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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6908

Chapter 6908 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Northmore D.P.M., 1984: Visual and saccadic activity in the goldfish carassius auratus torus longitudinalis

Section 7, Chapter 6908, Accession 006907001

Section 7, Chapter 6908, Accession 006907002

Lewis, E. G.; Dustman, R. E.; Beck, E. C., 1978: Visual and somato sensory evoked potential characteristics of patients undergoing hemo dialysis and kidney transplantation

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Noll, N. C.; Weber, R. J., 1985: Visual and tactile scanning moving scan vs. moving medium

Section 7, Chapter 6908, Accession 006907011

Susman, E. J., 1978: Visual and verbal attributes of television and selective attention in preschool children

Carroll, W. R.; Bencomo, A. A.; Rogers, C. A., 1978: Visual and verbal elaboration in childrens free recall

Alcorn J.D., 1983: Visual and verbal modes of information processing and cognitively based coping strategies an extension and replication

Section 7, Chapter 6908, Accession 006907015

Meyer, J. S., 1978: Visual and verbal processes involved in the development of picture recognition skills

Section 7, Chapter 6908, Accession 006907017

Smith J.L., 1983: Visual and vestibular contributions to pre landing electro myogram during jump downs in cats

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Schiop D., 1981: Visual aspects of cytomegalovirus in cells exposed to afla toxin

Tonomura K., 1985: Visual assay for specific inhibitors of adenosine deaminase with agar plates containing ph indicator

Waller J.E., 1986: Visual assessment of seasonal changes in amount of mycelium of acremonium loliae in leaf sheaths of perennial ryegrass lolium multiflorum cultivar ellett

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Warrington E.K., 1986: Visual associative agnosia a clinico anatomical study of a single case

Smith M.L., 1980: Visual asymmetries with chimeric faces

Grant D.W., 1980: Visual asymmetry on a color naming task a developmental perspective

Grant D.W., 1981: Visual asymmetry on a color naming task a longitudinal study with primary school children

Marczynski G.T., 1982: Visual attention and neuronal firing patterns in the feline pulvinar nucleus of thalamus

Section 7, Chapter 6908, Accession 006907036

Brooks Gunn J., 1981: Visual attention at 3 months as a predictor of cognitive functioning at 2 years of age

Section 7, Chapter 6908, Accession 006907038

Rayner, K., 1977: Visual attention in reading eye movements reflect cognitive processes

Touchette P.E., 1980: Visual attention in retarded adults combining stimuli which control incompatible behavior

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St James J.D., 1986: Visual attention within and around the field of focal attention a zoom lens model

Section 7, Chapter 6908, Accession 006907047

Rimland B., 1986: Visual auditory and reaction time approaches to the measurement of speed of information processing and individual differences in intelligence

Trojaborg W., 1981: Visual auditory and somato sensory pathway involvement in hereditary cerebellar ataxia friedreichs ataxia and familial spastic paraplegia

Section 7, Chapter 6908, Accession 006907051

Peck C.K., 1987: Visual auditory interactions in cat superior colliculus their role in the control of gaze

August G.J., 1987: Visual augmenting reducing and p300 in autistic children

Section 7, Chapter 6908, Accession 006907054

Section 7, Chapter 6908, Accession 006907055

Gottfries C.G., 1979: Visual averaged evoked responses in psychiatric patients relationship to levels of 5 hydroxy iaa homo vanillic acid and tryptophan in cerebro spinal fluid

Akamatsu T.J., 1982: Visual avoidance use of slides in a convenient measure of phobic behavior

Wilson W.R., 1982: Visual backward masking of selected visemes

Waldvogel H., 1979: Visual behavior and the structure of dark and light adapted larval and adult eyes of the new zealand glowworm arachnocampa luminosa mycetophilidae diptera

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Jacobs, G. H., 1977: Visual capacities of the owl monkey aotus trivirgatus part 2 spatial contrast sensitivity

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Clarke D.G., 1986: Visual censuses of fish populations at the florida usa middle ground

Sekuler R., 1988: Visual changes in daily life throughout adulthood

Murray I.J., 1986: Visual changes mediated by beer in retrobulbar neuritis an investigative case report

Adachi Usami E., 1981: Visual checkerboard evoked potentials from upper and lower retinal halves and variation of check size

Mazokhin Porshnyakov G.A., 1980: Visual choice of host by horse fly tabanidae diptera related to trap coloration

Frantsevich L.I., 1984: Visual choice of path through obstructions by cicindela hybrida

Barrera Mera B., 1985: Visual circadian rhythmicity in splitbrain crayfish procambarus bouvieri a plastic behavioral expression of symmetric circadian pacemakers

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Granum E., 1979: Visual classification of banded human chromosomes part 3 classification and karyotyping of density profiles described by band transition sequences

Frick G., 1985: Visual classification of erythrocytes in blood smears from healthy and sick people

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Loren C.A., 1988: Visual coding dominance in stuttering some evidence from central tachistoscopic stimulation tachistoscopic viewing and stuttering

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Foster, D. H., 1978: Visual comparison of random dot patterns evidence concerning a fixed visual association between features and feature relations

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Section 7, Chapter 6908, Accession 006907146

Cail F., 1983: Visual demands and fatigue in 2 types of computerized tasks

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Section 7, Chapter 6908, Accession 006907171

Taylor A.Jr, 1986: Visual determination of differential renal function

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Section 7, Chapter 6908, Accession 006907181

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Section 7, Chapter 6908, Accession 006907186

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Section 7, Chapter 6908, Accession 006907208

Section 7, Chapter 6908, Accession 006907209

Sakai Y., 1988: Visual display and measurement of blood flow by dsa

Section 7, Chapter 6908, Accession 006907211

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Section 7, Chapter 6908, Accession 006907216

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Section 7, Chapter 6908, Accession 006907253

Section 7, Chapter 6908, Accession 006907254

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Section 7, Chapter 6908, Accession 006907275

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Section 7, Chapter 6908, Accession 006907284

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Section 7, Chapter 6908, Accession 006907287

Section 7, Chapter 6908, Accession 006907288

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Section 7, Chapter 6908, Accession 006907293

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Section 7, Chapter 6908, Accession 006907297

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Section 7, Chapter 6908, Accession 006907304

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Section 7, Chapter 6908, Accession 006907309

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Section 7, Chapter 6908, Accession 006907311

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Section 7, Chapter 6908, Accession 006907315

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