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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6917

Chapter 6917 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Rheinwald G., 1981: Weight changes of female great tits parus major during breeding and their interpretation

Reinert R.A., 1982: Weight changes of radish raphanus sativus cultivar cherry belle and marigold tagetes patula cultivar king tut exposed at 3 ages to nitrogen di oxide sulfur di oxide and ozone alone and in mixture

Sobh J., 1980: Weight changes under thyroxine substitution for eu thyroid goiter

Breen M., 1979: Weight changes with depot neuroleptic maintenance therapy

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916004

Krzanowski, A., 1977: Weight classes of palearctic bats

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916006

Mccoy K., 1988: Weight composition mitosis cell death and content of progesterone and dna in the corpus luteum of pregnancy in the ewe

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916008

Sadowsky H., 1982: Weight control in obesity a simple effective and practical approach

Masland R.P.Jr, 1988: Weight control methods in high school wrestlers

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916011

Morici G., 1987: Weight curve in hypoxic albino rats of first and second generation

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916014

Hutchings M.J., 1979: Weight density relationships in ramet populations of clonal perennial herbs with special reference to the negative three halves power law

Kalff J., 1987: Weight density relationships in submerged macrophytes the importance of light and plant geometry

Mazantseva, G. P., 1977: Weight determination by body length in sarmatiulus kessleri and schizophyllum caspium diplopoda juloidea

Margaria C.A., 1986: Weight determination in the identification of drugs from araliaceae roots

Todorov D., 1980: Weight development impregnation and calving in 1st time calving of heifers

Reulecke K., 1979: Weight development in red deer calves and yearlings in the west harz germany and its relation to population density

Rheinwald, G., 1975: Weight development of some hole nesting birds

Neumeier M., 1979: Weight development of the hedgehog erinaceus europaeus during hibernation in human care

Martinez Teruel A., 1986: Weight diameter relationships in four browse species

Greig Smith P., 1985: Weight differences brood reduction and sibling competition among nesting stonechats saxicola torquata aves turdidae

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916025

Paillard J P., 1982: Weight distribution of the seeds of periploca graeca particularly in function of their position in the fruit

Hudson R.J., 1981: Weight dynamics of wapiti cervus elaphus nelsoni in the boreal forest

Irmler, U.; Furch, K., 1980: Weight energy and nutrient changes during the decomposition of leaves in the emersion phase of central amazonian inundation forests brazil

Bunnell F.L., 1980: Weight estimation of dalls sheep ovis dalli dalli and mountain goats oreamnos americanus

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916030

Diaz Azpiazu M., 1981: Weight fluctuations in the eggs of corcyra cephalonica lepidoptera galleriinae

Kielmann, Arnfried-A; Mccord, Colin, 1978: Weight for age as an index of risk of death in children

Fellowes H.M., 1983: Weight for height in adolescence

Cole, T. J., 1986: Weight for height index compared to weight height power indices or assessing adiposity in childhood influence of age and bone age on power of height during puberty

Ureda J.R., 1984: Weight for height indices as measures of adiposity in children

Stanfield J.P., 1981: Weight for height indices to assess nutritional status a new index on a slide rule

Lark D.A., 1984: Weight gain a response to transfusion in selected preterm infants

Stern W.C., 1984: Weight gain a side effect of tricyclic antidepressants

Goldberg A.P., 1984: Weight gain after cessation of cigarette smoking a possible role for adipose tissue lipo protein lipase

Hixon M.A., 1983: Weight gain and adjustment of feeding territory size in migrant hummingbirds selasphorus rufus

Vendsborg B., 1980: Weight gain and body composition in lithium treated rats

Ruiz R., 1986: Weight gain and consumption of holstein bulls grazing pangola grass digitaria decumbens stent

Wallace M.H., 1985: Weight gain and digestive tract development at 42 days in lambs weaned to a dry diet at 10 14 or 28 days of age

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916044

Hughes I.A., 1985: Weight gain and height velocity during prolonged first remission from acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916046

Stroupe, P. J.; Ward, G. M.; Bartley, E. E.; Bechtle, R. M.; Posler, G. L.; Muncrief, H. J., 1978: Weight gain and nutrient intake of holstein heifers fed 25 or 35 day alfalfa pasture or alfalfa hay

Dubbert P.M., 1987: Weight gain associated with decreases in smoking rate and nicotine intake

Sampaio I.B.M., 1982: Weight gain by growing finishing pure bred and cross bred pigs and some carcass characteristics

Christine M., 1988: Weight gain during adolescent pregnancy associated maternal characteristics and effects on birth weight

Dam M., 1984: Weight gain during treatment with valproate

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916052

Cummings K.M., 1987: Weight gain following smoking cessation a possible role for nicotine replacement in weight management

Neinstein L.S., 1986: Weight gain in adolescent and young adult oral contraceptive users

Hallstrom T., 1981: Weight gain in adulthood in relation to socio economic factors mental illness and personality traits a prospective study of middle aged women

Smiley J., 1980: Weight gain in bonnet macaques macaca radiata and pigtail macaques macaca nemestrina

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916059

Elsen J.M., 1986: Weight gain in grazing sheep a detailed comparison between models

Huntington M.O., 1985: Weight gain in patients receiving adjuvant chemotherapy carcinoma of the breast

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916063

Mannucci, P.; Mirabelli, P., 1975: Weight gain in the sparrow hawk accipiter nisus

Boyd N.F., 1988: Weight gain in women with localized breast cancer a descriptive study

Blosch M., 1981: Weight gain in young mongolian gerbils meriones unguiculatus of mothers treated with neurotropic substances hypoxia or electro convulsive shock

Mitchell, J. D.; Brand, J.; Halbisch, J., 1977: Weight gain inhibition by lactose in australian aboriginal children a controlled trial of normal and lactose hydrolyzed milk

Coulter M., 1984: Weight gain of blue footed booby chicks an indicator of marine resources

Lott B.D., 1988: Weight gain of summer reared egg type pullets fed pellets versus mash

Conrad R.D., 1981: Weight gain reproduction and survival of syrian hamsters mesocricetus auratus fed 5 natural ingredient diets

Falk K., 1981: Weight gain results for plankton eating cyprinidae in an experimental fish breeding installation using brackish water

Stordy, B. J.; Marks, V.; Kalucy, R. S.; Crisp, A. H., 1977: Weight gain thermic effect of glucose and resting metabolic rate during recovery from anorexia nervosa

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916073

Auger R.C., 1983: Weight gains and resumption of passage by willow warblers phylloscopus trochilus on spring migration

Silva J.F.C.D., 1986: Weight gains feed efficiency and carcass traits of buffalo nelore brahma holstein and crossbred steers

Vicentini Missoni M., 1985: Weight gravity and air pressure mental representations by italian middle school pupils

Bramblett C.A., 1984: Weight growth in savannah baboons papio cynocephalus a longitudinal study from birth to adulthood

Ricono K., 1986: Weight growth of juvenile lizards anolis lineatopus maintained on different diets

Ivancheva E., 1985: Weight growth of mirror carp of different type of highbackness

Van Leberghe W., 1982: Weight height and arm circumference in 0 to 5 year old children from kasongo zaire

Wynder E.L., 1988: Weight height and body mass index in the prognosis of breast cancer early results of a prospective study

Matias Atuncar J., 1984: Weight height and cranial circumference percentiles from birth to 6 years

Singh S.P., 1979: Weight height grid for the evaluation of harmonious growth in gaddi boys

Nihira S., 1985: Weight height indices in estimating adiposity and skinfold thicknesses among infants aged 3

Iwaki Y., 1979: Weight height indices studies on 13502 healthy persons in tokyo japan

Jansen A.A.J., 1984: Weight height weight for height and quetelets index of akamba schoolchildren and adults

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916087

Moretti P., 1984: Weight increase and chronic experimental intoxication from tobacco smoke in the albino rat effects of protection with mineral waters

Haftorn, S., 1978: Weight increase and feather development in the goldcrest regulus regulus

Benz G., 1985: Weight increase of granulosis virus infected allatectomized larvae of the codling moth cydia pomonella lepidoptera tortricidae

Markov, G.; Khristov, L., 1976: Weight increment of the yellow necked field mouse apodemus flavicollis from vitosha mountain

Prader A., 1980: Weight length and head circumference in the new born infant intra uterine growth standards maternal and infantile factors influencing intra uterine growth

Strel'nikova V.M., 1985: Weight length correlation and the calorific value of the antarctic krill

Kesler, D. H., 1978: Weight length regressions and growth for 2 bluegill populations in rhode island usa

Clausen I.H.S., 1983: Weight length relations of 8 species of spiders araneae from denmark

Tyner C.F., 1981: Weight lifting by normal and de afferented monkeys evidence for compensatory changes in ongoing movements

Ronald K., 1985: Weight loss and catabolic adaptations to starvation in gray seal halichoerus grypus pups

Hay D.E., 1984: Weight loss and change of condition factor during fixation of pacific herring clupea harengus pallasi eggs and larvae

Blume F.D., 1984: Weight loss and changes in body composition at high altitude

Misra K.N., 1979: Weight loss and energy release of decomposing grass litter in a savanna ecosystem

Cuff W., 1981: Weight loss and mortality of 3 life stages of tribolium castaneum when exposed to 4 modified atmospheres

Maclean, D. A.; Wein, R. W., 1978: Weight loss and nutrient changes in decomposing litter and forest floor material in new brunswick canada forest stands

Van Lear D.H., 1984: Weight loss and nutrient dynamics in decomposing woody loblolly pine pinus taeda logging slash

Goncalves L.S., 1982: Weight loss and other damage to developing worker honey bees apis mellifera from infestation with varroa jacobsoni

Honikel K.O., 1985: Weight loss and sensory attributes of temperature conditioned and electrically stimulated hot processed pork

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916108

Adams, J. M., 1976: Weight loss caused by development of sitophilus zeamais in maize

Holsboer F., 1986: Weight loss causes neuroendocrine disturbances experimental study in healthy starving subjects

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916113

Stryker, J. A.; Velkley, D. E., 1980: Weight loss during pelvic irradiation cobalt 60 vs. 10 megavolt x rays

Davis J.R., 1979: Weight loss following lateral hypothalamus lesions independent of changes in motor activity or metabolic rate

Tavares, A. R.; Rabins, P. V., 1987: Weight loss in alzheimer's disease a longitudinal study

Thomas G., 1981: Weight loss in incubating albatrosses and its implications for their energy and food requirements

Angel A., 1988: Weight loss in massive obesity reciprocal changes in plasma hdl cholesterol and hdl binding to human adipocyte plasma membranes

Mitchell P.E.G., 1988: Weight loss in obese subjects on a restricted diet given brl 26830a a new atypical beta adrenoceptor agonist

Vardi, J.; Oberman, Z.; Rabey, I.; Streifler, M.; Ayalon, D.; Herzberg, M., 1976: Weight loss in patients treated long term with l dopa metabolic aspects

Holdaway C., 1988: Weight loss in patients with head and neck cancer malnutrition or tumor effect

Shumway, G. S.; Lindholm, E., 1978: Weight loss in rats following lateral hypothalamic or thalamic lesions

Picha D.H., 1986: Weight loss in sweet potatoes ipomoea batatas during curing and storage contribution of transpiration and respiration

Goel S.C., 1985: Weight loss in the pupa of plusia orichalcea lepidoptera noctuidae

Buskirk, Elsworth, R., 1978: Weight loss in wrestlers

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916129

Marston A.R., 1984: Weight loss maintenance as an aspect of family emotion and process

Chittenden, M. E. Jr, 1976: Weight loss mortality feeding and duration of residence of adult american shad alosa sapidissima in fresh water

Piene, H.; Vancleve, K., 1978: Weight loss of litter and cellulose bags in a thinned white spruce forest in interior alaska usa

Bietz, B. F.; Whitney, P. H.; Anderson, P. K., 1977: Weight loss of microtus pennsylvanicus as a result of trap confinement

Rasmussen, F., 1975: Weight loss of prostatic tissue during electro resection

Keppie D.M., 1985: Weight loss of spruce grouse dendragapus canadensis eggs during incubation

Nazimuddin S., 1985: Weight loss of wheat and rice caused by feeding of the larvae and adults of sitophilus oryzae and rhizopertha dominica

Davis J.R., 1979: Weight loss slower growth and lower fasting heat production rates following lateral hypothalamus lesions in female rats

Hill G.L., 1988: Weight loss with physiologic impairment a basic indicator of surgical risk

Wicks A., 1980: Weight loss with psychiatric residents in a behavioral self control program

Gorini, F. L.; Rosati, P.; Sozzi, A.; Faedi, W., 1978: Weight losses during commercial storage of apples for late winter consumption

Gorini, F. L.; Rosati, P.; Sozzi, A.; Faedi, W., 1978: Weight losses during commercial storage of red delicious apples

Zdarkova, E.; Reska, M., 1976: Weight losses of groundnuts arachis hypogaea from infestation by the mites acarus siro and tyrophagus putrescentiae

Faedi W., 1979: Weight losses of standard and spur clones of golden delicious apples during storage

Ryden, O; Sorbris, R., 1986: Weight maintenance after fasting: a look at somatic and psychological parameters

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916145

Gutzwiller F., 1987: Weight nutritional habits and physical activity in switzerland the monica project

Mckinney, T. D.; Dunbar, M. R., 1976: Weight of adrenal glands in the bobcat lynx rufus

Ogunranti J.O., 1986: Weight of contemporary nigerian growing children clinical anthropology

Cowan P.E., 1985: Weight of dried marrow as an indicator of femur fat in brushtail possums trichosurus vulpecula

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916150

Girons H.S., 1981: Weight of new born and reproduction of vipera aspis reptilia viperidae under natural and artificial conditions

Oliveira Neto J.C., 1987: Weight of normal full term newborns at the university hospital of joao pessoa brazil

Muramatsu T., 1986: Weight of risk factor on extracorporeal circulation by multivariate analysis

Bjork E.A., 1985: Weight of sound qualities in inducing audiogenic seizure in rats

Bozdech J., 1981: Weight of spruce wood as new element of evidence

Millar, J. S.; Iverson, S. L., 1976: Weight of the eye lens as an indicator of age in peromyscus

Mcmahan, C. A.; Wigodsky, H. S.; Moore, G. T., 1976: Weight of the infant baboon papio cynocephalus from birth to 15 weeks

Seed, J. R.; Ashman, P. U.; Pinter, A. J.; Ackerman, S.; King, L., 1976: Weight of the spleen adrenals and gonads during a chronic trypanosoma brucei gambiense infection of laboratory reared microtus montanus

Kobayashi H., 1986: Weight of the urophysis of teleosts

Gerhard, I.; Vollmar, B.; Runnebaum, B.; Kubli, F., 1987: Weight percentile at birth i. clinical data of pregnancy and relevance for early childhood development

Gerhard, I.; Vollmar, B.; Runnebaum, B.; Klinga, K.; Haller, U.; Kubli, F., 1987: Weight percentile at birth ii. prediction by endocrinological and sonographic measurements

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916162

Bisaillon A., 1982: Weight ratios in the muskrat

Baanders Van Halewijn E.A., 1982: Weight reduction and estrogen excretion in obese post menopausal women

Ims, J.; Best, J.; Senter, R. J., 1976: Weight reduction and free choice poly dipsic ethanol consumption

Vetter H., 1986: Weight reduction and salt restriction in hypertension effects on blood pressure and intracellular electrolytes

Mckeon P.E., 1985: Weight reduction at the work site a promise partially fulfilled

Sorensen K.H., 1980: Weight reduction before hip replacement

Mina L., 1981: Weight reduction in a normal population

Lilburn M.F., 1984: Weight reduction in boys with muscular dystrophy

Ginsberg-Fellner, F.; Knittle, J. L., 1981: Weight reduction in young obese children 1. effects on adipose tissue cellularity and metabolism

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916173

Bartter F.C., 1981: Weight reduction renal mineral and hormonal excretion during semi starvation in obese patients

Sun E.L., 1979: Weight reduction with auricular acu pressure

Ryttig K., 1987: Weight reduction with dietary fiber supplements results of two double blind randomized studies

Thomas J.O.M., 1980: Weight related susceptibility to an insecticide in tribolium castaneum coleoptera tenebrionidae

Loesch J.G., 1981: Weight relation between paired ovaries of blueback herring alosa aestivalis

Wilson G.T., 1979: Weight restraint cognitions and counter regulation

Giginyak Yu G., 1981: Weight size and caloricity of the fresh water shrimp macrobrachium nipponense

Currah I.E., 1983: Weight size and shape relationships and their uses in the study of graded yield data

Olsen J., 1985: Weight specific stillbirths and associated causes of death an analysis of 765 stillbirths

Pietila, J.; Arvola, I.; Senius, K. E. O.; Tuohimaa, P., 1977: Weight stroma to gland ratio and mitotic activity of the human hyperplastic prostate

Tucker L.A., 1983: Weight training a tool for the improvement of self and body concepts of males

Tucker L.A., 1982: Weight training experience and psychological well being

Garcia Lopez P., 1987: Weight variation depending on the origin and level of fat in the diet

Lomba F., 1983: Weight variation in belgian landrace sows and production performances

Nieboer E., 1983: Weight variation of dunlins calidris alpina during post nuptial molt after application of weight data transformations

Collette P., 1980: Weight variations of adult marsh warblers acrocephalus palustris during the breeding cycle

Eades, R. A.; Okill, J. D., 1976: Weight variations of ringed plovers on the dee estuary

Zamboni P., 1981: Weight volume and specific weight of lungs of guinea pig rat and mice

Mullins, W.; Pieters, E. P., 1982: Weight vs. toxicity a need for revision of the standard method of testing for resistance of the tobacco budworm heliothis virescens to insecticides

Looman C.W.N., 1986: Weighted averaging logistic regression and the gaussian response model

Barendregt L.G., 1986: Weighted averaging of species indicator values its efficiency in environmental calibration

Kvalseth T.O., 1985: Weighted conditional kappa

Williams G.W., 1984: Weighted criteria for the diagnosis of systemic lupus erythematosus

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Ghosh J.J., 1985: Weighted information indices and anxioselective anxiolytic drug design

Green M.V., 1986: Weighted integration method for local cerebral blood flow measurements with positron emission tomography

Farebrother R.W., 1985: Weighted least squares estimates of mortality rates from single release tagging studies

Eden M., 1985: Weighted least squares estimation of background in electron energy loss spectrometry imaging

Ditto, F. H.; Gutierrez, L. T.; Bosch, J. C. Jr, 1976: Weighted sensitivity analysis of emissions inventory data

Comas A., 1984: Weighting and scaling of features in numerical evaluation of coccal green algae selenastraceae

Baum, B. R., 1976: Weighting character states

Atkins, G. L., 1974: Weighting functions and data truncation in the fitting of multi exponential functions

Muenzer W., 1981: Weighting of single locations an improvement of the evidence of strain tests?

Mcewen J., 1981: Weighting the seriousness of perceived health problems using thurstones method of paired comparisons

Kalwat W., 1981: Weightless koeppe gonioscopy

Pace, N., 1977: Weightlessness a matter of gravity

Paulson G.W., 1983: Weightlifters head ache

Waters T., 1986: Weights and anatomical measurements of northeastern atlantic fin balaenoptera physalus and sei balaenoptera borealis whales

Oniki Y., 1980: Weights and cloacal temperatures of some birds of minas gerais brazil

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916215

Diamond, A. W.; Lack, P.; Smith, R. W., 1977: Weights and fat condition of some migrant warblers in jamaica

Mascher J.W., 1979: Weights and fat in lapwings vanellus vanellus and oystercatchers haematopus ostralegus starved to death during a cold spell in spring

Carneiro, G. G.; Miranda, J. J. F.; Pereira, J. C. C.; Torres, J. R., 1975: Weights and gains in weight of zebu calves fed during the dry season in 3 localities of minas gerais

Bunnell, F. L.; Olsen, N. A., 1976: Weights and growth of dall sheep in kluane park reserve yukon territory canada

Bunyak S.C., 1979: Weights and heights of stump tailed macaques macaca arctoides living in colony groups

Brooke, M. D., 1978: Weights and measurements of the manx shearwater puffinus puffinus

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Village A., 1983: Weights breeding and survival in european sparrow hawks accipiter nisus

Oniki, T., 1978: Weights digestive tracts and gonadal conditions of some amazonian birds

Beuing R., 1988: Weights in selection for polonian merino ewes

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916229

Skead, D. M., 1977: Weights of birds handled at barberspan

Langslow, D. R., 1976: Weights of blackcaps on migration

Jit I., 1988: Weights of normal adult brains in northwest indian subjects

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916233

Miller, W. E., 1977: Weights of polia grandis pupae reared at 2 constant temperatures lepidoptera noctuidae

Dean, R. E.; Thorne, E. T.; Yorgason, I. J., 1976: Weights of rocky mountain elk

Sourmelis D., 1983: Weights of senile cataractous lenses

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Hoffmann C.O., 1979: Weights of suburban raccoons in southwestern ohio usa

Tienari J., 1985: Weights of the body and cardiac ventricles in pulmonary emphysema

Severinghaus C.W., 1979: Weights of white tailed deer odocoileus virginianus in relation to range conditions in new york usa

Otis G.W., 1982: Weights of worker honey bees apis mellifera in swarms

Wood, B., 1978: Weights of yellow wagtails wintering in nigeria

Defais M., 1985: Weigle reactivation and mutagenesis of bacteriophage lambda in lex a def mutants of escherichia coli k 12

Kryuger D.N., 1982: Weigle reactivation and weigle mutagenesis in bacterio phage lambda and bacterio phage t 7 comparison of action of uv irradiation 254 nanometers and furocoumarin photo sensitization

Berenstein D., 1982: Weigle reactivation in acinetobacter calcoaceticus

Trgovcevic S., 1979: Weigle reactivation is inefficient in repair of the bacterial chromosome

Istock N.L., 1984: Weigle reactivation of diploid m 13 phage

Shinagawa H., 1985: Weigle reactivation of phage lambda in a rec a mutant of escherichia coli dependence on the excess amounts of photoreactivating enzyme in the dark

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Haselbacher I., 1980: Weigle reactivation of phage lambda in x irradiated mutants of escherichia coli k 12

Froehlich B., 1981: Weigle reactivation of the single stranded dna phage f 1

Sterz, F.; Smolle, H.; Korthals, C.; Kleinert, R.; Stuenzner, D., 1985: Weil's disease leptospirosis icterohaemorrhagiae

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916254

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916255

Wang H., 1987: Weiningian fusulinids from the zibo area of shandong china

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916257

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916258

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916259

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Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916277

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Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916284

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916285

Draayenhof R., 1983: Well coupled photosystem i enriched sub chloroplast vesicles optimization of ferredoxin mediated cyclic photo phosphorylation and electric potential generation

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Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916288

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Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916297

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Scully R.E., 1984: Well differentiated ovarian sertoli leydig cell tumors a clinicopathological analysis of 23 cases

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916302

Norris H.J., 1982: Well differentiated tubular carcinoma of the breast a clinico pathologic study of 145 pure and mixed cases

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Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916306

Tanaka T., 1980: Well marked mass of leukemic cells around an optic nerve infiltrated by leukemic cells in a child

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Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916311

Taylor D.C., 1984: Wells procedure for complete rectal prolapse a 10 year experience

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916313

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916314

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916315

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916316

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Okuhara M., 1987: Wf 10129 a novel angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor produced by a fungus doratomyces putredinis

Imanaka H., 1987: Wf 3405 a novel antitumor antibiotic taxonomy isolation structure elucidation and biological properties

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916641

Mcreynolds L.V., 1986: Wh interrogative production in agrammatic aphasia an experimental analysis of auditory visual stimulation and direct production treatment

Wootten J., 1982: Wh questions linguistic factors that contribute to the sequence of acquisition

Gallagher, T. M.; Guilford, A. M., 1977: Wh questions responses by aphasic patients

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Centor R.M., 1987: What a difference a day makes a decision analysis of adult streptococcal pharyngitis

Weiling, F., 1986: What about r. a. fisher's statement of the too good data of j. g. mendel's pisum paper?

George R.Y., 1979: What adaptive strategies promote immigration and speciation in deep sea environment

Chik L., 1984: What affects fetal pulmonary maturation during diabetic pregnancy?

Krishnamoorthy R.V., 1981: What affects the abundance and diversity of earthworms in soils

D'yakonova T.L., 1987: What and how the neuron learns

Ruden, T., 1987: What annual rings of scots pine pinus sylvestris l. from forfjorddalen can tell about the climate in vesteralen norway 1700 1850

Watt, B.; Jack, E. P., 1977: What are anaerobic cocci

Young B.A., 1980: What are askanazy cells

Smith R., 1987: What are health authorities doing about the health problems caused by unemployment?

Ludwig W., 1985: What are mycoplasmas? the relationship of tempo and mode in bacterial evolution

Brady B.L., 1983: What are phialides anyway

Giercksky K.E., 1985: What are physiological plasma gastric inhibitory polypeptide levels in man after intravenous infusion of porcine gastric inhibitory polypeptide?

Klinkhamer P.G.L., 1983: What are the advantages of dispersing a paper by kuno explained and extended

Schieber F., 1981: What are the age differences in visual sensory memory

Sartenaer, P., 1974: What are the barvaux sur ourthe schists

Bird H.A., 1988: What are the best measurements for monitoring patients during short term second line therapy?

Westoby, M., 1978: What are the biological bases of varied diets

Stephan P., 1987: What are the causes reducing the fertility of human populations in former centuries

Kawamura N., 1984: What are the contents of a hydrocele testis

Leroy J., 1986: What are the drugs used in a medical icu

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916678

Larger C., 1986: What are the implications of a high pulmonary compliance

Morton F.I., 1984: What are the limits on forest evaporation

Sartenaer, P., 1974: What are the matagne schists

Peterson R., 1982: What are the needs of chronic mental patients?

Cullen J.W., 1987: What are the odds that smoking will kill you?

Karterud S., 1988: What are the prerequisites and indications of the therapeutic community proper a comparative study

Fisichelli V., 1985: What are the psychophysical methods

Chudoba J., 1985: What are the purification limits of the activated sludge process?

Ware J.E.Jr, 1988: What are we measuring an examination of self reported functional status measures

Kane R.L., 1987: What are we measuring? an examination of walk time and grip strength

West M., 1985: What are we testing

Sinnett E.R., 1985: What art thou macandrew scale confusion and errata in high places

Shaffer D.R., 1985: What aspects of self do self monitors monitor

Cole B.L., 1986: What attracts attention when driving?

Taberlet P., 1986: What barn owl tyto alba pellets can tell us about the ecology of small mammals a case study in bas chablais haute savoie france

Goldstein, R. H.; Ciottone, R. A.; Racy, J.; Willis, J. R.; Dressler, D. M., 1972: What benefits patients an inquiry into the opinions of psychiatric in patients and their residents

Gabaldon, A., 1978: What can and cannot be achieved with conventional anti malaria measures

Schreiner W., 1987: What can and what do clinicians expect from computers

Rougerie J., 1979: What can be expected from the surgical treatment of cranio pharyngiomas in children 92 cases

Nicolas J.C., 1984: What can be expected of rubella serologic tests

Chougule P., 1985: What can be expected when radiation therapy becomes the only curative alternative for endometrial cancer

Galanis J.C., 1981: What can be inferred about the ion transporting properties of a membrane from measurements of resting potential tangential resistance and tracer flux?

Marvdashti R., 1986: What can be learnt about selection from gene frequency distribution

Bongrand, P.; Vervloet, D.; Depieds, R.; Charpin, J., 1976: What can be measured with radio allergo sorbent test

Adler, H. E.; Adler, L. L., 1978: What can dolphins tursiops truncatus learn by observation/

Sachatello, C. R.; Hedgecock, H. Jr ; Armstrong, A., 1980: What can experimental colo rectal cancer tell us about colo rectal cancer in man?

Smith, D. C., 1978: What can lichens tell us about real fungi

Norman, M. F.; Gallistel, C. R., 1978: What can one learn from a strength duration experiment

Vandenbergh V., 1987: What can precipitating factors teach us about the pathogenesis of migraine?

Hess R., 1984: What can specific behavioral testing procedures contribute to the assessment of neuro toxicity in laboratory animals?

Urmantsev-Yu, A., 1978: What can the concept of an object as a system in a system of objects of the same kind give to a biologist

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916710

Ball J.C., 1986: What can we know about addiction from the addicts we treat?

Jackson, J. L.; Michon, J. A., 1988: What can we recognize a study of native dutch students' recognition of lecture material presented in english

Rostron, A. B., 1978: What can you do with your larynx a rejoinder to clarkson and deutsch

Kirk D., 1986: What causes childhood leukemia some beliefs of parents of affected children

Sonerud G.A., 1988: What causes extended lows in microtine cycles analysis of fluctuations in sympatric shrew and microtine populations in fennoscandia

Oppenheim, B. E.; Cantez, S., 1977: What causes lower neck uptake in bone scans

Blake R., 1987: What causes stereoscopic tilt from spatial frequency disparity

Therman E., 1987: What causes the abnormal phenotype in a 49 xxxxy male

Kuznetsova I.M., 1986: What causes the depolarization of trypsin and trypsinogen fluorescence intramolecular mobility or non radiative energy transfer

Kuznetsova I.M., 1986: What causes the variation of polarization degree across the emission spectrum of proteins?

Barlow H.B., 1982: What causes tri chromacy? a theoretical analysis using comb filtered spectra

Douglas, L.; Novitski, E., 1977: What chance did mendels experiments give him of noticing linkage

Vourc'h G., 1986: What changes can be expected during high frequency jet ventilation when the rate of ventilation the inspiratory expiratory ratio and the driving pressure are modified? a laboratory study

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916724

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916725

Cheek J.H., 1985: What constitutes adequate study of axillary lymph nodes in breast cancer?

Lennihan, R. Jr ; Mackereth, M., 1977: What constitutes proper evaluation for the patient with intermittent claudication

White H.D., 1987: What contribution has cardiac surgery made to the decline in mortality from coronary heart disease

Pardo A., 1980: What controls collagen resorption in vivo

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916730

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916731

Wambersie A., 1987: What degree of accuracy is required and can be achieved in photon and neutron therapy?

Stevenson C.H., 1982: What degree of error in hospital activity analysis clinical data?

Green M., 1986: What determines correspondence strength in apparent motion

Khodzhaev E.Yu, 1987: What determines the atp hydrolysis rate in mitochondria

Yamada T., 1986: What determines the latency and amplitude of stationary peaks in far field recordings

Ames A.IIi, 1981: What determines the limits of possible restoration after ischemia?

Gibb J.A., 1981: What determines the numbers of small herbivorous mammals?

Silver R., 1979: What determines the pattern of sharing of incubation and brooding in ring doves

Mcauley P.J., 1981: What determines the population size of the intra cellular algal chlorella symbionts in the digestive cells of green hydra

Smith, J. M., 1976: What determines the rate of evolution

Mclachlan A.J., 1985: What determines the species present in a rain pool?

Skinner H.A., 1982: What difference does language make? structural analysis of the personality research form

Wulff H.R., 1988: What do dentists know about statistics

Dan Sohkawa M., 1986: What do dissociated embryonic cells of the starfish asterina pectinifera do to reconstruct bipinnaria larvae?

Guttler F., 1987: What do doctors know about statistics?

Andersen K.W., 1982: What do early bone scans tell about breast cancer patients?

Tiller W.A., 1987: What do electrodermal diagnostic acupuncture instruments really measure

Stewart B.L., 1986: What do employers want functions knowledge areas and characteristics desired of professional psychologists

Warrington, A. M.; Ponesse, D. J.; Hunter, M. E.; Grant, D. A.; Grasset, A. V.; Gray, D. W.; Hayward, C. D.; Long, B. F.; Morrison, G. E. C.; Et-Al, 1977: What do family physicians see in practice

Harder L.D., 1984: What do foraging hummingbirds maximize

Simberloff D., 1986: What do genetics and ecology tell us about the design of nature reserves

Crano, W. D., 1977: What do infant mental tests test a cross lagged panel analysis of selected data from the berkeley growth study

Wish J.R., 1982: What do library users want? a conjoint measurement technique may yield the answer

Pavlidis, T., 1978: What do mathematical models tell us about circadian clocks

Spears G.F.S., 1988: What do middle aged new zealanders eat a dietary survey in 50 54 year olds in south canterbury and north otago new zealand

Weymar H.W., 1985: What do pacemaker recipients think of their implantations

Ogren J E., 1983: What do patients know about their digitalis a comparison between 2 areas in sweden

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916761

Chard T., 1982: What do placental function tests predict? observations on placental lactogen levels in growth retardation and fetal distress

Albarran J.M., 1987: What do schoolmasters know about diabetes mellitus?

Bovey P., 1982: What do the orange forms represent in zygaena ephialtes lepidoptera zygaenidae?

Nordlander G., 1984: What do we know about parasitic cynipoids hymenoptera?

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916766

Lake, B. D.; Ellis, R. B., 1976: What do you think you are quantifying an appraisal of histochemical methods in the measurement of the activities of lysosomal enzymes

Tognoni G., 1986: What doctors tell patients with breast cancer about diagnosis and treatment findings from a study in general hospitals

Slavin, R. G., 1978: What does a fungus among us really mean

Jewson D.H., 1982: What does carbon 14 uptake by phyto plankton really measure? a theoretical modeling approach

Howarth, E., 1986: What does eysenck's psychoticism scale really measure?

Baba S., 1982: What does hemo globin ai mean in renal failure?

Kidder D., 1984: What does hospice cost

Durand G., 1988: What does inductance plethysmography really measure?

Morrow N., 1984: What does it take to reduce observer bias

Zeinalov Yu, 1986: What does photosynthetic unit mean

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916777

Ward A.M., 1982: What does the anti mitochondrial antibody mean?

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916779

Packard R.C., 1979: What does the head ache patient want

Ivanov I., 1988: What does the homology between escherichia coli rnas and rnas controlling col e 1 plasmid replication mean

Hajduk J., 1981: What does the lemon test measure

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916783

Hubfr G., 1980: What does the psychiatrist expect from computerized tomography

Weller S., 1983: What does the term osteo synthesis stability mean

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916786

Corriol, J.; Papy, J. J.; Jacquin, M.; Blanquet, F., 1976: What electro encephalogram criteria for diving fitness

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916788

Jequier E., 1988: What energy level is required to avoid nutrient depletion after surgery in oropharyngeal cancer

Huttunen S., 1983: What environmental ecologists expect of biological museums

Walker N.W., 1986: What ever happened to the norms for the matching familiar figures test?

Moss A.J., 1979: What every primary physician should know about the post operative cardiac patient

Todd, N. V.; Mcdonagh, T.; Miller, J. D., 1987: What follows diagnosis by computed tomography of solitary brain tumor audit of one year's experience in southeast scotland uk

Sherry D.F., 1984: What food storing birds remember

Hanson F.W., 1983: What functions of the sperm cell are measured by in vitro fertilization of zona free hamster eggs

Koyanagi T., 1984: What graphic modalities were useful to diagnose the unilateral single ectopic ureter

Rayner, K.; Mcconkie, G. W., 1976: What guides a readers eye movements

Schou, M., 1976: What happened later to the lithium babies a follow up study of children born without malformations

Staab C., 1986: What happened to the sixth graders are elementary students losing their need to forecast and to reason?

Szujko-Lacza, J., 1975: What happened with schotts herbarium

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916801

Klackenberg G., 1980: What happens to children with retarded speech at 3 years old longitudinal study of a sample of normal infants up to 20 years of age

Thorn P.A., 1985: What happens to defaulters from a diabetic clinic

Johnson A.G., 1987: What happens to esophageal varices after transection and devascularization?

Willis, J. H.; Osbourne, A. B., 1978: What happens to heroin addicts a follow up study

Mongeau J R., 1982: What happens to inseminated trout in the waters of the plain of montreal canada according to labeling and re capture experiments 1977 1981 inclusively

Bradley B., 1987: What happens to opiate addicts immediately after treatment a prospective follow up study

Crompton G.K., 1983: What happens to patients with pulmonary aspergilloma analysis of 23 cases

Mordohovich D., 1986: What happens to the parietal cell following truncal vagotomy?

Bulstrode C., 1987: What happens to wild animals with broken bones

Ellis, K. J.; Duggleby, R. G., 1978: What happens when data are fitted to the wrong equations

Gask L., 1986: What happens when psychiatric outpatients are seen once only

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916814

Nilsson, C., 1978: What has happened to the dry bed of the gejman river

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916816

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916817

Starr C.K., 1985: What if workers in social hymenoptera were males

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916820

Verbrugge, R. R.; Strange, W.; Shankweiler, D. P.; Edman, T. R., 1976: What information enables a listener to map a talkers vowel space

Schnurr P., 1988: What is a case? a 45 year study of psychiatric impairment within a college sample selected for mental health

Mueller Herold U., 1983: What is a hyper cycle?

Et Al, 1983: What is a pregnancy a question for programs of in vitro fertilization

Auchincloss J.H., 1986: What is a restrictive defect?

Fowler N.L., 1988: What is a safe site neighbor litter germination date and patch effects

Litwin P.E., 1985: What is a save outcome measures in clinical evaluations of automatic external defibrillators

Zetterqvist P., 1979: What is a shunt concepts of central shunts and effective flow and a method for graphical presentation of circulatory quantities and their interrelations

Bensussan A., 1986: What is a t cell clone? effect of recombinant interferon on t cell clone function and t cell receptor gene rearrangement

Vela Navarrete R., 1980: What is a urodynamics study of upper urinary tract

Schneider H J., 1982: What is a urolith and what is a recurrent urolith?

Rosnow R.L., 1988: What is aggressive? some contextual factors in judging international behavior

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916833

Wagenitz, G., 1976: What is an achene the history of a carpological term

Jaccard J., 1987: What is an adequate length of baseline in research and clinical practice with chronic headache

Berkutenko, A. N., 1977: What is arabis sinuata family cruciferae

Schwartz, G. E.; Weiss, S. M., 1977: What is behavioral medicine

Solar M., 1982: What is best in myringo plasty underlay or overlay dura or fascia?

Ritschel W.A., 1984: What is bioavailability? philosophy of bioavailability testing

Spratt J.A., 1985: What is breast cancer doing before we can detect it

De Toulgoet H., 1980: What is carabus matsumurai coleoptera carabidae carabinae

Laine U., 1987: What is carex stenolepis

Schild E., 1981: What is clavaria tenuipes?

Denman A.M., 1981: What is clinical immunology

Scott B.B., 1988: What is colitis statistical approach to distinguishing clinically important inflammatory change in rectal biopsy specimens

Wagner, E., 1976: What is compsidolon ribesi hemiptera heteroptera miridae

Phipps, J. B., 1987: What is crataegus fontanesiana spach steud.? rosaceae

Wong P.S., 1983: What is deviant about deviant smooth pursuit eye movements in schizophrenia

Puthz V., 1981: What is dianous what is stenus? or the aporia of the stenologist and its taxonomic consequences

Sokolov N.N., 1981: What is drosophila littoralis? diptera drosophilidae

Schmidt G.D., 1983: What is echinorhynchus pomatostomi

Rabotnov T.A., 1979: What is ecology from the botanists point of view

Bochantsev, V. P., 1978: What is eremochion pungens chenopodiaceae

Rumbaugh C.L., 1988: What is expected of ct in the evaluation of stroke?

Pellis S.M., 1985: What is fixed in a fixed action pattern a problem of methodology

Busey P., 1979: What is floratam

Gromko, M. H., 1977: What is frequency dependent selection

Levy P.M., 1981: What is geriatrics the swiss experience

Muskens G.J.D.M., 1984: What is happening to the dutch beech marten martes foina population?

Mccord C., 1986: What is high the development of reference points for high and low

Groeger F., 1980: What is hygrophorus leucophaeus?

Pop, V., 1975: What is hystricosoma chappuisi aeolosomatidae oligochaeta

Murata T., 1987: What is important for autistic adults to become independent or self supporting

Read J.D., 1986: What is integration? remembering a story and remembering false implications about the story

Manitz, H., 1977: What is ipomoea violacea

Alpern, M., 1974: What is it that confines in a world without color

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916867

Kummermehr J., 1985: What is known about tumor proliferation rates to choose between accelerated fractionation or hyperfractionation

Iberall A.S., 1983: What is language that can facilitate the flow of information? a contribution to a fundamental theory of language and communication

Burstein K.R., 1980: What is learned all kinds of things

Simons J., 1983: What is learned in mental practice of motor skills a test of the cognitive motor hypothesis

Triebel D., 1987: What is lecidea whakatipae knight r?

Prance, G. T.; Mori, S. A., 1977: What is lecythis

Grolle R., 1981: What is lejeunea schumannii from baltic amber?

Beutler H., 1986: What is libellula quadrimaculata aberration praenubila newman 1833 ?

Riedl, H., 1975: What is lindauopsis

Davis S.S., 1986: What is liquid gaviscon a comparison of four international formulations

Langheinrich D., 1982: What is magic about the magical number 4 ?

Ponomarenko, V. V., 1975: What is malus pumila

Johnson F., 1982: What is maternal infant intervention? the role of infant psycho therapy

Roper T.J., 1981: What is meant by the term schedule induced and how general is schedule induction?

Cirns J.Jr, 1986: What is meant by validation of predictions based on laboratory toxicity tests

Grashuis J.L., 1980: What is measured in electro gastrography

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916884

Murray J.B., 1982: What is meditation? does it help?

Prentice, H. C., 1977: What is melandrium glutinosum

Perlmutter, M., 1978: What is memory aging the aging of

Yasuda, K., 1985: What is meniere's disease an attempt at its definition in clinical terms

Hausman, D. B., 1978: What is natural new thoughts

De Toulgoet H., 1982: What is nola praetextula? lepidoptera nolidae

Hardjowijoto S., 1979: What is normal bin ocular vision

Hahn C.M., 1984: What is not a pseudomonad the importance of nomenclature in bacterial classification

Geijskes D.C., 1984: What is oligoclada abbreviata odonata libellulidae

Vermeulen, P., 1976: What is orchis latifolia

Beevers L., 1980: What is pea pisum sativum cultivar burpeeana legumin is it glycosylated?

Vinogradova, V. M., 1977: What is peucedanum macrophyllum apiaceae

Paiva, J., 1987: What is polygala lusitanica chod. polygalaceae

Schild, E., 1978: What is ramaria aurea and ramaria flava

Merxmueller, H., 1976: What is rumex garipensis

Pimenov, M. G.; Klyuikov, E. V., 1986: What is schrenkia lachnantha korov. umbelliferae?

Maruyama H., 1987: What is scopura longa ueno 1929 insecta plecoptera a revision of the genus

Breidbach O., 1987: What is selection an attempt at understanding it

Michell A.R., 1985: What is shock

Greenwood D.D., 1986: What is synchrony suppression

Steyskal, G. C., 1978: What is systematic entomology

Kelman, H., 1969: What is technique

Frain Bell W., 1979: What is that thing called light

Weiss Z., 1985: What is the actual incidence of peritonitis in maintenance peritoneal dialysis a prospective study

Fagraeus, A.; Jonsson, J.; El-Kabir, D. J., 1970: What is the antibody specificity of long acting thyroid stimulator

Zelis R.F., 1983: What is the appropriate dress code for the cardiac catheterization laboratory?

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916913

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916914

Doehn M., 1987: What is the benefit of the subglottic drainage?

Davis J.M., 1980: What is the best maintenance dose of neuroleptics in schizophrenia

Jelkmann, W.; Bauer, C., 1976: What is the best method to remove 2 3 di phospho glycerate from hemo globin

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916918

Engelfriet C.P., 1988: What is the best predictor of the severity of abo hemolytic disease of the newborn?

Crofton P.M., 1988: What is the cause of benign transient hyperphosphatasemia? a study of 35 cases

Fujita T., 1986: What is the cause of cardiac death in a brain death patient analysis of a typical brain death patient

Govindaraj M., 1987: What is the cause of dyspnea in asthma and emphysema?

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916923

Lyles K.W., 1987: What is the clinical significance of bone loss in primary hyperparathyrodism

Mochmann H., 1986: What is the correct specific epithet for pathogenic leptospirae

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916926

Raichle M.E., 1985: What is the correct value for the brain blood partition coefficient for water

Fontaine, J.; Le-Lievre, C.; Le-Douarin, N. M., 1977: What is the developmental fate of the neural crest cells which migrate into the pancreas in the avian embryo

Van Den Brink G., 1981: What is the diplopia threshold

Fitzgerald R.H.Jr, 1982: What is the dukes system for carcinoma of the rectum?

Ventura E., 1987: What is the effect of a cytomegalovirus infection when superimposed on hbsag positive chronic hepatitis?

Wirth C.J., 1987: What is the efficacy of soft and mid lasers in therapy of tendinopathies a double blind study

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916933

Sumrada R.A., 1983: What is the function of nitrogen catabolite repression in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Madelenat, P.; Boury-Heyler, C.; Dupre-Froment, J.; Proust, A., 1978: What is the future of per coelioscopic punch biopsy of ovarian cysts

Szelenyi, G., 1976: What is the future of zoocenology

Walker, A. R. P.; Walker, B. F., 1976: What is the health hazard to children who are under weight and under height for age

Kurita T., 1983: What is the ideal nephro lithotomy? establishment of a preservative safe and simple surgical procedure for nephro lithotomy

Hagvar S., 1987: What is the importance of soil acidity for the soil fauna?

Dunn P.M., 1984: What is the incidence of holo prosencephaly

Kursh E.D., 1987: What is the incidence of varicocele in a fertile population

Kaur M., 1984: What is the lower limit of viability intact survival of a 440 gram infant

Gyr K., 1986: What is the maximal effective dose of caerulein in stimulating pancreatic secretion in man?

Klemm W.R., 1984: What is the meaningful measure of neuronal spike train activity

Dobek K., 1986: What is the most suitable grid for computer perimetry in glaucoma patients

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916946

Flaherty P., 1985: What is the optimum atrioventricular interval in ddd pacing?

Holmberg L., 1987: What is the optimum interval between mammographic screening examinations an analysis based on the latest results of the swedish two county breast cancer screening trial

Hayward M.M., 1985: What is the optimum optimal additive solution

Jaech M.A., 1983: What is the origin of ludyella corticariiformis elmidae coleoptera

Demandre, C.; Douady, D.; Kader, J. C.; Mazliak, P., 1978: What is the origin of the lipids of potato tuber plasmalemma

Bartosz G., 1987: What is the origin of the strongly immobilized signal of membrane bound maleimide spin label

Petz B., 1987: What is the percentage of false discoveries ?

Allona Almagro A., 1986: What is the place of chemotherapy in the management of invasive transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder?

De Beaumont G., 1982: What is the plesictis leobensis mammals carnivora?

Hazvi S., 1988: What is the possible contribution of calcium stimulated adenylate cyclase to acquisition consolidation and retention of an associative olfactory memory in drosophila

Roos N.P., 1988: What is the potential for moving adult surgery to the ambulatory setting?

Sautter R.D., 1979: What is the probability that coronary artery surgery prolongs life

Ventsov A.V., 1983: What is the reference that sound durations are compared with in speech perception

Pinto J.R., 1986: What is the relationship between bronchiolitis and asthma? comparative study of 2 populations

Montgomery C., 1986: What is the relationship between postpartum withdrawal from school and repeat pregnancy among adolescent mothers?

Fluitsma D.M., 1982: What is the relevance of exudate resident macrophages?

Herdelin N.J., 1983: What is the role of affect in the spacing effect?

Sany J., 1987: What is the role of epstein barr virus in the pathogenesis of connective tissue diseases

Keighley M.R.B., 1986: What is the role of histidine in studies of fecal mutagenicity?

Mar P.J., 1987: What is the role of lipid a in the development of pyelonephritis? an hypothesis

Valdez Menchaca M.C., 1988: What is the role of reinforcement in early language acquisition?

Molina J., 1982: What is the role of violence in the therapeutic community?

Cragg, B. G., 1970: What is the signal for chromatolysis

Allen Mersh T.G., 1985: What is the significance of pancreatic ductal mucinous hyperplasia

Seth J., 1982: What is the significance of raised plasma tsh levels after thyroid surgery?

Ferguson W.R., 1987: What is the significance of the abnormal esophageal scintigram

Correa P., 1986: What is the status of gonococcal infections and what can be expected from the elisa test?

Reinhardt Rutland A.H., 1986: What is the stimulation for the visual perception of object motion?

Mirkin, B. M., 1986: What is the syntaxonomic correction in the braun blanquet's method?

Gaudin J.L., 1986: What is the theoretical number of liver transplantations in france per year?

Janisch H D., 1984: What is the therapeutic value of emergency endoscopy

Rippere, V., 1977: What is the thing to do when you are feeling depressed a pilot study

Rippere V., 1983: What is the thing to do when you are feeling depressed? a cross cultural replication

Palmgren P., 1981: What is the true breeding bird population of a census area?

Schmitt D., 1984: What is the use of arthroscopy in post traumatic hemarthroses

Laragh J.H., 1984: What is the value of home blood pressure measurement in patients with mild hypertension

Lauber P., 1984: What is the value of internal fixation in fractures of the distal radius?

Section 7, Chapter 6917, Accession 006916984

Otto A.J., 1982: What is there still to be said against intra ocular lenses?

Bell R.T., 1982: What is trachypachus? coleoptera trachypachidae

Pemberton A., 1985: What is unnecessary surgery? who shall decide? issues of consumer sovereignty conflict and self regulation

Bhattacharyya, P., 1976: What is utricularia caerulea

Tonsgaard, M.; Vendsborg, P. B., 1987: What is your opinion of st. hans hospital roskilde denmark an investigation of patient satisfaction with a psychiatric hospital

Millar C.D., 1985: What kaneshiro really said about asymmetrical mating

Stroehm W., 1986: What kind of mood influences what kind of memory the role of arousal and information structure

Bahde S., 1986: What kind of movement detector is triggering the landing response of the housefly?

Zeef E.J., 1987: What kind of noise increases with age?

Maiorana, V. C., 1978: What kinds of plants do herbivores really prefer

Swanson H.L., 1987: What learning disabled readers fail to retrieve on verbal dichotic tests a problem of encoding retrieval or storage?

Best L.B., 1987: What limits mourning doves to a clutch of two eggs

Peterson C., 1984: What makes a good story?

Waern Y., 1982: What makes a task difficult? a study of the relation between task requirements task performance and perceived difficulty

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