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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6918

Chapter 6918 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Harpaz I., 1983: What makes blepharida jump a structural study of the metafemoral spring of a flea beetle

Rippere, V., 1980: What makes depressed people feel worse

Rippere V., 1983: What makes depressed people feel worse? a cross cultural replication

Totman R., 1979: What makes life events stressful a retrospective study of patients who have suffered a 1st myo cardial infarction

Elwood R.W., 1986: What makes male mice paternal

Terken J.M.B., 1982: What makes speakers omit pitch accents? an experiment

Garbin C.P., 1984: What makes the mueller a liar a multiple cue approach

Flatt J.R., 1983: What makes therapy work thoughts provoked by a case study

Cormack R.H., 1981: What masks utr ocular discrimination?

Waern, U.; Hedstrand, H.; Aberg, H., 1976: What middle aged men know of their parents cause of death and age at death a comparison between history and death certificate

Querner U., 1988: What migratory restlessness really is a quantitative assessment with video records under ir illumination

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917011

Crouchman M., 1985: What mothers know about their newborns visual skills

Piet S., 1987: What motivates stunt men?

Young B.A., 1981: What name for the 2nd thyroid cell

Moles E., 1983: What older people do about their day to day mental and physical health symptoms

Leonard C.O., 1985: What participants understand about a maternal serum alpha fetoprotein screening program

Langham A., 1981: What patients bring to occupational health services

Buettner H., 1979: What patients recall of the pre operative discussion after retinal detachment surgery

Roth R.S., 1979: What pediatricians say to mothers of sick new borns an indirect evaluation of the counseling process

Witzke D.B., 1983: What physicians know about the prognosis of preterm new borns

Ungeheuer E., 1979: What position does primary scar carcinoma of the lung take in surgical treatment of lung cancer?

Fritsche, G., 1976: What potentialities does the 4 spored mushroom agaricus bitorquis offer to the breeder

Mckee S.P., 1979: What prior uni ocular processing is necessary for stereopsis

Sisson J.C., 1981: What promise the preliminary tests of coronary artery disease

Chan C., 1987: What proportion of couples undergoing unrestricted in vitro fertilization treatments can expect to bear a child

Langard S., 1981: What proportion of environmental cancer in norway can be prevented?

Balcon R., 1987: What proportion of patients with myocardial infarction are suitable for thrombolysis

Kato T., 1986: What question asking protocols can say about the user interface

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917029

Zimmer A.C., 1982: What really is turquoise? a note on the evolution of color terms

Le Marec B., 1987: What recurrence risk of cystic fibrosis requires a prenatal diagnosis

Newberger E., 1988: What residents know about child abuse implications of a survey of knowledge and attitudes

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917033

Rappaport E., 1987: What role do injuries play in the deaths of old people?

Gounaris K., 1986: What role does sulfolipid play within the thylakoid membrane

Hatcher C.R., 1979: What role should the intra aortic balloon have in cardiac surgery

Nielsen, J. O., 1976: What shall we do with the hepatitis b surface antigen carrier

Novellie P., 1982: What should a clever ungulate eat?

Fulcomer M.C., 1984: What should adult children do for elderly parents opinions and preferences of 3 generations of women

Eickenbusch W., 1983: What should an economically defensible and diagnostically valuable in vitro assessment of thyroid function look like

Jardin A., 1985: What should be done in the presence of an isolated microscopic hematuria detected in men at their place of work

Borchers U., 1984: What should be the length and inner diameter of a test piece for microbiological testing of formaldehyde gas sterilization procedures

Et Al, 1986: What should be the morphologic criteria for the subdivision of follicular lymphomas

Wilhelmsen L., 1984: What should the public be told about primary prevention of coronary heart disease

Anderson, R. H.; Becker, A. E.; Van-Mierop, L. H. S., 1977: What should we call the crista

Nicholson G.M., 1986: What site factors determine the 4 year basal area response of pinus radiata to nitrogen fertilizer

Holder M.D., 1984: What starts an internal clock?

Duffy S.G., 1983: What stimulates the renin angiotensin system in rats with 2 kidney renal hypertension?

Morrison L., 1986: What stresses health professionals a coding system for their answers

Switz, D. M., 1976: What the gastro enterologist does all day a survey of a state societys practice

Gilbert N., 1984: What they did not tell you about limit cycles

Loeser, J. D., 1978: What to do about tic douloureux

Plopeanu D., 1981: What to do in the case of patients suspected of having tuberculosis whose x rays show pulmonary pathology when there is no bacteriological confirmation

Avioli, L. V., 1978: What to do with post menopausal osteo porosis

Coates, T. J.; Thoresen, C. E., 1978: What to use instead of sleeping pills

Diamond J.M., 1985: What transport adaptations enable mammals to absorb sugars and amino acids faster than reptiles?

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917059

Blaird D., 1985: What ultrasonography can tell in breast masses that mammography and physical examination cannot

Knoch H G., 1988: What value has ir coagulation in the repertory of therapeutic measures in hemorrhoids?

Hwang J J., 1987: What we should expect from a lateral chest radiograph

Bloom L., 1979: What when and how about why a longitudinal study of early expressions of causality

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917064

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917065

Schneider L., 1982: What your laboratory can do to meet environmental protection agency usa regulations regarding disposal of hazardous wastes

Sommer, B., 1985: What's different about truants a comparison study of eighth graders

Nicoll, A.; Bassett, K.; Ulijaszek, S. J., 1986: What's in a name accuracy of using surnames and forenames in ascribing asian ethnic identity in english populations

Hofler, H., 1987: What's new in in situ hybridization

Dietel, M., 1987: What's new in receptor mediated growth promotion of normal and malignant cells?

Heberer, G.; Teichmann, R. K., 1986: What's new in west germany a survey

Wentworth, N.; Witryol, S. L., 1986: What's new three dimensions for defining novelty

Doni, M. G.; Bottecchia, D., 1984: What's provoking different aggregation between arterial and venous platelets in the rat

Spiro M.E., 1979: Whatever happened to the id

Hirschberg, N.; Jones, L. E.; Haggerty, M., 1978: Whats in a face individual differences in face perception

Meijler, F. L.; Wellens, H. J. J., 1975: Whats in a name a look in at the nomenclature of atrio ventricular conduction

Meissner, W. A., 1976: Whats in a name the standardization of tumor nomenclature

Austen, W. G., 1970: Whats new in cardiac surgery

Bojrab, M. J.; Nafe, L. A., 1977: Whats new in head and neck surgery of the dog

Schlaegel, T. F. Jr, 1976: Whats new in uveitis

Corballis, M. C.; Zbrodoff, J.; Roldan, C. E., 1976: Whats up in mental rotation

Sung, S. S., 1977: Whats wrong with the theoretical research on molecular mechanisms of the chemical cancerization process

Pipkorn U., 1988: Wheal and flare reactions induced by allergen and histamine evaluation of blood flow with laser doppler flowmetry

Dosba, F., 1982: Wheat aegilops ventricosa addition lines 3. extraction and identification of lines with aegilops cytoplasm

Patey, A. L.; Shearer, G.; Mcweeny, D. J., 1976: Wheat albumin and globulin proteins purothionin levels of stored flour

Baba S., 1984: Wheat amylase inhibitor and its action on amylase activity

Aladina O.N., 1981: Wheat and barley development and resistance to diseases under treatment of seed in a hydrogen plasma installation

Witcombe, J. R., 1975: Wheat and barley from 2 himalayan regions

Warder F.G., 1982: Wheat and barley hordeum vulgare responses to rates of seeding and fertilizer in southwestern saskatchewan canada

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917090

Walker C.E., 1983: Wheat and composite flour chapaties effects of soy flour and sucrose ester emulsifiers

Salovaara H., 1986: Wheat and flour quality related to baking performance in industrial french bread processes

Georgiew, D.; Djumaliewa, D.; Konstantinowa, K., 1976: Wheat and maize crops as mono cultures with and without irrigation

Ivanovic D., 1985: Wheat and oat fortification with sweet lupine flour lupinus albus cultivar multolupa

Dmitriev, A. P., 1984: Wheat and oat rust in ethiopia 3. race and genotypic composition of brown rust and stem rust of wheat

Dmitriev, A. P.; Daiesa, T., 1983: Wheat and oat rusts in ethiopia 2. genotypic composition of crown and stem rusts of oats

Olson, W. A.; Nalewaja, J. D., 1977: Wheat and wild oat response to flufenprop methyl

Camus, M. C.; Laporte, J. C., 1976: Wheat as an in vitro inhibitor of peptic proteolysis role of phytic acid in byproducts

Mann G.C., 1979: Wheat barley and oat cultivars completing primary trials in 1978

Mann G.C., 1981: Wheat barley and oat varieties completing primary trials in 1980

Bolsen K.K., 1980: Wheat barley oat and corn silages for growing steers

Brockmole, C. L.; Zabik, M. E., 1976: Wheat bran and middlings in white layer cakes

Schneeman B.O., 1980: Wheat bran effect on digestive enzyme activity and bile acid levels in rats

Clark, A. N. G.; Scott, J. F., 1976: Wheat bran in dyschezia in the aged

Petrunova S., 1981: Wheat bran in mixed forages for broiler chicks

Oste R., 1981: Wheat bran increases high density lipo protein cholesterol in the rat

Costa V., 1986: Wheat bran levels for growing and finishing swine rations

Camargo, C. E. D. O.; Felicio, J. C.; Freitas, J. G. D.; Barros, B. D. C.; Castro, J. L. D.; Sabino, J. C., 1985: Wheat breeding xii. evaluation of new inbred lines for the state of sao paulo brazil

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917111

Jackson, R. D.; Reginato, R. J.; Idso, S. B., 1977: Wheat canopy temperature a practical tool for evaluating water requirements

Ehrler, W. L.; Idso, S. B.; Jackson, R. D.; Reginato, R. J., 1978: Wheat canopy temperature relation to plant water potential

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917114

Dunaeva S.E., 1979: Wheat chloroplast ultrastructure with respect to leaf age

Taylor, A. C.; Lill, W. J., 1986: Wheat crop surveys in southern new south wales australia 4. the response by grain yield and other wheat attributes to weeds

Wall J.S., 1984: Wheat cultivar identification and genetic analysis by reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography

Abbal P., 1988: Wheat cultivar identification by a totally automatic soft laser scanning densitometry and computer aided analysis of protein electropherograms

Bushuk, W.; Zillman, R. R., 1978: Wheat cultivar identification by gliadin electrophoregrams part 1 apparatus method and nomenclature

Bushuk W., 1979: Wheat cultivar identification by gliadin electrophoregrams part 2 effects of environmental and experimental factors on the gliadin electrophoregram

Bushuk W., 1979: Wheat cultivar identification by gliadin electrophoregrams part 3 catalog of electrophoregram formulas of canadian wheat cultivars

Raskin M.S., 1986: Wheat cultivar sensitivity to picloram

Abu Alrub K., 1981: Wheat cultivar trials in judea and samaria israel

Campbell A.B., 1979: Wheat cultivars resistant to puccinia graminis tritici in western canada their development performance and economic value

Brokenshire, T., 1975: Wheat debris as an inoculum source for seedling infection by septoria tritici

Javaid, I.; Ashraf, M., 1977: Wheat diseases in zambia 1973 1976

Dimov A., 1981: Wheat dwarf disease in bulgaria

Kennedy, T. D.; Lane, B. G., 1979: Wheat embryo ribo nucleates 13. methyl substituted nucleoside constituents and 5' terminal di nucleotide sequences in bulk poly adenylic acid rich rna from imbibing wheat embryos

Cuming, A. C.; Kennedy, T. D.; Lane, B. G., 1979: Wheat embryo ribo nucleates 14. mass isolation of messenger rna from wheat germ and comparison of its translational capacity with that of messenger rna from imbibing wheat embryos

Kennedy, T. D.; Lane, B. G., 1978: Wheat embryo ribo nucleates part 10 metabolism of 3 prime hydroxyl termini in the conserved messenger rna and transfer rna of imbibing wheat embryos

Cuming, A. C.; Lane, B. G., 1978: Wheat embryo ribo nucleates part 11 conserved messenger rna in dry wheat embryos and its relation to protein synthesis during early imbibition

Haffner, M. H.; Chin, M. B.; Lane, B. G., 1978: Wheat embryo ribo nucleates part 12 formal characterization of terminal and penultimate nucleoside residues at the 5 prime ends of capped rna from imbibing wheat embryos

Oakden, K. M.; Lane, B. G., 1976: Wheat embryo ribo nucleates part 6 comparison of the 3 hydroxyl termini in rapidly labeled rna from metabolizing wheat embryos with the corresponding termini in ribosomal rna from differentiating embryos of wheat barley corn and pea

Oakden, K. M.; Azad, A. A.; Lane, B. G., 1977: Wheat embryo ribo nucleates part 7 rapid efficient and selective formation of 5s 18s and 5.8s 26s hybrids in an aqueous solution of the 4 ribosomal poly nucleotides and the results of a search for the corresponding hybrids in wheat embryo ribosomes

Saini, M. S.; Lane, B. G., 1977: Wheat embryo ribo nucleates part 8 the presence of 7 methyl guanosine cap structures in the rna of imbibing wheat embryos

Kennedy, T. D.; Kwong, T. C.; Lane, B. G., 1977: Wheat embryo ribo nucleates part 9 generation of n 2 di methyl guanylate when bulk wheat embryo transfer rna is used as substrate for wheat embryo s adenosyl methionine transfer rna methyl transferases in vitro

Kennedy, T. D.; Lane, B. G., 1984: Wheat embryo ribonucleates 15. characterization of a fraction of rna subject to conspicuous terminal labeling during early germination of wheat embryos

Law C.N., 1988: Wheat endopeptidase genetic control polymorphism intrachromosomal gene location and alien variation

Pernollet J C., 1987: Wheat endosperm messenger rna and polysomes and their in vitro translation products during development and early stages of germination

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917140

Ferguson P.W., 1987: Wheat fiber and laxation dose response and equilibration time

Fork F T., 1988: Wheat fiber before radiography of the large bowel

Yonezawa D., 1982: Wheat flour proteases and their action on gluten proteins in dilute acetic acid

Shearer, G.; Patey, A. L.; Mcweeny, D. J., 1975: Wheat flour proteins the selectivity of solvents and the stability of gliadin and glutenin fractions of stored flours

Musk A.W., 1984: Wheat flour sensitization and airway disease in urban bakers

Pascual G.L., 1981: Wheat flour substitution using sweet potato or cassava in some bread and snack items

Bushuk W., 1984: Wheat food today and in the future

Marcellos, H., 1977: Wheat frost injury freezing stress and photosynthesis

Migushova E.F., 1984: Wheat genome composition and resistance to leaf rust

Hofmann J P., 1985: Wheat genome expression revealed by two dimensional electrophoresis of proteins at different developmental stages

Slack M.P.E., 1981: Wheat germ agglutination of neisseria gonorrhoeae a laboratory investigation

Pratt L.H., 1987: Wheat germ agglutinin accumulation in coleoptiles of different genotypes of wheat localization by monoclonal antibodies

Ballieux R.E., 1986: Wheat germ agglutinin activates human t lymphocytes by stimulation of phosphoinositide hydrolysis

Coutinho A., 1979: Wheat germ agglutinin activates macrophages for collaboration with bone marrow derived cells

Nachman, R. L.; Tarasov, E.; Weksler, B. B.; Ferris, B., 1978: Wheat germ agglutinin affinity chromatography of human platelet membrane glyco proteins

Donaldson D.J., 1986: Wheat germ agglutinin and concanavalin a binding during epithelial wound healing in the cornea

Kaplowitz P.B., 1985: Wheat germ agglutinin and concanavalin a inhibit the response of human fibroblasts to peptide growth factors by a post receptor mechanisms

Brownell W.E., 1988: Wheat germ agglutinin and helix pomatia agglutinin lectin binding on cochlear hair cells

Grinnell F., 1988: Wheat germ agglutinin and ricinus communis agglutinin binding sites of bhk cells compared with each other and with 140 kda fibronectin receptors

Menetrey D., 1987: Wheat germ agglutinin apohrp gold a new retrograde tracer for light microscopic and electron microscopic single label and double label studies

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917161

Ginsel L.A., 1984: Wheat germ agglutinin binding in 4 types of mouse peritoneal macrophage a quantitative electron microscopic cytochemical study

Benedetto A., 1988: Wheat germ agglutinin binding protein changes in highly malignant friend leukemia cells metastasizing to the liver

Cooper N.G.F., 1986: Wheat germ agglutinin binding sites in the adult mouse cerebellum light and electron microscopic studies

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917165

Simpson S., 1983: Wheat germ agglutinin binding to cells derived from in vivo grown solid tumors

Spiegel M., 1986: Wheat germ agglutinin binding to the micromeres and primary mesenchyme cells of sea urchin embryos

Bertholdt G., 1984: Wheat germ agglutinin binds to the contact site a glycoprotein of dictyostelium discoideum and inhibits edta stable cell adhesion

Levy N.J., 1979: Wheat germ agglutinin blockage of chlamydial attachment sites antagonism by n acetyl d glucosamine

Vacquier V.D., 1984: Wheat germ agglutinin blocks the acrosome reaction in strongylocentrotus purpuratus sperm by binding a 210000 molecular weight membrane protein

Mccutchen C., 1985: Wheat germ agglutinin blocks the biological effects of nerve growth factor

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917172

Carver J.P., 1985: Wheat germ agglutinin dimers bind sialyloligosaccharides at 4 sites in solution proton nmr temperature studies at 360 megahertz

Rice, R. H., 1976: Wheat germ agglutinin evidence for a genetic basis of multiple forms

Torrisi M.R., 1988: Wheat germ agglutinin fracture label of golgi apparatus membranes in proliferating cells

Vermeij Keers C., 1986: Wheat germ agglutinin gold as a novel marker for mesectoderm formation in mouse embryos cultured in vitro

Van Hoesen G.W., 1982: Wheat germ agglutinin horseradish peroxidase as a trans neuronal marker in the visual pathways of monkey and rat

Johnson L.V., 1986: Wheat germ agglutinin induces compaction like and cavitation like events in two cell mouse embryos

Deschodt-Lanckman, M.; Robberecht, P.; Camus, J. C.; Christophe, J., 1977: Wheat germ agglutinin inhibits basal and stimulated adenylate cyclase activity as well as the binding of tritiated caerulein to rat pancreatic plasma membranes

Carbonetto S., 1986: Wheat germ agglutinin inhibits nerve fiber growth and concanavalin a stimulates nerve fiber initiation in cultures of dorsal root ganglia neurons

Kuzuya H., 1985: Wheat germ agglutinin inhibits the effects of nerve growth factor on the phosphorylation of proteins in pc 12h cells

Lindquist R.R., 1983: Wheat germ agglutinin initiates monocytoid cell killing of non antibody coated erythrocytes

Mccurrach P.M., 1987: Wheat germ agglutinin is mitogenic non mitogenic and anti mitogenic for human lymphocytes

Raikhel N.V., 1988: Wheat germ agglutinin is synthesized as a glycosylated precursor

Sorensen S., 1988: Wheat germ agglutinin method for measuring bone and liver isoenzymes of alkaline phosphatase assessed in postmenopausal osteoporosis

Nagata, Y.; Burger, M. M., 1974: Wheat germ agglutinin molecular characteristics and specificity for sugar binding

Ikehara S., 1988: Wheat germ agglutinin positive cells in a stem cell enriched fraction of mouse bone marrow have potent natural suppressor activity

Sharon N., 1984: Wheat germ agglutinin potentiates uptake of bacteria by murine peritoneal macrophages

Flores R.V., 1984: Wheat germ agglutinin resistant variant of el 4 containing altered oligo saccharides as a target cell for cyto toxic t cells

Wiley R.G., 1986: Wheat germ agglutinin ricin a chain conjugate is neuronotoxic after vagal injection

Goldstein I.M., 1982: Wheat germ agglutinin specifically inhibits formyl peptide induced polymorphonuclear leukocyte chemo taxis

Levy D., 1987: Wheat germ agglutinin wga a bovine t lymphocyte marker

Toto P.D., 1986: Wheat germ and peanut agglutinin binding to normal dysplastic and neoplastic cervical epithelium

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917194

Glitz D.G., 1988: Wheat germ cytoplasmic ribosomes localization of 7 methylguanosine and 6 methyladenosine by electron microscopy of immune complexes

Glitz D.G., 1988: Wheat germ cytoplasmic ribosomes structure of ribosomal subunits and localization of n 6 n 6 dimethyladenosine by immunoelectron microscopy

Marcus A., 1983: Wheat germ eif 2 eukaryotic initiation factor and coeif 2 the binding factor resolution and functional characterization in in vitro protein synthesis

Higgins, T. J. C.; Easterby, J. S., 1976: Wheat germ hexo kinase ec fluorometric measurement of the binding of substrates and products

Hass L.F., 1986: Wheat germ phosphoglycerate mutase evidence for a metalloenzyme

Hass L.F., 1985: Wheat germ phosphoglycerate mutase purification polymorphism and inhibition

Rychlik, W.; Kupidlowska, E.; Nowak, E.; Zagorski, W., 1980: Wheat germ protein kinase ec affects the translation of brome mosaic virus rna in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917202

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917203

Ono T., 1986: Wheat germ trypsin inhibitors isolation and structural characterization of single headed and doubled headed inhibitors of the bowman birk type

Coombs R.R.A., 1982: Wheat gliadin fractions and other cereal antigens reactive with antibodies in the sera of celiac patients

Bietz, J. A.; Huebner, F. R.; Sanderson, J. E.; Wall, J. S., 1977: Wheat gliadin homology revealed through amino terminal amino acid sequence analysis

Et Al, 1981: Wheat gluten challenge in schizophrenic patients

Hsueh, A. M.; Anthony, W. L.; Hsu, J. M., 1978: Wheat gluten diet its effect on lysine carbon 14 oxidation and incorporation into tissue protein

Hunsaker H., 1987: Wheat gluten during pregnancy and lactation effects on mammary gland development and pup viability

Godon B., 1985: Wheat gluten extraction development of a small scale extraction plant

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917211

Wall J.S., 1980: Wheat glutenin effect of dissociating agents on molecular weight and composition as determined by gel filtration chromatography

Thornley J.H.M., 1979: Wheat grain growth anthesis to maturity

Vainio E., 1980: Wheat grain immuno fluorescent antibodies as an indication of gluten sensitivity?

Kravtsova, B. E., 1977: Wheat grain quality and problems of its improvement

Mamedov, D. I.; Shapiro, I. D., 1978: Wheat grain resistance to the storage pests rhizopertha dominica and sitophilus oryzae

Eterman, K. P.; Hekkens, W. T. J. M.; Pena, A. S.; Lems-Van-Kan, P. H.; Feltkamp, T. E. W., 1977: Wheat grains a substrate for the determination of gluten antibodies in serum of gluten sensitive patients

Stowesand, G. S.; Gutenmann, W. H.; Lisk, D. J., 1978: Wheat grown on fly ash high selenium uptake and response when fed to japanese quail

Chaudhary, T. N.; Bhatnagar, V. K., 1977: Wheat growth and nitrogen uptake as influenced by the application of water and fertilizer nitrogen at varying rates in a sandy soil

Makboul H.E., 1986: Wheat growth as affected by inoculation with azotobacter isolated from different soils

Singh J.P., 1982: Wheat growth in chloride and sulfate dominant saline soils and the effect of phosphorus application

Mattern P.J., 1988: Wheat hardness a microscopic classification of individual grains

Bushuk W., 1980: Wheat hardness comparison of methods of its evaluation

Bushuk W., 1980: Wheat hardness effects of de branning and protein content

Krishnan, H. B.; Blanchette, J. T.; Okita, T. W., 1985: Wheat invertases ec characterization of cell wall bound and soluble forms

Smith, L. J., 1978: Wheat leaf rust in aberdeen idaho in 1976

Leben S., 1982: Wheat leaf rust in north dakota usa during 1979 1981

Hirsch D.C., 1985: Wheat leaf rust in north dakota usa during 1982 1984

Statler, G. D.; Nolte, P., 1977: Wheat leaf rust in north dakota usa in 1975 and 1976

Nolte P., 1979: Wheat leaf rust in north dakota usa in 1977 and 1978

Kochhann R.A., 1983: Wheat losses due to common root rot in the state of rio grande do sul brazil 1979 1981

Nagata, Y.; Burger, M. M., 1972: Wheat m germ agglutinin isolation and crystallization

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917235

Ory C., 1984: Wheat micro spore embryogenesis during in vitro anther culture

Doane J., 1987: Wheat midge infestation of spring cereals in northeastern saskatchewan canada

Raison, J. K.; Chapman, E. A.; White, P. Y., 1977: Wheat mitochondria oxidative activity and membrane lipid structure as a function of temperature

Quetier F., 1985: Wheat mitochondrial 26s ribosomal rna gene has no intron and is present in multiple copies arising by recombinant

Khrushcheva, E. P., 1977: Wheat mycorrhiza vesicles and their formation depending on fertilizers

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917241

Lazaro, T. R., 1976: Wheat production efficiency from soviet virgin lands

Petkov P.S., 1980: Wheat production in southeastern bulgaria in relation to cultivar fertilizer application and date of seeding

Buonocore, V.; Petrucci, T.; Silano, V., 1977: Wheat protein inhibitors of alpha amylase

Kuzina F.D., 1979: Wheat relations between some physical and chemical properties

Zabavina E.S., 1984: Wheat resistance to a virus and its evolution under conditions of intensive selection process

Massimino J., 1987: Wheat response to carbon dioxide enrichment growth and carbon dioxide exchanges at two plant densities

Stolzy L.H., 1984: Wheat response to sodium uptake under zonal saline sodic conditions

Agarwala, S. C.; Mehrotra, N. K.; Rathore, R. K. S., 1977: Wheat response to zinc and its critical level in alluvial soils of uttar pradesh india

Meyer, W. S.; Alston, A. M., 1978: Wheat responses to seminal root geometry and sub soil water

Bhatnagar V.K., 1980: Wheat root distribution water extraction pattern and grain yield as influenced by time and rate of irrigation

Chaudhary T.N., 1983: Wheat root growth grain yield and water uptake as influenced by soil water regime and depth of nitrogen placement in a loamy sand soil

Travkin M.P., 1986: Wheat root orientation under the effect of geomagnetic field

Zhang X H., 1980: Wheat rosette stunt virus

Gill B.S., 1986: Wheat rye translocations detection of chromosome breakpoints by in situ hybridization with a biotin labeled dna probe

Rousser R., 1986: Wheat sections their preparation and characterization

Semerdzhyan M.S., 1982: Wheat seed reaction to x ray irradiation depending on seed weight within a cultivar

Reis E.M., 1982: Wheat seeds infected by helminthosporium sativum a source of inoculum for common root rot and its control by seed treatment

Messager A., 1982: Wheat selection for cross protection in the case of take all disease gaeumannomyces graminis

Mclean L., 1985: Wheat sensitive enteropathy in irish setter dogs possible age related brush border abnormalities

Cooke F.T., 1988: Wheat soybean double crop systems on clay soil in the mississippi valley area usa

Bean, M. M.; Yamazaki, W. T., 1978: Wheat starch gelatinization in sugar solutions part 1 sucrose microscopy and viscosity effects

Bean, M. M.; Yamazaki, W. T.; Donelson, D. H., 1978: Wheat starch gelatinization in sugar solutions part 2 fructose glucose and sucrose cake performance

Schofield J.D., 1981: Wheat starch granule protein the isolation and characterization of a salt extractable protein from starch granules

Leibholz J., 1983: Wheat starch in the diet of pigs between 7 and 28 days of age

Meredith P., 1984: Wheat starch pasting measured with a minipaster

Nevo, E.; Payne, P. I., 1987: Wheat storage proteins diversity of hmw glutenin subunits in wild emmer from israel 1. geographical patterns and ecological predictability

Cogle, A. L.; Saffigna, P. G.; Strong, W. M.; Ladd, J. N.; Amato, M., 1987: Wheat straw decomposition in subtropical australia i. a comparison of carbon 14 labelling and two weight loss methods for measuring decomposition

Cogle, A. L.; Strong, W. M.; Saffigna, P. G.; Ladd, J. N.; Amato, M., 1987: Wheat straw decomposition in subtropical australia ii. effect of straw placement on decomposition and recovery of added nitrogen 15 urea

Bothast R.J., 1983: Wheat straw hemi celluloses composition and fermentation by human colon bacteroides

Oltjen R.R., 1979: Wheat straw urea diets for beef steers alkali treatment and supplementation with protein monensin and a feed intake stimulant

Langenberg W.G., 1987: Wheat streak mosaic virus cylindrical inclusion body protein

Juretic N., 1979: Wheat streak mosaic virus in northern and southern regions of yugoslavia

Ransom J.K., 1981: Wheat streak mosaic virus in wild rice zizania aquatica

Ferguson M.W., 1980: Wheat streak mosaic virus increased yields of purified virus from corn zea mays

Berger P., 1981: Wheat striate mosaic virus in the dakotas and minnesota usa

Dwyer E., 1986: Wheat trading in ireland the utility of a hardness index derived by near ir reflectance spectroscopy

Rivoal, R.; Dosba, F.; Jahier, J.; Pierre, J. S., 1986: Wheat triticum aestivum aegilops ventricosa addition lines vi. study of the chromosomal location of resistance to heterodera avenae

Miller, S. D.; Hudson, S. K.; Nalewaja, J. D., 1978: Wheat triticum aestivum and barley hordeum vulgare response to barban

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917282

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917283

Taleb G., 1985: Wheat triticum aestivum androgenesis cytogenetical analysis and agronomic performance of doubled haploids

Ahmed N., 1985: Wheat triticum aestivum callus culture induction and growth of callus derived from caryopses

Hatfield J.L., 1985: Wheat triticum aestivum canopy resistance determined by energy balance techniques

Greene F.C., 1982: Wheat triticum aestivum cultivar cheyenne storage proteins isolation and characterization of the gliadin messenger rna

Cullum J., 1986: Wheat triticum aestivum cultivar chinese spring specific repetitive dna sequences construction and characterization of four different genomic clones

Forcella F., 1984: Wheat triticum aestivum cultivar egret and rye grass lolium rigidum cultivar wimmera competition for pulses of mineral nitrogen

Willison J.H.M., 1985: Wheat triticum aestivum cultivar lennox tissues freeze etched during exposure to extracellular freezing distribution of ice

Killorn R.J., 1981: Wheat triticum aestivum cultivar newana and barley hordeum vulgare cultivar shabet growth and nitrogen fertilizer utilization under sprinkler irrigation

Miller D.E., 1983: Wheat triticum aestivum development as affected by deficit high frequency sprinkler irrigation

Fenster C.R., 1985: Wheat triticum aestivum fallow tillage systems effect on a newly cultivated grassland soils nitrogen budget

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Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917309

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Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917319

Festing, M. F. W., 1977: Wheel activity in 26 strains of mouse

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Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917343

Hey E.N., 1982: Wheezing asthma and pulmonary dys function 10 years after infection with respiratory syncytial virus in infancy

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Murray F.B., 1982: When 2 wrongs make a right promoting cognitive change by social conflict

Burkhart B.R., 1987: When a placebo is not a placebo the value of effect size measures in assessing the validity of deception used in the balanced placebo design

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917351

Linn R., 1987: When an aids child enters the classroom moral psychological research questions

George M.A., 1987: When and how does cell division order influence cell allocation to the inner cell mass of the mouse blastocyst

Do M.C., 1986: When and how does steady state gait movement induced from upright posture begin?

Auvray M.C., 1987: When and where to do without ovulation inducers

D'amico D., 1980: When and why obstructive jaundice becomes a surgical emergency

Howe H.F., 1982: When are 2 phenological patterns different?

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917358

Bournaud M., 1986: When are birds observed in the rhone alpes area france

Hobbs C.J., 1986: When are burns not accidental

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917361

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917362

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917363

Workman P., 1988: When can the infusion period be safely ignored in the estimation of pharmacokinetic parameters of drugs in humans?

Bradfield G., 1987: When children shoot children 88 unintended deaths in california usa

Campbell R., 1985: When children write nonwords to dictation

Gardner H., 1979: When childrens drawings become art the emergence of aesthetic production and perception

Krantz S.E., 1985: When depressive cognitions reflect negative realities

Ruggieri G., 1982: When did columbella rustica appear in the mediterranean?

Bersoff D.M., 1988: When do american children and adults reason in social conventional terms

Cowan R., 1987: When do children trust counting as a basis for relative number judgments

Eden S.F., 1987: When do helpers help food availability and helping in the moorhen gallinula chloropus

Windsor C.W.O., 1985: When do patients given intrathecal morphine need postoperative systemic opiates

Foley, H., 1977: When do preterm and light for dates babies smile

Kaplan, H. L., 1985: When do professional psychologists need professional programmers' tools?

Winograd, E.; Smith, A. D., 1978: When do semantic orienting tasks hinder recall

Aketa, K.; Ohta, T., 1977: When do sperm of the sea urchin pseudocentrotus depressus undergo the acrosome reaction at fertilization

Dishon, M.; Weiss, G. H., 1977: When do transient double peaks occur in ph gradient electrophoresis

Kramer P.D., 1985: When doctors listen counseling patterns of nonpsychiatrist physicians

Weinstein M.C., 1981: When doctors meet numbers

Josenhans W.T., 1982: When does central cyanosis become detectable?

Baddeley A., 1980: When does context influence recognition memory

Sang J.H., 1983: When does determination occur in drosophila melanogaster embryos

Johnston K.W., 1980: When does limb blood flow increase after aorto iliac bypass grafting

Morden M.L., 1987: When does mass screening for open neural tube defects in low risk pregnancies result in cost savings

Stephenson A.G., 1982: When does outcrossing occur in a mass flowering plant?

Gilchrist A.L., 1980: When does perceived lightness depend on perceived spatial arrangement

Lewis V., 1984: When does rapid presentation enhance digit span

Peacock E.J., 1986: When does reinforcement induce stereotypy a test of the differential reinforcement hypothesis

Antaloczy Z., 1986: When does relaxation actually begin? the early phases of relaxation

Salonen J.T., 1985: When does rheumatoid disease start?

Hill P., 1986: When does secretory otitis media affect language development

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917393

Ramirez I., 1987: When does sucrose increase appetite and adiposity

Leigh E.G.Jr, 1983: When does the good of the group override the advantage of the individual

Itazawa Y., 1986: When does the group effect on oxygen consumption appear in fish?

Kerr A., 1986: When doing is not enough the relationship between activity and effectiveness in anorexia nervosa

Fagen, R. M., 1980: When doves conspire evolution of nondamaging fighting tactics in a nonrandom encounter animal conflict model

Rosenbaum M., 1981: When drugs come into the picture love flies out the window women addicts love relationships

Herzfeld M., 1982: When exceptions define the rules greek baptismal names and the negotiation of identity

Jennings D.L., 1980: When experiences of failure promote expectations of success the impact of attributing failure to ineffectiveness strategies

Caraco T., 1986: When foragers discount the future constraint or adaptation

Tchobroutsky, G.; Tchobroutsky, C., 1977: When how and where to deliver diabetic insulin dependent women

Whatley F.R., 1987: When is a chromoplast

Schmidt, R. J., 1985: When is a chrysanthemum dermatitis not a chrysanthemum dermatitis? the case for describing florists' chrysanthemums as dendranthema cultivars

Achong, M. R., 1978: When is a clinical event an adverse drug reaction

Bongiovanni M.B., 1986: When is a diagnostic test result positive

Bassi, G., 1976: When is a perforating vein insufficient

Reinert M., 1981: When is a positive nasal challenge test clinically relevant

Ackerman B.P., 1981: When is a question not answered the understanding of young children of utterances violating or conforming to the rules of conversational sequencing

Cordole M.K., 1982: When is a residue a residue

Kihlstrom J.F., 1987: When is a schema not a schema the big five traits as cognitive structures

Steger M.J., 1980: When is a stereotype a stereotype

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917414

Galen, R. S., 1977: When is a tumor marker a laboratory test

Williford E.B., 1987: When is a word a word the development of word knowledge

Simberloff D., 1983: When is an island community in equilibrium?

Cook A.J., 1983: When is arthrography indicated in legg calve perthes disease

Meehan P., 1986: When is between hemisphere division of labor advantageous?

Sivak M.V., 1986: When is endoscopic polypectomy adequate therapy for colonic polyps containing invasive carcinoma

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917421

Kaye M., 1984: When is it an osteoclast

Goodlin, R. C.; Haesslein, H. C., 1977: When is it fetal distress

Olson M.M., 1986: When is it social work another look at practice with groups in health care

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917425

Griffiths, D. M.; Burge, D. M., 1988: When is meconium stained liquor actually bile stained vomit?

Hartmann, E.; Brewer, V., 1976: When is more or less sleep required a study of variable sleepers

Gregoire T.G., 1982: When is n sufficiently large for regression estimation?

Husnik A., 1985: When is preoperative shaving safe in surgery of the locomotor system

Blumenson, L. E., 1976: When is screening effective in reducing the death rate

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917431

Lobenhoffer P., 1986: When is surgery indicated in anterior knee instability considerations on operative and functional treatment

Page M.G.P., 1984: When is the outer membrane of escherichia coli rate limiting for uptake of galactosides?

Tonali P., 1982: When is there a full recovery for a myasthenia gravis patient?

Burrows D., 1986: When lack of practice helps retrieval following single presentations of categorized lists

Turner J.C., 1985: When liking begets solidarity an experiment on the role of interpersonal attraction in psychological group formation

Binswanger C.I., 1982: When patients ask what is acupuncture?

Kripke D.F., 1987: When people die cause of death versus time of death

Schacter D.L., 1987: When priming persists long lasting implicit memory for a single episode in amnesic patients

Hazani M., 1986: When prophecy fails leaders die followers persevere

Kay J., 1981: When psychiatric residents treat medical students passage through idealization and over identification

Ryan J.A.Jr, 1986: When push comes to shove a comparison between two methods of percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy

Bialo N., 1987: When questions a study of how children linguistically encode temporal information

Young A., 1981: When rational men fall sick an inquiry into some assumptions made by medical anthropologists

Ackerman, B. P.; Emmerich, H. J., 1978: When recognition memory fails the use of an elimination strategy by young children

Blum A.J., 1988: When redundancy hurts letter detection an attempt to define one condition

Watkins, M. J.; Tulving, E., 1978: When retrieval cueing fails

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917448

North, A. F-Jr, 1976: When should a child be in the hospital

Keane B., 1986: When should animals tolerate inbreeding?

Takamizawa H., 1986: When should chemotherapy for trophoblastic disease be stopped

Mockwitz, J.; Schellmann, W. D., 1976: When should dislocation of the shoulder be treated surgically

Popp R.L., 1987: When should doppler determined valve area be better than the gorlin formula? variation in hydraulic constants in low flow states

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917454

Peacock M., 1984: When should patients with symptomatic urinary stone disease be evaluated metabolically?

Mcneish A.S., 1979: When should preterm babies be sent home from neo natal units

James R.D., 1979: When should radio therapy be given for rectal cancer?

Buergi H., 1980: When should stable maturity onset diabetics be switched to insulin

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917459

Matas, A. J.; Simmons, R. L.; Kjellstrand, C. M.; Fryd, D. S.; Najarian, J. S., 1977: When should the 3rd renal transplant rejection episode be treated

Rahlf G., 1988: When should treatment of acute experimental pancreatitis be started? the early phase of bile induced acute pancreatitis

Mulley G.P., 1985: When should we request radionuclide brain scans in elderly patients

Engle, M. A., 1970: When the childs heart fails recognition treatment prognosis

Williams A., 1985: When the client is pregnant information for counselors

Clarkson M.G., 1987: When they were very young almost threes remember two years ago

Kerstein M.D., 1981: When to ambulate the patient with a vascular graft in the groin

Mullins G.C., 1987: When to extubate the croup patient the leak test

Van Der Hem G.K., 1981: When to perform a renal biopsy in systemic lupus erythematosus? a retrospective analysis of the correlation between morphological findings and clinical data at the time of biopsy

Miller D.C., 1984: When to suspect aortic dissection what treatment

Stone, N. J., 1976: When to worry about plasma lipids

Verplanck W.S., 1983: When walls speak what do they say

May, P. R. A., 1976: When what and why psycho pharmaco therapy and other treatments in schizophrenia

Enderlein O., 1981: When where what and how does the adult cisco coregonus albula eat in the bothnian bay sweden during the ice free season

Wastell D.G., 1981: When wiener filtering is less than optimal an illustrative application to the brain stem evoked potential

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917476

Kayson W.A., 1984: When will people help the effects of gender urgency and location on altruism

Wildwind L., 1984: When women resist treatment approaches for counselors

Donchin E., 1983: When words collide orthographic and phonological interference during word processing

Julesz B., 1985: Where and what in vision

Thorne, R. F., 1977: Where and when might the tropical angiospermous flora have originated

Jansen, P. B., 1978: Where and when on excursion

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917483

Cohen J., 1980: Where are the frameshifted gene duplications

Storm Mathisen H., 1981: Where are we and where are we going in the treatment of hypertension?

Berry R.J., 1987: Where biology meets or how science advances presidential address to the linnean society delivered at the anniversary meeting 24th may 1985

Nishimura S., 1982: Where did the ancestor arise? an alternative theory to locate the center of origin

Evans, K. T.; Roberts, G. M., 1976: Where do all the tablets go

Stinard T.A., 1986: Where do children study? behavioral observations

Mccusker J., 1983: Where do elderly patients prefer to die place of death and patient characteristics of 100 elderly patients under the care of a home health care team

Franks, N. P.; Lieb, W. R., 1978: Where do general anesthetics act

Brown A.L., 1984: Where do i go next intelligent searching by very young children

Steele D.H., 1985: Where do juvenile atlantic wolffish anarhichas lupus live

Vader, W., 1976: Where do our little periwinkles littorina neritoides come from

Nelson K., 1988: Where do taxonomic categories come from

Wahn U., 1985: Where does cat allergen 1 come from

Beutler E., 1985: Where does phosphoglycolate come from in red cells

Salber E.J., 1981: Where does primary care begin? the health facilitator as a central figure in primary care

Oelke, H., 1968: Where does the biotope of skylarks start and end alauda arvensis distribution

Roberts, C. J.; Lowe, C. R., 1975: Where have all the conceptions gone

Casterline R.L., 1985: Where have all the students gone an epidemiologic study of usa nationals applying for certification by the educational commission for foreign medical graduates 1969 1982

Toelg G., 1988: Where is analysis of trace elements in biotic matrices going to?

Sheriff, D. W., 1977: Where is humidity sensed when stomata respond to it directly

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917505

Khatchaturian T., 1987: Where is the gray line?

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917507

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917508

Ahlen I., 1986: Where is the northern limit for the parti colored bat vespertilio murinus in sweden?

Knight J.N., 1980: Where is the spawning reflex receptor for neuro hypophyseal peptides in the killifish fundulus heteroclitus

Lanchou G., 1980: Where is the upper opening of the pelvis situated what is its shape and what is its role in the mechanism of engagement of the fetal head

Skuba A., 1987: Where manitoba children obtain their cigarettes

Zeppa R., 1979: Where national board examinations pass and fail in evaluating knowledge of surgical clerks

Beare M., 1987: Where patients with cancer die in south australia

Benumof, J. L.; Saidman, L. J.; Arkin, D. B.; Diamant, M., 1977: Where pulmonary arterial catheters go intra thoracic distribution

Kirikov, S. V., 1977: Where should a biospherical oak forest forest steppe nature reserve be established

Andres, H. G.; Lott, N., 1986: Where to place eclysis similis k. h. barnard 1983 ? hints at its relationships and remarks on the systematic position of the astyridae crustacea amphipoda

Hingson R.W., 1985: Where to refer employees for treatment of drinking problems the limited lessons from empirical research

Takooshian H., 1988: Where were you august 8 1985

Boag D.A., 1981: Where when and how male sharp tailed grouse pedioecetes phasianellus establish territories on arenas

Thevenin, D. M.; Eilers, R. E.; Oller, D. K.; Lavoie, L., 1985: Where's the drift in babbling drift a cross linguistic study

Batmanabane M., 1982: Whether mobility influences the osteometric features at the articular ends of the metacarpal bones

Ballestrin G., 1982: Whether or not divalent cation dependent atpase activities associated with erythrocyte edta membrane fragments may utilize free atp or magnesium atp complex

Terra, N. N., 1976: Whey as a substrate for obtaining edible yeast

Kozhev A., 1985: Whey lactosylurea in rations for fattening lambs

Wittenberg K.M., 1979: Whey or processed faba bean starch as an energy source with urea in liquid supplements for finishing lambs

Hillier, R. M.; Lyster, R. L. J., 1978: Whey protein denaturation in heated milk and cheese whey

Lopez A., 1981: Whey protein denaturation of ultra high temperature processed milk and its effect on rheology of yoghurt

Petersen M.J., 1985: Whey protein recovery using a range of novel ion exchangers

Petersen M.J., 1986: Whey protein recovery using indion s an industrial ion exchanger for proteins

Treacy G.B., 1983: Whey proteins of milk of the red macropus rufus and eastern gray macropus giganteus kangaroo

Shawar S., 1983: Whey re cycling of a waste product

Atherton H.V., 1979: Whey ricotta cheese manufactured from fluid and condensed whey

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917536

Modestin J., 1987: Which are the most important borderline features?

Wilson, E. O., 1976: Which are the most prevalent ant genera

Mulch, G.; Leonardy, B.; Petermann, W., 1978: Which are the parameters of choice for the evaluation of caloric nystagmus

Kinch J., 1983: Which behavior does the lamprey petromyzon marinus central motor program mediate?

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917541

Speroff, L., 1976: Which birth control pill should be prescribed

Poole, R. K.; Pickett, A. M., 1978: Which cells are selected from exponential cultures by continuous flow centrifugation the selection of small cells from cultures of escherichia coli and schizosaccharomyces pombe that exhibit minimal density fluctuations during their cell cycles

Perbal G., 1986: Which cells respond to gravitropic stimulus in the lentil lens culinaris cultivar large blonde root?

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917545

Cyr J., 1979: Which characteristics of the vegetation are determinant for bird communities

Deangelis C., 1983: Which children with febrile seizures need lumbar puncture a decision analysis approach

Serruys P.W., 1988: Which cineangiographically assessed anatomic variable correlates best with functional measurements of stenosis severity a comparison of quantitative analysis of the coronary cineangiogram with measured coronary flow reserve and exercise redistribution thallium 201 scintigraphy

Pierce W.D., 1987: Which coke is it social influence in the marketplace

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917550

Peakall D.B., 1982: Which components of crude oil are toxic to young sea birds?

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917552

Lederer, D. H.; Van-De-Water, J. M.; Indech, R. B., 1980: Which deep breathing device should the post operative patient use

Milner R.D.G., 1984: Which deliveries require pediatricians in attendance

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917555

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917556

Righetti P.G., 1986: Which electrodic solutions for immobilized ph gradients?

Rush A.J., 1986: Which endogenous depressive symptoms relate to rapid eye movement latency reduction

Dyck P.J., 1987: Which endoneurial microvessel histologic measurements are least influenced by vasomotor tone

Kouchi M., 1987: Which equations should be used to estimate the stature of ancient japanese populations?

Littler W.A., 1988: Which exercise test variables are of prognostic importance post myocardial infarction

Kempson G.E., 1981: Which external fixation device

Betz P., 1986: Which factors determine the early occlusion of aortocoronary vein grafts an intraoperative analysis of surgical parameters

Buruma, O. J. S.; Van-Der-Kamp, W.; Barendswaard, E. C.; Roos, R. A. C.; Kromhout, D.; Van-Der-Velde, E. A., 1987: Which factors influence age at onset and rate of progression in huntington's disease

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917565

Kloppenborg P.W.C., 1988: Which factors predict the results of pituitary surgery in acromegaly?

Svennevig J L., 1981: Which fc receptor bearing cells are detected with the ripley assay?

Gershel J.C., 1988: Which febrile infants younger than two weeks of age are likely to have sepsis a pilot study

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917569

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917570

Schmutterer H., 1985: Which insect pests can be controlled by application of neem seed kernel extracts under field conditions

Sibilla T., 1987: Which iop is used in the extraction of cataract with primary artificial crystalline lens implant

Kato M., 1986: Which is responsible for circling behavior in rats locus coeruleus or dorsolateral pontine tegmentum?

Pirompak V., 1984: Which is the best method for abdominal incisional wound closure

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917575

Wehrle P.F., 1979: Which is the factual basis in theory and clinical practice for the use of vaccinia immune globulin for the prevention or attenuation of complications of small pox vaccination

Fuentes A., 1979: Which is the layer responsible for the structural changes of the mandibular condyle

Nesheim B I., 1983: Which local anesthetic is best suited for paracervical blocks

Zicsi A., 1985: Which lumbricidae species are suitable in europe to worm cultures for the purpose of composting experiments?

Leja, J., 1976: Which method of examining gastric acidity is to be used in future

Karno M., 1987: Which mexican americans underutilize health services?

Dong N., 1982: Which mole crickets damage bahia grass paspalum notatum pastures?

Willcox, R. R.; Spencer, R. C.; Ison, C., 1977: Which neisseria

Alexander D.A., 1988: Which neurotic patients do psychiatrists treat

Evers U., 1985: Which of the commonly used marker enzymes gives the best results in colorimetric and fluorometric enzyme immunoassays horseradish peroxidase alkaline phosphatase or beta galactosidase?

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917586

Morris D.L., 1987: Which operation for perforated duodenal ulcer?

Cruse, H., 1985: Which parameters control the leg movement of a walking insect i. velocity control during the stance phase

Cruse, H., 1985: Which parameters control the leg movement of a walking insect ii. the start of the swing phase

Schrader A., 1984: Which parts of gramineous seedlings may elongate immediately after germination?

Hayward J.L., 1984: Which patients are cured of breast cancer

Cross A.B., 1984: Which patients are likely to die in an accident and emergency department

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917593

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917594

Northfield T.C., 1988: Which peptic ulcer patients bleed

Chaffe A., 1987: Which ph paper?

Vernon L.P., 1981: Which poly peptides are characteristic for photosystem ii? analysis of active photosystem ii particles from the blue green alga anacystis nidulans

Van Der Heijden H.M.J.F., 1987: Which possibilities does the milk progesterone test in dairy cattle offer in the field

Libet B., 1979: Which postsynaptic action of dopamine is mediated by cyclic amp

Chamberlain J.M., 1984: Which prescriptive screening programs are worthwhile

Helmich P., 1986: Which problems has the general practitioner concerning allergology?

Giuliani A., 1987: Which rules for assembling short term test batteries to predict carcinogenicity

Rockwood, D. L.; Kok, H. R., 1978: Which sand pine to plant in florida usa 5th year test results

Pilowsky I., 1981: Which science for psychiatry? the challenge of the behavioral therapies

Mion C., 1987: Which significance for serum beta 2m s beta 2m in uremic patients on maintenance dialysis

Lloyd G.A.S., 1987: Which small acoustic neuromas need surgery? the influence of magnetic resonance and air ct meatograms

Belcher M., 1986: Which smokers report most relief from craving when using nicotine chewing gum?

Voisin J F., 1981: Which species did gmelin describe under the name procellaria gigantea?

Colaninno, A.; Sheetz, C. E.; Demoss, J. C.; Wiant, H. V-Jr, 1977: Which stx bark option is best for certain appalachian usa hardwoods

Tartter V.C., 1984: Which syllable does an intervocalic stop belong to? a selective adaptation study

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917611

Gale R.P., 1987: Which treatment for childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia in second remission?

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917613

Cattell R.B., 1982: Whimsy and misunderstandings of fluid intelligence crystallized intelligence theory a comment on guilford

Fisher C.M., 1982: Whiplash amnesia

Winston K.R., 1987: Whiplash and its relationship to migraine

Keith W.S., 1986: Whiplash injury of the 2nd cervical ganglion and nerve

Kelley, J. S.; Hoover, R. E.; George, T., 1978: Whiplash maculopathy

Peters K.H., 1984: Whipping cream

Canella, M., 1978: Whipping properties of sunflower protein dispersions

Hayakawa M., 1979: Whipping property of the protein isolated from hansenula yeast grown on methanol

Fry J.C., 1988: Whipping test for the determination of foaming capacity of protein a collaborative study

Kendall B., 1981: Whipple disease confined to the nervous system

Kleinman G.M., 1982: Whipple disease of the nervous system

Von-Herbay, A.; Otto, H. F., 1988: Whipple's disease a report of 22 patients

Fleming, J. L.; Wiesner, R. H.; Shorter, R. G., 1988: Whipple's disease clinical biochemical and histopathologic features and assessment of treatment in 29 patients

Adams, M.; Rhyner, P. A.; Day, J.; Dearmond, S.; Smuckler, E. A., 1987: Whipple's disease confined to the central nervous system

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917628

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Andersen, K. L.; Masironi, R.; Rutenfranz, J.; Seliger, V., 1978: Who regional publications european series no 6 habitual physical activity and health

Plateaux Quenu C., 1979: Who replaces the queen in a cluster of orphan workers of evylaeus calceatus hymenoptera halictinae

Coppen A., 1986: Who responds to prophylactic lithium?

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917943

Rocha F.J.D., 1985: Who seeks genetic counseling and why a brazilian evaluation

Leon, C. A.; Micklin, M., 1978: Who shall be hospitalized some social and psychological correlates of alternative dispositions of the mentally ill

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917946

Riise R., 1981: Who should be responsible for patients with eye complaints?

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917948

Gregory W.M., 1988: Who should measure quality of life the doctor or the patient?

Bentz, A. P., 1978: Who spilled the oil

Baker S.J., 1979: Who sponsored collaborative studies on nutritional anemia in india the effect of parenteral iron administration in the control of anemia pregnancy

Ramalingaswami V., 1979: Who sponsored collaborative studies on nutritional anemia in india the effects of ascorbic acid and protein supplementation on the response of pregnant women to iron pteroyl glutamic acid and cyano cobalamin therapy

Maddi S.R., 1979: Who stays healthy under stress?

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Robins L.N., 1987: Who talks to a doctor about existing depressive illness

Thompson J.W., 1988: Who talks to physicians about mental health and substance abuse problems

Bannerman R.H., 1980: Who viewpoint on acupuncture

Nygaard H.A., 1987: Who wants to live in a nursing home?

Andersson G., 1986: Who were reached by and participated in a one year newspaper health information campaign

Zimmer L.J., 1987: Who will bury me? the plight of childless elderly among the gende

Bassan, M. M., 1986: Who's afraid of angina pectoris? separating the symptom from the marker

Brook, P., 1983: Who's for psychiatry? uk medical schools and career choice of psychiatry 1961 1975

Waller, G.; Harris, P. L., 1988: Who's going where children's route descriptions for peers and younger children

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Comroe, J. H. Jr, 1976: Whodunit and why part 2

Figge D.C., 1988: Whole abdomen radiation for minimal residual epithelial ovarian carcinoma after surgical resection and maximal first line chemotherapy

Park R.C., 1985: Whole abdominal and pelvic irradiation in patients with minimal disease at second look surgical reassessment for ovarian carcinoma

Cohen Y., 1988: Whole abdominal irradiation following chemotherapy in advanced ovarian carcinoma

Knapp R.C., 1988: Whole abdominal irradiation for tumors of the uterine corpus

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Calvo, F. A.; Yaeger, T. E. Iv ; Brady, L. W., 1986: Whole abdominal irradiation in non hodgkin's lymphomas ii. therapeutic criteria

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Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917975

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Ling J.R., 1987: Whole animal and rumen digestive parameters of sheep given a concentrate diet supplemented with sodium bicarbonate

Cantu J.M., 1986: Whole arm translocation x 17 xp 17q xq 17p and gonadal dysgenesis a further exception to the critical region hypothesis

Fives Taylor P.M., 1982: Whole bacterial cell enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay for streptococcus sanguis fimbrial antigens

Pontes J.E., 1985: Whole bladder photodynamic therapy for transitional cell carcinoma of bladder

Misaki T., 1984: Whole bladder wall photo radiation therapy for carcinoma in situ of the bladder a preliminary report

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Jacobs L.S., 1980: Whole blood and plasma amino acid analysis gas liquid chromatography and cation exchange chromatography compared

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Dry J., 1987: Whole blood and plasma histamine in common migraine

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917987

Section 7, Chapter 6918, Accession 006917990

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Zamora J., 1979: Whole blood fibrinolytic activity in normal and hypertensive pregnancies and its relation to the placental concentration of uro kinase inhibitor

Coiro V., 1987: Whole blood filterability in elderly obese women

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