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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6914

Chapter 6914 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Tarjan E., 1985: Water and salt intake of wild rabbits oryctolagus cuniculus following dipsogenic stimuli

Chang C., 1980: Water and salt movement in a saline sodic soil in southern alberta canada

Campbell G.S., 1979: Water and salt movement in unsaturated frozen soil principles and field observations

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Subramanian V., 1988: Water and sediment load in streams draining mussoorie india phosphate mining areas

Westerman P.W., 1987: Water and sediment sampler for plot and field studies

Robinson, G. D.; Dunson, W. A., 1976: Water and sodium balance in the estuarine diamondback terrapin malaclemys terrapin

Mainoya J.R., 1982: Water and sodium chloride absorption by the intestine of the tilapia sarotherodon mossambicus adapted to fresh water or sea water and the possible role of prolactin and cortisol

Section 7, Chapter 6914, Accession 006913010

Takacs L., 1982: Water and sodium excretion in unilaterally de nervated normal and sodium depleted anesthetized rats before and after plasma volume repletion

Green B., 1987: Water and sodium fluxes and lactational energetics in suckling pups of weddell seals leptonychotes weddelli

Weisinger R.S., 1988: Water and sodium intake of wild and new zealand rabbits following angiotensin

Chadwick A., 1980: Water and sodium transport across the jejunum of normal and sodium loaded domestic fowl gallus domesticus

Whateley T., 1984: Water and sodium turnover and estimated food consumption in free living lions panthera leo and spotted hyenas crocuta crocuta

Bradshaw S.D., 1981: Water and sodium turnover in coastal and inland populations of the ash gray mouse pseudomys albocinereus in western australia

Mandev A., 1982: Water and solid runoff on northern slopes in the malashevska mountain bulgaria

Bull, H. B.; Breese, K., 1970: Water and solute binding by proteins part 1 electrolytes

Bull, H. B.; Breese, K., 1970: Water and solute binding by proteins part 2 denaturants

Pitman M.G., 1984: Water and solute flow through mung bean vigna radiata cultivar berken roots under applied pressure

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Rosenthal M., 1985: Water and the psychotic world

Chan, W. K.; Pershan, P. S., 1978: Water and thermal diffusivity in a lipid water smectic phase

De Rouffignac C., 1980: Water and total carbon di oxide re absorption along the rat proximal convoluted tubule

Seifter J.L., 1985: Water and urea transport in renal microvillus membrane vesicles

Carawan, R. E.; Jones, V. A., 1977: Water and waste management educational program for diary processing

Viniegra Gonzales G., 1988: Water and water activity in the solid state fermentation of cassava starch by aspergillus niger

Tanaka A., 1987: Water application and soil moisture distribution under drip and sprinkler irrigation

Fedorov V.M., 1986: Water as a factor in the development of the productive forces of the arid zone

Greenberg R., 1988: Water as a habitat cue for breeding swamp and song sparrows

Krikorian A.D., 1982: Water as a storage medium for elaeis guineensis f pisifera seeds under aseptic conditions

Bourne G.R., 1983: Water as an enhancing factor in bird community structure

Sudi, J.; Alt, J., 1976: Water as competing nucleophile in reactions following the acyl enzyme pathway acyl transfer vs hydrolysis

Gogate M.G., 1982: Water as entrainer of circadian running activity in rat

Hafner, J. C.; Hafner, M. S., 1975: Water as potential barrier to dispersal in microdipodops

Muromtsev N.A., 1984: Water ascending properties of a meadow alluvial loamy soil

Olamijulo S.K., 1984: Water availability and purity of water used in 14 perinatal units

Webster J., 1986: Water availability and the coprophilous fungus succession

Ryden, B. E., 1976: Water availability to some arctic ecosystems

Degani G., 1985: Water balance and body fluids of salamandra salamandra in their natural habitats in summer and winter

Dore, C.; Weiner, J. S.; Wheeler, E. F.; El-Neil, H., 1975: Water balance and body weight studies in a tropical climate

Section 7, Chapter 6914, Accession 006913047

Gump, F. E.; Mashima, Y.; Kinney, J. M., 1970: Water balance and extravascular lung water measurements in surgical patients

Baverstock, P. R., 1976: Water balance and kidney function in 4 species of rattus from ecologically diverse environments

Noll Banholzer U., 1979: Water balance and kidney structure in the fennec

Section 7, Chapter 6914, Accession 006913051

Cree A., 1985: Water balance and nitrogen excretion of two introduced frogs litoria raniformis and litoria ewingi

Simmelsgaard, S. E., 1985: Water balance and nitrogen leaching for 4 soil types i. physical and chemical description of soil at experimental sites

Simmelsgaard, S. E., 1985: Water balance and nitrogen leaching for 4 soil types ii. water balance actual evapotranspiration drainage and percolation

Simmelsgaard, S. E., 1985: Water balance and nitrogen leaching for 4 soil types iii. nitrogen concentration leaching and balance

Cooper P.D., 1982: Water balance and osmo regulation in a free ranging tenebrionid beetle onymacris unguicularis of the namib desert namibia

Nicolson S.W., 1980: Water balance and osmo regulation in onymacris plana a tenebrionid beetle from the namib desert south west africa

Hattingh J., 1986: Water balance and osmoregulation in stips stali a nocturnal tenebrionid beetle from the namib desert

Maloiy G.M.O., 1987: Water balance and osmotic regulation in the east african tenebrionid beetle phrynocolus petrosus

Rambal S., 1984: Water balance and pattern of root water uptake by a quercus coccifera evergreen scrub

Maksimovich S.V., 1982: Water balance and productivity in mixed herb gramineous pea shrub steppe in eastern khangai mongolia

Maksimovich S.V., 1980: Water balance and productivity of kobresia alpine meadow in eastern khangai mongolia

Russell M.B., 1979: Water balance and profile moisture loss patterns of an alfisol

Simpson A.P., 1983: Water balance and protein intake in the mongolian gerbil meriones unguiculatus

Wheldrake J.F., 1981: Water balance and renal function in the australian desert rodent notomys alexis effect of diet on water turnover rate glomerular filtration rate renal plasma flow and renal blood flow

Slobodchikoff C.N., 1983: Water balance and temperature preferences and their role in regulating activity times of tenebrionid beetles

Bryceson K., 1979: Water balance and the mantle cavity fluid of nucella lapillus mollusca prosobranchia

Section 7, Chapter 6914, Accession 006913070

Takeuchi N., 1979: Water balance by different vegetation cover in the sloping lysimeter

Hakonson T.E., 1984: Water balance calculations and net production of perennial vegetation in the northern mojave desert usa

Kirsta B.T., 1980: Water balance change of the tedzhen oasis caused by anthropogenic factors turkmen ssr ussr

Peters A.R., 1988: Water balance during saline imbibition in the mongolian gerbil meriones unguiculatus

B"chvarov D., 1982: Water balance during the vegetative period in the basic oak forest types in the eastern rhodope mountains bulgaria

Talsma, T.; Van-Der-Lelij, A., 1976: Water balance estimates of evaporation from ponded rice fields in a semi arid region

Lossaint P., 1982: Water balance in a pinus pinea ecosystem of the mediterranean littoral

Vogelsanger W., 1986: Water balance in a two layered soil profile covered by forest as illustrated by a sandy luvisol over gravel

Fernandez E., 1988: Water balance in an olive orchard under drip irrigation results of four years of experiments

Cannata M.A., 1980: Water balance in ceratophrys ornata from 2 different environments

Verhoff H.A., 1981: Water balance in collembola and its relation to habitat selection water content hemolymph osmotic pressure and transpiration during an instar

Golstein G., 1983: Water balance in developing leaves of 4 tropical savanna woody species

Guggino W.B., 1980: Water balance in embryos of fundulus heteroclitus and fundulus bermudae in sea water

Tuzinsky L., 1987: Water balance in forest ecosystems of the little carpathians czechoslovakia

El Masry K.M., 1984: Water balance in goats maintained under mild and hot weather

Bagley L.G., 1987: Water balance in incubating turkey eggs

Christian D.P., 1983: Water balance in monodelphis domestica didelphidae from the semi arid caatinga of brazil

Section 7, Chapter 6914, Accession 006913089

Choizhamts B., 1980: Water balance in some species of the genus stipa in mongolia

Brown P.S., 1980: Water balance in the california newt taricha torosa

Taylor P.M., 1985: Water balance in the estuarine crustacean corophium volutator amphipoda

Staiger T.E., 1979: Water balance in the semi aquatic beetle peltodytes muticus

Reller M.D., 1982: Water balance in very low birth weight infants relationship to water and sodium intake and effect on outcome

Barrs H.D., 1983: Water balance of 3 irrigated crops and fine textured soils of the riverine plain southeastern australia

Section 7, Chapter 6914, Accession 006913096

Pereira A.R., 1986: Water balance of a podzolic soil grown with coffee trees

Allavena L., 1980: Water balance of a rice paddy irrigated by continuous submersion method

Nunnaev A.N., 1979: Water balance of barkhan sands in southeastern kara kum kazakh ssr ussr

Lockwood J.G., 1979: Water balance of britain uk 50000 years ago to the present day

Van Kampen M., 1981: Water balance of colostomized and noncolostomized hens at different ambient temperatures

De Stigter H.C.M., 1980: Water balance of cut and intact cultivar sonia rose plants

Brown, K. W.; Turner, F. T.; Thomas, J. C.; Deuel, L. E.; Keener, M. E., 1977: Water balance of flooded rice paddies

Raev I., 1986: Water balance of highly productive spruce ecosystems in the parangalitza biosphere preserve bulgaria

Mraz K., 1987: Water balance of hilly spruce stands on the hydropedological basis

Degani G., 1982: Water balance of salamanders salamandra salamandra from different habitats

Elhay S., 1979: Water balance of small lactating rodents part 4 rates of milk production in australian rodents and the guinea pig

Spencer L., 1979: Water balance of small lactating rodents part 5 the total water balance picture of the mother young unit

Shoshin V.I., 1981: Water balance of strips of woodland in kulanda steppe russian sfsr ussr

Vizarova G., 1985: Water balance of sugar beet plants after foliar application of sublethal concentrations of sencor 70wp

Pough F.H., 1984: Water balance of terrestrial anuran eleutherodactylus coqui eggs importance of parental care

Boardman T.J., 1980: Water balance of the eggs of a desert lizard callisaurus draconoides

Salati E., 1982: Water balance of the small hydrographic basin in the amazon forest brazil on dry ground

Arlian L.G., 1982: Water balance of the social insect formica exsectoides hymenoptera formicidae and its ecological implications

Cree A., 1988: Water balance responses of the hylid frog litoria aurea

Brown, P. S.; Brown, S. C., 1977: Water balance responses to dehydration and neuro hypophyseal peptides in the salamander notophthalmus viridescens

Ahluwalia M.S., 1986: Water balance study for estimation of groundwater resources of upper bari doab basin india

Pierce S.K., 1981: Water balance systems of rangia cuneata ionic and amino acid regulation in changing salinities

Section 7, Chapter 6914, Accession 006913119

Section 7, Chapter 6914, Accession 006913120

Noble, D. F.; Pearce, D., 1978: Water bath temperature controller

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Schmidt G.R., 1986: Water binding ability of meat products effects of fat level effective salt concentration and cooking temperature

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Section 7, Chapter 6914, Accession 006913220

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Section 7, Chapter 6914, Accession 006913256

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Section 7, Chapter 6914, Accession 006913274

Section 7, Chapter 6914, Accession 006913275

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Section 7, Chapter 6914, Accession 006913292

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Section 7, Chapter 6914, Accession 006913295

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