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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6915

Chapter 6915 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Williams M.C.; Nagel H.G.; True C.E., 1985:
Water quality of a limited segment of the big blue river in nebraska usa

Bass D.; Harrel R.C., 1981:
Water quality of a southeast texas usa stream

Miller W.W.; Guitjens J.C.; Mahannah C.N., 1984:
Water quality of irrigation and surface return flows from flood irrigated pasture and alfalfa hay

Sharma K.D.; Lal N.; Pathak P.D., 1981:
Water quality of sewage drains entering the yamuna river at agra india

Dakshini K.M.M.; Soni J.K., 1979:
Water quality of sewage drains entering yamuna in delhi india

Kim Y G.; Cho H S., 1985:
Water quality of some spring waters in pusan area korea

Silsbee D.G.; Larson G.L., 1982:
Water quality of streams in the great smoky mountains national park usa

Trzilova B.; Miklosovicova L.; Morhacova G.; Golaisova E., 1981:
Water quality of the danube tributaries in the czechoslovakian territory from the limnological and hygienic standpoints

Deguchi Y.; Sugita H.; Tanaami H.; Takeuchi Y.; Kobashi T., 1982 :
Water quality of the edo river mouth japan

Kim Y G.; Koh K B.; H.B.S., 1987:
Water quality of the environmental water at chinju area south korea

Kumada, H.; Kimura, S.; Maruyama, T., 1978:
Water quality of the ground water and river water of miya river around tamakichyo mie prefecture japan

Zingde M.D.; Narvekar P.V.; Sarma R.V.; Desai B.N., 1980:
Water quality of the river damanganga gujarat india

Kawashima M.; Itasaka O.; Sugita M.; Kuriyama J.; Tanabe Y.; Tsuji H.; Horino Y.; Hori T., 1980:
Water quality of the seta river japan

Hegedus M.; Kajary I., 1985:
Water quality of the tisza river and the alpar backwater hungary

Staby, G.L.; Erwin, T.D., 1978:
Water quality preservative grower source and chrysanthemum morifolium flower vase life

Brownell, C.L., 1980:
Water quality requirements for 1st feeding in marine fish larvae 1. ammonia nitrite and nitrate

Brownell, C.L., 1980:
Water quality requirements for 1st feeding in marine fish larvae 2. ph oxygen and carbon di oxide

Lee G.F.; Jones A.; Newbry B.W., 1982:
Water quality standards and water quality

Davis, J.A., 1977:
Water quality standards for the bagmati river

Norton M.G.; Jones P.G.W.; Franklin A.; Rowlatt S.M., 1984:
Water quality studies around the sewage sludge dumping site in liverpool bay uk

Ruggiero M.A.; Merchant H.C., 1979:
Water quality substrate and distribution of macro invertebrates in the patuxent river maryland usa

Bhargava D.S., 1985:
Water quality variations and control technology of the yamuna river india

Kim Y G.; Chang D S.; Moon H Y., 1985:
Water quality variations due to tidal change in the lower part of the nagdong river south korea

Hart B.T.; Day G.; Sharp Paul A.; Beer T., 1988:
Water quality variations during a flood event in the annan river north queensland australia

Miyamoto S.; Bucks D.A., 1985:
Water quantity and quality requirements of guayule parthenium argentatum current assessment

Radyuk M.S., 1982:
Water re condensation as the cause of artifacts when examining fractures of membranes obtained by freeze fracturing

Topiwala, H.H.; Khosrovi, B., 1978:
Water re cycle in biomass production processes

Loch, J.P.G.; Kay, D.B., 1978:
Water re distribution in partially frozen saturated silt under several temperature gradients and overburden loads

Radunz Neto J.; Kohler C.C.; Lewis W.M., 1987:
Water re use system for production of fingerling fishes in brazil with emphasis on south american catfishes rhamdia quelen and rhamdia sapo

O'sullivan M.F., 1985:
Water redistribution and use by barley in 2 plowed and direct drilled stagnogley soils

Chachava-Yu, N., 1976:
Water regime and aeration of bogged soils in the kolkhida plain ussr

Galaktionov V.F., 1982:
Water regime and changes in the water physical properties of mountain meadow chernozem like soils under reclaimed subalpine meadows

Vaisman I.; Shalhevet J.; Kipnis T.; Feigin A., 1982:
Water regime and nitrogen fertilization for rhodes grass chloris gayana irrigated with municipal waste water on sand dune soil

Buric D., 1984:
Water regime and organic matter synthesis in the grapevine

Buchter B., 1986:
Water regime and skeletal structure of a rendzina soil

Kaurichev I.S.; Zamaraev A.G.; Yakushin L.M., 1979:
Water regime and water balance of soil grounds and ground waters on the experimental fields of the mikhailovskoye experimental farm ussr

Yurevich S.I.; Tsarik I.V., 1980:
Water regime in soils of primary and secondary phytocenoses of chernogora the carpathians

Popovic Z.; Stikic R., 1986:
Water regime in sugar beet

Chesnyak, G.Ya, 1976:
Water regime of a typical thick chernozem of the dnieper river left bank forest steppe zone of the ukrainian ssr ussr

Uvarov L.A.; Levdikov B.I.; Budantsev P.B., 1981:
Water regime of black saxaul haloxylon aphyllum in the semi desert area of astrakhan oblast russian sfsr ussr

Sveshnikova, V.M., 1975:
Water regime of central asian desert plants

Tkachuk E.S., 1983:
Water regime of certain 3 carbon pathway plants and 4 carbon pathway plants

Karshibaev E.; Nasyrov Y.M., 1983:
Water regime of cinnamonic soils under juniper forests in the uzbek ssr ussr as related to the slope exposure

Slukhai, S.I.; Shvedova, O.E., 1976:
Water regime of corn in connection with soil moisture and nitrogen nutrition

Vadyunina A.F.; Shein E.V.; Kirichenko A.V.; Bagdanova Z.Z., 1985:
Water regime of crops of the cotton complex in the case of shallow ground waters

Bagrov M.N., 1979:
Water regime of irrigated light chestnut solonetzic soils

Belaya G.A.; Morozov V.L., 1986:
Water regime of meadow grasses in southern primorski krai russian sfsr ussr

Belaya G.A., 1982:
Water regime of meadow plants in primorski krai russian sfsr ussr

Rakhmanina K.P.; Molotkovskii Y.I., 1979:
Water regime of phragmites australis in the southern tadzhik ssr ussr

Sveshnikova, V.M.; Bobrovskaya, N.I.; Tsend-Sh, 1976:
Water regime of plants in the southern part of mongolia

Spirig A., 1981:
Water regime of roadside trees as influenced by salt de icing during winter

Spirig A., 1981:
Water regime of several roadside tree species as influenced by the use of de icing salt in winter

Korol' G.S., 1983:
Water regime of soddy gley soils and changes in it due to reclamation

Kuntze, H., 1977:
Water regime of soil and landscape changed by fallow land in wet areas change of utilization unexploited arable land

Chan Kong Tau; Nguyen Thi San, 1987:
Water regime of some vietnam soils

Belaya, G.A., 1978:
Water regime of tall herbaceous vegetation of the kamchatka oblast under different ecological conditions

Kaplyuk L.F., 1985:
Water regime of the cinnamonic soils in the southern crimean oblast ukrainian ssr ussr

Baravikova A.M., 1980:
Water regime of the scotch pine under industrial enterprise conditions

Borer F., 1982:
Water regime within the root zone of a douglas fir pseudotsuga menziesii in a coniferous stand

Lebed' E.M.; Trulevich N.L.; Solyanik B.G.; Suvorinov A.M.; Zagorul'ko Y.P., 1986:
Water regimen and physical properties of soils in specialized maize rotations in the ukrainian steppe ussr

Yakunin G.N., 1980:
Water regimen characteristics for extra arid soil profile

Savinkin A.P., 1979:
Water regimen in brown soils and plant transpiration in a wormwood association of the northern aral country ussr

Rakhmanina A.T., 1982:
Water regimen in the leaves of various ages of oxycoccus palustris vacciniaceae from leningrad oblast russian sfsr ussr

Shatilov I.S.; Klimenko V.L., 1985:
Water regimen of a fallow field in saratov oblast russian sfsr ussr

Parpiev Y.P., 1979:
Water regimen of calligonum spp in early ontogenesis

Bobrovskaya N.I., 1980:
Water regimen of desert plants of the transaltai gobi

Rakhmanina K.P.; Molotkovskii Y.I., 1983:
Water regimen of edificators of chalny vegetation of the southern tadzhik ssr ussr

Alifanov V.M.; Loshakova N.A., 1981:
Water regimen of gray forest soils

Kolesov A.F., 1985:
Water regimen of gray forest soils in oak forests in pridesnyanskaya upland ukrainian ssr ussr

Zaidel'man F.R.; Rydkin Y.I.; Kolomiets A.V., 1985:
Water regimen of gray forest soils their agroecological evaluation

Mamedov R.G.; Ismailov A.A., 1980:
Water regimen of mountain chestnut soils under various agricultural crops

Korol' R.S., 1984:
Water regimen of soddy boggy calcareous soils

Babikov B.V., 1980:
Water regimen of soils on reclaimed forest marshlands

Petrov E.G.; Kachanovskii I.M.; Korotkevich N.A., 1986:
Water regimen of soils under pine forests in beresina natural reserve belorussian ssr ussr

Rakhimova T.; Khasanov O.Kh, 1980:
Water regimen of some artemisia spp

Bogatyrev Y.G.; Vasil'eva I.N., 1985:
Water regimen of the soil and spruce regrowth in clearings and under forest canopy

Nadzhafov S.G.; Ragimov M.A., 1986:
Water regimen of turmeric in apsheron azerbaijan ssr ussr

Mandev A., 1981:
Water regulating and anti erosion action of the riverside plantations from austrian black pine

D'yakov V.N., 1980:
Water regulating effectiveness of forest belts in the central forest steppe kursk oblast russian sfsr ussr

Oliinik V.S., 1985:
Water regulating role of norway spruce forests in the ukrainian carpathians ussr

Newell, P.F.; Machin, J., 1976:
Water regulation in aestivating snails. Ultrastructural and analytical evidence for an unusual cellular phenomenon

Macmillen R.E.; Hinds D.S., 1983:
Water regulatory efficiency in heteromyid rodents a model and its application

Poole, D.K.; Miller, P.C., 1978:
Water related characteristics of some evergreen sclerophyll shrubs in central chile

Nwa E.U., 1984:
Water related efficiencies an examination of definitions

Noitsakis, B., 1987:
Water relation in the leaves of dichanthium ischaemum l. roberty under water stress

Samson, B.K.; Pacardo, E.P., 1983:
Water relation of 6 tree species 1. parameters measured by the pressure chamber technique

Jones H.; Tomos A.D.; Leigh R.A.; Jones R.G.W., 1983:
Water relation parameters of epidermal and cortical cells in the primary root of triticum aestivum

Rygol J.; Luettge U., 1983:
Water relation parameters of giant and normal cells of capsicum annuum pericarp

Steudle E.; Smith J.A.C.; Luettge U., 1980:
Water relation parameters of individual mesophyll cells of the crassulacean acid metabolism plant kalanchoe daigremontiana

Luettge, U.; Ball, E., 1977:
Water relation parameters of the crassulacean acid metabolism plant kalanchoe daigremontiana in relation to diurnal malate oscillations

Sala O.E.; Lauenroth W.K.; Reid C.P.P., 1982:
Water relations a new dimension for niche separation between bouteloua gracilis and agropyron smithii in north american semi arid grasslands

Karami E.; Krieg D.R.; Quisenberry J.E., 1980:
Water relations and carbon 14 assimilation of cotton gossypium hirsutum with different leaf morphology

Kim J.H.; Lee Stadelmann O.Y., 1984:
Water relations and cell wall elasticity quantities in phaseolus vulgaris leaves

Barlow E.W.R.; Donovan G.R.; Lee J.W., 1983:
Water relations and composition of wheat triticum aestivum cultivar sun 9e ears grown in liquid culture effect of carbon and nitrogen

Crawford, C.S.; Cloudsley-Thompson, J.L., 1971:
Water relations and desiccation avoiding behavior in the vinegaroon mastigoproctus giganteus arachnida uropygi

Pereira, J.S.; Kozlowski, T.T., 1977:
Water relations and drought resistance of young pinus banksiana and pinus resinosa plantation trees

Nell T.A.; Barrett J.E.; Stamps R.H., 1983:
Water relations and frond curl of cut leatherleaf fern rumohra adiantiformis

Nilsen E.T.; Virginia R.A.; Jarrell W.M., 1986:
Water relations and growth characteristics of prosopis glandulosa var torreyana in a simulated phreatophytic environment

Knapp A.K. , 1984:
Water relations and growth of 3 grasses during wet and drought years in a tallgrass prairie

Paul N.D.; Ayres P.G., 1985:
Water relations and growth of rust infected groundsel puccinia lagenophorae senecio vulgaris during and after exposure to freezing soil temperatures

Bonanno A.R.; Mack H.J., 1983:
Water relations and growth of snap beans phaseolus vulgaris as influenced by differential irrigation

Bradford K.J., 1983:
Water relations and growth of the flacca tomato lycopersicon esculentum cultivar rheinlands ruhm mutant in relation to abscisic acid

Sionit N.; Patterson D.T.; Coffin R.D.; Mortenson D.A., 1987:
Water relations and growth of the weed goosegrass eleusine indica under drought stress

Moloney C.L.; Nicolson S.W., 1984:
Water relations and hemolymph composition of 2 intertidal spiders order araneae

Walker R.R.; Torokfalvy E.; Grieve A.M.; Prior L.D., 1983:
Water relations and ion concentrations of leaves on salt stressed citrus plants

Van-Meeteren, U., 1979:
Water relations and keeping quality of cut flowers of gerbera jamesonii cultivar wageningen rood 4. internal water relations of aging petal tissue

Van-Meeteren, U., 1978:
Water relations and keeping quality of cut gerbera flowers part 2 water balance of aging flowers

Van Meeteren U., 1979:
Water relations and keeping quality of cut gerbera flowers part 3 water content permeability and dry weight of aging petals

Van-Meeteren, U., 1980:
Water relations and keeping quality of cut gerbera jamesonii cultivar wageningen rood flowers 6. role of pressure potential

Van-Meeteren, U.; Van-Gelder, H., 1980:
Water relations and keeping quality of cut gerbera jamesonii flowers 5. role of endogenous cyto kinins

Van-Meeteren, U., 1978:
Water relations and keeping quality of cut gerbera jamesonii flowers part 1 the cause of stem break

Miller R.F.; Schultz L.M., 1987:
Water relations and leaf morphology of juniperus occidentalis in the northern great basin

Choudhuri G.N.; Sinha P., 1983:
Water relations and life history strategies of 2 sympatric weeds of indo gangetic plains india

Grossnickle S.C.; Blake T.J., 1987:
Water relations and morphological development of bare root jack pine and white spruce seedlings seedling establishment on a boreal cut over site

Andersen P.C.; Brodbeck B.V., 1988:
Water relations and net carbon dioxide assimilation of peach leaves of different ages

Armitage A.M.; Vines H.M.; T.Z.P.; Black C.C., 1983:
Water relations and net photosynthesis in hybrid geranium pelargonium hortorum cultivar sprinter scarlet

Packard G.C.; Packard M.J., 1987:
Water relations and nitrogen excretion in embryos of the oviparous snake coluber constrictor

Turner N.C.; Stern W.R.; Evans P., 1987:
Water relations and osmotic adjustment of leaves and roots of lupines in response to water deficits

Nduku W.K.; Harrison A.D., 1980:
Water relations and osmotic pressure in biomphalaria pfeifferi biomphalaria glabrata and helisoma trivolvis gastropoda planorbidae in response to cationic alterations of the medium

Sands R.; Kriedemann P.E.; Cotterill P.P., 1984:
Water relations and photosynthesis in 3 families of radiata pine pinus radiata seedlings known to differ in their response to weed control

Nobel, P.S., 1976:
Water relations and photosynthesis of a desert crassulacean acid metabolism plant agave deserti

Save R.; Marfa J.O.; Rabella R., 1985:
Water relations and photosynthetic rate of an epiphytic fern during a cycle of drying rewatering

Rundel P.W.; Lange O.L., 1980:
Water relations and photosynthetic response of a desert moss barbula aurea pottiaceae

Price C.H., 1980:
Water relations and physiological ecology of the salt marsh snail melampus bidentatus

Nobel P.S., 1987:
Water relations and plant size aspects of flowering for agave deserti

Talha M.; Aziz M.A.; E.T.ny M.; Salim M.Z., 1987:
Water relations and properties of bahariya oasis egypt soils

Syvertsen J.P.; Bausher M.G.; Albrigo L.G., 1980:
Water relations and related leaf characteristics of healthy and blight affected citrus citrus sinensis cultivar valencia trees

Knapp A.K.; Smith W.K., 1981:
Water relations and succession in subalpine conifers in southeastern wyoming usa

Klenovska S., 1980:
Water relations and the content of metabolites in the course of morphogenetic processes in silybum marianum tissue cultures

Delucia E.H.; Schlesinger W.H.; Billings W.D., 1988:
Water relations and the maintenance of sierran conifers on hydrothermally altered rock

Barrett J.E.; Nell T.A., 1986:
Water relations and water potential measurements for vegetative poinsettia euphorbia pulcherrima cultivar eckespoint c 1 red

Campbell, G.S.; Harris, G.A., 1977:
Water relations and water use patterns for artemisia tridentata in wet and dry years

Peck R.A.; Kirkham M.B., 1979:
Water relations and yield of winter wheat triticum aestivum grown under 3 water regimes in the high plains oklahoma usa

Andersen P.C.; Buchanan D.W.; Albrigo L.G., 1979:
Water relations and yields of 3 rabbiteye blueberry vaccinium ashei cultivars with and without drip irrigation

Drivas E.P.; Everett R.L., 1988:
Water relations characteristics of competing single leaf pinyon seedlings and sagebrush nurse plants

Yahata, H., 1987:
Water relations characteristics of cryptomeria japonica d. don vi a simulation model of water regime using the parameters obtained by the p v curve technique

Tang Z.C.; Kozlowski T.T., 1984:
Water relations ethylene production and morphological adaptation of fraxinus pennsylvanica seedlings to flooding

Fasehun F.E.; Songwe N.C., 1984:
Water relations for four tropical hardwood species

Sivakumar M.V.K.; Seetharama N.; Singh S.; Bidinger F.R., 1979:
Water relations growth and dry matter accumulation of sorghum sorghum bicolor under post rainy season conditions

Duryea M.L.; Lavender D.P., 1982:
Water relations growth and survival of root wrenched douglas fir pseudotsuga menziesii seedlings

Erickson P.I.; Kirkham M.B.; Adjei G.B., 1979:
Water relations growth and yield of tall and short wheat cultivars triticum aestivum irradiated with x rays

Glenn, M.E., 1970:
Water relations in 3 species of deer mice peromyscus

Sharma, S.S.; Sen, D.N., 1978:
Water relations in 3 species of the convolvulaceae in the indian arid zone

Davies, F.S.; Lakso, A.N., 1978:
Water relations in apple seedlings changes in water potential components abscisic acid levels and stomatal conductances under irrigated and nonirrigated conditions

Oertli J.J., 1984:
Water relations in cell walls and cells in the intact plant

Olsen M.W.; Misaghi I.J.; Goldstein D.; Hine R.B., 1983:
Water relations in cotton gossypium hirsutum cultivar delta pine plants infected with phymatotrichum omnivorum

Misra R.D.; Gangwar K.S., 1987:
Water relations in green gram under various irrigation schedules

Gandhi, J.R., 1977:
Water relations in heteropteran oxycarenus hyalinipennis and homopteran oxyrhachis tarandus

Antipov N.I., 1980:
Water relations in leaf galls of various plant species

Jungreis A.M.; E.A., 1977:
Water relations in membrane transport in plants and animals symposium philadelphia pennsylvania usa august 17 19 1976

Menzel C.M.; Simpson D.R.; Dowling A.J., 1986:
Water relations in passion fruit effect of moisture stress on growth flowering and nutrient uptake

Raggi V., 1987:
Water relations in peach leaves infected by taphrina deformans peach leaf curl diffusive resistance total transpiration and water potential

Pospisilova, J., 1977:
Water relations in primary leaves of bean plants treated with poly ethylene glycol solutions

Gorton, H.L., 1987:
Water Relations in Pulvini from Samanea saman: I. Intact Pulvini

Gorton, H.L., 1987:
Water Relations in Pulvini from Samanea saman: II. Effects of Excision of Motor Tissues

Yang C.M.; Chen C.L.; Sung F.J.M., 1983:
Water relations in rice oryza sativa 1. leaf diffusive resistance and osmotic adjustment of field grown rice genotypes

Sung F.J.M.; Chen C.L.; Yang C.M., 1983 :
Water relations in rice oryza sativa 2. field studies of stomatal response and transpiration of rice to humidity and water stress

Prokof'ev A.A.; Rybalova B.A.; Nechiporenko G.A., 1983:
Water relations in ripening dry and fleshy fruits of the oil poppy and vegetable marrow

Siwecki R.; Przybyl K., 1981:
Water relations in the leaves of poplar clones resistant and susceptible to melampsora larici populina

Bajkiewicz Grabowska E., 1986:
Water relations in the lomianki area poland with particular stress in sites of liquid manure disposals

Wilgat T.; Michalczyk Z., 1987:
Water relations in the region of the roztoczanski national park poland

Joshi, Y.C.; Nautiyal, P.C.; Ravindra, V.; Dwivedi, R.S., 1988:
Water relations in two cultivars of groundnut arachis hypogaea l. under soil water deficit

Richardson S.G.; Mckell C.M., 1980:
Water relations of atriplex canescens as affected by the salinity and moisture percentage of processed oil shale

Barcikowski W.; Nobel P.S., 1984:
Water relations of cacti during desiccation distribution of water in tissues

Kirkham, M.B., 1978:
Water relations of cadmium treated plants

Ike I.F.; Thurtell G.W., 1981:
Water relations of cassava manihot esculenta water content water osmotic and turgor potential relationships

Tracy, C.R.; Packard, G.C.; Packard, M.J., 1978:
Water relations of chelonian eggs

Barcelo J.; Poschenrieder C.; Gunse B., 1986:
Water relations of chromium vi treated bush bean plants phaseolus vulgaris cultivar contender under both normal and water stress conditions

Allaway W.G.; Pitman M.G.; Storey R.; Tyerman S.; Ashford A.E., 1984:
Water relations of coral cay vegetation on the great barrier reef australia water potentials and osmotic content

Radin, J.W.; Ackerson, R.C., 1981:
Water relations of cotton gossypium hirsutum cultivar deltapine 61 plants under nitrogen deficiency 3. stomatal conductance photosynthesis and abscisic acid accumulation during drought

Radin, J.W., 1981:
Water relations of cotton gossypium hirsutum deltapine 61 plants under nitrogen deficiency 4. leaf senescence during drought and its relations to stomatal closure

Huck, M.G.; Klepper, B., 1977:
Water relations of cotton part 2 continuous estimates of plant water potential from stem diameter measurements

Radin, J.W.; Parker, L.L.; Guinn, G., 1982:
Water relations of cotton plants gossypium hirsutum cultivar deltapine 70 under nitrogen deficiency 5. environmental control of abscisic acid accumulation and stomatal sensitivity to abscisic acid

Radin J.W.; Parker L.L., 1979:
Water relations of cotton plants under nitrogen deficiency part 1 dependence upon leaf structure

Radin J.W.; Parker L.L., 1979:
Water relations of cotton plants under nitrogen deficiency part 2 environmental interactions on stomata

Huzulak J., 1980:
Water relations of crataegus oxyacantha cornus mas and ligustrum vulgare

Behboudian, M.H., 1977:
Water relations of cucumber tomato and sweet pepper

Hinesley L.E., 1988:
Water relations of cut eastern red cedar christmas trees

Muth A., 1981:
Water relations of desert iguana dipsosaurus dorsalis eggs

Crawford C.S.; Matlack M.C., 1979:
Water relations of desert millipede larvae larva containing pellets and surrounding soil

Kirkham M.B., 1984:
Water relations of drought resistant and drought sensitive wheat triticum aestivum cultivars sprinkled with saline water

Thomas, R.J., 1977:
Water relations of elongating seta cells in sporophytes of the liverwort lophocolea heterophylla

Packard G.C.; Packard M.J., 1988:
Water relations of embryonic snapping turtles chelydra serpentina exposed to wet or dry environments at different times in incubation

Grossnickle S.C.; Reid C.P.P., 1984:
Water relations of engelmann spruce picea engelmanni seedlings on a high elevation mine site an example of how reclamation techniques can alter microclimate and edaphic conditions

Mildenhall J.P.; Prior B.A.; Trollope L.A., 1981:
Water relations of erwinia chrysanthemi growth and extracellular pectic acid lyase production

Mildenhall, J.P.; Prior, B.A., 1983:
Water relations of erwinia chrysanthemi intra cellular and extracellular pectate lyase ec production

Cochrane, P.M.; Slatyer, R.O., 1988:
Water relations of Eucalyptus pauciflora near the alpine tree line in winter

Ackerson, R.C.; Krieg, D.R.; Miller, T.D.; Zartman, R.E., 1977:
Water relations of field grown cotton and sorghum temporal and diurnal changes in leaf water osmotic and turgor potentials

Cortes P.M.; Sinclair T.R., 1986:
Water relations of field grown soybean glycine max under drought

E.S.arkawi H.M.; Salama F.M., 1984:
Water relations of flax linum usitatissimum cotton gossypium barbadense and wheat triticum aestivum under salinity stress

Nobel, P.S., 1977:
Water relations of flowering of agave deserti

Prior, B.A.; Kenyon, C.P., 1980:
Water relations of glucose catabolizing enzymes in pseudomonas fluorescens

Cosgrove D.; Steudle E., 1981:
Water relations of growing pea pisum sativum epicotyl segments

Young D.R.; Burke I.C.; Knight D.H., 1985:
Water relations of high elevation phreatophytes in wyoming usa

Kapos V.; Tanner E.V.J., 1985:
Water relations of jamaican west indies upper montane rain forest trees

Downton W.J.S., 1981:
Water relations of laticifers in nerium oleander

Tomos, A.D.; Steudle, E.; Zimmermann, U.; Schulze, E.D., 1981:
Water Relations of Leaf Epidermal Cells of Tradescantia virginiana

Behboudian, M.H.; Van-Holsteijn, H.M.C., 1977:
Water relations of lettuce part 1 internal physical aspects for 2 cultivars

Van-Holsteijn, H.M.C.; Behboudian, M.H.; Bongers, H.C.M.L., 1977:
Water relations of lettuce part 2 effects of drought on gas exchange properties of 2 cultivars

Eller B.M.; Ruess B., 1982:
Water relations of lithops plants embedded into the soil and exposed to free air

Frolisek M., 1983:
Water relations of lucerne treated by herbicides

Grimme K., 1984:
Water relations of mercurialis perennis and asarum europaeum in their natural habitat

Connor, D.J.; Legge, N.J.; Turner, N.C., 1977:
Water relations of mountain ash eucalyptus regnans forests

Graham J.H.; Syvertsen J.P.; Smith M.L.Jr, 1987:
Water relations of mycorrhizal and phosphorus fertilized non mycorrhizal citrus under drought stress

Beardsell D.V.; Nichols D.G.; Jones D.L., 1979:
Water relations of nursery potting media

Hull J.C.; Wood S.G., 1984:
Water relations of oak species on and adjacent to a maryland usa serpentine soil

Tracy C.R., 1980:
Water relations of parchment shelled lizard sceloporus undulatus eggs

Sands R.; Nambiar E.K.S., 1984:
Water relations of pinus radiata in competition with weeds

Sheremet'ev S.N., 1984:
Water relations of pistacia vera anacardiaceae in badghis turkmen ssr ussr

Pallardy S.G.; Kozlowski T.T., 1981:
Water relations of populus clones

Black R.A., 1984:
Water relations of quercus palustris field measurements on an experimentally flooded stand

Fitter, A.H., 1988:
Water relations of red clover trifolium pratense l. as affected by va mycorrhizal infection and phosphorus supply before and during drought

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