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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6910

Chapter 6910 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Fyfe, J.A.; Friedmann, H.C., 1969:
Vitamin b 12 biosynthesis enzyme studies on the formation of the alpha glycosidic nucleotide precursor clostridium sticklandii proprionibacterium shermanii enz benzimidazole adenine phosphoribosyl transferase enz nicotinamide mono nucleotide deamidase

Scott A.I.; Kang J.; Dowd P.; Trivedi B.K., 1980:
Vitamin b 12 catalyst for a nonenzymic carbon skeleton model rearrangement

Hayes A.N.; Willans D.J.; Skelton D., 1985:
Vitamin b 12 cobalamin and folate blood levels in geriatric reference group as measured by 2 kits

Monov G.; Petkov R., 1984:
Vitamin b 12 content in pheasant meat

Troitskaya G.N., 1983:
Vitamin b 12 content in soybean root nodules as affected by plant growth conditions

Guven, K.C.; Guler, E.; Yucel, A., 1976:
Vitamin b 12 content of gelidium capillaceum

Dobrosielski Vergona K., 1987:
Vitamin b 12 dependent protozoa a model system for aging

Dumenil G.; Cremieux A.; Chevalier J.; Guiraud H., 1981:
Vitamin b 12 formation by a gram variable methanol utilizing bacterium

Bhatt H.R.; Linnell J.C., 1987:
Vitamin b 12 homeostasis after haemorrhage in the rat the importance of skeletal muscle

Parker, M., 1977:
Vitamin b 12 in lake washington usa concentration and rate of uptake

Avakyan Z.G.; Afrikyan E.K., 1981:
Vitamin b 12 in soils

Halarnkar P.P.; Chambers J.D.; Wakayama E.J.; Blomquist G.J., 1987:
Vitamin b 12 levels and propionate metabolism in selected non insect arthropods and other invertebrates

Pfeiffer, R., 1976:
Vitamin b 12 metabolism in human granulocytes

Gorobets, V.F.; Matveenko, E.G.; Kumskova, L.A.; Vakulenko, A.D.; Dobrova, G.S.; Golubnichaya, L.P.; Sorokina, V.G., 1977:
Vitamin b 12 metabolism thyro toxicosis and neuro circulatory dystonia according to radiometric data of the entire body

Perold J.G., 1981:
Vitamin b 12 neuropathy in the absence of anemia a case report

Bjørnstad, E.; Eika, C., 1986:
Vitamin B 12 neuropathy without anemia

Gillespie, P.A.; Morita, R.Y., 1972:
Vitamin B 12 production and depletion in a naturally occurring eutrophic lake

Galli R.; Lucchini G.; Bianchetti R., 1985:
Vitamin b 12 requirement and propionate utilization in euglena gracilis

Basile D.; Basile M.R.; L.Q.Y.; Corpe W., 1985:
Vitamin b 12 stimulated growth and development of jungermannia leiantha and gymnocolea inflata hepaticae

D'yachenko L.S.; Lysenko V.F., 1987:
Vitamin b 12 synthesis in high yielding cows given food rations with various levels of cobalt food ration

Gimpert, E.; Jakob, M.; Hitzig, W.H., 1975:
Vitamin b 12 transport in blood part 1 congenital deficiency of trans cobalamin ii

Bennink M.R.; Ono K., 1982:
Vitamin b 12 vitamin e and vitamin d content of raw and cooked beef

Zanette D.; Nome F., 1979:
Vitamin b 12s catalyzed dechlorination of 1 1 di chloro 2 2 bis p chlorophenyl ethane novel synthesis of substituted stilbenes

Leclerc J., 1979:
Vitamin b 2 nutritional status of pregnant rats and their offspring in relation to nutritional intake of riboflavine

Tani Y.; Matsuura M.; Negoro T.; Yamada H., 1980:
Vitamin b 6 a method to screen its biosynthetic intermediates

Boell W.; Koenig H., 1979:
Vitamin b 6 a new synthesis by diels alder reaction

Villela, G.G.; Calcagnotto, A.M., 1977:
Vitamin b 6 and l glutamic dehydrogenase ec of the brain

Yamada H.; Matsuura M.; Tani Y., 1981:
Vitamin b 6 biosynthesis of a pdx mutant escherichia coli b wg 3 in amino acid supplemented medium

Reiber, H., 1976:
Vitamin b 6 catalyzed beta elimination of serine and o phospho serine qualitative and quantitative aspects of catalytic influences at the rate limiting step a comparison with the rate of enzymatic beta elimination

Coburn S.P.; Mahuren J.D.; Guilarte T.R., 1984:
Vitamin b 6 content of plasma of domestic animals determined by high performance liquid chromatography enzymatic and radiometric microbiological methods

Blumenthal A.; Scheffeldt P.; Haffner R., 1985:
Vitamin b 6 content of swiss bread varieties and their contribution towards covering requirement of the population

Blumenthal A.; Scheffeldt P., 1986:
Vitamin b 6 content of swiss potatoes and their contribution to the recommended dietary allowance

Ellis, J.M.; Kishi, T.; Azuma, J.; Folkers, K., 1976:
Vitamin b 6 deficiency in patients with a clinical syndrome including the carpal tunnel defect biochemical and clinical responses to therapy with pyridoxine

Kuehn, H.J.; Loessner, J., 1988:
Vitamin b 6 deficiency using d penicillamine in wilson's disease

Wilson R.G.; Davis R.E., 1984:
Vitamin b 6 intake and plasma pyridoxal phosphate concentrations in the 1st 2 weeks of life

Lewis, J.S.; Nunn, K.P., 1977:
Vitamin b 6 intakes and 24 hour 4 pyridoxic acid excretions of children

Solomon L.R., 1982:
Vitamin b 6 metabolism in human red cells limitations in cofactor activities by pyridoxal and pyridoxal 5 phosphate

Solomon, L.R.; Hillman, R.S., 1978:
Vitamin b 6 metabolism in human red cells part 1 variations in normal subjects

Miroshnichenko A.G., 1981:
Vitamin b 6 metabolism in patients with acne

Dainyak L.B.; Tsyrul'nikova L.G.; Zagoryanskaya M.A., 1988:
Vitamin b 6 metabolism in vasomotor rhinitis effect of cryotherapy and following pyridoxine therapy

Henderson, G.B.; Snell, E.E., 1971:
Vitamin B 6 -responsive histidine deficiency in mutants of Salmonella typhimurium

Barashnev Y.I.; Rozova I.N.; Semyachkina A.N., 1979:
Vitamin b 6 role in the treatment of children with hereditary pathology of metabolism

Reithmayer F.; Roth Maier D.A.; Kirchgessner M., 1985:
Vitamin b 6 status and vitamin b 6 excretion in pregnant rats at different vitamin b 6 intake levels

Chrisley B.M.; Driskell J.A., 1979:
Vitamin b 6 status of adults in virginia usa

Russ C.S.; Hendricks T.A.; Chrisley B.M.; Kalin N.H.; Driskell J.A., 1983:
Vitamin b 6 status of depressed and obsessive compulsive patients

Vir, S.C.; Love, A.H.G., 1977:
Vitamin b 6 status of institutionalized and noninstitutionalized aged

Sakurai T.; Kuwahara T.; Matsuda M., 1980:
Vitamin b 6 vitamers in mouse brain and their relationship to convulsions

Tryapshene, O.P.; Yankyavichyus, K.K.; Lubyanskene, V.N., 1976:
Vitamin b complex in the food and separate organs of the carp white amur and tench under natural feeding conditions part 4 synthesis of vitamins by intestinal bacteria in 3 year old fish

Tandon, S.K.; Flora, S.J.; Behari, J.R.; Ashquin, M., 1984:
Vitamin B complex in treatment of cadmium intoxication

Shlapkauskaite G.V., 1987:
Vitamin b distribution in the bottoms of lake drisvyaty lithuanian ssr ussr in 1982 1983

Normah H.; Fields M.L., 1979:
Vitamin b relative nutritive value and palatability of germinated corn zea mays

Srivastava, B.G.; Pant, N.C.; Choudhary, H.S., 1977:
Vitamin b requirement of dacus cucurbitae maggots diptera tryptidae

Berger, S., 1977:
Vitamin c a carbon 13 magnetic resonance study

Metz, J.; Hundertmark, U.; Pevny, I., 1980:
Vitamin C allergy of the delayed type

Fidanza A.; Audisio M.; Mastroiacovo P., 1981:
Vitamin c and athero sclerosis

Jaffey M., 1982:
Vitamin c and cancer examination of the vale of leven hospital scotland uk trial results using broad inductive reasoning

Fidanza A.; Bruno C.; Martinoli L.; Audisio M., 1983:
Vitamin c and fatty acids in lipidic plasmatic fractions

Thomas, W.R.; Holt, P.G., 1978:
Vitamin C and immunity: an assessment of the evidence

Vekemans, J.A.J.M.; De-Bruyn, R.G.M.; Caris, R.C.H.M.; Kokx, A.J.P.M.; Konings, J.J.H.G.; Godefroi, E.F.; Chittenden, G.J.F., 1987:
Vitamin c and isovitamin c derived chemistry 2. synthesis of some enantiomerically pure 4 5 6 trihydroxylated norleucines

Vekemans, J.A.J.M.; Franken, G.A.M.; Dapperens, C.W.M.; Godefroi, E.F.; Chittenden, G.J.F., 1988:
Vitamin c and isovitamin c derived chemistry 3. chiral butenolides via efficient 2 3 didehydroxylations of l gulono d mannono and d ribono 1 4 lactones

Eckert Maksic M.; Bischof P.; Maksic Z.B., 1985:
Vitamin c and its radicals tautomerism electronic structure and properties

Falade J.A., 1981:
Vitamin c and other chemical substances in cashew apple anacardium occidentale

Ninomiya, T., 1975:
Vitamin c and sugar contents and artificial color in ice candies and soft drinks

Masek, J.; Hrubá, F.; Nováková, V.; Honzák, R.; Kaucká, J., 1976:
Vitamin C and vigilance

Morozov, K.A.; Valenkevich, L.N.; Smirnova, T.A., 1977:
Vitamin c and vitamin b 1 allowances during different diseases of the gastro intestinal tract/

Vobecky, J.S.; Vobecky, J.; Shapcott, D.; Cloutier, D.; Lafond, R.; Blanchard, R., 1976:
Vitamin c and vitamin e in spontaneous abortion

Ludvigsson, J.; Hansson, L.O.; Tibbling, G., 1977 :
Vitamin C as a preventive medicine against common colds in children

Pollock, J.I.; Mullin, R.J., 1987:
Vitamin C biosynthesis in prosimians: evidence for the anthropoid affinity of Tarsius

Meucci E.; Martorana G.E.; Ursitti A.; Miggiano G.A.D.; Mordente A.; Castelli A., 1987:
Vitamin c bovine serum albumin binding behavior

Ginter E.; Ozdin L.; Bobeck P.; Ondreicka R.; Cerna O.; Babala J.; Kumpel Q., 1981:
Vitamin c cholesterol metabolism and athero sclerosis

Heinz Erian P.; Achmuller M.; Berger H.; Brabec W.; Nirk S.; Rufer R., 1987:
Vitamin c concentrations in maternal plasma amniotic fluid cord blood in the plasma of the newborn and in colostrum transitorial and mature breastmilk

Mcintosh G.H.; Richmond W.; Himsworth R.L., 1981:
Vitamin c deficiency and hyper cholesterolemia in marmoset monkeys callithrix jacchus

Sohal M.S.; Sidhu L.S.; Bhalla A.; Sohal H., 1987:
Vitamin c deficiency and performance in female physical education students

Rosenbach, Y.; Zahavi, I.; Waisman, Y.; Dinari, G., 1987:
Vitamin C deficiency in a girl with fructosemia

Mahajan C.L.; Agrawal N.K., 1979:
Vitamin c deficiency in channa punctatus

Bates, C.J., 1979:
Vitamin C deficiency in guinea pigs: variable sensitivity of collagen at different sites

Bourgeois, C.F.; Belliot, J.P.; Mainguy, P.R.; Muller-Mulot, W.; Tancer, M.; Luksova, E., 1978:
Vitamin c determination in the mineral concentrates of cattle enriched by vitamin c

Konka Slotwinska J.; Cybulska B.; Naruszewicz M.; Nowicka G., 1981:
Vitamin c effect on lipemia

Herbert E.W.Jr; Vanderslice J.T.; Higgs D.J., 1985:
Vitamin c enhancement of brood rearing by caged honeybees apis mellifera fed a chemically defined diet

Diaz-Marquina, A.; Oraez-Villanueva, M.T.; Matallana-Gonzalez, C., 1987:
Vitamin c in dietetic products i. juices and nectars

Diaz-Marquina, A.; Matallana-Gonzalez, M.C.; Orzaez-Villanueva, M.T., 1987:
Vitamin c in dietetic products ii. marmalades

Poss A.J.; Belter R.K., 1988:
Vitamin c in organic synthesis reaction with p hydroxybenzyl alcohol derivatives

Lovell, R.T.; Lim, C., 1978:
Vitamin c in pond diets for channel catfish

Pelletier, O.; Nantel, C.; Leduc, R.; Tremblay, L.; Brassard, R., 1977:
Vitamin c in potatoes prepared in various ways

Shah R.V.; Kinariwala R.V.; Ramachandran A.V., 1980:
Vitamin c in regeneration a quantitative evaluation of the changes in the hepatic and renal ascorbic acid contents during tail regeneration in the scincid lizard mabuya carinata

Franke W., 1982:
Vitamin c in sea fennel crithmum maritimum an edible wild plant

Fritz P.D.; Kaeppel R.; Henjes G., 1979:
Vitamin c in stored cauliflower

Fidanza A.; Martinoli L.; Mastroiacovo P., 1979:
Vitamin c in the plasma and in leukocytes of italians at different periods of the year

Cathcart R.F.IIi, 1984:
Vitamin c in the treatment of acquired immune deficiency syndrome

Kinariwala R.V.; Shah R.V.; Ramachandran A.V., 1981:
Vitamin c in wound healing a quantitative evaluation of the changes in the caudal hepatic and renal ascorbic acid contents during tail wound healing in the agamid lizard calotes versicolor

Hadziyev, D.; Steele, L., 1976:
Vitamin c increase in aerated potato slices

Paus T., 1982:
Vitamin c influence on attention and vigilance

Pru, C.; Eaton, J.; Kjellstrand, C., 1985:
Vitamin C intoxication and hyperoxalemia in chronic hemodialysis patients

Deshpande V.V.; Joshi J.G., 1985:
Vitamin c iron iii induced loss of the covalently bound phosphate and enzyme activity of phosphoglucomutase

Lewin, S., 1976:
Vitamin c its molecular biology and medical potential

Heinz Erian P.; Achmueller M.; Berger H.; Bonjour J.P.; Gasser R.; Hornig D.; Nirk S.; Schneeberger H., 1985:
Vitamin c levels in cerebrospinal fluid and plasma in children

Paterson, C.A.; O'Rourke, M.C., 1987:
Vitamin C levels in human tears

Ajayi S.O.; Oderinde S.F.; Osibanjo O., 1980:
Vitamin c losses in cooked fresh leafy vegetables

Wilson, C.W.M.; Loh, H.S., 1974:
Vitamin c metabolism and the common cold

Salmenperä, L., 1984:
Vitamin C nutrition during prolonged lactation: optimal in infants while marginal in some mothers

Vallance, S., 1975:
Vitamin c nutrition on a british antarctic survey base

Chen, L.H.; Thacker, R.R., 1986:
Vitamin C partially reversed some biochemical changes produced by vitamin E deficiency

Mandal, S.K.; Ray, A.K., 1987:
Vitamin C status of elderly patients on admission into an assessment geriatric ward

Vir, S.C.; Love, A.H.G., 1978:
Vitamin c status of institutionalized and noninstitutionalized aged

Havivi, E.; Reshef, A., 1978:
Vitamin C value of fruit mixture containing fresh orange juice

Yagodinskaya, S.G., 1977:
Vitamin c value of fruits grown in the subtropics of the turkmen ssr

Goerner F.; Uherova R., 1980:
Vitamin changes in ultra high temperature sterilized milk during storage

Stepanova, B.M.; Smirnova, E.V.; Grigor'eva, M.P.; Grigor'eva, L.V.; D'yachkova, L.V.; Konovalova, L.V., 1978:
Vitamin composition of food products

Dikanskaya E.M.; Volkova L.S.; Dolgaya M.B.; Gorobtsova T.A., 1986:
Vitamin composition of yeasts oxidizing hydrocarbons

Grigor'eva, M.P.; Konovalova, L.V.; Orlova, N.V.; Smirnova, E.V.; Stepanova, E.N.; Burakova, M.I., 1976:
Vitamin content in different varieties and grades of cabbage

Karosene, S.A., 1980:
Vitamin content in fungi of the hymenomycetes subclass 14. thiamine and riboflavin in the fruitbodies of lactarius trivialis

Karosene, S.A., 1977:
Vitamin content in hymenomycetes part 10 thiamine and riboflavine in fruitbodies of the edible blewitt

Karosene, S.A., 1975:
Vitamin content in hymenomycetous fungi part 6 thiamine and riboflavine in the fruiting bodies of tricholoma portentosum

Karosene, S.A.; Stankyavichene, D.R., 1984:
Vitamin content in mushrooms 16. thiamin and riboflavin in fruiting bodies of 13 spp. of fungus of the families boletaceae paxillaceae tricholomataceae amanitaceae agaricaceae cortinariaceae

Karosene, S.A., 1979:
Vitamin content in mushrooms 2. thiamine and riboflavine in fruitbodies of lactarius necator lactarius turpis lactarius plumbeus

Karosene, S.A., 1976:
Vitamin content in mushrooms part 7 thiamine and riboflavine in fruiting bodies of boletes

Karosene, S.A., 1978:
Vitamin content in mushrooms part ii thiamine and riboflavine in fruitbodies of tricholoma saponaceum

Karosene, S.A., 1977:
Vitamin content in pileate mushrooms part 9 thiamine and riboflavine in fruitbodies of the bovinus mushroom

Duda G.; Gertig H.; Kulesza C.; Maruszewska M.; Pzryslawski J.; Szajkowski Z.; Ucinska D., 1981:
Vitamin content in polish beers

Makhamadzhanov I.; Zakhar'yants I.L., 1984:
Vitamin content in shrubs undershrubs and 1 tree species in southwestern kyzyl kum uzbek ssr ussr

Karosene, S.A., 1980:
Vitamin content in the mushrooms of subclass hymenomycetes 13. thiamine and riboflavine in fruitbodies of clitocybe nebularis

Shimko E.P.; Roshkovich Y.V.; Sabov V.A., 1981:
Vitamin content in the organs and tissues of persons who died from tuberculosis and chronic pneumonia

Karosene, S.A., 1982:
Vitamin content in tricholoma spp tricholomopsis spp and lactarius spp 15. thiamin and riboflavin in the fruit bodies of 6 species belonging to tricholomataceae and russulaceae families

Tsybul'ko V.S.; Karpukhina A.M.; Zhmurko V.V.; Manzyuk S.G., 1987:
Vitamin content in wheat and rye in connection with their spring and winter habit

Prudente V.R.; Mabesa L.B., 1981:
Vitamin content of mung bean vigna radiata cultivar mg 50 10a sprouts

Gumares-Robbs, P.; Rosenberg, J.A.; Costa, F.A., 1983 :
Vitamin content of scenedesmus quadricauda 2. vitamin b 12

Baker, H.; Frank, O.; Chen, T.; Feingold, S.; DeAngelis, B.; Baker, E., 1984:
Vitamin content of some normal human brain segments

Noll, K.M.; Barber, T.S., 1988:
Vitamin contents of archaebacteria

Dias, G.D.O.; Rosemberg, J.A.; Robbs, P.G., 1982:
Vitamin contents of scenedesmus quadricauda 1. biotin niacin and riboflavin

Larkins R.G., 1977:
Vitamin d

Henry, H.L.; Norman, A.W., 1978:
Vitamin d 2 di hydroxylated metabolites are required for normal chicken egg hatchability

Vega M.A.; Santamaria E.C.; Morales A.; Boland R.L., 1985:
Vitamin d 3 affects growth and calcium uptake by phaseolus vulgaris u cultivar contrancha roots cultured in vitro

Zucker H.; Rambeck W.A., 1981:
Vitamin d 3 and a vitamin d 3 metabolite like activity in trisetum flavescens

Gunasekaran S.; Kenny A.D., 1986:
Vitamin d 3 and avian bone in vitro specificity of effect on japanese quail coturnix coturnix japonica calvaria

Gunasekaran S.; Hall G.E.; Kenny A.D., 1986:
Vitamin d 3 and avian bone in vitro stimulation of calcium movement into japanese quail coturnix coturnix japonica calvaria

George J.C.; Barnett B.J.; Cho C.Y.; Slinger S.J., 1981 :
Vitamin d 3 and muscle function in the rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Banskalieva V.; Stanchev Kh; Ivanov N., 1979:
Vitamin d 3 effect on lipid level and composition and incorporation of phosphorus 32 in the phospho lipids of chicken liver

Esvelt, R.P.; Schnoes, H.K.; Deluca, H.F., 1978:
Vitamin d 3 from rat skins irradiated in vitro with uv light/

Rambeck W.A.; Kerutzberg O.; Bruns Droste C.; Zucker H., 1981:
Vitamin d 3 in the grass trisetum flavescens

Ingersoll, R.J.; Wasserman, R.H., 1971:
Vitamin d 3 induced calcium binding protein protein characteristics conformational effects and other properties

Vega M.A.; Boland R.L., 1986:
Vitamin d 3 induces the de novo synthesis of calmodulin in phaseolus vulgaris root segments growing in vitro

Hidiroglou M.; Williams C.J., 1984:
Vitamin d 3 levels in certain sheep tissues at various times after intra muscular administration of vitamin d 3

Kudo M.; Kitaoka M.; Takebe K., 1986:
Vitamin d 3 metabolism in chronic streptozotocin induced diabetic and glibenclamide treated rats fed a vitamin d deficient diet

Endo H.; Kiyoki M.; Kawashima K.; Naruchi T.; Hashimoto Y., 1980:
Vitamin d 3 metabolites and parathyroid hormone synergistically stimulate bone formation of chick embryonic femur in vitro

Hidiroglou, M.; Williams, C.J.; Shorrock, C., 1984:
Vitamin d 3 response in sheep to oral vs. parenteral administration and to intramuscular dose levels of vitamin d 3

L.B.ulch N.; Gulat Marnay C.; Miravet L.; Laromiguiere M.; Raoul Y., 1980:
Vitamin d 3 sulfo conjugate in pregnant and lactating mother rats after dosing with tritium labeled vitamin d 3

Callari D.; Billitteri A., 1980:
Vitamin d action on cellularity and mechanical fragility of lysosomes studies on carrageenan granuloma cells

Novikov N.N.; Pichak V.A.; Kovalev I.I.; Bauman V.K.; Valinietse M.Yu; Limonchenko N.N., 1981:
Vitamin d activity of irradiated fodder

Lacey, D.L.; Axelrod, J.; Chappel, J.C.; Kahn, A.J.; Teitelbaum, S.L., 1987:
Vitamin D affects proliferation of a murine T helper cell clone

Yanda D.M.; Ghazarian J.G., 1981:
Vitamin d and 25 hydroxy vitamin d in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri cytochrome p 450 and bio transformations of the vitamins

Kowarski, S.; Schachter, D., 1973:
Vitamin d and atpase dependent on divalent cations in rat intestinal mucosa

Rickers, H.; Christiansen, C.; Balslev, I.; Foltved, H.; Rødbro, P.; Christensen, M.S., 1983:
Vitamin D and bone mineral content after intestinal bypass operation for obesity

Verhaeghe, J.; Bouillon, R.; Nyomba, B.L.; Lissens, W.; Van Assche, F.A., 1986:
Vitamin D and bone mineral homeostasis during pregnancy in the diabetic BB rat

Bauman, V.K., 1978:
Vitamin d and calcium binding protein

Garabedian, M.; Du-Bois, M.B.; Corvol, M.T.; Pezant, E.; Balsan, S., 1978 :
Vitamin d and cartilage part 1 in vitro metabolism of 25 hydroxy cholecalciferol by cartilage

Corvol, M.T.; Dumontier, M.F.; Garabedian, M.; Rappaport, R., 1978:
Vitamin d and cartilage part 2 biological activity of 25 hydroxy cholecalciferol and 24 25 di hydroxy cholecalciferol and 1 25 di hydroxy cholecalciferol on cultured growth plate chondrocytes

Nishi, Y.; Hyodo, S.; Usui, T.; Seino, Y.; Yamaoka, K., 1985:
Vitamin D and cyclic nucleotide changes in response to calcitonin in man

Fairney, A.; Naughten, E.; Oppé, T.E., 1977:
Vitamin D and human lactation

Lund, B.; Badskajaer, J.; Lund, B.; Soerensen, O.H., 1978:
Vitamin d and ischemic heart disease

Noff, D.; Edelstein, S., 1978:
Vitamin D and its hydroxylated metabolites in the rat. Placental and lacteal transport, subsequent metabolic pathways and tissue distribution

Hollis, B.W.; Roos, B.A.; Draper, H.H.; Lambert, P.W., 1981:
Vitamin D and its metabolites in human and bovine milk

Hodgkinson, A.; Marshall, D.H.; Nordin, B.E., 1979:
Vitamin D and magnesium absorption in man

Stead R.J.; Houlder S.; Agnew J.; Thomas M.; Hodson M.E.; Batten J.C.; Dandona P., 1988:
Vitamin d and parathyroid hormone and bone mineralization in adults with cystic fibrosis

Peterfy, C.; Tenenhouse, A.; Yu, E., 1988:
Vitamin D and parotid gland function in the rat

Saulenas, A.M.; Cohen, S.M.; Key, L.L.; Winter, C.; Albert, D.M., 1988:
Vitamin D and retinoblastoma. The presence of receptors and inhibition of growth in vitro

Bekemeier, H., 1977:
Vitamin d and the development of mankind particularly the development of the skin color

Komine Y., 1984:
Vitamin d and the muscle mechanism weakness in vitamin d deficiency

Hollis, B.W.; Hibbs, J.W.; Conrad, H.R., 1977:
Vitamin D binding factors in bovine blood

Brown, I.; Sood, A.; Carter, N.D., 1980:
Vitamin D binding globulin levels and affinity in various clinical conditions

Goto M.; Yoshida T.; Honda T.; Furuya K.; Anezaki S.; IIda M.; Fukui Y., 1984:
Vitamin d binding protein in human serum amniotic fluid and placenta

Harper, K.D.; McLeod, J.F.; Kowalski, M.A.; Haddad, J.G., 1987:
Vitamin D binding protein sequesters monomeric actin in the circulation of the rat

Norman A.W.; E.A., 1977:
Vitamin d biochemical chemical and clinical aspects related to calcium metabolism proceedings of the 3rd workshop pacific grove california usa january 9 13 1977

Bauman V.K., 1983:
Vitamin d calcium binding protein and calcium absorption in the intestine

Munker, R.; Norman, A.; Koeffler, H.P., 1986:
Vitamin D compounds. Effect on clonal proliferation and differentiation of human myeloid cells

Reeve, L.E.; Jorgensen, N.A.; DeLuca, H.F., 1982:
Vitamin D compounds in cows' milk

Ulivieri, F.M.; Verdoia, C.; Ortolani, S.; Pellegrini, F.; Trevisan, C.; Parrini, L., 1986:
Vitamin D concentrations in women of postmenopausal age with fractures of the femoral neck

Nilas, L.; Christiansen, C., 1987:
Vitamin D deficiency after highly selective vagotomy

Fonseca, V.A.; D'Souza, V.; Houlder, S.; Thomas, M.; Wakeling, A.; Dandona, P., 1988:
Vitamin D deficiency and low osteocalcin concentrations in anorexia nervosa

Yamamoto, M.; Kawanobe, Y.; Takahashi, H.; Shimazawa, E.; Kimura, S.; Ogata, E., 1984:
Vitamin D deficiency and renal calcium transport in the rat

Toss, G.; Almqvist, S.; Larsson, L.; Zetterqvist, H., 1980:
Vitamin D deficiency in welfare institutions for the aged

Jirapinyo, P.; Srimaruta, N.; Lebenthal, E.; Lee, P.C., 1988:
Vitamin D deficiency, pancreatic and small intestinal enzyme development in rats

Hijazi S.S.; Imseeh G.; Abdulatif D.; Moumani A., 1985:
Vitamin d deficiency rickets in jordanian children

Stoegmann, W.; Sacher, M.; Bluemal, P.; Woloszczuk, W., 1985:
Vitamin d deficiency rickets massive single dose treatment vs. continuous treatment with vitamin d

Paterson, C.R., 1981:
Vitamin D deficiency rickets simulating child abuse

Haworth J.C.; Dilling L.A., 1986:
Vitamin d deficient rickets in manitoba canada 1972 1984

Petith, M.M.; Wenger, J.R.; Schedl, H.P., 1978:
Vitamin D dependence and aboral gradient of in vivo intestinal calcium transport in the rat

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Vitamin e vs placebo a double blind comparative trial in the low birth weight infant in the 7th week of life

Vojtkova Lepsikova A.; Kossaczka Z.; Machova E., 1987:
Vitamin effects on yeast growth utilizing sugar mixture from xylose residual sirup

Smith D.K.; Mousseau T.; Briand F., 1984:
Vitamin enrichment of lake plankton field tests of micro nutrient limitation

Masaoka T.; Akahori F.; Suzuki K.; Onozawa A.; Kamijima N., 1981:
Vitamin k 1 and coumatetralyl toxicity

Hamilton S.E.; Tesch D.; Zerner B., 1982:
Vitamin k 1 dependent carboxylase beta carboxylation of tert butyloxycarbonyl aspartic acid alpha benzyl ester

Carlisle D.M.; Blaschke T.F., 1981:
Vitamin k 1 vitamin k 2 epoxide and warfarin interrelationships in the dog

Tani Y.; Asahi S.; Yamada H., 1984:
Vitamin k 2 menaquinone screening of producing microorganisms and production by flavobacterium meningosepticum

Huang, T.T.; Li, H.L.; Ch'iao, T.F., 1974:
Vitamin k 3 in experimental relaxation of ileum spasm and clinical treatment of biliary colic in biliary ascariasis

Prasad K.N.; Edwards Prasad J.; Sakamoto A., 1981:
Vitamin k 3 menadione inhibits growth of mammalian tumor cells in culture

Mcfarlane, J.E., 1976 :
Vitamin k a growth factor for the house cricket orthoptera gryllidae

Murai, T.; Andrews, J.W., 1977:
Vitamin k and anti coagulant relationships in catfish diets

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Vitamin k and biosynthesis of protein and pro thrombin rat liver blood messenger rna

Mutoh Y., 1980:
Vitamin k and bone metabolism effect of vitamin k deficiency and gamma carboxy glutamic acid

Stenflo, J.; Ganrot, P., 1972:
Vitamin k and the biosynthesis of prothrombin part 1 identification and purification of a dicoumarol induced abnormal prothrombin from bovine plasma

Stenflo, J., 1972:
Vitamin k and the biosynthesis of prothrombin part 2 structural comparison of normal dicoumarol induced bovine prothrombin

Stenflo, J., 1973:
Vitamin k and the biosynthesis of prothrombin part 3 structural comparison of an amino terminal fragment from normal and from dicoumarol induced bovine prothrombin

Stenflo, J., 1974:
Vitamin k and the biosynthesis of prothrombin part 4 isolation of peptides containing prosthetic groups from normal prothrombin and the corresponding peptides from dicoumarol induced prothrombin

Fernlund, P.; Stenflo, J.; Roepstorff, P.; Thomsen, J., 1975:
Vitamin k and the biosynthesis of prothrombin part 5 gamma carboxy glutamic acids the vitamin k dependent structures in prothrombin

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Vitamin K and the urogenital tract

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Vitamin K and Thrombotest values in full term infants

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Vitamin k and vitamin e and the functional state of the connective tissue

Wallin, R., 1986:
Vitamin K antagonism of coumarin anticoagulation. A dehydrogenase pathway in rat liver is responsible for the antagonistic effect

Wallin, R.; Patrick, S.D.; Ballard, J.O., 1986:
Vitamin K antagonism of coumarin intoxication in the rat

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Vitamin K deficiency bleeding as a leading symptom in celiac disease

Iber, F.L.; Shamszad, M.; Miller, P.A.; Jacob, R., 1986:
Vitamin K deficiency in chronic alcoholic males

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Vitamin k deficiency in infants beyond the neo natal period

Marwaha, R.K.; Kumar, A.; Garewal, G.; Marwaha, N.; Walia, B.N., 1987:
Vitamin K deficiency related bleeding manifestations in older neonates and infants

Hauschka, P.V.; Reid, M.L., 1978:
Vitamin k dependence of a calcium binding protein containing gamma carboxy glutamic acid in chicken bone

Hart J.E., 1987:
Vitamin k dependent blood clotting changes in female rats treated with estrogens

Suttie J.W.; Lehrman S.R.; Geweke L.O.; Hageman J.M.; Rich D.H., 1979:
Vitamin k dependent carboxylase requirements for carboxylation of soluble peptide substrates and substrate specificity

Wood, G.M.; Suttie, J.W., 1988:
Vitamin k dependent carboxylase stoichiometry of vitamin k epoxide formation gamma carboxyglutamyl formation and gamma glutamyl tritium cleavage

Ulrich M.M.W.; Furie B.; Jacobs M.R.; Vermeer C.; Furie B.C., 1988:
Vitamin k dependent carboxylation a synthetic peptide based upon the gamma carboxylation recognition site sequence of the prothrombin properties is an active substrate for the carboxylase in vitro

Wallin, R.; Suttie, J.W., 1981:
Vitamin k dependent carboxylation and vitamin k epoxidation evidence that the warfarin sensitive microsomal nadph dehydrogenase ec reduces vitamin k 1 in these reactions

Gaudry M.; Bory S.; Dubois J.; Azerad R.; Marquet A., 1983:
Vitamin k dependent carboxylation dia stereo isomeric gamma methyl glutamic acid containing peptidic substrates

Wallin R.; Hutson S., 1982:
Vitamin k dependent carboxylation evidence that at least 2 microsomal dehydrogenases reduce vitamin k 1 to support carboxylation

Jones, J.P.; Gardner, E.J.; Cooper, T.G.; Olson, R.E., 1977:
Vitamin k dependent carboxylation of peptide bound glutamate the active species of carbon di oxide utilized by the membrane bound pre prothrombin carboxylase

Traverso, H.P.; Hauschka, P.V.; Gallop, P.M., 1980:
Vitamin k dependent gamma carboxy glutamic acid formation by mouse renal adeno carcinoma cells

Byshevskii A.Sh; Galyan S.L.; Rudzevich E.L., 1979:
Vitamin k dependent inhibitor of thrombogenesis

Stenflo, J.; Fernlund, P.; Egan, W.; Roepstorff, P., 1974:
Vitamin k dependent modifications of glutamic acid residues in prothrombin

Forestier, F.; Daffos, F.; Rainaut, M.; Solé, Y.; Amiral, J., 1985:
Vitamin K dependent proteins in fetal hemostasis at mid trimester of pregnancy

Isarangkura, P.B.; Bintadish, P.; Tejavej, A.; Siripoonya, P.; Chulajata, R.; Green, G.M.; Chalermchandra, K., 1986:
Vitamin K prophylaxis in the neonate by the oral route and its significance in reducing infant mortality and morbidity

Knauer, T.E.; Siegfried, C.M.; Matschiner, J.T., 1976:
Vitamin K requirement and the concentration of vitamin K in rat liver

Partridge G.G., 1980:
Vitamin k requirements of wild brown rats rattus norvegicus resistant to warfarin

Alstad, A.D.; Casper, H.H.; Johnson, L.J., 1985:
Vitamin K treatment of sweet clover poisoning in calves

Swift D.G., 1981:
Vitamin levels in the gulf of maine usa and ecological significance of vitamin b 12 there

Wahrendorf, J.; Hanck, A.B.; Muñoz, N.; Vuilleumier, J.P.; Walker, A.M., 1986:
Vitamin measurements in pooled blood samples

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Vitamin metabolism and the effects of multivitamin supplementation in oral contraceptive users

Belakovskii M.S.; Radchenko N.D.; Bogdanov N.G., 1984 :
Vitamin metabolism in cosmonauts after short flights

Vasil'eva S.V.; Gorb T.E.; Rapoport I.A., 1983:
Vitamin p amino benzoic acid inhibits the development of sos inductions in escherichia coli tif 1 strain by nonpermissive temperature

Borisov I.M., 1980:
Vitamin p in the diet of athletes

Rozanov, E.M.; Yutanova, L.K.; Podorozhnyi, A.P.; Bachkovskaya, S.A.; Serdyuchenko, S.M.; Sinishin, G.S., 1987:
Vitamin pp and c supply and its correction during the treatment of patients with bronchial asthma

Strumilo, S.A.; Vinogradov, V.V., 1978:
Vitamin pp and vitamin b 1 effect on the activity of pentose phosphate pathway enzymes in the kidneys of adrenalectomized rats

Romanenko A.V., 1980:
Vitamin pp nicotinamide nucleotides and nerve muscular transmission in guinea pig cecum longitudinal muscle tenia coli

Dyer R.L.; Fields M.L.; Chung H.J., 1987:
Vitamin producing microorganism isolated from cornmeal fermented at 45 c and 55 c

Baker H.; Frank O.; Thind I.S.; Jaslow S.P.; Louria D.B., 1979:
Vitamin profiles in elderly persons living at home or in nursing homes vs vitamin profiles in healthy young subjects

Ueki A.; Suto T., 1981:
Vitamin requirement of sulfate reducers isolated from sewage digestor fluids

Kvasnykov-Ye, I.; Yelisyeyeva, H.S.; Petrenko, O.P.; Pavlenko, M.I.; Havrylenko, M.M.; Sumnevych, V.H.; Solomko, I.F., 1977:
Vitamin requirements and biosynthesis of group b vitamins by ethanol assimilating bacteria

Travassos, L.R.; Mendonca, L., 1972:
Vitamin requirements and induced nutritional imbalances as criteria in speciating psychrophobic yeasts

Watts, D.J., 1977:
Vitamin requirements for growth of myxamoebae of dictyostelium discoideum in a defined medium

Nichoalds, G.E.; Meng, H.C.; Caldwell, M.D., 1977:
Vitamin requirements in patients receiving total parenteral nutrition

El-Abyad, M.S.; Ramadan, Z.M., 1979:
Vitamin requirements of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. vasinfectum

de Saint Georges-Gridelet, D., 1987:
Vitamin requirements of the European house dust mite, Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus (Acari: Pyroglyphidae), in relation to its fungal association

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Vitamin requirements of the larval mosquito culex pipiens

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Vitamin requirements of yeast utilizing low molecular weight paraffins

Hagler A.N.; Mendonca Hagler L.C., 1979:
Vitamin requirements of yeasts isolated from polluted sea water of rio de janeiro brazil

Vinceneux P.; Kaplan G.; Kernbaum S.; Gardin J.P.; Kahn M.F., 1980:
Vitamin resistant rachitism related to the x chromosome in adults 3 cases 1 of whom had associated articular chondro calcinosis

Abou Fadel O.S.; Miller L.T., 1983:
Vitamin retention color and texture in thermally processed green beans and royal ann cherries packed in pouches and cans

Augustin, J.; Marousek, G.; Artz, W.; Swanson, B., 1982:
Vitamin retention during preparation and holding of mashed potatoes made from commercially dehydrated flakes and granules

Sotiriadis, P.K.; Hoskins, F.H., 1982:
Vitamin retention during storage of processed foods 1. effect of ascorbic acid on folates in cowpeas vigna sinensis okra abelmoschus esculentus and tomatoes lycopersicon esculentum

Jonsson L.; Danielsson K., 1981:
Vitamin retention in foods handled in food service systems

Jonsson L., 1981:
Vitamin retention in steamed potato during warm holding in air and in a nitrogen atmosphere

Beridze, A.G.; Gvamichava, N.E., 1977:
Vitamin secretion by grapevine roots

Dahl G.B.; Jeppsson R.I.; Tengborn H.J., 1986:
Vitamin stability in a total parenteral nutrition mixture stored in an eva plastic bag

Kelleher J.; Mascie Taylor B.H.; Davison A.M.; Bruce G.; Losowsky M.S., 1983:
Vitamin status in patients on maintenance hemo dialysis

Reddi, A.; Frank, O.; DeAngelis, B.; Jain, R.; Bashiruddin, I.; Lasker, N.; Baker, H., 1987:
Vitamin status in patients undergoing single or multiple plasmapheresis

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Vitamin status of workers engaged in industrial treatment of diamonds

Block, G.; Cox, C.; Madans, J.; Schreiber, G.B.; Licitra, L.; Melia, N., 1988:
Vitamin supplement use, by demographic characteristics

Neugut, A.I.; Johnsen, C.M.; Forde, K.A.; Treat, M.R.; Nims, C., 1988:
Vitamin supplements among women with adenomatous polyps and cancer of the colon. Preliminary findings

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Vitamin supplements to women using oral contraceptives studies of vitamin b 1 vitamin b 2 vitamin b 6 and vitamin a

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Vitamin supply of premature children with intracranial birth trauma kept on different types of feeding

Pichkhadze G.M., 1984:
Vitamin supply of the miners of modern highly mechanized coal mines

Aldashev A.A.; Mamyrbaev A.A.; Kim B.I.; Lolesova O.L.; Berdongarova A.K.; Bizhanov Z.A.; Zhubandykova L.A., 1985:
Vitamin supply of workers engaged in phosphorus manufacture

Doetz, K.H.; Pruskil, I.; Muehlemeier, J., 1982:
Vitamin syntheses via carbene complexes 2. carbonyl carbene complex induced synthesis of vitamins of the k 1 and k 2 series

Doetz, K.H.; Kuhn, W.; Thewalt, U., 1985:
Vitamin syntheses via carbene complexes 6. stereospecific synthesis of pentacarbonyl z dimethoxyvinyl carbene complexes of chromium and tungsten

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Vitamin U and RNA metabolism in prokaryotes

Rachkus Y.A.; Kal'nev V.R.; Kanopkaite S.I., 1979:
Vitamin u as a methyl group donor during partial synthesis of methyl cobalamin

Bano Z.; Rajarathnam S., 1986:
Vitamin values of pleurotus mushrooms

Efremov, V.V., 1977:
Vitaminology in the ussr during the past 60 years development and achievement

Alvarez C.; Garcia I.; Carrillo O.; Gallardo N.; Zaldivar C., 1985:
Vitamins a and c in an experimental model of physical exercise

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Vitamins a and e for laying hens during raising and keeping

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Vitamins a d 3 and e in nova scotian canada cod liver oils

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Vitamins A, E, and carotene: effects of supplementation on their plasma levels

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Vitamins and continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis

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Vitamins and periodic fasting as possible factors of experimental prolongation of life span

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Vitamins and pregnancy experimental study

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Vitamins and tract elements in cancer patients

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Vitamins b 1 b 2 and b 6 deficiencies in neurological disorders

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Vitamins b in plankton from lake drisvyaty ussr in 1982

Finckh B.F.; Kunert K.J., 1985:
Vitamins c and vitamin e an antioxidative system against herbicide induced lipid peroxidation of higher plants

Watada A.E.; Tran T.T., 1987:
Vitamins c b 1 and b 2 contents of stored fruits and vegetables as determined by high performance liquid chromatography

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Vitamins content of fruits and vegetables in common use in Egypt

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Vitamins d and e action on erythrocytes membrane part 1 their effect on in vitro osmotic resistance and lysis

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Vitamins from the oils of hippophae rhamnoides fruits

Baker H.; Frank O.; Deangelis B.; Feingold S., 1983:
Vitamins in human blood and cerebro spinal fluid after intra muscular administration of several b vitamins

Zogg, C.A.; Brumleve, S.J.; Deboer, B.; Akers, T.K., 1978:
Vitamins limiting for growth of subjects fed a normal diet under hyperbaric helium oxygen conditions

Yaryura-Tobias, J.A.; Fledel, T.; Neziroglu, F., 1976:
Vitamins neuroleptics and anti parkinsonian drugs in catecholamine excretion

Shakhova, M.F., 1978:
Vitamins of peppermint and their use

Levy J.V.; Bach Y Rita P., 1976:
Vitamins their use and abuse

Maslennikova, V.A.; Tursunova, R.; Abubakirov, N.K., 1977:
Vitanolides from physalis alkekengi part 1 physa lactone

Abdullaev, N.D.; Vasina, O.E.; Maslennikova, V.A.; Abubakirov, N.K., 1986:
Vitasteroids from physalis 6. study of the proton nmr and carbon 13 nmr spectra of the vitasteroids ixocarpalactone a and ixocarpanolide

Vasina, O.E.; Maslennikova, V.A.; Abdullaev, N.D.; Abubakirov, N.K., 1986:
Vitasteroids from physalis vii. 14 alpha hydroxyixocarpanolide and 24 25 epoxyvitanolide d

Vasina O.E.; Abdullaev N.D.; Abubakirov N.K., 1987:
Vitasteroids from physalis viii vamonolide

Giuffrè, G.; Lodato, G., 1986:
Vitelliform dystrophy and pattern dystrophy of the retinal pigment epithelium: concomitant presence in a family

Barricks, M.E., 1977:
Vitelliform lesions developing in normal fundi

Hollwich, F.; Glitz, S., 1981:
Vitelliform macular degeneration (Best's disease)

Giovannini A.; Pazzaglia A.; Amato G.P.; Tartaglia M., 1987:
Vitelliform macular degeneration complicated by sub retinal neovascular membrane associated in the fellow eye at vitelliform macular degeneration multiple disk pattern

Wiznia, R.A.; Perina, B.; Noble, K.G., 1981:
Vitelliform macular dystrophy of late onset

Skalka, H.W., 1981:
Vitelliform macular lesions

Salomón, O.D.; Stoka, A., 1986:
Vitellin and vitellogenin characterization of Triatoma infestans and related species

Adams T.S.; Filipi P.A., 1983:
Vitellin and vitellogenin concentrations during oogenesis in the 1st gonotrophic cycle of the house fly musca domestica

D.S.efano M.; Rossi M.V.; Savini A., 1987:
Vitelline arterial rest a rare cause of intestinal occlusion in pediatric age

Walker V.K.; Watson K.L.; Holden J.J.A.; Steel C.G.H., 1987:
Vitellogenesis and fertility in drosophila females with low ecdysteroid titers the l 3 3 d t s mutation

Clore, J.N.; Petrovitch, E.; Koeppe, J.K.; Mills, R.R., 1978:
Vitellogenesis by the american cockroach electrophoretic and antigenic characterization of hemolymph and oocyte proteins

Okuda T.; Chinzei Y., 1988:
Vitellogenesis in a lady beetle coccinella septempunctata in relation to the estivation diapause

Greenberg, S.L.W.; Kunkel, J.G.; Stuart, A.M., 1978:
Vitellogenesis in a primitive termite zootermopsis angusticollis hodotermitidae

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Vitellogenesis in acanthoscelides obtectus coleoptera bruchidae 1. oocyte development and vitellogenin in a european strain

Huignard, J.; Biemont, J.C., 1979:
Vitellogenesis in acanthoscelides obtectus coleoptera bruchidae 2. the conditions of vitellogenesis in a strain from colombia comparative study and adaptive significance

Dhainaut, A.; Richard, A., 1976:
Vitellogenesis in decapod cephalopods evolution of oocytes and follicular cells during gonad maturation

Mokhtar-Maamouri, F.; Swiderski, Z., 1976:
Vitellogenesis in echeneibothrium beauchampi cestoda tetraphyllidea phyllobothriidae

Aizenshtadt T.B.; Polteva D.G., 1982:
Vitellogenesis in hydroid polyps obelia flexuosa and obelia loveni

Verma G.P.; Sahu K.C.; Acharya U.R., 1981:
Vitellogenesis in the air breathing fish channa punctatus

Gavaud, J., 1986:
Vitellogenesis in the lizard lacerta vivipara i. purification and partial characterization of plasma vitellogenin

Gavaud, J., 1986:
Vitellogenesis in the lizard lacerta vivipara ii. vitellogenin synthesis during the reproductive cycle and its control by ovarian steroids

Rashan, L.J.; Howie, D.I.D., 1982:
Vitellogenesis in the lugworm arenicola marina 1. cytological and ultrastructural observations

Schreiner, B., 1977:
Vitellogenesis in the milkweed bug oncopeltus fasciatus hemiptera heteroptera a light and electron microscopic investigation

Chen A.C.; Kim H.R.; Mayer R.T.; Norman J.O., 1987:
Vitellogenesis in the stable fly stomoxys calcitrans

Mazzini, M.; Giorgi, F., 1984:
Vitellogenesis in the stick insect bacillus rossius insecta phasmatodea bacillidae 1. ultrastructural observations on ovarian follicle cells

Giorgi, F.; Mazzini, M., 1984:
Vitellogenesis in the stick insect bacillus rossius insecta phasmatodea bacillidae 2. ultrastructural observations on developing oocytes

Bradley, J.; Mazzini, M.; Giorgi, F., 1987:
Vitellogenesis in the stick insect bacillus rossius rossi phasmatodea bacillidae 6. kinetics of vitellogenic development

Giorgi, F.; Macchi, F., 1980:
Vitellogenesis in the stick insect carausius morosus 1. specific protein synthesis during ovarian development

Giorgi, F.; Baldini, G.; Simonini, A.L.; Mengheri, M., 1982:
Vitellogenesis in the stick insect carausius morosus 2. purification and biochemical characterization of 2 vitellins from eggs

Denis, C.; Le-Lannic, J., 1977:
Vitellogenesis modalities in trichoptera

Gong H.; Zhai C H.; Wei D Y.; Zhang J Z., 1980:
Vitellogenesis of coccinella septempunctata the occurrence of vitellogenin as influenced by artificial diet

Bottke W.; Crichton R.R., 1984 :
Vitellogenic ferritin of lymnaea stagnalis mollusca gastropoda differs in structure from soma cell type ferritin

Engels, W.; Engels, E., 1977:
Vitellogenin and fertility in stingless bees

Hara A.; Matsubara T.; Saneyoshi M.; Takano K., 1984:
Vitellogenin and its derivatives in egg yolk proteins of whitespotted char salvelinus leucomaenis

Rouland C.; Tarroux P.; Karlinsky A.; Caussanel C., 1981:
Vitellogenin and its evolution in the course of the reproductive cycles of the female labidura riparia insecta dermaptera experimental variations

Junera H.; Meusy J J., 1982:
Vitellogenin and lipo vitellins in orchestia gammarellus crustacea amphipoda labeling of subunits after in vivo administration of tritium labeled leucine

Jensen P.V.; Hansen B.L.; Hansen G.N.; Thomsen E., 1981:
Vitellogenin and vitellin from the blow fly calliphora vicina occurrence purification and antigenic characterization

Pereira S.D.; D.B.anchi A.G., 1983:
Vitellogenin and vitellin of rhynchosciara americana further characterization and time of synthesis

Mundall E.C.; Tobe S.S.; Stay B., 1981:
Vitellogenin fluctuations in hemolymph and fat body and dynamics of uptake into oocytes during the reproductive cycle of diploptera punctata

L.G.ellec, K.; Lawless, K.; Valotaire, Y.; Kress, M.; Tenniswood, M., 1988:
Vitellogenin gene expression in male rainbow trout (Salmo gairdneri)

Vaillant C.; L.G.ellec C.; Pakdel F.; Valotaire Y., 1988:
Vitellogenin gene expression in primary culture on male rainbow trout hepatocytes

Gobbetti, A.; Polzonetti-Magni, A.; Zerani, M.; Carnevali, O.; Botte, V., 1985:
Vitellogenin hormonal control in the green frog, Rana esculenta. Interplay between estradiol and pituitary hormones

Meusy J J.; Junera H.; Cledon P.; Martin M., 1983:
Vitellogenin in a decapod crustacean palaemon serratus identification immunological similarity to vitellin synthesis and role of the eyestalks

Chen T.T., 1980:
Vitellogenin in locusts locusta migratoria translation of vitellogenin messenger rna in xenopus oocytes and analysis of the poly peptide products

Bradley J.T.; Kerle K.K.; Wolfe K.G., 1987:
Vitellogenin in the camel cricket ceuthophilus sp orthoptera gryllacrididae

Mundall E.C.; Szibbo C.M.; Tobe S.S., 1983:
Vitellogenin induced in adult male diploptera punctata by juvenile hormone and juvenile hormone analog identification and quantitative aspects

Copeland P.A.; Sumpter J.P.; Walker T.K.; Croft M., 1986:
Vitellogenin levels in male and female rainbow trout salmo gairdneri at various stages of the reproductive cycle

Dhadialla T.S.; Cook K.E.; Wyatt G.R., 1987:
Vitellogenin messenger rna in locust fat body coordinate induction of two genes by a juvenile hormone analog

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