Vitamin and amino acid supplementation of diets for growing finishing pigs

Zamora, R.G.

Transactions of the National Academy of Science and Technology Republic of the Philippines 8: 77-92


Accession: 006908941

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A series (6) of experiments were conducted to determine the effect of supplementing biotin, choline, vitamine E, pyridoxine, niacin and thiamine in diet of growing-finishing pigs. Each experiment consisted of four treatments with different levels of vitamin considered. Results showed that growing-finishing swine perform better when they were supplemented with 0.10 mg biotin, 1.0 g cholin, 10 I.U. vitamin E, 15 mg niacin, 4.0 mg pyridoxine and 4.0 mg thiamine per kg diet. Incidence of cracked toes was reduced up to 57% when biotin was supplemented at the rate of 0.20 mg per kg of diet. The different levels of supplementation did not affect the carcass quality and skin appearance of the pigs. Another three experiments were conducted to investigate the effect of various levels of protein and lysine in diets for starter, grower and finisher pigs. Within experiment, all the three diets contained similar energy and other nutrients. Results of the three experiments showed that the performance of pigs fed with the three diets within experiment were similar when the levels of crude protein were maintained at same levels. Furthermore, reducing the protein level two percentage points and lysine levels to 0.02 percentage point for every reduction in crude protein gave similar performanace compared to pigs in the other treatment groups.