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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6919

Chapter 6919 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Magnus E.M., 1987: Whole blood folate values in pernicious anemia relation to treatment

Detter J.C., 1979: Whole blood hemo globin determinations a comparison of methodologies

Cathala F., 1984: Whole blood histamine and serotonin levels in scrapie infected sheep 1st results

Clift R.A., 1985: Whole blood immunoadsorption of anti a or anti b antibodies

Smith, A. L.; Weathersbee, P. S.; Lodge, J. R., 1976: Whole blood leukocyte culture technique for mammalian cyto genetic analysis

Kelley, K. W.; Osborne, C. A.; Evermann, J. F.; Parish, S. M.; Hinrichs, D. J., 1981: Whole blood leukocyte vs. separated mononuclear cell blastogenesis in calves time dependent changes after shipping

Nelson H.M., 1981: Whole blood levels of delta amino levulinic acid dehydratase in patients with psoriasis and mycosis fungoides on topical therapy and on photo chemo therapy

Maciejewski N., 1981: Whole blood luminol dependent chemi luminescence

Kaneene, J. M.; Anderson, R. K.; Johnson, D. W.; Muscoplat, C. C.; Nicoletti, P.; Angus, R. D.; Pietz, D. E.; Klausner, D. J., 1978: Whole blood lymphocyte stimulation assay for measurement of cell mediated immune responses in bovine brucellosis

Pauly, J. L.; Han, T., 1976: Whole blood micro culture assay of human lymphocyte function

Shigematsu N., 1987: Whole blood microassay of luminol dependent chemiluminescence stimulated by phorbol myristate acetate or human igg coated zymosan for monitoring disease activity of bacterial infections

Cook J.G.H., 1985: Whole blood osmolality

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918012

Yapit M.K., 1980: Whole blood platelet counts with an impedance type particle counter

Turcani P., 1986: Whole blood red blood cell aggregometer for human and feline blood

Eccleston D., 1987: Whole blood serotonin and plasma tryptophan using high pressure liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918016

Young J.G., 1987: Whole blood serotonin in autistic and normal subjects

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918018

Lindstrom B., 1986: Whole blood single dose kinetics of chloroquine and desethylchloroquine in africans

Mishler, J. M.; Darley, J. H.; Cederholm-Williams, S.; Wright, G., 1978: Whole blood storage in citrate and phosphate solutions containing half strength tri sodium citrate cellular and biochemical studies

Maling T.J.B., 1988: Whole blood storage solution for erythrocyte sodium and sodium lithium countertransport rate determination

Henningsen P., 1987: Whole blood versus plasma measurements of glutamate and alanine across the human myocardium

Laragh J.H., 1984: Whole blood viscosity as a determinant of cardiac hypertrophy in systemic hypertension

Zijlstra W.G., 1987: Whole blood viscosity during normal pregnancy

Pearson T.C., 1986: Whole blood viscosity in polycythemia the effect of iron deficiency at a range of hemoglobin and packed cell volumes

Mciver M.A., 1982: Whole blood viscosity in pre eclampsia

Chang J., 1982: Whole blood viscosity parameters and cerebral blood flow

Beiting, C. V.; Kozak, K. J.; Dreffer, R. L.; Stinnett, J. D.; Alexander, J. W., 1978: Whole blood vs packed red cells for resuscitation of hemorrhagic shock an examination of host defense parameters in dogs

Shackford, S. R.; Virgilio, R. W.; Peters, R. M., 1981: Whole blood vs. packed cell transfusions a physiologic comparison

Forbes C.D., 1987: Whole blood white cell aggregation a novel technique

Coward, W. A.; Sawyer, M. B., 1977: Whole body albumin mass and distribution in rats fed on low protein diets

Kennedy A.C., 1980: Whole body aluminum in chronic renal failure and dialysis encephalopathy

Gatlin D.M.IIi, 1987: Whole body amino acid composition and comparative aspects of amino acid nutrition of the goldfish golden shiner and fathead minnow

Smith W.C., 1987: Whole body amino acid composition of the growing pig

Chapler C.K., 1984: Whole body and hindlimb cardiovascular responses of the anesthetized dog during carbon monoxide hypoxia

Mcree, D. I.; Davis, H. G., 1984: Whole body and local dosimetry in rats exposed to 2.45 gigahertz microwave radiation

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918038

Cohn S.H., 1983: Whole body and part body turnover of strontium 85 in pagets disease

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918040

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918041

Dainis A., 1980: Whole body and segment center of mass determination from kinematic data

Gump, F. E.; Price, J. B. Jr ; Kinney, J. M., 1970: Whole body and splanchnic blood flow and oxygen consumption measurements in patients with intra peritoneal infection

Goodman D.S., 1985: Whole body and tissue cholesterol turnover in the baboon papio cynocephalus

Yamamoto K., 1983: Whole body auto radiographic distribution of exogenously administered renin in mice

Shindo, H.; Miyakoshi, N., 1976: Whole body auto radiographic studies on the distribution of carbon 14 labeled d 5 hydroxy tryptophan and l 5 hydroxy tryptophan 5 hydroxy tryptamine and 5 hydroxy iaa in rats

Kurimoto K., 1979: Whole body auto radiographic studies on the distribution of radioactive carbon from carbon 14 labeled glucose in carbon mon oxide poisoned mice

Shibata, H., 1977: Whole body auto radiographic studies on the fate of zinc 65 cadmium 109 and mercury 203 in mice

Shigehara, E.; Tanaka, M., 1978: Whole body auto radiographic studies on tissue distribution of 3 4 amino 2 methyl 5 pyrimidinylmethyl 1 2 chloroethyl 1 nitroso urea hydro chloride in tumor bearing mice and rats

Thyresson N., 1982: Whole body auto radiographic study after a single dose of thallium 204 in young rats

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918052

Cazin M., 1983: Whole body auto radiographic study of the distribution of radioactivity in pregnant mice given arsenic 73 labeled arsenic tri oxide

Durand, S.; Benard, P., 1980: Whole body auto radiographic study of the distribution of radioactivity in rats given carbon 14 labeled l ethionine

Farebrother, D. A.; Creasy, D. M., 1976: Whole body auto radiography a beta radio luminescence method for detecting tritium

Rijntjes N.V.M., 1981: Whole body auto radiography after systemic and topical administration of methyl acrylate in the guinea pig

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918057

Matsuzawa T., 1983: Whole body auto radiography by positron emitting radio nuclides

Makita T., 1983: Whole body auto radiography of carbon 14 labeled 5 fluoro uracil in nude mice bearing murine leukemia cells p 388

Kurimoto K., 1980: Whole body auto radiography of distribution of carbon 14 labeled 2 deoxy glucose in mice

Jonsen J., 1979: Whole body auto radiography of nickel 63 in mice throughout gestation

Jonsen J., 1982: Whole body auto radiography of thallium 204 labeled in embryos fetuses and placentas of mice

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918063

Langstrom B., 1984: Whole body auto radiography using carbon 11 with double tracer applications

Yamamoto K., 1987: Whole body autoradiographic distribution of exogenously administered renal renin in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918066

Schulze P.E., 1986: Whole body autoradiographic studies in rats with gadolinium diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid a new contrast agent for magnetic resonance imaging

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918068

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918069

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918070

Levy C.K., 1985: Whole body biological elimination rates of gamma emitting radionuclides in captive meadow voles microtus pennsylvanicus

Oyamada, H.; Tabei, T.; Yoneyama, T.; Eguchi, K.; Orii, H.; Terui, S., 1978: Whole body bone scintigram and stage classification of the patients with adeno carcinoma of lung

Paterson P.J., 1980: Whole body calcium deficit in cadmium exposed workers with hyper calciuria

Bonga S.E.W., 1985: Whole body calcium flux rates in cichlid teleost fish oreochromis mossambicus adapted to freshwater

Mcmahon B.R., 1984: Whole body calcium flux rates in freshwater teleosts as a function of ambient calcium and ph levels a comparison between the euryhaline trout salmo gairdneri and stenohaline bullhead ictalurus nebulosus

Reid B.L., 1979: Whole body calcium magnesium and phosphorus levels of the california brown shrimp penaeus californiensis decapoda penaeidae as functions of molt stage

Dallosso, H. M.; James, W. P. T., 1984: Whole body calorimetry studies in adult men 1. the effect of fat over feeding on 24 hour energy expenditure

Dallosso, H. M.; James, W. P. T., 1984: Whole body calorimetry studies in adult men 2. the interaction of exercise and over feeding on the thermic effect of a meal

Mcardle F.J., 1981: Whole body cesium 137 levels in man in scotland uk 1978 1979

Parks, J. S.; Lehner, N. D. M.; Clair, R. W. S.; Lofland, H. B., 1977: Whole body cholesterol metabolism in cholesterol fed african green monkeys with a variable hyper cholesterolemic response

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918082

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918083

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918085

Schaner, E. G.; Head, G. L.; Kalman, M. A.; Dunnick, N. R.; Doppman, J. L., 1977: Whole body computed tomography in the diagnosis of abdominal and thoracic malignancy review of 600 cases

Whiteman J.V., 1980: Whole body counting a study of the count repeatability and the relationship between weight and adjusted count

Lessard E.T., 1980: Whole body counting results from 1974 1979 for bikini island residents

Hansen, C. R-Jr ; Gauss, J. D.; Kawatski, J. A., 1980: Whole body distribution and malpighian tubule transport of 2' 5 di chloro 4' nitro salicylanilide bayer 73 and 3 tri fluoromethyl 4 nitro phenol in larvae of the aquatic midge chironomus tentans

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918090

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918091

Jakobsen E., 1984: Whole body distribution of radioactivity after intra peritoneal administration of phosphorus 32 colloids

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918093

Robinson E., 1981: Whole body electron therapy in mycosis fungoides

Jackson S.M., 1979: Whole body electron therapy in mycosis fungoides a successful translational technique achieved by modification of an established linear accelerator

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918096

Harvey I.R., 1984: Whole body elemental composition in patients with renal failure and after transplantation studied using total body neutron activation analysis

Hansen J.C., 1979: Whole body elimination of selenium 75 labeled selenite and mercury 203 labeled mercuric chloride administered separately and simultaneously to mice

Sauder D.N., 1987: Whole body exposure to uv radiation results in increased serum interleukin 1 activity in humans

Wennberg A., 1988: Whole body fat oxidation before and after carnitine supplementation in uremic patients on chronic hemodialysis

Aono K., 1987: Whole body gallium 67 scintigraphy in dermatomyositis

Lin H K., 1987: Whole body gamma irradiated spf lan yu miniature pigs administered with or without wr 2721 hematologic changes

Lin J H., 1987: Whole body gamma irradiated spf lan yu miniature pigs administered with or without wr 2721 survival rate

Robert J J., 1988: Whole body glucose kinetics in type i diabetes studied with 6 6 deuterated glucose and u carbon 13 glucose and the artificial beta cell

Et Al, 1979: Whole body hyper thermia a phase i trial of a potential adjuvant to chemo therapy

Roth H.B., 1982: Whole body hyper thermia and chemo therapy for treatment of patients with advanced refractory malignancies

Reinhold H., 1983: Whole body hyper thermia in cancer therapy a report of a phase i ii study

Dennis W.H., 1983: Whole body hyper thermia with a microwave regional boost unexpected toxicity in the pig

Sauder D.N., 1988: Whole body hyperthermia 41 42 c induces interleukin 1 in vivo

Dennis W.H., 1984: Whole body hyperthermia 41 42 celsius a simple technique for unanesthetized mice

Fuller D.J.M., 1987: Whole body hyperthermia and heat sensitizing drugs a pilot study in canine lymphoproliferative disease

Brahmi Z., 1987: Whole body hyperthermia decreases lung metastases in lung tumor bearing mice possibly via a mechanism involving natural killer cells

Kaimio, M.; Jauhiainen, T.; Kohonen, A.; Tarkkanen, J., 1970: Whole body infra sonic vibration effects on the cochlea

Rowe J.W., 1984: Whole body insulin resistance in myotonic dystrophy

Takada T., 1985: Whole body irradiation by high energy electron for mycosis fungoides

Frommhold W., 1986: Whole body irradiation in acute leukemia

Boldt I., 1982: Whole body irradiation in malignant lymphomas of low malignancy

Kanda S., 1985: Whole body irradiation inhibits the escape phenomenon of osteoclasts in bones of calcitonin treated rats

Laissue J.A., 1983: Whole body irradiation of deuterated mice by the boron 10 n alpha lithium 7 reaction

Young V.R., 1981: Whole body leucine and lysine metabolism response to dietary protein intake in young men

Young V.R., 1981: Whole body leucine and lysine metabolism studied with carbon 13 labeled and alpha nitrogen 15 labeled lysine response in healthy young men given excess energy intake

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918123

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918124

Blackburn G.L., 1987: Whole body leucine phenylalanine and tyrosine kinetics in end stage liver disease before and after hepatic transplantation

Mcnally W.P., 1981: Whole body localization of carbon 14 labeled tocopheryl acetate in the rat following oral administration

Young V.R., 1980: Whole body lysine flux in adult men effects of reduced total protein and lysine intake

Van Der Walt J.G., 1983: Whole body metabolism of glucose and lactate in productive sheep and cows

Henriksen J.H., 1985: Whole body microvascular permeability of small molecules in man clinical aspects basic concepts and limitations of the single injection technique

Hawkins, T.; Marks, J. M.; Plummer, V. M.; Greaves, M. W., 1976: Whole body monitoring and other studies of zinc 65 metabolism in patients with dermatological diseases

Blackburn G.L., 1985: Whole body nitrogen and tyrosine metabolism in surgical patients receiving branched chain amino acid solutions

Segal S., 1984: Whole body nitrogen kinetics in man determination from plasma guanidino nitrogen 15 labeled arginine

Clandinin M.T., 1985: Whole body oxidation of dietary fatty acids implications for energy utilization

Hoar P.F., 1983: Whole body oxygen consumption during low flow hypo thermic cardio pulmonary bypass

Arndt J.O., 1984: Whole body oxygen consumption in awake sleeping and anesthetized dogs

Hilfiker O., 1982: Whole body oxygen uptake in coronary artery bypass surgery

Salt P.J., 1984: Whole body oxygenation using intraperitoneal perfusion of fluorocarbons

Boyd M.R., 1982: Whole body plethysmography as a noninvasive assay of toxic lung injury in mice studies with the pulmonary alkylating agent and cyto toxin 4 ipomeanol

Dillard D.H., 1986: Whole body protection during three hours of total circulatory arrest an experimental study

Brennan M.F., 1985: Whole body protein breakdown and 3 methylhistidine excretion during brief fasting starvation and intravenous repletion in man

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918143

Wolfe R.R., 1987: Whole body protein kinetics in severely septic patients the response to glucose infusion and total parenteral nutrition

Blakemore W.S., 1981: Whole body protein metabolism due to trauma in man as estimated by nitrogen 15 labeled alanine

Powell Tuck J., 1987: Whole body protein metabolism in parenterally fed patients glucose versus fat as the predominant energy source

Tasaki I., 1985: Whole body protein synthesis and amino acid metabolism in genetically obese and proteinuric mice

Kien, C. L.; Young, V. R.; Rohrbaugh, D. K.; Burke, J. F., 1978: Whole body protein synthesis and breakdown rates in children before and after reconstructive surgery of the skin

Brennan M.F., 1981: Whole body protein synthesis and turnover in normal man and mal nourished patients with and without known cancer

Kien, C. L.; Rohrbaugh, D. K.; Burke, J. F.; Young, V. R., 1978: Whole body protein synthesis in relation to basal energy expenditure in healthy children and in children recovering from burn injury

Garlick P.J., 1983: Whole body protein turnover before and after resection of colo rectal tumors

Wolman S.L., 1987: Whole body protein turnover in adult hemodialysis patients as measured by carbon 13 leucine

Okumura J I., 1985: Whole body protein turnover in chicks at early stages of growth

Okumura J I., 1987: Whole body protein turnover in chicks fed control histidine or methionine plus cystine free diets

De Benoist B., 1987: Whole body protein turnover in man determined in three hours with oral or intravenous nitrogen 15 glycine and enrichment in urinary ammonia

Nusbaum M., 1983: Whole body protein turnover in metabolically stressed patients and patients with cancer as measured with nitrogen 15 labeled glycine

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918157

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918158

Cikrt M., 1986: Whole body retention and distribution of ruthenium 103 in mice and rats

Cikrt M., 1985: Whole body retention and distribution of silver 110m in mice and rats

Ichikawa R., 1982: Whole body retention and tissue distribution of cobalt 60 in rats after oral administration of fresh water fish contaminated with cobalt 60

Willes R.F., 1980: Whole body retention excretion and metabolism of arsenic 74 labeled arsenic acid in the hamster

Nishimura, Y.; Inaba, J.; Ichikawa, R., 1976: Whole body retention of cobalt 60 cobalt ii chloride and cobalt 58 cyano cobalamin in young and adult rats

Ichikawa R., 1979: Whole body retention of cobalt 60 incorporated into a seaweed in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918165

Chmielnicka, J.; Hajdukiewicz, Z.; Komsta-Szumska, E.; Lukaszek, S., 1978: Whole body retention of mercury and selenium and histo pathological and morphological studies of kidneys and liver of rats exposed repeatedly to mercuric chloride and sodium selenite

Susskind, H.; Atkins, H. L.; Cohn, S. H.; Ellis, K. J.; Richards, P., 1977: Whole body retention of radio xenon

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918168

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918169

Matsusaka, N., 1978: Whole body retention of zinc 65 during pregnancy and lactation and its secretion into milk in mice

Andrews, J. T.; Sullivan, J. R.; Guignard, P. A.; Hurley, T. H., 1976: Whole body scanning with gallium 67 in the investigation of patients with lymphomas and suspected lymphomas

Chmiel R.L., 1980: Whole body scanning with gallium 67 labeled citrate in the investigation of patients with mycosis fungoides

Stein N.A., 1979: Whole body single photon emission computed tomography using dual large field of view scintillation cameras

Hong, D. H.; Lee, S. W.; Ra, J. W.; Cho, Z. H., 1987: Whole body slotted tube resonator str for proton nmr imaging at 2.0 tesla

Stanek K.A., 1987: Whole body structural vascular adaptation to prolonged hypoxia in chick embryos

Wright K.A., 1979: Whole body surface electron irradiation in the treatment of mycosis fungoides

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918177

Dillard D.H., 1982: Whole body temperature gradients under surface perfusion and combined surface perfusion hypo thermia

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918179

Tanaka Y., 1979: Whole body trans vascular filtration coefficient and interstitial space capacitance

Lundholm K., 1984: Whole body tyrosine flux in relation to energy expenditure in weight losing cancer patients

Berecek, K. H.; Bohr, D. F., 1978: Whole body vascular reactivity during the development of deoxy cortico sterone acetate hypertension in the pig

Frolich E.D., 1981: Whole body venous capacity and effective total tissue compliance in spontaneously hypertensive rats

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918184

Griffin M.J., 1987: Whole body vibration and visual performance an examination of spatial filtering and time dependency

Dimberg U., 1985: Whole body vibration exposure time and acute effects experimental assessment of discomfort

Griffin M.J., 1988: Whole body vibration perception thresholds

Chaturvedi P.K., 1988: Whole body x irradiation and impact of dietary factors on brain and testes of albino rats

Sharipov, F. Kh ; Dzhuraev, S. D., 1975: Whole body x irradiation effects on the mitotic activity in the uriniferous and collecting tubules of shielded rat kidney during relative adaptation to high mountain conditions

Egami N., 1985: Whole body x irradiation of mice accelerates polyploidization of hepatocytes

Tulloh M., 1982: Whole bone marrow irradiation for the treatment of multiple myeloma

Sitar D.S., 1987: Whole bowel irrigation as a decontamination procedure after acute drug overdose

Tenenbein M., 1985: Whole bowel irrigation for toxic ingestions

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918194

Timiras P.S., 1980: Whole brain and regional iodine 125 labeled alpha bungaro toxin binding in developing rat

Suzuki T., 1985: Whole brain irradiation for metastases from lung carcinoma a clinical investigation

Jackson, N.; Guliver, P. A.; Dean, H. G., 1981: Whole brain tyrosine hydroxylase ec activity during the development of deoxy cortico sterone acetate sodium chloride induced hypertension in rats

Lindfors K.K., 1985: Whole breast ultrasound imaging four year follow up

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918199

Ward, M. A., 1970: Whole cell and cell free hydrogenases of algae

Weaver, T. L.; Patrick, M. A.; Dugan, P. R., 1975: Whole cell and membrane lipids of the methylotrophic bacterium methylosinus trichosporium

Sherins R.J., 1985: Whole cell and nuclear androgen uptake in skin fibroblasts from infertile men

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918203

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918204

Campbell L.L., 1985: Whole cell antigens of members of the sulfate reducing genus desulfovibrio

Rocchetti R., 1987: Whole cell bacterial peroxidase test with isoproterenol as the hydrogen donor

Crawford D.L., 1983: Whole cell bio conversion of vanillin to vanillic acid by streptomyces viridosporus

Larue T.A., 1988: Whole cell fluorescence for observing reductive metabolism from carbon compounds and hydrogen in azotobacter vinelandii

Rony P.R., 1979: Whole cell hollow fiber reactor effectiveness factors

Jun M., 1988: Whole cell immobilization of arthrobacter sp for glucose isomerization

Hirano H., 1984: Whole cell mount cytochemistry by the colloidal gold labeling method combined transmission and scanning electron microscopic study of concanavalin a binding sites in mouse macrophages

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918212

Oelze J., 1983: Whole cell respiration and nitrogenase activities in azotobacter vinelandii growing in oxygen controlled continuous culture

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918214

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918215

Mason W.T., 1987: Whole cell voltage clamp recordings from cultured neurons of the supraoptic area of neonatal rat hypothalamus

Alger B.E., 1986: Whole cell voltage clamp study of the fading of gamma aminobutyric acid activated currents in acutely dissociated hippocampal neurons

Coyle M.B., 1987: Whole chromosomal dna probes for rapid identification of mycobacterium tuberculosis and mycobacterium avium complex

Heinemann W.W., 1986: Whole crop barley corn and triticale silage in steer growing and finishing diets

Hoeger W.J., 1985: Whole day blood pressure monitoring in ambulatory normotensive men

Lanning J.C., 1987: Whole embryo morphometry in teratogen screening

Hunt R.K., 1987: Whole eyes reconstituted from embryonic half anlagen alterations in donor derived territories in xenopus pigment chimerase

Baum J.D., 1982: Whole foods and increased dietary fiber improve blood glucose control in diabetic children

Walsh C.S., 1988: Whole fruit ethylene evolution and acc content of peach pericarp and seeds during development

Elwinger K., 1988: Whole grains unprocessed rapeseed and beta glucanase in diets for laying hens

Bakran, A.; Bradley, J. A.; Bresnihan, E.; Lintott, D.; Simpkins, K. C.; Goligher, J. C.; Hill, G. L., 1977: Whole gut irrigation an inadequate preparation for double contrast barium enema examination

Skucas, J.; Cutcliff, W.; Fischer, H. W., 1976: Whole gut irrigation as a means of cleaning the colon

Mcquaide J.R., 1982: Whole gut irrigation as a preparation for colo rectal surgery

Erichsen H.G., 1983: Whole gut irrigation as preparation for colonic surgery

Schiessel, R.; Starlinger, M.; Rotter, M.; Funovics, J.; Dinstl, K., 1978: Whole gut irrigation for large bowel preparation

Saing H., 1986: Whole gut irrigation in infants and young children

Christensen, P. B.; Kronborg, O., 1981: Whole gut irrigation vs. enema in elective colo rectal surgery a prospective randomized study

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918235

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918236

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918237

Brynitz S., 1987: Whole gut lavage for colonoscopy a comparison between preparation at home or at the hospital

Garbini A., 1982: Whole gut lavage for surgery a case of intra operative colonic explosion after administration of mannitol

Katoh M., 1987: Whole gut lavage with balanced electrolyte solution in preparation for colonoscopy

Khatun M., 1983: Whole gut transit time and its relationship to absorption of macro nutrients during diarrhea and after recovery

Sjoquist M., 1986: Whole kidney response to reduced arterial pressure during converting enzyme inhibition in the rat

Shortreed K.S., 1985: Whole lake fertilization experiments in coastal british columbia lakes canada empirical relationships between nutrient inputs and phytoplankton biomass and production

Hesslein R.H., 1987: Whole lake metal radiotracer movement in fertilized lake basins

Hesslein R.H., 1980: Whole lake model for the distribution of sediment derived chemical species

Schindler D.W., 1980: Whole lake radio carbon experiment in an oligotrophic lake at the experimental lakes area northwestern ontario canada

Quirk M., 1980: Whole lake responses to low level copper sulfate treatment

Paul G., 1982: Whole leaf fluorescence as a quantitative probe of de toxification of the herbicide chlortoluron in wheat

Ishida, I.; Fukuma, S.; Sawada, K.; Seki, Y.; Tanaka, F.; Tanaka, K., 1980: Whole lung computed tomography for detection of pulmonary metastasis of osteo sarcoma confirmed at thoracotomy

Bakker D.J., 1987: Whole lung lavage under hyperbaric oxygen conditions for alveolar proteinosis with respiratory failure

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918252

Howe B., 1985: Whole milk extender with antibiotics to eliminate campylobacter fetus from frozen bovine semen

Bynum D.G., 1984: Whole milk reverse osmosis retentates for cheddar cheese manufacture cheese composition and yield

Barbano D.M., 1985: Whole milk reverse osmosis retentates for cheddar cheese manufacture chemical changes during aging

Brody J.R., 1986: Whole mount autoradiography study of dna synthetic activity during postnatal development and androgen induced regeneration in the mouse prostate

Alanen, M., 1986: Whole mount electron microscopic maps of drosophila melanogaster polytene chromosomes i. the salivary gland x chromosome

Sorsa, V.; Virrankoski-Castrodeza, V., 1976: Whole mount electron microscopy of alkali urea treated polytene chromosomes spread by centrifugation

Saura A.O., 1986: Whole mount electron microscopy of drosophila melanogaster salivary gland chromosome 2l divisions 21 24

Comings, D. E.; Okada, T. A., 1970: Whole mount electron microscopy of meiotic chromosomes and the synaptonemal complex

Burkholder, G. D., 1976: Whole mount electron microscopy of polytene chromosomes from drosophila melanogaster

Burkholder, G. D., 1977: Whole mount electron microscopy of the nucleolus in salivary gland cells of drosophila melanogaster

Simeone F.A., 1987: Whole mounted pressurized in vitro model for the study of cerebral arterial mechanics

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918264

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918265

Onsrud M., 1982: Whole pelvic irradiation in stage i endometrial carcinoma changes in numbers and reactivities of some blood lymphocyte sub populations

Huttermann A., 1987: Whole plant aspects of heavy metal induced changes in carbon dioxide uptake and water relations of spruce picea abies seedlings

Grodzinski B., 1988: Whole plant carbon dioxide exchange measurements for nondestructive estimation of growth

Schaalje G.B., 1985: Whole plant dry down patterns of short season maize zea mays hybrids

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918270

Botteghi C., 1988: Whole plant oils from two euphorbia species growing in sardinia italy

Buchanan, R. A.; Otey, F. H.; Russell, C. R.; Cull, I. M., 1978: Whole plant oils potential new industrial raw materials

Williams J.M., 1986: Whole plant photosynthesis and dry matter partitioning in fruiting and deblossomed day neutral strawberry fragaria ananassa cultivar tribute plants

Mandal S.K., 1987: Whole plant senescence in pennisetum typhoides implication of source sink relationship

Gordon, J. C.; Wheeler, C. T., 1978: Whole plant studies on photosynthesis and acetylene reduction in alnus glutinosa

Mcnaughton, G. S.; Presland, M. R., 1983: Whole plant studies using radioactive nitrogen 13 1. techniques for measuring the uptake and transport of nitrate and ammonium in hydroponically grown zea mays

Presland, M. R.; Mcnaughton, G. S., 1984: Whole plant studies using radioactive nitrogen 13 2. a compartmental model for the uptake and transport of nitrate ions by zea mays

Mcnaughton, G. S.; Presland, M. R., 1985: Whole plant studies using radioactive nitrogen 13 3. the relationship between nitrate and ammonium ion uptake and water flux for zea mays

Presland, M. R.; Mcnaughton, G. S., 1986: Whole plant studies using radioactive nitrogen 13 iv. a compartmental model for the uptake and transport of ammonium ions by zea mays

Panouille A., 1987: Whole plant value at harvest for silage of grain maize cultivars bred between 1950 and 1980

Bagby M.O., 1982: Whole plants as renewable energy resources checklist of 508 species analyzed for hydro carbon oil poly phenol and protein

Pekarkova Tronickova E., 1988: Whole plants regeneration from crown galls of lycopersicon esculentum

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918283

Bjerknes M., 1982: Whole population cell kinetics of mouse duodenal jejunal ileal and colonic epithelia as determined by radioautography and flow cytometry

Bash K.W., 1984: Whole properties as determinants of determinants

Green I., 1987: Whole ricin and recombinant ricin a chain idiotype specific immunotoxins for therapy of the guinea pig l 2c b cell leukemia

Rice J.C., 1981: Whole saliva albumin as an indicator of stomatitis in cancer therapy patients

Thylstrup A., 1984: Whole saliva fluoride after toothbrushing with sodium fluoride and mono fluoro phosphate dentifrices with different fluoride concentrations

Gutman D., 1984: Whole saliva secretion rates in old and young healthy subjects

Ostergaard, P. A.; Blom, M., 1977: Whole salivary immuno globulin levels in 60 healthy children determined by a sensitive electro immuno technique after prior carbamylation

Anraku T.Y., 1986: Whole salted and pressed sardines hygienic sanitary conditions preservation and nutritional value

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918293

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918294

Glatstein E., 1983: Whole skin electron treatment patient skin dose distribution

Veum T.L., 1979: Whole soybeans fermented with aspergillus oryzae and rhizopus oligosporus for growing pigs

Waldroup P.W., 1982: Whole soybeans for poultry feeds

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918299

Mcminn J.W., 1985: Whole tree harvesting affects pine regeneration and hardwood competition

Michie W., 1979: Whole wheat feeding systems for the turkey including free choice

Reynolds, J. A.; Mcmanus, W. R.; Roberts, E. M., 1976: Whole wheat grain feeding of merino ewes part 1 influence of level of wheat and vitamin a on water consumption mortality and ewe live weight

Mcmanus, W. R.; Reynolds, J. A.; Roberts, E. M., 1976: Whole wheat grain feeding of merino ewes part 2 influence of wheat and vitamin a on reproductive performance

Mcmanus, W. R.; Reynolds, J. A., 1976: Whole wheat grain feeding of merino ewes part 3 influence of level of wheat and vitamin a on wool growth in pregnancy and lactation

Reynolds, J. A.; Mcmanus, W. R.; Robertson, J. A., 1976: Whole wheat grain feeding of merino ewes part 4 changes in hepatic vitamin a concentration

Saville, D. G.; Nicholls, P. J.; Mcmanus, W. R., 1976: Whole wheat grain feeding of pregnant and lactating ewes and their lambs part 2 lamb productivity from whole wheat diets with varying levels of sodium chloride and elemental sulfur supplements

Ward N.J., 1980: Whole word units are used before orthographic knowledge in perceptual development

Flanagan T., 1984: Wholemount histofluorescence of catecholamine containing neurons in a hemipteran brain

Cappellini R.A., 1985: Wholesale and retail losses in grapefruit marketed in metropolitan new york usa

Cappellini R.A., 1985: Wholesale retail and consumer level losses of nectarines prunus persica cultivar nectarina in metropolitan new york usa

Amuh I.K.A., 1979: Wholesomeness of irradiated cocoa beans the effect of gamma irradiation on the chemical constituents of cocoa beans

Waring P.P., 1987: Wholesomeness of irradiated foods

Katsareva Ts, 1987: Wholesomeness of poultry meat irradiated with gamma rays

Al Maliky S.K., 1984: Wholesomeness studies with a full diet of irradiated dates on the insect ephestia cautella

Dunbar E.M., 1981: Whooping cough a study of severity in hospital cases

Malleson, P. N.; Bennett, J. C., 1977: Whooping cough admissions to a pediatric hospital over 10 years the protective value of immunization

Nicoll, A.; Gardner, A., 1988: Whooping cough and unrecognized postperinatal mortality

Rabo E., 1981: Whooping cough in adults

Stewart G.T., 1981: Whooping cough in relation to other childhood infections in 1977 1979 in the uk

Ehrengut, W., 1978: Whooping cough vaccination comment on report from joint committee on vaccination and immunization

Harding C.M., 1985: Whooping cough vaccination the case presented by the british national press

Shweder R.A., 1979: Whorf and his critics linguistic and nonlinguistic influences on color memory

Brown C.H., 1982: Whorf and universals of color nomenclature

Heath D.J., 1985: Whorl overlap and the economical construction of the gastropod shell

Thielke C., 1984: Whorled clamps in homothallic and heterothallic coprinus species

Janoria, M. P.; Verma, S. N. P., 1978: Whorled phyllo taxis in niger

Mathias J.R., 1988: Whr 1049 a potent metabolite of lidamidine has antidiarrheal and antimotility effects on the small intestine in rats

Hallford E.W., 1984: Why 2 plus 2 equals 5 looks so wrong the odd even rule in sum verification

Krueger L.E., 1986: Why 2 x 2 equals 5 looks so wrong on the odd even rule in product verification

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918330

Nagamine M., 1981: Why a cicada mogannia minuta became a pest of sugarcane an hypothesis based on the theory of escape

Gottschalk G., 1980: Why a co substrate is required for anaerobic growth of escherichia coli on citrate

Simon H.A., 1987: Why a diagram is sometimes worth ten thousand words

Laasonen, E. M.; Wilppula, E., 1976: Why a meniscectomy fails

Mori A., 1987: Why a slave ant species accepts and cares for cocoons of its slave maker

Brocklehurst, J. C.; Andrews, K.; Morris, P.; Richards, B. R.; Laycock, P. L., 1978: Why admit stroke patients to hospital

Cohen L., 1987: Why adolescents do not attend school the views of students and parents

Carlsen N.L.T., 1988: Why age has independent prognostic significance in neuroblastomas evidence for intra uterine development and implications for the treatment of the disease

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918340

Van Valen L.M., 1985: Why and how do mammals evolve unusually rapidly

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918342

Shmida A., 1981: Why are adaptations for long range seed dispersal rare in desert plants?

Losowsky M.S., 1988: Why are alzheimer patients thin?

Johnson M.E., 1988: Why are ancient rocky shores so uncommon

Guthrie R.D., 1985: Why are aquatic small mammals so large

Krieg, A. F.; Gambino, R.; Galen, R. S., 1975: Why are clinical laboratory tests performed when are they valid

Lubbock R., 1980: Why are clownfishes amphiprion clarkii not stung by sea anemones stichodactyla haddoni?

Luisi P.L., 1979: Why are enzymes macro molecules

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918350

Ginzburg L.R., 1979: Why are hetero zygotes often superior in fitness

Abe H., 1983: Why are infant gerbils meriones unguiculatus more resistant than adults to cerebral infarction after carotid ligation

Hallock P., 1985: Why are larger foraminifera large?

Umilta C., 1988: Why are left right spatial codes easier to form than above below ones?

Sinclair A.R.E., 1988: Why are migratory ungulates so abundant

Davis M.A., 1980: Why are most insects short fliers

Fuentes E.R., 1980: Why are native herbs in the chilean matorral more abundant beneath bushes micro climate or grazing

North, A. F-Jr ; Macdonald, H. M., 1977: Why are neo natal mortality rates lower in small black infants than in white infants in similar birth weight

Picman J., 1986: Why are nesting marsh wrens cistothorus palustris and yellow headed blackbirds xanthocephalus xanthocephalus spatially segregated?

Perrin N., 1988: Why are offspring born larger when it is colder phenotypic plasticity for offspring size in the cladoceran simocephalus vetulus mueller

Till J.E., 1987: Why are or are not patients given the option to enter clinical trials

Bjorn, L. O., 1976: Why are plants green relationships between pigment absorption and photosynthetic efficiency

Kowallik K.V., 1987: Why are plastids maternally inherited in epilobium? ultrastructural observations during microgametogenesis

Westerholm B., 1979: Why are psychotropic drugs prescribed to out patients a methodological study

Janzen D.H., 1982: Why are seeds of the central american guanacaste tree enterolobium cyclocarpum not attacked by bruchids except in panama

Schroter R.C., 1985: Why are small homeotherms born naked insulation and the critical radius concept

Lifjeld J.T., 1988: Why are some birds polyterritorial?

Goodhart C.B., 1987: Why are some snails visibly polymorphic and others not

Alberman E., 1985: Why are stillbirth and neonatal mortality rates continuing to fall

Barber C., 1980: Why are the killed salmonella typhi vaccines ineffective

Carter G., 1984: Why are the mentally handicapped admitted to the hospital a 10 year survey

Lundberg A., 1980: Why are the ural owl strix uralensis and the tawny owl strix aluco parapatric in scandinavia

Bergman G., 1982: Why are the wings of larus fuscus fuscus so dark?

Jacchieri S.G., 1984: Why are there 2 kinds of chain in tetrameric hemo globins

Brueckner, D., 1978: Why are there inbreeding effects in haplo di ploid systems

Dumont H.J., 1987: Why are there no aquatic turtles in the relict waters of the sahara

Evans H.E., 1986: Why are there no viviparous birds

Kerner, E. H., 1974: Why are there so many species

Andersson M., 1980: Why are there so many threat displays

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918382

Majerus, P. W., 1976: Why aspirin

Howell, D. J.; Pylka, J., 1977: Why bats hang upside down a bio mechanical hypothesis

Taylor, C. R., 1977: Why big animals some consequences of scaling the energetics of loco motion to animal size

Taylor C.R., 1980: Why black goats in hot deserts effects of coat color on heat exchanges of wild and domestic goats

Flynn C.T., 1983: Why blind diabetics with renal failure should be offered treatment

Mcleese J.M., 1984: Why bluefin tuna thunnus thynnus have warm tummies temperature effect on trypsin and chymotrypsin

Fairbairn, D. J., 1977: Why breed early a study of reproductive tactics in peromyscus

Zwicker E., 1987: Why can a decrease in db a produce an increase in loudness?

Andrew, J. M., 1978: Why can't delinquents read

Greenwood J.J.D., 1979: Why change mates?

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918396

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918397

Geist, V.; Bromley, P. T., 1978: Why deer shed antlers

Delooz H.H., 1987: Why did persons invited to train in cardiopulmonary resuscitation not do so?

Gordon R.R., 1986: Why did postperinatal mortality rates fall in the 1970s?

Szalay, F. S.; Seligsohn, D., 1977: Why did the strepsirhine tooth comb evolve

Maiorana V.C., 1979: Why do adult insects not molt

Kikuzawa K., 1980: Why do alder leaves fall in summer

Shamma M., 1982: Why do all spiro benzyl iso quinoline alkaloids incorporate a methylenedioxy substituent on ring d?

Fautin D.G., 1986: Why do anemonefishes inhabit only some host actinians?

Patterson D.J., 1983: Why do apparently healthy people use anti acid tablets?

Brown D.A., 1981: Why do barium ions imitate acetyl choline

Grumstrup Scott J.M., 1983: Why do brown headed cowbirds molothrus ater perform the head down display?

Oster, G.; Heinrich, B., 1976: Why do bumble bees major a mathematical model

Shapiro, A. M., 1975: Why do california usa tortoiseshells migrate

Lowdon I.M.R., 1988: Why do children break their arms?

Drash A., 1986: Why do children with diabetes die

Toyen I., 1979: Why do crystalline precipitates in plasma cells always coalesce with parallel light and dark lines strictly end to end and side to side

Riddiford N., 1986: Why do cuckoos cuculus canorus use so many species of hosts?

Speakman J.R., 1986: Why do curlews numenius have decurved bills?

Blum A.L., 1986: Why do dyspeptic patients prefer one liquid antacid to another?

Carter, T. C., 1970: Why do egg shells crack

Wright P.G., 1984: Why do elephants loxodonta africana flap their ears

Erlinge, S., 1987: Why do european stoats mustela erminea not follow bergmann's rule

Houston D.C., 1979: Why do fairy terns gygis alba not build nests

Gulland J.A., 1982: Why do fish numbers vary?

Safriel U.N., 1985: Why do fleshy fruit plants of the mediterranean scrub intercept fall passage but not spring passage of seed dispersing migratory birds?

Imamura T., 1986: Why do frontal lobe symptoms predominate in vascular dementia with lacunes

Curio E., 1986: Why do great tit parus major males defend their brood more than females do?

Ridgway R.L., 1987: Why do hagfish have gill chloride cells when they need not regulate plasma sodium chloride concentration?

Mackay E.E., 1984: Why do harvester ants store seeds in their nests

Sasaki M., 1987: Why do japanese write characters in space?

Osada M., 1982: Why do luehdorfia butterflies lay eggs in clusters?

Hoogland J.L., 1986: Why do male black tailed prairie dogs cynomys ludovicianus give a mating call

Pearson D.L., 1982: Why do male butterflies pieris rapae visit mud puddles?

Wiklund, C.; Fagerstrom, T., 1977: Why do males emerge before females a hypothesis to explain the incidence of protandry in butterflies

Wiklund C., 1982: Why do males emerge before females? protandry as a mating strategy in male and female butterflies

D'agincourt L.G., 1982: Why do meadowlarks switch song types?

Mascaro J.M.Jr, 1984: Why do melanomas ulcerate?

Alerstam, T.; Pettersson, S. G., 1977: Why do migrating birds fly along coastlines

Alerstam T., 1988: Why do migrating robins erithacus rubecula captured at two nearby stop over sites orient differently

Hartley G., 1981: Why do nectar foraging bees and wasps work upwards on inflorescences?

Whitesides G.H., 1984: Why do northern mockingbirds mimus polyglottos feed fruit to their nestlings

Dhingra, M. M.; Sarma, R. H., 1978: Why do nucleic acids have 3 5 phospho di ester bonds

Isaacs B., 1987: Why do old people stoop

Nentwig W., 1982: Why do only certain insects escape from a spiders web?

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918445

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918446

Glueck E., 1988: Why do parent birds swallow the feces of their nestlings?

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918448

Abouzekry L., 1986: Why do patients with fecal impaction have fecal incontinence?

Kjellstrand C.M., 1985: Why do patients with postsurgical acute tubular necrosis die

Wade, N. J., 1978: Why do patterned afterimages fluctuate in visibility

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918452

Stahlbrandt K., 1982: Why do pied flycatcher ficedula hypoleuca females mate with already mated males?

Hendry, G., 1986: Why do plants have cytochrome p 450 detoxification vs. defense

Burden, A. C.; Stacey, R.; Wood, R. F. M.; Bell, P. R. F., 1978: Why do protease inhibitors enhance leukocyte migration inhibition to the antigen purified protein derivative

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918456

Hodgson J.G., 1987: Why do so few plant species exploit productive habitats an investigation into cytology plant strategies and abundance within a local flora

Pharoah P.O.D., 1986: Why do so many small infants develop an inguinal hernia?

D'ydewalle G., 1987: Why do socratic stimuli produce hypermnesia?

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918460

Brandl R., 1987: Why do some bird species breed in colonies? relationships between colony size food resources and behavior in the case of the black headed gull

Courtney K.R., 1988: Why do some drugs preferentially block open sodium channels

Zavala E.Y., 1987: Why do some epikeratoplasties fail

Burke J.F.Jr, 1982: Why do some people go blind from glaucoma?

Morales P., 1987: Why do some psychiatric patients somatize

Schoenheit P., 1983: Why do sulfate reducing bacteria out compete methanogenic bacteria for substrates?

Lechowicz M.J., 1984: Why do temperate deciduous trees leaf out at different times adaptation and ecology of forest communities

Popp R.L., 1980: Why do the lungs clear ultrasonic contrast

Regoeczi E., 1987: Why do total body decay curves of iodine labeled proteins begin with a delay?

Smallman L.A., 1988: Why do tympanostomy tubes block

Sawyer S.A., 1988: Why do unrelated insertion sequences occur together in the genome of escherichia coli?

Salojarvi, K., 1987: Why do vendace coregonus albula l. populations fluctuate?

Navon D., 1987: Why do we blame the mirror for reversing left and right?

Sari I., 1987: Why do women not give birth to more children

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918475

Haunso S., 1987: Why does antihypertensive treatment prevent stroke but not myocardial infarction?

Gelfand D.M., 1985: Why does childrens generosity increase with age susceptibility to experimenter influence or altruism

Radesater, T., 1977: Why does cichlasoma meeki have eye spots on the gill cover

Poskitt E.M.E., 1985: Why does congenital heart disease cause failure to thrive

Nusser E., 1985: Why does coomassie brilliant blue r interact differently with different protein? a partial answer

Shorvon S.D., 1983: Why does epilepsy become intractable prevention of chronic epilepsy

Rosenberg L., 1988: Why does family homelessness occur a case control study

Guinane, J. E., 1977: Why does hydrocephalus progress

Temple S.A., 1986: Why does intensity of avian nest defense increase during the nesting cycle?

Costagliola, J., 1977: Why does man swing his arm while walking

Makinen J. , 1983: Why does middle ear chole steatoma recur? histo pathologic observations

Parker, G. B.; Pryor, D. S.; Tupling, H., 1980: Why does migraine improve during a clinical trial further results from a trial of cervical manipulation for migraine

Carlsson B., 1984: Why does pinguicula vulgaris trap insects

Kubo K., 1979: Why does q 10 decline with rise in temperature

Carver C.S., 1985: Why does self reference promote incidental encoding

Tahvanainen J., 1987: Why does the bud galling sawfly euura mucronata attack long shoots?

Hennekes, R.; Kaufmann, R.; Steiner, R., 1978: Why does the cardiac force velocity relationship not follow a hill hyperbola possible implications of feedback loops involved in cardiac excitation contraction coupling

Barkan R.S., 1986: Why does the cell monolayer image the pattern of the metal tray of a thermostat

Henzi P., 1984: Why does the herring gull larus argentatus lay 3 eggs

Terhivuo J., 1983: Why does the wryneck jynx torquilla bring strange items to the nest

Johnson R.H., 1988: Why does vasodilatation occur during syncope?

Reisberg D., 1986: Why does vivid imagery hurt color memory

Bruce, C.; Howard, D., 1988: Why don't broca's aphasics cue themselves? an investigation of phonemic cueing and tip of the tongue information

Armstrong, D. P., 1984: Why don't cellular slime molds cheat

Streng, D. R.; Harcombe, P. A., 1982: Why don't east texas usa savannas grow up to forest?

White, J.; Lloyd, M.; Karban, R., 1982: Why don't periodical cicadas magicicada spp normally live in coniferous forests?

Martin, D. F., 1983: Why don't we have more red tides in florida usa?

Klibanov A.M., 1986: Why dose rnase irreversibily inactive at high temperatures?

Taylor C., 1986: Why drug users sought help from one london england uk drug clinic

Steel K., 1988: Why elderly patients refuse hospitalization

Baudinette R.V., 1985: Why exercising tammar wallabies macropus eugenii turn over lactate rapidly implications for models of mammalian exercise metabolism

Heath B., 1985: Why families change pediatricians factors causing dissatisfaction with pediatric care

Sampaio F.C., 1986: Why fluoridation of salt?

Norberg R.A., 1981: Why foraging birds in trees should climb and hop upwards rather than downwards

Spangler T.J., 1979: Why grown ups cry a 2 factor theory and evidence from the miracle worker

Valvona J., 1986: Why has hospital length of stay declined? an evaluation of alternative theories

Beutler, E., 1978: Why has the auto hemolysis test not gone the way of the cephalin flocculation test

Munk Jorgensen P., 1987: Why has the incidence of schizophrenia in danish psychiatric institutions decreased since 1970

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918518

Heinrich, B., 1977: Why have some animals evolved to regulate a high body temperature

Blach-Olszewska, Z.; Halasa, J.; Matej, H.; Cembrzynska-Nowak, M., 1977: Why hela cells do not produce interferon

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918521

Sutherland S., 1987: Why hermaphroditic plants produce many more flowers than fruits experimental tests with agave mckelveyana

Egghart E.M., 1985: Why honeybees have different dance rhythms

Miller R.S., 1985: Why hummingbirds hover

Miller Malas Z., 1986: Why hypertensive patients fail to take advantage of medical services

Castellani P.P., 1982: Why inclusion bodies assume different locations in thalassemic erythrocytes

Wightman J.A., 1981: Why insect energy budgets do not balance

Abdulnur, S., 1976: Why is 5 fluoro uracil a mutagen

Asano A., 1985: Why is a specific amino acid sequence of f glycoprotein required for the membrane fusion reaction between envelope of hemagglutinating virus of japan sendai virus and target cell membranes

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918531

Wrangham R.W., 1980: Why is altruism towards kin so rare

Holliday R., 1987: Why is chest disease so common in south wales uk smoking social class and lung function a survey of elderly men in two areas

Menitove J.E., 1986: Why is fresh frozen plasma transfused

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918535

Moynihan M., 1982: Why is lying about intentions rare during some kinds of contests?

Kato S., 1987: Why is magnesium necessary for specific cleavage of the terminal phosphoryl group of atp

Klibanov A.M., 1988: Why is one bacillus alpha amylase more resistant against irreversible thermoinactivation than another?

Volkov E., 1982: Why is proton magnetic relaxation retarded in tumor cells?

Vishwanath S., 1987: Why is pseudomonas the colonizer and why does it persist

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918542

Theriault A., 1987: Why is rhinanthus minor scrophulariaceae such a good invader?

Saiah H., 1987: Why is the cladoceran simocephalus vetulus mueller not a bang bang strategist a critique of the optimal body size model

Lavee D., 1988: Why is the houbara chlamydotis undulata macqueenii still an endangered species in israel?

Tibblin G., 1983: Why is the incidence of ischemic heart disease in sweden increasing? study of men born in 1913 and 1923

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918547

Pierson J., 1987: Why is there a left side underestimation in rod bisection

Chen C T.A., 1987: Why is there little anthropogenic carbon dioxide in the antarctic bottom water

Van Strien Van Liempt W.T.F.H., 1985: Why is there no interspecific host discrimination in the two coexisting larval parasitoids of drosophila spp leptopilina heterotoma and asobara tabida

Feeney R.J., 1986: Why is there resistance to wearing protective equipment at work? possible strategies for overcoming this

Baldwin J., 1988: Why is there so much myoglobin in chicken gizzard and so little in emu gizzard?

Boersma P.D., 1984: Why lionesses copulate with more than 1 male

Ludlow A.R., 1986: Why locusts locusta migratoria start to feed a comparison of causal factors

Wroblewski R., 1986: Why low temperature embedding for x ray microanalytical investigations? a comparison of recently used preparation methods

Cohn T.E., 1981: Why luminance discrimination may be better than detection

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918558

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918559

Korostyshevskiy M.A., 1980: Why many biological parameters are connected by power dependence

Kaufman J.J., 1979: Why marshall marchetti operation works or does not

Gotay C.C., 1985: Why me? attributions and adjustment by cancer patients and their mates at 2 stages in the disease process

Stein, Tp, 1985: Why measure the respiratory quotient of patients on total parenteral nutrition?

Shoultz B., 1981: Why mentally retarded adults lose their jobs social competence as a factor in work adjustment

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918565

Ghosh P., 1987: Why mucous plugs commonly cause left lung collapse?

Clayton D.A., 1987: Why mudskippers build walls

Van-Valen, L., 1978: Why not to be a cladist

Poindexter J.R., 1986: Why not use contraception economics of fertility regulation among rural egyptian women

Harvell D., 1984: Why nudibranchs are partial predators intracolonial variation in bryozoan dendrobeania lichenoides palatability

Adams D.B., 1981: Why offense is reduced when rats are tested in a strange cage

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918572

Fisher L., 1982: Why outcome of cardio pulmonary resuscitation in general wards is poor

Buzelin J.M., 1988: Why perform urodynamic investigation of prostatic adenomas

Link, K.; Centor, R.; Buchsbaum, D.; Witherspoon, J., 1984: Why physicians don't pursue abnormal laboratory tests an investigation of hyper calcemia and the follow up of abnormal test results/

Whitehead, W. E.; Blackwell, B.; Robinson, A., 1977: Why physicians prescribe benzodiazepines in essential hypertension a phase iv study

Kmet T., 1987: Why phytoplankton prefers ammonium to nitrate explanation by mathematical model

Henson P.M., 1986: Why pieris rapae is a better name than artogeia rapae pieridae

Greilhuber, J., 1977: Why plant chromosomes do not show g bands

Mackenzie C.R., 1987: Why predictive indexes perform less well in validation studies is it magic or methods

Chernyak B.V., 1986: Why preincubation of hepatoma mitochondria with uncouplers results in atpase activity loss

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918582

Thompson, S. E. Iii ; Wiesner, P. J.; Sanford, J. P., 1976: Why review syphilis therapy now

Richards W., 1979: Why rods and cones?

Grip H., 1987: Why run off increases after clear cutting

Liston A.D., 1980: Why sawflies of the tenthredo arcuata schaefferi complex hymenoptera tenthredinidae visit flowers

Leibovich M.A., 1983: Why short term psycho therapy for borderlines?

Deller M., 1988: Why should surgery for early onset strabismus be postponed

Maleev V.Ya, 1981: Why should the temperature of collagen denaturation be close to the temperature of species development?

Chantrenne, H., 1978: Why should transfer rna be so elaborate

Cordero Funes J., 1988: Why single daily dose of aspirin may not prevent platelet aggregation

Seravin L.N., 1986: Why small animals swimming by means of flagella and cilia rotate around the longitudinal axis of their body

Spight T.M., 1985: Why small hermit crabs have large shells

Walker W.F., 1982: Why smoke fewer cigarettes?

Boersma P.D., 1982: Why some birds take so long to hatch

Snyder A.W., 1986: Why spatial frequency processing in the visual cortex

Van Zandt L.L., 1987: Why structured water causes sharp absorption by dna at microwave frequencies

Markman E.M., 1985: Why superordinate category terms can be mass nouns

Bilmes J., 1985: Why that now two kinds of conversational meaning

Ingling, C. R-Jr ; Drum, B. A., 1977: Why the blue arcs of the retina are blue

Varela F., 1984: Why the cortical magnification factor in rhesus is isotropic

Sakitt B., 1982: Why the cortical magnification factor in rhesus monkey macaca mulatta cannot be isotropic

Meeuse A.D.J., 1979: Why the early angiosperms were so successful a morphological ecological and phylogenetic approach 1

Besarab A., 1985: Why the kidney?

Mitra A.P., 1982: Why the middle atmosphere program?

Peters, M., 1980: Why the preferred hand taps more quickly than the nonpreferred hand 3 experiments on handedness

Ager D.V., 1987: Why the rhynchonellid brachiopods survived and the spiriferids did not a suggestion

Fink T.J., 1982: Why the simple frequency and janetschek methods are unreliable for determining instars of mayflies an analysis of the number of nymphal instars of stenonema modestum ephemeroptera heptageniidae in virginia usa

Volkov E.I., 1982: Why the time of proton magnetic relaxation is retarded in tumor cells

Jackson K.M., 1983: Why the upper limbs move during human walking

Labarbera M., 1983: Why the wheels wont go

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918613

Vasilevich V.I., 1979: Why there are plant communities of many species

Holman J., 1987: Why there are so few species of aphids especially in the tropics

Goodlin R.C., 1982: Why treat physiologic anemias of pregnancy?

Perks E.M., 1982: Why type streptococci? the epidemiology of group a streptococci in oxfordshire england uk 1976 1980

Maurizi C.P., 1985: Why was the 1918 influenza pandemic so lethal? the possible role of a neurovirulent neuraminidase

Lukosius P.A., 1982: Why wayne dennis found hopi infants retarded in age at onset of walking

Samuelson C.D., 1985: Why we are fairer than others

Wolters F.J.M., 1986: Why we are fairer than others a cross cultural replication and extension

Igun U.A., 1987: Why we seek treatment here retail pharmacy and clinical practice in maiduguri nigeria

Wheeler, A., 1978: Why were there no fish remains at star carr

Bildstein K.L., 1983: Why white tailed deer odocoileus virginianus flag their tails

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918625

Sonnenschein S., 1984: Why young listeners do not benefit from differentiating verbal redundancy

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918627

Section 7, Chapter 6919, Accession 006918628

Stockbauer J.W., 1987: Wic prenatal participation and its relation to pregnancy outcomes in missouri usa a second look

Ohmert, W., 1978: Wichmannella rocaleberidinae ostracoda in the pliocene of chile

Renkin E.M., 1986: Wick sampling of interstitial fluid in rat skin further analysis and modifications of the method

Massone L., 1979: Widal wright a semi automatic micro method

Ritter D.G., 1980: Wide angle 2 dimensional echo cardiographic profiles of cono truncal abnormalities

Barry W.R., 1981: Wide angle attachment for fundus cameras

Pomerantzeff O., 1980: Wide angle noncontact and small angle contact cameras

Fedorov, B. A.; Becker, M.; Damaschun, G.; Damaschun, H.; Gedicke, C.; Zirwer, D., 1977: Wide angle x ray scattering of poly glutamic acid in solution/

Ganyard, M. C.; Bradley, J. R-Jr ; Brazzel, J. R., 1978: Wide area field test of diflubenzuron for control of an indigenous boll weevil population

Kunz S.E., 1987: Wide area treatment of cattle for horn flies and face flies diptera muscidae in south central nebraska usa

Greene H.L., 1986: Wide complex tachycardia misdiagnosis and outcome after emergent therapy

Hymowitz T., 1979: Wide crosses in soybeans prospects and limitations

Leppaeluoto J., 1980: Wide distribution of beta endorphin like immuno reactivity in extrapituitary tissues of rat

Zimmerman E.A., 1980: Wide distribution of immuno reactive renin in nerve cells of human brain

Christensen H.N., 1984: Wide distribution of ph dependent service of transport system asc for both anionic and zwitterionic amino acids

Nagai Y., 1987: Wide distribution of rat hepatoma asialo gm1 and its different responses to anti asialo gm1 antibody mediated in vitro and in situ cell killing

Oliveras J L., 1986: Wide dynamic range dorsal horn neurons participate in the encoding process by which monkeys macaca mulatta perceive the intensity of noxious heat stimuli

Pilleron J.P., 1984: Wide excision of the tumor axillary dissection and post operative radio therapy as treatment of small breast cancers

Satterthwaite, W. R.; Burnham, J. A.; Towe, A. L., 1978: Wide field conditioning effects on small field neurons in the posterior sigmoid gyrus of domestic cats

Harris, F. A., 1980: Wide field neurons in somato sensory thalamus of domestic cats under barbiturate anesthesia

Mauch, P.; Tarbell, N.; Skarin, A.; Rosenthal, D.; Weinstein, H., 1987: Wide field radiation therapy alone or with chemotherapy for hodgkin's disease in relapse from combination chemotherapy

Klein, D. J.; Bergeron, R. T.; Bernstein, H., 1977: Wide field resolution in radiography

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