; Wigand, R., 1975: Virus isolation and titration at 33 celsius and 37 celsius

Sidiropoulos D., 1981: Virus isolation from amniotic fluid in the case of infection in early pregnancy

Section 7, Chapter 6907, Accession 006906010

Di Pietro A., 1982: Virus isolation from sewage

King D.J., 1985: Virus isolation from tracheal explant cultures and oropharyngeal swabs in attempts to detect persistent newcastle disease virus infections in chickens

Thorsen, J.; Artsob, H.; Spence, L.; Surgeoner, G.; Helson, B.; Wright, R., 1980: Virus isolations from mosquitoes in southern ontario canada 1976 and 1977

Gustafson G.A., 1983: Virus isolations from pet birds submitted for importation into the usa

Section 7, Chapter 6907, Accession 006906016

Fan H., 1979: Virus like 30s rna in mouse cells

Tulmann Neto A., 1981: Virus like abnormality in the bean plant phaseolus vulgaris induced by manganese toxicity

Ciampor, F.; Nosek, J., 1976: Virus like and rickettsia like structures in gut cells of dermacentor marginatus nymphs

Section 7, Chapter 6907, Accession 006906020

Urasawa T., 1979: Virus like particle 35 40 nanometers associated with an institutional outbreak of acute gastro enteritis in adults

Bostian K.A., 1984: Virus like particle capsid proteins encoded by different l double stranded rna of saccharomyces cerevisiae their roles in maintenance of m double stranded killer plasmids

Heeger T., 1988: Virus like particles and cytopathological effects in elphidium excavatum clavatum a benthic foraminiferan

Terry E.R., 1979: Virus like particles and cytoplasmic inclusions associated with diseased dioscorea rotundata from nigeria

Mohamed, N. A., 1976: Virus like particles and cytoplasmic inclusions associated with diseased dioscorea spp in the eastern caribbean

Harris, M. S., 1978: Virus like particles and double stranded rna from killer and nonkiller strains of saccharomyces cerevisiae

Hibberd D.J., 1984: Virus like particles and endophytic bacteria in paraphysomonas and chromophysomonas chrysophyceae

Section 7, Chapter 6907, Accession 006906029

Soyer, M. O., 1978: Virus like particles and trichocystoid filaments in dinoflagellates

Section 7, Chapter 6907, Accession 006906031

Imamura K., 1981: Virus like particles associated with intra cardiac ganglionitis in 2 cases of sudden unexpected death

Elston R., 1979: Virus like particles associated with lesions in larval pacific oysters crassostrea gigas

Calhoun C.H., 1980: Virus like particles associated with pirhemocyton inclusion bodies in the erythrocytes of a water snake nerodia erythrogaster flavigaster

Chasey, D.; Cartwright, S. F., 1978: Virus like particles associated with porcine epidemic diarrhea

Soslau, G., 1978: Virus like particles associated with the mitochondria of ethidium bromide treated transformed cells

Il'in Yu V., 1987: Virus like particles containing sequences of mobile dispersed gene elements in cultural media of reinoculated drosophila cells

Zanen-Lim, O. G., 1976: Virus like particles demonstrated by freeze squeeze technique in acute phase serum of patients with hepatitis b antigen negative hepatitis

Adler, J.; Wood, H. A.; Bozarth, R. F., 1976: Virus like particles from killer neutral and sensitive strains of saccharomyces cerevisiae

Heslot H., 1985: Virus like particles from the yeast yarrowia lipolytica

Pienaar, R. N., 1976: Virus like particles in 3 species of phyto plankton from san juan island washington

Ohtsuki, Y.; Seman, G.; Dmochowski, L.; Bowen, J. M.; Johnson, D. E., 1977: Virus like particles in a case of human prostate carcinoma

Avery, S. W.; Jouvenaz, D. P.; Banks, W. A.; Anthony, D. W., 1977: Virus like particles in a fire ant solenopsis sp hymenoptera formicidae from brazil

Gutierrez, M.; Crespo, J. P.; Arias, A., 1977: Virus like particles in a mouth tumor of gilthead sea bream sparus aurata

Section 7, Chapter 6907, Accession 006906045

Kim W.K., 1981: Virus like particles in alternaria tenuis

Kuentzel, H.; Barath, Z.; Ali, I.; Kind, J.; Althaus, H. H., 1973: Virus like particles in an extranuclear mutant of neurospora crassa

Section 7, Chapter 6907, Accession 006906048

Fiskin A.M., 1986: Virus like particles in basidiobolus species

Calafat, J.; Hageman, P. C.; Ressang, A. A., 1976: Virus like particles in bovine sera for tissue culture

Roeder P.L., 1981: Virus like particles in bovine turbinate cells infected with bovine virus diarrhea mucosal disease virus

Bots, G. T. A. M.; De-Man, J. C. H.; Verjaal, A., 1971: Virus like particles in brain tissue from 2 patients with creutzfeldt jakob disease

Lantos, P. L., 1974: Virus like particles in brain tumors induced by n ethyl n nitroso urea in rats

Johnson P.T., 1981: Virus like particles in cardiac cells of the brown shrimp penaeus aztecus

Caiola M.G., 1982: Virus like particles in cells of saffron flowers crocus sativus

Vacelet, J.; Gallissian, M. F., 1978: Virus like particles in cells of the sponge verongia cavernicola demospongiae dictyoceratida and accompanying tissues changes

Day, L. E.; Ellis, L. F., 1971: Virus like particles in cephalosporium acremonium

Narang, H. K., 1975: Virus like particles in creutzfeldt jakob biopsy material

Ikuta F., 1986: Virus like particles in cultured c 3h st mouse cells treated with a carcinogenic polycyclic hydrocarbon

Tani, E.; Takeuchi, J.; Ametani, T., 1970: Virus like particles in cultured human glioma

Takach I., 1984: Virus like particles in cultures of rheumatoid synovial cells

Vernon, M. L.; Price, P. J., 1976: Virus like particles in geometric tubulo reticular structures

Sobis, H.; Vandeputte, M., 1978: Virus like particles in hamster embryos fetuses and tumors

Toriyama M., 1985: Virus like particles in human vestibular ganglion cells

Hoffman, L. R., 1978: Virus like particles in hydrurus chrysophyceae

Sufakova G., 1984: Virus like particles in hyphae of parasitic fungus cercospora beticola

Wyn-Jones, A. P.; Whalley, A. J. S., 1977: Virus like particles in hypoxylon multiforme

Allegra, S. R., 1980: Virus like particles in lactating adenoma of human breast

Chernozemsky I.N., 1980: Virus like particles in long term transplanted hamster tumors

Terzakis, J. A.; Vanderberg, J. P.; Weiss, M. M., 1976: Virus like particles in malaria parasites

Section 7, Chapter 6907, Accession 006906073

Fedotina, V. L., 1977: Virus like particles in phloem tissue affected by carrot yellows containing mycoplasma like bodies

Murant, A. F.; Roberts, I. M., 1977: Virus like particles in phloem tissue of chervil anthriscus cerefolium infected with anthriscus yellows virus

Roberts I.M., 1979: Virus like particles in phloem tissue of chervil anthriscus cerefolium infected with carrot red leaf virus

Dirksen, E. R.; Levy, J. A., 1977: Virus like particles in placentas from normal individuals and patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

Popoff, N.; Sutton, C. H.; Zimmerman, H. M., 1968: Virus like particles in reactive cells associated with crystals of implanted carcinogen mouse

Bocharov, A. F.; Barinskii, I. F., 1977: Virus like particles in sera of patients with viral hepatitis and donors with antigenemia

Olson L.W., 1979: Virus like particles in synchytrium endobioticum the infectious agent of potato wart disease

Kuhn C.W., 1983: Virus like particles in the aquatic fungus rhizidiomyces

La-Claire, J. W-Ii ; West, J. A., 1977: Virus like particles in the brown alga streblonema brief report

Poinar, G. O-Jr ; Hess, R.; Caltagirone, L. E., 1976: Virus like particles in the calyx of phanerotoma flavitestacea hymenoptera braconidae and their transfer into host tissues

Hoffman, L. R.; Stanker, L. H., 1976: Virus like particles in the green alga cylindrocapsa

Dolder, H.; Mello, M. L. S., 1978: Virus like particles in the malpighian tubes of blood sucking hemipterans

Stoltz D.B., 1980: Virus like particles in the ovary of an ichneumonid wasp purification and preliminary characterization

Melkonian M., 1982: Virus like particles in the scaly green flagellate mesostigma viride

Martelli G.P., 1980: Virus like particles in tomato plants affected by the yellow leaf curl disease

Koltin, Y., 1977: Virus like particles in ustilago maydis mutants with partial genomes

Appleton, H.; Buckley, M.; Thom, B. T.; Cotton, J. L.; Henderson, S., 1977: Virus like particles in winter vomiting disease

Section 7, Chapter 6907, Accession 006906091

Smith S.H., 1979: Virus like particles transmitted by and detected in spawn of the cultivated mushroom agaricus bisporus

Section 7, Chapter 6907, Accession 006906094

Rohwer R.G., 1984: Virus like sensitivity of the scrapie agent to heat inactivation

Iizuka, R.; Spalke, G., 1972: Virus like structures and crystalline inclusions in primary cerebral reticulosis

Nagy, E.; Zs-Nagy, U.; Nagy-Vezekenyi, C., 1977: Virus like structures in lupus erythematosus discoides

Section 7, Chapter 6907, Accession 006906098

Wrzolkowa, T.; Kozakiewicz, J., 1977: Virus like structures in the skin in the course of chronic lupus erythematosus

Woodford, J. A. T.; Gordon, S. C., 1978: Virus like symptoms in red raspberry leaves caused by fenitrothion

Oldstone M.B.A., 1987: Virus lymphocyte interaction t cells of the helper subset are infected with lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus during persistent infection in vivo

Leibowitz J.L., 1987: Virus lymphocyte interactions during the course of immunosuppressive virus infection

Tishon, A.; Southern, P. J.; Oldstone, M. B. A., 1988: Virus lymphocyte interactions ii. expression of viral sequences during the course of persistent lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus infection and their localization to the l3t4 lymphocyte subset

Oldstone, M. B. A.; Salvato, M.; Tishon, A.; Lewicki, H., 1988: Virus lymphocyte interactions iii. biologic parameters of a virus variant that fails to generate ctl and establishes persistent infection in immunocompetent hosts

Oldstone M.B.A., 1980: Virus lymphocyte interactions infection of immuno globulin g fc receptor bearing thymus derived lymphocyte and immuno globulin m fc receptor bearing thymus derived lymphocyte subsets by measles virus

Salvato, M.; Shimomaye, E.; Southern, P.; Oldstone, M. B. A., 1988: Virus lymphocyte interactions iv. molecular characterization of lcmv armstrong ctl positive small genomic segment and that of its variant clone 13 ctl negative

Wislocka, M., 1977: Virus m infection of 3 potato varieties under field conditions in relation to time of inoculation of the plants and of harvesting the tubers

Williamson D.L., 1984: Virus mediated change in clumping properties of drosophila sr spiroplasmas

Perlmann P., 1984: Virus mediated induction in human lymphocytes of antibody independent cytotoxicity and enhancement of antibody dependent cytotoxicity against natural killer resistant tumor target cells

Cayley, P. J.; Knight, M.; Kerr, I. M., 1982: Virus mediated inhibition of the 2' 5' oligo adenylate 5' tri phosphate system and its prevention by interferon

Ayad, S. R.; Delinassios, J. G., 1975: Virus mediated transfer of dna from isolated nuclei to the cytoplasm and nucleus of hamster fibroblasts in culture

Gerba C.P., 1984: Virus movement in soil during saturated and unsaturated flow

Ishii M., 1981: Virus multiplication and aphid transmission by myzus persicae in the radish cultivars infected with cucumber mosaic virus and turnip mosaic virus

Okada Y., 1982: Virus multiplication in tobacco protoplasts inoculated with tobacco mosaic virus rna encapsulated in large uni lamellar vesicle liposomes

Narayan, O.; Griffin, D. E.; Clements, J. E., 1978: Virus mutation during slow infection temporal development and characterization of mutants of visna virus recovered from sheep

Posnette, A. F., 1976: Virus mycoplasm diseases and certification schemes for deciduous fruit trees

Menozzi, C.; Gaddi, O.; Casali, G., 1976: Virus myo cardium peri carditis observation on 11 cases

Weisman, J.; Hitchner, S. B., 1978: Virus neutralization vs agar gel precipitin tests for detecting serological response to infectious bursal disease virus

Section 7, Chapter 6907, Accession 006906119

Thomas H.C., 1986: Virus neutralizing antibodies to hepatitis b virus the nature of an immunogenic epitope on the s gene peptide

Holmes H.C., 1979: Virus neutralizing antibody in sera and secretions of the upper and lower respiratory tract of chickens inoculated with live and inactivated newcastle disease virus

Section 7, Chapter 6907, Accession 006906122

Tarkhanova, I. A.; Rovnova, Z. I.; Gnevkovskaya, T. V.; Isaeva, E. I.; Kul'berg, A. Ya ; Kosyakov, P. N., 1977: Virus neutralizing properties of rabbit anti influence immuno globulin g with decreased complement fixing and cytophilic activity

Karamucheva L., 1985: Virus nucleic acids in tumor and other cells of some avian species that reacted positively to avian myelocytomatosis virus strain mc 29

Summers J., 1980: Virus of pekin ducks anas domesticus with structural and biological relatedness to human hepatitis b virus

Morita M., 1982: Virus oita 296 isolated from the bat in cell culture

Sundstrom P., 1986: Virus p 30 related protein in follicular fluids and c virus like particles on the cell membrane of the human oocyte

Dunlap, R. C., 1970: Virus particle content of small pox vaccines

Rawlinson C.J., 1981: Virus particles and double stranded rna in isolates of phialophora sp with lobed hyphopodia and phialophora graminicola and gaeumannomyces graminis var graminis

Takahashi M., 1982: Virus particles and glyco proteins excreted from cultured cells infected with varicella zoster virus

Sansing, G. A.; Detroy, R. W.; Freer, S. N.; Hesseltine, C. W., 1973: Virus particles from conidia of penicillium spp

Morris T.J., 1979: Virus particles in an internal parasite portunion conformis crustacea isopoda and its marine crab host hemigrapsus oregonensis

Mladenov Z., 1979: Virus particles in bone marrow cell culture from a patient with acute leukemia

Dmochowski L., 1979: Virus particles in normal prostate tissues of mice from 10 strains with special reference to type b virus particles

Komuro, M., 1976: Virus particles in ovarian tumors of ddy f mice exposed to x rays during early post natal life

Liu H., 1987: Virus particles in sporophore of oyster mushroom pleurotus sapidus

Feldman D., 1979: Virus particles in the basal plate of rhesus monkey and baboon placenta

Merck W., 1982: Virus particles in the cochlear spiral ganglion of guinea pigs

Kelley L.M., 1985: Virus persistence in groundwater

Rodriguez, M.; Garrett, R. S.; Raitt, M.; Lampert, P. W.; Oldstone, M. B. A., 1985: Virus persists in beta cells of islets of langerhans and infection is associated with chemical manifestations of diabetes ii. morphologic observations

Lampert P., 1984: Virus persists in beta cells of islets of langerhans and is associated with chemical manifestations of diabetes

Sugiura A., 1979: Virus plaque assay effective detection of virus plaque forming cells at the early stage of lymphocyte activation by mitogen and allo antigen

Spence J.L., 1984: Virus plasmid interactions mutants of bacterio phage t 3 that abortively infect plasmid f containing strains of escherichia coli

Jacquemont B., 1983: Virus poly peptide synthesis induced by herpes simplex virus in nonpermissive rat xc cells

Friend C., 1979: Virus production and hemo globin synthesis in variant lines of di methyl sulfoxide treated friend erythro leukemia cells

Maruyama K., 1986: Virus production and surface marker expression in human lymphocytes immortalized following dual infection with human t cell leukemia virus and epstein barr virus

Baltimore D., 1979: Virus production by abelson murine leukemia virus transformed lymphoid cells

Giard, D. J.; Thilly, W. G.; Wang, D. I. C.; Levine, D. W., 1977: Virus production with a newly developed micro carrier system

Section 7, Chapter 6907, Accession 006906149

Section 7, Chapter 6907, Accession 006906150

Section 7, Chapter 6907, Accession 006906151

Langenberg W.G., 1986: Virus protein association with cylindrical inclusions of two viruses that infect wheat

Holland J., 1980: Virus protein changes and rna termini alterations evolving during persistent infection

Kerr, I. M.; Martin, E. M., 1971: Virus protein synthesis in animal cell free systems nature of the products synthesized in response to rna of encephalomyocarditis virus

Kaufman H.E., 1982: Virus proteins in herpetic keratitis

Philipson, L.; Lonberg-Holm, K.; Pettersson, U., 1968: Virus receptor interaction in an adenovirus system adenovirus type 2 neopl hela cells neopl kb cells enz subtilisin

Philipson, L.; Lonberg-Holm, K.; Pettersson, U., 1968: Virus receptor interaction in an adenovirus system neopl hela kb cells enz subtilisin poliovirus type 1

Svensson, U.; Persson, R.; Everitt, E., 1981: Virus receptor interaction in the adenovirus system 1. identification of virion attachment proteins of the hela cell plasma membrane

Persson, R.; Svensson, U.; Everitt, E., 1983: Virus receptor interaction in the adenovirus system 2. capping and cooperative binding of virions on hela cells

Everitt E., 1985: Virus receptor interaction in the adenovirus system characterization of the positive cooperative binding of virions on hela cells

Realdi G., 1982: Virus receptors for polymerized human albumin a prognostic marker in hepatitis b e antigen positive chronic hepatitis type b?

Fraser R.S.S., 1988: Virus recognition and pathogenicity implications for resistance mechanisms and breeding

Mathieu C., 1986: Virus recovery from wastewater treatment plant sludges

Di Girolamo M., 1981: Virus release delay in differentiating friend leukemia cells

Chaudhuri M., 1982: Virus removal during coagulation and filtration of primary waste water

Thomas M.Z., 1981: Virus removal during ground water recharge effects of infiltration rate on adsorption of poliovirus to soil

Lopez J.M., 1982: Virus removal from municipal waste water in activated sludge sewage treatment plants

Selna M.W., 1979: Virus removal in advanced waste water treatment systems

Waghimare S.V., 1981: Virus removal in waste stabilization ponds in india

Minato, N.; Katsura, Y., 1977: Virus replicating thymus derived cells in the immune response of mice part 1 virus plaque assay of the lymphocytes reactive to sheep erythrocytes

Minato, N.; Katsura, Y., 1978: Virus replicating thymus derived cells in the immune response of mice part 2 characterization of thymus derived cells capable of replicating vesicular stomatitis virus

Minato, N.; Katsura, Y., 1978: Virus replicating thymus derived cells in the immune response of mice part 3 role of vesicular stomatitis virus replicating thymus derived cells in the antibody response

Gilchrest B.A., 1984: Virus replication and induction of interferon in human epidermal keratinocytes following infection with herpes simplex virus

Realdi G., 1983: Virus replication and liver disease in chronic hepatitis b virus infection

Yamanishi, K.; Matsunaga, Y.; Ogino, T.; Takahashi, M.; Takamizawa, A., 1980: Virus replication and localization of varicella zoster virus antigens in human embryonic fibroblast cells infected with cell free virus

Bienz K., 1979: Virus replication cyto pathology and lysosomal enzyme response in enucleated hep 2 cells infected with poliovirus

Bienz, K.; Egger, D.; Wolff, D. A., 1973: Virus replication cyto pathology and lysosomal enzyme response of mitotic and interphase human hep 2 cells infected with poliovirus

Follett, E. A. C.; Pringle, C. R.; Wunner, W. H.; Skehel, J. J., 1974: Virus replication in enucleate cells vesicular stomatitis virus and influenza virus

Ben Ze'ev A., 1983: Virus replication in infected epithelial cells is coupled to cell shape responsive metabolic controls

Slemons, R. D.; Easterday, B. C., 1978: Virus replication in the digestive tract of ducks exposed by aerosol to type a influenza

Epand R.M., 1986: Virus replication inhibitory peptide inhibits the conversion of phospholipid bilayers to the hexagonal phase

Vacek V., 1983: Virus representation and susceptibility of red clover trifolium pratense varieties to infection

Heeney H.B., 1985: Virus rootstock and strain effects on the leaf nutrient levels of cultivar mcintosh apple trees malus domestica

Section 7, Chapter 6907, Accession 006906185

Section 7, Chapter 6907, Accession 006906186

Tikhonenko T.I., 1981: Virus sequences in the dna of rat cells transformed by simian adenovirus 7 dna and human adenovirus type 6 dna

Gaskell C.J., 1988: Virus shedding and immune responses in cats inoculated with cell culture adapted feline infectious peritonitis virus

Lomax, C. A.; Thirion, J. P.; Bourgaux-Ramoisy, D., 1978: Virus shedding by sv 40 transformed human cells

Martins Green M., 1979: Virus simulating structures in the optic nerve head in creutzfeldt jakob disease

Samuel M., 1979: Virus specific and anti cellular antibodies in molluscum contagiosum

Kaverin N.V., 1981: Virus specific and cell specific rna transcripts in influenza virus infected cells the rate of synthesis and the content in the nuclei brief report

Novoshinov G.P., 1985: Virus specific and structural proteins of vaccinal strains of aujeszkys disease virus

Corey L., 1982: Virus specific antibodies in sera from patients with genital herpes simplex virus infection

Wahren B., 1983: Virus specific antibody activity of different subclasses of immuno globulin g and immuno globulin a in cytomegalovirus infections

Laorpongse T., 1985: Virus specific antibody producing cells in blood and cerebrospinal fluid in acute japanese encephalitis

Mantyjarvi R.A., 1983: Virus specific antigens in bk virus transformed cells detected by cell mediated immune reactions

Fleissner, E., 1970: Virus specific antigens in hamster cells transformed by rous sarcoma virus

Kaerner H.C., 1980: Virus specific basic phospho proteins associated with herpes simplex virus type 1 particles and the chromatin of herpes simplex virus type 1 infected cells

Gonczol, E.; Boldogh, I.; Vaczi, L., 1975: Virus specific changes in mouse embryo fibroblast cells inoculated with a strain of human cytomegalovirus

Creemers P., 1981: Virus specific cyto toxic activity to mammary tumor cells of sera from normal and tumor bearing mice with inhibition at low dilutions

Levine, A. S.; Oxman, M. N.; Henry, P. H.; Levin, M. J.; Diamandopoulos, G. T.; Enders, J. F., 1970: Virus specific dna in sv 40 exposed hamster cells correlation with surface and tumor antigens

Shank, P. R.; Varmus, H. E., 1978: Virus specific dna in the cytoplasm of avian sarcoma virus infected cells is a precursor to covalently closed circular viral dna in the nucleus

Wildy P., 1979: Virus specific dna sequences present in cells which carry the herpes simplex virus thymidine kinase gene

Cogen, B., 1978: Virus specific early rna in 3t6 cells infected by a tsa mutant of polyoma virus

Peters C.J., 1987: Virus specific factors in experimental argentine hemorrhagic fever in rhesus macaques

Falke D., 1987: Virus specific igm and igg antibody production by b cells during herpes simplex virus type 2 induced immunosuppression as analyzed by an immunospot assay

Aurelian L., 1983: Virus specific immunity in neo natal and adult mouse rotavirus infection

Merigan T.C., 1982: Virus specific immuno globulin g and immuno globulin m antibodies in normal and immuno compromised subjects infected with cytomegalovirus

Wahren B., 1984: Virus specific immuno globulin g subclasses in herpes simplex and varicella zoster virus infections

Orstavik, I.; Haug, K. W., 1976: Virus specific immuno globulin m antibodies in acute gastro enteritis due to a reovirus like agent rotavirus

Geisen H.P., 1980: Virus specific immuno globulin m detection with routine serologic methods

Atabekov I.G., 1984: Virus specific informosomes in tobacco cells infected with tobacco mosaic virus

Lindenmann J., 1981: Virus specific interferon action protection of new born mx carriers against lethal infection with influenza virus

Wroblewska, Z.; Gilden, D. H.; Wellish, M.; Rorke, L. B.; Warren, K. G.; Wolinsky, J. S., 1977: Virus specific intra cytoplasmic inclusions in mouse brain produced by a newly isolated strain of theiler virus part 1 virologic and morphologic studies

Tarro, G.; Sabin, A. B., 1970: Virus specific labile nonvirion antigen in herpesvirus infected cells

Asch, B. B.; Mccormick, K. J.; Stenback, W. A.; Trentin, J. J., 1978: Virus specific markers and virus like particles in cell lines of tumors produced by chick embryo lethal orphan virus in syrian golden hamsters

Doherty P.C., 1988: Virus specific memory t cells are pgp 1 positive and can be selectively activated with phorbol ester and calcium ionophore

Vecchio, G.; Tsuchida, N.; Shanmugam, G.; Green, M., 1973: Virus specific messenger rna and nascent poly peptides in poly ribosomes of cells replicating murine sarcoma leukemia viruses

Bishop J.M., 1979: Virus specific messenger rna in permissive cells infected by avian sarcoma virus

Gielkens, A. L. J.; Salden, M. H. L.; Bloemendal, H., 1974: Virus specific messenger rna on free and membrane bound poly ribosomes from cells infected with rauscher leukemia virus

Polyak R.Ya, 1986: Virus specific modification of cell membranes as a factor of group b streptococcus adhesion

Levy, J. A.; Ihle, J. N.; Oleszko, O.; Barnes, R. D., 1975: Virus specific neutralization by a soluble nonimmunoglobulin factor found naturally in normal mouse sera

Kavsan V.M., 1983: Virus specific nuclear rna in clones of mouse tumor cell lines transformed by rous sarcoma virus

Levin, M. J.; Oxman, M. N.; Diamandopoulos, G. T.; Levine, A. S.; Henry, P. H.; Enders, J. F., 1969: Virus specific nucleic acids in simian virus 40 exposed hamster embryo cell lines correlation with s and t antigens

Mach O., 1986: Virus specific nucleotide sequences in duck cells transformed by chicken and duck adapted rous sarcoma virus

Deinhardt F., 1982: Virus specific phospho proteins in simian sarcoma virus transformed primate cells

Varich, N. L.; Lukashevich, I. S.; Kaverin, N. V., 1977: Virus specific poly adenylic acid containing rna transcripts in newcastle disease virus infected cells

Penna R., 1985: Virus specific polymeric immunoglobulin a antibodies in serum from patients with rubella measles varicella and herpes zoster virus infections

Section 7, Chapter 6907, Accession 006906230

Van-Zaane, D.; Dekker-Michielsen, M. J. A.; Bloemers, H. P. J., 1976: Virus specific precursor poly peptides in cells infected with rauscher leukemia virus synthesis identification and processing

Zinkernagel R.M., 1980: Virus specific proliferative t cell responses parameters and specificity

Dobos, P., 1977: Virus specific protein synthesis in cells infected by infectious pancreatic necrosis virus

Loginova N.V., 1980: Virus specific protein synthesis in cells infected with variants of japanese encephalitis virus

Skariat, I. V.; Kalinina, N. O.; Medvedkina, O. A.; Yatsyna, A. A., 1976: Virus specific proteins associated with components of protein synthesizing system in krebs ii ascites carcinoma cells infected with the encephalomyocarditis virus

Doerfler W., 1982: Virus specific proteins in adenovirus type 12 transformed and tumor cells as detected by immuno precipitation

Todorov T.G., 1986: Virus specific proteins in cells infected with strains mc 31 e 26 and e 26 pts

Ito, Y.; Brocklehurst, J. R.; Dulbecco, R., 1977: Virus specific proteins in the plasma membrane of cells lytically infected or transformed by polyoma virus

Scheele, C. M.; Pfefferkorn, E. R., 1970: Virus specific proteins synthesized in cells infected with rna plus temperature sensitive mutants of sindbis virus

Butterworth, B. E.; Hall, L.; Stoltzfus, C. M.; Rueckert, R. R., 1971: Virus specific proteins synthesized in encephalomyocarditis virus infected hela cells

Schuler D., 1981: Virus specific reverse transcriptase in acute leukemia

Bishop J.M., 1981: Virus specific rna in cells infected by avian myelocytomatosis virus and avian erythroblastosis virus modes of onco gene expression

Leong, J. A.; Garapin, A. C.; Jackson, N.; Fanshier, L.; Levinson, W.; Bishop, J. M., 1972: Virus specific rna in cells producing rous sarcoma virus detection and characterization

Kisselyov, F. L.; Tatosian, A. G.; Svoboda, J., 1977: Virus specific rna in selected cell lines derived from rous sarcoma virus induced tumor

Shimada, K.; Fujinaga, K.; Hama, S.; Sekikawa, K.; Ito, Y., 1972: Virus specific rna in the nucleus and cytoplasm of rat embryo cells transformed by adenovirus type 2

Brugge, J. S.; Purchio, A. F.; Erikson, R. L., 1977: Virus specific rna species present in the cytoplasm of rous sarcoma virus infected chicken cells

Dobos P., 1980: Virus specific rna synthesis in cells infected by infectious pancreatic necrosis virus

Fan, H.; Macisaac, P., 1978: Virus specific rna synthesis in interferon treated mouse cells productively infected with moloney murine leukemia virus

Gaber V.K., 1979: Virus specific sequences in nuclear dna from nonproducer hamster rous sarcoma

Sarov I., 1987: Virus specific serum igg igm and iga antibodies in cytomegalovirus mononucleosis patients as determined by immunoblotting technique

Section 7, Chapter 6907, Accession 006906251

Vorkunova, G. K.; Bukrinskaya, A. G.; Miller, G. G., 1978: Virus specific structures in sendai virus infected cells of ehrlich ascitic carcinoma

Prokudina-Kantorovich, E. N.; Semenova, N. P.; Berezina, O. N.; Moisiadi, S. A.; Bektemirov, T. A., 1975: Virus specific syntheses in cells infected with standard and defective influenza virus

Chieco Bianchi L., 1984: Virus specific t cell response prevents lymphoma development in mice infected by intra thymic inoculation of moloney leukemia virus

Ertl, H. C. J.; Gerike, R. H. W.; Koszinowski, U. H., 1977: Virus specific thymus derived cell sensitization requirements for vaccinia virus specific thymus derived cell sensitization in vivo

Section 7, Chapter 6907, Accession 006906256

Bacheler, L. T., 1977: Virus specific transcription in 3t3 cells transformed by the ts a mutant of polyoma virus

Bodemer W., 1983: Virus specific transcription in a herpesvirus saimiri transformed lymphoid tumor cell line

Howley P.M., 1982: Virus specific transcription in bovine papilloma virus transformed mouse cells

Malyshenko, S. I.; Tal'yanskii, M. E.; Kondakova, O. A.; Ulanova, E. F.; Atabekov, I. G., 1987: Virus specific transport function as a factor controlling the range of host plants

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