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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6912

Chapter 6912 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Abraham W R., 1986: Volatiles from liquid cultures of lentinellus cochleatus basidiomycotina

Idstein H., 1985: Volatiles from papaya carica papaya fruit indication of precursors of terpene compounds

Couchman K., 1984: Volatiles from ripe fruits of karaka corynocarpus laevigatus

Schwinger G., 1986: Volatiles from the defensive secretions of two rove beetle species coleoptera staphylinidae

Tucknott O.G., 1983: Volatiles from the epicuticular wax of watercress rorippa nasturtium aquaticum

Groth I., 1986: Volatiles from the flowers of four species in the sections arachnitiformes and araneiferae of the genus ophrys as insect mimetic attractants

Selke E., 1984: Volatiles from thermal decomposition of isomeric methyl 12 s 13 s e 12 13 epoxy 9 hydroperoxy 1 octadecenoates/

Andersen R.A., 1986: Volatiles from winter wheat triticum aestivum identification of additional compounds and effects of tissue source

Kjaer, A.; Madsen, J. O.; Maeda, Y.; Ozawa, Y.; Uda, Y., 1978: Volatiles in distillates of fresh radish of japanese and kenyan origin

Kjaer, A.; Ogaard-Madsen, J.; Maeda, Y.; Ozawa, Y.; Uda, Y., 1978: Volatiles in distillates of processed radish of japanese origin

Buttery, R. G.; Ling, L. C.; Chan, B. G., 1978: Volatiles of corn kernels and husks possible corn earworm attractants

Teranishi R., 1980: Volatiles of corn tassels possible corn ear worm heliothis zea attractants

Linko R.R., 1985: Volatiles of crowberry empetrum nigrum

Huggins G.R., 1981: Volatiles of exogenous origin from the human oral cavity

Labows J.N.Jr, 1985: Volatiles of pseudomonas aeruginosa and related species by automated headspace concentration gas chromatography

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911016

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911017

Le Maguer M., 1979: Volatiles retention during the dehydration of onion allium cepa

Parochetti, J. V.; Dec, G. W-Jr ; Burt, G. W., 1976: Volatility of 11 di nitro aniline herbicides

Bradburd D., 1982: Volatility of animal wealth among southwest asian pastoralists

Ahmed, M. T., 1977: Volatility of carbon 14 phorate from some artificial and biological surfaces

Lin C C., 1981: Volatility of iodine in dilute aqueous solutions

Sasaki S., 1984: Volatility of mercury in water

Eduljee G., 1987: Volatility of tcdd and pcb from soil

IImura K., 1986: Volatilization and denitrification of fertilizer and soil nitrogen in clayey gley paddy soils in the hokuriku district japan

Seiber J.N., 1981: Volatilization and exudation losses of 3 n methyl carbamate insecticides applied systemically to rice

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911028

Smith, G. N.; Fischer, F. S.; Axelson, R. J., 1976: Volatilization and photo decomposition of plictran miticide

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911030

Phongpan, S., 1985: Volatilization losses of ammonia from flooded soils i. effects of nitrogen source method of placement and soil type

Mori I., 1979: Volatilization losses of mercury in neutron activation analysis

Kliger L., 1979: Volatilization of 1 2 di bromo 3 chloro propane from soils

Macrae, I. C.; Ancajas, R., 1970: Volatilization of ammonia from submerged tropical soils

Wassef S., 1981: Volatilization of ammonia through urea hydrolysis as affected by salt

Daftardar S.Y., 1983: Volatilization of anhydrous ammonia applied to clay minerals

Fukushi S., 1981: Volatilization of carbonyl sulfide from paddy soils treated with sulfur containing substances

Cull M.R., 1982: Volatilization of chemicals relative loss rates and the estimation of vapor pressures

Tal D.Y., 1987: Volatilization of ethylene dibromide from water

Tai D.Y., 1984: Volatilization of ketones

Tai D.Y., 1982: Volatilization of ketones from water

Yasuda T., 1987: Volatilization of menthol camphor and methyl salicylate from analgesic anti inflammatory cataplasms and plasters

Summers, A. O.; Lewis, E., 1973: Volatilization of mercuric chloride by mercury resistant plasmid bearing strains of escherichia coli staphylococcus aureus and pseudomonas aeruginosa

Mandal A., 1987: Volatilization of mercury by a soil bacterium acinetobacter lwoffi gbi

Kakii K., 1985: Volatilization of mercury by chlorella sp

Kuriyama M., 1985: Volatilization of mercury by chlorella sp and its methanol extract

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911049

Turner, B. C.; Glotfelty, D. E.; Taylor, A. W.; Watson, D. R., 1978: Volatilization of micro encapsulated and conventionally applied chlorpropham in the field

Wei E.T., 1979: Volatilization of mutagens from beef during cooking

Grover R., 1980: Volatilization of s ethyl n n dipropyl thio carbamate from water and wet soil during and after flood irrigation of an alfalfa field

Peterson P.J., 1984: Volatilization of selenium from plants and soils

Oliver J.E., 1979: Volatilization of some herbicide related nitrosamines from soils

Banwart, W. L.; Bremner, J. M., 1976: Volatilization of sulfur from unamended and sulfate treated soils

Zoller W.H., 1984: Volatilization of surface applied pesticides from fallow soil

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911059

Haynes D.L., 1981: Volatilization rates of intermediate and low volatility chemicals from water

Fleischman, M. L., 1969: Volcalizations of chimpanzees in non caged captivity

Brusven M.A., 1982: Volcanic ash accumulation and ash voiding mechanisms of aquatic insects

Mull J.C., 1981: Volcanic ash and human complement

Dixon R.D., 1986: Volcanic ash ash soils and the inferred quaternary climate of sub antarctic marion island

Hallmark C.T., 1987: Volcanic ash influenced vertisols and associated mollisols of el salvador physical chemical and morphological properties

Miles P.R., 1982: Volcanic ash toxicity to isolated lung cells

Imamura J.S., 1985: Volcanic black cinder as a medium for growing anthuriums anthurium andraeanum cultivar ozaki red

Schouten C.J., 1983: Volcanic cover deposits and stream flow behavior in the central north island of new zealand

Butovets G.K., 1988: Volcanic forest soils in the kunashir island russian sfsr ussr

Nutmagul W., 1982: Volcanic gases in the april 1979 soufriere volcano st vincent west indies eruption

Paicheler, J. C., 1978: Volcanic paleo environment and examples of sedimentary incidences at tertiary beskonak lake northern anatolia turkey

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911072

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911073

Gibson J.B., 1981: Volcanoes and carcinoma of the thyroid a possible association

Benarie M., 1986: Volcanoes weather wine and winter nuclear

Weiss, E.; Dasch, G. A.; Woodman, D. R.; Williams, J. C., 1978: Vole agent identified as a strain of the trench fever rickettsia rochalimaea quintana

Ryabko B.Ya, 1979: Vole behavior statistical structure

Larsson, T. B.; Hansson, L., 1977: Vole diet on experimentally managed af forestation areas in northern sweden

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911079

Hansson L., 1986: Vole snow trails and tunnels as density indicators

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911081

Sealy S.G., 1982: Voles as a source of egg and nestling loss among nesting auklets

Zaharia E., 1981: Voletopexia an original procedure

Yakovleva S.P., 1987: Volga river deposits of inder lake kazakh ssr ussr

Corones J., 1980: Volition following hemiplegia

O'neal E.C., 1981: Volition performance of a boring task and time estimation

Tomoda H., 1986: Volitional movement is not preceded by cortical slow negativity in cerebellar dentate lesion in man

Weischer M L., 1988: Volitional oral intake of nicotine in tupaias drug induced alterations

Olsson G., 1981: Volitional problems in carrying through a difficult decision the case of drug addiction

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911091

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911092

Nayar, M. P.; Ramamurty, K., 1975: Volkens type specimens collected from caroline islands 1899 1900 at calcutta herbarium

Jelasic F., 1980: Volkmanns contracture etiology early manifestation and prognosis

Hellum C., 1980: Volkmanns ischemic contracture of the fore arm

Kurella G.A., 1980: Volt ampere characteristics of the membrane of protoplasmic drops from charophyta cells

Schwartz E.A., 1982: Voltage activated and calcium activated currents studied in solitary rod inner segments from the salamander ambystoma tigrinum retina

Eckert R., 1987: Voltage activated calcium channels that must be phosphorylated to respond to membrane depolarization

Rorsman, P.; Hellman, B., 1988: Voltage activated currents in guinea pig pancreatic alpha 2 cells evidence for calcium dependent action potentials

Mason W.T., 1987: Voltage activated currents through calcium channels in normal bovine lactotrophs

Nijweide P.J., 1988: Voltage activated ionic channels and conductances in embryonic chick osteoblast cultures

Mason W.T., 1986: Voltage activated ionic currents in gonadotrophs of the ovine pars tuberalis

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911103

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911104

Rapoport S.I., 1988: Voltage activated sodium conductances in cultured normal and trisomy 16 dorsal root ganglion neurons from the fetal mouse

Berggren P O., 1986: Voltage activated sodium currents and their suppression by phorbol ester in clonal insulin producing rinm5f cells

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911107

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911108

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911109

Funakoshi M., 1988: Voltage and current clamp recordings of the receptor potential in mouse taste cell

Levitan I.B., 1985: Voltage and ion dependences of the slow currents which mediate bursting in aplysia neuron r 15

Pan Z.Z., 1988: Voltage and ligand activated inwardly rectifying currents in dorsal raphe neurons in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911113

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911114

Reuss L., 1988: Voltage and time dependence of apical membrane conductance during current clamp in necturus gallbladder epithelium

Dudel, J.; Rudel, R., 1970: Voltage and time dependence of excitatory sodium current in cooled sheep purkinje fibers

Gibbons W.R., 1982: Voltage and time dependence of restitution in heart

Gavach C., 1983: Voltage and time dependence of the conductance of planar lipid bi layers doped with colicin a

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911119

Matsuura H., 1987: Voltage and time dependent block of i k 1 underlying barium induced ventricular automaticity

Mohanachari, V.; Narasimham, P. V. S. L.; Indira, K.; Swami, K. S., 1981: Voltage and time dependent electro migratory pattern of soluble proteins and succinate dehydrogenase ec in sheep medulla oblongata

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911122

Shigo A.L., 1981: Voltage changes along geranium pelargonium hortorum petioles after leaf blade excision

De-Hemptinne, A., 1976: Voltage clamp analysis in isolated cardiac fibers as performed with 2 different perfusion chambers for double sucrose gap

Hagiwara, S.; Ozawa, S.; Sand, O., 1975: Voltage clamp analysis of 2 inward current mechanisms in the egg cell membrane of a starfish

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911126

Korn H., 1987: Voltage clamp analysis of a crayfish rectifying synapse

Gardner, D., 1977: Voltage clamp analysis of a self inhibitory synaptic potential in the buccal ganglia of aplysia

Anderson, C. R.; Stevens, C. F., 1973: Voltage clamp analysis of acetyl choline produced end plate current fluctuations at frog neuro muscular junction

Iljin V.I., 1979: Voltage clamp analysis of acetyl choline receptor de sensitization in isolated mollusk lymnaea stagnalis neurons

Nicoll R.A., 1987: Voltage clamp analysis of cholinergic action in the hippocampus

Shingai R., 1986: Voltage clamp analysis of currents produced by glutamate and some glutamate analogues on horizontal cells isolated from the catfish retina

Dehaan R.L., 1979: Voltage clamp analysis of embryonic heart cell aggregates

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911134

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911135

Johnston D., 1983: Voltage clamp analysis of mossy fiber synaptic input to hippocampal neurons

Adams P.R., 1982: Voltage clamp analysis of muscarinic excitation in hippocampal neurons

Berglund S., 1987: Voltage clamp analysis of nodes of ranvier in regenerated rat sciatic nerve

Nishi S., 1982: Voltage clamp analysis of peptidergic slow de polarizations in bull frog rana catesbeiana sympathetic ganglion cells

Wheal H.V., 1987: Voltage clamp analysis of somatic gamma aminobutyric acid responses in adult rat hippocampal ca1 neurons in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911141

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911142

Henderson E.G., 1982: Voltage clamp analysis of the effect of cationic substitution on the conductance of end plate channels

Gelles, J. M.; Aronson, R. S., 1977: Voltage clamp analysis of the effects of dopamine on the trans membrane ionic currents underlying the action potential of sheep cardiac purkinje fibers

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911145

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911146

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911147

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911148

Ache B.W., 1985: Voltage clamp and current clamp recordings of the receptor potential in olfactory receptor cells in situ

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911150

Kleinhaus A.L., 1988: Voltage clamp characterization of a calcium dependent chloride conductance in a putative invertebrate motoneuron

Eisenbach M., 1984: Voltage clamp effects on bacterial chemo taxis

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911153

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911154

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911155

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911156

Hoffman, R. A.; Long, D. D.; Arndt, R. A.; Roper, L. D., 1976: Voltage clamp experiments on oxidized cholesterol membranes modified with excitability inducing material and comparison with a model

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911158

Beeler, G. W-Jr ; Reuter, H., 1970: Voltage clamp experiments on ventricular myo cardial fibers

Difrancesco D., 1980: Voltage clamp investigations of membrane currents underlying pacemaker activity in rabbit sino atrial node

Benjamin P.R., 1986: Voltage clamp measured decrease in junctional resistance followed extrajunctional axotomy of a pair of electrotonically coupled snail neurons

Colatsky T.J., 1980: Voltage clamp measurements of sodium channel properties in rabbit cardiac purkinje fibers

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911163

Crill W.E., 1980: Voltage clamp of cat moto neuron somata properties of the fast inward current

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911165

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911166

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911167

Geduldig, D.; Gruener, R., 1970: Voltage clamp of the aplysia giant neuron early sodium and calcium currents

Neher, E.; Lux, H. D., 1969: Voltage clamp on helix pomatia neuronal membrane current measurement over a limited area of the soma surface

Brommundt G., 1986: Voltage clamp simulations for multifiber bundles in a double sucrose gap cable complications

Haas, H. G.; Brommundt, G.; Solchenbach, K., 1987: Voltage clamp simulations for multifiber bundles in a double sucrose gap radial vs. longitudinal resistance effects

Gallin E.K., 1981: Voltage clamp studies in macrophages from mouse spleen cultures

Koketsu K., 1981: Voltage clamp studies of a slow inward current in bull frog sympathetic ganglion cells

Connor, J. A.; Stevens, C. F., 1971: Voltage clamp studies of a transient outward membrane current in gastropod neural somata

Lynn, J. W.; Mcculloh, D. H.; Chambers, E. L., 1988: Voltage clamp studies of fertilization in sea urchin eggs ii. current patterns in relation to sperm entry nonentry and activation

Lynn, J. W.; Chambers, E. L., 1984: Voltage clamp studies of fertilization in sea urchin lytechinus variegatus eggs 1. effect of clamped membrane potential on sperm entry activation and development/

Standen, N. B., 1975: Voltage clamp studies of the calcium inward current in an identified snail neuron comparison with the sodium inward current

Akasu T., 1987: Voltage clamp studies of the inhibition of gamma aminobutyric acid response by glucocorticoids in bullfrog primary afferent neurons

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911179

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911180

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911181

Kline R.P., 1983: Voltage clamp studies on the canine purkinje strand

Kurella G.A., 1980: Voltage clamp studies on the slow inward current during the excitation of nitellopsis obtusa

Klie, J. W.; Wellhoener, H. H., 1973: Voltage clamp studies on the stretch response in the neuron of the slowly adapting crayfish stretch receptor

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911185

Parsons R.L., 1980: Voltage clamp study of fast excitatory synaptic currents in bull frog rana catesbeiana sympathetic ganglion cells

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911187

Petersen O.H., 1983: Voltage clamp study of stimulant evoked currents in mouse pancreatic acinar cells

Lansman J.B., 1983: Voltage clamp study of the conductance activated at fertilization in the starfish mediaster aequalis egg

Sato Y., 1987: Voltage clamped depolarization contraction in frog twitch fibers immersed in extremely low calcium medium

Elrod M.G., 1984: Voltage clamping induces resistance and current voltage plot changes in frog rana catesbeiana gastric mucosa

Glavinovic M.I., 1979: Voltage clamping of unparalyzed cut rat diaphragm for study of transmitter release

Pun R.Y.K., 1988: Voltage clamping with single microelectrodes comparison of the discontinuous mode and continuous mode using the axoclamp 2a amplifier

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911194

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911195

Partridge, B.; Dawkins, R.; Amlaner, C. Jr, 1978: Voltage controlled oscillators inexpensive alternative to analog to digital converters

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911197

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911198

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911199

Doring C.M.C., 1985: Voltage dependence and ion selectivity of the mitochondrial channel voltage dependent anion selective channel are modified by succinic anhydride

Nicholis J.G., 1986: Voltage dependence of 5 hydroxytryptamine release at a synapse between identified leech neurons in culture

Dionne, V. E.; Stevens, C. F., 1975: Voltage dependence of agonist effectiveness at the frog neuro muscular junction resolution of a paradox

Adams, P. R., 1976: Voltage dependence of agonist responses at voltage clamped frog end plates

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911204

Carius, W., 1976: Voltage dependence of bi layer membrane capacitance harmonic response to alternating current excitation with direct current bias

Burg M.B., 1979: Voltage dependence of calcium transport in the thick ascending limb of henles loop

Essig A., 1984: Voltage dependence of calcium uptake and atp hydrolysis of reconstituted calcium atpase vesicles

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911208

Fiekers, J. F.; Spannbauer, P. M.; Scubon-Mulieri, B.; Parsons, R. L., 1980: Voltage dependence of de sensitization influence of calcium and activation kinetics

Ferrier G.R., 1981: Voltage dependence of digitalis afterpotentials aftercontractions and inotropy

Neher, E.; Sakmann, B., 1975: Voltage dependence of drug induced conductance in frog neuro muscular junction

Korn H., 1987: Voltage dependence of glycine activated chlorine ion channels a potentiometer for inhibition

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911213

Khodorov B.I., 1983: Voltage dependence of intra membrane charge movement and conductance activation of batracho toxin modified sodium channels in frog node of ranvier

Wier W.G., 1987: Voltage dependence of intracellular calcium transients in guinea pig ventricular myocytes

Bennett M.V.L., 1979: Voltage dependence of junctional conductance in early amphibian embryos

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911217

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911218

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911219

Crill W.E., 1981: Voltage dependence of rhythmic plateau potentials of pancreatic islet cells

Pott L., 1988: Voltage dependence of sodium calcium exchange current in guinea pig atrial myocytes determined by means of an inhibitor

Laeuger P., 1987: Voltage dependence of sodium calcium exchange predictions from kinetic models

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911223

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911224

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911225

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911226

Rojas H., 1985: Voltage dependence of the sodium calcium exchange in voltage clamped dialyzed squid axons sodium dependent calcium efflux

Rubinson K.A., 1980: Voltage dependencies of slow millisecond chemical relaxations

Debono M., 1987: Voltage dependency of the responses of cerebellar purkinje cells to excitatory amino acids

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911231

Pozzan T., 1987: Voltage dependent activation and inactivation of calcium channels in pc12 cells correlation with neurotransmitter release

Barchi R.L., 1986: Voltage dependent activation in purified reconstituted sodium channels from rabbit t tubular membranes

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911234

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911235

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911236

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911237

Spitzer N.C., 1982: Voltage dependent and stage dependent uncoupling of rohon beard neurons during embryonic development of xenopus laevis tadpoles

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911239

Eldefrawi A.T., 1979: Voltage dependent and time dependent actions of piperocaine on the ion channel of the acetyl choline receptor

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911241

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911242

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911243

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911244

Lester H.A., 1979: Voltage dependent and voltage independent blockade of acetyl choline receptors by local anesthetics in electrophorus electricus electroplaques

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911246

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911247

David J.A., 1983: Voltage dependent block by histrionico toxin of the acetyl choline induced current in an insect moto neuron cell body

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911249

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911250

Kass R.S., 1984: Voltage dependent block of calcium channel current in the calf cardiac purkinje fiber by dihydropyridine calcium channel antagonists

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911252

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911254

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911255

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911256

Bezanilla F., 1983: Voltage dependent calcium channel in the squid loligo pealei axon

Kung C., 1984: Voltage dependent calcium channels from paramecium cilia incorporated into planar lipid bi layers

Macvicar B.A., 1984: Voltage dependent calcium channels in glial cells

Tan, K. N.; Tashjian, A. H-Jr, 1984: Voltage dependent calcium channels in pituitary cells in culture 1. characterization by calcium 45 fluxes

Tan, K. N.; Tashjian, A. H-Jr, 1984: Voltage dependent calcium channels in pituitary cells in culture 2. participation in trh action on prolactin release

Lux H.D., 1987: Voltage dependent calcium currents in pc12 growth cones and cells during ngf induced cell growth

Kurihara K., 1983: Voltage dependent calcium ii channel and sodium ion channel in frog rana catesbeiana taste cells

Hellstrom Stein R.J., 1982: Voltage dependent calcium movement across the cortical collecting duct

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911265

Alvarez, O.; Latorre, R., 1978: Voltage dependent capacitance in lipid bi layers made from mono layers

Miller C., 1979: Voltage dependent cesium blockade of a cation channel from fragmented sarcoplasmic reticulum

Gerasimov V.D., 1983: Voltage dependent change in conductance of the neuronal soma induced by near threshold concentrations of glutamate

Khodorov B.I., 1983: Voltage dependent changes in ionic selectivity of batracho toxin modified sodium channels in the frog nerve fiber

Boheim G., 1986: Voltage dependent channel formation by rods of helical polypeptides

Colombini M., 1985: Voltage dependent channels found in the membrane fraction of corn zea mays cultivar w 64an mitochondria

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911272

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911273

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911274

Vyskocil F., 1987: Voltage dependent chloride channels with several substates in excised patches from mouse neuroblastoma cells

Inoue I., 1985: Voltage dependent chloride conductance of the squid sepioteuthis lessoniana axon membrane and its blockade by some disulfonic stilbene derivatives

Latorre R., 1981: Voltage dependent conductance induced by alamethicin phospho lipid conjugates in lipid bi layers

Muller, R. U.; Finkelstein, A., 1972: Voltage dependent conductance induced in thin lipid membranes by monazomycin

O'day P.M., 1982: Voltage dependent conductances in limulus ventral photo receptors

Tauck D.L., 1987: Voltage dependent conductances of solitary ganglion cells dissociated from the rat retina

Pellmar T.C., 1981: Voltage dependent current evoked by dopamine and octopamine in aplysia californica

Richter D.W., 1986: Voltage dependent currents in neurons of the nuclei of the solitary tract of rat brainstem slices

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911283

Benz R., 1987: Voltage dependent depolarization of bacterial membranes and artificial lipid bilayers by the peptide antibiotic nisin

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911285

Edwards C., 1983: Voltage dependent drug blockade of l glutamate activated channels of the crayfish

Korn H., 1984: Voltage dependent dye coupling at a rectifying electrotonic synapse of the crayfish procambarus clarkii

Watt D.D., 1984: Voltage dependent effect of a scorpion centruroides sculpturatus toxin on sodium current inactivation

Korth M., 1987: Voltage dependent effects of isoproterenol on cytosolic calcium concentration in rat heart

Kanno M., 1986: Voltage dependent effects of yc 170 a dihydropyridine calcium channel modulator in cardiovascular tissues

Geisler C.D., 1980: Voltage dependent elements are involved in the generation of the cochlear microphonic and the sound induced resistance changes measured in scala media of the guinea pig

Eckert, R.; Tillotson, D.; Ridgway, E. B., 1977: Voltage dependent facilitation of calcium ion entry in voltage clamped aequorin injected molluscan neurons

Stevens C.F., 1987: Voltage dependent gating of single sodium channels from mammalian neuroblastoma cells

Hille B., 1986: Voltage dependent gating of veratridine modified sodium channels

Fox A.P., 1981: Voltage dependent inactivation of a calcium channel

Trube G., 1984: Voltage dependent inactivation of inward rectifying single channel currents in the guinea pig heart cell membrane

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911297

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911298

Thomas R.C., 1987: Voltage dependent intracellular ph in helix aspersa neurons

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911300

Kolb H A., 1984: Voltage dependent kinetics of an anionic channel of large unit conductance in macrophages and myotube membranes

Hall J.E., 1981: Voltage dependent lipid flip flop induced by alamethicin

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911303

Nosyreva E.D., 1986: Voltage dependent modification of sodium channel gating with water soluble carbodiimide

Kass R.S., 1986: Voltage dependent modulation of calcium channel current in heart cells by bay k 8644

Cramer W.A., 1987: Voltage dependent monomeric channel activity of colicin e1 in artificial membrane vesicles

Kurskii M.D., 1986: Voltage dependent passive calcium transport in cardiac sarcolemmal vesicles

Schwarz G., 1988: Voltage dependent pore activity of the peptide alamethicin correlated with incorporation in the membrane salt and cholesterol effects

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911309

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911310

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911311

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911312

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911313

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911314

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911315

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911316

Shimoni Y., 1981: Voltage dependent potentiation of the slow inward current in frog atrium

Pelzer D., 1986: Voltage dependent properties of macroscopic and elementary calcium channel currents in guinea pig ventricular myocytes

Krulwich T.A., 1984: Voltage dependent proton fluxes in liposomes

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911320

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911321

Klausner R.D., 1982: Voltage dependent trans bi layer orientation of melittin

Weinstein J.N., 1980: Voltage dependent translocation of the asialo glyco protein receptor across lipid membranes

Tsong T.Y., 1984: Voltage driven atp synthesis by beef heart mitochondrial f o f 1 atpase

Wiebe H.H., 1987: Voltage end point determination for thermocouple psychrometers and the effect of cooling time

Pate G., 1981: Voltage energy and material dependence of secondary radiation

Brandt P.W., 1979: Voltage fluctuations at the frog sartorius motor end plate produced by a covalently attached activator

Owen W.G., 1987: Voltage gain of signal transfer from retinal rods to bipolar cells in the tiger salamander

Ohmori H., 1986: Voltage gated and synaptic currents in rat purkinje cells in dissociated cell cultures

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911330

Cook D.L., 1985: Voltage gated calcium current in pancreatic beta cells

Hagiwara S., 1983: Voltage gated calcium ion channel in mouse myeloma cells

Ritchie J.M., 1987: Voltage gated cation and anion channels in mammalian schwann cells and astrocytes

Miller, C., 1978: Voltage gated cation conductance channel from fragmented sarcoplasmic reticulum steady state electrical properties

Keynes R.D., 1983: Voltage gated ion channels in the nerve membrane

Raff M.C., 1987: Voltage gated ionic channels in rat cultured astrocytes reactive astrocytes and an astrocyte oligodendrocyte progenitor cell

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911337

Section 7, Chapter 6912, Accession 006911338

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