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Waterfowl refuge effect on water quality part 2 chemical and physical parameters

Brandvold, D.K.; Popp, C.J.; Brierley, J.A.

Journal Water Pollution Control Federation 48(4): 680-687


ISSN/ISBN: 0043-1303
Accession: 006914963

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A study was done to determine the effects of large concentrations of waterfowl on the chemical and physical character of water used by the waterfowl. A large variety of chemical and physical parameters was monitored over a 3-yr study period encompassing high and low usage by waterfowl. A number of parameters increased in the water during periods of high waterfowl use. These parameters were chemical O2 demand [COD], biochemical O2 demand [BOD], Kjeldahl N, nitrate, nitrite and dissolved phosphate. The dissolved O2 content of high waterfowl use water was less than that of corresponding control waters, reflecting an increase in BOD and COD values. Uric acid, a product of waterfowl excreta, was insoluble in these waters and appeared in the sediment of the waterfowl ponds.

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