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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6916

Chapter 6916 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Boon, R. C.; Tan, S. H.; Yeoh, H. F.; Lim, H. K.; Ashworth, D. B., 1978: Waters occurring naturally in malaysia a survey evaluating certain properties

Russell, W. J.; Rodgers, K. A., 1977: Waters of the western springs catchment auckland new zealand

Buso D.C., 1987: Watershed factors affecting stream acidification in the white mountains of new hampshire usa

Grosse D., 1981: Watershed infarction a special type of infarction in cases with carotid artery stenosis or occlusion verified by computed tomography and angiography

Enzmann, D.; Gates, G. F., 1976: Watershed infarction in sickle cell disease

Schwartz, F. W.; Milne-Home, W. A., 1982: Watersheds in muskeg terrain 1. the chemistry of water systems

Schwartz, F. W.; Milne-Home, W. A., 1982: Watersheds in muskeg terrain 2. evaluations based on water chemistry

Zajonc, I., 1978: Waterside associations of earthworms lumbricidae in the area of zemplinska sirava and their development

Baruchin A., 1988: Waterslide injuries

Locatelli G., 1981: Waterston anastomosis for initial palliation of tetralogy of fallot

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Coppo, M., 1975: Waths cholestasis

Dunin F.X., 1980: Watsim a distributed hydrologic model

Carvalho J.C.M., 1987: Waucoris new genus of miridae from papua new guinea hemiptera

King D.T.Jr, 1986: Waulsortian type buildups and resedimented carbonate turbidite facies early mississippian burlington shelf central missouri usa

Lick W., 1982: Wave action and bottom shear stresses in lake erie north america

Ohkoshi K., 1982: Wave analyses with the fast fourier transform on surface electro myogram and tremor during acute and accumulative fatigue

Moloney K.A., 1986: Wave and nonwave regeneration processes in a subalpine abies balsamea forest

Voloshin A., 1981: Wave attenuation in skeletons of young healthy persons

Pollard W.H., 1980: Wave climate and potential long shore sediment transport patterns nottawasaga bay ontario canada

Suhayda J.N., 1983: Wave current interactions on a shallow reef nicaragua central america

Section 7, Chapter 6916, Accession 006915032

Huehnerfuss, H.; Lange, P.; Walter, W., 1984: Wave damping by monomolecular surface films and their chemical structure 2. variation of the hydrophilic part of the film molecules including natural substances

Keddy P.A., 1985: Wave disturbance on lakeshores and the within lake distribution of ontarios canada atlantic coastal plain flora

Barwis J.H., 1982: Wave dominated sedimentation in the devonian bokkeveld basin of south africa

Dotzenko O.N., 1988: Wave effects on the bottom biocenoses in the onega lake bays ussr

Suchanek T.H., 1987: Wave energy and intertidal productivity

Crowet F., 1986: Wave equations in linear viscoelastic materials

Oliveira F.E.C.D., 1982: Wave exposure and ecotypical differentiation in sargassum cymosum phaeophyta fucales

Section 7, Chapter 6916, Accession 006915040

Debecker J., 1979: Wave form and neural mechanism of the decision p 350 elicited without pre stimulus contingent negative variation or readiness potential in random sequences of near threshold auditory clicks and finger stimuli

Elepfandt A., 1986: Wave frequency recognition and absolute pitch for water waves in the clawed frog xenopus laevis

Michel Beyerle M.E., 1984: Wave guide spectroscopy and ion transport in planar lipid bi layers/

Section 7, Chapter 6916, Accession 006915045

Griffiths C.L., 1979: Wave induced kelp movement and its importance for community structure

Wilson, M. E., 1969: Wave length discrimination at the foveal chromatic threshold human

Hughes D.E., 1980: Wave length of uv radiation that enhances onset of clinical infectious bovine kerato conjunctivitis

Sawai T., 1982: Wave like propagation of stretching and shrinkage in the surface of the newts cynops pyrrhogaster egg before the 1st cleavage

Golovina, V. A.; Rozenshtraukh, L. V.; Solov'ev, B. S.; Undrovinas, A. I.; Chernaya, G. G., 1986: Wave like spontaneous contractions in isolated cardiomyocytes

Seo T., 1984: Wave like wind fluctuations observed in the stable surface layer over a plant canopy

Tryggvason G.S., 1988: Wave measurement in iceland

Liedtke, C. E.; Tuna, N., 1978: Wave morphological classification of electro cardiogram vector cardiograph using a linear regression technique

Thoms M.C., 1985: Wave movement and water quality variations during a controlled release from kielder reservoir north tyne river uk

Mabuchi I., 1987: Wave of cortical actin polymerization in the sea urchin egg

Schatten G., 1988: Wave of free calcium at fertilization in the sea urchin egg visualized with fura 2

Koshihara Y., 1983: Wave pattern analyses for cold vaso oscillation

Saha S., 1985: Wave propagation across a bony discontinuity simulating a healing fracture

Viergever M.A., 1984: Wave propagation and dispersion in the cochlea

Dardel E., 1988: Wave propagation and flow velocity profiles in compliant tubes

Saha S., 1987: Wave propagation characteristics in long bones to diagnose osteoporosis

Ambardar, A.; Ferris, C. D., 1978: Wave propagation in a piezo electric 2 layered cylindrical shell with hexagonal symmetry some implications for long bone

Venkatesan M., 1987: Wave propagation in a piezoelectric solid cylinder of arbitrary cross section

Barrows, T. M., 1977: Wave reflections from slotted tunnel portals

Dhanalakshmi S., 1982: Wave refraction and nearshore circulation at visakhapatnam india

Priezhev A.V., 1984: Wave regimens of contraction activity of the strands of myxomycete plasmodium physarum polycephalum in relation to protoplasmic transport

Waag R.C., 1988: Wave space interpretation of scattered ultrasound

Dawson, S. V.; Elliott, E. A., 1977: Wave speed limitation on expiratory flow a unifying concept

Kieser J.A., 1984: Wave superpositioning and the initiation of tooth morphogenesis an application of the bandwidth theorem

Reuben, S. R., 1970: Wave transmission in the pulmonary arterial system in disease in man

Lenhardt M.L., 1982: Wave v latency and chirp linear frequency ramp repetition rate

Ewans K.C., 1985: Wave wave interactions microseisms and infrasonic ambient noise in the ocean

Rittenberg S.C., 1985: Waveform analysis and structure of flagella and basal complexes from bdellovibrio bacteriovorus 109j

Shaw W.W., 1986: Waveform analysis applied to laser doppler flowmetry

Murty K.J.R., 1984: Waveform analysis for the detection of airways obstruction in man

Barclay, M. L.; Dehart, W.; Mercer, J. E., 1977: Waveform analysis of intra uterine pressure curves with methods and models developed in cardiac research

Rudge P., 1981: Waveform analysis of the brain stem auditory evoked potential

Turner D.A., 1988: Waveform and amplitude characteristics of evoked responses to dendritic stimulation of ca1 guinea pig pyramidal cells

Murao S., 1980: Waveform and spectral analysis of crackles

Takizawa H., 1987: Waveform caused by raised intracranial pressure application of spectral analysis for the study of waveform

Shimoji, K.; Matsuki, M.; Shimizu, H., 1977: Waveform characteristics and spatial distribution of evoked spinal electrogram in man

Dickinson C.M., 1986: Waveform characteristics in congenital nystagmus

Symann-Louett, N.; Gascon, G. G.; Matsumiya, Y.; Lombroso, C. T., 1977: Waveform difference in visual evoked responses between normal and reading disabled children

Dorfman D.D., 1987: Waveform moment analysis in psychophysiological research

Maruyama, K.; Takahashi, M., 1977: Waveform of flickering stimulus and visual masking function

Section 7, Chapter 6916, Accession 006915086

Section 7, Chapter 6916, Accession 006915087

Section 7, Chapter 6916, Accession 006915088

Kripke M.L., 1980: Wavelength dependence and dose rate independence of uv radiation induced immunologic unresponsiveness of mice to a uv induced fibro sarcoma

Klintworth G.K., 1979: Wavelength dependence and kinetics of uv induced free radical formation in the human cornea and lens

Section 7, Chapter 6916, Accession 006915091

Lee K., 1988: Wavelength dependence for human redoxyendonuclease mediated dna cleavage at sites of uv induced photoproducts

Kaidbey K.H., 1986: Wavelength dependence for ornithine decarboxylase induction in vivo

Hitchins V.M., 1986: Wavelength dependence for the induction of bacteriophage lambda by antitumor agent gilvocarcin v

Shi, Y. B.; Hearst, J. E., 1987: Wavelength dependence for the photoreactions of dna psoralen monoadducts 1. photoreversal of monoadducts

Shi, Y. B.; Hearst, J. E., 1987: Wavelength dependence for the photoreactions of dna psoralen monoadducts 2. photo cross linking of monoadducts

Hearst J.E., 1986: Wavelength dependence for the photoreversal of a psoralen dna cross link

Tanada, T., 1977: Wavelength dependence in the red and far red for induction of phytochrome increase in mung bean hooks

Lightner, D. A.; Cu, A., 1977: Wavelength dependence of bilirubin photo reactivity

Lipson E.D., 1984: Wavelength dependence of dark adaptation in phycomyces phototropism

Konning W.N., 1982: Wavelength dependence of energy transduction in rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides action spectrum of growth

Kobayashi K., 1983: Wavelength dependence of inactivation and membrane damage to saccharomyces cerevisiae cells by mono chromatic synchrotron vacuum uv radiation 145 190 nanometers

Kiefer J., 1983: Wavelength dependence of inactivation and mutagenesis in ha ploid yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae cells of different sensitivities

Kiefer J., 1984: Wavelength dependence of inactivation and mutation induction to 6 thioguanine resistance in v 79 chinese hamster fibroblasts

Haeder D P., 1979: Wavelength dependence of photo movement in desmids

Horikoshi K., 1985: Wavelength dependence of photoproduction of hydrogen by rhodopseudomonas rutila

Klement'eva G.S., 1979: Wavelength dependence of photosynthesis re activation in the assimilative heat injured cell

Schaffner K., 1981: Wavelength dependence of quantum yields and product distribution in the anaerobic photochemistry of bilirubin di methyl ester

Kobayashi, K.; Ito, T., 1977: Wavelength dependence of singlet oxygen mechanism in acridine orange sensitized photodynamic action in yeast cells experiments with 470 nanometers

Negash L., 1987: Wavelength dependence of stomatal closure by uv radiation in attached leaves of eragrostis tef action spectra under backgrounds of red and blue lights

Yamakawa T., 1987: Wavelength dependence of the geometric and structural photoisomerization of bilirubin bound to human serum albumin

Moss S.H., 1987: Wavelength dependence of the photoreactivable response of dark repair deficient phr mutants of escherichia coli k 12

Ennever J.F., 1987: Wavelength dependence of the quantum yield for the structural isomerization of bilirubin

Isobe K., 1986: Wavelength dependence of the relative rate constants for the main geometric and structural photoisomerization of bilirubin ix alpha bound to human serum albumin demonstration of green light at 510 nanometer as the most effective wavelength in photochemical changes from zz bilirubin ix alpha to ez cyclobilirubin ix alpha via ez bilirubin

Massof R.W., 1981: Wavelength dependence of the shape of foveal absolute threshold probability of detection functions

Kartusch, R., 1978: Wavelength dependence of uv action on oxygen uptake in epidermal cells of allium cepa

Section 7, Chapter 6916, Accession 006915118

Farrell, R. A.; Mccally, R. L.; Tatham, P. E. R., 1973: Wavelength dependencies of light scattering in normal and cold swollen rabbit corneas and their structural implications

Pitts D.G., 1985: Wavelength dependency of cataracts in albino mice following chronic exposure

Haupt W., 1984: Wavelength dependent action dichroism a theoretical consideration

Bhatnagar V.M., 1983: Wavelength dependent critical fusion frequency response in human retina

Miller M.H., 1982: Wavelength dependent enhancement of direct current plasma metal lines by saline matrices

Stankovic Z., 1979: Wavelength dependent photo phosphorylation catalyzed by photosystem i or photosystem ii in isolated pea pisum sativum cultivar mali provansalac chloroplasts

Kato M., 1983: Wavelength dependent properties of photo taxis in larvae of bombyx mori

Bonneau R., 1987: Wavelength dependent quantum yield of hydroxy radical formation from photolysis of nitrite ion in water

Nakashima Y., 1980: Wavelength difference limit for bin ocular color fusion

Kong K L., 1982: Wavelength discrimination behavior in the grasshopper phlaeoba

Powers, M. K.; Easter, S. S-Jr, 1978: Wavelength discrimination by the goldfish near absolute visual threshold

Graham, B. V.; Turner, M. E. Jr ; Holland, R.; Bradley, E. L.; Burdeshaw, J. A., 1976: Wavelength discrimination derived from color naming

Price J., 1985: Wavelength discrimination deteriorates with illumination in blue cone monochromats

Jitsumori, M., 1978: Wavelength discrimination function derived from post discrimination gradients in the pigeon

Jacobs, G. H., 1976: Wavelength discrimination in gray squirrels

Neumeyer C., 1986: Wavelength discrimination in the goldfish

Fite, K. V.; Soukup, J.; Carey, R. G., 1978: Wavelength discrimination in the leopard frog a reexamination

Neumeyer C., 1987: Wavelength discrimination in the turtle pseudemys scripta elegans

Delius J.D., 1980: Wavelength discrimination in the visible spectrum and uv spectrum by pigeons columba livia

Section 7, Chapter 6916, Accession 006915138

Teska T.M., 1985: Wavelength dispersive microprobe analysis of coated samples of bulk tissues

Burgess L.W., 1987: Wavelength division multiplexer for fiber optic sensor readout

Sattar, A.; Deman, J. M.; Alexander, J. C., 1977: Wavelength effect on light induced decomposition of vitamin a and beta carotene in solutions and milk fat

Section 7, Chapter 6916, Accession 006915142

Jacobs H.J.C., 1987: Wavelength effect on the photochemical reactions of z 2 5 dimethyl 1 3 5 hexatriene selective excitation of rotamers

Nissen, M. J.; Pokorny, J., 1977: Wavelength effects on simple reaction time

Schmidt R., 1985: Wavelength effects on the photocycloreversion quantum yield of some photochromic endoperoxides

Tracy, W. K., 1970: Wavelength generalization and preference in monochromatically reared ducklings

Boucher F., 1986: Wavelength modulation by molecular environment in visual pigments

Eyring H., 1980: Wavelength regulation in rhod opsin effects of di poles and amino acid side chains

Schaffner K., 1984: Wavelength resolved fluorescence decay and fluorescence quantum yield of large phytochrome from oat shoots

Coombe P.E., 1981: Wavelength specific behavior of the whitefly trialeurodes vaporariorum homoptera aleyrodidae

Oyama, T.; Mitsuboshi, M.; Kamoshita, T., 1980: Wavelength specific brightness contrast as a function of surround luminance

Zwas F., 1979: Wavelength variation in directional sensitivity of the long wave and medium wave sensitive foveal cones of red green dichromats

Perjessy, A.; Sidoova, E., 1985: Wavenumbers of carbonyl stretching vibrations of exo 7 oxabicyclo 2.2.1 heptane 2 3 dicarboximide derivatives

Stern, C. D.; Goodwin, B. C., 1977: Waves and periodic events during primitive streak formation in the chick

Demissie M., 1982: Waves generated by river traffic and wind on the illinois river and mississippi river usa

Robertson A., 1979: Waves propagated during vertebrate development observations and comments

Greaves J.H., 1981: Wavy a new recessive rexoid mutant in the norway rat

Bhat K.M., 1984: Wavy grain in grewia tiliifolia

Eichbaum, F. W., 1975: Wavy myo cardial fibers in spontaneous and experimental adrenergic cardiopathies

Kantvilas G., 1985: Wawea fruticulosa new genus new species from the southern hemisphere

Ghosh P.K., 1982: Wax alkanes of some molluginaceae and aizoaceae

Gray V., 1985: Wax blooms in tenebrionid beetles of the namib desert namibia correlations with environment

Buchmann S.L., 1985: Wax chemistry of two stingless bees of the trigona trigonisca group apidiidae meliponinae

Scora, R. W.; Mueller, E.; Guelz, P. G., 1986: Wax components of asparagus officinalis l. liliaceae

Kosuge T., 1987: Wax components of escolar lepidocybium flavobrunneum and its application to base of medicine and cosmetics

Gupta A., 1988: Wax composition and antibacterial activity of kochia scoparia

Kameoka H., 1982: Wax composition of sargassum fulvellum

Stoianova Ivanova B., 1983: Wax composition of the kazanlik and damask roses

Nomura Y., 1982: Wax composition of the soft scale ericerus pela hemiptera homoptera coccidae

Sato, H.; Motomiya, M.; Fukushi, K.; Fujimoto, M.; Oka, S., 1969: Wax d fraction of an unclassified mycobacterium strain

Migliore, D.; Augier, J.; Boisvert, H.; Jolles, P., 1971: Wax d from different bovine strains of mycobacterium tuberculosis var bovis

Obst, B. S., 1986: Wax digestion in wilson's storm petrel oceanites oceanicus

Kayama, M.; Nevenzel, J. C., 1974: Wax ester biosynthesis by mid water marine animals

Saito S., 1984: Wax ester hydrolysis by lipolytic enzymes in pyloric ceca of various fishes

Kayama M., 1985: Wax ester synthesis and hydrolysis in carp cyprinus carpio plasma

Grigor, M. R.; Harris, E. L., 1977: Wax ester synthesis in the mouse preputial gland tumor

Wakeham S.G., 1985: Wax esters and triacylglycerols in sinking particulate matter in the peru upwelling area 15 degrees south 75 degrees west

Gee P.T., 1988: Wax esters and triterpene methyl ethers from the exocarp of elaeis guineensis

Edkins, E.; Hansen, I. A., 1976: Wax esters secreted by the uropygial glands of some anseriformes

Fujino Y., 1981: Wax lipid in rice bran

Section 7, Chapter 6916, Accession 006915182

Chernyshev V.D., 1984: Wax on needle epidermis in gymnospermae of the far east ussr

Burgess L.W., 1988: Wax partitioned soil columns to study the influence of soil moisture potential on the infection of wheat by fusarium graminearum group 1

Pearce M.J., 1983: Wax produced by dermal pores in 3 species of mealybug homoptera pseudococcidae

Jay D.H., 1983: Wax production by caged worker honey bees of apis mellifera of european and tropical african origin

Section 7, Chapter 6916, Accession 006915188

Hadley N.F., 1979: Wax secretion and color phases of the desert tenebrionid beetle cryptoglossa verrucosa

Kido H., 1984: Wax solidification of drying agents containing tritiated water

Ayoub S.M.H., 1981: Waxes and essential oil from the peels of the fruits of citrullus colcynthis 2

Freeman B., 1980: Waxes and other surface characteristics of fruit and leaves of native vaccinium elliotti

Section 7, Chapter 6916, Accession 006915194

Kolesnik A., 1984: Waxes from grape must and wine

Marco, J. A.; Parareda, J. S.; Seoane, E.; Abarca, B.; Sendra, J. M., 1978: Waxes tri terpenes and free acids in anthyllis sericea

Section 7, Chapter 6916, Accession 006915197

Section 7, Chapter 6916, Accession 006915198

Aumaitre A., 1979: Waxy vs regular maize energy value for growing pigs and utilization in piglet diets

Leonhardt A., 1988: Way of detection of 2511 breast carcinomas 1977 1986

Leonhardt A., 1988: Way of detection of 2511 breast carcinomas 1977 1986 importance of mammography

Saxen E., 1980: Way of life and cancer incidence in finland a municipality based ecological analysis

Shapiro Y., 1981: Way of life as a determinant of physical fitness

Dean, A. L.; Frankhouser, J. R., 1988: Way stations in the development of children's proportionality concepts the stage issue revisited

Brooks P.H., 1982: Wayfinding and toddlers use of information from an aerial view of a maze

Shandrykava L.M., 1981: Ways and means of biochemical estimation of the genome activity of cereal seeds and seedlings

Filippov, G. L., 1978: Ways for further increasing photosynthesis efficiency factor of young corn crops with sufficient moistening

Nechiporenko, A. Z.; Bogdanovich, F. A.; Nechiporenko, N. A., 1978: Ways for improving early diagnosis of patients with urinary bladder cancer

Bagdasaryan S.G., 1987: Ways for improving the treatment of paraproctitis

Section 7, Chapter 6916, Accession 006915216

Pyan'kevich A.A., 1981: Ways for prevention of nematodiasis in wild boars

Linnik U.Ya, 1981: Ways for rendering fish flesh harmless after infestation by trematode metacercariae

Mal'tseva I.M., 1979: Ways for solving environmental protection problems in phosphorus fertilizer production

Jones E.F., 1982: Ways in which childbearing affects womens employment evidence from the usa 1975 national fertility study

Lamotte, M.; Lescure, J., 1977: Ways of achieving independence from the aquatic environment among anura amphibia

Ost L G., 1985: Ways of acquiring phobias and outcome of behavioral treatments

Demetradze M.B., 1985: Ways of automating the monitoring of sulfide ions in sewage

Boev, V. M., 1977: Ways of blood outflow from human spinal ganglia

Proshchenki, V. G.; Tikhonova, N. A., 1978: Ways of coordinating scientific research on the problem of malignant neoplasms

Section 7, Chapter 6916, Accession 006915226

Telyushchenko E.D., 1981: Ways of correcting pituitary ovarian disturbances in chronic salpingo oophoritis

Yudaev, N. A.; Afinogenova, S. A.; Goncharov, N. P.; Katsiya, G. V., 1977: Ways of cortico steroid biosynthesis in the adrenal glands of macaca mulatta monkeys

Andreev, N. G., 1976: Ways of creating a stable fodder base in the nonchernozem zone of the russian sfsr ussr

Chirkova, T. V.; Nastinova, G. E.; Semenova, I. N., 1978: Ways of de toxifying anaerobic metabolism products in roots of plants differing in resistance to oxygen deficiency

Utkin, V. V.; Ginters-Ya-Ya ; Balynya, N. A.; Reinberga, A. Ya ; Vitola, I. A., 1978: Ways of decreasing hemo transfusion volume in operations on the lungs and mediastinum

Dolgikh L.V., 1981: Ways of decreasing the nitrogen losses from fertilizers under rice cultivation

Turkevych, M. M., 1977: Ways of developing new drugs by synthesis

Shvetsova, L. F.; Luk'yanova, O. N., 1977: Ways of developing therapeutic medical aid for patients with cardio vascular diseases

Shumakov, V. I.; Seifulla, R. D., 1977: Ways of development in transplantation pharmacology

Section 7, Chapter 6916, Accession 006915236

Onishchenko N.A., 1984: Ways of enhancing the protective effect of cardioplegic solutions

Duan J., 1987: Ways of enhancing the rooting rate of the in vitro culture shoots from adult crataegus scabrifolia trees

D'yakov A.B., 1980: Ways of estimation of west siberian ussr spring wheat genetic potential

Shileiko, A. A., 1976: Ways of evolution of the excretory system in pulmonata and its phylogenetic importance

Parmentier, C.; Droz, J. P.; Tubiana, M., 1978: Ways of expressing results of human bone marrow progenitor cell culture

Litvinova N.M., 1980: Ways of feeding in some species of brittle stars

Afanas'yev D.Ya, 1984: Ways of formation and succession development of dry meadows in the ukrainian polesye ussr

Afanas'yev D.Ya, 1984: Ways of formation and succession development of lowland meadows in the ukrainian polesye ussr

Udalova G.P., 1982: Ways of governing the functional inter hemispheric asymmetry of cat visual cortex

Panaiotti E.A., 1981: Ways of hepatitis b virus transmission in hospitals

Belenkevich, O. A., 1978: Ways of improving biological nitrogen supply to plants

Mikhailov E.A., 1985: Ways of improving breast cancer diagnosis

Sidorov V.S., 1987: Ways of improving diagnosis of colorectal cancer

Chubatyi O.V., 1986: Ways of improving fellings in forests of the carpathians ukrainian ssr ussr

Mel'man E.P., 1979: Ways of improving the level of research in morphology

Filonenko, V. A.; Stagin, V. P., 1976: Ways of improving the natural feed lands of the western caspian lowland ussr

Section 7, Chapter 6916, Accession 006915253

Zhukov, A. B.; Buzykin, A. I., 1977: Ways of increasing forest production program aspects

Blinov N.N., 1981: Ways of increasing mammographic informativeness on regular x ray apparatuses

Filippenko, I. M.; Shtin, L. T., 1978: Ways of increasing the degree of mildew resistance in the grape

Kulagin, V. K.; Zhizhin, V. N.; Galkin, V. V., 1976: Ways of increasing the effectiveness and acceleration of scientific investigations in the field of traumatic shock and blood loss

Prostotina E.A., 1980: Ways of increasing the effectiveness of crystallization of glutamic acid

Monstvilaite Ya I., 1982: Ways of increasing the effectiveness of herbicide activity in the lithuanian ssr ussr

Alekperova N.V., 1984: Ways of increasing the effectiveness of sturgeon breeding in the caspian sea ussr

Skorapanov S.G., 1982: Ways of increasing the productivity of ameliorated soils in the brest oblast belorussian ssr ussr

Section 7, Chapter 6916, Accession 006915262

Popescu Miclosanu E., 1985: Ways of intensifying the reproduction rate in rabbits

Pavicevic, L., 1975: Ways of introduction of tetra ploid wheat with naked seed in yugoslavia

Section 7, Chapter 6916, Accession 006915265

Fetisova, Z. G.; Fok, M. V., 1984: Ways of optimization of light energy conversion in primary steps of photosynthesis 1. necessity of photosynthetic unit structure optimization and the method of its efficiency calculation

Fetisova, Z. G.; Fok, M. V.; Shibaeva, L. V.; Borisov, A. Yu, 1984: Ways of optimization of light energy conversion in the primary steps of photosynthesis 2. optimization of the structure of a uniform photosynthetic unit lattice

Sokol A.F., 1986: Ways of optimization of the diagnosis of diabetic angiopathies

Pokrovskii V.I., 1986: Ways of optimizing the epidemiological control of infectious diseases in the ussr

Section 7, Chapter 6916, Accession 006915270

Marei, A. N., 1975: Ways of preventing thermal pollution of water bodies by waste waters of nuclear power plants

Section 7, Chapter 6916, Accession 006915272

Gadiev S.I., 1981: Ways of reducing lethality in operations on hepatic biliferous system

Zharokova R.G., 1986: Ways of reducing the harmfulness of russian centaurea in the agrophytocenoses of the southeastern kazakh ssr ussr

Klochkov B., 1985: Ways of soil cultivation and the yields of beans and soybeans

Kholodov, A. G.; Vorontsova, I. G., 1985: Ways of solving the protein problem

Yasevich A.P., 1981: Ways of stabilization of balneological properties of naftusya mineral water

Section 7, Chapter 6916, Accession 006915278

Kulyukin, A. N.; Peterburgskii, A. V.; Apostol, P. A., 1978: Ways of using magnesium ammonium phosphate in growing tomatoes under hydroponic conditions

Leonov V.A., 1984: Ways of using mainakskoye reservoir on the charyn river ili river basin kazakh ssr ussr for commercial fishing

Guzhov-Yu, L., 1978: Ways of using regularities of modificational variability of quantitative indices in plant breeding

Section 7, Chapter 6916, Accession 006915282

Cherlin V.A., 1983: Ways that reptiles adapt to environmental temperature/

Moeller, H., 1987: Ways to address actual soil acidity on the basis of ellenberg's indicator values without arithmetic means of these values

Rattay F., 1987: Ways to approximate current distance relations for electrically stimulated fibers

Zubairova G.O., 1981: Ways to detect reflex mechanisms in epilepsy

Segel L.A., 1982: Ways to discern the presynaptic effect of drugs on neuro transmitter release

Gigas H., 1985: Ways to eliminate mycoplasmosis in turkeys

Zaeva G.E., 1988: Ways to improve the diagnosis of nephroblastomas in children

Krasnov V.P., 1982: Ways to increase the fruit yield of vaccinium myrtillus in the ukrainian polesye ussr

Yao K., 1988: Ways to infect in vitro cultured human nasopharyngeal epithelial cells with epstein barr virus

Drogovoz S.E., 1987: Ways to raise the fertility of eroded soils in eastern siberia russian sfsr ussr

Ren K., 1987: Wdr response profiles of spinal dorsal horn neurons may be unmasked by barbiturate anesthesia

Chun K S., 1983: We are well nourished by virtue of our ancestors ancestor worship and nutrition in a korean village

Section 7, Chapter 6916, Accession 006915295

Feer H., 1985: Weak 50 hertz electromagnetic fields activate rat open field behavior

Seyfried H., 1986: Weak a phenotypes possibly caused by mutation

Villegas, L., 1977: Weak acid accumulation in the serosal extracellular compartment of the frog gastric mucosa

Section 7, Chapter 6916, Accession 006915299

Webb A.H., 1982: Weak acid concentrations and river chemistry in the tovdal river southern norway

Section 7, Chapter 6916, Accession 006915301

Pfeffer J.L., 1986: Weak acid ion exchange for removing barium radium and hardness

Gutknecht J., 1982: Weak acid permeability through lipid bi layer membranes role of chemical reactions in the unstirred layer

Jackson M.J., 1981: Weak acid transport in the small intestine discrimination in the lamina propria

Batkin, S.; Guernsey, D. L.; Tabrah, F. L., 1978: Weak alternating current magnetic field effects changes in cell sodium pump activity following whole animal exposure

Webb A.H., 1979: Weak and strong acids in surface waters of the tovdal region in southern norway

Wiegner, A. W.; Allen, G. J.; Bing, O. H. L., 1978: Weak and strong myo cardium in series implications for segmental dys function

Wiedenmann, G., 1977: Weak and strong phase shifting in the activity rhythm of leucophaea maderae blaberidae after light pulses of high intensity

Section 7, Chapter 6916, Accession 006915309

Paigen K., 1985: Weak androgen reduces the rate constant of beta glucuronidase induction

Koistinen, J.; Leikola, J., 1977: Weak anti immuno globulin a antibodies with limited specificity and nonhemolytic transfusion reactions

Nagao T., 1986: Weak arrhythmogenic property of the new cardiotonic agent denopamine in dogs comparison with catecholamines

Jackson M.J., 1988: Weak base binding and transport in pig brush border membrane vesicles

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