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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6908

Chapter 6908 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Northmore D.P.M., 1984:
Visual and saccadic activity in the goldfish carassius auratus torus longitudinalis

Stine E.L.; Benham A.E.; Smith A.D., 1987:
Visual and semantic organization in picture recall

Lewis, E.G.; Dustman, R.E.; Beck, E.C., 1978:
Visual and somato sensory evoked potential characteristics of patients undergoing hemo dialysis and kidney transplantation

Oepen G.; Doerr M.; Thoden U., 1981:
Visual and somato sensory evoked potentials in huntingtons chorea

Bigum, H.B.; Dustman, R.E.; Beck, E.C., 1970:
Visual and somato sensory evoked responses from mongoloid and normal children

Minciacchi D.; Tassinari G.; Antonini A., 1987:
Visual and somatosensory integration in the anterior ectosylvian cortex of the cat

Sainio K.; Stenberg D.; Keskimaki I.; Muuronen A.; Kaste M., 1983:
Visual and spectral electro encephalographic analysis in the evaluation of the outcome in patients with ischemic brain infarction

Noll, N.C.; Weber, R.J., 1985:
Visual and tactile scanning moving scan vs. moving medium

Dellantonio A.; Lucca A.; Vio C.; Zampiron M., 1988:
Visual and tactual perception in children with down syndrome

Susman, E.J., 1978:
Visual and verbal attributes of television and selective attention in preschool children

Carroll, W.R.; Bencomo, A.A.; Rogers, C.A., 1978:
Visual and verbal elaboration in childrens free recall

Akins T.; Hollandsworth J.G.Jr; Alcorn J.D., 1983:
Visual and verbal modes of information processing and cognitively based coping strategies an extension and replication

Akins T.; Hollandsworth J.G.Jr; O'connell S.J., 1982:
Visual and verbal modes of information processing and their relation to the effectiveness of cognitively based anxiety reduction techniques

Allum J.H.J.; Pfaltz C.R., 1985:
Visual and vestibular contributions to pitch sway stabilization in the ankle muscles of normals and patients with bilateral peripheral vestibular deficits

Mckinley P.A.; Smith J.L., 1983:
Visual and vestibular contributions to pre landing electro myogram during jump downs in cats

Ansorge, K.; Gruesser-Cornehls, U., 1977:
Visual and visual vestibular responses of frog cerebellar neurons

Purcell, D.G.; Stanovich, K.E.; Spector, A., 1978:
Visual angle and the word superiority effect

Dikeman, M.E.; Albrecht, M.D.; Crouse, J.D.; Dayton, A.D., 1976:
Visual appraisal of bovine cannon bone size related to performance carcass traits and actual metacarpus measurements

Desimone R.; Gross C.G., 1979:
Visual areas in the temporal cortex of the macaque

Diosi P.; Georgescu L.; Schiop D., 1981:
Visual aspects of cytomegalovirus in cells exposed to afla toxin

Katsuragi T.; Sakai T.; Tonomura K., 1985:
Visual assay for specific inhibitors of adenosine deaminase with agar plates containing ph indicator

D.M.nna M.E.; Waller J.E., 1986:
Visual assessment of seasonal changes in amount of mycelium of acremonium loliae in leaf sheaths of perennial ryegrass lolium multiflorum cultivar ellett

Schwartz M.; Smith M.L., 1980:
Visual asymmetries with chimeric faces

Marczynski T.J.; Wei J.Y.; Burns L.L.; Choi S.Y.; Chen E.; Marczynski G.T., 1982:
Visual attention and neuronal firing patterns in the feline pulvinar nucleus of thalamus

Rosenwasser S.M.; Adams V.; Tansil K., 1983:
Visual attention as a function of sex and apparel of stimulus object who looks at whom?

Lewis M.; Brooks Gunn J., 1981:
Visual attention at 3 months as a predictor of cognitive functioning at 2 years of age

Mitchell, M.; Ivinskis, A.; Finlay, D.C., 1982:
Visual attention in infants: a study of stimulus complexity, habituation, and sex differences

Rayner, K., 1977 :
Visual attention in reading: Eye movements reflect cognitive processes

Huguenin, N.H.; Touchette, P.E., 1980:
Visual attention in retarded adults: combining stimuli which control incompatible behavior

Bundesen C., 1987:
Visual attention race models for selection from multielement displays

Landry S.H.; Leslie N.A.; Fletcher J.M.; Francis D.J., 1985:
Visual attention skills of premature infants with and without intraventricular hemorrhage

Berninger V.W., 1984:
Visual attention strategies for printed words in beginning readers

Millar, W.S., 1975:
Visual attention to contingent and noncontigent stimulation in 6 month old and 6 month old infants

Melhuish E.C., 1982:
Visual attention to mothers and strangers faces and facial contrast in 1 month old infants

Eriksen C.W.; S.J.mes J.D., 1986:
Visual attention within and around the field of focal attention a zoom lens model

Gustafson, R., 1986:
Visual attentional span as a function of a small dose of alcohol

Saccuzzo D.P.; Larson G.E.; Rimland B., 1986:
Visual auditory and reaction time approaches to the measurement of speed of information processing and individual differences in intelligence

Fischer C.; Mauguiere F.; Ibanez V.; Courjon J., 1986 :
Visual auditory and somatosensory evoked potentials in 917 cases of multiple sclerosis

von Knorring, L., 1976:
Visual averaged evoked responses in patients suffering from alcoholism

Perris C.; Von Knorring L.; Gottfries C.G., 1979:
Visual averaged evoked responses in psychiatric patients relationship to levels of 5 hydroxy iaa homo vanillic acid and tryptophan in cerebro spinal fluid

Hayes S.C.; Nelson R.O.; Willis S.E.; Akamatsu T.J., 1982:
Visual avoidance use of slides in a convenient measure of phobic behavior

Teigland, A.D.; Wilson, W.R., 1982:
Visual backward masking of selected visemes

Ellyson S.L.; Dovidio J.F.; Corson R.L., 1981:
Visual behavior differences in females as a function of self perceived expertise

Coombe P.E., 1982:
Visual behavior of the greenhouse whitefly trialeurodes vaporariorum

Wallsten T.S.; Lambert R.M., 1981:
Visual braille and print reading as a function of display field size

Jacobs, G.H., 1977:
Visual capacities of the owl monkey aotus trivirgatus part 1 spectral sensitivity and color vision

Jacobs, G.H., 1977:
Visual capacities of the owl monkey aotus trivirgatus part 2 spatial contrast sensitivity

Jacobs, G.H.; Tootell, R.B.; Blakeslee, B., 1979 :
Visual capacities of the owl monkey (Aotus trivirgatus): temporal contrast sensitivity

Raveendran S.; Mohideen H.M.D., 1986:
Visual capacity of marine teleost nemipterus japonicus bloch

Mershon, D.H.; Desaulniers, D.H.; Amerson, T.L.; Kiefer, S.A., 1980:
Visual capture in auditory distance perception: proximity image effect reconsidered

Young, R.W., 1976:
Visual cells and the concept of renewal

Govardovskii V.I.; Lychakov D.V., 1984:
Visual cells and visual pigments of the lamprey lampetra fluviatilis

Young, R.W., 1978:
Visual cells daily rhythms and vision research

Mascetti G.G.; Strozzi L., 1988:
Visual cells in the inferior colliculus of the cat

Baker, J.; Gibson, A.; Glickstein, M.; Stein, J., 1976:
Visual cells in the pontine nuclei of the cat

Perrett D.I.; Smith P.A.J.; Potter D.D.; Mistlin A.J.; Head A.S.; Milner A.D.; Jeeves M.A., 1985:
Visual cells in the temporal cortex sensitive to face view and gaze direction

Sajovic P.; Levinthal C., 1982:
Visual cells of zebrafish optic tectum mapping with small spots

Clarke D.G., 1986:
Visual censuses of fish populations at the florida usa middle ground

Kosnik, W.; Winslow, L.; Kline, D.; Rasinski, K.; Sekuler, R., 1988:
Visual changes in daily life throughout adulthood

Adachi Usami E., 1981:
Visual checkerboard evoked potentials from upper and lower retinal halves and variation of check size

Burakova O.V.; Mazokhin Porshnyakov G.A., 1980:
Visual choice of host by horse fly tabanidae diptera related to trap coloration

Frantsevich L.I., 1984:
Visual choice of path through obstructions by cicindela hybrida

Barrera Mera B., 1985:
Visual circadian rhythmicity in splitbrain crayfish procambarus bouvieri a plastic behavioral expression of symmetric circadian pacemakers

Stefanov S.B., 1985:
Visual classification in the quantitative comparison of images

Lundsteen, C.; Lind, A.M.; Granum, E., 1976:
Visual classification of banded human chromosomes part 1 karyotyping compared with classification of isolated chromosomes

Lundsteen, C.; Granum, E., 1977:
Visual classification of banded human chromosomes part 2 classification and karyotyping of integrated density profiles

Lundsteen C.; Granum E., 1979:
Visual classification of banded human chromosomes part 3 classification and karyotyping of density profiles described by band transition sequences

Linke A.; Frick G., 1985:
Visual classification of erythrocytes in blood smears from healthy and sick people

Sherk, H.; LeVay, S., 1981:
Visual claustrum: topography and receptive field properties in the cat

Rastatter M.P.; Loren C.A., 1988:
Visual coding dominance in stuttering some evidence from central tachistoscopic stimulation tachistoscopic viewing and stuttering

Rastatter M.P.; Loren C.; Colcord R., 1987:
Visual coding strategies and hemisphere dominance characteristics of stutterers

Gardner, H.; Zurif, E.B.; Berry, T.; Baker, E., 1976:
Visual communication in aphasia

Cunningham J.P.; Cooper L.A.; Reaves C.C., 1982:
Visual comparison processes identity and similarity decisions

Hampe G.D.; Noe F.P., 1980:
Visual complexity and preference for parkway scenes

Findlay, J.M., 1987:
Visual computation and saccadic eye movements: a theoretical perspective

Williams, D.R., 1980:
Visual consequences of the foveal pit

Mori T., 1985:
Visual conspicuity of a moving dot horizontal line segment or vertical line segment

Engel, F.L., 1977:
Visual conspicuity visual search and fixation tendencies of the eye

Mortensen U., 1988:
Visual contrast detection by a single channel versus probability summation among channels

Kunin, M.; Phillips, J.J.; Schwarz, G., 1988:
Visual contrast enhancement with a patterned overlay

Anthony P.D., 1981:
Visual contrast thresholds in the cod gadus morhua

Wallace, S.A.; Newell, K.M., 1983:
Visual control of discrete aiming movements

Collett, T.S.; Land, M.F., 1975:
Visual control of flight behavior in the hover fly syritta pipiens

Prablanc, C.; Pélisson, D.; Goodale, M.A., 1986:
Visual control of reaching movements without vision of the limb. I. Role of retinal feedback of target position in guiding the hand

Copp N.H.; Watson D., 1988:
Visual control of turning responses to tactile stimuli in the crayfish procambarus clarkii

Yoshida M.; Sato T.; Yasuda A.; Nishimura S.; Chatani I.; Fukao R., 1985:
Visual correction after surgery for congenital cataract

Dean, P., 1978:
Visual cortex ablation and thresholds for successively presented stimuli in rhesus monkeys part 1 orientation

Dean P., 1979:
Visual cortex ablation and thresholds for successively presented stimuli in rhesus monkeys part 2 hue

Molotchnikoff S.; Tremblay F., 1986:
Visual cortex controls retinal output in the rat

Hall, J.A.; Foster, R.E.; Ebner, F.F.; Hall, W.C., 1977:
Visual cortex in a reptile, the turtle (Pseudemys scripta and Chrysemys picta)

Choudhury B.P., 1987:
Visual cortex in the albino rabbit

Vital Durand F.; Blakemore C., 1981:
Visual cortex of an anthropoid ape black gibbon hylobates concolor

Morgane, P.J.; Glezer, I.I.; Jacobs, M.S., 1988:
Visual cortex of the dolphin: an image analysis study

Zablocka, T.; Zernicki, B.; Kosmal, A., 1976:
Visual cortex role in object discrimination in cats deprived of pattern vision from birth

Dudkin K.N.; Panin A.I.; Chueva I.V., 1981:
Visual cortex spatial frequency filters with lateral facilitation neuronal structure model

Sprague, J.M.; Levy, J.; DiBerardino, A.; Berlucchi, G., 1977:
Visual cortical areas mediating form discrimination in the cat

Camarda R.M., 1984:
Visual cortical cell classification criteria reliability and equivalence of the quantitative dynamic and static field plotting procedures

Buisseret, P.; Imbert, M., 1976:
Visual cortical cells: their developmental properties in normal and dark reared kittens

Duysens J.; Orban G.A.; Cremieux J.; Maes H., 1985:
Visual cortical correlates of visible persistence

Crewther S.G.; Crewther D.P.; Peck C.K.; Pettigrew J.D., 1980:
Visual cortical effects of rearing cats with mon ocular or bin ocular cyclo torsion

Shaburyan A.A., 1979:
Visual cortical evoked potentials in emotionally unstable humans threatened with electro cutaneous stimulation

Mcclurkin J.W.; Marrocco R.T., 1984:
Visual cortical input alters spatial tuning in monkey macaca fascicularis lateral geniculate nucleus cells

Guedry, F.E.Jr, 1978:
Visual counteraction of nauseogenic and dis orienting effects of some whole body motions a proposed mechanism

Bell W.J.; Tobin T.R.; Vogel G.; Surber J.L., 1983:
Visual course control of escape responses in the cockroach blaberus craniifer role of internal and external orientation information

Herrmann T.; Black A.H.; Doherty D.; Ellen P., 1980:
Visual cues fail to attenuate deficits on a spatial integration task following septal or fornical damage

Karplus I.; Algom D., 1981:
Visual cues for predator face recognition by reef fishes

Watanabe M.; Kohda Y.; Terami H., 1980:
Visual cues in the sheltering behavior of the cichlid fish pelmatochromis pulcher

Joslin, J.K., 1977:
Visual cues used in orientation by white footed mice peromyscus leucopus a laboratory study

Ruggieri, V.; Fiorenza, M.; Sabatini, N., 1986:
Visual decodification of some facial expressions through microimitation

Kaitz M.; Perlman I.; Ovadia N.; Ankava D.; Auerbach E.; Feinsod M., 1982:
Visual defects in the uninjured eye of patients with unilateral eye injury

Howard, D.R.; Krehbiel, J.D.; Fay, L.D.; Stuht, J.N.; Whitenack, D.L., 1976:
Visual defects in white tailed deer from michigan 6 case reports

Low, G.; Rogers, L.J.; Brumley, S.P.; Ehrlich, D., 1985:
Visual deficits and retinotoxicity caused by the naturally occurring anthelmintics, Embelia ribes and Hagenia abyssinica

Rogers L.J.; Zappia J.V.; Ehrlich D., 1985:
Visual deficits following intraocular treatment of chicks with glutamate or kainic acid

Elias R.; Cail F., 1983:
Visual demands and fatigue in 2 types of computerized tasks

Williams, J.G., 1987:
Visual demonstration and movement production: effects of motoric mediation during observation of a model

Lai, H.; Makous, W.L.; Quock, R.M.; Horita, A., 1978:
Visual deprivation affects serotonin levels in the visual system

Keating, M.J.; Grant, S.; Dawes, E.A.; Nanchahal, K., 1986:
Visual deprivation and the maturation of the retinotectal projection in Xenopus laevis

Troilo, D.; Gottlieb, M.D.; Wallman, J., 1987 :
Visual deprivation causes myopia in chicks with optic nerve section

Billson F.A.; Fitzgerald B.A.; Provis J.M., 1985:
Visual deprivation in infancy and childhood clinical aspects

de Sousa, L.; Romão, J., 1981:
Visual deprivation in rats: technique for surgical eyelid closure

Dean P.; Redgrave P.; Molton L., 1984:
Visual desynchronization of cortical electroencephalograph impaired by lesions of superior colliculus in rats

Manninen, H.; Pitkänen, M.; Wiljasalo, M.; Wiljasalo, S.; Soimakallio, S., 1984:
Visual detection and physical characteristics of roentgenographic systems. Investigations on chest imaging chains

Lie I., 1981:
Visual detection and resolution as a function of adaptation and glare

Lie I., 1980:
Visual detection and resolution as a function of retinal locus

Powers, M.K.; Bassi, C.J.; Rone, L.A.; Raymond, P.A., 1988:
Visual detection by the rod system in goldfish of different sizes

Graham, N., 1977:
Visual detection of aperiodic spatial stimuli by probability summation among narrowband channels

Tsang E.W.T.; Grootwassink J.W.D., 1985:
Visual detection of beta fructofuranosidase inulase regulatory mutants of kluyveromyces fragilis

Cole, B.L.; Johnston, A.W.; Gibson, A.J.; Jacobs, R.J., 1978 :
Visual detection of commencement of aircraft takeoff runs

Pietrewicz, A.T.; Kamil, A.C., 1977:
Visual Detection of Cryptic Prey by Blue Jays (Cyanocitta cristata)

Christen, P.; Gasser, A., 1980:
Visual detection of fructose 1 6 di phosphate aldolase ec after electrophoresis by its oxidative para catalytic reaction

Giaever, I.; Laffin, R.J., 1974:
Visual detection of hepatitis b antigen

Klein, R., 1978:
Visual detection of line segments 2 exceptions to the object superiority effect

Koenderink, J.J.; Van-Doorn, A.J., 1978:
Visual detection of spatial contrast influence of location in the visual field target extent and illuminance level

Kipper, M.S.; Witztum, K.F.; Taylor, A., 1986:
Visual determination of differential renal function

Lackner, J.R.; Levine, M.S., 1978:
Visual direction depends on the operation of spatial constancy mechanisms the oculo brachial illusion/

Cullinan T.R.; Silver J.H.; Gould E.S.; Irvine D., 1979:
Visual disability and home lighting

Levine, D.N.; Calvanio, R., 1980:
Visual discrimination after lesion of the posterior corpus callosum

Milewski A.E., 1979:
Visual discrimination and detection of configurational invariance in 3 month infants

Heuer H., 1987:
Visual discrimination and response programming

Blakeman N.E.; Friend T.H., 1986:
Visual discrimination at varying distances in spanish goat

Cornwell, P.; Warren, J.M., 1981:
Visual discrimination defects in cats with temporal or occipital decortications

Graeber, R.C.; Schroeder, D.M.; Jane, J.A.; Ebbesson, S.O., 1978:
Visual discrimination following partial telencephalic ablations in nurse sharks (Ginglymostoma cirratum)

Horel, J.A.; Misantone, L.J., 1976:
Visual discrimination impaired by cutting temporal lobe connections

Legg C.R., 1979:
Visual discrimination impairments after lesions in zona incerta or lateral terminal nucleus of rat accessory optic tract

Batuev, A.S.; Cherenkova, L.V., 1978:
Visual discrimination in cats: physical parameters of stimuli and effects of visual cortex ablation

Ptito A.; Lassonde M.; Lepore F.; Ptito M., 1987:
Visual discrimination in hemispherectomized patients

Goldstein L.H.; Oakley D.A., 1987:
Visual discrimination in the absence of visual cortex

White D.A.; Ward J.P., 1988:
Visual discrimination in the cat as a function of test item complexity and method of training

Ventura, D.F.; Mattei, R.H., 1977:
Visual discrimination in the fresh water shrimp macrobrachium acanthurus

O'connell, M.F.; Yeaton, S.P.; Strobel, D.A., 1978:
Visual discrimination in the protein mal nourished rhesus

Vashakidze N.V., 1986:
Visual discrimination learning after the removal of the middle suprasylvian gyrus in cats

Ehrlich, A.; Musicant, A.D., 1976:
Visual discrimination learning and memory in nocturnal prosimians

Russell, I.S.; Van-Hof, W.M.; Hobbelen, J.F., 1978:
Visual discrimination learning in corpus callosum sectioned rabbits

Miyashita T., 1985:
Visual discrimination learning with variable irrelevant cues in autistic children

Parsons L.M., 1987:
Visual discrimination of abstract mirror reflected three dimensional objects at many orientations

Chausseil M.; Loehmer R., 1986:
Visual discrimination of gray patterns in the kinkajous potos flavus

Ike, E.E.; Ruddock, K.H.; Skinner, P., 1987:
Visual discrimination of simple geometrical patterns: I. Measurements for multiple element stimuli

Ike, E.E.; Ruddock, K.H., 1987:
Visual discrimination of simple geometrical patterns: II. Atypical responses in a subject suffering difficulties with pattern recognition

Martin, R.C.; Pomerantz, J.R., 1978:
Visual discrimination of texture

Dalrymple A.J.; Galef B.G.Jr, 1981:
Visual discrimination pre training facilitates subsequent visual cue toxicosis conditioning in rats

Loop, M.S.; Sherman, S.M., 1977:
Visual discriminations during eyelid closure in the cat

Loop, M.S.; Sherman, S.M., 1977:
Visual discriminations of cats with cortical and tectal lesions

Black, P., 1982:
Visual disorders associated with cerebral palsy

Kasuga, T.; Sone, S.; Yano, K.; Nakanishi, F.; Okazaki, Y.; Sakai, F.; Imai, Y.; Sakai, Y., 1988:
Visual display and measurement of blood flow by DSA

Magora, A.; Gonen, B., 1976:
Visual display of the duration of electro myography activity in extra ocular muscles a demonstrative technique

Whiteside, J.A., 1978:
Visual display recognition and the duplication of inspection sequences

Tanaka Y., 1987:
Visual display terminal vdt work compared to paper work under clinical ophthalmological examination

Olivetti G.; Modiano A.; Fantini A.; Belisario A., 1985:
Visual display terminals psychosomatic aspects in telephone operators

Mcdonald A.D.; Cherry N.M.; Delorme C.; Mcdonald J.C., 1986:
Visual display units and pregnancy evidence from the montreal canada survey

Gregory, R.L.; Heard, P.F., 1983:
Visual dissociations of movement, position, and stereo depth: some phenomenal phenomena

Kraus H J.; Tautz J., 1981:
Visual distance keeping in the soldier crab mictyris platycheles grapsidae mictyridae a field study

Shirakawa H.; Honda Y., 1981:
Visual disturbance due to occipital lobe lesion

Fukuoka, Y.; Nakagawa, Y.; Tada, R.; Sasabe, T.; Haruta, Y.; Yuasa, T., 1987:
Visual disturbance probably due to optic nerve lesion in behcet's disease

Akesson B.; Floren I.; Skerfving S., 1985:
Visual disturbances after experimental human exposure to triethylamine

Akesson B.; Bengtsson M.; Floren I., 1986:
Visual disturbances after industrial triethylamine exposure

Uemura T., 1986:
Visual disturbances caused by labyrinthine disease

Takahashi T.; Kanatani I.; Isayama Y.; Tamaki N.; Matsumoto S., 1983:
Visual disturbances due to internal carotid aneurysm

Cruysberg, J.R.; Deutman, A.F., 1982:
Visual disturbances during pregnancy caused by central serous choroidopathy

Sato M.; Yasui N.; Suzuki A.; Kobayashi T., 1984:
Visual disturbances following right cerebral lesion a case

Lusky, M.; Cohen, S.; Manor, R.S., 1987:
Visual disturbances in mitral valve prolapse

Miyamoto, S.; Kikuchi, H.; Karasawa, J.; Nagata, I., 1986:
Visual disturbances in moyamoya disease

Gillette W.; Grossman H.B.; Lee R., 1985:
Visual disturbances in transurethral resection reaction

Cogan D.G., 1985:
Visual disturbances with focal progressive dementing disease

Colavita F.B., 1982:
Visual dominance and attention in space

Reed Elder C.; Lolordo V.M., 1985:
Visual dominance in inhibitory conditioning in the pigeon

Batic, N.; Gabassi, P.G., 1987:
Visual dominance in olfactory memory

Randich, A.; Klein, R.M.; Lolordo, V.M., 1978:
Visual dominance in the pigeon

Tyler, C.W.; Chang, J.J., 1977:
Visual echoes the perception of repetition in quasi random patterns

Campos, A.; Pérez, M.J., 1988:
Visual Elaboration Scale as a measure of imagery

Dorfman, L.J.; Gaynon, M.; Ceranski, J.; Louis, A.A.; Howard, J.E., 1987:
Visual electrical evoked potentials: evaluation of ocular injuries

Celesia, G.G.; Daly, R.F., 1977:
Visual electro encephalographic computer analysis a new electro physiologic test for the diagnosis of optic nerve lesions

Brown, J.L., 1976:
Visual elements in flight simulation

Hayes, D.S.; Schulze, S.A., 1977:
Visual encoding in preschoolers serial retention

Shekerdjiiski, S., 1979:
Visual estimation of filled or unfilled short time intervals

Elias P., 1981:
Visual estimation of leaf water stress in mercurialis perennis

Campan R.; Goulet M.; Lambin M., 1982:
Visual estimation of the relative distance between 2 objects in the cricket nemobius sylvestris and the apterygote lepismachilis targionii

Wilson, J.T.; Wiedmann, K.D.; Phillips, W.A.; Brooks, D.N., 1988:
Visual event perception in alcoholics

Rana S.V.S., 1980:
Visual evidences on reversible dysenzymia induced by zinc and a new chelating agent in carbon tetra chloride poisoned liver of squirrels

Malin J P., 1987:
Visual evoked blink reflex in optic neuritis

Maruo T.; Bun J E.; Ohnuma T., 1981:
Visual evoked cortical potential measuring system using a personal computer

Nightingale, S.; Mitchell, K.W.; Howe, J.W., 1986:
Visual evoked cortical potentials and pattern electroretinograms in Parkinson's disease and control subjects

Kinney, J.A.S.; Hammond, R.; Gelfand, R.; Clark, J., 1978:
Visual evoked cortical potentials in men during compression and saturation in helium oxygen equivalent to 400 800 1200 and 1600 feet of sea water

Maruo T.; Bun J E., 1980:
Visual evoked cortical potentials to japanese words stimuli functional differences between vertex potential and p 300

Costa G., 1981:
Visual evoked potential a comparison between clinical results using luminous stimuli flash and contrast stimuli pattern

Zeneroli, M.L.; Pinelli, G.; Gollini, G.; Penne, A.; Messori, E.; Zani, G.; Ventura, E., 1984:
Visual evoked potential: a diagnostic tool for the assessment of hepatic encephalopathy

Carroll W.M.; Jones S.J.; Halliday A.M., 1983:
Visual evoked potential abnormalities charcot marie tooth disease and comparison with friedreichs ataxia

Aunon, J.I.; Cantor, F.K., 1977:
Visual evoked potential and auditory evoked potential variability inter laboratory vs intra laboratory and inter session vs intra session variability

Cox, T.A.; Thompson, H.S.; Hayreh, S.S.; Snyder, J.E., 1982:
Visual evoked potential and pupillary signs. A comparison in optic nerve disease

Galassi F.; Giacomelli G.; Malfatt P.; L.T.rre A., 1985:
Visual evoked potential and stereoscopic sense evaluation in subjects with ocular sensorial alterations

Lukas J.H., 1987:
Visual evoked potential augmenting reducing and personality the vertex augmenter is a sensation seeker

Saxton, P.M.; Siegel, J.; Lukas, J.H., 1987:
Visual evoked potential augmenting reducing slopes in cats 1. reliability as a function of flash intensity range

Saxton, P.M.; Siegel, J.; Lukas, J.H., 1987:
Visual evoked potential augmenting reducing slopes in cats 2. correlations with behavior

Brown J.J.; Sufit R.L.; Sollinger H.W., 1987:
Visual evoked potential changes following renal transplantation

Mashima Y.; Oguchi Y., 1985:
Visual evoked potential changes in post operative patients with chiasmatic lesions follow up studies

Kadobayashi, I.; Mori, M.; Arima, S.; Kato, N., 1978:
Visual evoked potential characteristics and subtypes of schizophrenia

Sherman J.; Bass S.J.; Noble K.G.; Nath S.; Sutija V., 1986:
Visual evoked potential delays in central serous choroidopathy

Barnet A.B.; Friedman S.L.; Weiss I.P.; Ohlrich E.S.; Shanks B.; Lodge A., 1980:
Visual evoked potential development in infancy and early childhood a longitudinal study

Onofrj M.; Bodis Wollner I.; Mylin L., 1982:
Visual evoked potential diagnosis of field defects in patients with chiasmatic and tetro chiasmatic lesions

Tabuchi A., 1985:
Visual evoked potential dynamic topography in children a study on the development of the visual system

Nogawa T.; Katayama K.; Masuko S.; Okuda H.; Uchida M., 1987:
Visual evoked potential for monitoring the depth of anesthesia

Psatta, D.M., 1981:
Visual evoked potential habituation in mental deficiency

Cracco, R.Q.; Cracco, J.B., 1978:
Visual evoked potential in man early oscillatory potentials

Citterio, A.; Cosi, V.; Callieco, R., 1979:
Visual evoked potential in multiple sclerosis

Gulmann N.C.; Hammerberg P.E.; Jensen L.B.; Sommerbeck K.W.; Orbaek K., 1979:
Visual evoked potential in patients with cerebral asthenopia

Mashima Y.; Oguchi Y., 1987:
Visual evoked potential in the management of pituitary tumor during pregnancy

Howe, J.W.; Mitchell, K.W.; Mahabaleswara, M.; Abdel-Khalek, M.N., 1986:
Visual evoked potential latency and contrast sensitivity in patients with posterior chamber intraocular lens implants

Osaka, N.; Yamamoto, M., 1978:
Visual evoked potential latency and visual reaction time as power functions of luminance in the peripheral visual field

Ohzeki T.; Dai K., 1985:
Visual evoked potential sagittal distribution on lower and upper field stimuli

Kroker P.; Emser W.; Schimrigk K., 1987:
Visual evoked potentials after double pattern stimuli with pseudo color perception

Casey, W.F.; Hannon, V.; Cunningham, A.; Heaney, J., 1988:
Visual evoked potentials and changes in serum glycine concentration during transurethral resection of the prostate

Firenze C.; Gaggioli A.A.; Gallai V., 1987:
Visual evoked potentials and determination of immunoglobulin levels in the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis

Rostain, J.C.; Dimov, S., 1976:
Visual evoked potentials and excitability cycle during simulated diving at minus 610 meters in oxygen helium atmosphere physalie vi

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